Synchronicity log for 2015


The onslaught continues, strengthens even. Had the most incredible on this morning, regarding 35353535 and Merkabah and 3/unity/the church. Just wow. Two of the more-coherent examples: I was on my way to the mall get a foot massage, when I thought of how long the drive was and how short on time I was and how I wished there was a place nearer, precisely when I passed a sign for "Sunrise Massage," the building of which specifically said "Foot Reflexology Massage" (when, ironically, they offered the usual full-body massage to -- why put only the foot part on their sign? because it was what I would be looking for at that precise moment in time?). Again, just wow. Then, to a lesser extent but still rather notable, I was Compelled to visit this boutique coffee/tea shop after receiving my wonderful foot massage (which Just Happened to be directly across the street, this shop), and as I was sitting there studying the closed storefront, looking for its operating hours so I could come back later, I realized that the song I had on my CD player was singing about "cup of tea," when "tea" was plastered all over the storefront I was looking at. (And then of course there's the fact that, in being unable to see the hours from my truck, I had to get out, thus finding the full pack of cigarettes in the parking lot, thus getting the idea to give them to the homeless guys with the food, and thus being another big unspeakable synchro). Wow wow wow.


Onslaught is intensifying even further. Had the butterfly/newspaper synchro this morning, too big for words. Going to have to make a detailed blog post I guess. So many today, a waking dream in every way. Numbers especially, just crazy numbers, left and right, an outright whirlwind at times. An individually coherent one, of the many I simply couldn't keep track of or forgot today: having sweat drip from my brow in the sauna, and thinking "drip drip drip," just before I turned the page on the Kindle I was reading and read "drip-drip-drip" as the second or third word at the top of the page. But really, that one's just a fart in the wind compared to the rest. It's tweet-friendly at least. (Funny addendum to that one: as I went to tweet about it, I realized the only sound in the house was a drip in the faucet -- a new drip as it were, never being there before. I'll have to fix it.)


Keeps on going, and going, and going, Energizer-bunny synchros. Too much to remember or artictulate. And there was It, of course. Something is happening.


Onslaught continues. Nuff said.


Still having onslaught, but today with some more-coherent individuals. First, this morning while researching cars, I came across a Fiat mini-cooper-like car, seeing it for the first time as well as just Noticing it, enough to think, "Hmm, a teeny Fiat car, interesting." Then, about an hour later when I went to the gym, there in front of the parking space I usually park at was not only a Fiat, but that same one I'd seen almost exactly, approximately the same model/year/condition, and a smooth, creamy white. Then, today when depositing my checks at the bank, I had the distinct thought of "I wonder how long it takes for these to clear here," because I might need the money over the weekend for a downpayment or something. Then, about two hours later while at the health place, I had to look for some reading material while waiting, and I was Drawn/Compelled toward this issue of 'Consumer Reports' -- which, as it so happened, contained an article detailing mobile banking, which Just Happened to mention the check-holding times of various banks, including my own specifically, which holds the checks only a business day before making the funds available I'm glad to hear (my bank, of the 5-6 listed, was the only that had its specific holding time listed, as an example). A class ask-and-ye-shall-receive in every sense. Then a nice, precise thought/reading synchro during lunch: right as I was about to start a little set of three breaths for my breathing exercises, I read "take three breaths" in the book; and again, the coincidence of the thought and the text were independent of one another, because I was basing when to take the breaths on when I finished chewing and swallowing a bite of food, so that even had I subconsciously read ahead, there would have remained the outstanding, objective factor of the chewing, etc. But then, I'm about beyond logical analysis by now, right?

Saw what I think was another of those Dodge Neon SR-T4s at the intersection, like from the guy I was Compelled/arranged to talk to at the bank this morning. So cool. Was the same color and everything, passed entirely randomly on the street, maybe even the same one.

And a neat little thought synchro just before bed: seeing a potential Reiki healer's face on her website and thinking of how it changed my perception of her, precisely as I read, in her bio, "placing a face," again in independent, objectively verifiably unrelated chains of thought and action, etc, etc, yada yada -- onslaught!!!!!!!!!!!


