Synchronicity log for 2016


Had a bit of an uptick today, coming in spurts off and on that seemed to correspond with shifts in energy/health/consciousness again. Started with a cool and very early one this morning, when I was suddenly struck with the thought of doing yoga on the beach this morning, again at the end of a long chain of thought, precisely as I stopped at the intersection by BN and had a sign reading "OCEAN FRONT GURU" fall directly into my line of sight (again "landing" there in that conspicuous and patternistic and utterly surreal way) -- very much an echo of the image I had in my mind in regards to the thought of beach-yoga, with me sitting in lotus on the sand during the sunrise, very much a "guru"-type figure. Haha. A couple of really cool and notable and somewhat unique number-repeat (37 variants) standouts. The first was just after the guru one this morning on my beet juice adventure, when precisely as "37" sang from the radio, a car passed into view with a 1337 LP, again in that highly conspicuous and patternistic and surreal way, with the 1337 not only entering my line of sight but doing so perfectly synchronistic with the 37 on the radio. And then, minutes later while still fresh from this one, I pulled up to an intersection and while approaching the car in front of me, thought "This LP will definitely be a 37," as so often happens, but it wasn't. Then, just after I had time to have that old skeptical reply-thought of "Well, if this is all synchronicity and number-repeats and the like, then why wasn't *that* a 37?" -- just before I stopped behind the car and got close enough to see, first, its little "3.7L" engine decal on the back, and then, second, a little sticker reading "73" on the bottom-left corner of the license plate (some type of registration sticker, with a weird format I've never seen before, presumably something peculiar to the Ohio plate it was) -- perfectly patternistic of past such "challenge-thought" ones as in the past. It bears mentioning that both the decal and especially the sticker were unreadable to me at the distance where I'd had these thoughts, only becoming readable seconds afterward (just long enough for the thoughts and the non-37 main LP number to register ...).

Also, a classic and notable "random stranger echoing my reading" at lunch: precisely as I read "powerful" in the DJ book, a woman sitting at the neighboring table said "power" -- not 100% precise literally, but still very much so in essence, and the timing was in that eerily "striking" fashion, as well as being perfectly patternistic of past such incidents. Two things bear mentioning here: first, though not perfectly precise literally, the woman's "power" did correspond perfectly with my reading the "power-" part of "powerful," such that the "echo" could've been of my thought of "power" registering (either linguistically or mentally), and, two, I was sitting facing the woman, with the book turned away from her, so there's no chance, however small, that she could've somehow been subconsciously cued or something (not that she could've known I was reading that particular word out of the hundreds on the page, at that particular moment, etc, etc -- just a super-astronomically low chance of coincidence, like all of these kind).

Finally, another of those not-highly-notable reading recurrences, and again occuring in the evening while reading at dinner, which is typically my "off" time in these regards. This time it was Irvine Welsh and his writings about the northern UK and the club scenes there, which I hadn't thought of for a while (weeks? months?) and then, while reading the end of the 'DJ' book yesterday, I'd been struck by that vague-but-distinct random-type of thought of him and his writings, which were vaguely related to the DJ book's subject matter but not highly so, and without any direct reference to him or anything that should've logically triggered such thoughts. But then today I read a section of a book that mentioned him and his writings about the club scene, 100% precise in regards to my previous random thought and relatively notably timed too.


Generally lower activity today but with a few standouts. First, at lunch had a minor-yet-notable reading/thought-type incident, when I went to switch my crossed legs and felt my keys in my pocket and deliberately moved so that they wouldn't get squished and thus accidentally press the alarm button on the key fob and set off my van's alarm -- and then, a split second later, I read "had not set off any alarm bells" in the 'Zeitoun' book, perfectly synchronistic, and also 100% objective given that, first, I'd uncrossed my legs due to their going to sleep and, second, that I'd only thought of the key fob/alarm (and, additionally, my not setting the alarm off by shifting without squishing the fob) because of the objective event of my feeling the keys in my pocket when I moved, none of which could've been subconsciously suggested by the text, even if periphally seen. And then, a few minutes later, another of those perfectly synchronistic albeit "small"/one-word-type reading/radio-type ones I've been having, this one when I read "beyond reason" in the book precisely as "reason" sang from the overheard radio, again with the "reason" coinciding perfectly with the book's "reason" registering in my thoughts. Then later on, at the gym, an equally notable/"striking" thought/MP3-player one, where precisely as I thought of some things I needed to remember and made a mental list of them, "I need to remember" sang randomly from the song (and, again, it wasn't a chorus or a refrain or anything, but just a one-time lyric, Just Happening to coincide perfectly with my objective and random thoughts).


Day started with an odd and somewhat unique little radio-type recurrence: with the radio on scan, it came to some talk station with someone talking about symptoms, and then, on the very next station it scanned, maybe 1-2 seconds later, it came to a second, different talk station with someone else entirely on it, and they too mention "symptoms." I can't remember the exact phrases they used, but they were totally different, and in different contexts too I think, but it still had that basic one-two/wham-bam-type effect, such that I got "hit" with "symptoms-symptoms," though not really too notable beyond the "feel" of it, such that it could've conceivably been coincidence. Had another somewhat unique and odd one, this time a sort of reading recurrence, or at least a recurrence involving a book, the 'Zeitoun' book that I was totally randomly Compelled to buy at Goodwill recently, which was totally illogical for me to buy, and even inconvenient, since I had a bunch of books to read, yet I'd known, in that distinct Compelling/Intuitive-type way, that I had to buy it then, even when I just saw the spine and title of it, having no idea what it was about or even what kind of book it was -- and, as it turned out today, when I finally got around to reading it, the book turns out to be about a man who experienced exactly that: doing things illogically and inconveniently, etc, because he was "compelled" to by "God," those terms exactly. Once again not too precise, and notable based largely on subtle/personal/subjective factors, but still worth noting anyway. Got a laugh from it in any case.

Pretty cool and notable, and more "normal"/patternistic-type, of reading incident at lunch. I had a long chain of thought end with my thinking about whether I should by the house or not, and then, a second later on the next line down, the book read "Forget the house and the property" (was it simply echoing my thought of "house and property," or was it an outright *answer* to my inner question of whether I should buy it or not? or maybe both?). And, again, the phrase was visible in my peripheral vision when I'd had the original thought, but I can objectively trace back the thought to unrelated things, again almost 100% ruling out subconscious suggestion.


Reasonable uptick today, first noticeable in a whole bunch of 37s, still primarily on license plates and many of them conspicuous and "cute"/intelligent. A trend today was to see many South Carolina plates ending in 337, which was notable in itself but doubly so considering that the standard for an SC plate only has three numbers on it, and I encountered no less than 6 or 7 of these today, all 337 exactly, just with different letter suffixes (and, of course, intermixed with the dozens of other, "normal" 37s and their variants). Had a few cool conspicuous-type standouts, such as three-four of those "car turning around/in front of me only to reveal a 37 or something directly in my line of sight, perfectly synchronistic"-types. For example: when I was waiting to turn out from Dr. Dong's, I had to wait for a bunch of traffic, then wait for a car that was also turning but had the right-of-way -- only to have that car reveal its 337 plate (another of those straight-up SC-style ones, if I remember right), precisely as I turned, just so surreal and impossible to orchestrate, etc. Honestly can't remember all the standouts like this today, just so many, sometimes back to back, as to produce that "living dream" effect.

Also, a whole bunch of those vague/subtle/personal recurrences/themes today, all following a specific "flavor" as these do. Most were too subtle/subjective to convey, but a good example was another of those vague-thought-type recurrences, where this morning I'd had the random but distinct thought that the house was starting to stink from all the stagnant air building up since I've been using neither the AC nor the heater for the last few weeks, the first that this phenomenon had really occurred to me in all the years I've been coming here -- and then, at the Murrells Inlet acupuncture place this afternoon, just hours later, the lady there mentioned, totally offhand (honestly can't even remember what this referred to, if anything), how her building required constant AC even when it wasn't hot, since it tended towards stagnant air, etc -- both of these fitting that same old pattern of my not having thought of it for years or ever and then encountering it somehow twice in a relatively short time. Even more notable considering how completely and totally random my being there for acupuncture was, with my first only knowing of the place because I was referred for the rhemmenia herb when calling the health-food store, then only getting acupuncture when it had occurred to me on the way there that I hadn't had any for a while and that I might as well ask if they might have an appointment this afternoon while I was there anyway (which the lady did, immediately, literally taking me "right now," haha). A lot of these today but this one was the most coherent. Lent that subtly surreal feel to the whole day, even without the standouts/numbers.

