Synchronicity log for 2018


A very quiet day overall, really only a few echoes and thematics plus a few very-scattered and low-key afterlunch 37-plates and randomly-sourced 37s (remember a classic clock-tick at one point, where I Just Happened to genuinely check the time on the click precisely as it clicked from 6:36 to 37 as is the pattern, though this might've been last night; several others of this nature too, though I can't remember specifics).

Interestingly, the gist of the thought-type activity came this morning during after-chore reading, like that pattern that was predominant for a while but let up recently in favor of the "lunchtime reading commencing the day's activity"-type of pattern (which did *not* happen today; lunchtime reading was almost totally silent save for some super-subtle thematics that were all just too personal to note, and not even very complex or notable even then). These consisted of maybe 4-5 of those "random/absent chain of objective and traceable thoughts/behavior being echoed closely or perfectly synchronistically by independent random text."

The one coherent standout I got down: It started when I began plotting out my day/errands to run (since it was getting towards time to go, hence logically/causally prompting me to begin thinking about such things, and traceably so), which led me to think about what I wanted for dinner, and whether I should try eating beets again to help the liver or play it safe and get something not at risk of causing that terrible break-up/headsickness, etc -- a split second before I randomly came to "play-it-safe menu" in the morning's trash magazine, not only echoing nearly my exact terms of the thought but also in the context of food, haha (the magazine's was in regard to a restaurant that served both fancy, avante garde dishes alongside the "play-it-safe" standbys of burgers and stuff).

For the rest of the day, though, only those few numbers, quieter even than yesterday despite a general and noticeable improvement in health. Which makes me wonder: is the "inner reality reflecting outer reality/vice versa" pattern something to do with the negative/positive changes as I've been assuming, or do they coincide with something else, some other internal shift in consciousness that persists independently from whether the health shift is positive or negative in my view?


Morning went back to dead silence from what I remember, including over the abnormal highway drive west; if there was anything, it was only maybe a super-subtle/subjective thematic that I've since forgotten.

Had a reasonably notable number repeat at the very end of the drive, however. Upon pulling into the coffee shop (way over there almost an hour away, illogically and inconveniently, 100% Compelled to go there urgently today though I didn't at all feel like it), and then being Compelled also into a specific space as is so patternistic, I found myself not only directly behind a 337-plate car, but also the time on the radio clock to be exactly 11:11. Another of those that's mildly notable initially, but more so subjectively and within the context of all the totally random little things that happened this morning, my early waking due to headsickness, several Compellings seeing me over to that particular shop, my random choice of roads, etc, etc, such that it was another of those deals where, logistically, the odds would just be stacked against getting there at that exact, repeating time (and directly behind yet another 37-plate, haha).

Lunchtime reading was something of a reversal to that other pattern of late, the start-up of super-subtle echoes and some mild, non-profound, uncomplicated subjective thematics. The echoes were again almost entirely just little, often delayed/non-perfectly timed, individually dismissible "environmental" ones, and not even an overabundance of these really, just enough to again establish a pattern/feel like others.

A good, standoutish example was when I randomly came to "beepin'" in the book precisely as a coffee machine at the coffee bar behind me began beeping, perfectly synchronistic and every bit a classical "beep!"-type sound. However, this one had extra notability in its context, because it happened after I'd been at the shop for about 45 minutes as the only customer, and then it Just Happened that when the next customer happened in and ordered a coffee that required this beeping machine, they would come in then, and also such that the machine would beep (for the first time that I'd been there, too) *just right at that precise moment.* Another "small but ridiculously surreal" one.

Thought-wise, the pattern continued like other days of late, with activity going to pretty much nothing through the rest of the day, with the exception of some scattered small one-word echoes of various low-key notability, along with another thematic here and there. Couple standoutish examples:

> Another of those "speed limit sign radio echo" ones, where the radio sang out "five-oh" (in the context of "fifty") precisely as I came across not just one 50MPH sign, but two, posted horizontally together on both sides of the road, such that I was struck with the double "50s" precisely as the lyric came over the radio, as to be "striking," etc.

> Hearing "every little thing" randomly on the radio, about ~1-2 seconds before I passed a random business sign reading "Enjoy the little things," this one non-perfectly-timed and only loosely reflective enough that I could see it being chance (yet, I could as easily see it as being an incident, given its fitting the pattern/the "feel" of it, etc)

Numbers were again disproportionately present today, though again not hugely so. And they also again fit that express pattern of "immediately starting with a rapid-fire little cluster immediately just after lunch," this time with a string of 4-5 parking-lot ones and low-key 37-plates in traffic, very much like other incidents of this pattern (and also made all the mor striking/surreal/notable by the marked absence of numbers before lunch and that one immediately before going into the coffee shop, like adding an exclamation point on a sentence). Do remember one standoutish semi-conspicuous one within this cluster, another of those "random car pulling out *just at the right angle and timing and everything* so that I would *just* have its 37-plate arrive directly into my line of sight/attention, etc" (coming right after the handful of low-key ones, I should add, also as to serve as something of an exclamation point).

And here's a cute little trend/subtype that emerged in traffic today: me being slowed down in some conspicuous or illogical or dangerous way, such that the car in the next lane over passed me and thus revealed its 37-plate. This happened three times total, within the course of maybe two hours, and every time it was nearly identical in feel, in that subtle but distinct way that I can't describe. It seems like I've had a couple like this before, but never multiples that I remember, and certainly not so close together and similar in feel like these.

All total, had a moderate amount of low-key 37-plates and the like (as well as an above-average showing of 44s and variants, this again corresponding with a day of poor health and confusion/doubt, etc), before again tapering to silence by the time I neared home.

Had a funny "after the fact" number repeat in the sauna tonight, when I went to read the random magazine I'd finished super-randomly from the recycling bin at the dump today (the only magazine there, as it were, an issue of AARP as it were, so desperate was I for some reading material for tonight) -- only to find that it was addressed to a 307 street address, haha. And, once again, I distinctly remember that portion of the magazine being buried beneath other papers and such, 100% invisible to me when I'd pulled it out ...


Another quiet one, with about zero activity through morning and into lunch too, without even the spattering of super-subtle echoes through lunchtime reading (and corresponding heavily with headsickness/internal deadness/distinct lack of mental clarity, etc). The first activity of the day was another sudden, nearly identical little cluster of semi-conspicuous "immediately after lunch"-type 37-plates, again where the very first plate I encountered upon leaving the lot of the restaurant was a 713, when I'd again not seen a single 37-plate on the drive there, etc. And, just like almost every other day of this type, had maybe 5-6 semi-low-key/semi-conspicuous similar traffic plates come in quick succession just after, before it all again abruptly leveled off to just scattered low-key ones, then silenced completely soon after. Again: really damn notable in itself, just this regular and so consistent pattern, getting moreso every day it recurs.

Thought-wise, the only incidents were in another of those patternistic little "windows," this time another scattering of subtle to standoutish echoes of very similar type/feel/pattern in early afternoon, soon after lunch -- a weird cluster in this case, as far as timing and "format" compared to recently. Examples I got down:

> Randomly and objectively/traceably remembering that I needed to get the heat lamp for the laundry room, thus causing me to absently visualize the room and the washer and dryer in my mind's eye -- precisely as the radio sang out "Maytag," in the context of/echoing the washer and dryer I'd visualized. A vague one relatively, but on the other hand, the pattern and timing were pretty notable (and its obscurity also fit in with several other incidents within this same cluster)

> A similar one just down the road, a couple minutes later, when I saw the new burger place that just opened in the strip mall by the market and, seeing the clean and new-looking construction, I thought something along the lines of "a nice little modern place/a homey-looking little place" -- precisely as "a quaint little place" sang randomly/singularly from the radio

> A similar one that was a bit more precise and explicit: precisely as the car just ahead of me (only other one on the road with me) went into a sudden and reckless/violent rocking fit (not even sure what caused this; it was as if it was hit by a sudden strong wind gust, though there was no wind that I felt, suggesting maybe something was wrong with the car -- it looked like they were going to spin out and crash, in any case, so violent and pronounced and conspicuous was this rocking on all four tires) -- precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out "rockin'," another of those small-sounding ones that was a lot more notable and surreal when experienced, from the striking/intertwining timing and the sheer dramatic "animated" quality of the car's pronounced rocking and the perfectly coincidental lyric, etc

> Randomly seeing the blinking lights of a fire engine just down the street and thus thinking "fire" or something in that general vein, precisely as the radio randomly and singularly sang out "fire"

> A cool, slightly different "underlying essence"-type one: precisely as I passed a random sign reading "SPANISH," and distinctly registered/Noticed this word in particular, the radio randomly and singularly sang out "mamacita," which was the single Spanish word inserted into an otherwise completely English song, the two Just Happening to correspond, and with absolutely perfect precision, etc ...

And other than those, I'm pretty sure there wasn't a single incident otherwise as of writing. A very stark, cut-and-dry, back-and-forth, "there or not there"-type of day.


Relatively big uptick today, and another noticeable shift in pattern somewhat too.

Morning was pretty much silent, only some super-super-subjective little thematics during after-chore reading. But then, had some activity start up very soon after leaving the house for lunch, almost immediately, upon encountering my first traffic of the day (when I began interacting with other people, as it were -- is that the corresponding factor in triggering the activity most days, my direct, reverberating interactions with others/chaos-type effect?). It started with two patternistically identical standout radio echoes:

> A woman passed me in a car, and right when she got close enough, I saw that she had a cellphone to her ear -- precisely as the radio randomly and singularly sang out "whispering in my ear," and corresponding perfectly both with the woman's passing and my registering the phone at her ear, such that the three events intertwined in that ridiculously surreal way

> Then, a couple minutes later when I got on the road proper and was stopped by a firetruck with its lights going: precisely as a firefighter began waving me past the truck, into the other lane, thus causing me to turn pronouncedly to the left -- the radio randomly and singularly sang out "keeps on turnin'," and this not only corresponded perfectly with my turning the wheel (and the lyric was even in the context of referring to a wheel, the "wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'") but also corresponded with/echoed loosely the firefighter's exaggerated waving in a circular motion, his waving hand describing a turning wheel, etc

Had a few other, slighter yet same-feeling echoes between then and getting to the market. Then, once there and right after I sat down at the table with my coffee, had a couple very similar and situationally unique echoes involving a young toddler sitting in a cart directly across from me as his mother worked a counter nearby. The first began when the toddler began crying loudly, after being previously silent, precisely as the in-house radio randomly sang "big girls don't cry," and then, a minute later when I cracked the 'Inside' book and began reading, I absently noticed/registered/thought of how the toddler's shopping cart resembled an impromptu crib, right before I came to "the crib" in the book, the second or third word in the very first sentence I read, haha. These two were less precise and "smaller," yet were patternistic and perfectly timed enough to be notable in my opinion.

Went on to have the return of that patternistic "lunchtime reading session characterized by small-but-striking one-word echoes between the book and random thoughts/events/environmental noises, etc," and today with several reasonably notable standouts amongst the incidents. Ones I got down:

> Putting the book down to take a bite, and then, after recrossing my legs and putting my hand on my hip to be comfortable, the very first words my eyes fell on upon resuming the book were "on the hip," both fitting that "randomly resumed reading-words"-type of pattern but also with my reading/registering the words coinciding perfectly synchronistically with my hand meeting my hip (when I'd already initiated the motion distinctly *before* picking up the book and reading the words, albeit again only just a fraction of a second before)

> A little later, a super-perfect "nearby stranger echoing what I randomly and singularly read"-type one, this time "take care" precisely as a man paid up at the nearby counter and the cashier said "take care" as a goodbye, another that was just subjectively big despite only being two words, just so perfectly and eerily synchronistically timed it was, living-dream in every way

> Another "involuntary bodily function" echo, this time beginning with the sudden lifting of the lung inflammation and constricted breathing, the first I've had this happen in days at least, if not longer, which greeted me when I went to take a deep breath and found my lungs/chest suddenly able to expand normally and easily and wonderfully -- precisely as I randomly came to "expansive" in the book, haha (and hadn't one almost exactly like this happened before, also involving a random and sudden deep breath and that word or one similar?)

Had several other, less-notable ones (or ones I just forgot in any case), and then had another of those abrupt silences in activity almost immediately after lunch, as has been happening lately for the most part. Did, however, see another, similarly patternistic brief return of activity later on, mid-afternoon while in the waiting room at that random tire place getting my oil changed (on a Compelling, as it were ...). While there and reading a magazine, had a little series of those echoes involving a nearby random TV being on, mostly just subtle little one-words but with a couple pretty notable standouts too.

The best I can remember: randomly and singularly coming to "bell" in the random magazine I'd picked up, perfectly synchronistic with a random and singular bell ringing on the TV, and not even a vague bell sound but a classical, unmistakable "ding!" of a game-show-type bell, so damn surreal and funny

Then another brief cluster on the drive home, with several small one-word echoes of the very same feel and behavior/pattern of those at lunch and the morning drive. One standout that I got down here: precisely as I arrived at the park and was greeted with the mostly-iced-over pond/precisely as I registered the ice and the few patches of unfrozen water juxtaposed, the radio randomly sang out "Icy water!" which was both perfectly timed with my registering of the ice and the water, and also perfectly descriptive of the resulting thoughts, which I registered as something along the lines of "big patch of ice and water," haha

Numbers, on the other hand, were very similar to that same "strictly after-lunch, then tapering abruptly to nothing by late afternoon" pattern of the last few days. Today they did start a slight but noticeable bit later, as it were, just after lunch but not *immediately* after, such that I got in the van and out of the parking lot and on down the road a piece before I saw my first 37-plate of the day.

From there, did have another of those cool little sudden, reasonably rapid-fire clusters of 37s. This one began with a semi-conspicuous one at the library, when I pulled up and, all the way down the road and driveway to the library lot, I saw a car sitting at the entrance, idling, which I paid particular attention to because it old me that the library was probably closed again due to the weather. Then, right as I finally turned into the lot, the car at last pulled off -- but not before I saw its 337 plate, just for a split second before it got distance and turned out of view, again in that quietly surreal/conspicuous pattern of so many of these, with the timing and angles *just such* that I was able to catch the plate, haha. And then from there, a minute later while stopped at the intersection to turn around, I was met with another 37-plate-car stopping alongside me just at such an angle that I would catch its plate, and then, a split second later, the electronic sign across the road cut to the temperature readout at "37F," thus bringing a kind of quick one-two-double effect as is also so patternistic of these. It was then that I saw, also on that sign, that the time was 1:36, and while waiting, I had the absent thought of, "Now why wasn't that 1:37, as to up this cluster even more" -- but then, right after the light changed and I started the pull off, the sign ticked back to the time and temperature and it now read 1:37 exactly (still beside the 37 degrees), and this was actually reasonably notable because that light at that intersection took an abnormally long time to change, having been solid red since before I even stopped at it, far longer than I ever remember that light going, such that I wondered if it wasn't stuck or something -- yet it all culminated in my being there just long enough for the 1:36 to change to 1:37 ...


Morning was fully silent, in that way that always seems to accompany the worst of health/headsickness/"inner deadness," etc. And at first lunchtime reading seemed the same, but then, a bit into it, started to notice the slightest of those subtle one-word environmental/nearby-stranger-types of echoes and the like, just enough to be present, without any decent examples even. Sort of interesting in itself as another "negative" case study, since it seems to affirm that theory that the increase in health/energy/clarity of thought upon taking in some calories and being stimulated by good reading and the like seems to initiate the phenomenon in some way.

These did "graduate" slightly towards the end of lunch, and a slight theme presented itself, in the indirect/non-literal yet reasonably precise nature of the echoes. One example: precisely as a nearby stranger said something like "I was alone there," I came to "unescorted" in the book, perfectly synchronistic and 100% non-literal yet very much echoing the underlying sentiment of "alone." And, similarly: precisely as I came to "called in" in the book, the buzzer on one of the nearby tables at the restaurant went off, alerting the customer to go to the window and pickup their food because it was ready. Had maybe 4-5 of these total, but without any really good standouts.

Noticed the slightest of super-subjective thematics/parallels in the book at lunchtime reading, and other than that, almost zero other thought-type activity as of writing, with it again abruptly falling off after lunch but today not returning as it has some other days. The only post-lunch activity I noticed were maybe 2-3 subtle one-word echoes over the course of a few hours, such as my randomly thinking about how I didn't sleep well last night and got up early and have felt rundown and with no energy all day, precisely as the radio randomly said "energy."

Numbers were very subdued today too, probably the quitest they've been for some time. Did have them begin immediately after lunch, per the pattern, with zero of them while driving there, etc, but then, as soon as I stepped into the parking lot after, there was a 437 plate directly by the van, and then, a minute later when I pulled into the road and stopped at an intersection, it was directly behind a 317-plate car, and in another of those conspicuously/perfectly timed ways, though too difficult to really describe. But then from there, I think I saw maybe a couple scattered 37-plates only over the entire rest of the afternoon, and all of this corresponding with that constant headsickness and inner deadness/depersonalization/bluntedness, etc.


