Synchronicity log for 2016


Morning and early afternoon were characterized by a whole bunch of those one-word/"instaneous"-type, highly "striking" thought/reading/event synchros, and all of a certain "flavor" that I can't really enunciate. Examples: hearing "one" on the radio, precisely a car license plate reading "BAT ONE" came into view, with my reading the one and having it register with me coinciding perfectly synchronistically with the radio's "one"; being bothered by a fly on my lunch bowl just before I read "fly-on-the-wall" in the 'Ice Man' book; seeing "barista" appear on the closed captioning on the TV in the coffee shop, precisely as the shop's barista walked over next to it; reading "Go in with you" and then "got out of the car and went inside," coinciding almost perfectly with a group of people getting out of their car and going into the coffee shop as I watched. Along with maybe 5-6 other, vaguer ones, most of which would've been unnotable on their own but, once again, became notable collectively, with their "feel" and established pattern. Ended up bringing on that surreal quality to the day, so cool. Also, had a standout thought/event synchro, when precisely as I hastily pulled out in traffic and cut off a car, forcing him to slow, "moving way too slow" sang from the radio; it seemed to echo both the actual event, of my moving too slow and forcing the driver to slow, but also I could see it echoing the driver's thoughts/reactions, if they'd thought "this guy is going too slow." In any case, highly notable and precise.

Had some fun numbers too, such as randomly flipping through a book I got in the mail and ending up precisely on page 137, and having the last customer's receipt hanging from mine when I went to Kroger, only to find its total to be $37.32, plus a couple others I can't remember.


Been having only scattered incidents the last few days, a definite downturn, though not wholly "silent," just haven't had enough compelling incidents to warrant logging. Today was about the same but did have a few coherent, notable ones here and there, mostly those subtle/"quiet" little one-word/though striking-types, about 5-6 through the morning and afternoon. Best example was being in Food Lion and randomly looking at the "blueberry" on a bottle of blueberry acai juice, at the precise instant someone from across the story said "blueberry," perfectly synchronistic and again impossible they could've seen what I was (it was someone in the bakery talking to a customer about a blueberry muffin or something, totally out of view of the cold case of drinks I was looking at). Also, a cool one that wasn't quite precise enough to be 100% not coincidence, but definitely had the "feel"/timing of one: this morning when I went driving by Bay Naturals in search of coffee, "going past your house though I know you're not home" sang from the radio precisely as I passed, and it gained a bit of precision/notability because I was about 99.9% sure BN would be closed due to the hurricane/evacution, since about everything else was, going with the them of "though I know you're not home" loosely. Also, another of those "involuntary bodily function corresponding with random word in a book"-type ones, this time "twitching" precisely as my spleen twitched (when, as it were, my spleen had been silent for the last week or so, since I started back on B12 shots and the like, with it only doing rare little twitches maybe once or twice a day at that, rather than all the time -- yet this one Just Happened to correspond perfectly with my reading the "twitching," haha).


Day was mostly quiet again, but did have a sudden little duo this afternoon after leaving Earthfare, both coinciding with the same song on the radio. First, it sang "slow down" precisely as the car in front of me slowed down; this wasn't so notable in itself, but gained notability considering that I was paying careful attention to this car slowing down, as it appeared that it might hit a car that was attempting to pull out in front of it, such that the "slow down" on the radio coincided with my thinking "slow down, car," which is again patternistic of these, another of those where the lyric/sign or whatever seems to coincide with/reflect my thought as it registered, rather than the external event (by then again, why not both?). And then, upping the notability somewhat and being just plain cool, almost the exact same thing happened just a minute later, coinciding with the same song on the radio: as I turned into the intersection and started left up the hill, a car coming the other way almost turned out in front of me but then stopped at the last second, coming to an abrupt, lurching halt -- precisely as "hit the brakes" sang from teh radio, both perfectly synchronistic and perfectly precise, haha.

