Synchronicity log for 2017


Had a few subtles/thought-manifests/one-word-types through morning and lunch, along with a few conspicuous numbers. Manifests started with more of those "little"/one-word-types, such as reading "mind" when a nearby stranger said "mind," and "outsiders" as another stranger said "outside," again with the "outside" in "outsiders" corresponding perfectly with the speaking of the word. The most notable of these was when I went into Kroger and saw the 'New York Times' on sale, and precisely as I thought "New York Times," a nearby cashier said "New York Times," perfectly synchronistic and patternistic of these (though, once again, 100% objective, with the cashier being nearby but out of sight/generally away from the rack of papers, such that it wasn't like we were all just standing around them and hence would've been likely to have them mentioned -- again, so patternistic of these). A lot of 37s and the like once I left the house for church this morning, including several conspicuous turn-outs and the like, as well as a double "random parking space" one, when I felt Compelled to park in an out-of-the-way space at Starbucks, against all logic and convenience, only to find myself directly behind not one but two 37 plates (a 3137 and a 317, side by side and directly in my line of sight, haha). Also, at Kroger when I got my dollar change and the bill spit from the machine, it stopped such that only the first few digits of its serial number were visible (and directly in my line of sight, as usual): "E137," with it coming out before my eyes in that "animated" fashion that characterizes some of these. Haha.


A decidedly "quiet" day, this one coinciding with nothing in particular that I can tell (health improved noticeably today, though this usually brings an uptick in these things). Didn't even have that regular background static of subtle thought incidents or even numbers today. Really, about the only one I can remember was a reasonably notable one while at the Jiffy Lube, when I read a random "sugar" in a magazine precisely as the TV above me said "Sugar Bowl," the two "sugars" coinciding perfectly synchronistically in that now-patternistic fashion -- and then, as I doubled back a second later to make sure that I'd just read what I did, it happened again, with the TV repeating "Sugar Bowl" precisely as I re-read "sugar," again 100% synchronistic/coincidental, haha.

Then a really cool and ironically surreal one this evening. After battling to contact the eBay guy all afternoon, I finally did it, by using the eBay phone app instead of the website, which to my surprise sounded this weird little blast noise upon my successfully sending the message (I guess to signal it "blasting off") -- and at that precise instant, some fireworks sounded from nearby, an almost identical-sounding "blast," which I guess was a late New Years' celebration. Utterly surreal, and even more notable considering how, had I successfully sent the message over the website instead of the app (which should've worked, was totally bizarre that it wouldn't let me do so, when I've had zero issue with such a simple thing in the past), I wouldn't have been treated to the app's sound effect, nor would I have sent it at that precise instant that the fireworks went off (if I remember right, there'd been none going off earlier, with that one blast only coming precisely as to correspond with that from the phone ...).


An uptick in overall incidents compared to yesterday, though still a bit quiet compared to recent days of note. Started off with the return of the numbers, still primarily 37s and variants but also a reasonable showing of 212s too, including several conspicuous ones in traffic and a couple "minor" parking-lot ones (ie, not "cute"/"intelligent," etc). At lunch had a sudden and startlingly precise/perfectly synchronistic reading/radio one, when I read "letting go" in the 'Oom' book precisely as "letting go" sang from the in-house radio in DD. This one was notable from an overt, objective standpoint, but doubly so subjectively, because I'd felt a surge of emotion when reading the sentence the "letting go" was in the context of, having recognized the deep spiritual truth that was being echoed in the book (and perhaps that's why it was echoed by the radio, perhaps the strength of the energy/consciousness/emotion causing this synchronistic echo?). And then, a couple hours later and very similar in terms of both precision and timing, I had a long chain of thought that ended with that other deeply emotional/"resonant" thing I'd read in the Oom book today, when it compared the oneness of everything with a spider weaving a web from itself -- and precisely as the chain of thought finished on the "spider" portion, the radio sang out "spiders," once again totally randomly and for the first time in the song (one that I'd never heard before), as is so patternistic of these. Really damn surreal and cool, these.

Also, ended up having another of those days where a bunch of loose, "small" recurrences/themes spanned the day, made up of all the things I'd read and done and heard on the radio, music, places I went, etc. Though today it was a bit more notable, because a lot of it involved the stuff I'd read, which came from three different sources yet they all mirrored each other in subtle ways -- three sources that couldn't have been more disparate, a years-old copy of Rolling Stone and then the 'Oom' book and then the 1/1/17 copy of the New York Times (picked up randomly in Starbucks on the 1st) and then in the 'Oom' book again this evening. Some things I can remember (though this doesn't really convey the patternistic thematic element): circuses, folk music, speakeasies, the word "barnstormer" (I think; this might've just been used twice in the 'Oom' book, but I could swear it was in the Rolling Stone too) -- all stuff that, though relatively "small," I'd not encountered for a long period of time. One standout amongst these was the mention of a "Zuni Indian" in the 'Oom' book, when just last week, in the 'Lila' book, I'd read of the Zuni Indians for the first time, after never having heard of them in my life (that I can remember, anyhow).


A bit of a resurgence of "number fun" today, starting with another of those conspicuous "challenge and answer"-types that I've had before. When I parked at Starbucks, I again ended up diretly behind a car with a 37 plate like the other day, but this was in the same area of the parking lot I'd parked then, and was the same car, which made me discount the whole thing as just a subconscious "orchestration" or maybe nothing at all -- but then, a split second after I'd gotten finished thinking this, I got out of the van and turned around and there was a second 371 plate, on a car I'd parked directly beside but was facing the front of me when I'd pulled in, such that I didn't (and couldn't ...) see its plate until I'd gotten out and started towards the restaurant, thus ruling out orchestration and seeming to be another of those "answers" to a mental questioning of the first plate, again 100% like past patterns. So cool. And then, at two other parking lots later on (though not a third I'd stopped at, I noticed), I again had more of those "park in a totally random, even inconvenient, space only to end up directly behind/beside a conspicuous 37 plate that I couldn't see when pulling in." At the second spot, at the library, I not only encountered a couple such plates on the way in, but when I was about to leave, a car pulled up directly alongside me and as I backed out I saw that this one too had a 371-ending plate, haha (again just like past incidents, such as that van outside the Vitamin Shop in Florence recently I think it was).


Day had a noticeable uptick in activity, though it was almost all of that "distorted"/subtle/incoherent variety, with no standout "normal" incidents I can think of. Relatively good amount of numbers through the day, almost exclusively 37 variants today (though a lot of 44s and variants too), and these did have a couple standouts, when I got gas both times today, first when the pump I went to with the car was at exactly 13.077 gallons pumped from last customer (when I had the whole lot of pumps to choose from about), and then, when I went for the cycle a few hours later, I ended up pumping exactly $1.37 of gas for it (when I had my back turned to the pump the whole time, just pumping until the tank appeared visibly full, in that cumbersome way I have to fill it). Also had a cool one when, precisely as I was thinking of the 13.077-gallon pump one, a car came up along side me with a 37 plate, with it not only perfectly synchronistic with the thought but sliding directly into line of sight in that patternistic way.

Had another day of those "vague parallel"-type of recurrences, much like last couple days both in pattern and in "flavor," though today they had that "distortedness" predominating, such that none were very notable objectively, just subjectively. Example: having another long, traceable, objective chain of thought, this one ending on the ghee I was eating for dinner, perfectly synchronistic with my seeing the word "oil" in the 'Oom' book (oil = fat = ghee, such that it's almost totally "wrong" literally but reasonably precise in essence). Had maybe 5-6 of these today, to varying degrees of intensity and notability. As far as the other, subtler, more "longwinded" parallels spanning the day, they were again shared between the various totally random magazines I read along with 'Oom' book and to a lesser extent just the day's experience in general. Examples I can think of: a general theme of "debt," as well as a subsidiary one of "college debt" and just a general recurrence of banking/marketplace, dangers of debt, etc; the questionability of college degrees/diplomas, etc; public relations; the term "fixer," which I don't think I'd read of for some time, and Noticed when I first read it (in another of those random years-old copies of Rolling Stone), and then it was in the 'Oom' book again, just a few hours later (though this one could be totally invalid; memory is far too unclear on it).


