Synchronicity log for 2015


Back "up to speed" it would seem, with overall activity back to the previous, "surreal"-type level, at times hugely so. Started with yet another of those "opening a book randomly while trying to find something, only to land on page 37/137, etc"-type ones, this one with a hymnal like that first one, as it were (also, when I thumbed back to the page I was looking for, it had a prominent 37 on it, along with a couple other repeats). Also, back to those vague "themes" of subtles/parallels throughout the day, including several minor recurrences, such as being given a ride by a man wearing a Route 66 tee-shirt, when just yesterday I'd ended up researching Route 66, after not having thought of it for months/years, etc (and, having maybe two dozen cars pass me up when hitchiking before the Route 66 man stopped). One standout was a prominent vague-thought synchro, where this morning in bed, I'd found myself thinking of "singing His praises," in regards to God, with this thought coming from out of nowhere and for no logical reason yet with enough impact to make me remember it and Notice it -- then, a couple hours later at church, the refrain in one of the hymns was "singing His praises," once again the first I'd thought/encountered that in months. These all intermixed with maybe a couple dozen subtler ones, as well as that rising and falling of surreal-level amounts of "background static" subtles, including a bunch at lunch when I sat down to read and encountered whole strings of my thoughts echoed in the book to varying degrees of precision/timing, etc -- enough to leave my head spinning in that living-dream-type way, in any case. Cool.


A downturn in overall activity from yesterday, again conspicuously so and corresponding with staying in/bad health, etc. Did have a bunch of very subtle ones throughout the day, including some book synchro that was only notable in total, where there were a whole bunch of vague parallels between the 'Desert Places' book and the 'Camouflage' one I started just afterward, mostly correspdonding with my state of mind/thoughts/external events as I've noted in the past, but also with a more coherent one where at the end of the 'Desert' book, it had a seen of bloody sodomy/rape, and then, within the first part of the 'Camouflage' book, another scene of bloody sodomy/rape, when I'd not read of such a thing for quite some time, perhaps years or a decade.

Also, a pretty notable recurrence just now. Yesterday, I'd felt Compelled to look up St. Martin, and upon doing so, I subsequently felt Compelled to look at Google images, during which I saw a picture of a plane seemingly just above a crowded beach, which looked photoshopped to me -- and I Noticed this one particular picture, very distinctly in patternistic fashion. Then today on a random tweet feed that I'm not even subscribed to (why am I shown these upon logging in?), it had a picture of some strange beach scene, advertising "10 pictures you won't believe aren't photoshopped" or some such, and I felt Compelled to click it -- and there, as the #1 picture, was a picture nearly identical to the plane picture of yesterday, and, likewise, taken in St. Martin. Pretty notable, given all the logistics and specifics/patterns there.


Another all-around uptick that again coincided with improved health and getting out/circulating, etc. Definitely a pattern here. Had another theme, again of a particular "flavor" of smallish one-word thought/event/reading synchros, echoing of thoughts, etc. A standout was when I got a phone call precisely as I read "pinged to life" in a book, when my phone's ringtone was a "ding!" that was very "ping"-like -- quite notable as far as precision goes, despite the "fuzziness" of it, but then the timing was just impeccable, to that surreal level that just can't be faked. A bunch more conspicuous number-repeats too, still predominantly 37/137s, and also predominantly coming from cars in conspicuous ways (though, did have a cute little "clock-tick"-type one, when I felt Compelled to look at a Groupon deal for a Dominican Republic vacation despite my having little interest in the DR, and when I went to the page the countdown ticker pinged exactly on "3:17:33" days/minutes/hours left. Haha).

Had one this evening that's hard to classify, another of those that might just be weirdness (or, alternatively, just an odd but otherwise "normal" coincidence). I went to check the mail for a package, and there was a key in my box for one of the bigger, package boxes. When I first saw the key's number, I read it as #1, but then turned it over and saw "2" written more clearly. The key did indeed open box #2, but I was surprised to find it empty. Then, totally on a spur-of-the-moment Compelling, I checked box #1, just above it, which had its key in it and was sitting open -- and there, inside, was my package. All so weird, I can't imagine what circumstances would've brought that about (with my box empty but #1 filled -- but open?), but then it gains the "synchronistic" element when considering, first, that I'd originally read the #2 key as #1, and then, second, that I would feel so distinctly Compelled to open the first box, with no logical reason, and then actually find my package in there. Really damn strange, but equally cool.

