Synchronicity log for 2018


Another of those "downtick corresponding with bigtime health slump" days.

Most of the day's coherent activity was in numbers, which really weren't too less notable nor active than yesterday (though starting distinctly later today, with not a one on the way to lunch despite highway-driving and the like, and then, magically, they started up again just after lunch, again as if a button had been pushed/switch thrown, etc). Ended up having another of those gradual-onset background statics of low-key traffic 37-plates by midafternoon, with a peppering of conspicuous ones in there today, though definitely a downturn from yesterday (had another of those "one random car in a parking lot with its brakelights on as I walked past, thus demanding my attention and forcing me to see its 37 plate," as well as one that was nearly identical to that super-surreal "drifter" one yesterday where the 1337 plate drifted *just* into where I Just Happened to be looking at the time, with the same weird, unlikely angles and alignment and such, except a 637-plate this time). Had another of those "alignments" too, where a car with a 370-plate passed one with a 777, again for a split but conspicuous second with the two plates aligning both horizontally and vertically with that perfect patternistic precision. Seems like there were some other semi-notable standouts in there too, but I can't recall them just now, memory of the day so spotty from headsickness.

Still having an elevated amount of random/"everywhere" 37s and minority repeats, oddly (that is, elevated above the normally surreal amount encountered daily, haha). Had a lot of semi-conspicuous ones again, too many, just all bled into one again. Do remember one example: another super-random trash newspaper, where one page had a big security-camera snapshot with a big multiple-37 timestamp in the upper-right corner, and then, in an unrelated article just below that one, it was about a woman who was fired for her job for arguing about a cash refund of $317.99 on something she'd bought ...

Almost a total absence of individually notable/coherent thought-type incidents today, even at lunchtime and dinnertime reading and other typically "peak" times of day. Really, the only activity along these lines today was another of those "periodic daylong clusters of super-subtle echoes/thematics/recurrences/weird deja-vu-like experiences," also 100% identical in pattern/feel/nature/behavior as recently, just without that scattered punctuation of more-coherent standouts.

The most coherent, standoutish ones of the day were a pair of patternistically identical ones coming close together mid-afternoon, as these patternistically similar ones seem to do, both involving partial-but-perfectly timed radio echoes of passing signs as I registered them. The first was when I turned off the highway on the way home, onto the Robert Edge Parkway, and precisely as I went beneath the sign at the exit and registered the "Robert Edge" portion of it, the radio sang out "edge!" randomly and singularly. Next, it happened again just down the road at the dump, when I turned into the gate and passed/registered a big sign reading "KEEP RIGHT" precisely as the radio randomly said "right," again with my registering the "RIGHT" corresponding strikingly/perfectly synchronistically with the radio word. Had a few other, similar ones like these too, enough to establish a pattern and the like. One other little typical example of the super-subtles: precisely as I counted to "3" while using the computer, timing, the clock in the lower-right corner of the screen ticked from 9:12 to 9:13, the appearance of the 3 corresponding perfectly synchronistically/patternistically with my mental sounding of "three" -- so many times this happens during these super-subtle "synchronistic state"-type days, just so damn surreal yet individually dismissible, etc.


This morning was a little different than others recently, still with some after-chore-reading activity but almost all of it a series of patternistically identical reading/random-thought-type recurrences rather than instant/in-the-moment thought echoes and the like as I've been having. All followed the same format of more of those super-random yet distinct little thoughts/experiences/encounters that came up earlier that morning and last evening/overnight, and then recurred in some form in the super-random Compelled library-freebie magazine I started this morning (an issue of Good Housekeeping from last fall, taken fully randomly from a table full of others on yet another 100% patternistic Compelling, yet it managed to echo all these distinct experiences and the like, probably 6-7 all told, just so ridiculously unlikely and surreal ...).

Best example: this morning while washing the veggies before cutting them up for lunch, I distinctly wondered if using cold or lukewarm water instead of piping-hot made any difference in washing away germs and the like -- and then, in yet another of those super-random, offhand little paragraph-length articles buried in the middle of the magazine (without reference to it beforehand, even in the table of contents), it explained, as a kitchen tip, how it didn't matter whether the water was hot or cold when prepping fruits and veggies and meat and such, so you might as well use the cold as to avoid using extra electricity to heat/pump the hot (or something like that, some subtle advantage in this practice) -- in any case, answering exactly my little absent question of earlier, not only fitting the morning's established recurrence pattern, but also 100% patternistic of the good old "question and answer"-type ones. This was another of those that was more complicated/specific/notable than others, but all followed the same pattern/timeframe of orignal thoughts exactly.

Then the rest of the day was again almost totally silent thought-wise, with only brief periods of semi-notable yet super-subtle/subjective/obscure thematics and one-word echoes and recurrences, just like yesterday but generally subtler and less-intense/active. There were a couple semi-notable/standoutish ones that would've served as examples, but, with that terrible headsickness/mental distortion continuing on from yesterday, I honestly forgot them before I could write them down.

Numbers were about as subdued and lessened today, with none on the way to lunch, and then even afterward only a very scattered few throughout the day, and also reverting to that random, lazy, nonspecific appearance, rather than any sort of strict "after-lunch commencement as if on a switch"-type of arrival. The only standoutish one I remember was a triple, back-to-back-type one mid-afternoon, all at an intersection again, very much like those scattered few I've had over the last couple weeks, where there was just a sudden and conspicuous appearance of multiple otherwise low-key 37-plates (all were three-digit this time, I think, maybe two 730s and a 307 or something like that, with two of them parked side by side even) congregated in one spot and "revealed" to me in one-two-three fashion, and with this again made a bit more subjectively notable after the relative non-activity prior.

Other than that, a pretty chill day, with no activity during evening/dinnertime reading, etc.


Big uptick today, and this one did seem to fit that "reflective" pattern, corresponding distinctly with both some improvement in health/mind and with travel.

Morning activity was almost exactly like yesterday, with another cluster of those same classical little reading/vague-thought/"question and answer"-type recurrences during after-chore reading of yet another super-random Compelled magazine (this one a 10-year-old issue of 'Good Old Days,' a "reminiscence" magazine that I had little overt interest in, and also the first I'd ever seen/heard of it, etc, etc, just like all these ...). Couple good examples:

> Over the course of yesterday, during several unrelated and fully super-random/capricious little research jaunts online and such, I had to look up two towns a couple times, Mt. Pleasant, SC, and Fayetteville, NC, and while doing so, the internet searches brought up listings related to other Mt. Pleasants and Fayettevilles in other states (I can't remember which states exactly, but, regardless, these Stuck Out to me in that distinct, patternistic way, as to imprint themselves in my memory despite their irrelevance to my searches and such). And then this morning in the magazine (and in just the first third or so of it that I read then), it randomly mentioned a "Mt. Pleasant, Iowa" and a "Fayetteville, Arkansas," and though I can't remember if these were the same towns I encountered yesterday (which they might've been, for all I know), if nothing else it was a distinct and still reasonably precise and notably/patternistically timed echo of "other-state towns with the same names as those I'd been researching."

> Also, another "having a totally random, somewhat obscure question come up within the course of the last day, then Just Happening to read an explicit answer in an offhand article soon after," just like the "cold-water food-washing" one from yesterday, except today's was about how to properly fix hot cocoa/how it was typically done, etc, which came up late last night when I decided to stop drinking the cacao powder whole as I've been since it seems to maybe be irritating me somehow, which thus caused me to think about making it hot in a French press or something and then discarding the powder before drinking, which as a matter of course instigated the thought of "what's a proper recipe for hot cocoa?" or something along those lines -- and then today in the magazine, there was a simple, "classical" recipe for hot cocoa, and though not quite as rare/specific/obscure as yesterday's, it still fit the pattern perfectly, and was still reasonably notable regardless, given that, though relatively common, hot cocoa recipes aren't necessarily encountered every day (I can't remember the last time I've encountered one, as it were).

> Also noted some personal/super-subjective thematics this morning, of a more-graduated/coherent kind that I haven't seen in a couple days now (because of the terrible headsickness on those days maybe?)

Morning was also the same number-wise, with nothing beyond the super-scattered, super-random little "everywhere" repeats that never seem to completely stop these days.

Lunchtime reading was another of those where, literally almost immediately after sitting down and opening the book and beginning to eat, the activity will either start up in earnest or shift/graduate or both, this time commencing another of those "whole bunch of super-subtle one-word and/or environmental echoes and thematics and the like"-type clusters as I've been having patternistically off and on lately. Today's, however, were not only generally more numerous and steady, but also distinctly "louder" and more coherent/"graduated"/generally more notable. The large majority still remained too fleeting or subtle or complicated to convey, but, as a whole, very much more "present," and just all the more surreal and head-spinning for it.

One good example, a sort of hybrid/multi-type "nearby stranger" incident. Being one of the first, near-immediate incidents right after I started the meal, it started when I overheard (just the single phrase, the rest of the conversation lost to the din in the restaurant, kitchen noises, etc) a nearby stranger (again in a passionate, involved conversation with a companion) say something about "living in Flatiron," which I interpreted, reasonably, to refer to living in the Flatiron neighborhood of New York, which thus caused me to think "NYC" generally for a couple seconds -- and then, right as the thoughts were still fresh in my mind, a split second later, the next sentence in the book referenced "New York." This one is another where it's mildly notable in itself when considered collectively with the many other lunchtime-reading echoes (of which it was patternistically identical, etc), but it also is patternistically notable as one of those "NYC-specific thought-echo"-type ones I've experienced many times now, where for whatever reason I'll have something NYC-related trigger that deep, symbolic general-NYC "psychic terrain" in my mind, after which I'll perfectly synchronistically see some sort of external-reality echo of it. In any case, another that was just head-spinningly surreal.

Had another hybrid nearby-stranger one later on at lunch too, this one being unique in several ways, as a number/thought-echo combo as well as it occurring purely between two nearby strangers, rather than my random thoughts and/or something I read in a book, etc (unless, perhaps, my reaction to the first, initial stranger's words were perhaps echoed by the second stranger's random "echo"?). It started with another "cashier quoting a payment and/or order-number with a promiment 37-variant in it"-type one, when an employee in the kitchen, across the restaurant, called out "Order 377!" At this point, I didn't think much of it beyond "there's another random, everywhere 37-repeat" -- but then, immediately afterward, perfectly synchronistically, a nearby stranger at the table across from me said, "thirty-six, thirty-seven degrees I think," in reference to weather/the local temperature, and 36 and 37 were the "only" figures she quoted, just those two randomly, rather than counting up or some other inclusive, less-notable sequencing. Ended up having that one-two/back-to-back "37!" effect in my mind, every bit an echo.

From there, the recent pattern continued, with the thought-type activity largely ceasing (except for scattered super-subtle "background static"-level echoes/thematics and such as I've been having most afternoons lately), and then, also patternistically, the 37-traffic-plates starting up in immediate, "on a switch" fashion, literally immediately after I left the restaurant and merged into traffic, with the very first plate I got behind being a 7310 -- and then, on the car immediately in front of that one, a second 37-plate, again bringing about that one-two effect, haha.

And so the numbers went from there, and again only escalated as the day went on, seemingly increasing with speed and distance traveled, at times reaching multiple/"mini-storm" levels. There wasn't an overwhelming amount of conspicuous ones today, but there were several (including another of those hilarious ones where someone is going abnormally slow and I'll creep up on them until their 37-plate resolves to me, this time a car doing 40 in a 55, which I double-noticed because I had to wait for some other cars to pass before I could, haha).

Did actually have some significant and reasonably coherent thought-type activity today, still very much in the vein/"feel"/behavior of the super-subtle-mix I've been having lately during afternoons, but of a "graduated" and hence partically conveyable clarity (though even these still had an obscure, indirect, "loosely precise" quality to them). In the end, had a great many of these, equal parts the graduated/coherents and the extremely super-subtle/unconveyables, but ultimately, when combined with numbers, amounting to literally dozens of incidents through the span of just the few hours' driving today, almost to that point of being mentally "cloying"/overwhelming, etc. Examples I got down:

> A whole bunch of those super-small but very striking one-word/one-letter/one-number-type ones, including two separate times when the radio randomly said "6" precisely as I randomly but distinctly read/registered/thought of a six, or the radio randomly playing a song about Route 66 (first I'd ever heard it) with a bunch of map/travel/landmark references in it, precisely as I randomly checked the map on the phone and had probably 4-5 direct one-word hits between the two.

> Damn cool perfectly synchronistic, super-precise radio/thought/passing-roadside-sign echo. It started when I passed these two random trailers (on a road I'd never been on before) with For Sale signs out front, which made me fleetingly think of how I might like to buy a house and settle down, etc -- a split second before the radio randomly and singularly sang out "thinkin' about settling down" (also in a song I'd never heard before ...)

> A couple multi-word "small but striking and perfectly timed" ones, close together. The first was when I passed that big, random funeral tent in a cemetary and, precisely as I registered it with thoughts of something like "coffin being lowered into grave," the radio randomly sang out "to the ground" (and, if I remember right, in was in the same, colloquial context of "death/destruction/funeral," etc). Then, a minute down the road (or maybe before, I can't remember): the radio had this random little joke about how the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday, implying that folks are too hungover to function, etc, which thus caused me to think (100% traceable to the joke, of course) something along the lines of "alcohol/drinking/drunkeness and its consequences" -- precisely as I passed a random beer bottle in the street, lying there conspicuously, in a rural, otherwise generally clean area (that is, not the type of setting where you'd usually see all sorts of litter along the curb or in the streets, etc). This second one was another of those subtle, non-literal ones that, were it not for the distinct patternistic element of so many like it today, I'd be more inclined to write off as a cute coincidence or something.

> One example of the dozens of super-subtle/fleeting/"in-the-moment"-type ones I had today: precisely as the in-house radio at the market randomly sang out "I took the wheel," I opened the doors to the back where the restroom was and my eyes fell directly on a bench with a big, old-timey tractor printed on it with a great big, prominent, conspicuous, oddly oversized steering wheel sticking from the top. It was another that I'd be inclined to dismiss if not for the pattern, and also for the distinctly "animated" quality of it, where my opening those doors *just then* Just Happened to "reveal" to me the tractor and its prominent steering wheel, when it was 100% invisible to me beforehand, and thus impossible to subconsciously cue me to notice the radio's lyric, etc -- just so many like that today, typical of these "all-inclusive subtle synchronistic-state" types ...

And then just now another little recurrence, though it could foreseeably just be some random irony. It started Wednesday night, three nights ago, on the phone with parents when Mom asked me randomly if I ever got automated "robo-calls" on my cellphone, and it hit me that I never have, oddly, considering how people typically get them after their number gets circulated to any extent, and I've put mine into dozens of surveys and contests and the like -- and then just now, when I took a break from writing this and checked a new message on the phone, it was a robo-call, the first ever received at this number after having it for over a year now, haha.


Morning saw two individual incidents only, both in the same vein as those I've had the last couple days but a general downtick overall (again corresponding with extreme sickness).

The first: a seeming continuation of yesterday's weird little theme of "recurring town names in other states," this time only one but in the exact same pattern and the same magazine, even: another random, totally offhand mention of "Wilmington, Minn.," when the other place I'd had to research the other day was Wilmington, NC, haha.

The second incident: a classical, albeit small/one-word, "involuntary bodily function" one, beginning when I randomly twisted and cracked my back as I've been doing infrequently while reading after chores, and precisely as I did it this time and achieved a good, audible "crack!" and my upper back shifted into place, I came to "flexible" in the magazine -- not hugely precise, but once again, highly patternistic and perfectly timed, etc, though not too hugely unlikely that it was a simple ironic little coincidence.

Technically did have a little more activity this morning, but it was later, on the drive to church, two separate incidents, also of a singular and reasonably standout/coherent nature.

First: a weird and highly notable sort of combo 37-plate "reveal"/radio/thought echo. It started when I heard the lyric "switch it on" on the radio and, sensing that I'd just entered the "synchronistic state" seconds earlier yet wasn't experiencing any activity, I had the absent, lightning-fast thought of something like, "That's the exact term I use for the day's primary activity commencing. Wouldn't it be something if an incident happen perfectly synchronistically with that lyric?" -- a tiny, fraction of a second before a car with a 3705 plate "drifted" patternistically into view from my left in the next lane over, again perfectly/effortlessly entering my direct line of sight. And also, it was another of those where the timing had the very slightest, less-than-a-second delay, as to not be "intertwined" perfectly synchronistic, but was still close enough to achieve the same effect yet be distinctly, 100% *after* I'd had the thought, when it was 100% invisible to me before -- in other words, to once again completely rule out any chance of my being subconsciously cued, nor could I possibly have influenced this in any biased fashion, since it all hinged on the two 100% objective and random events of the radio lyric playing just then, followed by that car and its plate appearing just them, and all just so dovetailed and streamlined and logistically ridiculous ...

Then, a little later while lost looking for the church and so checking the phone's GPS map, had another classical instance of the radio echoing random street names and landmarks on the map, precisely as I scrolled them into view after being invisbile, etc -- exactly in the same fashion of past such incidents. One example: "country" singing from the radio precisely as I looked back at the map to see "Country Club Dr" directly in the middle.

From that point on, thought-type activity suddenly dried up except for the very slightest super-subtle/thematic scatterings here and there, as usually seems to happen only after lunch (per that pattern, anyhow). Lunchtime reading was totally silent, not even one-words/environmentals, and this sudden silence again corresponding with another big, deep bout of headsickness and bluntedness, etc.

The only other thought-type incident I remember was yet another singular, standout, very coherent one: precisely as I looked at the juice bar at the (totally super-random Compelled-to-go-there) gym today, looking for a sign or something about what kind of juices they offer, the only one I saw was one reading "NO PROBLEM" in big capital letters directly in the middle -- and precisely then, perfectly synchronistic as to be intertwined, someone across the room, at the front of the lobby, said "No problem!" to the clerk at the desk, both of whom were totally distanced from me and the guy showing me around, both spatially and disengaged in attention/conversation, etc -- the most damn random yet damn precise it could've been.

Numbers were there today, and again disproportionately numerous compared to thought-type stuff, though mostly of lesser coherence/low-key traffic-plates (and predominately 37-plates too, rather than a more varied mix, and also without many of those random/scattered/"everywhere" numbers either -- why so focused on traffic? just because I'm driving mostly this time of day and that's where *my* focus is?). Oddly, it seemed like the most active of number clusters came during my sickest periods (as if whatever hinders the thought-type activity doesn't affect whatever "channel" the numbers arrive on?). Had a reasonable showing of semi-conspicuous ones, but I honestly forgot most of them again, just too distracted with other things.

One standouts I got down: A parking-lot one, another of those classical "one car turned on and with brakelights on in a whole row of unlit cars, thus demanding my attention and making me see its 37-plate when I otherwise wouldn't have." This one had a bit of a twist, too, because immediately afterward, like literally less than a second after I registered the plate and looked away, my eyes fell right to a second plate, directly beside me (and, it bears mentioning: both of these were "bigger," multi-digit variants, repsectively 3731 and 773 I think). Achieved that one-two effect on top of it all, as it were.


Bigtime uptick today, and all of it corresponding reflectively with a moderate lifting of yesterday's nightmarish toxicity and headsickness, etc. Noticed this in several individual incidents even, where, either instantly or close to it, I'd experienced some activity coinciding with a sudden lift or shift in the sickness. Very pronounced, and have noticed this correlation in the past but most explicitly and well-demonstrated with today's multiple, distinct instances of it.

