Synchronicity log for 2012


Had a thought synchro today, somewhat different, and somewhat cool. Near the end of the novel "Flush," one of my numbers came up, 11:33, after seeing it and others several times today. It triggered a series of thoughts, regarding this phenomenon and everything related with it, and just as I was about to think of how I should just reconcile to my situation and assume a "wait and see" attitude, I read "wait and see" in the book. This was different in that I hadn't quite thought it yet, though it was imminent that I would (yet another deal where an entirely unrelated chain of thought culminates in such a synchronicity, ruling out the subconscious-reading explanation).


The day was full of minor, though pronounced, thought synchros, none of them especially wowing, but all there, and in that same "synchronistic" fashion I've come to know. Hmm.

Also, while reading "The New Alchemists," it mentioned a Charley Chaplain movie, "Modern Times." That was two days ago; today, on a total whim, I went to in search of maybe watching a movie for the first time in months, and, right at the top of the "Classics" section, there was "Modern Times." I've never heard of this movie previously. Also mentioned in this same passage was the movie "Metropolis," and this too turned up while I was browsing Hulu, though it's not as notable, as I've heard of that movie before.


Damn cool one this morning. It started yesterday, when, after working out, I was Compelled to go to Goodwill, as has happened many times, and in that same distinct way I've come recognize. On the way there, I got behind a distinctive red Jeep Cherokee, which I Noticed in addition to noticed, because of its distinctive red theme. I followed it almost all the way to Goodwill, getting an eyeful. Then, this morning, on the way to church, I got behind the very same Jeep. I would think it notable that I would *ever* come into contact with the same car again, out of all the thousands of cars here in town, but to meet it the very next day, at a different time, on a different road, in a different area? I find that very notable, especially with the addition of my feeling so Compelled to go to Goodwill and see it in the first place.


Cool thought synchro. While at the gym, thinking of how I should try and see from the other side of an issue with my brother, I was listening to a U2 song, which had the lyric "see from the other side" immediately as I thought this, in that eerily synchronistic way. Had several of these throughout the afternoon, but that one was the most coherent.


A couple minor ones, both occuring at a Goodwill in Lenoir that [my friend] and I went to on a whim. First, in the rack of CDs, there was Earthworm Jim, a video game that came out when I was a kid. Interestingly, I'd just been thinking of this game over the last few days, totally randomly, while reading "The New Alchemists" for some reason. Anyway, it was somewhat notable, since I haven't seen any sort of mention of that game for years, then saw it (and at that Goodwill which I Just Happened to go to). Second, while checking out, there was a guy buying champagne crystal, when I had just written about champagne crystal that morning, in "Mrs. Claus's Mistletoe." Possibly nothing.


Thought synchro: "feeling sick to my stomach." I thought this while at the gym, because I was nauseous, right as a Killers song I was listened to said this, in that very synchronistic way.

Also, when I got to the gym, I was thinking of the Killers album I was about to listen to (I'd been strangely drawn to it since buying it), and just as I was doing so, I realized the Killers were playing on the radio (though, "realized" isn't quite right, since I'd never heard the song before, or was familiar enough with this band to identify them; I just "knew," it seemed). This may have been nothing.


Cool one. Yesterday, my dad gave me an article from a 1984 newspaper, and I set it aside; I read it today, and it was about how computers were being developed to have voice-recognition capability. I laughed when I read it, because just yesterday, the very day I'd gotten the article, I'd read in "The New Alchemists" (from 1981) a long part about how computers were developing voice-recognition capabilities.


While reading "Cosmic Trigger" this afternoon, my mom mentioned, randomly, how Thanksgiving this year would coincide with Kennedy's assassination, and went on to reminisce about it. Within minutes after, I came to a part in the book about the Kennedy assassination.

Also, maybe nothing, but last night, I got an email reply from a query I'd sent about "Windows to the Soul," back in August. Then, the very next day, I got an acceptance letter for the same story (the story had been accepted previously and never published, hence the query, which went unanswered for months so I resubbed the story, back in September). It seems very unlikely that these would coincide so closely. Coincidence, or another of these mechanical synchronicities?

