Synchronicity log for 2015


Today remembered a reasonably notable "ask and ye shall receive" from a few days back, can't remember exactly when. It started when, out of the blue, I remembered how I hadn't been able to find any good, clean laundry detergent down here at the beach, and I noticed I was getting low on the bottle I'd imported down here. Then, it was either the very day after or two days after, I went randomly to Kroger and there, on their discount/dent-and-bent/oddment rack, was a bottle of the exact kind of detergent I needed. Granted, it wasn't the exactly the same as the one I'd been thinking of, being a different brand, but the ingredients and cleanliness/non-toxicty are nearly identical; plus, it also bears mentioning that in all the times I've checked Kroger's dent-and-bent rack (dozens of times, a ritual every time I go in), I've never seen any laundry detergent there, nor do they sell any of the good stuff in the store, so apparently this one rogue bottle was just some random castaway that found its way to the rack -- and in no more than two days after I'd had the random-but-distinct thought about my laundry detergent running low and being unable to find any of it down here (for the first time in months, as it were). Given the context, reasonably notable, I think.


Experiencing an odd "pause" over the last few days, with only the subtlest of incidents and number-repeats being present, conspicuously so. Today, however, did have a couple of standout/conspicuous repeats, including another clock-tick on a passing electronic sign (at the *wrong* time again, showing "3:07" when it was really 3:13 or something, as has become patternistic), as well as a cool receipt incident, where the transaction time was exactly "17:31:30," which, besides being a spot-on 1137 variant, it bears mentioning that the credit-card reader took conspicuously long to spit out the receipt, enough for the cashier to comment on her impatience and how this was typical due to the holiday season -- yet, had the pause not occurred, it would've thrown off the timestamp, as has become patternistic, etc. Haha.


An uptick today overall, with more subtles/repeats but also some standouts. First one was minor and subtle, yet just coherent and precise enough to be notable. Within the space of a couple hours, saw "threshold" several times, and always in conspicuous ways, as to fit the pattern. However, really only became notable on the last hit, when I went to Goodwill to buy the chair and, upon examining the chair's cushions, saw that they were the "threshold" brand, not only being the ~4th or 5th hit within a short timeframe, but also a little more notable because soon after I took the chair's ticket and then came back for it, a man walked off the with the cushions (which were for sale separately, I learned). With all that in mind, moderately notable, especially on the personal level like so many of these subtles.

Had a cool, classical 1111 repeat: I passed an electronic sign that was stuck/malfunctioning reading something along the lines of "we open at 11," such that the partial phrase was repeated 4 times, as to have "11 11 11 11" in a square. Maybe coincidental, but it didn't "feel" that way, for what it's worth.

Had a pretty notable reading/event synchro this evening. Precisely as I let out a deep breathing and did my all-over-relaxation trick, I read "body relaxing" in the 'Mop Men' book, the two coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic format. And once again I could easily attribute this to reading-ahead suggestion except that the whole reason I was thinking/doing the relaxation thing was because I'd just taken and released a deep breath (that is, it didn't read "take a deep breath," etc).

Also a funny one that might've just been coincidence, but was surreal as hell all the same. While doing the castor oil pack and reading, I'd decided I would get up when I finished a section of the book on the next page, regardless of what the timer said. However, precisely as I finished the section, the timer went off, corresponding absolutely in that "perfectly synchronistic" format, so that my "unofficial" get-up time coincided perfectly with the "official"/timed get-up time. Made me give pause and laugh. And, of course, the timer was out of view from me (behind the up-raised book, actually), and so I couldn't possibly have subconsciously coordinated it, etc. Really damn cool.


And the whirlwind/onslaught returns, again coinciding with a road trip (though not with good health; really soupy and headsick today, as it were). So, so many, from every angle and persuasion, primarily on the drive to Charleston but some on the way back, too. A bunch of strikingly precise and "perfectly synchronistic," albeit brief, one-word thought/reading/event synchros, such as hearing "play" on the radio precisely as my eyes fell across a passing roadsign reading "play," same with "45" and a speed limit sign, maybe a couple dozen of these throughout the course of the afternoon, to a surreal degree. Also, another bunch of vague-yet-there parallels between the book I started today ('Heaven is for Real') and my thoughts/feelings/actions, as with others days, for example: reading in the book how it felt like staying home would provide safety, etc, just minutes after I'd been thinking exactly that, and the child in the book fearing needles when I Just Happened to be getting the B12 injection today and had a flicker of needle-fear crop up just beforehand. Again, maybe a dozen or so like that, to the point that it all sort of gelled into another of those vague book-synchro-parallel themes I've observed.

The day's biggest and most striking, however, was also the least coherent, maybe not even a proper synchronicity. It started shortly after starting to Charleston, when I kept feeling a vague-but-distinct sense of repetition, like I'd driven through the areas before, as well as been on my way to get the B12 injection, etc, before. This happened in several instances/stretches of road, and then, from out of nowhere, the sense of familiarity spiked and intensified, until it became deja vu, down a particular stretch of road. This deja vu was unique from any that I've ever had, in the sense that not only did it seem to have those little "tremors" leading up to the full-out deja vu on that one stretch of road, but in that I could trace exactly where I'd experienced that road before: in a dream I had recently, sometime within the last few months. In the dream, the weather/time of day and daylight, and road and signs and "feel"/energy of it all was precisely like what I experienced driving through there; the only difference was that in the dream, I went back and forth along it several times, though in reality I just went through once. Maybe nothing, just odd memory, and perhaps not really a synchronicity, but damn it was so absolutely surreal, especially in the context of the whirlwind of thought/number synchros coming from every whichway.

Also along the lines of "maybe nothing, maybe not even a synchronicity," was that when I went and signed in on the sheet at the B12 clinic, two lines up was another Garrison ("Gabby Garrison"), which was only notable, really, in the sense that I just hardly ever encounter any other Garrisons, yet here was one who'd just signed in before me as a patient. Easily nothing, but I feel it bears mention for some reason. And, similarly, came across yet another "Country Club Road," where every city I've visited lately has had one (which I've always encountered in an oblique, random, unlikely way, such as tonight's being when I took a wrong turn and ended up in the middle of Charleston, and the road back home Just Happened to take me past Country Club Rd).

