Synchronicity log for 2017


Another quiet day much in the same vein as last two, albeit with slightly more thematics (and again almost entirely of that super-subtle/subjective/can't-be-conveyed bent, though there were some almost-standout/coherent ones today over yesterday, I noticed), yet with lesser (few to no) "normal" echoes/other thought-type incidents, and even lesser numbers too, down to a "just-there" level of background-static-quality 37-plates, extremely scattered throughout the day, only a handful total.

The only standoutish incident (beyond a couple one-words that I didn't write down and have since forgotten) was a classical, albeit "small"/potentially coincidental, page-turn echo (which, actually, I think happened last night just before bed, though it sort of "feels" like it happened today, unofficially speaking). It was another small-but-100% precise and traceable thought/page-turn one where, after I finished reading the article about Kauai and had the thought of "search for 'how-to live on kauai,' I turned to the last page in the magazine and revealed the 100% previously invisible article with the giant headline in the middle of the page, reading "HOW TO ...," with this again being perfectly timed and patternistic and literally precise and all traceable, etc, and finished off with the dramatic "revealing"/"animated" quality, as to be just again generally more striking and notable when experienced in total, moreso than it sounds when written down.

Did have a mildly notable and somewhat unique pair of thematic/parallel-types today, again with an identical "feel"/pattern/behavior. The first was at the gym, beginning in the parking lot before going in, when I'd suddenly and 100% without forethought written the letter to Adam to put in with his gift, just literally taken out the notepad and started writing without the slightest of premeditation, as if possessed -- and then, a half-hour later when I'd finally finished and then went in and started up the MP3 player and begun exercising, the totally random song I'd put on (couldn't see anything more than the artist title when I did so, the small screen allowing only a few characters), it turned out to be that one that's all about writing a letter, haha. At this point, I noticed the irony here, and how it did "feel" like a synchronicity (or at least that it could be), but didn't write it down. But then tonight before dinner, the same basic thing happened, when I went to put the plastic wrapper back over the unused half of the cucumber before putting it away and thought distinctly that it was like slipping a condom on, and the thought Stuck Out to me in that special/patternistic/Noticing-like way, such that I sort of replayed in my head a couple times and laughed about it stupidly -- and then, when I sat down for dinnertime reading about ten minutes later, the chapter I'd Just Happened to begin reading was all about condoms, a man trying to get laws and policies passed about them, trying to sell them, his troubles, etc, spanning pages and pages -- and again when I'd not had any real thoughts/encounters with condoms for some time prior. Another good example of these thematics/parallels as well, though made a little more coherent/conveyable due to the express pattern and close timing between these two particular incidents.


Big uptick today, though general most-recent format and "feel"/variety of incidents largely unchanged, still a mix of low-key numbers and a few standouts, plus another of those largely super-subtle/subdued/thematic-and-parallel-type of thought days with only a few exceptions.

Morning was entirely silent, and this again corresponding with another sudden and nasty/jarring/disruptive dip in health that really through me off by the time I'd left the house for the day (again in reflective manner, jibing with the standing theory this time). And then had a sudden and somewhat notable parking-lot 37-plate standout, another of those where on the surface it seemed pretty one-dimensional and "normal" and only notable patternistically, but the context/circumstances/background upgrade it somewhat. Namely, it involved my totally random and abnormal/unroutine pre-lunchtime trip to the post office to send off Adam's package, which I felt oddly and illogically Compelled to do today before the PO closed at 12 instead of waiting until Monday, and thus went on a mad rush to hit all the lights right and jump through all the hoops, after which I got to the post office with just enough time, right about 11:55 -- and pulled directly beside a car with a 377 plate, after encountering not a one the whole way there (and, as notable: I had an additional Compelling upon pulling into the post office lot, when I was Compelled to park at the space I did, further out and in the far row of cars rather than the logical, closer spaces in the first row ...).

And then the numbers started up in earnest after lunch, again as if on a switch and almost immediately after I'd finished at the restaurant and pulled into the road (the only earlier start could've been if I saw any parking-lot-types on the way back to the car, which I didn't -- why does it start sometimes literally immediately, as I'm still in the lot? Something signaled/altered/"commenced" upon my actually getting behind the wheel and onto the road/in motion? some change in consciousness/thinking/perception maybe?). This one as not only notable due to its patternistic behavior/format and after-lunch timing, but also just in coherence itself: a split second after I'd pulled out, a 1073-plate car sped past, directly/effortlessly in my line of sight, "animated"/"intelligently"/strikingly so, and then, right on that's heels and appearing in the same dramatically visible/attention-grabbing/patternistic fashion, was a 730-plate car, bringing that good old synchroshocking one-two effect (plus some extra, given my total non-looking-for/not-thinking-of state, with these being the first in the after-lunch "block," and hence the "freshest" perceptually/mentally).

Another above-average-notability "double" standout soon after, down the road at the health store. It started when I went to pay and took out my change and came up with exactly 37 cents, unnotably so but enough to be noticed absently by me, but then, upon walking out of the store and as absently/automatically browsing over my new receipt from the store, I came across the "Transaction #: 41137" (another of those that, being totally sequential and thus far more random/dependent on timing, etc, I find a bit more notable/standoutish). Still not hugely notable, even together, but did serve that "one-two" effect, however quietly. And, also, these sort of set the stage for the return of the "everywhere"/randomly-sourced 37s that have so constantly permeated my days until just the last couple, and would be typical of the dozen or so others that occupied the day (had another "random order number at coffee shop containing a 37" one, when I got order #637, along with lots of those "random figures in reading/signs/routine encounters Just Happening to be 37 or variants" -- I'm back in the "groove" in this respect, it would seem).

From there, the numbers plateaued into this moderate-activity state, before waning into just a background static of low-key traffic-plate 37s towards evening (though I did notice another above-average amount of 212s and variants again). But then did have one standout just before the usual nightly drop-off in activity, at the market, a "Compelled to pick up a piece of litter"-type one but with a cool hybrid-type twist. It started when I was Compelled to pick up what proved to be a torn-up lottery ticket, which was arranged as such that, as I focused on it to pick it up, a "3377" was *just visible,* rising up from the fold of another piece of the torn-up ticket, with these numbers the only visible text in the exposed portion of this side/portion of the ticket -- such that it was conspcicuously/blatantly as well as "effortless/directly" in my line of sight/demanding my attention, etc, and just utterly surreal, again in a way I can't describe in words. And then, to "complicated"/"deepen" it even more, the other exposed portion of the torn-up/folded ticket read "MONEY MAKER," similarly alone and "loud" and conspicuous -- which fit in with the whole enormous hugely personal/subjective/complicated "making money/earning wages/savings" thematic that's been haunting me for weeks now and is just so ridiculously surreal and notable that I won't even try to describe it further.

The gist of the thought-type incidents today were again of the super-subtle/distorted/"half-there"/thematic-and-parallel-ish kind that I've been seeing so much of lately (again reflective with my generally soupy and half-there state of consciousness from health weirdness, etc). Again would come periodically and without much intensity, yet very there. Few non-standout examples to illustrate:

> Probably a dozen or so of those one-word, tightly timed "might be coincidental if it was just one or two"-type echoes, such as when I went to grab the jarred olives at the market and thus thought "salt content" (100% traceable/objective as a result), precisely as a nearby stranger from the next aisle over (100% invisible to me, separate, etc) said "salt," or soon after when I randomly but again traceably/objectively thought about crossing something off the day's to-do list (stemming from my thinking about what I needed done on the way home and thus logically/traceably turning my thoughts to my list), precisely and identically in pattern/feel as when the radio announcer randomly and singularly said "holiday list," in a slightly different context of course but with my thought/registering "list" coinciding perfectly with the timing/sounding of the radio's word (and, actually, there might have been a little more accuracy here, because my to-do list, which I was envisioning absently, was on a piece of holiday-themed/Christmas-themed "MEMO" paper, such that it could have visually/semi-literally qualified as a "holiday list," haha).

> Lunchtime reading saw only a very sparse, very subtle handful of these super-subtle quasi-echoes, these not even perfectly timed, of that "loosely timed enough not to be perfectly synchronistic, but still close enough to be notable," usually with that telltale half-second delay or thereabouts, and usually with only that distorted/half-there/non-literal precision. One example: a nearby stranger saying to another group of strangers (all at distance from me, and totally unengaged with me as usual, etc) said "You gotta spend it while you got it," less than a half-second before I came to "earn money" in the book, as to echo both the "money" theme and with semi-notable timing (but, again, best taken as an example of the lunchtime echoes collectively rather than a standout by any means).

And then tonight had another of those brief "ressurections" of the phenomenon, and again occurring right after I sat down in the sauna to read after doing evening chores, etc (just like happens often during morning after-chore reading, though always seeming with more coherence at night -- maybe because the sauna detoxifies/improves circulation and clarity of thought suddenly, resulted in sharpened/"activated" consciousness/thought?). The first was a small-but-patternistic reading recurrence (which, as it were, typifies many of the super-subtle little Noticings I get throughout the more thematic/parallel-filled days of late, when I'll just have very small, subtle, in-the-moment Noticings about random, mundane things that I usually haven't seen/encountered for whatever reason in some time, and then I'd soon after encounter them again in patternistic fashion), of "furnished rental apartment," beginning during lunchtime reading of the book where it mentioned how a criminal on the run had rented a "furnished rental apartment," specifying furnished specifically and which I Noticed distinctly, as to reread it -- and then tonight in that reading of another totally random library-freebie magazine, it randomly mentioned, while discussing options when selling a home, that one could sell their home and then lease a furnished apartment while looking for a new home, as to be able to keep your own stuff in storage without having to get it back out and thus streamline the process (and, of course, I'd somehow just not really thought any about the concept of a furnished apartment for a long time, in that same absent but significant fashion, such that, upon Noticing that first reference to a furnished rental in the book at lunch, I'd actually had that absent thought/realization, remembering the very concept of the furnished rental space ...).

Another one of the late-evening sauna-reading ones that I just now remembered, a cool standalone, "classical" "involuntary bodily function" echo. It started when I had another of those totally random (yet not entirely infrequent or rare but fully unpredictable anyhow, as is always the case with these) weird feelings of pressure/gas/congestion in the upper-right back that's been haunting me as of late, precisely as I came to the text "another bubble may be forming," in a fully different context of the back problem (the text was in regard to a stock-market bubble) but another of those fully-literally accurate ones, since that ugly sensation in the back could again be perfectly described as a "bubble."


Bit of a downturn today, another quiet today, but not one of those super-quite days, something of an in-betweener, and still with the same basic assortment of numbers/echoes/thematics/parallels.

Numbers were there, and again almost exclusively after lunch/early afternoon in appearance, but much fewer than yesterday, and these were, from what I remember, 100% very scattered, very low-key two-digit 37-plates in traffic and in parking lots, with no even semi-conspicuous ones that I recall (nor many of the "everywhere"/randomly sourced 37s, either).

Likewise, the only thought-type activity I remember are some reasonably coherent yet still a bit too subjective/complicated to detail thematics/parallels between the random experiences and reading material of this last day along with the very last chapter of the 'Reefer Madness' book. Despite being very sparse and few, I did find these reasonably notable due to their following that same pattern exactly, but also because the morning's magazine from which several of the parallels and themes sprung was another totally random and as well as "blindly read" magazine, of a kind that I'd not only never read before but couldn't even tell what it was about/its subject matter even after studying its cover and the first few pages -- yet it managed to echo perfectly the exact same topics and such addressed at the conclusion of the book.

The only other activity I can recall is a pair of stray, quasi-coherent "classical" standalone echoes again in that late-morning window just before lunch. The first was another "fully objective random thought corresponding to an equally random and unrelated radio lyric," this time beginning with how, after I'd briefly driven on the high-speed highway and then gotten back on the slower, easier two-lane road after just a minute, I observed how easily it was to go into "highway mode" if I let myself, which I internally thought of as a sort of trance state/robotic state -- a split second before the radio randomly sang out "it puts you in a trance" or something like that, somehow involving "in a trance" specifically/literally in any case, and thus perfectly echoing the thought with explicit timing, etc.

And then, had another of those in church were some independent/random/objectively traceable thought is echoed perfectly and perfectly synchronistically by something the pastor said. This time it had an "involuntary bodily function"-type twist, beginning when I had one of those random, mildly rare (maybe 2-3 times through the day lately) terrible congested/toxic feelings in the chest/heart, making my heart skip and palpitate as it does and thus making me think distinctly "my heart" -- precisely as the pastor said "in the heart" or something like that, in any case again echoing perfectly and explicitly my underlying thoughts/visualization of my heart, etc.


A slight uptick in activity today, and still of the same basic variants of late, and again corresponding expressly/patternistically/reflectively with an equally slight and almost fully proportional improvement in health/clarity/lessening of the latest headsickness.

The morning was dead silent again, and then, reflectively with slight improvement upon getting some food at lunch, I saw the express yet subtle arrival of more of those super-subtle/individually dismissable reading/thought/event-type echoes as I've been having, and as few. In all, there were probably 5-6 throughout the entire session, without ever really "graduating" into proper, coherent ones as sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't. The few examples I can remember were all very "small," and again with a slight ~.5 second delay most of the time:

> Upon feeling the hot intense sun on my face, I had the thought that I might be getting too much/wondered if it might go from tanning me to sunburning me -- and then, on the next line right after I registered this thought, the fasting book randomly mentioned "tan," and in the same context of skin, etc (and, again, the text was visible to me when I'd had the thought, peripherally, but I can 100% trace the thought to the objective event of the sun warming my face uncomfortably just then, after I'd been out in it for a bit)

> Similarly coming to "grocery cart," singularly and randomly, in the book, precisely as a supermarket employee came along pushing carts loudly into the store, with my registering the text and hearing a loud crash of the chain of carts corresponding again near-perfectly synchronistically

> Coming to "slide" precisely as a truck squeeled around the corner in the parking lot just in front of me, and though the noise was more of a "screech" or a "squeel," there was a quality of it that I for some reason registered as "sliding," though I can honestly see how this one would've been a case of suggestion from my reading that word just then/having it influence my perception of the noise (though, on the other hand, it was very patternistic/very closely timed, etc; who knows)

However, did see some pretty notable ones at lunch in the form of another of those distinct, reasonably explicit, patternistic thematic/parallels between the fasting book and my present life, experiences, etc, including several semi-specific ones I'd had just that morning, all reminiscent of the 'Guinea Pig' diaries book. All of these were ultimately too personal or complicated to describe, other than the fact that they were in fact there, and did indeed follow the pattern established for these (and, likewise: this book was another ridiculously random, spur-of-the-moment Compelled purchase, with my buying it literally out of nowhere, when I already had another book bought and lined up and was even looking forward to reading, and this one even demanded I dig out my Kindle reader and set it up and charge and get the book on there, etc -- yet it Just Happened to echo my life in that special way, and in ways that had nothing to do with the subject matter of fasting/spirituality, etc, instead stemming from just random things about the author's life that he described offhand here and there, ha ha).

Other than that, thought-type activity was almost entirely silent for the rest of the day, even after beginning the latest trip and getting to the new place, etc. Did, however, get a very minor, albeit very patternistic, little cluster of numbers on the cab ride to the place, just as happens always at least to some degree when doing so, and still in that subtly and indescribably unique way. Only a few, just mostly 37-plates in semi-conspicuous places/effortlessly in my line of sight, etc, but, again, just enough to establish their presence, as if something was waving "hello!" it felt ...

And then a late little classical reading recurrence during dinnertime reading, with some notable context too. It started with another library-freebie magazine (and, this one another of those that I'd never read before, a Cadillac magazine that I didn't know existed before seeing it and being Compelled to grab it at the library), at the end of which was, equally improbably and oddly, was a big write-up about a writer's Cadillac-sponsored vacation to Hawaii, namely to the Kauai island, which I'd never really read much about before and all of which this time, in this article, stood out to me especially, in that subtle/illogical Noticing manner, as to make me note it and then later go online and read about the island and its specifics, etc -- and then the fasting book mentioned Kauai, mildly notable in itself given the reasonable timing/patternistic accuracy, etc, but also the book mentioned the same specific Kauai town of Princeville as was mentioned in the magazine article (both stayed in this town).


Today was an uptick in most ways, though still just a moderate amount of activity -- more than lately, but not as much as has characterized past city travels (and also with today's uptick again corresponding with an express improvement in health/lifting of terrible headsickness of the last couple days, in reflective fashion).

Morning was almost fully silent, until I left walking for lunch and right off the bat resumed seeing the exact same "walking around the city"-type of semi-conspicuous 37-variant plates and the like, which would eventually mix with a decent amount of semi-conspicuous randomly sourced/"everywhere" 37s to combine into another of those quietly-yet-highly surreal afternoons, just from the numbers alone. Ended up seeing at least a couple dozen of this kind, and all more or less individually notable, if not exactly "standout" quality on their own. Also the biggest overall amount of number activity for days now.

