Synchronicity log for 2014


A cluster today, after a bit of a drought. First, a secondhand one from Dad: according to him, he was short a quater for a paper, and on his way to the machine thought, "I wish a quarter would be in the slot." Sure enough, there was not only a quarter in the slot, but it was in his chosen machine. Even if he embellished this and it was just basically right, I would still find it notable, it both defying reasonable chance and fitting perfectly the old "ask and ye shall receive" pattern. Then, just after, a couple reading synchros: reading "separate" precisely when Dad said "separate," not otherwise precise but still so perfectly coincidental that I had to note it. Then, much more notable, I read a line in a book which referenced arsenic poisoning, at the precise moment Dad joked that he was being poisoned with arsenic -- totally independently from my reading, when I'd said nothing about what I was reading and he couldn't even see the book, much less where I was at on the page. Also, there's another dimension to this one: the reference I read was hugely indirect (something about a man's wife developing "strange stomach pains" that night after dinner), yet 1) it did in fact relate to arsenic poisoning, and 2) I immediately recognized it as relating to arsenic, because it was in a book of crime stories, several of prior ones of which had involved the classical arsenic-poisoning scenario. And, sure enough, about a page later it was revealed that the "strange stomach pains" were indeed caused by arsenic poisoning. I find this one highly notable, not just because of it defying chance and fitting perfectly the thought/reading synchro pattern, but also that it both involved a totally, indisputably independent third party, but also that added dimension of the indirect reference, etc. Cool.

Then, later, a classic music/thought synchro: right as I approached an intersection and had to pause because of a car I wasn't sure might pull out in front of me, I thought "car crash," this coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic way with "crashed cars" on the song I was listening to in the CD player. Now, I had in fact heard this song many times, enough to have memorized where that lyric would occur, so subconscious thinking-ahead/arrangement etc was my first thought -- except, once again, there's the objective component of my approaching the intersection and seeing the car that looked like it might pull out in front of me, thus triggering the thought. Again, highly notable, though routine.


Another two reading/thought synchros, both at lunch today. The first echoed the conversation my parents were having, totally indepedently, around me, neither of them able to see the book I was reading and me not saying anything about it. I read "She made sure he always had a few dollars in his pocket" precisely when my mom suggested that my dad give my brother some spending money, which was the exact context the "dollars in his pocket" quote was in, the two coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic way, of course. Then, soon after, a thought/reading synchro where right as I thought about how sometimes I don't always look at a certain person when talking to them, I read "Why won't you look at me while I'm talking to you?" Now, this one had potential as a subconscious reading-ahead, except that, once again, I could distinctly trace the exact chain of individual thoughts that ended with my thinking about not looking at someone while talking to them, and they truly were indepedent, as well as starting on the previous page of the book in question, before the line "Why won't you look at me ..." was visible. Both of these, very notable.


A minor recurrence. Today at lunch I read in the 'Penny Pincher's' travel book that some credit cards offer free insurance on rental cards if you charge it to that card, a fact that I had not previously known. Then tonight, I get an email from one of my credit cards telling me that they are now offering improved insurance on rental cars, just several hours after I'd learned of the existence of this service. Maybe nothing, but it does certainly fit the pattern.


Cool thought/talking one today. I was in Roxanne's bathroom, and randomly thought of butterflies and their metamorphasis -- right when the woman in the other rooom said "metamorphasis," this coming in that perfectly synchronistic way, couldn't have been more concise and "coincidental." And, of course, there was no way for her to know what I was thinking; I wasn't engaged in conversation with her, nor could we even see one another, being at opposite sides of Roxanne's apartment. Highly notable and highly cool.


A couple cool general synchros today, after another "drought," both at lunch. First, my dad came in and sat at the table and started dialing a number on his cellphone, precisely before the house phone rang. So "coincidental" were these two calls, I thought my dad was actually calling the house phone for some reason, perhaps to play a joke on my mom (the house phone started ringing just after he dialed the number and got a ring on the cell, so that it was like an echo, so perfectly choreographed were these). But, instead, he was calling a mechanic, and as it turned out, the person calling on the house phone was the wife of that very mechanic. It's not hugely unlikely in itself, but considering how it all had to be timed, not just that my dad got home and was, say, right in the middle of talking to the mechanic when his wife called, but that he got home and, first thing, dialed this number on his cell, timed perfectly so that it would ring in sync with that call from the wife of the person he was calling. Notable.