Did have some real standouts of the more traditional sort, as well, such as hearing "malfunction" on the radio precisely as the "check engine" light dinged on on my dashboard, perfectly synchronistic and so precise, and no way I could've orchestrated it on either front. Or, my thinking, at the end of another long, objective, complicated line of thought, of how my thinking was "fuzzy" (as I've been describing this particular headsickness), precisely as "warm fuzzies" came over the radio.


Not nearly so many today (then again, no roadtrip today), but did have a good number of subtles/numbers, as well as a couple striking standouts. First, "a light shines" sounding over the radio on a random CD (which I'd felt Compelled to have on then) precisely as my cellphone powered on, lighting up from my passenger's seat (it was dark, so the seat was certainly "shining"). And then, down the road, having it say "stars come out tonight" precisely as the sky's lone star came into view, emerging from where it had been hidden by my sun visor (this happening only because I'd hit a curve/dip in the road at just the precise vertical and horizontal angles, such that the star soon "disappeared" seconds later, making this all the more striking and notable from the necessary logistics, patternistic element, etc). So cool and surreal.


So many today, yet these were more standout-ish than subtle. Not quite of whirlwind/onslaught intensity, either, but just a steady stream of them (though they did coincide with my going out for the day/traveling/"moving", etc). The first was this morning, and might've been nothing: a recurrence of the motorcycle trike. This morning I'd randomly tried playing Warcraft for ~20 minutes, feeling Compelled to despite my not really wanting to do it/having the circulatory problems, etc, and in it the last quest I did had me jump into a trike motorcyle -- when I'd just felt Compelled to look up the trike last night (and had ignored it despite it being so insistent and strong and patternistic). Maybe nothing, but it just smacks of the whole recurrence thing, especially with the Compelling context thrown in. Then, a whole bunch of radio/thought/reading synchros this afternoon, such as "lot" coming over the radio perfectly synchronous with my thinking "which lot is that guy on?" at the end of a long and random chain of thought, and then "sentimental feeling" on the radio coming perfectly synchronous with my thinking, at the end of yet another objectively begun chain of thought (spurred by seeing a nearby woman), of how I was feeling mawkish and "sentimental," that word exactly. Maybe a dozen of that "flavor," and then, similarly, I'd felt Compelled to sit in my car outside Bay Naturals for a moment before leaving, to look after a car at the curb that the owner had carelessly left open and running (while having trouble getting what he was there for in Bay Naturals, as I'd seen inside), and precisely as I started my car but decided not to leave quite yet, the first words out of the radio were "suspicious activity," which was both highly imprecise from a literal standpoint, but perfectly precise from a thematic/archetypical standout, as I was sitting looking out for the "suspicious activity" that might surround a nice expensive car left literally open and running for the taking. Pretty surreal.

Also, had two more of those "vague sighting" recurrences that seem more and more to be an emerging pattern. First, I randomly saw a teal VW Vanagon today, which was exactly like the one I'd seen randomly on Craigslist this morning, from what I could tell the exact make, model, year, and color of it -- when the exact same thing had happened when I was in Charleston a couple days ago, also a Vanagon I'd seen randomly on Craigslist (though a different color). This is just like what's happened with maybe 3-4 other cars recently (one of them also a Vanagon, which wasn't just exactly like that on the internet, but the exact one, as identified by its license plate later -- or did I note that earlier?). Almost identically, in theme at least, I came across a motorcycle like that I'd Noticed so distinctly on the highway yesterday (and had thought of several times since, for no logical reason), this one parked at roadside in an area I hadn't even planned on going today. This is maybe the 10th-12th total time this basic recurrence has happened in the last couple weeks?

Also, a cool radio synchro, much like that one from a few years ago with the in-house pharmacy radios. I heard a "Feed the World" song randomly on the radio after leaving the gym, and it stood out to me, in that Noticing fashion. It played over the mile from the gym to the market, then finished right before I went inside. Then, as I entered the market, the exact same song was playing. Granted that it was a Christmas song and it's Christmastime, but still pretty unlikely. And now that I think of it, didn't I have some other radio synchro involving this song last year at this time?

And then, finally, a number of amusing standout number-repeats today, all of the 37/1137/307 variants, maybe a half-dozen total. Examples: again having my cellphone turn on at exactly 3:17, turning my MP3 player on when its time read exactly 17:03 (when this was the wrong time), and then randomly checking my MP3 player's song precisely as its track time ticked down to 3:37.


Once again, a day with a bunch of notables rather than a whirlwind/onslaught-type spike. Certainly an emerging pattern, it would seem. Started with a cool and precise thought/reading synchro at lunch, when I was thinking of how great I felt today after just a slight improvement in health, if only because I'd felt so nightmarishly bad yesterday -- 1-2 seconds before I read in the 'Wild' book the following passage or something to this effect, "I felt the best in my life then, after learning of how horrible I could feel on the trail." Again, another highly precise/imprecise one, being not literally what I was thinking much at all, yet perfectly from a thematic level. Also, I can 100% rule out subconscious reading-ahead, etc, because the thought of "I feel so great due to the contrast of feeling so bad yesterday" occurred just before I'd changed pages on the Kindle, with the corresponding passage in the first sentence (yet invisible when my thought had occurred). Then, a similar one a few minutes later, where I read "cinnamon brown" in the book a couple seconds after I'd had the thought of how the bowl of food I was eating was the brown of the bunch of cinnamon in it. This one, however, could be attributed to subconscious reading-ahead, because even though I can trace the objective/independent chain of thought that led to "my food is the brown of the cinnamon in it" (I was thinking, randomly but distinctly, of what I'd discovered about the appearance/color/arrangement of food and its effect on digestion, etc), the "cinnamon brown" was visible when I'd begun thinking it. This one could go either way.

A really cool animal symbolism/reading synchro this afternoon. I was in my car and had randomly looked at a piece of mail and seen how it read "222," which triggered the thought of the crow/22/duality symbolism, and then, maybe two seconds later (not perfectly synchronistic, but close), a shadow had fallen over me through the window: a crow, perched on my neighboring car, hopping just into where it would cast a shadow conspicuously in my line of sight. Very notable, if only on a subjective level.

