Synchronicity log for 2013


Minor word synchro: "penultimate." I encountered it in a story I was editing either this morning or last night, I can't remember; in any case, I first Noticed it, because it was the first I'd seen it in a while but also in that distinct, illogical way, and then, second, I edited it out, like so many of these little word synchros. Then, this afternoon in the 'Kings of Cocaine' book, the word was used. Easily a coincdidence, but the deletion/Noticing pattern and the timing make it mildly notable.


The last few days has been another onslaught of small, individually unnotable synchronicities, mostly of the word- variety, all of them amassing until I had to take note of them today. Most notable were "Toqueville," which I was introduced to in the 'Popes and Bankers' book and then read again, for the second time ever, in the next sequential book I read, 'Under the Banner of Heaven.' Then, "nee," which I saw in "Jammed" while editing it this morning, for the first time in quite a while, and then was in 'Under the Banner of Heaven' this evening, some hours later. Also, another "penultimate," which was also in "Jammed" and I Noticed it very distinctly, which made me think back to the recent recurrence of it and think, I bet I'll be seeing that again soon -- and sure enough, it too was in 'Under' a few hours later. Notable, since it's a relatively rare word. Though, there's been an endless string of minor word recurrences like this, between the books I've been reading and what I've been writing or editing or even vaguer things, as well as the usual mix of minor thought synchros, etc.


Minor word synchro: "dyad." This turned up in "Holy War" this morning, in a part I ended up having to edit a little, and then, a couple hours later, was in the 'Small Giants' book. Mildly notable for two reasons: 1) it's not a wholly common word, and 2) the timing was reasonably close. Also, it's been a while since I've last seen it used. It's also worth mentioning that I originally wasn't going to put "Holy War" into the humor collection, but I felt Compelled and outright nagged to do it, for days now, until I finally capitulated this morning; had I not edited that story, I wouldn't have seen it.

Also, a classic thought synchro: "prizefighter." It came at the end of a short, random chain of thought about the order of the stories in the humor collection, which ended with "The Prizefighter." A split second later, I read "prizefighter" in the 'Small Giants' book. Though the first one did arise as a result of a seemingly independent thought process, I can't say for sure that it wasn't triggered by subconscious reading ahead. In any case, worth mentioning.


Cool recurrence today. This morning, I went to Kobo to see if the latest book had been published yet, but their publishing website wasn't working again, so I went to their main page and did a search for "A.A. Garrison" to see if my book was up. It wasn't, but the search brought up all kinds of other books, and one in particular stood out, a distinct Noticing: a book by an author named Garrison Keillor, who I'd never seen before. I Noticed this book strongly enough to give pause, for no logical reason. Then, about three hours later, while in Goodwill, I went to the books section and the very first book my eyes fell on was from Garrison Keillor. Notable for several reasons: the timing, the fact that I'd never seen this author before and then was exposed to him twice within the course of hours (would be more notable if this author is obscure and not well-known, but I don't know how well-known he is), and also because of the classic factor that I didn't plan on going to Goodwill today, it being just a spur-of-the-moment thing. There's also the randomness and obscurity of my Just Happening to do that Kobo search today so that I could see the initial reference (I've searched for my pseudonym on before and it has not turned up anything from Garrison Keillor).


A cool word synchro today: "indented," as an adjective. I encountered this while editing "Chinked" this morning, and it stood out because it was somewhat awkward as an adjective, not really functioning to describe the object in question; like so many of these recurring words, I ended up deleting it during my edit. Also, it stood out because I don't think I've ever seen or used "indented" as an adjective except for in that one story. Then, just several hours later, this afternoon, I came across the word in 'Thank You and OK!,' used in that exact same context and tense, as an adjective (and just as awkward and dysfunctional). Really cool and notable, but also cooler is that I'm editing "Chinked" to be republished in a short story collection of mine, so it's been sitting in my "accepted" folder for the past couple years, since it was published in an anthology -- and I Just Happened to edit it today.

Also, an inordinate amount of repeat numbers today, mainly 37, 137, etc, and their variants -- tons, enough to take note, and always in the most subtle and unexpected of ways, as well as in objective fashion. For instance, while watching a basketball game with my parents, I checked the game clock and I thought it read 37 seconds, but then looked harder and saw that it was 57 seconds. Then, a second later, my mom said, "What's that clock say, 37 seconds?" Heh.


Had another "Toqueville" recurrence, now in 'American Nomads.' I read a couple books between it and the 'Under the Banner of Heaven' book it last recurred it, but I still find this trifecta pretty highly notable, since the first two *were* back-to-back, after never seeing it before in my life, and then this last was, though not sequential, was still close, as well as being soon after (it's been about about ten days since I finished the 'Banner of Heaven' book). Cool.


A couple cool word synchros: first, Yosemite park. It was in the 'American Nomads' book yesterday, and then in the 'Interpreter's Handbook' today. I only found this notable 1) because of the timing (mildly), and then 2) because this "interpreter's" handbook, I thought, should have had no mention of Yosemite park, except that the "interpretation" it referred to was in regard to being a park ranger or tour guide (I bought the book thinking it referred to a language interpreter, not knowing otherwise until I started reading it yesterday evening). Even then, not really too notable. However, the other word, "anti-venin," I did find somewhat notable, because I'd just learned this a few days ago when reading that first-aid book, the second sequential book before the interpreter's book, so it was notable timing-wise, but also because I could have had no way of knowing that the interpreter's book (which I thought to regard language) would ever mention something like anti-venin.


