Synchronicity log for 2016


A cool recurrence today. It started about two days ago when I was at Publix and, while passing the oil cooler there, noticed a "Black Seed" oil -- both noticed and Noticed, such that I actually thought of it randomly a couple times afterward, it stuck out to me so much. Then, shortly after that, I was Compelled to look up cumin extract, despite my having bought a bunch of the raw herb and having it seem to work fine for me. When I did, it led, in that Randomly On Purpose way that my searches do, to "Black Cumin Seed Oil," which was the closest thing to cumin extract I could find. I then vowed to buy some -- except I then saw how "black cumin seed" isn't the same as cumin. So then I decided not to buy it ... but then I felt Compelled to Google the black cumin oil, and lo and behold, it sounded very interesting as far as its benefits, such that I decided to buy some. So, as it were, not only did I have a basic and notable recurrence in my Noticing the "Black Seed" oil at Publix and then, in the most random and indirect and obscure (yet patternistic) of ways, I was led to it, but I also discovered to it to be something that could potentially help me. Cool, and interesting.


Another uptick today over the last few days, and still in that "vague and fuzzy but generally coherent" vein, sometimes profoundly coherent. In fact, had so many overall incidents today that I simply couldn't keep track, many of them being highly complex and subjective as well as coming in rapid succession, more of those one-two-three-four, wham-bam-types that are just so hard to keep track of. For example, precisely when I put my glasses on and had the thought of "I can see now," the radio randomly sang out "I can see," and then, a split-second later, I looked away from the rearview I'd looked in to put my glasses on, and there, directly in my line of sight, was a big sign reading "vision" -- maybe two dozen like that today, all perfectly synchronistic and highly precise and often with those "multidimensional" aspects. Wow, so damn surreal.

One more "traditional" standout was this morning, when I was struck with the sudden, random, but highly precise and coherent thought of my sitting out on the veranda at Starbucks and eating lunch, a split second before the radio sang out "table on a sidewalk" -- which is exactly how I'd mentally visualized my sitting on Starbucks' veranda (which was literally a table on a sidewalk). This one was notable as-is, but became even more so in light of the fact that 1) I was struck with these thoughts so randomly but distinctly, from out of nowhere (not even at the end of a random train of thought, as it were), and 2) that I'd never been heard the song on the radio, thus had no way to possibly anticipate its lyrics. And, of course, the timing was so perfectly synchronistic also.

And then, intermixed with the day's onslaught craziness, there were of course more conspicuously amusing 37s. Too many to list, but some examples: a man shutting a van's back door precisely as I passed in my car, which thus exposed its "307" license plate (and directly in my line of sight), happening with such perfect timing and precision that I couldn't have orchestrated it better; another case where I felt Compelled to let a car pass despite my having the right of way, only to have it reveal a "3077" license plate (which I saw when looking the other way to see if any traffic was coming after the car passed, rather than my consciously looking for the plate); and then, on the way home, a really cool one where I was Compelled to go home a different (a slightly longer) way, against all logic (and when I was in a hurry to get home, and tired, etc, etc), and upon doing so, I passed yet another car with a "731" license plate. Haha.

Plus a great receipt synchro, to round off the day it would seem. This morning when getting a juice and stuff at Bay Naturals, I forgot to immediately swipe my discount car, and in the split second before I did, I noticed that items' original total was $37.75. It smacked of the usual receipt synchro pattern and such, but I didn't note it, consigning it to the slag heap of the rest of the day's many incidents. But then, tonight, when logging the receipt into the cash book, I noticed that it was timestamped exactly 10:37. Amusing and notable in itself, but it also bears mentioning that when I got there, a line formed immediately as I did so (when I don't think I've ever had to wait in line while getting a juice on a quiet Sunday morning), and also that one of the groups of people I was behind let me go in front of them for some reason I don't understand -- and if either of these odd circumstances hadn't been in place, the 10:37 timestamp would have been off. Haha.