Early morning and after-chore reading were both totally silent from what I remember (with the exception of maybe 1-2 super-personal/subjective albeit quite notable/profound/surreal thematics), and this too in reflective manner, with my still being very headsick and blunted at the time. And then, maybe five minutes after leaving the house for lunch, experienced some sudden and notable and coherent activity (and, also, a distinct entering into the "synchronistic state," that which was strictly periodic and mild yesterday). Few that I got down:

> A perfectly synchronistic, striking one-word radio one, beginning when I randomly passed a funeral tent pitched over a plot in a cemetary, thus causing me to think something like "dead/funeral/death," etc, upon registering the scene -- precisely as "death" sang randomly and singularly from the radio. And this one was almost identical to that from a couple days ago, same kind of tent/random passing of a cemetary/echoing of "death" sentiment, just different wording, etc -- damn surreal

> Had several low-key 37 plates during the drive too, intermingled with the handful of little one-words like the "funeral" one, with no standout/conspicuous number incidents but definitely enough of the low-key ones to establish the "throwing of the switch" for numbers, far too many and too patternistic to be chance, etc

Those few morning incidents would end up setting the pace for pretty much the whole rest of the day, which was composed of that same mix and variants/feel of the echoes and numbers, etc.

Lunchtime reading: there was activity then, and mostly subtle, not hugely notable reading/thought/event/environmental-type echoes in the same vein as I've been having at lunch, but not many (albeit way more than yesterday's total silence during this time). Had probably a half-dozen spread out through the meal I think. Couple examples I got down:

> Randomly reading "sun" precisely as a sunburst occurred outside and filled the coffee shop with light, for the first time since I'd gotten there, when it was overcast beforehand, haha

> Being put off by the people sitting around me in the shop, and thus thinking (objectively/traceably) about how I was going to move to a different table or outside, precisely as I came to "moved" in the book

Once again had the thought-type activity abruptly cease just after lunch, and then, also in that same most-recent pattern, it briefly resumed an hour or so later, with another string of maybe a half-dozen striking one-words and the like, before again going silent for the rest of the day as of writing. One example: stopping at an intersection and having my eyes fall on a "USED TIRES" sign, precisely as "wheels" sang randomly and singularly from the radio, again with my registering of the sign's words coinciding in perfect, "intertwined" fashion with the lyric (as was the case with all of these at the time, I remember, classical striking one-words as it were).

And once again, the pattern of "numbers disproportionately active compared to thought-type stuff" played out today, and with ultimately way more than yesterday and even other days lately, another travel-storm of highway low-key numbers and the like by the end of the day's drive. The low-key traffic 37-plates resumed again in "immediately after-lunch" fashion, right after I left the coffee shop and merged into traffic, and from there did the same gradual build-up but not plateauing like other days, just getting more and more active as I drove farther and finally got on the highway, after which they just exploded into that constant, patternistically storm-level background static of low-key ones with a moderate number of semi-conspicuous ones in the mix, including several of those multi-plate/"super-conspicuous" standouts. Ones I got down:

> First was actually just before lunch, at the coffee shop, another of those classical "random car turning past me at *just the right time* and *just the right angle* so that it's 37-plate would flash directly/effortlessly into my line of sight," this time with a car leaving the drive-thru right as I went to cross the road there, forcing me to wait and, thus, stand precisely where I needed to be to have the plate flash directly into my line of sight ...

> Another of those "double-37-plate" alignments, again with two random cars managing, while in slow, drifting passing of one another, to have their 37-plates not only aligned, but again with that perfectly distinct and patternistic yet ultimately indescribable logistical precision. Had a second of these a couple hours later, on the highway, identical except with a twist: rather than the two cars being directly beside one another/perfectly parallel, they were on either side of me, with the alignment occurring as a perfect triangle between me and the other two cars -- yet the logistical precision/patternistic "split-second moment of perfect alignment" still occurred, and just as surreally animated/"intelligently orchestrated-seeming" as other such incidents

> Another of those "37-plate cars turning quietly but conspicuously in front of me as to flash its plate in that patternistic way," this time a truck with a "3777" plate that just struck me as especially striking for whatever reason (despite there being probably a half-dozen total of just this semi-conspicuous variant alone this afternoon ...)

> A cool cluster/"combo" at one point, when I passed another super-conspicuous police car in the middle of a traffic stop, lights blinking, along the room and thus had my attention drawn to its 730 plate -- a split second before a "conspicuous/logistically perfect" pull-out of a 1337 car -- and then, maybe 3-4 seconds later, passing a random mailbox numbered 703, as to have the 1-2-3 effect despite the last coming on a bit of a delay

> A similar multi-combo occurred later on, on the highway (and made all the most surreal and striking due to its occurring in the midst of the "storm"-level low-key ones then). It started with yet another of those ridiculously surreal/notable/animated "car in front of me suddenly and recklessly and super-conspicuously changing lanes and thus revealing the 73-plate on the car directly in front of them," this time made all the more conspicuous since the revealed van was going below the speed limit in the fast lane, thus forcing me to notice it double -- and then next, maybe less than a minute later, had another similarly conspicuous 37-plate-related standout that I've since forgotten, having my head-spinning in the midst of this chain of incidents and trying to drive on the highway -- and then, next, probably the most-conspicuous of all, another "recklessly changing-lanes car revealing the plate of the car in front," but even more conspicuous due to the fact that the revealed car was this beat-up old Fiesta going way under the speed limit, so slow I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting it (unlike the recklessly-swerving first car chose to do), which just intensified the animated/revealed/"LOOK AT THIS!" effect all the more -- and then, right after *that* one, that's when that "triangle double-plate alignment" occurred, as to comprise a delayed-but-relatively-very-close cluster of conspicuous ones, absolutely living-dream in intensity/surrealness

Had low-key plates right into evening actually, right up until I got on some side roads and then stopped for the day. Wow ...


Enormous uptick today, corresponding reflectively with a slightly improved health condition/consciousness and travel (though not overtly "large" in either front, yet the uptick in activity was, disproportionately so).

Early morning was again totally silent, in stark contrast to nearly the entire rest of the day. Then, had a moderately notable/coherent cluster of numbers come on right as I finished at the gym and drove off for lunch, beginning right in the parking lot with a one-two of low-key parked-car plates, and then, about five minutes down the road when I stopped mistakenly at the shopping center I thought had the market I was looking for, one of those cool, rarer variants of the parking-lot-style ones when I got out of the car and, directly in my line of sight in that special way, was the 37-plate of the car beside me, which was on the back and, hence, 100% invisible when I'd chosen the space (totally randomly of course, despite there being closer spaces to where I thought the market was). Next, upon saddling back up and getting back on the road, had a few more traffic plates, followed by a couple more parking-lots at the market once I finally got there.

Next, lunchtime reading saw another sudden, "throwing the switch" commencement of activity and the full-blown synchronistic state, complete with the arrival of that exact same "background static" mix of super-super-subtle thematics and echoes and symbolism and other even subtler synchronistic surreeal phenomena, again still largely indescribable (and definitely more intense today overall, the quality/coherence/profoundness of these incidents definitely of a graduated level despite their subtle nature and obscurity/imprecision).

As for lunch specifically, it followed more or less that exact same pattern as of late, with the same mix of quiet, striking-one-word thought/reading/environmental echoes (plus, in the hunting book I started today, many personal thematics, some involving things from just this morning, eventually getting to that "my recent life in a blender"-type of bizarrely surreal collective, running, daylong recurrence). However, these too were generally of a higher precision and cohesion and depth. Some examples I got down:

> A cool one of those subtle-but-repeating ones, this time involving the nearby door to the market where I was sitting, with a conspicuously loud heater that would blow a blast of air on the person as they entered, such that it kept blowing over and over again over the course of my meal. A few minutes in, one of the openings/blowings corresponded perfectly synchronistically with my reading "the wind is blowing" in the book, and with such perfect timing and precision that I found it notable despite the blowing being a near-regular thing. And then, on the next page when "blowing wind" was again randomly and singularly referenced in the book, the opening/blowing happened again, with that same striking timing

> Randomly coming to "we all sit down and eat" in the book precisely as a group of 3 or 4 nearby strangers all sat in concert at the table across from me (with food to eat), which was not only perfectly synchronistic and generally precise in itself, but even moreso given the specific "we all sit down" part of it and the fact that it was, first, a whole group of people, probably a family, and, second, they *all* sat down in concert rather than singularly, such that it was another of those incidents with abnormally specific precision, etc

> Having a long, random (yet again, traceable and 100% objective) chain of thoughts ending with the flight to Hawaii and my absently visualizing a plane lifting off into the sky, a split seocnd before randomly coming to "up in the air" in the book (this is another that was visible to me beforehand but, again, irrelevant due to the confidence in my being able to trace the original thought, etc)

> Then another "small-sounding but subjectively hugely notable/striking one in the moment"-type reading echo, towards the end of lunch like a coma in a sentence. It started when I felt some pain in my left hand and interrupted my reading to look down at it, thus discovering that it had chapped in the night and the skin had split in new places, and seeing how dry and raw and scaley-looking it appeared -- and then, upon resuming reading in the book, the next sentence said "our flesh grown hard," again not only notably timed and reasonably precise on the outset (because that's exactly how I'd registered, patternistically, the chapped part of my hand, as "hard/rough"), but also that it was *grown* hard, which reflected how this was a new development, having occurred sometime in the cold night in the van last night. And again, it was just so sudden and synchronistic and precise, it left me feeling every bit "shocked" despite having experienced all sorts of crazy incidents just through that lunch, another living-dream incident in every sense.

> And on the thematic side: a sort of continuation of that "same town name in another state"-type series I had there for a couple days, but shifted somewhat now, beginning with a couple references to similar towns I'd randomly thought of or encountered recently, now recurring in the hunting book, but also taking on a newish aspect in the form of the book mentioning places that recurred randomly in the day's travel afterward, with it referencing "Daniel Boone" several times, when I was heading to the town of Boone (named in the context as DB's namesake, as it were), and then also, tonight, the book randomly mentioned the "Yadkin valley" and how that's where DB started from when departing west, and that's exactly what I passed through today on the route I took to Boone, going into it and "departing" it in the course of an hour's drive or so, a sort of double-echo there (and, interestingly, I came to the Yadkin valley reference in the very last sentence of the book I read during tonight's session, when I'd decided to stop while reading the previous page even, when the next, Yadkin page was on a separate leaf, such that I couldn't have seen the reference ...)

All in all the most active and surreal lunch I've had in some days, followed by another abrupt and patternistic cessation of thought-type activity right afterward (except for the regular periods of thematic/subtle background static, etc). And also fitting the pattern, the traffic 37s resumed, almost immediately as I stepped from the market coffee shop and into the parking lot, beginning with a damn cool double. This one started with a classical, logistically perfect/"intelligently orchestrated"-type with a car randomly passing me by as I was walking, at the perfect angle and timing and everything so that its 9703 plate "glided"/"revealed" directly into my line of sight -- and then, just like that one from yesterday or the day before, a split second later as I looked away from the car and kept walking, my eyes lighted on a second plate, a 37731 on a parked car, again achieving that super-striking "one-two"/wham-bam effect, and in such a conspicuous way. And then went on to have even more low-key parked parking-lot ones as I walked the rest of the way to the van and then back into the store with the phone, such that that market's lot was just a big, longwinded multi-number cluster for the most part.

And actually had one other incident at that same market, though this one was of another of those bizarre, singularly unique, "curiously coincidental" ones that could have just been an unlikely instance of coincidental irony (though, it bears mentioning, it didn't "feel" this way to me, in that patternistic fashion). It started a couple months ago when I was Compelled to take the bag of clothes and things out of the trash, in which I found a cheap cell phone that worked and was like new and still in the box with all accessories, etc, which I decided I'd recycle properly at the dump instead of just putting it back in the dumpster, after which I forgot it, multiple times, conspicuously so, despite setting it out in plain sight, even successfully taking it to the dump with one load but then forgetting to take it out after doing the rest of the stuff -- such that, in the end, the phone was still in the floorboard of the van when I set off on the trip, during which I kept looking at it and thinking of how I needed to recycle it. Then last night I remembered the phone and how Best Buy has a little recycling kiosk there for such things, and so I decided to be on the lookout for a BB. And then today upon finally arriving at that market for lunch, I was struck by the sudden thought that maybe I could recycle the phone here (which I think stemmed from knowing that the market has recycling bins for normal stuff, so that I'd subconsciously equated the chain with recycling and so would semi-logically have the thought that I might recycle the cell phone there). I forgot about it then -- until after lunch, right before I left after the whole extended time there, when, right by the bathrooms of all places, they did indeed have a little "recycle your cellphone here" bin, to my surprise. At this point I didn't really even feel it was a synchronicity so much as an ironic occurrence, but then I remembered two things: first, how just last night I'd had the thought that it was a shame to throw away a perfectly good phone just because it was cheap and didn't have service, thinking specifically that, if nothing else, it could be used as a 911 phone (which is exactly what I absently planned for it, having slept in the van in a random parking lot last night, thinking it might come in handy in an extreme circumstance) -- and then when I went back to recycle the phone, I saw that the bin wasn't for waste recycling, but to "recycle" the phone as a donation, as a 911-only phone (for seniors), exactly as I'd thought of it last night, as to fit the recurrence/echo pattern pretty well. But then the second thing I remembered was how, upon finding that original bag full of good clothes the phone was in and deciding to recycle those similarly by donating them to Goodwill (as I did for several other items in the bag), I remember thinking how I'd been able to donate everything but the phone and that I'd liked to have gone all the way and had that donated too -- and so I did ultimately, and in the most super-randomly and unlikely of ways, as to fit also the classical "ask-n-receive" pattern, albeit a very longwinded/delayed instance of it.

Afternoon saw what was ultimately another storm-level amount of activity, like that of a couple days ago during highway travel except more overall, and with that same perceptible increase in clarity/notability as other incidents today. Numbers again kept on right through afternoon, elevating and intensifying and gaining coherence until they ended up in that heavy stream of low-key plates with a relatively high number of conspicuous ones thrown in, and still almost exclusively 37s with only a handful of other usual repeats. Standout examples I got down (with probably about twice as many that I didn't/couldn't, again):

> Another "recklessly speeding driver tailgating me and then eventually passing after it had drawn my attention, thus conspicuously 'revealing' its 37-plate as it passed" (why do these always make me feel like I'm being mooned? haha)

> A damn cool and somewhat unique combination 37-plate/radio-echo one. It started with another of those "logistically perfect 'flashing' of a plate directly into my line of sight, in the one precise instant/precise angle I had a window to see it," this time a van turning through the intersection in front of me and revealing its 7133 plate, perfectly synchronistic/intertwined with "flash" coming over the radio (and, even more notable: that was exactly how I immediately registered the van's plate-flashing, as a "flash," after having referred to it during one of yesterday's with this term and thinking it most suitable)

> And had another combo thought/number/radio-type one at one point, and this one was also of a newish, unique variant. It started with another hit on one of the day's personal thematics, when I passed yet another sign reading "Stay and Play," the fourth of the day (and all different, separate signs, advertising different things, miles and miles apart from one another, seen in the course of hours ...), and seeing it and experiencing another little synchro-shock (given the unlikliness/patternistic element of seeing such strikingly similar/explicit signs so randomly in so short a time), I had a sudden jolt of that "universal joy"-type feeling wash over me -- and damned if a 37 didn't arrive perfectly synchronistically with it, with the radio randomly saying "3.77 percent" (a mortgage-loan rate or something, I think), as to be patternistic of another of those "having a 37-plate flash into view a split second after randomly experiencing the universal-joy sentiment," just this time seeming to arrive as kind of a "package deal" with the thematic recurrence (and, another one that was much "bigger" in the context in which it was experienced, coming within the afternoon's ridiculously dense cluster of thematics/little echoes/number-storm-level-numbers, etc).

> Another "Compelled random gas-pump pull-in only to find a 37-variant on the display from the last customer," this time not on the pump I chose but on the one immediately behind it, sharing the same stall, which I came face to face with/effortlessly/patternistically after going inside and paying and coming back out (and, of course, this was invisible to me when I pulled in, etc), with the "gallons pumped" display reading 17.3798 or something like that. And then, as a cute little footnote: upon going to my pump and beginning to pump my gas, I saw a receipt sticking out from the last customer, which had a 37 on it (though this was small enough that it could've easily been chance).

And also in line with the pattern: had a couple more quick, scattered little returns of thought-type echoes a few times through the afternoon. The first was a cluster of two or three patternistically identical "random-but-traceably objcetive thoughts being perfectly echoed on similarly singular and random radio song," but I've forgotten all of them, despite two being coherent and notable enough to be described (but again falling casualty to paying attention to highway/other incidents, etc).

Did manage to get a good one later on though, another of those that was notable from the outset but absolutely surreal when experience, bordering on startling actually. It started when I stopped at the road at the gas station, pulling up alongside a parked truck with a big snowplow on the front. Then, after I'd sat there for a second waiting for an opening in traffic, the truck started up and the two big spot lights at the end of its plow turned on, bright and neon-crisp due to their being high up and LEDs -- precisely as "lights up!" sang suddenly and fully randomly from the radio, again absolutely perfectly timed/"intelligent," and also in ridiculously surreal "animated"/"shouting" fashion, with the lights being so penetratingly bright and being directly at my eye level and coming on so abruptly when it appeared that the truck was parked out of the way as if perhaps there for good rather than just idling. I would've felt no different had a watched a bronze statue of a plowtruck suddenly light up ...

And still it all went on, all day, and again only stopping once I finally got onto the smallest side road and parked for the night (except for discovering, while logging receipts, several random-37-covered ones). Several times, got to that point of being uncomfortably overwhelming, sort of jarring on a deep level as if I were drunk, to that rare point that I really needed it to stop, such that a good number of "big"/standouts are just lost in the whirlwind of the experience. Wow.


Today was a miniature version of yesterday, with about the exact same variations and timing/format/duration of incidents, just less of them overall, and slightly less in intensity (yet only slightly, and still with that same basic upgraded depth/cohesion/profundity that I noted yesterday).

First I recorded today were two after-chore-morning reading-types, in a small and subtle and brief little cluster but more than I've had for the last couple days. The first was another of those "whole bunch of super-random, individually unnotable 37s mentioned offhand in what I was reading," today yet another newspaper that I fished randomly from the trash. Same deal as others, with probably 8-10 37s quoted in various ways and formats and contexts, but always coming across, however quietly and only subjectively notable. One example in this vein, slightly more notable due to its fitting the "challenge-thought/answer"-type format: it started when, after noting the big string of random 37s through the reading session, I came across a quote of "75 percent," and had the absent thought of, "Now why wasn't that another 73?" -- and then, a split second later in the very next sentence, it mentioned how "73 passports were issued," haha. (This "abnormally high random/everywhere-type 37s" continued through the day, again to that surreal point of seeming to have them seek me out from every corner of the world. Example: during a series of random internet searches today for various business/looking for the sauna/leaving reviews, etc, I encountered no less than a dozen or more random and conspicuous 37-variants, such as "37 reviews for this business" or "3.7 star average rating" or 37s in the businesses' address, just absolutely surreal, one after another and all totally unconnected and random, etc.)

