Synchronicity log for 2013


An odd one today. There's a man who works out at the gym around the same time I do, and recently I've seen him three times elsewhere. The first was, I think, a week ago, when I saw him at Earthfare -- not unlikely, considering that a person who works out would be more health-conscious and could, conceivably, shop at such a "healthy" store like Earthfare. However, then, yesterday, I saw him at the post office, which was completely random, and struck me as somewhat notable, considering I'd seen him at Earthfare. But then, today, while waiting for Tim outside the bank, he jogged past my truck (I am 99.9% sure it was him; if not him, it was someone who looked nearly identical, and was wearing a nearly identical hat). I find that notable, especially considering that I felt "led" to park in the parking space I did, rather than the closer one I usually park Tim in, where I wouldn't have seen him. Still, perhaps it's all just coincidence, but three, under these circumstances, are rather unlikely.


A cool thought synchro today, while at the gym. While working out, I felt the urge to laugh, but didn't want to freak out my surrounding compatriots, so I held it in and forced the smile off my face. Immediately, in that perfectly synchronistic way, the song I was listening to on my headphones said "hiding my emotions." Now, this song I had listened to several times previously, which allows for the possibility of cryptomnesia, but once again, the swallowed laughter, and its very swallowing, both arose from entirely seperate chains of thought, pretty much ruling out this angle so far as I can tell. Very cool.


Maybe nothing, but this morning, while checking my email, I happened to look down at the clock just as I did so, seeing the time was 11:07. Then, when I opened my first new email, it was a rejection for a story, so I went into my submissions file and found the story, and it was submitted on 11-7-12. Who knows.


A day of a lot of notable recurrance synchro, most of it in some way involving [my friend] and seeming to recur from her visit on the December 4th. The first started after I picked her up and left her hotel, being youngish red-haired men with moderate beards. When we were pulling out into the road, there was a man crossing the street, and I Noticed his red hair and beard; then, a minute later, on the sidewalk downtown, I saw another man with such features, and Noticed him too. After identifying this pattern from past experience, I then remarked to [my friend] that we'd probably be seeing another such man, and, sure enough, after we ate and then went to Goodwill, we saw a third red-haired youngish man with a moderate red beard, loading a child into his car (note: I parked in a weird place there, instead of where I usually park, between Goodwill and Bare Essentials, since we were going to both; had I parked at either of the stores, we wouldn't have seen the man). There wasn't anything more to it than that, but I find it notable since 1) it was pretty unlikely we would see three nearly identical-featured men within the space of a couple hours, and 2) I identified that Noticing feeling and predicted the third sighting.

Next, there were some notable parallels between our Goodwill visits (both the Goodwills [my friend] and I visited on this day, as well as one we'd visited in Greensboro on January 16th). First, and most notable, is that, at the Goodwill in Boone today, they had a paperback copy of Stephen King's "Skeleton Crew," when, at the last Goodwill [my friend] and I had gone to in Greensboro on January 16th, they'd had a paperback copy of "Skeleton Crew" (which I'd bought) -- pretty unlikely, though certainly not impossible. Then, at the second Goodwill (in Lenoir) we went to today, there was a video camera there, a handheld job; this was significant only to me, and perhaps not significant at all (I'd gone down to this Goodwill some two weeks ago, feeling absolutely Compelled to do so, seeking a video camera (which turned out not to be there), which I envisioned as just such a camera -- it came, only two weeks late). Then, a CD titled "Kidz Bop," which was at both sequential Goodwills we visited this afternoon -- pretty unlikely, but again not impossible (they may have even been the same numbered CDs; I remember the second one was #10, and I'm pretty sure the first one as too, which would lower the odds pretty significantly). Then, on a lesser note, while at the second Goodwill today (in Lenoir), I saw a movie "The Sum of All Fears" and Noticed it, shortly after which I saw a "Sum of All Fears" CD (I'm not sure if it was a video game or a soundtrack or something), and then, in the book section, the "Sum of All Fears" book, all in the same Goodwill -- again, not too likely but not too highly unlikely, except that I did Notice the first one. Then, a bit more notable, is that, like that Goodwill in Greensboro on January 16th with the "Skeleton Crew," this Goodwill in Lenoir today had VHS copies of Terminator 1 and 2, side by side -- again, unlikely but not impossible. Then, on a much lesser note, there was a paperback copy of the book "Stormy Weather" at the Goodwill in Lenoir, when, on January 16th in Lenoir (but at another, non-Goodwill thriftstore), I'd bought a paperback copy of that book -- not at all notable in itself, except that, in the context of the rest of the day and the [my friend]-Goodwill recurrence theme, it seemed to add to that. Then, finally, while browsing books in that last Goodwill, I'd Noticed one called "Caio, America," and then, later, [my friend] told me how she'd Noticed it at the first Goodwill we'd visited that day and then saw it at the second.


