Synchronicity log for 2012

Several today, though they were all of the same kind: largely unnotable on their own, less so after seeing all of them. First, [my friend] and I went and ate lunch at the Mellow Mushroom this afternoon, and I got a ticket for being parked too long; just yesterday, when I'd mentioned that [my friend] and I might be going to the Mellow Mushroom, my mom had mentioned how the parking there was hour-long only and how you could get a ticket since you'd want to stay and eat for perhaps longer than an hour (I totally forgot about this, or any time limit period). Perhaps nothing but a bad memory on my part. Second, when I'd seen [my friend]'s boots, I had the distinct thought that they were reminiscent of those from old times, perhaps the Civil War; then, in Walmart, a random man randomly commented on how [my friend]'s boots, saying that he was a reenactment buff and they would fit right in with that (this man just did this so randomly, out of nowhere, it was surreal). Then, a few days ago, I'd gotten an old cake of soap from upstairs to use, and I'd wondered, looking at it, if it was moldy, if soap could mold; then, today, [my friend] mentioned how someone had gifted her a basekt of things, which included some soap that had molded.


Yesterday, I had the very distinct, yet random, thought of how my brother has miraculously avoided being arrested, of how it was such a miracle. As it turned out, he got arrested that very afternoon.

12/6/12 (I think? I'm writing this days later, when I remembered this)

I was in the gym, listening to music, when I thought of how I seem to be a device of the universe, to accomplish random tasks that I've been trained for. Immediately as I thought this, in that same synchronistic way, the song I was listening to said, "I became your device," or something to that end. Had another, similar thought synchro like this later that day, but I can't remember it.


An interesting one today. This morning, I felt that I Had To send off my car-insurance money, though it isn't due until the 19th and I didn't feel like doing anything this morning. Anyway, when I did up the payment, I thought, extremely randomly, of how the insurance company provides a lot of jobs to people. Just that: that the company provides jobs. Well, this afternoon, I felt Compelled to start reading "Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil," and some pages in, it mentioned how an insurance company had proposed moving to the city in the story, since it would provide a bunch of jobs. This could, conceivably, be chance, but I find it rather unlikely, especially since I felt so Compelled to both do up the insurance payment and then read that particular book (out of about a half dozen potentials). This fits other, similar synchronicities as well, where I'll have a totally off-the-wall thought that will repeat itself soon after, in the most unlikely ways. Repetition synchro?


While reading "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" at lunch today, I was just thinking of coffee right as I read it in the book, in that distinctly synchronous way I can't readily explain away as subconscious ahead-reading. Then, shortly after, when opening a packet of ginger tea, I thought of one of its tea-tag messages right as I pulled out a tag with just that message. The last wouldn't be notable except that this, too, happened in that distinctly synchronous way, and could not at all be explained as forward reading, since I had the thought before pulling out the tag (though, to be fair, there are only a handful of messages in the tags -- but, again, it was so synchronous, I have to take note).


Two today, both involving "A Good Day In Hell," the book I started reading today. First, the book mentioned, prominently, something regarding a car-repair garage using an old-style carbon-swipe credit card system, when just a couple days ago, I'd had the entirely random, yet very distinct, thought of Charles using such a swipe at his garage. This may be nothing, but it reeks of that repetition synchro I've seen so often. Then, later in the book, it mentioned a containership, which is a term I was introduced to just in the last book I read, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," which I'd noticed enough to write down and look up the definition for. This too reeks of past synchros, where I'll see something for the first time in one book, then see it again in the very next sequential book, despite it being entirely random, as these two were.


A pretty cool one today. On the surface, it was just a phrase: Mars is the god of war. First it was in [my friend]'s last email to me, which I re-read and replied to this morning (though it was a slight variation, saying that at first she thought Mercury was the god of war, but then found it was Mars -- same archetype, in any case). Then it was in "Time's Arrow," at lunch, about two hours later. This in itself is notable, but the cool thing is that I'd not only just started the book this afternoon (again out of a potential of several, this one just Feeling Right), but also because I was starting this book because I'd put down "Hooking Up" last night, unable to read it further. Very cool.


