Synchronicity log for 2017

37 onslaught storm carried over from yesterday, now amongst the day's NYC-walking along with the second, successful bus ride up to Laguardia, then tapering upon getting on the flight and up in the air, almost as if on a switch here, again seeming to correspond with the marked change in consciousness that air travel brought about, really cool in its own way. Not as many standouts today, but just as many conspicous/"37s and variants everywhere I look" repetitions, again to living-dream levels. Also, had several highly subjective and vague and personal ones, none of which really convey to text, sometimes due just to complexity and context more than anything, as well as hugely complicated/multidimensional/"in the moment" experience-level effects -- these in themselves just damn surreal.

One cool "normal" standout was an "instant thought manifestation/echo" right upon leaving the hotel this morning (another that seemed to correspond with the shift in conscious upon "going out" onto the NYC streets from being in the hotel room all night and morning): right after I'd checked my bag into the hotel storage for the day and received a ticket for it, I was randomly thinking of this when, coinciding precisely with the thought of "baggage ticket," I encountered just such a ticket randomly on the street as litter (there were several scattered about farther down the street, but this one was the first, Just Happening to correspond perfectly and patternistically with my random thought ...). Also in regards of "normal" incidents, a mini-trend presented itself a couple times through the afternoon, distinctly of the "nearby stranger saying exactly what I'm randomly thinking/seeing" variety, though of that startingly explicit/sudden/"animated" kind that are so utterly surreal. The two examples I was able to get down were: a nearby clerk at the random LIC grocery I'd stopped in said "vegan" precisely as I turned a bottle and read "vegan" on it (and, as it were, precisely as I registered the word, as is so patternistic of these); and then later on, almost identically in the random health-food store I stopped in up at Broadway in Queens, the clerk there said "propolis" precisely as my eyes randomly fell upon a bottle labeled "propolis," which was directly beside a bottle of something else that I'd just returned to the shelf (the clerk was across the room, talking to a different customer, in reference to bottles of propolis on offer on the counter, which I would see later upon checking out -- all in no way connect, or even visible, to me or my browsing or the bottles I was looking at).

Also, still having several of those "individually vague and dismissible but collectively highly notable" types of subtle parallels/themes/recurrences through the day, again still primarily involving all the random magazines and pamphlets and such along with my primary book. The most coherent example was my reading of the A-10 Warthog plane in the 'Boots on the Ground' book last night, then reading of just that randomly in one of those random copies of Wired I'd taken with me on the trip. Pretty notable in itself, in both timing and precision, but also doubly so considering that, when I'd read of it in the book, it was, first, the first time I'd ever learned of this plane, and, second, I'd Noticed it at the time, as to re-read the passage that mentioned it several times, distinctly so -- really cool and surreal again.

And then, an odd and unique but somewhat vague "late" one tonight, when, in the first few pages of the 'Island of Manhattan' book I started reading at dinner, there was a random piece of handwritten marginalia from a previous owner that had "beet" written in it -- when, for the first time since finishing the food I took with me on the trip days ago, I was eating a bunch of beet crystals in the dinner at the time (though not thinking particularly of them upon reading "beet"). It bears mentioning that the "beet" was a mispelling of "beat," though, really, this one might've just been a curious and cute coincidence rather than a true synchronicity.


Still a reasonable amount of activity today despite being back in MB, and still of the same quality/"feel"/"texture" of the "storm" that started up in NYC a couple days ago. Still seeing a pretty good stream of conspicuous 37s and variants and several other repeats of late (212s still, and lots of 44s), with cars turning out, etc, but not quite to levels of the NYC streets.

Did have two cool standout thought/reading types this afternoon, both at the pawn shop I'd randomly stopped in at (by a Compelling, as it were). The first was another of those extremely explicit/perfectly timed/"animated"/"striking"-types, when I randomly read "Hear the truth" on the box of some electronic I was looking at in the case, precisely as "truth" sang randomly from the in-house radio. And then, on the way out, precisely as I turned around to go and found myself directly facing a video with Bob Marley on the cover -- the radio sang out "playing Bob Marley" (though I should note that I'm not 100% sure that's what it said, maybe 95%, in which case it would've been nothing). Had a similar (if less precise) one later on, when the radio in the car said "the bottle" at the precise instant that I took the dropper bottle of rehmmania from the Pure shipment from its box, with the lyric again corresponding perfectly with my thought of "bottle" upon registering what was inside.

A really cool radio-type one upon leaving the Publix shopping center: I had a big long random chain of thought ending with my thinking of keeping the van and using it just as a bug-out mobile to travel in if need be, about one second before the radio sang out "we'll go traveling in a van" or something along those lines (and, it bears mentioning: this was in a new song that had just come on, without announcement or anything, a song I'd never heard before, and the very first lyrics in the song -- impossible for me to have predicted even subconsciously).

And also a really cool and "late" reading synchro, again of the kind I've been having. This time it was a word, "wampum," which I'd first read totally randomly in that other issue of Wired I got from the library, day before last, which I'd again both noticed and Noticed, it being both a weird word and the first I'd ever heard it -- and then it was in the 'Island' book tonight. Notable and patternistic in itself, but also it bears mentioning that I'd read "wigwam" in the book earlier, at lunch, and I'd kept thinking that I would end up seeing "wampum" too, for some odd reason (both started with w and had similar Indian-sounding tone maybe?), but I never did until, once again, I'd stopped looking for it ...


Reasonable amount of activity today, mostly very subtle/"only collectively notable" thought/reading/event-type incidents like I've been having (without any real standouts today) and a reasonable showing of numbers and the like, though this too in a downturn. Did have a few standout/"cute"/intelligent 37s, such as being order #317 at DD (when it was for my second coffee, an Americano instead of the free refill on the cold-brew I'd gotten first, feeling Compelled to get an Americano instead, which thus produced this second receipt and the number ...), and being at the gas station and having this conspicuously loud truck start up right as I passed by it, thus demanding my attention and making me see its 713 plate, and then just after, when I'd had to wait a long time to turn out of the station, I ended up Just Happening to get behind a van with a 4373 plate. And of course, another string of those totally random parking-lot-space-type ones, I think 2-3 in a row, and a couple that had more than one plate, haha.

And then a really cool and somewhat unique radio/"ask and receive" combo. When stopping at Goodwill, "Girls Girls Girls" was on the radio and I was in a hurry and had to get out of the car before it finished, and I'd had the vague thought of "I'd like to hear the rest of the song" -- and then, ten minutes or so later when I got back in and put the radio on, there was an ad playing, not only with "Girls Girls Girls" accompanying it, but the last leg of it, almost exactly where I'd cut it off after having to get out, so that I got to hear the last part after all, albeit in a totally different venue/manner, just so damn surreal, haha.

And then tonight another "late" incident, this time a minor (or is it?) recurrence/"ask and receive." It started with the "wampum" incident over the last couple days, when, both upon first reading it and then seeing it recur today and then again while logging it, I wondered absently what it was (but was in too much of a rush to look it up). Then tonight when I sat down to eat dinner and read more of the 'Island' book for the first time since lunch, a couple pages in, it randomly defined "wampum." I might dismiss this one as another cute little coincidence, except that the timing was relatively tight, and it certainly had that patternistic feel to it (especially that eerie "intelligence" of other ask-and-receives).


A ton of activity today overall.

Numbers: not so many, but had a few damn cool standouts. Most of the day had just scattered repeats here and there, but then seemed to pick up suddenly and conspicuously mid afternoon, beginning when I had another of those conspicuous-traffic ones, this time when I again felt Compelled to get super-conservative when pulling out at that intersection just before Grissom, and just before I finally did, a truck passed with a 137 plate, again just in my line of sight and perfectly and patternistically timed -- and then, about a half hour later in the BN parking lot, just after I'd finally remembered to write a note about this one, I saw the same damn truck again, and in the same damn way, where right as I was pulling out to leave (seconds after writing the note about the first part ...), a truck came along, forcing me to wait, and just like at the intersection, it passed in just such a way that I saw its 137 plate again, all sort of a double-trip-echo-number-repeat combo/metasynchro (and triply/quadrupally surreal considering that it occurred amidst the rest of the day's general storm of activity, just downright living-dream). Another really cool 37 standout: when in line to checkout at BN, my hands were full of my stuff when I went to get my wallet out, so I reached over to put them on the nearest surface, a display of stacked boxes just to my left -- and saw, right where I was intending to put the stuff (because it was the only available space), was a penned "37," again just so damn surreal, not to mention 100% objective, etc.

For "normal" incidents, today the constant "background static" of subtles and the like returned, except at times they graduated from subtles to just a big, living-dream stream of constant, coherent incidents, once again to the point that I just lost track/head-spinning, etc. Example: "bounce" on the radio precisely as I hit a sudden pot hole, making the Miata bounce completely, with the word and the bounce occuring with such perfect, dove-tailed, "in the moment" precision I couldn't have made it happen if I'd tried. One exceptionally cool standout was an "ask and receive" that was almost instant, when, after hearing the "Stone in Love" song on the radio, I'd wondered who was singing it and thought that it sounded like Journey but not like I'd heard them, maybe an older album or something -- and then, seconds later, I stopped behind a car at a stop light with a great big "JOURNEY" decal on it. And then, on the subtler side, hearing "pick up the phone" on the radio at the precise instant I'd thought of calling MM for a massage, with the lyric and a mental image of turning on my phone corresponding perfectly, this being an example of the maybe 2-3 dozen of individual such incidents that happened through the day.