Much the same as yesterday, both in terms of a steady background static of subtles and numbers and vague theme-type recurrences (again spanning multiple random reads, for example: thinking randomly about massaging my abdomen/illeocel, just before opening that random French magazine I got from the library the other day, and then, a few pages in, coming to a big spread about abdominal massage, when it said nothing about it on the cover/anything visible when I grabbed it randomly, etc, not that I could have read the French it would be in anyway). More of those conspicuous 37 license plates too, such as when I was being tailgated by a driver and thus changed lanes, only to find myself directly behind a 307 plate, along with a couple more of those where a car would drift past and its 37 plate would go right into where I Just Happened to be looking at the time. More of those "small" one-word-type instant-thought manifestation ones throughout late morning and afternoon, too, again partial (though not really distorted like last couple days), such as "rise" coming on the radio precisely as I saw a sign reading "Risen Christ," with the two "rises" corresponding perfectly, and the same with "light" and a truck with "Bud Light" on the front, maybe a dozen or so like this again. One funny thing was that when I randomly pulled off the road to write a note about the "rise" and "light" ones, I drifted into yet another totally random space directly beside a 731 plate, and again in such a way that I could see the plate only when I'd already turned into the space, with it being behind a second parked car, haha.

Had one coherent, "normal" standout, when the radio sang out "closer to me" precisely as a huge truck tailgated me almost to the point of collision, a lyric which corresponded perfectly not only with the actual event, but also with my thought of "too close to me." Another hugely notable and precise (if "routine" ...) one.

Then had another standout, a "late" one while eating dinner, of that super-surreal "involuntary bodily function" kind, this time with one of those odd liver/gut contractions that come randomly at times, precisely as I read "the chest above the belly" in the 'Ghostman' book (the contraction occurred in the area of the liver/transverse colon, precisely in "the chest above the belly" ...).


Noticeable downturn in overall incidents today, really just a few scattered one-word-type incidents and numbers, not even to "background-static" levels oddly (had a big improvement in health today, though this usually triggers an increase in activity -- so why the decrease this time?). Really only standout was another of those "striking"-type of one-word/thought-manifestations, when the radio sang out "oven" precisely as I passed a sign reading "Brick Oven," again with the two "ovens" coinciding with perfect synchronistic precision, etc, as is patternistic.


Another uptick, despite nasty return of health woes and confusion/distortion, etc. Started literally right after church when I got in the car and my eyes fell on the odometer, which ended in "373" (and then again when I got home after driving to Wilmington and back, when it read 703 exactly). Then, minutes later when I got to DD and was once again Compelled to park in some illogical, inconvenient, awkward space, I found myself directly in front of a lightpole with a plaque starting with 073. Then, another minute later, picked up another Compelled, random piece of litter, which also had a string of numbers starting with some 73 variant or another, can't remember just what. Ended up having a reasonable amount of numbers afterward, again corresponding with trip up to Wilmington as seems to happen every time, though none really too conspicuous besides the usual turn-outs/cutoffs/"numbers coming directly into my line of sight in ways I couldn't orchestrate if I tried," etc. Fun fun. Also, kind of cool one in the 'Ghostman' book at lunch, when I turned to page 136 and, because it shared a leaf with page 137, thought "there's page 137" -- and then, seconds later within 136's first paragraph, the character mentioned "hotel room #317," not on actual page 137 but corresponding with my thought of "137."

One cool, long-winded recurrence standout, beginning a few days ago when I was last at DD. There, had another of those weird incidents I've had once or twice before such as at Dick's Pawn that time, when I Noticed a car in a space, and then, minutes later, another, identical, yet different car was in that exact same space. This time it had a twist: the other day I'd seen a blue Tacoma in a certain space directly in front of DD, and Noticed it, and then, minutes later, it had left and a second Tacoma had taken its place, this one almost identical except for its color, tan instead of patriot-blue. At the time, I'd noticed the similarity and such but written it off as coincidence since the two trucks were different -- but then today at DD, I looked out and saw an identical patriot-blue make/model/year Tacoma in that spot, but it was a different one than the first, and I knew because the first had had a distinctive vanity front-plate on it, which this one didn't. Weird, and again potentially just an unlikely coincidence, but certainly didn't "feel" that way.

Several of those "striking" and highly notable (subjectively at least) yet "small"/one-word-type "instant thought manifestation" incidents throughout the day, maybe 6-7 in all. A couple that I can remember: hearing "honey" on the in-house radio in Whole Foods, precisely as I rounded an aisle and a container of honey set out on a counter came directly into my line of sight, in that perfectly synchronistic and perfectly patternistic way of these (bears mentioning that the shelf with the honey wasn't a normal shelf, but a low, waist-level thing on an endcap, where people could grind coffee or something like that, but there were several bottles of honey set out there for some reason); the same for "cup" coming on the radio randomly precisely as I passed a cup alongside the road and thought "there's a cup" distinctly, again with the two "cups" corresponding perfectly, so damn surreal; also, having a long chain of thought while driving ending with how, so long as I was able to love my sickness, it couldn't hurt me -- precisely as a sign reading "TENNIS WITH LOVE" came into view from behind a stand of trees, again perfectly synchronistic and 100% objective and impossible to have been anything but the most astronomically unlikely chance.

And again: more of those vague yet collectively coherent "day-long"/spread-out recurrences between my totally random and unconnected reading material, this time primarily between the 'Ghostman' book and that completely random, months-old copy of Esquire that I'd gotten from the library the other day. Some examples: reading of "guys with masks and guns" in the book, when the Esquire had had this random picture of a gang of robbers in cliche masks and with guns (which I'd distinctly Noticed too, as it were); the book mentioning a black Suburban, "black, it has to be black," when the Esquire had an ad for a Chevy Z71 truck (not a Suburban however) reading "you can have it in any color, so long as it's black" or something to that effect; the book mentioning a Hugo Boss suit, when I'd Noticed an ad in the Esquire for a Hugo Boss suit, which was also another of those "seeing something for the first time in a while and then seeing again soon after"-type things.


Day started with a cool and notable "minor" recurrence, of the word "cunt." It started when I checked my other cell (Compelled to, despite not expecting any communication on it) and it had a random text saying "wtf" from someone I don't know, sent to 50 or so random numbers apparently -- but it was from the same number I'd gotten a similar text from a couple weeks ago, this one reading "cunt," which I saw and Noticed when I went to read the other one. Then, less than an hour later in that random copy of Esquire I'm still reading through, just two pages in it mentioned "the C word" and if the British use it as much as in books, etc. Haha.

Had a minor "one-word" striking-type reading/event synchro at lunch, when I read "the SUV" in the 'Ghostman' book precisely as an SUV rounded a bend and passed directly in front of me. Really only notable due to its decent literal precision and the patternistic, perfectly synchronistic timing, but could've just been coincidence (didn't have any more like this before or after, so it wasn't part of those "clusters"). Similarly though a little more notable, I noticed/Noticed a drop of milk on the drink counter at Starbucks, and precisely after this happened (though perfectly synchronistic/coincidental with my thought of "Is that milk? Yeah it's milk, I'll wipe it up"), one of the baristas said "milk," also in that "striking"/surreal fashion.

Still having quite a few numbers, and of a more conspicuous nature today overall. It started with another of those "randomly stopping reading on page 173 of a book," today with the 'Ghostman' book, which was somewhat notable to begin with, sheerly from this happening so much lately, but today even moreso because, first, I only realized this today when I sat down to start reading, and, second, I'd only stopped on page 172 last night because it was the end of a chapter and also because, as I remember distinctly, the Cyma had finished almost exactly as I finished that chapter (and also when I was just finishing the last bite of the first course of my dinner, as to all just "harmonize" in a good three-way stopping point) -- yet it had all Just Happened to finish with me closing the book on page 173, when I've had this happen ... a dozen or so times recently, with a few others involving objective circumstances like last night?

Plus just lots of the usual "background static" of 37 variants on license plates and the like, and still with a noticeable presence of 212s and the like, as has been the trend this last week or so. Some standouts amongst them: another of those "clock-tick"-type ones when I looked at an electronic bank sign precisely as it ticked to the time, with it being at 1:37 just a split second, just long enough for me to register it, before ticking to 1:38, a sort of double clock-tick; then, a bit more notable, right after I pulled the van onto the road after picking it up from the garage, the first vehicle to pass was a truck with a 3372 license plate -- and then, almost simultaneously, I noticed that the van's in-dash clock was at exactly 3:37, haha.