Really cool one today, both involving the book "Mason and Dixon." Now, I'd gotten this book a couple weeks ago, during that trip to the Lenoir Goodwill that I was Compelled to take, ostensibly in search of a video camera. There was no video camera, but I did get this book, and since I felt so Compelled to make that trip, I sensed there might be some future synchronicity in store from it, based on past experience with such Compellings. Well, I'd been meaning to read the book twice, but both times I felt Compelled to read other books, until today, when I felt Compelled, distinctly, to choose this one out of about the dozen I have queued up. It didn't take long for a synchronicity to ensue: I started reading it at lunch, and just when I started reading a line about a cat looking for food, my mom was talking about how one of our cats was looking for food, in that distinctly synchronistic fashion (the cat had come to the dining table). It bears mentioning that, when I sat down to eat lunch, I didn't immediately start reading the book, instead reading several articles my dad had given me to read; if I had started reading the book as soon as I sat down to eat, like I normally would, I wouldn't have read that line about the cat right when my mom spoke it. Cool.

Also, equally notable, is that, while reading the same book this evening, I read about the "Ides of March," when I just yesterday heard that term for the very first time (that I can recall, at least), during my time with [my friend]. This is doubly interesting since it almost didn't happen: it was dinner time, and I was about to stop reading, but I felt absolutely Compelled to read another two pages, and the "Ides of March" was on the very last page I read, at the very end of it. Wow.


An inordinate number today. It started this morning, when, after my chiropracting/acupuncture, I encountered two on the way home. The first was a grey Chevy Surburban that I'd seen parked at Lowes Foods yesterday, with the distinctive license plate of ONTHECLOK, which I Noticed, distinctly (though not distinctly enough for me to predict seeing it again); this I saw, today, parked at a pawn shop across town, less than twenty-four hours later, Just Happening to pass it. I would consider this notable due to the unlikliness alone (car I've never seen before, sighted twice in short timeframe in different places), but, considering how I'd Noticed it, it ups the notability. Then, while going up the hill, I encountered a pedestrian: another redhaired man with a beard, the same beard as those three I encountered Monday.

The next occurred at lunchtime, when my dad said, while discussing weather, "at high elevations like us," just as I looked down at an open paper and saw an ad reading LIKE US in its heading, in that instantaneous, distinctly synchronous way. It bears mentioning that the two "like us's" were used in different contexts (my dad's was in the "similar to" context, while the ad's was involving a verb, to like them on Facebook), but still, I find it notable, due to that distinct synchronous correlation.