Thought-wise, it was another of those days with a brief-yet-significant window of activity throughout lunchtime, then abruptly subsiding into near-silence except for numbers by early afternoon, as has been the case for several other days lately. And also similarly, most all of the lunchtime incidents were super-subtle "small" thought/reading/objective event echoes, with the feel/behavior of thematics and parallels though distinctly echo-y in nature, and often with that slight ~.5 second delay I've been seeing more often lately. Some random examples I got down:

> Several more of those scattered one-word reading/"behavior and actions random people in the dining room"-type echoes, such as a nearby man plopping into his chair precisely as I came to "sitting on" in the book, identical in pattern to those of this kind in the past
> A subtle but somewhat unique and ultimately cool one where, all through lunch, the book again and again involved a man named Mac, all while I Just Happened to be sitting directly across the street from a store named MAC (with it directly across from me/in my line of sight out of the restaurant's big plate glass window); this one was another that wasn't so much a standout on its own but instead just an example of the super-subtles that characterize my time at the restaurant, just all sorts of little mini-synchros/a "synchronistic atmosphere" that was very distinct and present and patternistic although highly subtle and difficult/impossible to convey, etc

> Yet another of those where a similar "synchronistic longwinded parallel/thematic" underscored more or less my whole lunch and the book's contents and my random thoughts/reactions/morning experiences, etc, with many small-but-collectively-notable one-word echoes and the like occurring between these things and the conversation of the two strangers sitting at the table directly beside me; again with many of those essential/underlying/thematic/non-literal echoes that, taken altogether, were patternistic and collectively highly notable and surreal, such as the two men randomly going into a discussion of money/finances precisely as I came to a section in the book about similar monetary/financial topics, and then again with the one man randomly took out some coins and clinked them to the table precisely as I again came to another, second money-related chapter in the book, again more or less perfectly timed

> One example of the men's conversational vague echoes: one of them saying "bimbo" precisely as I randomly came to something about Playboy magazine and the sleazy, bimbo-like images, etc

> Example of the "random objective thoughts/reactions echoing random text in the book" one, when I read one line, about doing something with your life even if it fails/seems inconsequential, which made me think of sitting in the Starbucks I was at presently and leaving the encouraging Post It notes and other seemingly small but potentially powerful little things that struck me as falling in line with "just doing something, anything, rather than nothing" -- and then, on the very next line, it randomly mentioned Starbucks, and again in that totally offhand, "apropros to nothing" fashion that characterizes so many of these in-the-moment absent/random-thought type echoes (again, easily dismissible as peripheral/subconscious reading-ahead or suggestion/cueing, if not for the 100% traceable and objective nature of the original thought)

> Another "random nearby-stranger action"/reading example, when I saw the one man from the next table leave, out the front door, thus drawing my attention there as he opened the door and went out, and then upon resuming the book, the very next words were "look out the front door," haha

Really, just so, so many of these all through lunch again, again reaching that point of being collectively more notable and living-dream surreal than even a series of standout/coherent ones -- very much that "synchronistic state."

And another classical little reading recurrence/thematic parallel this morning, when I was faced with the option to throw some of the junky nonorganic cinnamon I found last night in with my lunch, but then thought better of it, remembering how there's a nasty liver-sickening chemical that's supposedly in cheap "fake" cinnamon, the first I'd thought of this in some time as it were, perhaps since I last read of it and stopped eating cinnamon ... how many months/years ago now -- in any case, maybe an hour or so later when I laid down for after-chore reading in that newspaper I fished ridiculously randomly from the trash just before leaving the house, it mentioned, in a totally random "health advice" column where people write in with questions, exactly what I'd thought of just so soon beforehand, about the fake cinnamon/nasty chemical in it, etc, when someone wrote in a letter about their concern about this very thing, haha. Doesn't get more precise, patternistic, nor closely timed (for a typical reading recurrence, anyhow) than that.


Today was almost exactly like yesterday, just with less numbers, with the exact same "feel"/types/varieties of incidents along with the same underlying format/behavior, etc -- somewhat notable in itself, how a change in state/location/consciousness/perception seems to correlate so strongly with the specific, subtle little "grooves" of a given day/time period.

Thought-types were dead-on for yesterday's general volume and type, with a few super-subtle thematics when I sat down for after-chore reading this morning, and then a stronger, more intense, but still subdued cluster of thematics and small/subtle "in-the-moment"/environment/reading/thought echoes at the restaurant throughout lunchtime reading.

Again had another strong but super-subjective/complicated cluster of long-winded "general life"/recent experience thematics echoed by the book, again to that degree that, for all its obscured and subjectivity, was just utterly profound and surreal, with about 3-4 longwinded themes echoing my life exactly (including a semi-coherent one beginning with another distinct-but-absent thought I'd had this morning, about how walking the streets/crowded and cold public spaces, etc, is a world unto itself, the "out there," and how subtly yet profoundly it's differentiated by the "in there" world of any type of remotely exclusive/non-publitc/non-inclusive space -- which is exactly what was echoed offhand in the book at lunch, about three hours later, even in the same terms, mentioning "the street world" and "the outside," etc).

This time, however, there was a big contextual element worth noting in regards to the book and the circumstances/chain of events that led to my reading it today, or possessing it at all. It started yesterday when the fasting book proved to be shorter than I'd expected, and thus left me finishing it at dinnertime last night and not having a replacement lined up for lunch today, and so last night I'd gone searching for either a free book somewhere, or one thrown away as trash, or a book store -- and, in the end, all I found was a trash book, and at the end of a hugely random search that I won't bother trying to detail other than that it contained a lot of Compellings, and eventually me getting lost and having to double back through several blocks of the city several times -- and then, at the end of this headspinning ordeal, I Just Happened to come to a big pile of "someone moved out of their apartment"-type of mounds of trash, in which was a big bag of books, and in which I found this 'Short Eyes' book (which, besides being notable itself given the chances of getting any books from random trash, this one was actually one I had on my list that I wanted to read, after hearing about it somewhere several months ago -- a little ask-n-receive in itself, pretty much standout quality in itself). So then, just like the Kafka book from last week or whenever that happened, I ended up reading this ridiculously random, couldn't-have-been-less-likely 'Short Eyes' book at lunch today, yet it managed to echo not only my life/thoughts in longwinded thematic/parallel fashion, but also to echo a bunch more of those small in-the-moment thought/environmental events -- just so incredible and living-dream, even after it had happened before, haha.

Numbers were far less today I noticed, yet all still in that uniquely surreal and generally semi-conspicuous fashion of the "walking the city"-type of numbers, just fewer of them (and corresponding with some increased headsickness/dulling of thought, again in reflective fashion).

Did have one standout sort of two-part, unique one this morning, of the "Just Happening to look at the clock, when genuinely just needing to know the time, as precisely a blatant 37-variant," but with a twist, both happening in the night. It started when I got up to stretch and pee and, upon checking the time, found it to be exactly 3:07 AM, which was mildly notable if for the pattern and precision/randomness of my getting up just then, if nothing else. But then, the second time I got up, it happened again, except in reverse: at 7:03 AM, haha. However, the context/circumstances upgrade the notability here again, because these were the only two times I got up in the night to pee and such, unlike almost every other night besides the rare exception like this one, when I have to constantly get up to pee due to the bladder irritation and the headsickness/toxicity/gut throbbing, etc, usually getting up no less than 5-6 times in the night if not more -- but then, on this mysteriously rare night when I Just Happened to get up only twice, it was at those precise 37-variants, and precisely when I passed the clock on the stove to check. Once again, if I didn't know better, I'd say it was all "orchestrated" in that patternistic fashion, so I'd take particular notice of the underlying coherence of the two clock-checks correlating/the express randomness/unlikeliness of it all, etc ...

The only other incident of the day of note was a super-cool, albeit not highly objectively notable, "ask-and-receive"-type one after I hit that market before heading back home. It started when I'd bought the bottle of kefir milk on a whim and thus needed a plastic bag or something to wrap it in and try to keep it cold until I got home. Thus, after sitting on a bench for a moment just outside the market, I decided to go look in the nearest trashcan for a plastic bag -- but what did I find, sitting on the very top of the pile of trash in the can, but a good, clean hot/cold insulated bag, like brand new just about (it even had a partial bag of ice in it so the whole thing was already cold, more than adequate to keep my kefir cold until I got home). Again: it was so coherent, and so expressly/near-instantly timed with my "request," that it all just felt living-dream "orchestrated," like something somewhere had pushed a button and granted me my little wish, and this time with the implication of "You asked for a bag as a substitute for a proper hot/cold bag, but I just went ahead and gave you the genuine article" ...


A downturn today, but still the same basic format and types still as the last couple days in the city, just even less than yesterday.

Morning was another super-dead one, without even thematics during after-chore reading, and I again sensed myself totally "out" of the synchronistic state it bears mentioning, and also that this all again corresponded with another reflective-style shift in health/consciousness/clarity, since last night's sudden new bout of headsickness, etc.

Even when I left and started walking the city on the way to lunch, still largely silent, with the exception of a handful of subtle/low-key but definitely patternistic "walking the city"-type numbers, again just enough to sort of quietly wave hello, we're here.

Then lunch saw an identical, albeit even less-frequent and subtler, cluster of those thematics/parallels and small/subtle echoes involving my life circumstances/state/morning experiences and what I was reading and the random events occurring around me while eating lunch, with the exact same "feel"/behavior -- again very notable in itself, if only subjectively.

And today was identical even in the book being yet another "ridiculously/impossibly random book read only because of finishing one without having another one ready," this time, after my looking for a book or a bookstore or even a good magazine to read on the way to lunch and finding nothing, I found myself looking through my Kindle, even though logic would say this was pointless since all the books on there were logically ones I'd already read. Except that I did finally come across one (Compelled to keep looking despite all appearances/logic) that I'd totally forgotten about, a book I'd read the first chapter or two of and then decided I couldn't keep going with it at the time, but still left on there, unfinished. So I ended up reading this random old ebook, and even the chapter I chose to start at was totally random, with my having no memory of where I'd left off (the Kindle had since reset the reading position for some reason) -- and yet, despite all these layers of randomness, it still managed to echo all sorts of things that had happened last night, this morning, and also several small "in the moment"-type incidents during lunch (such as my coming to "he was halfway out the door" precisely as a man randomly walked through the double sliding doors directly in front of my table at the market I was eating at, not only echoing the "out the door" but also the "halfway," since the man was going through the first of two doors/halfway out, etc). Again incredibly notable despite its subjectivity/subtly, for all kinds of reasons ...

Did eventually see some numbers this afternoon, but even later than the last couple days, and only briefly. Interestingly, it was just like the last time I took the bus to LGA for the return flight, where literally right after I got on, went from almost no activity to a strong stream of semi-conspicuous numbers intermixed with a sudden spat of one-word small but perfectly synchronistic/timed thought/reading/nearby-stranger-conversation-type echoes. There were several notables, actually, but I honestly just can't remember them, so headsick and distorted and soupy. But it doesn't really matter. They were definitely there, in any case.

As of writing, mid-afternoon, back to near-silence, as usually seems to happen this time of day.


Today was a distinct departure from last several, this corresponding reflectively with an equally pronounced departure in health/energy/consciousness/state as well as physical location, being back down south and in a totally different environment/energy/atmosphere/less dangerous, etc.

Today was characterized by the return of "normal" thought-type echoes after being largely absent or heavily distorted/super-subtle through the whole city trip (due to the heavy thought/consciousness/mind-function suppression throughout maybe?). These started in the morning, again during after-chore reading with the night's toxicity/headsickness and that generally occuring throughout the trip had lifted somewhat, patternistically, right "on time." There were only several then, and very scattered and subtle/one-word, but definitely there, just enough to be establish a pattern, etc. The only I remember from this "chapter" of the day's activity was randomly coming to "strained" in the newspaper I was reading while on the toilet, corresponding perfectly synchronistically/objectively with my prounounced and random straining against this latest sudden mysterious constipation of the last few days, in "involuntary bodily function" fashion. Probably 4-5 others in this vein then, all with the same underlying behavior and notability and objectivity/traceability, etc.

Then lunchtime reading saw these same echoes moderately increase, both in volume and somewhat in coherence and notability/complexity/precision. Between these and some sparse thematics (plus more of those environmental/"nearby strangers in the restaurant doing random things that may or may not have corresponded with my coming to the words randomly in the book"-type ones, these not being quite frequent nor precise/notable enough to establish a pattern today), ended up having a reasonably active lunch, again distinctly moreso than the entire 3-4 days of the trip. These same kind would spill over into afternoon driving around/running errands too, in somewhat varied incarnation. Examples I got down:

> Another "objective and traceable random thought"/reading-type one, when I came to "making notes" in the helicopter book, precisely as I randomly remembered to pick up something at the market this afternoon and thus thought that I needed to write it on the to-do list before I forgot, again with my distinctly yet absently visualizing my writing on the list in my mind's eyes, such that this and my registering the text occurred in that ridiculously surreal, perfectly timed, "intertwined," "the book is reading my thoughts"-type fashion. And, again, context and circumstances/details upgrade this one in notability to standout levels, considering that, first, the "making notes" was at the very top of a new page, yet I'd had my thought/visualization just a split second earlier, as I was reading the text at the very bottom of the preceding page, such that the "notes" text was, though technically visible to me peripherally since it was on a sequential leaf rather than the new page in a new leaf, still "removed" from my immediate area of focus -- but then, second, this wouldn't really matter, since I can both 100% trace my thoughts back to the objective event of my simply remembering to get the market item, and besides that, even had the text been directly visible to me or whatever, it wouldn't matter because there was nothing in the making notes *to* subconsciously suggest upon me to get the thing from the market or anything about that thing, etc, with my "make a note" thought only coming to me as, once again, a direct result of the prior objective rememberance, which was also not at all mentioned or implied by the rest of the text, before or after or anywhere in my reading that day, etc, etc, etc -- just another perfectly random, perfectly objective "synchronicity" in every sense, only explainable conventionally as a ridiculously unlikely chance coinciding of these two remarkably similarly themed thoughts/events/text, etc

> A pretty much equally notable and precise, albeit "small"/one-word, echo soon afterward, when outside the restaurant, directly in front of me in the parking lot and visible through the big plate-glass window, the door for a big white cargo van swung open dramatically, thus drawing my attention to it and making me think something like "big white cargo van" -- precisely as I came to "cargo" in the book, with this being literally the very last word I registered before looking up to the swinging door, again as to "intertwine" my thought with the registering of the text, and all in perfectly cut-and-dry objective-event fashion

> Then later on, while driving just after lunch, another of those weird but patternistic "randomly thinking of a number as I absently thought of the speed limit and how fast I should go, perfectly synchronistic with the radio randomly saying that number," almost exactly the same as others this time, with my randomly thinking of the 40 MPH speed limit precisely as the radio randomly sang out "forty" (different context but again literally the same). This one, however, have another of those notability/randomness-upgrading circumstances, being that it all started to the objective event of a car coming up behind me and crowding me somewhat and thus instigating my absent reactionary thought of "I'm going 40 MPH and that's the speed limit" or something of that nature, after which the radio Just Happened to say "forty" with perfectly timed/perfectly patternistic coincidence with my thought ...

> And another small-but-notable one of the same basic nature. It started when I hit the radio's scan button to escape a commercial but accidentally hit it twice real quick, thus stopping it on a random station, which also had a commercial, and consequently drawing my attention to the display after I'd surprised myself with the stutter of the finger, etc -- after which I read "#1" on the display's "station title" listing, this text there only as the full titled scrolled past to the last two digits, precisely as the station randomly said "one," very similar to others of this similar "random radio word/display" type as I've had in the past, with it all coming within the space of a second or less, such that I had the accidental double-press of the finger, then the automatic/involuntary drawing of my eyes to the display and registering the "one" in the "#1," with the sound cutting out briefly and then coming back exactly as the "one" sang out -- another wham-bam/"1-2-3" "striking" effect, and just so damn cool and notable and synchroshocking, etc

> And then, immediately after that one, another one like the others of the day, when I scanned to a new station and it had music, in which the random and singular lyric of "bag" coincided perfectly with a plastic bag on the ground that crossed directly/effortlessly into my line of sight as I made a big turn in the van, as to have that super-notable "animation" effect, the bag just creeping directly where my eyes were trained precisely as the lyric came over the radio, haha

> Had a few more of these at the gym too, maybe 3-4 that I can't remember beyond them involving the random lyrics on my MP3 player and random things I thought/did. I do remember one, which had some standout-making circumstances, when a man across the gym, talking to a man nearby, both of them entirely disengaged from me, etc, randomly said "the bar," precisely as I had the equally random yet wholly objective/unrelated thought of how I'd just seconds earlier said "I'm going to hop up on the bar" to the man who'd just got done on the pull-up machine by the bar I was currently hanging on and stretching from. And once again I can distinctly trace my thinking of this to an odd looping of the mundane incident that occurred in the wake of my speaking to the man about the bar, such that I'd kept thinking of what I'd said about getting on "the bar" for maybe 3-4 seconds before the man across the gym randomly mentioned "the bar." But the really notable circumstance was that this all occurred just seconds after my MP3 player and finished its playlist and gone silent, just a second or two before I got up on the bar (so I hadn't had time to start it over without interrupting my stretching, etc) -- which is to say, had my (long) playlist not Just Happened to finish right then, I wouldn't have heard the man saying "the bar" (and never mind the totally illogical and random and patternistic/Compelling-like looping of the thought in the seconds prior to the man saying that). And, also, this makes it even more notable because it rules out any possibility of psychological explanation/subconscious cueing or suggestion by something the man across the gym might've said to cause me to think "the bar," etc -- another one that could only otherwise be explained as an astronomically unlikely change coinciding of two identically themed events, etc, etc, etc ...