Also, more of those vague reading recurrences spanning my multiple reading material through the day, except there were three this morning that were really not too vague at all, especially considering they all came pretty much back to back in that random, seven-year-old copy of Consumer Reports I got from the library weeks ago. The first was when it had an article about cocoa and the flavonols in it and how the "Dutch"/alkali processing removes the good stuff from cocoa -- which was a double recurrence, since I'd just read a nearly identical article in that random copy of Muscle and Fitness last night, and, second, because that M&F article was the first time I'd read about the alkali processing being so bad, etc, and then the second article said the same thing, when I'd read many cocoa-related articles over time and never once read about the harmful alkali processing (and in Consumer Reports of all places!). Then, just a couple pages away in the Consumer Reports, there was an article about how Sun Chips now comes in compostable bags -- when, just last night when throwing out some random recyclables, I'd both noticed and Noticed a foil chip bag someone had thrown in with the recyclables and had the thought "That's not recycleable," but now, after learning of the compostable bag, I'm wondering if those aren't accepted to be recycled too (or, at least in the mind of the person who threw it out, compostable = recycleable or something). And then, a little less vague/subtle, was another towards the end of the magazine, when it showed some random picture of a GPS with a map of Queens in NY, with a dot for Long Island City on it (the only neighborhood in this picture's little map) -- when, less than an hour earlier while writing a random review of an NYC place, I'd mentioned how it was in Long Island City, and afterward had the distinct thought of how I'd never known of LIC before accidentally discovering it after being forced to find a hotel when the flight was cancelled, etc, etc. Damn surreal again, though admittedly largely subjective.

Then this evening, another of those "late" reading recurrences I've been having, but another with a twist, and somewhat unique (and really damn notable too). It started a couple weeks ago when totally randomly, I'd come across some book on Amazon (I remember now: I'd searched for one book and this one had turned up for some reason, and I'd distinctly Noticed it, enough to bookmark it for later purchase despite never having heard of it or the guy it was about). Then tonight in the sauna while reading yet another totally random piece of reading material I'd picked up, this time a weeks-old Wallstreet Journal that someone had left at Starbucks (or did I pick this one up as trash in a parking lot? can't remember exactly) -- but on it's front page, it mentioned the arrest of the guy in the book I'd bookmarked on Amazon, again the second time I've ever heard of this person in my life and in a relatively short time after the first encounter (and, again, both ridiculously random; and, it bears mentioning, the part of the paper with the article on him was folded down, invisible to me when I'd picked up the paper and still when I laid it down in the house weeks ago, and besides, I'd discovered/Noticed/bookmarked the book *before* ever picking up the paper -- which, writing this now, I think might've been right around the time I'd discovered the book and bookmarked it, such that the basic recurrence might've occurred even closer together, despite my actual discovering it only coming later on). And again: notable in itself, but doubly so considering a twist that came almost immediately after seeing the newspaper mention. For some reason, the article was listed on a sidebar on the front page, just beside the front-page snatch of the article I'd seen, and upon seeing it there, I thought I recognized the name as that of the random book I'd Noticed/bookmarked, and thus I was thinking of what the book was called, something like "ghostman" or something with "ghost" in it, I knew -- and then, in the sidebar listing directly above that of the man's, it had the word "ghost" in the middle of it, with quotations as written here, such that it stood out and, also, that I saw/registered it perfectly synchronistically with my thoughts of "ghostman," etc (which of course were objective/traceable to my seeing the article about the arrested man, etc, etc).


Day started with an interesting radio/external event-type one, when I was leaving the house and, precisely as a man in a conspiucous black cowboy hat walked out of his trailer and I saw him and thought "hat," the radio sang out "tipped his hat." Though, the unique thing about this one was that, unlike almost all of these types of incidents lately, this one *wasn't* perfectly synchronous in timing, such that there was a noticeable, yet slight, delay between my thought of "hat" and the radio lyric sounding. Still reasonably notable, just of a different feel/variety/"flavor" of so many I've been having lately.

Did, however, have a good number of those super-subtle/individually unnotable ones through the day, most too subtle or "loose" to really convey in text again. One example: precisely as "Staaaaaaay!" sang from the radio, I passed a road sign reading "Road A," with the "aaaaaaaay!" in the song coinciding perfectly with my registering of the "A" on the sign (unlike the hat one this morning). Maybe ... a dozen or so like that today? Just enough to lend that surreal air to things.

And, more recurrences, though this time there were again a couple of pretty distinct ones thrown in the mix with the super-subtles/subjectives. The best and coolest and most damn striking example started this morning when, directly outside of the kitchen window, there was a gray kitten in a small tree growing right up the middle of the window, and I'd given pause and watched him to make sure that he wasn't stuck up in there, and also Noticed the whole thing slightly, as to have it stick in my head for no real reason (as is the pattern with some of these). Then, maybe two hours later in the sermon at church, the pastor told a story about "a kitten stuck in a small tree" -- echoing almost perfectly what I'd seen that morning (though, interestingly, echoing *perfectly* my *thoughts* from seeing the kitten that morning, of the essence of "kitten stuck in tree," even though it wasn't actually stuck -- because the recurrence was maybe of my thoughts/perceptions and not the actual, external event I'd seen?). And then, notable but not quite as much, the pastor had also echoed another distinct thought I'd had this morning, right around the time of the kitten thoughts, that of "faith says that it's already happened," in regards to something I was debating praying about, and that's either exactly or almost exactly, verbatim, what the pastor said. Seems like there were several lesser ones mixed in with these too but I can't remember any in particular.


A conspicuously quiet day compared to last several, that surreal background static of numbers and thought/reading incidents receeding almost entirely for the most part, with only a few such incidents like these from time to time (corresponding with a reasonable shift in health/energy/consciousness/"groove" again, as it were). Did have a couple damn cool standout "normal" incidents, both of which were something of a departure from those of late. First, a startlingly explicity reading/"other person speaking"-type one: at Starbucks, while reading out front, precisely as I read "All those are free to enjoy," a man walked past me and said "Enjoy this weather," with my reading "enjoy" and his saying it corresponding perfectly synchronistically, and with absolutely zero chance of it being subconscious suggestion or anything subjective on my part, with it hinging entirely on this other person's totally random and unsolicited decision to say that at that precise moment (and, of course, there's zero chance he could've even seen the tiny word on the page as he passed, even if he'd tried, nor could he have possibly known I was reading it at that precise moment, etc).

Then, a little while later when I was inside the restaurant, I suddenly had the random but explicit thought of that Manhattanite who'd randomly approached me outside and chatted with me briefly -- a split second before the man came into the restaurant and passed by me, again in that "instant-thought-manifestation" manner (though, this one could've been of the "classical ESP/precognition" bent too, I guess). Was made a little more notable by the sheer randomness of it, as well as the fact that, though I'd had the thought only a split second before he came in, it was definitely *before,* and with no way I could've known even subconsciously he was coming in (I was facing away from the door at an angle such that it was entirely behind me/out of my sight). And besides that, when I'd first talked to the guy outside, he'd gone off into the parking lot like he was leaving, giving no indication that he was returning (and that's not even touching on the sheer randomness of why he'd approached me at all, and the overall bizarre behavior of this individual).


Reasonable uptick in overall activity today, beginning at lunch with another of those vagueish/"minor" reading recurrences I've been having lately: this time "housing starts," which I read randomly in that random, weeks-old issue of Wall Street Journal I picked up as trash recently, in which it mentioned housing starts and it was, again, the first I've ever seen that term, as to both notice and Notice it -- and then, today, one (or two?) days later, I read that same term in the 'Island' book, again fitting perfectly the pattern of these. Also, a cool little "ask and receive" one, this time involving that "Dutch Kills" cafe that I'd stumbled across and distinctly Noticed before leaving NYC last week, and then re-encountered (as a kind of little recurrence in itself) when I left a random Yelp review for a place in the same neighborhood, after which Yelp brought up a random ad for that cafe in particular, all throughout which I'd been thinking of it and vaguely thinking, "What on earth is a 'Dutch kill'?" -- and then, today in the 'Island' book, it randomly mentioned exactly that: the definition of a Dutch kill (a river or stream in Dutch).

Uptick in numbers today, and with some pretty cool/surreal (albeit 100% patternistic) standouts. Examples: a cool sort of double-double repeat/echo, when, first, I had another of those "drifter" cars come up beside me, a truck with a 378 LP, with the license plate *just* creeping into my vision long enough for me to register the number before the truck slowed down and crept back away -- and then, a split second later, a car with a 378 plate came into view, hence producing not only a double-repeat but an echo of 378 specifically; another of those "reveal"-types, where a truck turned in front of me *just so* that its 73 plate flashed before me and then went out of view, in that patternistic and surreal way that's hard to describe (but instantly noticeable now).

Also, had a mini-theme of those "partial"/"distorted"/"non-literal"/"essential" ones. One was a reading/radio-type when "ready" came over the in-house radio at DD precisely as I read "ready" (in the marginalia of the 'Island' book, interestingly). And then, of the "distorted" variety, hearing "halo" on the radio precisely as I passed a sign with a guy in a giant sombrero which very much resembled a halo, in a visually non-literal spin on this type of incident (though it could've foreseeably just been coincidence, not really too precise). And, similarly, hearing "small" on the radio precisely as I passed this cute, particularly small little convertible and thought "small," with my thought and the lyric coinciding perfectly. And then, as another double-type one, later on when I was remembering this one and thinking I needed to write a note for "small" -- precisely then, I saw this teensy little child-size motorcycle and at roadside and thought "small," such that the two indepedent thoughts "synchronized," much the way that radio lyrics and my thoughts normally do in these (damn surreal again).

And, in the "classical" side of things: precisely as I passed a road sign reading "Blue Star Memorial Highway," a car turned in front of me, in conspicuous fashion, thus revealing the blue-star Cowboys decal on its front license plate, this corresponding perfectly with my registering the sign and thinking distinctly "blue star."


