Synchronicity log for 2012


Edited "5th of July" this morning, and it had "Is that good or bad?" in it, and I Noticed this, mainly because I see that I've used it so much. Well, I went looking for a place to submit it afterward, and settled on a Duotrope listing, and in its description, it said "Is that good or bad?" Heh.

A few cool ones after I left for the trip. First, while I was leaving, I was listening to the radio (for the first time in a while), 95.7, the good one, and it cut to commercial, so I went to 106.5, the new-rock station, and immediately I thought of the last time I went to the beach, when I kept thinking of the Cassiopean thing about negative frequencies being in newer, popular music, and how it had named Bush as amongst these (which I experienced synchronicities with on my previous trip to the beach, in November). Well, as I switched to 106.5 and was thinking that, I realized within seconds that the song on it was, of all bands, Bush. I turned the radio off. Of interesting note: I wouldn't of heard this had I not forgotten my grapefruits and whey protein and had to double back and get them, feeling Compelled to do so.

Then, more starling synchro. First it was in this book, "Our Mother's House," which I wasn't really keen on but felt Compelled to read. And then, within the hour, it was on the radio, or at least I'm pretty sure that was the lyric, in "White Room" by Cream. I'll have to look that up.

Then, when I got in Charlotte, I had to find a place to pee, and was Compelled to stop at a Bojangles, though I usually don't like to use the bathroom in a place I won't be buying anything from. Well, when I went in I heard a song on the radio, and it turned out to be "Gypsy" by Fleetwood Mac, when I'd been hearing that song a lot lately, having just bought the album it's on, Mirage (I had, in fact, just heard the first of it that day, while at the gym, while blindly flipping through the songs). Not a big one, and certainly a possible coincidence, but worth noting anyway.


Lots of word synchro today, from between "Discipline," the book "Our Mother's House," and my thoughts. I didn't think much of them at first, the first five or six being relatively common and possibly coincidental, but then they started getting more specific and unlikely, as well as simply a lot of them, as happens it seems, and only then did I start taking note, specifically with "sheaf," which was in the story and the book, not the most uncommon word but the first I'd seen it for quite a while. Also, "pomegranite" again, when I saw it a few times yesterday, and "motes," in the story and the book, same for "magnificent."

Then, "motes" was in "The Moaning Sea" this evening, also, along with a few other repeat words I can't remember. Also, "pearl," which I also Noticed in the sandblasted sign in the trailer's living room earlier today.


Word synchro: "kelp," was in "See Sick" this morning, and I Noticed it, and then in that moon song video-thing, which I just happened to rewatch while flipping through my offline websites (and felt Compelled to).

A lot more word synchro today: "meditatively," "obediently," "travel light," "coaxed," "keyhole," "abruptly," "satchel," all of these in "See Sick" this morning, then "Our Mother's House" this afternoon. Some of the words were more uncommon than others, but the fact that they were there so close, and there were so many, was notable. Also, and more notably, there was a song mentioned in the book, "Old Black Joe," which I had just for the first time learned off while reading my last book, "The Long Walk," it being mentioned in there too. Not only was it the first I've heard of it, but in two books, back to back, both of which I read totally At Random. Really remarkable, yet I'm not surprised.

Also, was another one while reading "Our Mother's House," where it mentioned how there were no sounds in the house but the ticking of the clocks, which is what it's like in the vacation trailer. This very well could have been a coincidence, as it's not like I was thinking specifically of this at the time, but still worth mentioning.

Then, tonight I edited "The Museum," also By Chance, having felt Compelled to go over my submission list and get out any stories that were overdue for replies, this morning. First, the character in the story is named Diane, like that in "Our Mother's House" which I finished this afternoon, and then this too had "coaxed" in it, for a three-banger.

Then: on the way to the pawnshop today (which I'd try to go to the last two days but they were closed, too late, though I could've sworn they were open until 9 ...), I Noticed a truck ahead of me, Public Safety written on it, and I doubled noticed it because I don't think I've ever heard of Public Safety before. Well, I bought a movie at the pawnshop, Ghost in the Machine II, and in the opening sequence, it mentions Public Safety, that same spelling and context (subtitles).


Another onslaught of synchronicity today. First, word synchro: "lillies," which I've seen a number of places recently, "Our Mother's House" plus elsewhere, including [my friend]'s email, because I'd said, stupidly, in the last one, that I'd never heard of a name named after a plant (which I had, but just brainfarted it out, Coincidentally, otherwise she never would've given a list of the names, which included "Violet," also in "Our Mother's House" ...) (Update on this, 2/18: realized another "lily" which came around this very same period, "Simulations of God," by John Lily); "barbed wire" and "pursed lips" and "stupidly," in the emails this morning, then "All The Pretty Horses". Then, the "only sound but the ticking of the clocks" was also in "All The Pretty Horses," after the one yesterday, making a three-banger. "Satchel" too, was in the one yesterday and then in "Pretty Horses" today. And another one: I Noticed some pepper today in the trailer's kitchen, and I thought of a scene in one of the Cormac McCarthy books where someone buries their eggs in pepper and has it commented upon. I couldn't remember which it was, and only thought of it absently, but then later, when I started on "All The Pretty Horses," it was in that one. Now, I did know I was going to read the book at this point (might've even started it, actually), so it could foreseeably have been a subconscious thing; all I can say is that I didn't consciously know if it. Notable in any case.