And by late afternoon/early evening, back to another typical "going home/'offtime'" silence.

Numbers: oddly quiet, near absent. If I remember right, I saw maybe 3-4 two-digit low-key 37-plates in traffic and parking lots today, such a low amount that I could again see these really just being coincidence/simple chance encounters with license plates bearing these numbers.

Thematics were almost as quiet today, with the exception of two super-subtle ones, which were actually mildly coherent, enough to be detailed, if not especially compelling or notable outside of the context of their patternistic accuracy and the collective phenomenon. Both involved that totally random but Compelled-to-buy book about helicopter warfare during the Vietnam war, which I'd been Compelled a while ago to buy despite having a whole bag of books to read otherwise, and had finally started briefly during last night's late dinner after getting home from the flight. The first I noticed was more of those not-especially-notable "character named Mac" ones that began with my repeatedly reading in the fast book about a character named Mac when I'd just happened to be sitting directly across from the MAC store, today with the first two stories of the book Just Happening to involve other, separate guys named Mac -- another of those that's not individually notable but is a good example of these super-subtle/super-low-key thematics that start coming literally by the dozens on thematic-heavy days.

Then, slightly more coherent and notable given circumstances: when I sat down to read the gun magazine in the sauna this evening, it echoed a general theme of "warfare/specific name of guns/specific combat maneuvers," and the general subtle underlying thoughts/energy/sentiment of "macho warrior-male behavior/attitudes," which once again Just Happened to be the first I'd encountered such themes/sentiment to any appreciable level for the first time in a while, in patternistic fashion. But, to upgrade the notability from super-vague/subtle, there's the context of my happening to read these two random pieces of literature close enough to overlap on the same day/while the stuff would linger in my mind and thoughts, etc, because, first, of the book's patternistically totally random arrival into my reading lineup, and then my getting this gun magazine today, which, besides being the first time I've ever read a gun magazine or anything remotely of the type/arena of life, etc, this magazine was another library freebie, and when I got it, rather than being Compelled illogically, I simply got it because it was one of the only ones available, there being especially slim pickings on the freebie rack today, such that this one and the two others I got were literally the only ones even remotely suitable as reading material, not being really at all logically attractive to my tastes but with everything else there just being free newsletters and thinly disguised advertisement periodicals and other non-literature (and, similarly, there's the fact that I started reading the helicopter book last night, but had only gone to the library this afternoon, only afterward ...). Even then, really only notable in the context of the others that are so patternistic of these, but in any case, worth mentioning I think.

Did have a pair of late, dinnertime-reading echoes, of the same brief-yet-notable kind that I've had in past such little "resussitations" of activity during evening reading. The first was a classical "involuntary bodily function"-type reading echo, beginning with my suddenly and randomly and automatically twisting my torso far to the right (in response to another of those random back pressure spasms or whatever they are I'm still getting -- in response to another objective event, that is), a split second before I came to "banked" in the helicopter book, with this used in the context of a verb, a "banking" helicopter maneuver, which is exactly an echo of what I'd done in a human equivalent in arching my torso in a tilting/twisting manner precisely like a banking helicopter or other aircraft, haha (and again: text was visible to me peripherally beforehand, but it all hinged on the objective event and reaction of the random and singular back ache/my "banking" right in response to it, etc). The other was actually almost identical, another IBF one that was as blatant, objective, and notable/coherent: this one began when I finished a bite, swallowed, and then took a deep breath afterward, which happened to push against my diaphragm uncomfortably and thus give me that ugly "stomach riding up into my chest" feeling that I sometimes get when guts aren't sitting right -- and then, again on the very next line of the book, randomly and singularly and just a split second after I'd registered my thought of "stomach riding up chest again dammit," I came to the sentence "My stomach felt it was somewhere in my chest," all in the same physical/biological context, haha.


A big downturn today, and somewhat different in types of incidents/assortment as well as volume.

Morning was totally silent, corresponding with another sudden onset of a "deadening" headsickness/health upset, etc. Did have a couple of the slightest thematics during after-chore reading, but they were fully subjective/far too complicated to detail, and few in number at that.

One interesting note here: when I got in the car and started off for lunch later, the radio was off again, as it mysteriously does seemingly totally at random from time to time -- and again corresponding with another of the equally random "fully synchronistically silent" mornings, as to be that reflective/thematic "radio silence" echo that I've noted several times. Not quite coherent/detailed/precise or frequent enough to establish a definite pattern yet, but is worth noting anyhow.

The whole day as of writing, I had one single, standout reading/thought/event-type incident. It started right at the beginning of my second course (first half/course of lunch was as fully silent as the rest of the morning, not even any of those super-subtle/distorted echoes), when I took the first bite of the weird fennel/whey/avocado quasi-dessert I'd made and began evaluating -- and then, within the first paragraph upon my resuming the book (on a fresh page, in a new chapter, which I hadn't read any of before lying it down after finishing my first course), the first sentence contained the words "first taste," with my reading/registering them precisely as I began chewing/tasting/evaluating that first bite of the weird little dish, and all of course totally objective/hinging on that singular, objective, unrelated event of my beginning that part of the meal, etc. But then from there, nothing, still not a "peep."

Numbers were very similarly inactive today, with two exceptions, these also reasonably standoutish. The first was another literally "immediately after lunch" one, in the parking lot of the restaurant, a classical "car turning out conspicuously in front of me, perfectly timed and at the perfect/patternistic angle to have its 37 plate 'revealed' to me," when a car with a 637 plate pulled out of the drive-thru and turned away from me, all *just so perfectly executed* so that its plate "arrived" directly/effortlessly into my line of sight. And then, almost identically a while later when leaving the market parking lot, a car with a 370 plate doing the exact same thing, as perfectly/patternistically timed and angled and effortless, etc (this one was a little more notable due to another patternistic circumstantial element, with my getting cut off seconds earlier when pulling through an intersection when one driver went out of turn, thus forcing me to wait just several seconds longer and, thus, getting me out onto the road just at the precise time necessary to have the 370 car pull out in just that special, conspicuous way to "smack" its plate into my line of sight ...).


Quietest day in a long time, and again corresponding with another prolonged "internally dead"/sick spell, still with that damn weird gut upset and the like. Thought incidents: absolutely nothing, even at lunchtime reading and after. Another of those days where I feel explicitly "out of the synchronistic state," as it were.

Did have the slightest string of numbers, though interestingly they again began in that immediately after-lunch fashion -- and this time even more notably so, literally as "immediately after lunch" as could be, when I stood up after packing up my plates and stuff in the cafe and then started out and had a box pass effortlessly/directly/patternistically into my vision with a big "37-13" printed on it, haha. But then from there, saw only another little scattered few low-key 37-plates, and I think one semi-conspicuous turn-out-type one, and then that was it, as of writing.

One semi-coherent longwinded thematic note, between that random gun magazine and the helicopter book: as I progress through the book, I see it referencing the same specific guns and the same caliburs of ammo, plus some other reasonably specific/non-general related things, as those mentioned as randomly and offhand in the magazine, now to the point of volume and detail that I'd classify it as notable, if still pretty vague and very longwinded, etc.


The phenomenon returns, along with my health and mind, reflectively, etc. Not a banner day volume-wise, surely, but a far cry from the near silence of this last few-day little "chapter."

The first definite incident I noted today was a cool and somewhat unique hybrid/combo one, beginning with a longwinded thematic ask-and-receive-like one yesterday. It started when, upon deciding that that weird and painful rash along my right side was something toxic/somehow related to the gut and liver upset there, I'd had the thought about something I'd read a while ago about how eczema/psoriasis, etc, are supposedly caused by some type of inner toxicity and the like rather than being purely a dermatological problem, thus making me think about this specifically and in turn think absently but distinctly: "I wonder if I'm remembering that right, and what the specifics of that were/if that might apply with the rash" -- and then, in at least two but perhaps three of the super-random library-freebie separate magazines I read yesterday, all of them were peppered at least with multiple ads for drugs for psoriasis and eczyema and other skin conditions, though it seems like there were several specific individual articles on this subject and the like too. And, of course, not only did these echo that theme generally (when I'm pretty sure I haven't seen/encountered anything related to this subject in some time, though I can't say 100% there), these ads and articles also collectively answered my patternistically vague question about whether I'd read right about the internal condition, etc, with one of the ads in particular directly addressing this and confirming what I'd originally thought, haha.

That was the first part, and though mildly notable given its definite longwinded-thematic pattern and "feel," there was a second part to it this morning, when I had another of those sudden, blatant, notable standout incidents that just leapt up out of nowhere after a general silence. It happened again during after-chore reading and later in the morning, when the night's toxicity/headfog had receded some. It began with my reminding myself to write a note about seeing the ads/articles as a thematic incident -- and then, precisely as the thought of "write eczema/psoriasis ask-and-receive note" crossed my mind, I turned the page of the magazine and thus revealed another full-page ad for an eczema/psoriasis drug, haha. And, once again, I can 100% trace my original thought to that of remembering to write the note/the objective event -- and, besides that, the ad was on a new leaf, 100% invisible to me beforehand, and also with my turning the page and completing the note-thought coinciding with that absolute, perfectly synchronsitic, "intertwined" timing that I've come to know so well. Another damn cool and super-notable "meta-incident" here.

From there, had several one-word echoes between then and afternoon, all with noticeably more cohesion/perfect timing and the like than even the most-coherent of later incidents over the last couple days (and again all of this coinciding almost perfectly concurrent/proportionate with that terrible headsickness/headfog fading some as the morning went on, as if on a dial). Lunchtime reading, however, didn't really see much activity, not even super-subtle/vague/small ones, despite my remaining reasonably clearheaded and the like throughout. In fact, the only lunchtime-reading incident I can recall at all was an especially weird standout "randomly resuming reading at words that echo what I'd just been thinking of"-type one. This one started when I stopped reading to take a bite, then had a long random chain of thought that ended with my remembering my morning and all the random surreal experiences/thoughts/sensations I'd had then, of which I'd repeatedly described to myself as "wow, what a trip" several times -- and then, when I resumed the book and went looking for where I'd left off, my eyes fell directly on "Crewing for Six was a trip," and with perfectly synchronistic coincidence with my final, chain-ending thought of the morning collectively, such that I could see this being a weird, super-indirect echo of the underlying sentiment of "what a trip" that I subconsciously had labeled my memories of the morning with. I was hesitant to note this one at first, but given the perfectly synchronistic timing/patternistic adherence, along with the bizarre and indirect but oddly exact essential/underlying precision there, I thought it was worth writing down.

Afternoon saw some longwinded super-subjective/subtle thematics, along with some equally small and subjective and "can't be conveyed" echoes. Though did have several more-coherent standout echoes thrown in there too, to varying degrees of notability.

One: a radio/random objective event-type one, when I reached blindly into my bag in search of my water bottle but instead closed my hand over the bag with the cold drink and icepack in it, giving me a sudden, unexpected chill (which is how I'd registered it absently in my mind, as "chilled," since it wasn't shockingly cold but was far from warm) -- precisely as the radio as randomly and singularly (and objectively, again without precedent/repetition, etc) sang out "You give me chills," haha.

A similar one: precisely as I turned a corner and saw a pedestrian conspicuously turning and scanning the surroundings for traffic before crossing the road, with her hand visoring her forehead, very visibly looking around -- the radio randomly and singularly sang out "look around," with my registering this and the woman and her "looking around" body language in that perfect, patternistic, "intertwined" fashion, all just so blatant and objective and surreally "synchronistic."

And then a pair of those sort of stray, maybe-synchronicity/maybe just something highly unlikely or weird-type things today, both very similar and "ask-and-receive"-y. The first was when I stopped at the thrift store to donate the book and stuff and, afterward, thought I should check the dumpster since this particular place always seems to throw out a lot of good stuff -- in which, at the very top, I found a box of two lightbulbs, taped up as if new. This was somewhat notable from the outset because I'd been meaning for weeks now to get a new lightbulb for the overhead light in the extension room after it burned out, but I kept forgetting, and forgetting to write a note, going on and on and on -- and here was a bulb. However, this one gains notability again in the context/details, since, first, I'd been distinctly and patternistically Compelled to stop at this thrift store and donate in particular, even though I'd passed directly by the other one, that I'd planned on donating to, on the way over there, just feeling Compelled both to pass that one by and to go to this one. And then, second, this bulb was not only compatible with the light, but it was a normal, cheap, incandescent-type bulb -- exactly the kind I wanted, over the longer-lasting other kinds, because the old kind supposedly give off less electric noise/radiation, are healthier, etc (it was actually in a box for the other kind, as if whoever had thrown it out had replaced it with the other kind and just put the old one in the new one's box).

And then, on the same day, a similar one when the neighbor came over and gave me the package I was missing, it having been put in his box (kind of loosely synchronistic in itself, since I'd just yesterday tracked it, after having forgotten about it, and found that it was supposedly delivered when I knew it wasn't, and then, just minutes before the neighbor came over, on the way home, I'd double-checked the box just to be sure and, having found it empty still, been distinctly thinking about how I should go about trying to get such a missing package tracked down and such, with these thoughts still on my mind when the neighbor suddenly appeared, the package outstretched ...). This one didn't really involve the package though, because for the past few days, ever since stepping outside the other night and being pleasantly surprised by the brilliant Christmas-light display in the neighbor's yard next door, I'd expressly wanted to see him and tell him how good it looked, with my expressly thinking this several times in the meantime, with an odd desire/"asking" to somehow encounter him without having to directly knock on the door and possibly interrupt him from doing something important/wanting to be alone, etc -- and then here he is, with my package after it was mysteriously put in the wrong box (after receiving how many dozens of packages correctly over the last couple years?). Again, possibly nothing for both of these, could foreseeably be simple real coincidences despite the circumstances and such, but they didn't have that "feel," to be sure.

Numbers were the most active and coherent of anything today, not a storm or highly active day by any means, but still a big uptick over lately. Started again with another random and sudden start almost immediately after I'd finished lunch, this time when I was leaving the restaurant parking lot and then turned to an intersection directly behind a 37-plate car, the first plate I encountered on the road -- however, a key detail here: the 37 car was in the straight-through lane, which I'd turned into even though I needed the turn lane (which had no 37-plates ...), only because, a split second after I'd started pulling out of the parking lot, a big, fast-moving truck had appeared and, not wanting to cause the driver to miscalculate the braking, etc, for the nearby intersection, I'd decided to play it safe and drive through into the other lane and then just turn around, therefore sending me directly behind the 37-plate, and again in effortless/animated/"directly in my line of sight" fashion ... (I ended up getting to turn the way I originally wanted to anyhow, when the intersection emptied while the turn light was still green, thus allowing me to cut over, haha).

Had a similarly semi-conspicuous one soon after, this one another of those expressly patternistic "car far in front of me randomly slowing down as to force me closer and thus see its 730 plate, when I wouldn't have caught up to it before," this time a car that suddenly put on its hazard lights and made a slow turn onto the shoulder, thus allowing me to pass it and having its 730 plate drift directly into my line of sight, haha.

And then, another of those "ridiculously random and illogical Compelled turn-offs that lead me to semi-conspicuous 37s," this time when I'd been Compelled to pull off at a random convenience store and its ATM, even though I had no idea whether it would charge fees for my bank card (it didn't, it turned out -- a rare occurrence), and, first, my having to pull directly past a parked 37-plate truck. And then, inside directly next to the ATM and at patternistically "effortless" eye-level with where I had to load my card, was a box with a big conspicuous "173" label on it, haha.

A fair number of low-key double-digit 37-plates and the like through the afternoon (when I'd distinctly *not* had even these the last couple days, against all chance in itself, all things being equal), after which I had a damn cute 100% patternistic instance of those "randomly buying unplanned items and having the total come up to a conspicuously exact repeat-number," this time $11.73 dead on, when I'd gone into the market to buy several things and then, upon not being able to find two of the things, I had to find random replacements, one of which Just Happened to be $3.37 in itself, and the other of which Just Happened to be on sale this day, all culminating in that precise total after tax ...


Relatively big uptick in overall activity today, and oddly, it corresponded with another of those *negative*/decreases health-wise, with all this happening despite an odd restless soupiness all day. The reflective theory remains inconsistent ...