Today's incidents were much like yesterday's in "feel," though lesser in volume/intensity. As far as numbers, only real standout (beyond some conspicuous 37 LPs in traffic, quite a few actually now that I think of it), was a "random parking lot" type at Starbucks, with a twist: as I was parked and putting together lunch before going in, a motorcyclist parked directly in front of me, and I both noticed and Noticed the bike the whole time I was fixing lunch -- and then, after I'd gone in and ate and come back out, I saw that the bike had a 73711 plate (it was facing me before, such that I could see the plate only on the way back, yet *after* I'd Noticed it so explicitly ...). And then, in the same lot, another of those "looking behind me to back out and finding a 37 plate directly in my line of sight," this time not only was the plate directly in my line of sight, but the truck was backing out at that precise moment (I think; might've been confusing this one with another).

Most of thought/reading/radio types today were too subtle to list, but there. Did have a couple standouts, such as having another of those long chains of thought end with my randomly thinking of lifting weights and recovering muscle -- precisely as "body builders" on the mud flap of a passing truck came into view (but, again, I'd had my thought a split second *before* it was visible, thus being 100% objective/impossible to be subconscious trickery as is so patternistic of these). And then, an equally notable one this evening, when on the way out of BE I'd suddenly had my attention drawn to a t-shirt reading "Just Be," which I'd distinctly Noticed -- and then, maybe two minutes later when I got into the van, the first lyrics on the radio were "Just breath, just be." Haha.

Had a couple cool ones late afternoon/evening. Pretty notable, if not perfectly synchronistic, radio/thought synchro: had a long, random chain of thought that ended randomly with my toiletries bag and how I had to put it away or something when I got back to parents', then maybe two or three seconds later the radio randomly said "toiletry bag." And another "late"-type recurrence/question-and-answer combo: earlier today, I'd had the random but distinct thought of that Anytime Fitness I'd visited in that random NC town where the yoga instructor gave me some good tips, and I couldn't remember the name of the town and thought distinctly, "Can't remember what that was" -- and then, tonight at the Peddler, I looked as randomly at the back of the menu and, amidst a story of how the restaurant came to be, it mentioned how it began in Sanford, NC, that very town I couldn't remember the name of. This one was pretty notable for several reasons, both because of its patternistic format and reasonably short timing, along with the fact that, once again, I'd not heard/seen/thought of Sanford for ... weeks? months? until that afternoon, and then again had it recur within that usual, relatively tight (though far from instant/"perfectly synchronistic" timeframe). And, also, the fact that I'd looked at the back of that menu at all (or had been at that restaurant that night in the first place, since we'd originally planned on being there the next day but had to go tonight due to Dad's dental appointment tomorrow): I knew exactly what I wanted, the same I get every time I go there, and had zero reason to look at the menu, didn't even have any social awkwardness/subtle subconscious stuff that might've caused me to divert/extrovert my attention anywhere ... yet I'd still found myself turning the menu over and looking at it and, thus, seeing the Sanford mention.

Also, this afternoon, had another of those instances of "suspiciously exact timing after a huge series of random events," this time with my traveling up from Matthews to Boone, with tons and tons of random variables over the course of the morning and lunch and afternoon, and getting at my 3:00 acupuncture at almost *exactly* 3:00 (by my clock, I parked and left the van at precisely 3:01, after pulling into the driveway a few seconds after 3:00). Might be nothing, but, first, it's exactly like past such instances, fitting the pattern that's been vaguely established, but also just is so unlikely from a straight-up chance/randomness perspective, since I can look back and just see so many random things over the course of the day (how many yoga stretches I did, how long it took me to eat lunch, gas stops, bathroom breaks, how long it took me to fix lunch, or the absence of various things I felt I needed to do/felt Compelled to or not to do), most or all of which I couldn't have consciously or even subconsciously planned out, not to mention the vast number of traffic-related variables over the course of a three-hour drive -- yet I got there almost precisely when I needed to, on the minute.


An overall uptick in activity today, as well as another of those subtle shifts in mood/"feel"/groove of it (corresponding with travel/change in consciousness/health today, all three). Had a lot of those "too vague/subtle/subjective for text" ones today, and more of that "distorted"/partial/non-literal bent. Example: a radio/thought synchro where, precisely as I looked at a sign for an evening church prayer service and thought "church at night," "in the night" sang randomly from the radio; another of those "minor"/"small" yet extremely striking ones this evening, when I randomly wrote "you" on a "You are loved" note, precisely as "you" came randomly over the radio, the two corresponding in that intensely surreal/living-dream-type way that's hard to articulate. Also, of the less-vague/distorted variety: having "loaded gun" sing from the radio precisely as I passed/noticed/Noticed a giant billboard dominated by a big AK-47 on it (though, I can't be 100% of the lyric on this one, and thus can't rule out subconscious suggestion/subconscious "shaping" of what I heard due to thoughts/sights being "melded" as I've had in several convincingly false-positive ones before).

Numbers had a pretty strong showing today, up to the levels of previous treks back south to MB. Began when I had another of those "long bunch of things happening and then randomly stopping behind a prominent 37 variant," this time stopping behind at truck at a stoplight with a big, directly-in-my-line-of-sight "7111" on its bumper, after another of those "whole bunch of variables" mornings. Then, from there, just escalated with the drive down south, again seeing incredible amounts of 37s and other repeats/variants on bumpers, along with almost as many in conspicuous/"intelligent"/"cute" fashion, way too many to remember. Did have a cool "random parking space" one, at Ingles, which, after totally randomly stopping there on another of those heat-of-the-moment Compellings, and then again parking at the only available and convenient space, I found myself directly in front or behind prominent 37 plates (one of them was another of those "looking behind me to back out and having to look directly at plate"-types if I remember right, but in any case, there were two prominent ones, I'm sure).

Had one really cool and conspicuous number standout mid-afternoon, this one pretty notable in itself but also considering that it fits the pattern of past ones that I've at first ignored and/or forgotten, only to have it recur in that "insistent" and intelligent fashion, as I've experienced several times almost exactly. It started when I had a semi-conspicuous one at a gas station, when I came out to be met with a 3370 plate again directly in my line of sight but not really notable otherwise (other than the fact that, once again, it came amidst the "storm" of other 37s on the way traveling south). And then, right as I went to leave after getting my gas, that same car pulled out right before I did, directly in front of me, thus re-showing me the plate and making me remember seeing it before. Yet, I still didn't note it -- until, about fifteen minutes down the road after some randomness and such, I stopped at a light, and there was not only the same car again, and again in my line of sight, but it was directly beside a big truck with some sort of big, prominent 37 variant on it, can't remember what -- all in that super-conspicuous/intelligent/"perfectly timed/executed" fashion that I can't really describe, as to be just utterly surreal upon my finally stopping there and seeing it all. And, of course, after I finally wrote it down, never saw the car again.


Quieter today, corresponding with end of travel/another change in health, etc, again. Really, only a spattering of subtles/vague ones (mostly through morning and early afternoon), and some scattered numbers, without any real standouts (again conspicuously *less* than yesterday's "storm").

Had a couple cool reading/thought standouts at lunch. First: when I saw a nearby Indian couple at a nearby table at Starbucks and had a vague thought of "multinational/international/other ethnicities" upon hearing their non-English/heavily accented conversation -- and then, a split second later, I turned the page in the 'Island' book and read "multiethnic" at the very top of the page. This one was doubly notable in several ways, first because I'd again had the thought just before turning the page (with the turned-to page folded back and hence 100% invisible to me at the time I'd had the original thought) and had the recurrence come distinctly afterward but still extremely close together (that "near perfectly synchronistic" level), and, also, I'd only noticed/thought of the Indian couple and the multiethnic energy they leant to the space because I'd turned to them as I turned the page in the book and shifted my hands, as I do to balance out circulation/wrist strain/neck strain/getting too much sun on one side of face, etc -- such that it all just "meshed" and "coincided" in that expressely synchronistic fashion, just so damn cool and surreal. And, a little later on but not quite so notable: I'd had a long chain of thought end with how I'd broken my pattern of reading short books the last couple weeks and had committed to reading the longish 'Island' book (with the "committed" predominating this overall thought) -- a split second before reading "commited itself" in the book. This line was visible to me when I had the original thought, but, once again, I can 100% trace my thought back to the randomness of thinking, totally unrelatedly and independently, of how I'd broken the pattern of short books, etc.

Really the only number standout of the day was yet another of those "totally random and unplanned parking spot choices ending up directly beside a conspicuous 37," this one at that flea market I stopped at, with my being drawn to a random parking space before I could even see the license plates of the neighboring cars, only to find myself beside a single truck with a 73 plate. This one was a little more notable considering the complete and utter randomness of my stopping at this flea market at all, since I'd had zero plan to do it nor any overt reason to/needing anything there, with my only stopping there because I'd been struck by a sudden and patternistic Compelling on the way to the bank (the first time I'd been to this branch in a while, and only because the Cherry Grove one had just closed up shop).


An even quieter day, really just had some scattered subtles/subjectives/vagues through the morning and early afternoon (sort of like yesterday) and then a few scattered numbers through the day, with few if any conspicuous/cute/intelligents -- a decidedly overall downtick, again conspicuously so and seeming to correspond with a change in health/energy/consciousness/"inner reality" (in a positive way this time, getting a surprising improvement from out of nowhere). Had a pretty cool "long random chain of thought being echoed by book"-type one at lunch, when I had a big, objective one end with how I might just take another NYC trip since I'd "carved a channel" now by going up there so many times -- a split second before I read "following precedent" at the end of the 'Island' book, another of those that was 0% accurate literally but 100% accurate in the underlying essence of what I'd been thinking, of "following the precedent" of my last few trips instead of "blazing a new trail" by going somewhere else. And then, at dinner, another single incident, this one of those "involuntary bodily function being echoed precisely by book," when I swallowed a bite of dinner wrong and sort of gulped down air with the food, making me gag and cough a little -- precisely as I read "sucking air" in the 'Blood in the Cage' book, which was exactly what I did when swallowing the food, taking in air and saliva with it in a distinct way, and again with the two events corresponding with such precision that I couldn't see it being any sort of psychological suggestion except for maybe the most deeply subconscious, borderline-esp kind (though even this fades in possibility when the incident's patternistic element is taken into account).