Also, had a moderate number of those vague/subtle "thematic"-type of recurrences through the day, most of them too incoherent/personal/subtle to note but still definitely there, again collectively establishing a pattern. The most coherent example was a recurrence of "poisoned hamburgers," starting this afternoon when I randomly but distinctly thought of that story I wrote a while ago about the man who poisoned a bunch of hamburgers and donated them to a homeless mission, and then, a couple hours later in the 'Chew on This' book (which I bought totally randomly from Goodwill, feeling Compelled to buy a new book despite having several unread ones in the bag), it mentioned how people used to think hamburgers were inferior/polluted, and how someone actually once poisoned some burgers maliciously -- precisely as I'd randomly thought about, as is so patternistic of these.


Today was much like last couple, with scattered subtles/vagues and a few standout incidents interspersed. Had a cool thought/radio one on the way to lunch, when I had another of those long, random, convoluted chains of thought end randomly on taking money from my mom in some abstract way, precisely as the radio sang out "take money from her," and in that same context. Pretty damn notable, both from timing and precision. Also, a cool combo "ask and ye shall receive" and recurrence one, starting yesterday when I read randomly at the end of the 'Goat' book of the narrator hearing a Nascar race on the radio, which made me think, again absently but distinctly, "I've never heard a Nascar race on the radio." Then, today, while randomly scanning Boone radio stations, I came upon exactly that, a Nascar race being announced over the radio -- again highly notable in itself due to precision and relative timing, but also from pattern, etc.

Also, another vague-recurrence-type one as I've been having lately, this time this morning when I read, in one of those random magazines I bought totally randomly from the library yesterday (an issue of 'The New Yorker' as it were, something in which I'd never have expected this subject matter), it mentioned Ray Kroc and how he'd employed his predatory practices to take control of the McDonald's franchise -- when I'd just read about that last night in that random 'Chew on This' book that I was randomly Compelled to buy from Goodwill. Haha.


Pretty cool event/radio-type one this afternoon, standing out amongst the subtles/background static of others of the day. While driving I randomly had one of those little eye-irritation attacks as I've been having, forcing me to blink comically wide and roll my eyes -- precisely as the radio sang out "my eyes are wide open," perfectly synchronistic and perfectly precise. Damn surreal.


Notable standout thought/radio synchro today, again about the only one amongst the irregular subtles/background static of others through the day. I had another of those long chains of thought, this time ending in my thinking of all those incredibly wild and vivid dreams I had last night (from taking melatonin I think) -- precisely as "my wildest dreams" sang from the radio, perfectly precise and timed. That was even the internal language I'd used in regards to the dreams I was thinking of, "wild dreams." Haha.


Still having mainly just an irregular procession of subtles and the like, to varying degrees of notability, not really any standouts today. Only standout was another of those super-conspicuous three-way number-repeats, this time at the Publix intersection, when first I noticed that I was directly behind a car with a plate ending in 73, and then, a split second later, I realized that there was a second car just ahead of me, with a 731-ending plate -- and then, a split second after that one, I looked down and realized that the odometer on my bike was exactly 7370, giving way to that patternistic one-two-three, wham-bam-type effect. Cool.


Had another of those involuntary-bodily-function/reading-type ones early this morning, perhaps the only time I've ever had such a blatant one at this time of day (6ish when doing morning computer work, when I almost never have any, perhaps never have for what I can remember). It happened when I was journaling about how last night in the sauna I had some of that loud evacuation from the spleen area -- precisely as I had just such an evacuation then (when I'd not had any since the night before, and before then ... weeks ago?).

Also, a cool late-night reading recurrence, as I was having off and on there for a while. This one started a couple days ago when I again totally randomly read of the overpowered/unbalanced state of the executive branch of the government and its overreaching, etc, in that random 'Trumpet' magazine I bought up in Boone for a dime and just now got around to reading -- the first I'd ever read of this state of the executive branch, etc. Then, today in the 'Lies My Teacher Told Me' book, it mentioned just that, in almost the exact same terms and frame of reference/context, etc -- once again, perfectly patternistic of these, and relatively timely, etc.