Also, a really cool one in the night, though it wasn't quite a synchronicity. I got up to pee at one point, and afterward, I again prayed for help with my constipation (very simply and sincerely, just one spoken request and then that was all). Minutes later (3 or so? 5 tops), I felt the urge, and went and had a good, easy BM -- spontaneously, out of nowhere, perhaps the first time in my adult life that this had happened. Interestingly, I had just thought this several times recently, how, even when I've had BMs without eating first, they've never, ever been in the night. Very cool.


Cool one this afternoon. While at Earthfare, I was thinking about something I'd read in "Cosmic Trigger" earlier today, involving a young girl named Luna. I was thinking it on the way to check out, and when I got to the lanes, I almost went into one, then another, and then noticed, very distantly, the cashier for the third, waving me in. By going to the third lane, I passed a sign reading "Luna Crew." Very notable, since the thinking of Luna and seeing "Luna" were so close, and that I only narrowly went into the third lane, thus seeing the sign (characteristic of these things).

Blog entry:

"Ah, the classic book synchronicity. It's a repeating phenomenon, I've learned, often involving two random books read back-to-back -- yet containing the precise same things.

The books, this time, were The New Alchemists by Dirk Hanson, and Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson, read in that order (arbitrarily, out of a pool of over a dozen recently-bought books). The formats and subject matters of these books could not have been more different, one being a clinical retrospective on the burgeoning computer industry, the other a personal memoir of drug trips, bizarre "coincidences," and their possible implications. Yet, they contained several parallels.

1) Both detailed the life and career of Nikola Tesla, sometimes in overlap.

2) Both quoted Timothy Leary.

3) And last, but far from least: the books both outlined RCA's Spectra-70 computer, even mentioning, specifically, how it was discontinued. (To my knowledge, I did not know of the Spectra computer beforehand, or that RCA had ever dabbled in the trade.)

I bought the books on two separate occasions, several hundred miles apart, without prior knowledge of either's existence. Then, I Just Happened to read them back-to-back.

(Also, as implied, this is not my first such experience, nor is it the tenth.)

(Furthermore, it bears mentioning that, just hours before reading the part of Cosmic Trigger in which the Spectra-70 was mentioned, I had the thought of, I need a significant synchronicity, since I haven't blogged of one for so long. This, too, is not the first such time I've had such ask-and-ye-shall-receive.)

(And, more: In The New Alchemists, one chapter detailed how computers were, at the time, being groomed for speech recognition (the book was written in 1981). On the very same day I read this, literally hours apart, I received an old newspaper clipping from my father, completely randomly -- which detailed how computers were being groomed for speech recognition (the paper was from 1984). I had not discussed anything from the book with my father, nor has he ever given me clippings from decades-old newspapers before.)

(Did I mention that Cosmic Trigger was primarily about just such synchronicities?)"

Also, a very cool addition: the two parts about Tesla provided, separately, two very valuable clues to me. In "The New Alchemists," it was said that Tesla had the revelation that we were all unwitting conduits of unknown "forces." Then, in "Cosmic Trigger," it mentioned how Tesla was fond of the Law of Octaves (yet, it failed to mention his other revelation, which I thought just as apt to the book). Cool, subjectively. Additionally, the quote from Timothy Leary in The New Alchemists -- mentioned just at the end of the book, just minutes before I sequed into "Cosmic Trigger" -- allowed me some very good insight into Leary's flawed doctrine and perceptions, as if in preparation for his extensive quoting in "Cosmic Trigger." Really, wow.


Oh, what a day for synchronicity. It started with ginger, though this began yesterday, at lunch, when I started reading "Neuromancer" (out of a dozen potential books). First, the book mentioned "preserved ginger," which I both noticed and Noticed, since it was a new term to me. Then, just minutes later, the mail came, in it an unexpected package from [my friend], which, when I opened it, read "Ginger Jar" (the shipping box had been turned inside-out). I noticed this, but at that point, thought it unnotable. (Also, equally unnotable: in another package, I got the new Deftones CD, which pictures them in from of a "Tokyo massage" parlor; a massage parlor was also mentioned in "Neuromancer".)