Almost identical to yesterday, except more, and more coherent overall, at times basically just a huge, whirlwind-style onslaught of perfectly coherent and notable incidents that were just too numerous/rapid for me to note, albeit of the same "flavor" of those I've been having these lasting few days, still kind of only "half-there." The most coherent and notable of all was yet another instance of having a huge series of reading synchros upon starting my book-reading for the day, yet even more striking today, profoundly so, just so many, and so explicit and intricate and numerous, I was really quite amazed, the whole thing surpassing even those of late. It started with the last few pages of the 'Dark Times' book, echoing what I was presently thinking and what I'd been thinking about the last few days as well as some events and such going on around me, and then, upping the ante even more, was when I started the 'Stir of Echoes' book and had the exact same thing happen, except even *more* explicitly. At that point, not only did the book echo my broader thoughts, but also the finer and subtles ones, such as it mentioning "too much coffee" several times, precisely as I was debating, in the back of my head, getting some dark drip coffee from Starbucks (which I didn't feel comfortable doing, since they double-brew it and it would've been too strong and I would've been having too much caffeine -- exactly like the character in the book, and all of this being objectively traceable, etc). Then, as I read the book more through the evening, I saw it begin to echo the general sentiments/circumstances/problems I'd been having all day, where I'd been questioning my thoughts and perceptions while sick and highly sensitive/impressionable to others and their emotions/actions, etc, and wondering specifically if what I was seeing and feeling in others was objectively real or just in my head -- which is precisely what the character in the book was going through. At times the parallels were just general though pretty precise, at others they were so dreadfully explicit that I laughed out loud (and not just a few like this, maybe a dozen over the course of the day's reading?), sometimes even using the same language and terminology and such ("objective reality," "distorted perceptions," etc). Wow. So utterly surreal. And it also bears mentioning that, once again, I'd randomly picked 'Stir of Echoes' today to read, out of approximately a dozen choices, and also when I'd just as randomly bought it yesterday -- feeling Compelled to do all of this, in that totally patternistic book-synchro fashion. Also, this phenomenon extended even to a little local-market natural health magazine I read in between the two books, such as the article on epigenetics mirroring exactly what I'd been thinking/feeling/experiencing in regards to inner reality reflecting outer- just today and yesterday, and in several other instances I can't even remember. Again: wow. (And something else that just occurred to me: the synchronistic parallel between the title, 'Stir of Echoes,' and how it seemed to "echo" my thoughts/reality so explicitly ...)


Wow, another onslaught day, and even more intense/complicated than yesterday. Just can't describe it all, in number or in nature, just too many and too damn crazy/cool. Had more of that wham-bam, multidimensional-type of book/reading synchro today, and again carrying through several different books, from the random magazine I read this morning, to 'Stir of Echoes' at lunch and in the evening, and then even the mandala coloring book I read to kill some time after finishing the novel (I'd thought, distinctly, of the World/21 tarot card and what it symbolized, especially the dancing woman in the middle, and then, minutes later, a nearly identical depiction of that card and its dancing woman was on the first page of the mandala book, on a Tibetan mandala rather than the tarot card, as it were -- pretty damn notable in itself). The 'Stir of Echoes' "portion" was the most profound though, even graduating in perplexity/multidimensionalness somewhat, such as this big cluster of thought/reading synchros where, after a long chain of thought about the morning's five purple Hershey's kisses and the "party"/Prince's "1999" synchros, I thought of the song lyric "the sky was all purple," precisely before reading "beginning to purple the sky" in the book (as well as reading "dark" about five times within a couple paragraphs when I'd been thinking about the morning's "dark" theme, too). Then, immediately after, as I was going through the usual thought processes/reaction of "that's just a crazy coincidence" and the like and then in turn knowing full and well that that wasn't the case and it was all real, I read a paragraph that echoed this all exactly, both literally and in underlying theme/archetype, starting with "I tried to tell myself it was all imagination," in regard to the character discover he has ESP/psychic powers, etc, and then him being unable to deny the overwhelming reality of it staring back at him/unlikliness of it all being coincidence, etc, etc, etc -- exactly what I was doing just then, at that precise moment, after questioning the outrageously notable and surreal cluster of synchros involving purple, dark, etc. Didn't stop there, either: just after the "all imagination" echo, I read "gelatinous haze of tears" (in the context of the character seeing the world through such a haze) precisely as I bit into a bite of garlic (which I'd put in my mouth while reading the previous page, as it were, and totally randomly, from a bowl with all kinds of stuff in it but only a few chunks of garlic, so even if I'd somehow subconsciously read the "haze of tears" it was all still objectively separate/independent events, etc). And on and on it went, again a living dream, now to an even higher degree/deeper level.

Had three or four "bursts" like that throughout the day, intermixed with a few lesser bursts of more general, spaced-out, standalone incidents, with subtles/themes/number repeats (still amusing ones, almost all 37s and variants). What a day. Again: something is speeding up/changing. Just wow.

Another really cool and notable thought/event synchro: I was suddenly struck with thoughts of 1) a conversion van and 2) a custom, daily-driver hearse, as in someone just driving a hearse normally (as I'd been thinking about doing) -- when, a split second later, there came not only a conversion van down the road, but a hearse with custom paint and the like which would indicate its being used a daily driver, etc, perfectly precise. Both of these cars turned onto the road after being previously out of sight, though I can't say 100% sure that they were entirely invisible to me; I can, however, say for sure that, if I was subconsciously suggested upon as to think the original thoughts (which were totally random and without an objective chain/tracing, etc), it had to have been fully subconscious and from my peripheral vision. Yet, given the onslaught active throughout the day ... I doubt it was suggestion. I had just way too many manifestations like this, almost all of them indeed impossible to be suggestion, etc.


