Synchronicity log for 2013


Possibly nothing, but today, while doing laundry, I was drawn to something in the paper recycling bin: an old notepad, filled out with various things (probably from one of my dad's tenants after moving out). I flipped through it absently, and after pages of random words and numbers, I came to something headed "," followed by a series of numbers, which I recognized as bank account information. It appeared that someone had gone to Discover's website to pay off their card using a bank transfer. Well, just about a week or so ago (maybe ten days?), I'd done exactly that, making a payment on my Discover card on their website, using a bank transfer. If I had found that notepad on the same day as I made my transfer, I would find it much more significant. Still, however, to find it even within months of making my payment, when I had never even had a credit card until a couple months ago, is rather notable.


A sort of word synchro today. By chance, I'd run out of my organic teas today, and so I had to use a couple tea bags of my mom's. I was reading "Still Life With Crows" at the time, and then my mom sat down, and I thought I should tell her then about using her tea bags. Immediately after, just as I resumed reading, I came to a part in the book where the guy makes tea, and it specifically mentioned tea bags, a few paragraphs in. If it had mentioned "tea bags" specifically right after I'd mentioned tea bags, it would've been a more notable hit, but it only mentioned "tea" just afterward -- enough to be notable, still, especially since it did mention bags shortly after. Note: I distinctly remember mentioning the bags to my mom because she sat down. I am almost positive this was it, which would rule out subconscious reading-ahead as an explanation (though, I am not 100% on this). Even if it was, I would still find it notable, since I had something about tea bags to mention to her at all.


A whole bunch today, starting at lunch. I noticed a lot of small, individually unnotable synchros, such as reading a word in a book right as it was spoken in conversation, and seeing a missing note my dad was looking for right as he found it, in that distinctly synchronous way. Then, while working out, a distinct thought synchro: just as I breathed in deeply, before a set of high weight, and I was *thinking* of my breathing distinctly, the song I was listening to said "breathe with me," also in that synchronistic way I've come to identify. Also, a minor word synchro: "cohort." It was first in my research of radon, Monday, and I noted it enough to look it up, since I'd never before seen cohort used in the precise way it was (clinically, to denominate a studied group). Then, today, four days later, it was in "The Millionaire Next Door," which I felt Compelled to begin reading today, used in the precise same, clinical way. It wasn't so close together, yet, relatively, it was, considering it's such an arcane and uncommon usage of that word. Again, considering I'd never before read of it, and then saw it twice within even four weeks or months, I would find that relatively notable.

And then, another, this evening, though this may be nothing. This, also, started Monday, when I felt Compelled to go driving through a couple of upscale neighborhoods, for no logical reason I could pin (it turned out productive in itself, since I came up with "Comfort" throughout this). Then, in "The Millionaire" book this evening, it had a mini-chapter titled "High-Status Neighborhoods," in which it described the hidden debt and status-fixation lurking in such neighborhoods -- exactly what "Comfort" had been about. Again, if I'd read this, say, on Monday, it would be far more notable, but even four days apart, that's pretty close.

Theory: what if these two four-day-apart synchronicities ("cohort" and the neighborhood thing) are symptoms of the same energy cycle? As in, perhaps, with time being nonexistent and purely a product of perception, the energy cycles appear to last different lengths to us, because of our perception? This would explain why some synchronicities are "closer" together, and others further apart, since they are evident only of the same energy cycles, which do not correspond with time, at least as we measure/perceive it. The most interesting thing: just a couple days ago (within this very same cycle, presumably), I was thinking about just this. And isn't this just how it keeps happening ...?

Also, another minor word synchro tonight: "predation." Was in warcraft first, when I finally got the DPS trinket I'd been going for (it's proc brings up the word "Predation"), and then it was in "Comfort" tonight while I was editing it (more 4-day-cycle stuff?). Then, also, this morning, I cleared Karazhan for the hell of it, and Netherspite dropped Spiteblade, and then, tonight, I saw a paladin with a sword transmogrified to Spiteblade, when I hadn't seen it before that.


