Synchronicity log for 2011


This morning before leaving on the trip (to Virginia to get the bike), I had the distinct thought to change my pants. It came on very pronounced, and clear -- not in passing, in other words. It would have been unnotable had it not been so distinct. But I didn't heed it, because I had just changed my pants yesterday. Well, while at a reststop in Virginia, eating my lunch, I somehow spilled some tea in the crotch of my pants (which was itself strange, as I still can't figure out how the bottle quite could've spilled, being how it was), and thus noticed that it was ripped. It had not been ripped when I put them on, yesterday, unless I just didn't notice it, which seems unlikely but is possible. Regardless, I should've changed my pants.


Word synchro: "a hand's reach"; was in "Control" this morning, and I Noticed it, then was in ledger at lunch, an hour later. Only time I've used that in a story, iirc.

Also, "as a matter of course", in ledger this morning or afternoon, I can't remember, but definitely today, and I Noticed this as well, then it was in "Danforth" tonight, when I felt Compelled to do Danforth.


Yesterday afternoon, I was stopped in traffic behind a green Chevy pickup truck with a matching bed cover, and a distinctly rusted bumper, and I Noticed it. Then today, my dad gave me, randomly, a newspaper clipping about a guy who found a wedding ring at the dump, improbably, after 30 minutes of looking. This spawned a conversation with my inner skeptic, with me going over the nonlogical nature of reality, about how there is no chance, and as I was doing so, I noticed a truck going down the road, out of the corner of my eye, and damned if it wasn't the Chevy I'd Noticed yesterday, identifiable by its distinctively rusted bumper. (I had seen the truck downtown, and so it just happened to have come up by my house, when I just happened to be home, when I just happened to be downstairs and at my table and eating, by the window, so I could see it pass, and just when I so happened to be conversing with myself about the nonlogical nature of reality, how it seems to have a structure and that that structure seems to be intelligent).

Update, 2/24:
I think this was a false positive. I've actually seen the truck up here twice more since this happened, and there was no rust around the bumper, so I think this might be a case of bad memory (though the rest of it came together suspiciously well, as well as the two times I've seen this second truck since). In any case, it was not how I thought it.


Some word synchro: "twirl" and "comic"(adjective) and a couple others I can't remember, in my ledger this afternoon and then "American Life" tonight.

Also, I was thinking, distantly, earlier today, of what it would be like to ride a motorcycle in the rain, since it was raining. I went and got my oil changed this afternoon, and read a motorcycle magazine while waiting, and within the first few pages it had an editorial about riding a motorcycle in the rain.


Word synchro: "athwart" and "magnum"; in "American Life" last night, when I felt Compelled to edit it last night, and then in the ledger this morning (I can think of two times I've used "athwart", and "American Life" is one of them).

Word synchro: "whipcrack"; was in the preceding two stories I've edited, and I Noticed this last night but didn't note it, but then it was in "Heaven" this morning, the third in a row, which I felt Compelled to do this morning (it was just rejected last night, btw). Also, "search-and-destroy" was in "Heaven", when it was in the ledger this morning. "Unhinged" too. Also, "magnum", a double-hit, since I used it last night, then saw in the ledger this morning, then had it in "Heaven", the next sequential edit (I'm not sure, but I think the only two stories I've used "magnum" in, in the context of a wine magnum, are those two stories).

Got an email from [my friend] today in which she sent me a picture of a "Hulkey Pokey" toy, with the Incredible Hulk. Hulk was referenced in "Heaven", and I ended up deleting it.


There's a scooter parked along the route I use to go to town, and I've been Noticing it, yesterday thinking that it didn't have a tarp over it. Today, it had a tarp over it (I'd been seeing it every day for weeks, and just yesterday thought about the tarp)


Word synchro: "castor"; I was reading up on castor oil packs, per a Compelling, just before lunch, and when I went down to get, one of the first ledger words was castor. The funny thing is, I had been thinking, absently, where castor oil came from, and the definition told me. Heh.


Word synchro: "incidental"; was in ledger at lunch, and I Noticed it, and then it was in "Broom of the System". This is starting to get almost old.


Was playing Warcraft, and I thought, suddenly, if I had anything for sale on the auction house. I had formulate the "reply" that no, I didn't, when I got two messages that something I had on there had sold, not two seconds earlier.