Onslaught continues, still at unprecedented levels. Some of the more-coherent ones: saw another of those Fiats today, also the same model, also white, also in a totally random yet conspicuous way, leaving me laughing. A really precise thought/outside reality synchro: I pulled up to an intersection, thinking of the Indian restaurant I was about to go do, precisely when a visibly Indian man walked into my view (when he'd been invisible previously, around a building, thus ruling out any sort of subconscious suggestion, etc, not to mention the usual independent train of thought, etc). Hearing "flowers" on my CD player, precisely as my eyes fell over "flowers" on a random sign (when I'd been looking away previously, the sign completely outside my field of vision, again ruling out suggestion). Thinking distinctly of how I can constantly hear the roar of the surf at the beach house, about 15 minutes before reading randomly, in just that wording exactly, about the "constant roar of the surf." And so many others as significant but just bleeding together into "Onslaught!!!!!!!!!"


Onslaught continues, except now with an emphasis on numbers today. 55, 35, 37/1137/137/237/337 and its variants -- especially the latter. I swear, no less than several dozen thirty-sevens today, sometimes coming in machine-gun bursts, one after another, such as when I opened a CD I got in the mail today and was smacked with a UPC, then, seconds later, when I took the CD out to check its condition (it was a used CD), there was a "1117" (three ones = 3, another repeat variant) there. Or, I felt Compelled to buy a couple scratch lottery tickets, and the first was numbered 137, and the second was 55 (this one even had "your numbers" written on it in big fancy type). A cool variation was when I was at the gym and I felt Compelled to look out of the open back door, this coming to me as an almost audible voice in my head. I obeyed and looked out and the first thing my eyes fell over was the numbers on a dumpster, "1137237." At one point, four cars in a row passed by with 37s on their license plates. All this in addition to the other stuff as of late.

Also, had this really neat ... recurrence I guess? Or perhaps just a very novel sort of synchro. In the 'Zen and Motorcycle Maintanence' book, the guy mentioned how he had a bit of an epiphany regarding his "Quality" concept when he found he could comfortably substitute it for Lao Tzu's "The Way/Tao" in the Tao Te Ching, suggesting that they were describing the same thing in different terms/semantics/abstractions, etc, despite their living in totally different epochs of humanity and places in the globe, reaching starkly similar conclusions independently. As it were, I'd been doing the same thing with the author's "Quality" and my general understanding of "concepts" and "energy," substituting these personal terms for his "Quality" and seeing stark parallels between the two, enough for them to be comfortably substituted and lending to the validation of each, etc, etc. That was interesting enough, though not quite a synchronicity, since it's a practice I've come to exercise in past books/doctrines/abstractions/paradigms, etc -- except, I'd also done it with the Tao Te Ching specifically, and not only that, but that one was the first text/doctrine I'd done that with, thus forging the practice so that I could use it elsewhere. As if that weren't "coincidental" enough, I'd also had an epiphany/excitement/eureka moment exactly like that the author of 'Zen' described, it being my virgin experience with it. All really cool, and really notable, and in a unique way.


Onslaught slacked off noticeably today, though it still picked up at times, interestingly. Did have a pretty notable thought/external-reality synchro. This afternoon I'd happened to run into a man at the mailboxes and we struck up a little conversation and it turns out he'd once wintered in Boone, and also how several of his family members had graduated from the university there. Then later I was thinking of this while driving down the road, the alma mater part of it specfically (bringing "alma mater" my mind's eye, as it were), and immediately after I passed a sign reading "alma mater." The sign was visible as I was approaching it, and though I wasn't looking at it it was certainly a candidate for subconscious suggestion -- except, I can once again directly trace back my train of thought and all its components, which began way back down the road. Cool. Note: almost zero number-synchros today -- why?


Onslaught continues, now with more numbers, again 1137/37/1212 primarily, now to outright blatant degrees. Can't keep up with it at all. Living-dream all the way.