Had a pretty cool intuitive-type one at Publix in the parking lot, when I was walking in and saw a man getting into a nearby car and just Knew, all at once and strikingly and in that distinctive, 100% patternistic way that I've come to identify these intuitions/Compellings as, that I should illogically zig right and sidestep this car because its driver was going to start it superfast and back up without looking -- which is precisely what happened. Doubly notable considering the timing of all this, with the driver getting in and my having the Compelling and then zigging right all happening within a split second, before I had time to consciously register any of it, again not only patternistic but just intensely surreal and "numinous," etc.

Also, another of those not hugely precise but still reasonably notable "nearby stranger quoting what I read in my book"-types at lunch. Precisely as I read "See that?" in the 'Zeitoun' book, a nearby woman said "No, haven't seen that part" -- not 100% precise literally, yet was in essence, and also sort of like that thought/reading one from yesterday with the house, in a "question and answer" format, haha.

And, to top if off, several of those super-surreal event-type ones. Two best examples were when I came to a rolling stop at the sign at the acupuncture place, precisely as "roll up" sang from the radio, and in the context of a car rolling up (and again, this seemed to correspond with the thought of "I'm rolling up to this sign" registering with me as much as with the actual rolling-up, such that I can't be sure if it was an echo of my thought or the event or both). Also, similarly, right as I turned randomly into the Bi-Lo parking lot and passed its sign, "pull into the grocery shop" sang from the radio, again perfectly synchronistic and highly precise, etc.

Also, a weird little sort-of-number-repeat one that isn't too precise but very much "feels" like one. It started when I went to get gas a couple days ago and was strangely Compelled to get $22.00 worth rather than the usual $20 or $25. The first indication of something was when I got the receipt and noticed the timestamp: exactly 2:22:37 PM (when I've been seeing plenty of 22s and 37s and their variants as of late), which jibed with the three $22.00 figures printed below, and was from "FORD'S FUEL, 2," on 11/2 (though it was from pump #1, heh). I found this interesting and noticed it but not enough to put it in the log -- until tonight, when I discovered the receipt hidden under my keyboard from where I'd missed it, and when I went to log it into the books, I had to log it as "Gas 2" instead of "Gas 1," because I'd ended up getting gas afterward for the bike on the 2nd and that receipt was thus logged as "Gas 1." So, because I'd "lost" the receipt under my keyboard for two days (the only time this has ever happened within the years I'd been keeping books), the super-2'd receipt got logged with yet another 2. Haha.

Also, a couple of little-but-notable "ask and ye shall receives," both at lunch. The first was when I realized only upon leaving the house this morning that I was out of flowers to carry around and, thus, wouldn't have any at lunch, making me think, "I sure would like to have some flowers to have on the table at lunch," but I didn't have time to get any on the way, being so late and rushed. But then, when I went to eat in the Starbucks at the Murrells Inlet Kroger (which was once again totally unplanned, and totally random, and even a bit illogical and counterintuitive to eat there, since I had to eat inside rather than al fresco, and within a damn supermarket to boot) -- the Starbucks kiosk Just Happened to be right alongside the store's floral display, such that I got to sit appreciating not just one or two flowers, but the dozens of bouquets there. And, also, when I got my tea from the Starbucks, there was a stir stick in it, which, out of the many times I've been to Starbucks (dozens upon dozens?) I've never once gotten a stir stick in my tea. I didn't think anything of it really -- until I went to put my Stevia in it, from my little jar, but the powder had somehow hardened in the very bottom, thus requiring something long and rigid to free it up with -- something exactly like the stir stick, 100% perfect in length and design, as if it were made for it, and all when I'd Just Happened to get one for the first time ever (when I got the tea refill, there was no such stick in that one, only the first, when I needed it ...). All not too precise or notable in themselves, but again much moreso within the context of the established patterns, etc. And just so damn cool.


Still generally elevated activity, and still lots and lots of 37s (plus another of those surges of 99s in particular, too), and many, many conspicuous ones. Had several more of those "totally random, even illogical, parking-space Compelling"-types, with everywhere I parked today having at least one or two 37-variant license plates and such. Had more of those "cars Just Happening to pull in front of me/cut me off/being Compelled to let them out, etc"-types, several of them back-to-back like yesterday, as well as more of those "one-two-three"/"wham-bam"-types where I'll see one 37 LP, and then, not really having it register, I'll look away to find yet another, and another, and another, etc -- just so damn surrel. Also, that theme of the smallish/"striking"-type one-words is continuing from yesterday, with no less than six or seven that I can remember, and all of that same basic format/"flavor" that I've been having, where they aren't always 100% precise literally but are pretty much spot-on in essence. Examples that I can remember: "pure" on the radio precisely as I passed a bottle of water reading "purified" (which Just Happened to be set at eye-level on top of somewhere it shouldn't have been, at the gym); "things" on the radio precisely as I passed a package of "Things" at Food Lion, as well as my randomly thinking of eggs just before I encountered a box of those foil-covered candy eggs (again, literally/actually imprecise, but in essence totally precise, following the "egg" archetype); reading "baggage" precisely as the radio sang out "bags"; "fear" on the radio precisely as I registered/had enter my line-of-sight a bumper sticker reading "Cape Fear." Plus another of those "hearing a noise exactly like I just read," except this one had a twist, with it being also one of those "challenging-thought"-types. It started when I read "heard some thumping and scraping" in the 'Zeitoun' book, and, once again after having such a big string of other incidents earlier on, that skeptic in me piped in with "If you're in the living dream, why didn't you just hear scraping when you read that?" -- and then, about a second later, I did hear scraping, loudly, from nearby when a woman dragged a metal chair over the pavement, sort of perfectly synchronistic in its own way, in the sense that it, once again, was delayed just enough for me to have this thought before sounding, which really just makes it all the more notable, both in itself and since it fits the pattern of past such incidents, etc, etc, etc ...


Still generally high activity, lots and lots of numbers, especially after departing for the west, including all manner of random-parking-space/conspicuous-turnouts, etc, etc. First standout was a unique and unclassifiable one, at DD, when a random woman came up and started talking to me about random things, much like that lady at Starbucks who led me to get the bike -- another "messenger." Some cool things about this woman was, first, that despite her basically rambling on for no particular reason (and on nothing that I could follow; unless I was missing something, she was just going on and on about totally random stuff), she asked me if I were a college student -- when I'd just read, in the 'States of Confusion' book I'd just started, a passage about being a college graduate, seconds before. Then she went on to tell me about how she was a college graduate, further "echoing" the book, as well as describing several other things that were vaguely echo-ey of what I'd just read seconds previously in the first couple pages of the book. She also mentioned how her GPA was 3.75, when, first, it was totally random but again another 37 variant, but second, I'd actually been having a bit of a "surge" of 375s over the last day, jibing with that. Damn surreal again. Then, a little later on inside DD, a really cool three-way book/reading/TV-type synchro, this one with my reading "car keys" precisely as some keys jingled from behind me, both coming a split second before the nearby TV randomly said "keys" -- wow, really. Had several like this through the day, though none quite so explicit or 3-way, most just the "normal" striking-type one-words, which seems to be the theme as of late. Best example was hearing "Carolina Shores" on the radio perfectly synchronistic with my passing/reading a random roadsign reading "Carolina Dr," with the "Carolina" on the radio synchronizing perfectly with the read "Carolina" registering in my mind, as is so patternistic of these.

Also, a cool vague-ish multiple-recurrence-type, of the kind I'm still having regularly through the day to varying degrees and in various "formats." This one regards the 'State of Confusion' book, which Just Happened to be about a man who undertook a weird, random cross-country roadtrip, which Just Happened to coincide with my deciding, minutes earlier, to undertake just such a trip, after receiving the email about Arizona while in the library parking lot. Mildly notable in itself, but made moreso by the fact that, first, the timing was pretty tight, with my finding this book in the library just minutes after my decision to take such a trip, and then, moreso, the fact that when I chose the book, I did so only from the spine, and then only because I thought it was a courtroom book about jury duty (the spine read 'States of Confusion' with "jury" below it in lowercase letters -- but the jury referred to the author, Paul Jury -- that is, the spine gave zero hint of it being even a travel book, much less one involving a weird crosscountry trip just like the one I'd mentally committed to).