Day was another of those with a bunch of vague/subtle ones that slowly established a pattern as the day went on, and even matured into some more coherent standouts. Examples: hearing "walk" on the radio at the precise moment I decided randomly to park at Publix, in a space illogically far from the building, which triggered the thought of "I'll have to walk far" precisely as the "walk" sang from the radio; hearing "the sticks" on the radio precisely as I pulled into the park and thought about trying to find where to dump the brush from the hurricane, which I envisioned in my mind as a big mound of branches, very much "the sticks," haha. Plus maybe a half-dozen or so others of a similar bent, more or less notable. Also, a big uptick in numbers today, again mostly 37s and variants, most notably of those "randomly parking in a space, in some conspicuous and notable way, only to find myself surrounded by cars with 37-bearing license plates." Today, however, stood out a bit in this regard, because it not only happened again and again (at least 3 times in a row, if not 4 or 5 over the course of my afternoon errands), but my parking's couldn't have been more random and illogical and unpredictable. Had I been trying to avoid the plates, I couldn't have parked better -- yet they were there, and several times more than one, such that I was literally surrounded by 37s (often prior to my walking into a place and seeing even more along the way, as is so patternistic of these).

A cool standalone incident was when I was on that long walk into Publix. Right as I had a long chain of thought end on the Z symbolism and how it relates to the dragonfly/zig-zagging around, etc, I Noticed a piece of litter lying on the ground in a space some distance away, and felt Compelled to go get it -- only to find it to be a menu for the "Amazing Z's" restaurant, which had a big red Z in the middle of it, as to coincide with my thinking "Z" in regards to the symbolism (though not perfectly synchronistic, the thought happening just before I started walking towards the menu -- that is to say, before the Z on it was close enough to be visible to me, hence once again ruling out any kind of subconscious attraction/selective perception/bias, etc, as is so patternistic of these).

Plus, this evening, recognized a cool series of recurrences spanning the day, all centering around that 'Parents' magazine I was Compelled to pick up totally randomly at the library the other day (despite having no intention either going there or taking a free magazine). A lot of it was of that "vague parallel"/thematic-type nature, with all sorts of things being echoed in the magazine after my having encountered them earlier in the day (such as the map of DC and its surrounding cities/attractions, which I'd totally randomly seen online maybe 30 minutes before reading that part of the magazine). Had a lot of these vague ones today actually, in the magazine and elsewhere, including a semi-coherent/notable one in which I again saw several cars on Craigslist that I had seen parked and absently wondered if they were for sale (most notably, one was a Pinto up in NC that I saw parked under a billboard on the way back from Boone the other day, and then the second was a big painted stretch limo that I'd Just Happened to both see and Notice just yesterday evening on the way home, when randomly stopping to look at that Civic on Sea Mountain Highway -- and, it bears mentioning, I'd had the absent-yet-distinct thought of "I wonder if those are for sale" when seeing both of these and a couple others that I can't remember, all of which I came across as randomly on Craigslist when doing some obscure search, really quite notable when I think about it). Most notable of the Parents magazine though was a blatant, classic "ask and ye shall receive," starting when I got home and saw how dirty the toilet was and had the distinct thought of, "I wonder if there are any good nontoxic cleaning agents for toilets" -- and then, again just 30 minutes or so later when finishing the magazine, I came across an article describing just that, using baking soda and vinegar (when, it bears mentioning, there'd been zero mention of this article on the cover or anywhere else, ruling out any sort of bias/subconscious phenomenon, etc). The cleaners even worked great, haha.


Had a lot of those vague-ish one-word/thought-type ones throughout the first half of the day, such as thinking "three" right as the radio sang out "three." Maybe a half-dozen or more like this, enough to establish a trend/pattern again. Also, a really cool litter-pickup-type incident, much like that one involving the Amazing Z's menu I picked up outside Publix the other day. This time I was outside the MB post office I'd randomly stopped at, and I went to pick up a piece of litter and on the way there had the thought of how it doesn't matter how much litter there is or if picking it up will make a difference, that I was just picking it up on principle/for my own betterment if nothing else -- and then, when I picked up the litter (a small pizza box oddly), it had in big letters printed on it "GUIDING PRINCIPLES:," and it was the first thing I saw, with it facing up at me and directly in my line of sight when I bent down, such that it echoed the thought of "picking it up on principle" I'd had just a split second before (though, again, when I started the chain of thought, the pizza box was too far away for me to have read it, and it was actually my deciding to pick up the box itself which triggered the chain, so that it once again rules out any kind of subconscious bias, etc).

