Synchronicity log for 2017


Today changed things up again somewhat, and this too corresponding with another distinctly different state of health/energy/consciousness in that patternistically "reflective" manner (especially with the proliferation of variously distorted/partial/"half-there"-type of incidents, seeming to reflect that terrible confusion/soupiness I had more or less all day).

Today was pretty much dominated, activity-wise, by those in the thematic/parallel/longwinded/super-subtle category, beginning with a biggish cluster of them through pretty much all of lunchtime reading. Here, it kept to that reasonably defined pattern of the last few days, pretty much the whole read-through of the 'Guinea Pig' book, and though, like yesterday, the parallels were multiple and spread out more variously through the read rather than with one big, prominent chapter explicitly echoing the morning's theme, the thematic elements were reasonably coherent and notable. And it bears mentioning, too, that there are pretty interesting and notable circumstances to this reading session and its incidents, too, because I'd actually finished reading the main book last night, having intended to ignore the appendixes, which contained a list of etiquette rules written by George Washington, and a list of common kinds of bad thinking -- which is to say, two chapter-long sections that deviated fully from the actual book (the first being written by someone else, and a couple hundred years ago no less), yet still managed to echo a couple dozen little things that I'd thought/done/experienced/encountered since late last evening and today.

A good standout example, beginning this morning when I had the totally random but distinct thought that I needed to clean and trim my fingernails and just do a better job in general of keeping them that way -- and then, when I opened the 'Guinea Pig' book to begin reading (to the part written by Washington where I'd left off before bed last night), the very first words were "Keep your nails clean and short," haha. Actually, this one could as easily be considered a sort of "question and answer"-type echo or something along those lines, as if some intelligent force was saying "Yes, you were right to take care to keep your nails clean."

Another standout/coherent one from this cluster: It started yesterday when, first, I got struck with that mysterious cold sensitivity again, seemingly from out of nowhere, and, simultaneously, a cold front had blown in and the weather had turned crisp, thus making me think again of that weird mental illusion of warmth/cold that presents itself when I cycle from cold to warm while under the influence of this bizarre sensitivity, where I'll feel dreadfully cold until I go outside and get hit with the colder air there and suddenly decide that *that's* dreadfully cold, after which returning to the warmer inside air feels 100% warmer -- and so, over the last day or so, I'd been thinking specifically about this perverse "contrast/relativity effect," when I hadn't in a while (not really since last year at this time/weather, since the sensitivity doesn't affect me nearly as much when it's warm, like it had been until this first cold weekend here). And then of course, in the flawed-thinking list at the end of the 'Guinea Pig' book today, one of the entries was the "Contrast Effect," which described exactly the mental phenomenon I'd just experienced/thought of so explicitly over the last day, and in the exact same terms pretty much, differing only in name.

Had several other of these through lunch, some even more notable actually, just too subjective/complicated to convey, as to be pretty surreal and active in its own right. Then towards the tail-end had another of those longwinded, "periodic," "running"-type thematic echoes, and again involving that three-way triangle of what I was reading, thinking, and hearing on the radio at the time, just like the few others I've experienced in this category. Today it was briefer and even vaguer: it started when I came to an entry in the book's flawed-thinking list that described the "Telescoping Effect," in which the mind tends to subconsciously rearrange memories in such a way that events in the distant past are made to seem more recent and vice-versa (recent memories made older), as to be compacted into a middling false-time -- and the whole time I was reading this part of the book (and absently thinking of "time" and the ways in which people tend to distort it in their minds in order to seek out good memories and repress the bad, consciously or subconsciouly), the random song on the in-house radio had a looping chorus that sang "wish we could turn back time to the good old days," which overtly echoed the "time manipulation" aspect of it, but also the "good old days" touched on that which I was specifically thinking about in reaction to reading the book, in which I was thinking about how that "telescoping effect" seemed to seek out a "return to the good old days" by rearranging memories in a way that results in a more convenient timeline/narrative of the past, etc.

Afternoon saw some periodic "silence," followed by the sudden, slow appearance of some more of those "small-but-striking"-type of one-word echoes from various sources. One example: randomly hearing "GO!" sing from the radio precisely as I came upon a moving truck with "GoPenske" stenciled on the side, corresponding perfectly synchronistically with the text emerging into the car's window after being obscured by the divider by the car's windshield (and, again, the lyric coinciding perfectly with my registering/reading the "Go" on the truck).

Another one, this one a sort of three-way, and a bit more objectively notable: It started as I came into the mall's common shopping area after entering through a clothing store and thus was able to hear the in-house radio, and the first lyric to come down was "We're gonna need money" (or I think it was the first, either that or very close to it; it happened just a second or two after I emerged into the common, in any case) -- precisely as a sign with a big "$$$" arrived directly into my line of sight, patternistically/effortlessly-style, and again with the radio's "money" coinciding perfectly with my registering of the dollar signs (which struck me, mentally, as "money"). And, deepening the incident some, there's the fact that, simultaneously, I'd had a long random chain of thought end with "Did I bring in enough money with me?," which not only was perfectly synchronistic with the other two "money" echoes, but I can also 100% trace this thought to beginning just before I'd crossed into the mall common -- again only a split second before, but distinctly before the two other "moneys" arrived.

Ended up having a reasonable amount of these over the course of running errands and then the drive home, though at the tail-end I started having more of the thematics and parallels and longwinded scattered/super-subtle/vague-type ones present themselves, such that they all again seemed to merge and mesh together, blurring the lines between what was what as has happened several times recently. Combined with that nightmarish confusion I was feeling at the time, it ended up being as bizarre and alien-feeling as it was surreal, how I imagine someone might feel when undergoing psychosis or some other extreme stress ("And but you *are* just psychotic and stressed," the inner skeptic says to that.).

Evening, it all shifted yet again, with the "normal" echoes and all numbers ceasing, but those bizarre-feeling super-subtle echoes/thematics remaining, even intensifying in some small way, as if amplified by their isolation. And they had a certain, specific "texture"/"quality"/"behavior" to them that I can't really describe, like so many of these, and this "flavor" in particular was just really damn strange and oblique (in a way that would be amusing were I not experiencing it while so dreadfully confused and sick).

Best example of these particular ones that I can muster: It started while I was doing the castor oil pack this evening, lying down with one leg propped up and one of my house slippers taken off so I wouldn't get the couch cushion dirty. Then I had the thought that I needed to get up and get a drink and do some other things, after which I vaguely visualized myself doing so with the one slipper on and hobbling around in the awkward gait of someone walking with one shoe, which I distinctly noticed at the time. And then, a few seconds later as I finished the page of the random library-freebie copy of the New Yorker I was reading (I'd decided to finish the page before getting up, as a good stopping place), I noticed a sentence of italicized text printed below the margins of the text I'd been reading, which read something like "So-and-so lost the heel to one of her boots during the convention," which struck me, at first, as a reasonably precise echo of what I'd just thought/visualized, more or less. And then, as I went to fold the magazine closed and set it down, I therefore revealed the page of the leaf opposite from that I'd been reading, which showed a picture of a pair of legs wearing boots, one of which was missing a heel -- all of which echoed semi-perfectly, with that bizarrely accurate precision, what I'd just thought of/visualized. This coming within a little evening-long cluster involving probably a dozen of these, and still of various kinds, from the longwinded thematics to vague-thought/"in-the-moment" echoes to other kinds that I can't even really describe (or just can't remember, just too damn sick and confused today).

And then this evening at dinnertime reading, when the other stuff had all but stopped (suddenly and mysteriously, and also seeming to corresponding with the improvement of health/clarity of thought won from doing the sauna), had a single, standout "question and answer"/reading incident. This one started yesterday (or might've been day before, honestly just can't remember) when I'd randomly but distinctly thought of the word "avocado" and what language it came from, whether it was Spanish/South American or from some other tongue -- and then, this evening when I started the 'America the Edible' book, it had, in a little "sideline" box alongside a mention of avocados, a little info-bite about the origins of the word "avocado" specifically, including its language of origin (South American, but a native tongue, not Spanish), thus answering 100% perfectly my vague "question" (and, once again, in another 100% randomly bought and read book; in fact, I'm not sure I'd even bought this book yet when I'd first had the thought, not that the book says anything about avocados on its jacket of course).

Numbers were comparatively nonexistent today, with only a handful of scattered traffic-plate 37s throughout the day. Perhaps my memory is just that bad, but it seems like I had zero even semi-conspicuous ones today, just "small"/low-key ones across the board.


Morning was almost totally silent, and this again corresponded, "reflectively," with another wash of nightmarish health (more of that especially "mind-deadening"-type of gut upset/irritation, which has seemed to correspond to this particular sudden cessation of activity in the past).

However, did have one single, standout incident this morning, an especially notable "challenge-thought"-type number appearance. It started just before I got to the clinic, out on the highway, when I suddenly realized that, through the whole morning and the whole drive thus far, I'd not seen a single 37 or any numbers, despite encountering many many cars and forseeably should have encountered at least one or two just out of pure chance -- and then, at the precise split second after I had this thought, a car sped past me in the next lane over and thus revealed its 437-ending plate, and in that "effortless"/"directly in my line of sight" fashion, Just Happening to appear both precisely after I had the thought (every bit perfectly synchronistic/"animated"/"orchestrated-feeling") and, ironically, the very first 37-plate of the day. And then, as if this weren't notable/surreal enough, the very next car to pass me, just a split second later, was also a 37-plater, and also a "drifting directly into where I was looking so that I couldn't ignore the plate," haha.

From there, however, the activity again ceased, and remained so until even mid-afternoon, not even starting up after lunch, etc (did notice a few low-key 37 plates and parking-lots just after lunch, but they were very few and very quiet and subdued). But then very slowly and eventually (and, interestingly, expressly corresponding with the slow lift of that terrible nausea/gut irritation from last night and this morning), the plates increased, soon joined by the usual background static of "everywhere" 37s and variants and a few of the latest minority repeats, along with some semi-conspicuous "turn-in-fronts/reckless-driver"-type ones and the like. Also, eventually got to where I was in that "every parking lot filled with parking-lot 37s" mode, and today even a bit more surreal due to my absolutely random ping-ponging around on random unplanned stops I had no idea I'd make until I found myself turning off and the like. Didn't really have any standouts like that first one on the highway this morning, though.

Thought-type activity followed a similar arch, including with few to no standouts. Morning was as equally dead-silent like the numbers, and then lunchtime reading was almost silent, with just the slightest peppering of those super-subtle, one-word, non-striking-type of reading/thought/event echoes, and some similarly subtle/subjective thematics and the like, all of which held that same distorted/half-there/bizarre "texture" of yesterday (which also seemed to reflect the building gut upset/nightmarishness, etc, now that I think back on it). By the time lunch had ended, was seeing a bit more of this type of activity, but it was all just so vague and subjective and individually dismissible/"in-the-moment," I didn't even try noting it.

One example, this one an involuntary-bodily-function/resumed-reading type: precisely as I randomly (yet objectively/necessarily) twitched my right foot in order to get it in a better position for better circulation, I resumed reading the book at the exact words "Flex the right foot." Many like that, to varying effect and of varying type and notability; ended up enough to lend a surreal overture to the lunch, but not nearly so intense as other days (again reflective of "deadened" internal state).

Mid-afternoon saw a similar shift as numbers did, along with just that same arch/pattern that seems to characterize some days. The echoes got more "normal" and singular and less vague/thematic, but still never really got too defined nor numerous.

One standout at the gym, also of the involuntary-bodily-function vein: precisely as I had one of those random ugly bouts of fever come on, and this one with a cold sweat accompanying it, the first I'd had an actual sweat during one of these perversely cold/hot-type of fever spells -- a split second later, the MP3 player randomly said "in a cold sweat," again singularly and without precedent (and, interestingly, it wasn't even a lyric, but just some random sound bite played during the intro of a song). This one's notable in all sorts of ways: 100% patternistic, perfectly synchronistic timing, 100% precise, as well as 100% objective due to my cold sweat being a result of a truly involuntary bodily function/these totally random fever-spells, etc (and there's also the fact that previous such spells have never been accompanied by a sweat, yet this one was for some strange reason, haha).

And then, a "keyed car and first lyric to come over the radio echoed the objective/random thoughts I'd just been having," this one a classic, textbook case: It happened after I finally got over to the holistic clinic and got myself some eggs, the last stop after my marathon running-around today, and so once I got back in the car I had the distinct thought of, "Okay, going home now" -- and then, maybe two seconds later after I'd keyed the ignition, the first words on the in-progress song were "I'm goin' home!"

And here's an interesting "negative" footnote: lunchtime reading did *not* see that distinctive cluster of "echoing my evening/morning"-type of book/reading thematics today, unlike that 4-day pattern I had while reading the 'Guinea Pig' book (which I've now finished).


Day was overall much like yesterday more or less.

Numbers followed the same basic arc almost exactly, notably so in fact. Once again had one single, late-ish, standout semi-conspicuous one, coming right as I arrived at the coffee shop. It started when, suddenly, after being soupy and sleep-deprived and still pretty sick all through morning, the mental fog lifted appreciably, and I simultaneously experienced that distinct "37-type joy/universal joy of existence" feeling, after being so distanced from it yesterday and most of morning -- and then, 100% patternistic and 100% perfectly synchronistic in timing, a van turned in front of me at the intersection and thus revealed its 731-ending plate, in that dramatic and "intelligently orchestrated"/"animated" fashion, and all so explicitly timed as to be "entwined" with the unfolding of my "universal joy" thoughts/feelings. Another one that's far "bigger" beneath its objective surface, with the subjective experience of it just being so vast.

Also just like yesterday, had the numbers abruptly drop off after this little late-morning "shout/climax," then slowly reassert themselves and increase through early- to mid-afternoon, eventually getting to that reasonably steady background static/"plateau" of scattered low-key plates interspersed with more-conspicuous incidents, and also another of those "every parking lot parking-lots" strings (this also again occurring despite the ridiculously erratic and random course of my afternoon parkings).

Had another of those delightful "tailgating driver getting my attention before recklessly passing me and thus revealing 27-ending plate directly into my line of sight." And also, a trend I noticed today: many Compelled-type of illogically random/inconvenient-type actions leading me to those surreal and patternistic face-to-face encounters with 37-plates, such as when I was struck with the sudden Compelling to turn around and head down the road I'd just turned opposite from, without the slightest reason to do so, only to find myself having to pass directly by a parked car with a 137 plate. Probably about a half-dozen like this today, in a variety of overt situations but always holding to that same underlying pattern/"feel" (a lot of the parking-lots followed this pattern, too).

Thought-type incidents were once again pretty numerous and steady (or they were from lunchtime-reading onward, anyhow, before which they were similarly absent like yesterday morning), yet were almost entirely of that super-subtle/distorted/half-there kind, and again to the point of being hugely notable really, but only subjectively and collectively, with almost all of them being too vague for anyone other than myself to take notice. Also like yesterday, the different kinds all sort of merged and overlapped and could be classified interchangeably in many cases, resulting in that "fluid," "blended" quality that I've described before, all being able to be loosely described as, simply, "synchronistic."

One example of these many, many daylong super-subtle/distorted echoes and the like: a recurring theme/type of incident in which I would experience those "reading of a specific sound precisely as that sound arose randomly from nearby," except today it was always just an echo of read sounds in general, where I'd read of a noise occurring in whatever book or magazine or random sign I was reading at the time, precisely as some random, distinctly oblique/"sound-y" kind of sound would occur, almost all of these perfectly synchronistic in timing but either imprecise, vague, or referring to some totally different type of sound. I at first dismissed the initial few of these (even though they did definitely "feel" like synchronicities, as it were), but by midday, when it had happened no less than a dozen or so times, I had to take note. And it even continued well into evening/"late." One example: randomly reading "smack" precisely as a loud, singular, totally random "pop!" sounded from just outside the house, from I-don't-know-what. Really hard to describe, but there was definitely a distinct pattern established, and always with the same corresponding "behavior"/"feel," which was the same deal for a couple other distinct subtypes of the day's super-subtles and the like. In all, probably had several dozen of this broad classification today at least, not even counting some other, more "normal" ones here and there.

Another example of the vagues: a theme of "craving protein" running through the day, beginning with my reading some random ad somewhere this morning, can't remember where (these recurrences are all bleeding together again), that mentioned Americans' fondness for protein/meat. Then, while fixing lunch and discovering one of my two avocados to be bad when I cut into it and thus being forced to substitute extra protein powder since I didn't have any other food at the time, it had hit me that I actually felt a craving for a more protein-heavy meal. Then this same vague thought recurred at dinner, when I found myself again with a somewhat more protein heavy meal due to poor planning/buying, but I found that odd craving to remain. And then, this evening while reading the random library-freebie copy of Fortune, it had a big article about China's changing diet and its "demand for protein." This one is a slightly more coherent example of the many many daylong "little" thematics I observed today.

One standout "classical" recurrence, this too coming "late," during dinnertime reading: it was another "randomly reading of some distinct thing for the first time ever, then reading of it again shortly after," this time of LeBron James and his decision to leave the Cleveland ball team, which I'd read of in that random library-freebie copy of some business magazine or other, just yesterday morning I think (but I honestly don't remember, my memory just so fried and overwhelmed with all these incidents and activity), which was either the first I'd ever read of it or the first I had in years -- in any case, I read of it again today, mentioned again totally offhand and in an odd place, the 'America the Edible' book (the original magazine mention was unlikely and odd in itself, being a business magazine that was describing the ball player's investment career, and then in a book on traveling and food).