Morning's second incident was a small and subtle/vaguely precise yet very patternistic "random-thought/page-turn"-type echo. This time it was another of those "random song looping through my head"-type ones, where the lyric "cry" randomly "sang" in my head a split second before I turned the page in the paper and revealed, directly where I was already looking, a big, page-spanning headline reading "SCREAMING, CRYING," with the "CRYING" coinciding perfectly/intertwined with the "cry" lyric still crossing my mind. Were it not so perfectly timed and patternistic, I might write it off due to the imprecision, but it was very notable, albeit only subjectively.

Then had another of those morning-drive 37-plate clusters, and this today was actually more intense and notable than yesterday's, with a tighter/denser timing and more coherence/presence/"thereness" and more digits, etc (this seeming to correspond reflectively with that odd calm and clarity I had come on around the same time, interestingly). Then it finished with another of those "coma at the end of a sentence"-type standouts, when, upon finally getting to the coffee shop after the unexpected running around, I had another of those "single parked car in a big line with brake lights on drawing my attention to its 37-plate"-type ones, this time a big delivery van, and then, upgrading it to a double, the car directly beside *that* one, which I was forced to see by consequence of the first, had an 8777 plate (and, I also noted another of those distinct and surreal upticks/resurgences of that particular 777 variant today, seeing no less than 7-8 over the course of just a few hours).

Lunchtime reading was relatively not very active, another of those with only the slightest, threshold incidents, just enough to establish the synchronistic state and demonstrate the continuance of this latest pattern of "mix of super-subtle thematics/small echoes/environmental echoes," etc. The only real standout was another of those "nearby strangers in longwinded, involved conversation echoing what I randomly read multiple times." This time was more or less exactly the same as others: two men sitting and talking at a table nearby but at a comfortable remove from me, at my back, such that neither I nor they could've been cueing one another/them reading what I was in the book, etc, yet their conversation hit several stray words precisely as I came to them in the book. And then, a little later, it got a bit more precise when they started referencing western US states right when I was reading about the West in the 'American Hunter' book, with enough "hits" that it did indeed establish another of those long-running/longwinded thematic echoes. And then towards the end of their conversation, a standout, when one of them actually mentioned "American Hunter," and in some sort of proper-noun-type context; I couldn't tell if it was in reference to the very same book I was reading or maybe something related to it, but in any case, the echo was certainly there, whether overt/literal or covert/underlying. And again: just. damn. surreal. Living-dream ...

Did have a pair of standouts right at the end of lunch, too:

> While writing out something on the web on the phone, precisely as I went to write "location," it sang randomly and singularly from the radio, again perfectly synchronistic and striking/intertwined/patternistic, etc (and, I should note, it corresponded perfectly with my *thought* of "location" in preparation to tap it out, exactly as when I read/register something and the echo corresponds with that, the exact same feel/sensation).

> And then, right after lunch when I got up and walked from the market's coffee shop area, a nearly identical one, when, precisely as I passed a display of "RHYTHM SUPERFOOD"-labeled chip bags and read/registered the "RHYTHM" specifically, "rhythm" sang randomly and singularly from the in-house radio, as striking/precise/intertwined

Would go on to have another standout of identical nature like this later on in the day, a stray one after a long period of thought-type silence: this time the lyric was "black man" sung randomly from the song on my MP3 player at the gym, precisely as I navigated around a man to get to a bench, who happened to be the only black man in the gym at the time and thus caused me to specifically register him absently as "a black man there" during our brief nonverbal contact when navigating around one another, and again with the lyric corresponding perfectly with the registering/the thought right as it crossed my mind.

Also per the pattern, afternoon was pretty much silent but for some scattered thematic/super-small background static-type incidents here and there, with one final, stray standout, right as I got back to parents': it started when I rounded the last bend before the house and noticed the conspicuous absence of Dad's car, thus causing me to think something like "Where's Dad's car?" -- precisely as "father's car" sang randomly and singularly from the radio, absolutely perfectly striking and precise yet fully random too. And there's a clincher/twist to this one, also, upgrading it in notability even more: immediately after parking in the driveway, I decided to make this echo the day's tweet, and so I brought out the phone and turned it on to start typing it up. As I waited for the phone to turn on, something strange then happened: in the middle of the song that had been playing, with the lyric in question in it, it stopped, paused, and restarted, as if someone at the radio station had accidentally hit replay -- and then, once I'd begun writing out the tweet on the phone after it had started, precisely as I got to where I would write "father's car," that same damn lyric sang again, and again perfectly synchronistic with it being prepared in my mind just like "location" at lunch, and as fully random/objective/traceable/impossible to orchestrate even subconsciously due to all the little logistics involved, haha.

Finally, numbers again continued steadily and conspicuously all through afternoon driving/errands, etc, despite not traveling today. Was a bit less intense, and with less super-conspicuous standouts and the like, but still very elevated volume and density/"loudness," etc, with no less than probably two dozen or more within just the couple hours or driving and the like. One standoutish example I wrote down for no particular reason (when, again, just about every one was about notable enough to be written down): right after I left the gym and got back into the car, found myself staring directly at a 37-plate in the car that had parked directly across from me while I was inside, again effortlessly/seamlessly/patternistically (and, once again another notable contextual detail: I had backed the car into the space rather than parking forward, when I almost never do this, today feeling oddly urged, not quite Compelled but something like it, to do this -- and thus position myself directly behind that 37-plate, which of course didn't even arrive until I was already inside). Just a good example of the semi-conspicuous, "louder" nature of just about all the day's numbers ...


Huge activity today, if not the most intensive day ever than one of them, and this corresponding with a similarly "seismic" change in health/condition plus marathon driving/travel.

Morning saw some activity, quieter than rest of the day but still active for morning, and beginning earlier and differently than usual, before after-chore reading, with a pair of similar and notable and coherent echoes when I went downstairs at parents' for first time in the morning. First: while looking at Mom's supplements on the counter, I came to "AMPK Activator" precisely as the heater in the other room audibly clicked on (and another, present synchro right when I wrote that: precisely as I finished "clicked," the sauna directly next to me "clicked" inside, for the first time as it heated up, haha), again with my reading/registering the "activator" coinciding precisely with the heater's activation, as to be intertwined, super-surreal/patternistic, etc. Second, just afterward: precisely as I was fumbling with the paper bag of cardamom and simultaneously visualizing myself putting the tablespoon inside of it and getting some out, Mom randomly and unconnectedly, nearby-stranger-style, said "in the bag," haha.

I don't remember any thought-type activity during after-chore reading, but I did have another conspicuous appearance of random, "everywhere" 37s in my after-chore reading material, that same trash-paper I'd started yesterday. The first was glaringly conspicuous, immediately as I began reading, on the first page, with the picture I looked at first thing having a caption that mentioned "737 yards" in bold type (and this was even more notable considering that this wasn't the first page of the paper, but it was open to it when I got it from the trash, folded back by whoever had first looked at it, such that it was the first page for me when I read it, and thus the first thing I saw ...). There were several other semi-conspicuous 37s of that same pattern and nature as yesterday and other times, too, such as a letter someone had written in beginning with "I'm a 31 year-old-woman and my brother is 37," and also, an outright conspicuous one in a random cartoon, where an elevator's floor-indicator dial had the numbers all mixed up and out of order, with a big sign below it reading "OUT OF ORDER," with floors 3 and 7 beside one another, haha. Just another biggish, semi-conspicuous, patternistic string of them again (which would characterize the rest of the day, just an utterly huge amount of these stray, random, everywhere-sourced 37s).

Also, had yet another of those weird "other-state towns of the same name" running thematic in the morning's reading material, today being a random, offhand mention of "Danville, Illinois," when, just yesterday during the drive up from Winston, I'd passed a big, conspicuous sign for Danville, VA, haha.

And also on the thematics front: still having more of the same similar, other "running"/longwinded-type of thematics, still in the same themes I've been having over the last couple days, such as "monster" and "hunting" and the like (including, upon getting home after the long drive south, getting out and having my attention drawn, patternistically, to the big clear starry sky -- the first I'd seen the stars in quite some time, due to either weather or just not being out at night, probably weeks now, or over a month -- and the constellation directly above me was Orion, the hunter, after a big string of "hunt"-related thematics all through the day). Had these all through day, including in the afternoon/evening-long spell of mixed-up thematics/echoes/symbolism/"life in a blender"-type recurrences, etc. Just so many of these, can't even begin to list them or put into words.

Lunchtime reading was sort of like morning, with some mild and patternistic activity (the same environmental/small/thematic thought/reading/event-type incidents I've been having during this time, again more or less exactly so, once more notable in itself). I remember having at least probably 4-5 to varying degrees of notability then, though not much beyond that, after all that happened later on. Couple good standout examples:

> Coming to "sickly," singularly and randomly, in the 'American Hunter' book, perfectly synchronistic with the equally singular and random sneeze from a stranger sitting across the room, which, besides being every bit perfectly timed and patternistic in "echo"-y nature, was another of those that had a specific, ugly texture/overtone to it that could best be described as a sickly sneeze, haha

> Randomly coming to "tribe" in the book, perfectly synchronistic with my seeing/registering a group of women getting their order at the counter at the coffee shop, directly across from me, which I registered as something like "group/swarm/flock," due to their tight, closed-together proximity to one another and the way they seemed to all move like one, such that "tribe" was another perfectly apt descriptor as well as being perfectly reflective of the underlying sentiment of my registering them, etc

Numbers commenced immediately after lunch, from what I remember with another appearance of several low-key traffic/parking-lot 37-plates immediately after I got on the road from the coffee shop, then escalating in patternistic fashion (though quicker this time, I think). One little standout I remember was making the bank deposit and seeing on the receipt afterward that it was "Transaction # 37," along with a grocery receipt covered with 37s, and more of the random/everywhere-type ones, but my memory is just overloaded with the day and I don't recall specifics beyond there beyond lots and lots, only escalating as I got on the highway and started south, and quickly getting to that point that it was just overwhelming my ability to register all the random traffic plates and other appearances. Eventually got to the point of another number storm, especially once I was on the interstate, and again lasting not just through the afternoon but longer than typical, well into evening and not really stopping until just before I got back to the beach, after nearly 7 hours of driving. The standouts I got down:

> A really damn surreal and somewhat unique combo-type one, another made all the more intense/"striking" with it coming amidst the storm of activity mid-afternoon. It started with a sudden cluster of longwinded/vague thematic-type thought/event echoes involving my random thoughts, various things that happened while driving down a certain street, and the radio echoing it all in a sequence of 2-3 one-word/thematic/underlying-sentiment-type echoes. Then, right in this middle of this meta-incident, my attention was drawn to the bright-yellow license plate on a car nearby, highly conspicuous due to its being high up on a hill and the sun flashing brilliantly on it precisely as I passed plus also being effortlessly/directly in my line of sight in that special way, etc, and it was a 473 plate -- and then, precisely as I registered it and had thoughts of something like "yellow/bright/sun/vivid," these thoughts/feelings/events were also echoed over the radio, with the random and singular lyrics of "reflection" and "all the colors" and other vague-but-relevant/patternistic ones. Had this happen a couple other times this afternoon too, establish a newish sort of subtype here, sort of like the thematic/number/echo/recurrence "background static" mash-up-type activity but with an added dimension and depth and quality.

> Many, many semi-conspicuous traffic and parking-lot 37-plates, and even many conspicuous/individually notable ones but again just too many to remember, especially towards evening

> Had several more of those arbitrary-number-type of perfectly synchronistic/intertwined-type of number repeats, such as my checking the speed limit and seeing that it was 50MPH and so distinctly thinking "I'm going to go 55MPH," precisely as yet another plate, beginning with 55, flashed directly/effortlessly into view from my left in that patternistic fashion, thus "injecting" another 55 into my mind at the perfectly precise instant that "55MPH" registered in my mind, in intertwined fashion

> Another, similar one, but with a little more notable, having two repeats/echoes instead of one. This one began with my once again checking the speed limit and deciding consciously to go five miles over, this time to 75MPH, precisely as a 75-beginning plate flashed into my line of sight exactly like the last one and others of this kind, and then, second later, I passed a big roadside exit sign for Exit 75, culminating in that "1-2-3"/wham-bam-wham effect

> Another three-banger, at the super-random gas station I stopped at (doing so only because I was almost dead empty, as it were). The first came when I pulled up and, directly beside the pump I'd pulled into (it was the closest available one), was a car with a 37-plate, again with my effortlessly seeing it due to its being where I had to look when pulling into the spot. And then, after I'd gotten out and started across the lot (which I did with a delay, having to fumble with a bunch of stuff before getting out and then having trouble with something or other afterward, I can't remember what, I think it was forgetting the pump number and having to pause and look back and check it again -- in any case, a bunch of those conspicuous, patternistic little logistics that ended up delaying me *just that much*), a truck with a 73-plate pulled in, perfectly synchronistic with my turning toward the store to go in and pay, and once again in that quietly conspicuously, perfectly timed/angled way. And then, a couple minutes later when I was walking around picking up litter and stretching my legs while waiting for the tank to fill, I picked up another of those "conspicuous exposed-37 random pieces of litter"-type items, this time a little scrap of a candybar wrapper or something with nothing but part of the barcode and the numbers "733-9" below it, with this facing up and falling directly into my line of sight/effortlessly/patternistically when I bent down to pick it up (and, another notable detail: upon pulling in, I'd seen this particular piece of litter on the ground and been Compelled to pick it up, though of course, with it being so tiny and at such distance, there's no way I could've possibly read such a tiny piece of scrap, with it only becoming readable once I'd bent down and focused on it and barely then).

Today was one of those where thought-type incidents were just about equally active/proportionate with the numbers, when the afternoon- and evening-spanning intense background static of vagues/thematics/super-small echoes was factored in (a background static very much like the low-key 37-plates that characterize most afternoons these days). These incidents were a bit more periodic and scattered at times, like most days, but still generally more active, plus more coherent and denser and of higher quality and depth. All in all, it was another of those days with dozens upon dozens of incidents in total, with my going long past the point of remembering even half of them. The standouts I got down:

> A funny one of those "perfectly opposite"-type of echoes, beginning with the radio randomly singing out "It starts when you're always afraid," again singularly, etc, precisely as yet another of those "car suddenly appearing from my left in the next lane over and flashing directly into my line of sight," this time with a big bumper sticker reading "FEAR NOT" "arriving" into my vision in animated fashion, haha

> A radio/roadside sign one, beginning when I passed a giant billboard reading "Got lift chairs?" and thus absently visualized a chair lifting someone up into the air, precisely as "uplifting" sang singularly from the radio, perfectly synchronistic and intertwined, etc

> Another of those weird "random New York thought specifically being echoed in external reality," this time with another of my super-random and sudden vague thoughts of New York and all it symbolizes to me (this objectively traceable to it being triggered by something I heard on the radio I think), and then another "sudden passing car to my left"-type appearance of a New York plate directly into my line of sight

> Had another of those sudden clusters of slightly different, "laterally shifted"-type of echoes as seems to be a repeating pattern lately, coming towards evening after a brief waning of thought-type activity, all of the "indirectly/non-literally accurate"-type of echo between thoughts/events and the radio (which, as it were, I'd just changed to shortly before if I remember right, having gone into a new area and lost the last one and scanned randomly to this one). One was "water" singing from the radio a split second before I suddenly thought to drink some more of the alkaline water (another of those with the slightest delay as if to rule out subconscious queuing, in intelligent fashion); having a long, random chain of thoughts end on how love truly is really all I need to be happy, just before "your love is enough for me" sang from the radio; another "big conspicuous passing billboard"/radio lyric-type one, this time with "Me!" shouting randomly from the radio precisely as I passed a sign with a great big "ME" on one whole side of it and registered it (it was actually for the Massage Envy spa but the "ME" is their logo I guess, and it was this that I'd first registered upon seeing the sign -- so ridiculously explicit and precise).

> Even had a cluster coming during dinnertime reading once home, probably the latest time-wise ever, with my eating several hours later than I typically do due to the daylong travel. Had probably 4-5 reading/thought/event echoes total. Couple standouts: a highly notable page-turn/involuntary-bodily-function-type combo one, beginning when I had a sudden wave of that itchiness and coolness streak up my spine, right after I'd started eating and seemingly triggered by this, precisely as I turned the page to a new leaf and "the spine" were literally the very first words I read at the top of the new page (100% invisible to me when I'd registered the spinal activity a split second earlier and had the reactionary absent thought/registering of "my spine"); a slightly delayed but still very precise and patternistic and notable one, beginning when I took the second bite of that weird wheatgrass dish I'd made, precisely as I randomly and singularly came to "chewing grass" in the book (I'd taken the first bite maybe 5-10 seconds before, not having to chew it long due to it being primarily of wheatgrass juice powder and with no fiber/other stuff in it, etc).

If I remember right, I was still experiencing little clusters of background-static-level incidents here and there right up until I went to bed. It was that kind of day.


Today was exactly like yesterday in terms of the feel/variation/frequency/pattern of incidents, as if yesterday was just a CD that had been paused and then resumed, though today without the sheer volume of overall incidents (though, still a generally elevated level for the timespan involved).

Morning saw no thought-type activity that I remember, but it did yet again have another of those "conspicuously inordinate number of random, offhand 37s mentioned during after-chore reading," today in another super-random freebie advertisement magazine I'd gotten while traveling, all the same quietly patternistic fashion of the last two days (though, also, not as many today, and with no real standouts, just enough to indicate a continuation of the pattern). Did one moderately notable classical reading-type recurrence, of "hyaluronic acid," which is something I randomly took this morning with my dose of vitamin C, after having randomly come upon it in the cabinet after putting it in there a while ago, which recurred within the freebie magazine in another of those "buried deep inside/unadvertised" offhand articles that is patternistic of these (and, interestingly, this magazine proved to be old copy, from last fall, despite it being on display where I'd picked it up, as if it were current ...). And then this same thing popped up a second time, also super-randomly and patternistically unlikely/unplanned (I won't even try to explain, just too complicated), when I read in a random magazine while waiting for the chiropractor (who was 1.5 hours late for the appointment for some unknown reason, repeatedly calling to delay further, and thus causing me to sit in the waiting room and read this random little health book while waiting a wait I shouldn't have even been waiting, haha), it too randomly made an offhand mention of hyaluronic acid.

Numbers were present right from the drive to lunch today, with a series of low-key traffic numbers, followed by another semi-standout parking-lot one once I got to the restaurant, another "37-plate car being directly beside where I happened to park," but with a twist. Driving the Miata today, I had the thought that I would park it where I'd seen another, identical Miata several times, as to give the owner of that one a laugh if they came out and saw mine parked right beside, thus causing me to decide, a couple blocks away (far, far from anywhere near I could actually see the space and the cars parked around it), that I would park in that particular row of spaces -- and then, once I got to that row, the one available space was right beside a car with an 837-plate (which, as it were, was the start of a subtle "837-plate" theme for the day, the first of I think 3-4 more I would randomly encounter, sort of as a mini-repeat in itself).

Also involving the same restaurant: my receipt had some random identification number printed at the bottom, beginning with "7333-3729-7344," haha.