An almost completely silent day, even more than yesterday. And interestingly, health improved noticeably today, yet with no corresponding increase in activity, only a marked decrease.

Only activity at all I noticed today was a very sparse, very low-key scattering of 37-plates in traffic, along with about as many 22s/222s, including a couple semi-conspicuous ones of this particular repeat today (actually the rare day where there were more non-37 repeats). In fact, there were so few 37s, and of such scattered nature, they could've easily just been coincidence/incidental/whatever.

Another of those "inverse notability" days, simply in the marked absence of activity, and also the additional fact that I distinctly felt "out of the state" today, at times approaching it but never quite crossing that "border," exactly as I've noted in the past, as to again grant greater perspective/feel of it and the phenomenon in general.

Did discover a cute and pretty notable 37-receipt just now. First was ".730 lb" for the cucumber I bought (which was even more notable consider I'd been Compelled distinctly to get this one out of the bin of a dozen or so, even going back to hovering my hand over others a couple times and then pulling it away, only to Just Happen to have the Compelled one weigh exactly .73 pounds, as is so patternistic of these), and then, on the next line, the pepper was priced at "0.73" (also somewhat notable: I'd really gotten just one pepper, but then, seeing it was on the small side, got a second, super-small one, both of which Just Happened also to be priced at exactly that figure ...). Next, one of the random item SKUs begins with 73, and then, at the bottom of the receipt, "Today you saved $3.77," haha.


Today was more or less as "dead" as yesterday, though slightly changed up. Morning was an oddball sort of, with a relatively large amount of thematics and super-subtle recurrences and very minor echoes, as to bring about that "life/experiences in a blender and echoed collectively" feeling, albeit only very subtly and briefly. Interestingly, had another of those vague-thought-type incidents exactly like one from a recent Sunday, where several times in the morning I had the totally random and sudden thought of that "Prepare ye the way of the Lord" scripture, and then that scripture was quoted at the church sermon this morning, just about an hour or so afterward (and, interestingly, this happened at a church other than that I'd planned, after another spur-of-the-moment Compelling just after I left; and, also, this was the only time I've heard that scripture quoted since the last incident of this kind).

And then from the rest of the day onward, including lunchtime reading: zero thought activity as of writing.

Did have several numbers, strictly after lunch, and today almost fully 37s, both randomly sourced and on several low-key plates, but never really amounting to much more than a token showing. Did have one conspicuous/patternistic little standout: as I approached an intersection, the car in front of me suddenly swerved left into the next lane, for no obvious reason, only to reveal the 837 plate on the previously obscured truck that was now directly in front of me, this one having that classical, 100% patternistic and ridiculously surreal/dramatic "animated"/"revealing" quality.

And then, likewise: just about nothing from mid-afternoon onward, currently.


Today was sort of like yesterday but with more overall activity, and a few standouts even.

Day again began with a morning characterized by super-subtle/subjective thematic recurrences, and almost all of them both too personal/complicated/subjective to describe, but also with a new feel/nature/behavior, distinct from recent variants (seeming to reflect similarly lateral changes in consciousness over the last few days, I noticed). Today they all sort of "climaxed" as in the past, when, after chores and then driving to the appointment, I read a magazine during breaks in the session and it ended up echoing/recurring thematically again all the totally random and singular and at times outright obscure experiences/thoughts/feelings I'd had throughout the crazy morning, probably 5-6 of these distinctly noticeable/coherent to me.

One objective standout. It started a few days ago when the rare icestorm blew through the beach here and the whole place about shut down for days, which initially threw me off until I realized that, with such weather being so rare here, many people wouldn't know how to drive through it safely, when it came to easily to me after growing up through such weather. So for the last few days now, I kept thinking about this, at first just logically and analytical, as a matter of course/observation, but then it kept coming back, absently and randomly, such that I ended up thinking distinctly about how the large majority of people here have trouble driving through winter weather. This odd thought-looping continued today into this morning even, and then, in that magazine I read briefly towards late morning (another ridiculously random freebie, this one another that I grabbed blindly from the recycling bin, simply in search of any kind of reading material, and then Just Happened to be reading today), it had a random article about Subaru cars and how they're all-wheel-drive and so do good in snow, in which the author mentioned offhand how, when he was in North Carolina and a freak storm struck, he was able to drive through it fine despite not having a proper 4-wheel-drive car, and how he ended up actually towing less-prepared drivers around -- during which he mentioned that this was due to the people in the area not being familiar with winter-driving. The exact sentence was "But the Carolinians were largely unprepared for winter-driving," which not only echoed the underlying essence of my repeating thoughts, but also even indicated "Carolinians," and though this was in reference to North Carolinians instead of the South Carolinians here, the echo is still striking. None of the others from the morning were quite so coherent or conveyable, but several were close, such that there was definitely a great collective depth to the phenomenon this morning compared to yesterday's cluster.

Also had some "normal," classical thought-echo-type activity today too, totally unlike yesterday's dead silence in this arena. The first was another of those sudden, blatant, and highly accurate/perfectly timed ones that just struck out of the blue: precisely as I hit that sharp curve right before the harbor where the road is narrow to begin with, thus forcing me to hug the right white line since I was in the big wide van so I wouldn't sideswipe an oncoming car, the radio randomly and singularly sang out "huggin' the line," not only literally precise but also contextually, referring to the same automative/road context. Also, this song seemed to echo, in vague/thematic fashion, several random little things that happened while I was driving and listening to it, enough to establish a little pattern/be notable just within the space of the play (though I can't now remember any specifics).

Most of the day was silent in this regard (including lunchtime reading), but afternoon did see a scattered handful of small-but-striking one-words and those little environmental echoes and the like, again just enough to establish a coherent pattern for all their super-subtly and individual dismissibility. Couple examples: randomly Noticing the "SX" in an emblem reading "SXL" (the S and X were red and the L was black, making the first two stand out), and having it distinctly/patternistically Jump Out at me, a split second before a random car passed in the next lane over with a plate beginning in SX, and with the plate entering my vision in that effortless/patternistic/surreal way (and such that it was a sort of one-two effect, with my registering/thinking "SX" from the emblem, then just a fraction of a second later having the SX plate swish past, really damn surreal and "animated"). Similarly: precisely as the radio randomly said "water," the truck directly in front of me started moving and hit a bump, making its bed tilt so that a trickle of water drizzled out, and directly in my line of sight/where I Just Happened to already be looking, and also with the radio's "water" coinciding absolutely perfectly with my seeing/registering the water trickle and thus absently thinking "water," another "the radio's reading my mind" moment.

Numbers were there today, but only loosely followed the after-lunch pattern, where they started up soon after lunch but not immediately, maybe 5-6 minutes after I left the restaurant and got on the road, and very quietly too, with just the gradual, scattered appearance of 37-plates after a marked absence the rest of the day. These did actually graduate slightly as the day went on, with near background-static levels of low-key plates along with a few parking-lot ones, but still not much overall, with even these fizzling by the drive home.

Did have one really cool standout at the market, a sort of super-striking double. It started when I scanned the cat food and it rang up at exactly $3.77, and then, maybe 2 seconds later when I went to ring up the carrots with the markdown coupon on them, I turned the coupon over to scan it and was greeted with a "0377300" below the scan barcode, the only other marking on the coupon, and also with it coming so almost-instantly soon after I registered the 3.77 on the checkout screen, the two just culminated in that "one-two" synchroshock effect, really cool. And also contextually notable: I'd been Compelled to get both of these particular items, despite having no idea what kind of cat food to buy nor any desire for carrots before going in, but, while browsing, again feeling distinctly 100% "urged" to get these specific items, as is so patternistic of these (and, similarly notable, the coupon on the carrots had to be torn off and flipped over before it could be used, such that it was 100% invisible to me when I'd taken it from the shelf ...).


Biggish uptick today, and a general shift too.

Morning was another 100% silent one from what I remember, without the cluster of smallish thematics and the like of the last couple days. Instead, the activity started at lunchtime reading, and in an oddly newish fashion, being just a slow, low-key little cluster of scattered thematics through the first half of lunch, all of them of that longwinded, back-and-forth, drawn-out kind that I've noted before, including their involving a sort of three-way echo between what I was reading at the time, my absent/random thoughts in response to that reading, and random environmental stuff going on around me at the coffee shop. And even with it all being very low-key and "quiet" and only vaguely precise, it still managed to bring about a sense of entry into the "synchronistic state," and in an especially surreal way that I can't really describe. Couple of the more-coherent examples:

> Randomly coming to "an expensive car" in the book, precisely as an expensive BMW coupe in the parking lot revved its motor and backed out and pulled away, not quite perfectly synchronistic, with a slight ~1 second delay, but still close enough and accurate/patternistic enough to be notable. Also, another cool contextual detail: first, I'd distinctly Noticed this car, in illogical/random fashion, but I'd also just noticed it outright, because it sat there idling for an inordinate amount of time, maybe 20 minutes or so -- yet, when it did finally rev and pull out, it Just Happened to coincide near-perfectly with the random/singular text ...

> Also with a slight delay, one of those longwinded "random radio song/lyrics echoing the underlying sentiment/archetypes of the chapter/section I was reading at the time." It started when I came to a part in the NDE book about the marked spiritual changes/growth that tend to occur after the person's experience, right when the radio went into a song that echoed this theme more or less exactly (when this was a normal, secular, non-religious shop with otherwise normal secular Top 40-type music playing on its stereo -- one of the few times I've heard anything remotely religious while at this shop). In fact, right when the chorus said something like "we're talking about spiritual transformation" (this one might've been perfectly synchronistic, I can't remember fully), I came to the line "Cherrie Sutherland did a somewhat more systematic study by examining changes in beliefs," haha.

Oddly, these incidents fell over rather than increasing through lunch, turning the usual pattern of "increasing personal energy/clarity/condition being reflected in the activity" on its head, for I did feel increasingly better/less sick through lunch; not sure what to make of that. There followed a brief return to silence then, until maybe 45 minutes down the road towards Wilmington, when a little sudden cluster of more "normal"/classical radio/thought/roadside sign-type echoes started up.

This was actually the beginning of a sort of big meta-incident in itself, a combination of numbers and echoes and thematics and the like all starting up pretty much out of nowhere or background-static-only levels, as if signaling some sort of significant shift or "border crossing"/"initiation" as I've noted before (and in that "zero to sixty in several seconds"-type of fashion, too). The sequence went like this:

-> Some sudden echoes after total silence, such as a perfectly timed/accurate one-word radio lyric of "planation" coinciding absolutely perfectly with my passing and reading/registering "PLANTATION" in the middle of a passing billboard (and precisely as it had emerged from behind some trees, being previously obscured, as to add that incredible "revealing"/"animated" combo effect), and then, a minute later, "sun" coming over the radio precisely as I saw/registered a big sun logo on another passing billboard

-> Next, a standout, highly notable/coherent/accurate radio/random-chain-of-thoughts-type echo: precisely as I thought about how I could shower at the gym in Wilmington if I needed to (this in regards to a long chain of absent thoughts about maybe staying overnight instead of going back that day, etc -- as to be 100% objective and traceable, in any case), the radio randomly and singularly sang out "I can get cleaned up if I need to" (which not only echoed the underlying sentiment of shower/cleaning/bath, but also the "I can" part was equally relevant, because that's how I'd thought of the shower, that it was a resource available to me, that I could do it, exactly the same context as the song's lyric)

-> Next, a sudden spike of low-key 37-plates on surrounding traffic on the highway (when there'd been only minimal showings of any numbers beforehand, all day), followed seconds later by two, almost back-to-back repeats of those now-classical "randomly experiencing that sense of universal joy precisely as a 37 popped up," this time just like many of these in the past, with random cars passing me in the next lane over such that not only did their 37 plates appear in perfect, precise correlation with the thoughts, but also directly into my line of sight, etc

-> Then from there, a steadily and quickly increasing appearance of 37-plates of all manner, both low-key and semi-conspicuous plus a few outright conspicuous ones, and then topped off with several marked parking-lot ones after I pulled off totally randomly/Compelled to into that shopping center for the vitamin place (and, upon following another "Compelled to park here" urge, I found myself directly beside a car with a 7301 plate, so fitting, haha).

It was another of those incidents that text just doesn't capture, it having the collective effect of leaving the head spinning, near-sensory-overload, etc. Also interesting: this happened more or less at that same juncture/point of distance from home where I've noticed such distinct little mini-storms/upticks of activity several times in the past (something geographical or energetically significant there? or is it something more subjective, just my entering some sort of new state/condition of consciousness, or some other personal transition?).

The rest of the day went on to be pretty active, though almost exclusively in numbers, and these almost exclusively low-key and semi-conspicuous traffic/parking-lot 37-plates. Did have several conspicuous ones thrown in, such as "drivers randomly/illogically changing lanes only to reveal a 37-plate on the car directly in front of them," along with one of those super-cool "alignments," this time a somewhat simpler one where two 37-plate cars simply equalized in their lanes, lining up the plates again perfectly in height and other dimensions, etc. Very surreal and notable surely, though I noticed a sort of quiet texture to these, perhaps reflective of the wonderful calm that I experienced much of the day.

I remember having a couple more very subtle, very scattered little echoes here and there through mid-afternoon, with one semi-standout, another passing-billboard one, when the radio randomly said "sail away" as I read/registered the giant "YACHT-MASTER" in the middle of a newly appeared sign (echoing the maritime theme, and perfectly synchronistically, but not the most notable of this time). Then during dinnertime reading later on, I thought I sensed the activity returning, with several minor reading-type echoes between random thoughts/events and the book, but these never really went anywhere, disappearing before there were enough to reasonably discount simple chance/psychological phenomenon, etc (and I again can't help but to wonder if my noticing these and thinking "Where are these going?" didn't disrupt some sort of process/initiation, influencing the process by my direct/active/conscious observation of it somehow).


Some moderate activity today, and of an interesting newish "feel" and mixture.

Morning was totally silent, but then, soon after leaving the house for lunch (maybe ten minutes into the ride, unlike most past before-lunch patterns, where it usually seems to start immediately after leaving or right after getting on the road), had a pair of sudden and striking radio echoes.

First, and most coherent and notable: precisely as I passed an oncoming scooter with a conspicuously loud buzzing motor (which is exactly how the motor of these cheap import scooters sound, a distinctive high-pitched "buzzing" note), the radio randomly said "I heard the buzz," in the colloquial context of hearing gossip and such, yet 100% perfectly accurate literally. And also, however notable this one was from the outset, it was doubly so considering the circumstances of the actual event, because I only heard the moped's buzzing motor for one split second, due to having my window down only a crack, such that there was just a super-short, maybe fraction-of-a-second window in which I would've heard/registered the noise due to the speed of our passing and other logistics, etc -- yet the radio Just Happened to say those words (singularly and randomly, of course) at that precise instant, as to be both hugely unlikely as well as to produce that super-surreal "animated"/dramatic effect, and succeed in making me laugh my ass off, haha.

And then, a minute or so down the road, a sort of weird "challenge-thought"-type one similar to the skeptical thoughts I sometimes have being "answered" by a blatantly intelligent fashion. This one started when the song on the radio sang "Take me for a night in NY," which Stood Out to me distinctly, in that special, recognizable Noticing fashion, and also in that way I've come identify in the past when I'll have a sudden such Noticing regarding NY followed up by some other sort of NY echo (like that time when something NY-related happened a split second before the NY-covered truck pulled up conspicuously at a stop sign nearby and into my view). Of course, immediately after this thought crossed my mind, a car in the next lane over turned off, thus revealing, in that conspicuous and patternistic way, a van with a great big "NY" Yankees sticker on its right side, again directly where I was looking, etc, and again with perfectly synchronistic timing and that dramatic "revealing"/"animated" effect from the car's pulling away.

Then had some more lunchtime-reading activity, maybe 20 minutes later. Today's was very much like those I've been having lately during lunch, the super-subtle/somewhat vague thematics and small echoes and the like, not very many today but enough to again register collectively. Couple semi-coherent examples:

> Randomly having a long chain of thought that ended with me remembering that I needed to write to the family about my recent experiences and the like, maybe two seconds (that patternistic slight delay of some of these) before I randomly came to a sentence in the book about how many NDE people find relief in writing about their experiences, especially in correspondence with family, etc (another of those that I would dismiss as subconscious reading-ahead, given that this text was visible to me peripherally when I had the thought, but, once again, I can 100% trace my remembering about the letter to that long chain of fully unrelated, non-book-referenced thoughts).

> Having a sudden and random brief return of that terrible cold-sensitivity, which I'd been without for over a day now, simultaneously with a breeze blowing and aggravating it further (I was sitting out with shirt off in the sun), thus making me think something vaguely like "sensory overload/that's so ridiculously sensitive compared to when I don't have this sensitivity" -- a split second before I came to "hypersensitive" in the book, and then, on the next sentence down, how "the experiences had left him cold" (literally accurate here, with the book's usage being in the context of the figure of speech), both random and singular and very accurate on each front (and, again hinging on the 100% objective and singular event of my first getting the sudden cold spell and then having the breeze blow immediately after).