A cool classical "long random chain of thought corresponding with randomly read text"-type instant-thought echo, also during dinnertime reading, and another that could be as easily classified as an "involuntary bodily function"-type one. It started when I had another one of those weird, feverish, not wholly unpleasant whole-body flushes of heat, which I suspect have something to do with that new probiotic I've been taking, thus making me think "Thrive" (the probiotic's brand name) -- precisely as I came to "thriving" in the book, and though this was another one that was visible to me peripherally when I'd had the original thought, the original thought was again 100% objectively traceable to a totally random and involuntary physical event, as well as the text coming entirely randomly/without any lead-up or prior mention of "thriving" or anything related (the text went from describing something entirely different, then abruptly described something or other "thriving," Just Happening to correspond to exactly what I'd thought at that split second, patternistically).


Today was almost exactly like yesterday in every day, almost the exact same "format" and general variety and number of incidents, only differing in their individual subject matter/specifics, etc. Somewhat interesting since my health/consciousness/condition was largely the same as yesterday too, corresponding with my health finally stabilizing between days for the first time since the last week or so/the onset of this last period of especially turbulent and rapidly shifting health and the like.

Had another of those "day-starters" where the very first plate I encountered was a 37-variant-plate, this time with a "semi-conspicuous-traffice"-type twist. It started when I left the park and got on the road leading out, when a truck soon pulled in front of me somewhat distantly down the road, and, going just slightly faster, it took me a few miles to slowly gain on the truck and get close enough to read its plate -- which was 713-ending, and again with my getting *just close enough* to read it before the truck turned off, all smacking of that "arranged"/"intelligent"/subtly animated quality.

From there, did have a few scattered low-key numbers during the rest of the drive to lunch, and then, like yesterday, a slow, gradual re-emergence after lunch and as I began running errands (and again, the activity increased in proportion to the wash of post-lunch digestive upset/nausea/toxicity wore off, again lending to that "internal/external reflective state" theory that seems to be emerging). Didn't have quite so many numbers today actually, especially when it came to conspicuous ones, including parking-lots (had them, and still in highly patternistic fashion, but not as many, nor with that "Compelling" component that I remember) -- still there, just "quiter" and with less depth somewhat.

Thought-wise, had somewhat fewer incidents too, but these kept the same basic feel/"texture" of yesterday's. Lunchtime reading was noticeably quieter, and I think it bears mentioning that this corresponded with my eating semi-privately today, out on the back deck/patio of the coffee shop, which was totally empty but for me (and isolated/"away" in the first place). And, interestingly, the only coherent echo I got occurred after I'd migrated to the front, more "visible"/social spot after getting a second cup of coffee. Namely, this one was a classical reading/objective-event/resumed-reading-text-type combination echo, beginning when I totally randomly resumed my book and the first words to meet my eyes were "came by my table," precisely as a random woman walked past the storefront and passed my table, with her passing into sight and my seeing/registering her from the corner of my eye coinciding absolutely perfectly with my simultaneously seeing/registering the random text in the book (and again all 100% patternistic and objective and impossible to have been anything but the most ridiculously unlikely plain chance, etc).

And once again, mid-afternoon saw the onset of more semi-coherent thought echoes and the like, though only a few of these today, even of the super-subtle one-word variety (actually very few of these today, unlike yesterday's background static of them most of the time). One example: while at the health food store, absently browsing a cooler full of random foods (all the perishables of a small store, so just a big, totally random mix of things, from probiotic pills to cheese to nuts and seeds to drinks), I both noticed and distinctly Noticed (had it "Jump Out" distinctly) a bottle of almond milk, a split second before the nearby cashier, talking to a customer, mentioned "almond milk," totally offhand and unprecedented and singular, like most all of these in pattern, and just so ridiculously surreal for all its "smallness."

A similarly notable-yet-"small" one while in the car after the market, beginning when I had a long, random, fully traceable-and-objective chain of thought end with how I'd just sensed myself erecting one of those "mental walls" that comes from overthinking things (this resulting, traceably, from my having been overthinking/analyzing something and so done this, thus having the thought "I just put up one of those walls" or something along those lines) -- precisely as the radio randomly sang out "building up your walls," not in the same context obviously but, from a purely literal standpoint, 100% precise, and I still don't think that, after a bajillion of these, I'll ever get use to hearing my ridiculously random thoughts as randomly echoed by the damn radio.

Thematics were there today, and though there was an express absence of those "bigger," longwinded thematic-type ones, there were still lots and lots (and at times lots lots lots) of super-subtle/vague/subjective-types, again to that point of "my day in a blender, constantly reasserting itself/paralleling/echoing itself." They again came in many different types and subtypes and levels of notability, but most all were of that "easily dismissible if not for fitting the pattern and being so prevelant within a short period of time"-type ones. Some examples I can remember:

> This morning, when I'd discovered the credit card bill was due today, I'd thought, "I'll just go to the bank and pay there," after which I remembered that it's Saturday, which led to the thought of "It's not Friday but Saturday, bank's closed then" -- and then at the coffee shop while getting my coffee, the one cashier said to the other exactly what I'd thought, in the exact same flow of it even, with the one cashier saying "I'll just go to the bank" and the other saying "It's Saturday, the bank is closed," haha. Actually, given that this one recurred literally within hours, I'd brand it a standout/objectively notable, but it's still just indicative of the subtle/"small"/"mundane"-type of character that these parallels possess.

> Also at the coffee shop at lunch, a semi-standout when I saw, on the door (for I don't even know what, or why this was posted on the door of a coffee shop), a picture of Little Orphan Annie, which I both noticed, it being the first I'd seen this character in some time for whatever reason, and also distinctly Noticed, as I did the almond milk -- and then, in the dinnertime reading of the 'America the Edible' book tonight, it randomly mentioned Little Orphan Annie (totally offhand, in reference to a Halloween costume the author had randomly seen, mentioned purely as a random sideline joke in the chapter). Had a lot of these today, though not all of them were initially Noticed/Stood Out, but still collectively notable, in that "just small random mundane things that I encountered/thought of for the first time in a while, then again soon after" fashion. Probably a dozen at least of these today, maybe two or three, honestly lost count again.

> Had a cool pair come from this random article I read this evening in the day's random-library-freebie magazine, a 9-year-old Real Simple. The article was a weird little curiosity piece in which it listed commonly misheard lyrics in popular old songs, two of which would recur. The first was a near-instant thought-type recurrence, beginning when I'd felt the castor oil pack start to kick in, bringing some of that good gurgling/activity in the liver area, and thus making me think something along the lines of "good things going on in my liver/improvement in liver sickness" -- and then, second later while scanning the list, I came to one where the misheard lyric was "heal the liver," haha (another one of those "slight delay"/"not quite perfectly synchronistic" ones that was still close and accurate and patternistic enough to be reasonably notable). And then, also in the list was a misheard quote from "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," which I noticed in the list of corresponding songs but didn't note the lyric for it, just browsing and moving on -- and then tonight in the 'America' book, it mentioned a Halloween-costume-rental store called "Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds," as to echo the underlying theme of "misheard lyrics of the Lucy song," and in a really incredibly profound and bizarre way when you really think about it (which again characterizes a large number of the day's parallels, this distinctive sort of surreal irony permeating the different variations of recurrence and the like).

> Example of the subtlest, least-notable, only patternistically/collectively notable ones: a recurrence of "using the cast-off grains from beer-fermenting to make food," which I'd first read about within one of my random freebie-magazines, at some point in the last 2 or 3 days (though it might've just been yesterday, I am seriously just losing track of all this stuff and their recurrences/parallels/sources, all just so ridiculously random and illogical/unexpected), learning of this practice for the First Time Ever of course, and then reading of it as randomly in the 'America' book this afternoon at lunch. This one is a bit more notable due to the randomness factor (I'm pretty sure the original source was another unthought one like some business magazine touching on the economics of the practice), but most of the day lacked this, yet were still collectively pretty darn surreal.

And then another cute "after the fact" 37-receipt I just found: a "1:37 PM" timestamp from the health food store, and this one I find notable again due to the circumstances. First, I spent a long, aimless time wandering the store in search of what I needed, and then, once I finally got up to pay, someone else had appeared just before me, just a split second before, and so I had to wait a few minutes (made longer by the fact that the man chatted up the cashier somewhat, all of this happening in conspicuous manner) -- and then, once I did finally check out, it Just Happened to be at 1:37 exactly (and with another random-looking 37 on there, too). Also, noticed on the receipt I'd gotten from the market next door just afterward, the transaction number was "07013" exactly, a bit more notable since I would assume that these numbers are assigned sequentially and singularly through the day (and this visit too was fraught with random little delays and hold-ups and the like).


This one kept with that same basic pattern and format/variety/"groove" as last couple days, despite setting off north on travel.

Again had another "very first plate of the day being a 730," and this time with a twist: rather than simply being a plate close to home, I just managed to go all the way from there and several miles on the road to church (even a stint on the highway even) without getting behind another car or seeing its plate (or if I did, I am oddly amnesic about it, but I'm pretty sure I just didn't get behind any cars, amazingly). In any case, the first plate I encountered was on a parked car at church, directly behind me, "staring" directly at me/effortlessly in my line of sight immediately as I left the van.

From there, again had that little "pause" until soon after lunch, with another slow wind up through afternoon, before an abrupt quieting by evening, all in all with a pretty moderate amount of overall numbers of the most recent variants, as well as a sound mix of low-key traffics/semi-conspicuous traffics/"everywheres". Some standouts:

> Cool semi-notable/conspicuous parking-lot one at that random market I stopped at, where I sought out a shady spot to park out of the heat, thus leading me to the single shady spot in the lot -- and directly beside an 113017 plate (again 100% invisible/facing away until I'd actually parked there, as usual). And then, in the same lot on the way out (after a good nubmer of low-key parking-lots in the walk to the store and back), had a very conspicuous "animated"/perfectly timed one where precisely as I rounded the van to get in, a loud muscle car passed by just behind me, thus drawing my attention at the *precise instant* that it turned a corner and flashed its 1378 plate at me, again previously invisible and with that dramatic, "intelligent"/"orhcestrated" texture that just doesn't translate to text

> Then once I'd finally stopped for the night at the shopping center after a big long confusing drive (by which time the numbers and phenomenon in general had fallen off for the evening), had a pretty notable triple-parking-lot string once I finally parked. I can't remember the specifics, but it was a sudden string of three 307 plated cars coming back to back, all in highly conspicuous/"intelligent"/"animated" fashion (though the last one was a little different, yet as notable, and I do remember the specifics: it was after I'd seen the first two while finagling the van into a good parking space, but then, after finding it to be on an angle, I had to pull around and start all over with another, level space -- only to find myself staring directly at yet another 307 plate, parked directly across from me/"effortlessly" in my line of sight, etc, as to be a sort of "period" on the "sentence" begun by the first two)

Thought-wise, another day dominated by many many super-subtle/small/thematic/parallel-types, and again with quite a few notable ones that just too subjective/complicated to convey. Though, the large majority stayed in that "half-there/distorted/bizarre"-type of instant-thought/event echo, and again with several of those extremely surreal back-to-back clusters. Had several classical, singular, coherent reading-type recurrences in the mix too, as seems to be part of this recent trend.

Standouts and examples I got down:

> Good example of the day's many many vague/thematic/parallel/"in-the-moment"-type ones: while on the highway, a truck passed suddenly from my left, with a small bumper sticker reading "THE JACKSON" flashing, fleetingly for only a split second, into my peripheral vision such that all I really registered of the truck's passing was "jackson" -- precisely as both I and the truck passed beneath a giant highway overpass-type sign reading "JACKSONVILLE xxx miles," with all of this occurring with such "synchronistic" simultaneity that it brought about that distinctive "synchroshock"/"striking" quality, as well as being highly notable considering that, due to all the angles and timing and such, both the truck and its sticker and the highway sign were all invisible to me until just that exact instant, much like those "alignment"-type of 37-traffic plates (which is exactly what the "jackson" sticker and "jacksonville" sign did, it bears mentioning, just so cool and surreal).

> Another example of these "profound and notable but very small-sounding and subjective"-type of incidents: precisely as "hail to the king!" sang from the radio, I passed a roadside sign reading "KING" something or other, with the sign emerging into view at just that precise instant, previously obscured by a hill or building or something, and all recurring with that perfectly synchronistic "orchestration"; like so many of these, the "smallness" of the simple echo of "king" was overshadowed by the highly "animated"/surreal/subjective "strikingness" of the event's totality, impossible to convey but no less there or meaningful (especially in the light of the sheer number of these that these examples transpired admist)

> Classical "resuming lunchtime reading-book to a random word that my eyes fell directly on, only to echo what I'd been thinking/feeling immediately before," this time with taking the second, richer bite of lunch and, after really tasting it for the first time, thinking expressly of how "delicious" it was -- and that's exactly the word I resumed reading at in the book, and again with such dovetailed, seamless echo-y-ness that it just inflated the incident in notability and the like

> Classical little "ask and receive," beginning last night at Kroger when, totally illogically given the fact that I don't eat wheat or bread, I picked up a package of "challah rolls" and thought distinctly though absently, "What exactly is a challah roll?," having never seen/encountered such a roll somehow before -- and then in the book at lunch today (or maybe it was in the random library-freebie magazine this morning, I really just can't remember), probably 12 or so hours later, it randomly listed different popular types of sandwich rolls, on which was the challah with a definition of it, thus perfectly and precisely "answering" my little question

> And another in this vein, also at lunchtime reading: it started with one of the magazines I've read in the last day or two, in which it had a little article/photo spread on lobster rolls, which surprised me because when I thought of "lobster roll," I thought of the biscuit-type individual rolls you get from Red Lobster, but the one in the article was a sort of open-faced sandwich, apparently a "proper" lobster roll instead of RL's bastardized version, the first I'd learned of this as it were -- and then in the 'America' book at lunch today, it went into a chapter on lobster rolls, describing the exact same "proper" version I'd just learned of, 100% patternistic and precise in this regard


Another day that was exactly like last couple, more or less, though with less overall activity and standouts.

For numbers, didn't have another of those "first plate of the day being a 37-variant"-type ones, but instead had another of those curiously quiet mornings (which again corresponded with an abnormally "deadened" and headsick morning, as it were) that were suddenly interrupted with a standout-level repeat, this time a now-classical "universal joy" echo-type plate, when, a split second after the headsickness lifted randomly and I suddenly and dramatically was overcome with that distinct feeling of "universal 37-joy," at that precise instant a fast-moving car passed from my left on the highway, thus "revealing"/"animating" its 31737 plate directly into my line of sight (little observation here: maybe the longer, "bigger" number variant corresponded to the "bigger" surge of emotion that accompanied my joy this particular time?). And, as another cute little footnote: the very next car to come into view also sported a 37-plate, with both of these being the very first of the morning.

Had another cute/semi-standout traffic-type incident when, after being suddenly Compelled to turn off the highway at that town with the supplement store (which I didn't even go to ultimately, after checking their website), I had to turn through all 3 or 4 lanes of traffic, thus bringing me into the slow lane and eventually directly behind a slow-moving old Town Car there, which had a 3737 plate (only numbers on it, haha), and again with it "arriving" into my line of sight/focus as I turned behind it from so far away and then rapdily closed the distance between us.

Had another after-lunch cluster that lasted through most of the day's highway travel and parking lots (though it ended somewhat abruptly today compared to yesterday, and again corresonding with a sudden dip in energy and clarity of thought), including another string of "immediately after lunch" conspicuous parking-lot types at the random coffee shop I'd stopped at. Also had a showing of "everywhere"/randomly sourced semi-conspicuous ones as usual, though I can only specifically remember a couple clock-tick-types in there, along with a couple 37-covered receipts that I discovered just a minutes ago while logging them.

Thought-type incidents again conformed to that almost exclusive super-subtle/thematic/parallel/"too subjective or in-the-moment to describe"-type groove that's been the trend for the last few days, and today without a single standout/coherent/notable one (or at least any that I wrote down or can remember). I do, however, remember there being a good number of those "highly notable but too complicated/subjective to describe"-type ones, though again today more scattered and less-intense/"quieter."


Today again held to the same basic feel/pattern of last few, though with some variation, this too corresponding with a proportionate variation in health/energy/clarity/general state and inclusive "place."

Morning was "dead" on all fronts again, without so much as an echo/random number from what I remember, and it stayed that way even after leaving the house for lunch. Did however have that "entry into the synchronistic state" upon sitting down for lunch, again as if on a switch, yet only very subtly today, just enough that I could sense "it" happening but with nary a whimper, much less a bang. Lunch was again characterized by those same scattered "small" super-subjective/thematic/complicated/situational echoes and such that I've been having, and today was just like yesterday, not many overall and all of them about impossible to convey besides. I remember having another of those expressly distinct "song/overhead radio/longwinded thematic echoes" at one point, though all I remember about it was that it was again super-super-subtle and spanned the "trinity" of what I was reading (in the 'Passenger' book today), what I was thinking/envisioning absently in response to that reading, and what was playing randomly on the radio. This one amongst the scattered one-words and the like, all very "quiet" and low-key, a sort of "synchronistic state lite" as it were.