Also, a vague-thought synchro/recurrence when I stopped for gas. It was a repeat of that one the other week, when I was thinking of the "Mark of the Beast"/credit card chip parallels precisely as the "666" bus pulled up. This time, I had the vague, fleeting thought of the chip when I took out my chipped credit card to swipe it at the gas pump, and then, when the pump filled (on its own, filling the tank of the car to capacity after being set, rather than manually), the total was $16.66. This one could conceivably be coincidence, being not 100% nor with very remarkable timing, but in light of the last one, nearly identical (and which *did* have much higher precison/notability), I find that a contributing circumstance that upped the notability some.

And, late tonight: a mild recurrence. I'd at first thought this to be an animal totem/symbolism one, now for "hedgehog," which I'd seen prominentely/conspicuously in that patternistic fashion lately (after never really thinking of hedgehogs, etc, for months/years?). It started with Joy recommending that I get some type of pet, "even if it's just a hedgehog," and then, that evening, I sat down at the beach trailer and realized that there was a carved wooden hedgehog on the table I was sitting by, never really having realized this before (a piece of decoration incongruous to the rest of the room and such). Then, the day after that, when my RV broke down in the Anytime Fitness parking lot, I ended up stopped right next to a big truck advertising pet supplies with an enormous hedgehog on the side. However, tonight it took a turn toward simple recurrence: the lion's mane mushroom I just started taking (and which I suspect might be helping me cognitively in a significant way) is called the "hedgehog" mushroom. Interesting, though perhaps just coincidence (or am I confusing hedgehog symoblism with recurrence?).


Another correlation with going out/circulation/health and overall incidents. Less today, but still plenty, as to create that "background static" that has yet to feel any less surreal. Another day of inordinately high amounts of number-repeats, still predominantly 37/1137, etc; I can't help but feel that they are some kind of "roadsigns," indicating some continuing reality nexus/portal or something. Had several amusing standouts in this regard, such as when putting some shredded receipts in the recycling bin, I noticed a "173" on the very torn edge of a receipt that fell out and had to be picked up by itself, my eyes falling directly on it. Also, got a random phone call from a telemarketer with numbers ending in "7735" (when 35/357/537 has been another regular repeat lately). Plus, another of those deals where I felt Compelled, against all logic and convenience, to let a certain car out into traffic, and when it pulled in front of me the license plate number was "4373." Plus probably a dozen other slightly less conspicuous ones.


Some really cool ones today, along with the now-common backdrop of subtle/vague/too-big-to-describe incidents. A standout number repeat was when I was coming home from acpuncture and a motorcyclist pulled right out in front of me, such that I had to hit my brakes to avoid hitting him even though I wasn't going very fast -- only to reveal a "10212" license plate (after many 1212/1012/212 repeats lately). A theme of the day was pretty prominent and coherent one-word thought/event/reading synchros, such as when the radio sang out "love!" precisely as a woman at roadside walked conspicuously towards me, with a conspicuous shirt with something written on it in flashy letters: LOVE (this one was damn surreal, another living-dream-type thing).


A bunch of pretty cool ones today, in addition to a reasonable background static of number-repeats, subtles, etc. Most conspicuous of the day was a running theme that I've observed before, that of many small-yet-powerful/striking incidents and vague parallels between my general state/thoughts/movements and what I read/hear/see, etc, to that surreal, living-dream level but in a unique way. Several examples: reading "birdcalls" precisely as I heard a birdcall (which, if I remember right, was the first I'd heard any birds until then, or at least had heard only sporadic birdcalls at that point); hearing "bend down" on the radio precisely as a biker cut recklessly in front of me, while the woman riding behind him, doubled-up, bent forward and down, seeming to look the driver in the face, talking to him; reading, in the 'Waco' book, about having fire ants attack your legs, several times, all while I was sitting out in the yard and brushing fire ants from my legs (these mentions were never timed together, but spread completely apart; however, I had the ants on my legs throughout my entire time outside and reading, so this sort of matched). Amongst these was a classic word synchro: "bizarrity," which I'd used in the intro for the Weird collection this morning, seen that it got the red squiggle of "that's not a word" beneath it, and changed it to "bizarrness," and then, a few hours later while reading the 'Waco' book, there was "bizarrity," one of David Koresh's dyslexic mistakes -- fitting that old pattern in every way, from back when I used to write fiction regularly (coinciding on the first I've written in that vein in many months, oddly). Also, had many, many personal parallels between the book and other external events, all of them too vague to convey.