Today was a bit of a downturn, but only in gross number of incidents, not "flavor" or type (and, really, not even too huge of a downturn in number; still tons and tons throughout the day, seeming to come in more or less intense "waves"). One thing that didn't happen was another wash of reading synchros when I sat down to read at lunch, and it bears mentioning that I'd anticipated both the wave happening as well as not happening, thinking that, now that I'd noticed it and anticipated it, it wouldn't happen. Which it didn't. Otherwise, still lots of those general and notable, albeit vague and "half-there," incidents throughout the whole day just about. An example: while at Vitamin Shoppe, I'd had the thought to ask them if they sold cinnamon, but then decided against it, since I knew they didn't sell any spices and the like -- and then, maybe two minutes after I'd thought this, someone else in the store asked the clerk, "Hey, you have any of those cinnamon bars?" Now, he was asking for cinnamon "bars" of some kind, and not standalone cinnamon as I'd been contemplating, but still, there was a clear recurrence of asking the clerk about cinnamon, enough to be notable yet inconclusive -- a whole bunch of these today, over a dozen at least, and all in that same "fuzzy," "half-there" vein I've been having. Also, more of those ridiculously conspicuous 37 repeats I've been having, and still primarily from license plates and the like (though plenty from other sources, too). One notable example: a big, conspicuous jacked-up truck pulling in front of me in traffic, then driving erratically, during which the truck swerved suddenly left, which exposed its 173-ending license plate to me just long enough to see it before the truck abruptly turned off as fast, all perfectly "flashing" me just like that van door yesterday, etc. Wow, just so much these last few days, and all of that same flavor. Utterly surreal.


Today was again much like yesterday, almost exactly, with the same rhythm of subtles and number repeats and "half-there" standouts (though not quite as many in number today). Cool repeat standout was when I got yet another wrong-number text from "30317," alerting me that someone had again uploaded money to their check card or whatever it is it's registered to, except this time with the balance was "$130.17." Haha. Also, just after I got this text, I went to turn off the coffee, and the time on the stove was 10:37. And then, at the gym a few hours later, I weighed myself, feeling Compelled despite just having weighed myself yesterday, and I was at exactly 137 (whereas yesterday's scale, at the other gym, had put me at 150 something).


Overall, in the same vein as the last couple of days, format- and "feel"-wise, but a significant downturn in overall incidents as well as their intensity, as to be just much more "calm" and sedate (coinciding with my staying home all day for the first time in a while, as it were). Still having those vague-but-present parallels/themes running throughout the day, of no one topic and too subtle/subjective/personal to explain.

A minor but amusing recurrence this morning. Yesterday morning I read in the 'Ashes of Waco' book (again started randomly, after having bought it months ago and put it off again and again) of how David Koresh was styled as "Jesus with a gun," more or less, and how he was a "beer-drinking messiah who played a mean guitar." Then, this morning in my email, I was informed of a new twitter follower, a "Bodie Myers," whose avatar picture is Jesus holding a shotgun, cigarette in mouth (it was mentioned in the book that Koresh also started smoking), with the caption "Beer, Books, Guitars" beneath it -- all of it somewhat imprecise and vague, yet precise enough to reflect the weird "Jesus w/gun and beer and cigarettes" archetype, and with reasonably notable timing as well.

Really cool and notable thought/reading synchro this afternoon. While sitting and leafing through a magazine and thinking very distinctly of how, being forced home due to not having insurance on the car, I had to adapt to having "free time" and not working/following routine, etc -- and then, a split second after these thoughts entered my mind and registered, I turned the page of the magazine and my eyes fell upon a little article entitled "Embrace Sloth," in which it discussed how difficult it can be in American culture to just "do nothing" and have "free time" and embrace "unstructured time" and "being lazy" -- precisely what I'd just seconds before thought of, randomly and distinctly as well as totally objectively and independently, being traced to the fact that, in my reading the magazine on my afternoon "off," I was thinking these things. Highly notable in itself, being so precise and objective/traceable, but besides that, it was impossible that I could've been subconsciously suggested to think this even if I couldn't trace the thoughts, simply because the article had been on the next sequential page (without anything remotely related to it leading up to it, and of course I'd never read this magazine before, having randomly pulled it out of the recycling bin yesterday).