I was playing Warcraft, when I suddenly though of "slap", For No Particular Reason. The first synchronicity was about two minutes later, when I accepted a quest that involved slapping people. Then, when reading "Dead City" this afternoon, there were not one, but two instances of slapping.

Then, tonight, had a word synchro: "protean". This one was a little late, and could be a coincidence, it having been in my ledger yesterday, and then turning up in "Dead City" this afternoon, but the word is so uncommon that I found it notable (I don't know if I've ever heard it used except for the novel I first heard it in, and thus inspired the ledger entry, and then in "Dead City").

Then, was playing Warcraft and I thought, arbitrarily, "Damn you, herbs!" because I kept finding herbs; then, a few seconds later, I accepted a quest called "Damn you, xxx".

Also, I had gotten a trinket that shoots out a rainbow, and I remember thinking that if I used it in a group, someone would say "Woah, what was that." Well, I fell Compelled to do a certain dungeon, and sure enough, when I first used it, someone stopped and said just that.


Had an interesting one this morning. When I got up, I wasn't feeling great, so I decided I would play Warcraft again, but after breakfast, I was feeling a little better so I decided to try to edit "Everything's Connected" (I am pretty sure it was *after* breakfast I decided this). While I was eating breakfast, I was reading my ledger until my Dad starting talking to me, at which point I closed it. Then, this afternoon, when I sat down to lunch and opened the ledger, one of the first words was a synchronicity, "coronary", being in "Everything's Connected". If I remember when I decided to write instead of play Warcraft (without which there would be no synchronicity) *after* breakfast, when I'd set down my ledger and thus primed it to have "coronary" as one of the first words, that suggests that it was predetermined, though even then I can't say for sure, as the ledger stopping-place and my later decision to write may have been cemented previously, from the inertia of the possibility vortex. Not sure. Anyway, there were two more: "pap", which was also in "Everythings" and my ledger, and then "complications," which my mom had said to me this morning and then turned up in the ledger. Hmmm.

Then, tonight, "this way and that." This is another of those three-bangers that at first don't get my attention, because seeing them twice could be coincidence, then it comes a third time and I pay attention. First it was in "Everything's," then it was in "Eaters of the Dead", but I didn't think much of it, since it's such a common saying. But then it was in "Ghosts" tonight, when I almost didn't edit it, and, also, when it was the next sequential story that I edited.


Word synchro: "deathless". Was in the ledger at lunch, and I Noticed it, then it was in "The Power of Now" after lunch, less than an hour later. A routine one, but no less remarkable.

When I was on the way to the dump today, I had a minor realization of how my negative/fear states are triggered by some traumatic thing that I am unable to, at the moment, accept, and how that "triggers" the emergence of the state, while accepting that thing derails it. About an hour later, while reading "The Power of Now", Tolle went into his explanation of "the pain-body", which is a close semantic of my fear/negative-state perception, and he even used the word "trigger" to explain how certain events/things can bring it about.


Some word synchronicity: "Mandelbrot"; was in ledger at lunch, then in the proof of "The Waiting" tonight. There were several other minor ones as well, though I can't remember what they were (only when I saw Mandelbrot did I really pay attention, since it's so uncommon).


This morning, on the way back from taking Roxanne to the airport, I thought, after a long chain of thoughts, of "as a sort of auspice or tarot", from "The Wedding Bystander". I can't remember the thoughts leading up to it, but it was very distinct. Well, when I got home and checked my email for the first time that day, I found a rejection for "The Wedding Bystander", another one of "those". As it happened, I ended up editing "The Wedding Bystander" that night, because I felt Compelled.


Last night, I started Alejandro Jodorowsky's tarot book, and in it was "cartouche". I couldn't remember the definition, but I remember, vaguely, that I'd written it down in my ledger, so I didn't write it down, figuring I would find it eventually. This morning, I came to it in my ledger, the very next time I looked in it after reading it.

Word synchro: "the gathering dark". Was in my leger this afternoon, and I Noticed it. Then it was in "The End of Jack Cruz" tonight, when I'd very nearly put off starting the edit until tomorrow.


Word synchro: "dowager" and "doff", both in "The End of Jack Cruz" last night (which, again, I almost didn't start last night), and then in the ledger this morning (was a new ledger, and I had a choice between three, and felt Compelled to read this one).