Had one standout, classical reading recurrence during lunch. It started in the 'America the Edible' book, when it randomly mentioned, in the chapter on Austin, TX, how there were bats under the bridges in Austin, a fact which I didn't know until reading it there. And then, I think two days later in the 'Passenger' book (which was, once again, purchased in the most random and ridiculously illogical/Compelled fashion imaginable, after I'd hunted around that random Barnes and Noble for over a half-hour until I just randomly grabbed one that Jumped Out at me in that patternistic/special way), it randomly mentioned, offhand, how there were bats underneath a certain bridge in Austin, haha.

Afternoon, too, was punctuated with more random, scattered little thematic/distorted/half-there/subjective echoes and thematics as has been the recent trend, more or less the same as yesterday, a moderate amount but by no means intense (again reflecting my somewhat blunted, headsick internal state). Some semi-coherent/standout examples I got down:

> A "random traceable chain of thought"-type one, while walking around the back of the mall (as I'd been Compelled to do, rather than exiting through the mall to the other side of the parking lot where I was parked, another "illogical/taking the wrong and inconvenient way" circumstance). I can't remember exactly what I was thinking, other than that it was very specific and objective and ended with my thinking that I needed to get coffee, which in turn made me remember that I needed to re-use the coffee bag from Earth Fare, which in turn ended with the final thought of "Earth Fare" -- maybe 1-2 seconds before I came upon a piece of trash that I felt Compelled to pick up, which turned out to be the plastic top from a little carton of "Earth Fare Bean Dip" or something (and, furthermore, it was facedown when I found it, with the label thus 100% invisible to me, even peripherally/subconsciously, when I'd had my thoughts). It also bears mentioning that this mall was nowhere near Earth Fare, miles away in another part of town ...

> A really good example of these subtle, fast, "in-the-moment"/subjective type of thematic/parallel echoes I've been having. It was a back-to-back pair, coming seconds apart, beginning with my having a long, random, objectively traceable chain of thought that ended with how I planned to leave town the next morning, with my expressly though absently visualizing a scene that could be approximated as "my morning tomorrow" or something like that -- about two seconds before the random song on the radio sang, as its first lyrics (thus ruling out leading/cueing, etc), "In the morning." And then, seconds later in the song's next stanza, it mentioned "Vegas" or "In Vegas" or something, which thus caused me to randomly think about the Vegas tote bag I'd donated to Goodwill an hour or so earlier (again accompanied by an absent visualization of the "VEGAS" on the bag and similar thoughts of such), and then, a second later in the next verse, the song sang out "your bags in Vegas," haha. This one is so typical of these "little"/fleeting/"fragmeneted" sort of echoes that I experience so many of within these "thematic/parallel" phases of the day, where it's just some random echo, usually of an underlying element or thought rather than anything super-precise or literal, but often come in such volume, and in such a precise and recognizable pattern, they all become collectively notable, perhaps moreso than even a similar number standout ones really.

Numbers were there but lesser today, and this corresponding with just being in "around town" mode rather than highway/travel mode, with overall just scattered low-key traffic 37-plates and a few parking-lot types through the day (along with the usual background-static-type appearances of random-yet-noticeable 37s and other repeats from various sources, such as when I got a random dollar bill as change with a big "37" written in pen on the front, and several more of the multiple-37-covered receipts and the like). The only real standout-ish incident of note in this arena today was this little "triplet" of 37-plates that came a little bit after lunch, each not really conspicuous in themselves, just "normal" 2-3-digit 37-plates coming directly into my line of sight/attention, but all coming both in semi-rapid sequence and after the distinct *lack* of any numbers at all up until then (the first two arrived back-to-back at an intersection I stopped at, and then, a minute later when I parked at the shopping center, there was a low-key parking-lot type one directly across from where I'd been Compelled to park). This is another of those that was "negatively notable" in a way, where you would think that, all things being equal (and "logical" and governed by "chance," etc), I should've either encountered at least one or two 37-plates of some fashion throughout morning driving, or just after, etc -- rather than suddenly encountering three within the space of a minute or so, as well as in highly patternistic fashion. And of course, from there, I again started seeing them in regular intervals, etc. It all just speaks of the underlying cohesion of the phenomenon, making it just so ridiculously real and tangible for all its "supernatural" qualities.


Today adhered somewhat to the most recent pattern/basic trend of the phenomenon, but the quietest one yet, and this time again seemingly in reflection of my super brain-dead/headsick health today. Morning was another fully silent one, not even a stray number repeat or echo that I remember (though it seems like there's always a few popping up here and there, however small and otherwise silent). Then activity did start up again right at lunchtime, but only with a few really subtle thought echoes and the like, not even any thematics/parallels that I remember, just the slightest little flits of one-word non-striking reading synchros here and there.

Did have one standout during lunch, another that came just about out of the blue, another echo basically but in stark contrast to the rest of the "period," as to be just that much more attention-grabbing/striking for it. It started when I randomly came to "a few ticks" in the 'Passenger' book, precisely as three equally random, singular, and sudden metal-on-wood ticks sounded from the kitchen across the coffee shop, after a silence of any type of noise like this previously (and also, unlike that day recently of vague/basic "sound"-type echoes, this one was of the more-precise, "literal" kind, with the accompanying ticks being quite specifically "ticks," rather than just corresponding random noises). I found this one reasonably notable in itself, but then, seconds later on the very next line in the book, the exact same thing happened again, when I came to "a few more ticks" precisely as another little triplet of the same ticking sounded from the kitchen (literally "a few more ticks," haha). But then, after this one, the phenomenon never really went anywhere beyond just a few more scattered one-words and the like. In fact, the rest of the afternoon was almost fully silent even of these, except for a few little brief periods of return then subsiding again, despite some reasonably intensive travel, and again this corresponded with a mind-numbing increase in headsickness/health, etc (and, it bears mentioning: I'm about 99% sure these cessations of activity are actual rather than subjective, as in that I'm not just noticing/observing the incidents better when my mind is clearer and my senses/faculties more present, as logical and sensible an explanation as that may be -- definitely seems to be something to do with my subjective consciousness, but only in an active way, such that my perception/observation plays some participatory/activation role in the phenomenon).

Numbers were equally near-silent through the whole day. In fact, all I remember was an equally low-key and low-volume spattering of small/two-digit/inconspicuous numbers even through the most intense/high-traffic portions of the highway travel south. Though there was one exception, patternistically so: when the day's first numbers appeared, again right after lunch when I left the parking lot and started down the road. This one was much like the other semi-standout "day-starters" I've experienced in regards to the numbers lately, this time when I had suddenly realized that I'd gone the whole day so far without seeing any numbers at all, and thus I thought this expressly and, before I could catch myself, began subconsciously looking them, only to see none. Then, a few minutes down the road after forgetting about it all and going on my way -- there were two sudden, back-to-back, semi-conspicuous "directly in my line of sight/effortlessly arriving into my line of sight"-type of plates, first a 3173 and then a 373 (though I can't remember the exact circumstances, other than that it was patternistically conspicuous and notable, etc). And again, this only happened distinctly *after* I'd gone from seeking them out to just letting go and driving, etc, also 100% in line with past such incidents.

And another thing I noticed: had another sudden and pronounced, albeit small/super-subtle and brief, period of thought-type one-word echos almost immediately after the number start-up, as to be conspicuous in their near-simultaneous emergence.


Today again maintained the latest status quo/pattern/"feel/texture" but was a bit more active and coherent overall, and this too corresponded "reflectively" with my internal state, this time for the positive, reflecting some general improvement/less headsickness over yesterday.

Morning was more or less as silent and noneventful, but then lunch saw a reasonable amount of that same basic cluster of echoes (though no thematics still), today generally more coherent and frequent and notable, albeit still mostly small/non-striking. It started with a little string of very similar delayed one-word thought/reading/event echoes, such as reading randomly of librarians and libraries in the 'Passenger' book a few seconds before a nearby stranger randomly mentioned libraries and "librarian," same for when I dug out the very last napkin in my bag which read "CHEERS TO YOU" (which Stuck Out to me in Noticed fashion, I remember) a few seconds before I came randomly and singularly to "Cheers" in the book -- all of these pretty much unnotable objectively/individually, but were so patternistic and "felt"/"behaved" so much the same, they were very distinct to me while experiencing them, as to bear mention.

Then, the phenomenon again palpably "refined"/"matured," with the same sort of small/uncomplicated one-word echoes of various kinds but now perfectly synchronistic in timing rather than with that marked delay. For instance, randomly coming to "button-down" in the book perfectly synchronistic with a nearby stranger singularly and randomly saying "button," with the two "buttons" corresponding/overlapping in that patternistic way.

And another one, very similar (why so many nearby-stranger types today? Seems like that's been a trend or conspicuous absence on other days): precisely as I started up the phone and went to search for some flight times/dates that had occurred to me a few minutes earlier while reading of certain cities randomly in the book (which, as it were, I can distinctly trace as the origins for my deciding, minutes earlier, to get out the phone when I got to a good stopping place in reading/eating) -- precisely as I entered the dates and times and looked them up, the two men sitting nearby began speaking of "flights" and "planes" and "flying," and in the same context of commercial flight, etc, and again singularly/randomly/without build-up or precedent, another time where their conversation/subjects Just Happened to correspond more or less exactly with what I was doing/thinking/looking up, and at almost the exact same time (not quite perfectly synchronistic, maybe with a 1-2 second delay again, but certainly close enough to be notable).

And another standout, this one perfectly synchronistic and coherent: precisely as I was ringing out my tea bags after brewing the tea, and I got to the third and suddenly found it hotter than the first two and thus burned my fingers, a nearby woman at another table randomly and singularly said "burn," perfectly synchronistic with my registering the burn, 100% patternistic and "striking"/surreal.

Also around this time, had a semi-standout "involuntary bodily function"-type one, when I had another sudden onset of that weird random itchiness at the top of my back/base of the neck, which is a distinctly "spinal" sensation, located distinctly inside the vertebrae or something, as if my spinal fluid suddenly gets irritated or something, which has been happening off and on for years and years but more frequently the last couple days, though this was the first it had happened today specifically -- this arriving perhaps 1-2 seconds before I randomly came to "The tingling sensation in the back of my neck" in the book, which my itching could 100% be described as, again with the text visible to me peripherally when the itchiness arrived, but being a fully objective, random, involuntary event.

After lunch, however, had another sudden and random onset of soupiness/headsickness, etc (though different than that of yesterday, as well as that of the last bad period, just yet another new variant of confusion/distorted thinking, etc, haha), after which the echoes and such went reflectively silent. Did, however, have one, sudden, standout, "out of the blue and the more striking for it" one this evening, right at the start of dinnertime reading (and to be the only one throughout all of dinner, as it were). It was an involuntary-bodily-type one, beginning when I suddenly got another of those totally random and totally wonderful waves of good, cool energy going up my feet (which were bare at the time, being on the machine), thus drawing my attention to my feet and making me think/register/visualize something along the lines of "my feet" -- precisely as I randomly came to "my bare feet" in the book, another that was visible to me peripherally but irrelevantly considering that it all hinged on this 100% objective/independent/involuntary event, etc.

Numbers were again almost fully "dormant" through morning, then appearing briefly and semi-conspicuously after lunch and continuing in fits and spurts before abruptly fading mid-afternoon with the worst of the headsickness and the like. They again came almost dead-on just after lunch, beginning with low-key traffic 37-plates here and there, then escalating somewhat when I had another string of "every parking lot parking-lot"-type incidents, including another of those semi-standouts where I was distinctly Compelled to choose some random and inconspicuous parking space out of a choice of dozens, only to find myself directly behind/"effortlessly in line of sight" of a "3777"-beginning plate (only numbers on it, of course). Had another, quasi-standout one soon after when I *just* made a light at an intersection, the van swaying and suspension groaning as a snuck through just a split second before the yellow went red -- only to find myself directly alongside a schoolbus, number "53105-71317," that number plastered over it several times and again with it being directly/conspicuously just "there" as I rounded the bend and passed the little wall of traffic, previously blocking the bus, in "animated"/"revealing" fashion as to just make it all the more notable and surreal.


Still continuing this latest iteration/trend of the phenomenon, with another almost totally silent morning, followed by an afternoon onset of activity across the board (though still no thematics/parallel types today -- why the sudden absence of this type of activity?).

Numbers today began with another of those "first plate of the day being a conspicuous 37-plate," this time right after I left for lunch, when I rounded a corner in the park and there by the dumpsters was a parked car with a 731-ending plate (again, only numbers on it, and also directly/effortlessly in my line of sight as is the pattern with these). Notable in itself, but then slightly moreso considering that the driver was just getting out/pulling trash out of the back, suggesting that they had pulled up just seconds before I'd rounded the bend, in highly "coincidental"/patternistic fashion, haha.

Went on to actually have quite a few numbers today overall, decent uptick over last two days. Again really only started in earnest after lunch, with a slow, "building-force"-type of period with just a few scattered but mildly conspicuous/notable ones (primarily 37-plates today, I noticed, though with some scattered "everywhere/random"-sourced stray 37s and the like in various places). Few semi-standouts:

> A kind of cool parking-lot one immediately after I finished lunch and went out to the parking lot of the coffee shop, where, again as in the past, a 730-ending plate car had parked directly beside me while inside. The cute thing about this one is that I didn't at first see it, and it was only when I was about to leave and was Compelled to pick up a nearby piece of litter that caught my eye, thus forcing me to walk from the car and back -- only then did I see the plate, another one of this patternistic little circumstances that make these extra surreal

> Another "cashier randomly quoting a 37"-type one, this time at the market, another of those where not only did it occur just a second or two after I got in earshot, but the only thing I heard in the exchange between the cashier and customer was "Seventy-three?" and the customer answering "Seventy-three," with the rest lost to the crowd/background noise, etc.

> And then, had a sudden little uptick in frequency and conspicuousness of the plates, with more of them and with more of those "animated"/"revealed"-type ones, and even one of those double-plate "alignments" where one 37-plate car passed another, with the first going very slowly and gradually, such that, for a second or two, their two plates were perfectly and patternistically aligned in that special way

Thought-type incidents were present today, moreso than yesterday but not too much, overall disproportionate with the number-type activity (perhaps because of that weird surge of headsickness I had through morning and early afternoon, again in reflective fashion?). The first thing I noticed was another negative/absence, when I had not even the most basic, threshold, subtlest of incidents through about the first 3/4 of lunch, notable in that I could distinctly tell that I wasn't in the synchronistic state, just by that indescribable "feel"/the state I was in, etc. And then, as interestingly, I sensed the state coming on towards the end of lunch, and then, minutes later, I had the one and only echo of the whole time, a nearby-stranger one literally right when I was leaving, when I went to grab my tote bag from the table precisely as a woman sitting at a nearby table said "tote bags" to her companion, again totally randomly and singularly on both our parts. But then, as with other days, it never really went anywhere today, with only that brief little "dip" into the state, that single standalone echo, and then near silence for the rest of the afternoon (headsickness actually lifted somewhat by mid-afternoon, yet the activity stayed almost entirely absent, with my "out" of the synchronistic state distinctly -- why not a corresponding uptick with the improvement, as seemed to unfold with the numbers?).

The only other incident I noted today was either a single, standalone thematic (it "felt" like this, for what it's worth) or was just a weird unclassifiable fluke, if not just coincidence really. It started this morning when I came to a random article in the latest random library-freebie magazine entitled "TIME TRAVEL," which immediately Stood Out to me in that special way, my distinctly Noticing it such that it stuck with me for some time afterward, such that I thought I'd probably encounter it again in some way or another today -- and then, when I went to the gym and found the staff there and asked them why they were there on Saturday (unstaffed day), they looked at me funny and said, "Because it's Friday." I'd lost a day, somehow, quite profoundly really, as I could've swore 100% it was Saturday, and thus for the rest of the day afterward I was left in an oddly surreal and displaced state that I can only describe as "time travel," with my whole plans for the next few days turned on their head in various ways -- really profound in itself if nothing less, even if it's just a coincidence.

And then interestingly tonight, literally just minutes after I finished noting the distinct lack of thematics/parallels in the day (and hasn't this happened before?), they started up again, as if just waiting for me to notice their absence. They were very very subtle, just barely there, yet just patternistic and numerous enough to establish a return of the phenomenon, albeit entirely too subjective and complicated to note even a basic example. Still, interesting that they would return so expressly soon after my noting their absence, etc.


Today was a weird one, something of a departure from the latest trend. Almost all activity today was in the numbers, which were slow to start up again (again strictly only after lunch, and even then only gradually arriving) but ended up being, in total, quite a few, not a "storm" by any means but still very present. There were no real super-coherent/notable standouts today, but, by mid-afternoon, very many low-key and conspicuous 37-plates in traffic, and eventually at least one or two in every single parking lot I parked at again, some of them more notable than others but always very present. Also, very many randomly-sourced/"everywhere I look"-type of random 37s and variants today, distinctly more than the "normal" background static of these (had a couple of clock-tick-type ones, along with one of those "buying random stuff in a store and having it somehow produce an unlikely, exact 37 variant in the amounts/change/receipt," etc). And distinctly more non-37 repeats today too, after few to none the last few days, with very very many 44/14s and variants, most low-key but others more conspicuous and such (including several "turn-in-front" car-plates and the like, which isn't usually the case with non-37s). One big repeat today was 1111 and variants, but with it being 11/11 and also the Veteran's Day holiday, it's hard to discern between the proper repeats and just the logical increase/profusion of the date and its correllaries, etc.

