Synchronicity log for 2016


Today was a departure from recently, with really only a couple standout reading synchros, both at lunch, with a conspicuous lessening of "background" subtles/number repeats (though I did have another of those parking-lot walkthroughs where I encountered at least a dozen 37s/137s, etc). First reading synchro was really cool: right as I hocked up some phlegm and spit it out, interrupting the conspicuous quiet of the back yard, I read "The Sound of Mucus" in the 'Fresh Air Fiend' book (a deliberate typo describing the sound of people on Chinese streets regularly spitting, in the precise context of which my loud spitting broke the backyard silence). Then, a couple minutes later, right as I thought about how the peppers I'd just bitten into were seedy, at the end of a long chain of thought, I read "seedy" in the book, perfectly synchronistic, etc (the word was visible to me peripherally leading up to my thought, enabling possible subconscious suggestion, but once again, the whole thing depended on the objective event of my Just Happening to bite into the seedy peppers, and thinking specifically how they were seedy, leading up to my reading the word).


Back to having an all-day onslaught pretty much (again coinciding with when I left the house this morning and started "moving" through the day's events). Started out with a really cool and precise "ask and ye shall receive"/vague-thought one. For about two weeks now, I've been having vague-but-persistent thoughts that I'd like to drive an SUV for a while -- not own one, just drive one, since it's been years since I have. Then this morning I got a call from the man at Enterprise, telling me that no standard cars were available but that I could have a free upgrade to an SUV if I wanted it. Haha. Then, at Second Cup during lunch, I once again encountered not one group, but 3 separate groups of foreigners there, as seems to be the case nearly every time I've ever been there. Maybe there's some logical explanation as for why and I'm just unaware of it (maybe there's some sort of airport/shuttle/port hub there, bringing in foreign tourists or something?), but if not, it's pretty uncanny. Then tonight, another vague-thought one: this morning, I'd had the random and vague yet distinct thought of how I'd read of people in some African country who go to a beach and aim their cellphones into the sky to get a signal (with an accompanying picture of this in my mind's eye, from National Geographic was it?), and then, just several hours later in the 'Fresh Air Fiend' book this evening, the author described just that scene almost exactly, him being on a remote Hawaiian island and aiming his satellite phone into the air from the beach he was camped on. A cool footnote here is that the book gave absolutely no foreshadowing of this scene, or anything island- or beach- or phone-aiming related; when I had this thought of the beach scene this morning, I was still at the part in the book about China and its economy/culture, etc, and didn't even know that the next section would involve Hawaii (or anything of the sort).

Otherwise, back to tons and tons of "background static" incidents that were pretty much all hugely notable yet just too subtle/personal to explain. Tons and tons of numbers, mainly 37. Head spinning. Wow.


Another huge uptick today, again of all kinds and again corresponding with travel (but with bad health/energy throughout). Really cool recurrence: this morning, in a random magazine I'd read while doing a castor oil pack, I saw an ad for "Ezekiel 4:9" bread, and it Jumped Out at me in that illogical but distinct way, such that I knew I'd soon be seeing it again -- and sure enough, in the 'Fresh Air Fiend' book just a couple hours later, two pages in it mentioned how the author enjoyed the Ezekiel 4:9 bread (baking it himself according to the scriptural recipe, not the branded, premade bread). Notable in itself, but also for timing, as well as the fact that I'd already begun reading the book days ago, and of course it made no mention of anything vaguely related to Ezekiel 4:9 bread (it's a travel book), and even more notable given how I'd Noticed the ad so distinctly, such that I knew I'd soon be seeing it again. Also, there was a greating, combo synchro here, because the story of the book in which the bread was mentioned was all about the author going through a little health/diet revolution, when all that morning I (an author) had been thinking about a new diet for health, etc -- many vague parallels there, and with such timing and precision that it was somewhat notable in itself. Plus, a lot of those very distinct, perfectly synchronistic one-word thought/radio-type synchros today, including reading "stone" in the book precisely when that word was sung over Second Cup's inhouse radio. Also, "keeping to themselves" being read right after I'd been thinking this, not quite perfectly synchronistic but still close enough to be notable.

Cool multiple recurrence: "Bellamy," starting yesterday when the rental car driver picked me up and introduced himself as "Bellamy," after which I saw that word randomly no less than 3-4 times within the next few hours, and always in conspicuous ways, from street names to a couple placenames, and then, more notably, there was even a "Bellamy" in the 'Fresh Air' book today.