Again had only the slightest few of these, just enough to register, before they subsided completely about halfway through lunch, in that same exact weird inverse fashion of yesterday. I did still have some of those super-super-subtle and subjective, super-small thematics and the like here and there, but beyond that, nothing at all relatable/coherent.

Did have a little more thought-type activity later on, also sort of like yesterday, with an hour or so of after-lunch silence giving way to a brief little cluster of echoes at the gym:

> The first was a cool little weird one, beginning when I folded a cartoon before putting it in my pocket, and thus revealed a picture of Santa Claus on the back of the clipping, precisely as the radio randomly said "holiday," as to echo that basic sentiment as symbolized by Santa (this one is somewhat vague, but still notable considering the perfect timing and patternistic element, etc). This one was actually a good example of the background static of thematics and super-subtle echoes that I often have, albeit a more-coherent/notable/objective one.

> And then, two right when I started my workout, beginning when I approached the machines and had to think about where I'd left off in my rotation and what muscles I needed to work today, which turned out to be back and shoulders -- precisely as the radio randomly sang out "baby got back," this in the context of "she's got a nice butt" but of course literally echoing the "back" theme with perfect timing, etc. Then, maybe 30 seconds later after I'd gotten my music going and sat down on the first machine, one of the first lyrics of the song on my MP3 player was something like "looking at my reflection" -- which sang out precisely as the man on the machine directly across from me, just inches away, did a rep and checked himself in the mirror, conspicuously so with a quick turn of the head, obviously checking his form/pump, etc, again as to have that ridiculously surreal "animated" component.

Numbers were again present today, though strictly after lunch. Today, however, was another one of those "immediately after lunch" days, beginning maybe two minutes after I'd left the coffee shop and started randomly across the adjacent parking lot to the grocery store at the other end, feeling Compelled to walk it rather than drive -- and of course, there was a big string of parking-lot 37-plates awaiting me there, maybe 5-6 total within the space of just the five-minute walk, and all semi-conspicuously along my random, zigzagging path (and often right by where I went to grab Compelled pieces of litter and stuff, as is so patternistic of these, haha). From there, had a decent showing of low-key 37-plates in traffic, plus more parking-lot ones here and there, lasting through errands and such and then tapering to nothing by the time I got home. Less than yesterday overall, and with few to none of yesterday's crazy conspicuous variants.


There was activity today, but a downturn for the most part, and this time it did correspond with a bit downturn in health/condition/clarity of thought, a new spell of that ugly headsickness coming back this afternoon (when morning/early afternoon was much more active).

Had some activity this morning, not much, just some scattered little thought/reading/random-stuff-type echoes here and there, all of similar feel and behavior/pattern, again just enough to establish a brief little pattern. Good standout example: a classical random-thought/reading page-turn in a magazine, beginning when I came to a full-page ad for a Subaru and, upon seeing it and thinking I might like to buy one, I immediately thought of all the hassles/pros/cons of buying a new car and then dismissed the idea -- and then, upon turning the page (to a new leaf, 100% invisible to me previously when on that of the Subaru ad and having the thoughts while reading it), it had a random article in which the person being interviewed mentioned, totally offhand and off-topic, "The only thing worse was buying a car," in the context of making an analogy of something troubling/aggravating, etc, as to echo perfectly the thoughts that were still at the forefront of my mind, exactly as others in the past, and a great example, being fully objective and explicit both, etc.

From there, the phenomenon quieted during the rest of the morning and into the drive to lunch, and lunchtime reading was again almost 100% silent, with only a couple times when I felt like maybe the "synchronistic state" was coming on and activity would begin, but it just never "happened," just like some past incidents of this experience, and all of it corresponding with the increasing onset of that ugly headsickness/toxicity/internal deadening, etc. Later on while driving, did have another few of those very scattered, very small and subtle one-word echoes, but barely any even of these.

One example: coming up behind a truck with "DO IT RIGHT" printed in big letters on the back, precisely as "Do it!" sang from the radio, again with the radio words corresponding absolutely perfectly/strikingly with my registering the "DO IT" on the truck. Others in this period weren't quite so coherent, though.

Numbers were again there but few and generally low-key. Oddly, the two early-afternoon ones that I saw were reasonably coherent, if not highly notable/complicated:

> Another classical "ridiculously random parking-lot" one, this time when, first, I ended up at a restaurant totally unplanned/totally Compelled to go there, and then, upon entering the lot and randomly going through the lanes, I started to pull in one space, but then, wanting to be able to be facing out as to pull out safely, I turned left into another -- and ended up directly beside a 37-plate car, which was, of course, 100% invisible to me when I'd turned off, being behind a cluster of other cars

> Another of those "recklessly speeding driver" ones, when this black BMW came speeding up behind me after I pulled into traffic, and then as recklessly passed me in the center lane without slowing down, thus commanding my attention in that distinct way -- only to reveal its 173 plate, haha

From there, had alternating periods of total silence with only a few scattered low-key 37-plates in traffic and parking-lots, again enough to be present but only quietly so, and then totally silent again by the drive home.


Saw more activity today, similar to last couple days'.

Morning was quiet beyond some more of those scattered little reading/random-thought ones that weren't numerous enough to be notable in any objective sense. And then the first "real" incident of the day came just before lunch, right when I pulled into the parking lot at the restaurant and had a sort of double/combo one. It was another of those "universal joy/37 appearance"-type ones, but with the 37-plate being on a car parked conspicuously in the lot, such that I had the sudden and brilliant surge of that special joy right as the day's first 37 arrived, again with a special sort of quality that's very notable subjectively but hard to describe.

From there, lunch saw a reasonable amount of that same mix of super-subtle thematics and recurrences/small delayed reading/thought/environmental echoes, a pretty reasonable amount today, and at times waxing pretty notable and coherent but always just a little to vague and subtle to coherently describe. Synchroshocked me good in any case.

Had one standout thematic-feeling reading/"objective morning thought" recurrence then. It started this morning when, after taking the supplement last night, I woke up this morning without that nightmarish "disconnected" headsickness from yesterday, which led me to theorize that whatever causes the headsickness, it's something to do with a disruption at the neural level, as if different parts of the brain cease communication and everything just turns disjointed and incoherent. And then, at lunch maybe two hours after I'd had this distinct and random series of thoughts, I came to a section of the NDE book that discussed exactly that, going into detail about present understanding of the brain's neutral connections and how they function, could not have been more precise and explicit nor more notably timed (for a typically delayed/longwinded reading-type recurrence, anyhow).

That one serves as a good standoutish example of the many many vaguer, daylong recurrences and thematics and the like spanning the day, of which I had a lot again, scattered through the afternoon and at times rising in coherence/frequency only to fall off again, and eventually subsiding entirely by the time I got home, as to present another surreal background static of small/subtle activity through the day.

Did have one big cluster while I was in the waiting room at the mechanic's, and this again resembled other such "active public place"-type episodes, with a reasonably high-activity series of echoes and the like consisting of an interplay between the random magazine I was reading there, my absent thoughts/reactions to that reading, a TV overhead, and the random conversations and the like of the attendant and the customers coming and going. This cluster followed a curve in coherence/notability too, beginning as another series of small, subtle, delayed, only moderately precise "little" echoes of various kinds, then eventually graduating into the more coherent and precise and perfectly timed kind. Had some standouts at this point:

> A classical "striking one-word/nearby stranger"-type one, when I had a long, random, and totally objective/traceable chain of thought end with Atlanta and whether I might go there this weekend, culminating in the distinct absent thought of "Atlanta?" -- precisely as the attendant nearby spoke "Atlanta" into the phone, again singularly and randomly and after a bunch of random stuff that had nothing to do with Atlanta, haha

> And then, very similarly, when I was struck by another super-random thought that I needed to write down a note to check out Rite-Aid for that supplement, the TV randomly said "right," another small-yet-perfectly, ridiculously timed one, where the spoken word and my culminating thought intertwined in that super-surreal and subjectively notable way

> Also nearly identical in behavior/feel/format: when the TV randomly said "ride home" precisely as the man giving me a ride home appeared out front in his truck, this one with another of those super-notable/surreal "animated"/revealing qualities, with the word coinciding perfectly with the truck appearing into the narrow view allowed by the glass doors. Also, it bears mentioning that I'd been waiting several minutes for him to arrive, after being told that I'd be getting a ride home by the other man at the shop, just making it all the more striking and random and cool.

> Next, minutes later on the ride home in the truck, had more activity, though now reverting to that smaller/distorted/longwinded/thematic-type of activity at lunch, the exact same feel and behavior interestingly. The most-coherent examples involved the radio and my absent thoughts again, with those subtle-but-eerily "sensed"-type kind where it feels that the radio is echoing/reflecting my random thoughts and feelings and just my whole general experience, such as one song singing about "the ride home" in the repeating chorus (or I think it was repeating, anyhow), and with another mentioning "a day in the breeze" when I kept absently noticing the breeze blowing in through the driver's rolled-down window and how nice it felt after the cold spell last week -- just another handful of individually dismissible ones that, taken together, managed to bring about another surreal synchroshock-type state. And, also, this was sort of topped off with the fact that the car directly in front of us for almost the whole drive back had a 137 plate, as to just shed another little synchronistic flourish to the whole ride, haha.

And numbers were there today, not in huge profusion but again very much "there," albeit quietly, much like the last couple days as it were. And did have another of those distinctly patternistic "sudden after-lunch cluster" of low-key and semi-conspicuous traffic- and parking-lot 37-plates, actually quite a few this time, probably upwards of 7-8 and with a couple pretty cool and patternistic conspicuous ones thrown in, though I can't now remember any standouts.

Overall, another headtrip of a day.


Today was much like yesterday and the last several for the most part, definitely into a new "epoch" of the general mixture and assortment of types/feel/behavior of the phenomenon, and all consistent with that "reflection of inner state/consciousness/health"-type of quality that's becoming more and more apparent.

Morning saw some scattered subtle activity again, mostly that same small, subjective, "quiet" background static of little echoes and thematics and recurrences (mixed with randomly-sourced low-key numbers and other, even subtler activity too), that same which has been more or less constant for quite some time now (moving into some new "phase" of the phenomenon, where there's always "something" happening pretty much?). Even had a couple standoutish coherent ones:

> Another of those "totally random trash-paper cartoons echoing my morning/reality/thoughts, etc, in some capacity"-type ones, the "cartoon-echo synchro" I guess. Though, rather than being on the subtler and longwinded/thematic side as past ones (probably had at least 4-5 of these over the last month or so, now), today's was much closer timed, not instant but with another of those minimal delays where it might as well have been instant. It started when, after this latest cold front moved in last night and had lasted long enough to cool down the place uncomfortably, I finally put the heat back on, after it had been off for days now -- and then, maybe 10 seconds or so later when I went to snip out the day's cartoons, the very first one I looked at was one that showed several anthropomorphic houses at a party-type setting where a female house sees a male house and says "Oh, my heat just went on," haha. Also, it bears mentioning that there's zero chance of psychological cueing or anything here, for this particular cartoon was on a fresh cartoon section of a fresh, unread paper I pulled (completely super-randomly) from the recycling bin a couple days ago, with it buried deep in the middle of the paper, no less ...

> And then, a good example of the subtle "little" thought echoes that typically occur en masse in the stream of super-subtle activity: It started when I read, in the sports page of the morning's random trash-paper, an article about a football quarterback who was repeatedly sacked by the same opposing player, from which I drew the parallel to the old video-gaming days when I would play a rogue-type character that could sneak up on a guarded quarterback-like opponent and then stun them with a move called "Cheap Shot" -- and then, maybe a second or two afterward, my eyes fell on a random sentence in the article in which the sacking opponent said that he kept his play clean, with "no cheap shots." This was actually hugely notable, not just in timing and pattern and precision, but also in the loosely identical context of it all, and also in the stark objectivity/traceability of my thoughts (which, again, were it not for this and my explicit memory of being able to trace their origins and such, I would've dismissed as peripheral reading or some other psychological explanation, since the "cheap shot" text was visible to me beforehand, etc).

Lunchtime reading continued this "many super-subtle/thematics/environmental/random-thought echoes"-type activity, again almost exactly like yesterday. After getting such repeated experience with this particular flavor of the collective phenomenon, I can definitely see a pattern in the specific types and variation of incidents, which spans the spectrum pretty much, with not just echoes and thematics and the other kinds that have been predominant lately but also much of the animal-symbolism repetitions and deja vu and even some of those "unclassifiable/possible ESP or other weirdness"-type ones, along with a reasonable number of randomly sourced semi-conspicuous number-repeats in the mix (such as my getting another totally random, totally Compelled freebie magazine at the library today, only to find that it was issue #37 -- probably upwards of a dozen of this kind today at least, probably more like twice that or more, just can't remember). It's definitely some sort of evolution of the phenomenon at large, perhaps a maturation but it's hard to say; definitely distinct and notable, in any case.

A good semi-standout example of the lunchtime super-subtles: a nearby-stranger/reading-type echo, but of a not-quite-perfectly-synchronistic and not-100%-accurate nature, beginning when I randomly came to "changes in brain structure" in the NDE book, a second or so before one nearby stranger said to another (who were in somewhat heated, involved one-on-one conversation, which seems to be a repeated quality in these kind of incidents, I've noticed) something about "change" and "structure," and though I couldn't quite make out what was said, I'm pretty sure it *wasn't* in regards to "brain" or anything related, such that it would seem to be more like two back-to-back "small" random one-word echoes, of the "change" and "structure," etc. This sort of low-level distortion and delay is characteristic of these kinds of newish background-static-type low-key activity.

Numbers were again present today, and with some more of those scattered periods of pretty conspicuous/elevated levels, but not quite as much as yesterday I noticed. Did have some in morning again, a noticeable handful of low-key-ish traffic 37-plates, during the drive to the mechanic's and then to lunch, and probably the most overall in this time period for some days now, perhaps because I left an hour or so later than usual and had to go to the mechanic's first, sort of resulting in a different routine/state of mind during that time. However, the gist of the numbers again arrived after lunch, and again in that same "big sudden uptick almost immediately after leaving the restaurant, as if on a switch," with a biggish cluster of low-key 37-plates in traffic and parking-lots, several of them either conspicuous or semi-conspicuous, I can't remember, with them occurring amidst the constant static of other activity.

The one real difference I noticed today was, first, another noticeable increase in 212s and variants, just like has happened several days recently, with this repeat suddenly leaping up from one or two scattered low-key ones every couple days or so to seeing probably a dozen or so over the course of just the afternoon, with several of them even in conspicuous and coherent/notable fashion (though again forgotten by me at this point, just too damn much going on). And, also, a noticeable uptick in the "semi-conspicuous super-random everywhere-sourced 37s" and the like. Overall, still some reasonable activity number-wise, just not as much or as "loud" as other days.


Another reasonably active day in the same groove of the last several for the most part.

Morning again saw some activity, and also in the same scattered subtle thematics/echoes of late.

Did have one standout then, a classical "vague-thought ask-n-receive." It started yesterday when I randomly remembered that article I'd read a while ago about how some vegetables will convert their starches after being cooked and then cooled, sweet potatoes specifically, but I couldn't remember exactly what kind of starch it converted to or if I was even remembering it right -- and then today, in the morning's super-random library-freebie magazine (also a Compelled one), it had a random article, again unadvertised anywhere on the cover or anything and buried in the back, that mentioned within it how some starches are changed when cooked then cooled, including those in sweet potatoes, and what these are called and why you would want to do this, etc -- exactly what I'd patternistically wanted to know, etc, etc, exactly like others of this fashion.

And then actually had a great big, highly abnormal cluster of non-subtle activity after leaving the house, on my spur-of-the-moment, Compelled drive to Wilmington, and despite it being morning and rushed, etc, it was as active and "loud" as about every other such Wilmington venture. Began with two very notable thought echoes:

> The first came immediately as I got into the van and keyed the ignition, a "first lyrics on the radio"-type one (first of these I've had in a while, as it were), when a dashboard light flashed, one single, lightning-fast time, just enough for me to register it and absently think something like "flashing light there and gone, what was that?" -- precisely as the radio came on and sang "flashing lights," again with a very slight delay between the actual flash and the lyrics but perfectly synchronistic with my *thinking of/registering* the flashing light and having the corresponding thought, as is the case with some of these, so perfectly coincidental as to result in that surreal "intertwining" effect (which I recently had the thought that it very much resembles the "entanglement" effect in quantum physics, interestingly -- perhaps some relation there?).

> And then a really cool, super-notable, and somewhat unique "roadside sign/involuntary bodily function" combo. It started when, suddenly and totally randomly and for the first time in days, I had one of those brief but wonderful "clarifications" in thought and senses, which comes super-randomly and sometimes not for days or longer apart, and also involves one or more random senses suddenly sharpening back to pre-sickness levels, such that I'll briefly sense that deeper, wonderful "texture" to sights/sounds/smells that is stripped by the headsickness and the like. This time in particular, it involved my sense of hearing, where for a split second I heard a whole other dimension of the music on the radio and such, before it left as fast -- precisely as I passed a roadside electronic sign, and precisely as it changed to read "ULTRASOUND," which perfectly described what I'd experienced at that *one split instant,* and for *only* that split instant, and all corresponding perfectly not just with my passing but the clock-tick-like change in the sign's display, too ... Really, another of those hugely notable ones when you really think about it. Probably the most striking, living-dream one to date.