Thought-wise, this was the quietest day in some time, and this corresponded with the most "deadened"/headsick health-state in some time, coincidentally (more "reflective"-type correllation). Really, there were only a small amount of very subtle, very scattered one-word/random-thought/reading-type non-striking echoes here and there, along with the same spattering of "just enough to establish presence"-type of thematics/parallels like those of last night. And again, the thing that really is most interesting about this is the negative/absence factor, in which I could several times feel myself approaching that synchronistic state, but it's like I could never quite make the leap, like there was some envelope/"gate" that I just wasn't crossing for some reason.


Another change-up of sorts, in various ways, now differing enough from that trend of the last couple weeks to the point that a new "groove" is beginning to express itself, it feels.

The activity started with another of those "joy-feeling" echo-type of conspicuous 37-plate appearances, this time nearly identical to those past. It started late morning when, patternistically, the night's toxicity and headsickness faded critically, right as I again rediscovered that precise same "universal joy" feeling (though I would describe as more than a feeling), and then, less than a second afterward as to be perfectly synchronistic, a car with a 73-ending plate passed from my left with the plate directly/effortlessly entering my vision. It bears mentioning that this one was even a bit more notable than others, if only subjectively, due to this whole incident coinciding with the peak/climax of the song on the radio, lending a sort of dramatic/"aurally animated" texture to it all, a sonic version of the visually-animated-type effect that's present in some of these. And then another cute little footnote for this one: with it happening on the highway, I didn't get the chance to write the note until long after, once I'd pulled off 31 and came to the first stoplight, miles down this road and probably upwards of 20 minutes after the initial incident -- and then, once I finally did get the chance to safely write the note, I realized that I was stopped behind that exact same car that had passed with the 73-ending plate (or at least I'm 99% sure it was the same), as to be a sort of physical echo of the note I was writing, haha.

From there, numbers were present but subdued, with more than other mornings lately but not really that many, though they again picked up some after lunch, bringing almost as many as yesterday, including parking-lots/semi-conspicuous ones, etc (along with quite a few randomly sourced "everywhere"/"freestyle" 37s and variants, too). And also like yesterday, a high incidence of 44/14s and variants, probably the most "active" this particular repeat has been for some time (when, coincidentally, this arrives when I've been having some questions of what I should do about my health/general course in life, etc, and coming up with no answer/confused, etc -- and then comes this sudden rash of 44s and the like, that number I associate distinctly with "total acceptance/have faith and do nothing/let things work out on their own," as if in answer to my quandry, in that ridiculously surreal "intelligent reality" fashion -- more subjective notability, and perhaps even then misguided or totally wrong or coincidental, but interesting in any case).

Thought-wise, today had more activity than yesterday in total, and distinctly more coherent and notable, yet still not very much, still a general downturn over the recent trend. Had some activity this morning, and though only some scattered, non-striking (though almost all of them perfectly synchronistically timed, I noticed) echoes and some super-subtle thematics/parallels, these were still noticeably more than the near- or total silence of the last few mornings (and again, in reflective fashion, coinciding with an improvement over yesterday's nightmarish headsickness and the like). Then at lunch, activity increased and matured slightly, shifting into a series of subtle reading/thought/nearby-noises/stranger-type echoes during the first half of lunch, all of them too subtle/complicated/subjective to describe individually. The second half of lunch, however, the phenomenon matured again, suddenly, now into a brief series of scattered, coherent, striking-type of echoes, not too many still but almost all of them standout-level:

> Precisely as "third ring" entered my peripheral vision from the edge of the page, a bell rang randomly from the nearby kitchen in the coffee shop, a single, standalone "ding!" coinciding perfectly synchronistically with my registering the "ring" in the book

> Next, even more precise and notable: precisely as I unscrewed the top of the second course of lunch, thus revealing the gelled-together squash and avocado and whey mixture that immediately impressed me as "creamy" (with this exact word appearing/visualizing automatically in my mind), one of the nearby shop employees said "creamy," both totally randomly and singularly and 100% independent/objective/in no way related to my opening the bowl (which was, of course, all the way across the shop from the employee), as well as again coinciding perfectly synchronistically and patternistically with my explicitly registering/thinking "creamy" -- all just so precise and "synchronistic" that it just produced that ridiculously surreal/"synchroshock" reaction, from my subconscious to my conscious mind and beyond

> A somewhat different one a little later, betraying the general pattern/feel of these somewhat, so much that I can't easily rule out coincidence (especially given its bizarre/imprecise nature). It was another perfectly synchronistic reading/nearby-shop-employee-type echo, and perfectly patternistic and notable in that regard, but only accurate in an underlying/essential way: the employee randomly said "walking in circles" as I came to "He dies on the same bridge that made him a killer" in the book (this in the context of a man ironically dying where he'd killed someone, thus echoing the underlying essence of "coming full circle/repetition," etc). Were it not so perfectly timed and otherwise patternistic, I'd dismiss this one due to imprecision, but given the "striking," perfectly timed nature, I thought it was worth noting

> And then finally, returning to the pattern/"feel" of the few several: precisely as I came to "I brushed the hair away" in the book, I totally randomly brushed some hairs from my forehead while scratching an itch underneath my hat (which was 100% objective, being traceable to the 100% objective event of my having that random itch in the first place, just at that precise instant, when I'd not had any such itching before). Again, more notable subjectively, but still notable enough objectively to bear mention

After lunch, however, things went back to near silence, thought-wise, this too corresponding with a negative shift in health, that headsickness/soupiness returning somewhat after eating, maybe a toxin or whatever getting stirred up again, remaining this way for the rest of the day pretty much. Did, however, have another one a little later on while driving, this one almost exactly the same patternistically as others of the day, but now made a little more dramatic-feeling since it arrived after a period of silence. It started when, while on the way to get my massage, I suddenly had the distinct thought of "Right now, I have to go get my massage," which came in answer to some thoughts I'd had about maybe stopping off along the way to check on the CBD at that headshop, which thus made me check the time and, seeing that it was too late to stop off and still make my appointment, I therefore had the final, resultant thought of "I have to go get my massage now" or something like that -- a split second before the radio randomly and singularly and without precedent said "I went to get a massage," haha. So perfectly precise, perfectly synchronistically, and perfectly objective/random (the radio's "massage" message was just one of these random little joke sound bites they'd play every now and then, totally sporadically and randomly and without prior announcement, about as fully random and objective as could be -- yet perfectly echoing my thought, with perfect timing -- so surreal!!!).


Another change-up, though still about the same amount of low-to-moderate activity as yesterday, and a similar pattern too, with a quiet morning, then a period of activity during lunch and soon after, then an abrupt drop mid-afternoon and a near-silent evening.

Numbers were much like yesterday, certainly present but mostly low-key and non-conspicuous. Did have a few exceptions though, such as a cool and classical/patternistic "challenge"-type one at the restaurant parking lot at lunch. It started when I turned to see a 336-ending plate directly in my line of sight, which (after seeing several low-key traffic-37s just before, and feeling to have entered the "synchronistic state" so distinctly) I had another of those automatic, skeptical thoughts of "If you're really experiencing the phenomenon and you're really in the 'state' again, then why wasn't that a 336?" -- and then, a second later, just long enough for the thought to materialize and pronounce itself, I encountered a 78713 plate, this too directly in my line of sight/"effortlessly"/semi-conspicuously, directly in my path as I returned to the restaurant. Beyond that, just a steady-albeit-low-key "background static" of subtle and semi-conspicuous two- and three-digit 37-variant-plates (only other thing I would note today is a noticeable increase in that cute little 777/1117/"three sevens"-type of variant, as seems to be the case from time to time with this one in particular as noted before; also, a marked *decrease* in 44s/14s over the last couple days, though these were still there in a lesser capacity).

One other mildly notable one: another semi-standout 1111, going with that other recent trend of noticeably increased 1111s/111s, etc. This one was another "November 11th" one, but more notable than others of late due to its objectivity and randomness, with it not pertaining to the Veteran's Day holiday. This one was on the first page of that (totally random, totally impulsively bought) RVing ebook I bought last night on a whim, when I sat down for lunchtime reading and in the first paragraph it said that on November 11th, the author was passing through Highway 111. Certainly low-key and maybe nothing, but I found it worth noting anyhow.

Thought-wise was also almost exactly the same as yesterday both in format and volume, and really in type and "feel" too, with another noticeable-yet-low-key cluster of scattered, super-subtle thought/reading-type echoes throughout almost all of lunch, today without that graduation/maturation of other days, even periodically (just enough to feel in the "state" though, however mildly and subtly).

Did, however, have one of those sudden, singular, extremely precise and coherent and notable ones come out of the blue soon after lunch. It started when I passed this totally random food truck parked alongside the road, with a big picture of some sort of deep-fried food on it, tater tots or chicken tenders or something like that -- whatever it was, it was the first thing I registered about the truck, very distinctly, which in turn made me distinctly think "crispy," with the food's embelished golden-fried/conspicuously "crispy/crunchy"-looking texture -- and then, perfectly synchronistic with my thought/registering, etc, the radio randomly and singularly said "crispy." It was another of those that, despite being "only" a single word, it was so perfectly precise and perfectly coincidental/synchronistic in timing, it was just utterly striking and surreal. If I weren't so familiar with the phenomenon, I might've thought the radio was reading my damn mind, just so utterly surreal this was. But then, after that stray standout, I had almost nothing the rest of the afternoon, and this again seemed to correlate, "reflectively," with the onset of some soupiness and headsickness and toxicity and the like.

One other thing to note today, and it's another of those really damn weird unclassifiable incidents that might really have just been an unlikely coincidence or just some other otherworldly phenomenon. It started simply enough but was another of those where the devil was in the details: I stepped on the sliding scale at the gym after working out, and it was already set to exactly my weight at the time. And not just approximately, a pound or two away, but the *exact* weight, down to the 1/10th of a pound, such that the little level indicator was absolutely perfectly centered when I stepped up (I checked it by sliding the weights back and forth a couple times, too, and indeed, it was *exactly* at my weight). And more details/variables that made this just that much more unlikely and random and notable: there wasn't just one sliding weight but two; my weight is somewhat uncommon for a man (foreseeably the majority of the clientele at a gym, an adult man of my approximately age), and really low; and there's also the fact that I was even at this gym at all, having visited there totally randomly/singularly while having to drive a couple hours to pick up the supplement -- all just a bunch of little, seemingly mundane things that just sort of upgraded it all into something that was so unlikely (and so vaguely patternistic of the synchronicity phenomenon in general), I just found it notable. But really, to be fair, the incident was simplistic enough that it could really have just been an unlikely coincidence. Who knows.

Just remembered, tonight, that I did have a fair number of thematics/parallels/super-subtle/subjective activity off and on through afternoon, much like the lunchtime-reading activity but a little more frequent and surreal (and with that bizarre quality I've noted before, too). Had probably a couple dozen of these total, all of various kinds and subtypes but ultimately just sort of gelling/bleeding together into that inclusive "synchronistic state"-type activity.

One standoutish example of these, and though it could be classified as either a classic reading- or "ask and receive"-type one, it had the indescribable "feel"/texture of the thematics and parallels. It started last night when I had a sudden, very intense spell of that incredibly soupy, drowsy headsickness and toxicity, this time to that rare and alarming point where I very nearly nodded off and had to catch myself, and was also experiencing very brief but very intense and vivid little dreamlike mental images and bizarre thoughts and the like at the climax of these spells, after which I remember how there's a proper name for this type of quasi-dreaming but I couldn't recall it and was too out of my head to care. And then this evening, when I started reading the 'Communion' book (which was again about as ridiculously random and unforeseen as could be, considering that, one, I already had another book lined up to read tonight, and two, I bought this one totally randomly and on a whim and on a Compelling, no less, while dropping randomly into the library today), within the first few pages it mentioned the "hypnopompic" state and the dreamlike visions and thoughts that accompany it -- exactly what I was thinking of when I had just such an experience last night, but simply couldn't remember the word for it, haha. Had many like that over the course of the day, though not so coherent or individually notable, again to the point of "my day blended up and regurgitated over and over again."


Today was much like yesterday more or less, with less numbers but more thematics, and a very similar number of, and type of, thought-type echoes and the like.

Not much to say in regards to numbers today: a downturn overall, both in number and complexity/"depth," really only just a background static of scattered low-key traffic-plate-37s, and these almost exclusively after lunch. Either there were no conspicuous standouts or I just can't remember them. Another day where they were certainly "there," but quietly so (though no less profound for it, sort of how a dark new moon is no less the moon).

Had some slight thought-type activity through the morning, unlike the near total silence of most days recently, though still just only scattered super-subtle one-word reading/thought/event-type ones, none of which were coherent or objective enough to note -- again another "they were there" blanket. Did have more of this type through lunchtime reading, though they too were of the same subtle/"ungraduated" quality (the best example was a reading-type one when, precisely as I 100% objectively/traceably thought of my shirt and cap on the table beside me, laid out messily in my haste to get out in the sun and then my thinking of this messiness distinctly when someone passed by -- the very next line of the book was "There were clothes strewn about," which perfectly described the clothes as well as how I'd visualized them a split second earlier in my mind's eye, haha). Only in mid-afternoon did the echo-type ones cohere and mature a little, and even then only slightly, making that slight upgrade from super-subtle and only collectively notable to the "small"-yet-striking kind.

Couple coherent examples of these, which all were perfectly patternistic with past such "small-but-striking" ones from the past: randomly hearing "little river" on the radio at the precise instant I passed by and read/registered a street side reading "RIVERSIDE," with the radio's "river" and my registering the first half of the "RIVERSIDE" again coinciding perfectly synchronistically as to bleed into a single hybrid event in that special way; randomly thinking "a boat" (this 100% objectively traceable to my randomly stopping at an intersection and being faced, directly and "effortlessly" in my line of sight, with a boat that was for sale, in the lawn of a house), precisely as the radio randomly and singularly said "a boater," again both echoing the "boat" theme but also with the two "boats" overlapping patternistically and perfectly; another of those "listening to music on my headphones at the gym and a random lyric coincides perfectly with an objective event," this time with my taking a deep, sharp, fast breath after finishing a set of lifts, coinciding perfectly synchronistic with "sniff" singing randomly and singularly from the MP3 player, of which the breath I took (which was through the nose) could best be described as a sudden sniff. Had several others of this kind too, again scattered about like the last couple days, before tapering into near-silence by evening.

Did have one standout, more-coherent, "striking" one, out of the blue (which also seems to be a trend: one "big," especially coherent, singular echo occurring). It was a classical radio echo: precisely as I turned around and looked behind me before backing out of the restaurant parking lot just after lunch, the radio randomly and singularly sang out "look back!," again absolutely perfectly timed and perfectly precise and perfectly patternistic.

The day's most profound and interesting incidents, however, were the thematics, which were a little more there both before and after lunch, but were especially present and even coherent during lunch (with this not corresponding to anything in particular, that I noticed). The first one was another of those that not only echoed my immediate absent thoughts and musings as I read, but also just echoed my general life circumstances at that day/point in time, beginng with how I'd been fighting off those obsessive, ugly, somewhat baseless thoughts that creep up once I hit the bad point of sickness/illness/headsickness, which had all intensified through the morning, to the point that I was again obsessing about what foods and supplements and any other environmental/lifestyle factor that might be contributing to this latest round of health nastiness and the like -- with all this occupying my mind precisely as the narrator in the book began describing almost literally the exact same thing, how he'd entered a phase of intense emotional distress and neurotic/illogical behavior, and had eventually "started worying about toxins in our food and water," and other specifics that were at times even in the same terms I'd been thinking, just absolutely profound and totally random/separate/objective/traceable, etc. And, furthermore, it just kept going, where for a full couple pages the man's description of his condition echoed almost exactly the sort of ugliness I'd first just experienced especially that morning, and then had just been randomly thinking of/analyzing seconds before beginning that part of the book (and, of course, I'd never read this book before, and there was nothing leading up in the book to suggest/subconsciously cue me to begin thinking these things, etc.).

And then, continuing the thematic activity, had something along the lines of those vague-yet-notable longwinded-type of thematic echoes/parallels much like the ones involving the radio and what I was reading/thinking those few times, except this time the radio role was played by a nearby man chatting randomly on a cell phone as I entered the coffee shop to get a second coffee. As I stood in line and then waited for my order, the man started telling the person on the phone that they needed to read a book called 'Sasquatch's Message to Humanity,' which he explained to be a nonfiction book supposedly channeled by Sasquatch/Bigfoot as a message to mankind -- which is more or less exactly like what I was just reading while outside previously for the past hour, the 'Communion' book, about UFOs and aliens and all sorts of other stuff that, though not "Sasquatch/Bigfoot"-related, was still centered squarely in that same category of "fringe/'out there'/bizarre"-type of reading/subject matter, as to just jibe with it all in a distinct way (it had that subjective "feel" of a synchronicity, as it were, and of the thematics in particular). It could conceivably have been a coincidence certainly, but it definitely had the "fingerprints" of a proper incident.


Today was different, in most respects than last couple, however subtly (and again coinciding with another odd shift in health/consciousness/"mental place," in this increasingly common reflective fashion).