Another uptick, again coinciding with my getting back out/on the road, though still in the same basic groove/vein as this last week or so (still having that same sort of "half-there" headsickness, too, coincidentally). Had another rash of those surreal reading/thought/event synchros when I sat down to read at lunch, though not quite to that whirlwind degree today, really just more a series of distinct standouts rather than a blur of "fuzzy" ones. Read "shining light" precisely as the sun broke from the sky (and I'd just been thinking, maybe a second before, of whether the sun might break out); read "a mighty wind" precisely as an extremely strong wind blew across the veranda where I was reading (highly precise, this one; the wind literally swept big heavy milk crates around the parking lot nearby, as to be nothing less than "mighty." A cool radio synchro at the same time: precisely as I thought of taking the B12 patch off my neck because I seemed to be overdosing on it/overstimulated, the radio sang out "take this badge off of me" (not hugely precise, but the B12 patch could very easily qualify as a "badge," and the timing was perfectly synchronistic, etc). Had several of those "bursts" of subtles/"fuzzy"/"half-there" ones throughout the day, too, these with that same "flavor" of the ones I've been having lately. Definitely a distinct pattern here, seeming to reflect the "half-there" condition of my thinking once this latest headsickness gets going.

Then, this evening, a standout thought/radio synchro: precisely as I thought "moving too slow," in regards to a pedestrian in a parking lot who seemed totally oblivious to me, forcing me to brake, the radio sang out "moving slow" -- perfectly synchronistic, and almost exactly like that time a couple weeks ago in Boone.

Had an amusing receipt-type 37 number-repeat this evening at the store. I was using the self-checkout, and for some reason that I still don't understand, it didn't register something I rang up, and instead kept asking me to put it in the bag even though I'd already put it in the bag, thus triggering the attendant to come over and hanging up the checkout process -- which, as a result, forced me to look at the order's present total, which was $17.33 (I'd only looked at the screen when it kept bugging me to put the last item in the bag, trying to figure out what was up). That in itself was amusing yet not wholly notable, but then, once the attendant came over and fiddled with the machine, causing its screen to change, I noticed something at the bottom: a little line of text reading "POS-173," which lept out at me despite its size and my distraction. Haha.


Minor but quite notable thought/reading synchro this morning. As I went to check my email, I was thinking of powdered egg whites, specifically, having just seen it in my bookmarks and, thus, thinking about the egg-white fast. Then, a split second later, after logging into my email, the first email I saw was titled "Whole Egg Powder 36 Hour Sale," directly in my line of vision as to be perfectly synchronistic, and highly precise too (though this was for "whole" egg powder, not just the whites, the underlying archetype of "powdered eggs" is still quite present).

Overall, a general uptick in incidents today, after a couple days' lull (this again coinciding with my health improving as well as going "out" and traveling some, as seems to be a long-term pattern). Today's overall "feel" was different than lately, departing from that "half-there"/"fuzzy"-type of onslaught and instead becoming more "stable" and coherent, with more just a regular scattering of standout incidents (though still with some subtles and the like). Standouts:

*While at Goodwill, overhearing the cashier saying "weather" to a customer, precisely as I read "weatherproof" on the tag of a coat I was looking at (possibly coincidence, but the perfectly synchronistic timing had the "feel" of a synchro, etc)

*Funny one with the school bus: yesterday, I saw that same school bus with the 503-31703 number on it (whichever is the one I saw some conspicuously a couple times lately, and noted at some point), and it was again conspicuously "random." Well, today, while pulling out of the Fresh Market at Pawley's Island, miles and miles away and in another school district, I encountered another school bus -- a different one, and with a different number, but essentially the *same* number, just one or two digits off (503-1730 or something, I want to say -- still with the 503 and some 37/137 variant, in any case). And, again, maybe coincidence but the meeting was so conspicuous and patternistic, had to take note

*And another deja-vu-type repeat: I again needed a jug of bottled water, and at the store the only one I could find had a 37 variant in the "good-by" timestamp, this time 5/31/17, printed prominently on top, just like that one in Rockingham a couple weeks ago, haha.

*Hearing "I see the sun" on the radio, precisely as I rounded a bend and my windshield was flooded with the setting sun from the horizon, perfectly synchronistic

*Hearing "registered trademark" on the radio, precisely as I was thinking about registering the tag for the van, perfectly synchronistic

*Lots of conspicuous 37/137 repeats today, including: a package sitting on the counter at the post office when I went up to ship mine, addressed to a "3171" street address, my eyes Just Happening to fall directly on it while waiting for the clerk to deal with my package; my being forced to let a truck that was creeping up on me pass, only to reveal its 137 license plate; when getting the hotel room in Charleston, when I went to park in front of it, my two neighboring cars both had prominent-37 license plates