A couple minor synchronicities already this morning, both of the same ilk: that repetition synchro, thinking something, randomly, and then having it come back around somehow a short time after. First was that the CD and card I sent [my friend] got there on the same day, despite being sent different days, when, just Monday, I'd read, randomly, how mail sent on different days can arrive on the same day. Then, yesterday (or maybe the day before last? Recently, in any case), I remember thinking, very distinctly, how odd it is that I seem to share anthologies with certain authors, again and again, so much that it seems it would defy chance. Well, this morning, I got a random Facebook message from an author who I've shared three anthologies with, noting just this sharing. Again, these aren't so notable in themselves, but seeing how this happens again and again, always in the same basic way (an archetype "recurring"), I have to take note.

As the day went on, had another one of those "onslaughts" of minor repetition synchro, as I've noted in the past. It was no one thing, but it all fit the same theme: something that, in itself, could be explained as common or likely enough to be explained away as nothing, but, after experiencing a dozen or so of the same things recurring in the same way throughout the day, demand note. The most coherent example was Warren Buffet. This man came up in conversation at lunch with my dad, while discussing the "Millionaire Next Door" book I'm reading, and then, a few hours later, Buffet was mentioned in the book. This happened after I hadn't heard of Warren Buffet for at least months, if not years. In any case, it wouldn't be so notable (we were, after all, discussing a money-oriented book, and Buffet is a money-oriented name) except that it fit that whole theme of a dozen or more things recurring, like those other two noted this morning.

Another example: just yesterday, I'd been thinking of the word "filch," and then, today, it was the Word of the Day.


Minor synchro onslaught continues, for the third day in the row now -- connected to the New Moon maybe? Still having one after another piece of recurrence. For instance, while I was walking at the park today, I passed someone just as they happened to mention "tat sleeves," when yesterday, at Goodwill, I Noticed an employee's tat sleeves -- again, something that's common enough to easily come up within the course of a day, except there are so many of these things. Also, had some more-pronounced thought synchro mixed in, with a very prominent one while on the way home from church. I was thinking of that dream-projection effect, and how it might mimic the very nature of reality, where one thought/consciousness is projected into many while remaining that same thought/consciousness, and that led to me wondering if those "people" I dream up are in themselves conscious, feeling, etc. Just as I thought this, in that distinctly synchronistic way, the song I was listening to on my truck's CD player said, "Who are you dreaming of?" (If I remember right, the song was not about dreams, and did not, before this lyric, mention dreams, which would discount a subconscious-fixation theory. Also, I had never before heard this song (I bought the CD yesterday, and was listening to it for the first time when this occurred), further discounting a purely psychological explanation.)


More random, unassociated, recurrence synchro, though not nearly as much as the last two days. A couple thought synchros too, but these also of a lesser nature. I note this only because of the bigger picture: I seemed to have gone through a longer "cycle" of this, this latest time, whereas in the past it's only lasted a day or so. A truly longer cycle, or just my perception of such?


Couple cool ones today. First, on the way down to Greensboro to meet [my friend], I had the distinct thought that I hadn't read those last two Stephen King books, and that I was about in the mood to read him again, after the ugly residue from 11/22/63 had worn off. Then, about two hours later, [my friend] and I went to a Goodwill and I found "Skeleton Crew" there, one of the books of his I haven't read. That's notable in itself, but then, also, note that the reason I went to Goodwill was because I saw a truck in the area of the Mellow Mushroom where I met [my friend], and I Noticed it (I'd had to make a turn, and could've made it, but felt I should be conservative, and so I waited at the intersection, and thus saw the truck). Then, on the way home, just as I was thinking "All is well, and all will be well" (for my death-letter), John Lennon said "well" on my CD player, perfectly synchronized with the last "well" in my thought. Very cool.


Read, in "Pattern Recognition," of sipping tea, immediately after I went to sip some tea. Classic reading synchro.


First, a bit of recurrence: yen being devalued. I read of this in "Pattern Recognition" today, mentioned offhand there, when just last week, I'd read about the Japanese government devaluing the yen for various reasons, entirely randomly, while attempting to research investment news on a whim. Yes, this was days ago that I read of the devaluing yen, but considering that I had never before, that I remember, read of such a practice, or even had any concept of a government actively devaluing its currency, and then read of not just it, but the devaluing of the yen specificially, within any near timeframe, is notable.

