Synchronicity log for 2012


Word synchro: "Grecian" and "vast"; both were in "Storms" this morning, which I almost didn't do, but did, and then in ledger at lunch. Grecian was a pretty good hit, since it was so close and I've used it so rarely, and "vast," though common, was a good hit because I had Noticed it while editing the novel, and ended up deleting its phrase, as I do so many of these.

Then, while reading "Damned" this evening, there were tons of synchros, either from my ledger or "Storms", many of them precise and unlikely, like "erudite". Were so many, I can't remember them.

Also, last night, just before bed, I had an idea for a google search, "sexual energy transfer". I forgot it by morning, but, perhaps demonstrating that if I'm supposed to remember something, I will, I remembered it, improbably, after I worked out, and then looked it up tonight. Well, the second google hit brought up this great, informative, long article about sex and sexual energy, and there were tons of synchronicities in it. For example, it had a paragraph on self abuse and how it seemed to release energy tension from the skin, as well as release certain hormones (which I've noticed from my own experience with this, among other things), when I had just read earlier today, in Damned, a passage involve self-multilation and cutting using razor blades (also mentioned in the article). I can't remember the last time I've read about this phenomenon. There were several word synchros too, like "perineum," which was in "Storms" this morning. The coolest thing, though, was the mentioning of the "Inner Smile," which encourages you to smile, using your third eye, at everything, which was something that I just realized this afternoon, me "smiling" at things using my third eye. I've been doing this off and on for years, but today it really clicked and I realized it, then I just saw it echoed (confirmed?) in this article. Neat.

And the kicker: earlier today, I talked to Tim and he mentioned, in his arbitrary way, a biblical book I'd never heard of, what I remember as "Epiphanes" or something similar. At the end of the sexual energy article I mentioned, it mentioned a gnostic text from Ephiphenes. I can't be sure if it was the same that Tim mentioned to me, but it was damn close, and wouldn't surprise me at all if it was. (As it turns out, it was Ephesians, as I learned today, so no synchronicity).


Word synchro: "matriculation" and "pageboy", both in ledger at lunch. "Pageboy" was straightforward, being in "Damned" yesterday, then in the ledger this morning, the first time I'd seen the word for a long time, back to back. "Matriculation" wasn't a word synchro, per se, but it simply corresponding to me enrolling in the motorcycle safety course last night, after I'd been putting it off for weeks, its definition corresponding to enrollment.

The next came this afternoon. This morning, while editing "Storms", I did the part where Johnny's Birkenstock sandals are mentioned, I think the one single time I've referenced Birkenstocks in my writing. Well, this afternoon, I was sitting in my dining room, and I noticed a pair of shoes my dad had brought home last night (they were too big). Well, when I saw them then, I noticed a logo on one of them, but the shoe was turned away, obscuring the logo; however, it kept nagging at me -- Nagging, you could say, like I really needed to see that logo, though I knew, consciously, I didn't -- so I went and turned the shoe and it was a Birkenstock. 1) I didn't know Birkenstock made anything but sandals. 2) I hadn't seen that name since I don't know when, maybe years outside of writing/editing storms.

Word synchro: "pirouette", in "Damned" this afternoon when it was in "Storms" this morning, first I'd seen that word in a long while.

Then, another: there is a line in "Storms" that I ripped off from a Frank Black song -- "his heart in his throat but still it beats" in "Storms", and something similiar in the song. Well, I edited that part of "Storms" this morning, and then, while choosing my workout music this afternoon, I chose the album with that song on it. This may have been subconscious fixation, but who knows.

More word synchro: "restored" (verb) and "que sera". Both were in ledger (que sera definitely today, but restored might have been yesterday, I can't remember), and then in "Storms" tonight. Then, "nehru", in "Storms", and then an auction for a motorcycle jacket I just Happened To click on (I can't remember the last time I've seen nehru).