The day's most prominent standout, however, was another vague-thought recurrence almost exactly like the "singing His praises" from last Sunday, in the same vein even. This morning, I was struck with a sudden thought of "opening the Seventh Seal," as illogically and sourcelessly and mysteriously as that last one (and also as strongly and attention-grabbing), which, besides following the pattern, was the first I'd thought about this for at least a few months, if not much longer. Then, likewise, it was mentioned in the 'Waco' book, quitue prominently actually, apparently being the cornerstone of Koresh's doctrine (unknown to me until I read it today, of course). It bears mentioning that I just started reading the Waco book today, only after I had the thought, when I'd not so much as opened it or read the blurb beforehand, having checked it out totally randomly at the library yesterday, going only on its title and entry in the computerized system. Highly notable in itself, but even moreso considering its patternistic qualities.


Less overall activity today, and this was odd, because it corresponded with a marked increase in energy/health, plus I went out and circulated more today than yesterday -- different than that pattern that was running for a while there. No real standouts to note today, other than a new theme, which I've noticed the last couple days but just now seems to really be expressing itself: these "vague" strings of parallels and recurrences and thought synchros throughout the day, almost all of them just significant enough to be noticed altogether, but easily written off otherwise. For instance, right as I thought of a ZZ Top song and heard it in my head, I pulled out the billing slip from a book envelope a split second later, revealing a prominent "ZZ" on it -- certainly possible it was a coincidence, but the whole thing smacked of synchronicity, especially after the pattern of dozens of these over the last couple days. (This happened a second time, too, when I had the same song come into my head a split second before I sat down and re-encountered the big "ZZ" paper.) Maybe the vague/foggy/half-there nature of these is a reflection of that weird headfog/fuzzy thoughts I've been having?


Not really much to note from the last couple days; another downturn, aside from the usual "murmur" of subtles/number-repeats, etc. Did have some more of those new kind of vague-thought/"scrambled"/"weak" theme-style incidents throughout the day, but especially weak and vague. One standout number repeat was another 37-style receipt. It started when, after once again following the pattern of getting several random things without really planning it (including two bags of self-fill coffee, one of which I overfilled accidentally), I ended up paying 27.27 -- thus, 72.73 change (which I noticed because I had to get it from the attendant despite the self-checkout). This wasn't huge, despite following the pattern, except when I got home and went to log the receipt into my records and saw that the timestamp was exactly "17:03." Haha.


Today was much like the last couple days, following that generally toned-down theme of just a low murmur of background-static-type subtles/number repeats with that theme of "distorted"/"weak"/"incomplete" ones I've been seeing. The only real standout was a minor recurrence that could've been coincidence, where, just after talking to mom on the phone and discussing how I was coming home for Thanksgiving and how I might be staying in a certain motel (which she commented might not have "too many roaches"), the 'Revival' book mentioned someone both going home for Thanksgiving and staying in a "roachtrap" hotel, both within a couple pages, as to be just minutes after discussing those things on the phone. Reasonably notable, at least timing- and pattern-wise, though not so precise as to be definite.

And then, just before bed, a second chapter to this recurrence, almost identical. Just after I'd been at the computer listing the features of my RV, which included the refrigerator, microwave, dinette and other stuff, I read in the 'Revival' book a description of an RV in which those very same items were listed, same wording even for most of them, and just a couple pages in. Notable not just because it was a little more precise, but because it followed the first, and in that same patternistic format.


A bit of an uptick today, with a bunch of conspicuous 37s and such again, and some more-pronounced word/thought synchros (such as hearing "soul" on the radio, precisely as a Kia Soul passed me while I was trying to turn, both recklessly and illegally). Also, had another of those where a couple people were talking nearby and one of them happened to read out "zero-zero-seventy-three," in identical pattern to other incidents.


Had a slight uptick of incidents today, still in the vein of those "weak"/"corrupted" sort of themed incidents. One standout was a classic book synchro: the last book I read was about Hawai'i's Big Island, in which a town called Kailua was mentioned (both it and the "Big Island" were the first I'd ever seen of these, ever), and then, in the next sequential book, 'Revival' -- again chosen and bought entirely at random from a selection of over a dozen, feeling Compelled toward it -- it mentioned, at the very end, the Big Island, which had the town of Kailua in it. Not hugely precise or notable, but still enough to bear mention, especially with the precise patternistic context thrown in. Also, had another one of those deals where, while driving slowly down the highly in the RV, a succession of cars with conspicuous 37s/1137s, etc, in their license plates and such overtook me, sometimes two or more in a row, just like those other times recently.