The next one is complicated, and somewhat unique, but still fitting of this underlying recurrence trend. It started when, after finding myself unable to tolerate the book "Mason & Dixon," I began reading a new novel, "Shutter Island," feeling distinctly Compelled to pick this one out of the several at my choosing. I read through forty-some pages of it at lunch today, but when I was about to stop, I felt Compelled to read until the 50th page (it might've just been the symmetry of ending on an even page, but that could have just been an overt thing, because I did seem to feel Compelled to read to that page). On the 50th page, it started with a centered section, a code left by one of the characters in the book, and I read this before closing the book. The middle part of the code read YOU ARE 3, though I didn't really notice this at the time. The second part of the synchronicity involves my choice of music for the day's workout. I spent a few minutes shuffling through my collection, and nothing felt "right" until I settled on "Gish" by Smashing Pumpkins, which felt Right for no reason I can name, in that special way, just as "Shutter Island" felt right. As it turns out, the first lyrics on the album are "I am one as you are three." Still, I didn't correlate it with the book until later on, after the workout, when I had the song playing through my head (about an hour after I'd first listened to it, since I played that album immediately upon starting my workout). As it looped through my thoughts, I thought I remembered how that code in the book contained YOU ARE 3, but I wasn't sure until I went home and checked. I find this notable, since 1) I was so Compelled to both start that book today and then read to the 50th page, that which contained YOU ARE 3, and 2) because I was so Compelled to listen to "Gish" today, out of however many thousands of songs in my music collection. One explanation I can think of for this was some sort of weird subconscious fixation, first when I read the YOU ARE 3, and then when choosing the "Gish" album (I have, in fact, listened to that album many times). Though, on the other hand, considering both the context of this and the fact that this fits the profile of so many other Compellings and their mechanics, I find the subconscious explanation highly unlikely (it certainly wasn't a conscious fixation, I can say that much).

Then, to top it all off, on the way home from the gym, I passed yet another redhaired man with a beard of the same shade, texture, length, and consistency as the other four I've seen within the last three days.


Another redhaired man with a beard, today at the meat counter at Earthfare (I'd gotten a coupon there for a free 1/2lb of ground beef with $5 purchase, and it worked out that I needed flaxseed, so I bought it there and got the freebie). This one's hair was of a lighter tint of those previous, and his beard a bit thinner, but still, another redhaired bearded man. I can't remember the last time I saw a redhaired bearded man before Monday, when this trend started.


Minor thought synchro today, might have been nothing. While at the gym, I was standing and looking at a couch there, thinking of the coiled springs in it and how they might be conducting EMF radiation, and then, as a matter of course, the pillow, and how I wished a couch could just have the pillow. Immediately as I thought that, the song I was listening to on my MP3 player said "pillow," in that distinctly synchronistic way. Without that, it could've easily been a coincidence, but with it, I found it notable.


After a week, they seem to be starting back up, though I can see how both these might've been coincidence. First was at lunch, when I set down the book I was reading and then got up to start the water for another cup of tea. As I did so, I noticed it was 2:29. Then, when I sat back down, the next line of the book mentioned that it was 2:29. Note: it was a couple minutes after checking the clock that I read this; it was far from synchronous. However, I still found it notable, considering that on the very line I stopped at, it mentioned the time as the exact same as when it was.

Then, at the gym, a thought synchro. While I was thinking of reasons for why I shouldn't get mad about something or other, and found myself scrambling to "find" those reasons, just after, the song I was listening to said "Startled at the reasons that I just can't find." This, too, might have been nothing, but it was so close to what I had just been thinking, and synchronous-like, that I had to take note.


Some minor synchronicities today, all of them perhaps nothing at all. First, a word synchro, "recant," which was the Dictionary Word of the Day, and I Noticed it somewhat, and then, in "Vernon God Little," it appeared about a page in -- unnotable except that I Noticed it in the Word of the Day. Then, a little more notable, was that, in the same book, it mentioned shower cubicles, something which I had been unmet by until less than a week ago, when I discovered them while looking at the website of a no-EMF community in France -- somewhat notable, considering it fit that rubric of never having known of something, then seeing it mentioned twice in a short period of them. Then, another Ides of March mention, in "Vernon God Little" -- this again perhaps nothing. I really only note it in case there are more mentions.

