Synchronicity log for 2018


Today kept the same exact basic feel/pattern/variation of incidents but lesser overall activity, without yesterday's periods of moderate to severe uptick, etc.

Morning saw the same scattered super-subtle activity, few reading numbers and recurrences and minor subtle echoes like I've been seeing. One standout recurrence:

> It started with a series of several vague but distinct and 100% objective/traceable thoughts I had soon after getting up today: first of how I'd forgotten to put out my lavender oil napkin in the night, and how I did indeed seem to sleep worse without it, suggesting that it's as effective at inducing sleep as I've suspected; then, soon after, while debating whether to try eating the bee pollen again and weighing the merits of potentially wrecking the new diet while balancing simple enjoyment of food, I ended up thinking about how my cravings and desires for it were mostly in my head/psychological, etc, a subconscious ingrained desire to be "treated" is how I thought of it specifically if I remember right; and then, soon after that as a matter of course, I started thinking about how the new keto diet is indeed pretty restrictive in that you can't break it even for one treat-type carb-containing meal without it potentially derailing the whole metabolic shift -- and then, about two hours or so later when I read the day's after-chore random freebie magazine, it was either the very first page or one of them that had not only a few little paragraph-long (previously unadvertised, offhand, as is always the case with these) mentions that addressed not only 1) how lavender aromatherapy has been scientificially proven to induce sleep, and 2) a little article about a study showing how American women tend to crave sweets and "treat"-type food during PMS purely as a mental response induced by culture/psychology, etc and 3) an article about the keto diet, which specifically mentioned how "restrictive" it was, that term exactly -- but all three were on the very same page, as to be this sort of collective super-echo, ha ha.

Lunch: started with yet another 100% patternistic greeter-plate upon my pulling up to the coffee shop, a 703-van again parked directly where I had to walk past, with its plate angled so that it was "staring" at me immediately upon my walking through the parking lot. From there, lunchtime reading saw more of those scattered, super-subtle but fully objective reading/thought/event-type echoes, probably ~dozen overall today again. One example: when I resumed reading the book and changed it from one hand to the other and shifted my position, during which I caught myself tensing my right side in that bad way I've been trying to break myself of, thus causing me to think something like "ribcage/side muscles/relax chest and ribs" -- precisely as I came to "ribs" randomly/singularly in the book, this among a cluster of several other in quick succession just after I started reading, as I've seen several times before.

Numbers were pretty sedate today overall, again exclusively after-lunch, but today never really progressing beyond scattered low-key 37-plates in traffic and such. Two notable ones I got down:

> Another 100% patternistic "very first plate after lunch upon getting back on the road being a conspicuous 37," this time when I went to pull from the parking lot and had to wait a couple seconds for an oncoming truck to pass, after which I pulled immediately behind it, only to be greeted/flashed with its 713-plate, and this again in that distinctly patternistic "intelligently orchestrated" timing/logistical precision, with the truck coming *just fast enough* that I had to wait for it to pass, and my turning out *just at the right angle* for the plate to so dynamically "greet" me, ha ha.

> Another cute little "litter-receipt"-type one, again just a random gas receipt that I picked up outside the library on the way to the car and, upon doing so, was "greeted" with the line "GALLONS: 23.77" right at the top, and with the receipt again folded *just so* that this line was at the very top and directly in my line of sight, as is the case with so many of these. Had several other subtle-but-patternistic ones like this today from what I remember.

Had a couple stray thought/event/radio-type echoes this afternoon, but only these, with only a couple very brief little periods of that "all-inclusive synchronistic background-static"-type activity that I saw so much of yesterday. Few standouts/examples:

> Really cool one at the library, beginning when I Noticed this random book about Iran sitting out among the freebie magazines and was Compelled to pick it up and open it to a random page, which happened to be one headlined "OF FAITH IN GOD" -- precisely as, from the checkout desk nearby, a patron said to the librarian something about "religious books," and this corresponding absolutely perfectly with my totally random page-turn and my registering the resulting headline text as it "greeted" me, again fuzzily and non-literally but definitely precise in underlying sentiment, and no less ridiculously surreal for it

> A very similar one at the appointment later, when I was reading the random magazine there and turned to a page headlined "THE SIMPLE PLEASURES OF RETURNING TO YOUR ROOTS" precisely as the nurse said randomly to another patient, "Back to the good old days," and this when she was across the room from me and facing away from my upheld magazine as to rule out any remote chance of her being even subconsciously cued, etc, and all perfectly timed

> A little sudden cluster of super-subtle "incidental" echoes just before getting home, I think 3-4 within the span of a single song on the radio, first when it randomly sang out "swing" precisely as I watched a car directly in front of me in the parking lot make an exagerrated, sudden, conspicuous sharp U-turn, thus "swinging" around conspicuously and perfectly timed, and again echoing my instantaneous perception and registering-thought of it. Then, seconds later, the radio singing "twist" precisely as I registered this random dragonfly as it flew up past my windshield in a conspicuously "twisting," zig-zag motion, again so subtle and individually unnotable but ridiculously surreal and collectively/subjectively notable like most of these


Morning was just like lately, though with less overall activity, and this corresponding with some diminished health/energy/blunted conscious state, reflectively/patternistically, just some more of that scattered, super-subtle, inclusive background static of little echoes and some stray numbers and recurrences/thematics, etc, and without a single citable example today.

First activity was a classical "Compelled to pick up a piece of litter, only to be intelligently 'led' to a 37-plate"-type one, which also served as a greeter-style plate, at the coffee shop when I arrived and got out and was immediately Compelled to pick up a piece of litter in the parking lot some distance away, forcing me to round a car and thus be met/greeted by its 735-plate, and again with my going *just far enough, and at just the right angle* to have to come into contact with it, ha ha. And another, practically identical one like this would happen later in the afternoon, at the market, when I got out and was similarly Compelled to pick up some scattered papers and other litter there, thus causing me to again round a parked car and come into contact with its 837-plate, when I wouldn't otherwise since it required going the opposite way from the market -- 100% patternistic of these.

Lunchtime reading saw only more of the same extremely subtle, subjectively notable-only-type of mixed activity, again just the barest threshold level of it, easily missed unless I was so accustomed to the pattern/behavior.

Afternoon stayed more or less the same, and really at times going completely silent even of the subtlest stuff, and all of this corresponding with a generally ugly day health/consciousness-wise. Did have a few conveyable incidents:

> Did see some after-lunch 37-plates, but again a slow start and only probably less than a dozen overall, still notable given the stark absence of any prior to lunch but overall very quiet

> Had two patternistically identical "being flashed with a conspicuous car's 37-plate immediately upon walking into a parking-lot"-type ones, first after the chiropractor's when a car turned through the parking lot lane and swung past me, thus "flashing" its front-mounted 37-plate directly into my line of sight, and once again so perfectly, flawlessly, "intelligently" timed/logistically precise, it was again just beyond surreal for all the simplicity/subtly of it all. And then, an hour or so later on the way home, it happened again, this time from the mail store, a truck turning through the parking lot at *just the precise time/angle/instant* for it to flash its 713-plate directly into my line of sight.

> Had more of those extremely subtle/fuzzy/indirect radio/thought/event echoes again, just a few here and there but definitely present. One example: precisely as I came upon the sign and driveway for the dump, thus causing me to automatically register it with a thought of something like "there's the dump," the radio randomly/singularly sang out "in the dumps." And then just before coming home, a little more coherent: it happened when I was stopped at an intersection and watched as a woman crossed the road and in front of a truck, waving to make sure the driver saw her, and also doing so just as the light changed, thus forcing the truck to wait a second or two for her to pass, precisely as the radio randomly sang out "I will wait for you," and this also corresponding perfectly with my absent/automatic registering of the light changing and the truck being forced to wait, etc, just like most of these.