Then had another of those "involuntary bodily function" reading synchros, again a "late" one while eating dinner, when I read "fluid settling in the bottom of his lungs" in the 'Ghostman' book precisely as some gas or something gurgled from my lower-left chest -- which sounded/felt 100% "liquidy," as well as felt to be precisely in the bottom of my lungs though it wasn't. Another of those with little literal precision but very much so as far as the underlying essence, and again with 100% surreal/perfectly synchronistic timing.


A veritable "storm" today, pretty much all day, with every sort of recent "flavors" of incidents upticking to various degrees, pretty much to the point of that onslaught/living-dream/surreal level except almost literally all day, with just back to back incidents, perhaps to a new record/precedent. Started literally as soon as I got outside to leave this morning again, when a jet plane's sonic boom came just as I got to the car and I thought "jet plane" -- and then, almost exactly as I got into the car a second later, that song "Jet Airliner" started on the radio, coinciding with the thought of "jet plane" that was still on my mind (can't say for sure since I wasn't in the car, but from where the song was when I got in, it probably started perfectly synchronistically with my thought/hearing the sonic boom, really notable in either case).

Had another of those lunchtime clusters of thought/reading/event-type synchros as has happened in the past, except today again to a new record-level, with one bleeding into another so fast I couldn't remember them all just about. Examples: reading "sounds" in the 'Ghostman' book precisely as a nearby stranger said "sound"; seeing a man vacate a nearby table when I was sitting on an uncomfortable stool, making me think "table," and then when I resumed reading, the very next word from where I'd left off was "table" (again 100% objective considering the objective, external event of the man leaving the table required for me to think "table," so even if I'd subconsciously had "table" in my mind upon reading it in my peripheral vision before laying the book down, it wouldn't matter); same for reading "pack it all up" coinciding perfectly with my long random chain of thought ending with packing up my lunch stuff and moving tables due to guy with cellphone/computer next to me; a really notable/surreal sort of double-whammy/back-to-back/two-part one when I read "soft clinking sound" precisely as some change or something clinked from the register nearby in the dining room, and then, a split second later as I was still registering this, I read "heavy clinking sound" in the next sentence precisely as another, distinctly heavy clinking sound interrupted the first, haha. Plus so many more that I just couldn't remember, for all their notability, again just too much, head spinning, etc.

Then, upon driving around for the afternoon, had many similar ones, now primarily of the radio/external event type. Examples: hearing "truck bed" randomly on the radio precisely as a big transport truck with its bed down came into view from behind some trees or a building or something, in that perfectly synchronistic and patternistic way, and also such that my thoughts/registering of "truck bed" coincided perfectly with the lyric; another one almost exactly like that in Whole Foods the other day, with "honey" sounding on the radio precisely as I thought of honey (this one though might've been a coincidence, because I can trace the thought back to a previous lyric of "honey bee," which made me think of that comb honey I'd seen in Walmart today, so not 100% random/independent-seeming as others in this vein, yet the timing was perfectly synchronistic enough to fit the pattern/"feel" of these); "number two" singing from the radio precisely as I started from a stoplight in the Miata and realized that I was in second gear instead of first, making me drag some and distinctly think "second gear," once again with the thought of "second" coinciding perfectly with the "two" on the radio, in non-literal/underlying-essence fashion; "worked so hard" on the radio (or something to that effect) precisely as a long chain of thought ended with how I'd just had an especially "hard workout" at the gym; and also in regards to gym, right as I started doing arm twists with the dumbbell, turning my wrists from side to side, "side to side" sang from the in-house radio, and this was doubly notable because I only heard it due to my MP3 player shifting between songs at that precise momment, leaving a break in which I could hear that perfectly timed lyric in the silence (which, to add even more notability, is once again just like past such incidents, haha). Plus again just so many I can't remember, at least five or six good ones that just came too fast to commit to memory.

And still lots and lots of numbers, from the "stray" 37 license plates and other random repeats coming from various vectors (still a good number of 212s in there I notice), to more "random parking space" ones (including another of those "challenge thought"-types, at Walmart, when I pulled into a random space I was Compelled into and didn't at first see any 37s, making me think "Why none?" as usual, and then, a split second later once I'd turned around and stopped looking for them, there was one directly in my line of sight, and then, making it a sort of longwinded double, when I came out, a different car was parked in that same space and it too had a 37 plate, haha).

And then on top of all that, two really cool "longwinded"/drawn-out recurrences as I've been having. The first was just mildly notable: on a random radio station, it randomly mentioned how some celebrity had taken a photo of his wife while she was asleep and posted it online, when, just a couple days ago in that totally random French magazine I read, it had a weird little dramatic-real-life comic strip in it in which it depicted a man taking a picture of a sleeping woman, which I'd Noticed distinctly, and again was the first I'd thought/seen such a situation or anything along those lines for a long time if ever, in patternistic format -- not hugely precise, and timing was longwinded, but then again it was mildly notable and fit the recurrence pattern, especially those I've been having this last week especially it seems. And then, more notable, was at lunch when the man who'd conspicuously and totally randomly sat beside me at Starbucks made a phone call and, in his conversation which I couldn't help but to overhear being so close, he asked the person if he could take the SIM card out of a phone and put it in another phone and have it work -- when, just two days ago, I'd discovered the answer to this question when I'd gone through the big rigamarole of changing the SIM cards in the one phone after finding that totally random piece of litter that turned out to be a Straighttalk reload card, such that it not only recurred that theme of "switching out SIM cards in a phone and having it work," which was of course the first I'd encountered such a thing ever, but I was also able to relate to the man afterward my experience with the whole thing. Again, reasonably precise and, for a longwinded recurrence, relatively notable timing, etc.

What the hell kind of day is all this? Why the sudden spike? Didn't seem to correspond with anything in particular, still in odd funk healthwise/no travel, etc.


A big downturn from yesterday, but still a few scattered incidents here and there. First one was a thought/sign one just before Starbucks this morning, when I had another long random chain of thought end with the possibility of trading in both the car and the van for a brand new car, precisely as I passed a sign reading "two for one," and again I can 100% objectively trace the thoughts back to independent circumstances and the like (this time that the car was running badly, hence spurring the logical chain of getting a new one, etc).

Then, just after lunch, had this sudden, huge "cluster" of those smallish one-word/striking/"instant thought manifestation" ones, all in the thrift store in Shallotte, in that same manner of yesterday's but even more condensed and rapid-fire. The few examples I can remember (out of the maybe dozen that came within the span of minutes): hearing a Kelly Clarkson song playing randomly on the radio there and thinking "Kelly Clarkson," precisely as I rounded a corner and came face to face with a Kelly Clarkson CD on a shelf, again directly in my line of sight as is patternistic of these; hearing the cashier randomly call out "37 cents" to a customer, precisely as a price tag with 37 fell into my line of sight, and just so many others.

A radio/thought standout later on, another of those where I had a thought, then turned on the car and the very first words from the radio echoed it perfectly, this time with my thinking of how I didn't want to be late to get the packages from the park office, and then, a split second later when I keyed the ignition, the first words from the radio were "before it's too late."

And again another dinnertime "involuntary bodily function" reading synchro: precisely as I got another of those waves of acidy nausea, bringing one of those distinct "patches" of heat in the gut and making me think something along these lines, I read "hot spots" in the 'Iron Triangle' book -- not highly precise either literally or essentially, but still enough that, combined with the perfectly synchronistic and patternistic timing, I found it notable.


Noticeable downturn today, barely even any subtles and stuff, though did have a good number of random/non-conspicuous 37 license plates and such (and far less of the other numbers, I note -- why does 37 have such staying power?). Did have a couple standout radio/thought-type ones, coming back to back just about this afternoon oddly. The first was when I noticed this woman standing alongside the road and toying conspicuously with her hair, which made me think "her hair" -- precisely as "her hair" sang randomly from the radio, all objective and perfectly synchronistic and patternistic, etc. Then, a few minutes later: while stopped at that intersection by Boulineau's, I noticed The Pelican hotel there, which made me suddenly dig up some long-lost childhood memories of when we stayed there so long ago and the people gave us ice cream because they were leaving -- precisely as "we were in a hotel" sang from the radio, and once again totally objective (hinging on my being at the hotel in the first place, and then doubly so upon my randomly unearthing the memories, etc) and perfectly synchronistic.