Also, another of those vague reading-material-based "ask and receives," this time regarding Fort Tyron in NYC, which I visited while there last week and had the vague thought of what its history was and who/what it was named after, etc. Then, all through reading the 'Island' book for the past week with its history of NYC and such, I kept expecting to read something about that fort, especially after it went into the histories of many other forts on the island -- but it was only today, when I read the very last few pages and after I'd given up on having my question answered synchronistically, did it finally mention Willem Tyron. Only mildly notable, and easily coincidental, in itself, but somewhat notable given its perfectly patternistic element (and the conspicuous number of these I've been having lately, after a previous lack of them oddly).


Another slight and odd change today, with less general thought/"normal"-type incidents but a reasonable amount of numbers. Really, only had some "background static" levels of thought synchros through the day, and again mostly in late morning/early afternoon, which seems to be a new pattern establishing itself (and noticeably different than my past "schedule" of lunchtime/afternoon being the predominant "window" of activity).

Had a string of three cool and relatively "fast" reading recurrences this morning, all hinging on that random issue of Health I'd bought totally randomly from the flea market the other day, and then read as randomly today, being Compelled to pick it from several choices when going for something new to read during morning stuff. The first two were a pair of very explicit and notable "ask and receive"/"vague thought"-types, both beginning this morning when, first, I thought about how the red onion at the salad bar the other night seemed to especially upset my guts compared to other kinds of onion, making me distinctly think "Wonder if red onion has something special in it," and then, second, right around the same early-morning time, I'd also wondered about that thicker mucus I've been hacking up and whether it could signal something -- and then, maybe an hour later in that Health magazine, it explicitly answered these two questions, with two random articles, the first on garlic and onions and their detox value and how red and white onions in particular have this over other kinds (presumably why it upsets my guts more, just like fresh garlic does), and then the other article was about colds and mucus and it too explicitly answered my mucus question, that thicker mucus can signal more detoxing/immune activity. And, of course, neither of these articles or these subject matters at all were mentioned on the cover or anything overt, or even indexed at the front of the issue, with the both of them being just random little blurbs tucked deep inside. And then, also in that same magazine, there'd been a little article about "Plant Love" and how loving a plant can help both you and it -- and then, in the sermon at church today, about two hours later, the pastor mentioned exactly that, about how expressing love and gratitude toward a plant can produce tangibly effective energies in both person and plant. Really damn surreal and notable, each in themselves but especially so when taken together.

Some pretty cool and notable number standouts today too, beginning literally right when I turned onto the road this morning, when I had two nearly back-to-back "conspicuous 37 LP turnouts," both with cars pulling out *just before* I would've passed them or been too close for them to safely pull out, again in that perfect, "precision," "impossible to orchestrate"-type of timing that is so patternistic of these (and so damn surreal). The second one, a trailer, even had a couple 37 variant on it, with one on the license plate and then a phone number with 7131 as the last few digits, haha. And then, equally cool and notable, a sort of double "parking lot"/in-traffic one just after lunch. It started in the Starbucks parking lot when I had a "random parking space" one with a twist: I only came across the truck, with a 3337 plate, because I'd (inexplicably) gone toward the wrong parking space, where I sometimes park but didn't today, momentarily forgetting it -- and, exactly right where I remembered and thus turned around, I saw the plate, when I wouldn't have had I remembered just a second before or after. Reasonably notable in itself, but then, about ten minutes later and a mile or so down the road, I had to stop at an intersection and, as has happened patternistically before, I was Compelled to stop short at a driveway as to let out any cars that might come, despite there being ample space for me to pull up and stop at the light -- and then, a split second after I stopped there, there comes that same truck with the 3337 plate, and it stopped again *just so* that it and its plate were visible to me at the left, such that, had I had stopped at that driveway (or if the car that the truck stopped behind had been just a little further away or closer or whatever), I would've have seen it, once again in that "clockwork," "precise," utterly surreal way.


Another quiet day, an overall downturn from even yesterday, especially in regards to "normal" thought/reading/external event-type incidents. Had a background static of numbers, and then, conspicuously in mid-afternoon (corresponding almost exactly with a very brief but noticeable lifting of recent health ugliness), had a little "window" of intense/storm-level 37s coming on plates and signs and the like, which stopped as soon and, notably, coincided with return of health ugliness. Only real standout was a classical receipt/"randomly assigned number turning out to be a precise and common 37 variant"-type one, this time at DD when my order number was exactly 371, and my total $2.73, and then no less than three other random 37s on the receipt's various numbers, haha.

Had several very subtle, and oddly themed, thought/reading/radio ones at lunch, all with a newish "feel," sort of like those "partial"/"distorted"/purely essential kinds but with a twist that I can't really describe. Only really coherent example: hearing that "Bodies" song on the in-house radio at DD, which made me think (and also visualize in my mind's eye, as is so patternistic of these) of sensuality and hedonistic/shallow sex and that sort of thing -- and then the very next line in the 'Blood in the Cage' book read "Fighting shares a great deal with casual sex." This one could easily have been attributed to subconscious suggestion/peripheral-vision reading-ahead, etc, since the words were wholly visible, except, once again, I can distinctly trace my original thought to the explicit reaction I'd had to that "Bodies" song, again hinging entirely on an external, objective event. Had maybe three or four of these around the same time, then with a conspicuous absence of such activity through pretty much the rest of the day.


Day was sort of like yesterday in its preponderance of numbers and only a spattering of "normal" thought/reading/radio-type incidents and the like. As far as numbers went, had another sudden storm begin almost immediately after finishing lunch and setting off for Wilmington, again patternistic both of past travel and also of traveling to Wilmington, which almost always seems to set off these storms, even when my trips are totally unplanned and random like today. Today stood out a bit though, not just in the sheer volume of numbers (no less than two or three dozen memorable ones throughout the day, not counting the easily-coincidental types) but also in another hard-to-describe "texture"/"feel" to it all. One coherent theme was a weird "37 dog" thing that ran all through the day, beginning with several 37-variant-license-plate cars all sporting some fashion of "love my dog" bumper sticker or the like, all coming in quick, conspicuous succession just after lunch and then several more coming through the day. It sort of capped off when, on the way home, a car with a "3.7L" engine emblem passed, and a license plate reading FIFI -- which, for me, instantly evoked a general dog name, perhaps of a groomed French poodle or something, which tied into this theme in a ridiculously surreal, albeit "loose"/essential/non-literal, way. Just more damn-surreal stuff, all of it.

Some of the standout 37 variant traffic that I wrote down: a 1317-plate "drifter" truck that was tailgating me and forced me to get in the other lane and then passed me in *just such a way* that its plate crept directly into my line of sight, as is so strikingly patternistic of these now; at the beginning of the storm, precisely as I thought it notable enough to beginning writing down, I passed a truck with two conspicuous 37 variants on it, with it *just pulling up and stopping just so,* again perfectly and patternistically timed right as I passed, another of those combo "instant-thought-manifest"/number-repeat ones that I've been having off and on; a cool mini-cluster when I stopped at Lovey's, when, first, I passed not one but two "random parking space" 137 plates on the way back to the car, and then, upon getting in and keying the ignition, I saw the odometer was at 137.7, and the time was exactly 3:07; on the way out of Trader Joe's while walking on the sidewalk, a car with a 37 front plate pulled up and parked precisely as I passed, such that its plate "arrived" into my vision in that ridiculously synchronistic "animated" fashion, just so surreal and hilarious.

As far as "normal" standouts, there were only two, and again almost identical in fashion and "feel" and coming almost back-to-back, as is beginning to be another emerging pattern. First: hearing "bar" on the radio perfectly synchronistic with my coming upon a street sign reading "Bar Harbor," once again with my registering the "bar" coinciding absolutely precisely with the radio lyric, in that "impossible to orchestrate even subconsciously" fashion, as to make it super-notable/"striking" despite it being just a single random word; and then, a minute or so later, passing a random sign reading "baja" precisely as "down" sang from the radio, again with my registering the "baja" and thinking "down" as to coincide perfectly with the lyric, as to be another of those "bilingual"-type ones like that one in NYC a while ago when I thought "water" precisely as a nearby Hispanic man said "agua."

And of course a little receipt-number fun, seen just now after the fact (yet the receipt was received amidst the dozens-strong storm of afternoon): again buying some totally random and unplanned stuff, having the tax come out to be exactly $.73, and the receipt #502737.

And another, this one outright bizarre: got a random "signed up" spam email from that Ollie's place, which I'm sure I've never given my email address to (didn't register as spam though, oddly), and when I opened it, at the bottom was a random line reading "OA# 11731447," haha.


Significantly quieter today, compared both to yesterday and just lately, probably the quietest of late. Numbers went way down, almost nonexistent; only ones I can remember are a couple notable and patternistic "random parking space ones," without even the usual "background static" of in-traffic plates and the like.

Similarly quiet on the "normal" front, with the exception of a really cool and striking thought/reading/external event one at lunch, when I was at Beach Dreams and heard the owner sneeze loudly from the back, which made me think of how she'd been badly sick (as I'd overheard her telling several people over the course of my lunch) and, subsequently, the thought of whether she might've gotten germs in my tea when she'd fixed it -- and then, the very next line in the 'Blood in the Cage' book when I resumed reading it (I'd been interrupted by the sneeze, it was so loud and ugly-sounding), ended with "transmitting disease through bodily fluids," both in the same context of my thought and as to echo the thought perfectly, since I'd thought/visualized the sneezed mucus getting into my tea, 100% nonliterally/essentially echoing the "bodily fluids." Very notable, both in the timing and precision but also in its hinging on a 100% external and objective event, not to mention the patternistic quality of it all.

