Synchronicity log for 2013


A weird question-and-answer one today. I cut the Peddler for the last time of the season today, and afterward I wondered absently if the boss was there, which would be indicated by his truck. I wanted to see the truck so that I could go in and get paid, but it wasn't there. However, within the next couple hours, I saw this man's truck twice, totally randomly, first in the parking lot at the supermarket I went to on the way home, then again at an intersection about an hour after that -- pretty unlikely. And, come to think of it, when I'd thought of how I'd wanted to see the boss, I'd thought of wanting to see *his truck,* which would indicate him being in. So that would fall in line with this theme of "I want to see his truck," literally, and then I saw not the man but the truck, twice, totally randomly and in different parts of town.


Cool book synchro, now between 'Coincidance' and 'The Art of War.' So far, there are only three words that have recurred between the two, both starting in 'Coincidance' yesterday afternoon and then recurring in 'The Art of War' a couple hours later -- "Draconian," "Plutarch," and the reading of yarrow stalks in Oriental fashion -- but 1) I Noticed "Draconian" distinctly when it first showed up, noticing especially its capitalized spelling, which I don't think I've ever seen before (it was capitalized in both books), and then 2) Plutarch was, I think, also the first I'd been exposed to this name, and 3) the reading of yarrow stalks couldn't be at all anticipated when considering the subject matter of the two books, which was markedly different. Also, there's the fact that I bought both books completely randomly, then read them as randomly ('The Art of War' was even more random, coming from a chance Goodwill visit that didn't even make sense, since I'll be going there with [my friend] tomorrow). Reasonably notable.


A couple minor, though notable, word synchros, between the books 'Coincidance' and 'All The Money In The World.' The first was "Esperanto," which I learned from 'Coincidance' (I think; it might have been from the book before). In any case, I learned it from some book in the last week or so, then saw it again in the library just days later, and then it was mentioned at the end of 'All The Money In The World,' when that and 'Coincidance' (or whatever book I learned it from) couldn't have been more different in subject matter. Then, last night I by chance was Compelled to read the latest Cassiopaen transcript after not visiting the sight for months, in which it mentioned Sarin nerve gas. Then, at the end of 'All The Money In The World' today, it mentioned Sarin nerve gas, when I don't think I've seen that mentioned for probably years (decades?). These could be chance, but they fit that classic word-synchro mold pretty well.


Another back-to-back book synchro, now for the Mosaic web browser, mentioned in the 'All The Money In The World' book yesterday (odd, since the book was about money and rich people), and then today in the 'How To Find Anybody' book -- very different subject matters, yet they both mentioned that obscure, old web browser.

Also, there was a bit of a question-and-answer thing with the 'How to Find Anyone' book. About a week ago, I'd checked my credit and found that, somehow, my house was now present on my credit sheet, when I hadn't notified anyone of this nor gotten a traditional loan on it. This got me wondering where such information would come from, and theorizing that there must be some general database in which such things are entered. Sure enough, in the 'How To Find Anyone' book, it mentioned the NCI database, used by creditors during a credit lookup -- thus answering my question, in the most unlikely way. I'd checked this book from the library on a total whim, and had absolutely no inkling it may touch upon such credit databases (I'd checked it out, consciously, thinking of how I'd just like to know how private investigators work).


A reasonable notable recurrence today. Wrote about double-binds this morning, in relation to religious influence, and not only did I read of double-binds in the 'Cosmic Trigger II' book I started this afternoon (felt Compelled to start this one then, btw, despite having it for a couple weeks now), but it mentioned them in regards to religious influence -- not just the exact same word (which I hadn't seen or used in I don't know how many months), and not just in the same context, but in regard to the exact same thing. Pretty unlikely, I'd think.


Classic word synchro and book synchro both today. First, when writing this morning, I used the Orwellian "War is peace," and then, at lunch, I read this in the 'Cosmic Trigger II' book, used in that exact same context. Then, after finishing up on the 'Cosmic Trigger' book, I started the 'Dark Cosmos' book, and it turned out to overlap many of the themes contained in the tail-end of 'Cosmic Trigger II' that I read today -- despite my having no idea what the 'Dark Cosmos' book was about (I bought it randomly, with no dust cover), and the book being vastly different than 'Cosmic Trigger' ('Dark cosmos' is an academic book on dark matter, 'Cosmic Trigger' is a collectin of essays and political commentaries). The two books both referenced many of the same subjects, mostly particle physics and the like, and both mentioned specifically Bell's Theorem and some of its implications on the nature of reality. Cool.


