Synchronicity log for 2013


A neat book synchro-ish one today, or one that involved a book at least. Yesterday, I was waiting in line at the bank drive-in to cash a check for an abnormally long time, and during this wait, my mind wandered to check fraud and how I might protect myself from it. So last night I did some research, which led me to learning of several forms of check fraud, including "check kiting," a term I'd heard before but never really knew what it meant. Then, today, I started reading the book 'Clean Sweep,' and damned if it didn't start out with a detailed description of a con man's check-kiting scheme. This was reasonably notable, since I don't know when I'd last read about check kiting, and it was so near to the research last night and so entirely random that I would even be doing that research in the first place -- all of which fits the classic recurrence pattern perfectly. But also, there was a lot of random, minor synchro preceeding the check-kiting one, all involving the book and random things that have happened or I've thought of in the last day, enough to make me take notice.


Minor recurrence today: "nectar." It started this morning, when I encountered the first part of 'Other' which referenced the "nectar," a future beer substitute which gives alcohol's effect without stressing the liver and causing a hangover. Then, this evening, while at the Mellow Mushroom, I happened to notice a beer for sale, called Nectar. Maybe nothing, but the timing and relevance (same context, involving beer) were mildly notable.


An interesting kind of recurrence today. Lately, I'd been thinking, randomly and distantly, about Japan, including strange, specific thoughts of how one might go there and get "lost" in the country, to disappear. Then today, I went to the library for a new book, and I was led directly to a certain case and shelf and book -- a book which happened to be about someone going to Japan and disappearing (a true story, reportedly). I saw only the book's spine before picking it out, and there was nothing in its name ('People Who Eat Darkness') to even begin to suggest Japan or anything related. Neat.


Minor word synchro today: "recalcitrant." It was first in the 'Other' book while editing it today, in the "Recalcitrant Heart" part of it (the only section of that sub-thread in which I used "recalcitrant" outside of the title, interestingly). Then it was in the book on Japan this evening, some hours later. Notable for both the timing, the uncommonness of the word, and the other, subtler qualities here.


A classic thought synchro. While working out, I realized I was staring into a bright light on the ceiling and that it was burning my eyes. A split second after, the song I was listening to said "the light was burning my eyes" -- again in that perfectly synchronoous way.

Also, lots of minor word synchronicities, now between the last leg of 'Other,' which I edited this morning, and the first few pages of the 'A Rose for Her Grave' book that I started reading at lunch. They were all really minor, with the most notable being "the new had worn off," but there were enough that I had to take note, the way these minor-word-synchro onslaughts often do.


Minor word synchro: "apropos." Read it in the 'People Who Eat Darkness' book last night, and I noticed it passingly, because it was the first I'd read it in a while. Then, the next morning, while editing "The Imaginal," (also for the first time in a while, over a year) there was "apropos." Maybe nothing, but they were pretty close together, and in that usual pattern. Then, a little later, the same with "rapproachment." And "hothouse" ...

Then, this afternoon, I read a book of weird laws/statutes etc, and there were a lot of minor, otherwise unnotable synchronicities in it, mainly of words. There was one, however, that was a little more distinct and notable: in one of the stories I edited this morning, "The Minutes," a bus's brakes go out and it collides with a car, and then, in the laws book, it quoted in part of it an incident in which a bus's brakes had gone out and it collided with a car. Out of context of the rest of it, I wouldn't think much of it, even with the timing and the correlation, just because it's not hugely uncommon; however, in the context of the rest of it, I find it somewhat notable.

Also, a recurrence: I started reading the book 'Spook Country' this evening, and in it it featured augmented reality -- which is something featured in my book 'Other,' which I just self-published not a week ago, after having written it over three years ago. Furthermore, the 'Spook Country' part mentioned how augmented reality would someday be internalized, using a neural interface, when that's exactly what my depiction of it in 'Other' was like. Notable, because it's such a reasonably uncommon subject and because of the timing. Also, another involving 'Spook Country': it mentioned, randomly, how you can release tension by opening your jaw wide in a certain way, when I just so happened to have done this just last night, when I was in intense pain and I found myself opening my jaw wide in that exact same way and noting, distinctly, that exact same effect. Neat.


Minor recurrence: Hydrox cookies. I'd never been aware of these cookies in my life until I read that Wacky Laws book a few days ago, in which it mentioned a lawsuit between the makers of the these cookies and with Pillsbury, over their mascots. Then today, in the 'Everything Will Be Great' book, it too mentioned Hydrox cookies. Not hugely notable, but notable because of how relatively close together these two mentions, and because of their fitting the usual recurrence pattern, etc.


Classic book synchro, two words: "ficus tree" and "kangaroo court." I read both of these in two recent books, for the first time, one of which was 'Spook Country' and the other I can't remember which, but both occurred in the last week. Then, tonight, I read both those words in the book 'Bangkok 8.' The timing wasn't too close, but still close enough to be notable, and it fits the pattern, etc.


A neat word synchro this morning: "borborygmus." I first saw it when I was going through a bunch of my old short stories earlier, to prepare a collection (the stories were years old, and I'd been planning on doing this for about six months but just now got to it). One of the stories was titled "Borborygmus." Then, about thirty minutes after I came across the "Borborygmus" story, I checked my email and found that "borborygmus" was the Word of the Day. Very notable, both because of the timing and the exquisite rarity of the word.


A couple word/book synchros today. First, "hundredweight," which was in 'The Long Walk' a few times over the last couple days, and I noticed it, either because it was the first I've seen it used or the first I've seen it in a long time. Then, today, it was in 'The Kings of Cocaine' book, the very next sequential book I read after 'The Long Walk.' Also, "prelate," which was in the story I edited today, "Plane Crash," the only time I've ever used that word, and then it turned up in 'The Kings of Cocaine' just after I sat down to read after finishing editing the story, less than a half-hour later. Notable, considering the word's rarity and the express timing.

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