Some pretty cool ones today. First, a weird, three-way synchro involving the archetype of "putting a car's bucket seat all the way back." It started Friday, when I listened to that other Porno For Pyro's album, in which one of the song's lyrics mentioned "putting the bucket seat all the way back," which I Noticed distinctly, in the usual way. Then, it's second recurrence came yesterday, when I read in the 'Big Machine' book where one of the character's puts his bucket seat all the way back. I noticed this recurrence, but didn't really think it notable then, but then this afternoon, while waiting for my food to digest before working out, I parked outside the gym to read. I couldn't get comfortable, so I put the truck's bucket seat all the way back, which helped -- which I don't think I've ever done before, or not for a long time at least. Still, maybe nothing, but I had to take notice after the three-way recurrence.

Then, a classic book synchro: "social contract," which is a term I don't think I've ever read until it was in the 'American Nomads' book two days ago. Then, today, it recurred in 'Big Machine,' the next sequential book after 'American Nomads' -- once again fitting that theme of a new or uncommon word appearing in one randomly read book of one subject, then again in an equally randomly read book, of a totally different subject matter. I bought the 'American Nomads' book, which is a non-fiction about of American nomadism and the writer's travels, randomly at Goodwill last week, then bought 'Big Machine,' a novel, as randomly a couple days ago (even more randomly, actually, because the book just jumped out at me, distinctly, even though I had no idea what it was about).

Then, a cool, classic, literal synchronicity: right as I read "My guts groaned" in 'Big Machine,' my guts groaned, digesting food (they'd been silent until just that precise moment). This, too, happened in that distinctly synchronistic fashion, the two occurring simultaneously, before I could process either individually. Neat.


Not sure whether to call this one an intuition or a recurrence of sorts. Earlier today, around 1, I had the distinct thought of whether someone I know is growing pot or not. It may have come up because I would be seeing that person shortly, but other than that, this thought seemed totally random and absent, yet I still had the vague desire to know, even though it wouldn't mean much. Well, when I got a Christmas gift from this person, I saw that it came in a box for a "Hilux Gro" light, the kind specifically used for growing plants, including pot. Maybe this person just happened to find a box for this type of bulb, then used it to put a Christmas gift in, I don't know, but I found that to be a huge coincidence that I would just be wondering, distinctly, whether this person was growing pot or not just hours prior and then Just Happen to get this box, which appears every bit to be a thinly veiled "yes."


Pretty cool word synchro today: "engineer's cap." This was first in "William" this morning, and I distinctly Noticed it, enough to make me think I'd be seeing it again soon, despite its relative rarity -- and, sure enough, I did, just a few hours later, in 'Doctor Sleep.' Notable not just for the rarity, my distinct Noticing of it enough to absently predict a recurrence, and the timing, but also because I just received the 'Doctor Sleep' book from my brother yesterday, as a Christmas gift.


A couple minor word-type synchros today, involving 'Of Mice and Men' and 'Romeo and Juliet.' I wrote of 'Mice and Men' in the story notes for the second shining horrific book last night, and 'Romeo and Juliet' was mentioned in "William" when I edited it yesterday morning, and I Noticed both these, in that distinct way that suggested I'd be seeing them again soon, enough to make me absently start looking for them. Sure enough, they both turned up in 'Doctor Sleep' today, when there's no way I could've known they'd be in there (first time reading the book). Not hugely notable, but with the timing, the Noticing, and their coinciding together, I think it's worth an entry.


Cool, classic synchronicity at lunch today: my dad saying "hot," in an unrelated conversation, precisely as I read "hot" in a book, in that distinctly synchronistic way I've come to identify. Also, the same thing happened with "Raindrops fell" (might not have been the exact words, I can't remember) this evening, when I read that precisely when the first few drops of rain fell. Neat.

Also, a mild-but-notable recurrence tonight. While waiting for dinner to cook, I read a AAA travel magazine that came in the mail today, in which it mentioned how Williamsburg is a tourist destination, which I knew but hadn't seen advertised/mentioned in maybe years. Then, less than an hour later, I came across a random Google ad advertising Williamsburg as a travel destination.

Also, a 1111 crop-up that bears mentioning. Rebecca mailed me a package, and it was delivered today at 11:11am according to the delivery confirmation -- neat in itself, but doubly so because my mail man has never once, that I know of, come anytime before 12 in the months I've lived up here.


An interesting one today. Edited "The Birth of Edenborough" for the novellas collection this afternoon and then again this evening, in which it featured a part where the people hear distant booms and cracks and gunshots, etc, from in town. The whole time I was editing the story, there were distant booms and cracks and gunshot-sounding noises from town -- people setting off fireworks for New Year's apparently (do people always set off fireworks for New Year's? It doesn't seem like I can remember that happening). I found this notable both because of its marked, distinct similarity to the events, but also the timing, in several ways. First, I never, ever edit in the afternoon like I did the first half of "Edenborough" today; I only did it because I was sick in bed all morning (and if I hadn't of done this, it wouldn't have coincided with the start of the fireworks). Also, it was the first time in a solid year I've edited this story, and it was sheer chance I was editing it at all, since the idea for a novellas collection came to me out of nowhere just a couple days ago (not to mention that I had for novellas to choose from to edit on this day, and I happened to choose "Edenborough"). Pretty notable.

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