A cool thought/radio one just after lunch: hearing "headlights" rights as I was thinking of the oncoming car's headlights, and then, immediately after, as I was thinking of how I was going north and into the rain storm (immediately after thinking of the headlights), the radio then sang "turning into the rain." A sort of double-pronged one. Haha. And then later on that afternoon, similarly, having another long, complicated chain of thought end on "sun," precisely as I stopped behind a truck with a prominent "Sunoco" bumper sticker (or something like that; it was notable, however it was).


A downturn compared to yesterday, without any sort of "background static"/subtles I noticed, though still with lots of number repeats (again: almost always 37 and variants, and many on license plates in conspicuous ways, though also with a lot of passing road signs and the like). Did have one big period of onslaught, just after leaving the hotel this morning, including all manner of incidents, all clustered into a ~30 minute period, including subtles/repeats, etc. For instance, seeing about a dozen 73s within a few minutes, including one of those where I had to stop in traffic and a lampost blocked part of a sign so that only a 73 showed, and my thinking about being seen by a truck riding too close nearby, his blindspot etc, precisely as a passing sign read "be seen" -- and a bunch I can't even remember, all clustered together like that, culminating in that extremely surreal/living-dream state. So cool.

Standout thought/radio synchro: precisely as I took a good, deep breath and had my spine and lower back loosen up, causing me to think "getting loosened and relaxed," the radio sang out "gettin' loose." Haha.

Also, a standout number repeat when I stopped to get gas. The station I settled on had gas at 1.71 instead of 1.73 like all those I'd passed during that onslaught earlier, so I'd thought, "Well, shouldn't that have been 1.73 instead of .71?" Then, I felt Compelled to pull into a certain pump, over the 6 or so other vacant ones, and once again the last customer's total was "$17.34." Haha.


Something of a daylong onslaught, though of a newish kind, comprimsed mainly of these vague recurrences of a newish flavor, maybe a dozen or so, all mildly notable in themselves but more notable as a unified whole. Examples: last night, upon starting up the van to let it idle, I heard the song "NIB" on the radio, just a snippet of it before I cut it off, but enough for it to Stand Out in that particular way, and then, today on the way into town, the same song was on the radio, albeit a new version of it (as it were, the first I've ever heard it on the radio, besides the fact that I Noticed it so much, and then heard it a second time in less than a day); this morning at Earthfare while drinking my beet juice, I felt Compelled to read a paper there, and equally Compelled to read the court/convictions section, for the first time ever, and then, today in the last part of the 'Fresh Air Fiend' book, it mentioned the court/convictions section of the paper; a reading-synchro version of these "vagues/subtles" was at lunch when I read in the 'Fresh Air' book about "the slow and langerous droning of a diesel engine, like a heartbeat," a minute or so after a nearby delivery truck parked and idled, its diesel engine precisely as described. Maybe a dozen like that.

A lot of number-repeats again today, primarily on license plates and such but also a standout when, from out of the blue and for reasons still unknown to me, Charles at the shop gave me an apple before I left, on which the label read "4137" (most prominent variant of the last few days, 437, etc), and then, a kind of minor "ask and ye shall receive" just after, when, holding the bare apple, I thought of how I needed some type of bag to put it in, preferably a produce bag -- when I remembered how I had exactly such a produce bag in the pocket of the coat I was wearing, after having gotten a tomato last night at Earthfare then changed my mind about it but unable to put the semi-used bag back. Mildly notable in itself, but a little moreso considering I've had several just like that recently, like yesterday when I thought I wanted a bag to put my dirty clothes in at the motel, and then realized that I was looking at just such an appropriate bag, hanging from the rack I was standing at (and, as it were, labeled "LAUNDRY").

Classical thought/radio synchro: just as I thought about the Superbowl and how holidays can be dangerous, the radio sang out "holidays," perfectly synchronistic.

And, a classical receipt synchro: once again going into the market and getting a bunch of totally random stuff I never even planned on (had planned on getting just two things in there, then got five or six), and the total with tax came to exactly $33.37. Haha.


