Synchronicity log for 2015


Today was another of those with a bunch of smaller, individually only subjectively notable synchros of various kinds -- not quite an onslaught type, but enough for me to take notice. The more coherent ones were, for instance, Noticing the 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' movie and thinking absently about it, about 10-15 minutes before I came across an article about the Ark of the Covenant in a magazine that I'd been given for Christmas but Just Happened to get around to reading just after Noticing that movie -- an article that mentioned the 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' movie. Then, at lunch today in the 'Terror of Living' book, I read of an AR-15 rifle, the first I'd ever heard of it that I can remember; and then this evening, while at a grocery store (that I had absolutely no plans of stopping at, only doing so because I forgot something at the store I'd stopped at on the way home), I by chance encountered an "AR-15" magazine in its magazine rack (a gun magazine, the AR-15 presumably in reference to the very rifle I'd just learned existed hours earlier). Etc, etc, a whole bunch of those. Also, tons of 37/137's today, probably a couple dozen, and almost all of them turning in places I'd never expect.


Another day of the near-onslaught of minor yet notable synchros of various types and frequencies, pretty much all more or less, including numbers (lots of 22 stuff today, and a fair amount of 37s and the like to boot). It's all just like yesterday, seeming to spill over I guess. One of the more coherent and notable ones were reading something along the lines of "his heart started thumping in his chest" precisely when my heart did so, the two coinciding so perfectly that I'd rule out any sort of subconscious reading-ahead. Etcetera.


A couple "ask and ye shall receives." It started over this last week, when I thought randomly-but-distinctly that I needed two things: first, a length of tubing so I could gas the scooter without taking the luggage basket off, and second, a scanner for the computer since I didn't have room in the truck to bring mine down to the beach. A couple days ago, I first found the perfect length of tubing for what I needed, in the dumpster here, sitting conspicuously on top, where I couldn't miss it when I went to throw in some trash. Then, today, I found a scanner sitting beside the same dumpster, also discovered when I went to throw in some random trash. The scanner works great. I found it notable that I would so much as encounter these two items specificially, and in this specific way, which is not only somewhat unlikely and with notable timing but also fits the usual pattern, etc. Overall notable, if not world-shattering, I think.


Still having that quasi-onslaught, now even moreso, to that point of things being surreal and dreamlike, external reality constantly in reflection of some inner and/or other part of outer reality. Just way too much stuff to list, most of it pretty notable but really subtle and obscure, hard to transcribe. The more coherent ones were, first, another question-and-answer, this time in regards to the story behind the Jimi Hendrix Experience band. Just a couple days ago, I'd had the random-but-distinct thought of how I'd bet there's a lot to the story behind this band, other dimensions to it perhaps far removed from any sort of surface appearance -- and then, today, in the 'Ten Greatest Conmen' book, one chapter was devoted to the band's manager, who, as it turned out, robbed them all blind. Additionally, the book revealed the grueling and exploitive nature of the band's performances and such -- certainly qualifying as "other dimensions" of their story. And of course, I had no idea the book contained this stuff when I bought it (several days ago, as it were), and there's nothing remotely suggestive of Jimi Hendrix or anything related on its cover or blurb -- typical. And then, a classic word/book synchro: "perimeter fence." I read this term just yesterday in the 'Terror of Living' book, and as it so happened it was the first I'd ever heard it, for whatever reason, such that I took notice of it (though not quite a Notice). Then it was in the 'Greatest Conmen' book today, another case of reading a new word and then having it recur in the next sequential book I read. These amidst about several dozen others today. Wow.


Tons of random-but-significant ones continuing, now officially an onslaught, albeit of a new, intensive kind.


The onslaught still has not ceased. Some days have been more intense than others, but it hasn't let up really. Today in particular saw more of a concentration of one-word thought/reading synchros, those little surprises where I'll be thinking of something in one separate, indepedent train of thought (which I can trace back afterward) and have it coincide with one or two words I'm reading, or a theme or underlying archetype -- the same old pattern, as it were. It was at times surreal, with multiple strung close together. I remain fascinated.


Still having a lot of those little, odd synchros of all types, but it's lessened some, no longer an onslaught. About the only coherently notable one today was readin "a good, heated room" precisely when the automated HVAC unit clicked on, in that perfectly synchronistic way.


First, a cool thought synchro. While I was on the phone setting up with a new acupuncturist, they said something that made me question if I had the right number, was maybe calling the wrong acupuncturist, so I had to think of the name of this one to double check. I remembered the name, Loomis, precisely as when I realized I was looking at a book on the table I was sitting at, written by a Jim Loomis. This one could be written off as a blatant subconscious-suggestion -- except that, yet again, I can distinctly trace the correlating train of thoughts/external events to being totally separate than that, me needing to recall the name of who I was calling so I could double check it, which all occurred totally separate from my Just Happening to be staring directly at "Loomis." Utterly surreal.

Then, for the rest of the day, the onslaught resumed, and with a vengeance, now even more pronounced and significant than before, graduating beyond single-word/basic thought synchros to more-elaborate ones, and to a shocking level of regularity, often entering that waking-dream-type state. For instance, while driving, right after the song on the CD player said "yeah, yeah, yeah," I rounded a corner in a parking lot and came face-to-face with a license plate reading YEAH.