Also, a classical reading synchro soon after the first. Right after I said aloud to someone in the other room something to the effect of, "I'm getting a package today, or at least I expect it today," I looked back to my book afterward and the next line from where I'd left off was "if you don't receive it when expected," referring to mail, in the same context that I'd just questioned whether I'd receive my package that day. And again, it's temping to write this off as a subconscious read-ahead, except that I was holding the conversation with the third party before I even came to that, and it just so happened to come to the subject of the mail and my package, etc, so that they were the only logical conclusion -- when there's no way we could've arranged the two coinciding sentiments, even subconsciously. Another notable one.

Also, one that might be nothing. When I was running errands yesterday, I got behind a grey late-model Toyota Celica, and I Noticed it, very distinctly, in that specific way. Then, about ten minutes later, when pulling out of a parking lot, another Celica pulled in front of me, also late-model, and also grey. From what I can remember, I've never really noticed these late-model Celicas before (I've been aware of the early-model, 80's Celica, but not these for some reason). Then, tonight when I went to check Craigslist for cars and RVs as usual, at the top of the list was an add for a late-model Celica, also grey, also exactly like one of the ones I'd seen out today. I wouldn't mention this except for the timing of the three, and my Noticing that first one so distinctly right before another pulled in front of me.


A minor recurrence this afternoon. On the way to the gym, I passed a sign for a shoe store which read "Wigwam," which jumped out at me in a Noticing, and the first I'd seen the word "wigwam" in years. Then, about 15 minutes later, I heard the word again, in a Beatles song I listened to while working out. I found it notable for the obvious reasons -- timing, after not hearing it for however long -- but also the fact that I had that song on my music player at all, because it was left on there from the last time I'd worked out, when 99.99% of the time I load up new albums before leaving (I forgot today, in a rare instance). Notable, though still not precise enough to rule out coincidence, etc.


A cool and unique one, early-morning today, when I don't think I've had many early-morning synchronicities. I got up to pee, and immediately upon doing so, the song "Cowboys from Hell" was cued in my head, for no reason I know (the first I've thought of this song in I don't know how long). Then, as usual when I get up in early morning, I went to get a drink of water from a cup I keep at a specific spot on my desk, specifically so I can find it in the dark, which I always do -- but today I couldn't. I patted around for a bit, coming up empty somehow, all while "Cowbows from Hell" was playing in my head. Then, unable to find the cup, I turned on my lamp briefly so I could see -- right when the song in my head got to the "out of the darkness and into the light" lyric. I found this highly notable, in a way someone else couldn't really appreciate. First, there was my thinking of the song, which I hadn't thought of in perhaps years and had no logical reason to now, right when I got up, not after I went patting for the cup of water (which I should've been able to find without problem, and almost always do because of my tactical placing of it before bed). But then, the lyric and my putting on the lamp and putting myself "into the light" was another of those perfectly synchronistic occurences, which would've been hard enough to subconsciously orchestrate had I known I would've had trouble finding my water cup -- but there was no way I could've known that, and it went against all precedent of my effortlessly finding the cup day after day after day. Very surreal to experience, and very notable.


Had an onslaught of 73s today, maybe the biggest, closest bunch of repetitions ever. Blog post:

"This afternoon, it was numbers again.

Usually the "coincidences" come as events or themes, or obsessively recurrent objects; others, however, it's repeat numbers, cropping up in the darnedest of places and in the darnedest of ways. And then there's a third type, which combines the two into something that could only be described as magical.

This afternoon's incident was one of the latter, and indeed, magical it felt.

It started with a flurry of 73's. I was out, driving around to do errands, when, out of the blue, 73 was everywhere I looked. Signs, prices,  odometer readout. On the license plates of passing cars (many of these pulling in front of me, or doing something else to conspicuously enter my line of vision -- inconsistent with being subconsciously sought out by me, in any case). A variation was 37, appearing equally (which didn't surprise me, since reversals are a regular pattern in these incidents). Within the space of ten minutes of driving across town, I was privy to no less than a dozen 73's/37's, perhaps more (I'd lost track).

But that was just over the drive to the store.

Only at the market did things really get notable enough to inspire this blog post. However unlikely the downpour of repetitions I saw on the way there, I didn't pay too much attention, because coincidences sometimes really are just coincidences, and the incident thus far just lacked the precision to wow me enough to write something down (plus, those just happen so often). However, once I parked at the market and the 73/37 sightings kept up, my opinion started to change. First, when I grabbed my change from my truck's holder, it was exactly 37 cents. Then, in the store, the number kept flying at me: UPC codes, serving sizes of foods I checked, price tags, numbers overheard on a cellphone conversation. I happened past the deli freezer and saw its thermometer at 37.5 degrees. Until then, I'd been writing off the incident as selective perception. But this was just too many repetitions, in too many diverse and unlikely places, to reasonably attribute to that old trickster of the eyes, nor most other cognitive explanations.