I had the distinct thought of "anger rising" during breakfast, while thinking of my family situation, and then, in "Jack Cruz", "anger rising" turned up, not an hour later.

Word synchro: "cotter"; was in EoJC, then in ledger afterward, at lunch, less than an hour later. Also, "potlach", was in ledger at lunch, and I Noticed it, then in EoJC tonight (was "potluck" in the novel, but whatever).


Word synchro: "knight errant" and "bric-a-brac"; knight errant was in Jack Cruz last night, then in ledger this morning, then bric-a-brac was in ledger this morning (and I Noticed it), then Jack Cruz just afterward, not 20 minutes later.

And another word synchro, after lunch: "hooted". Was in Jack Cruz this morning, then in ledger at lunch.


A heaping load of word synchro: "cuneiform," "mandorla", "folio," "tract", "riffle", "divine" (verb), and "kidney-shaped"; all were from EoJC within the last day or so, and then the ledger, except for "mandorla", which stands out because it was not only in the tarot book last night, the first I'd seen it since writing it down, but I was thinking of it, For No Particular Reason, before I went to bed. Interestingly, I had no definition for it in my ledger, so I looked it up after noting the synchronicity, tonight, and it seems pertinent to my current life situation, in which multiple worlds/realities are interacting with one another and I am in the overlap, faith propelling me through.

Also, I went to walk at the park today. Before I left the house, I had the thought to pack napkins to blow my nose with, something I've forgotten before and have been trying to condition into myself. Well, my memory has been bad, and so I forgot the napkins. While I was walking, however, I came upon some litter, pieces of paper, and was Compelled to pick it up (I usually don't pick up litter while on the trail, unless I'm near a trashcan or the stuff will fit in my pockets, sometimes not even then, though I usually pick up litter everywhere else ...). I picked up the litter, and it turned out to be two napkins, unused. It didn't, at first, click with me, though, so I planned on throwing them away. However, a few minutes down the trail, my nose started to run and I immediately remembered how I'd thought to pack napkins, then forgotten them. Then I remembered the two napkins in my back pocket. Interestingly, I had been thinking, just before walking upon them, how we seem to be bound to a sort of situational principle, where we can't act purely according to principle, but are sometimes required to act as a means to an end, for learning, while others adhere to principles to determine our conduct, sometimes neither. Only after I had to use the napkins, and remembered how I'd been Compelled to pick them up (and, amazingly, forgot to pack them, even after remembering), did I see the irony here, as it demonstrated how, if someone had acted strictly on principle, then they would have picked up the napkins I'd needed to blow my nose with (and demonstrate the phenomenon I'd just been thinking about), or the person, acting on principle, wouldn't have dropped them to begin with. It seems like it was all another one of these engineered situations, in order to demonstrate to me divine will, and how it acts through the superlogic of the structure of higher reality, as well as how principle cannot be strictly adhered to if that divine will is to be carried out and manifested (also, I'd been thinking of how there are three levels of conduct -- acting mindlessly, circumstantially, depending on what is easiest or comfortable or most conducive to number one, as we are as children and young adults; and then adhering to principle, regardless of consquence, as we do as adults; and then acting through intuition and what we Know as right, even if it defies principle, in order to manifest divine will and learning, etc. -- I was thinking this just before, so I have to wonder if the whole experience was meant to be a confirmation of that, as well as the idea of acting according to the situational princple/superlogic/divine will model of conduct).


Word synchro: "marabou" (clothing); this was in [my friend]'s email last night, and I thought I knew what it was but looked it up anyway, in Google, and I left it open after I finished the email, so I saw it again before turning my computer off for the night. Was in ledger this morning.

Also, "cruciferous", when I'd just been reading about cruciferous vegetables before lunch and then went down and it was the second word in my ledger; and "emissary", twice; first I used it this morning, when writing notes about the next part of "School", and then it turned up in the ledger at lunch, and then it turned up in the tarot book just after lunch.

Then, earlier today I passed the sign for the Doc & Merle Watson highway, and I Noticed Merle, it jumping out at me the way these things do. Tonight, I decided to start editing Ford, and I thought, just before doing so, how I'll bet there'll be a synchronicity with it, and sure enough, in the book's prologue, it had "Merle" in it. Then, while doing "Fifty", there was "Foster Grant's", which was in my ledger at lunch and I Noticed it.