First incidents I noticed were a series of very very subtle, yet collectively distinct and patternistic little thematics/parallels/recurrences through the morning and lunchtime reading (as well as several more this evening when reading the same magazine, though just a few and briefly). It's hard to describe the unique quality of these, almost to the point of being unconveyable, etc; they just had a distinct nature and "feel" and behavior, enough to make them stand out, however slightly, from "normal" thematics/paralles and recurrences. Couple examples:

> In the morning's super-random library-freebie magazine, it randomly mentioned banana leaves, the first I'd encountered this somehow for some time, and then, in the lunchtime reading of the helicopter book, it too mentioned banana leaves

> A little more coherent: when clipping the day's cartoons, I came across one in which a police officer uses the word "dude," and in a way that was supposed to be normal and conversational but came off to me as awkward and unrealistic in my experience, thus making me think something like "I wouldn't think of your typical police officer using 'dude' in such a casual context" -- and then in the lunchtime reading of the book, the author of that particular chapter happened to use "dude" several times, and in the same awkardly unexpected context, and also making me think something like, "I wouldn't think of your typical 60-something-year-old Vietnam vet using 'dude' in such a contemporary manner" -- a lot could be said about it all, but still a very distinct, albeit bizarre and new/unique, kind, shared in some way or another by all of these during the morning/early-afternoon time period

There were other semi-standouts too, but I didn't have a chance to write notes before forgetting them.

The lunchtime/early afternoon period was actually very quiet today again, another where there were only those few super-subtle weird recurrences/thematics along with the very slightest few small one-word non-striking ones at lunch. The only standoutish one came toward the end, when I read "green" randomly and singularly in the book precisely as a woman walked in front of me wearing these incredibly, conspicuously green pants, and again in that highly notable patternistic way with the perfectly synchronistic timing in addition to the "animated" quality of the woman's arrival into my line of sight, combined with the perfect "intertwining" of my reading the word and registering her super-green pants at the same time.

The day's notable thought-type activity came only later, beginning maybe a couple hours after lunch, and the only corresponding factor I am aware of is my hitting the deeper highway and nearing Wilmington right around this time (to officially commence my "travel"/"movement", etc?). After near silence between lunch and then, I first noticed what would be the many, many, many one-word striking echoes that would characterize the day. Couple examples from this period:

> An involuntary bodily function/physical-type one, when I randomly got one of those irritating itches inside the spine in my neck, which come sporadically every few days it seems, causing me to reach up and scratch it and have the absent thought of "spine" -- precisely as I passed an electronic sign that clicked, perfectly synchronistically with my passage (and directly/effortlessly in my line of sight), to a a slide reading "SPINE CARE," again in 100% patternistic and 100% objective/impossible to have been psychological, etc, fashion, all of it just happening also in that perfectly "orchestrated"/"intertwined" fashion

> Similarly, though just with a "normal" non-electronic billboard emerging from behind a tree or something: it began with my looking out to the picturesque sunny blue sky and thinking that maybe I'd put the top down on the car, but then thinking better of it due to the high winds it would let in since I was on the highway, with the chain of thought ending with something like "but the wind" -- precisely as a big billboard reading "THE WINDS" emerged into view, and once again precisely into my line of sight/effortlessly just "there," etc

Had maybe 5-6 of these to varying effect around this time, and then, later on at varying times, I ended up having a whole series of smaller/less complicated/one-word-types, again all of a certain feel/behavior/quality that's hard to describe but was very apparent after the first dozen or so. Couple examples:

> Randomly and singularly having "bumps!" sing from the radio precisely as I (also randomly/singularly) went over a speed bump in a parking lot

> "Two kids" singing from the radio precisely as I passed a road-side sign reading "DRIVE LIKE YOUR KIDS LIVE HERE," this one with the radio's "kids" corresponding with my registering of the sign as a whole, which I registered in fact as "kids here"/an underlying-type echo, etc

Of these, it got to the point where there were just so many, so often, and at times so close together, I simply lost track and was left in that permanent synchroshock/headspinng-type "storm" state, to the point where it was at times overwhelming, especially with the weird headfog of the day (and the number-storm occurring simultaneously). By the time I'd driven back home in the evening, had to be no less than two or three dozen of this same basic subtype, and again some of them being too subtle/subjective/circumstantial to detail but actually many of them being fully coherent and objectively notable, just impossible to write down and remember, haha.

Had quite a few other various thought-type incidents during this time as well, including some more thematics/parallels (though these were of the "normal" variety I typically have, rather than those odd specialties through morning, etc). And also, one standout, somewhat unique (for today at least) radio/objective event echo, especially notable due to its explicit precision and "animated" quality. It started when I flagged down the homeless man walking the sidewalk at the intersection by the market (after I'd been Compelled distinctly to do so, it bears mentioning, despite it breaking my rule of not typically encouraging panhandling, etc), and precisely as he started toward me and emerged into the view of my windshield from behind the car in front of me, the radio randomly and singularly sang out "I'm just a beggar," again so perfectly precise and perfectly timed and perfectly "animated"/coinciding with the surreal "revealing" of the man from behind the car, it just struck me in that indescribable way that these do.

From there, had the one-words until I got home, then the subtle thematics during evening reading, then, as of writing, a typical silence.

Numbers today eventually reached storm levels -- not as intense as past storms, just crossing the threshold of such, but still every bit a number-storm, and also again occurring during a trip up to Wilmington, as has happened how many times now? (Reflecting/corresponding with/triggered by general travel, or something about Wilmington in particular?).

These started rather quietly and non-stormy, though 100% patternistic with the "strictly just after lunch" pattern that is often here but sometimes not. Today it was just the distinct, albet subtle, appearance of a noticeable amount of scattered 37-plates in traffic on my way out of town, made slightly more notable after the distinct lack of this "background static" level of plates recently. But then, the closer I got to Wilmington, the more they appeared and the more complex/complicated/"graduated" they got, until I was seeing a near-regular stream of low-key ones in addition to a good number of semi-conspicuous and outright conspicuous/standout ones (with most of these being now forgotten due to the same "just too much damn stuff happening" syndrome that the thought-type ones fell casualty to).

These, numbering eventually in the dozens at least (did I hit triple digits today?), ran the gamut of conspicuous types: turn-in-fronts, "Compelled to let people pass/enter traffic only to be treated to a 37-plate," cars drifting past as to "inject" their plates directly in my line of sight, as well as several variants I'm probably forgetting. One thing I remember is there being an inordinate number of the 777/1117/"three sevens" type of oddly symbolic variant in the mix today, along with a lot of 22s and the like too. Also had one of those "thoughts of universal joy corresponding perfectly with the appearance of a 73-plate"-type ones that I remember, as well as an "alignment" between a conspicuous 5713-plate car that I first was forced to notice in a conspicuous way, and then, moments later, watched as it passed a sign with a big address number reading "6713" just so that the plate aligned perfectly/patternistically with the address numbers. All manner of randomly sourced/"everywhere" 37 variants too, from receipts to clock-ticks and the whole gamut here, too.


An express downturn today, mostly silent actually, and though this did seem to reflectively correspond with another sudden and mysterious health breakdown/downturn over yesterday, it also bears mentioning that when yesterday's incidents hit that storm level and I began feeling overwhelmed/unable to track them/appreciate them, I'd had the distinct yet quiet thought of "Too much, please stop, can't navigate this," so it's interesting that I would see such an express and otherwise inexplicable downturn almost immediately after, from last evening until this evening, as of writing (just like that last time it happened, when I got overwhelmed/uncomfortably synchroshocked and had a vague little silent prayer for it to slow down and it did, suggesting a pattern, though still a bit early to say for sure).

Numbers: just a very scant few low-key traffic 37-plates here and there through the day, but interestingly, they started not after lunch but instead just before, with a semi-conspicuous one where precisely as I turned onto the highway, a 703-plate truck passed me, its plate effortlessly/patternistically "arriving" into my line of sight (and, it bears mentioning, I was only on the highway because the drawbridge happened to be out, thus forcing me to go the long way on the highway, in another of those subtle yet patternistic little circumstances/developments, etc). In fact, the longer the day went on, the fewer numbers I saw, a sort of reversal of the "strictly after lunch and increasing thereafter" trend as of late.

Though-type incidents were only slightly more present. I did have a little tiny bit of activity this morning, just a few super-vague one-word echoes and some thematics/parallels/minor recurrences, none of which were coherent or notable enough to be conveyed, just enough to stave off one of those "braindead"/total-silence mornings. Lunchtime reading, however, was another totally silent one, of those kinds where I can tell I'm expressly out of the "state"/groove, etc, and with this coinciding with a distinct increase in that terrible headsickness I started getting yesterday, which would continue pretty much all through the afternoon from what I remember, with maybe a couple more super-subtle recurrences/thematics here and there but barely these.

And then, also interesting in regards to the reflective theory, I got a distinct, sudden little cluster of echoes on the drive home early evening, this coinciding expressly with my receiving the treatment and feeling somewhat better as well as just largely different. Ended up having 4-5 total, with a few coherent enough to note:

> Another of those super-cool "bilingual" ones, when "seleciones" (Spanish for selections) came randomly and singularly over the radio precisely as I passed a restaurant sign reading something about "SELECTIONS," and again perfectly synchronistic in my registering the radio's word and that text specifically, as to intertwine, etc

> Similar but less complex/notable: another of those small one-word "striking"-type ones, when the radio randomly said "car" precisely as a big "CAR WASH" sign emerged, in "animated fashion," from behind a building or something and I registered the "CAR" in it, again perfectly synchronistic/intertwining and hence the "striking" qualification

> Having another of those long, random, objectively traceable chains of thought end with the trip south at the end of the week and whether I'd go or not, etc, this stemming from the thoughts about health and how I seemed to see some improvement and if I felt up to a trip, etc -- precisely as "headin' down south" sang randomly from the radio, again with my basic thought/visualization of "the drive south" corresponding absolutely perfectly with it

Of the day's recurrences, did have a reasonable coherent/"classical" reading-type one, beginning yesterday morning (or maybe it was the day before -- sometime in the last couple days) when I read a random article in one of my super-random library-freebie magazines about a certain singer I was previously unfamiliar with, with the article mentioning a band she used to be in and such -- and then, this evening while randomly scanning the radio for some music instead of commercials, I came to an announcer randomly going into how that same singer had called their station, after which he started rambling on randomly about her, and mentioned specifically (though totally offhand) the band she'd used to be in -- things I'd not known until my Just Happening to have read that ridiculously random article just a day or two ago, 100% patternistic with these ...


Today was different than yesterday in terms of types of incidents, as well as "format"/order/arch through the day, though with generally the same overall volume in the end -- a mix-up day, a sort of lateral shift, and this corresponding again reflectively with a similar shift in health/consciousness/state (going from one sort of health ugliness to another, oddly).

Most of the morning was dead silent, numbers and thought-types both, with my being in another brain-dead stupor after last night's health battles through the night. But then had an odd and unique sort of echo/thematic hybrid meta-incident late morning. It started when, upon getting to the clinic and finding it locked and then checking my phone and finding the text message telling me she'd be late (another of those totally random yet conspicuously patternistic little circumstances/developments), I found myself suddenly again writing the next letter to Adam, and this was just like the last one, almost exactly in context: me sitting in the driver's seat, just suddenly Compelled to begin writing this letter after having planned it absently for days now. And, it bears mentioning: before I shut off my phone, I quickly researched that "do not port" thing, about not porting phone numbers to new carriers, etc -- all such that, as I was sitting there waiting for the appointment, my mind was occupied with various thoughts/themes of letter-writing and phone numbers and the like. Then, once I began writing the letter while the radio played, I first noticed two things: the next two songs (at least, might've been three I want to say) followed themes of both letter-writing and phone numbers/phones, and not really vaguely either, just plainly referencing these things, and all in that patternistic "three-way thoughts/reading/radio"-type of longwinded thematic incident that I've come to identify now. And, simultaneously, had several dead-on one-word "small but striking/perfectly synchronistically timed" echoes between words I was writing and those singing from the radio. Ultimately ended up highly notable, if too vague to really be objectively evident when written down. Very damn surreal in any case.

And that was the only thought-type incident that I noted all day as of writing, without even the vaguest/subtlest of echoes and the like otherwise. Numbers, however, were there, albeit still very low-key and low-volume and only semi-conspicuous at best, and almost exclusively low-key 37-variant plates in traffic. And today it was back to the "exclusively after-lunch-only" appearance of these, with a marked absence of any prior to the appointment and lunch, despite a reasonably long highway drive there.

The only real standout I can recall was a classic repeat of that "car with a 371 plate starting up totally randomly, yet precisely as I walked passed, thus involuntarily demanding my attention/forcing me to turn my head directly to its plate," 100% patternistic and super-conspicuous this time.

Had a slight little stutter of activity during dinnertime reading tonight, just a handful of "small" but reasonably precise and perfectly timed reading/thought echoes (such as my feeling that I needed a rest from eating/reading towards the end of my first course, thus making me think something along the lines of "need to rest/stand up and walk around," etc, precisely become I came to "a little rest" randomly and singularly and patternistically in the book). Also, one of those classic 37-variant clock-tick ones with the Cyma counter, where I honestly needed to know how much time I was left on it, and so I peeked over the side of the couch (because the machine, on the floor and under my outstretched feet, was 100% invisible to me unless I stretched forward, and was upside down anyhow, haha), precisely as the timer ticked down to 7:31, again so perfectly timed and patternistic that it just beggars real description.


Another weird lateral change-up today, and also fully reflective of an identically lateral change-up in health and condition, with yet another different kind of sickness predominating the day (yet somewhat balanced by some new improvements, haha).

This morning saw some very slight activity, as to stave off total "deadness." The first was a reasonable notable and explicit "classical" thought/event echo, this one of that weird kind I've had before that involves a song looping randomly through my head, as if in lieu of a radio. Precisely as the song came to the lyric "my knife" (after mysteriously, for no reason I know, suddenly starting up in my head just minutes before), I accidentally bumped something in my dish drainer with my elbow, which turned out to be a big kitchen knife that was drying, with the two occurring in that perfectly synchronistic "intertwined" manner (and, interestingly, the knife in question was my preferred knife, a big safe-yet-capable serrated knife that I use first over others, which I very much think of as "my knife," rather than just "a knife" ...).

And then, a semi-standout pair of parking-lot 37-plates when I arrived at the restaurant for lunch, both involving notable circumstances/context/super-randomness. I first started towards one row of spaces, the ones I typically park in at this particular restaurant, for convenience and shade, and of course the one available space there turned out to be directly beside a 37-plate car (which was a little car tucked behind a bigger one, with its place fully invisible to me when I'd begun pulling towards it, as is so patternistic). Unfortunately this one available space was reserved for mobile orders or something, and so I pulled to the other side of the lot, to the next good-looking/convenient (that is to say, logical) space -- only to find it not only beside a 373-plate truck, but the truck also had a 773 phone number stenciled over it several times, haha.

And then, immediately after lunch and for a couple hours into the afternoon, there ensued a period of very noticeable, almost heavy, number activity, still low-key 37 plates primarily but quite a few of them, and with some semi-conspicuous ones thrown in. Also, had another string of parking-lot-type ones, where for the next 3-4 places I ran errands (none of which were planned, btw, despite my having a list, which ended up totally ignored due to randomness and Compellings, etc) there were always at least some low-key parking-lot plates, if not several semi-standouts (including when I was suddenly and patternistically Compelled to drive around the back of a market instead of going through the front, totally inconvenient and illogical, etc, only to find myself passing a series of back delivery-doors stenciled with a series of big 5-6 digit 37-variants, really damn surreal and sudden this one). Also had lots of those "everywhere" 37s too, and also quite a few, and in the same subtly present patternistic "feel" I've experienced in the past, where, say, random facts and figures in the day's reading material would Just Happened to involve 37s and variants (or, as at the gym, right as I passed the overhead TV in the lobby, the announcer randomly said something about "37%," and with that added proximity/earshot dynamic much like that I experience in the "cashiers quoting 37-containing prices as I pass"-type of incidents).

And perhaps most odd and notable is that this relatively high amount of number activity occurred with an equally scant amount of any other type of incident, only a couple scattered "small-but-striking" little echoes much like that knife one from the morning (and no thematics that I remember today, also rather odd). One example I can think of, with an "involuntary bodily function"-type twist: precisely as I had another of those random bouts of gut upset/burning acidy feeling/"glass in the guts" spells that I've been experiencing so strongly lately, I turned a corner on a sidewalk and came face to face, in patternistic effortless/"directly in my line of sight" fashion, with a random flattened box reading "CORROSIVE," which perfectly described what I was thinking/feeling just then (though distinctly a split second *before* rounding the corner, when the box was fully obscured, etc), and also again precisely how I'd more or less registered the sensation in my mind.