Just after lunch: another 37-plate conspicuous-turn-out-type one, a 9317-plate car turning at *just that patternistically precise time and angle* such that the plate directly entered my line of sight as I approached. And with another contextual twist: the only reason I was on this particular street was because I couldn't get through the awkward, dangerous 4-way wide intersection I'd originally tried to go through, and so had instead turned right and then taken the next left, sending me on a safer-yet-indirect way to the market I was going to -- and thus precisely where I needed to be to have that car turn in front of me at that precise time and angle ...

A classical "conspicuous 37-plate car backing up directly/patternistically into my line of sight," this time when I arrived at the dump and pulled directly beside it, etc, etc.

Another "cashier randomly quoting a 37-variant-price"-type one, except with a twist: this one happened at the restaurant just after lunch, when I was out in the parking lot where I'd parked the car alongside the building and, while doing little odds and ends before getting in (all of it of that conspicuously/patternistically delaying fashion of so many of these), a car pulled up to the drive through and placed an order and I expressly heard the cashier reply, "That'll be $10.73," haha.

And once again, a steady, elevated background static of low-key plates by mid-afternoon, pretty much the same intensity as yesterday's. This time, however, it did subside by the time I got home, in typical "around town/not-traveling" fashion.

Thought-type activity was reasonably active again, though much more spotty and less-dense than yesterday, back to being more along the lines of this last week or so's "normal." Lunchtime reading again saw the exact same mix of thematics/small echoes/recurrences and the like, including another series involving nearby strangers in involved/person-to-person conversation (example: my randomly coming to "do you know" in the book precisely as one of the women said "I don't know," perfectly synchronistic and patternistic of these).

Also, with a second group of strangers that replaced the first (who'd been sitting directly beside me), a single standout coherent one: right as I thumbed through my wallet and came upon a cartoon showing a cat (and titled "JUST LIKE CATS AND DOGS" above the picture), the nearby woman randomly and singularly said "I need a cat," this one another that wasn't quite perfectly synchronistic, maybe a half-second delay, but no less surreal/patternistic, etc.

One example of the several one-word-striking-type of reading echoes from this time: randomly coming to "save a round" in the book, precisely as "Round!" sang from the radio, both random and singular and patternistic, and with the two "rounds" coinciding perfectly as to be intertwined -- again!!!!!

An equally notable and classical/patternistic "involuntary bodily function" reading-type echo, beginning when I had this sudden rush of coolness/energy stir through my head and scalp and shift my attention to this area/absently think something like "coolness in head and scalp," again coming just after I'd started eating much like last night's "spine" one, precisely as I came to "To save your scalp" in the book, and this one was perfectly synchronistic (and like other's where the text was visible to me beforehand, it remained fully objective/involuntary, with these rushes of cool energy having been happening super-randomly for the last couple days).

A damn funny yet ridiculously surreal/patternistic and precise radio/involuntary-bodily-function one this afternoon, beginning when I randomly burped for the first time after eating lunch (over an hour and a half before or thereabouts), which tasted exactly like my meal, precisely as "tastes like lunch" sang randomly and singularly from the radio, perfectly synchronistic and perfectly echoing the event in any number of ways, from the actual lunch-tasting burp to my immediate/reactionary thought (which I think might've been "tastes like lunch" exactly, more or less). Made me laugh my ass off.

A cool "non-literal/indirect but perfectly reflective and echo-y"-type one at the gym, another with the song playing over my MP3 player. It started when I randomly thought about jumping on the bar and hanging down to traction/stretch my spine as I always do halfway through a workout, but then, upon seeing that there were people working on machines around the bar and feeling conflicted about having to coordinate/communicate with them about getting up there, etc, I consequently had the thought of something like "I really need to do it so that I can re-align my spine after that long, backbreaking drive yesterday," this accompanied by another vague visualization, now of something like my spine and hips coming into alignment -- precisely as "a line" sang randomly and singularly from the song, and sung in such a way that it was like one word, "ah-line," which sounded indistinguishable from "align," only distinguished when heard within the context of the verse in which it occurred yet perfectly echo-y/relevant/reflective to the intertwined/perfectly synchronistic visualization I'd had at that precise instant ...


Today was a bit different than last couple in some ways; in other ways, identical.

Morning was dead silent from what I remember, even on highway driving and such, this corresponding with a return of ugly headsickness and bluntedness and the like as it were. The first incident I remember came immediately after I got out of the appointment and got ready to get back on the road, which is another of those time periods/occurrances/junctures that seems to instigate activity, much like leaving the house for the day. Today it was just three incidents:

> Another of those weird and somewhat rare yet notable radio-scanning-type instant recurrences, where I'll scan to some random station and it will echo what was on the last one in some way, with no logical connection. Today it was when the last word spoken on the station before I changed it was "design," and then, on the very next random scanned-to station, coming a split second later, the first words to come over it were "he designed" or something like that, perfectly echoing the "design" sentiment and perfectly patternistically, etc.

> And then another "immediately after leaving 37-plate plate" appearance, a semi-conspicuous "random driver turning recklessly in front of me, as to send its 473 plate directly into my line of sight"-type one, followed by a little series of low-key plates between there and the coffee shop, and again made a bit more notable due to the conspicuous absence of any during morning's driving

From there, the day was very subdued and super-low-key thought-wise, though not really quiet, with it still having a reasonable amount of those super-subtle background-static/"synchronistic-state mash-up"-type incidents, again identical to those that have been present more or less every day recently. Lunchtime reading was pretty much silent, but then did see the background static start up during afternoon errands and the like, not a lot of activity by any means but it was definitely there.

One standoutish example: another of those "electronic signs changing to something echoed by the radio at that precise instant," in clock-tick fashion, this time a sign blinking to an advertisement with a great big "MISS" directly in the middle of it, precisely as the radio randomly and singularly sang "I miss you" or something like that. About all the activity I remember was of this "striking-one-word" nature.

Numbers, on the other hand, were still pretty present during afternoon, of less overall duration (again ceasing fully by the time I headed in for the night) but still more or less as active and storm-ish as the last couple days. Had another express arrival of low-key plates immediately after getting on the road from the coffee shop, in "immediately after lunch" fashion, and again eventually reached that plateau of a moderate amount of low-key plates punctuated with regular semi-conspicuous and conspicuous ones. The standouts I got down:

> A cool little one-two combo (many similar combos today, I noticed, inordinately so, as to be another mini-trend) just after lunch, beginning when I stopped at the library and again had an "only parking spot available" parking-lot 37, this time stenciled on the back panel of a van in the neighboring space and conspicuously in my line of sight as I pulled in. And then, minutes later, a "random driver turning in front of me in a conspicuous way and thus 'revealing' their 37-plate," this time a car that ignored my right-of-way and made a left turn when I was making a right, forcing me to wait and then pull out behind it and simultaneously "flashing" its 2337 plate directly into my line of sight, haha

> Then, minutes later at the super-random gas station I was Compelled to stop at, another "random truck backing out of its parking space at the precise instant I got out and approached, thus 'shoving' its 378 plate directly into my line of sight, etc"

> And another combo-type one, beginning with yet another "conspicuous turn-out revealing a 736 plate directly into my line of sight"-type one, but with a twist. First, the car followed the same path I did, such that I drove behind it for a couple blocks and turns with the 736 right in front of me, in that subtle "look at this fashion." And then, as we pulled through a line of cars at an intersection, that same car passed two other, stopped 37-plate cars, and slowly enough and at just the right angles/height, etc, such that its plate briefly but patternistically "aligned" with theirs, seconds apart as to be a one-two-type effect, haha


Today was an explicit change in overall incidents in terms of type and overarcing pattern/"feel"/format, the first in some time really, and this corresponding with a similarly explicit and new shift in health/condition/consciousness and the like, following that overtly "reflective" pattern probably the most notably in some time too.

The day was characterized almost fully by a whole bunch of those longwinded, thematic, daylong recurrences, similar to the background static of small echoes and subtles and thematics and the like I've been having most afternoons, but still qualitively different, still subtle and almost exclusively too personal/complicated/subjective to describe but with another of those distinct, somewhat unique newish "textures" that seems to signal a general underlying shift in activity and pattern/format. Today overall was much like those few instances of the relatively explicit and high-volume "book-reading echoing perfectly more or less my entire morning," except today just being the morning and afternoon both, just a big collective "day-in-a-blender being cycled over and over again"-type of recurrence, again comprised mostly of just the littlest things recurring again and again in semi-conspicuous and patternistic ways (such as my Noticing some random little semi-rare/uncommon thing, then seeing it again soon after, often in some conspicuous way). In total, it was another one of those days with literally dozens of incidents in various capacities of notability, etc, especially once some of that more "normal" background static of small echoes and the like started up come afternoon, such that, between these incidents and the day's moderate amount of numbers, there was mostly just this big daylong "soup" of super-varied activity despite the large majority of it either being too subtle/subjective to be described or simply getting lost in the mix when I began getting overwhelmed and unable to follow it all.

Examples I got down in this vein:

> Most notable and semi-coherent of the day was at church during the sermon, when it echoed all sorts of that patternistically semi-notable/Noticed/semi-rare/uncommon stuff that comprised my morning before leaving the house, in the same fashion as lunchtime reading and just as damn notable and surreal, sort of an earlier version of it. Example: this morning while reflecting on various personal developments and the like, I thought of how I like electronics and computers/gadgets, etc, for all the right reasons now, simply to use them in practical and meaningful ways rather than just to have them/gain a false sense of worth/power/status from having them, etc, realizing this distinctly for the first time perhaps ever, after having that increase in clarity of thought/lifting of the headfog and the like with the morning's sudden increase in health -- and then during the sermon, the preacher specifically mentioned how men generally go for computers and gadgets and electronics due to being psychologically programmed to gain empty satisfaction from them and such, pretty much exactly what I'd thought of, in similar terms even (and furthermore, several of the other sermon-recurrences all followed this semi-coherent "opposite" theme, where I'd again realized this morning how I liked some potentially negative thing for the right, positive reasons, and then the sermon touched on those very same things and those very same negative potentials, with probably 3-4 of these at least, all following this pattern precisely and all super-random and recurring just hours later after my super-random and distinct thinking of them -- just damn surreal, another 1-2-3-4/wham-bam-type effect by the time the sermon was done). Even had a few of "normal," short-term echoes peppering the sermon-time activity, too, in the same pattern that's happened identically in the past, with the pastor's sermon corresponding with a sudden onsent of rapid-fire echoes of my random thoughts/reactions/feelings, etc, at the time. This period of activity was actually the peak of the day's, oddly, despite coming at a typically low-to-no-activity time of day.

> Couple examples of the dozens of super-subtle/small recurrences of the day: passing a man on a bicycle smoking an old-fashioned briar pipe this morning, and distinctly Noticing the pipe in particular, as to think consciously, "How cool to see a man smoking such a pipe" -- and then in the 'Treasure Island' book tonight, started at dinnertime reading after my super-randomly having decided to get it and read it tonight after another big long series of super-random/"coincidental" events (and again despite my having another book bought and lined up and everything), it mentioned randomly just such a pipe, when patternistically seeing the man's pipe this morning was the first I'd encountered such a thing in months or longer, etc, etc. And another: off and on all day I've been thinking about how the alkaline water seems to really have miraculously cured my arthritis or is in the process of doing so, this of this explicitly several times and in these terms so that I could tell Mom about it tonight so that it might help her arthritis -- and then, also in the 'Treasure Island' book at dinnertime reading, it randomly mentioned a "rheumatic cure," this along with the pipe one and a couple others during that brief period of reading alone. Just so, so many of these today ...

And then later, amongst the scattered small echoes during the periodic background static during afternoon (diminished today compared to recently, as it were, now just to threshold levels), did have two cool standout/coherent "normal" echoes:

> A perfectly synchronistic and striking and very notable/precise one just after lunch. It started when, just after randomly texting the man about the car, I had the thought that the text had instantly gone to "Delivered" instead of just "Sent" but I'd turned off my phone after, and that I ought to put it back on in case the man replied instantly -- and then, perfectly synchronistic with this thought developing and then crossing my mind, the radio randomly and singularly sang out "as soon as you get the text, reply me," not only perfectly timed and 100% fully random and verifiably/traceably objective, but 100% explicit too, given that it was both about texting specifically, and about replying, but about replying *instantly,* which is exactly what I'd been thinking about in regards to the man's potentially immediate reply to my immediately delivered text. Wow ...

> A laughably bizarre but equally striking, albeit "small" one, at Goodwill. It was a classical radio/random-event-type echo, with my coming upon a stuffed animal on the shelf (super-randomly, with this being the random-bric-a-brac shelf where they just throw all manner of stuff on it inspecifically, rather than my, say, coming upon a shelf specifically of similar stuffed animals -- just another conspicuously and patternistically super-random "Just Happening to come upon it at that precise instant"-type deal), a tiger with a little t-shirt on it that read "YOU KNOW" right in the middle, and with these two words specifically falling directly/effortessly into my line of sight as I approached, as to be the first thing on this stuffed animal that I registered -- a split second before "you know" sang randomly and singularly from the radio, again in that super-instant-recurrence manner such that my registering the words and the radio's lyric "intertwined" in that super-surreal and notable way.

Also had a little notable and sudden cluster of small-but-striking/precise/conspicuously super-random echoes right before I got home, with 3-4 occuring within the space of less than a minute, all involving random things I encountered while driving and were echoed perfectly synchronistically with my registering/seeing them by the same song on the radio. Examples: looking for that one trailer with the man with the scooter I need to talk to, and then seeing one and thinking "That's not his, it's the one next door/neighboring" or something like that, a split second before "next door" sang singularly/random from the radio (and in this same "neighboring" context), and then, seconds later, the same for "front porch" as I passed the man's place and noticed consciously and specifically that it had an elaborate front porch, and then, after another few seconds, stopping at the intersection before the house and looking right, and thus seeing Tom's place with the string of Christmas-like lights on the front porch, precisely as "I leave my Christmas lights on my porch all year long" (or something like that, definitely echoing the idea of "Christmas lights on a front porch," in any case). Another super-surreal one for all its subtly.

Oddly, numbers were toned down today, disproportionately to the other various activity. They were still there certainly, and still with a moderate number of subtle, low-key random/"everywhere" 37s and low-key traffic 37-plates during afternoon, but definitely departed from those odd little storm-level afternoons of late. Don't remember seeing any at all through morning beyond maybe some stray random 37s here and there, but then did start seeing some 22s and other minority-type repeats around lunch, followed by another of those "immediately after lunch" onsets of the traffic-type 37s in earnest (or as much as they were here today). Had several semi-conspicuous traffic-behavior-type ones, but without any of those super-conspicuous stands like yesterday's little 1-2-3 clusters. Best example of the day's lower-key conspicuous-type activity was when I had a 730-plated Mustang pass directly/effortlessly/patternistically into my awareness as I passed it to park at the super-random gas station with the ATM, and then, maybe a half-hour so later while I was pulling out after stopping to look at the car and text the man about it, some distance away and across the bridge, that same Mustang passed me as I was waiting to turn, thus revealing/"flashing" its 730 plate at me a second time (and, interestingly, the only reason I saw this was because of that "text reply" echo and my stopping to write a note about it instead of pulling out like I was just about to, another of those patternistically conspicuously little circumstances/develops that directly contributed to my seeing some synchronistic thing, yet again ...).


Another quietly crazy day like yesterday, almost exactly the same in most respects actually.

Morning was overtly silent, with no standout thought-type incidents that I remember, but did actually note that background static of subtles and random numbers then, albeit lightly. These then elevated/intensified/increased upon leaving the house for the drive to lunch, becoming still super-subtle and obscure/distorted but just more in number -- and then, in "on a switch fashion," they all the sudden graduated to a mix of semi-coherent and coherent ones. In fact, it all began expressly with a highly notable combo number/thought-type standout, when I came to a red light and came to a slow stop behind a truck there, with a conspicuous yellow small bumper sticker on its back window catching my eye as I neared, eventually resolving into "KICKER" in contrasted yellow and black letters that I could only read when close -- and then, perfectly synchronistic and patternistic and just ridiculously surreal, right as the text resolved for me and I registered it and thus had the absent thought of "kicker," the radio randomly/singularly sang out "kick back," and once again with the thought of "kicker" coinciding with the lyric's sounding so seamlessly as to be intertwined, almost "violently" in effect in my head, as if it was accompanied by a physical blow or something. From there, had another little cluster of those super-subtle-but-profound echoes/thematics, etc, including, as a little footnote, when I noticed later on that that same kicker truck had a 377 plate on it, which I hadn't noticed due to the bumper sticker drawing my attention so fully and then being distracted further by the synchronistic echo (and, interestingly, I only noticed this after I'd followed the truck all the way to the coffee shop I was going to, during which it followed my course exactly, same turns and such, and then parked directly across from me, when otherwise I would've missed this cute little detail ...).

Lunchtime reading went back to being fully overtly quiet, but, subtly and subjectively, ridiculously active. It was another of those days where the book I started reading -- another super-randomly and Compelled bought/read one, about Nikki Sixx (after my mysteriously losing interest in the 'Treasure Island' book I started last night as capriciously) -- echoed my life with ridiculous, eerie precision, today both longwinded and short-term/"everything that had just happened that morning"-term, again bordering on being uncomfortable and overwhelming even for me and even that early in the day. Plus this was accompanied by the rest of the background-static super-subtle echoes and less-personal thematics, as to just be a gigantic "swirl" of activity throughout the whole meal more or less, for all its subtly and imprecision/distortion at times. And this never really let up, going on pretty much all day to varying levels of coherence and notability, until I once again hit that critical mass of "dozens upon dozens of incidents"/unable to keep track/feeling mentally "cloyed"/numbed, etc.

One coherent example of the day's particular texture/"flavor" of subtle recurrences, especially in the obscure/bizarre/indirect/imprecise element of it: last night, totally randomly at the end of that super-random Men's Journal library-freebie magazine, it mentioned "Gym Jones," some sort of fitness company playing on the famous name, which I Noticed/noticed and thus thought about Jim Jones for the first time in some time, in that same patternistic fashion -- and then today in the Nikki Sixx book, it mentioned Jim Jones, as randomly and offhand and obscurely, also in a sort of play on words though this one was hard to describe (but, regardless, succeeded in echoing the similarly bizarre element of the original occurrence -- highly notable really).

Semi-standout example of the many many one-word subtles/distorted/"half-theres" through afternoon: a "passing roadside sign"/radio-type echo, when I came upon a "FIRESTONE" sign and, precisely as I registered the "stone" half of it, "stone" sang from the radio, 100% patternistic and objective and striking as the rest of these.

Had I think maybe 2-3 standout-level-coherent echoes today, but the only one I remember was one from when I was at the super-random thrift store I somehow ended up at soon after lunch, and this one because it might just be one of the most ridiculously notable/living-dream-surreal of standalone incidents to date. It started when my attention was drawn distinctly and urgently to a rack of DVDs (which was also totally illogical, since I don't watch movies and haven't for years), and, right as I turned and looked it over, my eyes were then drawn with similar magnetism to a weird little sticker overtop the rack, shaped like a hand, with "DVDs $1.99" written on it -- precisely as the store's radio randomly and singularly sang out "am I just a number on a hand," with the "number on a hand part" coinciding with more of that "intertwined"/inseparable precision as I registered the little sticker and the price specifically and had the distinct thought of something like "a hand with price numbers written on it, why a hand?"

