Synchronicity log for 2016


An uptick in general today, with more activity in all areas. Some pretty cool conspicuous "cute"/intelligent-type 37 standouts, all of similar feel, such as when I passed a mailbox numbered 187 with a branch covering part of the 8 just so it read as a 3 as I passed, thus #137, and likewise, when I randomly stopped at a gas station and used its urinal only to find it with a half-torn sticker on the handle with a partial phone number that started with 1317, and another of those receip-type ones where I totally randomly went into a store and totally randomly bought stuff I had no intention of buying, only to have it total up to $13.72. Also, twice today I felt Compelled in traffic to slow down and let a car pass, only to have its passing reveal its 377-ending license plate, these interemixed with the usual wash of 37s on license plates (and, notably, not on separate stickers and the like as was the trend yesterday).

Cool music-type one at the gym, when "it swung" sang from my MP3 player precisely as I began swinging side to side while hanging on the bar (when, previously, I'd been distinctly twisting on it, as to loosen my hips before swinging to loosen my obliques, etc). Again, perfectly synchronistic, etc.

Then, coolest and most "striking" of all was when "aeroplane" sang randomly from the radio precisely as I rounded the bend on Farrow Parkway and came upon the memorial airplane parked alongside the road in front of the air force musuem or whatever that is there -- really damn precise and synchronistic, as well as with a big, visual "wow" factor, that same "visceral" element that's become patternistic of these, with the plane's perfectly synchronistic appearance feeling to "shout" at me in concert with the radio's lyric.


General downturn today, as was yesterday, though did have an interesting and somewhat unique theme through the day: several incidents of various kinds that all could've been subconscious suggestion and the like, though still "felt" very synchronistic, and all of them in the same fashion. It started at lunch when I had two reading-type ones like this, almost back to back: first when I had a random thought of the okra/pepsin supplement I'd taken just before starting lunch, and then, a couple lines down, I read "okra" in the 'Knives at Dawn' book, but the thing is that, unlike almost all others in this vein, I couldn't trace the original thought of okra to a big, objective train of previous, independent thoughts, such that it could very well have been a textbook case of my subconsciously reading ahead and being subtly triggered into thinking "okra" by the word (though, to be fair, this might very well not have been the case, just not enough evidence either way); and then, minutes later, I came upon the word "soup" in my reading, but in my mind I originally read it as "soap" -- when, precisely then, a nearby stranger said "soap." And again, it all happened so fast and so subtly and synchronistically that I can't really be sure that the nearby stranger's saying soap didn't just make me misread the word, rather than my misreading synchronistically coinciding with her saying soap. Then, however, I had one that broke this pattern, when I had one of those big long objective trains of thought end with my thinking of checking my email for a response from the eBay guy I'd just mailed earlier, a split second before a nearby stranger said "email," and this I am 100% sure followed that same pattern of other such incidents, where the stranger saying "email" happen just enough after my thought that I could be sure I hadn't been influenced into thinking it, yet close enough to be perfectly synchronistic, etc.

But then, this evening, it fell back into that pattern of "half-there"/maybe-coincidence ones, with a series of incidents that could've gone either way. Examples: when I was walking through the Publix parking lot and had the thought that I'd like to see a Jeep Cherokee up close so that I could see how big the rear was, precisely as I realized I was walking directly towards one, parked with its back facing me as if to precisely answer the thought I'd just had -- but that same conspicuous placement just as easily could've subconsciously influenced me to think the original thought. But then, when I went to look into the Jeep's rear, peering through its back window, had one that did indeed seem objective, when a nearby stranger said "in the rear window" precisely as I peered into the rear window (and, simultaneously, had the subtle thought of "I'm peering into this person's rear window as if I'm contemplating stealing the car," or something along those lines -- so was the stranger's words echoing my act of looking in or my thought or both?).

As far as numbers, was relatively quiet today, though did have another, sudden little "cluster" just after leaving the shopping center in Shallotte, all at once after a conspicuous "silence" all day. Started with a random-parking-lot duo, when, first, I realized I'd randomly parked right beside yet another 37 LP (a straight-up 1137 one, if I remember right), and then, right as I was thinking of this and then looked in my rearview mirror to back out, had another of those where a second car with some manner of 37 plate was backing up toward me, with the plate swinging directly into my line-of-sight in the mirror, precisely as I looked in the mirror, haha. Next, a minute or two later when I stopped at the first intersection, I found myself behind two cars with 37 plates, and then several more afterward when returning to MB. It's like someone pushed a button.

Also, funny little recurrence that just now happened. Started yesterday when I saw, in the random years-old copy of Rolling Stone I was reading, an ad for McDonald's Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie, which I again both noticed and Noticed in that special patternistic way, since I'd never before seen it and also because it just Stood Out. And then, tonight while reading another totally random Amazon review (for blueberry juice as it were), it mentioned McDonald's Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie, again the second time I've ever encountered this and it happened in less than a day.


Another generally "quiet" day, a downturn from yesterday, really with only a spattering of numbers and some subtle thought/reading-type incidents. Really only reasonably-standout one I remember is a radio-type one on the way home, when the radio sang out "standing at tension" or something like that precisely as I'd noticed a woman at roadside standing in an odd, hipshot posture that struck me as awkward and/or tense (radio was perhaps again echoing my thought/perception or the woman herself or both?), though this one wasn't quite precise enough not to be coincidence, albeit with its dead-on timing and patternistic "feel." Similarly, right as I finished a long chain of thought while browsing clothes at Goodwill, that I didn't need anymore clothes and that buying any would be pure excess -- my eyes happened upon a shirt label, brand "excess" (and though it was in view of me when I had the thought, I can indeed trace the thought to my browsing the clothes and thinking I didn't need any, etc).


