Synchronicity log for 2017


Bigtime change-up today, though only later in the day. Morning stayed in that almost entirely "silent" groove I was in mostly for the last couple days, though that began to deviate when I lay down to read after morning chores, etc, and the minor echoes/thematics/"stirrings" of the phenomenon began, still only subtly at this point but definitely there, unlike yesterday's conspicuous absence. Then at lunchtime reading, the phenomenon exploded, with tons and tons of thought/perceptual/mental-type of activity, and of various kinds, from thematics to thought-echoes to nearby-stranger/radio-echoes and others -- the whole gamut, and I've experienced something like this before, a great big onslaught of many different types all bleeding into that distinct "synchronistic state."

Though, the echoes predominated over the other kinds, and came on super-heavy, as if making up for last couple day's lack. It was totally absolutely damn surreal, with the echoes just coming in waves/clusters, at times so densely and quickly that they all just blurred into a great big living-dream stew with my moment-to-moment thoughts and experiences. And again, most all of these were pretty notable and coherent, but there were just so many, and with many of them super-subtle/subjective/thematic and/or distorted or "small-but-striking" (many many one-word-types of this, the kind that raise my eyebrows involuntarily but wouldn't really matter much to anyone who hadn't experienced the totality of it). It all started again almost as if on a switch right after I got situation and started lunch and the book, and more or less lasted all through lunch, the most active lunchtime-activity day in a while (perhaps ever).

Standouts I managed to get down:

> The best example of the regular "echo clusters" that came and went through the lunch hour: began with a big series of the "notable striking one-word super-subjective" type of hits, occurring almost simultaneously between my absent conscious thoughts, my distinct concious thoughts, and my subconscious thoughts, maybe upwards of 5-6 of these coming back-to-back within the space of a minute/a paragraph or two in the book, and then, as my mind was left reeling, I came to the phrase "Nausea came rolling in" precisely as a couple of nearby children at another table echoed this in the form of making barfing noises and then saying something along the lines of "You're sick, go to the hospital," this joining other, lesser-but-notable nearby-stranger echoes happening within this cluster -- just an enormously notable and surreal example of the regular phenomenon that came and went through lunch

> Other random one-word-striking-type echoes I wrote down, in no particular order: randomly thinking of my coffee in the old mason jar I'd been forced to use after dirtying my other cups, a second before I came to "coffee-jar bomb" randomly in the book, echoing the "coffee in a jar" archetype (and not quite perfectly synchronistically I noticed, which was the case with several of these, though they were mixed with the perfectly synchronistic variant too, as if symptomatic of some variable element in the phenomenon); having the sun come out and hit my skin hot, thus making me think "hot sun," precisely as I came randomly to "the heat" in the book (again: only subjectively notable in itself, but with it coming amidst the scores of other, patternistically identical ones, gained much notability, oddly); just as those same nearby kids screamed suddenly and loudly (the nausea kids), I thus absently thought "the kids," precisely as I came to "the kids" in the book; a nearby woman in the parking lot going to her parked car and saying "My car," possively, precisely as I came to "Her car" in the book

> Randomly reading "the sun dipped" precisely as the sun broke from behind the clouds after a long period of being overcast, again with "the sun" corresponding perfectly with the event and my subsequent absent thought of "sunshine," and again made more notable by the context of the many other echoes that occurred alongside

> Actually had a little cluster of similar ones during church, as to be a slight prelude to the lunchtime ones, though not nearly so intense/dense (though still quite surreal). It was similar to other times when the sermon's sentiments/themes/random single words correspond notably with my random-but-wholly-objective/traceable thoughts, etc, maybe a dozen or so total. One example (one of those cool phoenitic types): when I randomly thought "exceptional" precisely as the pastor randomly said "accept," with the "except-" and "accept" again overlapping in that perfectly synchronistic/"orchestrated"-seeming way that is so patternistic of these

Next, another little shift/change-up within the course of the lunchtime activity, moving into less-coherent/literal thematic-type echoes between my thoughts/reading and the in-house radio at the coffee shop (which I hadn't heard earlier because I'd been out on the patio). These were almost all of the super-subtle/subjective/distorted variety, but were numerous enough and patternistic enough that I took note of them by the time lunch was over. Couple examples: one song's chorus repeatedly saying "fire a gun," as to be the theme of the song (might be its title), as I read a short chapter that ended with a dramatic, climactic gunshot, and if I'm not mistaken, the song started right around the time I started reading it, and ended almost exactly when I finished it at the climax (not perfectly synchronistic by any means, but close, and quite notable in its own strange way); one song starting with "You're in the jungle now" precisely as I started a new chapter where there was a riotous, violent, blood-thirsty crowd making a bunch of noise and cheering on a dog fight (very much a jungle atmosphere); within the same chapter, another song singing about "not stopping/I can't stop" in the chorus, coinciding perfectly with a part where one dog refuses to stop attacking another no matter what the handlers do, etc -- lots and lots of these, all super-subtle and individually unnotable even for myself, but collectively very notable, and surreal in a special way, so damn cool.

The activity slowly wound down during the highway travel this afternoon, as seems to often be the case during this time of day (to begin digesting lunch maybe?), though still with some periodic echoes and the like, and still of the same rapid, super-fast, often back-to-back/clustery "whirldwind" fashion -- definitely a theme of the day. Again actually ended up having a pretty good amount of these, probably a couple dozen all told, but again almost all of them unable to be conveyed in text for whatever reason.

One standout exception: after driving all afternoon and finally deciding to stop for the day and find a gym parking lot to camp at, I had the distinct thought of "Okay, time to find a gym" -- a split second before the radio randomly said "go to the gym," and again notable in itself but even moreso considering how the words were spoken not in a song, but by an anouncer who'd randomly come on after a song ended, and on some random spiritual station that you wouldn't typically expect to be talking about gyms, etc (and, also: I can 100% trace my thought/decision to the last split second of the last song before it ended and the anouncer came on, thus making it impossible to have been subconsciously cued in any way since the gym comment was the first thing the announcer said upon coming on, period).

Numbers were there today, and more than yesterday, but still somewhat subdued and only moderate in showing even at the peaks, in stark contrast to the day's enormous thought-type activity (why such a drastically different ratio today? just like other days when it's the opposite, or evenly balanced -- an indication of something?). Morning, had only a few scattered license-plate 37s that I remember, almost to the "completely quiet" level of yesterday -- but then, almost immediately after lunch and getting on the road, the numbers appeared much stronger, not only in number but again gaining in number of digits/complexity/conspicuousness/"intelligence." Can't remember any standouts but it seems like there were a few here and there, of the subtle/quiet-but-there variety that I've noted lately.

Another good random/subtle echo example that I remembered only later: while driving I had a sudden, explicit thought of New York, which was triggered by something that I can't remember except that it was a distinct, specific, objective event, patternistically so, thus culminating in that explicit thought of New York ("That feels like New York" was the exact thought, if I remember right) -- a split second before a big full-size truck stopped at the stop sign I was just passing, with the name and address of an NYC business on it, and a NY plate and other NY-related stuff on it, including a big "NY, NY" on the door, as to be not only a perfectly synchronistic echo of my New York thought but also in that dramatically surreal "revealing"/"animated" fashion, with the truck just pulling up into view (after being previously invisible) and stopping just short of me as I passed, thus commanding my attention and just adding that ridiculously surreal flourish of realism/"intelligent orchestration" to it, made all the more surreal due to its happening amidst the storm of other, similarly notable incidents through the day.


Morning was another almost completely quiet one, a stark contrast to yesterday (and, again: corresponding with an equally big downturn in health/energy, with a weird resurgence of that nasty headsickness/confusion etc I've been having off and on, thinking maybe it's allergies or who knows what). Phenomenon again didn't start until lunchtime, and slower today, yet it did ultimately culminate in some of that same super-echoey activity like yesterday's clusters, albeit less intense and less overall incidents and just generally "flatter"/less-coherent, etc. Again had many of those "small-but-striking," "in-the-moment"-type of instant-thought echoes, still a decent amount though falling short of yesterday's onslaught. Best example I could get down: decided I needed to take a break from reading and so I thought about taking out the phone and turning it on to do some research, thus causing me to visualize specifically my thumbing the button on the side of the phone in the distinctive way I do whenever I turn it on -- precisely as I came to "thumbed the button" in the book, and again the words were visible to me peripherally when I'd had the thought, but again I can 100% trace that thought/visualization to my prior, objective decision to get out my phone just then (which, likewise, I can trace to my needing to rest my jaw/digestion after chewing the hard-to-chew beet-chip dish for so long -- again so patternistic of these).

Went on to have some more, similar echoes through afternoon, again in the clustery/periodic fashion of yesterday but not as intense or numerous. Couple good standout examples I got down: hearing "twenty-four carat" randomly on the radio (and having it Stand Out to me, in that Compelling/Noticing fashion, much like that "Hair by Orlando" sign the other day), a split second before I rounded a bend and encountered a shipping container with a giant "GOLD" stenciled on the side, pretty notable in itself in the actual echo, but again made moreso by that dramatic and patternistic "revealing" fashion of having it appear so strikingly from behind the building or whatever it had previously been hidden behind (and, also, there's the fact that I was only in this parking lot after having made a wrong turn and needing to turn around, haha). Also, similarly: the radio randomly singing "Creepin' up on you!" precisely as a car crept up conspicuously alongside me in traffic on the highway, all of this corresponding perfectly synchronistically as I needed to change lanes and let a tailgating driver pass.

Numbers were there today, and much like yesterday, really only showing up after lunch and during the peak of highway driving, and even then just a steady-ish stream of low-key "small" plates and the like, rather than any sort of overly conspicuous storm. Did have one interesting standout, a variation on the "doubling"/"overlap" type of random-number plates I've seen: it started when I came upon a conspicuously slow-moving car with a license plate ending in "9743," which I Noticed in that same illogical Compelling-type fashion of the Orlando sign and the "twenty-four carat" lyric earlier today, and then, just a second or two later, a second car, going faster, came up alongside that one, also with a 9743-ending plate (only the three initial letters were different), and thus "equalizing" with perfectly symmetry briefly with the first, in that surreal if obscure pattern I've seen in these. But then it happened again, soon after, when I and the two other cars took the offramp and ended up at the stop light at the end of it, which was two-lane and with the two 9743-plate cars Just Happening to end up side-by-side despite their exiting at different times/speeds, as to again briefly have their two plates equalize in that conspicuous manner. Really damn weird these, but undeniable that they are certainly a distinct subtype of incident now, the pattern so well established.


This was a weird one, corresponding not only with a weird schedule but a weird early-morning drive the rest of the way to parents', beginning just after 6AM when I awoke with that weird spell of headsickness and wakefulness. Had a string of numbers then, still in that low-key fashion of last couple days on traffic plates and the like (mostly parking-lot types, and in the same pattern of these I noticed). Another thing about these this morning in particular: the plates' appearances seemed to correspond with the weird little jolts of joy and adventure I got from my headsick early-morning drive and everything else this morning, which I've had enough times in the past to set a pattern (doesn't happen every time certainly, but I can remember plenty of incidents where my having these same, explicit "joy in simple existence/experience" thoughts have corresponded perfectly synchronistically with the arrival/appearance/"revealing" of a 37 repeat in some fashion).

Went on to have more numbers in a similar vein through the day, though these lacked that "joy-thought" correlation of those in the morning. Went on to be pretty much like last several days, with a reasonable number of low-key and semi-conspicuous mostly-traffic-plate-37 numbers. Though did have a couple little spikes in the phenomenon, I noticed, where it seemed to leap up after a relative quiet, such as a "double"-type one when a random radio ad kept giving a phone number that ended in "7337," precisely as I encountered a parking-lot 37 plate in a conspicuous manner (might've been two plates, but I can't remember 100%).

Did have more of the same sort of thought-type subtle/distorted/half-there/in-the-moment-type echoes I've been having on this latest trip, though not nearly so intense as day before last, pretty much to yesterday's spikey/periodic/subtle level. Did have one really damn cool standout at lunch, right at the beginning, when, after a couple little one-word echoes (like tremors before a quake, it felt like), I came to "Quick footsteps" in the book precisely as a man burst from the nearby coffee shop door, walking conspicuously fast and with a sort of quirky, skipping gait, which registered to me as something like "fast footsteps/hurried footsteps," and, in any case, was echoed perfectly, and perfectly synchronistically in timing, by the book, and was again 100% objective/independent/impossible to orchestrate since it involved the unrelated events of the third party, etc. From there, though, the phenomenon sort of "stalled," never really reaching that "graduated" level of coherence again, going to just subtle one-words if anything at all (and this again corresponding with my generally blunted and headsick state of the afternoon).

Couple semi-coherent examples of the subtler ones at lunch: coming to "edge up" in the book precisely as a car parked directly in the parking space in front of me, with it slowly covering the last few inches before stopping, which I registered as something like "edging up"; another of those long-winded thematic-type ones where the man in the book injured his left shoulder and the text kept referencing it, when, just after last night in the van, I'd injured my left shoulder similarly, as a sort of vague/non-perfectly-synchronistic/thematic "involuntary bodily function"-type one.

Also, had another weird unclassifiable one this morning, which I would dismiss as just an interesting coincidence if not for the Compelling/Noticing aspect of it. It was much like those nonspecific event-related-type of Noticings I've been having lately, this time when the radio station I was listening to went into this gaudy and derogatory "dumb crook news"-type segment, and I nearly turned it off but felt Compelled not to, totally illogically considering how offensive a part of me found it, but still I obeyed and left it on -- and then, maybe two seconds later, I rounded a bend in the road and went to the other side of the mountain, after which the station abruptly cut from one to another, due to the mountain's blockage, and the new one was playing "Stairway to Heaven," which not only was highly agreeable to me at the time, but was going into the climax/my favorite part -- and all based on that Compelling to leave the station as-is, as if doing so was a test of faith/demonstration of the ultimate goodness of even the worst-appearing things, etc. Again, maybe nothing, but the distinct, if subjective, Compelling element changes the whole thing.

Had a cute "late" number standout this evening: when I keyed mom's car, the miles were exactly 11731, and the odometer was exactly 1731, with both atop one another, as to be two "big"/four-digit 37-variants staring directly at me from the dash ...


Today was a bit different overall, both in terms of variation and amount of incidents along with their underlying "feel"/behavior, etc, though still essentially the same as the last month or two. Seemed to correspond both with a general shift in health/consciousness/overall state plus with a day of much highway travel/general "transporting."

For numbers, seems like I finally had them go back to that pattern of beginning almost immediately after I left for lunch, today with only scattered "small"/one-dimensional 37-plates in traffic and the like but still a far cry from that conspicuous absence of a couple days there. And again picked up noticeably, though not too hugely, after lunch, beginning with another sudden spatter of parking-lot-type numbers (when I'd not had any of those particularly upon arriving, as it were, again as if my state of consciousness during departure was somehow different, and somehow indicated by the sudden onset of these parking-lot numbers, etc).

Had one cool standoutish one in this after-lunch little cluster, when, precisely as I noticed that the radio station I'd randomly settled on was 103.7, a car pulled into view directly beside me, with a 7779-ending plate, again with the plate "arriving" directly into my line of sight without me having to look anywhere, etc, and also perfectly synchronistically as I registered the radio station with the absent thought of "103.7." Ended up being another of those "doubles" or something like it, and just damn surreal, etc.

Went on to have an afternoon of more of those low-key/smallish/non-conspicuous numbers arriving throughout the big drive south, again mostly just two-digit ones on random or semi-conspicuous plates. Not an overly quiet numbers-day, but far from being a "loud" one, either. Did have another scattered few of those "transport"-themed 37-covered trucks over the course of the day, also pretty low-key and spread out and non-conspicuous but just numberous enough, and all befitting the pattern enough, to establish another collective incidence of this phenomenon, and under the same overroad-traveling circumstances as others.

Thought-wise, the day was characterized by more of those super-subtle/subjective/vague/"in-the-moment"/one-word-non-striking-type of echoes, similar to a few days lately but slightly different overall, as to be just different enough to achieve a different overall feel. And again almost all were non-standout/not coherent enough to log, despite being probably a dozen or so that I can remember.

Did have one exception, another oddball in the day that came suddenly and out of the blue and didn't have the same feel/behavior as the rest in the day: precisely as I passed this odd van parked conspicuously in a parking lot as I passed, with these two little flags planted oddly on the passenger's side (not in the usual spots along the window rims and the like, thus making me distinctly take note and distinctly think something like "weird flags on that van") -- just then, the radio randomly sang out "got a flag," perfectly synchronistic with my thoughts/registering, etc. Also, another cool thing about this: the radio was really staticky at the time, cutting in and out and almost completely unintelligible -- except for that one single phrase, poking out of the static at that precise instant I saw the flags and had the thoughts. Really notable and surreal.

Cool "normal" reading-type recurrence (or, again, maybe just a standout echo/thematic, not sure): started this afternoon when, at a totally random and unplanned stop at BE, I saw a "coconut-and-cassava" tortilla shell for sale, which I both noticed and Noticed, with it simply being the first I'd ever seen of such a tortilla, and also this sticking with me/standing out in that patternistically conspicuous fashion -- and then, this evening in that totally random library-freebie copy of Forbes magazine I read (or maybe this was yesterday morning/yesterday afternoon, my days are all mixed up), it had a little article about a young entrepreneur who'd started up a company that sells coconut-and-cassava tortilla shells to people in need of gluten-free tortillas ... Notable from the outset, just from the simple patternistic element and relatively tight timing, but also the sheer randomness of the source material, a financial magazine, the last place you'd expect to read about a gluten-free health-food, haha.


Today was much like yesterday in all regards, albeit without quite so many numbers (which would make sense, considering I just drove around town rather than on the highway today). Again had a pretty quiet morning, with only some very scattered and vague random numbers, echoes, thematics, etc. First incident of the day was another of those "cashier randomly quoting a 37-variant total to a customer precisely as I came within earshot," this one patternistically identical to the several others I've had of this kind: precisely as I went back into the coffee shop after getting some sun out front, the cashier said "$3.70" to a customer precisely as I passed the counter, again perfectly timed, etc. And then, just afterward maybe 30 minutes later at the market (another totally random and unplanned, "turning right as I passed"-type trip), had two, back-to-back from the same cashier: first "$79.73" right as I passed by, and then, a minute later after I'd checked out and gone to leave, the same cashier (I think) said "$3.73" to the next customer, haha. (Though, I should note that I'm not 100% on what I heard, since it was noisy and I was distracted with checking out, but I'm about 98-99% sure that these were both correct.)

Also like yesterday: the sudden onset of license-plate 37-variants literally immediately after I finished lunch and left the coffee shop, again beginning with a parking-lot-37-type plate on the very first car I encountered in the parking lot, then more later, and then more in traffic and such, all after another near-total absence earlier in the morning, on the way there.

Another found-litter-type of 37 repeat: again felt Compelled to pick up this odd, random piece of trash I came across on the way into the gym, and it turned out to be the old-looking sticker from a Yamaha speaker, serial # "32737" -- not a biggie, this one, with it only having that one, "small" 37 on it. Could comfortably dismiss this one as coincidence if it didn't conform so well to the "Compelled to pick up a piece of litter with a 37 on it" pattern.

Thought-wise, this was a pretty quiet one overall, though there were periods of moderate super-subtle/subjective/"in the moment" echo-type activity, mostly of the "small-but-striking" one-word thought/radio/reading echo variety. One standoutish example: precisely as I typed "carrying" into the phone, the random song on the radio said "carries," in that ridiculously surreal, "striking"-type perfectly synchronistic fashion, making me blink and laugh despite its smallness and literal imprecision (feels almost physical when these little "echo bullets" come around, so viscerally timed and "coincidental").

Another standoutish reading/vague-thought recurrence (though, again, this one also smacks of the regular, steady background static of thematic/long-winded parallels and recurrences that haunt my days lately by the dozens). It started this afternoon when I passed this little plot of land alongside the road that had just been recently cleared and had several small palms planted in it in an arrangement, which struck me as a "coconut grove," those words exactly, though this didn't really make sense, considering they were clearly palm trees, without a coconut in sight. Then, a few hours later this evening, again in that totally random issue of Forbes, it had an article about a man who was big into palm trees and listed a whole bunch, including one that was a "coconut palm," which I'd never heard of before but, upon reading it, made me remember that odd "coconut grove" impression/thought I'd had (which had, actually, stuck with me before this, in Noticing/Stand Out/Compelling fashion). I didn't take not at this point, obviously, but then, on the very next page a minute or so later, it had a list of the various companies the man was invested in, one of which was titled "Coconut Grove," haha.

And then, another damn weird but damn notable/"synchronistic-feeling" unclassifiable one. It started last month up in VA when that ridiculously random man on the street told me, totally illogically and out of the blue and appropriate to nothing at all, about how the North American writing spider is harmless despite having colorful markings and such, which, at the time, I'd thought, "That sounds just like those big nasty-looking spiders that appear around the beach house and that Mom is so skittish about," and, subsequently, "Wouldn't it be entirely in line with the phenomenon if it ended up being the one this man just totally randomly told me is harmless, in ask-and-receive/question-and-answer fashion?" At the time, I'd looked up pictures but couldn't be sure if they were one in the same, not having seen the spiders at the house since last fall -- but then today, I saw the first one, took a good look at it, and looked up pictures on line, and sure enough: it's the same damn one. Now I can tell Mom that they're totally harmless, despite their looks, and this coming about in the most ridiculously unlikely and illogical yet totally synchronistic of ways ...


