Synchronicity log for 2014


Neat thought synchro today. As I walked into the kitchen, I saw a bag of what I thought was iceberg lettuce on the floor -- precisely when the TV (in the other room and invisible to me) said "iceberg," in that perfectly synchronistic fashion. Interestingly, the bag of lettuce on the floor was *not* iceberg, but romaine, which would suggest that, if this indeed wasn't some precision coincidence, the "synchronicity" was between the my thoughts and the TV broadcast (or maybe the TV broadcaster's thoughts).


Really cool two-part reading synchro today. First, while I was sitting out in the lawn and reading a book, I read about how some people heard some gunshots but didn't call it in the police, which made me think of how, around here, I never call in gunshots because I hear them so often from target practice and the like. Precisely when I thought this in answer to what I read, a gunshot sounded from nearby, in that perfectly synchronistic way. I found that notable in itself, given the specificity and the timing and patterning, but then, two paragraphs down, when I read "the sound of gunfire" it happened all over again: another gunshot, timed perfectly and precisely to when I read those words. As it so happened, there were no gunshots for some time afterward, those being the first two and the last for about 10 or 15 minutes.


Minor recurrence today. First in church this morning, the pastor mentioned how the treasurer of a group defected and took off. Then, in the book I was reading at lunch today, about two hours later, it mentioned a treasurer that had defected from a group and run off. The precision of the theme was certainly there, and the timing too, though I could still see this easily being a coincidence.


A minor but notable thought synchro today. On the way home this evening, I had the stray thought that I didn't see any sign of it being Veterans Day today -- no marches or parades (I specifically thought "marches," in fact). Then, about a minute later, I rounded a bend and encountered a little march of what looked to be Boy Scouts and their troop leader, marching down the road and waving a big American flag. The timing, though not of the instant, wham-bam variety, was still pretty darn close, and there was also the precision of my thinking of a patriotic march and then seeing just that specifically. Furthermore, there's the fact that the road I was on was quite out of the way, about two miles out of town and in a rather desolate area, just before the rural residential area where I live -- the last place I would've expected to encounter a march of any kind. Also, the road in question was a really damn bad place to march, it being winding and narrow with a lot of blind corners (which, it bears mentioning, was what I went around before encountering the march, so there's no way I could've seen them ahead of time and been subconsciously cued).


A minor yet notable one today, a classic recurrence. Two days ago, on Tuesday, I by chance, on a total whim, asked my chiropractor about her office building and experience renting it, on the vague idea that someday, perhaps years from now, I might need to rent office space for a business -- a highly vague question on my part, so vague and distant that I nearly didn't ask (when I finally ended up doing it, it was because of being Compelled, rather than out of logic or need). In the course of her answering, she mentioned how the building was rented by Templeton. As it were, it was the first I'd heard of the Templeton family in years and years, and I thought this upon hearing the name. Then today, two days later, my mom mentioned in passing how she'd called the Templetons looking for a rental for someone. Easily a coincidence and the timing isn't too close, but it does fit the pattern, and there's the Compelling to consider.


Another onslaught of 37/73, similar to that one day at Bare Essentials recently. This one wasn't as dense or repetitive, but it was noticeable enough, and fit the format of the last, with a bunch of random-yet-distinctly-noticeable 37s and 73s "coming out of the woodwork" within a window of about 30 minutes in various places, after dormancy beforehand. And, just like the last one, my supermarket bill got into the mix, ringing up at exactly 7.30. And again, there were some details which made that figure even more notable, such as my order being comprised mainly of by-weight items (which I didn't weigh before buying), along with another points discount, which took a dollar off the bill (plus, I got a sale item I hadn't planned on, without which the bill would've been different). Pretty notable, as well as cool.


Two pretty cool reading/speech synchros today, both at lunch. The first one was totally imprecise language-wise, but highly precise semantically. Right when my mom, in the other room and unable to see the book I was reading, said "he doesn't have a lease," I read "without an official contract" -- perhaps coincidence, but the semantic is very very close, and the timing was perfectly synchronistic, in that distinctive way. And then, a little while later, there was a similar one, except with this one there was no question: precisely as I read "ready to go out," my mom spoke those exactly words. And I mean *precisely* as I read them, just like one of those sing-along kids' videos where an icon bounces on the words right as they're sung. Utterly surreal.


