Synchronicity log for 2012


Really cool word synchro. "Top knot," was in "Deadheading with Max" this morning, which I've been putting off editing for nearly a month, and then it was on the random website which, after a huge and frustrating search and evaluation, I went to to order some parasite-cleaning things. Very very cool.


Word synchro: "healed over" (liquid congealing over), it was in the ledger yesterday morning, the first I'd looked at it for weeks, and I Noticed the "healed over" entry. Then, last night, it was in "A Sleeping Place," which I edited for the first time since February, and then again this morning, in "The Garden," also edited for the first time in a while.


Word synchro: "Muriel," a really cool one. It was all through "Discipline" this morning, and I kept Noticing it. Then, I felt Compelled to look into if "The Dead Man's Phone" had been published, which it had. While scanning the page it was published on, I came across a story called "Where's Muriel?" when I don't think I've seen that name for years, other than my story.

Then, this afternoon, a couple cool thought synchros, both in Goodwill while I was looking at books. First, I was thinking of how, in response to one book I'd seen, that people's perceptions of themselves and the world is often skewed, willingfully so, and just as I thought this, I came to a book reading "kidding ourselves" (this one could've easily been a coincidence, except that it happened so synchronistically, in that distinctive way, and the thought archetype was certainly there). Then, "devil," just after I'd looked at an anime book titled "Diablo" and was thinking of how, to an oriental, "Diablo" would be a cool word just like their word for "devil" would be "cool" here; in that same synchronistic way, I read "devil" in another book's spine right as this thought occured. These were both good examples against the subconscious-reading or expectation, since they involved two entirely separate chains of thought.


Cool word synchro: "Macedonia." I saw this here at the beach, while on the way to the market this morning, on a church's sign, and Noticed it. Then, it was in "In An Antique Land" this afternoon, maybe 2-3 hours later. I don't know the last I saw that word anywhere. (Had I finished reading the book yesterday, as I should've, the two wouldn't have coincided.)


Cool word synchro today: John Donne, Emily Dickinson, and Jane Austen. These three authors were mentioned in "Basket Case" yesterday, and I Noticed both John Donne and Jane Austen, very distinctly (especially Donne, though; I remember thinking of how I'd never heard of him). Then, today, in "The Silence of the Lambs," all three of those authors were mentioned (I've been feeling I should re-read this book for the last few months, but just finally got around to it now). Also, "Oh God," which I used in "5th of July" this morning and has cropped up several times since (in "The General," just afterward, and "Silence of the Lambs" and "The Disease").


Pretty cool one. I went to buy Listerine today, and while doing so, I had the thought that my mom would probably give me a coupon for it that night, since I'd already bought some. Well, as it turned out, she did present to me a coupon that night, and though I couldn't have used it (it was for a kind of Listerine I don't buy), it still fit the archetype. It's worth noting that the last time I bought Listerine was months ago, when I got it half-price basically and stocked up, and my mother had not presented me with a Listerine coupon within that time. Very, very unlikely.


Some damn cool ones today. First, in the hour or so between me snaking on some rice cakes and meeting [my friend] for lunch, I saw or heard "caramel" four times. First, I saw a bag of caramels in my parents' pantry; second, caramel was listed in the ingredients for the junky rice cakes I ate; third, a radio ad I Just Happened to hear on the way of (I'd turned on the radio just before getting to her hotel) mentioned caramel beer; and fourth, when [my friend] ordered her pizza, she asked for "lots of caramelized onions."

Then, one which was witnessed by [my friend] and I both. While in Goodwill, I reached for a book called "Flush," drawn to it. The moment I pulled it out, perfectly synchronous, the bathroom just nearby flushed; [my friend] heard this as well, and we both laughed.

Then, one even cooler. We wanted to see the Brown Mountain Lights, but directions there were iffy. After some fiddling and GPSing, we found ourselves in Linville, but from there the directions got ever vaguer, until [my friend] eventually just turned onto a highway "on a whim." We then traveled this highway, aimless, for several miles, eventually deciding that we should turn around. Well, we would have turned around, and in fact tried to several times, except there was a car right behind us, prohibitively close, and every time we'd try to turn around, it wouldn't seem safe. Eventually the car turned off, and we approached a big empty road, suitable for turning around in. We turned in, and were met with a sign: "Wiseman's Outlook," precisely where we were trying to get to. Too, too cool.