Really cool one today, assuming it wasn't just chance. In a recent email to [my friend], I mentioned how I failed to siphon gas from my truck before trading it in, and she responded with how she had, just prior to reading that, had two conversations involving siphoning, when she hadn't in a while. Today, when responding to *that* email, I mentioned how that seemed reminiscent of that repetition/recurrence synchro I've recently noted. Well, about an hour after writing that, I read a passage in "Stormy Weather" mentioning siphoning gas. The passage wasn't otherwise notable, and it could very well have been chance, but I found its placement so close, and its very nature so similar to other repetition synchro, I find it notable (and how cool that it seems to have demonstrated the very thing I was discussing with [my friend]).


Cool word synchro: "roadkill pizza," first in "Stormy Weather" last night, and I Noticed it, and then in "Almost Lost" this afternoon (next sequential book). Notable since they were so close, and also since I'd never seen the term before until then.


Really, really cool one today, a Christmas present of sorts. It started this morning, when I read some of "Thinks." This was unusual, since I never read in the mornings, but I had an hour to kill before my brother's family came over for Christmas dinner, so I did it. Just before my brother got there, maybe 10-15 minutes, I read a passage in the book, "If there is no god, everything is permitted," which was attributed to "said one of the Karamazovs." I didn't know what this referred to (obviously a literary reference, though I had no idea who the Karamazovs were), but the phrase stood out to me, since I found the statement fallacious, and applicable only to someone reacting to the abolishment of religion while still within the mentality promoted by that very religion -- so I noticed it, if not Noticed. Anyway, about two hours later, I received a gift from my brother: a book, "The Brothers Karamazov." The name leapt out at me at once, and sure enough, the quote I read in "Thinks" was from that book -- once more, a case where I was totally unaware of something, then was exposed to it twice in the course of hours. But that's only the start of it.

My brother was eager to relate to me -- before I'd even told him how, just that day, I'd read a quote from that very book, and how it had stood out to me so -- how he had felt absolutely compelled (Compelled?) to buy me that very book. As it were, he'd seen it referenced, in all, four times in the last several months: first in a movie he'd watched By Chance, then referenced by three separate celebrities, as their favorite books or somesuch. So, he'd felt that he Had To get it for me. When he'd gone to the bookstore to get it, he'd had a hell of a time finding it, also, but he was determined, and so he got it, narrowly. And now I have it. Very, very cool.


First, one that may be nothing: this afternoon, just before I left for acupuncture, I read, in "Thinks," about a man going to the doctor and having his liver felt up (for lumps). Then, when I went in for acupuncture, I happend to mention to her how I wanted some liver meridians hit, and so she ended up feeling up my liver before she did so. It wasn't for lumps, obviously, but it was still rather similar, and so close together that I had to take note. Also, tonight, at the very end of "Thinks," in the acknowledgements, the author referenced an essay by Tom Wolfe, which was in the book of his I read part of on the 13th/14th -- not hugely notable, but relatively so, since I'd never before heard of that essay, then would see a reference to it so close together (also, if I remember right, I bought "Thinks" and "Hooking Up" very close to one another, though I can't quite remember this for sure).


Today was another onslaught of those very slight, subtle, otherwise unnotable word synchronicities, tons of them, too many to remember. For instance: in the book "Sharp Objects," it mentioned Rapunzel and St. Patrick's Day, when, this morning, I mentioned, totally by chance, St. Patrick's Day to [my friend], and then, tonight, I felt Compelled to eat turkey and carrots in sunflower oil, instead of the shake I was going to, and the sunflower oil was Rapunzel brand. Tons of stuff like that, enough to make me take notice, like other times.


A possible repetition synchro today. This morning, in bed, I had the distinct though random thought of a story I'd written, where a needy father is poisoning his own daughter to satisfy his emotional needs. Then, at lunch, a couple hours later, it came up in the book I was reading at the time, "Sharper Objects," that that was what was happening in it, a needy mother poisoning her daughter to satisfy her own emotional needs. I couldn't write this off as subconscious fixation, since 1) the thought about the story I'd written came up so randomly, from some other chain of thought completely, and 2) I didn't see it coming in the novel, not even subconsciously (so far as I could tell). Interesting.

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