> A cute "litter-receipt"-type incident while at the dump, with a twist. It happened when I went to dump my paper into the big open recycling bin there and upon doing so saw the top of a whole, unshredded personal check poking from the stack, right by the edge, so I went to pull it out and tear it up, only to see a receipt directly beside the check in the pile, with a great big "71130" in the middle of it, and once again folded *just so* that the number was dead center into the portion visible to me, and situated *just so* that I'd have to see it when I reached for the check

> Had more dinnertime reading tonight, and of the exact same super-subtle "book echoing exactly what I was randomly thinking"/"incidental"-type of echoes I've been seeing so much of lately. Had a pretty cool standout recurrence to, beginning through the day when I read that totally random/Compelled freebie copy of 'Audubon,' which proved to be a nature-conservation/environmentalist magazine, with a predominant theme of conservation and preserves and endangered species especially through it, and all of this sticking out to me predominantly because I'd had no idea what the magazine was about when I chose it, having never read one before and its cover giving no obvious clue as to its content, another purely random and Compelled "blind" choice -- and then the word-of-the-day email, when I checked my email just before bed, was "rewild," meaning to help preserve/conserve/protect wildlife and reintroduce it to its native habitat, the exact theme running conspicuously yet subtly through the magazine and my general thoughts consequently -- again a perfect example of the many many super-subtle, daylong-type recurrences and the like that just don't seem to stop these days


Day started with only the slightest scattered super-subtle activity here and there through morning, just like yesterday, silent for the most part, and still right up all the way through the morning highway-driving to the appointment. But from there, it suddenly exploded into a near-daylong cluster of that all-inclusive super-subtle/fuzzy/distorted/"incidental"-type of activity I've seen here and there, though today incredibly intense, perhaps to a new level.

It started literally as soon as the nurse left the room and I opened the day's freebie magazine to start reading, another of those classical "first page of the morning's magazine echoing exactly what had just happened," beginning when the nurse had totally randomly asked me, immediately before leaving, if I were a vegetarian and if I ate meat, perhaps just trying to make small talk and get me comfortable for the procedure, I don't know, but I'd answered her that I don't eat meat -- and then, when I opened the magazine just seconds later to where I'd left off the night before, the very first thing I saw was a little paragraph-box above the recipe on the page, headlined with "GO MEATLESS," and in that same context of literally not eating meat. And from there, I think I experienced no less than a dozen back-to-back little thought/reading echoes, followed by more off and on through the entire session, then more on the drive to lunch. Lunchtime reading actually saw an odd lull in the activity, just reverting to that very quiet, "threshold" level of scattered reading echoes, but afterward, it was back to the onslaught storm, and only getting more intense as the day wound on, soon reaching that point of literally just back-to-back thought echoes and recurrences and thematics and number-repeats for minutes or longer at a time, and today pretty much every single one highly coherent and subjectively notable but just immediately overwhelming my ability to keep track of it all and write it down. From there, quickly progressed to that "dozens and dozens" level of activity, but with a new dimension to it today I don't think I've quite seen before or only very rarely, with a seamless sort of "fluidity" to it all, best described as internal and external reality seeming to meld to a new degree, such that my ultimate experience was just this big "living echo" where all the "threads" of my actions and those of others and the environment seemed to weave together in that distinctly "synchronistic" fashion. But there are really just no words. An absolutely indescribable experience, and made all the more intense due to the confusion and headsickness and day's somewhat nightmarish health in general (and again with the phenomenon seeming to "reflect" these qualities as seen previously).

Couple little examples I got down during lunch before the onslaught began in earnest:

> A resumed-reading-type one when I resumed the '37th Parallel' book after a break and the very first words to fall directly/automatically under my eyes were "Then the SUV had driven off," precisely as a big boxy SUV had rounded the corner from the drive-thru at the coffee shop, paused momentarily just in front of me as if maybe checking their order, then driven off, and this again another good patternistic/behavioral example of the super-subtles that would characterize the day, except later they'd come 4 or 5 at a time, back to back, and unmistakably precise for all their subtly and fuzziness

> A bit more coherent and notable: it happened when a woman burst out of the coffee shop from just nearby where I was sitting, then scratched her head precisely as she passed me and I registered here, such that I automatically thought something like "scratching her head/hand at her head" as my initial impression of her -- precisely as I turned the page in the book, and the very first two words at the top of the page were "woman's head," and though the page wasn't on a new leaf, I'd been holding the book folded over as to make it easier to hold up with one hand, such that I'd had to flip it over to "turn" the page, so that the text was 100% invisible beforehand ...


Today was a quieter, less-active version of yesterday, same basic variety of activity but just far, far, less of it, nowhere near approaching that mind-bending crush from just after lunch yesterday, and this corresponding distinctly with an improvement in health/condition/a different "place"/state of mind, just as in the past.

Morning was totally silent, as was lunch for the most part, with the exception of again just a few more of those scattered, super-subtle reading echoes and some recurrences and parallels/thematics, back to just that threshold level I've been seeing periodically. And this would go on the characterize the whole of the afternoon for the most part, again with only little scatterings of that extremely subtle, fast, fuzzy, back-to-back "echo state" like yesterday but not lasting nearly as long nor as coherent or numerous by any means. Few examples I got down of the express "little-thing/super-subtle" nature of this latest activity:

> Another "morning crossword puzzle" word recurrence, "Ewok," the answer to one of the clues and the first I'd encountered the term in months/years/perhaps longer, and then it was used in the '37th Parallel' book during lunchtime reading, and again totally offhand/random/off the cuff rather than any expressly relevant to the story, instead just being a random mention by one of the people in their dialogue rather than the theme/subject matter of the book (nothing else Star Wars-related in it before or afterward, as it were)

> A cute little sort of clock-tick 37 just after lunch, when I got in the car and, with my watch dead and not having checked my phone all through lunch and not having noted the time when I got there, I distinctly thought, and even said aloud, "I have no idea what time it is," and then proceeded to key the ignition and watch the dash display to check the time as it started up, precisely at 1:37 -- not a tick from 1:36 or something, but it still had that "little-thing feel"

> A similarly super-subtle/feel/patternistically-notable-only ask-n-receive-sort at the market just after, when I was getting my bags together to take in and, knowing I would get some produce, I had the distinct thought of how I'd like to have a fresh, unused produce bag, but I didn't -- and then, seconds later after I'd gotten out and started to the market, there on the ground was a new, unused produce bag just like I'd wanted -- far from an uncommon find, but so soon, and again so patternistic of these ...

Numbers were again very very quiet today, another of exclusively after-lunch 37-plates and a few scattered "everywhere" 37s and such, probably less than a dozen total again, though did have a couple cute little standouts on the way home:

> Yet another "car conspicuously pulling in front of me as to demand my attention"-type plate, when a truck first changed lanes and "inserted" its 37-plate directly into my line of sight/my immediate and automatic area of focus in patternistic fashion, and then, seconds later, abruptly changed lanes again and pulled in front of me, thus "inserting" it a second time, as if to stress the point

> And then, more notable and coherent: another one of those "geographical/place-oriented" ones, at that corner restaurant I often pass on the way home where I've seen so many "staring" 37-plates on random cars there as I've passed, but tonight with a twist. This time the plate on was a truck just pulling into the lot and parking in a roadside space precisely as I passed by, as to achieve my seeing a "parked at the restaurant 37-plate" for *just a split second,* long enough to repeat the underlying pattern, and this also made more notable by the contextual detail, given that I'd had to wait for this same truck to turn right into the road before I turned left and pulled directly behind it, and again where, had the truck been going just a little bit slower, I'd have pulled in front of it and hence not seen the plate or its pulling it -- in that exact same logistically perfect/perfectly timed/"orchestrated" fashion that's so characteristic of these


Exact same pattern and basic feel/variety of activity today, now getting to that respectively notable degree, just from the sheer consistency of it all from day to day, in that "chapters/epochs of the phenomenon"-type way I'm getting such a solid feel for, however subjective it might be.

Had another where the morning was totally silent but for the slightest scattered "background static/threshold"-level echoes and thematics and the like here and there.

Lunchtime reading: this too was another fully patternistic period, another of those where I saw some slightly more coherent/pronounced/numerous reading/event/thought/"incidental"-type echoes as I've been seeing, plus some personal thematics today, and then it all wound down to silence by lunch's end, and thought-wise, would stay so for the rest of the day as of writing, going back to the morning's level of only the very slightest, scattered, extremely subtle blips here and there.