I finished "Damned" today and so I had to select a new novel. When I got home from town, I thought about which one to pick out, since I had a lot to choose from right now, and went undecided. While I was taking a shower, I had a big chain of thought which ended up with the subject of "indignation," very distinct, me having a sort of one-sided conversation with a part of myself that was indignant. After the shower, I chose to read "A Dark Matter" by Peter Straub, and on the very first page, it mentioned indignation. Perhaps a coincidence, but it was interesting, because my indecision about which book to read got me thinking on the nature of decisions, can I make the wrong one, etc.


Yesterday, I remember encountering a bunch of words that were all in "Everything's Connected," as well as some other stray thoughts that Just Happened to coincide with the story, and I remember thinking, "I bet I'll hear back about that submission sometime soon," as this always seems to happen, the kind of psychic bleedthrough that occurs when a story of mine is being read. Sure enough, I got the rejection today, sent at 12:03.

Word synchro: "kowtow" and "discursive", both in ledger and then "A Dark matter". Then, later: "dark horse" and "teeth in his breath", both in "Storms" this morning and then ledger at lunch. Also, "myrtle," in ledger at lunch and "A Dark Matter" later, when I'd Noticed myrtle. And, similarly, "grid iron". Then, "curvet", in ledger this afternoon, then "Storms" tonight.

This one is neat. Earlier this year, while editing "Storms", I heard a storm-warning on the radio the very day I edited the part where Annie hears a storm-warning on the radio (cool because I was at the gym, listening to headphones at the time, and I heard the EEEKs in between a song change). Well, this morning I woke up to those storm-warning EEEKs (at right around the time I wanted to get up anyway, like an alarm clock), and it struck me, because I at once remembered that synchronicity from before, and then remembered how I would most likely be editing that very same part tonight, if I kept to my forecast editing schedule. Well, I edited what I needed to, and did it tonight.

Another thing which bears mentioning: two other notable synchronicities were the ones involving hearing No Doubt's "Just A Girl" on the radio, and getting "The Great Gatsby" at Goodwill and having a name from one of my stories (which I'd been thinking about just that day) inside the front cover. Well, while I was at Goodwill today, I noticed that they had "The Great Gatsby" and that "Just a Girl" was playing on the radio. There was nothing really synchronistic about this, except that I had the storm-warning synchronicity almost repeat itself, so it was almost like a reprise of those three things (note: I had no intention of going to Goodwill today, having just been there about a week ago, but last night I thought I should go looking for some shoes and/or a motorcycle jacket.)


Had a weird word synchro, something I've been noticing recently. Came across "the join of the curtains" in the ledger this morning, the operative term being "the join of," and then, within the first few pages of editing "Storms", I came across something referencing "the join of the door." I've noticed these lately, where the synchro -- assuming it is one -- references the main, operative idea I'd noted or seen or whatever, and that translates to its corresponding element. Hmm. Then, a couple paragraphs later, a more direct hit: "walnut gunstock," in ledger and then in "Storms". (Noticed "blind alley" in my ledger while confirming this, which was in "Storms" last night, though a more common term so not as notable.)

Word synchro: "topper hat"; this one was interesting because while fixing lunch, a song came into my head, "Dope Hat" by Marilyn Manson, along with its video, which featured the lead singer in a top hat, and I identified it as one of those that come for a reason, or seem to, and just after I wondered what the reason was, I opened the ledger and on the first page came to "topper hat." Then, "sunburst" and "corrected", both of which were in the "Storms" part I edited this morning and then in ledger at lunch.

Also, sometime this morning, I felt Compelled to look up psychological trauma, in search of a quote for the start of "Storms", and ended up skimming the Wikipedia page for such. Well, I didn't find a suitable quote, but when I read "A Dark Matter" after lunch, it started with the guys going to a psychiatric hospital, where psychological trauma was discussed, including a couple of the same terms I'd read on the Wikipedia page (though these were common, such as "hysteria" and such). I don't know what to make of this, but it was notable, all the same.

Then, when I read more of "A Dark Matter," later this afternoon, I came across several word synchros from "Storms" and other recent sources of reading, all in there, many of them unlikely and notable, too many to list.

Another word: "compulsion"; was in "A Dark Matter" this afternoon, and I noticed it, because I'd just used "compulsed" in "Storms", but then tonight, compulsion was in "Storms." Heh. Later: "slouch hat", in ledger and then "Storms", one of two times I've used slouch hat in my writing, I think ...


