Synchronicity log for 2011


Word synchro: "guttural"; I used it in "Watch", then it was in the end of "Beautiful Children", about an hour after I used it. Can't remember when I last heard that word.

Then, "revisionist". It was in "Beautiful Children", not the first time I'd heard it, but the first I'd really noticed and realized it. Then it was in "Archangel", the book I just happened to read following "Beautiful Children". Neat.


Earlier today, I very absently thought of an old video game, "Farcry", spurred by some random thought. Then, tonight, I almost sat down to write, but it didn't feel "right", so I ended up farting around through my old documents file, Compelled to in fact. While doing so, I happened across a farcryserial.txt, the serial number from when I'd bought the game. Neat.


Yesterday, I read the end of "Archangel", where the hero gets away in a small raft with an outboard motor. Today, I was out on the back deck at the beach trailer, when two men went by on a boat with an outboard motor.

This would not have been notable, except 1) it was so close, not even a day apart, when I hadn't seen or read about or thought about a small raft with an outboard motor in I don't know how long and 2) I kept seeing the men out in the marsh while I was icing my wrists, and just thought they were walking around, since the water was low and they were behind thick reeds that obscured my view, but I felt Compelled to stay out there for a while after I was done icing, and only in doing so did I see that they were on the boat and not walking, when, if I'd gone back inside as soon as I was done, I wouldn't have seen that.

Later today, I read the book "Drown", and it's first couple stories were littered with word synchronicities from all kinds of sources, too many to go over ("torturer" for instance).

Also, I was Compelled to go to the flea market today -- didn't want to, at all, wanted to do anything but, but I did it. I made a perfunctory tour of it, in the process getting the movie "Jacob's Ladder" (which I'd felt Compelled to watch recently, but wasn't able to easily so I gave up -- the time was wrong?) and the book "Night Shift" by Stephen King, which I'd felt Compelled to read several times recently (even found it in my old documents file, a pirated version, and had planned on loading it onto my PDA and reading it). Most interestingly, though, was a DVD I noticed while at the kiosk I got "Jacob's Ladder" from: it didn't have a cover, but I immediately, though vaguely, recognized the man on the front, as being the star of a TV I can't even remember the name of, but had been thinking of, as vaguely, maybe a week ago. I looked inside it long enough to read the name "Andy", which I knew was part of the name, and then closed it and put it away. I had never seen this show, had only seen it advertised, many years ago, but For Some Reason just thought of it, for the first time perhaps since I had (just that one time) seen it advertised.

In retrospect, I had to wonder about something: do I have these vague thoughts of soon-to-arrive, yet seemingly unimportant, things -- precognition I guess would be the word -- because I cross into a definite reality, like the "possibility/probability" vortices described by Ra? It seems like the day that I had the vague thoughts of the TV show, it was right around the time that I decided, definitely, that I was going down to the beach, and on the day that I ended up leaving. Looking back at such past phenomenon, I have to wonder if this is the case. Interesting.


Word synchro: "desecrated"; not such an uncommon word, but I thought of it, while conversing with myself, and then read it in "Night Shift", about ten minutes later, for the first time in I don't know how long. Then later, "comically", in the same story as "desecrated", and then turned up in "The Wedding Bystander". Then, "doth", also in "Night Shift" and then "Wedding Bystander"; I'd Noticed It in the book, For No Particular Reason.


Starting last night, I came across three white work vans with ladders, loking almost exactly like, when I went to the grocery store last night. I noticed this, but didn't really think much of it, but then while leaving Myrtle Beach this morning, another one, almost identical, got in front of me, making me remember.

When I got back from the beach, I had several pieces of mail, including a piece of junk mail from Allstate Insurance, and a check. As I got the two, I thought, erroneously, how my check was supposed to be for $336, and was thinking this as I opened the junk mail. The first synchronicity was the mail itself, which informed me that I could save, on average, $336 by switching to them; the second synchronicity was my mother, thinking I'd opened my check, asking me how much I'd gotten, which I thought was $336, right as I saw the $336 figure. I told her how funny it was, that she'd asked me that right as I was looking at the $336 figure on the insurance flier, the amount which (I thought) was in the yet-unopened check. Then I opened the check and saw that I was wrong: it was for $366, $30 more. I had, For Some Reason, thought it was going to be $336, thus enabling the synchronicity of first seeing that amount on the insurance flier, and then having my mother ask me about what, I thought, was the amount of the check.


Read a story today from Stephen King in "Night Shift", and it was fraught with synchronicities about my day. I can't remember them all, there was so many, but one stands out: first it mentioned how a guy would eat oatmeal for breakfast and then spinach for dinner, when today I'd bought oatmeal to have for breakfast tomorrow, for the first time in a couple months; I wasn't going to have spinach for dinner tonight, but I ran out of peas and corn (thought I had enough for tonight, actually), and ended up finishing off some leftover veggies I had, which included spinach. Also, in the same story, the guy ate scrambled eggs for breakfast, when I'd bought eggs along with the oatmeal, to scramble for breakfast.


Tons of word synchronicity this morning, between my ledger, and editing "Variations of Soullessness" and "Withdrawer's Dream", the three going back and forth. Also, as it turns out, the book in "Variations" was released on 11/11, and I ended up editing it on 11/11 (had decided on doing "Variations" this morning, last night, felt Compelled).

Also, learned that [my friend] was going through her journals and thinking about old versions of herself at almost the exact same time I was doing the exact same thing on the trip (going through my old documents file and thinking about my old self -- questioning it, actually, trying to figure out who the hell I was then, just like [my friend] mentioned). Wow.