A damn cool standout at lunch, and an indicative, albeit more coherent, example of the "incidental" activity in general. It started with an individual, slightly more coherent standout of these, when I shifted my position in the seat and caught myself leaning my head in that habit I've been trying to break myself of, precisely as I randomly/singularly came to "she was leaning her head out" in the book, as to again echo that basic sentiment of "leaning head" in fuzzy/not-100%-literal fashion (and this is at least the third of these exact same "catching myself in a habit of something and then consciously thinking about it, only to have it echoed"-type incident, of many more, subtler ones, as to establish a new pattern -- perhaps these are echoed specifically due to my patternistically automatic/reactionary thoughts that occur when I catch myself in such a habit, thus triggering this synchronistic/external-reality echo effect?). And then, seconds later, an equally notable one, as to create that back-to-back/wham-bam effect: it started when a random woman passed me by closely to my right, thus causing me to notice her out of the corner of my eye, and thus causing me to be instantly impressed by the somewhat conspicuous, odd, uncommon pants suit she was wearing, ultimately causing me to absently think/register her with a thought of something like "woman in florid pants suit" -- precisely as I randomly came to "she was still in the suit" in the book, 100% patternistic of these, and again so notable due to its stark, explicit, undeniable objectivity, with my having zero control over the woman or my awareness of her as she appeared to me at *just that precise instant,* ha ha.

The only other standoutish echo of the day, and this a good example of the subtler/"faster"/fuzzy/"in-the-heat-of-the-moment" kind that can be so numerous/rapid-fire at times: precisely as I rounded a blind corner and encountered a man conspicuously swinging open the back door of a delivery truck, as to patternistically make me think/register it with the thought of something like "swinging door/big heavy metal door," the radio randomly/singularly sang out "The door!," and again in that ridiculously perfect, "intertwined" fashion that still strikes me silly every time it happens.

Numbers were again sparse and quiet today, with zero before lunch, followed by a 100% patternistic after-lunch "greeter" in the parking lot outside the coffee shop (once again: immediately as I went to take the first step from the sidewalk, there was a 734-plate on a car directly/quietly conspicuously in front of me, "staring" in that patternistic fashion). From there, again maybe a dozen or less scattered, subtle, yet fully patternistic traffic/parking-lot 37-plates, plus about an equal amount of semi-conspicuous little "everywhere" 37s (another of those "buying several random things at the market, only to have the total come to $77.31"-type things, or when I came home and was Compelled to count up the money in my wallet, only to have it be exactly $371, and this after all sorts of random expenditures and my happening to make an ATM withdrawal today, and even at one point my using four quarters to pay for something, which I never ever do -- all with it Just Happening to come out to exactly $371, and after a Compelled, equally random and uncharacteristic counting of the money, ha ha). Good fun.

And a very cute little receipt-37 one I just found: timestamp of "11:37:51 AM," then "Your Order Number is: 372" ...


Today was mostly silent, and felt overall slightly different than this latest chapter of the phenomenon, and this corresponding with a similarly lateral shift in health/condition/consciousness in reflective fashion.

Morning and lunch were again almost full silent but for some very scattered and very subtle little thematics and "I was just thinking that" echoes and little-thing recurrences, and it seems like even at lunch there was just a couple of those "incidental" action/reading-type incidents, and these exclusively very small, one-word, individually dismissible kind.

Numbers were almost totally silent today too, with the first coming soon after lunch (but not in immediate fashion). It happened maybe 10-15 minutes after I'd left the coffee shop and went to the hardware store where, right before I stopped off into the restroom, I had to pass by this oven sitting in a row, which had a big string of numbers on the front but all of which were obscured by a hanging piece of paper -- except for the first two, 73, such that as I passed, there was a classically/patternistically big "73" "staring" at me, ha ha. Still, only subjectively notable, but I got a kick out of it all the same.

From there, had only a very few traffic-plate/parkinglot 37s, plus some equally sparse and scattered echoes and the like, all amounting to a generally quiet day and still in reflection of my generally quiet/less-turbulent/"smoother" state of health today. Did have a few cool standouts:

> A classical "random/singular lyric on the MP3 player while at the gym echoing some fully objective action," this time when I went to do the kowtwo ab pull-downs on the machine, thus causing me to drop to my knees and begin folding my elbows to the floor, precisely as the MP3 song sang out "To the floor!," and this its own verse/stanza rather than a sentence fragment or whatever, as to just emphasize it and echo it that much "louder," ha ha. And again, the two corresponded absolutely flawlessly and perfectly and objectively, with the lyric coming *just at the precise instant* I put my weight on the machine and began dropping to the floor, again without even the slightest time for me to be suggested or cued or whatever

> An incredibly notable and surreal one just before I got home, when I stopped off at the recycling bin to try and dig out to cartoons for tomorrow. It was another of those patternistic and absolutely bizarre "song looping through the head being echoed just like that on the radio"-type one as I've seen many times now, this time when the song, which I'd listened to at the gym and had been looping through my head all the way home, came to its chorus, "Welcome to the scene of the crash" -- precisely as I unfolded a random newspaper I'd pulled from the bin, in search of the cartoon page, and thus revealed a big, vivid picture of a NASCAR racing crash, and this again in that absolutely perfectly synchronistic/intertwined fashion, with the song just playing naturally in my head, just like a radio song, and fluidly coming to the chorus at the precise instant I unfolded the newspaper and flipped the page open and revealed the previously invisible picture, just so perfectly "orchestrated" and living-dream ...

> The only number standout of the day I think: another classical "road merger" as I've been seeing, and this one of the "reckless driver demanding my attention" variety, when I was on the scooter and, right as I came within the "danger zone" of the merger lane, a car whipped around it, looking like it was going to pull right out in front of me and at the worst possible angle, etc, thus demanding my attention directly to its 773-plate, and in that ridiculously surreal "greeter"/"animated"/"shouting" dramatic fashion, ha ha

> Another of those "geographical" ones involving the restaurant I pass on the way home, and this time with another very cool and very notable twist like the last time. This time, instead of a parked car or that parking truck like the last, it was a sign posted in front of the property on the corner, in the same general area of the parking lot where I always see the 37-plates, with a big "237"-prefixed phone number written on it, and for a Saturday-afternoon garage sale that was being held down the road today, such that it was just put up since the last time I'd been through ...


The quietest overall day in some time, and this again corresponding explicitly and patternistically with a big downturn in health/condition/state of mind/general internal "deadening" of thought, etc. Really, the whole day more or less was silent but for a few standouts and a couple very brief periods of subtle activity:

> Morning was pretty much entirely silent except for a couple very brief periods of that super-subtle echo/thematic/recurrence-type stuff early morning, and then, suddenly in church, a scattered few of those distinct "church-style" fast/subtle/notable but too subjective describe little echoes, actually the first I'd seen of these in some time despite their scarcity and subtly, interestingly

> Afternoon saw probably 5 or 6 very small and scattered radio/thought/"incidental"-style echoes, with some standout just after lunch, as classical "nearby stranger"-style one when I was at the health-food store and went up to the shelf of vitamins with the one I was looking for, and precisely as I checked the price and saw that it was $21.99 and thus automatically registered it with a thought of "twenty-two dollars," rounding it up the penny as I've come to do, one of the employees said to another, across the store and totally randomly/objectively/patternistically, "twenty-two," and I don't even know what they were talking about, but the word corresponded again absolutely perfectly/"intertwined" with my mental vocalization/thought precisely as it crossed my mind, making me blink, ha ha

> Numbers were again almost equally silent, just a few scattered plates just before I got to church, then another scattering throughout the day running errands, though did end up having a handful of classical more-active traffic-style ones, including both a 473-plate "greeter" when I got to the coffee shop and parked in my usual spot there, only to have the car parked directly beside where I'd already intended to go before I even pulled up; and then, in "immediate after-lunch" fashion, when the first plate I encountered upon leaving was a 735, and this one in that perfectly timed/logistically perfect "flashing"/"revealing" style, with it being on a car I had to wait to pass before I could pull from the parking lot, again just *one split second too soon* for me to pull out in front of it and hence miss the plate, ha ha; plus I think two more at some point on the way home, a "reckless driver turning in front of me and thus revealing its 37-plate" one and another that I can't remember beyond it being there

Only other activity was a cluster of maybe a dozen or so little-thing recurrences and "incidental" thought/reading echoes during dinnertime reading, of the exact same super-subtle variety as the rest of the day. Seems like there were some semi-notables but I've forgotten them specifically by now.


