Synchronicity log for 2014


A damn cool recurrence today, involving the Indians V.S. Naipaul and Indira Ghandi. Just yesterday, while reading the book 'In Spite of the Gods: The Rise of Modern India,' I learned of these two figures, never having heard the names before in my life. Then, today, I saw them recur, and in the most unlikely of ways: on the back-cover blurb of a book I Just Happened to run across. The book was in my survival bag, used to hide its store of emergency-money; I chose this one in particular because it was a book that someone gave to me years ago and I never read, so it was valueless enough to me to use in this fashion. The way I encountered the book and its blurb was that I had to unload my survival bag and take out its store of emergency food, because I was going to eat it and replace it with something else as to keep it fresh. I'd been meaning to do this for upwards of a week, but my meal schedule always ended up working out so that I ate other stuff, but today was the day I ended up needing to eat the emergency food, and so I unloaded the bag and encountered this book. Upon taking out the book, I had the thought that maybe I should read it, after having it all these years, so I picked it up and looked it over to see what it was about -- and damned if the back cover didn't specifically cite V.S. Naipaul and Indira Ghandi, those two names I'd just learned less than 24 hours ago after never seeing them in my life. A classic book synchro, very cool, especially considering all the logistics and such which went into it (my choosing that book in particular to hide the money in, out of a selection of dozens, and then my putting off getting the emergency food out of my survival bag for the last week, as to bring me into contact with those names not just within a week, but within a day).


Classic thought synchro today. Right as I thought "1:14" (time), I realized I was looking at a piece of paper with the numbers "1144" written on it, realizing this in that distinctly synchronistic way. I would write this off psychologically, where I subconsciously knew I was looking at the number 1144 and that made me think of its first three digits, 114. Except, I can trace back why I thought of the number 114: I had to check and see when the rice I had cooking was done, which required me to look at the clock and go forward 20 minutes (the time it takes to cook). I looked at the clock, saw the time was 12:54, and then turned back, with the number 1:14 on my mind -- and where I turned just happened to be directly in line of sight of the piece of paper with 1144 written on it. Still, I could write it off as coincidence, as it's not too highly unlikely even then, and the paper did read "1144" instead of "114"; then again, it fits the pattern of such thought synchronicities to a T.


Classic book/word synchro today: "auto-suggestion." I first read this in the 'Occult Science' book last night, and I Noticed it, because it was the first I've ever heard of hypnotic suggestion referred to that. Then, of course, in the 'Yoga' book I read today, it too mentioned auto-suggestion. The 'Occult Science' book: I downloaded this randomly for free off Amazon a few days ago, while searching for a completely different book. The 'Yoga' book: I've had this for months now (4? 6?), given to me by Rebecca randomly. And after all this time of having the Yoga book and then reading it on the spur of the moment today, it Just Happened to have that word I'd Noticed.

Also, a recurrence that might be nothing. Today I started, after months of putting it off, yoga stretches, and about an hour later I started a new book, 'Hold the Enlightenment,' in which the very first story was about a man doing yoga for the first time. I had no idea what the book was about before I chose it to read (randomly, from a pool of about 6 other books), after having this book, also, for months after buying it.

And one I remembered today, though it actually happened a couple days ago. Outside Earthfare, I found a debit card on the sidewalk. I remember reading the first name as "Brittany," but I can't remember the rest. The name is significant because about 1.5 years ago I found another debit card belonging to a "Brittany," in a parking lot. That's reasonably notable in itself, with the theme of "Brittany's debit card" recurring, albeit over 1.5 years (though a mitigating factor would be that I've only found two debit cards ever, and they both belonged to a Brittany). But there's another neat part: if I remember correctly, the first debit card I found belonged not to a Brittany, but a Britany, with one T, which I remember stood out to me at the time (the name was spelled differently than I'm accustomed somehow, either having two N's or one T -- something distinctive, in any case). If I'm not mistaken, the card I found a couple days ago also had "Britany" spelled in that way; however, I can't be sure of this, and I turned in the card almost immediately after I found it, so there's no way of verifying it one way or another (plus I could see how I could be projecting the memory of that first card's distinctive spelling of "Britany" onto this second one). Even if the names weren't spelled the same, still pretty notable, and befitting the classic recurrence pattern.