Oddly, from there on there was very little thought-type activity the rest of the day, only several brief periods of that super-subtle background-static/thematic-type activity I've been having a lot of for the last few days (yet silent most of the time, much lower volume and coherency/notability than last couple days, though with a few exceptions, none of which are conveyable really).

Had numbers this morning too, beginning with a scattered succession of low-key 37-plates and then graduating slightly as the drive went on. And also just like that same weird-ass pattern of other Wilmington-bound drives, the numbers graduated and escalated the closer I got, and even what seemed to be at the same junctures, like key intersections and by key landmarks and such that I remember (perhaps *because* I remember them, some sort of influence/determination by my subjective consciousness and associations maybe?). Eventually got to that moderately active plateau of a steady background-static of low-key 37-plates set against scattered conspicuous and semi-conspicuous incidents of various types and notability.

A few standouts I got down (of the many that I didn't):

> The first was an utterly surreal and cool and also somewhat unique one. It began with the first initial cluster of low-key 37 plates arriving about 10-15 minutes into the drive, right as I seemed to cross that "threshold" right on the outskirts of the first town leading toward Wilmington. There, I had approximately 4-5 37-plate cars either pass me or somehow get my attention in a patternistic way, as to mark the first elevation in frequency -- but then, about 10 minutes down the road, as I stopped at a red light, I found myself in the company of each and every one of those cars, all having been caught in the light, such that I was literally surrounded with all these 37-plates, such that nearly every car there was one and that these plates were nearly all that I could see. It was sort of a "super-alignment," or so it felt (and again I can't help but draw parallels with the "entanglement" concept, where like objects exert a precise pull on one another regardless of distance or anything else).

> Another of those "slowly creeping up on a conspicuously slow-moving car in the fast lane, only to eventually get into viewing distance of its 3377 plate, when I wouldn't have otherwise"-type ones. Was like a great big long "animated" one, watching it creep up from way down the road and eventually have the plate numbers resolve. Made me laugh my ass off.

> A cool sort of little double/hybrid one, beginning when I pulled into the gym parking lot and had a parked car with a 373 plate "glide" directly/effortlessly into my line of sight as I turned. And then, seconds later when I parked and went to turn off the van, I saw that the time was exactly 3:17 on the radio clock, when the little synchroshock from the plate's 37 was still fresh in my mind, as to bring about that doubling/one-two effect that never ceases to shock me anew.


Big downturn in activity today, on all fronts.

Did have some more of that slight morning activity, and in the same fashion/feel/type of last few days, mostly just some subtle reading/thought echoes and super-subtle/subjective thematics again.

Did have another standout coherent incident then, a classical page-turn/random-thought. It started soon after beginning my after-chore reading, when I'd suddenly and randomly remembered the morning ordeal of the coffee enema and such -- and then, maybe 1-2 seconds after, my eyes fell on a random line of text in the magazine that referenced coffee enemas (totally offhand, in a big long write-up about a prep school in the Bali jungle). This one would be really notable except that I can't 100% say that my train of thought that ended on the coffee enema ordeal had begun before or after I'd turned the page; if after, it could've conceivably been peripheral/subconscious reading, etc, though I'm about 90% sure that I'd had the thoughts before the actual turn, when the page with the text was still unturned/100% invisible (and, at this point and after so ridiculously many of these, does it really even matter?).

From there, had almost zero thought-type activity for the whole rest of the day as of writing. Lunchtime reading was entirely silent of even the subtlest of activity, and even afternoon proved to have only a brief little period of small scattered echoes (only example I can remember is when I'd randomly thought of the place with the vitamin shot I'd just super-randomly made an appointment with this morning, a split second before I passed under a giant billboard advertising that exact place, and I'm about 99% sure that the sign was totally invisible to me beforehand, being obscured by buildings or trees or something).

Numbers were again there, and today strictly after lunch I think (and, patternistically, beginning with a reasonably notable/standout classical "random car demanding my attention only to force me to consequently see its 37 plate," this time another one of those that I passed in the parking lot on the way to my car, and then as I got close, I heard a running engine which forced my attention to it and its 3701 plate, this coming again maybe 3-4 minutes after I'd left the restaurant and its plaza). From there, had only a scattered dozen or so low-key 37-plates and the like (and still a somewhat elevated few random 212s and variants mixed in, but not as many as there for a few days).

One exception: another double-37-plate alignment, this time just two random cars in traffic, both of them passing me in the adjacent two left lanes beside me, and with the one "equalizing" with the other for one split, precise second as it overtook the other, the two plates "harmonizing"/aligning perfectly for one infinitesimal and patternistic instant.


A change-up today, and a general uptick over yesterday.

No activity this morning, breaking the pattern of the last few days, though this might've been due to a different schedule this morning due to the appointment and drive there and such (either reflectively or just logically/"normally," one). But did read some of another super-random library-freebie magazine during breaks, and this proved to be thematically relevant with a cluster of more of that same super-subtle/"loose"/"distorted"/delayed type of activity I was having regularly at lunch for a while. In particular the magazine, about guns and rifles and the like, echoed the 'Benghazi' book in many many ways, from subtle longwinded overarching thematics to specific recurrences and the like -- almost all of which could still be reasonably dismissed as chance on their own, with the book and magazine both involving the same general audience of "macho male/military/law enforcement/firefighters," etc, but, per the pattern, there were just so many and all fitting the same pattern and all within a tight timeframe (just hours apart), I found it pretty notable. And also fitting the pattern, the context of my Just Happening to read that particular magazine (got on a total whim a few days ago, another super-random Compelled/illogical selection from the library, an NRA gun book, when I have zero logical interest in the NRA or guns and the like) and then start that particular book today (selecting it from several on a Compelling/Noticing, after buying it super-randomly yesterday on a similar Compelling, despite already having another book lined up, etc) -- and subtler contextual elements, all fitting the pattern.

One standout in this regard: a classical "question and answer," beginning this morning when I'd saw an "Operator" model handgun in the magazine and had the distinct thought of, "What does Operator refer to?," since I'd heard of "operatives" and the like but not that exact term, and it again Stood Out to me, my taking particular, unwarranted interest in knowing what this random term meant -- and then in the book at lunch, soon after, it mentioned "operators" several times in the same military/intelligence context, using the word enough to demonstrate to me its meaning and thus answer my "question," haha.

The magazine/book parallels came along with a bunch of that other, patternistic super-subtle, largely subjective activity that's been arriving during the "synchronistic state" clusters I've come to identify as of late. It was that same, distinct mix of one-word environmental/reading/random-thought echoes, and some personal thematics involving the book too, with almost all of this activity being just too complicated/subjective/vague to convey (yet again highly notable, today of that rarer "graduated" level of complexity and texture and ridiculous surreality that I've seen before, absolutely living-dream).

Did have a couple standouts that were coherent enough to note:

> Another of those sudden, singular, classical, and highly notable/profound/surreal "involutnary bodily function echoed in reading"-types. It began with an equally sudden and singular "opening" of the neck, as I've had super-rarely in the past, where that terrible constriction/non-circulation in the neck and shoulders that I've had for however many years has let up for no apparent reason, bringing wonderful blood flow and a general sense of "ahhh!," as to give me pause and make me think something like "blood flow" -- precisely as I randomly and singularly came to "free flow" in the book, another of those that could've easily echoed either the sudden actual flowing blood/circulation or my immediately thought in reaction to it. In any case, highly notable.

> Another of those long, perfectly patternistic "two nearby strangers in intense/involved conversation repeatedly echoing my random reading/thoughts/feelings, etc"-type ones, and this one was, overall, probably the most profound and surreal and notable one to date, with probably not less than two dozen hits over the course of 20 minutes or so, again with varying degrees of precision and timing but generally erring towards the "loose and vague and slightly delayed" sort (yet again no less notable or effective for it, it just reaching that point of being a running, living-dream "meta-incident" where it just went far past the point of being reasonably dismissed as any sort of chance or subconscious suggestion or any other "normal" explanation). And again, ironically, for all the many hits, only a few were remotely conveyable. The only really coherent/objectively notable standout I can remember: another involuntary-bodily-function one, this time beginning when I suddenly felt that good, uninflamed, "emptied" feeling deep in the guts, which always arrives an hour or so after the kind of good colonic I got at the clinic today, as to even out my breathing and allow me to sit comfortably and without back pain/irritation, and thus make me think something like "I'm emptied out of all that crap, finally" -- and then, maybe a second or two later, one of the two nearby strangers started telling the other about how his friend was "full of poop," echoing my thoughts of crap/feces but also perhaps echoing the "emptied colon" sentiment in that "perfect opposite" fashion (and, if I'm not mistaken, the poop comment was meant literally, as in the man's friend was mad at him for insinuating that the friend had a bunch of backed-up feces in his colon, that which is remedied by the sort of colonic therapy I'd had this morning and was thinking of when I felt the random, involuntary emptying just then ...).

And once again, thought-type activity took an abrupt downturn after lunch and for a couple hours after, and I still can't tie it to any sort of obvious trigger (other than maybe digestion and its physical/consciousness shift?). It did resume slightly towards mid-afternoon, but only with more of those scattered, singular, individually unnotable one-words and thematics and the like, before falling off to nothing by the time I got home.

One standoutish example: a radio/random thought one, beginning with another long, random, 100% traceable chain of thought that ended with how I had no idea if I was going on the trip south or even what I planned to do tonight or tomorrow, that I just presently live so much in the moment that it's impossible for me to plan anything in advance -- and then, a split second later on the radio, it randomly/singularly sang out "I don't know the future / I live day-to-day," another perfect echo of the underlying sentiment that still lay fresh across my mind.

Numbers were there today, but only periodically and generally as only low-key 37-plates in traffic and the like, a generally "quiet" day in this regard, with minimal even semi-conspicuous ones or upticks in other repeats. The large majority of them again followed that "strictly after-lunch" pattern, with the exception of a cool semi-standout double this morning on the drive to the clinic, beginning when I stopped to pump gas and the "Gallons pumped" readout ended up at exactly 17.399 (for the amount that I'd prepaid for, such that I couldn't possibly have known it would bring about this figure, plus several other notable and patternistic little context logistics that made this one especially notable for me personally), and then, maybe 30 seconds later after I left the pump and merged onto 17 into traffic, I ended up directly behind a truck with a 173 plate (also in a subtly conspicuous/patternistic way).

Did have a few of those semi-conspicuous "animated"/"revealed"-type ones, including a cool double/hybrid one at the library, beginning when I had another of those where, precisely as I looked behind me to back out of a parking space, a car passed by, its 473 plate entering directly/effortlessly into where I was already looking. And then, immediately after, less than a second, as I looked the other way to see if anyone else was coming, I saw a truck with "FIRE" in big letters on its door, as to be directly where I was looking, and also the truck had just pulled up and stopped there too, when it wouldn't otherwise have been in my way or caught my attention -- precisely as the radio randomly sang out "FIRE!," as to coincide perfectly with my reading/registering the truck's text, in that super-surreal and patternistic way.


A silent morning, and pretty much the same for lunchtime reading too. Really the only activity I saw during lunch was incidental, regarding more of those conspicuous/highly unlikely parallels between that random NRA magazine and the 'Benghazi' book, now spanning between the last part of the magazine from last night and the section of the book I read today. Most were subtle and individually dismissible, etc, but there were a few reasonably coherent ones, such as both referencing "Old West gunfighters" specifically, each referencing a company called GRS (different company but same acronym), each describing flat/hidden/"pancake"-type holsters that disguise someone's pistol when carrying it. And, most notably, just about all these "little" parallels were originally Noticed by me when I read of them in the magazine, Standing Out in that subtle and indescribable yet fully patternistic and subjectively coherent way. Also intermixed alongside these were a few very profound, albeit fully subjective/unconveyable, personal thematics and the like (again made all the more notable by my Just Happening to be experiencing/thinking/going through certain things in my life, then reading this ridiculously random book that echoed them in various capacities ...). Another classical "super-subtle thematic cluster," as it were.

And that was the gist of the thought-type activity today, and consistently reflective of my deeply headsick/blutned/"inner-deadness" state today. The only other activity I remember was maybe 3-4 very small and subtle/non-striking one-word-type of echoes and the like, and a few more random thematics and such.

Did have one cool standout, another sudden, singular coherent one. It was another stark "radio echoing my precise, in-the-moment thought"-type one, beginning when I was checking out at the health store and standing at the counter, and this elderly lady sidled right up beside me and put her stuff right with mine on the counter, then proceeded to stand uncomfortably close, and on the wrong side, and also mumbling and making odd noises, and just acting generally bizarre, which caused me to distinctly think something like "weird lady" -- precisely as "a strange lady" sang randomly and singularly from the overhead radio. I want to say that this one was one of those where the thought and the lyric were so precisely coincidental as to "intertwine," but I can't say for sure, still being so distracted by the bizarre woman huddling close to me and being a general distraction. Was very notable and surreal anyhow.

There were also some of those super-super-subtle ones scattered about the day, even subtler than the longwinded thematics and the like, the same kind I've noted before but really only lately have gotten a grasp on and gotten good at spotting, patternistically speaking. Again, these were even easier to individually dismiss, but taken together just brought about another sort of no-less-surreal/notable background static for periods during the day. Couple standoutish examples:

> This morning, I'd wanted to go to that one coffee place with the good cold-brew but I'd thought about how I'd like just a slightly smaller cup of it, again very vaguely and disinterestedly but distinctly -- and then, when I went and ordered, the cashier came up with a cup that was only about 4/5ths full because they'd run out and it was all they had, and it turned out to be exactly the amount I'd wanted earlier, haha. An "ask-n-receive," this one.

> When at the market and opening my wallet to pay, I'd therefore seen the receipt from the vitamin place, and had the absent thought about how they don't put surveys on it anymore -- a split second before the market's kiosk spit out its receipt, which had a survey on it, and which is again mildly notable in itself, due to the "echoing general receipt sentiment" aspect, but even moreso considering that the receipt surveys at this market are so random and rare, with this being maybe the second I've ever gotten there after shopping regularly, almost daily, for years now ...

Numbers were much the same today, present but fewer, and generally low-key (though I did notice an inordinate amount of 22s and variants today, quite a few of these now that I think about it, on both plates and other random sources, and a few of them semi-conspicuous too, even). Today followed the "strictly after lunch" rule, but not that *immediately* after-lunch pattern, with that seeming to have fallen out of vogue as of late. Today it was just a slow afternoon appearance and ramp-up of low-key plate-numbers mostly, then subsiding to "silence" by the time I started home.

Did have one cool standout, another echo/plate-number back-to-back combo sort of like yesterday's fire-truck one. It started with one of those "challenge thought"/"instantaneous answer"-type ones, when, just after lunch in the vitamin place parking lot, I'd had the vague but distinct thought of, "Okay, it's after lunch, where are the 37-plates?" in that sort of skeptical and involuntary manner -- a split second before a came upon a 973-plate on a parked car I had to pass directly by, as is the "answering" pattern with these, as well as being somewhat "animated." And then, precisely as I registered the 973 plate, "your number" sang from the radio -- potentially chance due to its loose precision, but the timing and pattern were dead on (I'm again unable to say for sure that this one was tight enough for that "intertwining" effect, but in any case, it was no more than a fraction of a second after I'd registered the 973 plate and thus thought something along the lines of "37-plate/number repeat," etc).


First activity I recall today was another lunchtime cluster, again in that same vein of "a whole bunch of individually dismissible small/super-subtle/subjective/environmental echoes and thematics" of late, except today even more discreet and low-key, with not one single standout incident to note. Still, again managed to reach that surreal "synchronistic state" feeling, very much so actually, with the external world again eerily reflecting the internal, with thoughts/book reading/feelings, etc, regularly being echoed or paralleled in some fashion. No big nearby-stranger-conversation cluster today (though I have to wonder if maybe I derailed/interrupted this sort of thing today, since there was a pair of women conversing heatedly nearby most of the time, and I kept finding myself seeking out echoes from their conversation and the book, rather than my just focusing on myself and my reading and letting it "flow," as seems to be the key to the phenomenon, as so often demonstrated in regards to traffic numbers and the like).

From there, had a window of an hour or so with almost total silence, starkly without an after-lunch wave of numbers or anything else, immediate or otherwise. Then, suddenly while on the highway, had a cluster of several of those slightly graduated-type thought/radio echoes, still just one-words mostly but now perfectly timed and precise, as to be "striking." Few examples I got down:

> This one began with another fully objective, independent event in the form of my getting cold after driving awhile in the drafty convertible on the chilly day, my legs particularly, and thus going to put the heat on, first switching it to the foot-level blower and so seeing the little icon with the air blowing onto the little man's feet, and thus absently thinking something like "little man's feet" -- precisely as the radio randomly sang out "his feet," another of those both perfectly timed (as to "intertwine" with my thought/registering of the little-man icon) and also perfectly precise due to its echoing of my thought of the little icon-man's feet, not *my* feet (hence, *his* feet, haha).