Then, an equally cool and notable speech/radio synchro an hour or so later. While I was getting a massage from Val, she had random music playing in the background, and just when she randomly said, totally offhand and tangentially, "there were birds chirping," a bird chirped in the background music. It was notable enough in itself, but doubly so considering that there'd been no chirping before she said that. Damn surreal (and she thought so too, once I'd pointed it out).

The coolest of the day, however, was on the way home, when a star came into view through my windshield at the precise moment "a star, a star" came over the radio -- again. It was not only a highly precise, perfectly synchronistic, and hugely unlikely due to the logistics involved (once again, it was the one point on the road where this star, again the only in the sky, was visible, both due to the height of the road and its effect on my windshield/field of view, and also due to there being a "valley" of trees lining the road and obscuring the sky, such that that precise point at which the road both curved and raised and the trees parted at just the right way was that (single) star visible). Utterly surreal and notable in itself, but then, *it was exactly what had happened just Monday, on the way home from myofascial release.* Damn cool in so many ways.


Another day in that emerging trend of a predominance of coherent standouts instead of that surreal, onslaught-type of influx. First one was this morning, a really cool reading/event synchro. Precisely as I read "extra bubbles" in a random magazine I felt Compelled to read during the footbath, the bath's element audibly burbled up some bubbles. Notable in itself, but also when considering that it wasn't just "bubbles" that were indicated, but *extra* bubbles, which was exactly what came out of the footbath element (it had been streaming regular, small bubbles steadily throughout the session, with the odd little burp-like blast of bubbles every five minutes or so -- certainly what qualifies as "extra" bubbles). Plus, the timing was perfectly synchronous, etc. Made me laugh aloud. Then, this afternoon, a similar one, as notable and cool: precisely as Stephen said "finish" during our myofascial session, his timer chimed its distinctive "session over"/"time's up" noise. And, once again more notable when considering that he said "finish" not in regards to our session ending, but in a totally separate conversation we were having (which had nothing to do with our session ending -- entirely objective and indepedent like my chains of thought, as it were). Also, neither of us were facing the timer, so it couldn't have been subconscious suggestion even on his end. Also in this vein: while heading home and being followed by Calvin in the van this evening, I kept having to slow down and let him catch up, and one of the first times this happened, I thought "I'm pulling away from him" -- precisely as the song on the CD player said "pulls away," perfectly synchronistic. There were other, subtler ones in this vein too.

Also, yet another string of those amusingly conspicuous number repeats, again almost all involving 37 variants on the license plates of passing cars (though there were a couple clock-ticks and the like mixed in). For instance, my waiting on a long string of cars to pass before I could merge into traffic, and then when I finally did, the car I got behind would have a prominent 37 in the license plate (this happened at least twice that I can remember). One time this happened, the car made all the turns I made, and I stayed behind it for miles down the road. Also, a couple cars making U-turns and such in front of me, or cutting me off, etc. This has become another prominent pattern, it seems.

Then, to top it all off, two really cool and notable "ask and ye shall receives." First was the gotu kola supplement, which I'd had the thought to get a couple days ago, but had forgotten about it. Then, this morning at the health food store, I saw a bottle of ginkgo biloba, the other supplement I needed but had forgotten about, and so I grabbed it. Then, when I checked the label outside, this ginkgo supplement for some reason has gotu kola in it too (which I'd failed to notice when first reading the label, instead reading that ingredient as "ginkgo biloba leaf" instead of "gotu kola leaf," because it's common to have both the leaf and the extract -- but this one has just the ginkgo extract and the gotu kola leaf, despite its frontside label saying nothing about gotu kola, only "GINKGO Standardized"). It also bears mentioning that I had the chance to buy some ginkgo last night, but felt illogically Compelled not to -- and felt equally Compelled to get the one I did this morning, both of these illogical contexts/Compellings patternistic of past incidents. Very cool. And then, even cooler and as notable, I'd thought, very distinctly, this morning of how I'd like to get an epsom salt bath. Then, maybe 2-3 hours later, Beth surprised me with a little bag of bath salts, as a Christmas present (I think; I can't think of any other reason she would possibly just give me something like that, never having given me free extras after a session before, in all the times I've seen her). The first ingredient: epsom salts.


Once again, a barrage of new activity coinciding perfectly with my traveling/driving for long periods ("road work"/"travel"-type synchro, new term), but again not of that whirlwind/onslaught type I used to get, now in that emerging trend of just a bunch of standout, coherent incidents (though am still having lots of subtles/stray number-repeats in the "background" of thoughts, etc). A reasonably notable reading/book recurrence at lunchtime. This morning, I'd had the vague-but-distinct thought of how iodine can be used to treat water, totally randomly and for the first time in months or years, and then, a couple hours later while reading the 'Wild' book, it mentioned exactly that, the woman devoting a couple passages to how and how long it takes for iodine to purify water. Could be coincidence, surely, but as easily not.

A really cool and notable recurrence this evening. Started just yesterday when I'd come upon a dirt bike with a Geico logo on Craigslist, and both noticed and Noticed it, with it being the first I've ever seen a Geico logo on a bike (plastered there like a Monster logo, oddly), and Noticed it in that distinct but illogical fashion, etc. Then, today, of course I came out of the random place I'd stopped at to use the bathroom and there, in the back of a truck, was a nearly identical dirt bike with a Geico logo -- a kind of double recurrence, fitting in with that string of "see it on Craigslist and then the same or nearly identical vehicle randomly in real life, in some conspicuous way" and in just a traditional, "see it for the first time and then shortly thereafter" fashion. And, of course, I'd felt Compelled to stop at this place and pee in particular, despite really needing to pee long beforehand and passing up other places (and, equally so, the fact that I'd actually gone into the CVS next door at first, but found they didn't have a bathroom, so I'd gone to the neighboring Wendy's, where I therefore saw the truck and the Geico bike).

A really cool standout, three-way thought/radio/event synchro. I passed the Living Waters church on the way out of SC, and I took notice because, just yesterday morning, I'd found a card for this church randomly in the trash bin at the gas station, and it had Lept Out at me/Nagged me in Compelling/Noticing fashion until I'd taken it out and read "Living Waters" church. Then, precisely as I passed the church and read its sign and had the thought "That's the church I'd just picked up the card for yesterday," when the radio sang out "water" on some random song.