Day  was  conspicuously  quiet,  unlike  others  when  leaving  for  NYC.  Really  only picked  up  once  I  got  there  and  got  in  the  cab,  with  a  mini-onslaught  of  37s  everywhere  amidst  the  drive, though  even  this  wasn't  to  the  "storm"  intensity  of  past  rides,  perhaps  due  to  extremely  hampering  health  nastiness  this  time.

Did  have  several  of  those  long-winded  recurrences  like  I've  been  having,  first  when  I  saw  and  Noticed  a  mention  of  RFK  Jr  this  morning,  again  in  a  totally  random  paper  I'd  conspicuously  picked  up  per  the  pattern  of  these,  the  first  I'd  seen  mention  of  the  man  in  months/years  --  and  then  today  on  the  way  to  Harlem,  went  on  the  RFK  bridge  (though  not  too  precise  or  notable,  this  one;  just  smacks  of  the  pattern/"feel").  Then,  that  evening,  a  little  more  notably:  reading  of  the  OPM  in  the  'Iron  Triangle'  book,  when  I'd  just  read  of  it  for  the  first  time  ever  a  couple  days  before,  in  that  totally  random  copy  of  Wired  I'd  gotten  from  the  library.  Also,  both  of  these  occurred  "late"  in  the  day  again,  following  that  newly  established  pattern.

Did  have  several  of  those  striking  one-word  "instant  thought  manifestation"-types  scattered  throughout  the  day,  but  no  real  standouts,  just  ones  like  reaading  "family"  precisely  as  someone  said  it  nearby/or  on  the  radio,  not  really  notable  beyond  their  perfect  timing  and  patternistic  element.


Slight  uptick  today,  starting  with  more  of  those  everywhere-37-type  onslaughts  that  always  come  when  walking  through  the  city,  again  in  almost  entirely  conspicuous  ways  that  both  fit  the  pattern  and  are  highly  unlikely  --  maybe  2-3  dozen  in  the  space  of  a  few  hours,  at  least?  Headspinning  again.

Not  really  many  standouts  otherwise  though.  One  really  cool  and  unclassified  one  was  when  I  bought  the  'Soiling  the  Flag'  book  from  the  totally  random  street  vendor  I  encountered  as  randomly,  on  a  street  I  didn't  plan  on  and  when  I  wasn't  even  in  need  of  a  book.  Several  striking  and  short-term  recurrences  in  this:  first,  the  book  was  about  black/white  racism,  when  I  didn't  realize  it  upon  buying  it,  nor  had  I  forgotten  that  MLK  day  was  in  two  days;  but  then,  second,  the  vendor  had  mentioned  "the  march,"  referring  to  the  MLK/125th  st  march  that  I  wasn't  aware  of  at  the  time,  and  then,  within  the  first  few  pages  of  the  book,  it  covered  a  march  about  race  issues  --  and  again  all  objective/independent/couldn't  have  been  subconscious  orchestration,  etc.  Lots  of  other  parallels  in  there  too,  all  hinging  on  external  circumstances  and  the  like.  Wow.

Again  had  only  a  background-static  level  of  thought/manifestation/reading  synchros  today,  slightly  more  than  yesterday.  One  quasi  standout  was  at  lunch  when  I  got  to  a  part  in  the  flag  book  that  mentioned  "black  children"  and  "howling,  hooting  children"  within  the  space  of  a  couple  lines,  all  of  which  "echoed"  the  playing  and  yelling/yipping  three  black  children  making  a  tumult  right  next  to  me  at  the  Manhattan  DD,  but  even  this  one  wasn't  really  coherent  or  precise  as  "normal"  incidents  are.  Still  enough  to  lend  quite  a  surreal  and  notable  element  to  the  day.

Also,  another  of  those  long-winded  recurrences  stemming  from  all  the  random  stuff  I've  been  reading  lately:  the  Oscar  health  insurance  company,  this  one  starting  in  that  random  issue  of  Esquire  I  got  from  the  library  recently,  again  first  I'd  ever  heard  of  it  in  my  life,  and  then  I  passed  this  totally  random  sign  in  Manhattan  advertising  it  today,  2-3  days  later  or  something  like  that.  This  one,  however,  wasn't  "late"  like  most  of  the  others  of  recent  note,  oddly.


Something of a downturn today, still a good showing of those "walking through metro NYC" 37s all over the place, but barely a background static of "normal" incidents, and even these were even fuzzier and less coherent than yesterday. Really only standout was a cool sort of three-way thought/event/"nearby stranger saying something"-type, when right as I was taking my last bite of potato at lunch in the Ader diner, I remembered how I needed to buy another sweet potato for tomorrow -- precisely as a nearby woman randomly said "potato," all three coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic fashion.


Slight overall increase over yesterday, with the "around town" 37s getting more conspicuous and "animated," though not really any standouts. Did have another cluster of thought/reading/radio-types mid-afternoon, all in Whole Foods and involving their in-house radio, as to again be 100% objective/indepedent. Examples I managed to get down: three-way when I had one random chain of thought end on whether the probiotic drink in my backpack was still cold, precisely as the radio said "cold," and then, seconds later as I had another random thought about whether the blueberries were still cold or not, "cold" sang over the radio again (though this too wasn't in a chorus or refrain in the song, just another random lyric of "cold," like past incidents); finding a bag of cacao nibs and thinking how it was too big and I just wanted a small single-serving bag, precisely as the radio sang "something small."

Also really damn cool "nearby stranger"/thought one outside the coffee shop just after lunch, when right as I thought of taking the bottle of water from my bag, a nearby Hispanic man randomly said "agua" -- highly notable in itself, but with a twist, since this is the first such "bilingual" incident and it Just Happens to coincide with my beginning to gain some skill/progress with my Spanish just in the last few days ...

Also, another of those "late," long-winded reading/vague recurrences, this time regarding the East Harlem housing projects, when I'd Just Happened to walk through them for the first time on the way home this evening, after getting lost and going randomly all over the place, and also Noticing them as "Hey, I'm in the East Harlem housing projects" and checking them out -- and then this evening, at the end of the 'Soiling of Old Glory' book, it randomly mentioned how one of the people in the book had grown up in the East Harlem housing projects (which is, I believe, either the first time ever I'd heard these referred to directly, or the first in a very long time). Again, completely patternistic of these "late" evening/reading ones I've been having recently.


Overall an uptick today, and in an odd and newly thematic way, beginning with a morning-long spatter of those vague/long-winded/subtle reading/event/vague-thought synchros through the morning, culminating mostly at lunch, all in a newish and highly notable and surreal "flavor" that I've not had before exactly. Examples: days ago when I first took out the 'Cat Inside' book from my bag at the start of the NYC stay, I'd seen the picture of William S. Burroughs on the back and how it was taken in Kansas or someplace and I thought, oddly and vaguely and for no reason I can name, "Shouldn't William S. Burroughs be in NYC?" -- and then, when I finally started the book today, the very first page of the book mentioned something about him being in NYC; last night, with similar illogic/for no reason I can name, I'd started saying in Spanish, "Is an avocado a fruit?" -- and then, when I went to the Brother's Bakery today (again ending up there entirely randomly and unplanned, after planning to be somewhere else entirely), right as I was ordering, an order came up for an avocado sandwhich of some type and I overheard the person, after getting it, ask their companion, "What's an avocado, anyway?" (or something to this effect, or so I think he said; I could've misheard, which would've derailed the synchro if so), which sounded to me suspiciously like my illogical Spanish questioning of whether it's a fruit or vegetable from last night (and, ironically, I was seconds away from eating my own avocado for lunch, as to create a sort of vague and subtle three-way "avocado" instant recurrence); seeing a random picture of Snoop Lion examining a pot plant in this latest years-old random Rolling Stone I finished this morning, a picture which I distinctly Noticed in patternistic fashion, and then, about an hour or so later, the cat book mentioned "I examined a pot plant," as to echo the theme exactly; having more of those vague-and-random-but-distinct thoughts this morning, this time of Diane and Morroco and Marrakesh, and then, an hour or so later in the cat book, it mentioned Morroco and Marrakesh specifically; plus there were others I can't remember or just can't convey, again as to lend all these subtle/individually suspect incidents some notability/collective coherence, etc. Also in this regard, all the vague-themed-type stuff from the last day culminated tonight when I got home and randomly read that 'Our Appointment With Life' book I dug from the trash with the 'Cat Inside' one and others, and again found it to almost perfectly reflect all the recent lessons I've had, from just before the NYC trip and during and just after, primarily the seemingly mastering of present-tense living, etc, again in that patternistic format of past such "confirming your recent lessons" books, in a way highly subjective and hard to convey but utterly surreal and notable for me anyway, to that point of living-dream/"this book is echoing perfectly my current life," etc. Just ... whoa.