Also, a pretty cool "vague-random"-type recurrence as I've been having lately, now in regards to that butane stove I bought completely on a whim from that random flea market I'd stopped at last weekend. Today while browsing AirBNB listings and looking at the pictures for one, it had pictured in it a stove that was either exactly like the one I'd bought or one nearly identical in format/color/layout/type/same knobs and controls and in same places, etc -- when, as it were, it was the first I'd ever seen such a stove of this particular kind (with a sleeve that accepts a butane canister and closes back, etc) in my life when I bought it at the market, and then, today, in another relatively short timeframe, I saw it again, and in the most ridiculously random and unrelated/objective/independent of ways, and again 100% patternistic of these.

And another late/"just discovered it while logging receipts" receipt-type number-repeat: on random TJ Maxx receipt for baggage, item # "671073," $2.73 tax, at timestamp 13:17:17, with the line "Respond by 03/01/17" in the middle ...


A slight uptick today, at times surreally so, but still generally quiet compared to most days recently. As far as numbers, did have a smallish but noticeable cluster during and soon after lunch, including one of those "challenge"-types, where I saw a 702 plate pass conspicuously in traffic and thought absently "Now why wasn't that a 703?" -- and then, a split second afterward, the very next car to pass by, right behind the other, had a 73 plate, haha. Also, had a whole lot of 22s and variants today, even moreso than usual, with several of them corresponding to various little combo-thought-synchro-type radio lyrics and the like. One cool one was at lunch when I opened the 'Blood in the Cage' book to begin reading it, and noticed that it was on exactly page 222, this coming amidst the day's little 22 storm -- and then, at the very top of the page in the second line, it mentioned "twenty-two fighters." Maybe nothing, but was kind of a "one-two" repeat, or so it felt.

Had a couple cool "normal" standouts, both pretty damn notable and surreal. The first was at Goodwill when I saw that 'Vader's Princess' book or whatever it was called and started laughing my ass off at it -- and then, as I lowered the book to put it back on the shelf, it revealed the spine of a book reading "Belly Laughs." This one was so notable first because of the precision, since I was having what could only be described as a belly laugh (I was actually thinking of this as it happened, since it was the first time in a while I've had a really sudden, intense, candid, unexpected burst of laughter, as to bring about that characteristic "belly laugh"-type -- again suggesting that maybe the synchronistic "echo" in the book spine was simply from my thought, or was it from both the thought and the event itself?). But also the timing was dead-on, in that "impossible to orchestrate even subconsciously" fashion, and also in the "animated reveal" quality of my lowering the one book to reveal the "belly laughs" on the spine, all in that distinctly patternistic fashion, etc.

Then, about as notable and surreal later on this afternoon, I went to get a spare book to pack up for NY and, as I went to the bag and reached in for that 'Jennifer Government' book I'd pulled out of the trash so long ago and didn't really know if I wanted to read, I had the thought that I might as well take it and if I didn't like it I could just leave it at a table or something and pass it along to someone else -- and then, a split second after thinking this, I took the book out and looked at the cover, which had in the corner "Pass It On," as to echo perfectly the thought I'd had immediately before. Notable in itself, but again doubly so considering the total randomness and independence of the original thoughts, all of them occuring *before* I'd pulled the book out, when it's text/"Pass It On" was 100% not visible.

And then tonight, a big cluster of those vague/subjective/subtle reading synchros, and again "late," off my normal "schedule" of synchronistic activity. It started when I began reading the 'Fargo Rock City' book in the sauna tonight, which I bought totally randomly at Goodwill today (not planning on going there, and especially not buying a book, since I expected the Ghostman book in the mail today and wanted to begin reading that tonight). From right off the bag, had a reasonably notable "long chain of thought" synchro when, while leafing through the book's first few pages of publishing information and such, I had the thought that I should send it to my brother after I was done with it since he might be interested -- and then, seconds later when I turned to the first actual page of the text, the second line ended with "like many things, it was all my brother's fault." And not only was this relevant to the end of that chain of thoughts I'd just had, but the chapter went on to describe how his big brother had introduced him to Motley Crue, which is exactly what had happened to me, and at approximately the same ages and in the same circumstances, and with other subtler parallels that just ended up forging another of those meta-synchronistic "themes," with the book seeming to echo my past or present to varying degrees. And as I went on to read the first thirty or so pages of the book over the evening, more and more began announcing themselves, to varying degrees of notability and coherence. Examples: the book mentioned how the author learned to drive young on a tractor, and several other tractor references in one part, when on the way home today, a couple hours earlier, I'd had that tractor pass directly in front of me, which I both noticed and Noticed, it being the first tractor I've encountered in a long time as well as just Standing Out in that special way; the book mentioned the album 'Slippery When Wet' by Bon Jovi, when I'd just been thinking of that album specifically the day before last up in Wilmington, when I'd heard a BJ song on the radio and then minutes later passed a sign reading "slippery when wet" (this along with maybe 6 or 7 other references to bands I've encountered for the first time in a while over the last couple days, randomly on the radio and such). Notable individually, but damn surreal taken together (and of course it fits the pattern of these other "big vague themes echoing reality in various ways" incidents).


So much today, every bit as hugely eventful as past NYC departures, unlike that conspicuously quiet last time. Day started with another healthy dose of more vague book recurrences involving the 'Fargo' book and my general life and thoughts, etc: reading of abortion in the most random way possible this morning, in that upper NY state local 'Sentinel' paper I'd pulled out of the trash, which had this "thirty years ago" article from 1972 or something, about abortion and the like, the first I'd read of it in a while, and then the book mentioned Roe v Wade and 70s abortion issues in general (barely notable in itself, but a great "collective" example of the vague parallels recurrences between it and my life, this among maybe a dozen or more others as to be ridiculously surreal); more notably, I had the VH song "Right Now" in my head all day, again for the first time in months? years? and then the book had a page-long description of it tonight; that Sentinel paper mentioning Columbine, again the first I'd read/heard of it for quite a while, then the book mentioning it tonight, much like the abortion mention; more surreally but very vague, upon hearing a Guns N' Roses song on the radio today, I'd had a vague-but-memorable thought of what the story behind Axl and Slash's meeting might be -- and then the book outlined exactly this tonight, hugely notable really, for all its randomness for anyone but me, a sort of q-n-a in itself; the book mentioning the New York Dolls band in a long part I read at lunch, and then when I got to NYC, a passing cab had a sign advertising a strip club or something entitled New York Dolls (another of the "collectively notables" that I can remember); my thinking randomly of the "Electric Avenue" song in Wilmington a couple days ago, then reading of it in the book (despite it being an 80s pop song and the book being about heavy metal, haha).

Pretty big uptick in thought/reading/sign-type ones too, and of a newish "feel." One was another of those "immediately upon leaving the house this morning" ones, when I read "fire wood" on a nearby truck when looking around, precisely as the CD player sang "fire," again perfectly synchronistic and patternistic/striking, etc. And then, totally damn surreal, maybe to a new level: just as I was writing that, two minor-but-notable one-word/thought incidents back to back, first with the neighbor's loud CD player singing "one" precisely as I wrote "one was another," and then, seconds later when I wrote "fire," a fire engine's siren wailed in the distance, another of those sort of "echoing synchronicities" incident, except two of them, wow.

Also, several "nearby stranger"/reading/thought types over the course of the day, mostly of those individually unnotable one-word types but did have a cool and somewhat unique standout at lunch in Starbucks. A couple seconds after I read "satanism," the woman sitting nearby randomly said "one-six-six-six," and though it wasn't in the same context nor was literally precise nor perfectly synchronistic (why not precise or synchronistic this time?), there was still the obvious recurrence of the "satanism" theme, and still very very closely timed.

Lots and lots and lots of numbers today, far too many to remember, slowly escalating until I again hit NYC and got in a cab and the floodgates opened, with them just suddenly hitting me from every angle and vector with profusion, just so damn surreal, on about every other license plate (or sometimes several together) and sign and other unique ones I can't even remember. Some standouts I managed to jot down: a magazine subscription reply card left in the pouch of the seat in front of me on the flight, the big address on it "PO Box 37428, Boone IA 50037," not hugely notable in itself but "thickened" the surreality when it came amidst the preceding storm; passing a truck with a 73 plate again *just so* that the "73" was the only visible part to me, with the rest obscured by the tow hitch, patternistically so; seeing an approaching car as I was leaving the Starbucks lot and distinctly, 100% KNOWING it would have a 73 plate of some fashion, despite its plate being 100% invisible to me as I had this Knowing, and then seeing it had a 713 plate once it finally turned past (also, it was yet another black Charger sports car, building more on that theme ...); several conspicuous ones on the way into the airport, random-parking-space style, when I'd again been forced to choose a ridiculously random space.

Then tonight at the Airbnb, another conspicuously vague parallel, when I read in that instruction sheet for the heater they had in there and it noted how keeping your windows and doors sealed can keep in heat, and Noticing this distincty -- and then, upon going to bed maybe 30 minutes later (for the first time here), I felt a draft, coming from the poorly sealed window ...


A continuation of yesterday's "ridiculously surreal" level of activity.

Numbers: still more than I can possibly write down or remember beyond "SO MANY AND SO RANDOM AND NOTABLE AND NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO FABRICATE PSYCHOLOGICALLY," again with my "walking tour" of Brooklyn bringing them from every possible vector,, from again about every other LP I encountered (I even tried not to see them, and took the most ridiculously random and illogical and inconvenient turns, yet there they were, seeking me out and invading my line of sight, etc). Had multiple "found litter" ones, though with "only" scattered 37s on them, though did have one standout in this regard when I went to the health food store on 16th St and got a %15 discount on the two cucumbers I'd randomly bought, saving me 37 cents exactly, which showed up conspicuously on the register's display ("-0.37") -- and why'd I get a discount on only the cucumbers, instead of all the other stuff I bought, or any discount at all???? Also, another I wrote down: after lunch I had to stop and sit down to load the stuff from VS into my backpack, and after sitting on a stoop out of the sun, I thought I'd go across the street to an equally accessible stoop that *was* in the sun -- and only after going over there did I realize it was for building number "#1703," with my being seated directly beneath the numbers, haha (again: drawn there by the distinct, objective desire for sunlight).