Today was very much like yesterday, mostly silent but for some scattered extremely subtle "incidental" echoes/thematics/little-thing recurrences through the day, with morning and lunchtime reading pretty much fully silent, followed by the usual shift during afternoon/after lunch, followed by an equally patternistic return to silence by the time I "shut down" and returned home. The day's few notes/standouts:

> Only number standout today was a classical 37-greeter-style plate at the coffee shop, where, after a total silence number-wise through the morning and the drive there, I was "greeted" with a conspicuously/perfectly angled 733-plate car, once again directly in my path upon pulling into the driveway, "staring" at me like all the rest. Otherwise, once again had only some scattered few 37-plates while running errands and the like, all only semi-conspicuous/"passive"

> Had a few very subtle incidental echoes here and there through lunch, all too subtle to note, followed by a couple slightly more-coherent ones just afterward, which sort of "climaxed" with a standout. It happened when I pulled into the Goodwill parking lot to donate the book, when, at the exact precise instant I turned into the parking lot proper and simultaneously had the absent/automatic thought of "time to donate book around the side of the building," the radio randomly said "drop off donations," in an ad about relief efforts for hurricane victims, and once again with these words specifically correlating absolutely perfectly to my fully objective/independent arrival at the store and subsequent thought.

> One other standout thought echo, this one highly notable and precise, as to be more "classical" than the most-recent subtler, fuzzier kinds. It happened when I was at the checkout in the grocery store and, when prompted with the total to pay from the machine, I pulled out the change in my pocket and saw I didn't have the right change for it, thus causing me to automatically think something like, "Darn, wish I had the right change because I don't think I have the exact bills to pay" -- precisely as "Give me change" sang randomly/singularly from the overhead radio, and though I think it was in the context of "change things" rather than in regards to physical money, the timing and literal precision were absolutely spot-on, just ridiculously surreal again ...


An overall quiet day again, and still almost exclusively just scattered, brief little clusters of the same variety of super-subtle echoes and thematics and little-thing recurrences again. Did, however, have an exception to this during after-chore reading this morning, and notably so, with my having a sudden, conspicuous cluster of "I was just thinking that before sitting down to read"/random article echoes and recurrences, plus an equally sudden few of those semi-conspicuous "offhand-mention/quoted figure" 37s I tend to see during this time, and all of it corresponding perfectly/pretty much instantly with a sudden drastic improvement in health from the last week or so, with that fundamental, nightmarish headsickness and internal deadening lifting for the first time in days and days and thus corresponding 100% perfectly with this sudden activity, in the now-classical patternistic style. Very surreal, for all the subtly of the incidents then.

Otherwise, the only thought/perceptual activity came in the form of yet more extremely subtle little "incidental" echoes during lunch, again without a single quotable example that I can remember, plus some equally similar vague/fuzzy/extremely low-key ones here and there through the afternoon, and several of these with that distinct slight-delay timing. Best example of the day's thought-type activity collectively: when I was at the gym and, right as I went to start the first exercise on the machine, I was suddenly hit by another wave of that stark feverish coldness/full-body chill as I've been having so much of lately, thus causing me to instantly think something like "Feel so cold and ugly" -- just before the song I'd just put on the MP3 player said "I don't want to feel so young and cold," and this with that distinct 1-2 second delay and fuzziness of these super-subtles, but again fitting the pattern/behavior exactly, such that these "imperfections" only made it collectively notable, ha ha.

Numbers: exactly like last couple days, just a scattered few, almost exclusively after lunch and barely any even then, just some scattered low-key 37-plates in traffic and a couple parking-lot ones. Had one single, standoutish one on the way to lunch, another of those "geographical"/place-oriented ones, not at the restaurant today but at that first intersection after leaving the house and before getting on the main road, where I've seen so many in this exact same fashion now, today a 473-plate on a van, and with the additional notability of it pulling up *just before* the light changed and I got going, as to again "flash" the plate at me for a split second, just long enough for me to register it.


Something of an uptick today, though still in the same general groove/chapter/underlying daylong pattern I've been seeing.

Morning and lunchtime reading: again saw just that subtlest, "threshold" level of activity that's characterized the last few mornings and early afternoons lately, and this again corresponding with a generally subdued and "deadened" internal state/diminished health and energy/consciousness, etc, all that in reflective fashion that's so firmly established itself. Morning saw no real quotable incidents, though lunchtime reading cohered just enough towards the end for a couple:

> Through first half of the meal, experienced several patternistically identical very vague, subtle, fuzzy, and delayed echoes/recurrences/thematics much like yesterday's, such as several instances where I'd be randomly and objectively thinking of something and a basic, one-dimensional echo of that would show up as randomly in the text, like my thinking about how my tea was getting cold and I needed to drink it, seconds before randomly coming to some offhand mention of tea in the book, probably 4-5 like this, enough to establish a pattern. And then, a little more notable and coherent: this one started soon into the meal when I got the sudden yen to look up Sedona on the map and see what was around it/where in AZ it was exactly/how far it was from other major Western cities, and then, upon going to the map and looking, I was surprised by how far off my geographical placement of it was on the map, being more towards CA than NM/CO, etc -- and then, maybe 3-4 minutes later and a couple pages into the book, the people in it randomly and totally without foreshadowing/allusion, etc, anything that would cue me/tip me off to "map" or "geography" or whatever, the people randomly looked at a map and began tracing the states around a given area, and it mentioned twice how bad each of them were at geography and how far off they were in placing different areas, etc, more or less *exactly* what I'd just experienced/thought in essence, however fuzzy/non-literal/delayed. Had probably 2-3 others like this as well, all just enough to establish a pattern.

> Then towards the end of the meal, it cohered slightly more, now into the still-subtle but a little more defined/classical "I was just randomly/objectively thinking of that exact thing before reading it in the book," these without delays as to be perfectly synchronistic. Best example: when I finished a big long bite and felt the need to get up and walk around a little, thus causing me to think about little chores and tasks I could do to stretch my legs as I've made a habit of, thus causing me to remember I needed to look over my to-do list and optimize what routes I could take, etc -- precisely as I started a new paragraph in the book in which the first sentence started with "he began running down a list," ha ha

Afternoon's thought/perceptual activity consisted of several of these same reasonably coherent if still-subtle echoes, maybe 3-4 spread out over the course of the few hours I was out, just enough to stave off a total silence. Best example: it started when I passed a strip mall where someone had conspicuously parked a motorcycle on the sidewalk out front, thus causing me to think of how I was looking for a bike and whether I should buy one of the ones I'd been looking at -- precisely as "my motor bike" sang randomly/singularly from the radio.

Another notable example: it happened when I was in the market and was Compelled suddenly to plant a cartoon in the lobby there, and precisely as I unfolded it and saw its very first panel, which was dominated by a big conspicuous picture of the sun, thus causing me to absently/automatically register it with a thought of "the sun" specifically/literally, a nearby stranger totally randomly/singularly said "the sun was out earlier" into his phone, and once again with his saying "the sun" corresponding absolutely perfectly/flawlessly with my thought, as to be intertwined in that ridiculously surreal and patternistic way

Numbers were slightly more active today, still mostly only quietly conspicuous/low-key 37-plates in traffic and in parking lots but a few more today, as to step it up a notch or so from last couple days, and with a couple cool standouts even:

> One was a classical "being greeted by a 37-plate immediately upon stepping into a parking lot"-style one, but with a twist. Rather than being the very first car and plate I encountered, the 37 was actually the second, yet the very first one had no plate on it, such that the 37 was still technically the first plate I was greeted with, and it all had that feel of being intelligent/orchestrated in patternistic fashion -- gave me a laugh anyhow

> A cool little triple-combo cluster at the gas station. It started when I had to randomly/awkwardly stop at that sideways intersection and go through it to get to the station after not being able to turn left over to it in traffic before, when I came to a stop and, directly/patternistically in my line of sight, there was a big "3.7" at the very edge of a sign across the street, and it was another of those where the rest of the sign's text was obscured by another, closer sign, and *just so* that only the 3.7 was visible to me where I'd pulled to a stop, exactly like others of this fashion (and, another notable detail: I looked at the full text of the sign after, and the "3.7" didn't connect to any of it, with that just being sort of hanging off to the right and making no sense with the rest of the text, ha ha). And then, seconds later when I pulled through the intersection and turned into the gas station lot, a truck was passing through right as I got in, and it "flashed" its 317 front-mounted plate into my line of sight, and this also *just so* that it was visible to me from the angles of our respectful turns, and for *just that slightest, patternistic split-second* of these as to be enough for me to register it. And then, a couple seconds later when I pulled into the pump and got out, I was "greeted" similarly by another of those random 37-containing readouts from the last customer's purchase, 9.713 gallons pumped, ha ha.