*A really cool, albeit vague, one: when I called Mom tonight, the first thing she said, totally offhand and without prompting on my part, was something about my being in Charleston -- when she'd had no idea I was going to Charleston, much less going today, which I'd only decided to do totally spontaneously this morning upon making the B12 appointment. Turns out, she'd seen some guy on TV reporting from Charleston, and he'd been dressed so lightly, when it was so cold up north, that she'd remarked something about how warm it must be in Charleston, and maybe I should go there -- when I already was, and had in fact just arrived not an hour being calling her. Really damn surreal, to hear that, from out of nowhere, upon calling her, without my saying anything, when probably the first thing I would've said otherwise was "I'm in Charleston at the moment, on an impromptu trip here for B12, etc" -- as if she'd read my mind about


Another big uptick today, back to about how it was there for a while, reaching onslaught levels here and there. Not really so many standouts but just onslaught-type subtles. Definitely lots tons of 37-variant repeats today, again, as seems to happen when I travel/go out, etc. The first was at Starbucks, when I felt magnetically drawn to/Compelled to look at a sign on the way to the bathroom, which turned out to be for an Alice in Wonderland play being held at an 1137 street address -- and then, later in the day when I went to the Mt. Pleasant gym, this too was at an 1137 street address, exactly (both). Also, the Starbucks I went to was on highway 703. A cigar wrapper I felt Compelled to pick up in a parking lot had the barcode "7301-11129," a double repeat since 1129/1111 have been pretty prominent lately (oh, and saw several conspicuous 1111s today and yesterday, too). I randomly went to the Mercedes dealer and ordered some spare keys, and the invoice number was 317332, printed conspicuously at the very top of the page when I received it. I had to turn around down a side street, and the house numbers + license plates + those on the recycling bin were all 37 or variants (and then the same thing later that day, when I took a wrong turn and encountered two license plates back to back, with a "1117" recycling bin between them -- in wham-bam, 1-2-3 succession, surreal). Pumped exactly 11.71 gallons of gas, when leaving the pump on to itself. And then, to top it off, when I got back to the motel tonight, after all these dozens during the day, there was again two 37 license plates awaiting me outside my hotel room -- one of them a big Mercedes van with a 3107 license plate + a 730-0000 phone number printed on the side. Haha.


Not really anything in particular to note beyond a repetition of yesterday's outrageous amount of 37 repeats, though not quite enough coherent/standout ones to list. Same with thought/reading/radio-type synchros: lots of "lesser," not-quite-subtle ones but none of them hugely standout-ish.


Much like yesterday with another "storm" of subtle/vague/"half-there" incidents, along with those equally obscure parallels/themes/far-reaching synchros (for example, a "bridge" theme, which spanned the whole trip to Charleston and such, including my settling on "The Bridge" radio station, and crossing several bridges, often as "The Bridge" was announced, and buying 'The Bridge' album from Ace of Base, only noticing that name afterward -- all totally random of course, maybe five or six total "themes" like that, though the bridge one was the most coherent), as to lend just a generally surreal air to the day. Still having tons of 37s, including a few three- or four-bangers in quick succession. One standout thought synchro was ending a long chain of thought on how I was exercising daily now and was about to do it again today, if time allowed, precisely when I passed a random sign reading "exercise daily" -- again with objectively traceable thought, etc. Had a lot like this today, though most were just too obscure/subtle to transcribe.

Cool standout at lunch, not sure whether to classify it as a thought or reading synchro. Started when I read in the Gandhi book "a struggle for daily bread," but didn't quite read it right, forcing me to go back and re-read it and, thus, think "bread" -- precisely as, at the Starbucks drive-thru feet away, the cashier said "bread" over the intercom, and not once but twice, apparently having heard the customer wrong -- just as I'd mis-read the book. A sort of three-way synchro, not only echoing the bread archetype but also its being misunderstood and needing to be repeated. Really damn cool when you think about it.

A minor but notable recurrence. While at the West Ashely place getting the B12 shot two days ago, I'd read in a random magazine I read in the waiting read about a "cryotherapy," where you're exposed to extreme cold for a therapeutic effect, the first I'd ever read of such a thing as it were. And then, today, less than 48 hours later (in patternistic fashion), I read about an essentially identical "cold therapy" in the Gandhi book (which I'd started reading, randomly, nearly a week ago ...).

Also, a funny little number repeat: in the yoga picture I took of the hotel room, the clock reads 7:37. Mildly notable in itself, given the randomness of it, but it's doubly so considering that I only took that picture not just the day after getting there (having forgotten it after actually doing the yoga), but at 7:37 at *night,* and feeling Compelled to do it then.


