Synchronicity log for 2015


Another whirlwind, Good God. Another of those days with highly prominent number repeats, mostly 37/1137/etc, but also with a lot of 1212s and the like in there. So many conspicuous, intelligent-seeming ones today, such as cars with 37/1137/73-bearing license plates cutting in front of me, or me taking a wrong turn and ending up stopping behind one at a stop like, or about a million others that couldn't possibly be explained psychologically or subconsciously, etc. Even had another of those "trifecta"/wham-bam-type ones, where I encountered just one license plate after another with some prominent number (down King Street when I got back in Boone this time, about 5-6 in a row). On the standout side of things, had a minor recurrence with JJ: that 'Culling' book that Jumped Out at me at the thrift store yesterday, me Noticing it so prominently. The book was about people getting "culled" by an apocalyptic virus, and this morning when I saw JJ again, she mentioned, entirely randomly and offhand and without prompting on my part, a "culling," her word exactly, and also in a similar context, with people getting "culled" by a massive virus among other things. Wasn't hugely precise, but not impreceise either.

One standout throught/event synchro was precisely as I was randomly thinking about the Austin man I'd met at Starbucks so conspicuously just minutes before, and how he impressed me as being "clingy" and "needy," I passed a highway exit sign for a town called "Clingman" -- a "clinging man," haha. Possibly coincidence, but given the cirucmstances/patternistic-type nature of it ... probably not.


My God, still so, so many. Just don't stop. Some standouts: randomly thinking about leaving Adam a message at GNC, precisely as "I got the message" came over the CD player; thinking of when I'd just talked to my dad, randomly at the end of a big long chain of thought, precisely as I read "retiring for the evening," when the very last thing I'd said to my dad in that meeting was "I'm retiring for the evening" (a sort of tangential/archetypical/"imprecise-yet-highly-precise"-type); and, just after and of the same precise-imprecise kind: laughing out loud at something in the 'Gone Girl' book, then being answered by that thought loop of mine that says "don't laugh, not supposed to laugh," precisely before reading "do not laugh" in the book (really damn cool, so much to say about that one).

Biggest standout of all was a hugely improbably recurrence/Noticing-type incident. Yesterday I'd stopped at that random thrift store out on Old 421 I've never been to, totally randomly but feeling totally Compelled, and there I'd Noticed, in turn, two things: the 'Battlefield Earth' book, and that old-looking, vintage-looking container of tire chains, both of these Jumping out at me in that distinctive way that I knew would involve some sort of synchronistic activity. Well, today, I went to Goodwill, not Compelled but just to make a regular visit for CDs and the like, and there, I found two things: another copy of the 'Battlefield Earth' book, along with another box of those exact same tire chains, same brand, same label, same beat-up old-looking appearance. A blog post right there.

And, as if the billion others of the day weren't enough, a really cool one involving my credit card. On the new credit card, while looking it over, I noticed that there were a couple number-repeats in the card's account number -- but, no 73/37/1137. "Now, why isn't there a 37 in there somewhere?" I thought upon seeing that, half-jokingly. Then, when I went to activate it and then sign the back, I saw the extra "security" number back there: 073. Haha. All the more notable considering that this is so patternistic of those other times when I've been consciously looking for a number-repeat for whatever reason, didn't see one, and then was smacked with one only after the fact, in a way that would refute any type of active seeking-out of the number along with upping the chances (such as having the number lurking on the back of the card, totally out of sight beforehand).


A bit of a downturn in overall incidents today, but still quite present, just not quite a whirlwind as of late. Had a bit of a theme of precise, standout thought/reading/event synchros, such as hearing "pump" on the radio precisely as I pumped my brakes.


Again a bit of a downturn from late, like yesterday: still a good number of incidents, but not to that overwhelming, whirlwind degree like recently. Did have one funny standout: the white Chevy conversion vans, like those few days on the way to Hot Springs and back recently. At first I just told myself it was selective perception, but no, there were so many of them, upwards of a dozen or so, and always coming conspicuously, seeming to seek me out, in the fashion of the "intelligent"-seeming number-repeats, etc. Haha. What the hell is with these thematic kinds of incidents?