Another high-activity day, much like yesterday in terms of both volume of incidents and their "flavor." Had all kinds again, from subtles to number-repeat onslaughts (still 37 predominantly, at times to ridiculously surreal levels again, if perhaps not even a new high of outright onslaught). Had another "block" of those vague ones again today. Examples: reading "midnight call" on a book precisely as the radio said "Christ is calling" (not just literally precise, but also thematically, since the "midnight call" was in the same Christian context, the name of a magazine I'd Just Happened to had my eyes drawn to when the radio sang that out); a couple of back-to-back, nearly identical speech/reading synchros, where at Bare Essentials the cashier said "fifty-nine cents" precisely as I was already looking at a price tag reading ".59c," and then, minutes later in the parking lot, my mom saying "twenty-five" precisely as my eyes had just wandered to a license plate reading 25. Maybe 6-7 like that within the course of an hour or two, all of the same "flavor" and all starting around the same time, as seems to be patternistic of this (like I'd entered a "gateway"/"portal" or something?). Had several really damn cool clock-tick-type numbers today, all involving 37 variants, including: turning on my cellphone (feeling Compelled to, to order something online I'd been putting off, totally randomly after I'd just parked at the library) and having the time be exactly 3:37 -- and then, precisely as the time registered with me, the phone gave me a new-voicemail notification from a phone number 377-1177 (from some random person trying to conduct a survey, haha); then yet another of those "randomly turning on my MP3 player and having its time be some 37 variant," today being 11:37 precisely, and, more notably, it happened not after I'd turned it on to actually use it while working out, like usual, but I'd just unplugged it from its charging brick, thus lighting the screen, thus forcing me to see the time; and then, tonight, looking down at my desk and seeing my timer on it, precisely as its clock ticked to 7:03:11 (and then, a few minutes later when I went to use it to time the rebounder, it was at 7:13, though this wasn't a clock-tick). And then, lastly, a similar one later, when I got up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, and went to do some computer work, and turned my computer on at exactly 3:37, just before it clicked to 3:38 (not exactly before, in typical clock-tick fashion, within instead a few seconds in between, but still close enough to be notable; and, additionally, it bears mentioning that I had no clock in the bedroom in which I was sleeping, such that I got up "blind" and Just Happened to turn on the machine at 3:37 ...).


An overall downturn again, despite travel (though corresponding with bad health/energy again). Still had a good number of incidents, but they were almost all subtles/vague number-repeats, etc, with a bunch more of those subtle-yet-precise one-word thought/radio/speech synchros (can't remember any particular examples). Did have one really cool standout recurrence, starting yesterday when, after seeing some response from the thyroid herbs, I'd had the distinct thought/recollection of just how vastly thyroid issues can alter one's subjective reality and how there's a whole other "world" out there beyond it, and how it the thyroid stuff can skew one's perspective on it all, etc -- and then, today at Higher Grounds, I overheard someone say to someone else, specifically, "there's more to life than thyroid issues," precisely echoing what I'd thought yesterday despite its obscurity, etc. Notable as-is, but moreso considering that that was the only audible part of this person's conversation. Surreal. Also, a cool radio/thought one, when the song on the CD player started its chorus of "Made in England, Made in England," precisely as I noticed a "New England" bumper sticker on the car in front of me (which had conspicuously slowed down such that I couldn't pass them and, hence, saw the "England") -- and, as it were, there was a pause in the chorus's refrain, such that when I anticipated it saying "England," I read it on the bumper sticker instead of heard it, as to "supply" the "missing" word in an extremely synchronistic fashion that just leant to the "numinous" quality of the whole thing. Again, surreal.


Still a general downturn, even moreso than yesterday, though still with a few "surges" of subtles/number-repeats, etc, and still in that same vague "flavor" of the last few days. Did have a few cool standouts in this regard. Most prominent was while I was driving down to the beach this afternoon and watching this big flock of birds "stream" conspicuously across the road, only to be broken up and disrupted when the wind from the traffic "cut through" them, which I noticed with some interest and thought, "That wind just messed you guys all up" -- precisely as "tearing you apart" sang out over the radio. This one wasn't terribly precise, just more of an underlying-archetype precision, but the timing was perfectly synchronistic, with the "breakup" and my thoughts and the radio lyric corresponding in that impossible-to-orchestrate way. Similarly, when I passed a sign reading "North Myrtle Beach" and thought absently, "That's where I'm going," the radio sang out "where you goin'?" again perfectly synchronistic. Had many others in this vein too, mostly of those highly precise though only one-word thought/radio kind. A day that was at times surreal, others totally "normal" (both of which corresponded with good health/energy and headsickness, respectively).


Couple cool ones this morning, again uncharacterstic for the time of day, being my "off" time typically. First, a notable number-repeat, when I got my receipt from the rental car: not only was the receipt number 313371, but my miles driven was listed as 837, and I returned the car at exactly 10:37 (I was a couple minutes late from deciding, illogically, to stop at the post office to send off Adam's card, feeling strongly Compelled despite knowing it would make me late ...). Then, a cool vague-thought recurrence: yesterday night on the way home, upon hitting Cherry Grove, I had the vague-but-distinct thought that it would be cool if there were some shops/restaurants right by the trailer park, after which I thought of how unlikely it was that there should be such things, with the park being so far out of the way/on the marsh, etc -- but then, while being driven home today after handing in the rental car, the driver told me, totally offhand and with zero prompting on my part, of how there used to be a restaurant by the park, literally right on the marsh right next to the trailer. Wow.