Another similar kind of recurrence: when I felt Compelled to dismantle the big cardboard cartons someone left at the resort dumpster and then put them in the recycling bin. As I was doing so, I was tempted to think badly of whoever left them there, considering the recycling bin was just next to the dumpster, but then I realized that there was styrofoam and other packing stuff in the cartons that had to be unloaded, and the cartons themselves broken down, etc, such that it was something of a job/took some time, all of which triggered my memories of when I'd bought the sauna and had to do the same with its cartons and packing materials -- and then, a minute late, I noticed a sticker on one of the cartons, reading "INFRARED SAUNA," exactly like I'd just been thinking of. Possibly coincidence surely, but all things considered ... unlikely.


Still having the same glut of numbers and vague recurrences/themes as well as many "smallish" standout/striking-type one-word thought/reading/sign/radio-type incidents. Good example: reading "inflammation" on a supplement bottle that came into my line of sight precisely as a nearby stranger said "inflamed" (yet the stranger was in a different aisle of the store -- that is, not anywhere near the same shelf of supplements I was looking at). All just so surreal, can't even begin to list them all/remember. Back to the living dream, indeed.


Still having lots of the same sort of "groove"/thematic type of incidents as lately, lots and lots of conspicuous 37s and several other prominent variants (22s and 99s and 44s and some 212s). Even had several straight-up, classical-type 1111s recently, including a really cool combo when when I stopped totally randomly for gas on the 9th, feeling Compelled, which led me, first, to exit ramp 11, for which the food/gas, etc, sign had printed twice "EXIT RAMP 11" one on top of the other, such that the two 11s were grouped together into an 1111 square. Didn't think much of this at the time, but then, when I pulled into the station and stopped at the pump, the car directly in front of me had a license plate ending in 1111 (only numbers on the plate number again ...), once again as if to stress the point, as is so patternistic of these. But then, adding a more event/thought-based dimension to the incident: when I pulled up to the store and saw its name, Pilot, it triggered the thought of the 21 Pilots song I've been hearing in my head every day for weeks now -- and then, when I got out of the car to pump gas, that very song was playing on the house radio overhead. A popular song, sure, but the fact that I'd Just Happened to think of it, seconds before ... upped the notability, especially considering the simultaneous 1111 incident (and, the clincher: the store ended up being #73, which I only saw after getting its receipt, haha). Still having lots of those same, newest variant of the one-word/striking-type incidents, which I've come to think of, particularly, as "instant thought manifestation"-types, since they all seem to follow this specific pattern of manifesting my instant, heat-of-the-moment thoughts/reactions to various things, rather than the things themselves. Standout examples (among dozens and dozens of others that were either too subtle or too numerous to remember): speeding up on the highway to pass a car and realizing I was going too fast for my liking, 75mph, which made me distinctly think "seventy-five," precisely as "sunshine and seventy-five" sang randomly from the radio, with the two seventy-fives again corresponding perfectly synchronistically with one another; randomly thinking of spending a hundred-dollar bill, a split second before the radio said "win a hundred bucks" in an ad, as totally randomly (without foremention, etc); "lean on in" singing from the radio precisely as a truck turned onto the road nearby, swaying conspicuously and making me think "that truck is swaying/leaning" or something to that effect, again with the thought corresponding absolutely seamlessly with the radio lyric; "needles and pins" singing randomly from my MP3 player at the gym, precisely as someone nearby stuck a pin into the weightrack in a machine, with my seeing the pin going in corresponding perfectly with the "pins" in the song.

Amongst the many funny/"cute" 37 standouts of the day: when I went to buy the blueberries at the random Harvey's grocery in Valdosta, I was Compelled to get into one land despite the one beside it just opening up, and right when I got in and the person in front of me checked out, the cashier said "total is $3.17," haha. Example of the many conspicuous-vehicle-types today: had a truck pull out of me, in that patternistically conspicuous, perfectly-timed fashion, with a big phone number on its side panel: "737-70 3," with the one number missing, such that it was just a big string of 37 variants, right in my face, again "sent"/"yelled" at me in that patternistic and utterly surreal way.

Still having many parallels/recurrences between my current trip and life in general and the 'States of Confusion' book, now elevating to really notable/standout levels, both individually and collectively. Started with a cool and notable recurrence, where earlier on the 7th I'd thought distinctly yet totally randomly of how Delaware is a popular state for registering corporations and the like because of its laws, in regards to nothing in particular that I can remember, and then, a couple hours later in the book, it mentioned just that, totally offhand as well, with neither my thoughts nor the book having any logical, overt correlation, again elevating objectivity and notability, etc. But then had lots more subtler types too, such as the book's author driving around unshaven and foul-smelling his whole trip, which is exactly what's happened to me, since I didn't get a chance before leaving and decided to just grow a beard, and also because I'm having that totally weird BO that seems to be somehow related to virus die-off/immune activity or something -- lots and lots of these. Other examples: on the very day I Just Happened to be passing through Atlanta, so did the author in the book, on that very part I Just Happened to read on that very day (when the book is going sequentially yet randomly through the author's crazed, randomly-driven journey, such that there's no way I could've possibly orchestrated the coincidence even deeply subconsciously, etc); also, it turns out the author ends up van-camping during his travels, exactly as I am in mine, and of course this wasn't advertised on the dustjacket/blurb or anything (not that I'd even seen that when I was so Compelled to buy the book in the first place, knowing it was The Right One from just seeing its spine ...). And then, the damn coolest one so far: this morning I decided, totally randomly again, to seek out some medicinal hot springs in Florida, despite having absolutely zero plans to do so yesterday (as of last night when I went to bed, the plan was to head back north today, haha) -- and then, a couple hours later in the book, the man mentions how he's in Wyoming or some state with ... a whole bunch of medicinal hot springs. And again: first mention of this or anything remotely hot-springs-related in the book, again Just Happening to coincide perfectly with my random Compelling to visit hot springs just hours previous. Wow.

Also, a weird little theme/vague one over the course of the 7th and 8th: the Dodge Charger and other, similar sports cars. I saw no less than two dozen of these, all in a biggish "cluster" over the daylong, and always in conspicuous ways, such as, once, when I saw one and thought, "Well, there's another Charger but it could still be coincidence," a split second later a *second* charger appeared, passing up the first, with its appearance coinciding perfectly with my thought of "another Charger," as to be a combination theme-repeat and another of those "instant thought manifestation"-types I've been having, haha.


Lots of activity still today, despite a bit downturn in health/energy, at times even an uptick from last couple incredibly. So many subtles/numbers still, just pretty much a daylong onslaught, more or less living-dream throughout. Still having lots of those "instant thought-manifestation"-types. Standouts: hearing "sweet dreams" on the radio precisely as I came upon a big billboard reading "sweet dreams ahead," again with my reading/registering "sweet dreams" perfectly synchronous with the radio, and also with some of that physical "boom"/"whack!" effect, with the billboard "jumping" from the trees right when the lyric sang; having another long chain of thought end with how I wanted to go eat instead of finishing my Spanish lesson for the morning, which in turn evoked a child wanting to quit his homework early before playing, and then, the next line down in the Spanish book read "finish homework later"; hearing a nearby stranger say "an arrow was pointing that way" precisely as I hit "home" on the tablet and the first icon I saw was a big pointing arrow. Also, in regards to this last, it was part of another of those sort of presentiment/classical ESP/future-seeing-types, because on the way to the Ocala Starbucks, I'd had the distinct, yet totally baseless and illogical and random, thought that its parking lot was awkward to get into and out of, despite never having been to this place in my life -- and that turned out to be true, due to a strange parking configuration, and that's what the stranger was referring to with the arrow, that it pointed one way and then you had to turn another, etc. Maybe nothing, but certainly unlikely if just a coincidence.

Having more of those "cute"/funny/intelligent 37s and the like, including two really stand-out parking-lot-car-park-behind types, first when I stopped behind the shopping center in Ocala, being Compelled to pick up a single roadside piece of litter I passed, and when I parked and got out, it was directly behind a 370 license plate. And then on the way down to Tampa, stopping off 75 to get gas randomly, I was equally and identically Compelled to pull into a shopping plaza nearby, despite having zero reason to do so and not wanting to go to any shop there (and being strapped for time to get to the apt by 4), and then I was again Compelled to stop and pick up some random trash I saw, forcing me to park once more -- and of course, another plate, starting with 307 or something, directly in front of me. Couldn't get much more random than those.