Also, a really cool standout incident at lunch, another of those now-classical reading-type incidents. Precisely as I read "lady running the shop" in the 'Voyage by Bus' book, the woman from the Market Commons coffee shop poked her head out of the door and asked me if the music was too loud -- perfectly synchronistic and surreal, as well as perfectly precise, since the woman was every bit "the lady running the shop" (as opposed to, say, the lady who owned the shop, since, for all I know, she was just an employee).


Had several of those smallish one-word-type "striking" incidents through the day, most notably at lunch when I read "back up" in the 'Voyage by Bus' book precisely as a nearby truck started backing up, perfectly synchronistic and somewhat more notable given that the "back up" in the book was in the same context (a car backing up), though not hugely precise and notable otherwise. Still, again had enough of these to establish another pattern.


Noticeable uptick in incidents today, both stand-alones and subtles and numbers. Started with just more numbers, conspicuously so and almost all in that conspicuous/intelligent fashion, seeming to increase as the day went on, until by mid-afternoon they were just coming left and right there for a while, to near-onslaught degrees. Had several really cool/"cute" ones, such as one of those "one-two-three"-types where I first saw a 1037 somewhere, then immediately noticed a 370-ending license plate to my right, and then, precisely as these had registered with me, a car with another 37 license plate pulled into view at my left, as to orchestrate it all in that "striking" fashion I've come to identify as patternistic of these. Again just so many of these that I simply couldn't log them all/remember (I do remember one in particular, a truck with a plate reading "FP 37" that I Noticed in particular, and then, about ten minutes later when I stopped at Publix, the truck reappeared, coming directly towards me as I walked through the parking lot, as if to say hello; also, another of those where I felt illogically Compelled to slow for a car, this one entering the highway on 17 from the ramp, only to be "met" with its 370 LP, with it coming into view as I let the car pull off the ramp in front of me (but it was only on the back, of course, out of sight to me when I'd felt the Compelling). Lots of subtles through the day, as well, and some cool standouts. One: the radio singing out "don't make any sudden moves" precisely as a truck nearly pulled in front of me and then swerved back into his lane, very much "don't make any sudden moves out into traffic," and of course perfectly synchronistically timed. And at lunch, another of those "involuntary bodily function corresponding perfectly with what I was reading"-type ones, this time having a keen, distinct jolt of energy arch up through the left side of my neck and head, precisely as I read "left side of the brain" in the 'Officer's Wife' book -- this one even more profound and perfectly timed than others of late, and even more notable considering that the jolt of energy was entirely random as well as singular (I hadn't had anything like that happen ... ever? certainly not today or yesterday at least, and then I got this weird, freak fluke of energy right up into the left side of the brain a split second before reading that ...).

Also, one that might've been coincidence but certainly didn't "feel" like it, and was funny as hell anyway. Precisely as I hit "dial" to call the guy about the Grand Prix that was already sold, that "Call Me" song started up on the radio, perfectly synchronistic and quite precise. Made a bit more notable by the fact that I'd been sitting there for 5-10 minutes trolling the Craigslist ads on my phone before calling the guy, and the call Just Happened to correspond with that song's start (I can't say 100% they didn't pre-announce it on the radio, but I'm about 99% sure they didn't and that it was just a continuous-play-type thing, with the song starting up just after the previous one ceased).

Also, another of those magazine-recurrence ones, much like the one with the 'Parents' magazine and the nontoxic toilet bowl cleaner from the other night, though not quite as intensive or precise. Again just had a lot of little pop-up recurrences from the last day or so, things just "reappearing" in that vague yet patternistic and semi-coherent way. Most evident and conveyable was where, just before laying down for castor oil pack and reading the magazine, I'd first put on rosemary essential oil, and then, a minute later, thought about how sometimes essentials are used in carrier oils, and then, subsequently, how Beth uses coconut oil as a carrier -- and then, right at the start of the 'Better Homes' magazine, it had a page on essential oils, with rosemary listed first, and it also mentioned how one should use a carrier oil ("try a few drops in your bath, or mix into coconut oil") when applying essential oils. Maybe 5-10 other, lesser ones throughout the issue. And again, this one was as totally random and unplanned as the 'Parents,' both in how I took it for free, completely Compelled, from the rack at the library, despite having no real interest in anything 'Better Homes' (and not even knowing really what the magazine was even for, the interior design and all that), and of course there was nothing about oils or rosemary or anything on the cover. This one was even more random in this regard, actually, for I'd 100% planned on reading the 'Officer's Wife' book during the castor oil pack, had laid it out on the coffee table and everything, but had felt Compelled upon lying down to read the magazine instead, completely without forethought. So cool.