Really the only thing to note today is of a negative direction in activity, going down to almost absolutely none, not even subtles, repeats, etc, which coincidentally coincides with my health bottoming out to the worst it's been in a long time or ever. Again fits that pattern that has presented itself with exceptions.


A minor uptick in activity today, again corresponding with slightly improved health, proportional to it more or less. Really the only standout was a cool recurrence at the chiropractor's. While waiting to be seen, I read a random magazine, and on one of the last pages I saw before I was called in, it showed a picture of a boy in a homemade Halloween costume comprised in part of a painted bicycle helmet, which in turn made me remember that I need to get a bicycle helmet, seeing the potential danger even in riding a bike slowly. Then, minutes later while I was being adjusted, the chiropractor's phone rang and he took it, and it was his son calling to tell him that someone had wrecked their bike without wearing a helmet and was in the ICU. The timing wasn't too great, but not too long either; and besides, the precision and underlying theme of "injury from not wearing a bicycle helmet" was certainly present. Notable.


A bit of an uptick today over the last few days, ending a near-dearth of any coherent incidents at all. Had more numbers than anything, mostly 37s/1137s, etc, a pretty good wash of them just after leaving Modern Cleansing, including an amusing one at the tail-end, when I passed an electronic sign just as it ticked to the time: 3:17, even though that time was wrong (it was 4ish or so). Also, a really cool vague-thought/recurrence this afternoon. Sometime just within the last day or so, I thought of that young lady I saw at the airport and said hello to, who stood out to me as looking scared and lonely, my remembering her coming in typical vague-thought fashion -- and then, when I went to the library today, damned if she didn't come out right as I was going in (and, we made eye contact I said hello to her again). If it wasn't her, it was her perfect twin (complete with piercings and same haircut, bearing, facial features, etc). Pretty remarkable on all counts, but then gains even more notability given that I'd had no reason to go to this library today, not needing any books or even being close to finishing the one I'm reading, but feeling utterly Compelled to do so, against all logic and convenience. Neat.


Back to a bunch of incidents, this time corresponding not with much increase in health (actually a bit of a slump today) but with another road trip, which is another pattern I've noticed. Lots and lots of subtles/number-repeats (37 predominantly, again with a ton of license plates on the highway, almost always in conspicuous ways that came to me, not vice-versa), and even a lot of reasonably prominent and notable one-word thought/event/radio synchros and the like, just too damn many to remember. One standout was another of those where some random strange next to me in line in the store said "0730" aloud to another random stranger (twice in this case), almost exactly like those last two nearly identical incidents, from the post office and in the convenience store those two days in the last month or so. Also, a really cool, multilayered, somewhat unique one, combining a thought/event/radio synchro and a q-n-a. As I was going down the road, a dog crossed and forced me to slow down pre-emptively, and hence think of "dog," which made me remember the "dog-fool" card tarot/spirit reading that lady had done on me recently, which in turn triggered my recurring question about what the dog was supposed to symbolize. Then, in perfectly synchronistic fashion, the radio sang out "dogged fool," precisely corresponding with my final thought of "the dog's symbolism in the fool-card reading," as well as the dog's crossing just about. Highly notable in itself, being so precise and so precisely timed, but doubly so considering that it clarified (or seemed to) the question I'd had just a couple hours earlier while pondering the dog's significance in the reading, seeming to symbolize being "dogged" rather than a companion or something like I'd thought (I'm the "dogged fool," rather than the fool accompanied by a dog or companion, this would suggest) -- in other words, a q-n-a on top of it all, by way of the combo synchro. Really damn cool.


Once again had another sudden surge of incidents/subtles/number-repeats this afternoon, much like yesterday, both in upsurge and in it corresponding not with an increase in health but in just travel and activity (and attitude/general mental and perceptual focus maybe?). A bunch more amusing 37s, a whole swath of them again, many from conspicuous cars and the like, but also two glaring receipt-type incidents, where once again I bought a bunch of random and unplanned stuff at the grocery store and ended up with a total of exactly $103.71 with tax, and then at the bank, when I deposited the transfer check and my balance came back as exactly $3111.71 (when I came up with the transfer amount totally arbitrarily ...). Also had several time-tick-types, all for either 11:17 or 1:37 (as has been the trend lately), including turning on my cell randomly at the exact moment it ticked to 11:17 time (this happened at least twice if I remember right, if not three times, all with number repeats ticking into view right when the screen lit). Had a funny one with a car, where I was walking through a parking lot and heard it start and was alerted to it, only to see its glaring 37 front license plate (and then saw the same car again on the way out in a conspicuous way).