Another conspicuously quiet day. Did have a couple cute-type 37 standouts, including another "bought a bunch of random food and had it come to exactly a repeat number," this time random foods from Walmart (when I'd again had zero plans of even going to Walmart for food to begin with, having been there only for Ashley's Christmas gift, which wasn't in stock) that totaled exactly $7.30, and also, while getting craniosacral from Cheryl, she'd announced the time, totally random, that it was 5:37 (when 537 has been a prominent variant as of late).

Also, another of those super-weird little recurrences. It started at Walmart, when I saw a hairnet on the ground and felt Compelled to throw it in a trashcan, the first I've ever seen a thrown-away hairnet -- and then, about thirty minutes later at Publix, I picked up another, identical hairnet as trash (which Just Happened to be at the space I'd been Compelled to park at, after almost parking at like two or three others ...).


Another generally quite day, albeit with a few minor standouts. First were a couple of reading-type ones, starting literally right as I sat down to eat at lunch. When I took the first bite of that weird blueberry/bamboo/egg-sauce dish and found it to be wonderful, I had the thought that the egg yolk in it added a really nice creamy texture -- and then, when I opened the 'Knives at Dawn' book, the very first words I saw were "egg yolk," directly in the middle of the page where my eyes were parked upon opening the book, again in that patternistic way I've come to recognize, where the words were directly in my line of sight. Pretty notable, especially with the 100% precision and perfectly synchronistic timing of my "egg yolk" thought (and, of course, 100% objective, given that the thought arose purely from my having taken the bite of eggy food, and when the book was still closed to boot). And then, similarly though not quite so explicit, was another "finished long chain of thought" one, a few pages later when I was thinking of whether to pack up some food for the trip or just buy what I needed once I got to the city -- and then, perfectly synchronistic with my thinking this, I read "Pack, Ship, or Purchase There" in the book, which was in the exact same context of my thought, both in terms of food and whether it should be packed or bought once at the faraway destination (though I hadn't been thinking of shipping any). And, again, 100% objective considering that I can trace the original thought both to another of those long, independent chains, and also beginning on the previous page (the "Pack, Ship" phrase was at the very top of a fresh page).

Also, more of those "little" minor-ish recurrences today, as I've been having off and on the last few days, as to be largely unnotable on their own but reasonably so collectively, as is patternistic of these. Examples: randomly reading of the 'Pulp Fiction' movie in that years-old copy of 'Rolling Stone' from Beth, the first I'd seen that referenced in months or years, and then having 'PF' randomly mentioned in the 'Knives' book at lunch, about an hour later; getting $10 of gas when filling up, for the first time in a long time (I almost always get at least $15 or 20, can't remember the last time I'd gotten $10, yet I did today, feeling absolutely Compelled to), and then, after filling up, I was Compelled to pick up a receipt to throw away, and it turned out to be gas -- not just one for $10 worth, but two back-to-back for $10 worth, on separate fill-ups/customers at different times of day, with the two receipts stuck together still; this morning wondering absently how many teaspoons/tablespoons were in a 1/4 cup, distinctly, and then, in the again totally random magazine I read at Dr. Lynn's maybe five hours later, it mentioned had a little thing randomly reading "How many tablespoons are in a 1/4 cup?" Plus other, subtler ones I can't remember but fit this vague, "minor," "easily coincidental on their own" theme more or less.

Still not many numbers either, but did have at least two or three of those "looked in my rearview to back up and had a 37 plate directly in my line of sight" ones (though no random-parking-space ones today, oddly), and a little receipt/grocery-checkout one where, when scanning one of the Christmas cards I'd randomly bought at Lowes, I first noticed, when I went to turn it over to find the bar code to scan it on the self-checkout, it had a "37-33" printed on it, again directly in my line of sight, which was kind of another of those minorish ones in itself -- but then, when I scanned it in, it brought my total to $13.78, haha.


Again "quiet," with just some parking-lot 37-plates and some in traffic, and some random subtle incidents of various kinds. Had one standout thought/radio one upon coming home. As I approached the gate and thought about how I could just open my door and scan the gate card without having to get out or anything (with this accompanied by an image of my doing so in my mind's eye), the radio announced, "You can stay in your car and donate, don't even have to get out," or something to that effect -- exactly what I'd just thought, perfectly synchronistic, etc. Pretty notable.


General uptick, once again triggered patternistically by car/air travel up to NYC. Another big conspicuous run of 37s, on plates and stickers and just everywhere, again standard for such travel, though not quite as headspinning-onslaught as past incidents, perhaps because of hazness/subdued health. Some really cool standouts, however, starting literally when the boarding call came for the flight. For weeks now I've been having the irregular but noticeable strings of Just Happening to finish my readnig sessions on page 37 or 73 or 173 or variants of the book I'm on, though never really so conspicuously that anyone but me would really find it noteable -- until today, when I once again Just Happened to stop at page 73, but today because of the 100% objective factor of the flight being called to board then (which, it bears mentioning, was delayed 20 minutes, and, also, I Just Happened to have a zone 1 pass and hence boarded first,thus interrupting my readng).

Also, simultaneously with the boarding  call, another, separate one occurred, this one a reading-type: precisely as I read “soldiers climb aboard landing craft” in the 'Victors' book, the lady announcing the boarding call said that military would be given priority boarding, allowed to go on before anyone else -- the two coming perfectly synchronistically, and with pretty much 100% underlying accuracy despite the slighty different wording, since both were referring to soldiers boarding airpanes. Highly notable, and downright surreal, especially combined with the page-73 thing.