Much like yesterday for the most part, despite a negative shift in health/consciousness/clarity of mind, etc. Numbers were nearly identical, as to establish a new emerging pattern: again almost a total absence before lunch, and then a relatively big uptick almost immediately after, and in the same manner of scattered randomly sourced 37s and low-key 37-traffic-plates primarily, along with a present-but-subdued minority of 44s/22s/212s, etc.

Did have a slight variation to it today: when the phenomenon didn't start immediately after lunch like the last couple days, I noticed this consciously and so had another of those absent, automatic "challenge"-type of thoughts of "Well, where are parking-lot the 37-plates today? It's just after lunch" -- and then, a split second later, there was not one, but two three-digit 37 plates in the parking lot I'd just pulled it, side by side. And then, another second later, I passed a third car, this one with a 3711 or some other 4-digit plate, all coming in that "intelligent"/"orchestrated" manner, perfectly synchronistic and surreal.

Did have a couple semi-conspicuous traffic "reveals" and the like, but only a couple. One in particular that stood out was when something drew my attention to my right while I was driving, totally randomly (I might've Just Happened to look that way, for no reason at all) -- precisely as a truck recklessly changed lanes and thus revealed to me the 7737 plate of the car it had previously obscured, haha.

Thought-wise, also like last couple days in primarily super-subtle/subjective-type of echoes, and very scattered and periodic rather than following any sort of strict structure (which, I guess, is a structure in itself, a non-structure structure, as seems to be the case with this latest trend). Again had many of those low-key/half-there/distorted one-word echoes from various sources, mostly in lunchtime reading onward, some more "striking" than others. One example of this type: precisely as I rounded a bend and suddenly came upon a long line of cars behind a school bus, and I instantly reacted to this with the distinct thought of "be patient, don't react badly," the radio randomly sang out "patiently, I will wait," perfectly synchronistic/patternistic/objective, etc. This was the best example of these, but most were just about as notable and surreal, just with too much of a subjective element to make them conveyable.

Then later in the afternoon, had another of those slight shifts in activity and its behavior/feel, waxing more to those "rapid-fire"/back-to-back multi-echoes I've had here and there lately, along with a sudden onset of thematics and the like (I'd sat down the read a magazine while waiting for the oil change). Ended up having another dozen-strong cluster then, and some of them pretty damn surreal and incredible, as some of the thematics have been lately.

One standout, and it was another of those "meta-incidents," a "thinking of a synchronicity and then having that thought echo, producing a second synchronicity." This one started with my noting the cluster of profound thematics that began with my reading the magazine, thus making me think "Wow, so profound" -- a split second before the overhead TV randomly and singularly said "profound," haha.


Pretty big uptick today, and again corresponding with a big improvement in health/consciousness/clarity, etc, as has been happening after taking that new supplement periodically.

It was first evident in a ton of subtle-yet-highly-notable thematics and one-word/event-type echoes through late morning and into lunchtime reading, not only a significant increase in sheer number but also in the depth/quality/complexity of them, as to be distinctly "graduated" in a way they hadn't been for the last few days, despite lingering headsickness and fuziness and the like. Still unable to convey the vast majority of these, other than to say that they again reached and surpassed "living-dream" levels of density/intensity/surreality, just so incredible, especially at the peaks of the phenomenon.

One standoutish/almost-conveyable one from the day's earlier thematics: randomly, I realized that I hadn't been doing my yoga twists for the last couple weeks, with my distinctly-yet-absently envisioning the twists I do in this asana, etc -- and then, in that totally random dumpster Golf magazine that I got the other day and Just Happened to begin reading after doing chores and such this morning (after finishing several other magazines beforehand, of couse), it was filled with all sorts of descriptions and pictures and illustrations about "swinging" in various ways, all of them demonstrating the exact twists I'd envisioned randomly regarding my yoga thoughts (which, of course, I'd not thought of for at least a couple weeks, since forgetting about it and letting it drop from my rotation somehow) -- pretty much unnotable and dismissible on its own, but with there being just so damn many like this, no less than a dozen or more just during early morning alone (and all befitting this same subtle yet distinct pattern), such that the day's totally random thoughts/feelings/events began echoing/paralleling/"synchronizing" in that similarly patternistic way -- it all just gelled into a big, collectively notable and subjectively coherent meta-incident, as is an ongoing pattern with these thematics.

This went on to be an ongoing trend all through the day, at times waxing and waning but always retaining some consistency of thematics/echoes/parallels, and always managing to be so damn surreal (and in a unique, newish fashion/behavior/"feel," as is another pattern established in the phenomenon itself, these phasic/periodic "chapters" of the same basic underlying feel in the phenomenon in various capacities and qualities and lasting for days or weeks or whatever). In this regard, today might've been the most "thematic" to date, literally just dozens of individual incidents throughout until settling down some characteristically towards evening (coincidentally with my "down time," etc). Had many reading-type ones during lunchtime reading of the 'Expats' book took, many of them linked between the Golf magazine (again despite getting the magazine randomly from the trash and buying the book totally randomly, in another state even, and Just Happening to have started reading the book last night, again from a choice of several, feeling Compelled -- the same exact pattern of these in general, just so blatant and explicit).

Numbers were equally upticked/elevated today, as well as similarly "graduated" and more profound/notable/with more depth of effect, etc. Again, the first I noticed involved that ridiculously random Golf magazine, literally right on the cover, when I discovered four total blatant 37 variants on it ("Article on P.73!" "Heavy hitter at 307 yards!" and then a 317 and a 237 on the random postage numbers on the address square -- none of which I'd seen when picking this particular copy of the magazine out of the recycling dumpster, out of a choice of several, again just feeling Compelled to get this one in particular as well as to leave the others alone). In fact, this magazine was riddled with 37s of various flavors and kinds, as I discovered through reading it over the course of the morning and evening (and I haven't even finished it as of writing).

Likewise, numbers were everywhere, all across the board and from all the usual sources and more, including many many traffic-type ones, from 37-plates of all persuasions (parking-lots and in-traffic and other sources, as well as conspicuous and semi- and non- and everything in between, including one of those cute little "being illogically and inconveniently Compelled to stop short in traffic and let someone out, only to be greeted with a 37 plate upon their pulling out"). Another blatant receipt-time-stamp one, at the market, exactly "13:37:02," printed in big type at the bottom of the receipt (and, another "interesting" circumstance of this one: the self-checkout machine had jammed up when giving change, requiring an attendant to come sort it out, and then had to manually give me a receipt, all delaying the process to varying degrees but ultimately Just Happening to "land" directly on that exact hour and minute ...).

And, for the third (?) day in a row now: the numbers were nonexistent to super quiet until again almost literally just after lunch, when they suddenly arrived as if on a switch, with a big, conspicuous string of traffic-type ones and other, subtler randomly-sourced ones. This pattern is beginning to be a sort of thematic meta-incident in itself, very distinct and surreal and at least subjectively notable.

Had many many echoes today too, and in the same general feel/behavior/"mode" as those striking one-word subtle-but-notables I've been having. Today, however, it got to the point that, with all the simultaneous thematics and numbers and other random synchronistic shennanigans, it all just sort of blurred together, blurring the line between thematics and subtles and echoes and isolated incidents, etc. In total there were about as many dozens of these "small"-type echoes as the thematics, far past the point of being able to log/remember them all. Some standouts I got:

> Watching as a woman at the airport conspicuously hoisted a backpack strap over one arm and worked it onto her back, which I distinctly Noticed, precisely as the radio randomly and singularly and patternistically sang out "strapped" (this one is mildly notable in itself, but much moreso given the collective context of it, in which I had just so many that were of the exact same pattern/feel/behavior; another "good example of this kind of the day's phenomenon"-type one)

> Looking out my car window to see if anyone was coming, precisely as the radio randomly and singularly sang out "Peepin' out my window," and again this one was notable in itself but moreso considering that "peepin'" was exactly how my quick, awkward look out the window could be described, since I was coming off a narrow offramp with a blind-ish turn and so I had to lean forward oddly and crane my neck to see out of the Miata's cramped little window -- a "peep" in every way, and perfectly synchronistic in timing, just still no words to really describe the absolutely surreal "blending" of these events and their corresponding echoes and the like

> Another "random chain of vague thoughts being perfectly synchronistically echoed by equally random radio lyrics," this time at the gym when, moments after I'd been randomly let in by someone there when my key card wouldn't work again, I randomly replayed this in my head, particularly visualizing the man opening the locked door for me -- precisely as the radio sang out "opened the door," just so ridiculously precise and explicit and coincidentally timed (and also just like so many of the rest of the day's incidents in this vein -- wow!!!)

Cute little number repeat just now this evening, when buying something online: "11.11% Recovery Fee: $19.73" ...


Big downturn compared to yesterday, and one again corresponding with another drastic shift in health/consciousness/clarity of thought, as seems to be the present trend of the last week or so (and, similarly: shift back to headsickness brings a seemingly proportionate lessening of activity). Still had the same basic format/feel/behavior/types of incidents, but just drastically less really, and of lesser depth/coherence, etc -- again in line with the recent pattern.

Thematics: definitely there, and again spanning the day's ridiculously random and totally unrelated thoughts/events/reading material in that same manner. And like other days, did have some highly notable and profound incidents in this vein, but they were just too subjective/complicated to convey beyond the usual note of "they were there, and incredibly damn surreal/amazing/living-dream at times." Just went so deep between the day's thoughts and experiences and these things being echoed by the 'Expats' book and the day's magazine (yet another totally random trash-find from the dump, a Better Homes and Gardens today, its totally random little articles and themes paralleling that in both the book and all sorts of fully unrelated/objective events and experiences over the course of the day -- head spinning).

As far as the perfectly synchronistic/"instant thought manifestation"-type echoes, those were there too but again far fewer in number, and even more periodic/clustery than yesterday. Really, the only time they elevated to anything like yesterday was one brief little "window" mid-afternoon, when I distinctly felt myself entering that "synchronistic state" (and, coincidentally, with some of the day's headsickness and oddness/confusion lifting at almost the exact same time -- definitely a correlation here, at least in this latest trend).

Amidst several small one-word echoes, had one cool standout. It started when I came randomly upon two men walking along the highway with big, bulky backpacks on their backs, hiking/camping-type packs, which struck me most prominently about them, making me think, absently but distinctly, "hikers" -- precisely as the radio randomly sang out "take a hike" (and, once again, singularly, and on a song I'd never heard before, and never again repeating in the song, etc). Still can't get used to these ...

Numbers: there, but even lower-key than other stuff of the day, just some non-conspicuous traffic-type ones from what I remember (though, my memory of some parts of the day is totally hazy and corrupted, so kind of hard to say).

The only standout that I remember is another of those "randomly looking out my back window before backing up and having my eyes fall directly on a 37 plate, without my having to look/shift focus, etc," and this time with a twist: not only was it a 137 plate, but one that I'd actually had in several parking-lot time incidents before, at the gym, where this car is often parked (and which I always Just Happen to "randomly" encounter when it's there, and if I remember right, a couple times was even in this same "seeing the plate when I look to back out"-type fashion).

And then another cute and reasonably notable receipt-37-type one, just noticed now: "Total 23.71," "5:37 PM" timestamp, "Transaction: 37062," and made more notable not only by the fact that this was, first, a totally unplanned, spur-of-the-moment Compelled visit to the store, and also that, second, it again involved several totally random items I had no intention of purchasing before arriving, but also, third, that somehow I was charged an additional 50% off on two of them, thus bringing the total to its final amount when it would've otherwise been different and without any 37s in it (the items were 50% off already, and I think the cashier made a mistake and took an additional 50% off the already-marked-down price, which I only caught now).


A noticeable downturn over yesterday, and again coinciding with a further-worsened physical/mental state, that weird liver upset wreaking havoc on me today.

Thematics: back to being "there but non-graduated/more singular and less-complicated/less numerous," but of course still can't really convey them. Still in the same basic vein of those I've been experiencing lately, the day being "paralleled" in patternistic fashion, but not nearly so intensely as day before last or yesterday's peak periods.

As far as isolated thought-type echoes and the like, there were a few but almost fully of that similarly "base" level of super-subtle/distorted/half-there/highly subjective types, and not even many of these, really just barely enough to establish a pattern and become notable/unlikely to be chance, etc. One example: coming upon a random roadside sign reading "HOMECOMING" a second or so after the radio sang out "you're going home" or something to that effect, loosely echoing the "go home" theme, and not perfectly synchronistically at that (very slight delay, but definitely a delay). Another example, this one a twist on the "bilingual" types: hearing "HA-EEE!" on the Spanish radio station I was listening to, precisely as a big roadside billboard reading "JAY" came into view, with the Spanish word being exactly how "Jay" would've been pronounced in Spanish, and with the sign emerging from behind some trees or something perfectly synchronistically with the radio's lyric, as to bring about that super-surreal "animated"/"revealing" element. Probably a half-dozen like this scattered through the afternoon, a very quiet time relatively.

Numbers were a little more active today, but just barely, still a relatively low level with just a steady string of low-key mostly non-conspicuous license plate 37s and the like. One thing to note, however: once again, literally almost immediately after lunch, as I left the coffee shop and went through the parking lot, encountered three semi-conspicuous parking-lot plates all back-to-back within the space of seconds (including a conspicuous one when a van turned precisely as I came out and into the parking lot, thus revealing its 5703 plate, in that highly subjective yet highly patternistic/notable "animated"/"revealing" fashion), after encountering zero on the way there, just like the last few days (though it never picked up/intensified beyond that, unlike most days that this has happened). Very interesting, this sudden trend.

Had one single stray "late" one tonight during dinnertime reading, either a more-coherent thematic example or a simple echo/recurrence, not sure: it started when I took a bite of the messy beet-powder dish and I thought I'd gotten some on my hand, making me think, as I went to pick the 'Expats' book back up, that I didn't want to get beet-purple all over it/soil it/etc -- and then, on the very page I resumed reading (in the second paragraph, even), it went into a part that randomly mentioned a bunch of abnormally clean magazines/reading material in an office, specifically saying that there were no coffee stains/water marks/food smudges, etc -- more or less exactly what I'd just distinctly but absent thought of, just seconds earlier.


Yet another "noticeable uptick corresponding with good, fundamental improvement in health/energy/consciousness," almost exactly the same as other days like this, though not quite as intense as recent headliners (also seeming to be in proportion to my level of health, which is fundamentally improved over the nightmarish state of yesterday but still somewhat soupy and odd at times -- again reflected more or less in the day's moderate level of activity and its coherence).

The first activity I noticed was another of those sudden, distinct clusters of echoes/thematics/reading recurrences as soon as I lay down this morning to read a magazine after chores, and again later on when having the treatment. And though all were either too subtle/vague or too subjective (yet highly profound/notable, a few), one notable thing about this was, first, the patternistic element of it, and, second, another reaffirmation of that "synchronistic state" I'm coming to know so well, being 100% identifiable today with the state's onset coming after yesterday's nightmarish headsickness/almost total inactivity/silence faded, allowing a really good sense of contrast as I observed it all happening -- just so damn notable and surreal and cool.

And also in line with recent patterns: had few to no numbers before leaving the house and even on the drive to the clinic, but then, literally immediately after I left there (improved and "awake"), I was hit by a 37 plate, this one again on the very first vehicle I encountered upon leaving the parking lot, and, also, in that surreal, perfectly timed/"orchestrated" fashion, where a UPS truck turned in front of me precisely as I was turning out and thus flashed its 37 plate directly in my line of sight, etc. And from there, encountered one or two more on the way to the coffee shop, and again increasing steadily immediately after I left, until the numbers overall sort of plateaued at where they've been recently, before declining towards evening/heading home, etc. Again: many semi-notable parking-lot ones, plus the usual assortment of low-key/background-static-level 37-plates in traffic (with a few semi-conspicuous ones thrown in the mix here and there, including a few of those "reckless drivers pulling directly in front of me and forcing me to see their 37-plates," etc -- good fun!).

Had one cool standout, number-wise, a sort of combo number-repeat and "keying car and having radio come on with the first words out being somehow synchronistic," this time with the radio coming on precisely as it sang out "Thirty-seven!" And, it bears mentioning: the full lyric was "on a 737 [plane]," but it was timed such that only the bare "thirty-seven" sounded when I keyed the car, like an alarm of sorts, haha.

Many echoes today, though most were either very subtle or highly subjective/thematic, etc. Unlike some days lately, however, did have some coherent and semi-coherent standouts:

> A cool "radio randomly echoing thoughts regarding a random roadside sign" one, this time when I passed the Harley dealer down at the other end of the beach, when, precisely as I saw the sign and thought "Harleys," the radio randomly sang out (singularly and non-repetively, etc) "On my Harley!," and really just a flat-out notable one, given the sheer and complete randomness/objectivity/independence of the two events, where I had no control over either the sign's appearance or the radio's lyrics, etc -- perfect example of the echo phenomenon

> Another cool bilingual-type radio/writing echo, where precisely as I wrote "amados" (Spanish for "loved"), the radio randomly sang out "love her"

> Several subtle-but-perfectly-synchronistic/striking-type one-word thought/reading echoes at lunch, in lunchtime-reading fashion. Not that many, and not very "graduated," but definitely present. One example: randomly reading "crunched" in the book, precisely as I as randomly bit into one of the few nuts in the meal (literally just 3 or 4 in the entire bowl, and I'd also not "hit" any of them beforehand). Also: coming upon mention of a "frazzled-looking waitress" randomly in the book precisely as a tired-looking older woman at the coffee shop appeared nearby to sweep the floor around me, more or less fitting the echo of a frazzled waitress as a rundown-looking female restaurant employee; though, I didn't really take not on this one until it happened a second time, and in the exact same pattern: when the book again randomly mentioned the same "waitress" (albeit the only ever time it did so), the same woman appeared exactly then, also randomly, to finish sweeping nearby, haha

> One example of the subtler/vaguer echoes: when I went to throw away that random diaper in the market parking lot, which was covered in Mickey Mouse heads, a second or so later I encountered a car with a Mickey Mouse bumper sticker, with the same mouse-head logo, etc, and directly in my line of sight in that effortless/patternistic way (actually, it might've been Minnie Mouse on the bumper sticker, but the same basic image and underlying archetype of "cartoon Disney mouse" was certainly echoed, however subtly and in distorted/vaguer fashion)

> Cool vaguer radio one just before coming home: right after the radio sang "climb a mountain," I randomly passed an RV with a great big MOUNTAINEER stenciled twice on the side (and this one, I noticed, was another of those distinctly non-perfectly synchronistically timed ones, yet the timing was still tight enough to be about the same, with a 1-2 second gap in between -- but why?)

> A pretty notable "underlying-thought" echo on the way home, when I passed a random couple downtown by the beach in the touristy area, both dressed in bathing suits/beachwear, of which my initial impression was "vacationing couple" or something along those lines -- precisely as the radio randomly sang out "beach vacation," haha


A day of moderate activity, very much like yesterday and lately in terms of types/"feel," etc, but not quite as much activity, and of generally lower "quality"/depth, etc, and this change again correponded with another shift in health beginning last night and this morning with return of liver upset/headsickness, etc, and also the change was proportionate, as to be reflective again (and in more ways than one, on several different levels, as to be a sort of echo in itself, the day's inclusive activity as a whole seeming to echo my collective state -- very interesting).

Beyond some more of those extremely subtle/subjective/highly complicated thematics and echoes like I've been having during periods of low energy (usually early morning and late afternoon, it seems), the day was nearly silent until again just after I finished morning chores/health stuff and left the house for lunch/coffee shop. And then, right after I'd gotten on the road, I again entered the synchronistic state, very distinctly albeit slightly/subtly, enough to establish myself as "there," after being "not there" or only extremely briefly "there" just a moment before. The state "arrived" in the form a little cluster of back-to-back activity, a combination of 3-4 thematics/echoes/radio/event-type incidents all coming within the space of seconds, as to be distinguished from the more-isolated-type "normal" incidents (even being palpably different than when I'd have several isolated incidents back-to-back, with the "synchronistic state" version of them all somehow feeling to be just one big, multifaceted incident in a way I can't quite describe -- very "synchronous," haha).