Plus, a little sequel to yesterday's Pilot gas station/21 Pilots song: I passed another Pilot gas station (just after the random stop along 75 as it were), and right as I saw the Pilot sign and thought of yesterday's incident with the band, a little snippet of one of their songs popped up on the radio, just one of those random, second-long little clips stations will use to advertise upcoming songs, and it Just Happened to come on perfectly synchronous with the thought, etc. Thinking about it now, I'd say this one was just another of those thought-manifestation types, with the radio seeming to manifest my thought of "21 Pilots" from the bigger thought of "yesterday's 21 Pilots incident." Damn surreal in any case.

Also, another similar standout reading-type one at lunch: right after I'd had the thought of us being real-life stories/movies on a physical stage/screen, I read "real-life stage" in the 'Little Demon' book, and it was even in this same context. Much more notable given that I can 100% say that the initial chain of thought had started on the previous page from something I'd read there (though this reading has zero bearing on the "real-life stage" passage, which was at the top of the next sequential page).

Also, a couple cute receipt-type 37s, first when I went to Starbucks and, after spending $2.07 on the first coffee (which I'm usually charged 2.14 for up in SC, due to different tax), I got the second coffee free, inexplicably (I think because I only got a single shot of espresso in the first and the woman remembered me, but this was never really explained), and so I left a dollar tip since I had extra money then -- and when I went to write down the total spent, not having a receipt, I realized it was $3.07 exactly. And then, at Publix later, I looked a how much change I had in line and counted exactly .37 cents, and then, once I went to pay, my change was exactly 37 cents again (and, again, after my getting a totally random combination of totally unplanned-for stuff).

And then to totally surrealify the day, a pair of reading recurrences, classical-style: at lunch, when starting the 'Little Demon' book, it started with a page or two about the life of Mesmer, and then, shortly after, it mentioned the Eiffel Tower several times -- and then, when I got to the NP place and went to unplug the wireless router, right beside it was a 'Mesmer' DVD, about the man, and then, fresh from this one as I turned around, I saw a picture of the Eiffel Tower on the table. The picture wasn't too huge, but the Mesmer one was pretty notable, considering how I'd once again not heard/read/thought of this man in any way for months? years? and then saw that movie so conspicuously just hours later.


Still many incidents of all kinds, though oddly not as many as yesterday despite a health *improvement.* Still having a reasonable amount of conspicuous 37s and a minority of other repeats, including a cool standout when I was Compelled to rent the car for the day: when the rental agent turned it on the check it out, the little fuel-efficiency readout read exactly "30.7 MPG," and then, just a second afterward (again just long enough for me to register it ...), the reading started ticking down lower and lower. Plus, a really cool and notable and classical/patternistic receipt-type/found-litter one: I was again Compelled to pick up a random piece of litter, which turned out to be a receipt, its total of sale being exactly $11.37, which was printed on there three separate times, giving that "shout"/1-2-3-type effect upon my unfolding the receipt (yeah, it had been facedown when I was Compelled to pick it up). Also bears mentioning how my being at the market this was at was once again 100% totally random, my ending up there in search of an entirely different store (which I never did find, though I suspect that it might've actually been the one I went to, just renamed). And then, while in the store, had several more of those "instant thought-manifestation"-type ones (along with many others before and after that I can't even begin to remember), including one where, as I rounded the endcap to checkout, I thought distinctly of Anytime Fitness, where I planned to go next -- and then, after rounding the cap into the aisle, I was faced with a woman wearing an Anytime Fitness shirt (invisible to me when I'd had the thought). So surreal and so many, headspinning.


Again so so many overall incidents, and of every kind just about, and all in that same "flavor" of the last few days and the trip to FL. Started with some really notable, and "early," reading-type ones while in the Warm Springs pool while reading the Rolling Stone I'd been trying to get to for days, too many to remember even here. Some standouts: reading "fish" at the precise moment I felt some little pin pricks on my body that I couldn't place and thought "Am I getting bitten by those little fish swimming around in the pool?" (which I was, though I only realized this later, after it kept happening and I finally looked down); reading "bathing suit" in the James Bond interview (totally randomly and obliquely) right as I was thinking of the hokey, old-fashioned bathing suits all the Eastern European women swimming around me were wearing. Maybe a half-dozen others while there alone.

Next, at lunch, a highly notable and classical recurrence, beginning this morning when, totally randomly, I noticed the "Driving Mode" button on the rental car's console and pushed it, which engaged a "sport" mode that was noticeably faster and more responsive -- the first I'd ever known that such a thing existed, at least in that capacity and as that specific feature (a common one, it seems). Then, at lunch at Starbucks, I saw a man throw a paper into the trash next to me and was instantly Compelled to fish it out and read it later -- and it turned out to have an article in it reviewing a car, in which an entire section was devoted to outlining its "driving mode" features, the very same thing I'd just discovered, again for the first time ever in my life, just maybe 30 minutes earlier. So profound and unlikely and surreal (especially considering that the paper was a real estate paper, with part of a normal paper tucked into the middle, on which was the car review in question).

More instant-manifestion thought/reading synchros: another of those "starting up the car and having the first words on the radio be just what I'm reading/thinking"-types, this time "they stand" when my eyes had just fallen onto a nearby sign reading "Music Stand," with the "stands" coinciding perfectly synchronistically; hearing "dollar bills" from the in-house radio at Best Buy precisely as the cashier opened the one-dollar-bill till and pulled out some change for me (exactly the same as that time in the gas station a few months ago, and with the same song as it were). Plus a ton of others I can't remember, just so damn many.

More number fun, including yet again going into a store and buying several totally random and unplanned things (a mug and a CD and a birthday card) and having the total come out to exactly $3.73, along with being Compelled to go to Best Buy and try out a Mac laptop there (this one been nagging me for days and days now, very distinct yet completley illogical), and when I finally did, the screen lit up from its screen saver to reveal the clock at 3:17. At least two more of the random-parking-space license-plate types that I can remember, both equally notable as the last couple, involving Compellings and the like.

Lots and lots of those vague-theme-type recurrences through the day, including more and more of those "Z" ones (including a litter-pickup where it was an envelope reading "" a dozen times in the lining, such that I was "hit" with a dozen Z's upon picking it up, after so many similar ones through the day), along with more of those super-subtle/personal "dog" and "king"-type ones as I've been noticing for days now, including a really damn surreal one where, at Goodwill after seeing several separate "dog" and "king" symbols in a row, I rounded a bend and came face-to-face with a bumper sticker with a bunch of dogs wearing king's crowns on it, just wow ...

Also, another notable recurrence: in the James Bond Rolling Stone interview I was Compelled to read this morning, the guy mentioned how he'd been stopped by some guys and asked "Got a light?," which I again both noticed and Noticed distinctly -- and again, hours later and totally randomly just outside the AF I washed up at, a guy sitting on the curb asked me "Got a light?," again both patternistically the first I'd seen/thought any of it for so long and then wham-bam, totally randomly and within such a tight time-frame (and, despite my being in a tacky, "smart-rich-guy"-looking outfit today, which probably made me about the least smoker-looking guy that I could've been -- totally illogical that the guy would ask me for a light, unless his doing so was some sort of covert maneauver on his part that I didn't pick up on ...).

And to top everything off, probably one of the coolest and most unique and hugely unlikely recurrences in a while: this morning in the Rolling Stone magazine (again, read totally randomly from a selection of that whole bag that Beth gave me recently, and only after I've been chipping away at it for over a week now, Just Happening to get to this part this morning), I saw a picture of The Beatles that I'd never seen before, and both noticed it and Noticed it, very distinctly -- and then, a couple hours later in Goodwill, in this custom, handmade case that I also both noticed and Noticed (someone had obviously put a lot of work into it), there were a bunch of rock-and-roll clippings and pictures in a little glass-framed felt board, artistically, at the bottom of which was ... that exact same picture of The Beatles, once again seen for the first time ever and then again just hours later and in the most hugely random and unlikely of ways (the Goodwill was way down at the other end of Point Charlotte, stopped at only because I randomly went to the AF there despite there being one closer and up near where I was staying at NP ... more wow).