And then, amidst many subtles and the like that I can't recall, had an explicit combiation “nearby-stranger-talking”/involuntary bodily function one. This time it was that weird clenching/evacuation in the liver area, which I've long suspected to be bile emptying from my gall bladder when it's congested -- precisely as the woman directly in front of me said “It's your gallbladder!” HIghly notable, both in terms of timing and expicitness and sheer randomness, also in objectivity since her words and the random and involuntary evacuation coincided perfectly, without the slightest chance for even some weird subconscious suggestion (also, I couldn't even hear what she'd said leading up to it, due to cabin noise).


Almost no standouts, but tons and tons of numbers as I walked streets throughout Queens all day, back to that utterly surreal “onslaught” level, just everywhere I looked: 37 variants plus a minority of the usual 44s/212s/1111s and others. All just totally random and conspicuous for all the ubiquity too, about to the point where it was the exception that a passing car or approached sign or whatever wouldn't have some fashion of 37 on it. At one point, for example, ducked into some random grotto to sit down, and a storefront had two boxes in the window, just randomly leaning, for light fixtures or somesuch, both of them covered with 37s. Maybe a dozen or two or more such repeats throughout just my several hours of roaming. Headspinning. Too dazed to really appreciate it.


Pretty much no standouts today, just continuing the onslaught of 37s and the like while walking NYC. Some subtles too, but also noticing a new trend of those vague, “small” recurrences and q-n-a's and such. Examples: reading of a Sgt. Tod Sweeney in the Victors book, and thinking I recognized the name, then seeing a totally random ad for the Sweeney Tod barber play, in an NYC tourism book in the AirBnB that night; learning of the Master Chef test in the Knives at Dawn book last week, again first ever in my life, then being Compelled to pick up a random piece of litter on an NYC street (amongst the billions of other pieces I'd passed), which proved to be a child's “Junior Master Chef” test; plus other semi-standouts I've forgotten.

Also, did have a few of those semi-standout “1-2-3”-type of 37 repeats today, such as three cars in a row with plates passing conspicuously, etc. Other times was oddly “quiet” though, seeming to correspond with bad headsickness/confusion/other health ugliness.


Still endless numbers, literally from the moment I went on the street this morning and until I got back at dinnertime, so many conspicous surreal ones I just stopped even tryingto remember. One example: walking out of the spa, having a car start up and having its lighting headlights draw my attention, only to have the lights fall directly on the 37 LP on the car in front, all happening in that perfectly synchronistic fashion. Dozens of these today, yet oddly few to no standout traditional incidents, just subtles and recurrences and the like.


And still more 37s and such, same as last couple days, with a cool standout at lunch, a receipt-type one when I was at Starbucks and went to pay. After paying, I'd thought about getting my receipt, which made me look at the printer, which already had a couple untaken receipts from previous customers -- and the one visible to me was check #737111, with this directly at the bulge of the fold such that it was directly in my line of sight, and as if being offered to me in that patternistically "animated" fashion of some of these. And then, once I'd gotten my tea and sat reading, the radio sang out "Warm you up" or something along these lines precisely as I'd taken a sip of tea and thought about it warming me up (and, again, it was the first the song had said this, and my thought was totally objective/random, etc, and timed such that once again it coincided almost perfectly with the lyric, yet was just a split-second *before* ...).


Still the 37 onslaught as I roamed NYC and got on the plane home, including some fun ones on the way to the airport, such as three buses in a row sporting conspicuous 37 variants (having the #7137 pull up right in front of me as I left Roosevelt Station, then my bus being #3711 or something, and then, after realizing that I'd gotten on the wrong bus and then got on the right one afterward, that one was some variant too, haha). Had a few more-coherent subtles/thought/reading-type ones today, after a conspicuous absence throughout the NYC trip (perhaps because I was so headsick/confused/distorted?), though still very slight and toned-down. Really only standout example was a reading one at the airport when I read "paid a pre-attack call" precisely as a nearby woman, directly in my line of sight over the book, started a call, putting the phone conspicuously to her ear -- wasn't too explicit, like most of these few I had today, but timing was dead-on.

A fun little receipt one too, seen only after-the-fact when logging receipt: the address's zipcode was 11371, phone number ending with 7711, with $16.37 change ...


Had a general increase in incidents today, and back to having a regular stream of subtles/thought/reading-type ones, and somewhat more-coherent today, coinciding conspicuously with my return to beach plus some lifting of that terrible NYC headsick nastiness. Started up just after I got in the car to leave for lunch, when "hunger" sang from the radio precisely as my stomach growled, perfectly synchronistic and reasonably precise. Similarly: "red light" sounding from the radio, precisely as I looked up at the next stoplight to find it red (and, again, was 100% objective/impossible to be suggestion because, first, I simply needed to see what color the light was, and, second, my seeing the light and the song lyric were so perfectly synchronistic, there wasn't the slightest delay/pause/space for even a lightning-fast suggestion, just so surreal). Lunchtime reading synchros, too: reading "there were all these sounds, then one more" in the 'Fell to Black' book, precisely as a horn honked nearby, which was, first, "one more" sound rising above the background noise of all the running cars at the Starbucks intersection at 17, and, second, the honk came perfectly synchronistic with my reading "one more," as is so patternistic of these. And, lesser but still notable: having a nearby stranger say "I'm retired" while I was taking a sip of tea, and then, when I resumed the book, the very next word was "semiretirement," and, similarly, writing out a note for one synchronicity and then, when I resumed the book after doing so, the next line was "had a pen and paper with me and scribbled a note to her."

Also, a cool vague-thought-type/reading recurrence when I sat down for dinner. Immediately before eating and opening the 'Fell to Dark' book, I'd plugged the Cyma into the Goal Zero power brick and thought about solar power and how JJ had assumed that there'd be no power off the grid, which made me think of how there will always be power so long as we have working solar panels and the sun doesn't blow out as has been predicted by science -- and then, maybe two or three pages into the book, it mentioned almost exactly that, "It's a known fact that our sun will explode," not exactly literally but pretty precise in underlying essence, of "the sun going out/expiring," etc. Also, have observed a whole bunch of those little, extremely subtle recurrences throughout the day, primarily between that totally random Men's Health magazine I picked out of the trash up in Queens and then finally read today along with the 'Fell' book, but also in just everything throughout the day -- once again just a big, albeit subtle, repetition of the day's mish-mash of random things (somewhat exemplified by the "sun explosion" thing above). So cool, and very patternistic of past such incidents.


