Synchronicity log for 2014


Had another one of those onslaught days, with tons and tons of minor-yet-notable synchronicities, so many that it was again like a surreal storybook fantasy, my thoughts and feelings and stuff reflected constantly in the outside world. Too much to list. Most coherently, I had a couple thought/external-activity incidents, such as seeing a box of quinoa and thinking "gluten free" precisely when the overhead announcement in the grocery story said "gluten free," same with me thinking of eye drops immediately as a TV on in the other room (invisible to me) randomly said "eye drops." Also, a really cool sort of compound synchro, which repeated all sorts of little bits and pieces of things that had popped up earlier in the day. This evening, I had an eye exam, and while waiting I leafed through a National Geographic (harkens back to that bonobo synchro of last week) and in a big spread on one page, it diagramed how much good food is wasted annually and how, and it all echoed those little bits and pieces from my day (for instance, I'd thought, randomly but distinctly, of how my mom throws away food and why, both of those echoed in the NG spread; or, I read in the 'Calcutta' book about how a certain type of cheese lasts a long time, also echoed -- along with 3-4 other random-but-specific things like this). A bunch of number-synchro thrown in the mix, too. What a day.


A couple cool ones on the drive down to the beach. First, I looked at a roadsign for the highway I was on and saw, to my surprise, that it was a southbound highway, when I thought I was still going east. "I'm going south, I guess," I thought -- just before the radio said "goin' south." The two didn't coincide quite as perfectly as they could have, but they were close enough to achieve that distinctly "synchronistic" fashion. Then, soon after, right as I thought of train travel, I came upon a sign for train travel. I would've written this one off as subconscious suggestion, because I could see the sign in the distance (too far away to read, but perhaps just close enough to recognize visually) as I thought this; except, I once again could trace back my thought of train travel to a long chain of thought predating when I could've seen the sign. Both notable.


Another reading/thought synchro. I was outside, trying to sunbathe, but this was frustrated by clouds that kept scudding over the sun, interrupting the sunlight over and over. I had just looked up from my book, seen more clouds heading for the sun, and was thinking "Oh no, not again" -- when I went back to my book and the next line described just that, talking about how a situation was like clouds scudding past the sun and making it go dark and light, etc, just like I'd been thinking. Now, this isn't as highly notable as it might sound, because I'd actually thought this several times before the time in question, since it kept happening, so it's not like it was the first time I'd thought it and it coincided with the book. But it was still pretty close, and the timing and placement and precision, etc, were all close enough to be notable.


Another "ask and ye shall receive" that could conceivably be coincidence but was "synchronocity-y" enough for a log entry. Today at the market I went to get more apples, but they only had one kind of the specific variety I buy, and they were too small for my tastes; I try to get bigger ones of low pounds, rather than smaller ones of high pounds, since many small apples = more cores and less value. So I thought of how I'd have to stop at another grocery store to get these, and even then another store might not have ones to my liking. Well, as I was leaving this store, I noticed a bag of apples sitting out, in the beer section at the other end of the store, where someone had evidently changed their mind on them and just inconsiderately left them out -- and they turned out to be of the specific variety I have to eat, but bigger than the other ones I'd looked at (all the other bags had those same, small apples, unlike this one). I don't know where it came from in the store, because I'd looked all over and found only those smaller ones I didn't want; but there they were, one bag, approximately ten-fifteen minutes after I'd thought "I'd like some bigger golden delicious apples but in a three-pound bag like these smaller ones." As it were, these even rang up as on-sale.


First, a minor recurrence that might be nothing. Today in the 'Joseph Anton' book, it mentioned how Aldous Huxley took mescaline in a pharmacy, as detailed in his 'Doors of Perception' book -- which, as it just so happened, I read for the first time just a month or so ago. On the surface this appeared to be nothing, and could very well be, but considering that I'd gone my whole life without reading that highly popular book, then read it relatively close to this one, is rather unlikely, and of course fits the pattern of these. So why not a log entry.