Also, a pretty cool one while I was in my truck, waiting for Curis. After going to Ram's Rack, he'd gotten a paper somewhere, and left it facedown in the passenger's-seat floorwell. As he was loading up his groceries, I was looking at this paper and the ad on the back of it, entirely absently, with the radio on. I seem to remember it like this: suddenly my attention focused, and I Noticed the "$0 Down" on the ad (it was for cars, Nissans), just before the radio said "$0 Down." This got my attention, and then I realized that the ad playing on the radio was a car ad for Nissans, though from a different dealership as the ad. I can't be certain if this is how it happened, whether I became aware of the "$0 Down" just before or just after it played on the radio; but, regardless, I was Just Happened to be looking at "$0 Down" right as it played on the radio. Notable, both because of it's distinct synchronicity, as well as the fact that they were both Nissan ads.


A couple, both at that Lenoir Goodwill. I visited there on the way down the to beach today. The first might have been nothing: they had that Ace of Base CD here again, when I'd just bought the exact same CD at the exact same Goodwill a few months ago, during one of [my friend]'s visits. Perhaps nothing, but I think it would be pretty unlikely to find that exact same CD at the exact same location within a few months (even within a few years seems unlikely). Then, the second one was perhaps a bit more notable. While I was browsing the books, I came across a Robin Cook novel, and I immediately thought of the book "Outbreak" -- which is something I've been doing for months, my having this weird idea that Robin Cook wrote this book, and my thinking of it every time I see a book of his. Well, a few seconds later, on the next shelf over, I came to the book Outbreak -- not by Robin Cook (though it was in fact the same one I've always been thinking of, that based on the movie). It was notable not just because of how soon I saw the book after thinking of it distinctly, but the fact that there's no way it could've been subconscious fixation from the corner of my eye, since 1) the shelves were wide enough that the one with the Robin Cook novel encompassed my whole vision, with the Robin Cook novel at the near-bottom shelf and the Outbreak book on an upper-shelf of the next shelf down, 2) I was going down the row, right-to-left, without having crossed it first (so I couldn't have seen it subconsciously while passing it), and 3) I can distinctly pinpoint where the thought of Outbreak came from in the first place: the Robin Cook novel, not anything else. Very notable, in my opinion.

Also, there was some minor recurrence on the way down. They both involved my last trip to the beach, when two things happened on my way through Charlotte: I saw a biker amidst the heavy, multilane traffic, in the dark; and I stopped at a Taco Bell to use the bathroom and open up the meal bars I was having for dinner (so I wouldn't have to fumble them open while driving). Interestingly, these things both happened this trip through: 1) I saw a biker (not the same one, of course) in heavy, multilane traffic, after dark, in the very same stretch of Independence Boulevard as that last time, and 2) I ended up stopping at that same Taco Bell, to do the same things. Now, the biker could easily be explained as coincidence, and the Taco Bell as any number of things, subconscious fixation not the least of them, except there's this: I left for this beach trip and that last one at two very different times. The last time, I ate lunch at the usual time and worked out in the afternoon, which means I left for the beach a couple hours later than I did this time, when I ate inentionally early and skipped working out so that I may get to the beach earlier. Yet, I ended up coming by the outskirts of Charlotte at the same approximate time, as to just be ready to eat dinner and use the bathroom when I approached that Taco Bell. Traffic was bad, but then, traffic was bad the last time too (this time, there was some backup earlier on, due to some police activity, but it shouldn't have made me more than 20-30 minutes late). This, with sighting that biker in the same traffic conditions and on the exact same stretch of highway (I don't believe I've ever seen anyone biking in that particular stretch of road, it being six lanes and very busy -- dangerous), makes me take note of it, especially since it reeks of that weird, offhand, minor recurrence I seem to see so much.