An overall downturn in incidents today, again corresponding with a decrease in travel/circulating about town, though again still in the same vein as the last few days. Did have a couple of those "surges" of a bunch of vague, subtle one-word thought/reading/experience synchros, but not many, and not very coherently. One standout was a very pronounced, albeit simple, one-word thought synchro at church this morning: my thinking "message" precisely as the reverend said so, and in the same context, etc, so pronounced and sudden as to be notable despite its simplicity. A cool "question and answer"-type one, too: yesterday I'd had the distinct-yet-vague thought of whether there was somewhere in the Charleston area to get a footbath -- and then, in the 'Natural Awakenings' magazine I'd felt Compelled to read at lunch today, there was an ad for just such a place in Charleston. And, it bears mentioning, I'd actually already read this magazine but didn't know it, having picked it up in Charleston thinking it was a new issue, when in reality it was just a Charleston edition of it, which had a different cover for some reason (and, as it were, different ads, including for that of the footbath). Haha.


Nothing to note today beyond an almost total "silence"/downturn of incidents, again corresponding with a marked worsening of health, energy, clarity of thought, staying in, etc. I think there were maybe a couple subtle one-word thought/reading-type synchros scattered throughout the day, and that was about all.


More incidents today than yesterday, though almost all centered in one biggish cluster spanning lunch and mid-afternoon, and almost all were those vague recurrences and "parallels." The most coherent was when, while eating lunch, I was approached by a random woman asking about a nearby Italian restaurant called Benito's, which I thought I knew and told her where it was -- but, in reality, I was thinking of a different one, and had never heard of Benito's before, until, just an hour or so later, I went to Cleansing Power and, feeling Compelled, picked up a coupon book for local businesses and there saw advertised the Benito's restaurant. Maybe a dozen vague-but-present recurrences like that, all combining to bring about that surreal, numinous state, albeit low-key and subtle.


Overall, today was much like yesterday, with a low-to-moderate level of subtle/"background static"-type incidents through the day, peaking in the afternoon. Really cool standout this morning, when I went out to warm up the car and the radiator-resevoir like was on, suggesting a coolant leak, and then, after doing rebounder and coming back out a few minutes later, I saw that the light had gone off -- precisely as I opened the door and heard "lights go down" on the radio, the three coinciding perfectly synchronistically, etc (seeing light right as I had my hand on the door handle, then hearing "lights go down" immediately upon opening the door and thus "loosing" the radio, inaudible before -- a really cool effect, and hugely precise and notable). Also, a similar one this afternoon at Goodwill, when right as I had a surge of good circulation/energy go from my neck into my back, my eyes fell over a book with the subtitle "From the Neck Down" (or I think it was a book -- something with that on there, in any case, and this too pretty precise and perfectly timed, objective, etc).


Big uptick in activity today, and once again corresponding with travel/departure for Charleston. Almost all of it was of a certain kind of one-word thought/reading/radio synchro, all very pronounced and present but not hugely coherent (though there were so many, I just couldn't remember them all to write down). For example, right as I had a long chain of complicated thought ending in "sustainability" while I was reading at lunch, I turned the page and the very next word at the top was "sustain," when there'd been nothing leading up to that beforehand, as to suggest it (and, of course, I couldn't have seen the unturned page while I was thinking the lead-up thoughts, etc). A really cool standout was when I was backing out of the garage after getting my fluids topped off and the radio sang out "Sante Fe" precisely as I realized that the car I was backing directly towards was a Hyundai Sante Fe. Surreal. Similarly, while driving randomly down the road on the way to the B12 place in Charleston, my attention was suddenly drawn to a child's bike I passed alongside the road, when the radio simultaneously had a bicycle's ring-ring! sound out, again corresponding perfectly. Tons and tons of 37s and other number repeats throughout the day too, most just more "random" than conspicuous, but still plenty of the latter in there too.


Today was much like yesterday but with less overall incidents. Again had lots of those subtle-but-significant thought/reading/radio synchros of the same "flavor," many with that sort of subtle, multidimensional complexity that made them especially surreal. Example: as I was going down the highway, I heard on the radio what I wasn't sure was "call" or "car," making me wonder if I'd heard "call" or "car" (because, as it were, I'd just been thinking "car," and it would've been another synchronistic echo), and then, perfectly synchronistically, I passed a billboard reading "call" in enormous letters (and, with the rest of the sign blocked out by a second sign, so that only the "call" was visible) -- all like it was a perfect and instantaneous answer to what I'd been thinking (there was more to this one too, making it more notable, but I can't quite remember what it was). Also, had an almost perfect repeat of yesterday's bike-passing-ring incident, with the exact same "ring-ring!" radio ad, except this time it was a bike shop I passed (with several bikes out front), and my passing of it and the "ring!" wasn't quite perfectly synchronistic, there being maybe a 1-2-second delay in between, but still close enough, and enough like yesterday's incident, to be pretty notable. Laughed my ass off.