Day was an onslaught on multiple fronts, but completely in a weird, newish way, perhaps corresponding with the nightmarish state resulting from extreme headsickness/die-off/whatever it is seemingly from eating cardamom last night. Day was characterized by tons and tons of those small-yet-expliciting/"striking"-type one-word/subtle thought/reading/event-type synchros, all with a distinct newish "flavor" that I can't really describe. Had no less than a couple dozen at least, at times coming back to back, was utterly surreal to a new degree and in a new way, also all just too hard to explain. Had so many, I didn't even try to write them all down. A couple standouts I can remember: having a long, objective chain of thought end with doing the big fast, a split second before randomly reading "They starve themselves" in the 'Fell of Black' book (and, again, I can trace the thoughts back, etc); leafing through my wallet for the money for the colonic and thinking that I had a five-dollar bill in there somewhere, to complete the $65 -- precisely as "just five bucks" sounded from the radio, coinciding perfectly with my thought of "five-dollar bill," just so damn living-dream it was incredible even after all the others previously through the day.

Plus, just as many numbers and such, again primarily 37 and variants and on license plates, but really, just everywhere more or less, like the thought incidents. Standouts: starting up the car and having the gas readout say "173 miles until empty"; seeing two of those "37 LP directly in my line of sight when I went to back up" ones outside the Asian Mart, again back to back and just utterly surreal, along with two (at least) of those conspicuous-turnout ones almost immediately after.


Had another day with a lot of those vague/subtle/one-word-type "striking"/thought-manifestation incidents, and still in that same vein of headsickness/distortion like I've been having. One cool standout was a reading/thought/event-type one at lunch, when I bit into a bite of food with some undisolved salt in it, resulting in a particularly salty crunch in my mouth -- precise as I read "salty leaves" in the 'Fell of Black' good (and, again, 100% objective, since I'd taken the bite long before reading it, or even when it was visible to me, and of course my Just Happening to bite into that particular portion of it, with the salt granule, right as I read it couldn't have been planned by me even subconsciously, etc, etc, as is so patternistic of these). Also, having even more of those vague reading "parallels," where my current book is echoing not only random stuff from the day but just my whole life experience, both collectively at the time and in the moment, though this time it's even more intense, at times surpassing even past "living-dream"-type levels. Really, the 'Fell of Black' book echoed my thoughts/feelings/experiences so exactly, and with the same texture and "feel" even, it was pretty coherent and notable, though just not conveyable in text/appreciated only subjectively by me personally, etc; really, just wow, eerily so, almost frightening, even after everything. Just no words for this. Wow.

A steady stream of numbers still, still 37s mostly, though not quite as much as a few days lately. Had a funny receipt-type one when at Publix and I again bought several random, totally unplanned things (stuff from the clearance bin as it were, things I didn't even know were out there) and when I got my receipt, it had "You saved a total of $11.73" printed prominently twice, coming out right in my line of sight as the receipt spit out (and, it bears mentioning, I only "saved" so much from buying the random things on clearance/half-price ...). A perfect clock-tick-type one when I turned on my cellphone and the screen lit up just a tiny little split second before it ticked from 12:37 to 12:38. Plus, got three voicemails at once today, and between them, showed the numbers "5731," "11:37 AM" and "1177" all bunched together (and from one wrong number, plus a telemarketer, plus a weird courtesy call telling me what an internet vendor would be charged as on my credit card, no idea why I got that one -- but they all came together to create that little mosaic of repeats ...).


Lunch started with a really notable and really cool and somewhat unique one right before I got my coffee and sat down. I opened my wallet to get money for coffee while waiting in line, and saw I only had two ones and a five and so decided to pay with the five since the total would be over $2, which made me think "five-dollar bill" -- precisely as someone nearby randomly said "forty-five dollars," with the "five dollars" coinciding perfectly with my thought of the five in my wallet. Not only highly notable/objective/patternistic in itself, but doubly so considering the almost identical one from Tuesday night just two days ago, with the radio saying "five bucks" right as I went for another five-dollar bill. Sort of a hybrid individual incident and a recurrence of that past incident/format/archetype/essence. Wow.


General downtick today, really just some scattered subtles and numbers through the day, conspicuously no conspicuous number turnouts and the like too. One thought/radio standout: precisely as I passed that SUV for sale along hwy 90 and thought "Maybe there's my new car," "brand new wagon" sang from the radio, in the context of "new car" -- reasonably precise in an underlying-essence way, and dead-on in timing, perfectly synchronistic/surreal, etc. Had a very similar one later too, when I noticed/Noticed this older Saab beside me in traffic, and precisely as I identified it as an older/classic model, "old fashioned" sang from the radio.


Uptick in general "normal" synchronistic incidents today, with a general downturn in numbers oddly (though still did have a few here and there, including one "spurt" when I went in the Walmart parking lot, encountered a conspicuous string of 37 LPs and the like, and then, exactly as has happened before, when I became aware of the sudden influx, it immediately stopped, even when I went scanning license plates and the like -- but then, immediately as I stopped doing this and just let it "flow," it started up again, again conspicuously so and patternistically of past such incidents, and so "cute" and "intelligent," haha). Thought/reading-type incidents again started conspicuously almost immediately after eating lunch, getting "started" for the day, first when I was sitting closely next to the two women at Starbucks because there was nowhere else to sit, and precisely as I noticed them start talking in whispers and I thought about how my close presence was ruining their conversation -- I read "makes your friends whisper" in the 'Wild West 2.0' book, perfectly synchronistic timing and almost perfect literal precision, given that the two nearby women could've been considered my "friends" in the lonely end corner of the Starbucks dining room, and certainly was precise in the "making them whisper" part, which echoed perfectly my coinciding thought. Plus, a similar "nearby stranger talking"-type one later on, when I went to the site on my phone and precisely as I went to fill out the "Enter name" field to begin the person search on myself, the Starbucks cashier said "Your name?" to a customer.