Morning had some activity despite headsickness and toxicity/soupiness, etc -- only some subtle thematics and echoes, but definitely enough to be "there," as to be just fundamentally different than those "radio silence"-type of mornings. The only standoutish one I can remember was a cool little reading/random-thought-type one, beginning just as I was finishing up my chores and preparing to lay down and rest and read as per routine, when I had the sudden and totally random thought to look into couchsurfing and other cohousing practices and the like, traceable to nothing I can remember, as to be just a fully random thought -- and then, two or three pages into the magazine maybe 2 or 3 minutes later, I came to a section on "How To Be A Good Houseguest," all of which echoed the underlying theme of "cohousing/how to share a space with others," etc, more or less exactly what I'd so randomly felt I needed to look up (I'd even written a note to do so). Went on to have several others involving the same magazine, more or less similar to the "houseguest" thing but not coherent enough to be conveyable (though, it should be said that I'm not really conveying the houseguest one even, there just being more to it, on a deeper, "feel"/"textural" level that I can't yet adequately describe).

From there, lunchtime reading was sort of like yesterday in that it was characterized by a moderate amount of thematics/parallels, and again of that kind I had with a couple different books lately, where the 'Communion' book I was reading more or less echoed many of the totally random thoughts/encounters/experiences that I'd had that morning and over the last two or three days, almost all of them super-subtle or subjective or complicated/multidimensional, but once again collectively notable (and collectively damn surreal, again to the point of feeling like I was in a living dream or a "living movie," just as in the past). Really interesting in itself, but even moreso now that I'm seeing this type of "longwinded book/life echo" kind of incident establishing itself as a subtype now.

Did have the more "normal"/coherent kinds of echoes today as well, but only a few, and in the same very gradual build-up/after-lunch pattern of lately. At lunch, noticed a few scattered and very subtle one-words before they suddenly "graduated" into the more-coherent and "striking" kinds, though never really getting too precise (which would be the trend today, going into that "perfectly synchronistic but only vaguely/essentially precise").

Best example of these half-precise striking lunchtime echoes: precisely as I randomly and singularly came to "solar hot water" while looking at some random web page on the phone, the overhead TV at the restaurant said "water heater," perfectly dead-on synchronistic in timing (and, in this one's case at least, reasonably precise, since the "solar hot water" in the ad was in the same context, referring to a solar hot water heater).

Afternoon was also a lot like the last few days, echo-wise, with just a few scattered super-subtles plus a handful of scattered coherent standouts (though still erring towards that "half-precise"/distorted quality). Best examples: it started when a little black car passed me in traffic, with half a surfboard sticking out conspicuously from its sunroof, which I immediately registered as "surfboard" upon seeing it -- precisely as the radio randomly and singularly said "surf," again with the word and my registering the mental word of "surfboard" coinciding with absolute perfect timing as to be "entwined" in that surreal and patternistic way (and, it bears mentioning: though my thought and the radio's word coincided, the car had appeared distinctly *before* the radio's word, and again only a second or less, just enough to be distinctly preexisting and thus objective/independent of any sort of psychological goings-on on my part, but still closely timed enough to have that striking, perfectly synchronistic feel).

Another example: it started when I got into my car and noticed beside me a brilliant-blue Mustang GT, with the "GT" emblem sticking out to me especially, in that Notice/Compelling/Standing Out-type fashion, a split second before the radio randomly said "Mustang GT," while randomly listing cars for sale (however, this was definitely the first time in the ad that it had mentioned anything regarding the Mustang GT particularly; if I'm not mistaken, the words were in a sort of quasi-ad, actually, where the radio station's announcer just randomly plugged one of their sponsors, rather than it being a proper, dedicated ad).

And once again, mid-afternoon saw a sudden drop-off in thought-type activity (though, oddly, an increase in numbers), this coinciding with a sudden onset of headsickness and ugliness after the chiropractic adjustment.

Numbers were there today, and though again following a near-total absence through the morning and then a very slow "gathering force" phase in early afternoon, they eventually made a pretty moderate showing today, in the end more than the last couple days, comprised mainly of 37s and variants still (only the odd minority like 22 and 212 and 1111 and the like) on traffic plates and such, with the usual background static of "randomly sourced"/"everywhere" 37s too.

Parking-lot ones were there today, not to the point of "every parking lot parking-lots" but close. The first semi-standout was immediately as I pulled into the restaurant and was greeted by a 730 plate directly next to where I was heading to park (with this one made notable by the fact that the bridge had been out and so I'd been forced to take the other, longer road to the restaurant, which thus saw me entering by the other side of the parking lot, where this 730 car Just Happened to be parked, and with its plate directly/effortlessly in my line of sight as I pulled in ...). And then, on the way out, had another of those "37-plate car parked directly beside me while I was inside" ones, as to be a cute little footnote to the arrival plate.

A similar one at the market later on, when I'd been Compelled to go out the other side of the building after checking out, despite it being directly opposite of where I was parked -- and then, as I emerged, it was in the direct/effortless line of sight of a car with a 730-ending plate parked illegally in the fire lane by the door I'd exited from, again in that strikingly surreal "look at THIS"/"animated"/"revealing"-type fashion.

Had another little cluster at the gas station on the way home, beginning with another super-cool "animated"/"revealed"-type one in the parking lot when, after I'd been forced to make a quick U-turn in order to get into the last pump stall that was available, I turned around precisely as a truck with a 37 plate was backing out, such that I swung around one way at the precise instant the truck was swinging around the other, *just so* that its plate entered my line of sight at that precise time, and at just the precise angle, etc. And then, a little later on after I'd parked and started into the store, a car came into the lot right as I started across it, thus forcing me to stop and go around another, longer way by the pumps, and thus directly into contact with a 3137 plate, again in "effortless"/"animated"/"Now see here!" fashion, haha (on a car parked conspicuously/carelessly in the grass, despite there being available parking spaces on the pavement ...).

And then finally, from the same station, a receipt-type one that I discovered upon coming home: the random (and presumably sequential) transaction # was 1011414, following that on-again-off-again trend of increased 44/14 appearances over the last couple days, and then, just above it, it had the total gas purchase of "$14.00," but printed four times (from the purchase amount, then the subtotal, then the TOTAL, and then the cash payment listing of $14.00), and all vertically lined up with one another and the transaction number, such that there's this big repeating line of 14s down the line, haha.


Wow, what a day, big uptick in most ways, probably the most active day within the last week or two. And interestingly, this change didn't coincide with a shift in health/state/consciousness really, with my feeling only slightly different (for the better) than yesterday. A day that goes against the "reflective consciousness" pattern/theory somewhat (or was the reflection of just some subjective or objective element that I wasn't aware of?).

The day started a little differently than lately, beginning with a series of late-morning subtle/half-precise-type echoes and some "earlier" traffic 37s. Beginning more or less when I left for lunch, the dozen or so thought echoes (mostly between totally random/objectively inspired thoughts and equally random radio lyrics/passing roadside things, etc, per the pattern of these) all had that "half-there"/distorted/half-precise feel and texture of those I'd had yesterday and off and on lately, but these had another, unique quality that I can't quite describe. In any case, almost all were too vague/subjective/complicated to convey, though still reasonably notable, especially collectively (and during a time period when I haven't recently been having this sort of activity).

Numbers then were just a few background-static level 37 plates, with one exception: another of those curious "alignments," and this one with a slight twist. It started when I Just Happened to pull onto the highway directly behind a "directly/effortlessly in my line of sight"-type of semi-conspicuous 37-plate car, and then, soon after, a second, 3107 plate car "drifted" similarly into my line of sight/awareness in the same way. And then, after a couple miles down the road and a long of slowing down and speeding up and shuffling of the relatively high traffic, those two particular 37 cars "aligned," with the one passing the other and doing so in just that minutely precise, patternistic, yet impossible to describe way that I've come to identify, so that their two plates both aligned perfectly for a split second, both vertically and horizontally. And it also bears mentioning that that first car that I'd pulled directly behind when getting on the highway, it was another of those "conspicuously slow-movers" that kept slowing down illogically and randomly, yet had it not done so, it would've have passed the other car in just that precise way as to forge the "alignment."

The activity really started in earnest during lunchtime reading, however, beginning with yet another big, sprawling, ridiculously surreal cluster of those longwinded "experiential"/"whole life"-type of thematic parallels between the 'Communion' book and my life, both in the short term of what I was experiencing/thinking/doing while eating and reading, and in the long term of things I've done/thought/experienced over the couple days or so, as to be another of those intense and unspeakably surreal "your present life echoed in the book your reading"-type of meta-incidents that I've had before a few times -- no less than a dozen distinct and repeating themes of various kinds popping up again and again, as to be just downright overwhelming at times (and, if I'd let it be, downright terrifying). And today, like the last couple days, there were some reasonably coherent standout/individual ones in the mix:

> Lots more of those same half-there/distorted little vague echoes like on the ride there, with the same subtle quality/feel, such as coming to "pulled up" in the book precisely as a car pulled up to the drive-thru of the coffee shop where I was at (after none having done so in the whole time I'd been there), or my coming to "dark windows" just as I realized that the windows of the shop were tinted for some reason, uncommonly (after I'd just turned around with my back to the sun and hence was able to see the windows that were previously at my back), or coming to "I was watching her move around" precisely as a group of men walked directly in front of me and grabbed my attention (after there being nobody there before or after, and also echoing perfectly how the men's movement specifically had registered with me in the moment)

> One standout thematic/longwinded one started with what I read in the book immediately before finishing lunch and going to the grocery store next door, which had been a chapter in which the author describes having a bizarre experience in which he "time traveled" back in time, regressing to a vivid childhood experience involving alien abduction-type phenomenon, which was triggered by being exposed to a certain smell -- and then, after spending ~15 minutes in the store and coming out to the van, when I keyed the ignition the song on the radio was the one by 21 Pilots with the chorus of "I wish I could turn back time," and which also includes the specific lyric of "a smell taking me back to when I was young" -- not only echoing perfectly several individual elements of that chapter, but also echoing that "go back in time to childhood" theme of the chapter at large, and triply notable considering the context, in which this one came at the tail-end of all the other, patternistically identical other thematics through lunch. This one felt to be a "clincher" of sorts for the whole lunch cluster, as if to say "Oh, you thought that was the run of it? Well, how about *this*!"

> Another semi-standout/coherent one emerged at lunch too, this one beginning the night before last, with a bizarre incident that occurred immediately after I finished dinnertime reading that night, when a loud, totally indescrible and new-to-me sound arose immediately after I closed the book and stood up, which ended up going into a ruckus that lasted a minute or so, and of which I was able to discern the crazed hooting of an owl mixed with the bizarre shrieks of some other, unidentified animal (maybe an owl attacking some sort of prey?). I found this mildly notable at the time, as a super-vague/subtle/subjective thematic in itself, since it arrived (for the first time ever) immediately after I'd been reading about such similarly bizarre things in the 'Communion' book then (some of them even specifically similar, such as supernatural/unidentified noises and yelling/screaming). However, this deepened somewhat the next day, when, on the very first page when I resumed reading (as in, the very next page I would've come to before I'd stopped reading and heard the owl's shrieking), it mentioned an owl, and if I remember right, a bizarre encounter with a hooting owl, much like mine, as to vaguely echo the "noisy owl" theme -- but, in any case, this all deepened even more during last night's dinnertime reading, when the book mentioned more owl encounters, and then today at lunch, when the author described more owl weirdness in the vein of which I'd experienced that one night, along with a whole section on owl symbolism and the like, as to be a running theme in the book as it were. In the end, this one has the same "feel"/"texture" of the other longwinded "my life echoed in the book"-type of incidents, as to just bleed into the rest of them.

From lunch onward, the activity broke the recent "after-lunch lull" trend and just kept on going, at times waning somewhat but at others intensifying, at times to that overwhelming "storm"/onslaught level, as I haven't quite hit for some time now, and especially not for such repeated and prolonged spells/clusters. Eventually it ended up getting to that point of "gelling"/"inclusiveness" where all the of the thematics and echoes and numbers and the like just all boiled into one congealed synchronistic meta-incident, with some of them individually unnotable/incoherent but many of them highly notable and even coherent but with me just too overwhelmed and confused to keep track. A couple I got down:

> It started when I went to the checkout in the grocery store and, upon being faced with a whole display of cooking magazines of which many had Fall/Thanksgiving-themed casseroles on the cover, I reacted with the thought/perceptual registering of something like "casserole/big complicated dish with lots of ingredients," etc -- precisely as the nearby cashier randomly said "casserole" to the woman in line in front of me, again as to correspond absolutely perfectly with my thought of "casserole" (very very many like this today, of these "small-but-striking"-type of rapid-fire "in-the-moment" echoes, often coming back to back)

> A cool and somewhat unique reading-type one at the garage while I was waiting for the van to get inspected, when I randomly came to an article about some food in the random magazine I was reading there, which instructed the cook to put an ingredient in the microwave and heat it for 30 seconds, which I Noticed distinctly, this totally mundane and random phrase about microwaving the ingredient -- and then, maybe one second later, the attendant nearby at the counter opened a microwave, put something in it, and turned it on (none of which I saw, or could see when I read this article, with my back being to him -- I didn't even know he was there until he'd opened the microwave door loudly). At first I didn't really pay much attention to it, despite the Noticing and it having the same "fingerprint"/feel of the million other such echoes and thematics that were arriving at the time -- but then I heard the microwave ding and the door open again, after what was either approximately (or perhaps *exactly*) thirty seconds, haha.

Interestingly, numbers weren't equally active today, and were actually in total a bit of a downtick compared to yesterday and lately, as to be generally present through afternoon but with periods of total inactivity/"radio silence," in stark contrast to the ridiculous amount of thematic/echo/parallel-type activity occurring at the times. Did have a few cute little standouts here and there, though:

> While leaving the one grocery store parking lot, I came upon a stopped car in the other lane with its right turn signal on, like the driver wanted to cross into my lane and instead go straight when the light turned, which thus made me stop short and leave an opening for the car to turn into -- which thus forced me to notice this car particularly from the long line it was in, and thus notice its 237-ending plate, haha (and the car never did turn after I stopped there for a while, as if the signalling was just an accident or something)

> More scattered and semi-conspicuous parking-lots today, still not the "every parking lot" level but enough to be present, if low-key (had one semi-standout, a "challenge" type, when I saw some plate that was conspicuously in my path and thought "Now, why wasn't that a 37 plate, being directly in my line of sight that way?" -- and then, a split second later, a car two spaces over caught my attention, with a 3372 plate, and then a little later, as a sort of double, right when I was getting out of the van after parking, that same car backed out after sitting around for a while, with its plate "arriving"/"animating" into my line of sight in patternistic fashion (after which I decided to note it, before kind of shrugging it off)

But really the most notable part of the day was just the activity as a whole, with probably 90% of it just indescribable and not detailed here. "Whirlwind" is the word that comes to mind, just ridiculously surreal and living-dream and profound, even now, after everything else over these years. Wow, wow, wow.


Today was sort of like yesterday in some ways, but ultimately different.

First activity I remember was another series of scattered, super-subtle though/reading/event-type incidents beginning when I sat down for lunchtime reading (though they might've started up just before, on the way over like yesterday, but my memory is so bad about the day). These were more of those "small-but-there" ones, mostly one-word reading/thought-type ones, maybe 4-5 all total -- few enough and spaced enough so that it felt almost as if there was no activity at all (though I did definitely sense myself to be in the "synchronistic state" again). Couple standoutish examples of these I got down:

> Randomly and singularly coming to "Nelson is the family dog" in the 'Communion' book, about half a second before a dog randomly and singularly barked, another of those with just the slightest delay but still nearly perfectly synchronistically timed, and pretty notable anyhow due to the circumstances/context, where the book had made absolutely no mention of dogs before nor after, nor had there been any dogs/barking/anything dog-related in the ~20 minutes or so I'd been sitting out front in the restaurant (and, no dogs afterward there, either -- only damn dog I encountered all day, and it Just Happened to bark its single bark right then ...)

> Another of those nearby-stranger/reading echoes that, though seemingly small when written down, was much more striking and profound when I experienced it. Precisely as I came to "yet they had to be something else" in the book, a man sitting behind me at a nearby table totally randomly said "something else," and again with his words overlapping *absolutely precisely* with my registering those in the book (which were, of course, singular and random/non-repeating, etc), again as to produce that mind-bending "two events entwining" effect

Like yesterday, though, had another cluster of those unspeakably notable and surreal super-subjective/complicated thematic/parallels between the book and my present and recent life. There weren't quite as many individual parallels today, rather just several larger, overarching ones, but they were no less notable nor profound nor shocking, again to that point of "book echoing my life." One standout was another of those where the specific, singular, rare events of my morning were echoed by the book, like those two or three sequential chapters in the 'Guinea Pig Diaries' book recently.

This one started this morning when I had another of those sudden and absolutely bizarre spells of toxic/headsick confusion and distortion of perception, that special, rare kind that seems to come when taking that one supplement every so often, no idea what from really, but it was as jarring and devastating as other times, to the point of periodically losing control/awareness, and also to where my body just entered those fits of pure biological outrage -- all of which I distinctly noticed and distinctly thought about, as well as the fact that, due to these spells' profound confusion and compromising of memory, I'd really almost totally forget about the actuality of the state until I returned to it, such that afterward I could only recall being in a terribly confused and headsick condition but not able to really say exactly how it was. And these are more or less exactly what the author described in the chapter I read today, once again echoing the basic underlying themes of "life-threatening emotional/health condition with extremely compromised perceptions and memory," but then going further by again at times echoing specifics, including that "body outrage" (after describing pretty much the exact same state as mine, the author called his "body terror") and also that near-amnesic condition regarding repeating events/conditions, and the absolute fear and confusion and upheaval that results from it.