Was just thinking, "I wonder if UPS works today" (it's Veteran's Day) and not two seconds later I heard the sound of a motor outside, then look out and just catch a UPS truck trundling up the road.

Then, this afternoon, while reading "House of Leaves", I came across a part that mentioned "Herbal Ecstasy", when I'd just last night, for the first time in I don't know how many years, encountered "Herbal Ecstasy" while researching yohimbe (I had been meaning to research it for days, but kept putting it off). The funny thing is, the part of the book was about synchronicity. I laughed so damn loud.

Then, tonight, I got a reply from [my friend] from my last email, and she confirmed another synchronicity: "raspberry" (verb). I'd read this in a Stephen King story three days ago, the day she sent me the original email mentioning "raspberry" as a verb. I'd never heard it before then.

Also, another word synchro: "deracinated"; this had turned up recently in a book, I can't remember just which as it's been a couple weeks, but I remember that the word was very misplaced. Regardless, it was the first I've come across it, and it's a very unlikely, uncommon word, and it turned up in "House of Leaves" (also unlikely there).

Wow, what a day.


Word synchro: "non sequitor". Was in ledger this morning, then "Deadheading", an hour later.


Word synchro: "Creole". In my ledger this morning, then in "Other", less than an hour later, I think the only time I've used Creole in a piece of writing.


A gazillion word synchros today, mostly from the first Rip chapter in "Other" and "House of Leaves", many of them indirect but too glaring to be ignored ("Other" turned up in what I read today alot, ironically).

More word synchro: "cash register tallies"; turned up in ledger (can't remember if it was lunch or breakfast), then was in "other" tonight.


Word synchro: "veto"(verb); was in ledger this morning, and I took a distinct Notice of it, focusing on it For No Particular Reason. Then it was in "Other" this morning, about two hours later, in verb form.

Another: "deflect"; came up in ledger this morning, also, and, also, I Noticed it, For No Particular Reason, giving pause. Then turned up in "House of Leaves" this evening.

Saw "swan" three times today. First was in a picture in "House of Leaves", early this afternoon, then somewhere I can't remember -- in the market, I think, later in the afternoon (wherever, I Noticed it) -- and then tongith, in "Other".


Word synchro: "mussitate"; was in "Other" this morning, I think one of only two times I've ever used it, and then in the ledger at lunch, less than an hour later. Also, there was "do cartwheels" and "junket", which I had thought of this morning -- Thought Of, having them come into my head randomly and, seemingly, with Reason, the two popping up in the ledger almost immediately after, like within 30 minutes.


Wrote down another hypnosis question this afternoon, about whether I should change my diet in any way. Then, about an hour later, while reading the last of the transcriptions, it went into a big thing about diet, with animal protein and fats.


Word synchro: "isthmus"; an uncommon word, but was more nottable considering that I felt Compelled to stop reading my ledger at a certain point this morning, as happens, and then came across the word in "Other", for the first time in a while, then it was one of the first words in the ledger at lunch, just after.

Also, twice tonight I Noticed "Jammed", first in my submission log and then in my file of submitted stories, both times it Jumping Out At Me in that specific way, making me wonder if I would get a rejection notice for it soon (it had been submitted months prior). Sure enough, just before bed I checked my email and I got a rejection for it. About as close as you could get.


Tons of word synchronicity this morning, even phrase synchronicity. None was especially significant, except for its volume, and the fact that it was shared three ways, between, first, the ledger, then "The Export", and then "Jammed", which I hadn't even planned on editing, but turned out to mirror "The Export" in so many ways (both referenced Turkish prison, both had many of the same turns of phrase, even some rare ones that I don't use often, both had "thou'" for a thousand dollars, the only times I've used that I think). It brought up some thoughts about the possibility vortices, about how they don't seem linear, how one doesn't just determine the sequential, but that the sequential seems to determine the former and all those previous, and vice versa, suggesting that there is another dimension to it all, that they don't function linearly, both instantaneously, in some way that I don't yet have a name for, all determining one another simultaneously, past present and future, entwined. Hmm.

Word synchronicity kept up after lunch, in ledger, with "jaunty" and "dissolute" and "deadhead", all from "Jammed". Also, as it turned out, there were a whole bunch of words in my ledger from the last part of "Outer Dark", both this morning and this afternoon, and I ended up reading that part today -- that one specific part, when I started the novel days ago, By Chance, and worked through my ledger, just to those couple pages, hours beforehand, By Chance. It too suggests the whole thing about the present potentials, etc, effecting the past, or something. This is very confusing.


Word synchro: "parallax", turned up in ledger this morning, then in "The General", first story I edited today and the only time I've usd that word that I can remember. I didn't plan on what to edit this morning, just chose the story At Random.


Word synchro: "click/klick"; turned up while researching a motorcycle this morning, then in the afternoon, in ledger, with the same meaning but different spelling.


Word synchro: "mushroomed" (verb); was in ledger this morning, then Edgar Cayce book this afternoon, in the same tense. First I'd seen it in a while. "Lichen" also, when it was in "Hunt" last night, then ledger this morning.

More word synchro: "comic relief"; was in the ledger this morning, and I Noticed it, and it turned up in Jack Cruz tonight.


Word synchro: "kapok"; was in Jack Cruz this morning, the only time I've ever used it in writing, and then in the ledger at lunch, just an hour later.


Word synchro: "frock"; was in ledger at lunch this afternoon, on the last page I looked at, if I remember right. Then it was in the proof for "The Delivery" tonight, when the story should've been published months ago. I even wasn't planning on going over it tonight, but the email just came in and Didn't Feel Like doing anything else. Hmmm. More possibility vortices?

"Was plague", also, also from the ledger and "The Delivery", in the same usage and context, heh.

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