Today was much like last couple days, with scattered standouts and subtles and numbers through the day, though not quite as much as yesterday (corresponding with a slight downturn in health again, as it were). Still having that same "flavor" of the incidents, hard to describe. One standout: one the way home, precisely as a Grand Prix came up beside me and into view, and I saw the "Grand Prix" and had the "Prix" register with me, "Opry" sounded from the radio, such that the "-pry" and my thinking "Prix" and the car coming into view all coincided in that perfectly synchronistic fashion, as to create that utterly surreal effect. Also: "creeping up on you" singing from the radio precisely as I had two thoughts: first, that I was slowly catching up to the Jocelyn lady I was following to the bank to do the car deal (very much "creeping up on her," with her being somewhat far ahead on the road), and, second, as a car behind me slowly came closer and ended up tailgating me, also very much "creeping up" -- a three-way one here, and really cool. Had a couple like these yesterday and I can't remember exactly what they were, just been too many again. Also, another really cool radio incident, another of those where I get in the car and turn it on and the very first thing on the radio echos what I'm thinking/doing, etc. This time it was "get an oil change," when I was thinking about doing just that, it being my next immediate stop after I left the gym where I was parked (and it bears mentioning that the radio ad was, first, for Jiffy Lube, which was the place I was going, and, two, that I can't recall ever hearing a Jiffy Lube oil ad on the radio).


Still steady activity through the day, though a bit subdued and more subtle. Notable reading one at lunch: had another of those long, objectively traceable chains of thought, this one ending with going into the Starbucks' bathroom to wash my hands in a few minutes, when, perfectly synchronistically afterward, I read "restaurant bathroom" in the 'Officer's Wife' book, perfectly precise, etc. Cool one when I got into the van to leave this morning: precisely as I put on my index-finger ring and turned it around so that the cross on it was facing out, "the cross" sounded from the radio, once again corresponding perfectly to when the ring's cross registered in my mind, as to create that eerily supernatural/surreal effect. Also, had the best clock-tick 37 in a while, this time when I went to set the clock on the Miata for the first time and so I looked at my watch to see what time it was -- precisely as it ticked to 1:37, could not have been more "synchronistic," with the second hand literally clicking into position at the precise moment I turned my watch around on my wrist to see (and yes, the watch had been turned away from me, and never mind the fact that I just honestly needed to know the time to set the car's clock, etc -- 100% objective again).

Still having lots of those "long-winded" and subtle, yet distinct and notable, thematic-type parallels and recurrences through the day. For example: reading of two pets named Topaz, first in the 'Officer's Wife' book, and then, just a day or so later (might've been same day, can't remember), I randomly read of a second pet named Topaz; one was a bird and one was a dog, but still reasonably notable, both considering that I don't think I've ever read of any pet named Topaz before, and the timing was reasonably close. Lots of ones like these, far too many to remember, but definitely there, and seeming to steadily be there, even on "low activity" days.


Still a reasonable amount of activity today, of all kinds but primarily of numbers on license plates and in other conspicuous ways, as seems to happen every single time I drive up to Wilmington, and still almost entirely 37s of various kinds. Several standout "normal" incidents too. First: on the way to Wilmington, I Noticed the sharp right-corner turn arrow on a roadside sign and thought, "turning sharp corner," just a split-second before "how many corners must I turn" sang from the CD player, again perfectly synchronous with when the thought of "corner" registered in my mind (and, again: the CD was a new one, on a song I'd never heard before, and the Noticing happened distinctly *before* the lyric, though only infinitesimally so, as to preserve the "synchroshock" of it, haha). Lunchtime reading synchro: having a chain of thought triggered by seeing the folks in front of me while in Starbucks, which ended with my thinking of writing the money-guy book (the folks had stirred something about one my ideas for a character in it, which triggered the chain in an odd way) -- a split second before I came to "planning to write a book" in the 'Officer's Wife' book. And then, on the way home, "change" sang from the radio precisely as an oncoming stoplight changed, and then, a split second later, it said "change" again precisely as the next sequential light changed -- not highly precise so it's not impossible it was just coincidence, though the timing was spot on, such that it had that patternistic "feel" of it.