And then, one that may or may not have been anything. That evening, at the hotel, there were two motorcycles parked outside the entrance, BMWs, and I Noticed them. On the way out that night, I looked them over, and they were R-Series bikes, which reminded me of how, while at the beach and looking for something in my web browser's history, I happened upon an ad for a BMW R-Series bike I'd been looking at (I think I accidentally clicked on it while looking for the other thing). I can't remember exactly how it came about, but I remember thinking then, "I'll be seeing something about BMW R-Series eventually."


An odd one. I'm doing the parasite cleanse, and have had mild diarhea because of it. While going upstairs, I farted and it felt as if it might've been a bit more than just gas. Just as I went inside and thought, "I wonder if I just shit myself," I heard my mom call her cat, which had just been in the litter box, a "poopy butt." This, too, happened in that deeply synchronistic way.


Not sure what to make of these, but they both happened when I was out with [my friend] today. First, when my truck broke down and I got towed, the driver mentioned, totally offhand (and somewhat inappropriately), how he had been a seaman on a ship; this, after reading "Snow Falling on Cedars" and "A Perfect Storm," both books all about the sea (and mentioning Moby Dick, also, read back-to-back except for part of the Nebula story collection). I found it notable, since I seem to have a sea theme going. Then, "Juno," mentioned by [my friend] offhand, after several Juno sightings recently.


A cool word synchro: "dead reckoning" (maritime term). First it was in "The Perfect Storm," and I Noticed it, as well as noted it, since it gave new meaning to the term (I'd heard it before, but never known what it was). Then, it was in "Voyage to the New World" today, the next sequential book after, after never reading it before that I can remember. Very cool (especially since I just picked up the book Friday, by total "chance," when [my friend] and I went to the Hebron Colony thrift store, which I don't normally go to).


Thought synchro: "2:21." During lunch, [my friend] told me the room number at her hotel was 221. Then, afterward, while turning into her hotel, I absently thought of her room number, for no real reason. Immediately, in that startlingly synchronistic way, the sign's clock clicked to the time, 2:21, just as I thought that.


A couple minor ones. First, I ordered chicken salad at lunch today, randomly, and then, while randomly getting my dad's car's oil changed, I read a magazine which mentioned chicken salad. Perhaps nothing, but I can't remember the last time I've seen chicken salad mentioned. More significantly, however, was that also while reading these magazines, I came across an article about how the texture of food determines attractiveness in certain ways, which I had just mentioned to [my friend], very prominently, yesterday.


Thought synchro: "I forget," lyric in a Deftones song while I was working out, less than a second after I thought about how forgetful I am. Have had several such thought synchros over the last couple days, though this was the only one so pronounced.


Some damn cool ones today. First, while writing "Garlic," I wrote about how a character was a John Doe in several unsolved criminal investigations; I had to think about this, because I didn't know if this was the technical procedure for identifying unknown suspects. Well, a few hours later, while reading the last of "The French Connection," I read about how someone last listed as a John Doe in a criminal investigation. Not really a word synchro, a little bigger than that.

Then, when loading up music on my MP3 player, I loaded up "Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness" -- but only the second disc, because it felt right. Later on, I realized I wanted to listen to some "moon" music, and then it hit me that the physical CD of the second Melancholy disc is actually printed with a moon (the disc is entitled "From Twilight to Starlight"). This could perhaps be explained as subconscious knowledge, since I certainly knew that the disc was printed with a moon; except, it's a bit more complicated, since only *later*, *after* loading up the CD (of which I originally selected the whole album, but then, insistently, decided on only the second disc) did I think of how I felt like listening to "moon" music.

Then, today I got my contributor's copy of the "When The Veil Drops" anthology, and before putting it away, I felt Compelled to flip to my story. In doing so, I noticed that it started on page 111 (111 being one of "my" numbers, of course, one of the most prominent). Interestingly, last week I noticed that, in my contributor's copy of "The Savage Kick," my story started on 111 there, too.


Thought synchro at lunch today. I was just thinking of how many people seem to be addicted to fear and the like, when, immediately after, I saw a newspaper's front page, which read "good and scared" in big letters (there was an article on fear). Not a precise hit, but close enough to be notable.

Also, less notable, was, while at the gym, I had just looked up to see what time it was, when the guy on the radio quoted the time. It was very synchronous, in the way I've come to know, but may have been nothing.

Also, I'm reading yet another book which involves fishermen and such as main characters. It was not sequential with the others (there was one between them), but is close enough to be notable.

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