Standout, classical radio synchro: right as I'd passed a sign reading "young world," the radio sang out "young," so perfectly synchronous I had to take note, despite the one-word shallowness of it. Also, similarly: "lift you up," precisely as the gate lifted for the drawbridge, right in front of me. Damn surreal, that one.

Also, a kind of quasi-synchro/vague-but-notable "ask and ye shall receive"-type this evening. Totally randomly, I'd decided not to eat my packed dinner, instead opting for some mung bean sprouts, requiring me to buy them somewhere. As randomly, I stopped off at a Food Lion and, lo and behold, they not only had the mung sprouts, but organic ones, the only place anywhere I'd ever seen organic mung sprouts, and literally the only piece of organic produce they had on offer. Could've just been coincidence, but it all just had that coherent, directed "feel" of an "ask and ye shall receive" (I had had the thought of, first, if they'd even have such a thing at such a low-price store, and then, two, that I'd like to start eating a 100% organic diet). Also notable is the fact that I'd thought the Food Lion I'd stopped at was another one, farther down the road, but this one had ended up not being that one, yet I'd stopped there anyway -- a perfection-in-imperfection, surely, though maybe all too subjective to really be notable.


Today was much like yesterday, a non-onslaught onslaught of standouts and coherent background subtles/number-repeats, albeit with slightly more number repeats today, and as many in conspicuous/amusing fashion.

One recurrence standout this afternoon at lunch. I'd been seeing the gamecocks symbol a ton lately, with it always Standing Out to me in Noticing fashion/coming in conspicuous ways in number-repeat fashion, and then today when I went to eat my lunch at Stickboy's, I felt Compelled toward a certain parking space, despite being parked nearby when going into Bare Essentials beforehand, and wouldn't you know, the very space in parked in was directly across from a car with a front license plate with the gamecocks symbol, such that I saw it all through my lunch. Back in SC, it was easy to attribute the many gamecocks sightings to chance (ignoring the Compelling/Noticing/conspicuous aspects and context of it, at least), but up here in NC, not nearly so plentiful, and thus notable.

Also, a cool, classical thought/reading synchro: right as I was thinking of how I was reteaching myself to breathe properly, etc, my eyes fell over the spine of book entitled 'Breathing Lessons,' perfectly synchronously. And, of course, I can trace my thoughts of "reteaching myself to breathe" back to a long, independent chain of thought, which had started with my simply having trouble with the new, proper breathing and, thus, thinking "I'm reteaching myself, so it's no big deal if I can't do it right yet."

Another classical radio/thought standout: after I'd taken a deep breath and felt it hit my chest in that good, rare way, the radio sang out "feel it in my chest," perfectly synchronistic. And, again, gains notability given that 1) nothing in the song had said that beforehand (it wasn't a refraining chorus or something, that is), and 2) I'd had that thought for a 100% objective reason, because I'd taken a good, proper deep breath and had it enter my chest as it's supposed to (and for the first time today, as it were, coinciding perfectly with that random lyric on a song I'd never heard before ...).

And, the biggie, potentially. While eating in the Stickboy parking lot today, I'd seen a parked, empty car get hit, and the driver driving off without leaving a note, so I'd felt a duty to leave a note with the other driver's license plate number and such, since there was visible damage to the parked car. Afterward, I'd had the thought, "I wonder who owns that Impreza that got hit." Then, about four hours later, after I'd done a whole bunch of stuff and then headed to the bank for the deposits, as I was turning out, what do I see but an Impreza, coming directly toward me, such that I got a good look at it. If it wasn't the one that got hit, it was of the exact same make/model/approximate year/color, and it was coming right from the Stickboy parking lot, which sits right next to the bank I was leaving. I can't say for sure, since I wasn't able to see the side of it that got hit and damaged, but the chances are good, and besides, it all smacks of classical "have a vague thought/desire/question that gets answered in some fashion soon after." Notable, I think.

Then, so many 37 + variants number repeats today, just a mind-blowing number, and almost all of them conspicuous, way too many to list (all very coherent and notable, I just literally couldn't stop and write them all down). The clincher was that, after maybe two dozen of these slamming me throughout the day, when I went to the library to use the computer and went to the little basket for the little slips of paper where the pass numbers are kept, the one on the very top was pass number "307." Haha. Beautiful.


Today was much like last couple, still in that "whole whole bunch of standout singles rather than the older-style whirlwind/onslaught"-type "flavor" of incidents. Very distinct to me now. Today, however, was mostly characterized by the most insanely high amount of number repeats ever, almost all of them the classic 37/307/1137 variants and almost all on license plates, and almost all insanely conspicuous and could not possibly be explained as any subjective/psychological bias on my part. It was again cases of cars cutting me off, turning into my line of sight, my attention being drawn objectively to a certain area/space to see a conspicuous 37, etc, etc -- the same old thing, except just even more of it, when I'd been having tons of it to begin with. Utterly, utterly surreal, beyond living-dream in a way. Lunch was the funnest: while eating and reading, I kept having my attention diverted randomly to the road, sometimes for not even the vaguest reason at all, not even just to move my neck, etc -- but nearly every time I'd look up, a car with a 37-variant license plate would drive into my field of vision, and of course every single one of these couldn't possibly be explained any way, since they were all coming from my left and entirely invisible to me until they passed (and, likewise, it was always the *first* car coming when I'd look up, not like I'd sit there seeing several pass until a 37 came). And, as patternistic of these past type of incidents, I played the "game" with it, where every time I tried to look up and make it happen, no 37, but then when I just let it go and let my attention be drawn intuitively and illogically to the road while going about my lunch, bam, there would be a 37, regular as a clock, and this happened no less than maybe a dozen times just in the space of lunch alone, not counting the drive back to SC, where it happened another couple dozen times. Good God. Just insane with the 37s today. Feels that something significant has happened (you see more signs for an attraction the closer you get to it, yes?).