Many of those super-random/offhand/"everywhere" 37s and some other minor repeats today too, also eventually reaching the point of "just far too many to process/note." One cute little example, fitting that mini-trend/pattern/subtype of "checking on some random business or something online and seeing a 37 in its review or address or something," this time a double hit when I looked up the water place at lunch, finding it to have another 3.7-star-average rating, plus its street address being "317 Hwy 90" ...

As for traffic-type incidents, these did indeed follow that same "strictly and immediately after lunch"-type pattern, with the exception of the 377 on the "kicker" truck just before lunch. In fact, the initial after-lunch incident was not only patternistically immediate in timing, but was also one of those extra-notable combo/cluster-type incidents as I've been seeing with growing frequency lately. Went on to have several of these today in fact:

> The one just after lunch began with, first, seeing a couple low-key parked-car parking-lot-type ones as I left, and then, less than a minute later, passing a car stopped semi-conspicuously in a turn lane with a 307 plate directly in my line of sight as I passed, and then, just a few seconds later as I stopped at an intersection, another of those super-notable "logistically perfect stop where a 37-plate is perfectly *just visible* to me, at *just the right angle/line of sight, etc,*" this time a 317 plate where it was, first, just where I Happened to be looking as I crawled to a slow stop at the crowded intersection, and then, second, its last digit *just* became visible from behind another car as I finally stopped completely, and just all the more notable due to its expressly patternistic revealing, and then even *more* with its arriving at the end of this little 1-2-3 combo.

> A similar one later one: getting stopped behind a van with a 376-suffix phone number printed in both big and little characters on its back panel, such that it was "staring" me in the face -- and then, a second or so after I registered this, a 973-plate car "drifted"/"revealed" patternistically from my left, perfectly synchronistically timed or very close to it -- and then, seconds after that, an electronic sign overlooking the intersection blinked to a clock-and-temperature display, on which the time was exactly 1:37 -- and then, maybe a minute or less later once the light had changed and I'd pulled into the post office parking lot right by the intersection, I was Compelled to forego my usual, closer, logical parking space and instead go to the far lot and park -- upon which, in my equally random/Compelled/magnetized-to parking space, I found myself directly behind a 3777-plate, as to bring about a relatively tight 1-2-3-4 effect.

Also had another combo at the market while checking my phone for something later on, this time a combo thought/number-type one, also much like a couple others I've had recently. It started when, upon turning on my phone, it brought up the time at 2:21, which I Noticed distinctly/patternistically, and then, immediately after when I went to search for the website for that cafe I'd just passed to see their menu and such, it brought up some other cafe, miles away and with a totally different name, which was at address 221 Ocean Boulevard -- which not only echoed the 221 pretty close, but also echoed the "Ocean Boulevard" that sung out perfectly synchronistically on the random radio song that had started seconds prior, which happened to be about Myrtle Beach and so was referring not only to *an* Ocean Boulevard but the very same that the internet search referred to (however, this part of it, though notable, isn't quite as notable as it sounds, because the radio station I had on is local and plays a lot of the shag-type music that regularly references Myrtle Beach and the like -- but, still, it came on *just then,* and just as I searched, etc, etc). From there, had 3-4 perfectly synchronistic/striking one-word hits between the song and my searching/typing on the phone, such as typing "beach" as the word sang randomly in the song, or "Myrtle Beach" once, I can't even remember the others, just this incident alone leaving me in that semi-overwhelmed/shell-shocked-type state ...

As for the rest of the day and the "dark zone" of dozens of indescribable yet super-profound and notable activity: just no words.


Another one in the exact same overarcing pattern as yesterday, and really even much the same in terms of exact varieties and frequency, etc.

Early morning was totally silent from what I remember, beyond I think a few more of those patternistic, collectively-notable "lots of stray offhand 37-figures in after-chore reading material." (And, again, this corresponding reflectively with the bluntedness/headsickness of that time.) But then, during the drive to lunch, had a sudden and notable onset of traffic 37s, like yesterday but without the simultaneous thought-type activity. It was, in fact, another of those multiple-fast-repeat clusters, like those I've suddenly started having recently, though a bit looser and more delayed but with the same basic "feel" of it:

It started with a random car pulling in front of me at some juncture (the very first I got behind, as it were, such that it would prove to also be a "first car of the day Just Happening to have a 37-plate"-type one), and then, a couple miles down the road when I finally caught up to it at a red light, its plate resolved into a 937 or something like that -- and then, less than a minute later at the next intersection, I passed two more 37-plate cars, one behind another and in the straight lane when I was going past in the turn lane, such that their two plates "revealed" from behind the cars in the line, one after the other, in that patternistic and surreally "animated" way -- and then, after turning toward the coffee shop, there followed a string of I think 2-3 low-key 37-plates in traffic, just over the course of the couple-minute drive there -- and then, finally, as the "period of the sentence," there was a parked 37-plate car waiting for me when I pulled in, quietly conspicuous in parking-lot-repeat-style, directly/patternistically in my line of sight/path, etc.

Numbers went on to be reasonably active all through the day, continuing on at lunch even, with more of those "offhand 37-figure mentions" in the Nikki Sixx book. Had more of these a few other times during the afternoon too, semi-conspicuously even, such as when I took a random leaf of newspaper out of the recycling bin at the dump, looking cartoons, and when I turned it over it was to a big bold headline reading something like "137 such and suchs given away" or whatever. Also, the money orders I got, the first of which was numbered 2473307101, the second 24733107112, suggesting they were fully random, sequential numbers.

Had a reasonable number of semi-conspicuous 37-plates in traffic too, including the usual assortments of "logistically perfect/impossible to orchestrate turn-in-fronts, at the exact timing/angle/lighting, etc," and especially those quick, small, but very striking "flashes" of plates, in that "Hey!" sort of manner as I seem to have been seeing more of lately.

Another trend I've noticed over the last few days (seeming to correspond with this new period/trend/"chapter" of general activity type): more of those "Just Happening to stop reading on a 37-variant page number in reading, always due to traceably objective circumstances and the like." Had three or four of these over the last few days, but didn't at first pay much attention to them collectively, just seeing them at most as stray incidents of this subtype or more offhand-type random 37s or just even coincidence. But today it happened three times in a row, just that I remember (seems like there was a fourth in there), in all my reading material, from magazines to the book (both starting and ending), and it seems like a pamphlet or something else in there too, I just can't remember -- but, in any case, all frequent enough and patternistic enough and all 100% verifiably objective in various ways, such that it's definitely established as a notable and coherent little mini-trend (and, also, it seems to have followed that pattern of, "increasing and maturing until I finally take note" ...).

Even had two "cashier quoting a 37-variant price" ones today, and both were, unlike last couple, highly conspicuous and patternistic, having those logistical circumstances and details that so many of them have had in the past. The first was at the coffee shop when, just after I'd gotten my coffee and started across the room to the table (right at the verge of when my attention was shifting from the counter and the cashier, and when I would've just been out of earshot), she said to the next customer, "I owe you seventy-three cents," once again with my just catching those words before getting out of earshot and tuning out, etc. And then, at the PO an hour or so later, an even more explicit one circumstantially, this time when, precisely as I opened the door and entered (before which the interior noise was completely inaudible through the heavy metal-and-glass door), the cashier said to a customer, "It's seven-thirty for first-class," or something like that -- a quote of $7.30 exactly for some shipping speed, followed by other random, non-37 numbers for other shipping speeds, in any case (yet I'd Just Happened to enter at that exact moment she'd quoted the 37 ...).

Thought-type activity was generally exactly like yesterday's "regular mix of super-personal/profound/graduated thematics peppered by background-static level echoes and super-subtles and distorted recurrences, etc," though today having pretty much zero standout incidents (or, at least, none that were coherent enough to relate, still having plenty of highly notable but only subjectively coherent ones). Again ended up having more incidents than I can recall, and again at times overwhelming. The best examples I can relate: while driving down the road and passing a man semi-conspicuously walking into a building, thus causing me to register his movement and absently think "man walking inside," the radio randomly and singularly sang out "walk in," as to be another of those that "felt" and "acted" like an incident, due to timing and general precision if nothing else, but was otherwise not objectively notable except for the fact that it was exactly like the many others of the day, patternistically.

Same for the super-personal reading recurrences today, which again followed that ridiculously profound theme of "echoing my short-term and long-term life with startling precision," and today even with some semi-coherent ones, enough to at least vaguely relate:

> Just this morning while doing stretches and observing how explicitly my spine's condition seems to influence my whole body/health, I distinctly and consciously thought about this general subject for a bit, as to absently visualize my spine and its complicated nerve connections and such branching through soft tissues and into the brain, etc -- and then during lunchtime reading, as part of the random illustrations and artwork in the Nikki Sixx book, it had a Grey's Anatomy picture of exactly that, an anatomical sketch of the spine and its nerve branches and the brain atop it all, *exactly* as I'd so absently and randomly visualized just a couple hours prior. This one would've been only another of the collectively notable super-subtle/small/not highly uncommon-type of daylong echoes/recurrences/thematics I've been seeing so much of lately, but there was another dimension to it: the fact that this exact same thing happened just yesterday, and twice even, both times involving various body parts that, for various objective reasons/events, I distinctly thought of and visualized in the exact same random-but-conscious manner of the spine this morning, and then Grey's sketches of these exact organs/areas, etc, were randomly in the book (the thyroid and the lungs, as it were, both of which came up similarly in the day's ailments and my reactive thoughts/ruminations on them).

> And, similarly, a couple semi-coherent examples of the "life/book echoes": Today I realized that tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I had the thought of something like, "Shouldn't I do something for Valentine's tomorrow?", and then tonight, I Just Happened to come to the part of the book dated the day before Valentine's Day, in which Nikki Sixx wonders if he should do something special for Valentine's, ha ha. And at the gym today: My pants felt like they didn't fit as well as they should, even with the belt cinched tight, and so I checked the mirror and thought I looked even thinner than recently, as if I'd lost weight (and sure enough, I weighed in three pounds less than I'd last checked), thus making me consciously and randomly think both "Getting thinner" and "clothes not fitting as well" -- and then, also during dinnertime reading tonight, I came to a part of the book where Sixx mentions how skinny he'd gotten and how his clothes don't fit and how he could wear his girlfriends clothes (actually, I might've read this at lunch, before I went to the gym and had these thoughts, but it really wouldn't matter, because I can again 100% trace my thoughts to the objective event of having to repeatedly pull my pants up and cinch my belt super-tight, etc, thus ruling out any sort of subconscious suggestion/cueing, etc -- just like all of these dozens and dozens of super-subtle/personal/subjective/vague recurrences these days, again living-dream in every sense ...).

Also of note: at lunchtime reading, another instance of "two nearby strangers in a long, involved conversation in which there were multiple small-but-striking one-word hits intermixed with general thematic echoes between what I was reading/thinking/doing, etc," this time with no real standouts but, again, subjectively and personally very surreal and notable.

And another semi-coherent example from lunchtime reading that I just now saw the note for: a subtle "involuntary bodily" one, when, just after eating and setting my digestion/metabolism in motion, I had a sudden and random resurgence of the toxicity and that all-over body ache, thus causing me to think/register it as "That just doesn't feel good," vaguely so, since the effect was subtle and full-body and hard to pin but definitely there, like a thin cloud had just crept over my sun -- precisely as I turned the page in the book and read at the very top in the first sentence, "It was a very uncomfortable feeling."


Same as yesterday in pattern but a big uptick in overall incidents, ultimately a banner day, of that same incredible amount of sheer volume and length of activity like a couple others lately.

Only relatively quiet part of the day was early morning, and even then had a few subtles and thematics during after-chore reading (one example, of the super-subtle-but-patternistic recurrences that I've been having so many dozens of all through most days recently: yesterday at Goodwill, I came across a soft case for a guitar, which I both Noticed and noticed, simply because it was the first I'd encountere/thought of a guitar's soft case specifically for maybe years, as to bring up all sorts of memories involving the soft cases for my old bass guitars -- and then the morning's freebie magazine randomly mentioned a guitar's soft case, specifically for a bass guitar like I'd thought of, again a relatively common thing that I'd somehow not encountered for a conspicuously long time, then encountered again patternistically soon afterward, and this one was even a bit more notable considering that the recurrence came in a men's magazine, Esquire, rather than a music publication, or the music-themed book I'm reading during mealtimes, ha ha).

Then the morning drive to the coffee shop saw a sudden and biggish cluster of activity, beginning with the subtle echoes and the like that I've learned signal the onset of the synchronistic state/"passing the barrier"/"the switch being thrown" or whatever happens, and then minutes later progressing right to a handful of standout/coherent radio/thought/event-type echoes:

> Precisely as I went over the bridge spanning the river and looked out across the water and absently registered it, the radio randomly and singularly sang out "Looking across the river" (this was another not-quite-perfectly synchronistic one, with that ~1-second delay that some of these have)

> A striking one-word/sign-tick combo, when "about" sang from the radio precisely as a roadside electronic sign that I'd just come up on ticked to reading "something something ABOUT," and again with my registering both "abouts" simultaneously as to be intertwined and to bring about that ridiculously surreal "Hey, look at this!"/animated effect

> Turning off the highway and thus passing a sign reading "HOLDEN BEACH" (previously invisible around the bend, until just that precise moment when I reached the elbow of the turn and became angled so the sign was visible, as to bring about the "animated" effect again), perfectly synchronistic with the radio randomly singing "holdin'!," pronounced with the exact same phoenetic as "Holden," as to be another literally imprecise/phoenetically 100% precise one, haha

From there, lunchtime reading was again almost 100% patternistic of lately, with a series of those same scattered low-key super-subtles and book/life thematics and such (oddly so, today being something of a downturn when compared to the drive's atypical echo/number activity). Or so it was at first, with these type of incidents intensifying and cohering somewhat gradually through the meal, rather than tapering off to a brief silence like most days recently (corresponding with my not getting that rush of post-meal sickness today, coincidentally -- reflectively?). The examples I got down:

> Another patternistic episode of "two nearby strangers in involved conversation echoing many stray single words that I was thinking/reading/experiencing somehow," and with those subtle thematic parallels too (such as "milk," "almond milk" especially, with this being literally echoed several times that I thought about the almond milk I was eating in my food and drinking in my coffee and thinking of where I could buy some more of once I got to the city). The almond milk thematic even had a standout echo once, when, after a period of not thinking about almond milk in some capacity for a while, right as I turned on my phone and typed in "almond milk" for a search, one of the conversing women said "I just don't like almond milk," with my tapping in "almond milk" corresponding perfectly with her spoken "almond milk" (and, once again, when she was across the room/standing beyond the counter, entirely out of sight and at distance from me/impossible for her to read what I was typing/doing, and of course it wouldn't have mattered anyway, with the almond-milk reference being relevant to the natural flow of their conversation, which was about various foods and how the one woman preferred soy milk, etc, etc -- just ridiculously precise yet 100% objective/independent ...).

> One semi-coherent example of the many many long-term and short-term life/book/event thematics that haunted the whole reading session: right after I searched for "almond milk enema" and it unexpectedly brought up nothing but a whole bunch of porn pages, I reached a part of the book where the author describes going into a sex club and all kinds of other sexual antics, this illustrated with a pornographic picture of him with a woman, the first decidedly graphic/pornographic image in the hundred-and-some pages of the book I'd read (yet I hadn't yet reached that page when I did the search, not that I had any idea it would bring up porn listings anyhow -- if I'm not mistaken, the picture was on the very first page I turned to literally right after I'd resumed reading after pausing to do the search on my phone, haha). And once again, only mildly notable in itself, if at all, but considering that it fit the distinct pattern of so many others of late (and immediately before and after it, too), it was highly notable and surreal, for me at least.

Afternoon went on to have all manner of thought-type activity, with only the slightest of lulls (I think the only near-silence came right after lunch, but barely then), and lasted right up through my time in the city and the drive home, ceasing only once I hit the back roads leading home, as has happened before. Examples I got down:

> A cool roadside-sign/echo-type one, with a twist. It started when I passed this giant billboard dominated by a picture of a puppy, thus causing me to think "dog/puppy/animal" upon registering it, which coincided perfectly with the radio randomly singing "monkey on a string," such that it very much "felt" to be an echo, yet it wasn't, beyond echoing the vague "animal" sentiment. Thus I had one of those automatic "inner-skeptic criticism"-type of thoughts, patternistic of the "challenge and answer"-type of incidents, this time of "Now, why did that feel so much like an incident, yet the echo was not of 'dog' or 'puppy' or something?" -- and then, perfectly synchronistic with this thought crossing my mind, the next stanza of the song came over the radio: "like a doggy on a leash," haha. Once again an incident with big notability, but even moreso given the explicitly "intelligent/playful" overtones present ...

> Two similar sign-type ones, soon after the "puppy" one. The first: When I had the sudden and highly illogical thought of "I had too much caffeine at lunch" (even though I knew I hadn't, having drank only one medium coffee today instead of two small ones), triggered by some random health ugliness or something that caused my thoughts to race for a moment as if I'd had too much caffeine -- a split second before the radio randomly and singularly and without precedent/prior allusion, etc, sang out "too much caffeine," another small but ridiculously notable and surreal one, in "the damn radio is reading my thoughts!" fashion. And then the second one: when I passed this enormous, stately, conspicuously wonderful-looking home and suddenly turned my head to see it, due to its being sited in a big wooded lawn that I could saw through for a split second right as I came upon it, as to bring about a sudden "rubbernecking" twist of the neck -- a split second before I passed a great big billboard reading "TAKE A LOOK AT CUSTOM HOMES," with the "LOOK" being a pair of comically big, wide eyes, thus echoing perfectly, albeit indirectly, my exagerrated rubbernecking/gawking at the house, etc, along with the underlying sentiment of "house."

> Had a sudden standout just after leaving the market later, and this one was another of those super-notables, right up there with the "number on a hand" one from a couple days ago. It started when I was still parked and getting ready to key the ignition and go, looking down to click in the seatbelt or something, and the radio randomly and singularly sang out "the girl over there with the hella good hair" -- a split second before I raised my head and found myself looking directly/effortlessly at the car parked directly across from me, in which sat a woman with a conspicuous hairdo, all sharp, precise angles and with complicated styling and all looking fresh and such, every bit like something straight off the cover of a magazine -- hair that would again be 100% perfectly described as "hella good hair" (there was a heart-shaped Valentine's Day balloon in the seat beside her, and it was late afternoon at the time, so the woman had likely just had her hair done in preparation for a Valentine's evening date).

> Many many subtle/vague/"half-there"/distorted echoes again, again upwards of several dozen by the end of the day, all intermixed with the thematics and even subtler activity. Had probably 8-10 of those striking random one-words while driving around, too, such as the radio singing "DRIVE!" precisely as I came upon a sign reading "DRIVE-THRU."