Plus, had another funny receipt-type number-repeat, just discovered while logging receipts: yet another squash weighing in at exactly $3.17, as has happened so many other times -- always with squash of some kind, I can't remember it happening with any other veggie. I had the thought that maybe it's just something to do with the general weight/price of squashes and so it's more likely that they would sell within this price range, but no, because, first, it's happened with all different kinds of squashes, which all come in different weights, and I almost always just buy just enough for one meal when possible but it's not always possible with squashes due to differences in size/weight of a single one (one yellow squash weighs way less than one butternut squash). And, as it were, today I bought a single butternut squash, but the one I got was abnormally small. A new category: the squash-weight-receipt synchro, haha.


Had a lot of activity in the first half of the day, before it abruptly fell off towards mid afternoon (again corresponding with some health problems/generally ugly inner reality). Had several of those vague, subtle recurrences/themes, such as seeing an old circa-60s picture of a DJ with some funky old-fashioned headphones in the 'DJ Saved My Life' book at lunch, and Noticing the headphones specifically, and then, maybe 30 minutes later at Goodwill, I came across a boxed pair of very similar (though not exactly the same) headphones, same approximate year and style (when, again, I don't know when I'd last seen such a thing, and they are relatively rare anyhow). Also, several reading/thought-type synchros, and all of a certain newish "flavor" too, with the underlying archetype being the same but expressed in that "precisely imprecise" way. Example: I had another long chain of thought, this one ending with the coconut oil I'd just eaten for lunch, accomponied by an image in my mind's eye of the lumps of oil lying amongst the other foods in the bowl (I'd put the oil in cold rather than melting it first, so it lay there in little irregular clumps) -- a split second before I turned the page in the 'DJ' book and read "glutinous white blobs" or something to that effect, which, though it had nothing directly to do with coconut oil in the text, it echoed my thought/mind-image precisely. Similarly, at Goodwill soon after, I had a long chain of thought end with how I'd had my schedule all thrown off at lunch from the lady not showing up at the bank, and been forced to get that cheap low-quality coffee from the Barefoot Landing place, and how it was a good lesson in staying cool in the face of unforeseen circumstances -- a split second before I looked up and saw a sign reading "Stay Calm and Drink Coffee," directly echoing both the twin archetypes of "stay calm" and "coffee," as well as the overall "moral" of my experience. Also, a cool radio-type one while waiting outside MM and reading a magazine: precisely as I turned the page to an article entitled "Support Your Brain" or something to that effect, an ad sounded from the radio, saying "Do you want to support your brain?" or something along those lines -- in any case, the two echoing one another in theme perfectly (the ad was in the same context of the article), and perfectly synchronistic in timing, and of course totally objective, both in the page-turn factor and the fact that I had zero control over what was coming over the radio (first time I'd ever heard that ad, too). Plus, another similar reading-type one this evening, later on, when I had yet another long and random chain of thought, this one ending with how modern music is so easily copied over the internet via MP3 and such, and that it comes at the sacrifice of some quality, etc, due to compression -- a split second before I read "compressed" in the 'DJ' book, and again totally objective both in my being able to trace the origin of the thought to an unrelated trigger beforehand, and doubly so considering that "compressed," though totally relevant and related to the MP3 format, is only so in an indirect, non-literal/textual way, such that it would be that less likely to have subconsciously triggered a thought, etc.


Today was decidedly "quieter," really with only a few scattered numbers and subtles, along with one standout, another of those "started up the car and the very first word on the radio echoed perfectly my independent chain of thought," this time when I was at the rest stop and got in thinking about how I needed to make my getaway from the place, being so potentially ugly with people coming off the highway in a road-trance and such -- and the very first word on the radio was "getaway," coming in that perfectly synchronous "split second after my thought registered" fashion. So surreal and cool.