Amongst these, two were coherent enough to relate: first, a "random chain of thought ending on something somehow echoed soon after," this time of that "perfectly opposite"-type of echo, when I'd had a long and involved yet highly random and objective chain of thought end with "going fast," and several thoughts of a related nature, about 1-2 seconds before the song on the radio randomly sang out "you got to slow down" or something to that effect -- neither terribly precise nor perfectly synchronistic in timing, yet again notable in the context of it occurring in this "synchro-state" cluster of highly similar incidents (though much of the similarity was in that indescribable, subjective "feel" that I've yet to find a way to convey). And then, almost immediately after and more notable/coherent individually: as I went a little further down the road, a man pushing a lawnmower emerged into view from behind a big tree, with my seeing him precisely as he gave a big, conspicuous, full-body push on the mower (to start it moving after turning), precisely as the radio randomly and singularly sang out "keep on pushin'" (though, when I think back to it, it seems that the lyric and the man's push were only very closely timed rather than perfectly synchronistic, another of those where there was a very slight, ~1 second gap between the event and its radio echo, though my mentally *registering* the push (which I distinctly registered as "pushing," in that absent yet distinct, in-the-moment fashion) *was* perfectly synchronistic with the lyric, again suggesting that at least some of these echoes are echoing the thought/perception of the action rather than the observed action itself, or that at least the thought/perception is the primary constituent being echoed, etc). The mower one was another of those ridiculously surreal, albeit "small" on the surface, type ones, where the "striking" factor of it, combined with the "revealing"/"animated" quality of the man appearing to me from behind the tree precisely as both he pushed the mower and the lyric sang out, it was all just so unreal, as to appear as nothing less than a flesh-and-blood TV show/living-dream, etc.

In this regard, went on to have a pretty good number of overall thought/echo-type activity over the course of the day, at times of the more "normal"/isolated-type of incident, and other, more-active times, the "synchronistic state"-type of "running commentary"/stream-of-consciousness/back-to-back incidents that blur the lines between thought-type echoes and thematics/parallels and even number-repeats and the like. Standouts I managed to get down:

> A random license plate/radio echo this morning just before the coffee shop, this time when a car with a plate reading "SUNESIDE" changed lanes and swung dramatically/conspicuously into view precisely as the radio randomly and singularly sang out "side," again with my reading/registering the "SIDE" of the plate coinciding with absolutely perfect precision with the radio's lyric, and again combining with that revealing/animated quality of the lane-change/sudden arrival into my field of view to be, like the mower one of just minutes earlier, so hugely surreal, in a way that simply does not translate to text

> A damn cool one at the market parking lot, where I stopped at that confusing intersection where the side roads have stop signs and the main one doesn't, and the man in the car stopped opposite me waved me forward in a theatric "go on" gesture -- precisely as the radio randomly sang "GO!," and this one *was* perfectly synchronistic with the action/event rather than my registering it, suggesting that, for some variants, the external/third-party actions and events/thoughts, etc, are the subject matter of the echo. And another interesting contextual footnote for this one: this happened just after I'd dropped the bottle of fennel without realizing it, and then pulled off and run over it and shattered the glass bottle, thus requiring me to stop and get back out and take a bag and meticulously clean up all the broken glass, thus taking a bunch of time and adding a bunch of randomness between then and my finally pulling up to the intersection -- yet the radio lyric and the man's gesture coincided with that perfect precision that I couldn't possible even orchestrate consciously

> A classic "nearby stranger"/thought echo at the coffee shop, literally right when I sat down and finished setting the table and went to pray over the food. Right after I thought "thank you" silently in prayer, a nearby woman coming out of the shop said "thank you" when someone held the door for her, this another of the non-perfectly synchronistic yet with such a slight delay (~1 second again) that it ended up amounting to the same sort of synchroshock, haha.

> Then, a similar one a few minutes later, this time a reading/event one involving the same door, when I came to "pulling the door behind her" in the book precisely as a woman walked passed and the door shut behind her (though, it bears mentioning that it just shut behind her, on its own, not pulled, yet the general echo of "door closing behind a woman" was there, especially considering the perfectly synchronistic timing and randomness factor, etc)

> Also through lunchtime reading, and at other odd times through the day, had those sort of small, vague, in-the-moment thematic/parallel-type of echoes, most of them impossible to describe and individually unnotable but with a couple standoutish examples. One: when, in the 'Expats' book, it had the child randomly mention a robot he'd built, which made me think of the random article in the morning's magazine about the new Lego kits that let children build robots (and, of course, I can 100% objectively trace the origin of my thought to reading this in the book) -- and then, a few paragraphs down in the book, it went into a part about Legos, yet not *robot Legos,* or anything else at all related to the first part about the robots. This is a good example of the parallels/thematics in general, so subtle and unnoticeable in themselves but highly profound and notable and surreal when they happen again and again and again in short periods of time and always in the same vague-yet-distinct pattern. Another example: later on, I again had a couple of distinct yet completely random and 100% objectively traceable thoughts, traceable again to random stuff I read in the book, and then, within a page or less, both those distinct thoughts were echoed, as randomly and patternistically as the others.

> Another example of these thematic-echo-types, from later on, on the way home: this one started when I stopped at an intersection and found myself looking at a sign advertising commercial loans, which caused me to absently have a vague, crazy thought of getting a loan for a nonexistent business and running off with the money -- precisely as the radio randomly sang out "gonna take the money and run" or something to that effect, in any case echoing perfectly, in essential-yet-non-literal fashion, the thought/visualization I'd had. Had quite a few of this super-vague/subtle type later in the afternoon, actually, but this was about the only one remotely text-friendly

> Some more of those partially precise/non-literal one-word "striking"-type thought/reading-type echoes too, such as randomly coming upon a roadside sign reading "ROLLED ICE CREAM" precisely as the radio randomly and singularly sang out "we're rollin'" or something to that effect, in any case with the "rollin'" coinciding perfectly synchronistically with my registering the "ROLLED" on the sign

Numbers were almost exactly like yesterday and really about every day for the last several, in just about every manner: still primarily 37s with a minority of 44s/711s/212s/22s, and a few 1111s in there (and variants of all these, of course), and still mostly on low-key/semi-conspicuous traffic-plates, a few of the randomly sourced semi-notable 37s and the like on receipts, etc. Once again had the numbers "kick in" almost immediately after lunch, after few to none through the morning, and also beginning with another parking-lot-type one (when I'd again not had any parking-lot hits when arriving, only leaving ...).

Did have one cool number standout that I got down, of the "conspicuous traffic 37-plate appearance" kind. It happened when left the market and hit the first little 4-way intersection in the parking lot, where I had to stop and wait for a car to pull out -- which proved to have a 5733 plate, and with it "revealed" in patternistically surreal fashion when the car turned (had I arrived a split second earlier or later, I either would've been at a bad angle to have the plate be visible to me, or I would've gone first, ahead of the car, and thus not been behind it ...). And also it bears mentioning that this happened in the same lot as the "GO!" echo, just seconds before it and its respective intersection, and all contingent on the same conspicuous delay I'd incurred upon driving over the glass bottle I hadn't realized I'd dropped ...

And another number standout I remembered later on: had two more of those "randomly opening a book to see how many pages it had, and landing directly on a 37-variant," both of these classically patternistic and 100% random and on the first try, first this morning when I found myself randomly taking a book off the shelf at the rental and, seeing how big and long it was, I opened it randomly to a page near the end, landing directly on #1037. And then it happened while I was browsing books at the thrift store this afternoon, again when I genuinely just needed to see how many pages were in a book I was thinking about buying, and I opened it directly to #337 (and with both of these, I just opened it on one, single page, not flipping through several or fanning pages or anything that would've given me even the slightest opening for subconscious influence/superconscious selection, etc -- just a clean, fully random opening to the pages).


First one from last night that I forgot to note until just now: a damn cool "random resumed reading"-type echo during dinnertime reading (another of those "late" singular ones coming out of nowhere, after I think totally none during the rest of the reading). It started when I wondered randomly how long I had left on the Cyma, thoughts which I can 100% trace to occurring right at the end of one page of the book. Then, right at the top of the new page, it randomly mentioned "a few more seconds, a half-minute," those words exactly -- and then, immediately after when I checked the Cyma, it was just ticking to 28 seconds left, which mean that when I'd read the words, probably almost exactly 2 seconds earlier, my reading the "half-minute" would've coincided perfectly synchronistically with the Cyma having been at exactly 30 seconds left, haha.

For the 12th: the day started out again almost totally silent beyond some very vague and subtle stray thematics/echoes, etc, and again with this coinciding with another recurrence of that nightmarish headsickness that's been coming and going lately. First reasonably notable activity again came on only during lunchtime reading, and even then never really graduating beyond the "just collectively notable but individually too vague/subtle/subjective" level. Had a lot of those subtler, more distorted, "half-there," non-striking type of little one-word echoes between random events and reading the 'Expats' book. Examples: coming to "clattering" in the book, randomly and singularly, precisely as someone across the coffee shop clattered a tray to the stack, also singularly and randomly, and very much a "clatter" as opposed to something that could only be vaguely described as such (there actually might've been many more "sound/reading"-type echoes like this, but there were just so many gross sounds occurring in the busy dining room that I can really only say that 2-3 like the "clattering" one were definitely outside the realm of reasonable coincidence); similarly, coming to "fat" precisely as the woman sitting across from me rose from her seat and thus revealed herself to be very overweight and disproportionate in body, etc (another surreally "animated"/"revealing" one); also, had a loose series of maybe 4-5 more-striking one-words echoing between my reading and the long conversation of two women sitting nearby, again as to be collectively super-surreal despite the "smallness" of it.

Went on to have a few more of this nature through the afternoon, but they stayed generally tame and "quiet," this too in reflection of my severely blunted and soupy mental state again.

For numbers, once again had an almost total dearth of them through morning and lunch again, only to have them suddenly and patternistically arrive just after lunch with a couple of parking-lots, though more quietly/low-key today (though the pattern was definitely adhered to).

In both arenas, the flight north was highly quiet for such travel, like one of the other flights I had recently (which also coincided with a marked decrease in health and the like, if I remember right). However, the activity picked up noticeably towards nightfall, this coinciding with my finally getting the rental and starting to the city -- and again with a couple of parking-lot 37s, two back to back, beginning with the car's odometer being at 37k miles, and then, a split second later when I keyed the ignition for the first time and looked up through the windshield, I found myself staring directly at a 3700 plate on the car directly in front fo me, again in that ridiculously surreal/patternistic way where I didn't shift my vision or anything, just very "there," as if waving, haha.

With that, had a little mini-storm of traffic-plate numbers of upgraded complexity/conspicuousness/notability through the drive on the highway, along with an attendant uptick in thought echoes. The echoes were actually just about all both coherent and precise enough to be individually notable, I just simply lost track, and couldn't devote the attention to remembering them,between the night driving conditions and the rain and my headsickness/distractability, plus just the sheer number. One good example that I can remember: another of those "looking at my GPS map precisely as a random radio lyric somehow echoed this," this time when I pulled off and checked the map and had something like "You are here" sing randomly from the radio precisely as the display came up and the little "you are here" GPS dot pinged its animation (this actually happened at least twice if not three times, if I remember right, every time I stopped and checked my phone map while lost in the city). Probably had no less than a half-dozen like this, maybe far more, with that number mini-storm occurring throughout -- quite a ride.

A cool, isolated number standout that I just remembered, mid-afternoon at the airport. It happened in line for the TSA checkpoint, when the very first number I saw on the baggage trays was 773 -- notable in itself, but hugely moreso given the circumstances. The first of which was the fact that this one was almost exactly the same as that one from when I was last at a TSA checkpoint at the other airport, when the 773 tray was half-sticking out of the stack at the end of the conveyor belt, as to make it all more coherent/complex/notable as a sort of meta-incident. But then, furthermore, there was the fact that this second tray was being pushed by someone who was only passing me up while I was getting my stuff off, after several people, such that not only would I not have seen it had I not been delayed/being passed, but also there's the fact that I'd somehow not seen any of the numbers on the previous trays, including my own, just from bad viewing angles, etc -- really another incredibly notable/super-surreal one, all things considered.


Today fit the pattern of last several despite being in a different place and having some improved health, etc, again with little to no activity through morning and into lunch, only beginning about halfway through with some minor reading echoes (and again almost zero numbers even while walking to the coffee shop through the city).

Through first half of meal, had a good number of those small, subtle, non-striking type echoes, such as seeing/reading/hearing random "dog"-themed words and symbols and noises several times in a little minutes-long cluster. Then, by end of meal, the echoes had graduated to coherence/precision/"striking" level ones. Some standouts:

> Randomly reading "My car has been making an odd noise," precisely as a random car passed on the nearby road with a markedly "odd"/unidentifiable flapping noise (which, if I remember right, I registered as something like "that's an odd noise" perfectly synchronistically with my reading the text, again in such a ridiculously coincidental way that I would attribute it to peripheral reading-ahead/subconscious suggestion were it not for the 100% objective/separate event of the passing car and its precisely "odd" noise)

> Very similarly and just as notable: coming to "Kate's keys were in her hand" precisely as a nearby man randomly pulled out the keys for his bike chain and made to unlock it (and again, this seemed to be perfectly synchronistic with my registering the appearance of the keys in the man's hand)

> Coming to "She heard footsteps in the tunnel, someone rushing past," precisely as I first heard loud, conspicuous footsteps from nearby (conspicuously louder than any others at the time, or any before or after as it were), and then saw as the owner, a man walking conspicuously fast, 100% "rushed past" me -- highly notable and precise in itself, but even moreso with the "heard footsteps" and the "someone rushing past" corresponding both 100% perfectly synchronistically with my registering these two completely objective/uncontrollable events

> Then the oddest but perhaps most notable of the cluster: a sort of hybrid echo/resumed-reading-type one, or perhaps just unclassifiable. It began when a man begging spare change down the line of tables outside the coffee shop finally approached me, and I wewent digging through my pockets for change, but seeing I only had 30 cents, I went in my wallet to grab a couple ones, but accidentally somehow came out with a ten too, and instead of putting it back in, I felt Compelled to just give him all three, $12 total, thus making me think absently "I gave him $12 instead of 2" as I picked my book back up -- and then, the very first paragraph where I'd left off mentioned "the 12 train," and then, in the next line, another reference to "the 12s" in the context of the 12 trains -- a sort of vague but notable double echo of my lingering throught of "12" (I actually had this figure visualized momentarily as I resumed reading, if I remember right), and all of it 100% patternistic in terms of "feel" and such with the rest of the recent variant of echoes and thematics and the like

One mini number standout: when I'd randomly gotten in the rental car to reposition it from the awkward way I'd parked it last night, immediately as I got inside and closed the door, I was faced with not one but two 37 plates from the line of oncoming traffic, not only exactly after I'd gotten in the driver's seat (as is so patternistic of the "immediately after lunch number-repeat onset" pattern of late), but also after a long, marked absence of them even after lunch. Another of those quietly, contextually notable ones.

Ah, and another one I just now found the note for, from last night, another starkly explicit and notable thematic/standalone "late" reading recurrence. It started just after I got to the rental finally and then had to go straight back out and put a visitor's parking pass in the car so it wouldn't get towed, which happened to be the first time in my life I'd ever had to do that -- and then, less than an hour later when I'd finally gotten situation and then fixed up dinner and sat down to read, within the first couple pages, it randomly but explicitly mentioned exactly that, putting a visitor's parking pass in a car (along with echoing various similarly themed things I'd just had to consequently encounter, such as parallel parking and other parking-related minutiae), which also happened to be the first time in a very long time (if ever) I'd read about this particular practice -- classic echo/thematic/book-reading synchro, haha


Morning stuck to the pattern of almost zero activity, same as my other headsick days lately. Then once again had it start up with minor/subtle reading/thought/event-type echoes through first half of lunchtime reading, again just enough to sense my entering the "synchronistic state," albeit only very subtly. Had probably a dozen or so over the course of the meal, and then, right at the end, had one reasonably standoutish one, beginning when I was reading on my phone about the benefits of cannabis suppositories and how they deliver the medicinal benefits without the high -- about two seconds before a woman at a nearby table said something like "I mean, I have the munchies but I'm not high," which would not only echo the general thrust of my thoughts and reading at that precise instant, but also in the same context, since the woman's words and terms would imply that she was referring to pot, etc, though this all still "felt" distorted/half-there like most of the others at lunch.

Then, had the exact same "numbers going from silence to present immediately after lunch" pattern again, and today with a really damn surreal twist: first, it occurred literally right after I finished lunch and put away my stuff and stood from the bench I'd been on, with a parking-lot one, except it was just me on foot still rather than even getting on the road, with my just turning around and being faced (directly in my line of sight in that patternistic way) with the front license plate of the car in the parking lot directly behind me, a 6307 plate, with it very much "there" and "present," as to be striking, etc.

From there, continued having more subtle, distorted thought/reading/radio echoes (plus some thematics still, though these were lower key than some days recently) through the afternoon, along with some numbers, but these lower-key than recently, only periodically elevating beyond this, and even then not much (again seeming to reflect my soupy, possibly allergic headsick state).

One standout echo, a classical "nearby stranger echoing exactly what I randomly read," this time at the vitamin store when I randomly saw a bottle of ginger extract, and distinctly Noticed it, as to specifically yet absently think "ginger," about half a second before the cashier (across the room and totally out of sight of me and the bottle) randomly said "ginger" (and this was another of those non-perfectly synchronistic ones, again with just the slightest delay but qualitively different than others).

And then, just afterward when I left the store, had another of those conspicuous parking-lot-type 37 plates when I went to cross the road and an oncoming car stopped oddly, thus forcing me to take notice of it in that patternistic fashion and thus see its 373 front plate, haha. Had several more in this vein, more or less notable, through the afternoon.

Then had a little cluster/uptick when I went to Goodwill randomly soon after, beginning with another somewhat unique, unclassifiable meta-incident. It started on the way into the store, when I picked up a Snickers wrapper to throw away and read "SATISFIED" on the back of it, which I distinctly Noticed in that special way, as to have "satisfied" in the back of my mind as I went into the store. Then, a minute or so after I went in, "When Doves Cry" came on the radio in there, with the lyric "never satisfied," which wasn't really notable in itself -- until I went to the bookshelf, probably after another minute or so of making my way to the rear of the store, and was faced with the spine of a book titled "NEVER SATISFIED," in the end creating a sort of weird, delayed triple "satisfied" echo, which I would dismiss as coincidence if not for the initial Noticing of the Snickers wrapper, then the reasonably close-timed and 100% precise "never satisfied" echo.

Also at Goodwill, not one but two of those "cashier quoting a 37-variant price"-type ones, the first in that 100% patternistic way where seconds after I entered the store, precisely as I got in earshot of the checkout, the cashier said something about "seventy-three" to a customer, with this literally being the only part I could make out, as seems to happen with these. And then, when I went to pay a while later, the customer in front of me in line was quoted "$17.36," not perfectly synchronistic with my arriving but maybe less than a minute after, and still precise and patternistic enough to be notable.


Today was a big shift, both away from the recent trends and really any at all, a total departure from the basic "groove"/format/feel of activity I've been in for weeks or months now.

The first big shift was in numbers: a huge uptick, and a huge, huge amount overall, the most I've had in maybe weeks, significantly more than even the most number-repetitive day of recent memory. Likewise, they broke the trend of beginning expressly only after lunch, instead coming at the old "normal" time of immediately after my leaving the house for the day, with a sudden, near-onslaught level of moderate-to-conspicuous-level traffic plates, and almost exclusively 37-variants rather than the sizable amount of other I've been experiencing (though, had many 44s and variants today too, I noticed, these mostly on random, everywhere-sourced places rather than plates, though did have a few scattered here and there on plates too -- numbers damn near everywhere today, really). While driving through the city for church and then on the way out, it was just a steady onslaught of increasingly complicated/conspicuous/"intelligent" plates coming from everywhere, along with phone numbers and signs and all manner of other sources, often back-to-back (and with a few instances of that "doubling" too). Had a couple of those challenge/answer-thought-type ones too, and really about every other kind, the large majority of them notable and coherent enough to be individually listed but just way too many to remember, much less log -- onslaught in every way. And really, this coincided with nothing I know of, other than my leaving the city and starting the trip home, etc (was just as headsick and soupy as last couple days, so no obvious correlation there, which seems to again be the case with numbers: rarely if ever corresponding with shifts in consciousness, unlike the thought/perceptual/echo/thematic-type incidents). Only after finally touching down and heading back toward the house did they die down some, but then even slowly, only "quieting" fully by evening/downtime/rest.

Thought-wise, it was the polar opposite of the numbers, another of those days with just the slightest smatterings of vague/subtle/one-word non-striking echoes, and a few thematics here and there. The only standout I noted was a reading/bodily function-type one this morning, when I took a sudden, sharp, deep breath, precisely as I came to a random article in a magazine that mentioned "Dragon's Breath," which is the yogic term for exactly that which I'd just taken, perfectly synchronistically with my randomly coming across the text (though the text was in a completely different context). Might've been coincidence, since it was precise but only in an indirect way, and did *not* come amongst other, similar ones, such that there was no patternistic element beyond that of the broader synchronistic phenomenon, etc.


Another big change-up just from yesterday, in several ways.

Numbers: a moderate day overall, but in the underlying pattern/groove/"feel" of before I left on this latest trip to the city, last week, with a relatively high amount of repeats but mostly 37-variant plates, and of the lower-key, quieter, yet still highly patternistic and notable (and at times conspicuous and "intelligent"/"animated"/"revealed," etc) variety. A big difference from yesterday's whirlwind onslaught, as well as being back to the indescribable "beach-mode" feel and "texture," as opposed to the "city-mode" variety -- very similar but very different too. Though, interestingly, the pattern of "no numbers before lunchtime" was again broken today, also seeming to revert to that pre-trip pattern of starting immediately upon leaving the house for lunch, rather than only after lunch.