A cool standout was a thought/radio/event combo, where a guy was slowly crossing the street that I needed to cross, causing me to stop short and wait to pull in, and making me think, "I'll just have to wait" -- precisely as "you'll have to wait" came over the radio, once again in that perfectly synchronistic fashion that I couldn't have pulled off if I'd tried. Also had a weird, quasi-synchro one, maybe just a surreal coincidence more than anything, but I turned my phone on completely randomly, spur of the moment -- precisely as a call came in. And then, ironically, it was a wrong number. Maybe nothing, but just struck me as synchronistic, and certainly fit in with the day's living-dream-type feel.

Also had a couple hearsay secondhand ones passed along from Adam, in which he gave two examples, totally without prompting or prefacing from me, that were notable in themselves but also fit perfectly the pattern I've observed myself so many times (him randomly seeing a childhood friend for the first time in years at a random restaurant, at the precise moment he got a text which turned out to be from a second childhood friend, equally distant and random, as well as a radio-type vague-thought synchro that I can't remember fully but was certainly in line with my experiences).


Another whole bunch of subtles/number-repeats coming beginning in late morning/afternoon, especially on the drive back down to the beach, with yet another rash of those license-plate 37s and the like seeking me out. An amusing standout in this regard: when I hopped in the car and turned it on, the first words out of the radio were "37," from some random station and its commercial -- sort of a radio version of the clock-tick-types. Also, a definite new theme through the day, now of a specific "flavor" of pronounced one- or two-word thought/event synchros, very explicit and precise if somewhat one-dimensional. Examples: thinking distinctly of how I was about to get a 16oz juice, precisely as a random song on the radio that I'd never heard before said "16"; my seeing how the speed limit had just dropped and how I'd better slow down to avoid the police radar, precisely before the radio said "radar"; my rubbernecking Bay Naturals from the road to see if it was open, a bit illogically and stupidly since I was pulling in anyway, just before the radio said "looking to see you." Maybe a dozen or more of these interspersed throughout the day, along with some that weren't so subtle and were very explicit but were just too personal/subjective to describe. Overall, a very high-activity day.


A series of really cool book synchros today, all involving the 'Snow Leopard' book that I started reading this morning. First off, a pretty striking one: in just the first few pages of the book, it mentioned how the author was separated from his family on Thanksgiving day -- which, as it just so happened, I am separated from my family on Thanksgiving day (also an author, ironically), and I Just Happened to start reading this book after buying it over a month ago and reading maybe a couple dozen books in the interim, and without there being anything about Thanksgiving, etc, on the cover of the book or something. Highly notable, though not terribly precisely. Also, almost as notable, was that shortly into the book, it mentioned the gentian shrub, and not only did this coincide with my having taken, on a total Compelled random whim, a dose of gentian extract about an hour before (and, that this the first I think I've ever seen gentian mentioned anywhere in any book or writing beyond the internet), but my reading of the gentian actually coincided almost exactly to when the first of it hit me and I began noticing its effects, with my reading of the gentian coming maybe ~1-2 minutes afterward (though it had started on a previous page, where I couldn't have read "gentian" ahead of time, subconsciously, and had it trigger a suggestion or some such). Again, totally surreal, for all its quiet nonimpact, like coming upon a bomb on your kitchen counter suddenly, I'd describe it.


Two more book synchros from the 'Snow Leopard.' The first was strikingly cool. Just after I sat down for a footbath at the mall and opened my book, I started thinking of the negative ions in the footbath, and their positive effects on me, etc. Then, maybe two pages into reading the book, just minutes later, it mentioned how negative ions can supposedly exert all kinds of positive effects on plants and animals and people -- not only precisely what I was just thinking (and doing objectively, from my doing the footbath that produced the negative ions, etc, not that I could've possibly subconsciously read ahead the several pages in the book, being totally closed, etc), but the book in question was published in 1973, before the whole negative-ion phenomenon became well-known in the general population. Very notable, first because of the near-exact precision, and then from the timing, which even though not "perfectly synchronistic" was still hugely notable. Then, almost as striking but of a different nature, when I was reading the book this evening, I went to change the book into my right hand from the left, feeling fatigue in the wrist -- and then the very next line was "He raised his right arm" (I was sitting upright while reading and so I had to raise my arm up to hold the book to my face, hence why the left was fatigued to begin with). I would've easily pegged this one as subconscious reading-ahead/suggestion, except that the whole reason I changed hands was for an objective cause, that is that my left hand was fatigued, etc. Pretty notable as well.

