Synchronicity log for 2011


Thought of "Deadheading" yesterday evening, while cutting grass, and it came in the subtle, indescribable way that indicates that I'm about to experience an acceptance or rejection. Sure enough, I got the rejection this morning (it was sent at 1:40 AM last night).

Word synchro: "bookish"; turned up in ledger this morning, and I took special note of it, For No Particular reason. Then, at lunch, I first felt the urge not to read the ledger, then later felt the urge to pick up a catalog of my mom's, even though it repulsed me. I was flipping through, and toward the end was a gimmicky sort of book that had a bunch of smaller books in it. I noticed it, again For No Particular Reason, and almost turned the page but didn't, and took a second look; one of the smaller books had "bookish" in the title. Hmmm.

Also, I've been seeing owls a lot this last week, saw them on a number of cars (stickers, though it didn't look to be a logo or anything, just several, simple vinyl owls), and then [my friend] mentioned them in one of her emails. I noted it then, and she replied with another thing about owls. I noted it again but still didn't really think synchronicity, until I did a Duotrope's search to find a receptacle for "Deadheading" and the random market thing it came up with was a magazine with an owl on the cover.

Word synchro: "chocoholic"; was in that ugly catalog I looked through at lunch, then in a Rick Steves' Europe episode I ended up watching.

Also, I was Compelled to stop at a car lot and look at the cars there today. While there, I noticed a drink cup on one of the cars and I took it away. When I did, I Noticed a pile of french fries beside it, big, thick ones, perhaps from a restaurant -- uncommon, in any case, of which I'd seen rarely, and not for a while. Then, tonight, in the same Rick Steves' Europe, it showed a Belgium cook cooking fries, with gusto; held one up, and it was the exact same kind I saw at the lot.


Word synchro: "ersatz"; turned up in "Brian" (I was Compelled to edit it, almost didn't, twice, but ended up doing it), and then in "Stranger in a Strange Land", first I'd heard the word in a while; "sundry"; first in "Brian", then ledger; then "marzipan"; was in "Stranger" when I heard it last night in the Rick Steves' Europe. Then, "cockhorse", in ledger at lunch, then "Plane Crash" at night.

Also, I wrote an email to [my friend] in which I said that we don't know ourselves, and it was in reply to one in which she said her laptop's screen was blacking out. When I read the latter, I remember thinking how I'm glad my laptop wasn't doing that. After writing the email, I started up the Starcraft II demo, which I'd downloaded weeks before but never played. In the opening video, the first line was "We don't know ourselves", and when the video completed, my laptop's screen blacked out and it shut down. Granted, it shut down because it had overheated (or so I think), but still, the screen did "black out".


Word synchro: "atoll"; was in ledger, and then in the first page of "Stranger in a Strange Land" that I read today, minutes later. When I read it in the ledger, I took note of it For No Particular Reason. Then, later, "apparition"; I'd Noticed it in the ledger this afternoon, For No Particular reason, and it turned up in "The General", which was released early because Weird Tales was bought out (so I shouldn't have even been editing it). Also in "The General" was "incubus", which I'd thought of randomly earlier today, For No Particular Reason.


Had some dog synchronicity today. Started when I was listening to Seven Mary Three in the gym; one of the songs mentions a dog, and at the precise moment it did, a dog barked in the gym, audible through my headphones, when it hadn't barked at all since I'd been there. As I sat thinking about it, the moment I thought "dog", "dog" repeated on the CD. Then, when I got home and went to tear the "dog synchro" note from my pad, the instant I did so, a dog barked in the distance. I'm going to look up dog symbolism in a minute.

Also, I watched the rest of "Twin Peaks" this morning. It got to a part where there's a hideaway cabin in the woods, for indulgence, and I took Special Note of it, thinking about what such a thing would be called, etc. Then, at lunch, Dad started talking about how someone he knew would probably guy a trailer from him, to use as a "mancave", identical to that I'd thought about just an hour before.


Word synchro: "pince nez, cloister, and emmenagogue"; all were in "Deadheading", then in ledger today. Then, that night, "cloister" turned up again, on a website I happened to visit, after never hearing the word for I don't know how long.


Was writing an email to [my friend], and mentioned how a dandelion picture she sent reminded me of fractals. A minute after writing that, I went to cut down the chipmunk-tail pictures in GIMP, and when I did, while looking for the Sharpen tool, I came across the Fractal Explorer plugin.

Also, I got a reject for "5th of July" tonight, when I was very close to sending out a query about it just last night. I don't know why I didn't do it, it just Felt Right.


In [my friend]'s last email, she mentioned how she was drawn to a movie called The Puppet Master (mistook it for Muppet Pastor). The next morning, I tried to write but couldn't, so I ended up reading the transcriptions, and in it one of the questions involved the movie, The Puppet Master.

Also, I saw Honeywell in the transcriptions later, after seeing it a lot lately. Not sure about this one, could just be coincidence.