Today, had a standout in this regard, when once again the very first two plates I encountered were 37 variants, including one on a truck that was parked conspicuously just on the other side of the gate at the park, where anyone leaving would be forced to come into direct contact with it, with its 733 plate "staring" directly at me (and, with my having to wait the 3 or 4 seconds for the gate to open, it lent an uniquely sort of "animated" quality to it, with my being forced to stare at the plate even longer). The second plate was on another truck, parked nearby.

Thematics: bigtime uptick in these over last few days, even over yesterday. They too began in the "old" format of expressly beginning with my initial magazine-reading of the day (another totally random library-discard freebie of course, a running magazine that I was Compelled to get from a selection of dozens, despite my not being a runner, etc). These remain impossible to convey for the most part, yet highly notable, patternistic, identifiable, and, above all, ridiculously surreal, in a way that just makes me laugh my ass off whenever another one occurs, just so complex and bizarre (and multithreaded/multidimensional -- "mingling" is the word that comes to mind) but following a strange and totally understandable logic. As a whole, the day was filled with these, still with that periodic waxing and waning but staying more or less constant through afternoon and into evening, falling off during chores and such but then resuming, like clockwork, during evening- and dinnertime readings. At the peaks, these again blurred the line/"co-mingled" with the echoes and numbers and other incidents to bleed into that hyper-surreal, totally indescribable "synchronistic state," today again at that rarely achieved level of my just totally losing myself in the experience (which hasn't been quite as rarely lately -- another emerging trend it would seem). That's actually one reason that more of the coherent/individually notable/describable incidents of late have gone unrecorded, with my just becoming so enveloped in it all that to try and observe it/document it in any sort of language would just knock me "out" and end it.

One trend I noticed in the thematic arena today: a general "flow" of delayed, non-perfectly synchronistic, variably imprecise ones which were no less notable for their oblique nature, and would often recur several times rather than just once, even if their synchronistically corresponding echo/event/thought-related recurrence came only once -- very "thematic" in every sense of the word, many of them hour- or daylong, no different than an author's subtle allusion and themes running through a book. Had no less than a dozen of these all told, constantly "mingling" in their distinct but bizarre fashion, like a tangle of snakes in a den.

Best example: a general theme of "nausea" threaded through the entire day, and in various ways and sources, all of them entirely independent/objective/traceable yet notable and patternistically similar. The first of the day's nausea occurred this morning when I had another of those totally random and bizarre and mysterious evacuations from my spleen/stomach area soon after getting up, bringing a short bout of that debilitating and toxic nausea. Then at lunch, halfway through I had a bout of that nightmarishly terrible kind that comes after eating, similarly rare and random as the morning-after-waking variant, which began right around the time the song "Nausea" came on the radio, which has the word in its chorus and it's a reasonably long song, such that for a big stretch of the initial onset of this nausea, as I'm sitting in the coffee shop trying to fight it off, the overhead radio is repeating "nausea, nausea" at intervals, and though it was never perfectly synchronistic (always with that variable, patternistic delay), it took nothing away from the absolutely surreal and bizarre effect of having the external world seem to echo my internal state. At this point, the "nausea" theme was only subjectively notable, due to the gist of its notability residing in the patternistic element and the subjective "feel" of it and other things that just don't translate to text/not objectively valid -- but then tonight, during dinnertime reading, it happened again, where, right when a residual wave of the lunchtime nausea returned, a few bites into dinner and when I guess digestion and the like would have stirred up gastric contents and the like, I came to a part in the 'Bodies' book where they started into nausea and gagging at the sight of the "Body Farm's" corpses and the like (and the echoing/recurrence was again only loose and delayed and non-perfectly timed, instead following that exact same behavior of the lunchtime song's longwinded and repetitive delays/"interleaving," etc). And then, to make it even more notable, now to something along coherent/standout lines: the book mentioned, during this segment, how "no one had ever puked, but they'd come very close," or something along those lines -- when that is exactly how I'd felt during that bout with the nightmarish nausea this afternoon, when while fighting to keep from throwing up even though it was overwhelming, I had the express thought of "this is the closest I've ever come to puking but not actually doing it," haha. And of course the nightmarish element just made it all the more surreal, as if the real-life movie had come to an intentionally nightmarish/scary part. And that was just one of the day's dozen or so big/"developed" thematics, interspersed with dozens more of smaller, one-word/thought/event "in-the-moment"-type ones, not to mention the echoes and numbers and other less-defined incidents -- reaching that "world/life/experience in a blender"-type of state (plus that patternistic new kind of deja vu I've been having suddenly for the last couple weeks, not even touched on in the log so far ...).

Echoes: also reverting to the "before-trip" pattern of a slow start-up through morning, then progressing in intensity and clarity/coherence through lunch and afternoon before dying down at evening, then briefly picking up again at dinnertime reading. And also like "before," they were almost exclusively of that same fleeting and obscure/"distorted"-but still notable kind, at peaks coming back-to-back and so "fluidly" that they would blur together with the thematics and such. Weren't quite as many echoes as thematics today, or as of other days' echoes, but still quite a few, especially at the peak periods, something approaching "storm" levels. Some of the standouts I managed to get down:

> Turning around to look out my rear window before backing out of a parking space, a split second before "When I look around" sang randomly and singularly from the radio (and, it bears mentioning, this happened after I'd pulled randomly into the mall parking lot due to being overwhelmed by the nausea and not being confident I could drive, sitting there for a long time drifting in and out of that nasty daze -- but then, after this long and fully random/untimed period of sitting there, it Just Happened that precisely as I at long last felt good enough to start up the car and leave and so look around, that lyric came on ...). This one was an example of a handful of the more-coherent/less-subtle-and-fluid standouts that dotted the afternoon.

> A good example of the "line-blurred" echo/thematic types (and just a damn strange/unique one to boot): during lunchtime reading, the book seemed to echo, vaguely and in different terms but with undeniable parallels, the hit-and-run accident that had happened just outside the coffee shop, where all the employees were excited over it and giving a play-by-play of the driver hitting the other car, then leaving, then eventually returning to the scene, oddly -- all while the book was describing how a murderer had killed someone, then left the scene, then returned and talked to the police during the investigation. It followed that pattern of "different overt terms/events but same underlying elements," such as the recurrence of the "leaving a crime scene, then illogically returning" (the coffee shop folks kept remarking how incredible/weird it was that the culprit driver returned to the scene after fleeing, just as was implied in the book's tone regarding the murderer actually returning to that crime scene), and also followed that pattern of the "nausea" thematic with repeated, delayed/non-perfectly synchronistic/"loose" echoes being "threaded" through a long period of time, and doing so repeatedly.

> A far more classical/"normal" standout vague-thought/independent-event-type echo. It started when I was walking randomly through the bookstore at the mall (only to get to GNC, with no intention to buy a book or anything else they might offer at the bookstore) and I was suddenly struck with the most bizarre yet distinct feeling of being "criminal" or trying to steal something from the bookstore or whatever -- a split second before I came face to face with the cover of a book entitled "THE BOOK THIEF," which I only saw after clearing an endcap and passing a new aisle, with the cover being totally, 100% invisible to me beforehand, when I'd had the intial thought. This one I initially felt dismissable, because I'd seemed to have had that "criminal-feeling" thought right after I'd passed a couple employees of the store, such that I could see how my doing so when I had no real business in the store, just passing through to get inside the mall, could have somehow subconsciously triggered in me some deep-down reaction that would manifest as feeling criminal -- except that this wouldn't matter, even if it was expressly some sort of psychological reaction/cueing, etc, because the book's appearance would remain a completely unconnected and independent echo of the thought (which would've been notable even had the book been visible, if my "criminal" thoughts were indeed just some type of reaction to encountering the employees when I didn't belong in the store -- but even this didn't matter, because the book had, in any case, been 100% invisible to me, haha). Damn surreal, especially in the context of the rest of the day (this happened after the "nausea" thematic and its kin had been going on through the day).

> Example of the vaguer-and-delayed variety that characterized the day: looking outside just after it had started raining in earnest, and thinking absently "it's raining" -- 2-3 seconds before the radio randomly and singularly sang out "it's raining outside." Actually, had a ton of these today overall, in the dozens probably, as to collectively create that "living-dream"/"synchronistic state"-type effect, again to that rare degree that's becoming less rare.

> A classical "involuntary bodily function"-type one at dinnertime reading (coming amidst that brief resurgence of minor thematics and echoes): randomly and singularly coming to "the gate creaks open" in the book, precisely as I had one of those random and bizarre shifts in my vertebrae that is perfectly described as a "creak," which often begins soon after eating, what I think has something to do with guts/stomach shifting positions maybe but is, is any case, totally involuntary and highly random (and, interestingly, I can usually only hear it happen at dinner, when I had the isolation headphones on and thus can only hear my chewing and my heartbeat and digestive noises, etc, haha). And, also in "perfectly synchronistic echo" fashion, the shift in vertebrae "landed" with perfect precision with my reading/registering the "creaks" in the sentence, another instance of that hyper-surreal, indescribable "blurring" of the two events into one.


Today fell into the "downturn but essentially the same" category, with the same basic type and "feel" of incidents as yesterday but just less of them. Still again had some pre-lunch numbers (though fewer than yesterday and more low-key/less conspicuous, just some 37-variant plates on the way to lunch, as well as several stray 111s, these particularly rather than 1111 or other variants, which would be a trend today, with about 4-5 111s arriving totally randomly yet noticeably/patternistically by day's end from various sources). Went on to have a reasonable amount of slightly more conspicous/"graduated"-type of 37-plates and the like through afternoon driving and such, including the usual assortment of parking-lots and minor receipt-types and randomly-sourced ones, again enough to achieve the living-dream condition if only subtly/"quietly."

Only real number standout of note was another of those "joy-feeling"-type of echoey 37-variants that I've noted in the past, where I'll have that distinct feeling of universal, fundamental joyfulness of being alive/existing precisely as a 37 plate or something appears, perfectly synchronistically in "echo" fashion (as if this is in itself an echo, in the form of the 37 symbolizing numerically that feeling of existential joyfulness?). Today it started with a classical one, when I was suddenly struck with that feeling while driving and thinking about being alive and just loving it -- a split second before a car with a 3137 plate passed quickly in the next lane, with its plate again "arriving" directly into my line of sight in that patternistic and effortless fashion. At this point, it was the only one today (and for maybe a week or so?), so I thought it might have just been a coincidence, that I had that feeling just as another 37-repeat occurred. But then, just down the road, it happened again, or something like it, when I came upon another 337 plate precisely as "oh what a joy" sang randomly and singularly from the radio, perfectly synchronistic, thus setting a quasi-pattern though I suppose not outside the realm of chance, at least in one way or another (had a sort of "challenge"/"question-and-answer" overtone to it too, as if my earlier questioning of the first incident spurned verification in the form of this one, like past incidents).

Thought-wise, again similar to yesterday's combo of thematics and echoes, but with few to no classical/"normal"/standalone-type echoes, and far fewer in number and milder in intensity (and again, this all seems to reflect my state of mind today, which was a bit calmer and without yesterday's nightmarish nausea and headsickness, etc, and with cooler/calmer weather today too -- definitely seems to be correlation here, in some way or another). Even the peak periods were comparatively mild, but still following that same basic feel and behavior of yesterday's incidents, more or less.

Standouts I got down:

> Had a damn cool "opener" one at lunchtime reading, when literally on the first sentence of the book, while eating the first bite of lunch, there was a subtle-yet-notable string of three one-word echoes all together within the first paragraph. The first two actually occurred in the first sentence, as to be especially profound: the last half of the sentence read "painting the abdomen of several flies orange," which echoed, first, the vague thoughts I was having at the time of my abdomen, which had clenched as I sat down and crossed my legs after setting the table (only a second or two before opening the book and reading this, but definitely *before,* such that the thoughts were still imprinted on my mind but there was no way I could've been cued my reading them peripherally, etc, beforehand), and then, second, I also had "orange/tastes like orange" or something along those lines absently in my mind, coinciding almost perfectly synchronistically more or less with reading the "orange" in the sentence, and this too being 100% traceable to taking that first bite of lunch with all of the orange probiotic chews in it, which both are a bright orange (the goji berry in the lunch colored it orange too) and tastes expressly "orange" from the orange oil in it -- and, also, in the next sentence, it had "eggs" right when I was thinking of how the egg I'd thrown in added a pleasantly creamy texture and such, this again coming from my evaluation of that first bite. This would actually characterize the gist of the lunchtime reading incidents, many small, individually dismissible yet collectively/patternistically highly notable, probably a dozen or more of this nature, as to again bring about that ridiculously surreal "external reality echoing my internal thoughts/condition/experience" state.

> Another example of these, but of a slightly more graduated and "striking"/precise nature, coincidentally occuring during the latter half of lunch: it was another phone/overhead TV-type one, first when I brought up a webpage to buy the supplement I was looking for, during which at the time I was thinking "is it available here?" after it had been out of stock everywhere else I'd looked -- and then, precisely as I thought this, the overhead TV randomly and singularly said "available," and also perfectly synchronistic with this, the webpage loaded directly to a button reading "NOTIFICATION OF AVAILABLITY" (the supplement was out of stock there, too), again directly where I was looking at the time, and in "arriving"/"revealing"/"animated" nature, a sort of one-two-three between my thought and the TV and the page-load to such a degree that they all "mingled"/"entwined" into one single event

> Classical word/reading recurrence: of "comingling," which I used last night when writing the synchro log, and which I both noticed/Noticed, in that classically patternistic way of these, with it being the first time I'd used this word in months or years or ever, and also because I had to check the spelling of it and whether it had a hyphen (which I thought it did and put one in) -- but then, during lunchtime reading, it was in the 'Bodies We've Buried' book, again for the first time there and the first time I've read it in I don't know how long, 100% in line with that word/reading pattern

Thematics were lesser overall today, but fit the same pattern/groove/feel of yesterday like everything else. One standoutish one I had was that of "ketchup," beginning at the coffee shop this morning when the totally random table I'd sat at had three ketchup packets left on it (when they don't have them available at this particular shop, as far as I know), and then, when out in the parking lot cleaning up litter afterward, I found another packet. At this point, it was again only subjectively notable, due to the indescribable "feel"/Noticing I had of these first packets, but then it gained a bit of notability when I went and got the car inspected and there, in the waiting room right by where I'd randomly sat, was another single-serve packet of ketchup and some napkins, left there by someone, and conspicuously right near where I chose to sit, haha.

And another quasi-standout that felt like a thematic: also at the inspection station, while waiting, the woman there was playing all these different songs on her phone, aloud, auditioning them to find one to play for her wedding procession, and every single one (there were over a dozen by the time my car was finished) was one that I liked, and in fact many of them were new, totally random songs that I'd heard on the radio just within the last week or so and had noticed and liked. This one was another vague/subtle/subjectively notable one at this point, but then it took a patternistic turn when, precisely as I had the thought of "there are too many well-liked songs here that I'd just heard and had thought vaguely I'd like to hear again to be pure chance, this feels like a thematic" -- perfectly synchronistically with that, the woman randomly started a new song and it was one I'd both never heard before and didn't especially like, this coming in that "challenge"-type fashion that seems to come whenever I try to force a phenomenon, like when trying to actively "find" parking-lot numbers or whatever and thus suddenly not having any in sight, haha. Just so damn surreal too ...

Had a brief little cluster of echoes and thematics during trash-magazine-reading in sauna (though I think zero during dinnertime book-reading just afterward, oddly). First were again several semi-conspicuous 37s littered throughout the magazine, including on the cover and then (and this is another semi-trend/pattern I've noticed just recently) in just about every article that randomly caught my eye, out of the many there, there would Just Happen to be some random 37-variant in there.

A standout thought echo from this cluster, of the "randomly turning a page and having the next, previously invisible leaf echo exactly what I'd just thought." This time I'd thought "I'm heating up," with this 100% traceable to the fully objective and variable event of the sauna just fully heating and finally getting me to that point of increased body temperature/sweating/detoxing, etc (after taking conspicuously longer tonight, due to my body temperature being so abnormally low today before going in) -- precisely before I turned the page in the magazine and came to an article entitled, in big page-spanning text, "VR WARS HEATING UP," haha.


Another "repeat" day, same basic format and variety of incidents as last couple days but again a somewhat diminished volume and intensity, this too coinciding with yet another general downturn in energy/health/clarity of thought and the like (and again seeming to be part of that increasingly inclusive "external reality reflecting my internal experience in various capacities").

Numbers: again started late morning/just after leaving the house with the same slow, quiet appearance of randomly sourced "environmental" 37s in the usual spots (random articles I Just Happened to read, receipts, clock-looks, as has been the case more or less constantly for years now but has seemed to be become generally constant over the last year or so), then a few scattered 37-plates and such in traffic (though I seemed to notice a good showing of 44-variants and 22s, including 3-4 222s specifically).

Then, literally just before lunch when I pulled up to the restaurant, the numbers shifted and intensified and "graduated," all at once, beginning with a one-two of sorts. It started when I got out and started walking across the parking lot and found myself coming into direct and immediate contact with a truck with a 337 plate, again in that subtle-but-significant/notable "quietly loud" fashion, where it was just very "there," as well as directly in my line of sight/in my walking path to the door, etc -- a classical example of the great many semi-conspicuous-types of these that haunt my days as of late. And then, once I went in and ordered my coffee, the order # came up exactly 307. Then, upping notability a little: tax was .37 cents exactly (a little more notable considering that I had every intention of ordering a small coffee but at the last second found myself ordering the more expensive medium, thus upping the tax slightly ...). Again, each was only mildly notable/possibly nothing or just "stray" ones on their own, but coming together, and with such explicit, back-to-back timing, it again just created a "synchroshock," bigger than the sum of their parts, etc.

Also, had a classical parking-lot one when leaving after lunch, when, exactly like others of this particular subtype, I looked back to back out of my parking space, only to be looking directly/effortlessly/patternisticaly at a 375 plate (which was parked in *just such a position* that it was visible to me, when it otherwise would've been obscured by the van's blind spots and the like).

From there, the numbers went back to that same mode of relatively many low-key/small/random 37s and others on plates and random sources, etc, again in that "quiet but very much present" fashion, at times jumping to semi-conspicuous levels. But, like other days lately, the day's peak periods saw the numbers, thematics, echoes, and other kinds all just sort of "blending" into one, big, "synchronistic state" meta-incident, so there might've been some standoutish ones, I honestly just can't remember.

As for thought-type incidents, today also was almost exactly like yesterday in all regards, where had only a few vague thematics/very minor echoes through morning, with nothing most of the time, and then had it all started up again at lunchtime reading, as if on a switch, though with fewer coherent/standout ones (again seemingly in reflection of that quasi-nightmarish headsickness/toxicity I had most of the day). Lunchtime reading again was populated primarily with those "small," one-word, "in-the-moment," non-striking type of super-subtle echoes of my thoughts and nearby events and such, as well as some involuntarily bodily functions and just all kinds of other random little bits and pieces of my moment-to-moment experience being either overtly or essentially echoed in some fashion, again achieving that ridiculously surreal living-dream state despite the imprecision of most of them. And again, the thematics and such were "woven" together with the rest, making it nearly impossible to track anything with much integrity.

One good standout example of the small one-word echoes: precisely as I came to "shreds" in the 'Bodies' book, a woman walked randomly past my table, shredding a napkin. And not only that, but it was the distinctly "animated"/directly in line of sight-way that she passed me, where the napkin in her hands, and her shredding it, came *perfectly directly* into my peripheral vision as I came to "shreds" -- and, additionally, one of her napkin-shreds fell from her hand at the precise moment I read/registered the word, as to be another of those multi-echoes, where the text and the woman and her napkin and the individual shred and my registering/perceiving it all just melded together into one, seamless synchronistic "event." This was certainly the most profound of the day's incidents in this vein, but many others were just about as pronounced and surreal, if not quite so explicit and coherent.

Again had several of those "daylong"/"longwinded"/spread-out-type of thematics, but only a couple, and not quite so intricate or coherent. The only semi-coherent one I can attempt to convey was a vague-but-pronounced theme of "horror/nightmare/scary," running through all of my (totally random/independent/unrelated) reading material, and all my equally random and independent experiences and the like, which all of course vaguely reflected my toxic headsickness and the perceptual distortions it lent to my state of mind, in which myself and others assumed an empty one-dimensional appearance that is exactly like that of the grossly dehumanized characters in a cheap horror movie. Again, there's so much more to it than this, as to make it incredibly notable but only subjectively so. No less incredible for it.

And then, in the midst of all this obscure and living-dream phenomena, had a classical, "normal" reading recurrence/"ask and receive"-type one. It started yesterday morning after I'd massaged oil all over myself and afterward had the thought of whether my body heat alone would be enough to melt it into my skin over the course of the day or if I needed some sun exposure to fully absorb the oil and really benefit from it -- and then, totally randomly and offhand in the 'Bodies' book today, it mentioned, in regards to pulling fingerprints off of skin of all things, that one's body does indeed get warm enough to melt oils. Not quite 100% precise, since the book only described how body heat can melt "oils" in general, rather than, say, "massaged oils being absorbed into the skin," but still easily precise enough, and closely and patternistically timed enough, to be quite notable.