Still more 'Fargo' book vague recurrences, such as hearing a song on the random store I'd stopped in before lunch and thinking "That sounds like George Michaels" and then the book mentioning GM minutes later when I ate lunch. Several of these, again collectively notable and just so surreal, and also a lot of them building on that super-subjective/obscure-but-personally-notable theme of recurring/reemerging childhood/adolesecent thoughts/feelings/themes, still don't know what the hell to make of this really but it's been very pronounced over the last two days (something astrological perhaps?).

Several more really damn cool/notable/surreal "nearby stranger"-type incidents today, again more than I can recall despite their notability. One: right as I passed an unhappy-looking woman with a group of kids and thought distinctly of how "sour" she looked, one of the nearby children said "she looks so grumpy," which I'm pretty sure was just a random comment not referring to the woman (but echoing my thought perfectly all the same); another "ridiculously surreal"/hyper-notable one, when I was reading the Spanish/English building-rules sheets outside the door of the Airbnb and right as I read "e," someone one of the (closed) apartments said "e," and the two were both 100% in context, both being the Spanish transitive verb (or whatever that is, the exact same word/usage anyway), and both coinciding with such ridiculously perfect precision it just beggars description; another "loose/imprecise but still notable" one very much like the "satanism" one yesterday, when I randomly checked the tmestamp on my second coffee at Starbucks at lunch and saw the "12:01" timestamp, a split second before the girl seated nearby said randomly to her friend "twelve on the dot," which was in the same "time" context and perfectly echoed my thought of "twelve," although my cup read 12:01 (again perhaps reflective of some interpretive/circumstantial element?).

And then to round of the day somewhat, a pedestrian spin on those "randomly and conspicuously encountering the same car twice in the same day, miles and miles apart." It started when a man in a jean jacket cut in front of me at an intersection and I both noticed and Noticed him, as to make him stand out in that distinct and patternistic fashion of these, with the effect lingering all several blocks I trailed him, when I'd had no such noticing/Noticing of the dozens and dozens of other pedestrians I'd walked amongst up to then -- and then, about an hour later, I encountered him again, in a whole other neighborhood and a mile or two away from the first, which, in NYC-walking pedestrian terms, might well have been on the other side of the cosmos. Again mildly notable in itself, from a chance perspective, but then significantly moreso given my distinct Noticing of this man.

Plus, noticing a sudden and conspicuous resurgence of 1111s/111s/variants, after not seeing too many of these for a while (signaling a "downloading" as I've theorized?). Saw several vague/subtle ones upon leaving the pad this morning and starting the day's NYC walk, and then at lunch had a pretty conspicuous one, when the timestamp on my Starbucks coffee was exactly 11:11:01 AM, which was reasonably notable in itself but again moreso given the circumstances of it, because I'd talked to the cashier for a minute or so before actually placing the order, asking whether that nitro coffee was available and him having to ask the manager if it was and then finally telling me it wasn't -- once again all these little, abnormal things conspiring to bring about the recurrence of that exact number on the timestamp, etc, as is so patternistic of these. Really cool.


Had a morning-long storm of "walking around NYC" 37s, again to just ridiculously surreal levels, everywhere I looked and then some, with them seeking me out, etc, such that it was again the exception that I didn't see them. Though, oddly, were mostly just vaguer/subtler ones rather than the blatant, coherent, conspicuous types (though there were plenty of these too, I just can't possibly remember them all). It sort of peeked when I went to that random Flatbush McDonald's for coffee at lunch and had several more-conspicuous types, such as a child flipping on his phone to "12:37 PM" precisely as the phone entered my line of sight, and the servers Just Happening to call out a big string of 37-containing order numbers right when I arrived.

Lots of subtle thought/reading/radio types too, again to surreal levels despite their relative incoherence/"smallness." Did have an exception to this mid-afternoon, suddenly interrupting the background static: while at that random market I stopped in, can't remember where or what it was called (Compelled to go in), precisely as my eyes fell on a container of mustard on a shelf, a nearby stranger (in another aisle, totally invisible to me) said "mustard," not only perfectly synchronistic but again following that pattern of "me registering the thought of 'mustard'" with absolute precision/"synchronicity" with the stranger saying the word (and, likewise, the first container of mustard I'd seen in the place, rather than my being in a whole big mustard-only aisle or something).

Then this evening, on the way home, had maybe one of those most profound and blatant, albeit simple, incidents to date, a sort of hybrid "ask and receive"/thought manifestation/intuitional Compelling one. It started when I overdid it on the walking and ended up irritating my right knee again, and thus was unable to keep walking, thus forcing me to sit on a random bench by Prospect Park and begin dialing up a Uber ride. However, after I sat there a minute, I remembered how I was about to finish my book and didn't have a new one to read in its place and that I'd planned on stopping somewhere on the way back and getting one, which I couldn't do if I got a Uber ride, and so I decided to get up and try my knee again after resting it, but I only got a few steps before it starting hurting again, and so I was forced to another bench, just a hundred feet or so from the first -- and then, as I sat down, there on the bench was a book, with no one else anywhere around, suggesting it had just been left there with the intention of someone just taking it if they wanted it -- and so I got my book, exactly as I'd "asked" for, and just barely a couple minutes afterward, a record for these. Also bears mentioning that the book was one that interested me, too. Really damn surreal, can't even put into words how surreal it was.


Day started with another of those "immediately upon leaving the house"-type clusters of incidents, and these also following that pattern of "a whole bunch of very vague/subtles through morning, then gaining some coherence at lunch/afternoon" (corresponding with increase in energy/coherence/general improvement upon eating and reading and such?). Today it followed another of those distinct, albeit hard to explain, themes, now of those "instant thought manifestation/recurrence"-types, almost all of them just too subtle to convey for all their notability. Best example: encountering this random girl on a bike with conspicuous pink socks and shorts and thinking/registering "pink," a split second before I looked over her shoulder and directly at a "PINK" bumper sticker on a school bus parked just in front of her, creating that "thought echo" effect I've come to know so well. Then, at lunch, example of the more-coherent/refined "peak" of this: after I'd just gotten situated in the Jus place and eaten a couple bites and read a couple pages, I realized I was sitting with my back to the wall from the entrance, in a good, strategic position -- and then, precisely as this thought registered, I read "back against the wall" in the 'Fargo' book, and once again, I can distinctly and 100% confidently trace back the thoughts to my objective, indepedent realization that I was sitting with my back against the wall, so that, even though the text was visible to my periphally at the time the thought originated, it once again hinged on that entirely external/separate circumstance, etc. Just wow.

Then, this evening when refilling the Metro card, a really cool standout 37-repeat. It started when, first, my balance on the card came out to exactly $6.37 despite my adding only $5.50 to it, because of this weird value-added feature that came with adding the set option of $5.50 rather than your own amount -- when, otherwise, I would've added only the money I needed to get the even $5.50 figure needed for two rides, another of those weird and obscure circumstances that gave way to the number-repeat, as is so often the case with these, like that 11:11:01 timestamp on the Starbucks cup. But then, upping the notability a little: when I reached in the slot to get my receipt for the transaction, I pulled out a second receipt, from whoever was there before me, and it had "AUTH# 04317" right in the middle of it (the only 37 on it, but, given the first $6.37 and the other circumstances, another one of those deals where it all just meshed together to form a sort of double/meta-incident).

And still having those vague-yet-collectively-noticeable reading recurrences involving the Fargo book and other random reading material/life events, etc. Now: the book mentioning UB40 when, on the trip to Wilmington the other day like several of these other musical references, I'd just heard their hit song "Red Red Wine" and danced/grooved on it in particular, when I'd not heard it in a while; and, a bit more coherent and notable: when at the airport on the 17th, there'd been a couple of staff circulating amongst the long taxi line, wearing old-timey colonial hats and asking these trivia questions about Presidents since it was Presidents' Day soon I guess, and I'd overheard one single question, for which the first of the multiple choice answers was William McKinley, the first I'd heard/seen/encountered his name in months? years? etc -- and then it was mentioned today in the 'Fargo' book, as randomly (though, I'm only about 85-90% sure that the name the airport guys dropped was McKinley, so this one might've been nothing).

And then, this evening, part two of yesterday's "found a book on a bench" incident: today when I stopped at a random bench to drink some water and write a note, there was a book sitting on it, left there with no one around as if to be taken by anyone who wanted it, exactly like yesterday (though I didn't think/"ask" for it today). Hard to say what the chances of this are (is this a common practice in NYC, leaving books on benches for others to take?), but as it were, it was only the second time I've ever done this, the first being yesterday -- which leads me to wonder if this wasn't some type of a recurrence rather than an ask-and-receive or thought-manifest one, with it being another of those synchronistic recurrences of a synchronistic event (rather than a repetition of the actual synchronicity?). Again just so damn surreal.

And then tonight had another "late" one, also of a reading-recurrence type involving the Fargo book and real-life events, though this one less vague and more striking/surreal/coherent/notable. It started when I finished the Fargo book and, oddly, the very last page was a xerox of a letter the author had received from a landlord, telling him that the landlord was receiving complaints of the author playing loud music and "jumping around his apartment" late at night -- and then, maybe 15-20 minutes later when I went to bed in the Airbnb, a weird racket arose from the neighboring apartment, a sort of periodic slamming/rocking/"pounding" noise, which not only echoed the theme of "noisy neighbors," but sounded suspiciously like someone in there was jumping around (that was my initial thought upon hearing the noise, actually).