> Had two of those "radio echoing the license plate of a randomly passing car in the lane to my immediate left." The first: the radio singing "rock" precisely as a truck suddenly passed me, with that logistical precision that's so characteristic of these, sending its license plate with a bezel reading "BIG ROCK" directly and perfectly into my line of sight, perfectly timed with the radio's lyric and my registering it and the "ROCK" half of the bezel's lettering (that which was closest to me; in fact, the "ROCK" half was *all* that was visible to me when the lyric sang out, due to the rest being obscured by the frame of my van's windshield -- just so ridiculously precise and all the more surreal/striking for it). The other, a little down the road, was functionally exactly the same, except this time it was a radio's call-sign announcement, randomly singing "Mix 97.7" precisely as a car with a 397-ending plate passed me suddenly and sent its numbers directly into my line of sight, such that my registering the plate's "97" and the radio's "97" in that perfectly corresponding manner, just so logistically incredible and striking ...

Numbers were just as active as thought-type incidents today, with the same mix of many many low-key background-static 37s mostly (in traffic and in just random/"everywhere" sources) plus other minority repeats, with a good deal of semi-conspicuous and conspicuous standouts thrown in there, again to that "storm"-level degree to where I simply could not keep up with them, literally dozens of individual incidents over the course of the day and about all of them more or less standoutish (and also continuing right from the morning drive until I hit the back roads and came home, and even then having a little residual trickle in the form of several 37-covered receipts when I went to do my books for the night, etc). Examples I got down:

> A good number of low-key 37-plates in traffic during the longish drive to lunch (or maybe not -- good God I just can't remember at all), and then, immediately after and in patternistic fashion, had two back-to-back "passing cars flashing their 37-plates directly into my line of sight in logistically acrobatic ways" right after I left the coffee shop and maybe just a couple hundred feet down the road, followed by another steadily growing/elevating/cohering stream of low-key plates eventually becoming conspicuous to varying degrees, and then to all-out "storm"/onslaught/constant levels once I got into the city limits.

> Had a semi-standout one when a "ROYAL CAB" van, #317, pulled out directly in front of me, which would be only ("only" ...) another low-key one except for the fact that this one continued that ongoing personal thematic of "royal"-themed repeats and the like. And also with this one, it was involved in one of those "double 37 alignments," just after it pulled out, when it passed and thus very briefly aligned with the 730 plate on a second car.

> Then, soon after at the supplement place, had a little cluster of semi-conspicuous 4-digit parked 37-plates, and these made more notable by the fact that I was Compelled, again against all logic, to take the long, indirect way back to the van after coming out of the store, thus sending me by these particular cars when I wouldn't have had I gone the direct, logical way ...

> Had another of those patternistic and super-surreal "combo"-type clusters as I've been having lately, though this one was a bit sparer and less conspicuous/detailed/with less "depth," being a simple procession of three 37-plates car in a row passing me as I headed home, in one-two-three format (another incident that was bigger/more notable when experienced, losing something in translation to text). Also adding to this one a little was the fact that it came just after the "hella good hair"-woman incident, all of it coming together to add a bit of collective intensity.

> Another of those super-conspicuous parking-lot types, when, right as I stopped on the median in the market parking lot so that I could write a note, a car came near, stopped, and slowly and conspicuously began backing up, directly toward me and thus drawing my attention directly to its 173 plate, super-conspicuous and 100% patternistic of these -- and then, as I stood there waiting for it to park and stop before going on, I absently looked around me and therefore saw two more 37-plates, side by side and parked at one of those quietly conspicuous angles, as if to say "hey, look over here" in that patternistic way -- another little combo/cluster of sorts

And so on. Factor in pages and pages more listing the ones lost in the spincycle of the day ...


Another day in the mold of the last few, and really very much like yesterday, just not quite as much volume.

Morning was pretty quiet again, except for some subtle little thematic/super-subtle echo-type of rumblings as seems to happen more or less all the time these days. Same for morning drive to lunch, without any of yesterday's activity in that time period, but then did have the activity start up/"the switch thrown" during lunchtime reading, and immediately so, as to distinctly feel myself entering the synchronistic state/"the lever being thrown," etc. Once again had a big, reasonably dense, and ridiculously surreal mix of those long-term/short-term thematics (again echoing my life in general in several ways, plus again many of the specific, obscure experiences/thoughts/encounters I'd had just that morning), though with few to no echo-y activity today oddly, even of the super-subtle "environmental" types (perhaps due to the outdoor environment I was in today, with no other people around/no interaction, or maybe no thought/perceptual "contact" from others?).

A good example of the "morning-to-lunchtime-reading" life/book-type recurrences happened today. It started this morning when, after some long random chain of thought that I can't remember, I randomly thought of that video I'd seen years ago of Tommy Lee playing on this outrageous floating/spinning/upside-down-turning drum set, spending several minutes thinking about it actually -- and then today at lunch during the part of the Nikki Six book I Just Happened to come to today, he randomly mentioned, completely offhand, how Tommy Lee was planning to have a spinning/floating/upside-turning drumkit he would play during shows, the exact one I'd thought of so randomly. This one wasn't quite as super-random and obscure/notable as some other reading recurrences, since it would stand to reason that a book written by Nikki Sixx might reference this semi-interesting fact about his bandmate (in fact, it might've been my reading this book lately that caused me to think of the drum thing this morning); but this one's true notability lies in the fact that it was timed so closely, and its nature was so patternistic of these "morning in a blender"-type of lunchtime reading recurrences (I've now read over 150 pages of the book, over the span of days, and it's not referenced anything to do with Tommy Lee's crazy flying drum kit, until today, and just hours after I'd had that thought, etc).

Another one along these lines: last night at the end of that random copy of Esquire (or it might've been in some other random magazine-reading last night, can't remember exactly), I came across "Tortugas," for the first time in I don't know when, and I Noticed it specifically, as to say it out loud -- and then at the department store today, which I'd gone in super-randomly after yet another long chain of bizarre circumstances, I encountered a box of "TORTUGAS" candy, another perfectly patternistic short-term "entire life" recurrence.

Besides the reasonably intense thematics again, lunchtime reading was otherwise not very active. Though I did have one cool little radio-type echo soon after, when I went into the department store. It started when I came upon this random bottle of "coffee extract" on the shelf, which I Noticed very distinctly, in that intense and distinct yet fully illogical and subjective/indescribable way, as to bring on that "synchronistic" feeling very pronouncedly -- and then, a second or so later (another of these with a definite but neglible delay), the lyrics started on the new song that had come on the in-house radio, with the first line in the first stanza being "Don't need no coffeepot." This was another of those that wasn't quite perfectly synchronistically timed, nor even very precise beyond echoing the "coffee" theme indirectly, yet was still pretty striking and notable due to that intense Noticing of the coffee extract (and, of course, with it occurring 100% *before* any mention of coffee came over the radio, nor had I heard this particular song before, thus ruling out any sort of subconscious pre-knowledge/cueing, etc).

Other than these (plus the pretty much constant background static of thematic and super-subtle echoes that haunted the afternoon, again numbering at least a couple dozen or more), had two more radio-type echoes, similar to the coffee one:

> Precisely as I turned on the phone and then went to make a call, the radio randomly and singularly sang out "Callin' me"

> And then, a minute or so later: precisely as I suddenly remembered to check my to-do list before going home (and thus absently visualizing the list and such in my mind's eye, as is the case of so many of these), the radio randomly sang out (or maybe it was a commercial or interlude or something, can't remember) "on your list."

Numbers arrived in "immediately after lunch" fashion this time, after a silent morning drive. It was another of those patternistically quietly conspicuous/logistically super-precise ones, when, in the parking lot of the shopping plaza right after I finished and went for the car, a car passed me and turned, at *just the right angle,* with *just the right timing,* to "flash" its 837 plate directly/effortlessly into my line of sight. And of course it all just went from there, with another gradual elevation from low-key traffic plates to more-conspicuous incidents as the afternoon wound on. The standouts:

> A van pulling out in front of me and cutting me off at that confusing four-way intersection where only two of them are supposed to stop at stop signs and there's no light, this van almost hitting me and forcing me to slam on my brakes (when the car had almost no brakes left, my literally taking it to the shop just then, ha ha) and then turning past me and revealing its 7113 plate.

> Another of those little combos like I've been having, just after the gym this time, beginning when I somewhat overcautiously waited for a lone van to pass by before pulling from the parking lot there, even though it was in the other lane and had no turn signal on and wasn't going fast, just feeling Compelled to wait -- and then, once it got past and I pulled out, it revealed the van's 1711 plate (saw several of this particular variant today, the "three ones + 7/37," 777-style) -> then, seconds down the road when I stopped at the next intersection and felt Compelled to let out a car trying to pull into traffic but was conspicuously slow/hesitant for some reason, thus causing me to wait overlong for her to pull out and therefore being passed by a car with a 736 plate, again directly into my line of sight, etc -> and then, seconds later while I was fiddling with the dashboard display on the rental, it brought up some random trip odemeter readout or something reading "377 Miles" in big type in the middle of the screen, again culminating in that super-notable/striking 1-2-3 effect

> Another of those hybrid thought-echo/"37-plate flashing logistically precisely into my line of sight"-type ones. It started when I was stopped at an intersection with a right turn lane directly beside me, and as I was staring idly at the empty lane, a truck zoomed through it, "shoving" its 1371 plate directly into my line of sight in that super-conspicuously animated way -- precisely as "I passed" sang randomly from the radio, "striking one-word echo" style -- and then, as I was still reeling from these two, another car zoomed into the turn lane a split second later, its 2731 plate "filling" the exact space where I was looking, ha ha

> A cute pair, beginning when I got behind a car with a nearly totally flat tire and decided to follow them and make sure they knew about it after parking, with therefore sent me into about the most super-random, spontaneous, unplanned, impossible-to-predict or anticipate parking lot -- where, due to it being filled with cars, I had to park in the single available space, directly next to a 6337-plate car, ha ha. And then, after tracking down the car with the flat tire and confirming the driver knew about it and then getting back in mine and looking backward before backing out, I had yet another of those "randomly looking through the back window, directly into a 37-plate," and this time even more notable considering that it was a truck that was moving/pulling out, with it pulling up to the edge of the lot and then stopping before turning, thus hitting again *just the right angle,* at *just the right time* so that its 317 plate would "flash" directly into where I just happened to look after turning my head to look around, just utterly damn surreal in itself but infinitely moreso given the context/circumstances

And then another of those somewhat unique, unclassifiable, yet incredibly conspicuous and unlikely "general synchronicity"-type incidents. It started last month down in Charleston when I was lost while walking around downtown and came upon that book sitting in the doorway of some random building, in the manner that folks sometimes leave out stray books to be taken, and instantly upon seeing it, I knew that I should take it and send it to R -- illogically and totally without reason, yet distinctly and intensely, a complete Compelling. And then, likewise, I was Compelled to hold onto it until just a couple days ago, and as urgently Compelled to send it off *on that day,* and to pack it up *that very instant,* even though I had no time and it was early morning and it was again totally illogical to do so -- but I did, and I shipped it off that day. Then last night, two days later, I got a text from her -- about how she'd been gifted the exact same book, totally randomly by two totally separate and unconnected people, just three days apart (the first came when she saw this very book at a random thrift store and her friend bought it for her). Highly unlikely and vaguely "synchronistically patternistic" on the outset, but then, considering that it took the book a couple days to arrive in transit, the actual "gifting" of my copy was even closer-timed, with my initial Compelling/shipping it off coming on the day after her friend bought her the first one ... And then a clincher on this one, also somewhat notable: the book I found is the second in a series, and it Just So Happened that my friend had read the first one (I'd never read this book, and was previously unknown of it or its author or anything about it until I found that one copy in the most ridiculously random way ...)


A downturn and slight shift overall today, corresponding once again with another mysterious onset of headsickness and illness, etc.

Morning was more or less silent, though I did have one single, standout reading/involuntary bodily function incident. Precisely as I came to "a pocket of natural gas" during after-chore reading in the day's random freebie magazine, my guts shifted and a loud pocket of gas released from deep in my colon, perfectly precise in a purely literal sense (the text was in the context of a gas pipeline, etc) and perfectly synchronistically timed, patternistic, etc. Other than that, had only 2-3 very small and subtle ones that could very well have just been coincidence. Same for the morning drive to lunch, just about: maybe 3-4 low-key 37-plates, just numerous enough and "synchronistic-feeling" enough to bear mention.

Lunchtime reading was, conversely, more active than those of late, though this activity was still comprised of almost the exact same mix of subtle thematics and small, distorted echoes (following mostly a sort of indirect/non-literal theme today). Examples I got down:

> Right as I sat down at the table to eat and felt the pain in my bad knee from the injury, thus causing me to absently/reactively think "knees," the radio sang out "knees," again small and a not-uncommon word but very random plus perfectly synchronistic and patternistic and "synchronicity-feeling," etc. These sort would occur here and there all through lunch and the rest of the afternoon, more or less, probably a dozen or more times total.

> A good example of the several "indirect" echoes at lunch: coming to "which was never easy" in the book, precisely as "It don't come easy" sang over the in-house radio

> Same for reading "off to the show" precisely as "We're goin' out" sang from the radio (in the exact same context of going to a music show)

> Also: Reading "Mom hadn't been home in days" precisely as "I don't have to stay out all night" sang from the radio (I'd be quick to ignore this one if it wasn't so perfectly timed and patternistic of the others during the same period)

> Had a cool one when I decided to take a break from reading and eating and check something on my phone, for the first time since sitting down to lunch almost an hour previously, and then turning the page in the book to a new chapter, titled "Intermission" (or it was just announcing an intermission in the narrative -- whatever, a perfect echo/reflection of what I had just a split second earlier decided to do, sort of a page-turn-type incident)

Also had two cool standoutish/coherent recurrences at lunchtime:

> The first was "souse vide" cooking, beginning a couple days ago when I searched for different ways to boil eggs and this came up, which was I believe the very first time I'd ever heard of this particular cooking method. Since then, I've seen this cooking method referenced at least two times I can think of, the first I can't remember but then the second was another super-random, offhand mention of a special bag for it in yesterday's freebie magazine (which at this point was notable and patternistic and pretty unlikely, I just forgot about it in the storm of other incidents). But then today it hit *again,* when I went to the coffee shop and they gave me a coupon for "souse vide eggs" with my receipt (which, as it were, is the first I've ever gotten a printed coupon, supermarket-style, when paying at this coffee shop, in all the dozens and dozens of times I've been there ...)

> The other was a coherent example of the "life/book"-type of super-personal thematics that are still going on with this one in particular. It started the day before last during lunch, when I came to a part of the book illustrated with all these needles and the like, which I Noticed particularly, and thought something like "I'm glad needles aren't a part of my life" or something along those lines. But then, as it just so happened, I got a B12 shot just afterward, the first I'd had in a while, and thus encountered a needle. At that point it was just another super-subtle/random/individually dismissible-type of subtle parallel, but then today in the book, Nikki Sixx randomly starts talking about needles and how he's still carrying them around even though he's stopped using them, and he jokes about how he could say he needs them for "vitamin B injections," ha ha.

As for the rest of the day, thought-type activity was again distinctly scattered and sparse, abruptly so, beginning with another sudden and total silence just after lunch. Then the subtles/one-words started up again about an hour later, and in a similar way as before, when I was at the health food store and either other people or the radio started randomly echoing, one-word style, supplements and things on bottles that I was particularly/patternistically looking at, and all perfectly synchronistic/striking in timing (such as the clerk saying "caps" to a customer precisely as my eyes fell over a bottle reading "MAGNESIUM CAPS," or the radio singing "love" precisely as, while reading the ingredients on a bottle I was holding, I came to where the last ingredient was listed as "LOVE" with a heart, ha ha). Probably 4-5 like that there, and all of the exact same notable behavior/pattern/striking quality.

From there, had only very subtle and scattered ones, subsiding to total silence by the time I got home, with one exception: it started just after leaving the health food store, when I'd randomly thought about the supplement I'd just bought and taken (a pill), and how my supplement routine had thus grown somewhat complicated and confusing -- precisely as "jugglin' pills" sang from the radio, in the same context of "messing with medication/having to manage medication or whatever." There were a few other of these with the same nature (much like the indirect type at lunch), but not so coherent as this one.

Numbers were a bit more active today, again to the disproportionate degree that they were there for a while. Again had the traffic 37-plates start up patternistically immediately after lunch, beginning with another Compelled-litter-type incident, when I was absolutely urged/Compelled to stop and get out and pick up this drink bottle sitting in the parking lot, and as I did so and then stood back up, I found myself looking directly/patternistically at a 7317 plate. And then, a minute or so later once I got on the road, there followed a quick succession of several low-key plates, again close enough and "after-lunch" patternistic enough to be pretty notable.

Actually had one during lunch too, another textbook classic "cashier"-type 37 announcement. This time instead of a price it was just an employee in the food court where I was eating, randomly calling out "Seventy-three please!," in reference to an order apparently, because just after she called out "Seventy-four please!" (and, it bears mentioning, the 73 was the first of these announcements I'd heard in the hour I'd been there).

Had a good number of low-key parking-lot ones today, with one semi-standout, at the clinic when I first encountered I think one or two low-key 37-plates there, and then, upon coming out, a 237-plated car had parked directly beside me, and with its plate directly where I had to walk past, etc.

Also, another of those cool double-37-variant alignments, this time one the way home when, first, I had another of those "slowly gaining on a slower driver until I got close enough for their plate to resolve," this time a big truck with a 1371 plate (which came among a biggish cluster of other, similar low-key ones at the same time, after a brief and noticeable lull). Then, a split second after I got close enough to register this plate and thus absently think "there's another random 37-plate," a second truck passed from the leftmost lane, very quickly and suddenly and at just the right logistical approach that its 703 plate "invaded" precisely the space where I was looking at the time, in that patternistically animated fashion -- but, also, it aligned with the other truck, in the rightmost lane (I was in the center, such that it was another of those "triangular" ones like the other day), again with that absolute, momentary logistical precision that characterizes these.


Similar to last few days more or less, and overall more active today, this corresponding with a lifting of the headsickness/markedly improved clarity of thought as in several past instances of "reflectivity," etc.

Morning saw activity today, though only upon leaving the house for lunch. It began with a one-word perfectly synchronistic, "striking"-type of radio echo, when the radio randomly sang out "Happy!" precisely as I encountered and registered a sign on a random house reading "HAPPY M'OCEAN," again with the two "happys" coinciding so perfectly as to be intertwined in my mind, and again made all the more notable/striking due to its suddenness after an otherwise quiet morning.

Did have a cute little semi-coherent super-subtle-type reading recurrence, beginning early in the morning when, totally randomly while deciding which oil to massage, I'd distinctly thought of putting coconut oil in my hair, and how it supposedly makes hair look good/builds volume and shine, etc -- and then, in that year-old random library-freebie copy of GQ I started reading after chores, it had another of those small, unadvertised, random offhand little side columns in which a guy "confesses" to using of his girlfriend's grooming products once, coconut oil, in order to improve his hair, 100% exactly what I'd so randomly thought of, and 100% patternistic and closely timed at that.

Lunchtime reading again had some of those book/life-type profound and personal recurrences/thematics/parallels, though not quite as many as lately, subtler and "quieter" today. One cute little example: this morning, after packing my clothes for the trip, I'd randomly thought of how if I ended up buying some new clothes today, I'd unpack the others and pack purely with the new ones, visualizing this as I did so, in that way that seems to often trigger some type of recurrence or echo or whatever -- and then, randomly and offhand in the Nikki Sixx book at lunch, I came to a part where he says, "I need to change out my suitcase with new clothes." There were quite a few like this over the course of the meal from what I remember, though most were of that super-super-subtle/complicated/personal kind that just can't be described.