Then, in addition to a seemingly endless amount of those sorts, there were two other, more unique ones thrown in the mix, both involving a container of yogurt I bought at Bay Naturals. First, an "ask and ye shall receive," when just after buying it, I had the thought that I wished I'd gotten it put in a paper bag, rather than plastic, because I was driving for the day trip and it might be a while before I could refrigerate it. Only hours later, after booking into the hotel room and rushing to get it out of the bag, did I see that the clerk had conscientiously done precisely what I'd wanted: bagged the yogurt separately in a snug paper bag. It was still good and cold when I tranferred it to the hotel room's refrigerator. Then, later on while reading, I came across a mention of how, in Turkey's turkish baths, it's common to sit afterward "wrapped in towels and drinking a yoghurt drink" -- when that was precisely what I was doing, for the most part, for I had, just on the way to the hotel, randomly stopped at Goodwill and bought a kimono robe that I instantly Noticed and just had to buy, which was 100% cotton, very much like being "wrapped in a towel" when wearing it, and then, also for the first time, I'd eaten that yogurt I'd bought (hours before reading the Turkish bath passage), while in my new cotton kimono -- except, with the yogurt being all I had to eat, and finding it too runny to spoon on its own (it was thin, lowfat yogurt), I just put it in a cup and sat drinking it basically, for the first time in my life not eating yogurt with a spoon. All of that occuring maybe ~10-15 minutes before I encountered that passage in the book I was reading (which I'd started days before). Wow ... just, wow.

Also, a gazillion 37's/73's/1137's, etc today. Never before have I seen so many in the course of this one day. Seriously. Even extended to my ATM receipt, which pegged my account balance at "$1,173.05" (375 was a big secondary one today, as it were).


Onslaught continues, still as big and surreal and wonderful. I laughed my ass off today, with so many blatant ones, one after another.

A good coherent example: while counting up to 60 seconds (medicine under tongue), I got to 45 precisely as I read "4.5g" on a label, the two coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic way, and I can't even suggest subconscious/psychological suggestion because I had to pick the bottle up and turn it to the label, so I couldn't even see the "4.5g" as I was counting (not that I could've coordinated the two anyway, even subconsciously I suspect).


First, a reasonably notable recurrence. This morning I was Compelled to look over the phonebook ad for masseuses, on which I noticed an advertisement for "lymph drainage massage," something I'd never heard of before. Then at lunch, maybe 30 minutes later, I read in the Europe travel book about ... lymph drainage massage.

Then, on the way home from the market, a really damn cool one. It started at the market itself, when I got slapped with 5 5's all at once (Noticing the "5.00" on the checkout screen, precisely as the twenty I'd put in the bill accepter was spit back out, revealing a "500" written on the bill, and then, after I put the bill back in, I received change of three five-dollar bills). This was an interesting little wham-bam-type recurrence in itself, but not hugely notable. However, as I was thinking of it on the way home afterward, it hit me that the "five fives" theme corresponded with the star symbolism I've been seeing, which in turn reminded me of that cool synchro from the other day when I had the one-two-three of hearing "star" while thinking "star" at the precise moment I passed a Star of David along the roadside -- all of which culminated in me thinking, in turn, of how both the "star" and "five fives" themes (plus the star/travel symbolism too) corresponded to the pentagon shape. I had these thoughts and made these connections all within the space of a second, and right as I thought it all and it gelled in my mind, I saw a pentagon on a roadside sign -- not only occuring in the precisely synchronistic fashion, but also *exactly like the past synchronicity I'd been thinking about at the time,* except with a pentagon instead of a star. I'd thought the original one was cool and unique, but this one took that and added another layer of substance and complexity that just pushed the envelope. Really damn cool, all of it, and far too complex/well-timed/patternistic to be written off as psychology or coincidence.


Perhaps nothing, but when I went back to Kroger today, I had pretty much a repeat of the "five fives" at checkout. This time, my total was $6.66 instead of 5.55 (interesting, because I got stuff I hadn't planned on, due to it being marked doing/remembering a couple things), and upon seeing it I had the thought "Well, where are the other two sixs?" Then I went to feed a dollar bill into the bill acceptor and as it went in, my eyes fell right on two sixs in the bill's interior lettering. Not quite precise enough to judge as notable, but too notable to dismiss, as well.


First, another one of those cool thought/realization recurrences. This morning, I was musing on things of late and it hit me that if I really am healing, I'd need to go in and out of the healed state in order to do it safely, without getting too egotistical or manic or whatever. Then at lunch, maybe 2-3 hours later, I read in the 'Extraordinary Knowledge' book of exactly that, the author describing how switching between different states of being/consciousness becomes doable when you go back and forth, precisely the concept I'd just fully realized hours earlier. Notable in itself, but doubly so considering it's another patternistic incident, precisely like others in the past (some lofty, useful realization coming to me for the first time, coinciding within the same day or so of reading of just that -- as if to confirm, and again as if intelligent in arrangement). Really cool, anyway.