Then, I want to say I saw ginger in some way again yesterday, but I can't be sure, or remember either way. However, this morning, when I went to get some DGL for a suspected ulcer, at Earthfare, there was a bottle of "Whole Ginger" beside the DGL, and I Noticed it, in addition to noticed. But, even then, I refused to write it down. But then, at lunch, my mom went into a story which is notable in itself: a recipe had demanded "crystalized ginger," which she'd never heard of, and was upset because she had no idea where to get it; however, the same day, she needed chili powder, but couldn't find it, despite having several bottles of it, which sent her, eventually, to a forgotten drawer of spices and such in a back room -- in which she found crystalized ginger. But here's the clincher: "crystalized ginger" is often referred to as "preserved ginger," since they are closely related (ginger has to be preserved before its crystalized). (Or, perhaps this is the clincher: this comes at a time of excessive digestive problems on my part, and ginger is indicated in helping with such. I've started drinking ginger tea as of today; it's worth a shot.)

But that's not all! I also had a cool thought synchro: "through this pain I see things as they are," as a lyric in a song I was listening to in the gym, immediately after I thought something nearly identical (of my illness and its processes making me see reality). Also, perhaps nothing, a word synchro: "gravity well," in "Cosmic Trigger" two days ago, I think for the first time I've ever seen it, and then in "Neuromancer" today, the book I started reading immediately after.

Also, tonight, while filling out a form that requested the name on my credit card, a song I was listening to said, "A town where they don't know your name." It is only a loose correlation (it was a form requesting my name, not involving a town), but it did come in such a synchronous way, I have to find it notable.


Maybe nothing, but in "Neuromancer" today, it detailed a floating space colony, which sounded suspiciously like those in "Cosmic Trigger," the last sequential book I read (it jibes with the "gravity well" synchro, too). It wouldn't be notable, except that it fits the book-synchro mold all too well.


A ton of random, minor synchro today, mostly thought synchro, where I'd be thinking something as I'd hear or read a single word in reflection. The most coherent was while I was out walking at the park, and I did a thought experiment, where I "thought" the couple walking in front of me to go left instead of right. It didn't happen, but then, later, I thought, "Maybe there's a reason for them not turning left," and, immediately after, "Maybe they'll stop their dog, and that'll get me by them" (I was slowly nearing on them and wanted to pass). Immediately as I thought the latter, synchronously, they curbed their dog and I passed them, so fluidly that I had to take note.


This morning, I felt Compelled to listen to "We Can't Dance" by Gensis, for the first time. The first song's chorus went "You're no son of mine, you left us behind," and this stuck in my head for much of the day. As it turned out, this theme would figure into my of my thought in the day, since, just a couple hours later, I read in "Into The Wild" several passages about how much the man in it had hurt his family by leaving them without contact. Also, some other, random synchros. All of this could have been nothing, but I found it somewhat notable.

Also, tonight, I went to the bathroom, and had the random thought of, "Maybe that's why I'm making headway on my health, to prepare myself for the 12/21/12 thing." It seemed to come from nowhere, though it did definitely come from me. Immediately after I used the bathroom, I went back to reading the website I was looking at before hand, and further down, it had a link to another part of it, where it mentioned how "we need to prepare our bodies for the 12/21/12 merging with Galactic Center," or something to that effect -- too much like what I was just thinking, almost exactly. Was this mechanical, or an actual, logical, coherent message?


So much today. First, one from my Dad: yesterday he went, randomly, to his old barn, and in it found a sealed bag of marshmallows -- not old, put there either by dogs or someone who wasn't supposed to be in the barn, or by means unknown. Well, he brought them home to my mom, who had just been deliberating on whether to buy some marshmallows or not (and, if I remember right, had beat herself up over not getting them; though this could be wrong). Then, this afternoon, two thought synchros, both very notable: first, when I went into the gym and set my water bottle down, a couple dogs came running up to me behind the counter, just as the song on the radio said "my dog," synchronously fast; then, on the way home, I was thinking, in a totally random chain of thought, of how this illogical mode of living, where I just do what I'm supposed to do, without question or investment in an outcome, is the order of reality, just as the song on my CD player said "a new kind of order" (notable not just because of the "order," but because, as I see in retrospect, I was thinking of "a new kind of order," new to me at least).