Had a couple semi-coherent/less-subtle, "normal" echoes too, such as randomly coming to "were bent" in the book, precisely as I randomly stretched my upper back, thus bending conspicuously to the right (and once again, even though the words were visible to me peripherally when I'd initiated the stretch, I can still 100% trace the stretch to my back being irritated from the drive to the coffee shop, and thus simply needing relief and thus stretching, objectively, as is so often the case with these).

A similar echo, towards the end of lunch, although purely thematic/non-literal: precisely as I came to a random sentence in the book that described a car crash, an insurance commercial came on the nearby overhead TV in the coffee shop, advertising coverage in the event of a car crash, such that the theme of "car crash" arose perfectly synchronistically between my reading the text and hearing the TV.

A little nearby-stranger-type one too, when a man walked past and said to his companion, "the stadium," precisely as I randomly and singularly came to "Civic Center" in the book (a stadium/venue). And something I noticed: this was the only echo between these two strangers in the course of their longish conversation as they sat behind me, which I noticed was somewhat sedate and uninvolved/dispassionate -- perhaps why there were no echoes as in other nearby-stranger-type of one-on-one conversations? Or did it just have something to do with my end of it?

From lunch on, again had an abrupt end to coherent thought-type echoes and the like, with only subtler/background-static/subjectively notable little thematics and subtle echoes through the rest of the afternoon. Most were of that individually dismissible type, just very common things recurring in such a way that only gained notability in the context of being among many patternistically/behaviorally identical ones. One example: looking behind me to backup and thus seeing into the car's back seat, precisely as "back seat" sang randomly/singularly from the radio. Or, randomly arriving in a neighborhood of trailers precisely as the radio randomly sang out "mobile homes." Though the subtly again sort of lent to the subjective notability in a weird way, making it all the more surreal for me.

Numbers were again pretty active today, and were present during morning drive even, right from within the park, with maybe 3-4 low-key/parked-type of 37-plates just there (and these coming right after the "Happy" echo, again as if I crossed into the synchronistic state and "the switch was thrown"). And again, the steadier low-key plates and more-conspicuous incidents arrived strictly after lunch, and in that exact same "immediate" fashion, beginning with some low-key 37-plates and then, after I drove across the street from the coffee shop to the market and parked super-randomly, I found myself directly behind a 437 plate. This last one actually was a two-part, and very notable in that context: the second part came later, when I came out of the market and returned to the car, when not only was there a "car conspicuously backing up and demanding my attention precisely as I neared"-type incident then, a 730-plate backing directly into my attention/"invading" my vision in that super-surreal way, but this car was in the exact same spot as the 437 one had occupied, apparently being vacated and refilled with a second 37-plate car as I was inside, ha ha.

Another cute little quietly standoutish one, and somewhat unique: as I pulled into the day's random gas station for the free ATM, my attention was drawn to a man loading trash into a dumper alongside the driveway, thus causing me to look there and see the big "173" spraypainted on the dumpster, ha ha.

A cool little one-two combo later in the afternoon. It started when I randomly stretched my neck, thus tilting my head at a weird angle as to be looking toward the car's roof, and thus causing me to see the oil-change sticker in the upper-left corner of the windshield's interior, which read that the next change was due at 30,377 miles -- and then, a split second after I registered this, the light changed and the truck beside me, in the turn lane, went past, thus "flashing" its 737 plate directly/effortlessly/logistically perfectly into my line of sight, again as to inhabit the previously empty space I'd been gazing into.

Another 100% classical/textbook "37-variant-quoting cashier"-type one, this time at the department store, when, as I lingered by the checkout for an inordinately long time browsing the watches, the nearby cashier quoted a "$7.32" total (and this one gains a little more notability given the sheer randomness of my even being in this department store in the first place, again due to another patternistic and illogical Compelling and other random stuff).

Had a semi-standout classical recurrence (or just a more-coherent subtle/thematic one maybe), beginning when I got out of the car after parking at the market and very distinctly Noticed something on the dash of the car directly beside me, a little canister labeled "California Scents," an air-freshener presumably, which I Noticed enough to gave me pause (and also distantly regular-noticed, due to my simply never having encountered this particular air-freshener before) -- and then, an hour or so later in that same ridiculously random, Compelled department-store visit with the cashier-37 quote, I went to the bathroom and there on the floor was a California Scents air-freshener, identical to the other I'd so conspicuously and patternistically Noticed, and even the same color/fragrance. Had many like this today, again part of that collective thematic/parallel/subtle "soup" that lasted through to early evening.


Today was a bit different than last couple, still the same basic varieties of incidents and much the same pattern but sort of “shuffled”/mixed up/laterally shifted.

Again had a fully silent early morning, and then once again saw activity unfurl within minutes of sitting down for after-chore reading in another super-random freebie magazine. Today it was 100% purely super-subtle thematics, with a distinct absence of echoes and those conspicuous 37-mentions/figures and the like I was seeing semi-regularly there for a while. Oddly, the thematics this morning were also 100% of that highly profound, “upgraded”/“matured” variety that is just ridiculously notable and 100% random-yet-objective, though still 100% impossible to convey in text.

Then the activity shifted upon leaving the house and getting on the road, with a series of scattered radio/thought echoes, and these of a particular, newish variant, something more like those half-there/partial/indirect type, and often with a slight delay like others past, the kind where it’s just a half-second or so but just enough to avoid that perfectly synchronistic intertwining. Examples I got down:

> The first of these occurred during the morning drive just after leaving, when the radio sang out “don’t go asking Jesus” right as I came up to a random roadside sign reading “Thank you Jesus,” as to echo the basic theme of “Jesus” between two reasonably random and 100% objective sources, and with notable but not-perfect timing

> The next came soon after, upon arriving at church, and this one serves as a good example of the subtler, more indirect and vague-type of these of which I would go on to experience many many of over the day. If I remember right, this one started with the radio lyric, rather than my thoughts or feelings or whatever, when a new song came on that was all about dirt and mud and clay and such, with the first couple lines describing this general theme — while, simultaneously, I was taking the little glass bottle with the supplement in it out of my bag to take before going inside, which was labeled “Earth,” the name of the powder that had been in it before I re-used it, and with various graphics of dirt and “earth”/ground-resonant images, since the product was supposed to be “earth” in the same context of “the ground” and such — exactly like that of the song, again as to vaguely but distinctly and patternistically echo that underlying theme, and again imperfectly, with maybe a 1-2 second delay there. Once again: another that could be comfortably dismissed if it weren’t for it occurring among so many other behaviourally identical ones.

> Another good example of these vaguer but perfectly timed ones, during lunch. It started when, while scrolling through car listings on the phone and seeing one that I liked but was a couple hundred miles away, I had the absent, passing thought that, were I to drive so long to get this far-off car, it would be fun as a quest, thinking this word exactly — and then, a split second later when I scrolled the page down on the phone, the next listing was for a “Nissan Quest,” ha ha. This one was one of the somewhat more-coherent examples, with most being too subtle to describe, but there were very many of this particular variant through the day, as well.

> Another example of the super-subtle, small, imperfectly timed ones: precisely as I turned off from the road (on a sudden, spur-of-the-moment Compelling as it were, totally unplanned) and thus passed a big lifesize display of three crosses planted randomly alongside the road, the radio randomly sang out “the cross,” perfectly synchronistic with the crosses passively entering my line of sight as I entered the arc of the curve, in that quietly surreal “animated” fashion (instead of the more-striking variant)

> Very similar one, with a notable twist. It started as a small, perfect radio echo, when “lift high” sang randomly from the radio precisely as I passed a super-random roadside sign reading “High Speed,” but made more notable by the fact that the “speed” on the sign was mostly whited out from something, such that only the very edges of the “s” and “d” where visible (I only knew it read “speed” because I’d seen another, identical unobscured sign miles back down the road, thus leaving the “high” singled out, as is the pattern with these particular variants (though usually seen only in number-repeats, if I remember right).

After these during the drive south, the thought-type activity abruptly went near-silent except for the super-subtle background static of thematics and parallels and the like, and again had quite a few of these today, and again starting up in earnest right at lunchtime reading, eventually reading that “recent life in a blender and echoing back and forth”-type state, and again with that total incidents reaching into the dozens by late afternoon. Couple of standoutish examples:

> Yesterday in the Nikki Sixx book, it mentioned how Tommy Lee had gotten married, offhand, with a page devoted to the subject, as to impress itself on my mind, and then today on the radio (on a totally random, scanned-to station while driving south and out of the area), the announcer mentioned how Tommy Lee had just today announced his engagement to a new woman

> A nearly identical book-type/classical reading recurrence in regards to the Forum club in Los Angeles, which was mentioned similarly randomly and offhand in the book during last night’s reading, when Nikki Sixx’s band played a show there, which was the first I’d ever heard of this place, ever — and then, of course, equally randomly as the Tommy Lee mention on the radio (but on a different random scanned-to out-of-town station), it mentioned a contest or something that was sending the winner to “the LA Forum” for a show, ha ha

Numbers were decidedly different today, still predominantly traffic-themed 37-plates (and still with an elevated amount of 22/222s and the like in there, as I’ve been seeing the last couple days), but mostly of singular, standout-level incidents, with noticeably fewer low-key plates in the mix today, and these also scattered and irregular, ultimately failing to hit that “steady background static” that seems to characterize most recent afternoons out. Ones I got down:

> Still having more of those “randomly stopping reading precisely on a 37-variant-containing page number due to 100% traceable and objective circumstances,” now both last night’s and lunchtime’s finishing pages (273, then 307,” both of which hinged completely on my progress in eating food, such as finishing first course and thus taking a bathroom break, etc, before eating the second course while doing computer work. Definitely a little running trend of these lately, after not seeing them at all for a while.

> Another recent sort of newish variant that I saw again today: one of those “shockingly Compelled to go the long/indirect/“wrong” way through a parking lot, only to have it send me to some conspicuous 37-plate car,” this time at the department store when, upon starting inside, I’d been Compelled to turn right and go a row over instead of straight there, which thus sent me to another of those “attention-grabber” ones, where I heard a running enginge and looked in its direction to avoid getting running over if a car was pulling out, thus causing me to see two 37-plates, side by side (or just close enough to be seen at once, can’t remember)

> And then another of those combo-type ones, at another parking lot, the market now. It started on the way in, with another of those “row of cars with a single one with brake lights on drawing my attention to its 37-plate when I wouldn’t otherwise have seen it”-type ones, but then made a little more notable by the fact that there was a second 37-plate car parked just beside it. And then, maybe 10-15 minutes later on the way out, precisely as I stopped at the curb by the parking lot to see if it was safe to cross, that same second 37-plate car turned directly in front of me, thus “flashing” its plate (on the front bumper this time) directly into my line of sight in that ridiculously surreal patternistic way, such that it again “invaded” my vision

All activity more or less ceased by early evening, right before getting home. But then during dinnertime reading, had a single, utterly surreal and somewhat unique echo, another of those that ranks as maybe one of the most ridiculously “synchronistic” single incidents, in a living-dream sense, like that “number on a hand” radio echo a few days ago. This one started when I came to “a kid kicked in the door” precisely as the entry door, just outside, banged violently shut, which sounded exactly the same, to me, as if it had been kicked in, such that there was definitely a “loudly banging door” echo there. Then, before I could note this one (as only a semi-standout at this point), I stopped reading and took a bite of dinner, and then, upon resuming the book, I kind of fumbled with it upon raising it to my face such that the last page I was reading flipped forward and I found myself staring directly/effortlessly/patternistically at that line about the kicked-in door, patternistically so — precisely as the exact same banging sounded again, perfectly synchronistic and totally random yet so perfectly precise and surreal.


Today was another slight change-up but generally much like yesterday and recently.

Morning saw some slight, subtle echoes during after-chore reading, maybe 3-4 either instant or near-instant thought/reading echoes and a few thematics (the subtler and less-profound/mind-blowing kind today), none of them really coherent/standout enough to be individually notable, but definitely there in any case.

One cool, semi-notable thematic from this time, starting when, during morning’s reading, I read about several different, specific (though not especially rare or special) foods, spanning both a couple random articles at the end of the magazine and the first article I read in that super-random, October 2016 issue of the Wall Street Journal that I dug from the recycling bin the other day — and then, while listening to a super-random Spanish talkshow on the way to lunch while driving, about an hour after reading the articles, I was able to just pick out a listing of foods in their conversation, in which I identified a reasonable number of those I’d randomly read about between those two unrelated, ridiculously random articles — again not at all coherent or objectively/individually notable, but a good example of the “recent-life in a blender”-type of super-subtle recurrences I’m still having, of which there were again many many today, dozens, and today especially with many of this super-vague and obscure nature.

Lunchtime reading started with my discovery of yet another of those “Just Happening to conclude my reading on a 37-variant page number,” this time #317, from last night, when I can again distinctly trace my concluding that reading session due to getting at a good stopping/break point in my dinner/other objective circumstances, etc.

From there, I remember the beginnings of those same super-subtle/small environmental/reading/nearby-stranger-type of echoes that have predominated lunchtime-reading activity more or less for weeks now, but today, oddly, it just reached threshold effects and then never went anywhere, just fizzling into silence with the exception of an increase in the super-subtle/obscure-type of “life in a blender” thematics, still with no real standout examples, and these continuing more or less all afternoon, rising and falling but always there to some degree, at times to that ridiculously surreal living-dream level, albeit with that obscure/distorted/bizarre quality that characterized the day.

Other than these, I remember only literally two single, semi-standout little perfectly synchronistic radio/random-thought-type echoes in all of the afternoon and early evening. The first was when I was driving down the road and frantically looking for a gym to workout in before the appointment, and then, precisely as I saw one and thus thought something like “a gym there,” the radio randomly and singularly sang out “in the club,” which, interestingly, is one of the terms I’ve always used to refer to gyms, going back to childhood when Dad used to refer to gyms/health clubs as “the club,” which has always stuck with me (hinting again at the subjective perceptual element at play in the phenomonon, it would seem). The second one was behaviourally/patternistcally identical, with my having a long, random, traceably objective chain of thought ended with how I needed to get caught up on my surveys tonight, precisely as the radio randomly/singularly said something about “survey,” on an ad or something I think. And other than those, nothing, as to leave only that background static of super-subtle thematic/parallel/recurrence-type phenomenon, as opposed to that all-inclusive mash-up of all sorts of different kinds that I usually seem to have lately.

Numbers were also much like yesterday, definitely active and present but generally low-key and overall less-active than most days as of late. Today they were exclusively after-lunch again, and also of the almost-immediately-afterward timing, commencing in the parking lot right after I left the coffee shop, with a couple low-key parking-lot ones. Ended up much like yesterday, with only scattered low-key plates and random/“everywhere” 37s through the day (including several of those offhand/randomly-mentioned 37-variant-figures/quotes in reading material and the like, as well as several on receipts and the like too, but with none really being conspicuous/“loud”), along with a handful of singular standout-type ones again. Ones I got down:

> Yet another of those “Compelled to go the ‘wrong’ way in a parking lot, only to be led to some 37-plates,” this time in the parking lot of the market and exactly like the last few, feeling suddenly and urgently Compelled to double back and return a particular shopping cart and thus go a different way back to the car, only to find myself walking directly past two 37-plate cars, directly/effortlessly in my line of sight, etc

> A cute one when I had to suddenly turn into the left lane after finding myself in a right-turn-only lane, and being thankfully let in by the car that was coming in that lane, as to make me notice the car specifically and wave at it, etc — and then, when it passed seconds later, it “flashed” its 73-plate at me, when I wouldn’t otherwise of seen it, etc, just like so many of these

> Another “quietly conspicuous” one, at the other market I stopped at on the way home, when, instantly upon coming out, before I’d even stepped into the parking lot, the first thing I saw was the 337 plate on a car parked directly across from the door, again lying effortlessly in my line of sight/area of focus, the numbers “invading” my vision as the doors opened, ha ha


Another slight shift today.

Morning: had one single, standout thought-echo during after-chore reading, and it was another somehwat unique and interesting one, and just damn notable too. It started when, while looking at some random clothing ad (in yet another super-random recycling-bin-grab two-year-old magazine), I had some big, strange chain of thought that ended with me thinking about a sort of "king-queen" hybrid being, envisioning in my mind's eye a sort of androgynous character with male and female characteristics and a general air of royalty and distinction -- and then, I think after maybe 5-10 seconds and two page-turns, I was came to another ad and was met by a figure matching this description 100% exactly, a full-page picture of a mulatto woman with no eyebrows or makeup wearing a dress with a classical golden king's crown (and also sporting a buzz cut, as seen in other, smaller pictures in the ad's other page in the leaf, when she wasn't wearing the crown), perfectly befitting the absolutely super-random and super-bizarre "king-queen" I'd distinctly thought of and visualized just seconds prior, and again in a magazine I'd never before read, or even opened until I sat down this morning. It's another one of those "ridiculously notable single incident"-type ones as I've been having lately, in terms of sheer notability and living-dream "strikingness."

Other than that, I don't remember any other incidents before leaving the house, other than maybe a slight few subtles and thematics (failing to enter fully that "synchronistic state"/"throwing the lever"/"hitting the switch," as it were). Then after leaving for lunch, almost immediately (and, interestingly, this coinciding with a distinct sense of *being* in the state/the lever being thrown, as opposed to the rest of the morning), the low-key traffic-plate 37s started up, along with some subtle thought/radio/sign echoes and the like too, none coherent enough to note beyond being patternistic enough to definitely be present.

And then finally, as if to signal the official "end of the morning/beginning of the day," I had another of those climactic, "putting a coma" standouts on the chain of subtle activity during the drive. It started when I showed my phone to the attendant at the clinic my online voucher for the service, and she told me I had to turn off airplane mode and connect to the internet and hit a button on the voucher to activate it, which I did, thus causing the button to change its text from "REDEEM" to "USED" (not the exact text but something indicating that it was activated, I can't remember what and it doesn't really matter) and then finally to "BACK," to return to the voucher page -- and then, precisely as the "BACK" text appeared and I registered it, the attendant said "You can come on back," with the two "backs" again corresponding with absolutely perfect, intertwined precision, and also with that distinctly surreal "animated" quality coming into play, from the clock-tick-like animation of the text changing from USED to BACK, just again utterly surreal for all its "smallness."

Lunchtime reading was oddly silent today, even of thematics and the super-subtles and the like, as if the switch had suddenly gone to "off" (or a faucet being turned), another of those times where it was "entering the synchronistic state in reverse." And, likewise, a couple times I felt the beginnings of going back into it, just as I had during the morning drive and many other times recently, but it just never "happened," and today even without going into "singular-standout-incident mode," just a general "silence" of the activity. The only vague pattern of "reflective" correlation I can see on these days is that it seems to happen when I'm finishing reading a book in that session, like today, though it hasn't always corresponded to this particular event (perhaps it's only certain books, maybe very involving and personal and challenging/difficult-to-read ones like the Nikki Sixx book -- and perhaps that's why I've had so many of the book/life thematics/recurrences too?).