Did eventually end up having one semi-thematic one, though I suppose it's more of a combination classical reading recurrence and "ask and receive." It started yesterday when, at lunchtime reading, I was introduced to the concept of unconventional warfare in the helicopter book, which I'd seen before but never really pondered much, upon realizing which I'd gone online and looked it up briefly. Then, I'd had the distinct thought of "I'd like to read about some real-life examples of unconventional warfare, rather than just the conceptual outline," because I didn't think I'd really grasped the concept from the summary I'd read. The next part came yesterday at the dump, when I was Compelled to pull a totally random, coverless magazine from out of the recycling bin and take it with me, this time having no idea what I'd gotten until I got in the car and checked the pages -- and, first, it was another copy of that official NRA magazine, of which I'd gotten another edition for the first time ever from the library the other day, as Compelled to get it, so my being Compelled to get this blind/coverless magazine out of the recycling bin was sort of a recurrence in itself, of "official NRA magazine." But then, in this super-random trash magazine (evocative of the Kafka book in randomness), it Just Happened to have not only an article on unconventional warfare, but a real-world case study of it -- exactly what I'd wanted, and perfectly patternistic with the phenomenon. And, of course, this particular copy of the magazine also echoed all sorts of the specific themes and guns and sentiment in the helicopter book, again to an amount that, despite their similar themes, would be pretty unlikely.


Today was much like yesterday in essence, just another lateral change-up from that "version" of activity, and this too correlating reflectively with a similarly slight shift in health/state/various kinds and levels of sickness -- so surreal still, all in itself, this reflective business.

Morning was another pretty much totally silent one, again reflecting the brain-dead state I occupied throughout. Then just before lunch, on the drive to the restaurant, had a stray pair of semi-notable/standout classical radio echoes:

> The first one began when I had a long random chain of thought about the phone-porting scam and how to protect myself from it and such, and if my phone number or any other sensitive information was widely available -- a split second before "you got my number" sang randomly and singularly from the radio, all objective and patternistic of these, etc

> A slightly less-notable but still essentially similar one some minutes later, when the radio randomly sang out "Sky!" precisely as I drew alongside this flashy, new-to-me sports car with a "SKY" emblem on its rear end, once again with the radio's random lyric corresponding perfectly with my in-the-moment reading/registering of the "sky" emblem

Then lunchtime reading was again 100% silent of activity from what I remember, which was a bit odder today because I again went through a brief period of improvement and clarified thinking then, so no reflective correlation here. However, did see some scattered echoes here and there through afternoon, these similar to the morning pair in feel and behavior but a bit more coherent and standout:

> A few "small but perfectly timed/synchronistic" one-words, such as the radio announcer randomly and singularly saying "Carolina" precisely as I read/registered the "Carolina" on a tag directly in my line of sight in front of me at an intersection. Seems like there were maybe 2 or 3 like this, distinctly *not* those rapid-fire clusters of these one-words like I was having semi-regularly there for a while (why does this kind of the phenomenon seemed to have slowed down significantly as of late? another reflection of slowed mind/thoughts/clarity?)

> A very coherent and precise and perfectly timed one when parking at the mall soon after lunch, when, as I eased into the space and slowly pulled in as far as I could without hitting the car in front of me, thus making me think something along the lines of "go just far enough but not too far" -- the radio randomly sang out "don't wanna go too far," haha

> Then tonight in the sauna, had another of those sudden brief slight resurgences in activity after the usual evening lull, a little cluster of thought/reading echoes in the sauna. One was actually a good standout, an involuntarily bodily function-type one beginning when I had another of those sudden and totally random surges of energy/non-inflammatory feelings I'd been having towards the end of the day, which I think is from the grapeseed extract, which thus made me think "What's causing this goodness? The grapeseed, or something else?" in response -- a split second before I totally randomly came to "grape seed" in the trash magazine I was reading, haha (and, again, the text was peripherally visible to me when I'd had the thought, but the thought hinged on the fully objective event of that random surge of goodness ...)

Also, had another of those strange, unclassifiable maybe-synchro incidents today. It started just after lunch, when I went around the van picking up litter before leaving, and came upon this really cool leather wristband reading "I AM [the Batman bat symbol]" on it. This was kind of cool in itself, because it immediately struck me as the perfect Christmas gift for my friend, whom I'd just that morning wrote a note to get a gift for today, but had distinctly thought that I had absolutely zero idea what to get her or where, such that my discovering this good, semi-valuable piece of litter that Just Happened to be a good gift for her was sort of a potential "ask and receive"-type incident (which is actually lent to a little bit by the patternistic context/circumstances of the find, because of where I'd parked, which was in the bank by the coffee shop instead of the actual shop, which I'd been distinctly Compelled to park in, despite having zero reason to do so, and having parked in the shop's proper lot literally everyone of the dozens of past times I'd been there -- when, otherwise, I'd never have found the wristband). But then, the whole thing gains a little synchronistic "unlikely coincidence/recurrence" element later on at the mall, when I went to a trash can to throw something away and saw that some trash had spilled out of it, and when I went to put it back in the can, there amongst it was a cardboard cutout of a bat, in the same shape more or less of that on the Batman bracelet (but, in any case, echoing the "bat" archetype/sentiment). And, patternistically, the wristband was the first bat-related piece of trash I can remember picking up in ages, perhaps ever, and then, less than an hour later, here I am picking up a second one, miles away and in a totally different place and setting (and, also, I was Compelled to throw away the trash in that particular trash can where I found the bat cutout, despite there being others nearby, haha). And then, as something of a clincher/additional recurrence, when I got home later and checked my mail, there was a Christmas present from the very friend I plan to give the wristband to, as a bit of an echo of "that particular friend" in relation to the rest of the day's friend-related events, haha. Another of those that I'd just as "maybe nothing, easily something."

Numbers: also like yesterday, reasonably active, disproportionately with thought-type activity, and of similar types too, with a steady background static of low-key 37-plates, with several semi-conspicuous and conspicuous ones in the mix, plus a good number of the "37s coming from everywhere"-types too (again many in the random facts and figures and the like I encountered in the day's reading, of the exact same "feel"/behavior/nature of yesterday's).

The first was another of those "car grabbing my attention, thus forcing me to see its 37-plate," this time at the post office when, right as I walked behind a car and, upon clearing the previous car that was it hidden behind, suddenly heard that it was running, my attention was jerked over to it and directly/effortlessly to its 337-beginning plate, haha. And then had another series of semi-notable parking-lot types, again almost exactly like yesterday's, beginning with my being Compelled to leave from the side door in the library, despite it being illogical/a farther walk, etc, only to find myself emerging directly behind a 370-plate car, again with the plate just "there," effortlessly and immediately, in my line of sight.

The last and biggest of these, though, was at the mall, a three-part one that succeeded in synchroshocking me to that rare degree. It began when I turned into a lane in the parking lot and was forced to stop and wait while a car backed out, which therefore stopped me directly beside a parked 37-plate car, in conspicuous/patternistic fashion. And then, a second or two later, the backing-out car's 37-plate emerged into view (from behind a big car beside it, so 100% invisible to me beforehand, not that it mattered, given that the car was objectively/independently backing out ...). And then, after another couple seconds, when I'd parked in the space vacated by the backing-out 37-car, I found myself staring directly/effortlessly at the 37-plate of a car parked nearby, directly in view from my windshield/the angle I'd parked/the spaces in the surrounding cars, haha. Another of those where the one-two-three effect, combined with the ridiculously 100% objective circumstances/logistics of it all, succeeded in making me stop and blink. And then, actually, there was a fourth part to this, because this is when that "don't wanna go too far"/inching the van forward-thought radio echo occurred, coming in the second-space between my parking and then looking up to the 37 plate across from me.

Also, had one more conspicuous car-related 37-plate one later on, in the market parking lot this time, when my attention was demanded by another 37-plate car, this one one that swerved around wildly as I was walking back to the van, almost hitting me -- and thus showing its front-mounted 637 plate, and doing so in that precise, patternistic, "revealing"/"animated" fashion I've come to know so well, as to "swipe" the plate directly/effortlessly into my line of sight, so surreal as to offset any fear/alarm I might've felt about almost getting run over.


Today was similar to last couple in underlying feel, though again a bit of a shuffle/remix of it, and again corresponding with a similarly lateral shift in health/reflectively, etc.

First I noticed today came throughout morning reading/random thoughts/experiences, etc, another small and subtle but noticeable cluster of thematics and straight-up reading recurrences, after not seeing any of these for the last day or two. Examples:

> This morning, when doing the coffee, thinking about how yesterday, when I switched to that new bag of light-roast coffee, I seemed to see a better effect from it, and so I used the same today, and also had the vague thought of why a light roast might be better -- and then, in the random Compelled library-freebie mag I started reading about an hour later after chores, it had a totally random little sideline article about how a study had shown that light-roast coffee is better for you due to higher antioxidant content -- both a "light-roast coffee" recurrence and a possible "question and answer" in terms of it explaining why I might see better effect from lighter coffee, as I'd quietly "asked"

> Several times this morning, I vaguely and randomly but distinctly thought of the scripture, "Prepare ye the way for the Lord" -- and then, in the sermon at church, that scripture was quoted specifically (when, as it were, I'd only decided to go to this church at the last minute, after having planned all morning to go to another, despite it being out of the way and inconvenient and my having to get there late, haha)

> And, also, on the vaguer/subtler/more-thematic side: reading of the 2013 America's Cup in Bermuda in the morning's first random freebie magazine, and then reading of it again, as randomly, in the second, different one (not only totally different individual magazines, one a Robb Report and the other a Time, but also from over a year apart, and each of them just randomly mentioning this); this one I only mention because it's patternistic and also typical of the many super-subtle ones I would eventually have through morning and afternoon, which would characterize a whole period in mid-afternoon, when I had only scattered little super-subtles/vagues like this

> Also in regards to the church sermon: had another period of those streaming, back-to-back, "in the moment" echoes between my completely random and objective thoughts/feelings and the pastor's speech; not as many as some other days, and none really individually notable, but enough, and patternistic enough, to be present, anyhow

Unlike last couple days, did see some activity during lunchtime reading, though it was only a little, and never progressing/maturing beyond simple, small, non-striking one-word echoes, such as my randomly coming to "hot" in the book just after I'd taken a sip of my coffee and found it too hot, or, a little more notable, coming to "Snuffy" the same way, precisely as I tried to take a deep breath but, with my nasal passages suddenly tensing, I just ended up getting a big snuff, haha; maybe 4-5 like this.

Though, did have one single standout nearby-stranger-echoing-my-thoughts-type one towards the very end of lunch. It started with an "involuntary bodily function"-type element, when I had a sudden random wave of fatigue wash over me as I'd been having all day since getting up early and not being able to get back to sleep, thus causing me to think "need more sleep" or "not enough sleep" or something along those lines -- precisely as an employee across the coffee shop randomly said "I don't sleep," haha. That one was the highlight, however, and then the rest of the afternoon slid back into those vague/"gelled" sort of super-subtle one-words and thematics and other "little" scattered incidents, and then by evening, a typical lull/silence.

Numbers were there, and still disproportionately more-active than thought-type incidents, but not as many as yesterday, still a reasonable background static of 37-plates in traffic and several parking-lots, enough to be quietly surreal, but with only a couple conspicuous ones there. One semi-standout was, again almost immediately after finishing lunch and leaving the restaurant, I was Compelled to suddenly pull off and park in another parking space to pick up a piece of litter I'd spotted, only to find myself directly/effortlessly/patternistically with a 317 plate of a nearby car directly in my line of sight, haha. But, beyond that, no standouts that I can remember.


Pretty decent uptick today, and a general shift too, into a basically different feel/pattern/"groove," although without much change in the basic manifested incidents (and once again, all of this reflectively corresponding with a similarly significant shift in health/state/consciousness, including in the basic underlying "groove"/state of my health, etc).

The first incident I remember today was once again immediately when I sat down for after-chore reading this morning, a weird sort of quasi-page-turn, slight-delayed thought echo. It started when, after days and days of remembering the Star Wars movie coming out and then forgetting to write a note to see it maybe sometime, I finally got around to it and wrote a note right before I sat down, and then, two pages into the morning's ridiculously random library-freebie magazine (a Sports Illustrated Kids Edition, of all things, the first of these I'd ever read, even of the adult edition of the magazine, again just illogically Compelled to grab it, and then similarly Compelled to read it this morning out of a choice of several), it had a big two-page-spread hockey picture headed with "STAR WARS" (sort of in the same context but not, being both a play on the movie's title, so yes, but being used as a play on "hockey stars warring with another in their game," etc -- sort of makes it both more and less notable, I guess). This one wasn't quite a classical page-turn one, due to a maybe 2-3 second delay between my finishing writing out the note and then picking up the magazine and reading it; though, still pretty notable, given the relatively close timing, and the fact that I'd finally gotten the note down after procrastinating it for so long ...

Next, had a similar but more coherent/perfectly timed/patternistic radio/event echo towards late morning, on the drive to lunch: precisely as I merged into the main road from the frontage road on 17, thus "emerging"/entering traffic, the radio randomly and singularly sang out "in the street," corresponding absolutely perfectly, etc. And another notable/conspicuous circumstance here: I had to fully stop before pulling through the merger/yield sign, rarely so, due to the nearby light just having changed and there being several oncoming cars just beyond the merger, when I've probably come through dozens of times in a row lately and always been able to just drive right out even with traffic oncoming -- thus causing me to wait a few seconds, and thus causing the lyric to correspond absolutely perfectly with my at last pulling out ...

And then a cute little footnote on that last one: when I finally pulled into the parking lot for the restaurant and thus got a chance to safely write the note about the "in the street" one above, precisely as I wrote the "12/18" date at the end of the note, the radio randomly said "twelve," perfectly synchronistically, as an extra, "small-but-striking" one-word.

And next, as a sort of trifecta: the parking space I'd taken at the restaurant (again Compelled, and a totally different, illogical, farther-away-despite-there-being-closer-spaces space that I'd parked in, which I'd never before parked in in all the dozens of times I've been to this restaurant), I found that I'd parked directly beside a car with a 713 plate, facing away from me and visible only after I'd gotten out and walked around, haha.

Overall, just had a few of those echoes like the two noted above through morning, again to varying degrees of coherency and notability but all noticeably "upgraded" in coherence and complexity over those of the last several days, and with a distinct and also qualitive reflection/correlation in this with my improved health/mental clarity today (really notable here, in fact). Went on to have a few more of this nature through the rest of the day, but these were mostly of the super-subtle/thematic/"in-the-moment-echo"-type variety.

One cool standout from afternoon, a classical radio/thought/event echo: precisely as I at last pulled up to the office and stopped the car so I could write out the Christmas cards before going in, a new song came on the radio, with its first lyrics "You owe me a letter," which, besides this following another patternistic and conspicuous series of random logistical events/delays and the like, that was exactly how I was visualizing/absently registering the forthcoming cards as, as letters rather than cards, since I had to write a longish explanation of why I was giving these acquaintances/non-family or -friends at the park something as seemingly personal as Christmas cards and gifts and money, such that I had to formulate a letter-sized text for each one and that's how I visualized it all -- 100% patternistic with these, in any case.

Had some more activity at lunchtime reading again, but this was much like yesterday's, just a scattered series of noticeable-but-subtle little echoes and thematics and the like -- enough to be present and to place me distinctly in the "synchronistic state," but only quietly so. Could examples of echoes: another of those times where I'd suddenly remembered to write a note about something, thus causing me to think "have to write a note," 100% traceable/objective and not in any way suggested from the visible text in the book, a split second before I randomly came to a mention of the book's character writing a note; randomly thinking of the man I'd just seen minutes earlier ride into the parking lot on a nice-looking Harley, thus making me distinctly think "Harley motorcyle," 2-3 seconds before resuming reading of the 'Drive' book and having it mention "a Harley" within the first couple sentences (this one perhaps more notable since this resuming was, first, after a break to get a tea refill/going back through the line, etc, rather than just laying down the book briefly to take a bite, when the text might have been glimpsed peripherally and still be fresh in my mind, which couldn't have happened this time, since I had both closed the book upon finishing the previous chapter, before reading even briefly the first page of the new one, etc). Again, maybe 5-6 like that through this "chapter" of the day, and then with more following through the afternoon, these sort of creating another of those background-static-like echo/thematic/sublte recurrence "gelling" of subtle echoes, as is often the case when I sense myself in the "synchronistic state" but not observing many standout incidents, etc.

Numbers were similarly present-but-low-key today, with that one parking-lot standout before lunch and then a slow procession of low-key two-digit 37-plates and the like through afternoon, with a couple of neat standout/conspicuous ones thrown in for good measure.

The first: another of those where precisely as I bought something and then emerged from the business into the parking lot, a random 37-plate car turned conspicuously in front of me down a lane of cars, a 736-er this time, and again turning with *just the right precision and angle* to "reveal" the plate directly/effortlessly into my line of sight. The second was nearly identical, just afterward at the market down the street, when, precisely as I emerged from the door and onto the sidewalk, a car backed out of a space, directly in front of me and demanding my attention, and stopping with its 307 plate ending up squarely and patternistically directly in my line of sight, haha.