Next, when going down the road later on, another of those "involuntary bodily function" types, when I had another of those good, random flashes of circulation in my chest/heart as I've been having irregularly since yesterday morning -- precisely as that restored vintage Land Rover with the "NU HEART" license plate passed me, again perfectly synchronistic and reasonably precise yet 100% objective, given that I could've controlled neither of these events. Plus, had three very precise, objective, notable, and patternistically identical single-word-type "striking" ones through the afternoon: having a long random chain of thought end on "I'm going to workout later," precisely as Dr. Lynn said "work out" from the other room while I was getting acupuncture (this one was 100% accurate literally, but of two different usages/contexts, with my workout being exercise and hers being that things will resolve, etc, but still very notable); reading the label on the trashed Starbucks cup reading "Tl Icd Amer" (tall iced Americano) precisely as "ice" sounded randomly from the radio, with the "ice" and my reading the "Icd" coinciding perfectly synchronistic; and then my suddenly noticing how funky the music on the radio at the hair place was, a split second before that very song said "funk" (again another of those where there was the slightest delay between my thought and the coinciding word, but in such a way that ruled out subconscious suggestion, since my thought was definitely *before* the lyric, again almost as if it were intentionally being done so I wouldn't write it off as coincidence ...).

Then had another of those "late" evening reading-synchro clusters like I was having there for a while but then stopped, again when I sat down to read at dinner. Started with just a string of vagues/subtle thought-echoes that I didn't think too much of, but then got to the point where there were so many that a pattern established itself. Examples: having a long chain of thought end with my needing to get up and manually stop the misbehaving washing machine lest it keep going until it burned itself out, precisely as I read "putting the brakes on the machine" in the 'Wild West' book (another of those that was, first, objectively traceable to indepedent circumstances and the like, and, second, only precise in essence rather than literal, as most of the string was tonight, thus the pattern); same for reading "fail to recover" when I had another chain end on what I would do if the washing machine didn't start working again; and then, as a more notable one, I had another long chain of thought, this one ending on how I'd been unifying the different sides of myself lately and how I should seek to establish more peace/harmony between them rather than stirring up internal conflict, precisely as I read "do not start a personal conflict," which was not only more explicit/precise literally, but also even more striking and objective because I'd not only started the chain of thought on the previous page, but it had ended precisely as I'd begun turning the page to the new one, atop which was the "personal conflict" text, thus ruling out any sort of suggestion and the like even further. Had maybe a dozen of these in a short time period, very surreal and notable overall.


Afternoon started with a big, incredibly surreal string of vagues/subtle reading/thought-type incidents, probably the biggest such cluster I've ever gotten, maybe 3-4 dozen within the space of a couple hours, mostly regarding the 'Lila' book through lunch (which, as it were, I'd Just Happened to begin reading then, when I'd once again had a choice of several books to start), though a lot of it was another of those deals where it seemed that all sorts of little facts/things/"bits and pieces" of the morning and yesterday evening were just echoed/"regurgitated," such as the songs on the radio just before I got to Beach Dreams and ate lunch (the last lyric before I shut off the car being "perfume about $40 too cheap," and then the women inside the shop randomly saying "cheap perfume" a few minutes later, many many like that). From there it sort of shifted to nearby-stranger/a general reflection of my inner thoughts and events going on around me, such as my reading "up there" precisely as the women nearby all looked up in concert at something on a shelf in the shop, and "he picked up the can" precisely as the shop barista loudly picked up a can, clanging it -- again, dozens of these then and thereafter during the drive to Wilmington, most of them mildly notable even in themselves, if only for timing, but taken collectively were just ridiculously surreal, again to that point of living-dream vividness but even moreso today, again pushing the envelope in this regard somewhat, wow. Intermixed with these were more of those vague/distorted/"partial" types I've experienced before (also perfectly synchronistically timed), such as my hearing "away" on the radio precisely as my eyes fell across a sign reading "way," with the "way" in "away" corresponding perfectly with the "way" registering in my mind, at least a couple dozen of these today, especially towards late afternoon, when this big cluster seemed to "wind down." Interesting, and just so damn incredible.

Just as many numbers too, those these didn't really pick up too much until I set off for Wilmington, as has happened with Wilmington trips past. Lots of 37s and variants of course, with a good number of cute/intelligent standouts amidst the more "passive" ones (including another of those incredibly striking "challenge and answer"-types, today when I had a 172 plate pass after a big string of 37s and had the skeptical thought of "Why wasn't that 173 instead of 72?" -- a split second before a second car passed directly into my line of sight, this one with a 307 plate, haha). Had a lot of 17s/77s in the mix today too, conspicuously so, the best example being when I had to go into my voicemail and, with it getting full, had to delete the messages but couldn't do it in bulk and ended up having to do so manually for each of the 14 saved messages, hitting 7 to delete and 1 to confirm for each one -- which ended up filling the phone's screen with a whole bunch of 17s, looking like 1717171717171717171717171717171 by the time I was done, this after seeing tons of license plates and in other random places beforehand.