Some good word synchro: "grange" (I used this this morning in "The Sickness," then immediately removed it, then it turned up this afternoon, in "All The Pretty Horses"); "newt," in "Aliens" last night and then "Pretty Horses" today; "misplaced" and "austere," and "blowsy" (now there's a rare one, and it came to me so mysteriously, yet perfectly ...) and "austere", in "The Sickness" and then "Pretty Horses." Also, had more thought synchro (as I think is worthy of being coined, so I seem to experience so regularly, and in the same fashion), this one while listening to "Ripple" by the "Grateful Dead." Right as I was thinking about being seaside, the lyric said something about being at waterside, so eerily close to the thought that I had to take note. There were a few others today as well, but I can't remember them.


Couple word synchros: "millstone", which I used in "The Sickness" yesterday, and then was in "All The Pretty Horses" today, notable considering it's a somewhat uncommon and situational word; "void," which was an interesting one, because I mistyped "voice" as "void" this morning, and I Noticed void for a moment after, and then there was a big part of it at the start of "Simulations of God." Also, "surrogate," which I said to the guy at the videostore today, and then turned up in "Jammed" tonight, which I felt Compelled to edit. And then, another "coaxed," which I've seen about 6 or 7 times over the last few days. Jeeze. "Forlorn," in "Pretty Horses" either today or yesterday, then "Jammed" tonight. "Baldly," in "The Videotape" last night and then "Jammed" tonight, when I've only been editing one story a day -- back to back, in other words. "Manchild," in "The Sickness" this morning and then "Jammed" tonight.

Then, a thought synchro: "rebozo." This came up very distantly and absently while I was exercising, and I can't remember what it pertained to, but I clearly remember that I ended up thinking this. Then, about an hour later, it was in "All The Pretty Horses". Also, thought earlier today about how sometimes you have to have patience with angry people, treating them like tantrumming children, and then in "Jammed" today there was "regarding Nick with the indifference one would show a tantrumming child."

Something I forgot: a few days ago, I was in the trailer, looking for coffee (despite my vowing off of it ...), when I was, in time, led to a little compartment where no coffee should've been but I'd looked everywhere else. When I looked through, there was an old guidebook for birds, and I picked it up and flipped through with the odd thought of, "Maybe it will have a listing for starling, since I've been seeing all the starling stuff on and off recently." Well, I flipped through, literally flipped through, just flashing the pages by, and one of them Caught My Eye, and I flipped back to it, adn it was the listing for starling. Now, I can see how this could've been another subconscious phenomenon, my having seen the starling picture and word (though I didn't know what a starling looked like, and the word passed so infinitesimally fast I wouldn't think it possible to have seen it even subconsciously ...), but the fact that I happened to *hit that page at all,* since my flipping-through was very, very fast, literally just seconds long, skipping dozens of pages at once ... I found that pretty remarkable.


Had one today, and it was a cool one: in "Our Mother's Room" the other day, I read how "ice cream" was call "ice," which it seems is an English spelling of it -- in any case, I Noticed it, and it stood out in my mind. Well today, in my German lesson, I learned the German for "ice cream," which is "eis," or "ice." The translation makes sense, obviously, but it's just neat that within days of my learning of an English term for ice cream, I would learn the German, which is almost identical.

Also, I felt Compelled to edit "Control" tonight (as well as it being the only suitably long story to edit), and in it I mentioned a big truck with duallies and chrome and aftermarket stickers. Well, I'd just cannabalized this this morning for "The Sickness," and I thought of "Control" when I did it, but the thing is, I wasn't thinking of this when I decided to edit it tonight, and wouldn't have anyway, since it was the only story I could do tonight. Neat.

Lots of lesser word synchros in this, too: "migrant," "heroic," and a couple others, common, but notable because I used all of them in "The Sickness" this morning.

A cool one: in my journal tonight, not an hour ago, I noted how my walk has been "weird" today, due to health. When I saw that, I felt Compelled to change it to "off," and did. Well, then, in "Control": "Misty's walk had been off." Heh.


A really cool though synchro today: another starling synchro, also in the "White Room" song from Cream on the radio. With a twist, though: I had a Moment of Doubt, one of the senseless, absurd that come ever now and then, about the whole synchronicity thing, wondering if it was all in my head despite the mountain of evidence and experience in support of it. Immediately as I thought this, that starling lyric came over the radio, in that uncannily synchronistic way of thought synchro, as if it were waving at me. I laughed and laughed.

Had a couple thought synchros later, too: "timeless" and "sun," both on the radio; timeless while I was just thinking of how time is an illusion and/or doesn't exist, and sun as I was thinking just that.