Still in a bit of a downturn as far as gross incidents are concerned, though I'm still noting plenty throughout the day, more or less. Another theme of vague parallels in reading/thinking/events, etc, too subtle to explain but there nonetheless. One standout was a classic book/word synchro: "crepe myrtle," this plant mentioned a couple times in the last part of the 'Six Figures' book I finished today, which I noticed (simply because it was the first I've ever heard of this plant), and then, in the 'True Cross' book I started this afternoon, the crepe myrtle was mentioned in the first few pages -- once again: second time I'd ever encountered it yet it was within a notable timeframe (just hours, this time), and in two books I'd both bought randomly (and weeks apart, in this case, from thrift stores in different states even, and both completely "blind" books novels from authors I'd never read and had no idea if I'd even like, really just feeling Compelled to take the plunge on both of these in particular), and then read as randomly, only to have them both Just Happen to mention the crepe myrtle (and at the end of the first, then the beginning of the second, as to "conjoin" ...).


Today was much like the last couple, alternating between "quiet" periods and periods of comparably high activity. Morning was mostly "silent," then at lunch, suddenly, had another of those whirlwind reading/thought/event synchros, bam-bam-bam, one after the other, very precise and explicit (albeit one- or two-word) incidents coming one after another, echoing my thoughts or things happening around me perfectly. Probably almost a dozen total, within the space of minutes right after I sat down to read at lunch. Surreal. Then, through the afternoon, another of those "themes" of subtle, one-word thought/event incidents, such as my thinking about having a car accident because I couldn't see around a car at an intersection, precisely as the radio sang out "accident." Etc, etc.

Also, some neat number-repeats thrown in the mix, such as being in the gym and hearing someone randomly call out "thirty-seven, thirty-seven," the only audible part of their conversation (and entirely out of view of me, in the other room; I don't even know who said it, and I didn't hear them say anything more before or after). Also, I felt Compelled to look at a bottle of probiotics (which I ended up not buying, ultimately), only to see that its expiration date was "03/07/15." Haha.

And, still: more white early-nineties Chevy conversion vans!!! I saw probably 3-4 more today, always in conspicuous ways, coming to me rather than my looking for them, however slightly. There was even a random mention of a "Chevy Econoline van" in the 'True Cross' book (started reading randomly just yesterday ...).


Wow, what an incredible day, so many incidents total, both subtle and standout. Had next to nothing all morning, then bam! again at lunch had another of those surreal, whirlwind stream of reading/thought/event synchros. It started with my noticing "witch" on the public radio precisely as my eyes fell over "unbewitching," and then, as I was telling myself this could be subconscious selective perception, the same thing happened for "heartache," and went on to have maybe ~dozen similar instances within the course of my lunch hour. And it all went on from there, tons and tons of incidents of all kinds, a regular onslaught, as to just be utterly surreal, that "living-dream" state. Standouts:

-More Chevy conversion vans, on top of everything else!
-Arriving at the coffee shop, after another big random morning and a long drive, at exactly 11:37 -- and then having the clock tick to 11:38 precisely as I saw this and got out of the car, in patternistic fashion. And then, the same damn thing happened this afternoon, once I got to Dr. Lynn's, now at exactly 3:37. Surreal, surreal. (Plus, the first one had me Compelled to park at certain parking space -- which was directly beside a car with a license plate beginning with 337, and facing away from me so that I couldn't possibly have seen it until I actually turned in, that coming seconds before the 11:37 clock-tick.)
-While at Dr. Lynn's, a really damn cool number-repeat, in nearly the exact same fashion as yesterday's random "37, 37" being called out from the weight room at the gym. While I was getting my acupuncture session, alone in my room, I at one point heard Dr. Lynn say "7-31, 7-31," after silence for the whole time beforehand, and then silent afterward. Really, just too much, especially after the rest of the day.
-Cool thought/event/song synchro: precisely as I was looking at my phone's GPS map and thinking about how the little arrow that represented me was facing a certain way (erroneously), the song on the CD player said "my arrow" -- not just "arrow," but "my" arrow, as to up the precision significantly since that was so perfectly reflective of my thought, the GPS's arrow being "me"/"mine"
-A really cool three-way thought/event synchro this evening on the way home: precisely as I had the distinct-but-random thought of "hello," the song on the radio said "hello," precisely as the driver in a passing car waved "hello" at me -- utterly, utterly surreal
-Also in this vein, a three-part one just after leaving Dr. Lynn's: while writing a new note on my notebook, I noticed my note for the "my arrow" synchro, which prompted me to think about the eery air of that one, how it was almost like someone/thing was monitoring my thoughts -- precisely as the radio sang "somebody watching me." Then, next, as I looked in my rearview to back up, I saw the sign for an optomotrist's office directly behind me -- more "eye"/looking theme. And then, seconds later as I turned around and was thinking about this fresh incident, I passed a truck advertising "vision care." Haha. Really, just too damn much.