And, mixed in with the crazy numer-repeats, plenty of standalone incidents too, in that non-onslaught fashion of the last couple days. One cool one this morning, a radio-type incident with a twist: when I'd come out of the tag office and started backing out, a passing woman started directing me out, and I'd lowered my window and we'd talked briefly, and I'd told her (illogically and because of confusion, it bears mentioning) that the enormous, full-size truck I was driving was a rental that they'd given me in place of the small car I'd reserved. Simultaneously, the song "Mother Trucker" by James Taylor came on the CD player, with the lyrics "I'm a truck-driving man" or something to that effect coming on almost perfectly synchronistically with my telling the woman, objectively in regards to our conversation, about how I was, as it were, a "truck-driving man." Really notable, and cool, especially with its illogical/confused context.

A classical recurrence: right after I'd randomly thought to stop at the upcoming Goodwill in Lenoir, an oncoming Goodwill truck appeared on the highway (from around a bend/hill in the road, I should say, invisible to me when I'd had the thought). Not quite "perfectly synchronistic," this one, with a few second gap in between, but still pretty precise and notable, if one-dimensional.

And another cool standout at lunch: yesterday, all during my lunch at Stickboy, there had been a distinctive yellow Mini Cooper car parked next to me, with distinctive checkered mirror-backs (custom, I'd think), and I'd noticed it predominantly because I kept seeing it every time I looked up to see if the owner of that Impreza came back so I could get up with the owner and tell them it had been hit. Then, today while having lunch at Local Lion, about halfway through, what should show up but either that same yellow-and-checkered Mini Cooper or one exactly like it (despite this being across town). Definitely a "same Mini Cooper at lunchtime" archetype there, though it could conceivably just be a coincidence (if I didn't have these things happen so damn often now, at least ...).

And, of course, so, so many others. Just couldn't note them all, lest I spend all day writing notes instead of driving. Head's spinning.


Much like yesterday in all respects, including that curious onslaught of 37 variants (again, mostly on license plates and always conspicuous and notable). Not quite as many as yesterday, maybe ~50 instead of 100 (then again, I didn't travel quite as much or as feverously today -- contributing factor?). One really cool standout, number-repeat-wise, was just outside Columbia, when, first, I came upon an exit for "Percival Rd, Highway 12" precisely as I was thinking something along those lines, in that subjective Percival/Grail/12-12 theme, at that point a thought synchro of sorts; and then, when I randomly turned off the highway for lunch, I actually came upon Percival Rd and its sign had a prominent "12 West and 12 East" undersign, lending an outright 12/12 to it. And then, when I went to check my directions on my phone after lunch, I had a clock-tick repeat, its clock going from 1:20 to 1:21 (12/12 variant) precisely as I turned it on, and then, once I checked my directions, it had me getting off the highway at exit 212. Haha.

A highly notable and precise thought/radio/sign standout: hearing "risk your health for me" on the radio, perfectly synchronous with my thinking almost exactly that, in regards to the lover/merkaba theme. Also, a two-part one on the way home tonight from Charleston, even more notable: right as I came upon a freshly crashed car/accident and almost ran into a spray of broken glass/car debris and had to slam on my brakes and stop short, thereby stopping several cars behind me, "can't stop the traffic" sounded on the radio (though, oddly, I *did* stop the traffic; perhaps only the "stop the traffic" was the relevent reflection/synchronous manifest?). And then, minutes afterward right down the road was a second crash, and precisely as I came upon it and saw that it was indeed a second crash (and had time to think "crash," as it were), "crash and burn" sounded on the radio. Surreal.

And, of course, a great many lesser-but-coherent thought synchros and the like. One thing I've noticed: a continuance of those speed-limit-sign-type synchros, where I'll have a radio/thought echo of the sign's number precisely as I come across it, and again always in conspicuous, objective ways that couldn't just be suggestion. Happened about three times that I remember today, always exactly the same in manner, with a 45 and a 60 and a 50 if I remember right. Definitely a new type/flavor.


A downturn of overall incidents today, though still in the same basic "flavor" of the last couple days, including both the onslaught of 37 variants and a few other number-repeats, plus the steady stream of standout thought/reading/radio-type synchros.

The coolest standout came as I drove the van for the first time. Right as I stopped at the road at the park's driveway, I thought, first, of how I was now in a twenty-year-old used van after just driving the brand new rental truck, and how I was now back to being a "commoner"/everyday Joe Schmoe-type. Immediately as I thought that, an oncoming car appeared, this too a "commoner" vehicle, probably as old and with some paint imperfections, etc, and so I felt I felt a sort of camaraderie with the driver and their car -- and then, a split second after these two things happened, the song "Working Man" started on the radio. Note that, though not quite perfectly synchronistic (maybe a half-second gap in there), the timing actually added notability, since the song starting only after the thought/car ruled out any sort of suggestion/trigger, etc.

Also, some especially amusing number-repeats, such as another gas-pump-type one, where not only was I Compelled to select a certain pump (from a selection of several; the station was empty but for me) which turned out to have a "773" on the readout from the last customer, but when I pumped my few dollars of gas to get the rental car where it needed to be, the gallons came to 2.703 (also bears mentioning that I'd originally planned to get just four dollars worth of gas, but felt Compelled, also, to put in five, hence bringing the gallons to that exact figure). Randomly bought a bottle of cheap sunflower oil at the grocery store today, again without planning it and after forgetting to get it for a while, and it was priced at exactly 3.07 (not with tax, but the actual sale price, the first I've ever seen such an odd price in a grocery store, that I can remember -- why not 2.99 or 3.09 or something of that nature?). A pretty cool one: Just Happened to have a school bus numbered with not one but several of the repeats as it went through an intersection, and then, later on after dropping off the rental truck and then being driven back home by the Enterprise guy and then doing some stuff and taking the van back out, I stopped at a light, and that very same bus pulled up alongside me (and eventually passed, so that I saw its number again).

Plus, one from a few days ago that I remembered only today. A classical vague-thought recurrence: on the way up north on Sunday, I'd had the distinct but illogical and random thought of the eye place I'd gotten my glasses from, after not thinking of them for many months or longer. Then, once I got to Boone and Dad gave me my mail, there was a postcard advertisement from the eye place (the only I'd ever received from them, for a Christmas special or something).


Another downturn today, though certainly no shortage of the usual stuff, still in that same "format" as the last few days. Standouts:

Another classical thought/radio synchro, where "problems you don't want to talk about" sang on the radio precisely as I was thinking of problems I didn't want to talk about with my family. Very precise and notable.