Had a minor-but-notable one this morning. Right as I cut up an apple and put the first bite in my mouth, a man on the TV (in the other room, at my back) said "apple," corresponding with the bite in that distinct, perfectly synchronistic way, like the guy was looking over my shoulder and wanted to spook me. It bears mentioning that 1) the guy on TV had said nothing about apples, or any remotely related subject, leading up to his saying the actual word, and 2) I had been thinking "apple" right as I took the bite and heard the echo on TV, which begs the question: if indeed this was a synchronistic non-coincidence, then was the TV-man's "apple" in synchrony with my thought of "apple" or my actually eating the apple (or both)?


A cool question-and-answer recurrence today. Two days ago, I read in a book of a "bonobo," for the first time ever. From the usage's context, I inferred that it was a kind of ape, but I wasn't sure, so I had the distinct thought of, "I'd like to know what a bonobo is." Then today, at the chiropractor's office, I got there early, so I went to the table of magazines. There were three or four National Geographics on it, and I went right to one specifically, feeling Compelled to do so, in that distinct way I've come to recognize. Sure enough, on the cover, it mentioned how there was a story about bonobos on it, which are in fact a sort of ape. It bears mentioning that where the cover read "bonobo," it was covered up when I first was Compelled to go for the magazine (that is, there's no way I could've seen it and had this influence my choice, even subconsciously). Pretty notable, given the close timing and it fitting both the Compelling pattern and the question-and-answer pattern.


Blog post:

"Lately, I've been hunted by Subaru Bajas, those half-car non-trucks that have usurped the Brat as the vehicle for folks who just can't make up their mind. I don't know why the Bajas have chosen me, but everywhere I look, there they are. I'm just that attractive, perhaps.

In particular, it's the gray Bajas that seem to seek me out. A whole pack of bleak, gray Subaru Bajas, out for blood or romance or who-knows-what. I must've seen a dozen just in the last week or so.

Today, I was pondering this odd situation while driving into town. It conjured a vision in my mind's eye, sugar-plum-style: the Bajas, led by their gray leaders, sniffing me out wherever I go. And it was then -- speak of the devil -- I rounded a corner and passed yet another Subaru Baja, coinciding almost exactly with my woolgathering about them.

There's an entry for my synchronicity log, I thought.

However, this incident wasn't yet deserving of a blog post, for a post of every such experience I have would make my blog read like a book. No, it was only a short time later that the Baja incident was upgraded to blog-worthy.

I had just entered town, on a back street behind a supermarket, when I was thinking of my passing the Baja on a blind bend a split second after thinking of Bajas. I was replaying it in my head, in order to make sure I wasn't injecting miracle into a simple coincidence, and this led to the thought of Well, the Baja I passed wasn't a gray one. Because it wasn't: that Baja had been black, and at the time, I'd been thinking primarily of gray ones. So if I had yet another thought-synchronicity on my hands, then why hadn't that last Baja been gray, huh?

No sooner had this thought crossed my mind than a car appeared on a side street, stopping to let me pass: another Subaru Baja, coinciding perfectly with my thoughts as if cued. Except, this one was gray.

(It had pulled up alongside the supermarket I was driving the length of, as to be invisible to me until it rounded the market's corner and stopped. Just like the black one of minutes before, totally invisible to me around the bend, so that neither of my Baja-thoughts could've been triggered by sight of the cars, even subconsciously.) "


A minor recurrence today. Just before lunch, I had the distinct but random thought of how I'd stopped getting sunshine, it being winter and the sun's appearance not working with my schedule, etc. It was the first I'd really realized this, and how it might be affecting me depression-wise, etc. Then, maybe 30 minutes later at lunch, I sat down to read the 'Calcutta' book and on the second page it mentioned exactly the thing about the sunshine, both how a lot of people don't get enough in the winter and how it contributes to depression and the like. Not the most elaborate or complicated recurrence, but certainly notable, both due to close timing, precision, and pattern.

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