Wow, so many today, but of a wholly different fashion than the last two days. Went all day, but did seem to spike after lunch, though now just with a whole bunch of thought/event/reading synchros of a certain flavor, always coming without warning and in perfectly synchronistic fashion, mostly event/thought ones. For instance, while I was struggling to open the kale crunch at lunch, I had the thought of "open up," precisely as the van directly in my line of sight opened -- maybe a half-dozen or so of this striking, "visceral," "here-and-now"-type nature. Other standouts: having my attention diverted by a car's blinking headlights, as to see its Italian-flag license plate on the front bumper, precisely as the radio randomly said "Italian"; thinking of the cashier I talked to at Starbucks today, at the end of yet another long, random chain of thought, precisely as a roadside electronic sign clicked to the Starbucks symbol. Surreal, so surreal.


A bit of a downturn in overall incidents today, though still having that steady "background static" of subtle incidents to some degree or another. A standout number-repeat was when I was in the convenience store and a call came in (coinciding perfectly with my arrival) and the cashier hung up and said, offhand to the other cashier, that there was nobody on the other end and that the call had come from a 307 area code. Maybe coincidence, but it certainly had that "Just Happened To" feel to it. Likewise, a funny one when I went into the pawnshop: precisely as I entered, a woman standing beside me said my name, and when I looked at her, she was looking right at me and said my name again -- a total stranger, looking at me and saying my name. However, I soon realized she wasn't talking to me, but a man standing directly behind me, another Aaron -- again maybe coincidence, but the timing and circumstances/context, etc, was just all too "perfectly synchronistic" not to take note. Funny as hell in any case.


Another downturn today, now with only periods of subtle/"background static" incidents, though a few profound standouts. First, while on the way to church, a car came up on me, gaining quick despite the low speed limit (which I was abiding), and I thought "speeding" -- precisely as the CD sang out "speeding," perfectly synchronistic, etc. Then, at church, I was thinking of the teary woman I'd seen on the way in, and was praying for her and thinking about how I couldn't involve myself in her troubles as not to get sucked into her reality, etc, when, about a minute after, the reverend went into exactly what I'd been thinking, and even in almost the exact same terms. Very precise, and very notable, despite not being "perfectly synchronistic" exactly. Then a really cool one at lunch. From nowhere, I was struck by something written on the placemat, about South Carolina's state sea shell. It was a classical Noticing, with the words all but crying out for attention, such that I felt Compelled enough to move my plate and uncover what the state sea shell was -- precisely as a stranger (seated across the room, with her back to me, etc) cried out "Sea shell!" That one would've been highly notable in any case, but it gains a whole new dimension considering the coherent, distinct Noticing/Compelling just a split-second before, so strong and coherent as to make me move my plate and uncover the rest of the text so I could read it, etc. Wow.

Also a pretty notable recurrence. Over the last week or so, I've encountered several "Hawthorne" roads, such as an Avenue in both Winston and Wilmington, and then a couple of Hawnthorne Roads (one of them might've been Hawthorn without the "e"). Then today, there was another one, this one mentioned in the 'Little Bets' book rather than seen. Very spread out, and not overly rare, but still somewhat notable in my opinion, given the sheer randomness of my trips, the distance between them, and the precision.