Day ended up overall still "mild" and in a downturn, but again with periods of activity. Had a really cool and unique recurrence just after lunch, when I had a big long chain of thought end on our "family" associations and the related psychology, which in turn led me to think as randomly of how the manager at Vitamin Shoppe seemed to take a "family"/power/representation approach to this job, being passionate about it, etc -- and then, when I went in there and bought my stuff, that very man Just Happened to wait on me (out of the three people in the store) and then, when I presented my coupon, he Just Happened to say something along the lines of "A perk of being in the family." Very precise and notable, if only in that imprecisely-precise way. Haha, so cool. Plus, a cute little footnote for this one: the receipt from the purchase in question had three notable and precise 37s, first being purchased at exactly "3:37:00 PM," then with "Trace no. 007320," and then "Auth. No. 043705" (so many 437s lately).

Then, equally notable, a radio/sign synchro on the way home, when I stopped at an intersection and had my attention jerked conspicuously to a "For Sale by Owner" sign in front of a house -- a split second before a radio ad for real estate said "for sale by owner." The radio ad had been playing as I approached the sign, talking of real estate (though nothing about "for sale by owner" or about signs or anything specifically regarding such a sign), so I could forseeably see some deeply subconscious suggestion making me look at the sign -- except for the perfectly synchronistic timing, and the Compelling/illogical nature of my looking at the sign, not to mention the patternistic overtones of it all. And it also bears mentioning that I'd been Compelled, also against all logic and such, to head home this way in the first place, and then, also, as Compelled to take a random turn into a neighborhood, all of which sent me on a long, slow, indirect route home, yet culminated in my seeing that sign precisely when the radio mentioned that. Haha.

Then, finally, a really damn cool, ableit "small," thought/reading synchro tonight before bed, when I checked my email. I've had the song 'Crocodile Rock' in my head all night, and right when this "headsong" refrained on the lyric "Susie wore her dress down tight," or however that goes, I clicked on my spam emails and the first one's subject line read "Follow Suzie Wargo Lockhart," with the thought-song "Susie" and my reading the "Suzie" corresponding perfectly (and, for all I know, the lyric's "Susie" is spelled with a z ...). Pretty sure that the email's "Suzie" wasn't visible before I clicked on the spam folder, either, though I can't say 100% for sure.


Cool reading/thought synchro at lunch today, very much like that one involving the "tidal noises" passage I read the other day. Today, it was my reading "goods and bads" in the 'Posthuman' book, which in turn made me think of the "buy goods, not bads" grocery totebag I have, and then, the first word on the next line was "tote." Possibly coincidence or subconscious suggestion, but I doubt it, being so patternistic (and, as it were, almost exactly like that one from the other day). Had several others like this too, though too subtle/vague/personal to really describe. The usual, moderate "background static" of number-repeats was present today, too (37s on license plates, predominantly). A cool little recurrence/word-synchro/"question and answer" combination, also: "reciprocity." This morning, I'd had the vague-but-distinct thought of this concept but couldn't quite remember the exact word, and then today in the 'Posthuman' book, maybe an hour or so later, it mentioned reciprocity -- not only just after I'd thought of it/wandered absently was the exact word was, but the first I'd read that word in ... months? years? Again, notable in itself but doubly so considering the patternistic element, etc.

Day ended up about the same as yesterday in terms of overall "flavor," still with those random-but-distinct, complex, personal, "thematic"-type of longwinded synchros off and on, many of which involved, notably, that New York Times that I was so Compelled to grab after the guy left it at Starbucks in Wilmington last week. A lot of those subtle recurrences throughout the day, too, enough in number to present a semi-coherent pattern, mostly word/theme/synchros and the like, as I've been having off and on for the last week or so.


An almost total lack of incidents today, conspicuous for the "silence" if nothing else, without so much as even some background "static"/subtles, etc. Maybe a couple 37 repeats here and there, but none of these very conspicuous or notable. The closest thing to an incident today was when I heard the song "Walk Like an Egyptian" on the radio and it Stood Out to me in that distinct way that it seem significant/made me think it might be involved in a synchronicity somehow, in that patternistic way -- and then, tonight when I went to make my daily tweet, a random "who to follow" twitter member on the side panel was a "Stephen Walker," whose avatar picture was an Egyptian heiroglyph of a walking jackal-headed man. Perhaps a coincidence, except that I Noticed the song so distinctly.