An interesting word synchro: "primary directive"; this came after this morning, when I remembered the idea for the "Hardcore" prologue, titled "The Prime Directive," and then, this afternoon, I came across the "primary directive" in "Simulations of God." It was describing something completely different, and the spelling was slightly different, of course, though I found it notable that it would correlate so close together. (Update on this, 2/18: finished up "Simulations of God" today, and near the end of the book was a poem entitled "Prime Directive: Reproduce!" Now, given the fantasticness of this, which was there before but augmented greatly by this, I was tempted to think that I'd thought up the whole prime-directive realization as a result of reading it at the first of the book, which I had just started the afternoon prior to having the realization, if memory serves. Except, even if that were the case, I would had to have watched the "Ghost in the Shell" movie and had the seagull synchronicity and its attendant realization in order to pair *with* my reading that term. However, I re-read the first part of the book today, to see if "prime directive" was in there, but I didn't see it, so unless it was further in and I just missed it, then this isn't the case -- though, it's besides the point, really. Even if I *did* subconsciously absorb the term and then apply it to the realization, I still would had to have *had* the realization in the first place, which definitely was *not* addressed in the book.)

Another thought synchro: at the gym, I was thinking about how my hair was already hanging in my eyes and bothering me, and a second later, the Grateful Dead song I was listening to said something to the effect of "with hair hanging in your eyes." Now, this didn't come quite as synchronistically as others like it, was about a second after fact; however, it was still close enough to give me pause and be notable.


Last night, I had the distinct thought of "too much salt," as a result of eating a salty meal. Then, in [my friend]'s email this morning (which was sent last night, and might've been written, in fact, at the precise time I was thinking this), she mentions "too much salt," those words exactly. Maybe a coincidence, but given that it's so close, possibly instantaneous, and that the thought was so pronounced and clear in my mind, as to remember it ... maybe not.

Word synchro this morning: "malingering," was in ledger yesterday, and I Noticed it, thinking of how I haven't seen that word too often (if at all), and then it was in an article about conversion disorder that I Just Happened to read today, which was the result of a big, multipart search involving water contamination. (Note: the exact ledger enter was "malinger." I don't think that makes much difference, though.)

Another word synchro: "peculiar"; was in ledger at lunch, and then in "Simulations of God" this evening. The first time it came, I disregarded it, as it's such a common word; but then it was used a second, and a third time, all in the part that I Just Happened to read today. So, I'm noting it. Then, "Andalusion." This was in the ledger yesterday, as "Andalusion," and then, today, in a Doors song, after I was Compelled to put the new Doors album I got onto my MP3 player, though I did this yesterday, only listening to it today. Not highly unlikely, but not too likely, either.

This one is less of synchronicity and more of a coincidence, though I find it notable. Today, I stopped for a truck pulled over along the road with its hazard lights on, and it turned out to be a guy out of gas, with his friend bringing more -- just like a couple weeks ago, when I pulled over for someone in the exact same situation, right down to the "my friend is bringing me more." It's not too shocking, considering the things happened two weeks apart; however, after analyzation, I see that, as far as I can remember, these are the only two times that I've pulled over for someone who was out of gas, with added unlikeliness from their "having a friend" bring them more. In other words, in the ten years that I've been driving, and in the preceding 18 in which I'd been driven, I can't remember once ever experiencing this, and then it happens twice, within the space of two weeks, not a short time, yet not a long one either, when considered in the broader context. Hmmm.


Word synchro: "pastiche," was in ledger at lunch and I Noticed it, and then it was in the Duotrope listing for a publication, which I visted by total, total, convoluted chance (looking for a home for "The Prizefighter" and I've probably visited 10 different listings, if not 20).

Had a neat one at lunch: felt Compelled to take l-arginine today, though I'd taken it in the past and had a bad reaction. I fought it, but it was insistent, so I went and got the bottle from the closet. However, when I did so, I Noticed the eleuthro root just beside it, and felt Compelled to take that, though this too seemed pointless. Well, not 20 minutes later, my dad gave me something to read, a promotional book for a green-food thing, and I flipped through it, though I had zero interest in a green-food thing. Toward the end, there was the list of supplements, a big, three-page-long list of its dozens of ingredients; hwoever, my eyes fell directly to one, the 27th or 28th: eleuthro. It was even funnier because it wasn't the eleuthro which drew my eyes to it, but "ginseng," within "siberian ginseng," which is a misnomer for eleuthro -- it wasn't "eleuthro" which drew me to it, in other words. Neat, though I have no idea if this was anything but an arbitrary phenomenon (I noticed no benefit from either the arginine or eleuthro).

Another word synchro, and this one's pretty neat. I was Compelled to edit "The Prizefighter" tonight, despite having other plans, and in it, I mention "cauliflower ears," I think the only time I've ever used that. Well, I researched cauliflower tonight, its lectin content and such, but "cauliflower ear" never turned up -- until later, when I ended up researching "cauliflower rice." When I did this, Google's search suggestions brought up "cauliflower ear," as the very first one, while I was typing it.


Yesterday, "paisley" was the first ledger word of the day, and I Noticed it, doubly so, thinking that I hadn't seen paisley for a long time, or heard the word used. This feeling, and Noticing, was so distinct, I had the thought that some paisley was in my future. Well, sure enough, today I go downstairs, and my mom has a sort of bag with a pink paisley pattern on it.