An uptick today, most noticeably in single-word/thought subtles and the like throughout the day, along with a bunch of 37s again, many of them conspicuous, both of these categories at times leaving my head spinning from intensity/complexity/sheer number. Some cool number standouts: more of those perfectly synchronous "car turning in front of me/entering freeway/passing me"-types, including one where at Dunkin' Donuts I felt Compelled to look out the window to the drive-thru, after having not looked there all through lunch, and just afterward a car pulled up and stopped, just revealing its 307 plate (notable in itself, but doubly so considering my being Compelled distinctly a split second *before,* as is so patternistic of these); several other "random parking space"-types, including when I went, totally randomly and unplanned, to the medical place down in Murrell's Inlet and parked at a space just in front, the most obvious and logical space, only to find myself beside a car with a 703 plate; also, the coolest of all for today, as I was stopped at the light down beside the Pawley's Island Anytime, thinking of all the 37s and such, a Jeep pulled up beside me and thus produced another 37 plate, also in that conspicuous "just stopping in my line of sight and when I couldn't have possibly predicted it/seen it subconsciously," and also coinciding perfectly with my thoughts of the day's inordinate amount of number-repeats, as a sort of combination number-repeat/thought synchro, haha.

As for the single-words/subtles, the day followed a loose theme of those "nearby stranger/TV echoing my thoughts/reading"-types, starting at lunch with several of the less-notable one-word types (nearby stranger saying "twenty-one" precisely as I read "Galaxy 21," and "name" when I read "name"), and, more notably, right as a nearby worker at DD said something to a coworker and I thought that the man sounded somewhat effiminate/stereotype-homosexual, I read "quite a bit gay, too" in the 'DJ' book (and in the same context, not happy-gay). Then had this great big cluster of them while waiting on oil change at Jiffy Lube, starting with more smallish ones like reading "dressed" precisely as a long chain of thought ended with the "belt dressings" the man there had advised me to buy, and then progressing to more-notable ones after a big string of smaller ones, such as when I read "leave the house without a phone" in a random magazine there, and the "leave" and "phone" corresponded perfectly with a nearby worker saying "left" and "cellphone" -- not perfectly precise literally, but precise in theme/archetype, and perfectly synchronistic in timing, as is patternistic (and made even more notable due to it occurring during the big "cluster"). Really just damn surreal, and all with a new, unique "flavor" for the day, as is establishing itself as a pattern as of late.


Cool thought/reading one at lunch today, in that "precise/imprecise" vein of yesterday's, with indirect-yet-perfect echoing of theme. I turned around in my chair out on the Starbucks patio and thus began sunning my front, which made me think of how I was sunning my "good side" -- a split second before reading "A-side" in the 'DJ' book, in reference to that of a record, which echoed how I was now sunning my "A-side"/front. Then, a little more "traditionally," soon after I finished sunning and then went inside to eat my second course, I was thinking of how the Starbucks' interior and the people there were a whole other world than just outside, a totally different atmosphere/energy/vibe to the folks inside -- a split second before reading "Those inside" in the book (though this one was just more one of those "precise timing/'feel'"-type ones, rather than being overly precise, not impossible it was just chance).

Also, had another big cluster of subtles/number-repeats after lunch, much like yesterday, comprised almost entirely of those quick, smallish "striking"-type of one-word/thought incidents. Example: precisely as the radio said "forty-one," a truck turned in front of me a flashed a license plate ending in 41, such that the 41 registered in my mind with perfect, seamless precision with the radio's saying it, so damn surreal. Maybe a dozen or so of these within the course of an hour or so, borderline "living dream."

Day ended with a cool little recurrence. While reading the 'DJ' book, I thought randomly of that Cock Ring club I'd read about in Amsterdam some time ago (triggered by the book's discussion of dance clubs), and then, on the very next page, it mentioned a club called the Cock Ring -- except it was a different one, in some American city. This one is pretty highly notable, more than it might seem, because, first, the page on which the book's Cock Ring was mentioned was folded entirely out of view from me when I had the random thought, thus 100% ruling out subconscious suggestion and the like; and, second, because the book had not mentioned this club up to then (nor did it after), such that I'd Just Happened to have this totally random thought, after reading over half the book as it were, only a minute or so before encountering it in the book. And then made moreso by the patternistic factor, and again from the odd fact that the book's club wasn't the one I was thinking of, yet still had the exact same name and was in fact a similar club. Just really damn unlikely, not even taking into account the synchronistic/patternistic nature of it all.


