Synchronicity log for 2011


Had an odd thought pop into my mind: Is thirty "old"? It had never bothered me before, never been an issue, yet there it was, in the morning when I finished my reading, out of nowhere. Not an hour later, I watched the movie "200 Motels" and in it, Frank Zappa mentions how he's thirty, and that's "old."


I was going to meet my parents for lunch. I had started down one way, then realized I had to go a different way, so I cut through Earthfare to get on King Street. As I turn there, an overwhelming sense of doom opened over me, like a cloud had gone over the sun, and I tell myself it's nothing, it's just because I'm going another way, but the doom lingers, and it puts my antenna up, puts me on guard. So I go to turn onto King Street, and there's a guy standing right by where I'm about to turn, looking around. My first thought is that he's trying to cross the road, but then I noticed he was by an Appal Cart sign, like, waiting for the Cart. But still, I thought I better make sure he's not crossing when I try to turn. Sure enough, when I start pulling out, he starts going. I slam on my brakes, he sees me, I wave him across. The car behind me lays on the horn -- I guess I should've kept going, hit the guy?

Anyway, the next day, I'm going down the road and it hits me, the whole deal, how I'd had that sense of presentiment and then I'd almost hit the pedestrian. I'm going through the story in my head, kind of mumbling to myself about it in the way of crazy folks, and then just when I get to the part where I almost hit the guy -- I see him. There. On the corner. Same damn guy.


Reading "The Passage" by Justin Cronin. In the book, an exclamation is "Flyers!" It stuck with me, for some reason, and I kept thinking of it -- Flyers! Flyers! Flyers! Then, the same day, I watched "The Shining" movie, in which the boy wears a jacket that says "FLYERS" on the back.


I've gone I don't know how many years without hearing the term "the good doctor," and today I heard it twice: once in the movie "Eyes Wide Shut," which I was hesitant to watch but did anyway, and the book "The Passage."

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