A cool one: in [my friend]'s last email, she mentioned how she went outside, thinking it was snowing, but it wasn't, though just as she went outside, the first snowflake fell on her -- a mild precognition, in other words. While re-reading the email to reply to it, I couldn't thinking of anything to comment about this occurence, though I found it interesting (Noticed it, you could say). Well, that was this morning, and at lunch, I read some of "Simulations of God," and within the first paragraph of what I read was a description of how, as demonstrated by scientific experiment, we can foresee things slightly before they actually happen. Funny.

Then, word synchro: "inimical," was in ledger this morning, and I Noticed it big time, thinking very distinctly of how I hadn't seen that word in forever. Then, of course, it was in "Simulations of God," this afternoon, within the first couple pages. This is getting routine ...

Had a minor thought synchro while at Tim's: "one." I was writing him out instructions of using his computer, and I'd just written the "1" in the first step, when, immediately, someone on TV in the other room said "one," alone, as a sentence. This could easily be a coincidence, of course, since it's so one-dimensional, except that it happened so synchronously, in every sense of the word, like me thinking "one," starting to draw the line, and hearing "one" all at once. Heh.


Word synchro: "pothead." This kept recurring in my thoughts all through the day, and then it turned up in Jack Cruz. Could be a complete coincidence, but I found it interesting that I would have this distinct thought all through the day and then have it turn up anywhere. Then, later, "indemnity," in "Simulations of God" and then Jack Cruz. Nothing special about this one, other than that it's an uncommon word. Then, "dandled," in ledger yesterday and then Jack Cruz tonight, probably nothing, being so common and far apart. Also, "bored," which I encoutered three times today. The first was in "The Gibbet" this morning, and I Noticed it, for no real reason, then it was in WoW, in an unlikely way, but I still didn't note it then, so it's such a common word. But then it was in Jack Cruz tonight, another one of these three-bangers of common words that I don't note until the third gets my attention. Hmm.


Got a rejection this morning, but shrugged it off pretty well. Immediatley after, I checked my other, Hotmail address, and was attracted to the "Word of the Day" email, which was pachyderm. I thought this was just an animal, but it's first definition was: "1. A person who is not sensitive to criticism, ridicule, etc." Also, this themed seemed to continue throughout the day, when I fended off several temptations to react negatively or selfishly or stupidly, etc., maybe six or seven times throughout the course of the day.

Now, had something today, which seemed big, at least in the sense that I've never quite had something like this happen before. Over the course of the afternoon, I encountered a huge, huge number of small, seemingly meaningless synchronicities, mostly word synchros, which all came together to, in spite of their individual commonality, be way too unlikely to be chance. The first to really get my attention were "beg to differ" and Alec Baldwin; I had thought of Alec Baldwin earlier today, randomly, about something I'd read about his sugar addiction or something, and then, while in Goodwill and browsing their CDs, noticed the album "Beg to Differ" by Prong, which I'd borrowed from my brother years ago. Within minutes after seeing the "Beg to Differ" album, I went and looked at the books, and there was a booked called "I Beg to Differ," and then, beside it a couple books down, a book by Alec Baldwin. Either in itself would've been unnotable, but together they were -- however, these were only the start of a deluge of such. "first job" (in "The Brief History of the Dead" book, which I was Compelled to buy at Goodwill today, then read even though I'd planned on reading "Koko", when I'd also Noticed a book at Goodwill about getting your first job, with "first job" in the title); "Laura" (in the "Dead" book when it was in Jack Cruz this morning); "drew in his breath," when I synchronously was breathing in a deep breath immediately as I read that, thought-synchro-style; "memento" (in the book, when I Noticed the Memento movie in Goodwill today); "walker" (in the book, when I'd Noticed Tim's book this morning, mainly his last name, very distinctly, "Walker"); virology, when I'd just edited the part in Jack Cruz where Cruz mentions he's a virologist, then a virologist was in the "Dead" book; "anagram," in the "Dead" book when I'd thought of this this morning (see below); "cordite" and "generator", in the book today when they were in Jack Cruz last night; "autobiography," in the book, when I'd Noticed an "authorized biography" in Goodwill; "shimmer", when I'd had a rejection from Shimmer this morning, and seen it somehwere else that I can't remember, and that my crap had resembled a distinct "S" and it'd made me think of Shimmer; "monument," in the book, when I'd Noticed my "Monuments" book this morning; "sandwhich shop," in the book, when I'd Noticed the Five Guys sandwhich shop that just opened, while on my way to Goodwill today, because they had guys out front dancing around with the signs; "extend," in the book, when I'd thought this distinctly enough to remember it, randomly, earlier today, like a lot of these; "inconsequential," in the book, and also another random though I had earlier today; "elephant," as seen in the "pachyderm" definition earlier today, and then in the book. Now, all of these in themselves were very, very weak, and would've been otherwise ignored -- but all of them, together, one after another, almost all within this same day, when I was Compelled to buy the "Dead" book and do the other things demanded by them ... it's just too much. The phenomenon is real, at least insofar as I can establish anything as real. If I can't believe this, there is nothing I can believe. As for why there was this huge explosion of it today, I have no idea -- a large cycle ending? some juncture or crossroads of many different realities (reality nexus?)? something I'm not even touching on? Who knows. But it's really, really cool seeing it all.