Word synchro: "cried out"; was in ledger at breakfast, and I Noticed it, then it was in "Cloyed" not even an hour later.

More word synchro: "capitulated"; was in ledger at lunch, when it had been in "Cloyed" this morning (interestingly, I had edited it in, changing it from "capitulating" in a different frame, to "capitulated"; also, it was a change that definitely needed to be made); "senator", was in ledger today after being in the notes I wrote for "School" yesterday, including it being in the general, ambiguous sense; "hubris," from same; "gambit", when it was in "The Accidental Prophet" last night, though this was unremarkable, perhaps coincidence.


Word synchro: "flyblown"; was in ledger within the last couple days, then "Half Dead" this morning. A lesser synchro, quite possibly a coincidence since the spacing was so great, but the word is quite uncommon, so who knows.

A whole bunch of word synchro: "bouffant" and "petit fours"; were in "Cloyed" yesterday, and then in ledger today; "click his tongue" and "indelicate" and "disparity" and "philandering" were in Half Dead yesterday, then ledger today; "cordially" was in "Additive Free" yesterday, then ledger today; "charisma" and "fiat" I had happened to think of before breakfast, while thinking absently, but very distinctly, and then they turned up in ledger.


While I was reading "The Husband", twice the phone rang right as I read something about a phone, like the very instant I did. Once it was "the phone rang" or something similar, and then it was "phone call."

Also, when the phone rang once, I looked at the caller ID and Noticed the caller was named Dorothy. There was no one there when I picked up, but the person later called back, and I saw the name again, Noticing it this time too. Sometime after the second call (I can't remember how close it was, but probably no less than a half an hour after, though maybe much closer, my memory is hazy), I came upon the name Dorothy in the book I was reading. A possible coincidence, but still very notable, especially with my Noticing the name twice.


Word synchro: "fighting cocks"; I mentioned this in my email to [my friend] last night, which I was tempted to put off but felt I Had To Do, and, similarly, when I mentioned the cocks, I at first almost just put "fighting dogs," but then later added "or cocks", and fought off a desire to edit it out, Compelled not to. Then, when editing "Dead End" this morning, it was in there, "fighting cocks", the first I'd seen fighting cocks mentioned in I don't know how many years. It bears noting that I almost wouldn't be doing "Dead End" this morning, was about to to do "See Sick" instead, but ultimately decided on it. I had logical reasons for doing so, but I still can see that Compellingness under it, in spite of having good reason to do so.

Around 12:41 PM today, the phone-call synchronicity repeated. I was editing "Dead End", and as I read the line "The line rung, finally," the phone rang, at that very instant. Similar phenomenon has happened like this before, but never this close together, or so obviously. Is this symbolic of something? A wake-up call coming into my life? Something or someone trying to "call" me? Hmmm.

Today, I got an email from [my friend], and in it she sent me, at my request, something she had written in a previous email but edited out. At the end of this part of the email, she said how the beach was a "dead end", when I had just finished working on the story "Dead End", which was the centerpiece of a whole ton of word synchro.

The ton of word synchro in question: "Nero Wolfe" and "lush"; these two were in the ledger, but used in different contexts than in "Dead End", "lush in the ledger referring to a drunk, that in the story being a healthy red, and "Wolfe" (Thomas Wolfe) instead of "Nero Wolfe", but still significant because I Noticed both of those (and as it would turn out, "lush" turned up in "The Husband" later in the day, in the proper context ...); "ingrate", which was dead on, and which I had also Noticed in the story; "trolled"; "bush telegraph"; "Queen Anne's lace" (only story I think I've ever used it in ...); "briquette" (same).

Something I noticed today, and have noticed prior, is that most of the word synchros between the ledger and my stories seem to involve an edit, as if to make me notice it and cement it in my mind so I will make the connection. There are, however, just as many times where it's not an edit, but I just Notice it, or neither, where I just happen to see the word and remember it, and it turns up in an unlikely way. Hmmm.

Saw "assessing" several times today, in no distinct, intelligent format, but too many times not to get my attention. Hmm.

And another, "cash register tallies", in ledger this morning and then the tail end of "Dead End" tonight.


Word synchro: "glazier"; was in ledger yesterday (though it might have been this morning), and then in "The Imaginal" this morning. I almost didn't do the Imaginal, almost like I didn't do Dead End, since it's, technically, out of order, but it was longer and I had all morning ...