And another same basic repetition of underlying "groove"/"feel"/"format" of incidents today, and also another subsequent downturn in volume and intensity over yesterday, though not many, today more or less similar anyhow.

Numbers: most of the day, back to being in that mode of "low-key and present from late-morning/leaving the house and steadily increasing through afternoon until plateauing just before evening and then leveling to just scattered/randomly sourced ones here and there." Though, did have one of those brief little periods of increased activity/"graduation," actually something of a little mini-storm. It started with a noticeable escalation in the low-key ones, and then, once I turned into the shopping center where that other gym was, the numbers suddenly "leaped up," beginning with a string of them after I turned randomly and illogically/Compellingly into the alley, where 37s awaited on everything from random dumpsters to a trailer parked there to I think a box or a sign or something -- just 3-4 more-conspicuous ones back to back at this point, as to get my attention. Then came across another couple in the parking lot, and then, upon parking (in yet another totally random space among the dozens available, feeling Compelled to), I found myself directly behind a 373 plate, of the classical parking-lot pattern of being invisible to me until I'd parked/stopped, as well as directly in my line of sight/effortlessly "there," etc. And then, right after that when I went to check my email on my phone, the time came up as 3:06, and I thought, in that skeptical/cynical fashion: "Now, why wasn't that a 3:07 clock-tick, if you're really just not imagining all this" -- and then, as I tried to check my mail but suddenly lost reception/bars on the phone, thus bringing about one of those little pauses in page-loading, at the precise instant the reception returned and I was able to check my mail real quick and then power off the phone (after a short-but-pronounced pause of 5-6 seconds, just enough to "give me pause" and get my attention as it were), the time ticked to 3:07, literally right as I tapped "power off" and the screen went dark, as to not only be perfectly synchronistically timed but also to again have that dramatic, "animated"/"intelligent" quality. And again just so surreal and notable, especially coming at the tail-end of the little storm leading up to it all, haha.

Thought-wise, once again had that a subtle-but-noticeable cluster of thematics and minor echo-types soon after I finished morning chores and laid down to read, not quite in "immediately, as if on a switch"-fashion as it's been for some days but still fitting the pattern more or less, after another near-silent couple hours after getting up/letting toxicity and headsickness fade. Actually had a standout then, of the "randomly turning a magazine page and having my completely random and independently traceable thoughts echoed on the next leaf." It started when I had another of those random, involuntary clenches/mild spasms of the guts and bladder/abdominal/groin area, thus drawing my attention there and so absently thinking "abs/guts/intestines" or something along those lines -- precisely as I turned the page of the day's random-trash magazine and my eyes fell directly/patternistically "effortlessly" on "abdominals," which was notable not only for the perfect timing and traceability and precision and the invisibility of it beforehand, etc, but also because the "abdominals" was just one random, offhand word hidden within a page-spanning wall of text (it was the fine print/side-effect list for a drug advertised on the opposite page), unlike most of these, where the corresponding text is a great big heading or something. And then, immediately after when I flipped to the next sequential page, it happened again, though not quite as precisely: this time the corresponding echo was in a big heading, "FOLLOW YOUR GUT," as to echo the general thought of "abs/guts" still at the forefront of my mind (and, interestingly, this text was totally unrelated to the "abdominals" and its drug ad, instead being a normal article in the magazine, or maybe it was an ad for something else, I don't remember but in any case it lent to the randomness and notability somewhat).

From there, the rest of the afternoon again followed that same basic groove of "minor/subtle/subjective/small echoes and thematics," though today of a general lesser volume and intensity still, back to just periods of "background static" levels of activity, rather than the steady-and-"louder" "flavor" that predominated there for a few days. Interestingly, the activity seemed to have another of those reverse correlations with my health, where whenever that nightmarish headsickness from the last two days periodically perked up, it would seem to trigger some echoes and thematics and the like (observation: this seemed to happen *only* when I allowed myself to react to the headsickness in such a way that I reverted to the state, in flashback fashion, suggesting that the correlation had more to do with this reaction than the headsickness/physical infirmity itself somehow? a sort of artificial inducing of the phenomenon by reacting negatively/flashing back?). And again, by mid-afternoon/early evening, had returned to a general "quiet," fitting that pattern of correlation where lower energy/activity triggers waxes and wanes in the incidents and my moving in/out of the "synchronistic state."

One cool standout echo, of the classical/"normal"/"coherent" kind. Precisely as I went to put up the car's ragtop after lunch, and struggled to get that worn-out part to seal so it wouldn't leak in the rain, thus making me think "tighter, tighter, close up" as I fussed with it -- the radio sang out "tighter," perfectly synchronistic, and though this was the song's chorus, it was again only the first singing of the chorus since the song had just come on, haha. Doesn't get more "echo-y" than that.

Another thing I noticed today: the thematics diminished in complexity and "depth" somewhat compared to yesterday and the day before, becoming "small" and more one-dimensional but still following the same basic, spotty/periodic behavior of these kinds of incidents. Example: "latex gloves," beginning with my randomly picking up a stray latex glove sitting oddly outside the coffee shop, which happened to be the first I've picked up such a glove in a while if ever (and the first I've really thought/encountered/had a latex glove enter into my experience in any way for probably an equal amount of time), and then, maybe 30 minutes later while reading the 'Bodies' book, it randomly mentioned latex gloves -- not really at all notable at this point, even subjectively. But then, first, at the health-food store maybe an hour or so later, I found another latex glove while picking up trash, and also in a weird, improbable-seeming place (and, furthermore, there was the fact that I was there picking up trash to begin with, since I'd had zero plans to go to this store beforehand, and also I'd for some reason parked all the way around the back of the place, feeling Compelled when I came on the turn, and thus came upon the gloves -- just so ridiculously random as well as patternistic of these). This one was mildly notable on its own, all things considered, but I just had so many of these today, as I have other days, in that "everything over the course of my day echoing/repeating/paralleling itself in some way or another," probably 5-6 various little things like the gloves popping into my day and thoughts/experience. So so surreal ...

Another good example of the "little" thematics, this one with a thought-echo twist. It started with a basic recurrence, beginning when, out of the clear blue this morning, I got the idea to pre-prep my veggies before mealtime to streamline it all a little bit/have fewer dishes, etc, after never having done this in my life (or so long ago that I've since forgotten it), going on to do it twice today as it were -- and then in the trash-magazine reading this evening in the sauna, I came across a random article with a kitchen tip that advised you to pre-chop veggies and other ingredients in order to streamline the actual cooking, etc, exactly as I'd done, precise not just in the repetition of "pre-prepping ingredients" but in the reasoning behind it/same context, etc, and pretty notably timed. Then, when I saw this, it caused me to think of the pre-prepping I'd done, which included blending the cucumber for the sauce at dinner, which I'd been forced to put into a mason jar due to lack of containers, thus ending up with me absently-but-distinctly visualizing the mason jar -- and then, a split second later as I finished the little article about pre-prepping ingredients, it randomly mentioned a mason jar, and again in such a way that it had nothing to do with the article's original subject, just an offhand/tangential mention of a mason jar though I can't remember exactly how it was worded -- in any case, lending to the notability a bit more, for the randomness factor, as is often the case with these.


Today was a bit of a shift, though only in numbers, with though-type incidents remaining largely the same as last couple days, same basic feel and such.

The numbers started off a little earlier today than usual, due to my leaving the house earlier for the random appointment that I could only get this morning, and though still the same basic 37-variants on plates and roadside signs and the like, these were both more numerous and "bigger"/semi-conspicuous compared to the usual "just after leaving the house for the day" numbers I encounter, such that the day's number-activity just "felt" different right off the bat. Then, after the appointment and on the way to lunch, had a string of semi-conspicuous plates and several parking-lot-type ones, still not "loud" exactly but elevated, and a reasonable number within a short space of time too, probably 5-6 within just the 30 minutes I spent driving around looking for a place to lunch. Then, this little cluster ended with a pretty cool and notable standout: when I finally went to the tea place, both having exhausted the other two places and also just feeling Compelled to go there despite it being somewhere I obviously didn't belong, the total for my tea was exactly $3.17, haha. Another one that was pretty damn notable in itself, but made all the moreso by its being the "climax" of the preceding string of plates and such, just like yesterday's 3:07 phone clock-tick after that cluster. (A new pattern/subtype? the "string of small numbers culminating in a climax"-type?)

Actually had another, similar incident later on, in the afternoon. It began with a 1037 plate "drifting" conspicuously into sight, when I had to slow down for a truck that had come to a sudden halt just about, after which the car, in the next lane over, passed me by, thus revealing its 1037 (and in that "directly in my line of sight/effortless" fashion that's become so distinguished recently). And then, the second part came a split second later, when my radio, which was scanning for a new station as the 1037 appeared, finished scanning a split second after the "drifting" of the number into my vision -- and settling on the channel 97.3 (which I didn't see until a while later; I'd just settled on that station because it had music instead of commercials, not even looking at the display due to being focused on traffic/the stopped truck in front of me, though I suppose it would've been visible to me peripherally/subconsciously). Then, the third part came a couple minutes down the road at the next stoplight, when the 1037 car ended up stopped directly in front of a 737 car, and with the two stopping in just such a way that, in my field of vision, the two plates were "aligned" in that patternistic fashion. And then, finally, the fourth part came perfectly synchronistically with the alignment, when the radio randomly said "seventy-three," which corresponded perfectly with my seeing/registering the plate alignment and thinking "another 37-plate alignment," in thought-echo fashion -- not quite as climactically "synchroshocking" as the other two, but still had that same basic build-up feel to it, and damn notable all the same.

And yet another number standout, this one a singular, parking-lot-type at the market. As I was walking out through the parking lot, a van right next to me suddenly and inexplicably revved really loud (like maybe the driver had accidentally hit the gas or something), thus startling me and drawing my attention to it and thus forcing me to defensively veer left and away to the other side of the lane -- and directly into contact with a 137 plate, again in that fluid, effortless, "orchestrated-feeling" fashion that's so characteristic of the "graduated" number incidents.

Plus many many randomly sourced "stray" 37s throughout the day, again coming from "all directions," individually only mildly notable but again just totally surreal when taken together, however subjectively. One example: at the supplement store, the manager randomly showed me a book of pictures of his recent trip overseas (when I barely know this man), in which were several prominent 37s in extremely random places (the nosecone of a plane, graffiti on a wall in the background of the people being photographed, etc). Again, words fail.

Thought-types still fit into the "small and daylong thematics plus periodic, mainly subtle-echoes" category, though with a few more standouts than yesterday:

> Had some radio/thought/objective-event-type echoes through afternoon, of the "small but striking" variety, such as my randomly tapping my brake lights to get a tailgating driver to slow down, thus making me absently-but-distinctly think "brake lights/see my lights/blinking lights," something along those lines, precisely as the radio randomly sang out "the lights"; and, similarly, seeing a car suddenly weave through several lanes of traffic in a conspicuously animated fashion, which I registered absently as "fast-moving/sudden movement," precisely as the radio randomly sang out "moving around," all of these coming with that perfectly synchronistic timing that "blended" the event and my perception/registering of it and the lyric itself

> Also in this same manner, though a bit more defined and coherent/notable/precise: as I sat thinking about what to do, whether to finish up all the normal/routine stuff on my to-do list for the afternoon or break off and try to get the bike fixed, thus making me think, absently but distinctly, something along the lines of "keep to the routine, or change things up a little?" -- precisely as the radio sang out "skip the daily routine" or something like that (something about foregoing the routine, with this term at least used specifically, as to precisely echo that in my thought). This one was again made even more notable by the context, in that it was again another randomly-scanned-to radio station that I'd stopped at literally just after having the chain-ending thought of "keep to the routine or not," such that not only were my thoughts 100% traceable, but they'd begun 100% before the radio was even on this station, with the scan finishing and coming to this halfway-through song about half a second before that lyric sang out, haha. Really damn surreal again, just beyond words.


Another change-up in some ways, but still basically the same overall as yesterday and lately, despite health/consciousness/clarity of thought being the worst in a while.

Numbers were still oddly elevated today, following that same relatively steady stream of small-to-moderate/conspicuous 37-variant plates in traffic and a good number of randomly sourced/"coming from everywhere" numbers, also primarily 37s (noticing a trend of 44s as a primary minority, with the rest of the usual suspects mixed in to some degree or another). Started a little later today, with just a couple on the way to lunch, then the gist of them coming throughout the afternoon and then dropping off significantly and suddenly after getting home (seeming to correspond with the lowest of the day's energy and clarity of thought, etc).

One cool standout: a "drifting directly into my line of sight in that intelligent/patternistic fashion" 37-plate, but an especially notable one, though it's hard to describe, that certain "animated" quality that just doesn't translate to text but is incredibly surreal in the moment. It was the same subtle-but-conspicuous pattern as other such drifters, where a car was behind me in the left lane and something, I can't remember what exactly other than that it was totally random and patternistically notable for some reason or another, but for whatever reaosn, I had to slow down just a little bit -- and it ended up being *just enough* for the car to finally creep up alongside me *just so* the plate snuck into where I had to be looking at the road, this one reading "OLD 37" (it was on a classic Studebaker or something like that, presumably a 1937 model, haha). Had several others in this vein today, more or less as notable, though I can't remember specifics, just too many numbers and too spaced-out when I saw them.

One little pattern/trend I noticed today: some more of those "strings/back-to-back clusters" like I've been having, though without the big super-notable climax at the end, these being just a sudden appearance of several semi-conspicuous and patternistic numbers (again, almost all 37-variants) occurring either perfectly synchronistically or just seconds apart. For example: randomly looking over at the package I'd just picked up and seeing that the box had "11030775" printed on it, and then, less than a minute later, coming across a police stop alongside the road where I had to pass, thus demanding my attention and forcing me to slow, only to see the stopped car's 713 plate (again with it "appearing" directly where I had to look, and at precisely the angle where I would see it). Probably 3-4 like this today, all just similar enough in behavior and pattern and "feel" to establish a sort of subtype.

The thought-types were at a low ebb again today, lower than yesterday overall, with only some super-subtle thematics and a few stray echoes, without any of those "blended"/inclusive-type of clusters and periodic upticks.

As for thematics, had a few in the morning, and then almost zero through afternoon, but then had some emerge during dinnertime reading, somewhat notably. This cluster started when I went to the dump and retrieved that totally random issue of People magazine, feeling Compelled (again despite having zero interest in the magazine, at least overtly), and then having all sorts of teeny tiny little things I saw/thought/experience/encountered in relation to the dump visit and the People magazine recur in the book I started tonight, the Miami gangster book, also feeling Compelled to read this one over several others. Probably upwards of a dozen little recurrences and parallels altogether, just between that dump visit and the first ~20 pages I read of the book this evening, as to be quietly surreal though individually almost completely dismissible.

Had a really damn cool, and also sudden, standout echo literally just before I got to the coffee shop: precisely as the radio randomly and singularly sang out "red, gold, and blue," I approached two roadside signs (real estate-sale signs) with red and gold balloons on them, and again with the "red gold" on the radio corresponding absolutely perfectly synchronistically with my seeing/getting within range of/registering the red and gold balloons. And also just made all the more surreal after the almost total silence of the rest of the morning.

A classical radio/random-sign echo while at the market: precisely as "hope" sang from the overhead radio, I rounded an endcap of an aisle and was faced with a sign reading "HOPE FOR WARRIORS" or something or other for a military charity -- in any case, "HOPE" was the first word on the sign, and I saw it perfectly synchronistically with the radio's lyric and my rounding the corner (before which the sign was 100% invisible, etc).


An uptick overall today, though slight. Still in same basic pattern/format/behavior/"feel" of last couple days, with elevated numbers still, and still only periodic/more-isolated thought-type activity.

The numbers were almost exactly like yesterday in volume and daylong arc, still a few 37-plates here and there on the way to town and lunch, etc, then increasingly noticeably again after lunch until waning down towards evening, though still with some activity even after I got home, however "quieter" (for instance: a string of low-key, randomly sourced repeats during afternoon computer work, such as going to delete a random file and having the file size reported as exactly 7.13kb, or getting a code sent to my phone to verify it randomly and having it be 7310311 exactly, which was actually a double hit since I've seen a whole bunch of 311s and variants beginning yesterday evening and even moreso today). Actually had 311s and variants rivaling the 37s on plates and such today, almost in equal proportions though not quite. Good number of 22s and variants too. Again had a large overall amount of numbers through the day of various kinds, including several semi-conspicuous traffic-type "arrivals" and "reveals" and "car Just Happened to stop with its 37 plate directly in my line of sight," etc, etc, though I didn't notice any of those "strings"/back-to-back-type clusters I was having there for the last couple days, for whatever reason.

First thought-type incident I noticed today was one of several subtle-but-patternistic echoes, earlier than usual a little bit. It started when I was stretching and I had a sudden jolt of non-inflammation/coolness/goodness wash up my back and shoulders, and I thought something like "that feels alkaline," that word specifically, "alkaline" -- and then, maybe 5 seconds later when I went to grab the Miami book to pack up in the lunch bag, I saw the little tab reading "AA alkaline battery" on the couch, directly in my line of sight in patternistic fashion, where it had fallen from the book when I started reading it last night (the bookmark from the previous owner, presumably). Not perfectly synchronistic in timing, but close, and very precise/patternistic and random.

Another, similar, yet slightly more precise and "deeper"/more-complicated one from this afternoon: about two seconds after the radio randomly sang out "when he gets up under the lights to do his thing," I passed beneath a gigantic billboard for the Alabama theater with a man with a guitar under an array of conspicuously dazzling, star-like white lights -- not only precise in general, but perfectly precise in context, since the lyric was from the Dire Straits song and pertained to a guitar player getting up to play, haha.

Another one, though this one evoked the subtler, thematic-types more than the typical echo: about 2 seconds after I had a sudden and random wash of that great relaxation from that new supplement I'd taken the night before (of maybe 3-4 so far that day, coming hours apart and totally random/unpredictable/relatively few in number), the radio randomly sang out "I've got a peaceful easy feeling," which echoed both what I'd felt and what I had subsequently thought/registered the feeling as in my mind, bringing absent thoughts of "good relaxation/peace," etc, as is so patternistic of many of these.

Had several of those super-subtle-yet-distinct/patternistic longwinded/delayed-type of thematics today too, but not nearly so many as the more thematically-active days I've had recently. One good example, though I guess this one could also fit into the delayed-echo-type category too: after leaving the pharmacy parking lot and looking at the clock and seeing how early it was despite my getting just about everything done that I needed to do, such that I had basically my whole afternoon open and easy and free, thus making me think something along the lines of "I've got the whole afternoon to just relax, maybe too little to do/too much free time" -- again about 2-3 seconds later, the song "Too Much Time on my Hands" came randomly only the radio, with its first couple lines echoing my general thoughts perfectly (and, as it were: the song had come on unannounced, and also distinctly *after* I'd left the parking lot and looked at the clock and thus had my thoughts, etc, etc).

And as for lunchtime reading: did have some activity here today, and again starting literally immediately after I sat down and set the table and cracked the Miami book, with a really damn cool and notable standout reading/objective event-type echo. It started when my bookmark fell out of the book at some point, causing me to thumb through it for the page I'd stopped at last night, which I couldn't at first find, forcing me to skip back to one page before I did, on which I therefore read the line "his beeper went off" or something like that -- perfectly synchronistic with a loud, singular "beep!" from the nearby kitchen at the coffee shop, another that was pretty notable in itself but made far moreso with the random circumstances of my having to turn back to that very page with the "beeper" on it in order to find my place, as is so patternistic of these.

Then, a few minutes later, it happened again, almost identically, and with a twist. This one started when I came to another sentence that said something about a "beep" going off, and when I came to the word this time, there was indeed some beeping coming from the kitchen, but unlike the first time, this was a steady, repeating beep that had been coming and going throughout my time there. Then, right as I was thinking this and thus dismissed it as another synchronicity and so continued reading to the next sentence, which was "They beeped him again" -- that's when that other, singular, highly random and rarer beep went off, exactly like the first one, and again perfectly synchronistic with my reading "beeped" in the second sentence, and with that air of "challenge"/"intelligent answer to my dismissing the quasi-synchro of the last sentence," haha. And once again: just so incredibly surreal and living-dream.

Had several other, somewhat lesser but still notable thought/reading/event-type echoes at lunch as well, including a cool double when I read "sick to his stomach" precisely as that terrible nausea from yesterday returned (after it had been gone for most of the morning, only returning when I sat down to eat lunch/first meal of the day and thus stirring up digestion, etc) and then, immediately after when I noted this echo but in turn thought "I can't write that down," due to my pen having broken it half -- on the very next line, I came to "couldn't write," also perfectly synchronistic with my thoughts/visualization/registering of the pen, culminating in another super-surreal/synchroshock double/back-to-back one.

Another example, this of the dozen or so even smaller ones through lunch: another of those "partial"-type ones, a nearby-stranger-type one this time, when some random person in the coffee shop said "line" precisely as I came to "online" in the book, with the word corresponding absolutely perfectly with the "-line" in the book's "online," and this coming after a patternistic string of such.