Cool one after myofascial, when Stephen said "release tension," offhand in our conversation, perfectly synchronous with that muscle in my lower-left gut releasing its tension the way it periodically does (yet hadn't done for hours ...). As notable.

Really neat vague-recurrence/reading-type synchro at lunch, pretty unique too. While I was sitting on the veranda at Starbucks and eating and reading, a Navy-blue Rolls-Royce pulled up, making a show of it and stirring some conversation when the owner walked by into Starbucks. Then, about 10 minutes later, the 'Lost City of Z' book randomly mentioned how one of its subjects had "a blue Rolls-Royce." This one wasn't overly precise, and was a pretty barebones recurrence of the "blue Rolls-Royce" theme, nor was the timing at all perfectly synchronous; though, I still find it pretty notable, considering the patternistic fashion and also that it was the first I can remember ever seeing a Rolls-Royce in person, as well as the first that the book had mentioned its Rolls-Royce (and the last time, at this point in my reading it).

Also during lunch: reading "a curious whistling noise" precisely as I heard just that from the nearby parking lot. Hugely notable, both in timing and precision. Never did find out what caused the noise, and it was certainly odd and distinctive -- every bit "curious."

While paying in Starbucks, a classic radio/thought synchro: "five-and-ten" coming over the radio precisely as I decided upon a ten-dollar bill and pulled it out of my wallet, my thought of "I'll use the ten" and the radio's "ten" coinciding perfectly synchronistically, etc.


Even more of a downturn today, mostly just subtles/less-conspicuous number-repeats. Did have one standout on the way home, another radio/thought synchro: "so bright" coming over the radio, precisely as a car with exceedingly bright headlights hit my rearview mirror at the right angle and made me think exactly "so bright" (or maybe it was "too bright," but pretty precise, in any case). Seemed to coincide with a downturn in health/energy today, as well.


Even fewer total incidents today, relatively quiet (the lull/contraction of some kind of cycle? lunar perhaps? maybe some sort of personal synchronistic/energetic biorhythm-type of cycle?). Really all I remember were the usual background static of subtles/numbers along with a few coherent thought/reading synchros at lunchtime, starting with my reading "Brazil" precisely when I was thinking about the Brazil nut I was just then biting into (a pretty notable one, since the two coincided perfectly synchronistically, etc).

Also, had another of those new timer-type quasi-synchros, where my reading/castor oil pack timer went off precisely as I finished where I'd planned to stop reading anyway, this time at the very end of a whole book. Also, this caused me to remember another one of these types of incidents, from two days ago if I remember right. Another emerging pattern it would seem.


Slight uptick in incidents over yesterday, but still relatively quiet, without even too many subtles/numbers today in particular. Did have a few standout thought/reading/radio synchros, all coming together it seemed, in about an hour "block" just after getting acupuncture this afternoon. Most notably, right as I pulled up behind a moped, in a hurry, I thought begrudingly "I'll have to slow down," precisely as "got to slow down" sang over the radio, perfectly synchronistic. Similarly, a repeat of the one I had while going down Blowing Rock Road the other day, where right as I took a deep breath and did it "right," as to have it shoot up into my heart/chest and make me. This time, I thought "that one got to my heart," precisely as "making it through to your heart" sang over the radio, again perfectly synchronistic and highly precise and notable. Then, a similar-but-different one on the way home, where an ad for a restaurant came on the radio, talking about dinners, precisely as my eyes fell on the "dinner" on a passing sign advertising a restaurant. At that point, this wasn't a synchronicity, though it definitely *felt* like one, having that whole "nuministic" air to it -- yet there was no real synchronicity there, and I had the thought, "Now why does this feel so much like a synchronicity when there's nothing there, really." Precisely as I thought this, still moving in my van, the word "special" came over the radio, precisely as the word "special" came into view on the sign I was looking at (emerging from behind another sign), as to coincide perfectly synchronistically, etc (and, interestingly, the "special" in the radio ad wasn't in the same context as the "special" on the sign, the first being in the adjective form and the second being in the restaurant-style noun form, despite the ad advertising a restaurant -- yet they coincided perfectly, another "what's the nature of the synchronicity" study).


Not many overall incidents today, despite traveling again. Did have an uptick corresponding with travel, however, though these were mostly just subtles and numbers and some standouts, as seems to be the non-onslaught trend as of late. The first was another quasi-synchronicity this morning, more classical ESP-type phenomenon than the usual synchronistic fare. All yesterday, I'd been having vague, random, but distinct thoughts of a flat tire, despite having no logical reason to think of a flat tire (I'd run over nothing I knew of, nor read of a flat tire anywhere, or anything like that; in fact, hadn't had a flat in nearly ten years or so). Then, this morning, after madly rushing to set off for the north to get to Sandy's appointment, I had a flat tire. Possibly just an unlikely coincidence, giving the simplicity of it; but then, given the patternistic format of it, certainly notable in one way or another. Also of the quasi-synchronistic, there Just Happened to be a AAA driver already in the resort complex when I called AAA to help put on my spare -- and the man was even there for another flat tire. As it were, literally a minute after I hung up the phone with the first AAA person, I got the callback telling me there was already a driver there and he'd be along in just a few minutes, which he was. I had my new spare on not twenty minutes after discovering the flat and calling AAA, quite miraculously.

A cool thought-type synchro this afternoon at lunch. Right after I was thinking of how I needed to get to Pilot Mountain for Sandy's appointment and my hotel and such, I heard a beep and looked up from eating my lunch -- and there was a truck pulling by my windshield, its door reading "Pilot Mountain, NC," directly on my line of vision (the driver had beeped to get someone out of his way, I guess, though I didn't see anything -- also so patternistic of these, something grabbing my attention conspicuously). This one, also, could've been another unlikely coincidence, since the timing wasn't at all "perfectly synchronistic" (heard the beep maybe 2-3 minutes after thinking "Pilot Mountain"), though it was still relatively close, and also there's the unlikliness of my encountering anything Pilot Mountain at the time, being down in the middle of SC.

Reasonably notable thought synchro standout: "tie me down" on the radio, precisely as I was thinking of how I didn't want to be tied down in a relationship.