Another quieter day, with only a couple periods of heightened activity. A standout thought/radio synchro: having a long chain of thought culminate in my thinking about getting back "on the road," literally those words, precisely as the song on the radio sang out "on the road," and in that same context of "going out there"/traveling/etc. Very pronounced, and very notable, considering the impossible-to-orchestrate timing, the independence of the chain of thought, the fact that I'd never heard this particular song before, etc.


Wow, what a weird and eventful day. Started out with almost nothing, not even subtles and such, but then after leaving the house for the PEMF place, bam-bam-bam, conspicuous number-repeats, subtles, the whole nine yards. No real standouts, but then all were kind of standouts, just too obscure and personal to describe. I did notice a new "theme" of the day: flashbacks. Not deja vu, but these intense, complicated recurrences spanning minutes or hours, touching on all kinds of things from either the recent or distant pass, always in a peculiar way I can't put into words. Did have a big, striking string of these soon after lunch, including a couple of radio/thought synchros that reflected the very flashblack-themed stuff as it was playing out around me (such as random radio song singing "flashback" conspicuously in the chorus, timing almost perfectly synchronous with my realization of these types of unfolding synchros, and then passing a sign reading "dogwood" precisely as I was thinking about a song that featured dogs, this too part of the flashback-themed onslaught and with that peculiar, indescribable quality -- phew!).


Definitely even less activity today, as if I've entered some progressively "quieter" chapter of the phenomenon. Still a few subtles and the like, plus some conspicuous number repeats that made me smile. Did have what seems to be a somewhat unique recurrence come about, between the 'American Taboo' and 'Met Her On The Mountain' books, a big long-winded one starting when I bought the 'Mountain' book while over in Hot Springs, when I'd been turned onto it by a random stranger who saw me reading the 'Taboo' book, asked me what it was about, and proceeded to tell me how there was a similar murder mystery involving Hot Springs, and a book detailing it (for sale in the very shop I was reading out front of, as it were). I felt Compelled to go and buy a copy of the book right then, and today when I started reading it, I encountered several small-but-conspicuous parallels between it and 'American Taboo': both involved a murder of a sexually conspicuous young woman away from home while in service in a liberal-leaning government-volunteer service (one the Peace Corps and the other the VISTAs), both involved an "it could only have been an outsider that did it"-type attitude by the locals, both gave way to a big bureaucratic political stink that complicated the investigation, and also during the same time period (almost exactly the same, if I remember right). Maybe nothing, but I can't help but note both the parallels and the irony/coincidence of my being turned onto the 'Mountain' book by a book so similar to it, and in such a conspicuous, "Just Happened"-type way.


Back to increased general activity/subtles/number-repeat onslaughts (including a couple of those four-five-banger-type onslaughts where I'll see a couple 37s or something on license plates, then wham-bam, see two-three more in fast, conspicuous succession, like those times going down King Street and the like). Some standouts: seeing the sign for the "Glory" can with the sun-like rays of light on it, thinking "that looks like sunshine," precisely as the radio, playing a song I'd never heard, sang out "the sun is shining"; a classic thought/event/radio synchro where I focused on "down" written on the windshield of a for-sale van precisely as the radio sang out "down," perfectly synchronous, etc. Many of these throughout the day. Another living-dream/utterly surreal-type day, at times.

Also, another of those really cool wrong-number texts from #30317, this one sent at 3:17 AM ...


The only notable thing about today was almost a total lack of any incidents at all, even those subtle ones/number repeats. A definite and sudden downturn in activity (again seeming to coincide with bad health/low energy/not being "in the groove" ...).


My God, so many today, right back in the whirlwind after yesterday's odd hiatus, and again: it all seemed to coincide with an increase in health/energy, as if I'd gotten back in some energetic/reality-vortex "groove." Started this morning at church when I opened the hymnal at a random page to find the appropriate hymn, and instead landed exactly on page 337. From there, the subtles/number-repeat onslaughts started up, at times peaking into that surreal, living-dream like quality/quantity. Too many to list.