Slight downtick in overall incidents today, as well as a minor shift in their general feel/air, corresponding with a similarly minor shift in geography/travel. Had more standout 37s and the like more than anything else today. Examples: when I went into line at Target, the lady in front of me said "I thought you said thirty-seven," just after I'd arrived, and then, seconds later, the next cashier over said "Your total is $12.73," moderately notable when taken together, and especially with the patternistic element in mind; turning to page 173 in the 'Little Demon' book and having it Just Happen to mention how there were 3,173 passengers on a boat, on that same page (again only mildly notable until the patternistic element is considered); going to the random hotel and, after experiencing so many 37s lately, I thought that, for sure, my room number or something would have a 37 in it, but no, no 37 -- until I went to put the key in and the lock read "SecureLox 737V," haha, another "cute"/intelligent one.

TV/event standout: when I checked in at the hotel, precisely as the attendent asked for my ID, the nearby TV said "ID," with only the slightest delay, not quite perfectly synchronistic but still surreally close, etc.

Also, a weird little recurrence that might be nothing but perhaps not: on the way out from Target, I came across a woman sitting conspicuously in the exit door on a motorized cart, and when I approached she said to the person in front of me that she was stuck, after which I was able to push her over the exit hump and out -- which is almost exactly what happened a month or so ago outside Food Lion, where the woman on a cart got stuck on a hump precisely as I passed and I was able to push her off. Really not at all notable beyond that, and only notably timed relatively so, considering I'd never before pushed a cart-woman marooned on a hump; but certainly had that "feel."

Also, similarly maybe-coincidence: when I went to Target for the Seafoam, I'd originally been looking for an Autozone but couldn't find one so I settled for Target instead, banking that they might have the stuff, which they did -- but then, when I checked out, the cashier mentioned how he used to work at Autozone. Mildly notable in itself, but even moreso considering that his mention had been 100% totally random and offhand and without any suggestion on my part, or without any relevance to anything at all really.

Plus still having many subtles and the like through the day, though not quite as "onslaught"/surreal as last couple days.


Really only notable part of the day was the overall downturn in incidents, conspicuous in their absence, despite both more travel and better health. Still having lots of 37s still, but these mostly just "normal"/non-conspicuous license plates and the like, without any standouts that I can remember, same for subtles/vagues/recurrences and the like. Interesting in a negative way.


Noticeable uptick today, corresponding with travel and energy changes again (but why doesn't this happen every time?). Again an overall uptick in every category, and still mostly in that same vein/groove I've been having, with a steady stream of those instant thought-manifestation-types throughout the day, along with various subtles and number repeats. Thought-manifestation examples: "moving on" singing from the radio precisely as I had to speed up to pass a car on the freeway (not highly precise except for me subjectively, with it corresponding more with my personal sense of "moving on" past the car, spatially/physically, rather than anything literal or objective -- still pretty notable anyway); another of those words being "revealed"/appearing/coming into view precisely as its radio correllation sang out, this time "gas" singing out precisely as a sign reading "gas" came into view, with the sign's "gas" appearing from behind some tree branches perfectly synchronistically with the radio, so surreal.

Also, a really cool and notable 3-way type, split into two parts. It started down in Pawleys Island when I had a long chain of thought ending on how I had the zappicator on my chest and heart and lungs, precisely as I passed a sign reading "pulminary" something or other, and then, precisely as this correlation registered with me, I passed a second, unrelated sign reading "the breast center," which correlated pretty precisely with my thoughts of the chest/heart/lungs (the collective "breast"). This one was reasonably notable in itself, not 100% precise literally but very notably in terms of timing and patternistic manner, but then, on the way home, I had a long chain of thought ending with my remembering to note this incident (I'd forgotten it) -- precisely as "for the heart" sang from the radio, again not perfectly precise literally but reasonably so in essence, and with perfectly synchronistic timing. And it again bears mentioning: there'd been no mention on the radio previously of "heart" or "chest," or anything that would subconsciously trigger my memory of the previous incident (the "for the heart" was spoken by the announcer, actually, being the title of the song that had just been playing, which I believe was an instrumental and, thus, had no lyrics with which to cue my remembering the previous incident anyway).

In addition to several conspicuous-types of license-plate 37 repeats (a truck pulling recklessly in front of me with a plate beginning with 735, forcing me to look directly at it; a van that I was Compelled to let out into traffic, which revealed a phone number on its side ending in "0733," which stopped directly in my line of sight while the van waited to pull fully out), had another "cute"-type string of repeats this morning, all involving trucks I passed on the drive up north. As it were, every truck I passed had some fashion of big, conspicuous 37 or variants stenciled on it, I think about 4-5 in a row at least. This was somewhat notable in itself, but then doubly so considering that, as soon as I realized the pattern, it stopped -- and then, right after I'd let go and forgotten about it, it started again with a couple more trucks, all once again in that past pattern of "stop when you take notice, begin again when you ease off." Haha.

Then, this evening, a really cool and somewhat unique combination one. Right after I'd finished reading the 'Little Demon' book while eating dinner, I was left with thoughts of Paris and how much it might cost to fly there, thoughts which I can trace directly to the book and its explicit subject matter, etc. Then, right after finishing the book, I went to read that copy of the NYT I'd been Compelled to grab weeks ago and had been reading off and on since, and the very first page I was at in it from where I'd left off before (over a week ago, before leaving for this latest trip as it were), it had a picture of the Eiffel Tower and an ad for a book about traveling Europe; again notable itself, and this also sort of fits in with that last vague little recurrence that happened down in FL, with the Mesmer DVD and the picture of the Tower. But then, additionally notable: in addition to the thoughts of Paris/Eiffel Tower, I'd been thinking of routine and how it affects you in various ways, thoughts which I can trace directly to my breaking my little routine of reading a book exclusively with the first course of my dinner and reserving other reading/internet research for later on -- and then, when I picked up the paper with these thoughts on my mind, the page where I'd left off had a book review for a book about how messiness/disorganization can be productive, and how breaking routine can offer certain benefits and the like -- all of which corresponded more or less with what I'd been thinking of upon breaking my book-reading routine, though not hugely precise. And, of course, this gains notability considering that the book review shared the page with the Eiffel Tower/Europe-traveling themes, which were simultaneously on my mind at the time, resulting a 3-way, combination incident. Very cool.


Fun little "cute" number/receipt-type incident today (though with a noticeable downturn of incidents otherwise). First, when I went to log the deduction for the cardamom extract I'd ordered on the 14th, I noticed that the total was exactly $33.70, which I guess had gone unnoticed by me in the storm of repeats of the last few days. But then, when I went to deduct it from my BB balance, the resulting total was $371.68, haha. Quite a few other, "normal" repeats through the day as well, mostly 37s and the like.

Mostly "silent" otherwise, except for a little spurt of pretty notable thought/music-type ones while working out, from out of nowhere it seemed. Had a long chain of thought ending with my thinking of taking another trip in the van (instead of the car or bike), a split second before the song on my MP3 player sang out something along the lines of "we'll take a trip in our choice of cars," echoing my thoughts nearly exactly whatever it was. And, likewise: right after I'd seen a good-looking woman and felt some attraction to her, the song sang out "sexuality," and then, a split second later as I got on my knees to do ab crunches, the song sang "on your knees." Then, after that, went conspicuously silent, correlating with nothing that I observed, stopping as mysteriously as it started and not resuming as of writing.


Another of those noticeable downturns that I can't really attribute to anything in particular. Did have one cool standout number-repeat, another of those found-litter/receipt-types: I was once again Compelled to pick up a totally random piece of litter (while totally randomly fetching a stray shopping cart that was I equally Compelled to get, despite it meaning I'd have to drag it all the way across two parking lots to return it), and it turned out to be a Burger King receipt, with "Order #273" staring up at me from the top of the visible portion (it Just Happened to be folded just so that the 273 was just visible and directly in my line of sight ...). And, again, notable in itself, due to 100% patternistic element, but also, when I looked up from picking up the litter, I found myself staring at ... yet another 73 license plate, on a parked car, adding a bit of that "random parking-space 37" element to it, haha.


A different groove to the day, synchronistically speaking, mainly in terms of just the "feel"/nature of the day's incidents, as well as the types and frequency. Only a few thought-type/manifestation incidents, no real standouts, but did have a good number of 37s, including several conspicuous-type standouts (another "random litter pickup" one, where I was Compelled to get a piece of cardboard which had "11037" printed right where I Just Happened to be looking when I went to pick it up; a whole bunch of "normal" license-plate types, along with several conspicuous ones, such as a truck barreling through an intersection and in front of me, thus revealing a 173 plate, etc, etc, maybe 3-4 like this scattered through the day).