All told, the day was more "active" than the few standout incidents might've let on. And, interestingly, this is also sort of reflectively in a qualitive sense of my improved state today, with my being exponentially more relaxed/controlled today than yesterday and really for days or weeks, due to that fundamental loss of all relaxation/calm that comes with the health problems but is so pronounced and super-present when it at last returns as it did today (the activity was very much there, but as quiet and "relaxed" as my mental state, you could say).


Again had a little activity this morning, again corresponding with after-chore reading/night's toxicity lessening/relaxing, etc, though today just a loose few super-subtle/subjective/thematics (though a few of these were of that ridiculously profound/notable quality, just far too complex and subjective to convey). Then began having some before-lunch numbers just after leaving the house and getting on the road, including one of those "first plates of the day Just Happening to be a conspicuous 37," this time a classical example, the very first car I encountered, just outside the gate at the park, parked conspicuously facing me/directly/effortlessly/patternistically in line of sight, a random 731-plate car.

Again had a reasonably active day for numbers, and with a tad more semi-conspicuous ones than yesterday, for whatever reason. Also had a noticeably increased amount of the "everywhere"/randomly sourced/environmental 37s (and, also, I noticed that 37 and variants have again become predominant in the mix, with the others again quieting to stark minority). Few coherent examples:

> Just after starting lunch at the coffee shop out on the patio there, I looked up and found that the truck parked at foot or so from me, right along the curb, so that it was all that I saw when sitting down, had a great big phone number printed on the back of it, with a 737 suffix, which Just Happened to again lay directly at just such an angle/height that it was effortlessly in my line of sight when I looked up, haha. And, another notable contextual/circumstantial note: I sat in this particular seat because it was the only one on the patio that was in the shade, when I didn't want to get any sun today due to too much vitamin D, etc ...

> Another classical "totally random, sequential order number at lunch Just Happening to be a 37," this time #379 at the coffee shop. Not very notable in itself, but a little moreso due to its patternistic quality.

> A really cool sort-of parking-lot one, when I parked alongside the road at the thrift store, in a sort of selfmade parking space in the shade, and then I looked up and, directly above me outside (and of course directly/effortlessly in my line of sight where I had to look before leaving the van), was a street sign ending in 713, and again with the 713 centered perfectly on me, just like that 737 on the truck at lunch -- another quietly surreal quality, like it was waving hello ...

Thought-wise, day was characterized by scattered-but-present incidents, graduating slightly after lunch but then never really intensifying or progressing in any manner (much like yesterday, reflective of my continuing uncharacteristically calm state/health, etc). Had about a 50/50 ratio of the super-subtle thematics and another, equally subtle background static of stray one-word echoes and the like, neither of which ever intensified much beyond low-key levels. Standoutish/coherent examples:

> Best daylong recurrence/thematic example was another of those where I'll have some totally random and objective experience and/or thoughts in the morning, and then, during evening reading or something, will have it echoed, thematic/longwinded style. Today it started when I drank some kefir upon waking up, after finally getting some more yesterday and not having it for a week or two, after which I thought distinctly of how much I enjoy the unique sour-sweet taste and texture of dairy, and subsequent thoughts about the controversy about dairy's health effects and suitability for people, etc -- and then, in the Prevention magazine I read this evening in the sauna (which I'd gotten this afternoon at the library, totally randomly and Compelled and patternistic of these, etc -- and, of course, only *after* I'd had the dairy-thoughts this morning), the editor's letter, at the very front, was about exactly what I'd been thinking about that morning, about how much the editor seems to deeply enjoy dairy in distinct way, and also a brief referencing of the controversies surrounding it, etc. Could not have been more precise/explicit, nor more patternistic.

> Classical radio echo, one of the few today: having a long, random, 100% traceable/objective chain of thoughts end with my realizing how I tend to go into a bad pattern of "seeking-out/acquisition mode" when shopping for something specific, precisely as the radio randomly and singularly sang out "I go looking for something" (in a song I'd never heard before, and of course prefaced by nothing remotely related to my thoughts, even if I couldn't trace them, etc, etc, etc ...)

> Lunchtime reading saw activity, but it was another of those super-subtle/nearly silent ones I've had recently, where I can sense myself in the "synchronistic state" but with only the slightest of incidents in evidence, mostly those super-subtle/small/non-striking one-word reading/thought/event-type echoes that could easily be written off as coincidence if not for their patternistic/behavioral/collective notability. One interesting thing happened today, as I've noted in the past, when the activity developed a slight but distinct "upgrade" towards the end of lunch, marked by my coming to "rocking horse" in the book precisely as "one-horse sleigh" sang randomly over the in-house radio at the coffee shop, and this coming in that perfectly synchronistic/"striking"/precise fashion where the two "horses" corresponded as to be one/"intertwined," etc, in stark contrast to the "sloppy"/delayed/non-striking ones that had preceeded it.

> Then, soon after the "horse" one, a similar one, albeit a little "bigger"/more complex/notable: when I again randomly came to "soft jazz" in the book, precisely as a new song started randomly over the radio, a jazz rendition of some classic Christmas song, played with acoustic upright bass and quiet piano and mellow wire-played drums, as to be very much "soft"


Another day that was much like yesterday in all ways, for the most part, the same underlying "feel" of it all.

Morning was pretty much dead except for a few super-subtle/subjective thematics again, not a one simple/coherent enough to be conveyed. Lunchtime reading, however, saw another of those same blocks of mild-to-moderate activity as I've been seeing irregularly lately, with more of those super-subtle/individually dismissible one-words through the first leg, and then graduating/maturing into better-timed/more-coherent ones, just like yesterday, and also never really graduating much in intensity, still overall "quiet," if still highly surreal/notable. Standouts/examples/coherent-ish ones I got down:

> Had kind of cool little string of subtle/vague/small one-words literally immediately as I sat down and starting reading and eating, from the very first line, when it first mentioned "Wonderland," in the Alice/book context, which furthered the Wonderland thematic/recurrence I've had for these last two days, suddenly encountering the book/characters, etc, in at least 3-4 separate and ridiculously random places, maybe more. Then, next, a few words over: I read "longer" precisely as that sang from the radio, a perfect/small one-word echo. And then, maybe a minute later on the next page, while I was debating whether to note the first two or not, a really damn cool and standout "nearby stranger doing something"/book echo: precisely as I read "tissues," the man at the table directly across from me and directly in my line of sight, suddenly sneezed and, in the same instantaneous motion, whipped out a tissue and put it to his nose to catch it, such that I read the word and registered the man's sneeze and the appearance of his tissue (with the "tissue" figuring predominately in my mind) in perfectly synchronistic fashion, as to be "intertwined," as well as with that ridiculously surreal "animated" quality from him whipping it out so superhumanly/spontaneously, haha. And then, finally, a cute little fourth one to this incident: after the "tissues" one, when I stopped reading and went to grab a pen to write the note for these incidents, I absently read the last words of the sentence the "tissues" was on so I could mark my place, and the words were "ballpoint pen," thus echoing, again patternistically/perfectly synchronistically, my absent thought of the moment of "grab pen for note." Wow ...

> Had another of those super-notable and ridiculously surreal, albeit almost fully subjective/"in-the-moment"/collectively notable, "nearby strangers' running conversation repeatedly echoing what I'm reading." It was again almost exclusively simple, one-word, "distorted," often delayed echoes (such as reading "Driver" right as one man said "drive," or "burnout" when a man said "burn"), but again just so many that the chances just got ridiculously low, not to mention the perfect patternistic element of it all. And then, eventually, it even had that "maturing" effect, when I randomly came to "door" in the book perfectly synchronistic with one of them men as randomly saying "open the door," again with the two "doors" coinciding with that perfect "intertwined" precision, and again with that subtle quality that just doesn't translate to text.

> Also, a weird little "classical" reading recurrence in the midst of this section, starting this morning when, in that ridiculously random copy of the Wall Street Journal I was reading (after having fished it out of the trash on another patternistic Compelling the other day), there was an ad for one of those fancy "super-ergonomic, back-fixing" chairs, which, first, I Noticed distinctly/patternistically, as to pause and stare at it for no real reason, and then, also, while doing so, I was struck with the baseless and odd thought that it probably costs "over a $1,000," maybe some sort of subconscious association I failed to identify -- but then, at the end of the 'Driver' book today, it randomly mentioned, for the first time, just such a fancy super-office chair, calling it a "$1,000 back chair," thus a sort of double echo, of both these types of chairs in general and one costing $1,000 like I'd mysteriously thought, and all just made the more notable from its patternistic precision and also close timing as well as the Compelling -- another "big little one"

It also bears mentioning that the book echoes in general underwent that same, delayed maturation/graduation/cohering by the end of lunchtime, and again corresponding with the attendant increase in energy/coming "awake" upon having some food for the first time in the day, etc. Good example: just after lunch, another classical radio/traceable-random-thought echo, beginning when I remembered I needed to hit the ATM nearby, thus causing me to visualize distinctly the twenty-dollar bills from it coming out of the machine -- precisely as the radio randomly and singularly and without prelude said "CASH!," in a stylized ad, so loud and sudden that it had that super-surreal "animated" quality to it.

Numbers were there today, and still a decent showing of 37-plates in traffic and several low-key parking lots, but not as many as last couple days, and not very conspicuous overall. Though, did have about the same above-average of anywhere/randomly sourced/"world" 37s (as well as an uptick of the 777 variant again, and a mild uptick in 1212s and variants too).

Best standout, a receipt-type one at the health-food store, and with some circumstantial/contextual twists. It started with a simple, yet classical/patternistic, "cashier randomly quoting a 37 price as I stood in earshot," this time $7.37 exactly. And, interestingly, this didn't happen in that dramatic/animated fashion of many in this vein, where I'd Just Happen to pass by/enter earshot to catch the total conspicuously, instead just happening as I was idly standing behind the person in front of me in line; however, as if to make up for this, there's the fact that that customer was offered to give to a charity while paying, and they opted to pledge $1, thus bumping their total up to the more-notable $7.37. Then the next part came when I paid, and had a whole little cluster of 37s spring up as the result of the purchase: first, when I applied a coupon to the total, it took off exactly 3.37, and then, when I paid, my change was exactly 7.77, with a 68.37 subtotal, and then, on the receipt, there were several other random 37s in the random strings of numbers all over it -- a sort of meta-repeat in itself, really cool.


Today was a general change-up, corresponding both with a distinct change in health/condition/consciousness as well as with travel, and overall just not very active.

Morning was almost entirely silent despite some good health/energy, and lunchtime reading was almost the same, excepting just the slightest few of those delayed/non-striking little "environmental" one-word reading echoes I've been having, along with several super-subtle/super-subjective thematics that I still have yet to really find a way to convey.

One interesting and bizarre little thematic/recurrence. It started this morning when, realizing that I still had some horrible-looking scabs from the rash on my guts and I felt I should bandage them up before sitting out in the sun at the coffee shop with my top off, I went about the long and awkward job of putting a bunch of little Band-Aids over the series of wounds and trying to arrange them and get it looking as best I could, eventually taking a lot of time and effort -- and then during lunchtime reading of the 'Gardner Heist' book, it randomly mentioned how a man profiled in it with advanced cancer had to take "over a half-hour every morning to put his bandages on." This is another that's only mildly notable objectively at best, but considering the reasonably close timing/generally precise underlying echo/patternistic element, as well as the fact that, for the first time in I don't know how many years or perhaps ever in my life, that I Just Happened to take a long time putting on a bunch of bandages over some hideous wounds (much like those of the cancer-man's, as it were), I find it moderately notable, and of course it fits in perfectly with the collective delayed/longwinded/daylong "life in a blender" recurrences.

Also had another equally vague and somewhat unique yet notable "resuming reading and having the book echo something I'd just thought/experienced." It started when, after coming to a section break in the book and deeming it a good stopping point, I'd laid it down and looked up the map for the Fayetteville area on the phone, and then, when I resumed reading a minute later, the very first paragraph mentioned "Sanford, NC," which as it were, would've been on that very section of the map that I'd been looking at, right near Fayetteville. Interestingly, I didn't see Sanford or think anything "Sanford" (unless unconsciously/peripherally), but the fact that it came so closely timed, and so patternistic and otherwise precise and explicit in regards to that map, I find this one weirdly notable too.

Other than those and a few super-subtle thematics and echoes later on, almost no thought-type activity today, the quietest in a while.

Numbers, on the other hand, were a little more active though still subdued. The most interesting aspects were in regards to the pattern/timing of the phenomenon rather than the content today, being that, first, the 37-traffic plates again started, after a total silence through morning, as if on a switch almost immediately after lunch, again with the very first plate I encountered after leaving the restuarant and getting back on the road being a 7316 plate. From there, had a few more scattered ones, just enough to establish their presence in after-lunch fashion again; however, the other notable timing element was the fact that the numbers again noticeably increased/intensified/"graduated" upon my starting up towards Wilmington, which has happened every single time I've gone up there in some capacity, that I can remember anyhow. Even then they never intensified beyond a moderate background-static level of low-key traffic- and parking-lot-type 37-plates, and with a marked near-absence of the "environmental"/"everywhere" random-type 37s and other numbers generally.

Did have one pretty notable standout right outside Wilmington, a quick 1-2-3 cluster of plates, coming when I stopped at a random intersection and saw them on three separate cars in quick, surreal, semi-conspicuous succession, in a cool sort of "animated"/revealed/dramatic quality that I can't quite describe but was, in any case, very "living-dream," as well as patternistic.

Then, by evening/"downtime," total silence as of writing.


Another weird change-up, but with overall more activity than yesterday.

Early morning was silent as is typical for this time, except for another small but classical/patternistic reading recurrence, of John Getty III, beginning last night when I read his name in the 'Gardner' book and, in addition to it being the first time in a while or ever that I'd heard of this man, I distinctly Noticed it in particular, out of a list of several names -- and then this morning, at the very end of the latest super-random trash magazine, it mentioned this man, again less than a day later and in the most random and relatively unlikely of ways, like all these.

Then saw a sudden surge of numbers once I made another rare early-day highway travel up north, with a scattered handful of random low-key 37 plates that ended up being a reasonably active showing for this time period. These were semi-conspicuous at best, with the exception of another of those perfectly patternistic "universal joy"-type ones, where I had another sudden and intense experience of that exact same distinct feeling as in the past, a split second before this totally random truck sped up along my left and "revealed" a 7713 plate in that special way.

Interestingly, this truck would also factor into another, later, odd and unique maybe-synchro-type incident later on, it being the first of three Dodge Dakotas of the almost exact same old-year-model and odd dark-green color that passed me within the space of the day's highway travels today, with the first two being conspicuous 37-plate-cars (and both speeding up in almost the exact same way, with the second being even more conspicuous, with it darting from behind a car right when I went to turn into the next lane over, thus forcing me to wait for it to pass and thus demanding my attention in that patternistic way and thus forcing me to see its revealed 7313 plate when it passed, haha). The third truck didn't have a 37-plate, oddly, yet it was so strikingly deja-vu like, in line with the other two. And then, interestingly, seeing these three Dakotas thus caused me to remember my old Dakota and how I'd bought it at the Flow Auto dealer, which Just Happened to be in Winston, where I was passing through -- and then, literally just minutes after this, I turned off at my exit in order to go to the Whole Foods, but then got lost and made a couple wrong turns, and then Just Happened to find myself at none other than that Flow Auto dealer, the second time only I've ever been there (and, to completely rule out psychological/subconscious influence, this all happened at the exit I had to turn off at anyhow -- all hinging on this series of objective events, in other words). Again maybe nothing, but it all has the feel of another of those weird, unique, unclassifiable incidents, a sort of meta-recurrence vaguely like others of this category.

And, even more interesting, taking this turn off and getting lost, etc, seemed to trigger a sudden, moderately intesnse, almost storm-like wave of 37-plates, after having only scattered low-key ones on the highway. It started with a highly conspicuous cluster of random plates that I Just Happened to encounter, in quick and conspicuous succession, after taking those wrong turns and getting lost. But from there, went on to see at least a couple dozen between there and when I finally got to Whole Foods, with semi-conspicuous ones mixed in throughout, the gamut from turn-in-fronts to parking-lots and everything in between. Probably the most intense little cluster I've had in some time, and again corresponding with my "entry" into a particularly confusing/disorienting city/new-unfamiliar place, etc.

Also, had a noticeable return of "everywhere"/randomly sourced 37s and the like, these coming not quite to the stormish levels of the road/traffic numbers but close, and all in the same patternistic fashion/"feel"/behavior, and just too damn many to remember besides. Few standouts I can remember:

> A really surreal classical "found-litter-receipt"-type one, when I was picking up trash at that random gas station I'd stopped at, and again following a Compelling to get this particular piece of litter from the bunch strewn around, when I bent down to pick it up, my eye fell directly/effortlessly/conspicuously/patternistically on a "27713" printed on the slim part of the receipt that was facing me, and again this one was just too "in-the-moment" to really convey in text, with the little details of it all inflating it to more than it sounds like, with it being both crumpled and folded up intricately, yet that one exposed/faced-up little sliver of it was placed *just so* that it would have those numbers visible, not to mention so directly/conspicuously in my line of sight

> Also a receipt: another "perfect" "17:13" time-stamp receipt at that ridiculously random health food store I was Compelled to stop at, and again with notable circumstances such as my wandering around the store for a long time, browsing, and then finally just getting that "time to go" feeling and grabbing a couple things to buy, all of it again conspiring into that exact time-stamp, etc.