A relatively big return of incidents, of all kinds through the day, though not quite as much as it was there for a while -- way more than yesterday, in any case. Had another of those big, back-to-back "clusters" of reading synchros when I started the 'A Stolen Life' book at lunch, after very few if any in the morning, as if a switch had been thrown. It started off with a really notable standout actually, starting this morning when I saw that "new creation" butterfly-imprinted pinkie ring and thought of putting it on but didn't even try, since my pinkie has swollen from the cold and gotten too big for it -- and then, within the first pages of the 'Stolen Life' book (might've been literally on the 2nd or 3rd page) the woman mentioned how she had a butterfly-shaped pinkie ring that had her finger had gotten too big for. Not 100% precise, since her ring was butterfly-shaped rather than -imprinted, but still hugely precise, with that archetype of "butterly pinkie ring too small for a grown pinkie." Damn surreal, and it was only the first of that cluster of maybe a dozen others, though the rest were almost all of that one-word thought/reading/event variety that characterizes these clusters so much, such as reading "wind blowing" precisely as the wind blew up, or "guitar" right when a guitar started up over the coffee shop's inhouse radio, or "tears" precisely as the cayenne pepper in my lunch hit me and my eyes teared up -- maybe a dozen like that, coming either back-to-back or with only minutes-long gaps over the course of a couple hours, as to be collectively notable. Also, there was another of those big, complex, though vague "thematic" synchros, today starting with this morning when, after having a sudden improvement in health, I noticed how my thoughts/perceptions/feelings cleared and the world suddenly lost that nightmarish aura of doom and painfulness and "wrongness" that has been there for pretty much the past 10 years, as to bring that feeling of having "opened my eyes," and what I compared to perhaps being freed from some type of horrible prison or captivity, and how everything felt so great without it, even the smallest stuff -- and that's exactly the sentiment the 'Stolen Life' woman expressed within the first couple pages of the book, about how after being abducted for her 18 years she'd forgotten how to be a basic person with basic happiness, and how great even the "little things in life" were, basically the same thoughts and feelings I'd expressed in other terms. Again, damn surreal.


Much like yesterday in several respects, including another of those lunchtime reading-synchro clusters, and even with another of those hugely personal and subtle/imprecise yet significant "thematic"/meta-synchros, and again involving the same basic sentiments and such I'd had throughout the morning and while reading the book, today even moreso though, to just downright surreal levels (example: again the same sentiments of my health improving and possibilities opening up, echoed in different terms in the book, and even once in the same terms when it said "everything feels to be opening up" or something along those lines, plus about a dozen or so other, pretty much as-coherent incidents, all streamed together as to be surreal/living-dream, etc). And, likewise, had more of those random thought/radio/event synchros throughout this same period, such as reading "I can hear the van" precisely as a van pulled up in front of Second Cup and I heard it, to that impossible-to-orchestrate degree of precision (and, additionally, the book's passage was in reference to a Dodge van, which this one was), plus maybe ~6-7 other ones like that, again propelling the whole thing to surreal levels. Also, a cool and odd standout was seeing this brilliant-red Mazda drive by and subsequently thinking how much I liked the color and the car, and then having the next line in the book read "I don't really like red" -- another of those sort of opposite/"inside-out"-type incidents, where the underlying archetype is there but just somehow reversed, and so strikingly as to be notable in itself.

Also, lots of number-repeats today, most in a while, including a bunch of highly conspicuous ones, such as cars with 37 license plates pulling in front of me, etc (including one of those where I was Compelled, against all reason and my better sense, to stop short and let a car out in front of me, only for it to real a license plate ending in 437). Even had a really cool clock-tick one, where not only did I see my timer precisely as it clicked to 3:37:17, but also the reason that I saw it at all was because my phone rang then, thus making me stand up so that the timer display could pass before my eyes at that precise instant (I'd been sitting down, turned away from it before, with it entirely out of my vision, even peripherally -- and, of course, the phone ringing at that precise instant was totally objective and outside my control anyway). Cute. And, just before bed, maybe nothing, but I did my taxes and my federal refund came to exactly $1,307 ...

Then, a really cool thought/reading synchro while I was waiting for Cheryl outside her house and reading. I had this long chain of thought starting with how I'd been thinking, just last night, that circumstances today would probably turn out that I wouldn't have time to do the sauna, since I was needing a break from it but was hesistant to break the routine I'd gotten into (which did end up happening, thanks to Cheryl's late appointment and her being even later for that -- a bit of synchronicity in itself, as it were), and then, subsequently, I thought of how everything happens for a reason/everything happens in the "flow" as to bring about good end results, and right afterward Cheryl appeared and signalled that she was ready for me inside -- and then, on the last line that I read in the book, it was "Everything happens for a reason." Once again, I could easily chalk this up to subconscious reading-ahead or something, except that it all hinged on 1) the objective, independent chain of thought which ended on that, and 2) it hinged on the additional objective component of Cheryl beckoning me inside, at just the precise instant so that that line would be the last I read. Wow.