Also, a good number of those one-word/instant-thought-type reading/thought/radio-type incidents through morning and especially afternoon. Examples: having a long chain of thought end with "simple life" a split second before I turned the page of a book and the first word to fall across my vision was "simply," in patternistic fashion; another chain of thought ending with the flower in my bag and how I liked flowers, a split second before I came upon a wreath of flowers hung along the NYC street during my "Community Walk"-themed morning (first flowers I'd seen anywhere in that morbidly depressed stretch of East Harlem). Had several "traditional"-type of thought/reading ones through afternoon/evening too. Examples: having a long chain of thought end with my luggage in the locker at Blink Fitness, precisely as "suitcase" sang from the in-house radio (didn't have my headphones on coincidentally); me realizing I'd taken too big a bite while eating at the cafe at lunch, and having to puff my cheeks out and making me think "I probably look like a slob," a split second before I resumed reading my book and the very next word was "loutish," haha; on the way home, a cool roadside-sign-type three-way, when I came onto 9 from 31 and the big billboard appeared with "GO" on it, on which I distinctly Noticed the "go," precisely as "go!" sang from the radio, again with the registering of the thought and the lyric coinciding perfectly. Also, another of those "late"-type vague recurrences like I've been having, this time when I've been hearing and Noticing this random commerical about the original 80s MTV VJs, the first I'd thought/heard of them for perhaps years or ever as is patternistic, and then, in that same latest copy of Rolling Stone this evening, it had a random article about a then-new book that had come out detailing the history of the original MTV VJs.


A lot of activity today, about as much as yesterday, but of a noticeably different feel/flavor. First, a lot of conspicuous numbers, including more traffic cut-offs/turn-in-fronts, etc, along with another three-four-long string of "random parking lot"-types, plus several just plain cool standout "encounters," such as randomly having to put on the OSD for my computer monitor (for the first time in years maybe?) and being me with "MODEL 173FP," or randomly flipping to a page in a book I wanted to know the length of and ending on page 137 exactly, or being at Goodwill and encountering a book, set out conspicuously on the shelf from the others, as to be right in front of me/very "there," and its title being "100 People Who Are Screwing America Up (And Al Franken is #37), plus maybe a dozen other equally notable ones that I just lost track of.

Also, lots of those more coherent "normal" thought/reading/event/sign-type ones. Standouts: cool one where I had another long chain of thought end randomly with that theme of the metronome/things speeding up/making my total "heartbeat" speeding up -- just a split second before "my heart beating faster" sang from the in-house radio in Lowes, again in a song I'd never before heard and in that "just a split second before, yet still highly synchronistic" fashion I've had so many times, as to completely rule out any subconcsious suggestion, etc; laying down after putting in the coffee enema and looking at the clock to see when I needed to get up, then seeing I needed to get up at 10:10 -- and then, seconds later, opening that random Forbeslife magazine I'd dug from the trash in Manhattan days ago, and the very first page being an add for a watch with the stations at 10 and 10, as to echo both the time and the exact image I'd formed in my mind's eye after checking my watch (which was an analog watch too, like the pictured in the ad); seeing a random porcelain figurine on a shelf in Goodwill, of a distinctly Asian man in traditional Asian dress, which made me think "Chinese" -- precisely as "China" sang from the radio; and then, in a kind of doubling as I've experienced in the past as to be patternistic now, as I was writing the note for that "China" one a few minutes later, as I began doing so I had the random and illogical and "for no reason I can name" thought of "China doll" -- a split second before "the dollhouse" sounded randomly from the radio (though this one could've been forseeably coincidence, at least from an outsider's perspective/without my subjective thinking/feeling of it, etc); putting the top down on the Miata and doing it wrong, as to fold up the zipper window and making me think "folded up," a split second before "fold" sang randomly from the radio; same for "close your eyes" coming just a split second before I'd randomly closed my eyes, losing myself in the sunlight and the afternoon and the good music and the freedom, haha; while in Goodwill, reading randomly reading "through" precisely as "through! through! through!" sang from the radio, as if to stress the point, in that viscerally "animated" fashion. Just so surreal and wonderful. Head-spinning but in a newish way.

And yet another "late"/long-winded-type reading recurrence, starting a few days ago when I read the random 'Iron Triangle' book, which chronicled the Carlyle group and a man named Rubenstein in-depth, the first I'd ever heard of this man in my life -- and then this evening in the sauna, in that totally random "dug from the trash" Forbes magazine (as so many of these seem to spring from), it had an article about this man, again "late" in the day when I don't usually have any sort of activity.

Then, also late while reading just before bed, another of those utterly surreal "involuntary bodily function"-types, this time having gas gurgle up my guts precisely as I read "natural gas." This one was notable, but mainly due to the perfectly synchronistic timing and patternistic element more than anything else, since, one, it wasn't too precise literally or even 100% figuratively/essentially, and two, I'd been having some gas-gurglings off and on all day, so it wasn't like other incidents where I'd not had the bodily function happen at all or not for a long time, etc.


Good bit of activity today, and again with a different "feel"/flavor/groove than last couple days (why is it suddenly changing up so often?). Lots of numbers still, including a couple more "random parking space" ones and more of those conspicuous in-traffic ones, with people turning in front of me, me waiting illogically to let a car pass and then having it pass me and flash its 37 LP, etc. One standout in this regard was a unique one at the post office, when I kept Noticing the woman in front of me, in that distinctive way, happening several times -- and then, as I was leaving from the parking lot, that woman walked out and into a car with a 73 LP, haha.

Had a reasonably large number of thought/radio/event-types today, starting when I left Beth's and, precisely as I looked over my shoulder before backing up from the parking space, "look over your should" sang from the radio, both perfectly timed and perfectly precise. Then, later on while working out, had a sudden little "cluster" of similar ones regarding my actions and the random lyrics on my MP3 player, such as "heads up" singing out precisely as I raised my head while doing crunches (which, I should add, was necessary for proper form, and I can objectively trace my forethought to my reminding myself to keep proper form, etc, thus totally ruling out subconscious suggestion/cueing once again), and "war" precisely as I had a long chain of thought end with war. Maybe 4-5 overall within the course of 30 minutes, just enough to hit that utterly surreal "living dream"-type of effect (intended ...?).


Quite a bit of activity earlier in the day, and then a sudden halt in afternoon, coinciding with some health oddness it seemed. Day started with another of those long-winded, oddly timed reading recurrences, this time in morning instead of evening, but still involving all these totally random and outdated magazines/newspapers and such I've been reading. This one began last night when I read, in that random weeks-old copy of USA Today that I picked up and started reading before leaving for NYC and finally finished the last part of in the sauna last night, of how MLB teams are earning big salaries due to excessive cable-TV fees and such, the first I'd ever heard of this in my life -- and then, this morning in that 2014 edition of Forbes that I dug randomly from the trash in NYC, it mentioned exactly that, about the MLB salaries and cable-TV fees, etc, a perfectly patternistic, classical recurrence, highly notable.

Had a cool two-part "sun"-theme synchro, starting on the way to lunch when "setting sun" sang from the radio precisely as that sun sign on one of the trailers in the park crossed my vision, and then, immediately after as the next lyric was "fire," a second sun sign with pronounced flames coming off it passed in front of my eyes, and then, a split second later as this was all registering with me and I was thinking "sun," two more signs passed in front of me in the same manner, utterly surreal. Then, a couple hours later while on the way back home, a very similar one: "sunshine" singing from the radio precisely as that big sun sign for the Everything Under the Sun fleamarket came into my line of sight.

A few vague-ish/subtle-types on the way to lunch too, again of the kind that could be written off as nothing except for there being so many in quick succession in a short time period, and all of the same "feel"/flavor. Examples: radio singing "round the corner" precisely as a car rounded a corner in a pronounced manner, and "slow it down" precisely as I had to slow down for the first time in a while, after being on cruise control. Maybe 3-4 of this kind, and all seeming to correspond with my thoughts/registering of the external events as much as from the events themselves, as has established itself as a pattern for these kinds of incidents.