Big downturn from yesterday overall, in everything from subtles to standouts to numbers. Really only had two standouts, first a very notable, explicit, and perfectly timed one at lunch. I had yet another long chain of thought, this one ending with my remembering to go to the Laundromat and finally do laundry after the washing machine broke -- precisely as one of the Starbucks cashiers nearby said "do laundry." Pretty objective, since I can remember no obvious cues in my reading or anything else at the time, nor had the Starbucks folks said anything about laundry before (or did they after), and also was 100% precise and perfectly synchronistically timed, and made even more "striking" from the almost perfect synchronistic "quiet" of the preceding night and morning. And then, number-wise, had only a spattering of 37 LPs through the day, but then a really cool and unique one after getting gas for the scooter. As I went in to get the receipt (the pump wouldn't give me one oddly), I went to pick up a receipt by the door as trash -- and as I was bending down and saw that it was a Dunkin Donuts receipt, I instantly knew, without question, that its order number would be some fashion of number repeat, and it was, #537 (when 537 has of course been a prominent variant as of late). This one strikes me as a combo, of classical ESP-type "precognition" combined with a number repeat (precognition of a number repeat, two separate but similar phenomena just happening to correspond into one event?).


Still somewhat quiet today, though a little more overall activity than yesterday. Started with another radio-type synchro this morning upon leaving for lunch, when I opened the door to get out to throw away trash, precisely as "open door" sang randomly from the radio (again for the first time, and perfectly synchronistic, very notable one). Then similarly, on the way up north, "slow it down" corresponding perfectly with a slowdown in the line of traffic in front of me, and interestingly, it was another of those that seemed to correspond almost-perfectly-synchronistic with the actual event but perfectly synchronistic with my *thought*/registering of the event, such that my thought of "slow down" coincided perfectly with the radio lyric, as is patternistic of this particular variant of these. Had various "small"/subtle/one-word-types through the day as well, though not that many even of these, a far cry from the Wilmington onslaught of a couple days ago. One example of these I can remember was another of those "looking at a speed-limit sign precisely as that number sang from the radio," this time a 40MPH sign and "forty" on the radio, a textbook example of these, perfectly synchronistic, etc.


General uptick today, eventually pretty significant, about to where it was on the 20th/last Wilmington trip. Started with a conspicuous return of numbers and the like, still primarily 37s and on license plates, now including the usual "conspicuous turn-out/pull-in-fronts" and the like, along with more of those "parked in a totally random place due to Compellings/100% objective events only to find myself directly by a conspicuous 37-variant plate," today both in the Infinity's End shopping center when I made the totally random and unplanned stop for the CBD oil and had to circle around the parking lot because I couldn't find the store (which first sent me past several random signs with 37s, and then, when I finally did park after all the circling, it ended up being directly beside at least one or two 37 plates that I remember, and it was also the only parking space there was in the whole row, haha), and then identically when I stopped at the AF in Lenoir, when on the way in I was Compelled to pick up some litter along the driveway, which caused me to park at the Flick Video lot instead of that of AF -- which saw me directly beside a "703" plate, haha. Also as far as numbers, had a funny one when, amidst this sudden cluster/return of the phenomenon, I seeked to a random radio station and the first words on it were "thirty-seven." Also, right when I looked at the clock and saw it was 2PM and thought "it's two," my eyes fell on a sign with a phone number: 200-2222, which was sort of a hybrid number-repeat and thought-manifest, since 22 remains a consistent repeat (albeit in minority to the 37s as a whole).

Then had a plenty of "normal"/coherent incidents as well, including a somewhat unique one when I saw a little sports car parked along the road and thought "Is that a Miata?" precisely as a Miata pulled up alongside the original car (which wasn't a Miata, I saw later), perfectly synchronistically, with my thought of "Miata" coinciding with absolute precision/impossible to orchestrate timing with the Miata pulling up and stopping directly in front of me as I passed, as to create that super-surreal "animated"/dramatic effect that's established itself as a pattern now. Plus a whole lot of those newish "instant thought manifestation"-types, such as reading "The SAFER home" on a billboard precisely as "safe" sang from the radio, with the lyric and my reading/registering "safe" coinciding perfectly as is patternistic of these. And, almost exactly in this fashion, having my eyes fall across a random bumper sticker reading "LIVE LAUGH LOVE" precisely as "love" sang from the radio, also with the two loves coinciding perfectly, just so damn surreal. Also: noticing that it was getting colder according to the van's temperature reading, from my ascent up into the mountains, precisely as "it's getting cold" sang from the radio, once again 100% objective/traceable/independent yet perfectly synchronistic (the song had said nothing about coldness before, and of course my thoughts of cold sprung from the objective event of my climbing elevation and seeing the temperature drop). And then, later on, a cool double-whammy-type one, beginning when I was thinking of that ugly "heartbroken" condition in my chest/lung/heart area, a split second before "heartbroken" sang randomly from the radio, again objective etc -- and then, minutes later when I finally got a chance to stop at a red light and write a note about the incident, the radio sang "heartbreak," precisely as I recalled the first event in my mind, as has happened in the past. Wow ...

Also, a little "late" one tonight while reading out in the van. A car passed and its headlights hit the door of the house, producing a camera-like flash that I saw distinctly, making me look up from reading -- and then when I went back to the book, a split second later, the next few words were "flash camera," haha.


Noticeable downturn from yesterday, just a few scattered standouts really, not even that background static of subtles and the like. Mild recurrence: at Local Lion in the bathroom, noticed a sign pointing to the lock "from MGMT," which was the first I'd seen that abbreviation in a while, and I Noticed it too, both of which culminated to make me think of the band MGMT, also for the first time in some time -- and then, when I went to see the Star Wars movie, totally randomly and about a half-hour later, in one of the previews it played one of the few MGMT songs I'd heard, also for the first time in a long, as is so patternistic of these. Number-wise, about the only I can remember apart from a few random 37 plates and the like was a clock-tick 11:11 variant, on the clock in mom's car when I got in, going from 1:11 to 1:12 just a perfectly split second after I'd had long enough to register the time, 100% in the pattern of these (also bears mentioning that the clock was wrong, with it being five or six minutes slow as I found later when I went to set it at mom's request). Really the only more-notable one of the day so far was this evening when I accidentally knocked down a rubber owl figurine from a shelf after bumping into it, and precisely as I went to pick it up, an owl hooted from somewhere outside, again perfectly synchronistic, and this one just downright surreal in that special way, haha.