Then, an equally cool one that I'm not sure is quite a synchronicity or just a continuance of the 37/73/star pattern that's been so active lately. I was Compelled to go to Goodwill today and buy a new outfit, the first I've ever done so, having worn the same clothes for years. At once, I went to a rack of pants and picked some out, looking only at the general color scheme and their size, both of which appealed to me. I draped them over my arm and decided to get them, with no further question about it, not even trying them on, all the while feeling totally sure that these were The Ones to get. Likewise with a matching shirt. Only when I got home and put them on did I look down and see what was stylishly interwoven in the pockets: a star (a bunch of them, actually) and "73." I laughed my ass off. The pants fit, too, as did the shirt.


A classic recurrence today. Yesterday I started the online spanish lessons, in which I was introduced to (and participated in) "priming" exercises, for the first time ever. Then today, in the 'Extraordinary Knowledge' book, I encountered mention of priming exercises, within a day of doing them for the first time ever. Notable in itself, but also because of the fact that I'd been putting off the spanish lessons for days, just having too much to do, and finally Just Happening to get around to them yesterday, right before I'd read about the priming exercises the lessons employed.


A weird one today, or maybe it was just an instance of classical ESP. I was at the grocery store, looking at the display of mushrooms, when a stranger walked up beside me. Instantly, I was struck with the certainty that she was 1) going to talk to me, and 2) ask me if the mushrooms I'd just taken from the shelf were my favorite. Less than a second later, the woman asked me just that, and because I'd anticipated it so distinctly, I was able to answer without being surprised. The feeling was distinctly like past such ESP-like instances, like when I saw the girl at Sunset and was sure she was going to leave me some candy with a thank-you note.


The onslaught is back, much like that last one. A couple of the more-coherent examples: thinking about falling asleep while driving (in a separate, independent chain of thought, of course), precisely when I read "sleeping-car"; thinking about how I'd like to get a car, precisely when an especially attractive car sped past me and parked, conspicuously so (the car was so perfectly what I wanted at that moment that I had to go walk around it and inspect it after the owner walked off); Noticing the moving 'Twister' while at Goodwill, then sitting down to read, about an hour or two later, and having the second page mention that very movie (when I hadn't heard or thought of in it ... years?). Etc, etc. All day it was like this. Just really, really surreal. I don't think it's ever been quite like this.


The onslaught continues, even stronger than yesterday, just one after another notable incident back to back, too many to remember. A good "ask and ye shall receive": I bought a Wilson brand leather coat yesterday from a consignment store, and I wondered if Wilson was a "good" brand, and then this morning on the way to church I passed a sign at an upscale shopping center advertising wilson leather, which answered my question pretty well (I'd never heard of Wilson leather before; also of note, the sign, which was electronic and rotating, clicked away from the "wilson leather" advertisement a split second after I saw it, in that patternistic way I've had so many times before). I was thinking of how I might be eating too much chlorophyll, a split second before a slide was shown during church service which turned out to be a magnification of chlorophyll moving through a leaf (nothing was said or shown to hint at chlorophyll prior, and I distinctly had the chain of thought leading to it before the slide was shown, and anyway, the picture was unrecognizeable as chlorophyll, looking like a piece of abstract art). And then the Mercedes: last night, from out of nowhere, I was possessed with the urge to buy a Mercedes I saw randomly advertised on Craigslist. Then today I realized that the last library book I had to read was entitled 'This Mercedes is For Sale," with all sorts of smaller car-buying/Mercedes synchros tying in with it when I did start reading the book today, just in the first few pages. These plus a million others, plus number synchro and stuff I'm probably forgetting. Good God what's happening?


The onslaught continues. A couple of the more notable examples: this morning I ran it by my dad that I intended to buy a BMW, and he responded with how expensive/hard to get the parts are -- and then I read exactly this in the 'Mercedes Is Not For Sale' book a couple hours later, specifically for BMWs. Also, a bunch more Mercedes-related synchro (such as my looking at several Mercedes on Craigslist this morning and thinking about the image/appeal of them, when that was specifically mentioned in the Mercedes book, etc). I'm still rather awed.'


Onslaught still going, much in the same fashion. Except I noticed something interesting today: had some periods of really bad die-off sickness from the new detoxing practices, and during them, the incidents would slow down or stop, only to resume once I recovered some energy ("Z" crossings? switching frequencies/channels?). It was so distinct as to be surreal, like flipping a switch on and off.


Onslaught still going on, as strongly. So damn surreal, living-dream-like. Two individual incidents stand out, however. First, when I went and got a footbath on a whim today, as I went to put my socks back on afterward, I noticed a couple holes in them -- precisely as the man there offered me a free pair of good, all-cotton socks, totally free. I'd said nothing to him about the condition of my socks -- didn't have *time* to. Again, utterly surreal. Plus the socks were damn nice. Then, later on, as I turned a corner and pulled onto the road, I hit the curb and had the thought, "Not good for my tires" -- precisely as I passed a sign reading "Aaron's Tires." Again, I'm past trying to write these perfectly-synchronistic-types off. This is really getting out-there.

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