So many today, an all-out "storm" just about, with a bunch of all kinds: subtles, distincts/standouts, and numbers. It started when I was at the C3 coffee bar in Conway and I overheard a guy talking to some other customers about how learning a new language forces you to learn language in general and even your native language, by making you rethink the syntax, etc, and breaking it all down in your mind -- which is exactly what I'd been thinking just last night, when doing my nightly Spanish lesson. Pretty notable in itself, but doubly so considering that, not only was I just thinking about that exact same thing just the night before, but I'd just *learned* that the night before, never having realized it previously, since this is my few "new" language. Really damn cool, and surreal.

Next, a weird vague-thought-type that might've been nothing, except that it does fit the vague-thought pattern perfectly. Several times this morning, I had the absent and baseless yet distinct thought that there was something minor wrong with the van and that it would be pointed out to me, offhand, by the Uhaul guys when they were installing my trailer hitch this afternoon -- and that's exactly what happened, with them finding that my muffler hanger was about to fall off and rigging it back up. Wasn't too precise, but the timing was there, as well as the pattern.

Cool sign/radio one in Florence: a split second after I passed a sign for the National Guard Armory (and Noticed it, triggering thoughts of military/soldiers, etc), the radio sang out "you'll be my soldier."

Another reading recurrence like the Cock Ring one, very similar in essence but somewhat less notable in timing: over the last couple days, the 'DJ' book several times mentioned a DJ named Clark Kent, and then, on the radio today, on a totally random station in Florence, they played a song by a Clark Kent. I don't know if it was the same one (I want to say no, since the one in the book was from decades ago and was a disco DJ, and the one on the radio sounded just like a traditional musician, but don't know), but it was the first I'd ever heard from any artist/musician named Clark Kent, and the timing/pattern was certainly there, and it had that same "different but the same" feel of the Cock Ring one.


Lots and lots of numbers spanning yesterday and today, again seeming to coincide with travel and changes in health/energy/consciousness. Had quite a few yesterday, of all manner (the "random parking space"-type license plate ones, and the conspicuous cars, and just seeing the numbers everywhere and in random, patternistic fashions, mostly 37 but also 44s and some 212s and their variants), but today they really shot off, at times being just an all-out "storm." One really cool standout was another of those "accidentally tapped a random place on the cellphone's GPS map only to have it bring up a 37 variant," this time "713 Cox Ferry Rd" when I was trying to find the chapel in Conway, almost exactly like a couple of those others where I'd accidentally tapped the screen on a random point on the map, etc (and, of course, made more notable considering the big spike in numbers it coincided with, again made that much more unlikely by the sheer spike/volume). A funny footnote on that one: the time had been 10:37 when I'd turned on the phone and gone to the map, just seconds prior to the accidental tap, such that the two were back-to-back just about. Went to GNC and picked up some random supplement from the clearance rack and the price was $7.36, just above which was the expiration date of "3/17," such that I saw both back-to-back (and this one coming just another yet another "parked in a totally random space I was Compelled into and it was right beside some 37 LP," which was maybe the 3rd or 4th in a row, including several at the Carolina Forest shopping center I was totally randomly Compelled to go to, despite having zero plans of doing so/needing nothing there from the stores). Of the many conspicuous-car-types, had several more of those where a 37 LP would just "appear" in my vision, with a car stopping or pulling up alongside me or whatever in just that perfect way that the 37 would directly enter my line-of-sight -- not even to the left or right, but dead center, such as a car stopping alongside me at the intersection at the mall when I was going for the bamboo pillow. Just so damn surreal and funny and "cute" (and intelligent). Can't even remember how many I'd had over the last day in Florence/trip back, etc. Just mind-boggling, even after everything.


Day was generally quieter than lately, with only subtles/not-too-conspicuous numbers throughout the day. Did have a cool, late thought/reading-type standout this evening, however: precisely as I was thinking of changing the book in my right hand into my left one (because the right was starting to ache), I read "free hand" in it, perfectly synchronistic as well as reasonably precise, in the sense that I was certainly thinking, in not so many words, of my "free [left] hand."

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