Had some activity today, after another almost total absence yesterday, again picking up right at lunchtime, again as if a switch had been thrown. It started with another quasi-synchro-type incident that might've been simple intuition/ESP-type phenomonon. At an intersection, I saw a truck coming toward me and at first started to just keep going through the intersection, since I had the right-of-way and, regardless, I was there first and the truck should've stopped -- except I felt, very distinctly yet totally illogically that it wasn't going to stop. Sure enough, it didn't, not even giving pause before barrelling through the intersection; had I not obeyed my Compelling, I would've run right into the truck. At first I thought I might be able to right this off as just me subconsciously noticing the truck's speed and interpreting it as an indicator that it wasn't going to stop, except that 1) the truck wasn't, to my recollection, going abnormally fast, such that it would've had plenty of time to stop, etc, and 2) it all just happened so fast, the truck's appearance and my entering the intersection and my Compelling to stop all just coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic, impossible-to-orchestrate fashion. Pretty notable, anyway.

Went on to have a number of those subtle-but-significant one-word thought/reading/event-type synchros like I've been having, usually coming in "clusters" and with very few real standouts (but plenty of these overall, as to establish that pattern again). Couple more-coherent examples: my randomly-but-distinctly thinking of the three kids I randomly encountered at the nature's pharmacy place today, a split second before I turned the page of the 'Devil in the White City' book and read, on the very first passage, of "three children" (again, not hugely precise, but precise enough to be notable, and even moreso considering that subconscious reading-ahead was impossible, with my having the thought of the kids and only exposing the "three children" after turning the page); similarly, just a couple minutes later, thinking randomly of laundry just before I read "laundry" (this one was visible beforehand, but then again, I can trace the "laundry" thought back through another big long objective chain, etc).

Also, a classic recurrence/Compelling/book synchro this afternoon. Right before I went into Goodwill, while moving the 'Devil' book on the seat, I Noticed on its cover how the same author had written a book called 'Isaac's Storm,' which I'd never herad of until I started reading the 'Devil' book and saw this on the cover, and even then, I Noticed the 'Isaac's Storm' sentence very distinctly then, outside Goodwill, in that strong-but-illogical way that told me I'd soon be seeing it again. Well, inside Goodwill, not only did they have the book (the only time I've ever seen it for sale anywhere, as it were, and just minutes after my Noticing), but it was singled out from the others on the shelf (when, as it were, I was only looking at those very singled-out books, because I had too many books to read and wasn't really actively looking for any more). Pretty notable in itself, I thought, but then even moreso when circumstances are taken into account.


General uptick in activity, not huge, but enough to signal being back in the "groove," whatever it is. Started this morning with a really damn cool "ask and ye shall receive," beginning when I was walking to the park gate to be picked up by the Enterprise driver and I passed that space where the Nissan 350zs had been parked for all that time, which made me think again of how I would like to drive one and try it out. Well, when I got to the Enterprise place, I was told how they once again couldn't get the economy car I'd rented but I'd instead been upgraded to a luxury sports car -- a 370z, the 350's successor (but still, essentially, a 350z, as I'd vaguely "asked" for on the way there -- *before* knowing they didn't have an economy, or any mention of a Nissan period). Really notable in itself, but exponentially moreso considering that this is not only the third time in a row I've rented a car and received a free upgrade, but every time, I'd had vague-but-distinct thoughts shortly beforehand of how I'd like to drive just the kind of car I ended up randomly receiving (though the first two were just a "truck" and "an SUV," rather than the specific make and model like this one was, but still easily similar enough to establish a marked pattern). Then, also this morning, the drive to the Enterprise place was marked by one of those number-repeat onslaughts, almost all 37s of various kinds, and almost all on license plates, many of them conspicuous, and many of them back-to-back, in that head-spinning 1-2-3 fashion, etc. (And then, of course, there was the Nissan 370z, not the 350 ...) Plus, had a couple good clock-ticks in there too, as well as my receiving a call on my cell phone at exactly 11:17 (one of the common 37 variants as of late). And then, when I checked my spam email tonight, there was a fraudulent "can't deliver" email with this subject: "Fedex Delivery #1773." Haha.

A cool thought/roadside-sign synchro on the way home this afternoon: just after a long chain of thought that ended on how I was going to be early for my chiro appointment, I passed a sign reading "Early Bird Specials," perfectly synchronistic etc. I laughed.