Word synchro: "Terre Haute"; was in "A Dark Matter" yesterday, then ledger today, from where I'd looked it up.

Also, on the way to work out, I Noticed a truck parked at a house I pass every day, For No Particular reason. Then, over an hour later, after leaving the gym and starting to the dump, I saw what was either the very same truck or one almost exactly like it (it was a small, blue, early-nineties Ford with a camper top), turning away from me. When I went home, the truck was gone from the house, so it very well could've been the same. What this means, I have no idea. (I almost didn't mention it, didn't write it down in fact, but felt Compelled to while writing the Terre Haute synchro.)


Word synchro: "tumbledown", "said darkly", and "nib", all of which were in ledger at lunch, and then in "A Dark Matter" immediately after. Then, "chiaroscuro" and "hedgerow", which were in ledger yesterday, then "A Dark Matter" this afternoon, close together. "slide rule"; in ledger at lunch and then in "Freakonomics" this evening.

Also, this morning, I watched a David Wilcock video, entirely By Chance, where he mentioned how time goes sideways as well as forward and back, which I'd just read in "A Dark Matter" a couple days ago, and Noticed. Then, "A Dark Matter" mentioned Bass Weejun shoes, when "Damned", read immediately before it, had Bass Weejuns as a prominent part of the story, when it was the first I'd read (that I remember) of such shoes.

I went to Earthfare today, to buy more oatmeal, feeling Compelled (I almost put off going, even though I'd run out of oatmeal, because I feel so bad today and didn't want to inflict myself on the cashier). When I went in, I noticed a pamphlet or picture depicting chakras, on a bench outside, and felt Compelled to pick it up. I didn't, but when I went in the store, the thing nagged me so I decided I'd get it if it was still there when I went out. It was, and it turned out to be a card, made out to a "Susan" from a "Ruth." The name Susan stood out to me, in the way these things do, but I didn't really think anything of it (though I felt the card surely meant something, the way I'd found it). Well, nothing amazing happened, but I have, afterward, heard "Susan" twice since then, at the end of "A Dark Matter" (Peter Straub's wife, him thanking her in the end note), and a woman I bought a jacket from on ebay. The jacket thing is funny, because I meant to bid on it today but forgot. I almost just let it go, but felt compelled to email the seller and see if they would be interested in selling it at the minimum-bid price, and they got back to me and did, and I bought it. When the seller replied to tell me about it, her name was Susan (if I'd remembered to have bid, I wouldn't have seen her name). If a "Ruth" pops up in the next couple days, I'll be shocked (well, not really ...).

Here's another thing that bears mentioning. As I mentioned, I watched a David Wilcock video earlier today, out of the blue, even though I had no real desire to but just felt like I should. Well, I watched the video and agreed with a few things, but generally was struck by the video's air of programming (there were choice tones played throughout it, randomly) and its conclusions reached via obvious assumptions and/or vague evidence. It threw me off, the way these things do, and I spent the day digesting it, and eventually felt like I needed to say something about it. So, I drew up something that would thank Mr. Wilcock while warning the viewers about assumptions, etc., in a way I thought appropriate, but when I went to post this reply to the Youtube video, the weirdest thing happened. First, the video didn't start at the beginning, but partially in (which it shouldn't do -- I'd viewed the video earlier today, but regardless of if you've watched it, Youtube videos have always, for me, played right from the start, even if you just refresh the page or go back and forth). I immediately paused the video, after it'd been playing no more than a second, and I immediately noticed the indicator's position: 11 minutes, 22 seconds -- reading as 11:22, that number I've been seeing so much of over the last year.

(And, btw, this phenomenon, like the 11:11, and seeing 11, 22, 32, 33, 37, and 52, has not abated, only grown, so regularly and consistently that I've stopped noting it.)


Had another "I thought of a story randomly" synchro today: thought of "Cinnamon Road" earlier this morning, and then got the rejection tonight (when it's been months since its submission).