Also, I think I'll start calling these type of synchros, where they are entirely unnotable and seemingly meaningless, with no overt, obvious message, as "undifferentiated synchro," filing in with thought synchro and word synchro.

Other word synchro: "credenza" (in Jack Cruz last night, only time I've used in my writings, and then ledger this morning, when I felt Compelled to read the ledger), "indemnity" (forming a three-banger since I saw it twice yesterday); also, "eneagram," which is the name of the book that the hypnotist recommended to me and I still have the note to get, but just today Noticed it and pulled it into view For Some Reason, and then it turned up in "Simulations of God," not an hour later, though the book was spelled with two N's, but the latter was with one -- not too big a difference. (This is how I came to think of "anagram," thinking that was what it was referring to but then realizing it wasn't ...)

And more word synchro: a third "inconsequential" (or inconsequentiality, rather), and then "evacuate," which I saw somewhere today but I can't remember where (a Pearl Jam song, maybe?), and then encountered in Jack Cruz. Again, very weak in themselves, but huge in light of all that have come today. Another: "toy-sized," in "Dead", and I Noticed it, and then I came across it in my ledger tonight -- my latest, unfilled ledger, while looking for an adjective while editing (I actually had the thought, just before opening it up, that this would lead to a synchronicity). Jeeze. "Quest," read in both Jack Cruz and the "Dead" book and heard in a Pearl Jam song earlier, as well as in "Simulations of God," and maybe somewhere else that I can't remember. "Surreal," in "Simulations of God" (name of a poem) and then in Jack Cruz tonight. And others, too, that I won't even mention because this is getting redundantly old. One was cool, though: earlier today, I saw a Toyota SUV for sale along the road, and though, distinctly, "Toyota SUV," and why Toyota's seem to retain their value so well, and then, tonight, I got to the part in Jack Cruz where Gwen mentions her Toyota, which is an SUV. It seems that about damn near everything I thought or experienced this morning has been echoed in the last half of the day.


More cool stuff from the "The Brief History of the Dead" book. First, I had a dream last night, just before awaking, which led to me thinking of a man and woman sleeping dispassionately together, which in turn led to me thinking of an old Family Matters episode involving just that. Well, this afternoon, in the book, just hours later, it depicted just that scenario. I hadn't thought of that happening since ... have I ever thought of that? It's such an odd, unlikely thing, and it was repeated. Also, there seem to be so many similarities between this book and Jack Cruz, which I Just Happen to be editing right now. Though, I won't bother with these, or other minor synchros, since they are in fact minor, and possibly coincidental (though I doubt it, considering yesterday's onslaught).


This morning during breakfast, I had the distinct thought of "get laid," wondering how that came about. Then, in Jack Cruz about an hour later, it was there "just-got-laid face." Maybe a coincidence, but this does fit that seemingly mechanical, Undifferentiated synchro I'd classified recently.

Then, right before I checked my email, I had this stray thought, I can't even remember what triggered this, of playing Warcraft about a year ago and doing an instance run in that one with the boss that sends out electrical whirlwinds, and the tank had pulled when I was healing and out of mana, but we managed to kill it anyway. Well, seconds later, I checked my email for the first time today and read an email from [my friend], in which she mentioned "an otherwise hurricanic electrical storm of a life." Precisely like what that WoW boss did, send out a hurricane of electrical storm. It bears mentioning that this email from her was very random and just a short note that she'd sent me this morning, as she has a habit of doing; also, that when I'd thought of the WoW boss, the image it brought up was (of course) of it doing the eletrical storm attack thing. Wow.

More cool ones as the day went on. First, a couple word synchro: "cocksucker" and "taunted," both in Jack Cruz and then the "Dead" book at lunch. Then, this evening, had a whole bunch of them: "hieroglyph," "nomad," and "taunting," "cadence," "sleigh," all in Jack Cruz this morning ("taunting" was significant, because it was an edit by my editor, to replace "laughing", which I thought awkward, so I Noticed it, naturally; however, the very nature of the edit was similar, because in Jack Cruz, it was in the line "you joined the other children in their taunting," and then in the "Dead" book, it was in the context of children taunting another child); then, "delivery truck," when I'd just seconds before been wondering when the delivery truck would get here (not quite with that whipcrack of other thought synchros, but far too close together to be coincidence). There was another "lily" and "coax" there, too.