Then, some bigtime book-synchro, this time between the 'Joseph Anton' book and 'Arrival City.' It was a kind of onslaught-type synchro really, with just a whole bunch of recurring words and themes and objects (both referenced certain Indian cities and certain Indian names, for instance, but there was lots of other, little, obscure stuff and various other parallels, befitting the "onslaught" pattern). Most coherently, and notable, was the fact that 'Arrival City' mentioned the book 'The Satanic Verses,' which the entire sprawling 'Joseph Anton' book centered around -- notable because of 1) the timing (I started 'Arrival City' about an hour after finishing 'Joseph Anton') and 2) specificity and precision, because how many books out there mention 'The Satanic Verses'? and then 3) the classic book-synchro pattern.


Been having lots of incidents despite a lack of entries, these latest being just so many in number and often times somewhat obscure, with some exceptions. Been having a general onslaught of all types, not just the little, hard-to-describe kind, spanning straight-up recurrences to thought/action/occurrence synchros to book synchros. Of the more coherent, for instance, were seeing "belle" about 6-8 times lately in entirely separate and random places, along with "Ontario" (read this in a few places lately, enough to notice a pattern, and then encountered two cars from Ontario, Canada in the same parking lot, parked at different ends as if they were separate, followed by reading of Ontario soon afterward in a couple of random books). Also, book synchros of the usual kind, reading of the same things in overtly unrelated and completely random books checked out from the library. Plus had such a huge number of blatant thought synchros and the like that it was just too much to keep track of, all bleeding into one big jumble. Very surreal.


A classic recurrence today. Yesterday, I'd read in the '100 Headlines That Changed The World' book of a charity Christmas song, "Do They Know It's Christmas?" which turned out to be what started Live Aid -- unknown to me, as it were. I'd never heard of the song until then. Then today, while driving and listening to random radio stations, I heard that song played. It's not hugely notable, considering the date and that several of the stations I was listening to were playing strictly Christmas music, but then, considering the chances of my happening across one in the few hours I was driving up to NC, and the fact that I'd just learned of it less than a day before (and in a book which was *not* a Christmas book), along with the usual fitting-of-the-pattern, I found it at least worth a log entry.


A pretty cool one today, and somewhat unique or at least multidimensional. Right as I read "they arrived for mother's dinner" in a book, I heard the door bang downstairs, and it was my brother and family, arriving for my mom's turkey dinner for Christmas. That was notable enough, considering 1) the precision of it, and 2) the timing was dead perfect, in that keenly synchronistic way, impossible to correspond even if I was trying. But also there was another, deeper side to it all, due to the context both of the line in the book and my brother's arrival, which were identical. That is, the "mother's dinner" in the book referred to the formal nature of the dinner, being a "presentation" or "show" of the mother's, instead of just referring to "mother's" in the possessive sense -- but the cool thing is, in the split-second after my brother arrived, I heard my mother's response to his arrival (a change in tone of voice, etc) and had time to think of how this dinner wasn't a dinner, but a "production" on my mom's part, a chance for her to use her fancy plates and the dining room that isn't usually used and to serve all the foods she'd worked so hard to produce -- all precisely like the context of the "mother's dinner" in the book I was reading. It all just sort of came together in a three-way manner, with the recurrence of my brother's arrival and my reading the line in the book coinciding with my thoughts about these things and what they represented. Pretty cool.


First, a run-of-the-mill recurrence this afternoon. At lunch, I was reading a book about China when I had the distinct-but-random thought of the book 'The Art of War,' the first I've thought of the book in a while. Then, today at Barnes and Noble while looking for something to buy with that gift card I got, I saw three different copies of 'The Art of War' -- not just copies, but different editions (paperback, hardback, and a big coffee-table-type book). Not highly notable, but somewhat so due to the timing + my seeing not just one copy or version, but three scattered across the same store (it was the only book in the place I saw multiple versions of like that, as it were).

Then, a really cool thought/action synchro on the way home. Right as I was thinking of "star," the song I was listening to on the CD player said "star," also coinciding precisely when I passed the sign for a roadside Jewish temple, which had a Star of David displayed prominently. A sort of triple-intersection of the "star" theme, all occurring in that distinctly synchronistic fashion.

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