Cool number question-and-answer. On the drive home from the beach, saw a lot of 311s and its variants, as to construct a theme. Then, when I just happened to look at my clock at 3:11, I thought, "Well, if there were really a theme, then I'd see another 311 again really soon." Immediately after, a car came up alongside me right as I had that thought, in that perfectly synchronous way, and I knew its license plate would have a 311 or some such -- but there was none. My inner skeptic thought, "See, no theme" -- then I saw a gas station sign reading 3.11 for regular, also perfectly synchronously after thinking "See, no theme." The gas sign was to my left, same as the car with the non-311 license plate I'd looked at. Had I not looked at the car, I wouldn't have seen the gas sign. Potentially coincidence, but if fit that "question-and-answer" format so well, besides being perfectly synchronous, etc.


Minor word synchro: "pinion." I got back from vacation today and checked my email, and "pinion" was the Word of the Day from a few days ago, and I Noticed it distinctly enough to read it (rarely read those). Then, when I went to another email about a story I'd had published, maybe 30 minutes later, there was a sidebar advertising a book called 'Pinion.' Maybe nothing, but I found the timing and rarity of the word to be notable (can't remember the last time I'd encountered "pinion").


Minor one today, could have been nothing. On the way to the gym, I got behind a motorcyclist, whom I Noticed for no reason I can name. Then, after leaving the gym, damned if I didn't get behind the exact same motorcyclist when I pulled out. It was on the same road, which could've added to the unlikliness or detracted from it. But, in any case, it was over an hour between my going to and leaving the gym, and the motorcyclist passed me just as I was pulling out, with perfect timing.


This morning, had a number synchro that might have been nothing. When finishing editing the book this morning, I looked at the page count I finished on: 80/111, which made me think of how I had thirty pages left. Just afterward, I looked at the clock: 11:31 -- 31 repeating instantly. Then I realized that 11:31 and 111 pages both meant three ones. Just after I noticed the three-ones thing, I went to backup the revised book file, and its new file size was 1.11MB. All these coming back to back. I could see how they were more 311 stuff; I could see how they were nothing.

Then, at lunch, had a mildly notable 37/73 pop-up. From nowhere, my dad gave me a video game system he found in one of his rental places. When he presented it to me, he gave it to me upside down for some reason, which showed the system's underbelly -- on which was written "AARON'S 1761337392." I've been seeing 373 a lot lately, and this one jumped right out at me, and it even quoted my first name, all coming to me in the most unlikely and random of ways. Yet, this wasn't coherent enough to be a sure hit.

Equally ambiguous, had a minor recurrence this afternoo when I went to see Adam's new baby. Just before visiting the hospital, I'd started rereading 'No Country For Old Men,' after checking the library for it on and off for the last couple months. In the few pages I read before going to the hospital, it mentioned both a sheriff being called because a cat had been in a tree a couple days, and a breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast. At the hospital, Jessica mentioned offhand that her mother's neighbor had called the sheriff because one of the family cats had been in a tree for two days, then soon after mentioned how her breakfast after giving birth had been bacon, eggs, and toast. This could have easily been coincidence, except for the timing (within an hour between my reading the book and having the conversation with Jessica in the hospital), the randomness, and the fact that this all fits that pattern I've seen so many times.


Interesting, vague one today. This morning, I finished up editing on the last book, and the part I edited covered the subject of escalating social problems and what could be done about it. Then, this afternoon, when I read the rest of 'No Country For Old Men,' it discussed just this subject, along with a lot of other vague recurrences between it and the book I edited this morning. There was another synchro here too: yesterday, my dad gave me some shoes to try on, some of those old Converse hightops with the plastic on the ends. I indicated the plastic to him but didn't know the word for it. Well, in 'No Country For Old Men' today, it described these as "toecaps." This one, though easily a coincidence, does fit in with that recurrence pattern that's so common, and the timing was pretty close too.


Minor but notable recurrence. This afternoon, I happened to notice a piece of mail on my parents' coffee table: an insurance policy on my brother. This in turn made me think of something I read in a book a while ago, a guy ranting about how people shouldn't have insurance policies on their children, with no reasons except for vague shaming that it was somehow disgraceful to profit from a child's death. As I thought about that, it occurred to me that I see no real reason why it's disgraceful unless you take it out with the idea of killing the child, and, more importantly, there are things like burial costs, etc, which the insurance would be ideal for, which I why I imagine my father has an insurance policy on my brother. Well, tonight, in the 'Serpent on The Rock' book, it mentioned how the first Prudential insurance policy ever paid on was a fifteen-year-old boy who'd gotten hit by a train, after which his parents wrote to the company saying how they used the money to pay for his funeral expenses. I could see this being a chance coincidence, but it's more notable considering the timing (I don't think I've thought of taking out insurance policies on children since I read the book with the rant about it, months ago). Also, I did start reading the 'Serpent on the Rock' book the day before I thought of my brother's policy, and that book is about the Prudential insurance company, but then the part I read yesterday hadn't even touched on insurance yet, instead involving other companies and their investments -- it wasn't subconscious suggestion, in other words, especially considering that I can trace my thinking of the child's insurance policy to something entirely independent (the policy slip left on my parents' coffee table).

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