Day was oddly quiet, another of those conspicuous downturns, this one seeming to coincide with my generally abysmal health/energy/toxicity throughout the day, a big downturn from the rest of the NYC stay. From what I remember, only had a few vague/subtles through the day and on my journey to the airport, with barely even any 37s during my street-walking. Did pick up a little once I sat down in LGA and started reading that random book I'd found, when I had a noticeable-albeit-subtle string of those "striking"-type of one-word/"small" reading incidents, mostly involving nearby strangers saying the exact word I was reading, precisely as I read it, etc, such as "fun" when someone said "fun," and, once, reading "web site" precisely as a woman just across from me randomly said "web site" (why does it seem that the nearby strangers in these are always in relatively close proximity to me, physical-distance-wise?). Did have a little heightening/refining/coherent period while on the plane, a sudden string of about 3-4 within the window of a few minutes. Examples: having a song that had been looping in my head for hours/all day sing out "I can feel it," precisely as the plane lifted off and shook and the little girl sitting next to me yelled "I feel it!," with the two "feel its" echoing one another perfectly (a sort of in-head version of a nearby-stranger/radio combo, damn surreal in any case); and then, a minute later, my reading "shake it up, baby" in that internet book precisely as the other little girl across the aisle loudly shook a bottle of cereal or something, the two both perfectly synchronistic in timing and perfectly precise (especially considering that this girl was the younger of the two, probably 2 or 3, very much still a "baby").


Don't remember specifics of the day, but did note a couple cool standouts. First was in the morning, and another of those sudden, out of nowhere, "breaking a period of 'silence'" ones, now a classical radio/objective event: precisely as I stopped to pull out of Kroger and a car with a plate on the front reading "Papa D" passed by, the radio sang out "papa," again with my thought/registering of the plate's "papa" coinciding absolutely perfectly with the radio lyric, in that super-surreal way that never stops striking me senseless. Seems like I had several lesser/subtler ones to this effect through the day, but can't remember exactly.

Did have a pretty cool one immediately as I sat down to dinner. When I took the first bite of that weird maca/cucumber/cardamom dish and found it delicious, I thought "that's pretty good" -- and then, a split second later when I opened the 'Ghostman' book, the very first words were "The food was amazing." It wasn't 100% precise, but the underlying theme of "good food" was certainly there, and in the same context; however, the timing was absolutely "perfect," such that it was pretty damn notable/surreal, etc.


Day was quiet in some ways, yet in another way very active, in that there was a big background static of subtle thought/reading/sign/radio types and a lot of numbers too, but almost all of the subtle variety, never really graduating to the coherent level that's conveyable to text. Best example of these: precisely as "we can dance" sang from the radio, I came upon a woman dancing on the street corner in advertisement of that tax firm. Had several "random parking lot"-type 37/variant license plates too, but again these were about as coherent as it got. Another day that's notable for its conspicuous inactivity in these lines, after days of prominent "normal" activity.

Had a late one tonight too: precisely as I read "cut off" in the 'Ghostman' book, the sauna turned off, perfectly synchronistic and coherent and almost fully literal, unlike the vagueish (albeit abundant) ones of the rest of the day. Damn surreal, again in that patternistically "impossible to orchestrate" fashion that marks these so often. A few lesser, vague ones around this time too.


Day was overall very active on all fronts, numbers, thought/reading/radio incidents, subtles of all kinds, etc. Also, noticed a "variedness" to the day, with several different "themes"/"flavors" of incidents dominating different parts of the day, with morning being characterized by a steady, albeit subtle, stream of a certain weird type of subtle/"fleeting"-type of thought/reading synchros. Best example I got down: having a song loop through my head all morning where the chorus went something like "young hearts live free," and precisely as the loop hit this chorus at one point, I pulled that PF shirt out of the bag (for the first time, without having looked at it before) and unfolded it to the big "BE FREE" on the front, with the two "frees" coinciding (was very much like that one on the plane the other day, the "I feel it" in my head and the little girl, as well as with an element of those "animated"/"reveal"-type incidents I've come to know).

Then, right before I left the house and on the way up to Shallotte for lunch, had another kind present itself, now of a more-precise and classical, albeit "smallish"/not 100% precise, type of thought/radio synchros, all coming in that perfectly coincidental/synchronistic "striking fashion." Examples: randomly thinking of the coffee shop I was heading to, while simultaneously passing Dunkin Donuts, precisely as the CD player sang out "probably drinkin coffee"; a really cool and more notable one, when I had a long chain of thought end with the summery clothes I was wearing, the shorts and tank top and light jacket, and how they made me feel so different, made me feel so "summer" rather than "winter," stirring all these feelings/parts of myself that I'd forgotten since the weather turned last fall -- precisely as the radio sang out "I remembered something I'd lost," echoing the essence of my thoughts perfectly (and, again for both of these incidents, the songs had sung those lyrics without precedent, not as a chorus but just random one-time lyrics, etc).

And then, almost immediately upon setting out this morning, the conspicuous 37s started back up, along with a steady background static of "lesser"/"smaller" ones on license plates and the like. This continued for the whole day, but then, upon my finally getting near Wilmington, they again exploded, reaching totally surreal levels, almost exactly as in the past (why does Wilmington especially always bring this about???). Really crazy at some points again, such as at Trader Joe's parking lot (always the 37 hot spot of these trips it seems) when I had no less than 6 or 7 conspicuous ones there alone, what must be a record, and all of that ridicuously "intelligent"/"cute"/"orchestrated" "random-parking-space" kind.


Day was overall pretty high-activity, though not quite as much as yesterday, and of another distinctly different "feel"/"groove," this again corresponding with being in a different place both physically and energetically/mentally/emotionally. Had some scattered very small/subtles through morning and lunch, though the day's activity really only "started up" just after lunch in the SB parking lot with a cool super-conspicuous 37 repeat, when I went to cross the parking lot to the car and there were two cars sitting at bad angles to where I needed to go, so after hesitating for a few seconds, rather than risk getting hit I went around back of the cars, in awkward/inconvenient fashion -- and precisely as I did, one car backed out of a parking space with its 573 license plate coming directly into my line-of-sight, in that super-surreal "animated"/"revealing" fashion, impossible to orchestrate or ignore. And then, a split second later as I altered my path yet again, now to round the backing-up car, I passed a second 37 plate, this on a parked motorcycle I had to walk directly past, such that the two again came back-to-back in "wham-bam" fashion, all as a sort of hybrid conspicuous/random-parking-space meta-incident. Ended up having a ton of conspicuous numbers through the day, again each of which was notable and significant enough to note but I just couldn't possibly remember them all (though I did notice that these seemed to come in "clusters" throughout the day, with periods of conspicuous inactivity/"silence" that seemed to correspond with periodic dips in health/energy and the like, as is becoming an emerging pattern). Also, at the parking lot in VS, had another of those "randomly and distinctly Compelled to park in some random out-of-the-way space despite it being inconvenient and just plain illogical" ones, this time when I parked in a space totally different than I usually do at the MB VS, this time finding myself directly beside a 3713 plate (when, once again, the car was 100% invisible to me until I rounded a bend and parked in this space, only visible until I'd actually parked and not a second sooner, etc, etc).

Did have a decent showing of "normal" thought/reading/radio-type ones today, but they were almost all subtle, and even then a significant downturn from yesterday. Really the only coherent-enough example was a pretty cool double that happened on the way home, both with the radio randomly singing "look around" precisely as I had to conspicuously and awkwardly turn in my seat to see if there was any traffic in my blind spot before changing lanes, and both times were both 100% objective/perfectly synchronstic/independent/impossible to orchestrate, as well as 100% identical, with the same context and song and events, etc. Also, it smacked of that "reminder"/"insistent" pattern I've experienced before, where I either forget something or don't note it and then it happens again and I remember and/or write it down (this time, I'd just forgotten the first one, with it being in heavy traffic/distraction, etc ...).


Had another day with those distinct "periods" of different kinds/"flavors" of incidents, a new pattern establishing itself it seems. Morning was characterized by a newish sort of distorted/partial/"extremely underlying essence" kind of incident that I've been having over the last couple days, seeming to reflect that current weird headsickness I've been having. Some examples: reading a random article in that New Yorker I pulled from the trash last time in NYC, about the twitter prank that made me think of that William Gibson novel I'd read, and then, in the very next paragraph, it quoted William Gibson (which I'd thought would be in reference to that same novel I'd read, but turned out to be a totally separate, unrelated quote that they'd Just Happened to use ...); randomly reading "click" precisely as a random "click" sounded from the house (the roof heating up in the morning sun I think). Also, from the last couple days, that I didn't note at the time: when I randomly read about that weird rule from the old London banking house in the 'Train Robbery' book, about employees having to "have their own pens," which I'd Noticed at the time, and then, twice in the following day, I ended up randomly needing a pen at a weird time in a weird way (and, both times, I'd Just Happened to have one in an equally weird/unlikely way/for unlikely reasons, such as my finding that random Planet Fitness pen and putting it in the Miata, or the one I'd found and put in my coat pocket and then needed to write the notes on the money); randomly reading in some magazine or another (more of these vague, totally random-type of recurrences sort of) about "Billy Budd," which made me think of that Morrissey album with a song of that name on it, and then, less than a day later, I started the 'Train Robbery' book and it mentioned "Spring Heeled Jack," which was another song on that same Morrissey album and made me think of it just the same, as my initial reaction to the words, just like before (this one was evocative of the William Gibson one from this morning). In the end, had several of these through the morning, as to lend to the ultimate "flavor" of this "period" of the day.