More white, early-nineties Chevy conversion vans with green stripes!!! Saw maybe a half-dozen again today, always coming to me without my looking for them. Even had one of those funny little q-and-a/"challenge"-types, where I saw one with green stripes, then one that was just plain white and thought, "Ha, that one doesn't have the green stripes" -- precisely as another one, white with green stripes, came into view from behind a building.

Felt Compelled to pick up a beer bottle on the sidewalk at the mall (after feeling Compelled to go to the mall in the first place), and when I picked it up, it revealed a crumpled piece of paper, which I also felt Compelled to pick up and look at. The first thing visible were the numbers "1071," which struck me since it was a variant of the 17/7171/717 number repeats I've been seeing. Then I unraveled the paper, which was a receipt, completely, and it revealed, in great big letters set apart from the rest, that the change was "71.71." Haha. Utterly surreal.

I got a text from JJ with only the word "perfection," sent at 11:14 am. It struck me since 1) I've been hearing "perfect" conspicuously from all these people lately, and 2) I associate the 1114-type number repeats with perfection. I found the text mildly notable, but then, about two minutes later after I pulled out of the parking space I was in, I saw the license plate on the car beside me: a temporary tag reading "11/14/15" in big letters.

Went to Walmart to exchange my battery, and upon finding it had an onslaught of 37/317, maybe five-six all back to back, in the space of seconds, wham-bam like the license plates. First one on a few price tags that came across my vision one after another, then, when I went to check the manufacture date on the new battery I was getting, it was 7/13, then another couple price tags, then other stuff I can't even remember -- just a big, huge knot of them. Left my head spinning.

Another big knot of vague "themes"/recurrences/parallels throughout the day, including an odd one where at church this morning I had to park in a really tight space between two cars, one of which was occupied by a lady in a Russian-looking headscarf. I remember her so vividly because I waited for her to get out to make sure she had room. Then, later today while reading the 'Time to Die' book, there was a picture of one of the Russian mothers of the sub's casualties -- and damned if it wasn't the spitting image of the lady in the car, not just her head scarf but her facial features, teeth, set of the eyes, white hair, height, bearing, ethnicity -- her twin in every respect, just like that Beth lookalike in Hot Springs.

And a really cool one also involving the church I went to so randomly today, not sure how to classify this one. I felt Compelled to go there, feeling that there was Some Reason for it, and I went, despite not feeling well or comfortable or sociable or at all churchy. Beyond the 337-page-hymnal synchro, nothing really "happened" while I was there, but then afterward, I suddenly had another Compelling, now to go to a coffee shop downtown to get coffee and eat. I hesitated at first, because this coffee shop has literally only three parking spaces and it's very popular with students and you can never park there and eat like I wanted to do, but I obeyed the Compelling, and sure enough, there was a parking space so I went in. Inside, I got in line behind a man with a piece of paper sticking conspicuously from his back pocket, and I recognized it: as the church flier I'd gotten at church. I check it against mine (which I'd felt Compelled to save on the way out, despite passing a basket asking to deposit used fliers), and sure enough it was the same, and so I commented on it to the man, and we struck up some brief conversation about the church. Maybe coincidence, all of it, but then, it all smacks so readily of one of these "arrangements," especially considering the Compelling and such (I'd had plans all set to each lunch somewhere else, much nearer to the church, and with plenty of parking), and also considering the chances that anyone from the same church service would end up in that same coffee shop, and right when I got there.

A minor-but-notable "question and answer": just yesterday, I'd thought distinctly of how I didn't yet understand the whole chipped-credit card business and just what exactly the chip did/was for, if anything, since I'd always just swiped my new cards like any other and it'd always worked. Then this evening when I went to buy a couple things at Walmart, swiping the card wouldn't work, and the cashier told me I had to use its chip, and showed me how to do it (since it was my first time doing so ...). Haha. Pretty notable, given the timing and the distinctness, etc.