A big chunk of synchronicities today, all occurring in the evening. First, some word synchros: "furze" (was in some book I read within the last few days, I want to say "Damned", and I noted it in my latest ledger, the first I'd seen it, and then it was in Wheel of Darkness tonight, so close); "dharma" (in ledger this morning, and I Noticed it, then it was in "Wheel of Darkness", in an unlikely way); "Madison" (was in "A Dark Matter" a couple days ago, all through the book, the town it was centered around, and then was featured prominently in "Freakonomics", yesterday and today, enough that I took notice). Then, at the end of Freakonomics, it was all about why people name their children what they do, specifically girls' names, and then, just after, in "Wheel of Darkness" (I segued right from that one to the next), the start of it had a woman asked why she was named what she was, and she gave an answer reflective of the book (because her name was popular, etc). Then, the clincher: earlier today, I was compelled to write a letter to Steven Levitt, one of the authors of Freakonomics, and while penning it out, I felt Compelled to note how his logic was "impeccable," in that precise wording, and wrote it quickly to make sure I didn't forget it. Then, in "Wheel of Darkness", it had the line "the logic is impeccable."

And another: in "Other" this morning, I mentioned "Baby Jesus," and I Noticed it. Then, at lunch, I Just Happened to glance up to a part of the dining table, at just a certain, specific way, as to note a card of some kind of my mother's, on which said "Baby Jesus." This could be a coincidence, except for the way that my attention was drawn to the card, and how I noticed the words in "Other," both of which I've come to associate with these things. It just doesn't stop.

Another word: "clownish", in ledger sometime within the last day (I want to say this morning), and then in "Other" tonight, when I don't think I've used this more than a couple times.


A cool one: saw "wimple" in the ledger this morning, and this was a hit right off the bat, because I went and bought some flax seed at Earthfare (randomly ...) and my cashier had a wimple on (and she wasn't even my cashier at first; I was in another line, and she emptied and called me over). Then, while editing "Other", it turned into a triple, when it was in there. Then, two word synchros: "incidental" (in ledger this morning, and I Noticed it, and then it was in "The Wheel of Darkness" this evening) and then "manicured finger", in "Other" this morning, and Noticed (it was another phrase that I stopped on and edited), and then in "Wheel of Darkness" also.

Then, "postprandial," which was first in my ledger within the last couple days, then in "Wheel of Darkness" earlier today, then "Other" tonight (almost noted in earlier today, but didn't, until seeing it in "Other"). And another, this one neat: "amphora". This was in the ledger this morning, except that wasn't the synchro: the synchro was "amphorae", plural, which I thought of when I saw amphora, though I couldn't remember exactly where I'd used it (though I knew I had somewhere). Well, it turns out it was in "Other", because as it would happen, I edited that very passage tonight.


Word synchro: "arcaded" (was in "Wheel of Darkness" a couple times yesterday, as well as somewhere else I can't remember -- my thoughts? another read? -- but in any case I almost noted it then, but then it was "Other" today, and then in my ledger at lunch); "sybarite" (in "Wheel of Darkness" yesterday, when I haven't seen that word used in a long time, then in ledger today); "parquet" (in ledger at lunch, then "Wheel of Darkness" after). Then, the coolest, "proscenium", in ledger at lunch, and I Noticed it, and then in "Wheel of Darkness" just after lunch, cool because it's so uncommon and I Noticed it (I chose the ledger randomly today, btw, out of three possible).

Also had a coincidence that may not have been a synchronicity, but was notable nonetheless. This morning at breakfast, I was thinking, randomly, of how people tend to equate "love" with ignoring people's faults and reality, and telling others want they want to hear, and I thought, "That's a kind of love." Well, I got the rejection for "A Kind of Love" today, at lunchtime.


Word synchro: "couture"; was in ledger at lunch, and then "Wheels of Darkness", less than an hour afterward. Then, later, "rictus", in "Wheel of Darkness", then "Other", a couple hours later (it might've been in the ledger today, but I honestly can't remember).