Another big chunk of small, easily missable synchros, much like two days ago, almost all of it hinging on my starting to read "Koko." Much of it was a recap of my morning, little, insignificant things that I didn't even Notice, just encountered (though entirely by chance, and without expecting them). For instance, within the first few pages of Koko, it referenced a VW van (which I'd seen on the site, which I'd felt Compelled to visit this morning, after not going there for a year or more), a man over 230 pounds (encountered while researching the alkalinity of hemp protein, which I felt Compelled to), people playing the war-veteran card for sympathy (this one was actually pretty notable, since I had noted this specifically in an email to [my friend], though entirely By Chance), "dishwater" (was in Mari's email to me about the discrepancy in Jack Cruz), "bourbon" (was in [my friend]'s email to me), "fret" (in my email to her), a tattooed ass (in [my friend]'s email), Coca-Cola (perhaps completely irrelevant, but Coca-Cola was a big theme in "The Brief History of the Dead" which I just finished yesterday), wasp (same), an action synchro involving reading about a burp right as I burped (burp was already working its way up before I read that, but Just Happened to come out the moment I read it, very synchronous, like a thought synchro), and "third-person" (in the new wedge of Jack Cruz I edited this morning). Now, though a couple of these were notable, most of them I would've brushed off and ignored, had it not been for there be so many. It wasn't quite the onslaught of a couple days ago, but it was still enough to make me take note, especially the war-veteran-sympathy thing. One thing that bears mentioning: I had a choice between starting "Koko" or rereading "Sutree" today, and "Koko" felt right. Before I started reading it, I wondered if there would be any synchronicity. I have to wonder if this was an exercise to inspire trust in my seemingly arbitrary choices, though this is pure speculation. Hmmm.


Word synchro: "trouper." Was in ledger this morning, the first I'd read it for a few days, though I did *not* Notice it, simply remember it being there. Then it was in "The Dead Man's Phone," on the second page -- interesting, because I'd planned on editing "Everything's Connected" this morning, but felt Compelled to do this one. Also, "rumanitive," in the same story, when I'd just used "ruminate" as a late substitution in Jack Cruz yesterday, for the first time in I don't know how long (perhaps since using it in "The Phone").

More word synchro throughout the day: "James Bond" (in "The Phone" this morning and then Koko this afternoon), ketosis (I thought of this upon waking this morning, in association with an old memory of someone from the gym, and then it was in my ledger at breakfast, not an hour later, quite notable -- which seems to be a phenomenon, having these stray thoughts upon waking or soon after and then having them prove relevant to later in the day, in a precognitive sense, though sometimes not quite so). And, continuing the theme of very minor word synchros that would be unnotable if not en masse: "askance," "burke," "dispassionate," "bleach" (all in "The Phone" this morning and then ledger at lunch), "tenpin," "rumination" (in Pearl Jam songs while working out, when they were in "The Phone" this morning), "flunkie" (in Pearl Jam songs, when it was in "Koko" just before I left), "caramel" (in "The Phone" and then I saw it on a sign, probably nothing), "pinwheel" (seen this three or four times within the last few days, and then it was on a sign that I Noticed today).

Also, had one cool thing happen, not quite a synchronicity but a neat coincidence, something lending to intuition. I'd been feeling compelled to try MSM again, but felt to wait about it, ostensibly because I'm low on money, but who knows why I felt that way in reality. Well, this morning, I noticed a bag of vitamins that my dad brought back from the beach, and in it were two bottles of MSM, which he let me have. I could see how this could easily be a coincidence, but I could see how it isn't either, especially considering that he's never bought MSM before, usually only buying it in a combo glucosamine supplement rather than alone. In any case, notable.

"Defence," in ledger at lunch, and I Noticed it, and then read it, spelled as such (uncommon), in a random webpage I felt Compelled to visit (seeing it for the first time in a very long while).


First word synchro of the day: "extoll," one of my first ledger words of the morning, and then it was in "Everything's Connected." Rare word, haven't seen it in a long time ... Also, "harridan," in ledger, except I Noticed this one, and then it was in the same story.

Couple more word sychros: "oneiric," which was cool. Yesterday, I saw this when looking up the latest version of Ubuntu linux, which has "oneiric" in the name, and I Noticed it, since it's such an uncommon word. Then, this morning, about twelve hours later, it turned up in my ledger. Also, "impassive," in "Everything's Connected" this morning (iirc), then in ledger at lunch, and then in "Koko" after lunch.


Word synchros: "cavorting" (was in ledger yesterday (or was it this morning ...?) and I Noticed it, and then in "Discipline" this morning), and then "gunshy," in ledger this morning and I Noticed it, then in "Discipline," less than an hour afterward. It bears mentioning that I had absolutely no idea what I was to edit this morning.

More word synchro: "aboutface" (in "The Abyss" last night, which I've felt Compelled to watch for the last month and just finally got around to it, when it was the first I'd heard it in months, and then it was in ledger this morning, less than twelve hours later), "puka" (an indirect one; was in "Discipline" this morning, but as "pukka," which I learned *thru* "puka," which have different meanings, but then "puka" was in ledger at lunch, just hours after); "flunkie" (this was in a few different places a few days ago, and then was in ledger today; very possibly coincidence). Then, a big hit: "a wilderness of," which was in "Discipline" this morning, then "Koko" this afternoon. It's very notable because 1) it was such a specific phrase, and so close together, and 2) because I think I wrote this originally while writing "Discipline," as in, I didn't hear it elsewhere and rip it off. Not only that, but I don't believe I've used that in any other writing other than "Discipline." Also, there was "precocioius," in "Discipline" this morning and then ledger at lunch.