> Getting hit with a sudden, random, singular gust of wind, rocking the car, perfectly precisely as I passed a sign with "THE WINDS" in big letters on it, such that again my registering the words coincided in "intertwining" fashion with the fully objective, random event of the wind gust (was not a windy day, even ...)

> On the smallish side: precisely as I registered "ZIPLINE" on a billboard as it came into view, the radio sang out "line," and the same for "island" and a billboard reading "ISLAND BREEZE" later on in the day

> And then on the more complicated and notable side: precisely as the radio sang out "the hills," another billboard came into view, this one reading "MULCH," superimposed over three big, mountain-shaped mounds of mulch -- what looked exactly like three little hills, haha

Numbers did eventually show up, with no particular pattern/timing today, just eventually having a few traffic-plate 37s creep in here and there, before gradually building up into another low-key background static as I drove around and ran errands and the like. And, interestingly, today was another Wilmington/drive north day, such that it proved to break that "sudden mini-storm of activity upon heading to Wilmington" pattern (coincidentally just after I noted it so clearly last trip, on the 14th, which suggests maybe my observing the pattern/noting it maybe thwarted it similarly to the way active observance thwarts individual incidents; or, alternately, maybe it was because I was returning so soon, so that it wasn't "fresh" like other times, sort of like when heading into the city and how a few of the latter trips saw very little activity at key times?).

Had few to no real standout numbers today, not even any overly conspicuous traffic plates now that I think about it. Though, I do recall a reasonable amount of semi-conspicuous "everywhere/randomly sourced" 37s and the like, such as when I went to the bathroom at that market and there were a couple random boxes with great big 4-digit 37-variants printed on them, conspicuously/patternistically right where I had to walk, etc. Also, had a couple cute little receipt-type ones I discovered upon getting home, such as a "17:17:13" timestamp (when today featured an inordinate number of 17s/711s and variants in particular, I remember) and another of those "stopping off at a totally random, spur-of-moment place for some totally random, spur-of-the-moment stuff and having the total come to some 37-variant," this time $33.07 exactly, haha.


Lunchtime echoes kicked off the day's activity, after a fully silent morning, and this one was almost exactly like yesterday, a mix of various super-subtle, almost all individually dismissible little echoes and thematics and recurrences/parallels, etc, about as "quiet" as could be while there being any sort of "in the synchronistic state"-type level of activity. And so it went for the rest of the day, thought-wise, with barely even the thematics and such most of the time, just little brief periods of super-subtles here and there (and again corresponding with that terrible blunted headsickness I've been having, reflecting my inner/mental deadness).

Did have another of those random sudden super-coherent "striking" standouts, and this one especially cool and notable, for several reasons. It started when I parked and turned off the rental car for the first time after picking it up, and was shocked to find the seat automatically moving back on its rails, presumably a sort of luxury feature so that it would be easier for me to get out of the door -- with the movement coming perfectly synchronistically with the radio randomly singing out "take me back-back-back-back-back," which is 100% precisely how I registered the sudden unexpected movement sending me backward into the car's rear, with my reactive thought upon registering the movement something like "moving back/I'm going back," etc. And this one was just as objective and indepedent/impossible to subconsciously orchestrate as it sounds, since I had no idea that the seat would do that once I cut off the car (the man at the rental agency had driven it up to the front and left it running as we inspected it, etc, so that it was already running and adjusted when I got in originally), not that I had any control over the radio's singing that out just then, etc. Living-dream in every way, and another "laughed my ass off"-inducing "animated"/"dramatic" effect.

Numbers were also much like yesterday, more present and numerous than thought-type stuff though still largely low-key. Today, however, the activity did definitely start strictly after lunch, and immediately so, with another one of those perfectly patternistic ones where just seconds after I'd picked up from lunch and stepped away from the coffee shop (not even using the bathroom there today, and I'd been eating on the patio, such that I literally just put my things away and stepped into the parking lot), I found myself face-to-face with the first 37-plate of the day -- a "super-conspicuous/animated/directly in my line of sight"-type one at that, when a van with a 773 plate turned into the exit driveway *just at the precise instant* as I turned from the shop and stepped into the lot, and also *just at the precise angle and height* that the plate would be effortlessly in my vision at that moment, etc, etc -- just incredibly surreal, however "small" seeming when written down. And this one was even a bit more notable in context, too, because I'd actually seen the van when it arrived (also with a nearly identical "turning at the precise time and angle so that I'd see its plate effortlessly," except in reverse, with it parking), and I'd thought its plate read 773 but I wasn't sure because I didn't have my glasses on at the time, and so I didn't note it despite its conspicuousness/timing, etc -- but, just like others of this kind, it all happened again when I left, exactly like other times when I'd initially gone without noting an incident for whatever reason, then had it repeat conspicuously soon after so that I'd finally note it ...

Had several other straight-up conspicuous and semi- plate-37s today, including at the market when walking through the parking lot and, right as I rounded one parked car, another car was backing into the space I'd almost walked into, its 730 plate "arriving" into view, again directly and effortlessly in my line of sight, and in that "forced attention" fashion since I had to zig left to avoid being in its path, etc. Also, another of those "37-plate cars parking nearby as I was inside somewhere," thus creating another parking-lot-type one conspicuously, which happened at the rental place today when, between my getting there and signing the paperwork and everything and finally getting in the car to go, a car had parked in front of my rental, such that I saw its 738 plate, haha.

Also, another cute "exactly 1:37 timestamp" receipt, this one with notable context, considering that, first, my going to this market at all was totally random, but also that, before I did so, I equally randomly went to the hardware place nearby to get something I'd suddenly and super-randomly come to need -- another of the "whole bunch of conspicuously super-random logistical little things amounting to my making that purchase at exactly 1:37" (oh, another one that I just remembered: the cashier who rung me up at the market did so ridiculously fast, I'd noticed then, like maybe 2-3 seconds between my walking up to her and paying and then getting my receipt, haha).

Besides those, had another gradual afternoon ramp-up into semi-steady low-key 37-plates and random/everywhere-sourced "world" 37s in various places I can't now remember, before again leveling off into silence by the ride home.

Also had another of those really really bizarre, unclassifiable recurrences, much like that time recently when I found the two bat-themed pieces of litter hours apart. This time it was a recurrence of fabric pattern swatches, the kind at wallpaper stores and decorators' and the like, beginning I think 2-3 days ago when, first, I picked up one random swatch while gathering litter, after lunch or something like that in one part of town, and then, hours later when I went to throw it away at the park's trash receptacle area (way far away from where I'd found the swatch), I opened a recycling bin to throw my paper in after throwing out the trash in the dumpster (with the swatch in it), and there inside were several more fabric swatches -- which stood out to me, first, because they obviously didn't belong in the paper-recyclables bin, but also of course because I'd just thrown out that initial swatch in the dumpster feet away, such that it was a sort of mini recurrence in itself, but not really coherent/unlikely enough to note. But then today, when passing by a random dumpster by the library, I'd felt distinctly Compelled to pick up some trash scattered around it, which I did after coming out of the library, throwing the trash into the dumpster in question -- and there inside were more swatches, this time a whole bunch of them, bags worth, as if a store had gone out of business or changed its whole stock or something, and all not only super-randomly (when I can't remember the last time I've seen any swatches thrown out as trash, if I ever have period) but on a distinct Compelling to boot. Still, not 100% impossible that it was just chance, but damn weird and damn funny and damn surreal all the same.


Had some cool morning activity today, a couple standout echoes instead of thematic-types (in fact, I don't remember any thematics at all this morning).

First: another of those "having the lyrics from a random song looping through my head as to echo what I was doing, radio-style," this time the song singing "take your bags" precisely as I opened my closet to dig out the bag for the rebounder, and again perfectly synchronistic and not of my own will/volition/involuntarily, the headsong just "playing" through on its own and Just Happening to echo what I did precisely then, exactly like past such incidents of these.

Then, a little later: a cool and somewhat unique sort of slight-delay reading/random thought echo. It started when, right as I laid down on the couch for after-chore reading, I suddenly Noticed the sign above the door leading out to the back, which says "WELCOME TO THE PORCH," but I swear that, somehow, I read it as "welcome to the jungle" instead, no idea how -- in any case, it left me with the thought "welcome to the jungle" fresh in my mind as I laid down to read. Then, maybe 4-5 seconds later when I unfolded the first leaf of newspaper and began reading, the first thing I saw was a big article for the movie 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.' Pretty notable, not only due to the express oddness alongside the precision, but also because of the context in which I was reading this newspaper at all, because I'd been totally Compelled to read it specifically, despite my having an unfinished magazine to read, which I never do, as a rule, always having finished my current magazine before moving onto anything else -- except for today, per this Compelling. And, there's also the fact that I even had this newspaper in the first place, since I'd only gotten it in order to get at the cartoon page that I assumed was somehwere within, having just grabbed a big stack of random, loose newspaper leafs that were atop the recycling bin at the park (they weren't even a complete newspaper, but rather just various leafs and such from a couple different ones -- yet I'd managed to Just Happen to get the one that echoed my ridiculously weird and random and distorted misconception of the porch sign, out of the whole stack -- and, of course, the paper was folded up when I grabbed it, such that I couldn't have seen the Jumanji article even subconsciously, haha).

Seems like I had a couple other, lesser echoes of this same basic type/feel this morning, also, though I can't now recall them.

Next, lunchtime reading was more or less the same as recently, with a handful of slight, scattered, very small "environmental"-type thought/reading echoes through the meal, again almost exclusively individually dismissible, and never really graduating into anything more before just evaporating by the time I'd finished, again just enough to signal the "synchronistic state" but remain largely subjective and objectively unnotable. One semi-coherent example: when I randomly came to "Fourth Ring Road" in the book, precisely as a nearby stranger's phone randomly rang (first ring, after being silent that is), with it, first, being a classical-phone "ring!" ringtone, and, also, with the "Ring" in the book coinciding perfectly with the phone's first ring.

Then, similar to the most recent pattern as of late, had an hour or so period of total silence after lunch and on the drive south, followed by the sudden return of the echoes, and now in graduated/coherent fashion. Actually had quite a few total, though most were of that "small-but-striking"/can't-be-conveyed/in-the-moment kind. Standouts I got down:

> A radio/thought/event-type one, very notable, beginning when I rounded a curve in the road and emerged into a big, long, open cut, as to be able to see far in the distance after being largely enclosed by trees and the like, at the end of which was a big conspicuous tower, so far away as to be hazy, forcing me to squint and focus on it to see it -- precisely as "stare into the distance" sang randomly and singularly from the radio, and perfectly precise in regards to my prolongued straining to see the tower. And, to make this one even more notable and just damn weird too: this one happened at the exact site of two other incidents (at the "Debordieu" sign alongside 17 near Georgetown I think it is), for three total now, all on separate times, and exactly like several other geographically-centered "hot spots" I've noticed, such as those leading to Wilmington. Super damn surreal.

> A cool double, beginning when the radio randomly sang out "praying for a miracle" precisely as I passed a roadside sign about "praying" in the yard of a church, and then, a split second later as my attention was drawn to this really nice restored old and unique yellow sportscar in the adjacent lot, the radio sang out "a window!" precisely as the car's door opened, causing its window to flare out (which is what I saw most prominently, the window, with it being of the unframed, open kind you see on little cars). Another one of those that really could only be fully appreciated when experienced, due to the back-to-back occurrence and the animated quality of the opening door, etc

> Example of the smaller ones: randomly and genuinely wondering what the temperature was, thus causing me to check the reading on the car's dash display, which read "59 degrees out," phrased that way exactly, "out" instead of "outside" or something -- perfectly synchronistic with the radio randomly singinng "out," another "intertwined" one that managed to synchroshock me despite its "smallness"

> Another super-cool albeit "little" one, when I saw another, different tower in the distance and had it oddly capture my attention, and, right as I watched its strobe light blink for the first time (on a long delay, as it were), the radio randomly and singularly sang out "put your lights on," haha

Numbers were there, but very low-key today, despite my highway travel and general "activeness" today. All were again strictly after-lunch, but unlike yesterday, they just eventually appeared sometime afterward, not immediately or even soon afterward, just beginning with a few random little traffic and parking-lot plates. Though, that's actually true only for 37s, because I did have a couple of stray, possibly-coincidence 1111s on the way to lunch, and then one more-notable one that *was* immediately after lunch, again as immediate as could be right, occurring right as I walked out of the food court and started for the parking lot, when I was Compelled to pick up a random piece of litter that turned out to be another receipt, and with an 11:11 timestamp on it prominently, exactly like most others of the "found litter" type, where the receipt was folded and crumpled so that the only visible text when I picked it up was that "Time: 11:11PM" or whatever it read, haha.

Other than that, I don't remember anything beyond small, low-key ones throughout the day, with no conspicuous ones.

Then an interesting word/random-thought type recurrence tonight, a "late" one during before-bed magazine reading. It started yesterday when, while reading the Benghazi book where the men are on rooftops and shooting at attackers, it made me think of a Youtube video I watched a while ago involving a nearly identical situation, in which one of the defending military guys called the Arab attackers niggers, which then caused me to think about how odd it was, using the slur in the context of Middle Easterns/non-blacks, etc. Then, tonight in the magazine, totally offhand in this random write-up about a racially-motivated Kansas shooting between an American man and an Indian immigrant, the man was quoted as calling the Indian a "sand nigger" before shooting him -- another highly precise echo of the underlying essence of "white military man referring to a non-black as a nigger," and again in that "tight for a word/reading recurrence" fashion, same pattern, and of course this was actually the first I'd ever heard that term used in that context since perhaps I'd first watched that video, years and years ago, etc. And again even more notable given to total randomness of the recurrence, where it didn't come in the logical source that was the book, but instead came in through that ridiculously random magazine, again chosen totally at random and in the most indirect of ways (and even of a totally non-military subject matter, being a technology magazine, Wired, whereas the book was strictly a military-history-type affair). Another one of those "really damn unlikely when you think about it" ones.


Big uptick today, corresponding with no one thing -- travel, change in consciousness/health, general shift in routine and stuff.

Morning was quietly active again, similar to a few other days lately, with some scattered, small, striking, yet subjective/largely too complicated/"in the moment" to convey, again regarding primarily my random thoughts/actions/readings/experiences. Did have a cool little more-coherent cluster of those "randomly read phrases echoing objective events and traceable chains of thought, etc," such as randomly doing a back stretch for my upper back, thus contorting my shoulders in a fluid motion, precisely as I came to "the roll of his shoulders" in the morning's random-freebie magazine (another where the text was visible to me when I initiated the action, but it didn't really matter, since I'd been doing these stretches for the past few minutes, every minute or so, and have been doing so regularly every morning for a while now -- and, of course, it was identical to others patternistically at the same time, etc, etc, etc ...).

Also, had a damn cool, albeit super-subtle and subjective/in-the-moment, 37 "sighting." It happened while I was randomly looking at the books on the shelf in the place (curiously drawn to them, though not quite Compelled/Noticing, etc), when I came to a boxed set of books, 7 total but with several missing, and the numbers in big, prominent print at the top of the spines, with only the #s 1, 3, 6, and 7 present -- but, due to the light, white color of the #6 and the play of the early-morning light in the room, I didn't at first register that one, such that it was just a white blur, thus bringing out the #s 1, 3, and 7 -- all, in effect, coming together, in the split second that I saw the books and registered all this and the illusion it created, to "smack" me with a super-surreal and bizarre and unique 137. And, interestingly, this one fits the pattern of other such "obscured-digit"-type ones, such as several signs and such I can remember where one or two digits were missing or otherwise invisible or unreadable, only to result in some conspicuous repeat. Not impossible it was chance, but, given the context of all these and everythign in general ... probably not.

After that, a similar quiet but very present cluster on the drive to church, beginning with a reasonably numerous and notable succession of numbers, these almost exclusivly 37s from various sources, beginning when, as I stopped at the end of the driveway and had to wait a moment for some slow-moving traffic to pass, I turned my head and noticed the #1137 mailbox directly to my right. And from there it was like a faucet was turned, with the plates just coming steadily, and at times even one after the other, and sometimes with multiple plates visible at once. Lasted all during the drive to the highway, then on and off the highway, and even once I got to church and found myself in the middle of a parking lot with 3-4 more parked ones (and several more having arrived while I was inside, such that I was hit with even more on the way out, haha).