A reasonably notable recurrence: low-heat-filtered whey protein. Just last night, I'd read, once again totally randomly while Googling something altogether different (as is so patternistic of these), of how quality whey protein is filtered at low heat. Then, this morning, I'd gotten my belated package from Pure Formulas, in it the sampler packet of whey protein -- which stated, explicitly in its ingredients, how it was low-heat filtered (when I don't think I've ever seen such an ingredient listing say anything other than "whey protein isolate" or whatever). Notable in itself, but then moreso given the patternistic logistics of this, namely that I should've gotten the package yesterday afternoon, as I have literally every single other USPS package I've ever gotten, except for some reason this one was delivered to the front office like a UPS/Fedex package, and I got home after they'd closed, thus forcing me to get the package today and, therefore, making the whole recurrence thing that much more notable (since my random Google search thus came *before* I'd seen the low-heat whey packet, etc).

A minor but cool reading recurrence: the HeartMath Institute. Recently, maybe two weeks ago, I'd seen this place advertised in a local magazine, and felt Compelled to look it up, despite having no real interest or reason to do so. Then, today in the 'Indigo Children' book, which I'd picked up so randomly (and, likewise, started reading so randomly a couple days ago), it mentioned this same place. The timing was pretty drawn out and by no means "fast"/synchronistic, but then again, still relatively close, considering I'd never before heard of this place, and my being Compelled to look it up as is so patternistic, and the randomness of it all.

Also, a very vague and unique one that might be nothing. Today I had two things happen: first, what seemed to be symptoms of my van's fuel pump dying, when I pulled out of an intersection right by the I-95 on-ramp, and then, second, a freshly dead dog alongside the road along a certain stretch of I-74. Interestingly, they both smacked of previous trips up there in those parts: when, first, my RV's fuel pump had died, right by the I-95 on-ramp, literally almost exactly where my van's seemed to struggle today, and then, on a separate trip, when I saw the dog get hit so violently along what, if I remember correctly, was not only I-74 but almost that exact stretch where I saw the dead dog today (perhaps *the* exact stretch, though there were no landmarks around so I can't really be sure). The fuel pump one was reasonably notable in itself (though, as of writing, my van's fuel pump hasn't died), but the two together, of such vague-but-distinct themes, come together to create another sort of meta-synchro, upping notability a little.


An overall downtick in incidents today, though with an uptick in subtles and the like, as to bring about a generally surreal air to the day. Had a minor but notable reading-type of incident this morning. While reading of "Soma Neuromuscular" therapy in the 'Indigo Children' book, I started thinking, through the first paragraph, how the combination therapy seemed to be just like what I'd "accidentally on purpose" been doing lately with the combination myofascial release/conscious body reshaping/new-pattern "therapy" that's come about in recently weeks, which made me think "I wonder if they do myofascial release in this program, and if it's something similar in goal to what I'm doing?" -- just before, in the next paragraph, it mentioned how they integrate myofascial release into their Soma treatment, and that it apparently does indeed work something similar to what I've Just Happened to begin doing "accidentally" lately. This one was a two-fold synchro, really, since it was a general, non-instant recurrence in my reading of this similar therapy that I've just started doing independently on my own, classical-recurrence-style, and then, secondly, a short-term thought-synchro-type recurrence in my wondering about the myofascial just before reading of it and getting my answer (again, I'd chalk this up to subconscious reading-ahead suggestion, since the "myofascial" was visible to me on the page as I was thinking this, except I can so clearly trace back the objective, indepedent chain of thought which led to me genuinely wondering about the treatment's myofascial aspect, etc). Pretty notable, and cool.

Did have a spurt of onslaught, living-dream-type incidents just after lunch while at the little thrift store I'd felt Compelled to visit. After a long stream of too-personal/subjective subtles, I had a weird one where I saw an upside-down "Route 66" sign from which the 66, which read as 99, Jumped Out at me, as to be Noticed, and then, a split second later, the lady in the store turned around and her shirt had a big "99" on it, so that there was this sort of split-second, double-"99" "attack." Then, a minute or so later, another perfectly synchronistic reading/thought/radio-type synchro: precisely as I read "windstream" on an electronic gadget, the nearby TV said "stream," coinciding perfectly with my reading the "stream" part of the "windstream." Not highly complex, but so perfectly timed as to still be highly notable, especially for me in the moment (damn surreal).


An odd day: a huge uptick of subtles/numbers, to the point of being surreal/living-dream, but almost no real standouts (unless you count the insane number of "lesser," single-word thought/reading/event/radio synchros, of which there had to be ... dozens? all corresponding with my miraculous/disastrous return-travel to Boone in the van). Another "wow"-type day, but of a sinister flavor. Still wow though.


Day started out quiet, but eventually had another of those huge upticks of subtles like yesterday, again to the point of surreal/living-dream levels, however still mostly too subtle/personal/subjective to have many standouts. One came this morning, another of those quasi-synchros/maybe-ESP types, this one with my having the totally random yet distinct thought to text Rebecca "Merry Christmas." I know the time I thought this, almost exactly 8:57, because I looked at the hotel room's microwave clock just after, when I'd climbed out of bed, and it read 8:58. Then, a couple minutes later, I checked my cellphone and there was a text from Rebecca, sent at 8:57, reading "Merry Christmas." Haha.

Then, at lunch, a classical reading/speech synchro: precisely as I randomly read "charge" (can't even remember what it was on, some piece of brickabrack on the dinner table it seems like), my dad said "charge" from nearby, totally offhand and independently, etc.


Another of those days with a whole ton of subtles/number repeats triggered by afternoon travels, today to Pilot Mountain and back to Boone. Once again, so, so many, and so many of them highly notable, just too personal/subtle/"small" but no less there, again to surreal levels. Tons of conspicuous number-repeats, too, almost exclusively of 37s, and very many of them two-three bangers, where I'd see one, then another or even a third in quick and notable succession. Head spinning. Wow.

Really the only coherent standout was at lunch, when a total stranger named Carolyne approached me while reading outside Higher Grounds, asked me what I was reading, then proceeded to have a little conversation about books and such. Afterward, I was left curiously aglow with the joy of simple human contact from this person, and then, once I resumed reading, the very first sentence I resumed at mentioned the benefits of human contact specifically, and then went on about this subject for several pages, all of it describing more or less perfectly just what I was feeling after talking to this person, such that, vague and imprecise/nonspecific as it was beyond that, it was still pretty notable, "circumstantially" speaking. So cool.