A classic thought synchro while working out and listening to music. Right at the end of a long chain of thought that ended in me thinking of respect, the song I was listening to said "respect," the thought and the word coinciding with perfect precision, in that distinctly synchronistic way. The song was one that I'd listened to many times, and knew the lyrics to, so I could've possibly had some subconscious following-along going on, except that, once again, I can trace the chain of thought which ended in "respect," and it had no parallels to the song I was listening to.

Then, this evening, some recurrence/word synchro: "Putumayo" and "Piedras." Over the last couple days, I had these distinct-yet-random thoughts, those which I've long ago recognized as those preceding some type of vague-thought recurrence. The first was "Putumayo," which I had heard on a Seinfeld episode years ago and, just a couple days ago, thought of in that vague-thought-synchro fashion, for no reason I knew, and the thought just stayed with me, until I started wondering if I'd see it again. And the same for "Piedras," which I'd heard in a Pixies song and popped up in my mind the same way, making me note it. Sure enough, I read both of those words in the 'Hold the Enlightenment' book. It bears mentioning that they were not in the same context as those I'd thought of them (one was in reference to the actual Putumayo place in Colombia, the other was the name of a river, I think), though they were in fact the same words. The timing was also longer this time, with 2-3 days between the original thoughts and my reading them in the book -- still short enough to be notable, but much longer than others like this.


A couple thought/reading synchros today. First, at the gym, the song I was listening to said "take a breath," immediately after I thought of taking a breath, in that very same psychological language. Once again, my thought was the end of a long, unrelated chain of thoughts that in no way corresponded with the song. And, again, the synchronicity was perfectly precise, in that distinctive way.

Then tonight, while editing a story, I absently chewed my bottom lip just before reading "Peter chewed his bottom lip." This could've been subconscious reading-ahead suggestion, but then again, I have a habit of chewing my bottom lip. It did happen in that perfectly synchronistic way, though.


Another classic thought/reading-type synchro. Right as my dad said "glasses," I read a piece of paper reading "glasses," the two coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic way. Also, the two coincided too well for any kind of subconscious correlation; I hadn't been looking at the piece of paper until the precise instant before he said "glasses," so it wasn't like him saying it just made me notice it or something.


Minor recurrence this evening. My friend sent me an email entitled "Happy Random Act of Kindness Day," and just after I read it, maybe two minutes later, I checked another email address and received an email from Lulu that advertised "Random Act of Kindness: Free Shipping." Nothing distinguishing beyond the exact words and the fast timing of the recurrence, so it's possible it's a coincidence.


A classic recurrence. A couple weeks ago, in the 'In Spite of the Gods' book, I read an aphorism: "Success has a thousand fathers. Failure is an orphan." It was the first I'd read this, then today it was repeated in the 'Imperial Life in the Emerald City' book. The timing was pretty distant, almost long enough for me to ignore it as coincidence; however, considering how I'd gone my whole life without knowing that aphorism, then reading it twice even within the span of a couple weeks is pretty significant, especially since it follows the classic book-synchro model, albeit a drawn-out one.


Another classic word synchro: "hagiographical." This was in the book 'The Man Who Loved China' just this evening, and then, about two hours later, I went to catch up on the definitions of words in my word ledger -- and the very first word was hagiographical. When I put it in my ledger, maybe a couple weeks ago, it was the first I'd ever read of the word, and after putting off looking up the definition, I Just Happened to do it within a couple hours of reading that word for the second time. This one is just like another recently, where the recurrence was between my looking up for word for the ledger and another source, rather than the original source and a second source.


Cool, classic word synchro today: "manufactures" (noun). I read it this afternoon in 'The Man Who Loved China' book, and I Noticed it distinctly, since it was the first time I've ever seen that word used as a noun, though I guess it makes sense. Then, not an hour later, I started reading the 'Kim' book, and within the first few pages it had "manufactures" used in that same context. And, of course, these two books were bought and read extremely randomly, with my having downloaded the 'Kim' book about a month ago, on a whim, and bought the 'China' book from Goodwill weeks later, Just Happening to read the two, with their "manufactures," back to back.