Slight lateral change-up today corresponding with a similar shift and mild improvement in health and thinking and the like, still consistent with the direct "reflective" aspect of the phenomenon.

Morning was totally silent even of super-subtles today from what I remember, though it was another one of those times when I had some sudden notable activity come about immediately upon getting in the car to leave, a scattered cluster of several standouts:

> First was another immediate "exactly what I was just thinking" radio echo, and a pretty complex/multidimension and exceptional one at that. It started when I went out of the house for the first time today and thus saw the stormy sky and the high winds and the marsh's abnormally high level, close to flooding, thus causing me to react with alarm and worry, thus causing me to subsequently react with a thought of how that was all just appearances and that I'd choose to accept even the worst outcome and just be happy, thus causing me to think/visualize Christ on the Sea of Galilee/sleeping and staying calm through the storm -- and then, upon getting in the car seconds later and hearing a talk show on the radio, I scanned to a new station, on which was a song that immediately sang out "I will praise you in this storm," and went on to generally echo not only the exact underlying sentiment of staying happy/seeing through appearances/remaining steadfast in the face of a literal storm, but was also a Christian religious song, as to echo the Christ image I'd had. And, to make it slightly more notable or at least cute and iornic: the station was 107.3 FM.

> Next up, had a classical "feeling that distinct universal-joy feeling perfectly synchronistic with the conspicuous appearance of a 37-plate" on the way to the appointment, and this the first of these I'd expressly experienced in some time as it were. It started when I was on the highway and driving in the high winds and the car got battered by a sudden big gust but I stayed calm and reacted well and then went on to successfully stay happy and embrace the experience of it and ultimately love it as I've been working on doing lately, all of which culminated in my experiencing that distinct feeling of universal joy that characterizes these -- perfectly synchronistic with a drifter-style car passing from my left and "inserting" its 10373-plate directly into my line of sight, and again so perfectly timed/logistically flawless, etc, that it just went beyond words

> And then, finally, another "climactic greeter-style staring 37-plate upon reaching my destination," with a 736-plate staring at me 100% patternistically/conspicuously directly in my path as I pulled in

> Next, some minutes later after I'd gone in for the appointment and gotten settled and opened the day's freebie magazine at the first chance, had a reasonable cluster of classical after-chore-reading/"finally settled in and relaxed"-style echoes and the like, most notably on the first article/editor's letter in the magazine, which began with an absolutely surreal and notable standout echo of the morning's storm, just like the song in the driveway. The article featured a big, central picture of two figures calmly sitting on the shore of a stormy ocean, with the caption that they were "riding out the storm in mindful meditation," which not only echoed that exact same sentiment/reaction/situation I'd had upon leaving the house and seeing the storm and my reacting with that exact basic mindfulness/conscious calm as described in the caption and the figures' appearance, etc, but also echoed nearly the *exact same physical scene/surroundsings themselves* as I'd been in, with my standing at the edge of the flooded marsh with the stormy ocean visible beyond it -- absolutely damn surreal and living-dream, etc (and again with the notable context of my Just Happening to just yesterday pick up this random freebie magazine from the library -- a different one than I usually go to, even -- and then begin reading it this morning ...).

> From there, the cluster had several minor "I was just thinking that echoes," plus some of those "environmental" thematics, such as when I came to a random little article about Kyoto, Japan, precisely as the ambient music in the appointment room came to this classically Asian-sounding string arrangement. One standout here too: when I came to a random article about a new phone and its features, thus causing me to reconsider perhaps finally getting one as I've been thinking about, thus causing me to think of how I could go right down to Best Buy today and get one if I so chose -- and then, a minute or so later on the very next page, there was a random offhand mention of "Best Buy," not of the actual store but a pun/play-on-words pertaining to it directly, as to be a loose-but-notable/patternistic page-turn echo, ha ha.

Next, lunch saw some mild activity again, beginning with yet another fully patternistic "staring 37-greeter plate" upon my pulling in and parking, and this time with the notable context that when I'd gone to park in the usual, closest, logical space that I usually use at this particular coffee shop, there had been a tow truck fixing to tow a car and thus blocking the lane and causing me to instead go around front and park in a totally different space than usual, and of course causing me to park in the first available space there which brought me into contact with another 37-plate there ...

As for lunchtime-reading itself, the first half was fully silent, followed by some slight activity towards the end, in the same arc/pattern I've seen before. The first semi-notable incident was another of those clusters of small, one-word, but numerous-and-patternistic random-reading echoes between the 'Zigzag' book and a group of folks sitting nearby but paying zero attention to me and out of reading range of my book, etc, with their random conversation again periodically "overlapping" stray-but-conspicuous words in the book, sometimes perfectly synchronistic and sometimes with a slight delay but also patternistic enough to be notable, probably 5-6 like this total.

Then, just before I left, an odd, somewhat unique incident that could've been coincidence but did have a very synchronistic feel to it. It started with the whole row of overhead hanging lights directly beside where I was sitting suddenly cutting out, all at once, all 4-5 of them just blinking out as if a switch had been hit or the power had gone out, yet they were the only ones in the restaurant that did so, and I didn't see anyone at a switch or anything, just these lights suddenly snuffing out separately from anything else around me, as to be so conspicuous to make me pay special attention, etc -- which corresponded perfectly synchronistic with my randomly come to "the wires were cut" in the book, and if I remember right, I read/registered the "cut" at the precise instant the lights snuffed out, perfectly synchronistic, though there might've been a very slight delay between the two, it's hard to say given how distracting the whole light-thing was -- not quite precise an echo enough to totally rule out simple coincidence, but it certainly didn't feel this way when experienced, especially in the context of all these dozens and hundreds of similar experiences over the years ...

From there, the day entered another of those shifts into a pretty much full silence thought/perceptually, with only the very slightest super-subtles here and there through the rest of the afternoon (I remember another of classical "one-word radio/passing-sign"-type echoes, when the radio sang out "Time!" precisely as I came upon a big billboard with "TIMESHARE" in the middle and I registered the "time" portion specifically, as is the pattern with these), and instead shifting into "number-mode" as I've seen several times before, ultimately with a showing very much like yesterday's moderate amount of low-key 37-plates in traffic and the like, plus a couple more-active/standoutish ones.

Really the only notable standout was yet another of those "highway merger conspicuous 37-plate"-type incidents that seem to happen almost daily now, just after lunch when I passed an on-ramp at the perfectly precise instant that a 378-plate car merged and pulled in front of me, again with that logistically flawless angle and speed, and with that "animated" quality too, with the car "whipping" into view around the tight, uphill lane as to be that much more conspicuous and attention-grabbing like so many of these are.

Ended up noticing some significant but very subtle and scattered "background static"-type of activity through evening and into dinnertime reading, though it was again all of that extremely personal/subjective/far-too-complicated-to-convey kind for all its subjective notability.


Morning was fully silent except for a continuation of that same extremely subtle and subjective yet notable activity I saw last night, in carryover fashion as I've seen.

The first coherent activity came during the drive to lunch just before arriving at the coffee shop, with this sudden and subtle yet very notable little cluster. It started with a slight variation of that "universal joy"-type of 37-plate-appearance subtype, when I had yet another of those sudden, striking surges of that distinct and particular feeling (and again after a long "drought" of such after being so sick lately but then improving somewhat yesterday and today), right as I encountered two low-key 37-plates in traffic back to back (the first of the day also as it were), as to be somewhat differentiated than the typical "perfectly synchronistic drifter-style appearance of a single plate alongside me" as I've seen in the past yet still culminating in the same basic effect/underlying pattern of this particular sentiment seeming to be expressed as a 37-appearance in external reality. Then, immediately after this, had a sudden little cluster of I think 3-4 of those same basic extremely subtle echoes and thematics as I saw noticeably last night and this morning, now somewhat more coherent and involving random thoughts and the radio -- all again collectively notable in the marked absence/silence of anything immediately before, then the conspicuous appearance of these.