A really cool recurrence: at the church service today, a woman mentioned a town called Chaco, CA, which I'd never heard of in my life but Noticed for some reason (or maybe just noticed, from the odd name). Then this evening, I randomly passed a car with a "Chaco" bumper sticker, one of those oval ones proclaiming your hometown or something. Haha. [Note on this one, 10/20: as it were, I looked up "Chaco, CA," and it returned only a "Chico, CA," which is pronounced "Cheko," which must what I heard the woman at church referring to -- except in my mind, I heard it as "Chaco," spelled just that way, and the bumper sticker I encountered on the SUV was "Chaco," this perhaps reflecting the true nature of the recurrence: of my thought and the visualized/verbalized "Chaco" rather than the proper city of Chico, CA. Interesting.]


Another downturn compared to yesterday (again coinciding with bad health/energy, getting out of the "groove," etc ...), though not a total dearth of incidents. Mostly just scattered subtles, a decent amount of number-repeats, along with a couple thought/radio/event synchros. One standout: I accidentally flicked on my high-beam headlights while fumbling with my turn signal, a split second before the random song the radio (which, again, I'd never heard before) said "turning your lights on" -- not "perfectly synchronistic," but with only the slightest of delay, as some of these seem to have for whatever reason.


Again a moderate amount of subtles/number repeats and the like, perhaps a bit moreso than yesterday but still not in a "whirlwind" like recent days past. Did have a big, odd, hard-to-classify one that is just coherent enough to be notable. Started this morning when I was in the Notes folder on my computer and Noticed very distinctly those for a book called 'Daily Bread,' as to make me think "I'll be seeing this again somehow." Then, over the next couple hours, encountered a "bread" theme of random encounters, such as Just Happening to pass the Daily Bread store downtown, then a couple more bread references I can't remember, and then as randomly ending up at the Stickboy Bread Company to get coffee and have lunch (didn't even catch this until after I'd eaten there). At that point it was just barely notable, still in the province of a possible coincidence, but then when I opened the survival tools book to start reading, the very first passage was on bread and the great many things to go into making just one loaf, etc. Notable, at that point.


Again had a decent number of overall incidents, and a widely varied mix of different kinds from subtles to number-repeats to more pronounced incidents, though still not quite to that whirlwind degree again. The first standout was this afternoon, when I got a rash of 37/1137 repeats on the way to Mt. Airy, most conspicuously when this big string of cars with 37 prominently in the license plates kept passing me while I was jake-braking the RV slowly down the mountain, including a string of five in a row (which stopped precisely after I noticed the string, coincidentally ...). Then a cool thought/event synchro on the way into the Mt. Airy Lowes, starting when I saw this tricked-out Jaguar in the parking lot w/a gold-jaguar hood ornament, which for some reason made me think of "gold lion" and the song by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (despite it being a gold *jaguar,* not a lion) -- a split second before I looked up and saw this conspicuous golden PO letter box with "Kiwanis Lions" and its distinctive golden "L" logo/double-lion emblems on it (the only such box I've ever seen -- why was a post office letter box advertising the Kiwanis?). Pretty notable, though I can't entirely rule out some type of subconscious psychology/peripheral vision-type suggestion. Similarly, once in the store, I was struck with the sudden taste of garlic in my mouth, and thinking of its antiseptic/antibacterial qualities and that sterile sort of aftertaste it brings, precisely as I looked up and saw a bottle labeled "antiseptic mouthwash" -- similar both to what I was thinking and to the underlying *theme* of what I was thinking (mirrored the literal thought as well as the archetype of "antiseptic mouth").

Also, several vague themes of recurrences and the like throughout the day, such as my thinking distinctly of how I'd gone through several climates throughout the course of the day, from the near-freezing night to the chilly morning to the 80-degree afternoon that forced me to use the AC, then a milder evening -- just an hour before I started reading the Ecuador book in which it stated that the Ecuador climate is just like that, almost in those exact words, how people joke that you can experience all the world's seasons/climates in one day in the country (and, it bears mentioning, I've this book for months now, then felt Compelled to pick it and start reading it tonight out of a dozen possible choices ...).