I knew then that I'd have to make a log entry, noting the improbable series. At that point, though, it still wasn't compelling enough for a blog post.

That point was reached only at the checkout, which rang up as [drumroll] exactly 73 cents. But wait, think about that figure a minute, because you must realize: I had a basketful of groceries. How could one possibly check out for so little money, ever (and that was with tax, mind you)? Two things. First, I had $10 in rewards points stored up this visit, and when I used them it covered most of the cost of my stuff. Then, second, it just so happened that the market had a blowout-special day where literally everything was 20% off, store-wide. But, to really see the complexity of having my order be precisely 73 cents, we must break down the logistics here a bit further, to the prices of the individual items. There were four separate ones, for one thing, all different prices; and then, additionally, there were vagaries in these prices. There was the oddball 1.08lb lamb liver that cost $6.23 or some uncommon amount of change, same for some bagged coffee and a by-weight vegetable, and then the last item was on sale by percentage and so had a similarly irregular price.

The point is, it was really damn unlikely to have hit exactly 73 cents, in more ways than one. Were I to have consciously tried to assemble such an order, I would've been hard pressed, and that was assuming that the store contained any such combination of goods (it's not too big a store, as it were).

Yet I not only hit this improbable number (perhaps my record low for a grocery order), but did so after a blatant string of sightings of just that number.

From the moment I was quoted that total, I knew a blog post lay in my future. And that was before I received the receipt, which placed my checkout time at exactly 4:37 PM.

(As soon as I left the market, I stopped seeing the number, even when I went actively looking for it.) "


A few mild to moderate ones today. First was that this morning, I felt Compelled to edit "The Hillside," a story about an Indian village (the only I've written in such a setting), and then later today, at lunch, I started a new book, which turned out to be set in an Indian village (a book which I've had for years but only just now read). I had no idea where the book was set, beforehand. This fit an onslaught-type theme, with all sorts of subtle but noticeable little parallels between unlikely things and events. Had several thought/reading synchros thrown in the mix, including looking randomly down on my leg while sunning and judging it very pale, then going back to my book and having my eyes fall directly on "very pale." No biggies in there, however.


Maybe nothing, but the other day I read Aldous Huxley's 'The Doors of Perception,' the only book of his I've ever read besides 'Brave New World' a couple years ago. Interestingly, there were some synchronistic parallels in subject matter between it and the 'Nectar in a Sieve' book I read immediately after, which was again interesting because it fit the book synchro pattern, and the two books were about as different as can be (one a non-fiction about the mind and perception, the other a fictional tale of rural India). Then, when I finished 'Nectar in a Sieve' today, at the back of the book where it advertised other books that might be of interest, the first one listed was a commentary on Buddhism by Aldous Huxley. Conceivably a coincidence, but still worth noting.


Very cool reading synchro today. It started with an important realization I had today while eating lunch: that constantly being around certain toxic people in my life exerts a significant negative influence, which I'd known for years but really saw demonstrated firsthand when the people in question went away on vacation for a few days, then came back, thus making their toxic influence on me much more visible. Then, several minutes after having this realization, the book I was reading mentioned exactly such a thing, going into detail on it over a page -- and in no uncertain terms, either. The book echoed perfectly just the realization I'd had minutes earlier, even framed in reference to the exact same type of people and the relationship in question in my case. There was nothing in the book prior to its mentioning this that could've remotely triggered some subconscious suggestion. It was, in every sense, another one of those surreal, literally synchronistic incidents, that would just be so unlikely, and involve so many unique logistics, the chances would be ridiculously low (and, of course, the book in question was a library book that I chose completely at random yesterday, then just started, as randomly, today, just before having said realization). Highly notable.


Really cool one this evening. I was fixing dinner, when my mom, standing behind me in the kitchen, spoke the name of someone she knew -- right at the precise moment someone on TV said "Borelli," the mentioned person's last name. The two coincided in that perfectly synchronistic way, and with my mom being in the other room from the TV, there's no way she could've been suggested upon by, say, something on the TV announcing "Borelli" (plus, her mention of her Borelli was in a totally separate, independent thread of conversation, as so many of these are; additionally, the Borelli on TV was just coming on there, with the mention of her name being in introduction, also weighing against some sort of subconscious suggestion). My mom and I actually both paused and asked one another if they'd just heard the TV say Borelli precisely when her Borelli came up in conversation. As it were, these two Borellis are the only I've ever seen or heard of in my life.

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