Another day like the last few, a living-dream onslaught of that latest "flavor"/theme of tons and tons of subtles/number repeats/things just too personal/subjective/thematic to transcribe. Did have a few standouts. At lunch, a classic reading synchro: me reading "exercise" precisely as Dad said that, independently and to someone else, perfectly synchronistic (maybe a dozen or so one-word incidents like this today). Some really cool conspicuous 37s, such as my making an odd turn in the Earthfare parking lot this morning because I felt it necessary to avoid a pedestrian who seemed oblivious, maybe drunk or something, and because of that, I went down a blind alley -- and had to stop directly behind a van with a 7311 license plate (and then, when I finally got the library, where I was going, I had to sit out in my car for a few minutes before they opened for the day -- and here comes that same man I'd had to avoid, a kind of recurrence in himself, haha). Also, saw the Star Wars movie, totally randomly and spontaneously, and there were several conspicuous 37s in it (such as on the girl's helmet, and other prominent-yet-random scenes/circumstances). And, yesterday at church, I forgot to mention several conspicuous 37 repeats like these, such as the church's offering income being exactly $37,510 or some such other predominant repeat (375 has been a common one recently), and then immediately telling of another offering income that was something like $33,751. Heh. Wish I could just remember/list all these, maybe record my brain/perceptions, haha.


Again many subtles/number repeats, and these correlating with travel down to Winston way, but not nearly so many as last couple days (though certainly in this same vein). One cool standout was a reading/thought synchro at lunch, where, in the '90 Minutes in Heaven' book, as I finished a page I had the thought of "That sounds like he was entering a portal," or something to that effect, in answer to what I was reading in the book -- and then, on the very next page, a new chapter, the heading was "Portal of the Folded Wings," not only literally precise but also factually/contextually relevant to my thoughts of "portal," etc. Highly notable and cool. Many conspicuous/prominent 37 repeats today, too, including a cool sort of four-way one where, precisely as I passed the 1137 mile marker on highway 40 towards Winston, I passed two cars with 1137 or some variant plates, and also the trip odometer on my car ticked to "127.3" precisely as these others were happening. Surreal.

Plus a pretty amusing receipt/37-repeat-type synchro at the very end of the day. Felt Compelled to go to a Holiday Inn (and only got there after taking a "wrong" turn and getting quasi-lost, etc) and stay there despite bloated rates, etc, and the grand total (after my AAA discount and haggling) came to exactly $103.73 with tax.


Again, very similar overall to yesterday, in both onslaught of subtles, repeats, etc, in afternoon, and of the same hard-to-describe "flavor." Had more amusingly conspicuous 37-repeat standouts, such as: being unable to find bottled water in the overly cheap market I'd felt Compelled to go to, only to find the one type of bottle in the store (labeled "For Babies" for some reason), which, when I picked it up, was imprinted with a prominent "7:31"; Noticing that I'd just flipped from page 137 in the 'Flight to Heaven' book, then immediately seeing, at the top of the very next page, "37 November" (37 11 sort of), perfectly synchronistic; being Compelled to, first, stop a hotel for the night instead of pushing on the rest of the way to the beach despite it being just a couple hours away, then, second, being Compelled to a certain hotel I saw (despite it being visibly cheap and a bit rundown), only to find its street address was 307, and then, after renting a room, finding the receipt's timestamp to be exactly "17:33" (5:33), haha; plus an amusing little series of clock 37s just now, first when I got up this morning, unable to sleep (oddly wakeful) and put on my computer at 3:07, and then turned on my cellphone to do internet work on there at exactly 3:37, and then, upon putting in its password and such, having its clock tick to 3:38 exactly after I saw its 3:37, haha. Had a minor recurrence this afternoon, when I once again felt Compelled to park in a certain spot at the random gym I went to in Rockingham, which put me directly behind a car with the John 3:16 scripture on it, which I Noticed (twice, getting there and then after working out), and then, about an hour later, that same scripture was printed (randomly and a bit oddly) in the 'Flight to Heaven' book -- maybe nothing, this one, but still reasonably notable, considering I'd not read seen that scripture anywhere else for some time, as it so happened. Another, similarly minor recurrence too, and similar in content: in the 'Flight to Heaven' book, the author mentioned how he'd opened a Bible at a random passage in order to get an answer to his prayer/a relevant message, when I'd felt Compelled to do just that when putting the sticker in the Gideon Bible in the hotel room just ~30 minutes before reading it -- another maybe-nothing, maybe-something one. Also, one that I honestly can't remember in detail, but had a written a note for: "make the drive," seems like it was a radio/thought synchro of some kind. Just so many to remember. Maybe it'll come back to me.

Also worth mentioning, had several more of those multiple-37 repeats, where, if I remember right, I passed more 37-license-plate cars right as I passed another 37 sign or mile marker or something. In any case, was about 2-3 more of these, which seems to be another emerging pattern.


One from the other day that I'm just now unearthing the note of: another quasi-"ask and ye shall receive," once again involving fresh-brewed coffee. I went over to Stickboy for one, but they were closed, and so I went over to Bare Essentials nearby, intent on their non-fresh drip coffee, thinking vaguely, "It would be nice to have some fresh coffee" -- and then, when I got in there and went to squirt some from the urn, it was on its last dregs, empty. Thus the owner saw, and promptly brewed up some fresh. And not only that, but I had some shopping to do in the meantime anyway, and precisely as I finished getting what I needed, the new coffee was brought out, and I was the first to fill my cup -- as fresh as drip coffee could've been. Really cool, in all respects.

As for today, a bit of a downturn overall from yesterday in terms of overall incidents, though still in the same vein of those regular significant-but-only mildly coherent subtles/number repeats, etc. Had one standout reading/sign/radio synchro that I wrote down, where the random CD sang out "Scion" precisely as I passed a sign reading "Zion" -- another of those "perfectly imprecise yet precise" ones, it would seem, unless it was just a coincidence (which I doubt, given the patternistic element/perfectly synchronistic timing, etc.).

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