Thought-wise, today was in fact much like yesterday, with lunchtime reading having just the barest little scattering of super-subtle non-striking one-word "environmental" echoes between my random thoughts and the book and random stuff going on in the coffee shop (ex: randomly coming to "alarm system" precisely as a random alarm went off on a piece of kitchen equipment nearby -- easily dismissible if not for the patternistic/perfectly timed aspect of it). Went on to have periods of total silence through much of afternoon, with any return of the activity just being brief little episodes of having those same super-subtle one-words pop up every now and then (interestingly, one of these periods coincided perfectly/explicitly with that sudden rush of numbers that followed my encounter with the last two of the Dakota trucks and turning off the highway and getting lost, etc, again as if a switch had been thrown).

One neat standout, another of those coold "bilingual" types: precisely as "promocion" (promotion) came randomly over the Spanish station I was listening to, I stopped at the gym where, directly beside it at the neighboring phone place, there was a sandwich board set out advertising a "free phone if you switch" promotion, and again in that hard-to-describe way was more notable than it might sound, with the board "arriving" directly in my line of sight/being registered perfectly synchronistic with the word on the radio, all synchronized with the random turning of my van as I navigated the parking lot.


Another travel/health-change-corresponding/reflective change-up, still in the same basic "groove"/"feel" of the collective incidents of the last couple days but another lateral shift in the way that's becoming patternistic.

The first I noticed today was again an earlier, morning highway-37 standout, coming after a silent early morning. It was another of those "reckless driver demanding my attention and thus causing me to see a 37 plate by consequence," this time when I began to pass a car on the highway and suddenly, without signaling or with any prelude, the car recklessly turned in front of me -- thus, first, drawing my attention to the car and the other lane, but then, second, causing me to see the newly revealed 37-plate on the car directly in front of the reckless one, such that, right where I was looking already, the plate was just "there," again effortlessly/directly in my line of sight/patternistically, as well as with that dramatically "revealed"/animated quality that enhances these so much. And, interestingly, from there on I started seeing more 37-plates, after a total absence on my whole morning drive today, again as if this incident signaled some kind of beginning or triggering or commencement, also in that patternistic fashion I'm coming to know.

Did have more numbers as the day went on, and again with the gist of them coming after lunch and slowly ramping up during the rest of the drive north, though never really getting too intense or overly conspicuous, just sort of reaching that background-static plateau of low-key plates and "everywhere" 37s (though I did notice two increases in minority repeats today, both 333, which I got several of yesterday too, and 111). One cute one was when, again almost immediately after lunch, while checking out at the health food store just down the street from the restaurant, I had my attention drawn to a bag sitting at the end of the checkout counter, again effortlessly/directly in my line of sight when I set down my stuff to be checked out, with the bag being covered with a graphic of an old Amazing Spiderman comic, #137, haha (not too notable in itself of course, but this one did come within a little of those patternistic after-lunch clusters).

Another cool little "everywhere" standout: another of those "starting up my MP3 player at the gym and having it conspicuously display 37s," this time a double, beginning when the internal clock on it read exactly 17:31 when I started it up (despite this being the wrong time), and then, after choosing a totally random song from the couple dozen on there, it started out with a track time of exactly 3:07, haha.

And another of those double-37 "alignment" ones in traffic, again exactly the same in essence as all others of this kind. This time it was again two cars with 37-plates (one a 317-beginning and the other 0237), and the alignment came when one passed the other and for *just one split second,* the plates aligned *just so,* both at the same vertical and horizontal level, just absolutely precise and surreal and dependent on so many little fine details and logistics and timing that I again just can't put into words the overall, final effect of it as it registered with me, that ridiculously surreal "synchroshock," just so damn cool.

Thought-wise, a bit of an uptick today, beginning with lunchtime reading. This period was again the exact same in essence as the last few days, but with a bit more overall activity, as well as some added clarity to the standout incidents, as distinguished from being only a little scattered cluster of one-word non-striking ones (which were again there today).

First standout was another of those really cool "echo occuring immediately as I sat down to lunch"-type ones, this time a small-but-striking one, beginning when, literally just a fraction of a second before opening the book after I'd taken a first bite, when I saw the man sitting uncomfortably close next to me and noticed absently from his proportions that he was moderately overweight, thus causing me to think something like "big man/rotund man" or something along those lines -- and then, literally the very first words on the very first line of the book were "A heavyset man," haha. And, once again, all totally traceable/objective, and impossible that I was cued psychologically, given that the book was 100% closed entirely when I'd had the thought.

Another very notable standout echo, this one corresponding again with the second course of my meal, after the first one had started to be digested and I started to get some energy/improvement, etc. Precisely as I came to "prison guard" in the book, a man passed directly in front of me, dressed in uniform with a gun and badge and boots and everything -- an armed guard for the cash truck parked out on the curb, perfectly echoing the general essence of "military/governmental/authoritative-like armed official/guard," with his passing by me corresponding absolutely perfectly synchronistically with my coming to the words in the book.

And then, a little less notable but still pretty strong, another similar echo later on. It started when I looked up the monthlies ads and as a result ended up thinking about the $100,000 figure precisely, with this final thought again 100% objectively traceable to everything I'd done on the phone/internet/ads before taking a reading break and then culminating in this absent thought of that figure seconds after I'd resumed the book and started reading again -- and then, a split second after I had this thought, I came to "$100,000" in the book.

Other than that, the day was mostly quiet thought-wise (also noted a distinct absence of the thematic-types again, oddly). One exception was another sudden and singular radio/objective-event echo as I started driving again, when, precisely as I hit an unexpectedly sharp turn going too fast while going through an intersection, thus sending the van rocking and creaking and making me think something along the lines of "crazy turn/rash turn/turbulent driving," the radio sang out "reckless!"

Did have another of those weird unclassifiable maybe-synchro incidents, and this one was actually much like yesterday's weird Dakota truck/Flow Auto "flashback" incident, in the sense of some collective memory/experience/associated object from the past recurred in a vague but noticeable and unlikely way. It started when I lost my radio station and then scanned to the next, thus coming to that song about the little boy buying his mother shoes for Christmas, which I think I'd heard one time before -- and, I realized, where I'd heard it was on the exact same road I was on at the time, as well as the exact same *stretch* of that road, right down to the same billboards and scenery and everything, literally maybe the exact same half-mile over which I'd heard that song in the past, maybe 6-8 months ago if I remember right (I can't say 100% that my memory is right on this one, but I'm really about 99% sure; the only doubt I have is that maybe hearing the song caused me to subconsciously project that past experience and its scenery, etc, onto that which I was seeing, but to the best of my judgment, this wasn't the case). Again, maybe nothing, but maybe not, especially with it smacking so much of the essential pattern of yesterday's oddball.


Big downturn today as of writing, and this seeming to correspond with an equal downturn in health/onset of the environmental nastiness up north, a general internal "deadening" corresponding with a decrease in activity.

Had a few scattered after-lunch low-key 37-plates, and a couple stray random 37s, and that was about it for numbers (had a few semi-conspicuous/patternistic parking-lot ones also, but no real standouts, again just enough to be there). Thought-type incidents were about entirely nonexistent today, including even super-subtle one-words at lunchtime reading. The only one I recall is a mildly notable random-thought-type echo at the market, when I randomly remembered to get some seaweed chips, and then, a split second later as I started toward the aisle with the chips and rounded the endcap of the current aisle, I came face-to-face with a display of some sort of soap with "SEAWEED" printed across the top, such that my vision was filled effortlessly/patternistically with a dozen or so soap containers with "SEAWEED" a split second after I'd thought "seaweed chips" (and, once again, my thoughts were 100% traceable as well as definitely occuring that split second before I came to the endcap, before which it was 100% invisible/obscured to me, as is the case with so many of these).

The only other activity I noticed today was something along the lines of those "flashback" subtle/oddball incidents I've had over the last couple days with the trucks and the Flow Auto and that Christmas song playing in the exact same stretch of road. Today it involved my encountering various random things from a certain period of the past, and in all sorts of random places, all coming in that super-subtle/vague/hard to describe thematic-style fashion, but all evocative of the same "deja vu"/"flashback" behavior/pattern of those other two. Can't really describe it beyond saying "it was there."

Did have a late little cluster of 37s appearing just before dinnertime on the drive to the restaurant, and this was patternistic of past such holiday outings and the like, as well as patternistic/an almost exact repeat of this past Thanksgiving, when I got into the parents' car and had the odometer and trip counter randomly have the exact same 37-variants about. This time, however, it was a triple instead of a double, making it more notable in several ways: not only did the random odometer and trip readings Just Happen to be at 137xxx and 137x respectively, but the temperature reading was at "37F" simultaneously, and also in perfect horizontal symmetry, with the three readings one atop the other such that the three 37s were perfectly aligned/a little "pillar of 37s," haha (and possibly another manifest/version of the traffic alignments I've seen?). Had several other scattered ones around this same time too, both in traffic/on cars and randomly/"everywhere sourced," etc.


Another very quiet day, not quite totally silent but close. Lunchtime reading saw only the faintest scattered super-subtle one-word echoes as I've been having, the same feel/behavior of this period lately but just very very few actual incidents. The most explicit/standoutish one of the lot was randomly and singularly coming to "sighed" in the book precisely as Mom sighed loudly and singularly and randomly from the other room. The rest of the day: zip.

Numbers were about equally silent and scarce, yet still minimally present. Seems like I saw just maybe 2-3 37-plates upon going out to the gym after the Christmas festivities and the like, and then there, had a cool little double-"striking"/one-two-type one, beginning when I went to get the wifi password and found it to be "grizzly7311," and then, maybe 1-2 seconds later when I sat down and began unpacking my laptop and the like, I looked up and there, directly/effortlessly/patternistically in my line of sight, was an 8837 plate on a car parked just outside the front door directly across from me, again in that conspicuous/patternistic way, as well as being especially "animated"/present in that way I can't quite describe, where the plate felt to be "looking" at me through the glass door, haha.


A lot of overall activity today in the end, and it was much like other heavy-travel days, fitting that same general pattern and feel of past such days.

Morning was totally dead and silent, and this corresponding with a particularly steep health downturn from day before. Then lunchtime reading saw another sudden return of activity, again of that same "mostly super-subtle one-word environmental/nearby-stranger/random-thought echoes involving the book," and again with only a few that I remember but still just enough, and just patternistic/behaviorally identical enough, to establish their presence. Couple standoutish examples:

> Precisely as I randomly came to "something else" in the 'Gardner' book, one nearby stranger to another, at the coffee shop's counter behind me (yet totally blocked from me and my book, and I from them, etc), "You wanted something else?" And this one from what I remember was *not* one of those where the "something elses" were perfectly synchronistic/coincidental, instead being a ~1 second delay between them, which is just like others of this non-perfect kind, definitely delayed but only so slightly that they might as well have been perfect, oddly.

> And then another patternistically identical one, and also identical in manifest to the few other "randomly remembering to write a note and visualizing myself doing so, precisely as I randomly came to random text that echoes this," this time when I thought to write a note about the "something else" incident above, a second or so before I came to "I scribbled in a pad" in the book, which echoed perfectly the absent mental image that had accompanied by thought, me scribbling in my little post-it pad

Also, noticed the return of the longwinded thematic/"day in a blender"-type recurrences, after another of their little lulls over the last couple days. And these, though again all too complex/subjective/obscure to describe, were definitely of that "graduated" type, with some of those ridiculously profound yet bizarre ones that seem to only come sometimes, interspersed with that daylong background static of regular recurrences of various miscellany, etc. Again managed to hit that point of "ridiculously surreal," especially when interposed upon the day's big number activity. Only real example I can think of was in regards to the super-subtle/in-the-moment-type of incidents that characterized the background static, an echo-y one that nonetheless had the thematic "feel"/texture: precisely as I randomly looked at my mirror before changing lanes, the song on the radio randomly said "mirror" -- lots and lots of very little, subtle, otherwise individually dismissible ones, etc. Or, similarly: randomly thinking of buying some bottled water since my demijohn was low, precisely as I passed a random bottle of water strewn as trash alongside the highway, when I'd been driving for hours and not seen any prior (nor did I after).

Otherwise the day's thought activity stayed subdued and scattered, without even lunch's subtle one-word-type echoes and the like. Instead, there were just two or three standoutish, singular echoes, and besides the thematic background-static, nothing else. Two examples:

> Precisely as I started around the back of the Cracker Barrel restaurant when trying to turn around, thus cutting down a narrow little service-type road, the radio randomly said "goin' down a back road" -- not hugely precise, but the timing was perfectly synchronistic, and there were some circumstantial/contextual details that made it a little more notable

> And then, a more "graduated"/notable one: precisely as I had a long, random chain of thought end with how some pimentos would be good for supper and that I should get some (this traceable to the objective thoughts/concerns with dinner for the night/which foods would be appropriate, etc), the radio randomly said "Red Hot Chili Peppers," in reference to the band (and in a random list of bands, without mentioning it or anything chili-pepper/food related earlier in the list) but still perfectly echoing the "red chili pepper" of a pimento, etc, and perfectly timed too

Numbers were another proper travel-storm today, but saw some pretty high activity even before departing, just while driving around town briefly, and also beginning expressly and immediately after lunch, literally as soon as I started from the parking lot of the coffee shop, with several low-key parking-lot ones (when I'd again not see a single number repeat all morning, even on the way there in traffic, etc). Then a cool standout came just literally seconds after leaving the parking lot, when I made a wrong turn just feet down the road and into another enclosed parking lot (where the "back road" echo occurred), in which I encountered no less than 5 or 6 more parking-lot ones, and a couple of these semi-conspicuous in ways I just can't remember (it wasn't even a very big parking lot, either, and I wasn't there but a minute -- another rapid-fire one).

And from there the numbers just increased and matured/graduated, until, once on the proper highway mid-afternoon, it was a full-blown storm with just about all manner of subtype in some degree, though almost exclusively 37s, with only some scattered minorities thrown in here and there, without any real trends that I remember. Probably the highest sheer concentration of conspicuous appearances in some time, also running the spectrum from reckless tailgaters to turn-in-fronts to surprise "revealings" of 37-plates directly/effortlessly into my line of sight, etc, etc.

Another two of those super-surreal "alignments" too, the first I can't remember other than it being perfectly patternistic and objective, like others of its kind. The second I remember involved a police car that passed me going modestly faster than all surrounding traffic, thus demanding my attention in that special way, first "revealing" its 373-ending plate as it drifted up past me, and then, a minute or so down the road, its plate aligned with another roadside sign that I noticed as distinctly, again with the angles and the timing and the height and everything culminating *just so* that the plate and the sign's numbers aligned for one split second with absolute precision, just like the others of this kind.

Had several of those "37-covered tractor-and-trailor/transport trucks" too, though not a huge amount, again just enough to establish their presence and patternistic element, etc.

Wound down by the time I got home late at night, but damn what a day overall, just such a ridiculous gross amount of small incidents. Text just fails to describe.


Downturn over yesterday, another of those "going from travel-mode to domestic-mode"-type ones that are so common after a "big" day, and also reflective of the day's particularly bad health/"inner deadness."

Had another of those "morning standout classical reading recurrences" today. It started yesterday when I bought a certain brand of pimentos, a new brand I'd never bought before but was forced to because it was the only salt-free one that the random grocery store I stopped at up north had in stock, "Dromedary" brand, the first I'd ever heard of it that I recall or perhaps ever, etc -- and then, in the morning's super-random freebie magazine, it had a full-page ad for Dromedary pimentos, again echoing my discovery of something entirely new to me within less than a day. Also, some notable context: first, I was of course Compelled to stop at this particular grocery store, 100% in that illogical yet distinct and urgent way, and then, second, there's the origins of this particular magazine again, a year-old random magazine that I'd seen by my mom's chair and had it Jump Out/be Noticed by me in that particular way, thus Compelling me to ask her for it -- ridiculously unlikely and perfectly patternistic, same old song and dance.

Lunchtime reading was much like yesterday, but subtler and with even less overall activity, almost nothing, just several of those slightly delayed, small, non-striking reading/environmental echoes that were just patternistic enough and numerous/sudden enough to establish presence, such as randomly reading "moved into" right after a nearby stranger said to another "move in." And other than that, the rest of the day was silent thought-wise, corresponding with another resurgence of that terrible mind-numbing headsickness I've suddenly gotten all over again. There were several thematics here and there, but these nowhere near as prevelant or complex as yesterday's, just some highly scattered super-subtle ones.