The next activity came at lunch, and it was another of those exact same "sitting in a random spot facing the parking lot, only to have a random 37-plate car 'staring' directly at me," and this one in the exact same parking lot that I've experienced this particular variant of several times, yet I'm pretty sure the actual car the plate was on was random/not a repeating one/that of an employee, etc (though I'm only about 75% on this -- in any case, the plate was there and patternistically staring and also just visible between a single-space gap in an otherwise full or fuller line of parked cars, as to create a little "valley" directly between me and the plate exactly like multiple other incidents of this nature).

Did see a few classical reading/random thought/event-type echoes through lunch, and interestingly, these were all singular and standoutish and scattered, as to be distinctly different than those less-coherent/fuzzy/indirect/more rapid-fire ones of the last few weeks, or even those of just this morning, and all of this coincided with another perfectly "reflective" shift and improvement in health/thinking, etc, again just utterly surreal in this quality alone. Had probably 4-5 total over the whole meal, not many, but a couple good standout examples in there:

> Another of those "small when written out but much bigger/more notable when experienced" ones, beginning when I moved my hand on the book to re-adjust my grip on it or something, and thus moved it from the blank bottom half of the page (end of chapter), thereby exposing it to the direct sunlight shining on it and thus causing the light to reflect visibly/uncomfortably/conspicuously onto my face -- precisely as I randomly/singularly read "he reflected" in the book, as to again flawlessly and simultaneously echo my automatic thought of "harsh reflected sunlight" in intertwined fashion, 100% patternistic of these.

> A similar one later on, of the "fully objective/traceable random thought being immediately echoed by text" kind, beginning when I came to the very last bite of the first course of the meal and realized that all of the almonds in it had sunk down to the bottom and that I was about to take a particuarly chewy/nutty bite after eating all the liquid parts, thus causing me to think something like "nutty bite/all the nuts in next bite" -- precisely as I came to "nuts and bolts" in the book, and once again with the text visible to me peripherally beforehand but again irrelevant since I can so distinctly trace my thought to that fully 100% random and objective/separate event of my coming to the very last bite of that bowl of food at that very instant after taking probably ~45 minutes to slowly work through it, and of course the fact that not only were there these few nuts in it at all but the fact that the liquid hadn't been dense enough to float them today (after I Just Happened to use too much water while blending the liquid portion) so that I'd end up having that thought just then, etc, etc -- just so ridiculously random yet perfectly precise/logistically dovetailed in the way of these, so "synchronistic," ha ha

Went on to have several more of the exact same singular, scattered, standoutish echoes through afternoon, some more notable and coherent than others but all still generally remaining distinct from those fuzzier and more-distorted kind that have predominated for so long now. Couple examples I got down:

> A classical one-word striking/perfectly synchronistic one while getting the massage, beginning with the wholly objective and random and singular event of my requesting that the therapist use "heavy pressure on my feet," precisely as the radio playing nearby said "forty feet," and this on an ad for cell phones no less, as to again preclude any cueing/suggestion, etc

> A pretty cool one while in traffic, beginning with another big long random chain of fully traceable and objective thoughts, which ended with me thinking of taking the trip south and of getting a rental there and everything -- precisely as a truck pulled up and stopped at the driveway of a parking lot as I passed it, a great big moving truck with "RENTALS AVAILABLE" printed in big type in the middle of its trailer, and this text specifically "arriving" directly into my absent area of focus precisely as I passed, patternistically, and also as patternistically "animated," with the truck both swinging around in a big, conspicuously dramatic turn and then coming to a hard stop right in front of me, all as to again demand my attention in that ridiculously surreal and patternistic way, ha ha

Number-wise, today was ultimately more or less like last couple, with moderate low-key after-lunch traffic and parking-lot plates, some a little more conspicuous than others but not really any "big" standouts except for that universal-joy one this morning. Did, however, have yet another of those "geographical"/place-oriented ones at that same corner restaurant I keep seeing them at infrequently (and this one again happening when the last had been long enough that I wasn't subconsciously seeking it out when I passed the place today ...), and it was exactly like others: another perfectly angled and fully random/non-repeating out-of-state plate on a random car, and with my seeing it *just long enough* to register it as I passed ...


Morning reverted to the extremely subtle/personal/variated background static of scattered activity, and this again corresponding with yet another big downturn in health and the like, definitely an established pattern now. Most standoutish/quoteable was a scattered but distinct/chance-defying number of semi-conspicuous "offhand quoted number"-type 37s in the morning's freebie magazine, and of course several little-thing recurrences and thematics thrown in the mix.

First activity: yet another conspicuous staring 773 greeter-plate at the coffee shop, this one of the "immediately upon stepping out of the car and turning around, coming face-to-face with the plate," and again on a car parked with the back away from me when I'd pulled in, 100% invisible until I'd actually gotten out of the car and turned around, and again distinctly "THERE" in the way that so many of these are, smack dab directly in my involuntary line of sight when I stepped out.

Lunchtime reading: also a total reversion to those same extremely subtle yet subjectively notable little reading/thought/objective-event echoes, plus some more of those super-profound personal thematics that I can't even begin to convey. Ultimately somewhat active, probably a dozen or so incidents total, but without a single citable instance really.

Afternoon reverted to that recent pattern I've been seeing as well, back to just the slightest, subtlest yet very distinct/patternistic/subjectively notable echo here and there, plus some more profound thematics, still just so ridiculously surreal for all its mystery and fuzziness and the like.

Numbers were slightly more active overall, more or less in that same groove of the last few days with some scattered patternistic low-key/quietly conspicuous 37-plates here and there in traffic and parking lots after lunch, and again leveling off to silence by early evening/drive home. Did have some standouts however:

> A somewhat "upgraded" gas-pump-readout one, when I was Compelled to get some gas in the car despite having over a half a tank, and at a particular station, out of my way and forcing me to double back for the store -- in full-out "totally illogical/inconvenient" pattern -- only to find the previously pumped-gas readout at the random and previously-invisible pump I pulled into at "$73.00" exactly, ha ha.

> Had a reasonably pronounced cluster at the store just after too, the peak of the day number-wise as it were, beginning with yet another 773-plate greeter when I pulled in, followed immediately by several semi-conspicuous "staring" parking-lot 37-plates on the way into the store, then a few more "everywhere" ones while walking through the store, followed up by more parking-lots upon leaving, finishing with a sort of climactic "farewell"-style one when I got in the car to leave and found yet another "staring from the car parked perfectly/directly in front of me as to be right THERE in my line of sight as I got in to pull away"-type plates. All in all just a big head-spinning cluster, and so sudden and pronounced after such relative quiet earlier, as to be just that much more notable and surreal.

Dinnertime reading: another sudden and reasonably active/long-lasting resurgence of the exact same super-subtle echoes and recurrences and super-profound-yet-indescribable personal thematicsas earlier, after total silence through evening, and again without one damn citable example for all the living-dream nature of it all. Again I can't help but feel there's something that "intelligently orchestrated" nature to this extreme subjectivity/express inability to describe so many of these, the personal thematics in particular, as if Something out there wants this portion of the activity to *remain* subjective/undisclosed publically in the log?


Something of a change-up today, an odd newish blend of both those distinctly fuzzy/super-subtle incidents I've been seeing, plus a couple periods of those more-coherent, classical, "refined" singular kind from the day before last, and both of these interestingly corresponding as distinctly with respectively diminished and improving health/headsickness/thinking through the day, with the fuzzy activity returning with the rise of that same bizarre allergic headsickness or whatever I've been having, and then returning to coherent activity upon that headsickness waning and giving way to that same distinct improvement and good energy I've had from eating the parsley -- again 100% logically "reflective."