Might be nothing, but this morning, I Just Happened to look at my bag of apples, and noticed George Washington's picture on it, which I found curious until I found that the apples came from Washington state. Then, later in the morning, I was watching a Rick Steve's Europe show about London, and it showed how in a cathedral, there was a picture of George Washington in the stained glass. It's notable since it was so unlikely that I would be watching this this morning (I slept badly and so slept late, which threw off my whole morning, and I ended up doing things weird and off schedule, culminating in my not just watching Rick Steve's Europe (just started watching them again last night, after months of not), but watching three this morning, the London one the last.

Had another 37 sighting this morning. These have been happening lately, I've noticed: I'll be thinking of something, and what I'm thinking of will click with me, in that nonlogical, intuitional sense, and then either shortly after or synchronistically during, I'll see a 37 somewhere. For instance, it happened the other day while I was at the market, thinking of how we seem to learn that reality is illusion when it is beneficial to our learning curriculum and only then, and then I pulled up to the market and Noticed a 37 on a corralled cart. Well, it just happened again while watching Rick Steve's Europe and thinking of how my being very sick and compromised has made me very sensitive to the existence of various energies and their effect on me, and how it seems like, if I were to try to teach someone about the existence of something so subtle and obscure, then I would have to make them very sensitive to it somehow, like my being sick -- and so maybe that's all part of my learning curriculum, me being sick so that I may be sensitive to energies and learn about them. Within seconds of having this mini-realization, I saw a 37 on the Rick Steve's Europe. This is very thin, logically speaking, and could be entirely wrong, but it feels right in a nonlogical, irrational sense -- still, I only note it because it seems to be happening more and more, always with this same basic scenario: I think of something profound, that feels true, but only in an illogical, intuitional way, and then I'll see a 37 (which is the number I've begun associating with realization, as it were, based on the Tarot book, though this, too, is coming only in that inuitional sense). Perhaps this is a sort of logical confirmation of my nonlogical realizations? Very strange, and hard to say. I'll have to keep my eye out.

Had another 37 synchor later, this afternoon, though I could see how this could be a coincidence (especially now that I've become aware of this pattern, so now I could forseeably be subconsciously obsessing about the phenomenon and therefore seeing it when it's not there). In any case, I was thinking about the different causes of my sugar cravings, whether they're from me taking the MSM and, because of getting some energy, going into a kind of indulgence mode, or that maybe the sugar cravings aren't for sugar at all, but salicylates; or a combination, or something else entirely. In any case, just after thinking this, I passed a bank and its sign blinked to the temperature, 37 degrees. Who knows.

Had a thought synchro while driving, and this one, conversely, is very definitely notable. I was driving along, and came to the realization that I really have to go on faith as far as where I go in my life, as I simply don't have any other choice, since logic fails at a certain point, and immediately as I thought that, I passed a sign reading "faith," and I was drawn to it, this also very "synchronous." This explodes the subconscious obsession angle, since, even though I'd passed this sign before and could foreseeably know, subconsciously, that it was there, my thinking of faith was the result of a huge chain of thought starting from even before I got in my truck, and ending with "faith" at the very precise moment that I passed the sign reading just that. Very external, and objective.

Also, while I was working out, had another thought synchro: "think too much," in a Stone Temple Pilots song while I was thinking just that, also very instantaneous and synchronous (I was Compelled to listen to the STP album today ...).


Another lily today, but this one might have been nothing at all. It was simply in "Plane Crash," not at all special other than the fact I've been seeing "lily" off an on recently.

Word synchro: "ghostlight." I came across this first this morning, on Duotrope's, the name of a magazine, and I Noticed it, since I have a submission out to them. Then it was in "Plane Crash" tonight -- notable, considering I'd Noticed it and that it's such an uncommon word (since it's a nonword). Also, "fistula," which was also notable, considering that it was in "Plane Crash," then in this entirely random website I visited seeking information about chlorophyll, though it was in "fistula" in reference to some disease.


Word synchro: "effacing" (notable, since the pastor said it yesterday at church, and I Noticed it because he mispronounced it (or pronounced it different than I do, at least), and then it was in ledger this afternoon, when I don't think I'd heard that word for a while), and "allemanding," when "allemande" was in "Plane Crash" last night (unnotable, really). Then, I had a two-part one which turned out to be really cool. I finally got around to calling Steve about the rust on my truck today, after putting it off for a week, for vague reasons I couldn't really comprehend, but I finally did it today, sitting down in my usual spot beside my cabinet with the phone. While I was on the phone with him, I Noticed my copy of "Naked Lunch," absently but distinctly, as well as my copy of "1984." Well, the first part of the syncho came just afterward, literally minutes later, when I hung up with Steve and then sat down to read "Koko," in which, just a couple pages in, there was a stray mention of William Burroughs -- the author of "Naked Lunch." Then, when I was loading up music for the day's workout, I felt rushed and picked out the first thing to catch my eye, which was "Diamond Dogs" by Bowie (though, doing this felt very Right, and I noticed this feeling ever before the synchro), and then while working out, I realized that "Diamond Dogs" has the three-part homage to 1984.