An overall uptick in activity today, after a couple days' lull. Not any real, coherent standouts as far as individual "normal" incidents, though there were plenty of vague/subtle/too-personal-subjective ones throughout the day. Most concpisucous was a day-long onslaught of 37s, starting when I left the BnB this morning, on license plates and such (again: cars with them conspicuously cutting me off, pulling out in front of me, etc, including another of those where I felt Compelled to let someone out, only to reveal their 37 license plate, a 437 if I remember right). Seemed to go up a notch even from past onslaughts, such as seeing two 437-plates parked side by side, and several times Just Happening to come to a stop behind a blatant 137 plate (or, once, feeling Compelled to park in a certain space, only to find myself directly behind a 137 plate) -- a bunch like this, so many I lost count, probably over a dozen or so. Some standouts: once again stopped at a light so that, just so, a 73 crept into view from behind the car in front of me, such that when I stopped the 7 and 3 were just visible and directly in my line of sight, with the rest obscured, as to be patternistic of past such "obscurations"; a cool 1-2-3 one where, first, I noticed that the 370z's gas-mileage readout first read 37.7, then with "23.0" on top of it, such that it read 23.0 on top of 37.7 in a little grid, thus creating, in my mind at least, a double 37/237 -- and then, precisely after I thought "237," a car with a 237-ending license plate blew past me conspicuously, in wham-bam fashion; a really cool one where I passed this electronic billboard that showed a three-day weather forecast, with tomorrow's reading 71 degrees high, and then, just a minute down the road, I passed second of these signs and the forecast had changed to 73 degrees (and both times I'd been conspicuously Compelled to look at tomorrow's forecast ...); another damn cool one when I stopped at this totally random gas station, even though I didn't really need gas, and once inside on the way to the bathroom, I Noticed this receipt sitting with some other trash on a table in there, and felt Compelled to pick it up, which I did on the way back, and as I went to reach for it, the part facing up (the rest was folded under, so that only this line was visible to me (though only in the direction I was coming from after using the bathroom, not beforehand on the way in, such that it couldn't have been subconscious suggestion influencing the Noticing, even if the print had been big enough to read from so far away) read "Inv# 971317"; and then, equally cool and bizarre, was the flight/hotel ticket-printouts I found and felt Compelled to email the guy about despite having no real way to get them to him, which had several 37s/317s on them; then, finally, at the end of the evening, once again went into the grocery store and bought two random items I didn't even plan on (and didn't really even need at the time), only to have the total come to exactly $7.32. Plus a bunch more that I can't remember. Just so, so many of these 37s today, probably a record. Wow.


Another daylong onslaught pretty much, of all kinds, just too much to list, and surreal in a new way, both in terms of intensity and just sheer "flavor" of it all, in that patternistic way I've noted. Just too much for words, all too much. Wow wow wow. Some standouts: a cool thought/reading/event synchro where when I randomly checked Craigslist on my phone, going to the RV listings (since that's where my bookmark was; I was actually looking for cars), right as I saw the page start to load I thought I'd go ahead and check it just in case there was some old, junky one for cheap -- when the first listing loaded up, a want-listing for beat-up/junked/cheap RVS, exactly as I'd been thinking (and, to make it even more notable, 1) there was zero indicator of anything RV/junk-RV related as the page was loading and I had the thought, other than a blank picture and the want-listing's fake "price," and 2) the fake price was even "$123456," way more than the $1,000 or so I was thinking for a junk RV). Really cool, sort of "double"/back-to-back thought/radio synchro: precisely as the radio sang out "brick," I passed these random brick structures directly alongside the random road I was driving on (for the first time ...), I'm not even sure what they were, just random, "ruin"-like scatterings of stacks of bricks, and then, seconds later, the radio sang out "brick house" precisely as I passed a brick house. Next, a few minutes later when I pulled up to the coffee shop I was driving for, I had the thought of whether they were even open on Sunday, precisely both as the radio said "open Sundays" and I saw hours sign in the window of the coffee shop in question was indeed closed on Sundays -- a sort of triple one, really cool and surreal.