Maybe nothing, but I finally got the payment for "Innocent" today, and after the Paypal fee, it came to 33.33, this coming on 11/22 (11 + 22 = 33), and also on this day I finally, after having the book for nearly two weeks, start reading "11/22/63." It bears mentioning that I had "Innocent" accepted two years ago, and the story published over a month ago, and I put off emailing the editor about the money for about two weeks until I finally got up with him, and he just happened to send the payment today. Again, this could be nothing, but I thought it notable.

Also, in "11/22/63," it had that same Zen proverb that was in "Cosmic Trigger" (a week ago?), "There is a mountain, then there is not mountain, then there is." I'd never before heard this, and then, in the space of a week, saw it twice. Not quite in two back-to-back books, but still rather notable, and cool.


Damn cool one today. After working out, at the Wendy's intersection, I got behind a card with "GETJESUS" on its license plate, and I Noticed it, as well as noticed it. From there, I went to both Gamestop and Bare Essentials, and then went to Harris Teeter, for Listerine. There, in the parking lot, right as I went to cross the street, I had to wait for a car, which I knew at once was the GETJESUS car, despite seeing it from its front instead of its back. Sure enough, it was. Some interesting things about this: after leaving Bare Essentials, I went the wrong way to Harris Teeter, via Blowing Rock Road, without even realizing it until later. Then, in the Harris Teeter parking lot, I felt Compelled to part at the far side of the lot, away from the store I was going to; if I hadn't've, I wouldn't have crossed paths with the GETJESUS car. Also worth nothing, both in the Harris Teeter and then Earthfare checkouts, there was some 11:11 phenomenon, first with my change coming back as 11.47 (a number I've been seeing so much lately, presumably because 7+4=11), and then, at Earthfare, I Just Happened to look at the register readout just as the second item was scanned, and the total as 11.11 (which changed just after I saw, as the last item was wrung up).

Also, when I got some supplements in the mail today, from iHerb, they came with a free packet of Emergen-C. I threw it away, since it appeared to have aspartame in it; however, tonight, I had the revelation that I had stopped taking seleniium right around the time that my "mercury" symptoms seem to mysteriously increase, so I went tearing through the house to find some. As it turned out, there was some in my dad's supplement box, and while in there, I noticed two packets of Emergen-C, these complimentary from some other supplements I'd bought, maybe a year or two ago. I encountered both of these within hours of one another, totally randomly, when I hadn't seen anything of Emergen-C for months and months, perhaps since those first free packets I'd gotten. Cool.


While reading "11/22/63" at lunch today, it mentioned communism and such several times, and I had a flash, in my mind, of Lenin's bust and distinctive bald head (not so much Lenin himself, just the bust). Well, just afterward, I went downstairs to get ready to go, and I felt Compelled to load U2's "Zooropa" album on my MP3 player. When I did so, the back of the CD case had a random picture of Lenin's bust, almost exactly as I'd pictured it just a half-hour earlier.


Maybe nothing, but in "11/22/63" today, it mentioned Paris, Texas, which I'd been introduced to on a movie poster lately, then made a joke about in response to one of [my friend]'s emails a couple days ago, when I don't believe I've ever heard of it before in my life.


Maybe nothing, but I had an onslaught of twelves this afternoon. First, I got home from the chiropractor at exactly 12:12, then, when I went inside and looked at the date of my next appointment, I saw that it was on 12/12/12. Again, maybe nothing, but it "felt" significant (I looked it up, and though there were several numerological "meanings" given for the number twelve, one was "a completed cycle," which would jibe with today's events, including the drawing of the World card).


A couple cool, and striking, thought synchros. First, at lunch, my dad said "I got good news" just as I read "I have fabulous news" in the book I was reading, in that distinctly "synchronous" way. Then, later, a really cool one. I went upstairs to get some soap and towels, and when I did, I was distracted by some clothes for me in the laundry room. As I got them, I realized that I was forgetting the soap (a second time, as it were, because I'd already forgotten it once) -- and just then I saw, in the paper hamper the clothes were on, SOAP, on one of the papers inside, which was revealed just as I took away the clothes. I'm 99% sure I thought of soap before I took the clothes away, since I didn't want to forget it, so it was a totally separate chain of thought -- and the SOAP was obscured until I took the clothes away. This too happened synchronously, the SOAP being exposed right as I was thinking of that one word.

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