Mostly just "background static"-type incidents today, but were a couple of good standouts. First, while at the health food store in Mt. Airy, had a shocking reading/speech synchro from out of nowhere, when the cashier said (to another, separate customer, totally separate from me and what I was doing) "wild" precisely as my eyes fell over a bottle of "wild lettuce," again perfectly synchronistic in that way that couldn't have been subconscious suggestion/selective perception, etc. Made me stop and blink, it was so precise and precisely timed. Had another one of those funny number-repeat/license plate incidents, where I stopped at an intersection in a parking lot and let a car go by, feeling Compelled to, despite my having the right-of-way and there being no real pressure to let the guy go -- and, of course, when he passed and I got behind him, his license plate was "7136," maybe the 20th-30th 73/137 of the day (though the most conspicuous/patternistic, as it were).


Wow, so many today, but not in a whirlwind/subtle-onslaught-type fashion, just a whole bunch of standout incidents, starting mostly in the afternoon (again coinciding with increase in energy/health after a bad slump ...).

First, the 'Team Sergeant' book I started last night, which contained a big string of 37's in various forms and always conspicuously, etc, starting with the author's age on the very first page, several unit/soldier numbers mentioned (including one on page 37, haha). Also, while starting to read it this morning during the Cyma session, I opened it randomly, unable to find my bookmark, and got page 137, just like that hymnnal at church Sunday. Likewise, lots of conspicuous parallels to what happened in the first part of the book I read to what I experiencing at the time (sickness, liver upset, leading other people, etc). Damn surreal, and in a unique way I don't think I've quite experienced before.

Also in the book, it several times mentioned a soldier named Victor Hugo, and the name stood out to me, both noticed (because I simply recognized the name) and Noticed (in the way that told me it was relevant). Then, less than an hour after the Noticing, I went randomly into Barnes and Noble, and there, right by the door, was a classic book by Victor Hugo, both explaining the noticing (beacuse he's a famous author) and the Noticing. Of course, I hadn't seen his name mentioned for years, not until reading the 'Team Sergeant' book, in that patternistic recurrence fashion.

Also, Snowhite: this was in the 'Team Sergeant' book this morning, another soldier's name, and the first I'd seen it referenced in a while, and then, at Starbucks minutes after my reading it, their "question of the day" was "What was Walt Disney's first color film?" and I felt Compelled to ask the barista the answer, which was "Snowhite."

Had another of those classic CD player-time-tick incidents, where I turned on the RV and Just Happened to glance at the CD player readout, which ticked to 1:37 precisely as it came on (on track number 10 as it were, so that it read "1:37 10" ...).

Cool thought/event incident: precisely as I thought randomly of the current credit-card chipping use and its parallels to the Mark of the Beast, etc, a bus passed me on the highway, with a big "666" on its back, again in perfectly synchronistic fashion. Surreal.

A big string of 37s after lunch (and, as it were, after my reading those in the 'Team Sergeant' book, as to all bleed together). Started when I pulled into the parking lot at the health food store and was Compelled to take a certain space, which put me square in front of a chiropractor's office in which the phone number on the door read "737-3737." Then, seconds later when I got out, I had to pass a moped on the way to the store, with license plate starting with 137. Then, after once again getting a big random order of stuff that I hadn't even remotely planned on, the total came to 71.37. And then, immediately afterward, right as I was thinking of this big knot of 37s and how I should note them, my eyes fell on a license plate starting with 73 in the parking lot, directly in my line of sight from where I was standing. Wow. Left my head spinning, even now.

Then, tonight while reading (again the 'Team Sergeant' book), a classical reading synchro: at the end of a long chain of thought ending with how I would be taking Hwy 9 to get back to the beach, I came to a paragraph in the book that mentioned a Highway 9 in the soldiers' conversation. Haha.