Word synchro: "spume" (was in "Wheel of Darkness" several times yesterday, and I kept Noticing it, again and again, and then it turned up ledger at lunch today); "tchotchke" (this one was kind of cool, because it was in "Other" today, the only time I've ever used it, and then when I went back to the ledger at lunch, I knew that the tchotchke definition was in it, and I thought about it; however, the definition wasn't where I thought it would be, and then I remembered how the first few pages of this ledger, a simple pad, had gotten torn off and I'd put them in the rear, and sure enough, I went through all the first half of the ledger, and on the very last page I read before finishing lunch, there was tchotchke); "eponymous" (not a word synchro, per se, because last night, while helping mom and dad with the cable's on-demand movies, I Noticed "Kripendorf's Tribe" in the list, and it stuck with me; then, this afternoon, "eponymous" was in the ledger); "feint" (saw this twice today, in "Other" and ledger, but chalked it up to coincidence, it being so common, but then it was in "Wheel of Darkness" this evening).


A cool one: I was listening to music in the gym, and as I walked by a guy cleaning the mirrors in there, I noticed that he'd dripped water all over the floor. Immediately, like the precise moment I noticed the drips, the song I was listening to said "drip, drip, drip." Actually, I've had more than one of these today, with thoughts occurring precisely with something I read or heard.

Another cool one: this morning, I went out to my truck, and thought, "Other is at last finished, after three years." Then I got another thought, what would, in fact, be the very last detail to work into the novel, so I wrote it on my pad. Well, as soon as I got it down (finished writing the note), the pen died, and it was one I'd been using for at least 6 months, if not a year. A kind of double-synchro.

And then, then word synchros: "toddy", "dewlap", "carbuncle", "pince-nez", and "broach the subject", all of which were in "other" anywhere from last night to his morning and then in ledger, though "broach the subject" referred to "broach" used in the novel, though broach was in the same context. Neat.


A neat one: at lunch today, my dad Just Happened to mention how, over the weekend, a boat was run into a shole of rocks and torn up, a disaster. Oddly, I'd just yesterday finished "The Wheel of Darkness", where the plot fit that almost exactly (crazy captain running it toward a shole, but is diverted at the last minute). It wouldn't notable if not for the fact that it is the one and only book I've ever read about a boat being run toward a shole of rocks, and one of the few boat-books I've read period, and I Just Happened to finish it on the weekend this happened, and my dad Just Happened to mention it to me.

Had a few word synchros today; most were in my letter to [my friend] today, then in Arcane, a bunch really, though I can't remember them. "iteration" was one. "ermine" was another, and I can't remember where I saw it before Arcane.


Word synchro: "scored"; was in ledger this morning, and I Noticed it, then was in EoJC tonight. Also, "Lord Buxton", from the same sources. And a funny one: "ennui"; this was in the ledger and Jack Cruz, but I only saw it in JC by total chance (I was looking in the "Review" panel, when suddenly it shot down to a comment, I have no idea how, I maybe pushed a button and didn't realize it, but the comment it went to caught my eye, and when I clicked on it and saw where it went, it went to a sentence with "ennui" (which is doubly funny, because when I saw ennui in the ledger this morning, I immediately thought of that phrase and wondered if it was stupid and juvenile, but the comment was my editor saying how funny it was).

Then, another cool one: "specious"; in the ledger this morning, and Noticed, and then it was in an article I read tonight, completely by chance, by looking up "Sangiovese" on Google, something entirely unrelated to the article (which Caught My Eye).

And a really, really cool one: While editing EoJC this morning, I changed a part about tapes into "a bone yard of tapes", in order to harmonize it with the novel being more contemporary now, and then, tonight, [my friend] sent me, arbitrarily, a picture of a big stack of old tapes, what could very easily be called a boneyard.


Word synchro: "billet" (in ledger at lunch, then Arcane afterward), "sallow" (in EoJC this morning, then Arcane in the afternoon), "divine intervention" (same). Also, "epicure", though this one was only the root word; read "epicure" in journal either this morning or at lunch, can't remember, but I Noticed it, and after lunch, in Arcane, I read "epicurean," and with the word being so rare and such (I don't know if I've read it other than when I made the ledger entry), it was too close not to note.