Had a few "late"/evening incidents. First, a damn cool little thought-echo, in classical/isolated/"perfectly synchronistic" fashion rather than the delayed-type ones of earlier: it started when I was absently singing that "Too Much Time on my Hands" song from the thematic radio-echo earlier today, and precisely as I came to the chorus where it goes "tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick" in the background (which I found myself singing, rather than the actual lyrics that overlapped), the tea kettle that I'd put on the hot burner after taking the sauce pot off of it began to very quietly heat up and tick, with the first couple ticks occurring perfectly synchronistic with my singing the first "tick-tick-ticks" in the chorus backing -- fully objective and random and independent, with my having been singing this song on and off since getting home an hour before (it was stuck in my head after the afternoon's play on the radio), and with my having no way to time/anticipate when the kettle would tick like that, especially with the burner turned off, etc.

Also, had a little rash of multiple-reading-source-type thematics, these spanning my lunchtime- and evening-readings of the 'Mob over Miami' book and that ridiculously random/Compelled-to-get recycling-bin copy of People that I started reading randomly this morning. Again most of these were super-subtle/vague/too-complicated-to-convey longwinded ones, or "small" one-word echoes and the like, but one standoutish cluster was between all sorts of New York City-specific places and themes and people that I'd randomly thought of or encountered and then read in these two fully random and unrelated/vastly different pieces of literature, probably a dozen or so total, again just enough to establish a pattern/theme and upgrade it from "unlikely but possibly coincidence" to "very, very unlikely to be coincidence, all context/circumstances/patterns considered."

Also, another standoutish cluster centered around this listing of "50 best restaurants," state-by-state, in the People book, in which I swear that at least a dozen or more were ones that I'd read of or encountered (or, for several, actually drove past in recent travels), I think mostly in other, equally totally-random trash magazines and books and the like. This was again enough to establish the vague-thematic aspect, but then, at the end of the list, it had a standout listing: of the "string of Ethiopian restaurants in the U Street/Logan Circle area of DC" -- when I'd actually seen exactly this when in DC, and Noticed it distinctly, as to think "What's with all these Ethiopian restaurants suddenly?" And, to make it more notable, this occurred when I was totally lost there, and of course it was the first I'd ever seen these restaurants and the first I'd read of them, etc, in the classical recurrence fashion.


Today was very much like yesterday in all respects: lowish thought-type activity and a high amount of numbers throughout, more numbers somewhat today actually, approaching the point of "daylong storm" though not to the degree of some past big-number days.

The numbers were very heavily 37-plates again, and today started earlier, coinciding with my leaving earlier for the appointment, and being "graduated"/"bigger" right off the bat. The first standout was notable in itself, but doubly so considering it was almost 100% exactly like that "random police stop drawing my attention to the stopped car, only to see its 37-plate," today being a school bus that was pulled over for some undetermined reason, and was still partially on the narrow two-lane road, thus forcing me to slow and turn my attention in its direction, thus forcing me to look directly/effortlessly at its 73105 plate, haha.

Then, just minutes later once I got on the highway, had a string of classical semi-conspicuous-traffic ones, and these too seemed to correspond perfectly with my arrival onto the highway (going into "highway mode" mentally, maybe?). The first was a "conspicuously slow-moving vehicle" one, a truck going probably ten miles below the speed limit and thus forcing me to draw up on it and get close enough to see its 6703 plate. And then, a cool sort of second part to this one: a few minutes down the road, a similar-looking truck drew up on me, speeding, and I thought that it was the 6703 slowpoke, and so, thinking it ironic that the truck once going so slow was now going faster than I was when I was already going 5 miles or so over the limit, I naturally looked at the truck as it passed -- and saw not a 37-plate (it just a very similar-looking truck, not the same one) but a random string of numbers on the far right side of its tailgate, beginning with "1117," haha. (This would actually be a prominent variant today, 1117 or 7111/"three sevens," etc, as has been a past pattern with these, suddenly having certain variants, and this one in particular, come up after being an extreme minority or totally absent.)

Then, soon after the truck repeat: a classical "speeding driver drawing up close on me, only to force me to turn off and let it pass and thus see its 37-plate," this time a car with a 703 plate, nothing special (yet still no less surreal).

Many classical parking-lot-types today too, and many of them reasonably notable though I again was unable to log/remember them simply from the sheer amount of numbers and other activity today. One semi-standout was right after the appointment, when I emerged onto the parking lot and a 713 plate was directly/effortlessly/patternistically right in my line of sight as I opened the door and stepped through, immediately just "there," in "quietly loud" fashion.

Another "small big" one, mid-afternoon at the library: as I left the parking lot and made for the main road, a 4Runner suddenly appeared in front of me and made a fast, conspicuous U-turn right there, and thus revealing its 0373 plate to me. But this is another one of those that's way bigger subjectively/in context the circumstances leading up to it, since, first, my arrival at the intersection and the car's appearance and turn were all just so perfectly, infinitesimally precisely timed as to be absolutely living-dream/"orchestrated-seeming"/"intelligent" in nature, as to produce that vividly "animated" effect that is just beyond words. But then there's the fact that, once again, I was even on that street and at that intersection to begin with, because I'd been Compelled, against all logic and appearances and convenience, to take the back road away from the library and turn back onto the main road down at the light, rather than just go straight out onto it from the library, when otherwise none of this would've happened -- exactly like so many of these.

And another one that's of standout notability in its context: when I pulled up to the restaurant for lunch and stopped at the intersection, it was another of those where I found myself directly behind a car with a 713-plate, and with the plate "arriving" directly in my line of sight, center of attention, etc. But this one too gains notability considering the extreme randomness/illogic of my even being at this random restaurant, when I'd planned to go somewhere completely different but then just felt Compelled to blow that one off and head off in a random direction where I didn't even know if there were any restaurants, and then, only deciding on this one once I neared it, just a few hundred feet away (yet too far away to have seen, even peripherally/superconsciously, the 713 plate at the intersection). And of course, also gains some more notability considering the doubly patternistic nature of this one, both in the "Compelled to go someplace, only to trigger some type of number-repeat or echo or whatever," and also in the pattern of "blowing off somewhere I'd decided I would go, only to end some some random place with a standout number of some fashion awaiting me there" (almost like these are "roadsigns," saying "Yes, you were right in obeying the Compelling, etc"? Certainly feels that way ...).

And yet another number-standout, this one of that rarer "randomly experiencing that express feeling of universal joy/happiness/contentment that I associate with the 37 and its symbolism, precisely as a 37-plate or something reveals itself, echo-style." This time it was a 1117 plate (one of those variants today) that "revealed"/"arrived" animatedly perfectly synchronistically with my randomly experiencing the joy (after not having experienced it all day, perhaps for several days, but highly random/infrequent in any case), with a light changing and traffic moving and the car emerging into view from behind other cars (previously 100% invisible to me when I'd had the thought, of course). And then, a "challenge"/"question and answer"-type twist: when I saw this one, my immediate reaction was "Sure that wasn't just a random coincidence, since you usually only see a straight-up 37 rather than the 'looser' variants for these 'joy'-type incidents?" -- and then, as traffic moved a little more, a second plate revealed itself, a "normal" 773 this time, again directly into my line of sight and perfectly synchronistic with my thought, again in "intelligently animated" fashion and as if in answer to my skeptical thought. Wow ...

And one more number standout: another of those "double 37-car alignment"-type ones, and a sort of double of this one, too (a double-double?). It started as a "normal" alignment, when I came upon two cars, directly side by side as to align their 37-plates in that subtly patternistic/precise fashion. And then, a mile or so down the road, it happened a second time, with one of the first, original cars and a new one, this time with the first car's 37-plate aligning with the "3.7L" emblem on a Jeep as it sat waiting at an intersection, for a split second the two aligning in that perfectly even, patternistic fashion (and again directly in my line of sight/effortlessly). And all of these standouts came amidst another wash of no less than several dozen "small"/low-key/two-digit-type random plates over the course of the day.

Thought-types had several standouts today too, though there weren't many incidents overall, even super-subtle/"small" ones, such that the day followed the pattern of "isolated incidents interspersed with brief periods of super-subtle echoes/thematics and then longer periods of almost total silence."

Lunchtime activity was very much like yesterday, with a string of super-subtle/individually unnotable/largely one-word echoes between random thoughts and reading and the public radio/TV at the restaurant. This included one almost exactly like yesterday, where immediately upon opening the book and beginning to read, the very first sentence echoed several absent thoughts lingering in my mind, though a bit differently in terms of the actual thoughts. For instance, the first sentence mentioned "underage drinkers," which caused me to think vaguely of teenagers drinking beer at a party (and visualizing this scene, as is the case with so much of this), both of which came perfectly synchronistically with a man at a nearby table randomly saying something about "college kids," such that the three events were "entwined" in that special way. With this one though, it was somewhat too vague to really take note, since I couldn't really be sure that the men were discussing "college kids" in relation to alcohol/drinking, etc -- but then, a second or two later, someone else at the table said something about "buying beer," thus echoing just enough of the underlying thoughts/text that I found it notable. And then, also in that same first sentence, it randomly mentioned "almond eyes," when I had just taken the first bite of the almond-heavy dish I'd made and was thinking something about almonds/"almond-y," etc. Patternistically/essentially, this one was exactly like yesterday's "lunch-opener," albeit somewhat different in manifest/specifics.

Only other reasonably standoutish lunch-echo was when I randomly came to "making a lot of money" in the book precisely as the nearby TV randomly said "making money," again reasonably notable and precise/perfectly timed in itself, but also a little more considering that it occurred in the midst of several patternistically identical such echoes.

The rest of the afternoon and into evening, had a handful of those vague/distorted/super-subtle echoes that could be classified as either thematics or just very "small"-type thought-manifest echoes. One example, not especially coherent or notable but just one I'm able to remember: a second or two after I had the random thought of "drinking"/"drink," this caused by a random song on the radio singing about "a drinking problem," I backed up out of the parking space I was in and thus stopped behind a car with a bumper sticker reading "drink naked," again coming directly into my line of sight and also arriving almost instantaneously after my distinct-yet-absent thought of "drink/drinking," in classical echo fashion. Probably 5-6 that I can recall within this same little two-hour window, very patternistic in behavior.

And then, finally, another of those sudden, isolated, highly coherent/precise standout thought/radio echoes that I've gotten from time to time: I looked at the gas gauge in the van and, seeing it almost on empty after I'd been putting off getting gas all day, I thought "Okay, it's time to get some damn gas," simultaneously visualizing myself gassing the van -- precisely as the radio randomly and singularly sang out "Gonna gas up my Chevy." Another that was highly notable in timing and pattern and objectivity/traceability alone, but even moreso considering the fact that my van is a Chevy, upping the precision to about as high as it could go without expressly saying "Chevy van," haha.


Morning was totally silent of just about everything, suddenly, this corresponding with health bottoming out back to that nightmarish headsickness/mental "deadness," which all seemed to be a sort of synchronicity in itself now that I think about it, in the "reflective" pattern that's established itself vaguely lately, the phenomenon "dying" when I felt so dead inside, etc. This was actually supported in another way too, although still pretty vague and subjective and not quite enough for me to really judge it as such: when I got in the Miata and started off for lunch, the radio in it had done its mysterious "not getting power" routine, which it hasn't done in weeks, yet Just Happened to coincide with the first day in just about as long when I'd had such total silence, synchronistically, through a morning. "Radio silence"/"synchronistic silence"/"mental silence" reflecting one another?

And this was supported also through the day, when the nastiness began to fade somewhat after eating lunch and relaxing for a while, beginning with several reading recurrences (still zero echoes and other, isolated thought-type incidents during lunch, as to remain "radio silent" in this respect, which would also play into the health-state-reflective angle, given thatn I didn't really begin to improve health-wise until after lunch). The first: the movie 'Angel Heart,' which was mentioned in one of the totally random trash-magazines I read recently (a PC-gaming magazine), which was the first I'd seen/thought of/encountered anything about that movie in ages, probably no less than 20 years or so, as to both notice and Notice it -- and then, in the 'Mob Over Miami' book today at lunch, it randomly mentioned that movie (maybe 3-4 days later? not the tightest reading recurrence by far, but not so long as to make me dismiss it, especially with the patternistic element thrown in, etc). And then, a bit more notable and "classical": another "learning of one new thing on one book, then reading of that exact same thing in the next sequential book, despite the two books being of vastly different subject matter, etc," this time the subject being the "flashover fire," something I'd learned of from the 'Bodies We've Buried' book for the first time, a certain occurrence that can happen during a fire, and then it was in the 'Mob' book today, just a couple days later, and again fitting perfectly the reading-recurrence pattern.

Also at lunch, started having some thematics emerge, spanning various random subjects and thoughts and experiences and things I'd read about between last night and lunchtime today, again with each being so small and vague as to be individually dismissible, but taken together, with their marked behavior and pattern, combined into another mildly active thematic cluster at lunch. Had another of those "Nausea"-song-like longwinded thematic echoes, too, when the random in-house music at the coffee shop began vaguely and longwindedly echoing the random bric-a-brac I was thinking and feeling and the corresponding subjects of the book, again in that weird "triangle" of various things entangling into one unified synchronistic "event." Very very subtle and subjective, but still pretty notable.

Did have one standoutish longwinded thematic at dinnertime reading (or it might've just been another classical recurrence like those at lunch). It started yesterday, when I found myself listening to that Madonna CD I'd bought and been meaning to listen to for weeks now. One of the songs mentions "all the lovers I've had," and muses on that subject somewhat, and I remember distinctly noticing/Noticing these lyrics at the time, in that special, patternistic way, the whole sequence just Standing Out to me suddenly, leaving me with the distinct impression of "Madonna's lovers" -- and then tonight in the 'Mob' book, I came to a part that was about Madonna's relationship with the man the book is about, in which it discussed Madonna's love life at the time and her various lovers, even with a big, explicit excerpt from her diary about them -- 100% echoing the "Madonna's lovers" theme, and pretty tightly timed too (and again with perfectly patternistic circumstances, my Just Happening to get around to listening to that CD in the van yesterday).

Afternoon saw drastic increases in activity, not quite to the levels of many days recently but a far cry from morning's "radio silence."

The first thing I noticed was the return of the numbers, which had been as conspicuously absent as everything else up until then. These were the first of the types of incidents to "reboot" after the minor lunchtime incidents, and again literally immediately after I finished eating and cleaned up and left the coffee shop, with the very first car (or it happened something like this, my memory is questionable given the headsickness) I encountered upon going through the doors for the parking lot was a classical "in your face/directly in line of sight" parking-lot 37-plate, "staring" at me as I emerged from the shop, just like from the clinic yesterday. Next came the appearance of more small, low-key, "background static"-level inconspicuous traffic 37-plates, again just numerous and patternistic enough to signal a return (especially after the total absence of morning, the power of the contrast there, very telling in itself). From there, phenomenon picked up as time went on and my state/health gradually improved a little, and still following that reflective pattern, of my "coming to life"/feeling better seeming to correspond in direct proportion to the phenomenon's "returning to life" (again suggesting that the observer's subjective consciousness/perception/mental state has some kind of direct bearing on their experience of the phenomenon). Ended up having a full range of numbers, back to mostly 37-variants today with only scattered minorities, and several semi-conspicuous-traffics and parking-lots and others.

Number standouts/examples:

> Another of those "challenge"/"question and answer"/echo-type ones, this time at that random wholesale store I'd stopped in, when I came across some random item with a big number printed on it, one which wasn't a 37 of any kind, this coming righ when I thought I'd seen the numbers returning but only a few, thus making my resident skeptic give the old, "Well, if this isn't just all in your head, why wasn't that a 37?" -- and then, of course, a second or two later, I walked to a new table, and the first thing I saw was a random pack of batteries with "3.7V" in big type on a sticker, haha.

> Another classical "Compelled to go to a certain gas station and choose a certain pump, illogically and inconveniently, only to have it be waiting with a 37-variant on the display from the last customer," this one being illogical to begin with, considering that it was more expensive than other nearby places and was actually kind of awkward to pay at (it's a gas/grill/home store that just has gas pumps outside for some reason) -- but of course, the pump I was Compelled to had the previous sale at exactly "$17.30," with the display facing away from me and the road, such that I couldn't possibly have seen it beforehand even peripherally, etc.

> Two of those "random cashier calling out a 37-containing total precisely as I entered earshot"-type incidents today, the first being a cashier saying "sixty-three-oh-seven" right as I passed, and the second just being a stray "thirty-seven," with this having a little added notability because, like some others of this nature, all I made out from everything the cashier said was the bare "37" and nothing else, with the rest of the exchange and the total being garbled by the ambient noise in the market, where it's like that stray "37" just popped up in "orchestrated" fashion, and with perfect timing for distance and proximity, etc -- really damn surreal, for all its "smallness" again

> And then, to sort of cap off the day: as I pulled into the driveway this evening and killed the ignition, I noticed that the trip odometer was at exactly 313.7 miles (this coming in the midst of many such stray "little" random 37s)

Had more thought-type activity through afternoon too, and these were almost exclusively of that same distinct subtype/flavor of echo that I first noted a few days ago, with just little, perfectly timed "striking" one-words, often of partial phrases and the like but always with the same distinctive-yet-subtle behavior. They were periodic again, and at times just barely there (though several came back-to-back), and then died off abruptly upon my getting home and "shutting down" for the day, like the rest.

Some examples I got down:

> Randomly hearing "love" on the radio, precisely as I saw/registered a sign billboard reading "LOVE LOCAL," and the same for randomly thinking of getting a shopping bag while in the wholesale store, precisely as an employee from across the store said "bag" -- these characterized the gist of the day's afternoon echoes, just single words or symbols recurring instantly and perfectly synchronistically as to be subjectively "striking" and notable, failing to translate to text for the most part

> A somewhat elevated/"graduated" exception, at the Dollar General store I randomly stopped at. It started with another of the striking-one-word types, my randomly seeing and registering a sign reading "PRICE CUT" precisely as a nearby employee randomly said "cut it" or something like that, with the two "cuts" corresponding perfectly. And then, just afterward as I noticed this and committed it to memory and thus thought something like "note the 'price cut' echo," I looked up and saw/registered a bag of candy or something reading "HALO ECHO," again directly in my line of sight/effortless, etc, as to be another of those "echo of a thought of an echo synchronicity," haha

And then on the way home, had another of those stray, singular, isolated, stand-out-quality classical echoes, just like those I've had from time to time recently. It started with a long, random chain of thought that ended with my thinking about something like "expanded awareness/personal growth/broadened consciousness" -- precisely as the radio, which I'd set to scanning, stopped on a random station that said, precisely as the radio paused on it, "bringing more awareness." And again, it bears mentioning that I'd set the radio to scanning a relatively long time before, but it kept coming on commercials, like 5-6 channels in a row like this, an inordinate number, thus I'd still had it scanning by the time I had this thought, and it stopped on the channel *just long enough* for the snatch of the phrase to play out and echo my thought before the channel cut out and the radio scanned to the next -- really damn surreal, as to have something like an audio version of that "animated"/"intelligent" quality, haha.


Another slight change-up, and a newish, somewhat oddball one.

Morning saw some slight-but-elevated activity again, sort of like yesterday with some random numbers making an appearance in reading material and other external encounters, plus some of those singular, more-coherent/non-thematic-type of recurrences too.

The first was a reading/random-experience-type one with "question and answer" overtones. It started two days ago at the store when I bought that tub of super-discounted cottage cheese that had the "use-by" day listed as the 23rd, that day, which caused me to think about whether it was worth saving some money to risk getting some gone-over food, etc, but I couldn't remember the "insider" opinions on this practice because it had been so long since I'd considered buying anything past its date (because this was, of course, the first I'd thought/encountered the subject for weeks or months or longer), and so I subsequently had the absent thought of, "Now, what have I read about these days and their accuracy?" -- and then of course this morning, in that totally random two-year-old library-freebie-issue of Real Simple magazine I'd felt Compelled to take from the selection of dozens on offer, it had an article expliciting discussing the "best-by" date and how strictly it should be adhered to, etc, 100% patternistic and precise (and providing an explicit "answer" to my "question," haha).

Also this morning, a cute little 37-repeat double in the same magazine, when I noticed that the hands of a wall clock pictured randomly in the background decor of an article was at exactly 3:17, which I found mildly notable due to this being a pattern/subtype I've encountered several times in the past (and, if I'm not mistaken, I even encountered one or two just like this yesterday during that afternoon number-storm). But then it gained some standoutish notability when I went to turn the page and saw that the clock-page's number was 173 exactly, haha.

Numbers stayed reasonably elevated through day, though again with a marked absence of them, of any source or flavor or variant, during the drive to lunch, despite yesterday's nightmarish nausea and such having declined moderately by then. From there, it was again back to that pattern of "37-traffic-plates starting up immediately after lunch in the restaurant parking lot," this time with a cool standoutish one where I rounded the building just as someone was backing out and we both stopped, and, though I almost always, as a rule, let other people go just to avoid a stalemate where we're both stopping and going and confused, I immediately, sort of Compelling-ly, just asserted myself and started forward -- and thus was treated to the car's 273 plate, previously invisible to me, haha.