Otherwise, only real standout was an odd little recurrence coming first thing this morning. When my phone alarm woke me up at 7:30 for Beth's, it interrupted a dream I was having about a giant cat -- and then, when I went to stop the alarm, I saw I had a text from Rebecca, which turned out to be a picture of her cat (it filled the whole frame, as to lend it a "giant" look even). Maybe nothing, but pretty notable timing-wise, as well as reasonably precise.


Day started out with a cool recurrence w/"ask and ye shall receive" overtones. It started yesterday when getting a colonic at Beth's, when she had this odd-looking oval heater on in the room when I got there, which I both noticed and Noticed, and make me think, "What's with the big oval thingy on top?" Then, this morning while reading the copy of 'Men's Journal' I randomly fished out of the trash at Tom's yesterday when getting the alternator fixed, I came across a little quasi-advertisement article about just that heater -- once again, the second time ever I'd seen it, within less than a day, and also, the article revealed what the oval thingy supposedly does, filtering air or something or other, thus answering my vague-yet-there question as is so patternistic of these. Pretty notable, especially given the circumstances of my even getting the magazine, where, first, I'd come across it in the first place, with it being in a trash can at Tom's garage, which I was only there because of the alternator randomly dying today, and then, second, I'd been totally Compelled to fish it out and take it, despite it being literally in pieces, with the binding having come off and leaving the cover and pages in three chunks, and on top of all that, I'd actually already read this copy of 'Men's Journal,' totally randomly while waiting at Jiffy Lube last month. Yet it answered my "question" ...

Also, another of those reasonably notable thought/music-type incidents while at the gym, this time precisely as I took the pin out of that wonky pull-down bar, thus making the bar drop and forcing me to reach up and catch it in alarm, the song on my MP3 player sang "Look out!" Possibly coincidence, since it wasn't 100% precise literally, but the timing was perfect, and precise enough to make sense.

Also, had three of those "totally random parking ending up behind a 37 plate" today, and all in a row, and, it bears mentioning, again as 100% random as they could possibly be, with each of them being stops that I'd had absolutely zero plans to do until I actually did it (despite my going so far as to make a list of all my possible stops this morning). And, even more notable, the last wasn't really even a "park," with my being forced to pull off before going into the car wash so I could write a note and get my money ready -- only to find myself beside a car not with a 37 license plate (or maybe it did and I just couldn't see the plate) but instead, some sort of bar code sticker on its windshield with a big 3 on one end and a 17 on the other end of the bar code, both of which were directly in my line of sight when I went to back out from the space, haha.


Some reasonable activity today, but somewhat sporadic. Had more numbers than anything, including more of those random-parking ones with license plates, and another of those where I randomly and sincerely checked my watch for the time precisely as it ticked to 10:37, to the second. Had a cool little three part recurrence, starting on the way to Holly Springs when I got behind this pink "Mary Kay"-version Cadillac car, which I noticed (because it was the first I'd ever seen such a car, and also because it came to a hard stop and turned without signaling, forcing me to nearly rear-end it) as well as Noticed in that conspicuous fashion -- and then, maybe an hour or so later down the road, I came across another "Mary Kay"-version car in that same shade of light pink (though this one was an SUV instead of a sedan), once again fitting the pattern of "never seen it before, ever, and then Noticing it and seeing it again in a short period of time." And, adding an even bigger layer of notability and coolness and surreality to it: right after I'd seen the second Mary Kay car and had its synchronicity register with me, another car passed me, thus flashing a "Mary Kay" bumper sticker directly in my line of sight, perfectly synchronistic with my thoughts of "That's the second pink Mary Kay car, there," which felt more like another of those "instant thought-manifestation" types, this one just happening to be an "echo" of the unfolding synchronicity (maybe because of the "amplitude"/"intensity" of my thought/mental activity resulting from such an experience?).

Also, another classic instant-thought-manifestion/radio-type one: precisely as I was tasting garlic in the back of my throat from having drank the liquid garlic supplements seconds before, "garlic in your soul" sang from the radio -- not only echoing the "garlic" essence, but also my tasting it in the back of my throat/burping it up could very much have been described as it being "in my soul," haha.

Also, had several of those super-mild/subtle/"distorted"/"partial"-types today, those which could easily be missed or written off as coincidence if not for their timing and sheer volume/pattern. Best example was when I heard "lock" on the radio coinciding precisely with my passing a sign reading "Hemlock," and then, a split second later as this was registering with me as being like the other I'd experience in the day, "sun" sang from the radio precisely as I passed a sign reading "Sunrise." Maybe a dozen or so like this through the day, as has happened in the past.

Also, a weird little recurrence: last week or so, I randomly encountered a car with a plate reading "TEL GOD" twice in the same day. I'd Noticed it the first time I'd seen it, but even then, when I saw it the second time, hours later, I didn't really note it because it was in the same general area and could've been coincidence despite my Noticing, etc. Then, however, today, I saw the same car/plate again, but this time it was hours away from the beach -- and, additionally, it was so ridiculously random that I was even on this distant road at the time, with my having taken several wrong turns in a row while trying to get to Fayetteville (and then Sanford, from which I was dissauded by *more* wrong turns), such that it couldn't have been more random that I was on this road at this time, yet there the car was (and, if I remember right, it had narrowly turned in front of me, in "conspicuous" fashion, though I can't remember 100% if this was the case or not, being so road-exhausted/frazzled at the time).


Day was characterized by a big onslaught of 37s of all manner, along with a minority of other repeats. Tons and tons of conspicous license plates and traffic-pullouts and the like, again corresponding with intensive driving. Again had 2-3 "random parking directly behind a 37 plate of some fashion" in a row, maybe more, I honestly can't remember, just so many overall. One cool standout was when I parked directly in front of a car that had not a 37 plate, but a letter placed conspicuously on the dash, addressed to a street beginning with 37, directly in my line of sight when I walked past and to Whole Foods.

Many lesser/subtle/"distored"/half-there-type thought/reading/sign/radio-type incidents through the day, again just way too damn many to remember or list even if I did. One cool, more-coherent standout was when I passed a sign reading "Holden" precisely as "holding" sang from the radio (with it pronounced like "holdin'," such that it and how I perceived/read "Holden" in my mind were identical/literally precise). A really cool and notable one of those "completely imprecise literally, yet perfectly precise in essence" ones, this time a radio/thought incident where, precisely as I finished a long chain of thought that ended with persuing an "endless summer" where you never have to be in early darkness (like I was at the moment, kind of disliking the early darkness/sun going down on the horizon so early, which made me think of the endless summer, along with a mental image of the sun staying up, and being in Cancun or some Central American/non-winter place right now) -- precisely as "turn darkness into light" sang from the radio, as to correlate perfectly with the overall thrust of that meta-thought at the time. So surreal.

Also, a weird but pretty notable recurrence, starting yesterday when, at Dunkin' Donuts, I overheard this big long conversation between a male customer who'd come in and the female cashier working, with them talking about various work-related things, as to be vaguely conspicuous in manner/style -- and then today, at the Starbucks I'd stopped at ridiculously randomly while on the way back to the beach (in Fayetteville or thereabouts, which I shouldn't have been anywhere near today except for that Raymon needed me back at the house), I overheard a nearly identical conversation: again me finishing the second course of my lunch inside the shop, overhearing a work-related conversation between a male customer and a female cashier, and also the people were of similar ages to the others, and also of the same black ethnicity and with the same style of talk/intonation, etc, etc, -- just so many little parallels that I had to take notice (and, it bears mentioning: I can't remember ever overhearing such a conversation in recent memory, maybe not ever). Plus a funny little additional, reading synchro in regards to this conversation: right as one of the people said "save your tail," I was reading about a woman getting rear-ended by a car in the 'Ice Bound' book -- maybe nothing, but the timing was perfect, and the precision was pretty good in that non-literal way.


More number onslaught today, and again mostly 37s and a great many of them conspicuous, and also corresponding with day's travel again. So many license plates and pull-outs, along with several of those where I'll have to wait for a huge line of cars and then finally pull out, only to get behind one with a 37 plate. More random-parking-ones too, almost to the point that to see anything else feels abnormal. Wow. Lots and lots of those little one-word "striking"/thought-manifestation types, including several one-two-three in a row ones -- for example, hearing "turn" on the radio precisely as I turned, then "one" precisely as I read the "1" on the Highway 1 sign, and maybe more, so hard to remember, especially being so sick/confused to boot. Had a couple little standout reading ones at lunch; best example was when I read "I stepped out" precisely as a man nearby "stepped" out of the Starbucks door. A pretty cool and notable recurrence: a day or two ago, I read of the "MG Midget" car, the first I'd ever learned of such a thing, which I both noticed and Noticed in that patternistic way -- and then today, when I gave some money to the homeless many out by Starbucks, he commented on how my Miata reminded him of an MG Midget, haha.