Another generally "quiet" day sort of like yesterday, just a few standouts ("just" ...). First one was a really cool and striking and notable thought/radio/event-type one that came out of nowhere, this afternoon, after the whole day being pretty much silent beyond a couple subtles: precisely as I passed a lone man standing by that stream out in Valle Crucis in the cold and rain (where I'd driven totally randomly, on my random drive out into the countryside with zero aim or reason for doing so, maybe the most random drive ever), and I had the thought, "That man looks like the loneliest man on the planet" -- precisely as "I'm so lonely all by myself" or something to that effect came over the radio (whatever the exact words were, it was almost 100% literally what I'd been thinking, not at all vague), and of course perfectly synchronistic, etc. Very notable and cool and surreal.

Then, at Christmas dinner, after I'd had a big weird chain of thought that ended with my thinking of us being pets of a higher race -- mom said "pets," perfectly synchronistic and striking, and made more notable due to its odd, sudden spontaneity after a long period "silence." And then, similarly while on the way home in the fog after working out at nighttime, right as I was rounding a tight curve with low visibility and thought about whether there were any deer out, and then saw that there weren't and that the road was clear -- the radio said "the road is clear," once again echoing perfectly not only the external event but my internal thought too, with perfect coincidence, etc.


Another general overall uptick that corresponded with travel, this time back to the beach. Mostly just subtles/vagues/"too subjective and personal to describe"-types spread through the day, best example I can think of was just after I bought the honeycomb from BE and was thinking of the whole bee/honey/queen bee/drone symbolism thing, that "Queen Bee" song came on the radio, maybe 3-4 seconds after my thoughts of that, not perfectly synchronistic or striking or anything like that, but definitely synchronistic all the same -- many like that through the day, primarily in afternoon. Also had one period with a number of those "small"/one-word-type "instant-thought-manifestation" incidents, such as reading "mind" precisely as a nearby stranger said "mind," "father" on the radio precisely as I read "Godfather" on a sign (with the lyric and my reading/registering the "father" part of the sign coinciding perfectly, as it patternistic of these), and another of those speed-limit sign ones, where "sixty-five" sang from the radio precisely as I passed a 65MPH speed-limit sign (this happened twice actually, though the second time was somewhat different, with my seeing a 60MPH sign and then thinking that I'd go five miles over that, thus thinking "sixty-five" -- precisely as "sixty-five" sang from the radio, thus echoing my thought rather than the sign/speed limit). Lots more numbers today though, and many in conspicuous fashion, again mostly license plates and road signs while on the drive south, with cars with 37-variant LPs cutting in front of me, the plates sailing right through my line of sight, etc -- the same old deal, as now has become an established pattern. One cool standout in this regard was a three-way 17 repeat, when I first Noticed my odometer reading, which was 170117 or something like that (3-4 17s or variants clustered together), precisely as I passed beneath a highway overpass reading 1711 (again, can't remember exactly but it was something like that), precisely as a car cut past me with a license plate reading 701 at the end directly in my line of sight -- all three coming within the space of a split second, in that "wham-bam"/1-2-3-type pattern that's established itself so firmly now. Very notable and surreal, if only subjectively so.

Also, a cool recurrence/ask-and-ye-shall-receive-type one that started a few days ago, when I was reading the random article in the random Rolling Stone about a man in solitary confinement and the effect it had on them, which made me think "I wouldn't mind reading some more about solitary confinement and its history and such" -- and then, in the next sequential Rolling Stone I picked out to read from the stack (completely blindly, just putting my fingers in and pulling out what I got, the copy invisible to me), it had a big, detailed write-up about solitary confinement, with some history and examples of its psychological effects (though none of it in relation to that other article I'd read, which was from an issue over a year apart from the second), exactly what I'd wanted to read. Again very notable and cool.


Minor downturn in incidents today, really just a few standouts amongst spatterings of numbers and subtles and the like, though one thing I noticed is that they changed in "flavor" somewhat today, clarifying somewhat, which also coincided with a general improvement in health today, primarily in clarity of thought and cognition, etc, interestingly. Had a cool radio/event-type one at the Walmart parking lot just after lunch, when I hit a curb while rounding it, thus lifting up the van -- precisely as "high like me" sang from the radio, haha. And then later on, from out of nowhere while on the motorcycle on the way to the gym, had this little cluster of incidents all within the space of seconds, beginning when I had a long chain of thought end with how to drive safely on the motorcycle, precisely as an electronic roadside sign switched to "DRIVE SAFELY" (when it had displayed nothing like this previously, nor had I been in view of it long enough to see a long cycle, thus 100% ruling out any kind of subconscious suggestion) -- and then, just after, a Mercury car cut in front of me, thus forcing me to slow suddenly and then think "Your too close," precisely as I saw that the car had a bumper sticker reading "NOT TOO CLOSE" (as ironic as it was synchronistic), and then, a second later, as I was forced to look at the license plate of the Mercury thrust in front of me, I Noticed the pinecomb on it, precisely as I looked up and saw a random bumper sticker on a nearby car reading "PINEFLOWERS" -- all three of these happening within the space of maybe 5-6 seconds, though it all "felt" closer and even more dynamic/synchronistic, etc.