Also, another of those "barrages" of 37s on license plates, this time after I left the mall and walked through the big parking lot to my car. One after another, almost every license plate I passed had a 37 in it, if not 7103/1137, often conspicuously. I'd noticed it off the bat, but then after getting in my car, I found that even the one directly across from me was a 1307 or some such. And then, as I sat writing the note about this, I checked my rearview mirror to see who was around, and smack dab in the middle of it was a license plate from a few rows down, this too with a 37 in it (albiet backwards, haha).

Then this evening, a really cool and explicit thought/event synchro. Right as I got that good feeling in my chest/heart during my zapping session and thought "my heart is opening again," I scrolled down on a random webpage and read "keeping your heart open." Again, it couldn't have been subconscious suggestion because I had to scroll down to reveal the phrase, yet I'd had the open-heart thought literally a split second *before,* like right as I was deciding to scroll down but before I actually did it. The definition of perfectly synchronistic right there. Also noteworthy is the fact that the page was in an email from a person I never ever email, it being sent basically just to everyone on her contact list, impersonally -- and, furthermore, I'd felt distinctly Compelled to view the email, despite having zero logical reason/interest to do so. Haha. So patternistic.


Another day conspicuous only for its absence of overall incidents. A few scattered subtles here and there, and the usual murmur of number-repeats about. Interestingly, had no spike in incidents despite a marked increase in health, as seemed to be the pattern there for a while. One standout was yet another receipt-37 synchro, where I went into a store and spent a half hour getting a bunch of stuff I never planned on, only to have the total be 107.77 (one of the prominent 37 variants as of late), with a sales tax of exactly 3.70, with these two figures atop one another.


A slight uptick today, though again still generally subdued. Did have one strikingly cool and notable recurrence, however. Over the course of the day, I encountered two new supplements that I'd never been aware of previously: "sea vegetable" tablets, which I encountered in a random sampler pill I got totally randomly from Bay Naturals last night, and then alfalfa tablets, which I encountered at GNC today (on a totally random, unplanned visit). Both of these were not only totally new to me, but both Jumped Out in that patternistic fashion, enough to make me think distinctly, "sea vegetable and alfalfa tablets, hmmm." Then, tonight in the HHS book when I sat down to read, two pages into it, it mentioned both sea vegetable and alfalfa tablets, once again the second time in my life I'd seen something, both of them occurring totally randomly and within the course of hours. Wow.


Another of those themes today, again of that "soupy"/half-there variety I've observed a couple times, which coincidentally once again coincided with my having similarly soupy, half-there headsickness and the like through the day, certainly suggesting some sort of inner/outer reflection or manifestation. Had maybe two dozen prominent-yet-"distorted" incidents throughout the day, most of them seeming to have that half-borne feel where the archetype was there but not too precise or defined, nor "perfectly synchronistically" timed. For example, the song on the CD player this morning singing about it being a beautiful day in the neighborhood when that's pretty much what I was thinking/feeling at the time, though not explicitly or coinciding perfectly with the lyrics, and the same for the song describing a dog on a leash about ~2-3 seconds after I passed a man walking a dog on a leash. These two together were actually reasonably coherent and precise, enough to be notable, especially considering how I'd felt Compelled to put on the CD in question, from a choice of five new ones I'd bought yesterday (and hadn't yet listened to, thus ruling out any kind of subconscious suggestion, once again). Had some semi-notable number repeats interspersed too, such as my Noticing a "Speed Limit 55" sign very prominently, in that split-second "face-smack" fashion, and then looking down at my car's trip counter which read "555.5" miles -- then clicked over to 555.6 immediately after the 5555 had registered with me, once again in that patternistic, clock-tick fashion (otherwise, might've leaned toward subconscious suggestion, considering the "555.5" was in my peripheral vision when I Noticed the speed limit sign).

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