And then, just minutes later, another similarly standoutish one, this one of the "a car recklessly pulling out in front of me and forcing me to slow and thus notice its 37 plate or whatever," this time a classical instance of a driver either misjudging my speed or just not caring and so pulling out in front of me and forcing me to slow down by 20 MPH or so -- and to reveal its big yellow bumper sticker reading "1-800-311-3731" in big type, one of those "call this number to report my driving" stickers. However, this one had one of those circumstantial twists in that the only reason I was going down that road at that time was because, again against logic and convenience, I'd been Compelled to turn from the restaurant and go the opposite direction of where I was heading, then make a U-turn at the light -- which, thus, saw me getting slowed by the bumper-sticker car, haha.

And another classical conspicuous-traffic-37-plate standout: now at the gym, where as I was leaving the parking lot, which has double exits, I'd noticed that two cars were lined up at the other, rightmost exit, while I was heading towards the empty, leftmost one, and thus would have to compete with the cars at the other exit to pull out, which would've been unfair to them since they'd been waiting when I'd simply pulled up (busy turnout), and so I turned right and pulled up behind the other two and just waited in line -- and thus was faced with the next car's 376 plate, haha. Not quite a Compelling-type one, but with another of those curious, patternistic, odd-type of circumstances that seem to invariably accompany these things.

And another standout-traffic one, when, while waiting at the intersection on Main St where they were doing the roadwork, I watched as this enormous crane-like grading machine or something came lumbering past, so oversized and conspicuous as to instantly command my attention -- with my eyes falling directly on a string of random numbers on the side that began with 375, haha. Not otherwise notable/"big," but still patternistic/"circumstantial"/behavioral enough to be a semi-standout in my book.

Interspersed with these were other conspicuous and semi-conspicuous traffic-type repeats, mainly of 37-variants today, along with some scattered randomly-sourced/"everywhere"-type ones too, as to be reasonably "active" and constant though not to yesterday's quasi-storm levels.

Thought-wise, things reached a higher general level than the last couple days, again beginning in earnest during the tail-end of lunch and then building in fits and starts through the day, until there were a few moments of that "synchronistic state"-level of blended/rapid-fire incidents, though only briefly and without much intensity. Had several standout echoes of slightly different types/feels/behaviors:

> Most of lunchtime reading had few to no incidents, with only a very scattered and very subtle spattering of one-word/non-striking-type echoes between random read words and thoughts and things going on around me in the coffee shop. And then, right near the end, the phenomenon graduated into semi-coherence, with a "randomly scrolling to something on my phone map precisely as it was echoed," this time when I scrolled the map to Interstate 95 and, perfectly at the exact instant I registered it mentally as "95," a man across the restaurant said "ninety-five," in relation to I-don't-know-what, but regardless of whether it was in the same context or not (who knows?), it was still ridiculously notable from the sheer precision and timing, if only subjectively for the finer points.

> After the "95" one, it seemed to signal a shift, for I then experienced several similarly notable yet impossible-to-convey echoes, plus periodically with the thematics/parallels and the like "blended" in as has been happening from time to time (and always when I enter a specific state of mind, it seems). The best example of the thematics I can convey is another involving Jennifer Lopez, when the 'Mob' book mentioned her offhand as it has here and there throughout, right before I finished reading it and put it down before leaving the restaurant -- and then, when I got up to leave and put my glasses on and found myself looking at the overhead TV absently, it had some random commercial with Jennifer Lopez on it (and it was another instance where the TV was visible to me peripherally the whole time I was there, but the subconscious-cueing/suggestion angle doesn't really come into play due to the 100% objective source of the book's mention of her, as well as my decision to stop reading when I did, which was similarly dependent solely on the fact that my meal was finished, etc, etc). Had many like this, to varying degrees of notability and coherence, both before and throughout the rest of the day, at times coming rapid-fire/back-to-back and "threaded" with normal echoes and the like as to be just ridiculously surreal-living dream, however briefly. And then I had even more of these thematic/parallels this evening, then of the strictly longwinded/delayed/daylong kind, all involving another recurrence of all sorts of totally random little things scattered throughout my day and thoughts and encounters/experiences/random readings, etc, exactly like past instances of these little thematic-clusters (and today a bit more notable, if only collectively, due to this evening cluster recurring almost exclusively in that Esquire magazine I read while doing the oil pack, which was conspicuously/patternistically/contextually notable in several ways, foremost because I'd just gotten the magazine at the library that afternoon and decided to read it even though I had another lined up, thus breaking my informal rule about finishing all magazines sequentially as I get them before reading new ones, and then, second, the fact that I read anything at all this evening, due to my uncharacteristically doing the oil pack even though it meant throwing off my meal schedule/eating late, etc, and so having more reading-time -- yet there this ridiculously random/unlikely magazine Just Happened to contain no less than a dozen subtle-yet-notable recurrences of my day's stupidly random experiences and thoughts and readings, if not two dozen, and all within the same patternistic behavior/"feel," etc -- like everything I'd mentally accumulated through the day had been regurgitated in the form of this magazine, haha).

> Many of those exact same type of striking-type one-word thought/reading/radio-type echoes as yesterday, and coming in the exact same pattern and timeframe. One example: randomly thinking that I needed to wash my hands after I worked out at the gym, and thus making me think about the little bottle of good/pure soap I carry around and how it's in a squeeze bottle -- all of which culminated in my absently thinking/visualizing "squeeze" and my fingers squeezing the bottle, precisely as the song on my MP3 player randomly and singularly said "squeeze," perfectly synchronistic, etc. No less than a dozen or more throughout the space of mid-afternoon, so many that I lost track in any case.

> A standout "normal" radio/thought echo on the way home: another long random chain of thought, this one traceable to the sudden and random surge of energy I'd gotten, the same from several times that day, which made me recall that one that had come that morning and made me feel so good and with such relief that I cried -- precisely as the radio randomly and singularly sang out "why I cry" (which, again, was in a song that I had heard before and thus might've subconsciously been able to remember the lyrics for and thus been cued, except that I can again 100% trace my thoughts back to the objective and equally random event of my having that random, involuntary surge of energy come over me)

> A cool "physical"/"animated" radio standout: precisely as the radio sang out "turn your lights down low," I parked the Miata and automatically killed its pop-up headlights, making them literally turn "down" into the hood, thus echoing the lyric doubly, both in "turning out lights" and in physically "turning" them "low/down," haha. And it bears mentioning that this lyric was a repeating chorus that had been going on for the last minute or so, with this particular reptition happening to coincide with my parking/turning off headlights; however, the echo is so explicit and precise and patternistic, I still find it notable regardless.

> And then another standout classical/"normal" echo, just now after finishing the log for the night when, precisely as I went to check my email and entered the log-in information (but distinctly *before* I'd logged in, if only 1-2 seconds), I started distinctly thinking that I should go up to Asheville tomorrow -- and then, the very first email in my inbox once I logged in had the title "Asheville + this hotel = perfect trip," haha (and, of course, there are no other emails pertaining to Asheville in my inbox, new or old or whatever).


A very quiet day overall, at times entirely silent, this again corresponding with a drastic and sudden negative shift in health.

Lunchtime was another one of those with just the lightest, threshold levels of activity in the form of those super-subtle, individually dismissible reading/thought/event-type echoes, and barely even any of these. I can't think of a single remotely coherent example, other than to say there was simply some recognizable activity here and there.

Did have one cute little number standout that I got down: I again saw that gigantic grader machine with the 37591 stenciled on the side, and this was mildly notable in itself considering it was only the second time I've ever seen this machine and it happened two days in a row, but also given that this sighting was miles away, all the way across town over near the other end of the beach, and it was just parked, right along where I happened to pass (and, also, with it passing directly into my line of sight due to the angle of the curve on the nearby road, etc).

Another standout, classical reading recurrence: it began this morning in that random library-free copy of Esquire I was reading, in which it had an ad for Patek Phillipe watches, which I noticed because it was the first I'd ever seen/heard of such watches in my life -- and then, randomly at the end of the 'Mob' book tonight, it had an offhand mention of the guy's possessions when he was booked into jail, amongst them a "Patek Phillipe watch," haha.

There were some other, vaguer thematic/parallel-type recurrences between the Esquire and this particular part of the book I read that evening, too, smaller, less-specific things like "Italian leather shoes" and "mob-guy tracksuits" and other miscellany that is common but I just hadn't encountered in a long time but then, patternistically, Just Happen to read about in these totally separate sources, within hours of one another -- same old pattern.

I don't remember much at all about the rest of the day, other than being damn sick. I have a note of "low-key mid-afternoon numbers + zero thought," which fails to jog my memory, so I'll let that stand.


Today was much more active, eventually even approaching semi-storm levels in some respects, yet I was still as sick or sicker than yesterday (though today I was beginning to get a feel for this particular combination of illness, and thus be able to function through it a little better -- so maybe that's what was reflecting in yesterday's non-activity, my suddenly being so stymied and shutdown by this weird-ass new kind of sick?).

The activity started literally right after I got up and left the van for the morning, when I rounded the bumper and found myself looking directly/"effortlessly" at a 137 plate (it was the very first plate of all those I would encounter in the parking lot, too). Went on to have several other parking-lot types immediately afterward, and then a big string of low-key and semi-conspicuous ones on the way to lunch soon after, as if making up for yesterday's dearth. And then after lunch, the numbers picked up even more, with near-storm-levels of traffic-types, with plenty more semi-conspicuous and conspicuous ones mixed in, along with a lot of "everywhere" numbers too, plus strong showings of others -- so sudden and pronounced, as if "something had happened," though I have no idea why (corresponded with my turning around and heading back north after being thwarted from further travel by sudden illness).

Few standouts I got down:

> A cool and striking albeit "small" trash-receipt-type one: I was Compelled to pick up a piece of trash on the way into the lab place, but ignored it, only to finally pick it up on the way back to the van, and it proved to be a receipt, which I consciously refused to unfold and look at -- yet still, one small part of the print, between the folds, managed to flash quickly past where I was looking down, and on it was a 371711 or some big, long 37-variant like that, haha. So surreal and "striking"

> Another of those "conspicuously slow-moving vehicles that I slowly creep up on just enough to see its 37-plate" one, this one a slow Jeep that I crept up on over the course of a long straightaway, so long and gradual that it just made it that much more dramatic and quietly cool/surreal when I saw that it had a 573 plate

> Another of those double-37 "alignments," and this one was exceptional in its sheer physicality and precision, even moreso than the others. It started with a "drifter"-type of 37-plate car, that slowly came up past me on a straightaway like I did that Jeep, and "revealed" its 113017 plate directly into my line of sight -- but also, precisely as it climactically did so after slowly gaining on me for all that time, we both passed a random mailbox with "1377" on the side, with the box and the car's plate aligning *absolutely perfectly* as the car at last passed me by, just so many ridiculously random variables in this, had to be seen/experienced to really be appreciated (I felt that something was showing off ...)

> A strong showing of 1111s today, many of them of the "November 11th" fashion. At first I ignored these, since Veteran's Day is coming up and so there would logically be lots of "November 11th" mentions around. Except there were several "normal"/totally random straight-up 111s/1111s mixed in with these, most of which I can't remember specifically other than, as a good example, when I went to pull up the wifi at the random coffee house I'd stopped at and the "connecting to wifi" screen, for some unknown reason, had "" printed at the top, haha

Thought-type activity was also significantly elevated over yesterday, though not to the same semi-storm levels as numbers, and starting later and "quieter"/more gradual. The first I noted was right before lunch, a nearby-stranger-type when I felt Compelled to go for the bottle of cinnamon on the condiment counter and put some in my coffee (when I hadn't done this for ... months? a year or more?), and precisely as I grabbed the bottle and turned it around and read/registered the "CINNAMON" on it, the customer at the counter randomly said something about a "cinnamon bun," with my registering the word and his saying it corresponding with that absolute, patternistic precision I've come to know so well when it comes to these.

Lunchtime reading was another one of those "few, scattered threshold-level non-striking/delayed-type thought/reading/event-type echoes," much like yesterday. However, did have a semi-standout in the form of another of those deals where a long, nearby conversation between two random people kept on getting these one- or two-word "hits," probably 5-6 total over the course of 10-15 minutes, to the point where it definitely established a pattern, however subtly, and usually with a ~1 second delay. Did have one perfectly synchronistic two-word, when I randomly came to "he spent" in the book precisely as one of the women said "he spent," with that distinctively "precise"/interlocking timing, but other than that, just a string of subtles (though, again, no less surreal and notable for it).

And then the echoes, at some point in mid-afternoon after a semi-silence, returned and graduated/cohered somewhat, until I actually had a good number of standouts, a couple of them pretty damn strong:

> Had a few that were still "small" and delayed/non-perfectly-synchronistic but more-precise, such as randomly passing this boat drifting somewhat conspicuously along the bridge I was on, thus making me distinctly think "drifting," about a second before the radio randomly sang out "drifter" (which happened to be in the context of a boat, if I heard the song right), and my beginning to slowly inch up/creep closer to the car in front of me when it began to gradually slow down, again ~1 second or so before the radio randomly sang out "closer to you"

> Another "delayed but precise" one: coming upon an awkward fork in the road, again ~1 second or so before the radio randomly sang out "broken road" (which is exactly how this particular fork "felt," like a break rather than a turn or something comfortable/"natural"-feeling)

> A really damn cool and surreal one. It started when I finished using the toilet at the men's room in the gas station and went to cinch up my cloth belt, upon which when I grabbed the soft cloth and pulled it, I randomly and oddly but distinctly thought "pulling on softness," precisely as I realized I was looking at a container on the wall reading "SOFT PULL," for a toilet wipe or something (and though this one definitely "felt" like a typical echo, I can't fully discount that I just saw this peripherally and was subconsciously suggested-upon or something)

> And then on the way home, probably one of the coolest and most precise/surreal/notable echoes in some time (and coming after a relative silence): Precisely as I came upon this fresh-looking wreck alongside the road, with a car having rear-ended a truck so that the hood was accordioned to half-length and rising into the air, "all busted up" sang from the radio. And this was another one that was highly notable from the outset, but even moreso given the circumstances, the first being that the wreck had been obscured by a building or something until I came directly past it, producing that "revealed"/"animated"/"super-striking" quality, and also the precision was 100%, since the car was not only visibly "busted" (with windows out and just completely totalled) but also busted "UP," with its hood being so conspicuously crumped into an upside-down V -- wow!

> Also, similarly striking and animated and precise, just minutes later: I randomly opened the door to spit some of that terrible sick-mucus I've been having, and precisely as I swung it closed, the radio randomly sang out "close the door" (and, it bears mentioning, there was no reason for me to open the door instead of just putting the window down, as I had been for the million other times I'd had to spit today ...)


Another reasonably active day, though not so much as yesterday, and in a slightly different mode/feel/format/"groove" (corresponding with no travel/being back in "rooted" mode consciously, it would seem).

Elevated number still, and again beginning literally immediately as I left the house, and almost identically to yesterday, where the very first plate I encountered today was a 37, and also coming right after I "emerged" into public space (yesterday from the van, today from the house). Specifically, it happened right as I got into the car and started it up, when, directly across from me and "effortlessly" in my line of sight, was a car parked in the neighbor's driveway, feet away, with a 273 plate (and, as it were, the first I'd ever seen this car there before, as if it were a visiting relative or something). Very cool, and even more notable given the exact same thing happening just yesterday, more or less.

Numbers overall today fit into that popular mode of "steady low-key 37-plates in traffic, several semi-conscpious mixed in, along with a steady background static of 'everywhere' 37s" (and some minority repeats mixed in too, 22s and 44s that I remember, some 212s too but not as many as other days lately).

Cool little standout found-litter one: picked up a food wrapper and, upon absently glancing at it before tossing it, noticed it had an expiration date of "11/30/17" printed directly below a random string of numbers starting with 731, haha. And, once again, made a bit more notable considering it came among a rush of similar, "everywhere" 37s.

Had another of those "collectively standout"/"meta-incident" ones, coming on suddenly just after leaving the market mid-afternoon (and corresponding with a sudden improvement in health/clarity/energy and general wellbeing, and also with something like the "universal joy" feeling that seems to accompany that one subtype of the 37 phenomenon). All at once, the number-activity jumped from the moderate level it had been hovering around since lunch, suddenly to that rapid-fire/back-to-back/quasi-storm level, beginning with two or three back-to-back low-key "directly in my line of sight"-type 37 plates passing before me passively as I pulled into traffic. Seconds later, the next part unfolded when I distinctly Noticed this vintage Cadillac (or a Lincoln Town Car or something, whatever) sitting opposite me and waiting to turn at the light I was waiting on, with it illogically occupying my attention the whole time we waited for the lights to cycle -- and then of course, when it finally pulled through and turned, it revealed its 537 plate. And then, seconds later once I'd passed through the intersection, had several more conspicuously rapid-fire low-key 37 plates appear, followed by a conspicuous-type of 37-plate car that cut directly in front of me, then as far turned back into the first lane it had been in -- and then, almost immediately after, the same exact thing happened, a second 37-plate car ducking into my lane and then switching back as fast, for no apparent reason, haha. From there, had another little cluster of low-key plates appear, before I stopped off somewhere else and the numbers returned just to subtler/"quieter" levels. Really damn cool and surreal, etc.

Thought-type incidents were there today, but lesser than yesterday, both in number and in complexity/coherence. Lunchtime reading saw another of those loose clusters of very very subtle one-word and thematic echoes, and again barely even any of these, overall very "quiet." Really, closest to a standout was another of those radio/reading/thought "intertwining"-type of non-perfectly-synchronistic/longwinded thematics as I've been having here and there lately, when I got to the chapter in the 'Guinea Pig Diaries' book where the author experiments with being totally honest to people for a period, thus bringing to mind general thoughts about truth and my beliefs regarding it and honesty in relationships, etc -- at the same general time the overhead radio at the coffee shop started into a song where the repeating chorus was "I don't believe in truth," with this looping and reflecting vaguely-but-semi-notably what I was reading in the book/subsequently thinking about, etc, just like with the "Nausea" song that time.

Then later on, did have several of those graduated/more-coherent types of "normal" thought echoes, this loosely following that same basic pattern I've seen several times lately, where the thought-type incidents slowly cohere from super-subtles/thematics/one-word non-striking echoes into the more-notable "graduated" ones.

First: right after lunch when I was in the men's room and absently thought about how I'd soon be getting out the soap I carry around and squirting it into the palm of my hands when I went to wash them -- precisely as the radio randomly and singularly (and again in a song I'd never heard before) sang out "palm of my hand," and again, my thoughts had been accompanied by a distinct visualization of my squiring the soap into my palm particularly, and the radio lyric coincided perfectly synchronistically with that, also 100% following the pattern of the majority these more-coherent/"graduated"-types.

And then, at the gym a couple hours later, a very similar one, yet somewhat more notable due to circumstances/details. It started when, while absently deciding which exercise to do next (so many of these involve my absent/semi-conscious/"less-directed or observed" thoughts, I notice), I settled on doing one that would require a bench, and thus subsequently decided to return to the same one I'd just used a few minutes earlier for a different exercise -- precisely as "back to the bench" randomly and singularly sang from my MP3 player. And again: very notable to begin with, due to patternistic element and timing and the precise echo of "the bench" (which was, again, an echo of the vague visualization I'd had), but also it was "back to" the bench, thus echoing not only the underlying theme of "bench," but also the *returning* to that bench, which is exactly what I just happened to be doing. Wow ...

Had two more random, "classical" reading-type recurrences today too. First: the French name "Anais," with an umlaut over the "i," which I'd seen, for the first time for perhaps ever, the name in that random copy of Esquire magazine, and I'd distinctly Noticed it in that special and illogical way -- and then today, in the 'Guinea Pig Diaries' book, it had randomly mentioned the same name, same spelling and everything, less than a day apart. And, second (though a bit less notably): yesterday, while cutting out more random cartoons to distribute, I'd come across one that mentioned how crossword puzzles are for weaklings/nerds/feeble people (not explicitly, but implicitly, stating this theme in so many words, etc), which happened to be the first I'd seen/thought of/encountered that sentiment in months or longer, etc -- and then today, as offhand and random in the 'Guinea Pig' book, there was a passage that echoed that same underlying idea of "crosswords are for nerds," etc. This one is vague and loose enough to conceivably be chance, though the pattern and timing upgrade it to the realm of "worth noting."


Another noticeable shift today, less of everything, and of a generally "quieter"/lower-key nature, and this once again corresponding with another of these crazy near-daily shifts in health I've been having (and again in the negative, as to be reflective of my "less active" inner state/energy/consciousness).

Morning was another almost totally silent one, with the exception of a single page-turn-type reading echo that might've conceivably been chance. It started when I read some random article and, in reaction to what I read (I distinctly, 100% remember this), I had the thought "Well, you have good intentions at least." And then, a minute or so later when I went to the next page, it was an ad for something or other, dominated by a big heading reading "BAD INTENTIONS" in the middle of the page -- another of those "perfectly oppositely precise"-type ones? It bears mentioning that the second/ad page was in the same leaf as the article I'd been reading, but when I'd turned to the article, I'd folded the other page under so I could hold the magazine with one hand while reading, so that it wasn't visible to me when I had the "good intentions" thought, thus ruling out subconscious suggestion. The thing I noticed, though, this one didn't "feel" like a synchronistic recurrence/echo, despite it fitting that weird "perfectly opposite" pattern and being closely timed (while, on the other hand, there are incidents that aren't as objectively notable/patternistic which *do* have that distinct, albeit subjective, feeling of synchronicity to them). A good case study in that element, in any case, I suppose.