Today was like last couple days in its many subtle incidents of that same, vaguely-complex, surreal "flavor," yet almost all of them even subtler and vaguer today, such that there were really no standouts able to be transcribed, and just lesser in general (despite travel). One thing that increased, however, was 37-repeats, most notably on license plates, and tons of them again, and most of them conspicuous (though no standouts here either, really). Did have one good standout in this regard: another classic sign-tick one, except this one had both 1111 and 37 on it ("11:11" time, with "37" degrees just below it), and also, making it even more notable, was that not only did it tick to this precisely as I passed (and then, immediately after, the time ticked to 11:12), but both the time and the temperature were wrong, it being ~11:20 and forty-some degrees (according to another, nearby sign).


An even bigger downturn than last couple days, with only a spattering of those same very-subtle/vague thought/reading/event synchros through the afternoon. Did have one standout recurrence, however, a book synchro between the 'Eating Animals' book and 'Cold New World,' where each featured a detailed and grisly description of what goes on in a chicken-processing plant -- a classical book-synchro in every sense, with these two being bought as randomly and separately and far apart as could be, and read as randomly (based on Compellings, each time when I had ~a dozen to chose from), and each based on totally different subject matter and without any mention of their shared topic on the cover/description, etc.

[1/25 update: had more reasonably specific recurrences in the 'Cold New World' book today, though I can't remember what they were.]


Still having a general downturn of overall incidents, though a little more today than the last couple days, both subtles and standouts. A pretty cool one at lunch today, and unique, not quite sure what to make of it: while eating at the Starbucks patio, precisely after one nearby group of people said "seasons," a man in another nearby group said "seasons," back-to-back and so perfectly timed that it stood out. And, interestingly, this was just after a noisy truck had left and the people at the different tables could hear each other -- that is, they couldn't have heard each other before and been subconsciously suggested, etc. It was cool and notable in that respect, but doubly so considering that this one in no way involved me, neither my thoughts or reading or anything -- as if perhaps I'd just simply witnessed a synchronicity, that "belonging" to the folks at the two tables and I'd just happened to overhear it/observe it? Notable, in any case.

Then, a vague-but-significant "question and answer"-type one this afternoon. I'd felt Compelled to take the car by Pop's, and equally Compelled to believe that there was some reason for it, in particular something I would say or do in my random interactions with the people there (despite having zero logical reason to think this). Then, when I got there, there was a laminated piece of paper on the desk, on which the first sentence read something along the lines of "God, guide me to go where you want me to and talk to the people you want me to" -- more or less exactly what I'd felt Compelled that my taking the car to Pop's would accomplish. Conceivably a coincidence, but with the Compellings thrown in, and the precision of the paper echoing my thoughts about it all, I'd say probably not.

Then tonight, a classical and highly notable reading synchro: "rumbling" in the 'Cold New World' book, precisely as a random rumbling sounded from the neighbor's RV next door -- perfectly synchronistic in timing, such to that surreal degree that you just couldn't possibly orchestrate even with practice, etc. It also bears mentioning that it was the first "rumbling" in the book, and the first rumbling from next door, and there were no more of either afterward -- that is, it wasn't just an ongoing repetition that overlapped, etc. It also bears mentioning that this one happened in the evening, which is almost always, as a rule, my "downtime" in regards to these, just like morning, rather than the "uptime" of after lunch through early evening.

[Funny footnote on this one: as I was simultaneously eating dinner and writing out a tweet to report this one, my stomach rumbled precisely as I typed "rumbling," again perfectly synchronistic and impossible to orchestrate. Haha.)

Also, a vague-but-notable recurrence/"question and answer": this morning, after taking the PEA and getting that extreme oxygenation during yoga, I'd had the vague thought of "I wonder if such extreme oxygenation might have a lasting, therapeautic effect?" And then, this afternoon, a couple hours later, I read in the 'Energy Times' magazine I'd randomly picked up in Charleston last week about how there's a "hyperbaric oxygen" therapy available now, and how it can, specifically, have a beneficial therapeutic effect on the body -- exactly what I'd been wondering, very explicit and closely timed and perfectly patternistic of these.