Then, a cool one, toward evening: I was reading a story in Arcane, and it mentioned how there was a small town sustained by business from the highway. Interestingly, just last night, before going to sleep, I had a long, convoluted chain of thought which included my realizing that there were just such towns, for the first time. It was one of those deals where it's something obvious, yet easy to miss, and I had just never really realized such a mechanism. The neat thing about this and the word synchros was that I had planned on *not* reading Arcane today, because I don't like the stories in it, but I did anyway, because I felt like I was supposed to for some reason. Hmm.


A cool one: this morning, I was thinking, absently, about the lead singer of the Horrorpops, who'd I'd just read recently was named "Day", but I couldn't remember her first name, and I kept thinking about it for some reason. Also, I kept wanting to call her Doris Day, but I knew this wasn't right, was just the name of someone I'd heard at some point. Well, at lunch, I was defending my meal from the kitten, and while doing so, I happened to Notice a card on the table: a member card for the Doris Day Animal Help or something or other. Interestingly, when I mentioned this to my parents, my mom mentioned how Doris Day did the "Que Sera" song, which means "what will be, will be," and it was relevant to something I'd been wondering this morning (though the latter part is maybe just a coincidence).


Word synchro: "riffled"; Noticed it in ledger this morning, and doubly so since it was in EoJC and I Noticed it all through that while I was editing it a couple days ago, since it was a minor issue in it, its spelling. Then it was in Arcane this afternoon, spelled as so. Also, "vanguard," and this was kind of cool, because everytime I see it in the ledger (which I did), I think of a mob in WoW, something or other Vanguard. Well, I saw the word in the ledger this afternoon, at lunch, when I'd just seen that mob that morning in WoW, for the first time in a year or so. I didn't note it at first, but then while playing WoW tonight, there was a scripted segment where it mentioned "vanguard." Twice in fact.


Word synchro: "hectare"; was in ledger yesterday (or maybe the day before, can't remember; recently, in any case), and I Noticed it (it seems like I was thinking how I'd never seen it used except where I'd first read it, but I can't be sure). Anyway, it was in "Brave New World" this afternoon.


Word synchro: "lupine"; in ledger, and I Noticed it, very distinctly, and then it was on a "random" website I went to today, rooted in the Google search of "music of the spheres," which I'd written down a week or so ago and Just Got Around to looking up (took me to an arbitrary "Stampscape" website, eventually, where "lupine" was).

Then, at lunch, "stemwinder" was first word in ledger, when I'd just seen a stemwinder watch randomly, on the same website as "lupine," though this could've been a coincidence. Then, "mime" was in ledger, and I Noticed it, distinctly, then it was in "Brave New World," just after.

Then, while reading the novel this afternoon, I Noticed "Delta" in it, thinking absently of how I hadn't seen that for a while. Well, I by chance went to CVS this afternoon, to get some batteries (almost didn't do it, then almost forgot, then almost went somewhere else to get them, but Just Happened to be by CVS so I went in there), and the guy I got behind in line had on a T-shirt showing John Belushi and saying something about Delta Chi. Not a direct hit, and possibly a coincidence, but notable, all the same.


Word synchro: "flaxen"; this was in "Brave New World" yesterday and I Noticed it, distinctly, and then it was in the ledger this morning, very unlikely; "gingerly", which was in ledger yesterday and I Noticed it, and then was in "Brave New World" today; "juniper bush," and this one was cool, because it was in WoW this morning, me By Chance doing a quest a felt Compelled to do, which required me to gather juniper berries from bushes, which I noticed very distinctly, and then "juniper bushes" turned up in "Brave New World" today, another very unlikely one.