Had a good showing of numbers today too, still predominately 37s and variants. Today seemed to have a trend of "revealed" numbers, as a kind of variation on that "animated" quality that some incidents have, such as my rounding a bend and having a 307 plate come directly into my line of sight, and just before Starbucks, the car in front of me turning off as to reveal the 777 plate on the next car up (again with the number directly in my line of sight, so surreal and pronounced). A cool "double" one when, right after having the 777 revealed and as I was registering this "revealing" trend, a car with a 437 plate drifted up along my side, again such that the number came into my line of sight without my looking for it, and this one coinciding perfectly synchronistically with my thoughts of it all, etc. Also, another cool two-way revealing-type later on, but of a slightly different kind. When I stopped to get gas, a car with a 7333 plate turned in just before I did, at just such an angle that the 7333 was "revealed" and directly in my line of sight. And then, a few minutes later when I'd finished getting gas and had started back up to leave, that same car pulled out just before me and, thus, "revealed" its plate a second time, again perfectly in my line of sight as was the trend today -- and, as a kind of three-way, I saw its 7333 a split second after I'd looked at my receipt and noticed a 7033 on it. For this one, it bears mentioning that I'd had the weirdest thing happen just before, the gas pump not going after I first took off the nozzle and pushed the button, which required me to put it back and then do it a second time -- which, as it were, delayed me just enough that I'd be leaving just a little later and would, thus, have that car with the 7333 plate pull out just before me, haha. More living-dream shenanigans.


Noticeble downturn in all regards today, this time definitely coinciding with health ugliness/just a general shift and lessening in energies/consciousness (but why doesn't this happen every time?). Not really any big-time standouts. Had a quasi-clock-tick 11:11 just before lunch, when the electronic sign at the Beach Dreams intersection read 11:10 as I approached and then, after a long line of cars got to go, I was the last stuck behind when the light turned read, and thus, a split second after, the sign read 11:11, and so I sat looking at it throughout the cycle of the light; but, really, this one could easily have been coincidence or whatever, if not for the context of all the other 11:11 phenomenon and the like over these last few years. Did have some conspicuous 37 plates and the like still, several of them following that "the number Just Happening to drift/"reveal" directly into my line of sight," including one car that drifted up alongside me in this fashion, with a 137 plate, which turned out to be another of those Infiniti G37s I tend to encounter so often. Also, a kind of hybrid number/"distorted instant-thought-manifestation" one when, precisely as another "drifter" came into my line of sight in traffic, this one a blatant plate reading MNE-7311, "anything" sang from the radio, this coinciding with perfectly with my registering the N and E on the plate, such that the "an-y" coincided with my thinking "N and E," another of those super-literal-types that have definitely established themselves as a pattern now. Other than those, a rather "quiet" day for whatever reason, conspicuous in the lack of activity.


An even quieter day than yesterday, another one of those with barely even the "background static" of activity. Did have several slighter thought-type incidents through the day, and with a theme presenting itself in them, a sort of "loose"/"delayed" theme where the thought and its recurrence were *not* perfectly synchronistic, instead a second or two apart yet just precise enough to be notable. Examples: when I went to pay at Vitamin Shop and saw I only had a hundred-dollar bill and thought "Need smaller bills," "I need change" sang from the in-house radio there, about 1.5 seconds after (and, it bears mentioning, in a different context than my "change," as in a change in surroundings, etc); having a long and random train of thought end with the tart cherry juice I'd put in my dinner, and then turning the page in the 'Fortune Hunters' book I was reading and having "tart" in the first sentence at the top of the new page (notable given its reasonable precision and randomness and the fact that I couldn't have been subconsciously cued due to the word being on the turned-to page, etc, but again not perfectly synchronistic).

Numbers-wise, still a downturn too, though with some scattered standout-ish ones here and there. A cool parking-lot-type one was at the market when I was scanning for a parking space, saw a car backing out, and decided to take its place -- and only after it had pulled out and left did I see the 537 plate directly beside it, blocked before by the backing-out car, as to again 100% rule out subconscious suggestion, etc. Had a pretty blatant and perfectly-timed clock-tick in the sauna, when I looked up (after a long period of inactivity/not looking up, if I remember right, as to up the randomness/notability slightly) precisely as the temperature ticked down from 138 to 137, though this one wasn't really notable beyond that, more for the timing than anything.

Had a couple more of those "vague themes through the totally random magazines and stuff read through the day," but these too were toned down today, and could've easily been coincidence if not for their fitting that newly established pattern. For instance: Noticing a picture of a man and his pet monkey in the random Money magazine this morning, and then, this evening in the 'Fortune Hunters' book, seeing a random mention of a man and his pet monkey; Noticing similarly a picture of Jackie O in that same Money, and then this evening starting the chapter of the book in which Jackie O is introduced (only because I'd finished at this chapter when reading at lunch).


Noticeable uptick today, though still not to those "onslaught" levels of recent note. Had several of those striking one-word reading/"instant thought manifestation" synchros again starting almost precisely upon eating lunch, as is the pattern more often than not with these. Most coherent was when the barista at Starbucks said "family" precisely as I randomly read "family" in the 'Fortune Hunters' book, and then, seconds later as I read "husband's funeral in the next line," the same woman said "mom died" precisely as I read it, sort of another of those non-literal/underlying-essence ones where the recurrence was of a "dead parent" theme -- pretty surreal when paired with the "family" and others preceding it. Another standout when precisely as I went to turn off my phone and the "slide down to power off" message came on, "slide" sang randomly from the radio, again so perfectly synchronistic as to be downright living-dream despite the "smallness"/simplicity of it.

Had a cool yet again "simple"/small classical vague-thought-type one too, when this morning I was struck with the sudden thought of "parabellum," totally randomly and out of nowhere, and for the first time I'd thought/heard/anything of such in ... years? since reading that Cormac McCarthy book that I was introduced to the term in?, as is patternistic of these -- and then, today at Dr. Scafidi's, there was a Gun Show magazine sitting out in the waiting area which I read while waiting briefly, and sure enough, it had an ad with "parabellum" in big letters in it -- notable in itself, but doubly so considering that this magazine was so random, since they'd conspicuously stopped putting out magazines in the waiting area at Dr. Scafidi's some time ago, a fact that I'd remarked upon but never had gotten an explanation, yet there was this one sitting out there today, as if left by a patient or somebody rather than put out intentionally, and all of it just so totally random and fitting the pattern of all these kinds, haha.

Pretty good uptick in numbers too, still predominately 37s and variants along with a showing of 2.12s (had one where precisely as I passed a gas sign reading 2.12, had a "drifter" 37 LP come up in my line of sight, the two coinciding in "animated" fashion). Also had another of those "random parking space"-types that were 100% objective/patternistic/impossible to fabricate, today when I parked randomly at Lowes and found myself not only directly behind a 537 plate, but it was again invisible to me until I'd actually pulled in, just like that one yesterday at Publix with the car backing out. Also, a really cool and funny and somewhat unique combo reading/number one at lunch, when a breeze blew the pages of the 'Fortune Hunter' book in just such a way that a random "3037" on the revealed page was shown -- and perfectly in my line of sight, and *just so* that the number was just visible, with the fold of the page right beside it, just so precise and surreal and "orchestrated" feeling.

Plus, a few of those very vague, individually dismissable subtle recurrences through the day as I've been having, again spread mostly between the totally random stuff I'm reading spontaneously through the day. Most coherent was a vague-thought one kind of like the "parabellum," where on the way home I distinctly thought "There aren't enough hours in the day to do all that I want," and in a good way rather than plaintive, etc -- and then, at the end of the Money magazine from the library I've been reading for the last couple days, there was an article on a man who'd recovered from depression, with a big quote from him saying almost exactly what I'd thought, "There aren't enough hours in the day to do all that I want," might've been those words exactly actually, and in the exact same, positive context.


Overall about like yesterday in total volume of incidents, though with a slightly different "feel" to it all (again corresponding with a mild shift in energy/consciousness/health). Started with another of those "long-winded"/minor reading synchros like I've been having, this one with some vague-thought/"ask and receive" overtones to it. Started this morning when I was thinking of the metro train in NYC and couldn't quite remember the name, making me half-think "What's the proper name of the railway there?" -- and then, in the 'Fortune Hunters' book at lunch, maybe two hours later, it mentioned the Long Island Railway random, as to answer my half-question (though, this one isn't really precise or complex or even patternistic enough not to be coincidence).