Another: "serviceable"; in ledger this morning, and I Noticed it, then in "The Imaginal" a couple hours later.

More word synchro: "goldenrod"; in "Dead End" last night, and ledger this morning. "jacarandu"; in "The Husband" yesterday, and ledger today. "stand of trees"; in "Dead End" last night and ledger today, as well as "skate over" (verb) and "turned out" (verb).

And more: "ululating", "numinous", and "invective", all in ledger at lunch, then "The Husband" soon after.

Another: "solenoid"; in ledger today (lunch or breakfast, I can't remember), then in "The Minutes" tonight. And again, "navigated" (this turned up earlier in two different places, and I must not have noted it).

On the way to the gym, I felt Compelled to turn on my radio -- ostensibly to stave awkwardness when riding with Tim, later, but this felt like a conscious excuse. A few minutes after, "Back On The Chain Gang" by The Pretenders was on, and I thought about how it seemed like I am being steered away from sex and women (as if it was a circumstance I should accept, it being out of my control, or so one part of me felt), and immediately as I thought that, the lyric "A circumstance beyond our control" came on the song, in that flagrantly synchronous way that I've come to identify. Assuming it wasn't in fact a crazy coincidence (do these even happen to me anymore?), I can't say if that was a commentary on my thought, or mere reflection of it, or how I was thinking of it. Regardless, it was neat.


Word synchro: "madras"; in ledger this morning at breakfast, and Noticed it, because its definition was penned wrong in the lines, and then was in "The Gardener", just after, on the first page.

Another: "Shane"; was in "Hoodoo" last night, in the form of "Shane's Diner", and I Noticed it, and then it was in the ledger this morning, though in reference to a weird noun I never got the definition of. "bulimia"; was in "The Gardener" this morning, then in "Damned" after lunch, about two hours later, when I haven't heard "bulimia" for at least a while. "cruelties"; this one is neat. It was in the ledger this morning, and I Noticed it, of course, then it was in my story "The End of Owln's Malt" this afternoon, except the only reason I saw it was because it was published today, on Kaleidotrope's website, and I went to check it out because there were supposed to be illustrations (or so I thought; I might be confusing that story with another). Well, there were no illustrations, but when I scrolled to the story's bottom, I felt Compelled to read the last couple paragraphs, for no real reason, and "cruelties" was in it, I think the only time I've ever used it in a story (was in the precise wording and stuff too).

Also, this afternoon, I went to the market, and I not only saw my mom's car there in the same parking lot, but when I came out, we met at an intersection, and I was able to let her out. I thought it remarkable off the bat, but considering that we both left from the house at the same time, neither one of us having any idea we were going to the same market (I remember her saying she was going to a market today, but not which one), and then not only being there at the same time, but leaving at the same time, when I got there at a different time than she (she was already there and in wherever she was at the time -- which I don't think was the market, actually, but a pet place in the same complex). I started thinking about all the minutiae and such that had to result in that (this was a little over two hours before we left the house, and we both went several places before that), it was really, really, really unlikely (I had to wait a little longer at Goodwill because someone had to use different debit cards, and then wait for someone else in front of me; also, when I was pulling into Goodwill, I had to wait a little longer because of a weird traffic situation, people wanting to pull where I was pulling into, etc etc; a whole bunch of unlikely things happened, yet if not for them, I wouldn't have come out when I did, and that's just me, not counting all the little things that happened to my mom (she mentioned how she got talking to someone in wherever she was and that held her up coming out)).

Last but not least, I, by a long, convoluted series of google searches and minor realizations/ideas (starting with the relationship between the vagus nerve and benzodiazepines (and, later, vagal tone), and then progressing to 3D spiral waves), I ended up coming to a weird-joke website which, amazingly, had the compacting coiled spiral I've been thinking of recently, how I am beginning to perceive density and the transit of experience/awareness. I found it interesting that, after that huge, convoluted series of google searches, which had really nothing to do with spiral to begin with, I would end up coming back to it. But the kicker was that [my friend] had, earlier in the night, sent me an email with a picture of a tiny fiber-optic Christmas tree, which, as it turns out, is shaped in a single, coiled spiral of fiber-optic needles, with a star at the top (does this mean something?).

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