Back to a reasonable amount of steady/background activity + standouts, after a bit of a lull yesterday (again coinciding with nasty health, etc). Had another rash of those constant, subtle thought/reading/event synchros, along with some themes and vague parallels/recurrences. Standouts:

A recurrence this morning. On the way to church, while walking the miles there, I rediscovered how you see things so much differently while walking rather than driving, even after being aware of this phenomenon and looking while driving, etc -- an hour before a stranger at church mentioned to me, completely offhand, how she'd once hitchhiked around and walked a lot and how you see things completely differently while doing so. Haha.

Another big bunch of conspicuous 37/1137 repeats, mainly on license plates and stuff and always "attracted" to me, such as cars pulling in front of me, me Noticing one and then seeing, only once it had gone past, that it had a 37 license plate, etc. Maybe a dozen of these today, above average.

A cool number-repeat in particular on the way home. After unwrapping the Columbine book and randomly opening it toward the end to see the page count, I turned exactly to page 370, like that hymnal and the other one recently. And then, as a flourish, I looked up from the book directly at a sign with a phone number ending in 37, this coming in near-perfectly-synchronous fashion. Another laughter-inducer.


Another downturn, and again coinciding with bad health/nonactivity in general, but did have a couple funny recurrences sneak in there. First, a classic book synchro: at lunch I read about the Army's general infantry training at Fort Benning in the 'Team Sergeant' book, the first I'd never heard of this place and the training that goes on there. Then, about an hour or two later, in the 'Columbine' book (which is, again, vastly different in subject matter, and picked from a ~dozen choices, and just received in the mail yesterday once I finally got back to the beach, despite having ordered it weeks ago), it mentioned just this place and the general infantry Army training that goes on there, for the second time ever, etc. Highly notable, for all its obscurity. Then, similarly but not quite a book synchro, the other day I read in the 'Tools for Survival' book (or, at least, I'm 99% sure it was in that book) of something called Marvel Mystery Oil, which I both noticed and Noticed, it being the first I'd ever heard of the stuff but also it just Jumping Out at me in that special way. Then, today, totally out of nowhere, the man repairing the RV told me to start putting something called Marvel Mystery Oil in my fuel whenever I fill up, to keep it running well.


Second day in a row of almost a total lack of anything but a few subtle/incoherent incidents, really only noteworthy in that they've both coincided with my being grounded at the beach house due to RV being fixed, etc. Also coinciding with a health slump.


An uptick today compared to recently, now corresponding with my getting out of the house/having some health improvements, etc. Not really any big standouts beyond some vague/subtles that were more pronounced than others. A theme of one-word reading/thought/event synchros again, such as when I got to the gate at the complex and thought childishly, "I wish it would open so I don't have to get out and swipe the card," precisely as "gates are open" came over the radio. Also a couple mildly notable book recurrences involving the vandwelling guide, first when it specifically mentioned how teenagers can vandalize and break into vans, when that's precisely what was mentioned in the Columbine book I read immediately before this one, when it was recounted how the two teenage boys broke into a parked van, and then, second, when the vandwelling book mentioned specifically how cut watermelon tends to go bad quickly, when I'd like precisely that a couple days ago when I went to serve that which was left in the vacation property's refrigerator and found it bad (and, coincidentally, after I was just thinking of the bad watermelon/how fast it goes earlier today, when I went to empty said trash).


More of an uptick today, now graduating just into that realm of the surreal, though still without many standout/coherent incidents, mostly just one-word thought/reading synchros and stuff too subtle/personal to explain. Did have a cool "ask and ye shall receive"-type just after lunch. As I finished up my current read, I had the thought that I didn't want to read any of the other books I had lined up, feeling like I wanted a good, classic novel, perhaps something speculative. Then, minutes later, I went to the Habitat for Humanity store across the street, intent on books, but they didn't have any, apparently having removed their books/CD section since I was last there -- except for two books, the only two I saw in the store, which I found sitting on a coffee table for sale in the housewares section (they looked to be set out just for decoration). As it were, the books were exactly what I was looking for, not only both speculative novels but of just the kind that appeal to me presently. Kind of shocking, that one.

Also, a notable increase in number-repeats, again primarily on conspicuously passing/turning cars and the like.

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