And the 37 onslaught continues, even more conspicuously now, certainly breaking even prior records (even those within the last couple days). Just everywhere, 37/137/7137/1117, etc, etc, etc, along with lots of 237s and 437s and their variants, raining down from everywhere, license plates and otherwise. Most of these incidents would've at one time been standouts, but now have just merged with the "flood," just too many to remember/log, coming too fast. Some standouts: another of those "obscured"-type ones, where I Just Happened to stop at the precise angle to reveal a 37, and only the 37, of a sign or something (I can't even remember what it was now), in patternistic fashion; another being Compelled to pick up a random piece of litter with a conspicuous 37 on it, like that receipt at the gas station yesterday (today it was some type of ticket with "307" smack dab in the middle of it when I randomly picked it up); another receipt synchro, where the reference number was "037037," haha; cool one at Goodwill, when I came across this random copy of 'The Neverending Story' and immediately thought of the 37s and such, having connected it/associated the movie's symbolism with it all in the past, and when I turned it over, there was a big sticker in the middle of it reading, simply, 37, I don't even know what for, it wasn't a price tag or anything, just a rectangular sticker with only that on there (this one was kind of a thought synchor, too, considering the 37's revelation coincded almost perfectly synchronistically with my thinking of the 37, etc -- again, too damn surreal for words).


Much like yesterday, still 37s out the ass and tons of individuals and "clusters" (including another of those reading-synchro onslaughts when I sat down for lunch, today even more surreal than even those past), most of which would've at one time been standouts all and but are now just too many to list, etc.


Again like yesterday, with a daylong "background static" of incidents of all kinds, though not as heavy as yesterday; just a lesser version of it. Still having lots of those reasonably notable standalone thought/event/radio synchros, most of them those very precise, perfectly synchronistic one-word-types, such as my remembering that I needed to call Enterprise and schedule my pickup tomorrow (even though it's technically a ride home, just called "pickup" generally), precisely as the song I was listening to on the MP3 player said "pickup." Etc. Dozens of these throughout the day, again achieving that "downright surreal" level.


Another "downturn"-type day today, as were the last two, with only some background-static/subtle/too-personal ones and the usual accompaniment of number-repeats and such, though today did see more numbers, oddly, mostly 37s, and very conspicuously on license plates and such still. About the only standout I can think of for the past couple days was yesterday when I went to put my razors in the cabinet, and had to struggle to fit them into the crowded shelf, which thus required me to stand the back awkwardly upright, and thus made me think "upright" -- precisely as my eyes fell over some random "upright" printed on something in there, I can't remember what. Was especially notable in that certain, specific way, with the thought/event/reading corresponding in that conspicuous and patternistic fashion. But, beyond that one, almost a total dearth, again conspicuous on in the "quiet."


Bit of an uptick today, starting with another of those "clusters" of reading synchros at lunch, though not as intense or long-lasting as those past (yet still pretty significant and notable, with several standouts that I forgot to note and now have forgotten other than the fact that they were profound enough to make me laugh out loud). Had several scattered standout thought/event synchros throughout the day, including a very pronounced one while working out, when the song on the MP3 player said "outstretched arm" precisely as I lowered a dumbell to the floor and thus extended my arm as far as it would go -- very much outstretched, with perfectly synchronistic timing, etc. Also, lots of 37 repeats today, and very many conspicuous ones, though mostly on sources other than license plates today, oddly, such as when at Walmart shopping for a new watch and looking at those on display, many of those I Just Happened to look at were set to 3:37, despite that being the wrong time (with a couple of them doing the clock-tick thing, going to 3:37:11 precisely as I looked, and it seemed like a minute ticked in this fashion too; had another, separate clock-tick at some other point, can't remember the exact circumstances). Overall, the day just reached that "surreal" point.


Pretty cool one to start the day, a 37-repeat of sorts. Woke up from the dream where I made the connection between "star dancing" and the 37/rotation/spinning concept, and when I got up to the kitchen, the clock was exactly 3:37 (I have no clock in the bedroom, and was disoriented upon waking, with no idea what time it was). Surreal, and odd, since I don't usually have "incidents" in early morning. Signaling something?

Today was overall much like yesterday for the most part, about the same for subtle "background static" incidents but with less 37 repeats (though still certainly there). Did have a few reading synchros, as well as a profound and intense little minutes-long cluster of thought synchros during the lecture at church. One standout reading-type synchro, of that kind where a stranger totally unconnected to me says just what I'm thinking: precisely as I read "onion green" on the price label beneath the green onions at the supermarket, a nearby lady said "green onion" (when I'd been paying zero attention to the green onion beforehand, and, also, the woman was way down the aisle and at my back, such that she wasn't even referring to the green onions I was looking at, and probably couldn't even have seen them herself where she was).


Had another of those intuition/ESP-type incidents today, again at an intersection where I felt Compelled, illogically and distinctly, to stop and wait for a van to go through the intersection, even though I had the right of way. I envisioned the van distinctly swerving through the intersection the way people sometimes do (even though three cars had gone through it just before, dead-straight) -- and sure enough, that's exactly what it did, just as I'd "seen" it in my mind. Damn surreal, and with no way it could've been just coincidence/some sort of tip-off, etc.

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