Also a small recurrence this evening that might be nothing. Today at lunch I read of the artist El Greco in the 'Lila' book, which I both noticed and Noticed, with it either being the first I'd read of this man or the first in a long time (seems like the second, but if so, it's been a long time since I have, maybe years) -- and then, a few hours later while checking email, I had one with the subject line "Julianne Snow commented on Danielle Greco's post," such that there was kind of an "El Greco"/"elle Greco" partially literal recurrence. This one though just "felt"/seemed more like an incident than anything (especially with the Noticing factored in), though could easily have just been coincidence or some sort of subconscious "manufacturing" of a recurrence.


Had a good number of general incidents today, though of no one type, nor any really "big" standouts. Had several more of those one-word "thought manifestation"-types in the early part of the day, such as randomly reading "power" on my phone precisely as the radio said "power," perfectly synchronistic; reading "beach" precisely as a nearby stranger said "beach." Maybe three or four more others in this vein. Cool radio/thought-type standout just after lunch, when I had yet another long chain of thought randomly end on how I'd just retreated into the van after feeling so sick and vulnerable while eating lunch, precisely as "I know that you hide in your car" sang from the radio, as randomly -- another of those literally not-quite-explicit yet 100% explicit/precise in essence ones, and the timing was perfect. A lot of numbers today, mostly "small" ones on license plates still, and still mostly 37s and variants, though did have a cool standout when I was Compelled first to go into the souvenir shop at Broadway at the Beach (after lunching there totally randomly), and then, equally so, was Compelled to pick out a grenade pin from a rack and then subsequently Compelled to turn it around -- only to find a big "00713" on it, haha. Also, another of those days where every damn place I went, however random and unplanned and even illogical, I'd end up parking right by and/or walking right past at least one or two conspicuous, "right in my line of sight"/path 37 LPs and the like, just so surreal. And still seeing lots of those conspicuous black muscle cars, probably about a dozen today, including one directly in front of me when I was Compelled to stop at a random gas station and equally so to stop in a particular pump stall -- not just directly behind yet another black muscle car (a Mustang this one), but one with a 273 plate, again right in my line of sight.


Noting more of those vague, subjective, spread-out-type of recurrences like I have from time to time. Examples: having a random-yet-distinct chain of thought last night end with how a filmmaker might envision/conceive of a scene for a film, how they would envision the different shots and such in their mind's eye, the first I've thought of this sort of thing in this specific manner ever -- and then today, less than a day later at lunch, I read in the 'High Rise' book a description of exactly that, of a filmmaker envisioning different shots and the like in his mind's eye; while reading another random copy of RS this morning, had a random thought about buying a building and refurbing it -- and then, several paragraphs later in the article I was reading, it mentioned exactly that, refurbing a building, as completely randomly and without prior mention as I'd thought of it, once again as to be 100% objective. Also, pretty cool reading/event synchro at lunch: the sun broke out suddenly, drawing my attention and interrupting my reading and making me look out the windows at it at DD, and then, when I resumed reading, the very next line was "Through the windows he watched the light" -- exactly what I'd just done, and also in that same pattern that is establishing itself now for this particular "brand" of incident, having something interrupt my reading and then being described perfectly once I resume it, despite being totally random/independent/objective events, etc. Really damn surreal.

Had a reasonable amount of number repeats today, still mostly 37s and variants (especially 1117 and 1171, etc, including yet another of those where I turned on my MP3 player totally randomly and the time was at 17:11, which was also the wrong time ...) but also a noticeable spike of 212s and such in there, I remember. Also had another of those "Compelled to pick up a piece of litter that turns out to have a conspicuous 37 on it," this time another receipt, of which the total of the purchase (which was directly in my line of sight when I unfolded the receipt, as it patternistic now) was exactly $3.17.


As of writing, had only a spattering of odd little subtles throughout the day, all so vague and "thin" that it's really hard to note them, of those kind that could conceivably be coincidence/suggestion or something but really only began to get that synchronistic "feel" when taken collectively. One example I can think of was a couple cool three-ways that came almost back to back over in Windy Hill on the way home, first when I saw a bunch of 317s conspicuously seemingly all at once, and then Noticed a truck at a gas station with a 1317 plate, and then immediately after saw a car in front of the truck with a 317 plate, and then immediately saw a sign with a 73 on it, along with another sign with a 33 -- all coming in that one-two-three-four/wham-bam fashion as to be somewhat surreal, but not really too notable/coherent beyond my own experience of it. Similarly, when I looked out and saw the sun and the 57 degree temperature and thought "It should be warm, but that cold breeze keeps it cold in effect," precisely as a breeze blew through the skirt of the woman I was absently looking at at that moment, and then, immediately after, I noticed that a truck beside her was stenciled with "ARCTIC BREEZE," and then precisely after that, "cold breeze" or something like that (had "breeze" in it whatever the exact lyric was) sang from the radio, again all coming in a big synchronistic "lump," 1-2-3-like.


Had a few more of those same sort of very subtle and "hazy" incidents like yesterday early in the day, then had one very coherent thought/music-type one while working out this afternoon (corresponding with a lifting of that terrible headsickness I've been having, coincidentally): had another one of those big long random chains of thought, this one ending on how I just can't talk to my dad no matter how hard I try -- precisely as "no way to talk to you" sang from the song I was listening to on my MP3 player, again when there was nothing in the song leading up to it and I can trace my thoughts back to something entirely independent, etc, 100% objective as is so patternistic of these. Also a reasonably number of 37-variant license plates throughout the day, several of them conspicuous, etc. Had a cute one when I took out the 'Great Oom' book to begin reading it and found that it had a big sticker on the spine reading "173," haha (bears mentioning that I'd chosen that vendor to buy from out of over a dozen on Amazon, hence getting the one with the 173 sticker ...).

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