The rest of the day saw some activity but not much. Did *not* have that "first thing upon leaving the house"-type of 37 appearance this morning, unlike last two days. In fact, saw almost zero numbers after leaving the house and even after lunch, just some scattered low-key ones on plates and such (and few to no random/everywhere-sourced ones that I remember) here and there through the day.

Thought-wise, was almost as quiet, with the exception of two little periods. The first was at lunchtime reading, which in itself was totally quiet except for this one really profound and subjectively notable cluster of thematics/parallels spanning all sorts of specific-yet-random things I'd thought/experienced this morning and then the chapter I read through shortly into lunch in the 'Guinea Pig' book. It started this morning when I had that really terrible subconscious confusion/weirdness overwhelm me as I went about morning chores and such. This had reared up again over the last couple days, after not being so prominent lately even when really sick, but then it really came in force this morning for whatever reason, such that I was left in that super-suggestible/subconsciously vulnerable state, where I had to pay attention to everything I was doing lest I end up acting irrationally/off of appearances/superstitions/phobias/fears, etc. And this was my distinct take on it at the time, such that I marveled, as I always do in this state, at just how profound it was, that I could harbor all these subconscious irrationalities and false perceptions/distortions, etc, and even being fully aware of them and wrestled with them for years and years, they could return, and with such force as to shape my behavior if I let them -- and then at lunch, a few pages into the reading, I started a new chapter entitled, "The Rational Experiment," in which the author, having sensed his subconscious irrationalities, attempts to identify and neutralize them and act purely rationally, etc -- exactly as I'd thought just hours earlier that morning (and after the most random of circumstances, patternistically), even using many of the same terms/context/examples. And from there, it just kept going, with parallels and thematics all through the chapter, such as when it listed the most well-known types of cognitive dissonance/flawed subconscious thinking that humanity seems prone to, with nearly every single one (perhaps literally every one) being something I'd touched on in some way or another during my morning "review" of the subject, again to uncanny degrees. Really profound, both subjectively and even objectively in this case.

And then, there was one more little period of activity, about a half-hour after lunch when on the way to the appointment, beginning with a classical, clear-cut "random chain of thought echoed by random radio lyric"-type of echo. It started when I drifted into a long chain of thought that ended with the slow-cooker/"serving up meals super-quick" analogy I'd been thinking about off and on since reading that random magazine article about slow-cookers last night in the sauna, which thus ended with the random-yet-100% traceable thought of something along the lines of "serving up fast-cooked meals," with yet another of those absent, patternistic visualizations to this effect -- perfectly synchronistic with the radio randomly and singularly singing out "serve up all you can eat," haha.

And then, finally, a few minutes down the road, had another of those little rapid-fire, back-to-back, multi-incident super-surreal clusters I've been having, patternistically exactly like yesterday's except with a mix of numbers and thought echoes. It started with a pair of those weird, obscure little "random-number" echoes I've had from time to time, mostly involving speed-limit signs or something, where I'll see a number and then randomly and objectively see it again a split second later, as to be perfectly synchronistic and usually objective/traceable. Today it was, first, when "thirteen" came randomly over the radio, a split second before the radio display randomly cut to the "103.1" station number, which I didn't think much of until a second or two later when the exact thing happened again just about, when "seventeen" sang from the radio a split second before a random highway sign for Highway 17 rose up into view (from behind the hill I'd been climbing, as to be both invisible when the 17 had came over the radio and also to produce that surreal/dramatic "revealed"/"animated" effect), and then another weird radio-display echo like the first, just after, when I looked out over the horizon and realized that the morning's clouds and rain had suddenly cleared and that it was actually sunny, with my distinctly yet absently thinking "sunny," a split second before the radio display changed again and this time read "SUNNY" (the channel was "SUNNY 103.1," with it cycling between the two words, apparently). And then, after another couple minutes down the road, not quite back-to-back but still close enough to still be included in the cluster effect, a really damn cool and even individually notable radio/random-passing-plate-type echo, when the radio randomly sang out "five, six, seven!" a split second before a car passed me with a license plate ending in 567, again such that the radio's lyric (which was particularly loud and passionate, a man singing about how God will forgive you not just once or twice, but "five, six, seven!" times) was still lingering in my thoughts when the plate appeared (directly in my line of sight, effortlessly, of course) and thus echoed the 567 perfectly synchronistically, and also with that animated/revealed fashion, as to be ridiculously "striking." And then, to seal the deal: as I sat there at the intersection I was stopped at, synchroshocked and smiling and blinking my eyes and feeling that "universal joy of existence"-type feeling that I associate with 37 and the like, a second "directly in my line of sight" car/plate passed, this one with 371, again in that perfectly synchronistic and patternistic "instant answer"/echo-type fashion I've come to associate with this subtype of incident. Wow.

Had a single, late incident tonight, during dinnertime reading, a classical "involuntary bodily function"-type one (or one in this vein, I guess, even though the function was technically voluntary). It started when, after sitting and reading and eating for a while, I'd slumped in my seat somewhat, as to pinch my guts in a bad way I'm trying to train myself out of, upon realizing which I instantly straightened up and thus pulled my stomach/abdomen taught and flatter as a result, instead of accordioned together -- precisely as I randomly and singularly came to a passage in the book where someone said to "suck in your gut," and though this was visible to me at the time I did it (albeit far down the page), I can still 100% trace the action to my realizing I was slumped (which I suppose could've been attributed equally to subconscious suggestion via peripheral reading of some kind, but then again, maybe not, especially given the patternistic element of this), and also, it bears mentioning that the exact text was "Sook in your goot," because it was spoken by a Scottsman, and so it foreseeably wouldn't have the same subconscious as a straight-up literal "suck in your gut," but who knows (and, likewise, there's the fact that I didn't "suck" in my gut in the typical way, but simply straightened my posture and flattened my gut my consequence, which would seem to have bearing on this whole phenomenon). Worth noting, anyhow, and gave me a good laugh.


Today was different in several ways, with less gross incidents and general coherence/depth, and also a slight shift in the subtle "feel" of them too, as to just be another slight variation of the daylong "groove"/energy/atmosphere.

First off, the activity in general was slow to start, with morning and even lunchtime and early afternoon being almost totally silent, and this corresponding with some especially odd and debilitating health through that approximate time, again in that "reflective" manner. During lunchtime reading, I several times thought I felt the phenomenon coming on, the beginnings of the "synchronistic state" creeping into my sensory/consciousness pallette, but it just never really "happened" today. There seemed to have been a small handful of one-word, delayed reading echoes and the like, but really, these were both so subtle and so few that I couldn't confidently see even a collective pattern being established, and so they really might possibly have been coincidences or nothing at all, etc (they didn't "feel" like synchronicities, really, just like those several "non-feelers" I've had here and there recently).

Then, about an hour or so after lunch, had a sudden and notable number-repeat appear suddenly (there were several very scattered and low-key traffic-37s preceeding this, but again so few and subtle that they could really just have been coincidental/simple encounters with license plates that happened to have 37s on them). It started with another "conspicuously slow driver pulling recklessly in front of me on a high-speed highway," this time a work van that lumbered out and drove below the speed limit, and of course forced me to drastically slow down and thus come "face to face" with its 8735-ending plate. But then, immediately after, the incident progressed when a second car, passing me from my sudden slow-down, first flashed its 9375-ending plate as it passed, almost simultaneously with that of the van, as to be a back-to-back/one-two-type effect -- but then, as the car passed the slow-moving van, their two 37 plates "aligned" in that special, patternistic way that's so hard to really describe. It all culminated in another of those head-spinning synchroshocks, especially after the day's silence until then (and, interestingly, it bears mentioning that I shouldn't have even been here on this road at this time, because I'd just taken a wrong turn and gotten briefly lost and ended up several miles uproad from where I needed to go, haha).

From there on, however, numbers never really progressed beyond some low-key and semi-conspicuous traffic-37s, now just enough to establish that they were there.

Thought-type activity took a similar arc, though without a "starting-gun"-type standout like the numbers. Instead, I just notest the barest few radio/thought/reading echoes towards the last leg of my afternoon around town, with maybe 5-6 one-word perfectly synchronistic ones -- also just enough to establish a pattern and a "feel" and thus reasonably discount simple chance, etc. Couple of the more-coherent examples: my randomly thinking "Highway 905" (the wrong road I'd taken earlier, where I encountered the van, etc), a split second before "9 to 5!" sang randomly from the radio (and though it doesn't sound precise enough to be notable, in my mind the 905 was oddly registered as "9 5," with my not really "seeing" the 0 and just thinking something more like "9 [space] 5" -- something echoed more or less by the lyric, in any case); and then, on the way home as I randomly passed by a "thanks for visiting" sign and just registered the text from the corner of my eye, "visit" sang randomly from the radio, again as to correspond perfectly synchronistically with my objective/unrelated passing of the sign and my absent registering of the "visiting." And again, not overly complex or notable or "deep"/profound, but all were distinctly patternistic enough, both of the echo-type incidents and the day's particular flavor of them, to be collectively notable.

Also, had another one of those unclassifiable, "synchronicity-like" experiences that could, instead, be classified as, say, a "magical everyday experience" or something (though this one in particular does have some distinct "question and answer"/"ask and receive"-type overtones to it). It started early this morning when I felt Compelled to ring up Cheryl and schedule an appointment, for the first time in a couple months or so, hopefully to maybe help with this weird cold or whatever it is I'm battling. But I didn't call this morning, nor did I this afternoon, when I had the vague reason of having such a hard time talking over the phone with my voice being so weak, and maybe if I could see her in person and schedule the appointment, I would -- and damned if that's exactly what happened, when I pulled into that random market (where I'd had absolutely zero plans to go to, only stopping off there in a last-second, Compelled fashion after I'd gotten lost on that hwy 905 and found myself up in this area). Not only did I discover her van there in the parking lot, after which I'd halfheartedly decided to track her down inside and maybe schedule the appointment if she had one available, but when I entered the foyer, there she was, just standing there precisely as I entered (as if waiting for me ...). And, also, she happened to know for sure that she did have an appointment available tomorrow, despite not having her book, only because she'd just scheduled for someone else and so her openings were fresh in her mind. And so I got what I'd so subtly "asked" for, getting to schedule an appointment with her in person, and in the most damn random and unlikely and totally off-the-wall way, all of it just seeming ridiculously "orchestrated" and the like. But then the clincher is that almost the exact same thing had happened before, earlier this year sometime, when I'd felt similarly Compelled to call her and make an appointment (though not for a cold or anything in particular that time), but then before I could, I'd met her totally randomly around town (and in a market again). A very bizarre and unique and funny synchronicity maybe? A sort of personified recurrence?

As far as thematics, did notice several of them through that same brief window of the subtle echoes during afternoon, though today these all fell into the "super-subtle, super-subjective vague parallel" category, all being either too vague or subjective to convey even in example. But then tonight, did have a standout, "proper" thematic, and it was almost exactly like that one involving the chapter on subconscious influence/perceptual distortion in the 'Guinea Pig' book and my abnormally suggestible/vulnerable morning. This time, it also began with my morning, in which I'd done an abnormal amount of multitasking and noticed how rundown and scatter-brained it left me when I attempt it when I'm in a sick/low-energy state -- and then, not at lunch but at dinnertime reading, I started a new chapter a few pages in, this one entitled "The Unitasker," and just like yesterday's, it echoed perfectly the random "territory" I'd distinctly yet totally randomly covered through the morning of chores and such. Also, it not only "paralleled" the larger, underlying theme of "multitasking drains you/messes with you mentally," but it also had a "question and answer" element to it, because this morning, while undergoing all this, I'd vaguely thought something like, "Didn't I read some articles about the psychological dangers of multitasking a while ago? What did they say, exactly?" And then in the chapter, it of course quoted several of these articles, both directly and in summary -- in any case, enough to precisely "answer" the little questions I'd had this morning. Really. Damn. Surreal.


And yet another minor/format/intensity-type of change-up from yesterday, with different concentrations and variations of the same basic number/thematic/echo-type mix of incidents I've been seeing most days lately.

The activity started up literally right after I left the house from lunch again, another of those "emerging"-type sudden onsets of the phenomenon, though today in the thought/echo category rather than numbers. It was a little double, back-to-back pair of radio echoes, with undertones of that "randomly keying my car and having the first words come over the radio be ridiculously surreal echoes of objective events/thoughts, etc." Right before I'd gotten in the car, seconds before starting it, I'd been stopped by the sudden and random appearance of a cat running into the driveway after being scared out of hiding by my coming out of the house, and, not wanting to scare it further, I'd arrested all moved/stopped dead as I've learned when dealing with frightened animals, and thus distinctly noticed the cat, and thought something along the lines of "there's the neighbors' cat" (it was in their driveway; I don't know if it actually belonged to them or not, though it doesn't ultimately matter). Then after I'd proceeded into the car after a pause, there was a random morning talk show on when I started it up, and the first sentence to come through mentioned a "neighbor's cat." And then, a few seconds after that in perhaps the very next sentence, a little follow-up "random absent heat-of-the-moment thought one-word echo"-type one, when I'd had one of those brief little bolts of nausea I get, thus causing me to absently and objectively/traceably think "my stomach," perfectly synchronistic with the radio announcer saying "your stomach," haha.

I would actually go on to experience several more of these "small" and/or fleeting/in-the-moment/one-word striking-type echoes later on in the afternoon, after lunch, though none were as coherent/notable as that first, opening pair. Had several in this vein through lunchtime reading, though these were of a slightly different quality/"feel" than the non-reading/radio-type echoes of today and most other days, interestingly. Today's lunchtime-reading echoes were definitely "upgraded" from the super-low-key/individually unnotable ones like I had yesterday and some other days, although still relatively low-key and scattered. The few standouts I got down (all of which were "nearby stranger randomly echoing what I thought or read," interestingly -- indicative of something?):

> The first came maybe 10-15 minutes into lunch, after a scattered string of super-subtle non-striking one-words of various kinds, as to mark a distinct "graduation" of the phenomenon (corresponding with the first hint of wakefulness/energy/stimulation from lunch, something to do with blood sugar and/or cognition maybe?). It started when I randomly went to write a note and while verbalizing it in my mind, precisely as I mentally "said" the word "whole," a nearby, passing man randomly said "whole" to a group of other people. And again: this one was bigger than it might appear, being, first, perfectly synchronistic and "striking" and precise, but doubly so considering the perfect objectivity/independence/randomness of the chain of thought/mental verbalization with the original "whole," with it just taking on an even more surreal quality, given that the echo was of my thought, as yet even unwritten, and arriving with such perfect, seamless "synchronicity." For me, subjectively, it felt like nothing less than the man having read my mind, haha. Another factor/"texture" that just doesn't translate to text, yet has large bearing on the incident's notability, etc.

> The next one came about ten minutes later (and, if I remember right, it involved the same stranger-man as the "whole" one, though I can't say for sure, having my back to him and his companions the whole time), and it was a bit more objectively notable, and somewhat unique. It started when I went on my phone and, wanting to know the distance to Nags Head up in NC, had punched this in and hit "ROUTE" in the map program -- precisely as the man randomly said "Hilton Head." At first this registered to me only as a single-word literal echo of "head," which would've been notable in itself, considering that the man had, until that exact moment, said/implied/hinted at nothing related to either "heads" or the coastal islands or anything that might've subconsciously cued me (I had actually be half-listening to him, distractedly, as he conversed with his friends at my back, and he'd been discussing investment plans or something up until then -- a whole bunch of investment jargon and terminology rather than anything Nags Head-y, as it were). But then I remembered that "Hilton Head" is, like Nags Head, a coastal, Carolina island -- so, in any case, this one was another ridiculously surreal/perfectly synchronistic/objective echo of either the simpler "head," or the deeper/more complex underlying essence of "coastal Carolina island," or both. Damn cool and incredible regardless.

> And then the third lunchtime echo, this one also with a twist. It started when the customer standing near me at the counter randomly said something like, "There's a comment section on the web page, right?" -- and then, perfectly synchronistic, I finished reading a sentence in the 'Guinea Pig' book that ended with "right?," in the same context and usage and such, just pertaining to different subject matter. Odd in the sense that it almost definitely was an incident, perfectly synchronistic in timing and spot-on patternistically, etc, but why only the partial echo of that single word, albeit in the same context/usage? Don't think I've ever seen one quite like that before (other than it fitting past incidents of "ones that don't exactly conform to other subtypes," haha).

Numbers were there today, but, oddly, almost exclusively in afternoon, with only a single one I can remember on the way to lunch, though this one was kind of a standout in its own way. It started when, upon realizing that definitely felt to be "in" the synchronistic state (this was some time after the "neighbor's cat"/"your stomach" echoes and some other, subtler ones between then and my arrival at the coffee shop), I had the absent, "challenge"-like thought of, "Well, if I'm 'there,' then why haven't I seen any numbers this morning?" -- precisely as I stopped at a light and there, directly in my line of sight/"effortlessly," was a 37-plate -- just a "small," two-digit, low-key, easily dismissible one, but arriving into my area of focus/sight perfectly synchronistic with my completing that thought, haha.

Still, that was the only one until shortly after lunch and leaving the coffee shop, when the slow build-up began, first low-key "small"/two-digit random 37-plates starting to appear, followed by some semi-conspicuous traffic and parking-lot-types.

Had a cool little cluster at the health-food store, when, first, I encountered several random parking-lot numbers on the way in, and then, just after I went inside, the cashier randomly quoted a price (of which, as in past incidents, all I caught was her saying the "thirty-seven," with the rest, before and after, drowned out by ambient noise/radio/other conversation, etc). However, I didn't really take note upon hearing it (even though it "felt" like a hit), and but then it happened again, with a similarly "small"/potentially chance one when a random customer quoted his 37-containing phone number. But then it all solidified into notability when, seconds after I had the thought of "Well, there's two cashier-type 37-quotes, but they were both so small and vague, I just can't rule out chance" -- right then, the cashier asked the customer to repeat his phone number because she didn't get it, thus adding a third 37 to the string, and again in patternistic "question and answer"/"ask and receive"/"small or vague incident repeating itself until I take note" fashion. And another one that was just so surreal/living-dream. Just can't put it into text.

Another number standout, at the gas station a little later, this one of the "conspicuous car with 37-plate somehow getting my attention precisely as I came out of a store"-type one, this time a truck conspicuously backing out of a space at the precise instant I emerged from the gas station after finishing inside, not only such that the very first thing I saw was this truck and its 376-ending plate, but the plate itself "swung" directly into my line of sight before the truck stopped, in that ridiculously surreal "animated"/"revealing"/"LOOK AT THIS!" manner, haha.

Had more of the thematics/parallels today too, and again with my distinct, somehat unique morning-time thoughts and experiences being echoed a short time later in the 'Guinea Pig' book. Today was a bit different, breaking that pattern of the last two days where there's a pronounced, single chapter that explicitly echoes my morning's theme, instead with just a bunch of "normal"/patternistic/longwinded-type thematic and parallel recurrences between my morning and the book's random topics and situations and sentiments, etc. Best example: this morning when doing random chores and such, I'd several times found myself thinking about how there just isn't enough time to do literally everything that needs done, how I'd just spend literally my whole life doing an endless stream of various household chores and upkeep, and so I'd thought, distinctly, of how I have to prioritize and the like -- which is exactly what the book touched on at various times, especially this evening, at times even echoing the exact, individual thoughts I'd had on this subject, in similar terms even. And, also, just lots of similarly vague/subjective/individually dismissible ones throughout the day and from various sources, again to leave me with that sense of "my day in a blender" (I'm actually starting to get seriously confused at times due to this phenomenon, where I honestly lose track of when I'd first thought of something, and if that thought had been my own or had bene in a book or something or both, since that is just so often recently becoming the case, my life and experiences being so present and oft-repeated in the day's reading material and other external exposures that it is literally getting hard to keep straight the two -- yet, one constant is that the recurrences are either usually if not entirely of an objectively traceable/100% random and indepedent nature, thus ruling out the most obvious explanation of subconscious suggestion and the like, albeit only subjectively). Some crazy days lately.

Ah, and then a cute little footnote for the day (literally as it were): another of those "totally random timer-checks for the Cyma machine during dinnertime reading, with my looking down precisely as the clock ticked to a random 37-variant," this time a dead-ringer "3:17," and so perfectly precise and accurate and "seamless" as to achieve that striking quality (and, as it were, 100% objective again, since I'm still doing the Cyma/eating dinner on the couch with the machine on the floor, beyond the cushion's edge, such that it's 100% invisible to me throughout dinner, and also, tonight, I'd not checked the time until then, and of course, I genuinely wanted/needed to know it, such that the only "logical"/"normal" explanation would involve a semi-superhuman subconscious keeping of the time).

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