Synchronicity log for 2008


I was reading an article about healthy grains while eating lunch today. My lunch consisted of oatmeal with cereal added to it. About halfway through the article, I started to think about the texture the cereal added to the oatmeal; the cereal contains nuts and I noticed how it gave the oatmeal a "nutty" taste. After thinking that, I went back to reading the article, and after two lines, it described how the grain in question gave food a "nutty" taste.

Later in the day, I went to work out. As I was leaving the gym, there was a man working on one of the doors, putting a decal on it. We wouldn't have had any contact normally, but somoene was coming in the other door, and the two talked a bit, so I had to wait a minute to leave. As I left, the sign man said he was sorry, and I said no problem.

After that, I went to ship off a package. When I did, it ended up costing more then I had expected, so I had to leave the package and go get more money to ship it off. I came back to the drop location about 30 minutes later, and when I did, the sign man was there. We recognized each other and said hello. Short wave cycle?

Synchronicity: One Man's Experience book, paranormal,
              unknown, higher dimensions, mystery, Aaron Garrison