Then, a really damn weird one, and really damn notable too. A couple days ago, I got an offer from Visa in the mail, for a credit card, and even though I really don't need another credit card, I felt Compelled to go through with it, just as I did with the last two. I finally got around to doing the application this morning (again feeling Compelled), and, surprisingly, it was accepted online, and even more surprisingly, with a credit line of $4,500, neither of which I understand (why I'm being accepted period, much less online, and much less with these relatively obscene credit lines). Then, this evening, in "Pattern Recognition," it mentioned how someone had a "credit line" with "Visa" for "forty-five hundred." Now, the currency in question was in pounds, but the archetype is still there even so, and rather pronounced, especially considering that the two recurred within less than twelve hours.


Had another of those days with an onslaught of minor thought/recurrence synchro, none of which would have been notable if not for its sheer quantity. One, however, was notable. It started this morning, when I went and downloaded the video-editing software I hope to use to put together the book video. Then, at lunch, I read in "Pattern Recognition" where one of the characters gets video-editing software, though I didn't find this too notable, beyond it going along with the day's theme of minor recurrence. However, at Goodwill today, while browsing books, I was just thinking of that particular minor recurrence, when I came across a book entitled "video production," in that distinctly synchronistic way I've come to recognize, which I found rather notable. Worth mentioning is that I'm 100% positive this was not simply subconscious triggering from seeing it from the corner of my eye or something, because I can trace the very chain of thought which lead to my thinking of the minor recurrence between my getting the software and reading about such software in the book. This chain of thought started with seeing a "Peter Pan" book, which was another minor recurrence (read, randomly, of Peter Pan in "Pattern Recognition" a couple hours earlier), and this is what got me thinking of the day's minor recurrence, which led to me thinking of the video-editing thing right as I saw the video production book. Also, the Peter Pan book that triggered it was halfway up the shelf, and I'm pretty certain the video production book, which was on the very bottom of the very, would have been entirely out of my vision. This is like so many of these other thought synchros, involving a completely unrelated chain of thought culminating in my seeing something just as I'm thinking it, in that distinctly synchronistic way.


A pretty cool one today. It started some days ago (3-4? can't say for sure), when I was playing Warcraft with someone who went between typing in standard English and the altered, Spanish English, with the special characters and such. It struck me because he went back and forth, seamlessly, and I wondered, distantly yet distinctly, how that was. Then, today, while reading the last of "Pattern Recognition," it mentioned, offhand, how there was a switch on international keyboards to toggle between specialized characters and English characters (in the book it was Cyrillic rather than Spanish, but the same basic archetype, nonetheless). It's notable since it was so close together, just days between my becoming aware of that for the first time and then learning how it was. Assuming it wasn't just some crazy coincidence, I have to wonder if this was either a) a simple, mechanical recurrence of this archetype, or b) some kind of answer to my question, set in motion by me in some fashion (or is "set in motion" wrong, is that too linear?). I'm tempted to lean toward the second, but only because the phenomenon a more question-and-answer format (as in, rather than having the entire thing recurring twice, it was my thinking about one part of it, and then receiving the "answering" part to that, though this too could've just been mechanical or incidental, where it was just a recurrence of the archetype but it just happened to fit the question-and-answer format?).


Damn cool one today, though it wasn't so unique. It started when I was reading "Pattern Recognition" and it mentioned "Stephen King's Wang" (word-processor) as a minor plot element. I remember Noticing this, and it seems like it was so pronounced I thought that I'd be seeing this again somewhere, though I can't remember this distinctly. Anyway, that was ~5 days ago when I first read it, and then today, when I started Stephen King's "Skeleton Crew" book, in his introduction, he mentioned the word-processor he'd just gotten -- a Wang, he mentioned offhand, in quotations (the book was from 1983). Now, this is rather notable in itself, considering I read of this precise, specific thing in two random, unrelated books within less than a week, but it's even moreso considering that I almost didn't have the book to read, since I'd forgotten it in [my friend]'s car after I bought it last week. I had, in fact, told her to hold onto it and just give it to me when she next visits, on the 4th, but she got impatient (so she said) and sent it anyway. Ever since I got the book back, I'd felt a yen to read it -- not quite Compelled, but close.