Several today. First, in Warcraft this morning, I went to buy some bracers that I almost had last night, but didn't, For Some Reason (consciously because I thought they were too expensive, though I renegged on this later, regretting not buying them). Well, went I bought them this morning, there was a another one on the AH, for 1000g less. Inconsequential, yes, but it demonstrated my intuition to me in a real way. Then, when I was in the gym today, I had the distinct thought, absently, that we see and hear much more than we consciously acknowledge. This was nothing new to me, of course, but then, in "Brave New World" this evening, I read about this very subject -- interesting, since it's somewhat uncommon, and I can't remember the last I'd seen or read about it anywhere. Then, the clincher: "actuarial"; yesterday, I woke up thinking, very clearly and distinctly, of this word, so much that I expected a synchronicity involving it. Well, nothing happened yesterday, then this morning I thought, "Well, nothing happened with actuarial," until this evening, when I read it in "Brave New World's" appendix -- for the second time ever, I think. It seems like I have it in a ledger, though I can't remember where I'd first read it, though I do remember it was only once.

Also worth mentioning: in "Brave New World Revisited" (its appendix), it was mentioned aspirin's proper name, which is acetyl salicylic acid -- interesting, because I'd just seen that recently while researching salicylates (seeing it for the first time, then the second time within a week, very close together, considering I'd never heard it before).

Also: last night, I was thinking, very absently, of the line of "The Crystal Vacuum Cleaner" that mentioned the barbarian's headpiece. I thought it was diadem, since that was what I'd looked up, but that wasn't right, though I didn't really put any thought into this, the thought was so absent. Well, this morning I Just Happened to look down at a suitcase in my hallway (which has been there for at least a few months ...) and it said "TIARA", which is what I called the barbarian's headpiece in my story. It got me thinking, and it seems that some of these synchronicities are less synchronicities, from an intelligent standpoint, rather than just side effects, or symptoms of the true nature of reality (I likened them to riding a certain railway that went through a big cow pasture; you'd be likely to see a lot of cows on it). While writing this, I also remembered how I almost didn't look up diadem when I encountered it, since I had a vague idea what it was, but I felt Compelled to and so did (because I wanted to "make sure to note such words," consciously, but there was obviously more to it). Another lesson in intuition? Maybe this one wasn't so arbitrary after all. Hmm.


Lots of obscure synchros today, too many to list or remember. For instance, I had planned on editing "Dying City" this morning, but ended up being Compelled to do "The General," and there was a lot of stray synchronicity in it, this from that morning and yesterday, if I remember right (which I may not be; memory is horrible today). This continued all through the day, with random things I can't even remember, though I do remember one. I tidied up my bookshelf today, with the secondary objective of digging out some books to read, and I Noticed this Bahamas guidebook I bought at Goodwill a while ago on a whim. Shortly after, a coin fell down from the shelf, which I thought was a quarter, but it ended up being a foreign coin -- from the Bahamas, which had come in a bag of random stuff my dad had picked up from a yard sale a long time ago (I haven't seen the Bahamas mentioned in a while, and the two were so close, and in such an obscure, unlikely fashion, I had to take note). Then, tonight I was Compelled to edit "Greater Good," for the first time in almost a year, and it had a few obscure, random synchros, but it also had two word synchros from "The General": Hudson cars, and "'idn't," as slang for "didn't." These may not have been notable, except that I had no conscious knowledge of them having these parallels (I think they are the only stories I've mentioned Hudson cars or used that slang in ...).

Another word synchro: "a good barometer of"; in ledger sometime today, and I Noticed it, and then in "Greater Good," maybe one of three or four times I've used it.


Word synchro: another "a good barometer," as in "Greater Good" last night and then "The Briefcase" this morning, one of the few times I've used that, back to back (and, of course, I felt Compelled to do "The Briefcase" this morning, of all the stories I have to edit). Then: "trolled" (was in "Greater Good" last night, then ledger this morning), "elope" (I can't remember the specifics of this, but I wrote it down); "disjointed" (was in "The Briefcase" this morning, then "The Long Walk" this evening, when it's somewhat uncommon); and then "what-for" ("the old what-for" was in the ledger, and it seems like I Noticed it though I can't really remember, my memory is so bad lately, and then it was in "The Long Walk," which I only By Chance was reading today, after finding it while rearranging my bookcase yesterday). Another: "sickly," in "The Long Walk" a couple times today, and I Noticed it, and then while editing "The Surrogate" tonight (I don't think I've used that one too much ...). Again, I chose the story entirely at Random, from a selection of about 10.

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