Also, when I opened this log to enter these last two entires, I was drawn to one at the start, from 10/1/08, in which I mentioned how I was eating something that tasted "nutty" (which was flax seed), and then just after read about how flax tastes nutty. Well, I was just thinking earlier today about how flax tastes nutty, For No Particular Reason.


Word synchro: "spatulate"; was in [my friend]'s last email, which I replied to this morning, and then it was in the ledger just minutes later, that afternoon, in ledger. I almost replied to the email last night, and thus would've "missed" it in the ledger (would've been longer apart at least, instead of back to back), but I felt Compelled to reply to it this morning instead.

Also, when I went to the allergist's today, while I was in the waiting room, this issue of Men's Health kept jumping out at me. I didn't want to read it, since I really didn't like the magazine or reading anything in a waiting room in general, but it kept on so I grabbed it. When I opened it up, there was a detailed article about melatonin in it, when I'd just taken melatonin last night and was still feeling its effects. Yielded some interesting facts. Also, at the start of the article, it had this picture of burning match sticks, big long ones that drew my attention For No Particular Reason. When I got in the allergist's office, there was a jar of "Nitrate Sticks" which looked identical, though that could've foreseeably been a coincidence.


Word synchro: "initiate" (verb); used it in planning for "The Witness", as a verb, and then it turned up in the ledger just an hour later, in the same form. Then, "long-leaf pine", first in ledger, then in the Bahamas book, though in a slightly different form (long-needle pine, though I assume they are the same thing).


Word synchro: "redound" and "lenticular"; both in ledger, then in Ra book. Wow. Have to be about the most uncommon words in my ledgers, and they appeared in the same day.


A wealth of synchronicities today, all occurring while moving a friend of my mother's to an apartment. First and foremost, while I was moving this man, to an apartment on Hodges Valley Road, I remarked, upon turning in, on how the one and only time I've ever been down there was to help move someone *out*, nearly ten years ago. As we went down the road and he guided me to his new apartment, however, I burst out laughing because I saw what was coming: he led me not only to the building I had helped the person, previously, to move out of, but to the very same unit.

Other synchronicities that occurred during this outing: I had, this morning, by total and improbable chance, while researching images of "portmanteau", come across an article about Jim Carrey. I was Compelled to read it, when I never, ever read such celebrity-blurb-type columns, and afterward, I thought "All righty then." I remember, after thinking it, how I hadn't heard the saying in many years, maybe since I was a kid and saw Jim Carrey's first movies. Well, while out moving the guy, my helper in this affair said, offhand, "All righty then." Then, after the first two, while I was driving my helper and the movee around, we somehow, in a totally roundabout way, got into talking about murder, and it came up that an acquaintance of the movee had, once, said "I'm going to go home and murder my wife," and actually went home and did so. It's notable because I had just that morning written about a man on his way to murder his wife. The last could have, conceivably, been a coincidence, but it was interesting, anyway.

Another, which may be nothing: the helper I took to help the man move today, he mentioned to me, randomly, an herb called K2 that he smoked and got high from, which was legal. I took note of it, though I had no intention of buying the stuff, For Some Reason. When he first mentioned it to me, however (and why did he mention it at all? it was so random), my first though was of the twin towers, K2, of the 11:11 mythos. Then, tonight, [my friend] emailed me, with a picture of her fruitcake in Malaysia, before the Petronas towers.

Also, had some other, lesser synchronicity, all from more random things Curtis, the helper, said. For instance, I offered to give him a ride home from the grocery store, and he asked if I needed any food, presumably as compensation, and when I said no, he said, oddly, "Need any honey?" When he said that, my first thought was of a honeybear, like the kind my dad gets (followed by, "Why did he ask me about honey specifically?"). On the way home, after dropping him off, I saw a sign advertising "Honeybear Campgrounds", with a honeybear on the sign (I wouldn't have seen the sign if I hadn't of taken him home, nor would he have mentioned honey if I hadn't've).

Also, he kept on mentioning, randomly, the number 37, which I've been seeing like crazy lately. It was always obscure and offhand how he would end up mentioning it, like how he was charged $37 to replace a book that he had been accused of not turning in, etc, etc.


Two interesting, spiritual synchros today. I awoke feeling generally negative and sick, very "depleted" and "compromised", either because it was Sunday and I had to repeat church, or because I cut grass for the first time in a couple weeks yesterday, or a combination of both. Regardless, I went to church and had to go through the usual rigamarole, which left me feeling even more drained and negative. Afterward, however, I had the realization that, when confronted with such invasive and manipulative forces when in my fatigued, low-energy state, I end up having to revert to clumsy, subjective defense measures, rather than just letting my positivity protect me, shieldlike, due to the lack of that energy and its systematic effects. I didn't like this, to be frank, as it left me feeling negative and selfish. I remember thinking, as I made that connection, that maybe that was one reason I had to do this again, to learn just that point. When I got home, I sat down to read some of the Ra material, and one of the first parts I read, to paraphrase, described just that process, where someone in a positive state will, when confronted with negative forces and their attempts at intrusion, will be forced to become slightly selfish and defensive, in order to not be consumed and controlled -- though, only so that they may be of further service. A good selfish, as it were. This directly addressed my experience that morning, and, if the source can be trusted as accurate, clarified just how I should perceive it, within an hour of my having made the realization of the process.