Had a couple similar thought/radio-type incidents. First was on the way home when, precisely as I had another long, random chain of thought ending with how I've definitely not been having that horrible time-dilation the last few days and that time feels much more fluid and fast-assing -- right as "watching the time go by" sang from the radio. And then, as notable: when I was at Cheryl's getting reflexology, I had another long, random chain of thought, this one ending with how I'd better not stop at the store on the way home because I was on my motorcycle and it would be getting dark early, etc -- precisely as "daylight is fading" or something to that effect sang from Cheryl's radio. And this one was even more notable because, up until that very instant, there'd been no lyrics on the music, with it being purely instrumental the whole time I'd been there up until then, so that not only was the "daylight fading" the first lyrics of the song, but of those that had been on period, thus again completely ruling out any chance of subconscious suggestion, etc (and, of course, I'd never heard this song before).

Plus a cool and somewhat unique straight-up thought/event synchro this evening, when I was thinking of where I could put the other flower I had to give away before I went home, and thus thought about going up to the nearby ATM again and putting it there for want of a better place, which made me envision in my mind's eye myself on my motorcycle driving through it -- precisely as I looked over and saw, just out of the corner of my eye, a motorcyclist pass through the ATM and drive off. Highly notable in itself, but even moreso considering that, first, I can again completely trace my thought/mental image to the objective circumstance of my needing a place to put the flower and thinking about putting it at the ATM as in the past, and, second, the motorcyclist had been invisible to me before, with a parked car behind me and him until he pulled out and, thus, into my view. Damn surreal.

Good amount of numbers today too, and some of them also pretty unique and standoutish, again to the point of living-dream surreality. Standouts: when I went to get on the bike and the odometer was not only 56373 for the overall mileage, but exactly 137.7 for the trip, haha; yet another of those "blind"/"invisible" random-parking-space plates, this time a 371 at Publix that I again couldn't see until after I'd already parked randomly and gotten out (and this one was again doubly notable because I'd only parked at this space so that I could get out and pick up a piece of cardboard in the road to throw away, as is so patternistic of these, some objective, external circumstance seeing me in a random space only to have it be right by a number plate); another "turned on the phone right as the time changed" clock-tick, this time a 2:11 going to 2:12, and again so perfectly timed it was just damn eerie; an extremely cool one when I had to stretch forward in the Miata to do something or other over the dashboard, and thus I was forced to look into the tape deck, in which there was a "376" printed inside, normally invisible when driving normally, as to have a sort of "peekaboo" effect, haha.


Activity started up almost exactly upon leaving for lunchtime again, ramping up slowly with several minor/dismissable one-word thought/radio/reading-type incidents on the way to DD, and then, as I started reading and eating (and "energizing?"), the phenomenon matured until I had a few more-coherent incidents. A good standout in this regard was when some customers walked past as I was sunning with my shirt off in front of DD and I had the thought that they might take offense as my quasi-nudity in such a non-beach area -- and then, when I resumed reading the 'Fortune Hunters' book after lying it down and having the thought, the very next word I read upon opening it was "half-naked"; and, a little more notable and precise: as a man passed me similarly and I raised my eyes to make contact with him since he seemed sort of apprehensive, he visibly ignored me, refusing to meet my eyes -- and then the very next line in the book when I resumed it was "refused to acknowledge," heh. Also had a "nearby stranger"-type one-word when I randomly read "hate" precisely as a woman in front of the business next door said what I'm pretty sure was "hate" but might've just been something that sounded like it (certainly came with that patternistic and perfectly synchronistic timing, anyway). Had maybe 5-6 like this within the course of the hour, to varying degrees of coherency and notability, really mostly just notable based on their all following the same pattern and feel more than anything.

Had more vague and random reading recurrences spread out between the day's multiple random reading material again, though these were all probably the vaguest in a while, really just little random things popping up again throughout the day, not especially rare or unique things but the same things nonetheless (for instance, Rod Stewart, the Basques in Spain, and a bunch of others I'm forgetting). Two that cropped up again were ones that I've encountered in several different places within the space of the last few weeks or so, again after just learning of them for the first time (the Carlyle hotel, another instance of the Zuni Indians, plus again others I just can't remember, so many). A more-coherent and more-closely timed one was watermelon radishes, which I just learned of for the first time ever at Lowes two days ago, such that I stopped at the display and thought distinctly, "Watermelon radishes, never seen those before" -- and then, today, I encountered mention of them in a random magazine (that I read totally randomly in a magazine in maybe the most random and unlikely place ever, in that massage place I'd stopped at without planning to, while waiting a half-hour for someone to appear at the desk).

And still having a lot of 37-license-plate number-repeats too (and still a showing of 2:12s for whatever reason), but with no real standouts beyond the usual "conspicuous cars turning in front of me/plates drifting into line of sight," etc.


A lot of activity today, a general uptick, but almost all of it was just subtle one-word-type thought/reading/radio-type synchros and "random"/non-standout 37 license plates and the like (though plenty of conspicuous traffic ones, such as a car again drifting down the on-ramp precisely in such a way that its 370 plate came into my line of sight, maybe a half-dozen of those at least; plus at least three random-parking-space ones in a row, including another of those where I chose a particular space specifically to pick up some roadside litter, only to find myself directly between not one but two 37 plates, and then, at the library, when I went to the only available space in the parking lot, it was directly beside a 738 plate ...). Day was characterized by subtle "instant-thought" incidents and numbers, really, including a spatter of those "distorted"/partial/super-literal-types, such as hearing "be" on the radio precisely as I saw a truck reading "Bobcat" and registered the two b's, or passing a roadsign reading "Holmes" precisely as the radio said "homes." So, so many of these through the day, maybe the most ever, at least two or three dozen, just surreal despite their subtlety/"smallness."

Did have one cool standout in this regard, when I was walking downtown and the truck that I had to walk directly behind while crossing the street started pumping out this loud, extremely bassy music right when I passed -- and then, immediately after, my eyes fell on a sign reading "car audio" (which, it bears mentioning, I saw only because it was, first, directly in front of me, and, second, because I had to look directly in front of me to see if any cars were coming when I crossed the road).

Had something of a little "late" top-off of sorts regarding numbers, when, just before bed, I went to check the expiration date on a cucumber and found it to contain two conspicuous 37s, haha.


Went up to NYC today and had probably the "quietest" of these trips yet, without that explosion of numbers and such that normally accompanies such (health was reasonably stable this time, and the trip was somewhat routine, maybe why had less activity?). Did have some numbers but not an exceeding amount. Cool/funny one when, while studying the Spanish on the various brochures in the seat on the flight, there was a picture of a radio tuned to "103.7."

Had another of those lunchtime clusters of reading/thought/external-event-type incidents, but they were mostly "small" and somewhat "distorted"/extremely subtle again, such as reading "the man's soft and precise voice" precisely as I heard a nearby man talking (after a long silence on his part) and thought of the even, educated tone of his voice, which could've very much been described as "soft and precise." Also: reading "chair" precisely as someone scraped a chair over the concrete patio nearby, in "thought echo" pattern, with the words coinciding precisely as I registered the noise, etc. Did have something of a standout when I read "phone" precisely as I heard what sounded exactly like the ringtone for my phone over the in-house radio at Starbucks (was just something in the song, but the note/tone was almost exactly that of my phone, and timing was perfectly synchronistic/patternistic). Then, just before I left, really cool and precise standout, when I read "she was going back out" precisely as a nearby van backed from a parking space directly in my line of sight, with the "back out" in the book coinciding perfectly synchronistically with my registering the van's backing out, etc.

Cool "drifting car" one, this time of the thought variety rather than numbers, when, precisely as I was randomly thinking of how I was "changing shape"/form in the way I've been lately, in regards to the mental gymnastics and the like, a car drifted into my view with a Transformers emblem on the back, again with the "drift" coming directly into my line of sight as to coincide perfectly with my thoughts (of which were precisely echoed by the Transformers/"changing form" underlying essence, etc).