Morning: another of those with only the slightest, subtlest, threshold activity (yet subjectively notable, at times to that ridiculously profound/multidimensional/fully indescribable level despite all the subtlty), as seen in little cartoon echoes and crossword-word recurrences and thematics and the like.

One good standout example of the super-subtles. It was another of those patternistic "random song looping through my head serving as a radio echo"-type one, beginning when I woke up with this random song in my head, looping in the few minutes it took me to get up and get out of bed and stuff, and then, precisely as I was hit with one of those waves of ugly feverish cold starting at the head, thus causing me to put on my hat, the song reached a part that went "is it chill that you're in my head," as to echo the basic sentiment/literal words of "chill in the head" in characteristic fuzzy/loose manner, and again this occurred perfectly synchronistically with the natural flow of the song, rather than my suddenly just thinking of this lyric or some other cause or steering on my part, all exactly like others of this kind.

Saw some pretty notable activity during church, which was both of the more-coherent kind and also of the classical "church-sermon parallels/echoes of exactly what I was just objectively thinking/doing/experiencing"-type I seem to experience so expressly during these services. Actually ended up having quite a few of these overall just in the course of the ~45 minute service, probably 6-8 total and all pretty notable singularly, though I couldn't both pay attention to the message and keep track.

One excellent standout from then: It started when the air-conditioning cut on and started blowing directly onto me, when I was right in the middle of one of those periods of that really ugly and irritating cold-sensitivity/feverish spells I've been having, thus causing me to initially react badly/with that shocked-outrage feeling, but then immediately catching myself and correcting my reaction and thus automatically thinking something like "keep still internally regardless of environmental factors/feelings/influences" -- a split second before the pastor randomly/singularly/without preface said, "not depending on any external conditions," as to more or less perfectly echo my basic thought, and once again in that perfectly intertwined fashion, with my registering the pastor's words precisely as the thought was still crossing my mind.

Thought-wise, the rest of the day was almost totally silent even of super-subtle stuff, with only a couple periods of that fuzzy-yet-subjectively-notable echo/thematic/recurrence-type activity, including lunchtime reading, which saw another of those brief and sudden clusters of "incidental"/"environmental" reading echoes and the like, followed by a total silence through the rest of the meal, of the exact same pattern I've seen multiple times now.

Best standoutish example of the day's super-subtle activity, and really that of this most-recent fuzzy/threshold/individually dismissible variant in general: It started at the market today, when I had to lay down all the stuff I was carrying and pull up my pants, onto a nearby display table on which, upon laying my stuff down, I noticed that someone had put this box of "True Lime" drink mix, which I'd both noticed, due to it being out of place and just inconsiderate, etc, but also Noticed, in that special patternistically illogical way, such that I stood looking at the box several times and committed it to memory in the way of these, and also absently realizing that I'd never before seen such a drink mix, however common it probably is, such that I had the patternistic absent thought of "True Lime drink mix, first I'd ever seen that." Then, a couple hours later on the way home, I stopped to pick up a drink bottle someone had thrown alongside the road, and upon doing so noticed a second bottle nearby, which I was Compelled to go and pick up also despite being tired and having a spell of that keenly irritating leg heaviness when walking -- and then, when I picked up the second bottle, I saw in it a little foil drink-mix wrapper, for True Lime, ha ha. And this is the basic pattern of these, usually just these slightest little everyday abundant things that I'd somehow never seen before, recurring throughout the day in semi-conspicuous ways like this, often times more than once.

Numbers were different today, in that there were barely any at all, with even afternoon seeing just the scantest few semi-conspicuous 37-plates in traffic (not even a single parking-lot one today from what I remember), and these few just barely to that point where I wouldn't just write them off as being actual coincidence/simple encounters with a 37-plate if not for their patternistic element. Another of those "negatively notable" periods, interesting since they stayed absent even during periods of improved health/thinking/consciousness, etc, as to *defy* the reflective pattern. Symptomatic of something? Again maybe of the thought- and number-type activity occupying separate "tracks," or signifying some different aspects or dimensions of deeper reality?

Then just before bed, one sudden standout echo, and very notable when taken in context. It was a classical "involuntary bodily function"-type one, this time one of those sudden heart palpitations/constrictions that visibly tense the pec muscle, with one coming on suddenly and singularly, precisely as I came to "constricts" in a magazine article, equally singular and random and such, and again describing the feeling/action of the event perfectly, since that's precisely what it feels like, a hand squeezing the muscle and nerve. And this one was made all the more notable by the fact that, while these constrictions have always been highly random and fully involuntary, today I'd actually *not* had a single one that I can remember, for the first time in weeks or months or longer, which I think had something to do with drinking the dandelion tea and helping detox the liver this morning, which is probably the cause of these -- such that I'd gone the entire day, conspicuously and so very rarely, without a single one, only to have the first come at that precise instant ...


Morning was another super-subtle/threshold-type activity only day, just like early morning yesterday almost to a T, and again seeming to reflect the similarly identical health/energy/state of mind of this morning as well, 100% reflective in this way. Of the handful of little thematics and echoes and recurrences, had a semi-standout during after-chore reading, a classical "question-and-answer"-type one, beginning last night when I realized my hands were beginning to chap from the cooler weather and such, thus causing me to try and think of the balm I'd put on them last year that had worked so well, but I couldn't remember, thus causing me to absently wonder/"ask" what it was -- and then this morning, I think on the second page of the day's super-random freebie magazine (made even more notable this time given that it was one of the one's that I pulled out of the trash in the big bag just last evening, despite having a whole stack lined up previously and then selecting this new one at random), it had a little article about the balm in question, and again for the first I'd seen it advertised since ... I'd first bought the stuff, years ago? ha ha.

Drive to lunch saw some of those equally patternistic, cohering, "coming up"/"entering the synchronistic state"-style subtler echoes involving various things, probably 5-6 total and all perfectly patternistic. Couple good examples:

> When I scanned to several radio stations in a row looking for music but landing on ads every time, I thus had the thought of "where's the music?" or something like that, with this corresponding perfectly with my landing on yet another non-music ad station, which immediately said "the music," perfectly echoing my thought in intertwined fashion

> And then, just seconds later and more coherent and notable and objective: I passed a trailer with a great big clock in the window, reading 20 until 12, and precisely as I registered the hand on the 12 and thus thought "twelve," the radio randomly/singularly sang out "twelve-thirty," and again with the "twelve" portion of it corresponding perfectly with my mental vocalization of the "twelve" in intertwined fashion

Lunchtime reading saw more of the same super-subtle incidental/environmental/reading-type echoes of late, though only a very scattered few through the majority of the meal, barely noticeable. Then, right towards the end and in the same pattern I've seen before, had a sudden little cluster of more-coherent ones, including a couple good standouts:

> They were both classical "scrolling up a webpage on my phone, to something previously 100% invisible, precisely as a word popped directly into few on the scrolled-to portion and was perfectly echoed elsewhere," this time between the phone and the overhead TV on in the coffee shop, both coming back to back with two separate scrolls of the page, first when I scrolled up to "Honda" and registered it precisely as the TV said "Honda," and then, a second later when I scrolled up again and immediately/absently registered "22k," the TV then randomly said "twenty-two."