Day started out with a cool standout, classical thought/radio-type incident: when I forgot my coat in the Southern Pines AF and went back in to fetch it, a Heart song was playing on the radio, with my noticing the vocals in particular, making me absently think "Nancy Wilson" -- a split second before I got to my jacket and was faced with its "Wilson's Leather" label, such that the "Wilson" and "Wilson's" corresponded in that perfectly synchronous fashion (yet I can again trace my thought of "Nancy Wilson" to just that split second *before* I was in view of the jacket and its label, upon entering the building and hearing the music playing). Pretty notable and "striking." And again: tons and tons of 37s through the day's travels, maybe not quite as much as last couple days but still on that "onslaught"/surreal level, and still with many traffic/parking-lot standouts, etc. Did seem to tone down by the end of the day, however (corresponding with my getting back into the mountains and "settling" down?). Pretty cool standout reading-type one at dinnertime: my randomly thinking of getting coffee to bring up to parents' for Thanksgiving, a split second before I turned the page in the 'Ice Bound' book and read "coffee bar" on the page's second or third line -- but, again, I can 100% trace my thought of coffee to beginning *before* the "coffee bar" was visible to me, back when I was reading the previous page and hadn't yet turned to the new one (yet again just a split second before, as to culminate in that "perfectly synchronistic" coincidence of my thought of "coffee" and reading the word, just so surreal even after having it happen all these times ...).

Also, another of those vague, not-too-timely-type recurrences that might be nothing except that it "felt" synchronistic enough to be noted. A few days ago I read in the Taekwando book about how injuries/broken bones are normal in martial arts practice, a fact that I hadn't known until then -- and then, today at the Joe Muggs coffee shop in the Asheboro mall (which was again 100% totally random, my having washed up there after getting lost on the way up North yesterday, after multiple wrong turns/bad phone directions, etc), I overheard the cashier, who had a broken arm, tell several different patrons about how it had been broken during his job as a martial arts instructor, and how this was all normal/expected in martial arts practice, exactly as I'd read about. For this one, I neither really noticed or Noticed the initial fact when I'd learned it, so it didn't have that aspect; but still reasonably notable, especially given my totally random appearance at that particular place and time, etc.


Overall downturn in incidents both yesterday and today, though did have a few more today, including a subtle spattering of numbers through afternoon's travel (including a three-banger parking-lot one when I totally randomly stopped at the Lenoir AF to pee and stretch). Noticed more 212s and its variants today, conspicuously so. Had a minor "reading exactly what I'm hearing"-type one at lunch: reading "gold coins" precisely as a stranger jingled something nearby, not sure what it was, could've been a chain or something, but it sounded very much like the jingling of coins, and the timing was perfectly synchronistic/patternistic, etc. Had an equally "quiet" spattering of thought-manifestation-type ones here and there too, such as "open doors" singing from the radio precisely as I finished a long chain of thought with the gates of a storage complex opening (with this visualized as such in my mind, with it corresponding perfectly synchronistically with the radio, etc). Maybe a half dozen like that.

Had a really cool, albeit not hugely precise or precisely timed one, later on, this evening at the gym when I went to take a shower. Apparently the light was on a timer, which I didn't know, and so halfway through my shower the light went out and I was there in the dark, forcing me to be very careful and aware and such while finishing. Afterward, I realized that there was hidden benefit in this, honing my "blind"/sightless/feel skills like I've done in the past but hadn't lately -- and precisely as I had this thought, "hope in the darkness" sang from the radio. I wouldn't note it except that it was pretty well-timed in respect to the after-the-fact thought at least, and reasonably precise in the "good in the darkness" theme, although not too literal in this respect. Pretty surreal anyway, and certainly followed the pattern.

[Note: precisely as I went to write this entry, the next day in the Columbia AF, "I was there in your darkest night" sang from the radio, again perfectly synchronistic with the registering of my thoughts/accessing of my memories regarding last night's entry.]

Also, a minor-yet-reasonably notable recurrence. After taking my blacked out shower, I'd passed a case with an emergency heart defibrillator in the gym, which I both noticed, because it was the first I'd seen or thought anything "defribrillator" in a long time, and also Noticed, in that distinct yet illogical way. And then, less than a half hour later in the 'Ice Bound' book, within the first few pages I read at that point, it mentioned a heart defibrillator (for the first time in the book, and never again, at least so far as I've read since).


Day started with another sighting of black sports cars/primarily Dodge Chargers, as I've been having off and on since the Florida trip but has spiked again since I departed for this last one up North. This morning it peaked in surrealness when I left the gym after finishing morning yoga and was faced with not only another black charger, but a white one, parked directly beside it, and both of these directly facing the door as I left -- it entirely evoked the Chariot tarot card, with the black sphinx on the left and white on the right, with the horses on the grills instead. Again probably too vague/personal/subjective to really be notable/coherent to anyone but me, but still pretty damn cool.

Also, a cool radio one just before: right as I shook out my arms prior to starting yoga, "shaaa-ake!" sang from the gym's in-house radio. This was notable in itself, from a thought level, but also, the "shake" seemed to coincide more with my seeing my arms shake in the mirror. All in all, pretty notable.

Went on to have another of those little post-lunch clusters of instant-thought-manifestation types as I've been having lately, in that same "feel"/format/groove/variation too. Some examples: reading "walking about" in the 'Ice Bound' book at lunch while on the bench outside DD, precisely as two people walked directly in front of me/too close to me and crisscrossed each other as to get by, this again coinciding both with the event registering with me and with my thinking absently "people walking by," not too hugely precise or notable but very striking for me when I experienced it; hearing "seeing red" on the radio precisely as I passed a conspicuously red mailbox (which also happened to be number 1111 ...), with this once again coming into view from an obstacle precisely as the radio lyric sang, as to both rule out subconscious suggestion or something as well as to just make it especially "striking"/"animated"/"visually shouting" in that special patternistic way; the same thing happening with a "no tresspassing" sign, appearing from behind a bank of trees precisely as I had another of those long chains of thought end with something vaguely "no tresspassing" (I want to say the thought concerned an actual sign, as I saw along the road, but I can't say for sure; was something involving "no tresspassing" in any case).

Still a reasonably good number of random 37s and the like too, and still some elevated levels of 212s as well, albeit overall not as many as I've had here and there. Did have a mildly notable receipt, from Garner's, where my change was exactly $17.35 (after another bunch of random purchases, and two coupons as well, and discounts ...), which I noticed at the time but didn't write down -- but then, when logging the receipt this evening, I noticed the time stamp was exactly 2:37 PM. Haha.

Also, another, late little instant-thought-type/reading one: precisely as I read "party" randomly on the computer in AF tonight, "party like it's 1999" sang from the in-house radio, perfectly synchronistic, etc.

And then, soon after, another of those cool-albeit-"dilated" reading recurrences. It started when I checked my email and saw I had a Visa bill, which prompted me to note it on my notebook, as well as to think of how this would be its last bill since the card was now expired and they were cancelling my account. And then, maybe 30 minutes later in the 'Ice Bound' book, I read where a guy took out his Visa card to scrape ice from a windshield, which prompted me to again think of mine along with how it was expired -- and then I read the next line, which was "[The card] was expired." This one I initially chalked up to subconscious suggestion/reading-ahead, or just the chances of my dealing with the Visa bill, etc, soon before reading of a Visa -- except for the expired part, which required me to actually have an expired Visa, objectively so, etc, as is so patternistic of these. Still maybe nothing, but certainly "felt" like it.


Day was characterized by another reasonably intensive onslaught of 37s, again seemingly triggered by travel/interstate driving. Had many standout/conspicous types, but one parking-lot-style one takes the cake. It started when, after seeing 37s everywhere that day, I pulled into Vitamin Shoppe outside Florence and the first car I saw parked there had no 37 on it, again triggering that skeptical thought of "Well, why not, if this is all so surreal/synchronistic?" But then I realized that I was at the mattress place next to the VS, and so I pulled up to the right building -- and there was a truck, not with a 37 license plate but with a number on the door ending in "370." Still, I didn't think this too standout/notable in itself (though mildly so given all the others I'd seen today), but then, after I went into VS and came out and sat in my van opening the magnesium I'd bought and then finally taking something, a car had pulled up beside me in the space where the phone-number-37 truck had been and then left -- and when I back out, I saw that its license plate was a 377 one (and from SC, where there are only three numbers on it ...). Very cool and notable, in that "cute"/intelligent pattern.