Onslaught continues still, and still with a big emphasis on numbers. Then I went to the wellness place this afternoon and got the battery of treatments, and the synchronicites and symbolism was just staggering, ramping up to living-dream levels and staying there for some time. Wow wowo wowowowow. Finished up with two back-to-back coherent ones. First, the marathon treatment ended up costing $205, and it Just So Happened that that was the exact amount I had, to the dollar, after having just randomly stuffed my wallet with twenties before leaving the house today -- though I could see that being coincidence, of course. But then a no-way-coincidence one: precisely as I said "70 cents," I realized I was staring at a little sign nearby that read "car accents" with "1.70 cents" below it -- except, the pin holding the sign up was covering the "ac" and the "1," rendering the visible part "car cents" with "70" below it, which was the part my eyes had settled on precisely when I'd said "70 cents." The obviously explanation would be psychological suggestion, of course, except that, once again, my saying "70 cents" was totally indepedent and objective, with it being part of the conversation I was already having before looking at the sign (the total for the treatment was actually 205.70 and I only had the 205, and I was in the process of saying "I don't have the 70 cents") -- another objective correlation, as it were. Damn cool.


Onslaught continues, today with a theme of "lemon grass." I encountered this no less than four or five times, all from the most random and indepedent of sources (first from Beth, then from some supplement sample I Just Happened to take today, then twice at Lowes Foods, and then finally on some relaxation tea I Just Happened to drink today, etc, etc). Head still spinning.


Onslaught has at last stopped largely, though still with quite a few minor incidents/numbers haunting me through the day. Two notable ones: hearing "Jimmy" on the CD player precisely when I passed a sign reading "Jimmyz," and Dusti bringing up that "ghost poopie" thing I heard of years ago as a kid, and then just a couple days ago thought of.


Onslaught has resumed, just way too much to list. Big emphasis on numbers today, specifically 37, at times coming in machinegun bursts as to possess the living-dream quality.


Onslaught still going on for the most part. Did have a pretty pronounced reading/thought synchro this afternoon: "open the diaphragm to its maximum," this read precisely when I was taking a deep breath and distinctly thinking of how I needed to use my diaphragm exclusively to breathe, very much using it to its "maximum." Pretty notable and pretty cool.


Onslaught has ceased for whatever reason. Did have a thought synchro though. While stopped getting gas, I watched as a guy opened the hood of a car and recoiled from the radiator, which was billowing steam and obviously very hot -- a broken-down car certainly. Seeing this, I thought, "I hope the guy has AAA." Immediately after thinking this, I noticed that a AAA tow truck was stopped at the other side of the parking lot, out of my view earlier but immediately in it just after I had the AAA thought, with perfectly synchronistic precision. Again, subconscious suggestion could be argued, except that I can trace my thought of "AAA" to the guy's broken-down car and its associated train of thought.


The onslaught returns, at least for several of those "periods" today! Some were really cool, those three-bangers (or four-bangers at times) that just came one-two-three all at once, with living-dream fluidity. Absolutely surreal, and they just keep coming. Did have several notable recurrences and thought synchros, etc, as well, including hearing "headphones" on the song I was listening to right as someone walking past me adjusted their headphones, and reading of the salt water pools for the second time just after learning of these things for the first time 1-2 days ago, etc.


A damn funny one this morning. When I went to sign up online for the web account on my Cricket phone, they sent me a temporary password to the phone, with the message "Check your phone" the last thing I read on the page where you put in the temporary password. At that very instant, my phone rang -- but it was my *other* cell phone, the old one, not the new one that would've been receiving the text with the temporary password. And to top it all off, the call on the old one was just a random telemarketer. Damn notable, and damn funny.

Had some more onslaught today, toward evening, seeming to coincide with my adventure on the boat.


Had an incident equal parts deja vu and synchronicity today. Deja vu log quote:

"Been having several strong instances of deja vu recently (with many in the past months, just forgetting to note, but these newest ones far more intense). One today involved the excerpt from the Postman book where I had the synchronicity of doing breathing exercises and having the vague but distinct thought of how they were bringing on the big fundamental change in me, precisely as I read of the Indian guy in the book doing just that. This one occurred while I was reading the Unholy Night book and also doing breathing exercises, thinking of how it was filling me with something powerful, just as I read something approximating that in the book, that the guy was being filled with something more powerful than rage. A deja vu thought synchro as it were."


Still having onslaught, etc, and again at times being just outright surreal, living-dream, quick-succession-headspinning, etc. Just wow. Did have one nice little reading synchro in particular: while I was eating + reading at BATB the waitress brought me a cup of tea and set it down, and after I thanked her and resumed my book, the very next line was something along the lines of "he set down the cup and said, 'Drink.'" Hardy har har.

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