Had some radio/thought/event echoes during this time too, though not much, disproportional to the number-type activity occurring. Examples:

> On the highway, watching one nearby car cut in front of another, forcing the second one to slow down with a sudden, violet jerk, precisely as the radio randomly (though not singularly; it was a repeating chorus) sang "slow down"

> Then, far more notable: precisely as I opened the bag of litter in the car to throw something in and thus saw a cup in there with a big, firefighter's emblem of two crossed fire axes (a Firehouse Subs paper drink cup I think), the radio randomly sang out "chopper" (axes chop, etc). This was another "bigger and more surreal/notable than it sounds when written down"-type ones, due, first, to the absolutely precise, "intertwining" timing between the random lyric and my dramatically opening the bag (it was a plastic bag with the handles tied together to keep the trash inside, such that I couldn't see the cup and its emblem until I untied them both, thus dramatically "revealing" it in that distinct and hugely synchronistic "animated" fashion of so many of these), but then, second, the context of my having this cup in the first place, because I'd just picked it up the evening before, as random litter in the parking lot of that hospital I'd stopped in only to park and check directions on my phone, etc -- where I'd been Compelled to pull into, after driving for miles and repeatedly getting that "no, don't stop yet" feeling until I suddenly got the equally illogical green light to stop at the hospital and park and get out and stretch my legs a bit while checking my phone, during which I saw that cup, a lone piece of litter in the parking lot, and was equally Compelled to pick it up and tie up the bag, thus having it Just Happen to be there, waiting, when I opened it precisely during the "chopper" lyric this morning, haha.

Had another, similar one like these later in the day, another of those singular, sudden ones interrupting a long period of silence, when "ran" sang from the radio precisely as a nearby pedestrian burst into a sudden, brief, second-long sprint in order to get out of the way of an oncoming car, with the lyric coinciding perfectly with both the man's strikingly sudden and conspicuous shift from walking to running, as well as my registering the whole thing, as to be yet another "doesn't translate to text"-type ones.

Lunchtime reading: again almost exactly like yesterday and others of late, that "sudden onset of a scattered succesion of super-subtle one-word environmental/random-thought/event reading echoes and super-personal/subjective thematics." The best example I got down was randomly coming to "looking forward" in the book precisely as a nearby stranger said "forward," after probably a half-dozen or more prior, almost identical little one-word echoes -- another long, involved coffee-shop conversation between two people, as it were (another little semi-standout involving these same people: my coming to "burst out laughing" precisely as one of them burst out laughing, explicitly so, having until then being somber and serious, discussing something about having problems adjusting to where one of them was living, or something I was trying not to overhear for several reasons, haha). And really, though these were almost 100% unquotable/conveyable, these are still really damn notable if only for their example, establishing such a stark, repeating, explicit (albeit almost purely subjective) pattern, and of such obscure and unrelated events to boot.

And again adhering to this pattern, thought-type activity largely ceased through all the rest of the afternoon, shifting back to that (again perfectly patternistic of last few days) mode of "periodic brief patches of scattered, super-subtle, can't-be-conveyed small echoes and thematics/in-the-moment recurrences, etc," seeming to just phase in and out at random as I went about errands and the like, mostly in the form of those easily individually dismissible one-words and the like (and, sometimes, just one-letters or half-words, all sorts of those teensy tiny fleeting bits and pieces of my moment-to-moment thoughts and feelings and experiences being echoed in some fashion in external reality).

And then, also fitting this pattern, it all settled down by evening and the time I got home and "shut down" for the day.


Another highly similar, generally patternistic day, very much like yesterday (don't think I've seen such a strict, regular adherence to an overarching pattern in activity for so long, that I can remember).

Morning involved another brief little cluster of reading/thought/event echoes just like yesterday, almost exactly the same time and activities and underlying mechanics/behavior/nature of incidents, differing only in manifest/specifics, etc. Again a handful of these beginning right on the dot with after-chore reading (must be something to do with the general shift in consciousness/relaxation/change in focus that occurs then).

Best example: a classical "random but traceable chain of thought ending on a specific thing, a split second before turning the page in the magazine and being conspicuously greeted by an echo of that thing," today beginning when I thought about those raw-onion snacks I've been eating and how they've definitely been bothering my guts, thus causing me to think about eating them and specifically their breadcrumb-like coating and crunchy texture, simultaneously visualizing something along these lines in my mind's eye -- just before I turned the page to a big cereal ad headed with big text reading "YEP, STILL CRUNCHY," haha. Others were low-key and "smaller" but still fitting that exact same pattern and behavior, and nearly as notable.

Then the morning drive to the clinic and lunch were also like yesterday, filled with a reasonably numerous and notable/conspicuous cluster of 37-plates in traffic and the like (though, unlike yesterday, no echoes or other thought-type activity during this time, which might've had something to do with the morning's headsickness, which was much lesser yesterday). Amongst a semi-regular stream of low-key plates, had a cool double/"animated" one, when a tractor-trailer with a big 837 on the trailer pulled out at an intersection I was stopped at, right as I got there, and then, as it completed its turn, the trailer briefly "aligned" with a random road sign with "730" printed at the top, haha. Then, minutes later when I reached the plaza, a "Compelled parking space 37-plate" one, classical in every way. And then, in the clinic, a sort of spin on the "cashier quoting a 37-containing price when I was conspicuously in earshot," when the attendant there, while working with the next patient in the machine, said "37 seconds," in regards to the random, sporadic countdown she was doing (the previous quote was "83 seconds" or some odd number, and then after the 37 it was 13 or something -- not sequential, totally random, that is).

Also, had a damn cool, unique 37-repeat just after the appointment, and with those super-notable elements of "intelligence" and playfulness. It started yesterday when I went to the first appointment at the clinic and, turning in, I distinctly Noticed this paper drink cup thrown out as trash in the parking lot of a restaurant, but I didn't have time to stop and get it. Then, today while there on the second trip, I saw the same cup and Noticed it the same way and thus vowed to go by and grab it after the appointment, which I did, but upon pulling into the lot and going to the space where I'd seen the cup, it wasn't there -- and in its place with a truck with a 307-ending plate, haha. Another of those that's notable on the outset, but given the subjective Compelling/Noticing element, plus the truck being *right there* in that one particular spot ... (maybe its owner was the one who finally picked up the cup).

Lunchtime reading was very very quiet today, but of the few incidents that were there, they were all distinctly of that same newish variant of super-subtle/distorted/subjective/complicated echoes and thematics and such I've been having during lunchtime reading lately, again adhering to this most recent little daylong pattern. The only remotely coherent example here: it started when, in front of me, a car passed through the drive-thru I was sitting by, and from the corner of my eye I saw one of its tires bounce like it had hit a pothole in the paved drive, thus causing me to absently think something like "hit a pothole there" -- precisely as I came to "hole in the cement" in the book (and, interestingly, I looked at the spot where the tire-bounce had occurred, afterward, and I didn't see anything there that might've caused it, such that I have to wonder, with my glasses off, if I didn't just think I saw a pothole-like bounce -- but, once again, it wouldn't really matter, because whether the pothole was actually there or not, I still *thought* it was there and thus had the pothole thought, sort of obeying that weird, arbitrary logic involved in ones like the "Welcome to the Porch" sign/Jungle one from a couple days ago).

Numbers started back after lunch again, and today in that "not quite immediately but very soon after getting on the road," within that loose timeframe of several other days recently (rather than that "lazy," random one). It started with another moderate showing of low-key 37-plates much like that pre-lunch cluster, before eventually graduating slightly to multiple parking-lots/conspicuous-traffic ones, including a cool "reckless driver" one where a car swerved recklessly in front of me to pass the car in front of them, thus revealing the slower car's 307 plate, and in dramatic "animated"/"revealing" fashion.

Also, had another of those "big sudden cluster of 37-plates congregated at an intersection," very much like that one on the way to Wilmington the other day. It was another one where, on the surface, it would seem to be notable but not hugely so, when in reality, when experienced, it was another super-surreal one, in a way that just had to be experienced to be done justice. It started with a great big succession of plates coming into view of me in sequence upon my arriving at the intersection, probably 4-5 and all drifting into my line of sight in that distinct "effortless" and "animated" fashion, just one after another, wham-bam-style for all their simpleness/"smallness," and eventually culminating in another deal where, once at a full stop, I was pretty much surrounded by a buckshot of 37 plates amongst the many cars stopped there. But then there's another element to this too, that "geographical" one I've noted recently, because I can remember at least one or two other times when I've had some semi-conspicuous 37-related sightings at this very same intersection (a regular bottleneck on this road, lots of stopping there -- a contributing factor to this maybe, the regular congregating/stopping of so many drivers having some effect on the very space there, their consciousness causing some sort of "magnet" for the phenomenon there?). And, if I'm not mistaken, one of the 37-cars there today, a lawn-company truck with a big trailer with a big prominent 737-suffix phone number printed on it, I'm pretty sure this truck was there at that very intersection on another of these similar, past incidents (though I'm not 100% on this, or even 80, it's just more a vague, deja-vu-like sense of repetition I had upon seeing that truck there specifically).

And next, also like lately, had a few more scattered, late-afternoon thought-type activity after a long silence. Examples I got down:

> A cut-and-dry classical "random-thought/radio"-type echo, beginning with a long, traceable chain of thought stemming from how I would arrange the logistics of dropping off the rental car and picking up the van, etc, thus causing me to eventually think about maybe getting the rental company or the garage to give me a ride one way or another, and again with a vague visualization of this in my mind's eye, something involving me getting into the passenger's seat of a car and driving off -- precisely as "pick you up" sang randomly and singularly from the radio, and in the same context of getting picked up in a car for a ride.

> Then two more in the waiting room of the garage, also classical and perfectly patternistic, now of the "public nearby TV randomly echoing my thoughts/reading," this time echoing two random bits of text I came to in the equally random golf magazine I was reading at the time (which, once again, I was Compelled distinctly to select from a whole table with stacks and stacks of magazines). The first was loose and "small," but highly notable due to its subjective elements, that super-perfect coincidence resulting in "intertwining": precisely as I read "[Someone's name, I can't remember what] is coming" in the magazine, the TV randomly said "We are coming," with the "comings" again coinciding perfectly (and this one was especially striking when experienced, even moreso than other similar ones, in a way that is simply indescribable and vague even to me). And then, with that same eerily super-striking quality, my randomly reading "tour" precisely as the TV said "tour."


Still in the same overall groove, continuing this current run of patternistic days for the most part, but with less overall activity today (this coinciding with my only being out for a "half" day today, interestingly).

Morning saw another near-exact repeat of the "several after-chore-reading echoes"-type little cluster of activity, and though there were standouts in there, I simply can't remember them (not because of too many or anything, just forgot them before I could write them down this time, haha). Today had one exception though: a biggish cluster of numbers, all in the form of these super-subtle/random/super-"small" ones in the particular freebie magazine I read this morning, another of those deals where the magazine was just riddled with all sorts of random, offhand 37s and variants, all individually dismissible but, after the maybe two or three dozen that were in there (and only so far, for I haven't even finished it yet), plus the patternistic element -- pretty surreal. For instance: the date is listed as "November 13th, 2017" (11/13/17), and there are about a dozen year models and other numbered specifics in cars that have 37s, plus all sorts of others I can't even remember -- and just like this has happened several other times (with magazines, no less). There were personal, super-subjective thematics mixed in with the magazine as well (in addition to the "normal" reading echoes of this time of day as of late), as to be a pretty surreal read, even moreso than my "normally" living-dream ones ...

Didn't have any "on the way to lunch"-type activity today (corresponding with a sudden onset of headsickness, absent on other, active days coincidentally), but then lunchtime reading, too, fell back into the pattern, with another scattered cluster of the same environmental small/subtle echoes and the like spanning my thoughts and reading and other random things. Saw more overall activity in this regard today though, and more coherently for the most part too, though most of it remained too subtle or subjective/complicated to convey. The standoutish ones I got down:

> Had yet another of those "two nearby strangers engaged in involved conversation and randomly echoing my thoughts/reading repeatedly," two women at the next immediate table this time, and with only a few "hits," though just enough, and just patternistic enough, to be notable (example: one randomly and singularly saying "source" precisely as I read that, as randomly/singularly, in the book). Today, though, there was a more-notable and coherent one mixed in, not an echo but a vague-thought recurrence, beginning yesterday when, upon seeing some random makeup ad in a magazine, I had the thought of how many toxic chemicals go into most makeup and how putting on as much as the woman in the ad must be creating a toxic load for her, which, as it were, was once again the first I'd really distinctly thought of this subject for some time (perhaps the first time involving heavily made-up women specifically, I think) -- and then today, after involuntarily overhearing various bits and pieces of the nearby women's conversation, I realized that that's *exactly* what they were talking about, with one of the women schooling the other on all the toxic chemicals in cosmetics, and related subjects like ambiguous ingredients and how they shroud toxic chemicals, etc.

> Had another, singular nearby-stranger echo too, when I came to "nonstick" in the book precisely as a man sat down beside a woman and said something like "oh, you got a stick," in regards to a stir stick, different context but same literal word, and again with the two "sticks" coinciding absolutely perfectly, and totally objectively, with no way that either the man nor myself, fully unconnected and unengaged and with him unable to see what I was reading, could've coordinated this/cued one another even subconsciously, etc ...

> Had two more-notable environmental reading echoes today too, both not only perfectly timed and perfectly precise, but also highly notable due to their being page-turn ones, where the text was 100% invisible to me and then, as I turned the page and read/registered the text at the very top of the first page in the first sentence, the corresponding thought/event occurred. The first was when I turned the page and read "clanging noisily" immediately after, a split second before someone behind the counter at the coffee shop dropped a metal tray or something, which was perfectly described as both highly noisy and a distinct "clang"-type sound (this one wasn't perfectly synchronistic, another of those with a very slight, less-than-a-second delay, yet still closely timed enough to be perfectly synchronistic in effect -- but still, why are some like this but not others, the others reaching that "perfectly intertwined" level of coincidence?). And then the other was one where I had a random chain of thought, beginning when I was reading the end of one page and suddenly remembered that I needed to check and see if my Amazon package had been delivered yet, a split second before I turned the page and read "Amazon" in the first sentence, haha.

Then from there, had that patternistic dropping of thought-type activity, but then the pattern fell off overall, with the numbers never really starting up, even long after lunch. I remember seeing maybe a handful of scattered low-key 37 plates, but only very few, so low that they could've easily been incidental chance appearances. Though there was one standout exception, and it was a pretty good one: it started when I stopped at an intersection and watched as the car in front of me kind of crept up, such that, through its rear window and windshield, there slowly emerged the view of the license plate of the car in front of it, a 703 plate, and again, it was notable in itself but the circumstances and "behavior" of it, with the plate *just* creeping into my view, directly and effortlessly where I was already looking, and the creeping car being *just the right height,* and easing forward *just enough,* that I was *just* able to see it, and in that super-surreal "animated"/"revealing" fashion, so damn cool and funny. And then, as a cute little footnote: the car in front of the 703 one had a 37 plate too, as to be a little double, haha.


General downturn in activity today, though what was there did still hold to this most recent overarching pattern for the most part.

Morning again saw a few more of those after-chore-reading echoes, of the same nature and behavior of lately, though today subtler and fewer, with no really memorable standouts (though even these few little one-words were still cool enough to make me laugh my ass off). Lunchtime reading was about the same way: less activity, and subtler, but still readily identifiable as that same basic subtype, etc. Still having thematics throught, as well, and likewise, these were toned down somewhat though still quite notable and surreal subjectively. Closest thing to a standout was when, during lunchtime reading, had a biggish cluster of those super-subtle/subjective thematics regarding all sorts of random, rare, obscure thoughts/experiences/encounters I'd had just that morning (though, again, not to past such levels of this, like with the 'Metamorphosis' or 'Guinea Pig' books those few days there a while ago -- a collective echo of the morning, but a whispered one instead of shouted).

Numbers were the same today, present but toned-down, and these didn't seem to follow any pattern at all, just being a random-feeling scattering of various kinds and individual repeats throughout the day. Had a little cluster of low-key/semi-conspicuous 37-plates on the way to lunch, and then, at another random point in the afternoon, these resumed, before falling off to silence by mid-afternoon/the drive home.

Had one cool number standout, and of that "sudden, bizarre, unique" kind. It was another of those "some random, non-repeat number is suddenly repeated in an arbitrary and conspicuous way"-type ones that I've experienced rarely here and there (which, really, this latest one finally cements a solid-if-incoherent pattern). It happened immediately after lunch just about, after I left the market and got in the car and keyed it, thus turning on the radio, which was on a commercial, thus causing me to hit scan. Then, the radio landed on another commerical-playing station, which was in the middle of saying "nine-nine-nine-nine-nine-nine-nine," as if it was quoting a phone number or something, I can't say because that was the only snatch I heard before the radio scanned to the next station -- and then this next one was saying the same thing just about, "dial all nine's" it was saying, which was sort of an echo of itself, of what I was thinking after hearing the first station, but then I noticed that, additionally, this last station was "92.9," which was blinking on the radio's readout as it does while scanning. In effect, there was just this rapid-fire onslaught of nines, which is exactly the pattern of these plays out, with some random number suddenly barraging me in a conspicuously random fashion and in a super-short timeframe (which this incident fit 100%, with the two "nine"-quoting radio stations being totally random but just happening to come up together in my radio's scan, and with the blinking "92.9" sort of adding an animated quality to the effect). Of course, still obscure and incoherent enough to be chance oddness; but, to be fair, the patternistic element makes it a bit more notable.