Thought-wise, the rest of the day again saw only the slightest bit of super-subtle activity here and there, almost fully silent for the most part. Couple good examples:

> A classical radio echo, and this one in the patternistic loose/fuzzy/delayed/one-word fashion of the extremely subtle kind, beginning with another big long objective train of thought that ended with how I'd had to cancel the order with Amazon this morning, about a second before the radio randomly sang out "she looks like an Amazon," again singularly and fully randomly, and with that now-patternistic ~1 second delay that characterizes so many of these

> A patternistically identical one when I had another long chain of thought end randomly on the trip south and all that, which I absently thought of as "leaving town" and also visualized something to this effect -- another ~1 second before the song on the radio randomly sang out "gonna leave this town, leave it far behind," and this the very first stanza in the song as it were, and a song I'd never before heard, all perfectly objective however fuzzy/loosely timed

Numbers were more-active today, but oddly so, still with only the barest few "normal" low-key 37-plates in traffic and parking lots, maybe a few more than yesterday but not many at all relatively, and today also had a fair number of singular standout ones:

> A classical "moving car demanding my attention to its 37-plate"-type one, this time when I left the grocery store parking lot and, stopping at the intersection before turning out onto the road, a car in the parking lot directly across from me began backing out, conspicuously/patternistically drawing my attention just from the sheer movement alone and the fact that it was directly in my line of sight, and of course it had a 37-plate, and this "shoved" out at me, in that patternistically "loud" "animated"/dramatic fashion

> A cool little patternistic "immediately after-lunch"-style cluster, beginning with three back-to-back semi-conspicuous parking-lot plates at the coffee shop as I left, these again made all the more notable by the absolute lack of them on the drive over, and then, upon going down the street to the store, having another of those "objectively looking for a shady parking spot, only to have the only one available be directly behind a staring 37-plate"-style ones

> Had a similar "shade-seeking"-space one later, but with a twist. It happened when I went to look at the bikes but was Compelled to park in the McDonald's parking lot directly beside it instead of in the bike store lot proper, and then, upon going into the lot, of course I sought out a shady space, which of course led me directly beside a staring 3710-plate truck, ha ha

Evening saw another sudden cluster of reading echoes between the magazines and dinnertime book reading, very much like last couple days, another sudden resurgence/carryover of the same fast/subtle/fuzzy/one-word fully objective-thought echoes as I've been seeing. Could examples and standouts:

> Several of those striking random "small"-but-objective one-words, such as when my leg began throbbing from being pressed against the couch too long, thus causing me to think "my leg," precisely as I came to "his leg" or something like that randomly in the magazine, again probably upwards of a 5-6 or more like that, all patternistically identical

> A few smaller "involuntary bodily function"-type ones in there, such as when my guts randomly gurgled towards the end of the castor oil pack, after being totally quiet beforehand, precisely as I came to "gurgle" as randomly/singularly in the magazine

> Had another of those ridiculously profound and notable "random mention of sweating at the precise moment I broke the initial, critical-mass sweat in the sauna," and this time with a hugely notable twist, being that, rather than reading it, it came on the Jack Cruz play video I was watching on the phone in there, which I'd been trying to make the time to watch for days now and had finally gotten the chance then, after going through the rigmarole of downloading the video and rigging up the phone to watch the video offline/in airplane mode -- and then, at the precise and patternistic moment I hit that patternistic sweat-point, one of the characters in the play said something like "I'm all sweaty," whatever it was, using "sweaty" exactly ...


Today ended up being hugely active overall, an uptick, though morning started off with that exact same scattered all-inclusive variety of super-subtle activity here and there, still highly notable subjectively and without any real citable examples. This spilled over into the first half of lunchtime reading too, again becoming those extremely subtle yet notable and patternistic reading/event/bodily function/whatever echoes and the like.

The second half of lunch, however, did escalate, and in that exact same way I've been seeing lately, except today it just kept going, eventually developing into that level where the activity remained extremely subtle and subjective but just more of it, and more frequently, and also especially today had a whole bunch of those loose, longwinded, radio/thought/reading thematics as I've seen before, where every single damn song on the radio fuzzily-but-perfectly echoed my random thoughts and readings and feelings and little things I was experiencing, and today just more than ever before in this respect, very soon reaching that point where there were just dozens of individual incidents and echoes and surpassing my ability to register them and keep up, reaching that "storm"-level of activity where it just goes beyond that "living-dream" level of intensity, and would actually end up continuing like this through much of the afternoon, really only abating and winding down by early evening when I got home, and even then still perking up here and there. Still just no words for this. Absolutely incredible yet at times terrifying, especially with such illness and headsickness today.

One decent standoutish coherent example of these from today: when I suddenly had an itch in my eyebrow, one of those where a single brow just eventually contorts or slips out of place and eventually causes an itch, as to be another of those conspicuously singular, delayed, onetime events -- precisely as I came to "he was itching" in the book, and this another that was reasonably coherent/notable in itself but then all the more so given the express patternistic/behavioral consistency between it and so many others.

One newish sort of variant I've been seeing lately and today especially: those extremely obscure, obtuse, and downright bizarre echoes, which have the same sort of ridiculously surreal and multidimensional feel of the super-profound personal reading thematics and the like, except seen in recurrences and echoes instead. Best example I can come up with: it started in the 'Zigzag' book when, in the pictorial section, it had a picture of this sketch that had been mentioned a couple times in the book, of Hitler portrayed as a carrot, to mock him, which stuck out to me especially, just from the bizarreness of it -- and then soon after seeing the picture, maybe 30 minutes later, a song came on the overhead radio with the lyric "you're a vegetable, and I ate you," or something like that, this being very characteristic of the subtle/fuzzy/indirect-yet-precise echoing of the many various themes and objects and sentiment that recurs somehow in abundance through most days lately, but these with that conspicuously bizarre quality.

Numbers followed that same newish pattern I've seen the last couple days, with only the bare minimum of low-key traffic 37-plates but a conspicuously higher number of more singular, standout incidents, and these predominantly while in parking lots and also in "everywhere"/randomly placed fashion, a definite shift of some kind here over the previously predominant pattern. Notes here:

> Morning was totally silent of plates in traffic, but did have several of those very subtle but patternistic and collectively notable "random offhand figure mentions" during morning reading, which would continue through the day and eventually mature/graduate into more-coherent and conspicuous/individually notable kinds. One good example: in the book, it mentioned "the Abwehr was only about 73 percent sure he was telling the truth," this as a little joke, just randomly and arbitrarily saying 73 percent instead of "not quite sure" or whatever, which is a perfect example of these vague and subtle but perfectly patternistic and subtly conspicuous kind of offhand-mention 37s and the like, and with an especially high amount of them today.

> Another excellent pair of standout "everywhere" 37 examples, both at the health-food store, beginning when I was looking for the acai powder and thus had to look up at a display shelf of all their powders and the like, directly beside which was the store's in-house CD player, in which the center of its display read "1:3:7," the track readout or something like that, and again with it Just Happening to end up directly/conspicuously in my sight where I had to look to find what I needed. And then, a couple minutes later when I went to check out, an even more blatant one when the clerk suddenly and conspicuously flicked his wrist around and thus brought his watch into view, reading exactly "3:17," and this again just so much more notable when experienced, with the watch being previously 100% invisible/turned away from me beforehand and then with it being flicked directly/conspicuously into my line of sight, without giving me the slightest chance to look for it and show any other sort of subconscious bias, and he had even lifted his arm and thus brought the watch directly to my eye level, I think he was scratching his face or something -- in any case, perfectly patternistic and "animated"/dramatic/"revealed," etc.

> First parking-lot cluster of the day, at the one department store, beginning when I got out of my super-random, inconvenient space and was met immediately by a lone, conspicuous car nearby, which was running and thus demanded my attention as I walked behind it, thus causing me to see its staring/perfectly angled 307-plate, followed by probably a half-dozen equally quietly conspicuous plates through the parking lot on the way inside, then about as many "everywhere"/random-sourced little 37s all over the place while going through the store, followed by a new handful on the way back through the parking lot, and at this point it seems like there were even more active-leaning standouts but I'd just lost track/gotten overwhelmed, etc

> Another parking-lot cluster, very similar, at the other department store I had to stop at on the way home after being oddly unable to get any organic acai powder anywhere, this one also beginning with a staring-greeter-style plate of some fashion that I can't remember, plus more staring plates on the way inside and a goodly number of everywheres inside. Then, upon leaving, had a triple conspicuous "farewell"-style cluster, beginning with yet another fully patternistic/classical "being greeted by a staring 307-plate immediately upon stepping into the parking lot, the first plate and angled perfectly, etc," and then, immediately upon my registering that plate, I noticed that, on the very edge of the right faring on the car parked directly beside the first, was an equally conspicuous/staring/"just peeking from around the first car" emblem reading "3.7L," and this directly beside/at level with the other car's 307-plate, as to be a sort of alignment-style one but at least a double/wham-bam-style if nothing else. And then, a couple minutes later when I'd gotten into the car and turned to look back before pulling out, I was met by an equally patternistic/classical 773-plate on the car directly behind me, and again in that fully passive/automatic/"happened too fast to allow even the slightest perceptual/psychological bias" fashion, with it just right "THERE" upon my turning my head fully around.

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