A general uptick of incidents today, from vague/subtles to number repeats to standouts, most of them beginning at lunchtime when I ate, once again, as has been patternistic of the past. Started with another big wash of reading synchros, all involving the 'Memoirs of my Whores' book, and these too ran the gamut of different kinds, from recurrences to thought/events to vague-parallels, etc, etc. Some standout examples: my taking a deep breath and getting that pain in my back, for the first time today, about two seconds before reading something along the lines of "I told the doctor about a pain in my back that was interferring with my breathing" (neither perfectly synchronistic or precise, but still close and precise enough to be notable); a really cool recurrence/vague-thought one where this morning I'd had the totally random but explicit thought of putting oil in one's anus during a full moon to kill parasites, and then almost exactly that was in the book, it talking about how "my asshole was burning during the full moon" and someone in it recommending a balm to rub into it, haha. Plus several others I can't remember, maybe a dozen or so incidents like this in all, to varying degrees of notability but all coming in such quick succession as to be rather surreal. Then, later today, a standout thought/music synchro: from nowhere my eyes started burning, as when my liver gets upset, and then, about a second later on the song I was listening to, it said "my eyes are burning" (perfectly echoing the thought, which sprung objectively from the objective coincidence of my eyes burning, something I couldn't possibly control even if I'd subconsciously anticipated the song lyric, etc).

Another recurrence/reading synchro at Cleansing Power today. It started at lunch when I noticed, for the first time but totally randomly, how food tasted more intense and flavorful when I paused a while between bites. Then, about two hours later while getting the footbath, I pulled out a random magazine they had sitting beside me and in it it mentioned how one's tastebuds "tire out," and that "resting" them for a while between bites can make food taste better -- the precise phenomenon I'd observed just a couple hours later, for the first time in 32 years of life ...


A slight downturn from yesterday, but not much. Except today, almost all incidents were subtles/number repeats, or just too obscure/personal to convey in text. Still, had enough to the point where the day was just utterly surreal at times, including several of those wham-bam, 1-2-3, back-to-back successions that just left my head spinning. Yet, for all the volume of incidents, there weren't really any standouts (which is in itself a kind of standout, it being the only day I remember with this many sheer incidents but none of them too coherent -- maybe because I was so headsick and out of it today?).


About the same as yesterday, just with lesser overall incidents but with some standouts. A cool reading synchro at lunch: reading "sounds of the tide races" precisely as I heard the lap of the nearby tide (but, the cool and notable thing is this: the sentence ended at "tide," and the sound corresponded with that, such that I read "sounds of the tide" during the coincidence, with the "races" only coming after the coincided had ended ...). Classical radio synchro: having a long chain of thought end with how I'd just been reminded to check my mail for the bile acids, precisely as "remind me" sounded over the radio (again, on a song I've never heard before, and with the thoughts being objectively traceable anyway, etc).


Big uptick in overall incidents today, with them clarifying overall, with several standouts. First was a cool thought/radio synchro while on the way to Wilmington this morning, when I saw this twisted and mangled ladder lying alongside the road and thought "twisted," precisely as the radio sang out "twist!" Then, when I turned on my cellphone and went to check the map to the Wilmington Unity, right as the map came up, "pictures on a cellphone" sang over the radio -- which is just what the map was, though this wasn't too precise (it bears mentioning that this one was eerily similar to the one which happened on this exact same street corner a couple months ago, also involving the cellphone map, except this one was something like "an arrow" -- still with the underlying archetype of "cellphone map radio synchro on this particular street corner," as it were). Another cool thought/radio one when I pulled up at the intersection near the church and, upon seeing a Starbucks that was right there, located conveniently just minutes from the church (and, where I would go to eat afterward), I thought, "That Starbucks was made for me," because I'd had the vague thought earlier of whether there was a Starbucks nearby this particular Unity -- precisely as "made for you" came down the radio. Haha.

Lots and lots of number repeats again, a proper onslaught/"storm" of them, and again almost always 137 and its variants and almost always on license plates at varying levels of conspicuousness (cars turning in front of me/turning around right in my line of sight, the same old stuff though no less funny and amusing and surreal). Had a couple standouts in this regard, including two clock-tick types, first when I turned on my MP3 player and the clock on it ticked from "17:12" to "17:13" precisely as I turned it on (which is almost the exact same thing that happened two days ago, except that it Just Happened to already be at 17:13 when I turned it on), and then, just afterward at Whole Foods, a super-cool one where, while standing in line at the checkout, I Noticed a cooler sitting nearby, and its temperature readout reading "36" -- a split second before it switched to "37" (or maybe it was at 37 and then went down to 36 right after I looked, I can't remember -- either, pretty damn notable). And then, as a little flourish on that one, when I finally checked out, my order's total was $43.37, which is another prominent 37 variant as of late, 437, etc (which I saw quite a bit today, in particular).

Also, a theme of the day was seeing "V" in conspicuous and multiple ways again, as has been happening on and off for the last year or so, but today was even more pronounced. A standout of this happened in the parking lot of Whole Foods just after the 37 cooler/437 receipt, when I saw a V bumper sticker conspicuously, and had time to have the thought of "another V," a split second before a "V" of flying birds (geese?) went directly over me and into my line of sight. Especially surreal. Wow.

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