Had a few other little number-repeat standouts, all 37s today (had few others today actually, with the large majority being 37s and variants):

> A cool sort of double/loosely back-to-back one, at the market, beginning when I got in line and, in "cashier conspicuously quoting a 37 in a price right when I got in earshot"-type fashion, the cashier in the next lane over said "That'll be $11.37" (and, another conspicuous contextual element here: I'd spent an inordinately long time wandering the store, trying to find the envelopes and then trying to decide what I wanted for dinner and trying to remember everything I needed or didn't need -- way longer than I usually spend anywhere, yet, a second or two earlier or later, I wouldn't have been there to hear that quote right then ...). And then, a minute or two later out in the parking lot, another "Compelled litter-pickup-37-receipt" one, this one having only one 37 on it ("Change: $5.37") but it was another of those where it was directly and effortlessly visible when I picked it up, with the rest being folded over or illegible, haha.

> Another "Compelled litter-receipt" one a little later, at the mall, but this one was just a plain, unfolded receipt simply covered with multiple 37 variants rather than one conspicuously visible one, as some of these are


And the pattern continues (for the first half of the day, anyhow), starting with another morning of silence upon waking/doing chores -> small/super-subtle one-word reading echoes in after-chore reading (a random trash newspaper excavated for the cartoons from a recycling bin last night, today), exactly the same kind/behavior. Also, this morning was like that one a couple days ago where the after-chore reading was riddled with all sorts of random, offhand, individually unnotable 37s and variants, such as a listing of celebrity birthdays where the first in the list was turning 73, or a big, center-page headline about how "37 pipes burst" during a recent ice storm, etc, etc. There weren't as many as that magazine, last time recently (or that Golf magazine that one time), but still quite a few, and in that same loose, subtle pattern (these actually carried over into lunchtime reading somewhat too, in the book, in the exact same "whole bunch of subtle small ones here and there" fashion).

Lunchtime reading followed the pattern also, in a way, since it was almost totally silent (all except for some continued, very longwinded and subtle/personal/super-subjective thematics, though even these of that lesser/"ungraduated" fashion, jibing with the day's low-key tone), thus following the loose pattern of "every few days lunchtime reading cycles from the rash of super-subtles to almost zero activity." Had only a handful of the echoes and such, with no super-notable standouts.

Best example: while stopped off for lunch, I randomly but distinctly thought of the rest of the drive over to Florence -- a split second before I resumed reading the book (which was laid down when I had the original thought) and the first line I read began with, "The last leg of Stanley's extraordinary journey," which is exactly what the rest of the drive would be, its last leg, my having covered part of it by leaving the house early before lunch, haha.

From there, after lunch, the pattern broke somewhat, thought-wise, when I shifted into that mode of a steady, at times very heavy/back-to-back, background static of the super-subtle mix of echoes and thematics and recurrences, that "day in a blender, repeating itself"-type state, which I haven't had in a while, and pretty intense for the most part, during upswings/higher-activity phases at least. Still can't fully describe this condition and the parodoxically profound/subtle incidents in it, other than to say "wow."

Had a couple standout incidents mixed in with the thematics and such:

> A cool page-turn echo, and an early/morning one at that, when I was at the cafe waiting for the juice to come out. Precisely as the cashier at the counter, talking to a customer (both across the room and totally disengaged with me, naturally), randomly and singularly said, "It's good for the heart," I turned the page in the random little magazine I was reading there, thus revealing an ad that couldn't have echoed her statement better: it not only showed a big, generic picture of a heart, but it was headlined with "TWO HEART-LOVING NUTRIENTS," as to echo both the underlying "heart" theme as well as "good for the heart," and also perfectly synchronistically, in that super-precise "intertwined" fashion.

> Another one of those only moderately precise, yet perfectly synchronistically timed and perfectly patternistic ones. Precisely as "I found love" sang randomly and singularly from the radio, a conspicuously speeding car sped past, flashing a "4MYLOVE" license plate, with my registering the lyric and its underlying sentiment coinciding perfectly/in intertwined fashion with my registering the plate (which, of course, entered 100% directly and effortlessly/passively into where I Just Happened to be looking at the time). Another synchroshock for sure.

Numbers were pretty active today, probably the most-active in a while, no less than two or three dozen in total probably, with a noticeable "almost immediately after-lunch" surge, and even a few semi-conspicuous ones on the earlyish drive. Standouts/coherents I got down:

> Had several of those "drifter"-type traffic 37-plates, where a car will just randomly drift up along side me in traffic and "insert" its 37-plate directly/effortlessly into my line of sight (doesn't seem like I've had any of these particularly, lately, but then noticed this little mini-trend today). Had a couple pedestrian versions too, while walking through parking lots and having cars go by/turn, etc, at *just* the right time, and *just* the right angle, and *just* the right speed to "insert" the plates where I was passively looking at the time ...

> Had another of those super-subtle and damn funny ones, where a sign or plate is partially obscured such that it "creates" a number repeat. Today it was a 73 traffic plate, when I was stopped at an intersection and, on the car at the very front of the line, was a 73-containing plate where the car behind it was covering up the rest of the numbers, with the 73 *just visible* at the angle where I was, with the other car's bumper bordering it without an inch to spare. It was another one of those "Hello, there"-type ones, whispered this time, as if the number were peeking around a corner at me like a shy child.

> Another sort of "passively conspicuous" one, where I passed a stopped car, trying to turn through a line of cars on a 5-lane road but unable to get anyone to let them through, with a 3173 plate, and again with the angles/distance/other ridiculously random logistics all *just right* so that as I passed, the plate was not only visible to me but directly where I was already looking, again as if to greet me and say "Hello" in that playfully intelligent fashion that haunts so many of these ...

One other thing I noticed about today: the 777 37-variant upticked, which this one in particular seems to do periodically (cyclically? symptomatic of something?), and again after seeing it only rarely or not at all most days recently. Saw probably a half-dozen of these in various sources, at least. (Why this one in particular, seeming to come and go so conspicuously?)


Morning kept up the after-chore-reading-echo pattern exactly, despite this reading occurring in breaks of the session at the clinic, after chores + the drive there, rather than in the normal setting at the house/on the couch, etc (ruling out one variable; definitely suggests something more subjective/universal, such as the shift in consciousness upon reading). Was again only a few, and all but one very subtle.

The standout: a sort of double/"challenge-thought"/page-turn/involuntary bodily function combo. It started with a subtle one, when I had one of my sudden, random, maybe two-or-three-a-day heart palpitations, precisely as I came to a random little article about the heart and EKG tests and the like, really just more of a super-subtle, albeit tightly timed, echo of the "heart"/"heartrate" theme. Afterward, I kind of brushed it off as just another super-subtle at best, and possibly nothing, but I kind of went back and forth on it for a bit as I read on, feeling like maybe I should note it -- and then, as I turned to the next page, my eyes fell on another, random, offhand little article, this one headlined "I sometimes get heart palpitations." I'm not sure if this was a straight-up echo (of the "heart palpitations" theme stemming from the last incident, still playing across my mind/absent thoughts, etc), or if it was one of those "you didn't get it the first time, so here's a second so you'll note it"-type of playfully intelligent ones; either way, pretty damn notable.

Lunchtime reading continued this most recent overarching pattern, with another sudden cluster of super-subtle echoes and thematics and environmental-type echoes, again about all spanning my reading the 'Leopold's Ghost' book and my random thoughts/reactions and things happening around me at the time, and today was another of the subtler, less-active, low-key days, for whatever reason, without a single standout. And, again, by the time I'd finished eating and left the coffee shop, they had gone largely silent.

And still following the pattern: sometime after lunch, maybe a half-hour or so later, started having that mix of super-subtle background static start up, also identical to this most recent variant, with just a steady, albeit waxing/waning/cyclical, little scattering of that same varied mix of "gelled together" general-synchronistic-state-type activity threading my day. It didn't seem quite as active today, and at times totally silent again, but still essentially there, and no less surreal/striking collectively.

The semi-standouts I got down:

> Watching the wind blow a couple leaves into the van as I waited for the phone to pull up my emails, and distinctly Noticing one of the leaves blown inside and how it behaved in the wind, etc -- a split second before my messages loaded and thus brought up a pop-up window with my new one, in which the sender mentioned that she was about to go "blow the leaves from the property," echoing perfectly the absent thought/registering of "blowing leaf" that had crossed my mind less than a second before

> And then later, almost exactly like that in behavior/nature/"feel": at the market, getting back in the car and cracking the windows down and feeling a sudden, cold breeze come in, thus causing me to think something along the lines of "cold breeze" upon registering it, precisely as the radio randomly and singularly sang out "cold air"

> And another nearly identical one: precisely as I randomly hit my turn signal to change lanes, the radio randomly sang out "take a turn" -- in a different context, and not very precise in any case, but perfectly synchronistic, as well as fitting the exact pattern of the half-dozen or so other, similar "small" echoes from this afternoon (and from countless in the past, etc)

Once again, numbers were disproportionately more active today, though still falling short of a "storm" or something. Again had a couple scattered low-key ones on the way to the appointment, as to be possibly chance (though, interestingly, these didn't "feel" like it today, unlike others of this "maybe coincidental" level of logical, outward notability). And then, almost immediately after leaving the appointment, had them start up more conspicuously and in force, beginning with my coming upon a cab with a big "3073"-ending phone number stenciled in huge letters on all its sides. And then, when parking at the (totally random and unplanned coffee shop/parking space), I saw yet another 777 parking-lot-style plate, and it seems like a couple more of these over the course of the day, continuing that uptick of these. From there, they resumed in after-lunch-driving fashion again, gradually building from scattered low-key 37-plates in traffic, to a steady background static of these, to background static + scattered semi-conspicuous ones, before stopping there and declining to silence by the time I got home for the evening. Quite a few in all, and again more or less in this same most-recent pattern.

Also, had two more instances of those "obscure random arbitrary, short-term number repeats"-type ones. The first: when the radio randomly said "seventy-four" precisely as another "drifter"-type car pulled up alongside with a 74-ending plate, perfectly synchronistic as to "intertwine" the radio's announcement and my registering the numbers. The second: precisely as I checked the clock and saw that it read 4:06, I saw, directly across from where I was looking, in the gas station parking lot, a 406 plate on a truck, again as to echo that basic number in intertwining/perfect fashion.

And the day wouldn't be complete without some more "cashier randomly quoting a 37-price while in earshot," today another sort of combo/multiple one. They all came from the cashier at the coffee shop after I'd gone inside halfway through the meal, first when she just mentioned a 37 randomly, which I barely even noticed beyond its being just another of the many random/"everywhere" 37s that I encounter daily. But then, a little later, she quoted a price of "$2.73," which definitely fit the pattern, albeit in a low-key way, with no conspicuous timing or anything, and so I still didn't note it. But then, soon after, she quoted it again, and this time exactly "3.17," this too in that style of "this will keep happening until you write it down," haha.


No reading synchros this morning, oddly, especially considering the great uptick in health/clarity of thought that came about today, another of those instances that seems to contradict that direct/logical "reflectiveness" theory.

Did, however, have some numbers on the drive to lunch, namely a really cool and notable "1-2-3"/back-to-back 37-plate one. It started with another of those "obscured"/"just barely visible" intelligently-playful incidents like the one with the 73 on that one plate being just visible at the intersection a couple days ago. This time, it happened when I was stopped at another intersection and, upon absently/involuntarily just letting my eyes wandering to the left, I found myself staring directly/effortlessly/conspicuously at the *just barely visible,* angled half of the plate on the car directly beside me, on which I could *just see* the 173 before the angle cut it off, perfectly patternistic and in that "quietly conspicuous" manner, haha. But then, seconds afterward as I decided (on another sudden, spur-of-the-moment Compelling) to make a left turn onto the upcoming exit, I had to wait for a car to pass (going conspicuously slow, patternistically so), after which, when I finally turned, I was "greeted" with that car's 773 plate -- and then, another second or so later, another 173-plate car came directly/effortlessly into my line of sight. And once again, in effect, with the three coming in rapid-fire/"wham-bam-bam" fashion, it was just so surreal, more than can be transcribed, and all so sudden after the fully silent morning, just potentiating the synchroshock effect that much more.

From there, lunchtime reading ranged from totally silent to strictly singular, non-clustered incidents (and almost all of these super-subtle/too small/complicated to be conveyed). So, for today at least, that pattern seems to have run out (and, interestingly, today had a perceptibly different "feel," also too subjective/subtle to be described but very distinct to much, such that a break in pattern was not surprising).

Really, the only semi-coherent incident I can recall at lunch was a non-literally precise but perfectly synchronistic echo. It started when a woman with a shopping cart and a baby carrier in it came up alongside my table while waiting for her order to come out of the coffee kiosk, and, after she'd been there a couple minutes, I absently looked at her and her cart and baby as I shifted positions and paused in my meal, during she simultaneously swung her cart around and somehow dislodged/shifted her baby's carrier, causing it to suddenly spring forward and start rocking -- precisely as I resumed reading the book and came to "loose," which, oddly, was a perfectly fitting description of what had just happened with the baby's carrier, it suddenly springing "loose" from where it was wedged into the cart (and, once again, this is how I registered the event in my mind, as a "loosening"/dislodging, etc).

From there, thought-wise, had pretty much nothing the rest of the day, that I can remember at least, not even many thematics or super-subtle/small one-word-type echoes and such. I do remember some of that thematic symbolism and such (many butterflies today and yesterday, I've noticed), the kind that often occurs during those "synchronistic state thematic background static"-type of mash-up incidents, but without the rest of the variants in there.

Did have one, single standout one mid-afternoon, at the gym, where, right after I'd told a white lie to the clerk at the desk, the radio sang out "I like the way you lie," another of those neither highly precise nor perfectly synchronistically timed ones (had a ~1 second delay) but still very much "felt" like an incident.

Numbers, on the other hand, were very, very active today, again hugely disproportionate to thought-type activity. Besides that little cluster just before lunch, they were all strictly after lunch, and today seeming to revert to that "immediately after lunch"-type format, beginning with a sudden, generally conspicuous appearance of parking-lots and low-key traffic 37-plates, with scattered random/"everywhere" 37s and other minority variants in the mix. Then, gradually, they again patternistically matured into semi-conspicuous ones, and with very many of these, such that the background static was more semi-conspicuous incidents than low-key varieties (though, interestingly, there really weren't any flat-out conspicuous ones in there, though all were pretty damn notable anyhow, and incredibly surreal altogether). And it kept on today instead of fading out like lately, just escalating until it was pretty much a storm of 37-plates, everywhere I went, just one after another and of all the usual semi-conspicuous animated/revealed/intelligently playful variants just about. Left my head spinning in that borderline-sensory-overload state. And then, also breaking the pattern of late, they stopped only right before I got home, literally only after I'd pulled off the main road and into the side streets.


A general downturn today, corresponding with nothing obvious or patternistic of past changes.

Morning was totally silent from what I remember, without even any super-subtles or thematics. Same for drive to church and the like. First incident I recall was a cool little clock-tick immediately after church, when I got into the car and checked my watch, genuinely wanting to know the time like most of these clock-tick-type ones (and, I should note, that my watch was covered up by my coat sleeve, I remember, making it 100% invisible to me), and the time was exactly 12:12, with the minute-hand clicking into place precisely as I shot my sleeve and looked (this coming amidst the still-upticked 1212/212s I've been seeing more commonly lately).

Another thing I noticed today and yesterday: still seeing a lot of odd, arbitrary 9s of various kinds, including 937s, conspicuously so though I can't recall any specific individual incidents. What makes this notable, though, is that it all seemed to start with that odd, arbitrary-number-repeat "999999" one involving the two radio stations the other day. Not precise enough to definitely not be chance, but doesn't "feel" that way, and is mildly notable in any case.

Really the only coherent activity today was another pretty steady and moderate showing of after-lunch 37-plates and the like, as well as quite a few conspicuous "randomly sourced"/everywhere 37s (such as when I went into the gym and, needing water for the first time perhaps ever, I went to the water station where the readout said "Gallons filtered: 137,000-and something or other," haha). Among the "normal" mix of low-key and semi-conspicuous ones, had two more of those "just visible/peaking/obscured"-type ones I've had a couple times in the last couple days, with another 73 plate on a turning truck that was *just visible,* at *just the right angle,* for just a split second as the truck passed, such that I was able to catch a split-second glimpse of the 73 (and the same for a 777 later on).

Ended up having another of those later, brief returns of activity this evening, again corresponding with the onset of a sweat (in the hot bath instead of sauna tonight, but still the same essential shift in condition and consciousness). There were maybe 3-4 thought/action/event echoes, all of them between me and the random things parents were saying on the phone, and all in the same nature/format/behavior (perfectly synchronistic and striking, yet "small"/one-word).

Best example: decided I needed to dip my head deeper into the water in order to maintain heat/sweating before the water cooled, at the rate I was going, and so I adjusted and sunk down so that my head dropped back and lay horizontal just above the water (with my doing this 100% traceable to the independent, objective determination for more heat/submersion, etc) -- precisely as Mom randomly and singularly said that someone "put his head back," totally unrelated yet perfectly synchronistic and precise for what I'd done at that exact moment.