And then this evening, a very notable reading recurrence. It started this morning when, after seeming to see some response from the pomegranate extract, I noticed how my body felt oxygenated, and also how, when entering this state as I have in the past, it altered my memory, bringing up past "energies" and individual memories and states of being that I tend to forget when health goes south. So, over the course of the morning, I got to think about my theory on this, that being in an oxygen-deprived state seems to lock down my body/mind/brain in certain ways so that I eventually forget whole parts of myself and past -- and then, in the 'Ice Bound' book tonight, maybe 5-6 hours later, the author discussed exactly this: how being in the Antarctic and deprived of oxygen seemed to alter her mind and memory, in the exact same context and even the same terms I'd been thinking of it in (not to mention the fact that it correlated my own personal experience in this regard, and seemed to lend to answering the questions I'd drummed up even, haha). I could almost explain this as being some kind of book-long subconscious suggestion, since the book had in fact mentioned hypoxia/oxygen-deprivation several times previously in the book, except for that objective component again, where I'd had the oxygenation from the pomegranate extract that morning and, thus, had objectively and independently been led to think of what I had, etc, etc. And then, very similarly, just after reading of the hypoxia and such, there was another similar recurrence in the book, though not as notable: a discussion about how cancer involves different types of cells and so can develop immunity/resistance to certain treatments, thus requiring rotation of drugs, etc -- which is almost exactly what I'd been thinking of last night in regards to the beet juice and how it seems to lose its effectiveness with me, with a theory that it combats whatever infection I seemingly have until the infection develops some type of immunity to it. This recurrence was somewhat different, and used different terms/examples, but it still echoed the same underlying essence of what I'd been thinking about (disease/infection resistant to a substance/treatment), and with reasonably notable timing.

[Note from 11/28: and now we have another "chapter" to this one, when I read today in the random Life Extension magazine of how pomegranate extract is actually used to fight cancer cells/as a cancer treatment -- which, besides being something of a recurrence in itself considering how random it was that I read this magazine when I did, it also shows that the correllation of the pomegranate/cancer-fighting recurring themes were even more notable than originally. Plus, continuing along with this whole theme/meta-synchro, I had another, similar minor recurrence today when beginning the 'Krueger's Men' book, in which it mentioned mentally curing cancer when I'd just read about exactly that in the 'Ice Bound' book a couple days ago, and then had been thinking about it absently for the last couple days -- the same delayed and minor yet notable "feel" of these others.]


Had another of those big, sudden "clusters" of thought/reading-types today at lunch, from out of nowhere. They started when I had several little "hits" in the conversation between two nearby strangers sitting at the table behind me at Starbucks, which seemed to "ramp up"/intensify as time went on, with the hits beginning first with just one or two words or vague phrases correlating between the strangers' conversation and what I was reading and/or thinking, until it eventually got to a more-notable one, where one of the people said "cup of tea" precisely as I'd bumped my cup of tea when struggling to open my bag, and so had absently thought "don't knock over cup of tea" -- once again, a totally objective, independent event corresponding with the spoken words and the registering of my thought of "cup of tea," perfectly synchronistic and impossible to orchestrate even if I'd tried (the strangers, from what I'd heard, hadn't said a single thing about tea until just then). And then, seconds later when I went to write the note for the "cup of tea" incident, it happened again, when one of the strangers said "taking notes," precisely as I got out my pad and pen (and, too tightly/instantaneously for it to have been some type of subconscious trigger on the other person's end, with their speaking the words at the precise moment my pad came into view, in every way "synchronistic" with neither a positive nor negative delay). Had that weird synchronistic "echo" effect, with my going to write about a synchronicity and hence triggering a second one, haha. Ended up having several more, smaller ones from that conversation alone, but then soon after had a couple more "nearby stranger"-type thought/reading echoes in the same vein, such as someone randomly saying "smart phone" precisely as I finished a long chain of thought that ended with my checking my smart phone for something or other, and then, more notably and surreally, "looking at my notes" precisely as I'd finished writing a list of things to do on my notepad and then put down my pen and sat looking over the list, in every sense looking "at my notes" (and, also, I'd had the strange thought of "I'm looking at my notes" just a split second before, which again suggested this "echo" might've been of my thought rathter than the action itself, or both). And then, right after I'd read "handmade paper" in the book and then set it down to reach for my tea, I looked up and read "crafted by hand" on the cup's warmer -- this one could've just been coincidence, as it wasn't too precise, but the timing and "feel" of it was definitely there.

Then, when I went to leave Starbucks in the parking lot, the "cluster" finished off with two back-to-back instant-thought-manifestation-types, first when I thought, just as I started to pull out, that I was off to go look at that white work van over in Longs, and then, a split second later when I looked around before backing up, my eyes fell directly on a nearly identical white work van that had also just pulled out, right into my line of sight as is so patternistic of these. Next, hot on that one's heels, just a split second later when I went to look in the side mirror before backing further, "mirror" sang from the radio. Again so surreal, with that "numinous" dimension so impossible to convey.

Plus had a reasonable number of 37s throughout the day still, including several pretty conspicuous ones (which have become so routine I honestly just can't remember, for all their surreal profundity). One I recall was a classic clock-tick one, where I randomly checked the timer on the Cyma during dinner (again sincerely just wanting to know how much time is left, because I was at a good stopping place in the book at the time) and it ticked down to 3:17 precisely at that moment, and when the display was totally out of view to me before I'd bent over. Several parking-lot ones too, including when I went to look at the van in longs.


Decline in overall incidents today, with only a spattering of very subtle thought/reading-type incidents throughout the day. One thing I did notice was a change in the numbers, both in a lessening but also in that I still saw them on cars, except they were predominantly not on license plates but on stickers and other insignias -- weird, but definitely a trend I noticed.


Over course of morning's weird jaunt out for beet juice, had three similar radio-type/thought ones, all pretty damn notable and surreal. The first was another of those three-ways, starting when I checked my speedometer and thought "I'm going fifty," precisely as I passed a 50 MPH speed-limit sign -- and then, precisely as the two fifties registered with me, "fifty-dollar gift card" came over the radio, the "fifty" coinciding perfectly synchronistically with the others, in that patternistic way. And then, even more surreal: I had a long chain of thought end with going to Citymac, which made me think of how I'd go tomorrow, when I go for acupuncture down at Pawley's w/Leslie -- precisely as "Leslie" came randomly over the radio, which was just the announcer saying the name totally randomly, never saying it before or after (just like with the "fifty-dollar gift card" from earlier). And then, minutes later: as I was waiting for a car to come up to the gate at the resort, I thought I recognized it as Mary's from the office, making me think "Is that Mary?" -- precisely as "marry" sang from the radio, another of those where the word was entirely different but the phoenetic was 100% precise, and the timing was perfectly synchronistic, etc. All three pretty notable, and why did this "theme" occur in this short timeframe?

Cool reading/thought-type one at lunch. Precisely as I read "the sand that got in their teeth," I bit into one of those particularly gritty piece of bee pollen (in a bite I'd already taken beforehand, from a whole bowl of the stuff, of which none of the previous bites had been gritty like this) -- which was exactly like biting into sand in its texture, right down to the gritty crunch and grind, etc. Pretty notable, both due to precision and the fact that there's no possible way I could've coordinated my Just Happening to bit into that gritty piece of pollen precisely then, due to any number of factors.

Also, really cool number standout while at the post office today when getting dad's money order. While filling out the money order, my eyes were suddenly drawn to the "713" in the middle of the order's serial number -- precisely as the nearby clerk randomly said "137" to a customer. Notable not just in the timing, but in the discrepancy in it, that it was not "137" that my eyes were drawn to, but the variant of it, 713, thus ruling out any sort of subconscious suggestion or other weirdness (plus, I can distinctly recall my eyes being so oddly drawn to the 713 a split second *before* the cashier said 137, and once again, patternistically, just soon enough before to be discreet yet close enough to be perfectly synchronistic, etc).

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