There were a couple other, similar thematics during lunchtime, but none so explicit (nor closely timed/non-longwinded) as this one. However, again the most interesting part of the day's activity was another sort of "negative/absence"-type of incident. It started just after lunch, when I was left overwhelmed by the reading session and its thematics/parallels and the like, but even more than yesterday, and much more negatively given the nightmarishly confused and headsick state I was in prior to the reading (and which had only worsened through lunch), and which had gotten even worse the more I read of the author's similarly nightmarish condition and experiences, all so that it sort of snowballed to leave me in a real bad way -- at which point I remember having the distinct thought of, "No more, I can't take anymore of this right now in this state, too much," or something along those lines. And then, either right then or soon after, the activity came to an abrupt stop, very distinctly, such that I could almost immediately feel myself move out of that synchronistic state, as subtly yet palpably as I'd moved into it -- totally unlike yesterday when, even when I got somewhat sick through the afternoon and felt overwhelmed but never had any sort of thought, even subconsciously, that I wanted it to stop, it kept going, even intensifying. It certainly could've been coincidence, but all the same, appearances would suggest that the phenomenon's source intelligently and actively responded to my request to stop ...

I did actually experience a few super-subtle echoes later on, after a couple hours of total silence just about, except for a few numbers, oddly (again, numbers are on some sort of separate register/"channel"?). Besides some strictly background-static-level traffic 37s and the like, this standoutish incident following the lunchtime-reading cluster was the only conspicuous number I experienced today, the fewest in a while. It was a cool triple-parking-lot one at the thrift store, starting when I was distinctly Compelled to park a certain totally random spot when I had dozens to choose from, only to find myself directly/effortlessly in line of sight of not one but two 37-plate cars, side by side across from me. And then, as another cute little "clincher," the car's clock ticked to 1:37 immediately after I saw/registered the cars, culminating in a sort of 1-2-3 effect (and again made more "striking" by its emergence out of near-total silence).

And then, a small but similarly "striking and out of the blue" echo, the only other I noted today: precisely as the radio randomly said "ninety-three," a van with a 9338 plate passed directly/effortlessly into my line of sight, number-repeat style, such that my reading/registering the "93" at the beginning of the plate overlapped perfectly synchronistically with the radio's words, again to that surreal "entwining" effect.


Today was another slight shift, both in terms of volume of overall activity and in variety/types.

Morning was another near-silent one, without even super-subtle echoes or low-key traffic 37s on the way to lunch and the like (actually, I'm not sure about the numbers; there might've been some, but if so, they were subtle and few enough not to be memorable in any case). The one incident I remember was a stray little radio/thought echo, where precisely as I got on the ramp for the highway and sped up, absently but distinctly thinking "The speed limit is 65 and that's how fast I want to go," the radio announcer randomly and singularly/suddenly said "sixty-five," and once again with this coinciding absolutely perfectly synchronistic with the "65" part of my thought, patternistically, etc. But other than that, nada until lunchtime reading.

Then, did see another of those sudden, "as if on a switch"-type of onsets of the synchronistic state as has happened in the past upon finally sitting down to lunch and reading and coffee, etc, though today was another of those mild ones, just enough that I could tell I'd crossed that "threshold" or "gate" into the state, as announced by a subjective feel/sensation and then a few scattered, "small," super-subtle reading/thought-type synchros soon after. There were about a dozen or so of these spanning the meal, and all were of the "only inclusively notable" kind, where the first few could've easily been chance or some sort of subconscious/peripheral reading-ahead or other "normal" explanations, but after observing enough of them with the same patternistic behavior and the like (and, likewise, with my distinctly being in the "state"), there were enough to be notable collectively. Most were either slightly delayed or perfectly synchronistic "small"/one-word/non-striking echoes, such as my coming to "open door" in the book precisely as someone randomly opened the door to the restaurant nearby, and happening with enough frequency and randomnesss and precision (and, at times, in multiple, back-to-back fashion), as to be mildly notable.

And, most interestingly, another of those "negative/absence"-type of notables, namely the distinct lack of those quietly profound/borderline terrifying book-related thematics and parallels I experienced so heavily for the last few days. Really, their absence in the reading (despite its staying on the same basic subject matter/overt descriptions/events, etc, as the last couple days) is just so pronounced, it really says a lot about this whole mess, as well as my seeming to have my conscious request for it to cease yesterday honored in a seemingly active, intelligent, fully sentient fashion ...

Activity did increase mildly after lunch, most visibly in the numbers, as has happened quite a few times now, going from zero or close to it to a comparatively steady if still low-key presence of traffic 37s and such, including some semi-conspicuous parking-lot and passing-car-type ones here and there. One cool little standout was a triple that was very much like yesterday's in the thrift store parking lot involving the two cars and the clock, except today the two cars were just random, "normal" 37-plates that appeared one after another, seconds apart in "one-two" fashion, just a second or two before the car's in-dash clock clicked to 1:37, again coming together in that surreal "one-two-three" fashion. Though this was something of a standout, with the rest being pretty "passive"/"small"/"unanimated."

The same went for thought-type activity for the most part, with only a scattered dozen or so small random-thought/event-type echoes here and there throughout afternoon (though these were more present and coherent than the lunchtime reading echoes). One example I can remember, typical of these: I bent down to look at a low rack of magazines at the library, with my knees/joints crunching angrily and thus making me distinctly think something along the lines of "you'd think I was an old man/elderly/aged with my knees crunching like that" -- precisely as a book titled something like "The Story on Aging" or "Strategies for Aging" (something more or less echoing my thought's underlying theme of "old age/declining health" in any case) passed directly/"effortlessly" before my eyes, on the low shelf of a rack of books nearby, and with this book, at its height and angle, being 100% invisible to me when I'd had the thought, only coming into view distinctly after I'd lowered all the way (though it wouldn't really matter anyhow, considering that my crunching knees/bending down was a fully objective, independent event, etc). Probably 6-8 like this over the course of afternoon, more or less notable, before winding down into the morning's "silence" by the time I got home this evening.


Another minor change-up today, again in volume and "format" but still the same basic assortment of echoes/thematics/numbers (and still the same predominantly 37-traffic-plate mix of these, though did have some other 37s from various "everywhere" sources today).

Had a little stray thought-type echoes this morning, breaking from the recent trend somewhat, though these were of the "normal"/isolated/coherent variety, removed from those super-subtle/distorted echoes I've been having on the non-silent mornings.

First one was a perfect radio/event echo, beginning when I totally randomly checked the time on my watch, thus forcing me to shoot out of wrist and turn the watch to my face -- precisely as the radio randomly and singularly sang out "twist it around," with this corresponding specifically with my pronounced shooting the wrist/turning the watch toward me, as to be both one of those eerily apt descriptions as well as to add that dramatic "animated" quality to it, just an all-around surreal and explicit example, notable for all kinds of reasons.

Then, during church, had a stray one-word striking/"involutary bodily function"-type one, beginning I had one of those totally random and unpredictable churning of the intestines/liver that makes my midsection involuntary clench, this coming entirely out of nowhere and thus making me absently think "my guts" -- precisely as the pastor randomly and singularly and without precedent said "guts" (in a different context, in the sense of courage/"having guts," but still literally explicit, and perfectly synchronistical in timing anyhow).

Also, on the thematic side of things, did have several of these today, and in the same vein as those over the last few days and recently, but again only a few, as to be "quieter" and not to that quasi-storm/overwhelmingly surreal effect of the other day. One of them was actually coherent enough to be described, at least in part. It started yesterday when, after running out of magazines to read, I poked around the house and discovered this 13-year-old copy of a Coastal Living magazine buried in with stuff, on the back of which was an ad for beer with a golfer on it, which, every time I saw this ad since then (several times), I distinctly Noticed it, as to make me repeatedly think, "Okay, beer, golf, it figures in with that longrunning golf-themed symbolism I've been having for years now, but what's the beer symbolize?" And that was always my final thought after the Noticing: "What's the beer symbolize?" (which, of course, is all too subjective and complicated to convey in writing, but it still makes sense despite that part). The same thing happened this morning when I finished reading the magazine in my post-chore morning reading session, again with me laying it down and seeing the beer ad on the back and, Noticing it, being left with the "What's the beer symbolize?" thought -- and then at the church service this morning, at the very end of the sermon and its story involving beer randomly, that was what the pastor finished on: when someone in her story asked, "What's the beer symbolize?" Those words exactly, haha (and, as it were, her answer in the story did in fact seem to correspond with the whole subjective symbolism/golf symbolism in regards to which I'd had my "questioning" thought, as to be an "answer," in "ask and receive"-type fashion ...).

Did have a few more thematics at lunch, including several more "reflecting my life"-type ones in the 'Communion' book, and another of those super-subtle/longwinded/vague radio/book/random-thought "trinity"-type of incidents. After lunch, however, these seemed to fade markedly, with only some scattered echoes and the like afterward, and only a few of these, such that the rest of the afternoon was either dead silent or extremely quiet, unlike the last few days (and this seeming to correspond, in reflective fashion, with another weird and sudden onset of headsickness and confusion/general negative clarity of thought/soupiness, etc).

A damn cool standout, isolated, "normal" type of echo at lunch, about the only one if I remember right: precisely as I read "hop!" in the book, a nearby child randomly and singularly hopped down from the bench seat, both absolutely perfectly timed and absolutely explicit/precise. And, making this even more notable: the book's "hop!" was not only random and singular, but it seemed totally nonsensical and out of place, just randomly inserted between hyphens in the book's sentence (if I remember right, it was about performing the blessing over a meal, and then in the middle of the sentence had "-- hop! --" thrown in, maybe as some kind of archaic exclamation or something? -- in any case, just totally bizarre and random and the first I'd ever seen that used, yet it coincided absolutely perfectly with that child's hopping down, again as to ad that dramatic "animated" quality as well as just be even more surreal and living-dream due to the total inappropriate use of the word in the book, haha).

Another minorly coherent/notable thematic I noticed: in that magazine this morning, it several times listed these random people and their occupations, while discussing the different demographics of people you're likely to encounter in different coastal areas, as it were the first I'd seen such a listing of people by their basic jobs and the like for some time, however mundane such a listing was -- and then in the 'Communion' book at lunch, it had a similar such listing, exactly the same in nature, again as to be individually unnotable/easily coincidence but, in the context of having so many patternistically identical ones either today or lately, once again just jibed with that whole theme/another parallel, etc.

For numbers, it was another of those where they were there, but generally inconspicuous/low-key, compromised primarily of "background static"-level 37-plates in traffic and the like, and similarly uncomplicated randomly sourced ones. Did have one cool standout, however, and it was even patternistic of a couple past, and even in the same restaurant, those at McDonald's specifically where I'd get an order # (sequential, and hence totally random and dependent on timing and a million other contextual/circumstantial factors) of some exact and explicit 37 variant, today being exactly 371, haha.


Today was another change-up, most notably in regards to thought/perceptual incidents (again corresponding with another mysterious and intense onset of that "dead inside" headsickness that seems to correspond with "quiet" days thought-wise).

Did have a stray, singular morning echo, reasonably coherent, a page-turn/random-thought type just like others of this nature. It started when I turned to one page and came to a refrigerator ad, which made me absently think of my own refrigerator and then, subsequently and as absently, of the jar of yogurt and berries in there, the last thing I'd put in a little while ago -- and then, on the very next page in the magazine, it had a big article about various uses of berries, one of which was listed as "yogurt with berries mixed in," haha. And again: totally traceable and objective and random (and with the yogurt/berry article fully invisible to me beforehand, in this magazine I'd never read before), yet just a split second between my thought and the page-turn.

And then after that? Almost zero thought-type activity through the rest of the day. I think I remember maybe a couple very subtle thematics/parallels, but maybe not even these (and certainly nowhere near the kind/intensity/notability of those I experienced while reading the 'Communion' book, now finished). I remember a couple very scattered, stray, barely notable radio/thought-type echoes while driving around, but never really to the point/number that I could comfortably see a pattern/discount chance, etc. Only remotely standoutish one I remember was another of those perfectly synchronistic 100% phoenetic/non-literal ones, when the radio sang out "I see!" precisely as I passed a great big sign reading "ICE," which I registered as "I-C" (and though this was perfectly synchronistic/patternistic, I can't really say that the radio's lyric didn't just subconsciously shape my perception of the ICE).

Numbers, on the other hand, were pretty present today, and in about all fashions and even with several semi-conspicuous ones thrown in the mix, though again almost all coming exclusively after lunch, with I think zero beforehand again. Few cute standoutish ones I noted today:

> A truck with a 5137-ending plate at the coffee shop, which was parked near me the entire time I lunched there but I never came into contact with it/encountered its plate until near the end when I went around to get a coffee refill and thus had the plate arrive directly/effortlessly into my line of sight. This one was a little more notable than it might sound, again due to context/circumstances, because the truck was making a delivery to the coffee shop and should've just been in and out, but apparently (and I gleaned this from observing the employee and the driver) there was a problem with the delivered goods or something, and a lot of rigmarole trying to sort it out, thus the driver was there far longer than he should've been -- and thus the truck and its plate remained there when I finally went by it to get my coffee (and, interestingly, the truck left soon after, minutes later, as if having satisfied its goal of being observed ...).

> A cool little double-parking-lot back-to-back one at the market, when I first had a 713 plate "flash" directly and infinitesimally quick into my line of sight as is patternistic of some of these, and then, a split second after when I parked, I found myself directly beside a 137 plate -- and not just any one, but that little grey car with the 137-MVB Wisconsin plate that I've encountered several times in the area, always totally randomly in my parking. And then, as a sort of footnote, I encountered this car a second time later on, a mile or two away in a separate, totally random lot, haha.

And still I encountered semi-conspicuous traffic-37 plates and background-static ones even at the depths of the headsickness and the quietest thought-type levels, interestingly. Again: numbers and thought-type incidents on a separate "wavelength" or "channel" or "register" of some kind? So pronounced.


The day's thought incidents were characterized almost fully by that latest variant of super-subtle/half-there/fleeting/in-the-moment-type of echoes and thematics I've been having lately, and again beginning late morning/after chores/on the drive to lunch. They started really quiet, and to that degree of subtly that I dismissed several as truly possible coincidences before seeing enough to establish a pattern/distinct "feel"/behavior. These continued on through lunch as well, going from radio/thought-type ones on the drive then to reading/thought/nearby-stranger-type ones through lunchtime reading, and never really "maturing" or "cohering" much even by the end of lunch and despite some lifting of headsickness/improvement in health.

Couple examples of these:

> Hearing some sort of radio lyric like "yellow like turning off and on," precisely as I saw/registered the blinking turn signal of a car passing through an intersection in front of me, again in that perfectly synchronistic and patternistic fashion I've come to identify so well

> A whole bunch of those super-super-subtle ones that, if not for the exceeding number and identical pattern, I would've dismissed, such as my reading "take a drink" precisely as the woman at a nearby table at the restaurant randomly drank from a cup (again with my registering the text and the woman coinciding absolutely perfectly), or with my coming to "coffee" precisely as I went to sip my coffee after drewing a big, drawn-out bite of lunch, or "stand up" precisely as someone nearby stood up -- all really "small," but so distinctive and identifiable that they couldn't be ignored

> An example of the day's super-subtle thematics/parallels: "Milan," beginning this morning when, while cutting out random cartoons to distribute today, I read one in that had a married couple going back and forth about traveling to Milan and shopping in Milan and such, from which I distinctly Noticed "Milan" -- and then in the 'Farewell to Arms' book today, I started reading a chapter in which the character goes to Milan, this peppered with references to the place, and again after I'd not encountered Milan in any fashion previously to that cartoon this morning for a while, etc, etc (and that's a recurring pattern with these super-subtle thematics/parallels/echoes, just little mundane random things I Notice in that special way, then have them recur again soon after or later in the day or something, again in that "day/experiences in a blender"-type of "gelling"/"congealing" of my collective thoughts and experiences)

Had these echoes and thematics all through the day and up until evening when they abruptly cut out to "radio silence," etc (with an additional silent period mid-afternoon when I had a sudden wash of that terrible drowsiness/soupiness and the like, another instance of health/condition/consciousness corresponding conspicuously with the phenomenon's presence or absence).

Today was another day where numbers were a whole other ballgame, beginning with a few scattered ones through late morning again, and then having another abrupt, "as if on a switch" after-lunch cluster, and this also of that "predominantly 37-traffic-plates" as I've seen in other days. And it just built from there, until by the time I got on the highway and started the drive north in earnest, the activity was basically as storm levels number-wise, back to that intensely surreal mix of steady-ish background-static low-key 37 plates, intermixed with a good number of more conspicuous ones, and in all varities: parking-lots, receipts, random passing signage, maybe even a clock-tick or two, speeding/reckless drivers, "animated"/"revealing" plates arriving "effortlessly" in my line of sight, etc, etc, these continuing even as I entered that ugly period of health mid-afternoon (though somewhat lessened then, I noticed, though I could see this just being my lack of being able to notice/follow them as well).

Had many standoutish ones, but again just overwhelmed my memory and capacity to keep track. I do remember another of those distinct "alignment" ones, this time between a random 37-plate car and a "Mile 317" mile marker, with the two aligning, directly in front of me, with that eerily perfect/"intelligent" precision, just so damn cool (especially coming amidst the storm of others today). Also, a cool one at the random rest stop I stopped at, which was, first, another ridiculously random, spur-of-the-moment Compelling stop to begin with, but then, as I went to park, I was met by a big, conspicuous knot of parking-lot ones, like 3-4 all back to back, and it seems like with other conspicuous qualities that I simply can't remember. Helluva day overall.