A big, weird, cool one, which I don't know how to classify. It started about a week ago, when I read the GAPS Diet book (randomly, of course, after feeling Compelled to read it), and it mentioned sprouting seeds before eating them, a concept which was new to me and got my attention enough to look into it -- the first I'd heard of this practice, in any case. Then, the second part was last weekend, when, completely out of nowhere, I ordered a pound of coconut flour; I saw it on Amazon (on a completely unrelated search for something else, I have no idea why coconut flour came up) and felt Compelled to buy some. Then, the third part was around the same time, when I went to order the betaine HCL supplement (on advice of the GAPS Diet book) and while I was at it, figured I should order some digestive enzymes to boot, since maybe they would help.

Well, last night I had a revelation-like research expedition in which I learned that I've been eating tons of phytic acid in seeds, and that this stuff blocks absorption of/leeches out vital minerals (which came about completely randomly, stemming from a totally unrelated search about tomato juice). I knew of phytic acid, but not that it was in nuts or seeds, nor in the high amounts it purportedly is. Which means that I've been eating tons of this stuff every day -- which would explain something weird that happened with dosing supplemental lithium. I tried this again recently, and it went largely without effect -- except for one day a couple weeks ago, when I got great effects from the lithium, but which never repeated itself. I'd been scratching my head about what could've caused it to take such noticeable effect that one day, then do nothing every other day. I've been asking myself ever since, aloud a couple times, why this was. so after reading about phytic acid and how I'm eating so much of it in all the nuts and seeds I eat -- blocking/leeching minerals, of which lithium is a mineral -- I decided to go back in my journal and see what I ate that one day it took such good effect -- and I in fact did not eat any nuts or seeds that day, or anything with phytic acid in it, a rare occassion. Which demonstrates to me that what I'd read about phytic acid appears to be true: there is a bad amount in the nuts and seeds I've been eating, and it does in fact block minerals, unless the lithium thing was just a fluke.

This knowledge made me do two things: 1) search for a way to deal with the phytic acid in nuts and seeds, and 2) search out a suitable food without phytic acid. As it were, my search for the first solution was already known: sprouting seeds, which removes phytic acid, which I'd Just Happened to read about for the first time not a week ago in that randomly read GAPS Diet book. So there's the first puzzle piece falling into place, suspiciously coincidental. Additionally, the other way to deal with phytic acid is an enzyme, phytase, so I went looking for a supplement with this in it, only to turn up empty-handed, the one time I've been unable to find a suitable supplement with what I needed in it -- except, as it turns out, the two enzymes supplements I'd bought last weekend *have phytase in them.* I already had the stuff I need, when that stuff is relatively obscure and uncommon -- bought randomly and for unrelated reasons nearly a week before I had any idea I was eating phytic acid or what phytase was or that I would need it. And then, as for finding foods without phytic acid in them, it turned out that once such food is *coconut flour,* that which I'd bought as randomly and as long before I knew I would need it.

Had I not already bought the coconut flour and those two enzyme supplements, I would've ended up buying them anyway, after learning what I did (learning which was aided by my total chance experimenting with supplemental lithium a couple weeks ago). But I already had the stuff ordered, with some of it (the supplements) already here and available, and the coconut flour being delivered the very day after I read the stuff, so that I didn't even have to eat a single high-phytic-acid meal. The variables and logistics necessary for all these things just blows my mind, even now. Is this a synchronicity or just precognition, or a combination of both?

Also, a cool vague-thought word synchro this afternoon: "Shaitan," the Eastern name for Satan. I thought of this around lunchtime, completely randomly, I can't even remember the chain of thought that led to it, but it was very prominent, enough for me to take note of it in the usual way. And not an hour later did I read it in 'Kim,' which was the first I'd encountered that word since I first read it, ever. Pretty notable.


A neat little recurrence today. Sometime within the last two or three days, I had the specific, yet totally vague and random, thought (like so many of these lately) of a guy with a tattooed face who approached me outside Earthfare about a year ago, asking for spare change. I have no idea why I thought of this person, and it was the first I've thought of him since giving him some change so long ago. Well, today I saw him again, walking along the road. That was notable in itself, but doubly so considering 1) he was in front of Earthfare, approximately where I'd seen him before (but on the sidewalk rather than by the store's doors), and 2) I had actually planned to go to Earthfare later in the day, but I absently turned toward it after leaving him, making a wrong turn, so I figured I'd go then -- thus taking me past the guy I'd thought of randomly.

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