Had a few minor, random synchros today. For instance, I read a story in "Skeleton Crew" in which it mentioned the world going into a new dark age and various other future predictions, which mirrored those in "The Ten Faces of the Universe," which I'd read just before this, though these could easily have been coincidence, as they were not very specific or notable. Did have a couple of thought synchros, such as my dad saying "electricity" right as I was thinking "energy," and reading about heating in "Skeleton Crew" right as I was thinking of heat. These were a tad more notable, since they occurred in that distinctly synchronistic way I've come to identify, but other than that, not so much.


An odd one today, but rather notable. This afternoon, a story in "Skeleton Crew" mentioned an android who looked like a good-looking, handsome young man, and immediately I thought of a character in the "Ghost in the Machine: Individual Eleven" movie I was Compelled to watch last night. Except, I immediately ignored the thought because the character in the movie, though similar to that described in the book, wasn't an android. However, tonight, when watching the last part of the movie, it was revealed that the character I'd thought of was, in fact, an android (it was a surprise element, that you wouldn't be able to figure out beforehand, even subconsciously). This brings up interesting questions: assuming this wasn't just crazy chance, was it a simple recurrence, based on the combined archetype of my connecting the handsome android in the book with this character, or was it a foreshadowing?


A cool one this afternoon, at lunch. When I sat down with my cup of hot tea in a mason jar, I Noticed the jar, specifically where it said "mason." Then, a few minutes later, I Noticed it again, very distinct, like the jar and "mason" especially were standing out against the rest of things on the table, to the point that I felt that I would be seeing something about mason jars soon, having identified this Noticing from previous synchronicities. Then, after another couple minutes, I came across a mention of mason jars (perhaps the 1 pint kind of which I was drinking out of) in "Skeleton Crew" (it happened a page after the Noticing, requiring a page turn, so I couldn't have been subconsciously reading ahead; also, I'd never read that story before). Perhaps a coincidence, but notable because I Noticed the "mason" and the jar so distinctly, to the point of being able to anticipate something coming.

A little while later, I had a lesser one: reading of teeth being punched out in the same book, simultaneously while my parents were talking about a friend of theirs having a tooth break off. It wasn't too notable other than the same archetype (the friend didn't have his teeth punched out) and its coinciding with the conversation, which even then could have been incidental (it was not in that distinctly synchronous way, but just more of an overlap -- still unlikely, but not distinctively unlikely in that special way).


Thought synchro while reading the end of "Skeleton Crew" today. In a paragraph, it was talking about people in the writing business, which led me to think about my writing, which led me to think about how I'd just decided to do the self-publishing thing on Amazon. Then, just a line down from that, it mentioned self-publishing. This could possibly have been subconscious reading-ahead, but I doubt it, considering I can trace, very distinctly, the train of thought that led me to think that, in addition to seeing how it was, in fact, the train of thought which led to that, not some other influence.


A minor one today, though not entirely unnotable. Today, by chance, I asked my dad if he had any aspirin, because I was hoping it might help with my suspected brain inflammation, and so I followed him to the back study to look for some. While there, I Noticed a shoebox, for Air Jordans, very distinctly, to the point where I thought I might see it recur sometime soon. Sure enough, in the book "The Birthday," which I Just Happened to start today, it mentioned Air Jordans, about five hours after I saw the shoebox. It could have easily been a coincidence, except for my Noticing them so intensely and distinctly, in such a way that I predicted, consciously, that I would be seeing them again. It harkens back to the mason jars of a couple days ago.


Several minor synchronicities today, not quite an onslaught, but not quite enough to ignore, either. The most prominent was how, this morning, I'd confused what day it was, thinking it was Friday instead of Thursday, while talking to Tim and discussing giving him a ride. Then, this afternoon, in "The Birthday Party," I read how the author had confused an appointment for Thursday instead of Friday -- perahps completely coincidental, but I still found it notable in light of the other, random synchros. Were many minor word synchros, words I'd used in writing "The Instrument Is Tuned" this morning and then read in "The Birthday Party." All of it could conceivably be nothing, but I feel I should note it, all the same.

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