Today continued yesterday's theme of "super-heavy number activity/super-subtle echoes and thematics," almost exactly actually, and, interestingly, it all started very early, with my early-morning rushed highway session in order to make the appointment after getting caught in all the traffic yesterday afternoon. The morning highway-driving was exactly the same as yesterday's after-lunch peak of traffic-numbers/storm-level activity, again with the onslaught of all kinds of 37-plates coming at me from every angle on the highway and in every way, and with a few of those super-subtle echoes and thematics sprinkled in. It all sort of climaxed when I stopped to get gas and, first, was greeted by a "revealed" 7013 plate on a tailgating truck after I finally was able to change lanes and let it pass after a long time, and then, once I took the offramp and stopped at the intersection at the top, there, parked on the curb to the right and directly/effortlessly in my line of sight where I had to stop, was a police car in a traffic stop with a car, with "#173" printed conspicuously several times over it, haha. Another surreal "clincher"-type one, so damn cool.

And this again definitely says something about the nature of the phenomon as a whole, since all this resumed/coincided explicitly with my activity/state of mind/consciousness/center of attention as I got back on the highway and got "moving" again, despite it being at a wholly different time than the typical routine that I've followed for weeks at a time. Very interesting. And, furthermore: again the number storm continued through afternoon driving, lessening as I got up north and shifted down to "around town" driving, and then quieting down abruptly as I settled in to write this and do other "homework"/housekeeping/chores (with the exception of discovering several patternistically random-37-covered receipts, haha).

And another semi-standout that just occurred to me now: a clock-tick-type 1111, but this one involving JJ rather than myself, when, after our long/~hour-and-45-minute appiontment finished and it came time to pay, she turned on her phone to exactly 11:11 on its clock (which she noted even, on her own, with zero prompting on my part, apparently having experienced this exact phenomenon herself before, just like I have/same number even ...). And again: another that's mildly notable on its own, but moreso given the patternistically complicated circumstances/precise timing involving many variables, in this case all sorts of random stuff that happened before, during, and after the session that all worked to delay things *just right* so that she'd be greeted by an 11:11 upon turning on her phone just then ...

Thought-wise, again almost exactly the same as yesterday, still with a great many overall super-subtle/"small" echoes and thematics through late-morning and lunchtime reading and then winding down slowly through afternoon, and again intensifying only in number/frequency rather than depth and coherence. Same exact type of Noticed mundane/individually dismissible ones, such as my randomly and objectively thinking of how I'd just called to the barista at the coffee shop by name after seeing his name tag and Noticing it, and then a split second later randomly hearing a nearby stranger in the shop say "name tags," or randomly coming to "I'm hungry" in the book precisely as a nearby stranger entered the line at said something regarding to food, thus echoing the underlying "food" theme perfectly synchronistically yet totally non-literally -- same "experience/day in a blender"-type routine, and no less surreal and collectively notable for it.


Extremely quiet day, in stark contrast to last couple, interestingly so, with this seeming to reflect the rare occassion of my taking a "day off" for the holiday and just sitting around the parents' house and being generally inactive/sedentary/very "quiet" in consciousness and the like (as well as headsick and extremely soupy from the environmental allergies or whatever is up here).

Numbers: pretty much nonexistent today. In fact, I can't think of a single incident today off the top of my head, such a big difference from yesterday's highway-storm.

Thought-types: almost as silent, with the exception of only the slightest threshold-level echoes and thematics, and even these only periodic and very very few.

One random-thought/nearby-person-speaking-type echo I remember: precisely as I randomly and absently thought about how I didn't want to eat anything sweet at the start of the turkey dinner because it would spoil my appetite for the blander foods, mom randomly said something about "spoiled," perfectly synchronistic and singular and equally random and objective, I can't remember exactly how she used it other than that it was in a different context of "spoiling appetite," but it didn't really make any difference, being 100% synchronistic and patternistic, just purely literal.

Another, very similar one in "feel"/behavior: another of those "scrolling to a totally random word on my phone precisely as that word sang as randomly from the radio," this time with my scrolling up to a sentence beginning with "Lock" precisely as the "lock" sang out from the radio, another of those that was just so much more notable when experienced, from the "animated"/dramatic element of the scrolling and the coincidence of the lyric, and just the overall "smack" of it.

And as of writing, that's it.


Pretty good uptick today compared to yesterday, and again in "reflective" fashion, reflecting another noticeable improvement in health/consciousness/clarity of thought after yesterday's bizarre allergic-type of ugliness.

Morning was silent from what I remember, then with another "as if on a switch" arrival of activity immediately as I got the restaurant and placed my order, with another "cashier quoting a 37-variant price in that patternistic/conspicuous way," this time with the customer immediately after me being quoted a total of "three-seventy-one" as I still stood up waiting for my order to come. And, besides being notable from the outset, this one was doubly so considering the similarly patternistic circumstances and logistics and timing, beginning when I had to wait at the counter for someone to appear (short-handed) and while I was standing right there, another woman came in and walked right in front of me right as the cashier appeared, and so I had to wait wrongfully in line (and, also, the woman was ordering for her husband sitting across the room, and they had to go back and forth with a long string of questions about what he wanted and stuff -- drawing the whole thing out on top of it all, again conspicuously/patternistically), and yet it all conspired for me to finally be up there waiting when I did, right when a man who Just Happened to have a 3.71-totalling order came in directly behind me ...

And from there lunch was another of those "steady background static of small-but-striking one-word complicated/too-subtle-to-convey"-type of echoes between my reading and random thoughts and random events/actions/speech of people around me. Wasn't too intense, but far from silence/near-silence anyhow. A few standouts I got down:

> Randomly coming to "ice-bucket" in the 'Farewell to Arms' book, singularly and objectively, etc, precisely as an employee in the restaurant kitchen randomly and singularly asked someone "Want more ice?," and again with that surreal effect of my Just Happening to hear that single line from this person (I think it was a man tending the drive-thru sporadically, perhaps explaining why I didn't hear him previously) amongst the chaotic noisy atmosphere and all sorts of other random racket that's common to a fast-food kitchen -- the sort of thing that, could I not 100% trace my fully independent arrival to this text in the book in the simple, normal course of my sequential reading, I would write it off as some sort of selective perception or cueing or some other psychological trickery, but like nearly all of these, no.

> Another of those super-cool and surreal "doubles" where I was thinking of a synchronicity in some fashion, then saw what seemed to be my thought of that incident echoed by a separate, later incident, perfectly patternistically so in this case. It started with an individually notable/standout reading/nearby-stranger-action one, albeit of the "small-but-striking" nature, when I totally randomly came to "lean forward" in the book precisely as the woman sitting at the table beside me, when standing from the table, leaned conspicuously forward when getting up, like a weird little bow, and so perfectly synchronistic with my registering the text that the two again "intertwined" in that surreal and patternistic way (and, this one made more notable by the fact that the woman had been sitting there for some time, probably a half-hour or so, and had Just Happened to get up at that precise moment, and also the first time she'd down her little bow routine at all). But then, as I finally reached a good stopping place in reading and eating and got a chance to write the note for this incident, precisely as I primed my pen to write "leaned forward," an employee cleaning nearby leaned forward to pick up some trash, with this one not quite so notable in itself, but definitely moreso considering both the perfectly precise timing and precise, albeit small, accuracy, but also its patternistic "double echo" effect. Made me laugh my ass off anyhow.

> Examples of the individually dismissable "small-but-striking" ones: randomly coming to "Hi" singularly and individually in the book, precisely as the nearby cashier said "Hello" to someone as randomly; randomly biting into a pine nut in my lunch (when I'd only put a teaspoon of them in the whole bowl, such that I rarely "hit" one) precisely as I came, randomly and singularly, to "pine tree" in the book; a whole gaggle of super-subtle one-word coincidences with "sittings" and "standings" and the like involving the book and the nearby customers, some of which were probably coincidental but, given the sheer amount and their identical/patternistic behavior, all of them being so is rather unlikely.

And like several other days lately, this one wound down thought-wise soon after lunch, sort of "downshifting" into that "very scattered small various echoes with periods of total silence," even once I got on the highway and started south, and today was again one where the periods did seem to very accurately reflect the waxes and wanes in health/allergic activity/clarity of thought. The only standoutish one I can remember is when I passed a random KFC sign, which I registered absently as "Kentucky" or something along those lines, precisely as the radio randomly and singularly sang out "Kentucky!"

Did have some minor activity at dinnertime reading, after a long period of silence, and again very suddenly and as if on a switch. The first I remember was a sudden, very precise and notable and patternistic reading/sort of "involuntary bodily function"-type one, beginning when, while sitting out in the van on the freezing night and having it suddenly hit me after my warm shower had worn off and the van cooled, I got suddenly cold, after which I immediately had the thought of getting a blanket from the back and covering up my legs, and visualizing this in that absent-but-distinct way -- precisely as I came, singularly, etc, to "I could see Catherine on a table, covered by a sheet" in the book, again with my original thoughts 100% traceable to the objective/physical event of my getting cold and thus reacting with the thoughts/feelings I did.

Also had a cluster of thematics during this time, not a whole lot but still generally more than the rest of the day (noted some through the afternoon here and there, but they were mostly of that small/totally complicated/subjective/can't be conveyed kind, often classifiable/interchangeable with the "small-but-striking" thought-echoes and the like). Did have a semi-standout one then, and a damn terrifying one, of the sort of longwinded/running kind usually involving the radio and my thoughts and the book. And actually this one did sort involve a radio, or at least something that served that role and musically so, when I had that song in my head with the chorus of "I just wanna die today," and many other lyrics with "die" and that theme throughout, I had that song running through my head before I even sat down to dinner and reading, and this in itself echoed thematically the theme from the chapter of the book I sat down to, in which the woman dies in childbirth, such that it was echoing that more or less the whole time but then a couple times directly echoed it when the book had several passages of running stream-of-consciousness-style text that read "die die die" and the like, with the "dies" coinciding with the song's loop in my head. However, the truly profound and notable part was that this all happened during a sudden spell of that ridiculously terrible nausea/toxicity/headsickness, the kind that I'm still trying to figure out, coming from deep in the guts and causing that nightmarish headsickness where the world just turns into a big brutal hell-place where everything just feels like "death," not dead or decaying or just ugly, but an active kind of "death/die," like a global verb of pure death/violence/threat/oppression, where it feels, however subtly and illogically, that everything/one is out to kill me, that my very cells themselves are trying to kill me or hurt me or whatever -- all of this beginning literally just before I sat down to fix dinner, totally randomly and out of the blue and debilitatingly as these do (yet only rarely, sometimes days apart, as this one was), such that it all hit me right as I went into this reflectively nightmarish chapter of the book, with the narrator lapsing into "I don't want her to die. Don't let her die. But what if she dies? Die die die. She won't die. This is normal childbirth. But what if she dies?," going on for pages like this -- all just utterly surreal and striking, and again nearly unbearable in the state I read it in, like that one time recently. Also, the circumstances here make this one a bit more notable, since I'd fully planned on driving all the way south but then abruptly abandoned my plans, for no obvious/logical reason, and stopped off to stay the night in Florence -- which, had I not done so, I would've eaten/read a couple hours later, after my sudden and mysterious gut spell had passed, thus derailing that whole chapter-long thematic.

Today was another day where numbers were disproportionately more present and more coherent/standout than thought-type ones, though perhaps not so much as some other days of this nature, especially with the nighttime thematics thrown in. The only one I remember in the morning "block" was that one with the cashier/"three-seventy-one" at the restaurant, with maybe one or two potentially coincidental 37-plates on the way to the place. But then after lunch was another of those "activating on a switch" periods, where as soon as I got on the road and started south, the numbers conspicuously appeared and then rapidly ramped up, such that even before I got on the proper highway they were coming in a rapid background static of low-key ones intermixed with all varieties of conspicuous turn-in-fronts and "animated"/revealings, etc, even a few of those "transport-themed 37-covered tractor-and-trailer"-type ones. Had two of those distinct and surreal thought-echo-hybrid-type "universal joy" ones, exactly the same in pattern as most others, where I had a sudden surge of energy and clarity of thought and somehow was struck by a sudden remembrance/realization of that special "universal joy" feeling precisely as some random 37-plate-car somehow conspicuously appeared, though I can't remember specifics, these happening during the height of the highway-travel mini-storm of numbers.

It was another of those days with a collectively big/notable showing of numbers over the course of the day's highway travel, but today there were two equally impressive and super-notable standouts, and both of that multiple/back-to-back/ridiculously unlikely meta-incident kind:

> The first occurred out on 16 at that gas station off the highway I've stopped off at before, at the junction of 16 with Highway 73 (with my Just Happening to need gas right there at that junction, with it being the only stop-off after miles of open highway both ways ...). The first in the succession was when I came up on the first intersection after the off-ramp and was met with the twin "73" signs pointing left and right for north and south, after seeing which I saw the car stopped at the intersection as I pulled up, with a 73 plate, and then, second later after I'd turn through and then turned into the gas station, I was met, effortlessly/patternistically/directly in my line of sight, by a parked 3703-plated car -- all of it being more surreal/notable when experienced, with the numbers all coming in that wham-bam/rapid-fire succession and super-surreal "animation" that just can't be conveyed. And then, to top it off, the receipt I got from the gas, a minute later, had a big "307" at the bottom ...

> The next came later on in the drive, very similar but even more striking and animated and notable. It started when I took the offramp onto I-77, on which were several signs with variations of "77" on it, as to leave me with a bunch of 7s dancing around the stage of my mind, and then, as I came off the ramp and merged with traffic, a 0777-plate car snuck directly in front of me/effortlessly into my line of sight, adding to the signs' effect. And then, a split second later, the ad on the radio randomly said, "I'm 37 years old," with all three of these coming so fast and conspicuously/coherently that I was synchroshocked enough as is. And then comes the next part, another of those thought-echo-type hybrids: after seeing the three, I was left with a thought of something along the lines of "a triple/a three-banger/a one-two-three right there," precisely as that same radio ad randomly said "trifecta," thus echoing either my thoughts or the nature of the three-banger number incident itself or maybe both -- and then, precisely as I registered the echo of my thoughts and the "trifecta" word, two more conspicuous 37-plated cars (one a 137 and the other a 310733 or some type of longer-than-"normal" string) appeared, again distinctly and effortlessly and "animatedly," from alongside me in the next two lanes, not only adding a "three and four" to the one-two-three from seconds ago, but also briefly "aligning" in that perfect and patternistic yet impossible to fully describe way. In the end, the effect was just so massive and head-spinning than any of the incidents alone (or even just the first three, as powerful as they were). I'm not sure I've ever seen such a "show" that was quite that striking and ridiculously surreal.


Today was a downtick compared to yesterday, and really, if I didn't know better, "today" was almost totally silent, with the only activity feeling like a spillover from yesterday's "epoch"/"chapter" of the activity. I say this because the day's only notable activity occurred during my weird and totally random/unroutine early-morning drive from Florence back to the beach house, after stopping off there randomly and early last night and then, after getting up equally unroutinely early this morning, I decided to just drive back without doing normal morning routines/staying over in Florence for lunch as I might normally have, through all of which I "felt," inclusively and conditionally, the same as I did during last night's experiences. And then, through the rest of the day after lunch, back in my "normal" routine, I had next to no activity. Maybe coincidence, but worth noting anyhow, since I seem to have experienced similar "reflections" in the past but without picking up on them/being experienced with them enough to articulate them, until now.

The activity in question was a series of very scattered and low-key numbers, along with a similarly scattered and low-key (yet elevated for this time of day) series of those subtle/distorted/"half-there"-type thought echoes, all occurring during the early-morning highway drive. No standout numbers (though, later on today during a brief cluster of after-lunch around-town-driving numbers, did have one of those "inconsiderate drivers not letting me merge into traffic, only to reveal a 37-plate after I'd been forced to let them pass by"-type ones), but did have a couple pretty cool and striking, however not quite explicitly precise, thought/sign/event echoes.

One example: when I came upon this random roadside giant billboard reading "DOG WALK," which I immediately yet illogically Noticed in that special and striking way, a split second before the radio randomly (and singularly, without precedent, etc) sang out "Walk with me!"

Another, this one more complicated and coherent and notable/"deeper": it started when I had another long, random, objective chain of thought that ended with how I'd illogically stopped off and stayed in Florence last night, and how it had Just Felt Right in that patternistic/Compelling fashion despite that I "shouldn't" have been there -- this coming a split second before I passed a sign outside a church with a random scripture verse or something reading something that echoed more or less precisely this thought, I've since forgotten what it was other than that it was a pretty good/precise echo, and fully patternistic. And then, a split second after I passed/registered the sign and its echo, the radio sang out, equally randomly/singularly, "I'm not supposed to be here right now," again more or less echoing the first two thoughts/text perfectly, and again culminating in that super-surreal "one-two-three" effect.

And then from there, the activity again conspicuously subsided as I got home and went about chores and the like as seems to happen so often, numbers and thought-type ones alike. And then the rest of the day was comparatively quiet, with just some scattered afternoon traffic numbers/plates that I remember (with the standout of the hesitant driver), along with a few semi-notable "small-but-striking" one-word echoes between various sources here and there, a couple of which I'd noted in my head but now forgot.