Oddly, numbers were again reasonably active, or at least they were for a brief period just after lunch, this again beginning immediately/patternistically as soon as I left the coffee shop, with a rapid succession of semi-conspicuous parking-lot ones, which then continued for the next three or four lots I had to stop in, creating a little mini-storm that abruptly cut out soon after, giving way to just some low-key and scattered semi-conspicuous traffic plates the rest of the day (and back to having a near total absence of "everywhere"/randomly sourced 37s again). Had several straight-up conspicuous standouts in this period:

> At the library, precisely as I pulled into my space, a van with a 3701 front plate pulled into the space directly in front of me, not only perfectly and conspicuously timed, but also with the plate "arriving"/"revealing"/"animating" directly and effortlessly into my line of sight, just so dramatic and surreal that it again beggars description. And, also: I was distinctly Compelled to park in this particular parking space, despite never having parked there in all the times I've been to the library, and with it breaking my little rule of never parking too close to a building/at bad angles to the driveway, etc -- yet this Compelling again resulted in a stark, standout incident ...

> A pair of very similar ones at the store, that exact same ridiculously surreal "animated"/perfectly timed/explicit/effortlessly and directly in my line of sight-style super-conspicuous kind, this time when a van backed from its parking space directly in the path where I was walking, forcing me to look toward it and thus see its 7371 plate (and precisely as the car turned and the plate was revealed). And then, I think a minute later at the other end of the lot, the same for a car pulling into a space near me and demanding my attention just as its 731 front plate "arrived" directly into my line of sight, etc. Seems like there were even more in this vein too, I just honestly can't remember them all, with the constant barrage of low-key and semi-conspicuous ones intermixed.


Today was a relatively quiet day, but it fit perfectly that same essential pattern/feel/behavior/"groove" of the last couple days, almost exactly in fact, complete with the "super-subtle/small scattered lunchtime echoes," followed by an "immediate 37-plates after zero numbers morning and through lunch," as well as the "short period of activity in early afternoon and then a stark drop-off corresponding with onset of health ugliness/sickness/liver upset."

The few semi-standout lunchtime echoes I got down:

> Randomly coming to "hiss" in the 'Cannery Row' book, precisely as some sort of kitchen machinery at the coffee shop (I think it was an espresso machine or cappucino milk-steamer or something) made a loud and sudden and pronounced and singular/patternistic "HISS!"

> Another that was almost identical to that one I had a few weeks ago during lunch up north, when I bit into one of the few pine nuts in my meal precisely as I came to "pine branches" in the book

Today's "immediately after lunch" number was another perfect example of such, when I left the coffee shop and less than a second after going out the door, while still on the sidewalk, I found myself looking directly/effortlessly at a 973 plate directly across from me, and again the very first plate I encountered, in any capacity, after lunch was officially over. And also just like the last couple days, there followed another string of conspicuous and semi-conspicuous parking-lot and traffic numbers over the next hour or so, and again with 3-4 random stops in a row continuing this trend.

Standout example from this cluster: at the market, while again Compelled to break my routine and park in an entirely different part of the lot from where I always do (that is, to park again somewhere illogical and inconvenient, etc), I thus had my attention drawn to a van that put its reverse lights on suddenly and started backing out of its spot, and thus forcing me to look directly/effortlessly at its 973 plate, and then, seconds later when I parked in an equally Compelled and totally random spot, it Just Happened to be directly next to a car with a "3.7" silver emblem on its passenger side, which I saw directly/effortlessly upon getting out of my car, haha.

Went on to have a pretty moderate amount of low-key/background static plate numbers again (and again with very few if any numbers on other sources), and again with little to no thought-type activity, after it all wound down to total silence by mid-afternoon/going home.


Morning was for the most part dead silent again, even during an early-morning highway drive, not even a stray random 37-plate or something. But then, again all at once like the after-lunch pattern of lately, I had another that was exactly like those except it occurred immediately after I left the appointment instead, earlier today, sort of as a post-treatment version of the "immediately leaving the house and/or lunch" ones (seeming to correspond with a shift in state/consciousness, which was definitely true after the morning's productive appointment). It was exactly like that one at the coffee shop yesteday, when, literally as soon as I opened the door and stepped out, it was directly in line of sight/effortlessly of the 837 plate of a nearby car, again the first and only one visible, as to be extremely "there" as if waving "hi," haha.

Numbers took an abrupt break with that, with the typical silence through lunch for the most part, but then afterward while running errands and such, went on to get reasonably active again, eventually going back to that "semi-regular background static of low-key 37-plates and scattered everywhere/randomly sourced 37s, along with scattered conspicuous plates," though ultimately with less volume than yesterday.

One cool standout. It started when I couldn't change lanes due to traffic and so missed the turn the gas station, thus requiring me to turn around in a random parking lot and then double back onto the road at the intersection -- which put me squarely behind a 3701 plate on the van directly in front of me, also in that conspicuously "there"/directly/effortlessly in my line of sight fashion. And it bears mentioning that an oncoming car stopped short and let me out, without which I wouldn't have pulled behind the van in question -- another objective, notability-upgrading circumstance again.

One thing I noticed today: there were several periods of silence of all kinds through afternoon, numbers included, and then when they would return, they would come in clusters, as if they'd never stopped -- entirely differently than it might be expected if this were all just random/chance appearances, where the very same idea there would suggest that, logically from a chance perspective, I should just see them irregularly or whatever, rather than a stark on/off-type fashion.

Thought-type stuff was similarly periodic but with less overall volume, fitting that same pattern from much of the time recently, with some brief and subtle-but-notable activity during lunchtime reading, then falling off abruptly to silence the rest of the day. Did ultimately have a good bit of activity at lunch, all basically those same small reading/thought/environmental/nearby-stranger echoes I've been having, and also following that same patternistic curve where they'd start out super-subtle and only collectively notable/identifiable, before abruptly "graduating" in coherence and closer timing later on. Had several standoutish examples:

> Randomly and singularly coming to "a steel rod" in the book, precisely as a woman appeared to my left with a shiny metal cane, perfectly timed and perfectly described as "a steel rod" (which, with the woman being in my peripheral vision and with my glasses off, is also exactly how I'd registered her cane, as just a "long shiny metal rod," with it not really clicking as a proper cane until I looked directly at it, haha).

> Several of those "possibly just coincidental" ones of common, random things people were doing or saying around me, eventually getting to be so many they couldn't be ignored. Example: randomly and singularly coming to "The man rose" perfectly synchronistic with a nearby man standing randomly from his table.

> Several classic "long random objective chains of thought coinciding with random book phrases," such as randomly thinking of the doctor from the morning's appointment, at the end of a long chain of thought/replaying the appointment in my head, precisely as I came to "Doc" in the book. Many like that, again enough to establish an unlikely pattern, etc

> A cool sound/environmental one, a double. It started when I came to "phonograph" in the book (in the context of a phonograph record) precisely as some music started up randomly nearby from someone's phone or something, after no music being played in any form there for the whole time I'd been there. Then, I noted it mentally but didn't write it down, figuring it was at best just another "maybe-coincidence random noise"-type one, but then, several minutes later, it happened again, when I came to another "phonograph" mention, for the second and only time, precisely as the same music source started up again, and again after a long silence yet perfectly timed, haha. It was another that evoked those of the past where I've initially ignored them until they seemed to intelligently reprise shortly thereafter.

> Randomly coming to "Put up your hands" in the book precisely as the woman sitting next to me conspicuously raised the phone in her hand across the table for the person sitting with her to see, another of those surreally "animated" kind, and with that "intertwined" seamlessness

Did have some thematic-type activity in there today too, but it was another of those sparser, less-graduated days, just a scattered series of subjectively notable super-subtle ones, of the "daylong events repeating themselves" feel but without the overwhelming volume of some days (though still damn surreal in any case). Couple semi-coherent examples:

> Had a weird but notable one this morning involving the day's freebie magazine. It started when I opened the cover and saw conspicuously, in the space where the address was cut out, part of the ad on the first page in, for a drug called "oprivid" or something like that. Whatever it was, I remember it made me think of "Ovid," for the first time in a long time/maybe years, etc, and I distinctly remember all this because I went back and looked at the drug name again to see if it was Ovid or not. And then, later on at the clinic when I read further into the magazine, I came to a random article about a winery in California called Ovid. A sort of vague-thought/thematic/recurrence combo, but patternistic of the basic recurrence pattern anyhow.

> Example of the day's super-subtle individually dismissible recurrences: in that same magazine, it had this random photo spread of a scene from Mogadishu, which was the first I'd seen/encountered Mogadishu in some time, as to make me distinctly think "Mogadishu, Somalia, I'd forgotten about that place," as to make it stand out prominently in my memory -- and then, at the totally random gas station I stopped at a couple hours later, there on the rack of magazines I had to stand by while waiting for the bathroom was a gun magazine with "BATTLE FOR MOGADISHU" on the cover. This one was perhaps a bit more notable and standoutish due to my so distinctly remembering/thinking about/noticing the city after not having encountered it in so long, unlike the subtler ones that were just random, absent recurrences of small and common things throughout the day, but still a good general example of these, of which I probably did have at least a dozen or so over the course of the day.


Another patternistically/behavioral nearly identical day to yesterday, more or less.

Morning was almost totally dead, just some super-subtle thematics in my after-chore reading. Then lunchtime reading saw the exact same little cluster of small echoes as lately, the exact same feel and behavior and nature, though lesser overall today, and almost all of them too subtle/individually unnotable to describe (best example I can think of is another of those "coinciding environmental random noise"-type ones, when I randomly read "pop" in the 'Cannery Row' book precisely as some random, distinct popping noise sounded from across the coffee shop, this amongst other, similar ones). More than anything, lunch was characterized by a cluster of those super-profound but super-personal/subjective/complicated thematics, as I've not had in a while, and again highly notable but presently unable to be described. Had a really surreal little period just at the beginning of lunch from these, to the living-dream level, despite being almost fully unable to be described.

Numbers were there and with the same identical pattern as last couple days, though not many overall again (this downturn again corresponding with a more-headsick than usual day, that internal deadness predominating). Today followed that explicit "strictly after-lunch numbers for a while, then abruptly tapering into nothing by mid-afternoon" pattern, beginning with another that was even more "immediately after finishing lunch" than others, when I didn't think that could happen, haha. This time it was one of those incidents that seems really simple until context is considered. The way it was, precisely as I was chewing my final bite of lunch and still in the coffee shop (but having finished reading/researching, etc, as to be officially "done" in this capacity anyhow), I looked up from the table and there, directly/effortlessly/conspicuously patternistic in my line of sight, was a car's 37 plate. However, the notability comes into play when it's considered that the car had actually been there all through my meal, but the trunk had been open and its plate invisible to me (it was the car of a maintanence man who was working on the shop's door throughout my visit, with his tools in the trunk). But apparently the man had finished while I was just finishing eating and reading, then Just Happened to have put the trunk down so that the 37 would be there when I looked up. And, also: I was only sitting in that same single spot then, rather than changing spots/chairs for my back halfway through a meal as I've done 99.9% of every other meal, because someone else was sitting in the leather chair -- in which I wouldn't have seen the car, haha.

And from there began a cluster of low-key and conspicuous 37-plates just like these several times lately, as if going from "0 to 60"/"on a switch," etc, to mini-storm levels albeit briefly, just over the next hour or so (coinciding with a brief improvement just after eating/getting some calories, etc). This included one immediately after leaving the coffee shop parking lot, nearly identical in all ways to that random turn-around one yesterday: while waiting to pull into traffic, a car let me out unexpectedly, thus allowing me to slip into traffic *just so* that the 371 plate on a van flashed directly into my line of sight (and then followed up by a 37-plate car just behind it, second later once traffic got moving, ha ha).

A cool little combo of parking-lots at the market, beginning with another of those "challenge thought/answer"-type ones, where I came across a 336 plate and automatically had the absent thought of, "Now why wasn't that a 337?" -- and then, a split second afterward as I took another step, there was a 37-plate directly in my line of sight, so instantaneous and striking as to have that "animated answer"-type quality.

And also, earlier in the same place, another of those weird hybrid/unclassifiable/maybe-nothing-type incidents. It started when, maybe 4 or 5 minutes earlier while at the intersection waiting to pull into the market, I'd been thinking about how the coconut oil and other recent therapies have seemed to be improving my lung function, with my distinctly and objectively thinking this, traceable to another wave of that random improved breathing/lung non-inflammatory energy that I've been having here and there the last few days -- and then, once in the parking lot, I found myself coming into semi-conspicuous contact with, first, a van with a plate reading NEW LUNG, as to echo the basic thoughts I'd been having before (albeit with a relatively long echo-time, here), and then, second, directly beside the van was a truck with a 1730 plate (almost as if it was there to sort of "solidify" the incident/to verify it as not just chance somehow, is how it felt to me, as subjective and baseless as it might sound).

Had another of those singular, random, standout echoes mid-afternoon, after the lunchtime cluster had given away to silence. It happened when I was leaving that totally random, Compelled-visit department store, when a rack of books in a little waiting area caught my eye and I decided to go look through them, thinking they were for sale (which they weren't, were just for people to read while waiting I guess) -- precisely as a nearby stranger said to her child, "Let's go look at the books," but not in regards to those I was going to, to the for-sale-book section apparently because they walked the opposite direction of me. In any case, the echo was dead-on of my absent/in-the-moment thought, as well as perfectly synchronistic timing, etc.

Ended up having an odd newish cluster of activity tonight, corresponding with a sudden and unexpected shift/improvement in health once again. It started with three very notable and coherent standout reading recurrences while finishing the day's super-random freebie magazine in the sauna:

> This one was absolutely bizarre, yet no less coherent and notable for it. It started earlier today when I searched for something on Google and it came up with a business listing for a place in Overland Park, KS (I can't remember what the search was for, other than that it had absolutely nothing to do with Overland Park, KS, which I'd never even heard of before I don't think). I remember this distinctly because the street address of this bizarrely appearing listing was 7373, ha ha. But then, tonight in the magazine, I Just Happened to read in one of its totally random articles an offhand mention of Overland Park, KS (and, interestingly, I'd very nearly just skipped past this article, with it pertaining something that didn't interest me in the least, but I felt Compelled to read it ...).

> Equally notable, but just a classical vague-thought recurrence. It started this morning when, after some long random chain of thought that I can't even remember how it started (other than it having nothing to do with the magazine, nor any way of it possibly being so), I randomly remembered how at some point I'd read about how Indians are largely in better health than most countries due to what is thought to be the regular ingestion of certain spices like turmeric -- and then, again in another totally random article in the magazine (also unadvertised on the cover or anything, just a little blurb-length article tucked in the rear), it mentioned specifically and exactly what I'd had that vague thought of just this morning, about Indians enjoying generally better health due to ingestion of turmeric, haha.

> The other was more of a thematic/small/subtle recurrence, beginning this morning with another totally random trash-cartoon that I read and which subtly stood out to me (like several others recently), in which the punchline involves an old man tucking his shirt into his underpants -- and as it so happened, I found myself doing that exact same thing tonight when doing the castor oil pack (which I'd been meaning to do for days now). Again, this one could be comfortably dismissed as coincidence if it didn't fit in with the couple dozen other patternistically-identical incidents today (and the dozens upon dozens I've been having the last couple months, etc)

Then at dinnertime reading, had another cluster of reading/thought/event echoes, much like those of lunchtime reading but more coherent and precise/precisely timed, albeit still "small" for the most part. Couple decent examples:

> Randomly thinking about the prison book I'd just bought (with this thought 100% traceable to a chain beginning when I thought of how I liked novels but I really feel like reading some nonfiction like the prison book I had lined up for when this one was finished) -- precisely as I came to "prisoner" randomly in the book, again with it visible to me beforehand but irrelevant because of the distinct traceability, etc, haha.

> Another of those more physical/random-bodily-function-type ones, beginning when I took a bite that ended up bigger and juicier than I expected, thus forcing me to pooch my cheeks out exageratedly like a squirrel -- precisely as I came to "cheek pouches" in the book, and in the same context even, referring to a gopher storing its food, haha. Really damn notable, this one, considering how ridiculously objective/unrelated the two were, yet coinciding so perfectly and explicitly.


Quiet day, corresponding with more of that nasty headsickness, wearing me down, etc, and this seeming to be reflected again in the day's activity/mood, etc.

Thought-wise, noticed only the slightest, thresh-hold-level of super-subtle echoes and thematics here and there, and barely even these, more or less just a dead day in this regard.

Were a few numbers, but even these were low-volume and almost all low-key and scattered. Had another of those cute little "randomly opening a book exactly to page 337"-type ones that I've had several times in the past, this time again with the hymnal at church as I tried to find the hymn that was being sung and totally blindly opened the hymnal to exactly that page, unequivocably random, etc. And, another "immediately after lunch first 37-plate of the day," immediately as I left the restaurant and took to the sidewalk and saw, on the front of one of the first cars I encountered (the only with a forward plate, as it were, such that it was the first plate I encountered after lunch, again), was a 473 plate. Other than that, pretty much all the rest were just inconspicuous, quiet, low-key traffic plates, and then by mid-afternoon, nothing at all.

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