Then, probably the day's most explicit was when I was standing on the taxi platform at LGA and had a long chain of thought end with how I was going to the Upper West Side -- precisely as "west side!" erupted from the walky-talky of the conductor standing nearby, utterly surreal.


Again not an exceedingly high amount of activity first day on this NYC jaunt. Did have another of those big, sudden lunchtime reading/thought/nearby stranger clusters, but this time was almost entirely of those "super-subtle" types that were reasonably notable subjectively but just too vague/distorted/"small" to translate to text to any degree. Best/most coherent example in this regard was when I had another long, objective, random chain of thought end with how I was about to take the subway south, precisely as a nearby stranger randomly said "take the train." Maybe a dozen or so at least like this, all within the space of an hour of so.

And still minimal numbers, with a conspicuous absence of those "seeing 37 licence plates and stuff" everywhere that usually accompanies these trips (again: because I'm so "adjusted"/used to it?). Really only number standout was a cool clock-tick/"challenge" combo-type, when I'd read, on page 213 of the 'Serial Murder' book, the time of "12:01" and had the thought, "Now why wasn't that 12:02 on page 212?" And then, seconds later when my phone powered on, it had a 12:12 clock-tick, going to 12:13 in that patternistic "just a staying a split second, just long enough to display/register with me." Heh.

Coolest and most notable of the day, however, was a sort of long-winded meta-incident, reasonably unique and highly notable. It started when, just a few days ago when getting reflexology with Cheryl, she'd relayed to me a minor secondhand incident in which she'd handed off one of my $100 bills stamped with "You Are Loved" to an Olive Garden waitress who'd just seconds earlier said "Love you," as a sort of "echo/instant recurrence" type -- and then, today when on the subway, I saw a troup of performers doing some incredible breakdance/acrobatics while the train was moving, and when they came around to collect tips, the only smallish bill I had stamped with "You Are Loved" was a $10, and when I put it in the guy's hat, he said to me "This man here just *loves us*!," all of which was a little double "love" recurrence in itself, but then doubly notable since it was so evocative of that incident of Cheryl's, almost exactly. I'd later had the thought that the guy might've actually seen the stamp and that's why he gave the love comment, but I don't think so, since, one, he said it immediately, when it would seem like he didn't have chance to register the words, and, two, I distinctly remember sort of tucking the bill beneath the others as to make it inconspicuous, such that I think he only said the "love us" comment because he saw it was, rather, just a bigger-than-one donomination bill. Not unforseeably a big coincidence, but I doubt it very much.


Minor uptick in regards to numbers at times, though still relatively "quiet," especially for NYC. Did have several conspicous-ish ones today, including when I got in the Lyft car and a random paper was stuck in the glovebox, with a big "273" just visible to me, in that patternistic/conspicuous way. Had some very minor/potentially nothing-at-all thought synchros through morning, with a couple more-coherent ones at lunch, though really not many at all in this vein through the day (corresponding with that NYC "fog" really setting it/general mental ugliness). At last had more of those ubiquitous 37/variant licence plates while walking through NYC, but not nearly so many as in the past, and only periodically it seemed.

Did have a couple cool reading/thought/"nearby stranger"-type standouts at lunch: first, reading "Snotites" (in context of mucus) precisely as I'd gone to blow my nose and thought "Nose keeps running," again 100% objective, with the objective/external event of my nose needing to be blown then (when it hadn't up until then) corresponding in such a way that it couldn't have been cued, etc; then, soon after, reading "battery" precisely as I had the random thought about the battery in the phone of the woman next to me (which I'd thought of because she'd mentioned to someone she was talking to on her phone that she was only going to be there for ten minutes or so, which in turn made me think that she was probably only there to charge her phone, which I'd conspicuously noticed/Noticed when she sat down beside me earlier -- again, 100% objective/independent, etc).

Also, another "late" reading recurrence. It started when I got the Lyft ride today and the driver's name was "Saleh" in the little announcement it gave me upon initiating the ride, and I both noticed and Noticed the name distinctly, again because it was the first I'd seen it in a long time if ever and, second, just Noticing it in that special, vague, characteristic way, as is so patternistic now -- and then, a couple hours later when starting the 'Boots on the Ground' book, within the first few pages it mentioned a man named "al-Saleh," once again encountering something for the first time in a while/ever, and then again soon after, patternistically.


Bit of a further uptick today, especially after lunch when health improved noticeably, another of those quasi-patternistic correlations that sometimes occurs. Day started with a pretty cool and surreal near-instant recurrence, when, upon leaving the apt building, I walked past a big pile of garbage with a shoebox at the end reading "Ninja," which I noticed/Noticed distinctly, enough to get me thinking "ninja" -- and then, seconds later, on a lamp post feet away, there was a random sticker on it reading "Shinobi Ninja." Notable in itself, but it jibes with that subtle, periodic "ninja" symbolism/recurrence theme I've been having the last couple weeks.

Then at lunch had another of those utterly surreal reading/thought/external event "clusters," again starting almost immediately upon sitting down to eat and read, and today starting out super-vague/subtle as they've been lately, then slowly graduating in coherence/complexity with improvement in health and energy and clarity of thought through lunch. One example: reading "the air" precisely as someone opened the nearby door and hit me with a blast of cold air which made me think "the cold air," which was like most of these at the time, just one or two words that could've been coincidence had they not been so perfectly synchronistically timed, and so many in number and all patternistic/with the same "feel," etc. Maybe six or seven within the course of my hour-long lunch.

Then had a pretty cool standout while in the random thrift store afterward, when "feeling drunk and high" sang randomly from the in-house radio precisely as my eyes fell over a book entitled 'Complete Guide to Drugs,' another of those that were imprecise literally but very precise essentially.


The NYC-walking 37 storm returns at last, starting this afternoon, and in a cool way, beginning with my getting the #37 bus to Laguardia (when, as it were, I'd planned on taking an earlier bus, but had been Compelled to stop at the random place nearby for a walk-in acupuncture session, thus forcing me to wait over an hour for this one). Bears mentioning that this was the same # bus as the last NYC trip, though I don't know how many busses run on that route, might only be one or two for all I know. In any case, the onslaught started after that, conspicuously so, again with tons and tons of 37s/73s/variants on license plates and random signs and other random sources, and again in those same patternistically conspiucous ways -- and all made even more notable by the conspicuous *lack* of this same phenomenon over the last couple days. Was almost as if my traveling back triggered it all, from the shift on consciousness, etc, again as seems to have happened in the past. One little standout amongst this storm was when, in the middle of it all, I checked the time on my watch and the digital readout, which was wrong and set to 24-hour/Army time, read "17:39," haha. Another: having the bus stop at an intersection, just such that the "777" on a big billdboard was visible to me, the last three digits of a phone number, with the rest obscured by the bus's visor (and *just so,* such that the "777" was perfectly "singled out" for me, just so damn surreal, and doubly so considering that it came at the height of the number-storm).

Also just had a general increase in other types of incidents in general, too, mostly reading/thought/event/nearby-stranger-types. Examples: at lunch at the Starbucks on Broadway, reading "Momentary whirring" precisely as the nearby barista's coffee machine made precisely such a sound; reading "satellite phone" precisely as a nearby police officer's walky-talky abruptly opened into a transmission, after it had been silent up until then (another of those loosely precise/non-literal ones, with a walky-talky being a sort of "satellite phone"); another sort of non-literal/vague-ish one when, after a long and random and traceably objective chain of thought that ended with my randomly thinking of that random Youtube video I'd seen long ago of the soldiers popping off Iraqis during the war from atop a tower or bunker or something -- just afterward read "perched on a high tower," which was another of those that was reflective of the thought/image in my mind's-eye that I'd had precisely preceding that; reading "slumped" as I randomly noticed how the guy on his phone next to me was so visibly slumped from leaning over his phone all through my lunch (which was another of those that was objectively traceable, which I noted how at the time but can't remember now other than that it was indeed objective and not suggested/cued, etc); and then, at the end of this hellish/blissful day after the cancelled flight/rushing all over the place, etc, when I went to that random Queens bodega that night and ended up randomly buying a banana, and then, right after buying it and realizing that it was in the bag wrong and might be smooshed, making me think "banana" -- precisely then, my eyes fell over a newspaper reading "BANANAS!" on its front page, again so perfectly synchronistic and patternistic and just completely impossible to have been subconscious suggestion/orchestration, etc. Wow, what a day.

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