The first half of the day had a whole bunch of those minor, obscure, otherwise unnotable synchros, including one-word thought synchros and other vague things that could easily be explain away, if not for their sheer number (for instance, last night, while looking for a wifi spot to email [my friend], I passed a hotel called "Tidewater," and then today, in "Absalom, Absalom," it mentioned a town or something called Tidewater). Then, however, while at the pawnshop this evening, while browsing CDs, I heard a little girl cry "Mommy!" immediately as my eyes fell over a CD entitled, "Vera - Mommie." This could be explained as me hearing the word and then subconsciously seeking out the title, except that it all happened so fast, my eyes already moving up to this particular CD just before the girl cried out, making it coincide so perfectly -- that distinctly synchronous way I've become so familiar with.


First, had a moderate amount of that same minor, individually unnotable synchro like yesterday, mostly involving minor word recurrence that could easily be coincidence (for instance, I used "excommunicate" while editing "Deja Vu" this morning, and then, a few hours later, came across in it "Absalom! Absalom!," when I haven't seen the word in a while -- several like that). Then, however, when I finished reading the book, I was met by a notable recurrence: "Disturbia." It started last night, when I felt compelled to go to the pawn shop down here at Myrtle Beach (not quite Compelled, just that it Felt Right). While there, I browsed their DVDs, and noticed one called Disturbia (not quite Noticed, to the point where I could predict that I would be seeing it again, as with the men with red beards recently; but, it did stand out from the others, however slightly). Then, at the back of the Absalom book, there was a handwritten note (the book itself had lots of writing in it, marginalia I couldn't even read). The note gave a time and date, the word "music," then read "Lord Disturbia." Notable, considering this was less than a day later.


Yet more random, scattered, minor synchronicity, like the last couple days. For instance, there was a clump when I went out on the back deck and sunbathed for an hour, listening to "Sea Change" by Beck (I was wondering how much of my sickness is mental programming, when the first song I listened to was "It's All In Your Mind"; I was thinking of the sun hitting my face and tanning it, since it was turned that way, and shortly after the song I was listening to said something about tanning your face, or so it sounded like (don't have internet access to check lyrics); one of the songs was titled "Sunday Sun," when it was Sunday and I was lying in the sun for the first time since probably last summer). There wasn't even a lot of these minor synchros, but just enough to "feel" like the last couple days, with that subtle sense of unreality (or is *this* reality?).


Really damn cool ones. First, that book Ciao America, which was at both the Boone and Lenior Goodwills when [my friend] came up on February 4th and we both Noticed them -- it happened again, not once, but twice, at two consecutive thrift stores in Nags Head, NC, hundreds of miles away (one of them a Goodwill, the other a generic "thrift store"). I find that highly notable in itself, but there were also a bunch of other books that have been recurring in my life, in these two thrift stores (one, "Wild at Heart," I've encountered no less than five times recently, as well as having seen regularly at the Boone Goodwill whenever I visit for months now). Also at the Nags Head Goodwill was an Ace of Base CD, the same as mentioned recently.

Also, at lunch with [my friend] today, at a restaurant some distance from our hotel, she got "hit" by a woman's patchouli perfume, hard enough to comment when this woman came into the restaurant and went past us. Then, that night, hours later and miles away, in our hotel, [my friend] by chance had to go down to her car to get something. When she got on the elevator, there was the patchouli woman.


Weird one today, more intuitive than synchronicity. I went to open my closet door, which required me to step on the ethernet cable and push it down so it would slide under the door. While thinking this, I had the stray thought that doing this would eventually destroy the cable and/or the modem and laptop it was connected to. I've pushed down the cable many times without thinking this. Then, tonight, when I got on my laptop and went to go online, it wasn't connected. Long story short, it looked like the port had been bent on my laptop -- just as I'd thought. But, here's the weird thing: a few hours later, after screwing around with the cable and finding it to be definitely busted, I tried it again, on a whim, and it worked. Presently, it's still working -- though it was definitely busted before. Very strange. In any case, I find it notable that I would think this so clearly and distinctly, then have it come to pass, albeit temporarily.

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