Biggish downturn today, and again corresponding specifically with another abrupt downturn in health/condition/clarity of thought. Seem most prominently in numbers, of which I can remember one single incident today, a conspicuous-traffic-37-plate, another where I had to wait for a car to pass before I could turn into traffic and, upon its passing, it "revealed" its 37103 plate (or some longer string like that) to me in that special, patternistic way. But other than that, this has been the single quietest number day in memory (and why is it that sometimes the headsickness has little to no effect on the number-type activity while seeming to defuse entirely that of thought-type incidents, but other times seems proportionately reduced in a similar way?).

Thought-types today weren't quite totally absent, but very diminished and all very low-key/"unmatured." Actually, all of the day's few incidents that I remember were of the super-subtle/thematic/daylong-parallel nature, without even those "small" one-word-type echoes here and there.

One thing I did notice today was a certain subtype of the thematics/parallels that I'm coming to recognize, these super-subtle little "question-and-answer"-like ones, where I'll have thoughts, even more absent and vague than usual, involving various fleeting questions and concerns and inquiries, none really important or coherent enough to draw much mental energy -- and then, in the same longwinded and super-subtle/low-key thematic/parallel fashion, the concerns/questions will be addressed or answered somehow within the next day or two, with similarly super-"quiet"/vague thematics and parallels coming by various means.

Today had a good, albeit more-coherent and standout, example, beginning this morning when I had the vague-but-distinct thought of that long-running theory about my lungs and how I theorized that smoking all those years ago when this started left some sort of lasting damage to the lungs, perhaps from some type of contaminant or toxin or pesticide or whatever -- and then today in the book at lunchtime reading, about ~2 hours later, it not only addressed this broadly, with a section about permanent lung damage arising from smoking, but with all sorts of exact, specific information that fully answered my litle "question/concern," explicitly and no better than if I'd trolled through a search engine. And though this one could qualify as a "normal"/coherent/standout classical reading/q-n-a-type one, it didn't "feel" that way, instead having that hazy, super-subtle, characteristic "feel"/"behavior" of the thematics, especially of those other super-subtle/vague q-n-a/concern-type ones I've been having, as to be a good example of them.


Another very quiet day, about the same as yesterday though not quite, a different "feel" to it all somewhat. And interestingly, this did *not* correspond in reflective fashion with a marked change/improvement in health as has been the trend lately; felt a lot better today, yet things stayed quiet, unlike past such improvements.

Really, the only activity I noticed today was a very scattered and very slight series of fully vague/individually unnotable thematics and parallels, along with an equally scattered, though somewhat more conspicuous/standoutish, string of 37-plates after lunch and on the way home, with these being almost exclusively on traffic plates and of the 37 variants, rather than a mix of different sources/variants, etc. Interesting all around, just for the contrast of it all if nothing else.


Big uptick today relatively, and it was another damn weird one, corresponding distinctly/reflectively with a change in health/consciousness/state, but fully in the negative, when morning saw a big sudden return of that all-over sickness/"world is pain"-type of nightmarish feeling distortion and the like -- reflective theory has to be reworked to harmonize with these odd "opposite"/negatively-induced start-ups of activity.

It was another day with a slightly but noticeably active late-morning after-chores reading session, where I distinctly felt the "state" being entered into, after which I started seeing the first of a great many super-subtle-types of incidents, mostly with some of those super-profound/notable yet fully personal/subjective/too-complicated ones involving the morning's library-freebie magazine, of which I would have quite a few more during the extended evening reading of the rest of it. And all these magazine-related ones were interesting in particular due to the even more super-random circumstances/context of my reading this, the first ever issue of Watch! magazine I've read, which I was 100% Compelled to randomly grab from the library yesterday from a choice of a whole bunch of others (despite my having no idea what the magazine was about, with it giving no real clue to it on the cover and stuff, a mystery magazine in every sense). And even after I read a bit of it and found that it was a TV-fanfare-type magazine, when I watch zero TV and know nothing about current actors, etc -- again with zero logical reason to keep reading, yet I did, fully drawn to it against all "reason," yet it proved to contain no less than a dozen or so striking and highly specific super-subtle/complex thematics pertaining to various things I was thinking or experiencing or had been over the last day -- again 100% in line with the thematic pattern that's established itself so well over the last few weeks.

On the drive to lunch, noticed a similarly patternistic shift/slight increase in incidents and the like, now migrating more toward the "sublte and distorted but noticeable" one-word-type of echoes and the like, maybe three or four, just enough to be "there." One example: a perfectly synchronistically timed one of those "randomly thinking of a random number precisely as that number echoed as randomly from the radio"-type one, this time another of those where, upon getting out on the road and accelerating, I'd thought absently "I want to go 40 MPH," precisely as the radio randomly and singularly said "forty," with the word corresponding with my absent mental visualization/registering of "40" on my car's speedometer, also fully patternistic of these.

And then at lunch, a very similar "thematic-filled reading session of highly interesting/patternistic/unique circumstances," this time involving the first chapter of 'The Metamorphosis' by Kafka, which I read all through lunchtime today when I somehow forgot to pack the 'Reefer Madness' book into my bag -- the first time I think I've ever forgotten my book since I've been eating lunch on the town every day, after years of doing so/hundreds of times. That was the first interesting circumstance, and then the second one was that, left with nothing else, I'd simply gotten on my phone, Googled "free ebooks," and gone to the first site that came up and then clicked on the first book that vaguely appealed to me there, which just happened to be the Kafka book -- and yet there still resulted many incidents directly related to my reading this book's specific text and fully dependent upon the ridiculously, "couldn't be more random and unpredictable/reasonably explainable" series of events leading up to it all. And there was no small amount of these either, at least a dozen or maybe two all told -- so many that I again just lost track. Like some other lunchtime reading super-subtle clusters of late, this one involved mostly small one-word-type ones, many of them not even perfectly synchronistically timed nor hugely precise, but just patternistic/identical in feel and behavior that I could identify a pattern (patternistic in itself, as it were). But then, there were also the super-profound yet subjective ones that were echoed by the book's particular text, such as that damn cool echo-hybrid "leaving the door open"/random thoughts of mental warfare and the like, and the "occupational hazards of travel"/my "traveling salesman" thematic parallels, etc.

Were also several standouts/coherent ones related to the book, and these also coming in patternistically "second half of lunch"/after my energy got up/digestion got going fashion:

> A one-word "striking" perfectly synchronistic echo, another one that was much bigger/more notable in experience than when written down: precisely as I came to "pouring coffee" in the book, a nearby stranger at the drink foutain across from me in the dining area hit the dispenser, thus sounding a loud and distinctive "pouring"/"liquid running"/"splattering into cup"-type of sound, again with that ridiculously surreal "animated"/"dramatic"-type of effect that just doesn't translate to text

> A damn cool thought echo, when another patternistic long random objective and singular chain of thought ended with how I'd gotten up later this morning and had felt distinctly better for it (the latest I've slept in months, and perhaps later even than that, for no obvious reason), all traceable to the thoughts of how I didn't have time to do certain things today due to "losing" a couple hours this morning (with the thoughts distinctly going "Lost time/can't do things" -> "But at least I do feel better/more rested") -- a split second before I came to a line in the book that echoed this almost exactly, something about, first, the book's narrator getting up late (which was itself another sublte-but-notable subjective thematic/parallel in this book, with the character's central problems stemming from his mysteriously getting up late for the first time in a long time, exactly as I'd done ...), and then how he'd felt "much more well-rested for it" or something like that -- in any case, a near-perfect echo of what I'd just been thinking, so precise and instantly timed that, once again, I would've written it off as subconscious reading-ahead/suggestion if not for my thoughts' distinctly, 100% traceable objectivity/randomness/independence, etc

> A similarly "small-but-striking," perfectly synchronistic reading echo, this time with an "involuntary bodily function" element: precisely as I realized that, after reading on the phone for an extended time, I'd begun slumping my head/neck in that "phone reading" position I consciously try to avoid, a split second before I came to "The way she held her head" in the book, and again, the text was visible to me peripherally when I'd had the thought but that thought hinged totally on the objective event of my slumping my neck, which was the first time such slumping had occurred, with my successfully having caught myself every time beforehand (this occurred right at the start of my second course/after I'd taken a break and changed spots, etc, thus my attention have lapsed and therefore allowed the slumping to occur ...)

The rest of the day followed a similar format of such incidents, but with increasing frequency and volume and some with even more complexity/profoundness/notability. What I noticed today was also like several others lately, with a predominance of thematic/parallel/subtle-but-notable ones, which was made all the more notable due to the marked absence of these for the last couple days or so (almost as if something wanted to grant me a sense of contrast on them, as to gain perspective, or at least that's what's happened in any case). And these did eventually reach that semi-storm/"whirlwind" state where I just couldn't keep track or merely stopped registering them entirely, with there regularly being more of those huge, "congealed" clusters of nearby-stranger echoes and the like, and super-subtle echoes and thematics and parallels, and reading and thought and "passing sign" echoes (had a whole series of these at one point, on the drive home, with the radio randomly echoing 5-6 equally random and singular signs and billboards and the like as they passed, resulting in a collective little synchroshock headtrip in itself), all with the day's numbers and standout incidents and other, even more subtle and indescribable incidents thrown in the mix -- head was spinning before I'd even finished lunch, and then all this, just totally surreal despite the largely subtle/incoherent nature of much of the activity.

Couple other standouts I got down:

> Pretty notable and cool/circumstantial/unique "ask-and-receive"-type one, beginning this morning when, upon seeing that I had such a big order from the health food store, I decided to check online and get one of their coupons that always seem to be available but I always forget to get before making a big purchase, but then today couldn't find any, thus making me think, absently but distinctly, "It would be good to have a coupon since I'm getting so much stuff" -- not quite a request, but something certainly in that vein. And then when I went there a couple hours later, I presented the one coupon I'd managed to round up, which was just a little one that only applied to the one store-brand item I bought -- except that the cashier couldn't get this to ring up right, such that I stood around for several minutes waiting as she fought with the computer repeatedly to get it to go through -- after which she suddenly said something like "Well, let's try this then," and, exasperated, took out some kind of other coupon of her own from behind the counter and scanned it successfully. The coupon turned out to be a 20%-off one for the whole order, which was of the exact kind that they usually have available (but which are, apparently, not being publically advertised right now for whatever reason) -- exactly what I'd more or less "asked" for, and again as a result of those ridiculously random and unforeseen yet patternistic circumstances/chain of events, etc.

> A classical "nearby stranger randomly speaking aloud and echoing my thoughts perfectly synchronistically" one, and this time with some cool circumstantial/contextual notability. It started when I was walking back up to the supermarket after lunch, and upon doing so I had the thought of something like "I don't want to go back there, I just spent over an hour there eating lunch in its cafe" -- precisely as a random man on the sidewalk nearby, talking to another random man there, loudly and jokingly called out "I gotta get out of here!," another more or less perfect echo of the underlying sentiment of my thoughts, and again with such precise timing as to be "entertwined" in that headspinning way, and all of it containing that "animated"/"dramatic" element that just pushed it all over the top and into "ridiculously surreal living-dream" territory

> A pretty cool instance of that "spirit totem/animal" symbolism, of the "omen-like" variety, where for the past day I've encountered a panda about half a dozen times, conspicuously so and in conspicuous ways (such as passing a little panda stuffed animal sitting conspicuously in the middle of the highway yesterday) when I'd not seen a panda in any way for some time. Thus I felt it appropriate to Google "panda symbolism" today, and thus came up with a webpage (which I was Compelled to go to from the many nearly identical pages that came up) that described the sudden appearance of the panda as "a need for grounding and stability so that one can unify the different, opposing parts of onself" -- when, this morning during the sudden onset of the day's nightmarish health and the mental effects and small personal realizations I'd had as a result, I'd had several specific thoughts of a need for grounding, as well as thoughts of unifying the several vastly different parts of myself that become apparent in these transitions between starkly different states of health (which is the exact same terms I'd thought of this in, as it were -- and also, another of those sublte personal thematics/parallels between the ridiculously random Kafka 'Metamorphosis' book, in which the narrator awakens after being mysteriously transformed into a bug, which echoed exactly the underlying event of my awaking this morning with the illness after yesterday's equally improved health, such that I very much "metamorphosed," and also as could be likened to going from human to something grotesque like a giant bug, haha).

> A sudden and highly notable/precise radio/random-objective-event-type echo mid-afternoon, another those that arrived after a brief period of nonactivity and only the more striking for it. It started when the lyric "holler at me" sang randomly from the radio (it was a repetive chorus, but once again, the first repetition of the chorus on the radio's play of the song), precisely as a car passed me and someone from it yelled out some random, nonverbal-type of noise, a kind of "yeah!" or whatever that can 100% perfectly be described as the colloquial "holler," and all only made explicitly more surreal/living-dream due to the fully "animated"/dramatic nature of it, with it not only occurring with the fluidity of the passing traffic/driving, etc, but also depending completely on the explicit timing of the car passing me just then, such that a split second earlier or later and I would've either been out of earshot or the angles would've been wrong for the noise to come in through my cracked window. And then, making it all the more notable: the song's lyric not only literally applicable here, but fully in context, regarding to someone being "hollered" at from the "passenger side" of a car (and, as best as I could tell, the sound I heard could easily have originated from the passenger side of the passing car in question, haha). Doesn't get much more damn surreal than that.

> And another one involving a passing car, a little different and simpler but still about as notable and striking: precisely as the announcer on the radio randomly said "2019," a car passed to my left, flashing its "2019" license plate directly/effortlessly into my line of sight, and again with that absolutely split-second-accurate perfectly synchronistic timing, the sound and the plate's visual appearance again melding into one combined synchronistic event, and "animated"/"dramatic" to the extreme (and made even moreso by the fact that the radio announcer had stressed the "2019," with it being the main point of the sentence/emphasized, as to reflect/echo the "shouting" quality of the plate's appearance, again just so striking as to not translate to text)

> And yet another one as standout/notable/explicit, when I went to swipe the keycard at the gate at the park upon getting back at day's end. The card had "DOOR KING" printed on it, and when I put it out the window and onto the reader, my thumb was obscuring the "KING," with the "DOOR" coming directly/effortlessly/passively into my line of sight due to my focusing on the reader that it was to be placed over -- precisely as "door!" sang from the radio, again so perfectly synchronistic/seemlessly with the word on the card being registered by me mentally that the two just merged into a single event, and again so ridiculously random and with so many contextual/circumstantial logistics and contingencies it just defies any reasonable/chance explanation ...

And then the numbers today: far less active overall, but there, and again starting in that exclusively "after-lunch-on-a-switch" fashion that's been seen quite a bit lately off and on. There was a semi-steady amount of low-key/two-digit/"passive"/"quiet"-type 37-plates here and there through the day, just enough to establish a background static but not nearly so much as to be in proportion to the thought-type activity of the day. Did have a standout one when I had another of those classical "randomly looking behind me to back out of a parking space, directly and effortlessly into a 373 plate"-type ones, this time at the bank, when I looked into my rearview and directly into a 373 plate, such that it "smacked" me in that special way, haha. Couple other parking-lot-types along these lines too, but none as standoutish.

One thing I noticed about numbers today: a marked presence of 212s and variants, after having relatively few lately. Quite a big uptick of these actually, probably the most I've had in some time, as to be something of a collective standout in itself.


A quiet quiet day, the polar opposite of yesterday in terms of volume, though the few incidents there were were in the same basic feel/pattern of yesterday's, except just a fraction of them, and with all this corresponding with another fundamental shift in health/condition/"state" after last night's latest mysterious onset of illness/liver upset and such. Really, all I noticed today were some scattered numbers (again strictly after lunch, and again with a couple 212s in the mix of 37 variants, though really not enough of either to say much more) and some more super-subtle/complex/personal/subjective thematics and parallels, and today without a single echo I can recall, nor any others standout enough to note. Another of those days where all I can say is that it was there at times, and most of the times not. One observation I had: it was almost as if today I was given a rest of sorts, as if another sequential day like yesterday would be counterproductive somehow, maybe exhausting me of some resource involved in the phenomenon. Or so it all "feels" anyhow.


Today was almost exactly like yesterday in terms of the markedly minimal number of incidents, again restricted almost exclusively to a brief afternoon window, with silence or close to it the rest of the day (and I distinctly felt myself "out" of the synchronistic state again, as I'm getting better and better at identifying conclusively it seems). The only thought-type incidents I noticed were just a few very small, scattered, semi-striking one-words, such as seeing an electronic roadside sign click to "1:00 PM" precisely as the radio randomly said "one" (again with my registering the two "ones" coinciding perfectly and patternistically), and maybe 2-3 similar ones. And the same went for numbers just about, with only the slightest scattering of strictly-after-lunch 37 plates and the like (and a couple 212s in there, though not quite enough to not have been coincidence today).

One standoutish number repeat: another "reckless driver turning in front of me one," and a pretty notable/poignant one too, when this truck suddenly stormed out onto 17 and in front of me, jumping the middle divider and swaying all over the place and all but burning rubber -- only to reveal its 370 plate, and again directly into my line of sight/effortlessly/conspicuously timed, haha. Another of those sudden and coherent standouts coming amidst total silence otherwise, just making it that much more conspicuous for it.

There were thematics today, and quite a few a times, but it was another "almost fully super-subtle 'small'/personal/subjective parallels that can't be conveyed."

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