The second synchronicity came later that afternoon, after I'd been digesting the first for a few hours. After I got done cutting grass and was pushing the mower back to my truck, it hit me that selfishness may not always be avoided, and shouldn't be, if the intent is for that roundabout positivity I described. As I thought this, "balance" is the term that came to mind, that I should balance my innate selfishness with selflessness in order to be of ultimate service. No sooner had I thought this than I came upon a car in a row and was Compelled to look at one of its bumper stickers, "Walk in balance". In retrospect, as I wrote this, I was thinking that I may have seen the bumper sticker at distance and absorbed it subconsciously, but that would have been impossible, as I had the "balance" thought when I was coming up from the other side of the parking lot, out of view of the row of cars the car was -- and, also, the car was in a *row*, and small, as to be invisible until I came parallel with its trunk.


Word synchro: "dorsal"; this one is interesting. It was the word of the day from, in my email, and I noticed it, and checked it even though I knew what it meant. Then, tonight, while on the computer, I kept trying to access the internet but my connection was down, as I've experienced the last couple nights. As a result, I ended up reading the Ra material for a while, and on just the last page as I was finishing up, it mentioned "dorsal", for the first time I've seen it in I don't know how long (except for this afternoon, just hours previous ...). When the internet wasn't available, which was strange, I kept having the feeling that there was a reason for it (I may not have read the Ra material at all tonight if not for the outage, and certainly wouldn't have reached the point I did, where the word cropped up). Interesting.

Also, [my friend] mentioned "devil's snuff box" in her email, and I immediately knew what it was, a mushroom that I hit today while cutting grass, and Noticed, For No Particular Reason.


Word synchro: "impetus"; this is one of those where the word came to me at the end of a very long and complex train of thought that I don't even remember, though the word was very pronounced, very "important". About an hour later, I came across it in the Ra material. I think I had seen this one within the last few months, but the fact that it "came to me" and then showed up in the book within an hour is notable.


When I went down for coffee this afternoon, I entered into a whole chain of thought that led to The Simpsons, and eventually to a certain part of a certain episode, where a committee is labeled "blue ribbon" and everyone murmurs in surprise. Funny. Seconds after thinking that, I had to go back to the laundry room, where a beer box I'd picked up while cutting grass caught my eye -- for Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.


Was just thinking about "Charlie's Room" last night, and how it would probably be accepted, and I got the acceptance letter this morning.


Yesterday, I'd told my mom that I thought Panera Bread had emailed me about her rewards card, and I was sincere in this, as I could have swore I'd seen an email in my inbox from them within the last couple days. She was going there to eat yesterday afternoon, so I told her I'd check and see if there was a reward waiting for her; however, there wasn't. My last email from them had been almost a month ago. I couldn't figure out why I thought I'd seen an email from them, as I could've swore it was within just the last couple days.

Today, I checked my email and found that they'd sent an email for her (it was sent yesterday).


Had been reading the Ra material, where every session is ended with "Adonai". I'd been meaning to look it up, and felt Compelled to, but never got around to it. Today in church, the pastor defined adonai, as lord.


Daily tarot today was The Empress, and it struck me as odd. I read some of Book 5 of the Ra material over my breakfast shake, and it mentioned how a sentence was mysteriously added to the introduction to the first book, about Jesus' teachings originally involving reincarnation but having been removed by the Empress.


Had another Goodwill adventure today. First, while browsing CDs, I noticed that they had "Weathered" by Creed; while choosing my MP3s today for my workout, I Noticed the album in my collection, For No Particular Reason. Then, while browing the books, I found a book by Junot Diaz, which I'd heard of, for the first time, just days ago, on "Pulp Modern's" submission guidelines; while reading it, I thought, "I've never read Junot Diaz", strongly, For No Particular Reason. Then, while browsing the electronics, I noticed an LCD monitor, but didn't want to buy it, since it wasn't worth it; as I went down the line, I then noticed another monitor for sale, this one identical to my own, then, a couple spaces down, another LCD monitor for sale, this one good enough to buy. I'm not sure what the last signified, but I thought it unlikely that I would come across the first monitor, which made me think of my current monitor and what would be required to replace it, and then an exact replica of my current monitor, followed by one good enough to replace it. Also found a Microsoft Natural keyboard there, when I'd almost bought one weeks ago, but decided not to.


Word synchro: "communal"; was in "Non Compos Mentis", then in the guidelines of Title Goes Here, where I was submitting it to. Haven't seen that word for a very long time.

Synchronicity: One Man's Experience book, paranormal,
              unknown, higher dimensions, mystery, Aaron Garrison