Had a pretty cool thought/reading one at lunch: after sitting down for my second course in Starbucks, in the side corner of the room, very much "away" from the front counter and everyone else in the dining room, I randomly-but-distinctly thought about how "away" I felt, and that I felt to be sort of "lurking"/"observing" -- and then, a split second later, I opened the 'Train Robbery' book and the very first words (on a new page that I'd had to turn to past a title page for a new section of the book, not having seen this new page when closing the book before) were "Mr. Henry Fowler, seated in a dark recess of the taproom at lunch hour," which was similar in a literal fashion but almost exactly precise in non-literal/underlying essence fashion, since I'd very much felt to be in a "dark recess" of the dining room (which was right around 1 PM, very much lunch hour). What's more, this one very much echoed that one from the night before last when I'd thought of how good dinner was and then opened up the one book to "the food was amazing," as well as almost identical to that one in the Jus place up in NYC the other day when I'd also thought randomly-but-distinctly about where I was sitting in the dining room there, which was also "away" and removed. A sort of meta-recurrence? Damn surreal.

Another big day for numbers too, still predominately 37s (having some 1111s here and there still, along with the usual showings of 44, 212, 22, and 1717 and variants, is the latest trend). Still mostly license plates in traffic too, and again just so many conspicuous and notable ones that I just couldn't note them all, much less the "background static" of others. Ones I remember: several more completely random and completely patternistic "random parking space" ones, all more or less in that same vein of being Compelled into a specific space (or seen there by totally objective events/circumstances) and finding myself confronted with some manner of number-repeat, still mostly 37s; had several of the "pulling up to a stoplight directly behind a 37 plate after lots of random circumstances"; had a cool "reveal"-type one when going to the car at the Kroger parking lot, when I had to wait for a car to turn out (which I again did somewhat over-cautiously/quasi-Compelled to, as is again so often the pattern with these), only to have it turn past me and "reveal" a 3/17/17-expiring temp tag directly into my line of sight (and again I wasn't even looking for the plate, instead just waiting to have the car pass and its plate Just Happening to enter my line of sight precisely as the car turned and the plate became visible ...); having a car pull out in front of me totally recklessly, forcing me to slam on my brakes, only to reveal a 738 plate, haha.

Also, another of those "saw a random car conspiucously multiple times and in different places," this time this crazy custom black-and-green conversion van with NIGHT NIGHT stenciled on the front, which I've seen three separate times within the last two days, all in the general MB area but still miles apart and relatively unlikely, again befitting this weird ass pattern.


Something of a downturn in certain ways today, though really more of a "shift" than a lessening, without that "periodic" nature of the last couple days, instead just pretty much the same "flavor" of incidents through the day (when there were any at all). Today was mostly about numbers, still mostly 37s and still about as prominent and steady and ridiculously surreal as the last few days, really only a total lessening of "normal"/thought-type incidents.

Many conspicuous license plates/traffic ones, including another of those super-surreal/"animated"/"reveal"-type ones, almost exactly like in the Kroger parking lot with the 3/17/17 car-turn-out one. Today it was at TJ Maxx when I went to return the bag, where right as I got out to the van, a car turned and its 7735 plate was again "flashed" directly in my line of sight, in that perfectly synchronistic/patternistic/impossible-to-orchestrate timing, just utterly seamless and surreal.

Also, a weird kind of hybrid, of a 37-plate "reveal" and another of those somewhat subtle "same type of car parking in the same space shortly after a first one vacated it." This time it was at DD at lunch, beginning when a white late-model Ford crossover/mini-suv or whatever parked directly in front of me, making me look up/demanding my attention, etc, and then, minutes later when this car pulled off, a second, nearly identical car took its place, also a late-model white crossover of nearly the exactly same body type and shape/"look", etc. This one was a Volvo but really the only difference was the nameplates, so similar were they -- actually, the first one was still waiting to pull out when the second one had parked, so soon did it arrive (in the exact same parking space), such that I was able to look back and forth between them and compare. Again mildly notable like the others of these, except a bit moreso since it fits what is now a reasonably established pattern, etc. The hybrid part comes in when, as I was looking between these two cars and comparing them and just kind in that "synchroshocked" double-take state, a third car passed between them, and at just precisely the right time and at the right angle that its 703 plate sliced across my vision in "revealing" fashion, all of this just heightening the effect of both. And now that I think of it, this seems to be a trend, the meshing/combining/hybridization/simultaneous occurrence of different types of synchronicities, as if something seems to be changing/speeding up/or maybe conglomerating/merging? (Or is it just multiple, separate synchronicities beginning to occur simultaneously, separate on one level but "synchronized" on another?)

Also had some pretty cool and notable receipt-types, including a "cluster" of them when I was at TJ Maxx and then Publix immediately after, in the same trip as it were. It started with the new receipt for the return, which had four individual 37 variants on it, as to be notable in that regard alone, but also given the context of these. The first one was the tax to be refunded, $2.73, which therefore made the actual refund to be $41.73, but then, when the cashier was doing it up, she did something wrong and accidentally took out $10.00 separately, which caused her to have to pull out $31.73 to make up for it, all of which were printed on the receipt (together, clumped on sequential lines with only the "$10.00" between them), and then followed in the receipt's middle with "Respond by 3/13/17" (to the survey). But then, upping notability even more: attached to the new receipt was the one from my original purchase, on which also had four totally random and conspicuous 37 variants, all clinched by a 5th, the precisely "13:17:17" timestamp of the original purchase (seems like I noted this original receipt as a notable one in itself, or if not I should have). And then, to up the notability of it even more, the receipt from the Publix trip I took just after was equally notable with random 37s, this time another of those "bought a bunch of random stuff I hadn't even planned for only to have the total come out to exactly some conspicuous 37 variant," this time a blatant "$30.70," and after the pre-tax total was "$29.37," and the register information was "R173 9457 C0773." This has to be the current record-holder for receipt-types.

And then a found-litter one: at the gym parking lot I was Compelled to pick up some random trash that was around and then throw it in the dumpster there, and when I did, right on top of the mound was an "instant issue" debit card that someone had thrown away without cutting up (only bending it), and so I thought I should take it out and properly cut it up -- only to find that the number is "4737 0339 8311 3179," haha.

Also, a ton of those super-subtle, random, individually dismissable ones throughout the day, as I've been experiencing almost constantly for weeks now but seems to be intensifying somewhat, with these vague parallels and "small" recurrences throughout the day, all meshed from random reading material and things I've been exposed to through my day and just my life/thoughts/feelings themselves being "echoed" in various manners and in various attitudes and by various avenues -- again just so damn ridiculously surreal, especially when experienced against the individual, "proper" incidents. One example: lavender, seen three separate times today in conspicuous fashion, with my Noticing the first and then noting the uncommon recurrence of the second and then, by the third, confirming it as yet another of these subtles (first was in one of the random throwaway magazines I read this morning, then the second one was ... I forget, might've been in the *second* throwaway magazine I read, this evening, and but then the third time was when I started up the computer this evening and the random Windows "Welcome" screen with trivia and stuff was an enormous field of lavender ...).

Also had a weird, somewhat unique little "stray" thought/radio one at lunch, of that "distorted"/partial variety. This time it was reading "burglarproof" in the 'Train Robbery' book precisely as "fireproof" sang from the DD in-house radio, and I could see this one easily being written off since really the only parallel is in the "proof" rather than anything underlying/essential and in the type of conjugated-noun or whatever you'd call it (unless maybe it was another of those super-obscure type of "underlying essence echos" I've experienced?), except that the timing was so precise and patternistic, and there was just enough similarity, I found it notable.

And then finally another of those "late" type of reading recurrences I've been having, except this one is highly coherent and precise as well as patternistic. It started at lunch when I read in the 'Train Robbery' book of London's Crystal Palace, which I both noticed and Noticed, with it being the first I'd ever read of this in my life, and besides that, it just Stood Out in that special and memorable way I've come to identify -- and then, in that second throwaway magazine I read today, this evening in the sauna, it randomly mentioned "The Crystal Palace," and though this was the Disney World one, the echoing of "Crystal Palace" was certainly there, as well as the pattern of my Noticing the first, etc.

And another late one, now another of those "Just Happening to stop reading my book on page 173 or 37 or something due to objective circumstances," this time with the 'Train Robbery' book when I finished dinner, finishing on page 172 (when it was the first on the leaf, so that 173 was still open/visible when I finished, etc, which has been the case with several of these). And, once again, its mildly notable from the pattern, but moreso considering that it was again a 100% objective circumstance which saw me stopping on this very page, now due to my finishing the first course of dinner and the Cyma finishing about 10 seconds later -- such that I had just enough time to finish reading page 171 and flip to 172 (and thus the new leaf with 173), almost to the second.


Day started with a weird and unique one in the night, though this one might've been nothing. I remember being half-awake and having a big long random chain of thought that ended with thinking about taking a trip on the motorcycle somewhere, long-distance, which in turn made me think of weather and rain, and then in turn made me think of how it hadn't rained here in a while, and then, finally, the thought, "It's got to rain eventually" -- and, if I remember right, some raindrops fell on the roof just after, like a split second later, and the first of a shower, when there'd been no rain, even showers, here for weeks. Though, due to being only half-away, I really can't say with certainty that this is how it happened; in any case, it did indeed seem that way in what I can recall of it.

Otherwise, much "quieter" today in regards to thought/"normal" incidents, in fact the least in days or weeks, almost none at all, even of subtle/background-static types -- again conspicuous in their absence, to that point of being oddly notable in itself. Did however have a steady amount of numbers through the day, and again of the same theme of "predominately 37s on license plates, including a bunch of conspicuous traffic incidents/random-parking-space ones," etc. Had another of those "car pulling out dangerously in front of me in traffic, only to reveal its 37 plate," today a slow-moving car pulling in front of me while I was out on the bike, revealing its blatant 317 plate, almost exactly like yesterday's slow/dangerous pull-out over on 17. Still managed to hit the point of surreal, just not quite "ridiculously" so as its been, and it bears mentioning that this did indeed seem to correspond with another drastic shift in health/energy/consciousness (which, interestingly, was a shift to a much more relaxed and calm and generally less headsick/toxic state, which seemed to be reflected in that day's general synchronistic "calm" and "silence" ...).

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