Morning was another totally silent one, again corresponding with a new wash of thought/mind-deadening headsickness and general illness. But, interestingly, did see some relatively high number-type activity after leaving the house and starting the drive north, beginning with a scattering of low-key traffic 37-plates, which eventually built in frequency and even had a couple semi-conspicuous ones mixed in, unlike most of these little morning-drive clusters.

One damn cool standout during this time, a sort of double/echo combo or something. It started when, in the middle of the number cluster on the highway, I passed a truck that not only had a 3037 plate, but was pulled off the side of the road, conspicuously so, and with several bright blinking lights all over it (a state truck of some fashion, probably), as to be doubly conspicuous, with that playfully intelligent "Hey there!" effect. This incident was notable enough, but then, maybe ten minutes later, it happened again: another truck with a 37-plate of some kind, pulled off the highway just such that its rear-end plate was directly in my line of sight, and even with blinking lights -- yet, this one was *not* a state truck, looking like either a plain civilian truck or maybe one used by some domestic worker. In any case, not only two conspicuous 37-plates, but a sort of echo/recurrence of the underlying "37-plate blinking-light pulled-over truck" theme.

Then, did have another pretty solid wash of "immediately after-lunch" 37-plates in traffic and such, as well as a 3-4-strong string of semi-conspicuous parking-lot ones in every super-random place I stopped (including a classical "looking behind me to pull out immediately after getting in the car after lunch, only to have a 373-plate directly in my line of sight, also in 'hey there' fashion").

Thought-wise, there was some activity today, but it was almost 100% of the "daylong super-subtle jumbled-up/life-in-a-blender mix of unconveyable echoes/thematics/recurrences, etc" variety. I did have a few minor one-word reading/thought/environmental-type incidents at lunchtime reading, but these were so subtle and so few and so subjective that they barely merit mention. One thing that set today apart somewhat from others of this "strictly super-subtle"-type of pattern: a whole bunch of these super-vague, super-subtle, yet very distinct and patternistic recurrences, of a newish sort, which had an eerily surreal texture to them, of a kind just barely perceptible even to myself, very much like deja-vu. I can't describe these any better, but they were definitely a repeating trend today, with at least half a dozen or more, and none coherent enough to explain. Damn weird in any case.

Did have two coherent standouts (though even these had that vague and eerily surreal texture of the subtler activity):

> A classical radio/objective event echo, when I randomly came upon this conspicuously long line of cars stretched out at an intersection just down from the coffee shop where I lunched -- precisely as the radio randomly and singularly sang out "line of cars" (can't remember exactly how it was used, seems like it might've been in a different context somehow, but I do definitely remember it being at least literally precise, and perfectly synchronistic with my registering the backup and absently thinking "line of cars" exactly).

> A super-notable one, albeit sort of obscure and vague. It started when I came upon this big roadside billboard, the only one for miles and miles of driving, that had a green top border, and then a picture of a big golden fox in the middle, and then a red border at the bottom, such that my initial registering of the three contrasting colors resulted in the absent thought of something like "there's three colors dominating this sign" -- precisely as the radio randomly and singularly sang out "Red, gold, and green!" (one sentence), absolutely perfectly timed (as to be intertwined with my thought/registering), and perfectly precise, without the words even being part of a larger sentence, etc. And, even more notably: this exact same thing happened recently, same song I think even, except with a realtor's little open-house sign/balloon arrangement, where the two balloons were red and green and the sign was gold (or maybe it was three balloons -- its logged here somehwere). Exactly patternistic, and even with the same colors. Also, maybe nothing but worth mentioning: the sign was for Brookgreen Gardens, as to doubly echo the "green" sentiment. Wow.


Couple stray incidents I remembered this morning:

> A notable but subtle reading recurrence on Sunday. It started that morning, when I awoke with the beginnings of that nightmarish gut upset, which would slowly worsen through the morning and then really "blossom" at lunch when digestion kicked in, etc -- during which, as the upset and headsickness and such became most pronounced, I randomly came to a section in the 'Ghost' book about how one of the men was laid up sick for a time while traveling, with "gastritis (inflammation of the digestive tract)," which was not only exactly what I'd Just Happened to have developed that morning (and was experiencing fully for the first time in that spell, within the same general timeframe in which I read this part of the book), but it also echoed how I was traveling at the time, along with other little contextual/circumstantial details shared between the gastritis man and me. This one was kind of a combo recurrence and thematic "book echoing my present circumstances/life/experiences"-type of incident, perhaps only notable subjectively but who cares.

> A cool random-and-conspicuous 37-repeat, at the market on the 27th I think it was, when my attention was drawn to the floor during the conspicuously long wait for someone to come to the counter, where I was Compelled to pick up a little triangular object as trash: a guitar pick, it turned out, with ".73" printed in big letters in the middle, as to be the first thing I saw upon examining it (this coming amidst that day's 37-travel-storm activity).

Morning was pretty much silent beyond I think a couple very scattered and subtle (though very patternistic) reading/thought-type echoes during after-chore reading. And then lunchtime saw the return of that same patternistic cluster of subtle little reading/thought/environmental-type echoes, those which have been conspicuously absent here and there lately. And again these were of the exact same "feel"/nature/behavior, as to be pretty notable in itself, the exactitude in which this inclusive pattern seems to repeat itself -- the frequency, the exact nature of the incidents, all the little nuances and peculiarities and the timing, really damn cool in itself. Even had a number of semi-coherent standoutish ones:

> Randomly and singularly coming to "dry" in the book, perfectly synchronistic with my taking a particularly dry, powdery bite of lunch (the first) and thinking distinctly but absently, "dry/powdery/needs water," all 100% objective/independent of the text yet corresponding 100% perfectly synchronistic with it (as were the large majority of the ones today, I noted, as to be somewhat distinguished from the lesser, "lazier," delayed-type variations that I've seen during this same window of activity)

> Damn cool and extra-notable thought/event echo, beginning when an attractive woman passed by me (after having been sitting down at a table for a long time prior, never getting up once until just then, as is the pattern with so many of these) and I had the stray thought of "attractive woman/like being in her presence/vague sexual attraction," etc -- a split second before I turned the page to a new leaf and read, in the first sentence, "All the soldiers wanted one," with "one" referring to "a woman" as stated at the end of the previous page, as to echo perfectly and with perfect timing and objectivity/independence the absent thought still crossing my mind. Doesn't get much more specific, precise, better-timed, or objectively orchestrated than that, really.

> Also had the first two incidents in what would be a string of three nearly identical, uniquely patternistic incidents today, of those "very notable but overtly subtle" kind, all of distinctly identifiable behavior/"feel"/nature. The first started right as I left the house, when I encountered the bike on the porch, and I specifically Noticed its back tire, in that special, patternistic, and subjectively conspicuous way I've seen so many times now -- and then, not only did "rubber bike tire" recur during lunchtime reading (as is the case with the many super-subtle/individually unnotable recurrences that occur damn near every day now), but this one recurred literally within the very first paragraph of lunchtime reading, when the book introduced the man behind the Dunlop tire empire, and how he started it all with the introduction of the first rubber bicycle tire, haha. But then this one has a second part, making it even more notable and with extra dimensions even: when I got home this evening and looked at the guitar pick I'd set out, from the previous incident I'd forgotten to note, to remind me -- it was a Dunlop pick, as to echo the theme again. And, furthermore: the brand wouldn't have meant anything to me had I remembered to note the pick when I'd first found it, days ago, but by only remembering today and setting it out so I'd remember, and thus re-examining the pick upon coming home this afternoon (only *after* reading of Mr. Dunlop in the book, who'd not been mentioned previously in the ~150 pages I'd already read), did it culminate in this second leg of the recurrence, and even with the same basic underlying newish kind of recurrence-behavior as the first part, haha.

And then it happened a third time, almost exactly the same, beginning this evening when, upon getting home and unloading the super-random recycling-bin newspapers I'd picked up for their cartoons, I had the patternistically "random and vague but distinct and memorable" thought of how the paper was used and that there were probably germs on it and who knew what else -- and then, at dinnertime reading about 1.5 hours later, this explicit theme not only recurred, but did so also *in the very first paragraph* when I sat down to read (when it was noted that King Leopold of Belgium would have his newspaper "ironed upon receipt, to remove the germs," 100% echoing that exact thought I'd had just earlier today, and again totally super-randomly), and after no prior mention in the whole book, the same in every way except for the manifest specifics, as is the case with all of these "essential underlying sentiment/theme echo"-type incidents.

Had probably half a dozen more of varying degrees of notability, and then, per the pattern, these fell off abruptly just after lunch, though I did end up having another of those brief, more-scattered return of activity later on (sooner today than other days, I noticed), now with less-numerous but more-precise/coherent/notable standout echoes:

> Another of those "small but super-striking" ones, beginning when I unfolded my notepaper after getting gas, and perfectly synchronistically with my reading the "soak double" note at the top, the radio randomly said "double," once again with the two "doubles" coinciding with absolutely intertwined/striking precision, making me blink, etc

> Another of those "arbitrary random-number echoes," this time when the radio randomly announced "nine-forty-nine" precisely as I looked at the clock and saw that it was 12:49 exactly, and once again with that ridiculously surreal, striking, intertwined overlapping of the radio's "forty-nine" and my registering the ":49" on the clock

Numbers ended up being pretty active today, after a silent morning drive and the like (barring the random little everywhere/individually dismissible repeats that I seem to always experience to some degree these days, of course). These too began in "immediately after lunch" fashion, albeit with just the quietly conspicuous appearance of several low-key 37-plates in traffic and the like, before eventually beginning that gradual escalation into a mix of steady random low-key plates intermixed with various semi-conspicuous incidents of the same basic varieties I've come to know (these seemed to "commence" right after meeting the realtor, when I had a classical "looking back to begin backing from my parking space, only to find myself staring directly/effortlessly at a 377 plate, haha).

Had another of those cool newish "conspicuous cluster of 37-plates gathered at an intersection"-type ones, just like previous ones in behavior/"feel," etc, when, within the 3-4 seconds it took me to roll at a slow stop at the intersection by the mall, I saw either 3 or 4 three-digit 307/703/337-type plates in a row, in wham/bam, 1-2-3, back-to-back, "animated"/"revealed" fashion, with each appearing from behind the other cars in sequence with my slow, gradual stop at the front of the line, just utterly surreal. And then, as a sort of footnote to it, I noticed my odometer a moment after, at "142377," haha.

And then another of those "super-random, unplanned purchases coming to a conspicous 37-variant price," this time a squash at the market weighing out to be priced at exactly $3.77. And this is another that's mildly notable from the outset, but is even moreso given the context and circumstances, however subjectively. First, there was the fact that I was there at this market at all, which, besides being totally unplanned (and in contradiction to the buying-plans I *had* made), didn't even make sense, considering I needed stuff elsewhere (but was Compelled to stop at this particular Lowes, patternistically, etc). And then, equally patternistically Compelled: I'd been distinctly Compelled to get this particular squash, from a selection of over a half-dozen in the bin, despite it being a bit smaller than I'd wanted, and I'd even taken another out, twice, but then put it back and gotten this one, as if magnetized (and exactly the same as in past such incidents) -- only to have it weigh out at that exact figure ...


Another day in the same recent pattern, not quite as active as yesterday but still some moderate activity throughout.

Didn't seem to have much if any thought-type activity during after-chore reading and the like this morning, this corresponding with yet another of these seemingly cyclical and unexplained bouts of headsickness and ugliness and the like. But then, from out of nowhere upon leaving the house (again per the pattern, the proverbial "switch" going on/entering "synchronistic state"), had a cluster of both numbers and thought-type activity:

> A cool subtly conspicuous/animated-type traffic-37 one, when a big oncoming dumptruck caught my attention as it slowed down and put its left blinker on, thus drawing my attention directly to the big "137" on its bumper just beside the blinking turn signal, this coming in "Hello there" fashion, haha

> Soon after that one, had several lesser, low-key 37-plates, more than usual for a morning drive, followed up by another of those super-surreal "37-plate being revealed to me in patternistic fashion," this time with my Just Happening to have my attention drawn randomly (still not sure why) to my right, and then, immediately as I did so, a car "drifted" *just at the right distance* so that it's 1337 plate "appeared" directly into my line of sight and then hung there for a second -- another of those logistically/contextually/circumstantially complicated ones, where it would just have to be experienced to get the full, "animated" thrust of it

> And then finally, to top off this loose little number sequence, right as I parked at the coffee shop and got out, a car parked directly across from me and directly in my line of sight/where I was already facing, also in the morning's subtly conspicuous manner, with a 307 plate, haha

> Had a couple radio/random-thought echoes during this period too, with one good standout. It started when I had another wave of that weird restless over-thinking that dominated the morning's headsickness, thus causing me to think of the future and when/where to go on the next trip and all these other things drawing me away from myself and the present moment -- precisely as the radio randomly and singularly sang out "Even though my thoughts are miles away," and this at the beginning of a new sentence/stanza, without prelude or anything remotely related to such a statement/topic beforehand, no potential cues, etc -- another 100% traceable and independent yet perfectly precise and perfectly synchronistically timed one ...

Lunchtime reading was largely silent, but there did seem to be a few very minor, very subtle, very subjective little echoes and thematics of the same type that's been characterizing this time of day, though I can't think of even the slightest example. Did end up having that same super-subtle background static of mixed thematics/echoes (including a few of those same super-weird deja-vu-like incidents, still impossible to really describe). For the most part a silent day, however, at least objectively/coherent, etc.

Did have another one of those sudden, brief little clusters of sudden echoes mid-afternoon again, this time while getting the massage, when I had two or three very close together where, per the pattern, something I was 100% randomly yet objectively/traceably thinking was echoed almost exactly, and perfectly synchronistically, in the loud conversation of the two men in the next room over, nearby-stranger/heated-conversation style. There were two standouts, and, in an odd and interesting way, they were both conspicuously similar to that one I'd had during the morning drive, with the overthinking about traveling and stuff, not only in the underlying behavior and nature and feel, but even in the exact same manifest subject and such, of overthinking/traveling/being "away" from oneself. I can't remember what the first one was, beyond it striking me in the moment as an exact repeat of that morning one just about (and bringing with it some of that weird deja-vu-ness, to boot), but I do remember that the other one was one of the men saying "cut off" precisely as I thought absently to myself that I needed to shutdown my mind and stop overthinking, thus causing me to visualize something along the lines of a cord being cut or whatever -- again more or less exactly in line with "cutting off," haha.

Numbers were again disproportionately active to other types of incidents during the afternoon, and once again in that same basic groove of "many low-key 37-plates, gradually building and then plateauing after lunch, intermixed with semi- and conspicuous-type traffic incidents." Also today, an inordinate amount of those stray, random, "everywhere" 37s, such that they just again reached that point of literally seemed to be everywhere, like I was a magnet pulling them to me, about everywhere I looked in some capacity or another (had three separate perfectly timed and perfectly patternistic 37-variant clock-ticks today, for instance, as well as even stranger and more abstract clock-tick-style random "animated" ones, such as going to check on the laptop as it updated and seeing its calender oddly switch from "17" to "31" before my eyes -- utterly damn bizarre, yet perfectly in line the day's general feel).

One semi-notable string of 837-related incidents, three altogether (tempted to say it was like yesterday's little mini-pattern/subtype cluster of "first paragraph reading"-type recurrences, but not really quite coherent/detailed/numerous enough to say). This one started with a sort of double one, beginning with a semi-conspicuous parking-lot one, when my attention was drawn to a car with its brakelights on as I was walking through the lot at the library, the only car lit up/running there, thus causing me to look directly at its 8037 plate. And then, minutes later when I went across the street to the Kroger parking lot and made for the first available, logical space, it proved to Just Happen to be beside an 837-plate car, so closely timed that it "felt" like something more than two separate, stray plate-sightings. And then, a couple hours later when parking super-randomly just before going home, I ended up beside a second 837 car in similar fashion. Maybe nothing, but in any case, three cut-and-dry 37-plates anyhow, haha.

Another notable conspicuous 37-plate during this mini-storm: another "car turning in front of me in conspicuous/patternistic/unlikely circumstances, as to reveal its 37-plate in a logistically precise and notable format," this time an oncoming truck forcing me to stop at an intersection instead of pulling through, only to have it turned and flash/reveal/"wave" its 173 plate directly across my line of sight in patternistic fashion, and again in such a subtly surreal way that just doesn't translate to text.

And, last but not least of the number-repeat standouts: a pair of receipts. The first was a classical Compelled-litter-pickup, another of those where I just grabbed the trash without thinking of it and put it in my pocket, then looked at it hours and hours later when unloading my pants pockets before putting them in the wash, only to find that it was a receipt with several 37s, including not one but two timestamps ("07:37:22" in the middel and then "7:37:24" at the bottom) and "Approval : 063730." And then, the second was just one of my own that happened to have not one but two totally random, sequential-looking 37-variants on it, "Inv#:00730162" and "Trs#:730649," and this one was another that was contextually notable, given that it was another super-random, fully Compelled, fully patternistic stop at a market (to buy a random piece of markdown fruit, which I'd never eaten or even heard of before, and didn't even need, already having gone food-shopping today, haha).

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