Also, over the course of the afternoon, I encountered another chunk of random, very minor synchros that I didn't start noting until I'd amassed a few. Such as Noticing a street sign called "Laurel" on the way to Goodwill (which I sort of didn't plan on going to today, since I had so much other stuff to do, but found myself near it and went, while thinking of "winds guide you," ironically) and then Noticed a book in Goodwill by someone named Laurel; a book called "Triptych," when I'd just read triptych earlier today (I want to say in "Koko," but it might've been in ledger); angry eyes, plays well with others, both in relation to a bumper sticker but then corresponding to a song and then a book at Goodwill; thinking of how the Tool concert saw me to Myrtle Beach, then just minutes later stopping to let a car turn into traffic and seeing not only a South Carolina license plate, but a border reading "Myrtle Beach"; plus others I'm forgetting beccause they were so minorly insignificant. It just lent that feel of a waking dream, where thinks all correspond to one another. Don't know what to make of it, really.


A bunch of minor, individually unnotable synchro this morning: there were several things in [my friend]'s latest email, which I can't remember, other than in the video she sent, where, first, it was grouped with a weird foreign video that I watched long enough to see a woman that I thought Russian, then when I went back to reading the email, a couple paragraphs down there was mention of "Russian." Also, the video was titled "Hmmm...Squishy" and within minutes after watching it, I went to submit "Eyeball Chewer" to Space Squid, whose email address was "squishy@...". Plus other such synchros, the only one of which I can remember was thinking of Peter Straub, and then, seconds later, opening a document in my documents archive written by "Peter Schwab." Again, all minor, random, easily ignored stuff, but it was all grouped together.

A relaly cool one this afternoon. This morning, I felt Compelled to read my ledger at breakfast, though I didn't really feel like it. Took out the big leather-bound one, and when I sat down to look through it, I instinctively opened it from the bookmark-string, which was set, either at random from the last time I finished it, or from being halfway through, which I doubt. In any case, I almost went back to the start, but felt Compelled to just start halfway through (I could always go through the rest and then start back into the first half, after all). After identifying all these Compellings, I suspected this would come to play in a synchronicity, and I wasn't disappointed. While going through the ledger, I Noticed "peninsula," doubly so, since on the page after I'd entered "isthmus," while doing the peninsula definition. Well, when I was loading up music to workout to, I was Compelled to listen to the Jefferson Airplane album I'd gotten almost a month ago, and sure enough, on one of the songs, it says very clearly, "No man is an island. He's a peninsula." Also, I read "a fund of" in the ledger, at breakfast, and then this was used in "Koko" this evening, in the very same context, when I haven't seen that in a while.


Word synchro: "strangely made," in the ledger (which I'd open at that weird position yesterday) this morning, and I Noticed it, very very distinctly, and then saw it while editing "The Birth of Edenborough," about a half hour later. Also, under these same circumstances, was "dragging sparks." The quote from Edenborough wasn't exact in this ("dragging them away in a candy-colored glow of sparks."), but the idea was clear enough. Also, "apron," as a small parking lot, in the same context within both sources.

Then, tonight, "salted," when it was in the ledger at lunch, and I Noticed it, then it was in "Non Compos Mentis" tonight, which I was Compelled to edit, as a choice of about 6 different stories, and it was used the same context, as well, to add interest to something.

A really cool one, two parts. First, last night I noticed a thing where it asked you if you knew what a weird word for inserting a day into a calender was, and I did: "intercalate." It was in reference to the next day, February 29th, a Leap Year, today, of course. Well, this morning, "intercalate" was in my ledger -- when I'd opened it weird a couple days ago. Really cool, and incredibly unlikely. I have to wonder: was the phenomenon triggered purely by my seeing the word last night, as a mechanical, indifferent symptom, or was it in relation to this actual day, or both, or neither? Hmmm.

Another couple cool ones: "rococo," in ledger at lunch, and I Noticed it, because I've been thinking about that word recently, from my reading the "Koko" book, and then, this evening, it was in "Koko." Hah. Also, "Rambo" was in "Koko," when it was in "Edenborough" this morning, and used in the very same context, like someone "pulling a Rambo" and fighting like some badass soldier.

These -- "seminal," "wrongheaded," "rarefaction" -- were all in ledger today, within a few pages, as well as in "Edenborough," also, except these I can remember actually adding to "Edenborough" because I noticed them in my ledger, back when I wrote it a while ago, so I can understand the clump. However, the fact that I came to the *at all,* on the very day I edited "Edenborough," for the first time in nearly six months (when I didn't even plan on doing it this morning, just did it randomly (as well as begrudgingly, since it's reasonably long), is still notable.

Also, I had a lot of that really minor, really subtle synchro this morning, with words and thoughts and various subtle themes and the like seeming to correspond in ways that I'm beginning to notice more and more. Hmm.

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