Did ultimately see some more activity, beginning maybe a half-hour or so after lunch, once I'd started the drive back and officially begun "traveling" as in other days. Though, still relatively little activity, just a few scattered singular standout echoes and some brief periods of subtle background-static-level-type small echoes and recurrences and thematic parallels, etc, and back completely to silence by the time I got home. The list:

> A classical "radio echoing the text on a random passing roadside sign precisely as I registered it"-type one, this time with my coming upon a random billboard about birth control and how there were many ways to do it and that they were "all free" -- and then, precisely as I came to the "all free" and registered it/had it cross my mind, the radio randomly announced in an ad, "Absolutely free." Several others of this type/pattern too, but none really coherent enough to translate to text, etc.

> Another of those "small" ones that were much "bigger"/more notable subjectively, when experienced. It started with my coming upon another super-random piece of litter I was Compelled to pick up, in a parking lot at the random gas station I stopped at on the way here. The trash was out in the open and positioned where I was able to just drive up and crack my door and lean down and snatch it and drive off, in a sort of conspicuously smooth, semi-flashy way, ninja-style -- and precisely as I leaned out and performed my fancy little snatching maneauver on the trash, the radio randomly/singularly sang out "pick up!," both perfectly timed as to be striking/intertwining with the act, but also very loud and sudden and pointed, as to have a sort of aural quality that reflected that smooth drive-by grab, exactly as I've had happen in various ways in other incidents, some small, particular nuance of the echoed event or word being conspicuously evident in the echo. Made me laugh my ass off again, it was so ridiculously striking and surreal.

Numbers were similarly low-key and sedate today, I guess about proportionate with the thought-type activity for once, except for later in the afternoon, when they again did that "slow elevation to a background static of many low-key 37-plates and a series of more-conspicuous ones thrown in semi-regularly," though this plateau was briefer today than others. The low-key 37-plates again started up almost immediately after lunch and the coffee shop, very much in the latest pattern as it were, though without any conspicuous ones until later in the drive, beginning with a handful of those semi-conspicuous driver-related ones of the types and subtypes I've come to know so well, the "drifting passers" having their 37-plates "invade" where I happened to be looking at the time, and the "37-plate car Just Happening to pull in front of me/merge into traffic/speed past me after I was forced to slow down in a patternistically circumstantial way," etc, etc, quite a few all total by the end of the day but not quite reaching that heavy, "storm" level of activity.

Had another of those "Compelled to super-randomly pull over, totally on the spur of the moment out of nowhere and for no obvious, logical reason, only to have this subsequently lead me to some sort of 37-repeat," this time when I stopped for gas at the same station where the "pick up" Compelled-litter one happened (on the way out, as it were). Immediately upon seeing the gas station, I got the Compelling and then immediately checked my mirrors for traffic and then veered hastily across two lanes and into the turn lane and then came to an awkward stop at the back of the line of cars -- only to find myself staring at the 137-plate on the van there, ha ha. It was another one that was more notable when experienced than written down, with the sudden, sort of "animated" quality of the Compelling striking me and the sudden turn-off and everything, in way that I just really can't describe.

Also had another double-37-plate-car alignment, and this time it was actually the end of another of those cool combo/cluster-type of incidents. It started with another of those semi-conspicuous "car coming down the long parallel offramp beside me, at just the right speed so that after paralleling me for a few seconds, I had to slow and let them merge in front of me to be safe," after which I was "greeted" with its 37-plate, again sort of drifting into my line of sight/"invading" the space where I was looking. And then, a minute down the road, a similar, individual semi-conspicuous 37-plate encounter, of that "gradually gaining on a conspicuously slow-moving car directly in front of me on a long stretch of highway, as to notice it and watch it slowly approach and then have climacticaly have its 37-plate resolve into sight." And then, finally, just seconds after the second car's 37-plate at last resolved, that first, merger car came up alongside me and the other car, passing us and therefore "aligning" its plate with the other car's, and in that perfect and patternistic way, at the exact same height and on a flat, even stretch of road, just so logistically perfect and quietly conspicuous like the others, as if to say "LOOK AT THIS!"


Another weird little change-up today, though morning was nearly identical to yesterday, both in there being just one highly notable standout thought echo with only scattered subtles and impossible-to-convey personal thematics otherwise, but also in that this single incident was almost exactly the same in pattern and behavior, as to perhaps establish it as a new subtype, the "randomly and objectively visualizing some specific thing or event, then turning a magazine page to something almost exactly like the visualization." Today, while reading more that same super-random trash magazine during after-chore reading, I turned the page to an image of a woman that I found particularly attractive, and thus had the distinct and lasting thought of reaching out and stroking her face, pausing on the picture several seconds while I thought this -- and then, as I turned the magazine over and switched to the next sequential page, it had a picture of an old piece of artwork on a wall, depicting a man reaching out and stroking a woman's face in the exact same manner in which I'd visualized doing so just seconds before. And, of course, it was 100% objective/impossible to be cued or something, due, first, to my specifically being able to trace my thoughts to the first image, of the attractive woman, and in that order (seeing the picture -> only subsequently having the visualization), and, also, when I'd turned the page to the leaf that both of the pages in question were on, I'd done it in such a way that I didn't see the second page as I turned to the new leaf, even briefly, because I was holding the magazine doubled up, with only one page visible at a time, and had kept it as such when turning the page, the way I always read magazines, such that the other page, with the corresponding/echoing artwork on it, was 100% invisible to me until I flipped it over after having the visualization. Another of those that, for all its "smallness"/simplicity, is really much much bigger in its implications and details, and just so damn surreal and living-dream ...

No activity on the drive to lunch, unlike yesterday, but then, also changing things up somewhat, lunchtime reading saw activity, another of those "strictly personal thematics/life/book parallels, plus subtle recurrences and the like," with almost zero coherent thought-type echoes and the like (and this coming on a day of better health/less toxicity/clarity of thought, etc, as to defy that logical reflective pattern). The life/book parallels were moderate, there and multiple but not quite of that super-profound level/nature that I've seen before (though, again highly notable just in their existence, given the extreme randomness of this particular book I started today, 'A Peace in the Light,' again bought entirely on a Compelling at the library the other day despite my having another book lined up, etc, and then, even moreso, I'd started a book last night and then, not getting into it, abandoned it in favor of this one today -- yet it managed to echo all kinds of things both from last evening and even this morning, as well as several long-term-type echoes).

One very cool reading recurrence today. It started the night before last during dinnertime reading, at the end of the Nikki Sixx book, when it described his dying due to an overdose and heart failure, during which he had an out-of-body experience and saw above his body/the ambulance carrying his body (these statements specifically), and also, when he'd died and people tried to resucitate him, the book had mentioned how one of the people present was named Tommy (Tommy Lee the drummer) -- and then today in the 'Peace' book, the author described how he'd died (struck by lightning, in his case), his heart had failed, and he'd subsequently had an out-of-body experience in which he'd seen the ambulance carrying his body, from an "up and overhead" perspective, and how when those around him had attempted resuciatation/CPR, one of the people present was named Tommy (this being mentioned totally offhand, with no real reason given). It was another that was notable from the classical book-synchro/reading-type perspective, but then also as just a case study in the echoes and what they might been/how they function/their mechanics, since this recurrence seemed to echo the underlying theme with such specificity, suggesting there's just more to it all in various ways. But in any case, just damn cool and notable.

After lunch, all thought-type activity again stopped abruptly, in "on a switch" manner, though the super-subtle background static of thematics and parallels and scattered small echoes would eventually restart by mid-afternoon again. These did ultimately accumulate to a reasonable number of incidents, almost all of them too subtle or personal or complicated to convey, but never quite reading that "dozens and dozens"/overload level that I've seen several times lately.

Did have a few single, standalone-type semi-coherent/standoutish ones. The best example, a radio/random-thought echo: randomly thinking about car crashes (with this 100% traceable, stemming from after getting back in the car after locking my keys inside and thus thinking, in the parking lot just after I drove off, of how well I handled it and that I felt equipped even to deal with something even more substantial going wrong, like an accident/crash -- precisely as "crashing" sang from the radio, coinciding absolutely perfectly/patternistically/intertwined with the distinct thought of "crash" crossing my mind.

Numbers were there today, but again strictly after lunch, and also coming in that now-very patternistic "immediately after lunch" fashion, again in the parking lot of the market right after I finished eating and was heading back to the car, with a standout incident as it were. It started with another of those quietly surreal "car passing at the precise time/angle/speed from my left such that its 37-plate 'invades' the space I was looking at prior," as I was on the sidewalk near the car. And then, maybe 1-2 seconds later, the exact same thing happened again, another 37-plate car passing from my left in the exact same "invasive" manner, right behind the other, as to bring about that cool 1-2 effect. And once again, a notable footnote: several times during lunch, I'd caught myself subconsciously seeking out 37-plates on passing cars, as to shift where I was looking when a car passed so I could see their plate, etc, but never once did I see any plates in this manner all through the meal despite sitting on the roadside bench as a couple dozen cars passed (or seeing any at all during lunch, anywhere) -- but only afterward, once I'd caught myself and stopped looking and just sort of subconsciously "relaxed," did the 37-plates begin seeking me out again, and again in that same "intelligent/playful" manner that I've observed so many times ...


A decidedly quiet day today overall, and this corresponding reflectively with a similarly "quiet" state of health oddness and blunted thinking/dulling of mind.

Morning was totally quiet, not so much as even subtle thematics and the like, completely "out" of the synchronistic state/"the switch" staying totally off. Same for the drive to lunch, but then did see a very slight bit of activity, the onset of personal/book/life thematics and parallels like yesterday, and also still without even the super-subtle "environmental"-type of echoes, even by the end of lunch, when the thematics had graduated somewhat though were still relatively mild and "quiet." Again even these were pretty notable, given how it was yet another super-randomly bought/read/Compelled book is Just Happening to echo various things that have happened recently, including several as recent as last evening/this morning, etc.

Did have one semi-standout/coherent echo in the middle of lunch, when I went back in the shop to get more coffee and precisely as "$2.12" flashed on the order screen (which wasn't the total or even the sub-total, no idea where this figure came from), the cashier randomly said "twelve," and not in regards to my order or anything that might've been related to that figure -- really, this was just of the same level of the many many super-subtles/one-word-striking-type echoes I've been seeing most days lately, but only seemed "bigger"/more prominent due to its coming amidst an almost total silence otherwise.

Had a single, standout, sudden echo while driving around this afternoon, when I came upon this random car sitting along the road with a For Sale sign in the window, and precisely as I registered the sign in particular, thus thinking something like "for sale sign" -- the radio randomly/singularly sang out "There is a sign!" Not hugely precise beyond echoing either the "sign" archetype or the event of my registering the sign, but was perfectly synchronistic/patternistic/subjectively very notable.

Then did have a very slight little period of activity later this evening, during after-chore reading then, and this corresponded reflectively with a slight improvement in my state, the two corresponding pretty much precisely. It started with more very subtle thematics/parallels in the reading as at lunch, and then progressed into some more of those super-random "recent life/encounters/objects/thoughts in a blender"-type of little recurrences of various things, plus several of those "random figures/offhand mentions" of 37-variants and the like. And, moreover, these were all made somewhat more notable by the fact they all occurred while I was reading this year-old Spanish newspaper that I picked randomly out of the trash in the city last year and has been sitting around here half-read ever since, until today, when out of nowhere I picked it up and decided to finish it -- and it Just Happened to contain several parallels/recurrences/thematics of my recent life, even more super-randomly than the book at lunch, etc.

Actually had one coherent standout recurrence here, of a write-up about a man who recently spent a year on a space station and finally returned to earth. My first encounter with this story was equally super-random and obscure, when I stopped in to get water from the clinic two days ago and, while waiting a few minutes to have it filled, I thumbed through a random magazine there that caught my eye, and, likewise, the article about the space man caught my eye, and I flipped directly to it and skimmed the article, as to impress it on my mind -- and then not only did I encounter it for the second time ever just two days later, and in totally reading-recurrence patternistic fashion, but in that damn year-old Spanish paper that had been sitting in the living room forever, ha ha. And, of course, the story was just a half-page little blurb burried deep inside the paper, toward the end, unlisted and unadvertised elsewhere so that I couldn't have known even subconsciously/peripherally that it was there, like nearly all these, etc, etc.

Numbers were there today, but as subdued and scattered and sublte as the day's thought-type activity, in another odd incidence of equalization on these two "fronts" of the phenomenon. Today they were again strictly after-lunch, save for a think a few of those small random-figure/offhand-mention-type of stray 37s and maybe a couple lesser repeats. And even then, they stopped and started pretty much only at the low-key-37-plate level, with two back-to-back coming right after I left from lunch and merged into traffic again, but from there just staying very scattered and quiet.

Most standout-ish traffic-type one of the day: when a car with a 732-plate first abruptly signaled and began to turn in front of me, thus forcing me to slow and demanding my attention in that patternistic way, and then, after turning in front of me, went conspicuously slow, also in patternistic fashion, such that for a mile or so I was behind a 73-plate going ten miles below the speed limit, ha ha.

Had a cute, somewhat standout receipt-type one: when the random sequential transaction number was 773 or something, and then the store number was 3706 or something like that (don't have the receipt in front of me), and then some random number near the bottom was 3370.

A cute little clock-tick-type one this evening in the sauna too. It happened a minute before I was done, when I was sweating like crazy and wanting out and so looking at the clock and waiting for it to tick down, and then suddenly the temperature readout, directly beside the timer, began to tick down, from 138 to 137, pausing a moment there (as if letting it sink in ...), before ticking to 136, after which the last minute ticked off and I immediately turned off the sauna. This was mildly notable in it being another semi-conspicuous random-type 37-repeat, but doubly so considering that there was no reason for the temperature to suddenly dip -- which just never happens. In all the dozens of times I've used this sauna over the years, the only time I've ever seen the temperature dip at all was when the door was opened or it had reached it max temp and then cut off briefly so it wouldn't overheat, which expressly did not happen (I remember registering this and checking the power, thinking it had clicked off without my hearing it, but it was definitely on, and the door definitely closed ... yet it had ticked down to just that number, when I Just Happened to be looking up to the top of the sauna to see the timer ...).


Another relatively quiet day, much like yesterday in most regards.

Morning was almost totally silent again, even of super-subtles and thematics, and then, just after the appointment as I was pulling out, had a reasonably notable radio echo. It started when I began approaching a lone female jogger running on the sidewalk in front of me, with conspicuously healthy-looking skin on her legs and arms where the sun was hitting her just right -- and then, precisely as I registered both the jogger and her healthy skin and thus thought something like "woman with healthy/attractive skin," the radio randomly sang out "her eyes and arms and skin," which echoed the "female" and "arms" and "skin" themes that were involved in the sight (though I'd thought nothing of her "eyes," with this jogger facing away from me). Pretty notable in any case, and another that was made more "striking"/subjectively notable due to its arising so suddenly after total silence.

Other than that, the only other thought-type activity today was the return of subtle "environmental"-type echoes during lunchtime reading. Though, unlike past days with these, there were very few of them, and all pretty small and in-the-moment, and also there was expressly *no* thematics intermixed, just the bare, scattered few echoes, after which it went back to near-total silence and stayed so right through afternoon until present. Couple examples of these, all of which were the usual lunchtime-reading kind: randomly reading "laughter" in the book, precisely as one of two nearby strangers conversing suddenly burst into laughter (and then, a few seconds later when I came to "laughter" in the book a second time, the other stranger erupted in laughter identically, both perfectly timed if I remember right); also, a resumed-reading-type one, when I put the book down to take a bite and shift positions, thus putting my forehead into the sunlight and making me think something like "my head is hot," a split second before I resumed the book and the first, random words my eyes fell on were "my head." Probably 5-6 like that total, enough to again establish the pattern/behavior and comfortably rule out chance, etc.

Numbers were there, but similarly sparse and subdued, and also nearly identical to yesterday in being almost exclusively just low-key 37-plates and random/"everywhere"/offhand-mention/quoted-figures-in-reading-type of 37s (couple cute examples here: when I went to throw out some cardboard in the recycling bin and there, in the opening, was a cardboard box with a 73-ending string of numbers conspicuously right in front of me, or, earlier when I'd opened the package that was that cardboard, another random 73 had been conspicuously awaiting me/"greeting" me when I opened it -- many like this today, but all of that super-low-key quietness). Traffic plates again started almost immediately after lunch, right after I got on the road and into traffic, with a 703-drifter coming up alongside me and having its plate "invade" my vision and such, followed by scattered 37-plates in traffic through the afternoon, then going fully quiet by evening, as of writing.


Still in that same "quiet" new groove/format, but with somewhat more activity than yesterday.

Had super-subtle thematics and recurrences all day long, more or less, very scattered and subtle in morning, then escalating/graduating to the somewhat more coherent echoey/more-striking mash-up of super-small echoes and longwinded thematics and recurrences of everyday little things, all noticeably increased from these last two days of only subtler activit. Definitely some sort of underlying shift, however subtle.

As far as more-coherent/non-background-static activity, there was nothing at all until lunchtime reading, when that exact same combination of environmental/random-thought/reading echoes and book/life thematics and such started up, also more coherent and active and "graduated" over those of late, sort of like I was having on a regular basis there for a while but still not quite, still pretty subtle and low-key for the most part. Did have a few more of those more-immediate and notable "random stuff that happened/was encountered/thought of just this morning and then recurred hours later super-randomly in the book at lunch," though none really coherent/objective enough to translate to text. Best couple examples of the general incidents of lunch:

> Having my attention drawn to this odd, singular, totally random noise from the cushion on the leather lounger I was sitting in at lunch, which drew my attention especially because I hadn't moved or shifted or anything, yet the cushion had sort of coughed like I had, making me think something like "what's up with the chair?" and look down -- precisely as "the seat" sang randomly and singularly from the in-house radio, echoing my heat-of-the-moment thought in that surreal intertwined fashion, and once again more notable considering its all hinging on a 100% objective (and patternistically mysterious) event. I never did find out what had caused the noise in the cushion, and it never repeated itself ...

> A mildly precise but highly patternistic and perfectly timed "involuntary bodily function"-type one, when I had one of those super-random fluttering of the chest muscles and skipping of a heartbeat, either the first I'd had one all day or at least the first at lunch (and a particularly pronounced, attention-grabbing one) -- precisely as I came to "damaged aortic valve" in the book, thus echoing the "heart malfunction" sentiment

For thought-type incidents, otherwise the rest of day just had those super-subtle, small-but-striking-type of random, heat-of-the-moment too-small-to-convey one-word radio/thought/sign/whatever echoes, sometimes more intense than others but there regularly enough that, combined with the thematics and little recurrences, did eventually establish that "background static"/being in the "synchronistic state," etc.

Actually, not quite true: did have one sudden little cluster of slightly more-coherent radio echoes mid-afternoon. It started when I was waiting to turn into the gym and, after stopping in the turn lane and then looking into oncoming traffic, the first thing I saw was an oncoming motorcyclist, precisely as the radio random/singularly sang out "the cycle" (and in the same context), in intertwined fashion. And then, seconds later as I pulled into the parking lot, two more, back-to-back, though these came as a slight delay and were only indirectly precise. Both revolved around my seeing a used diaper sitting conspicuously in the parking lot right where I was driving by, and being instantly Compelled to take the plastic bag I'd just found and do another ninja-like drive-by pickup, after which, precisely as I had these split-second thoughts, that same song on the radio went into a stanza about "a baby" and then something about "stinky" and other kid-related terms, which might've related directly to a diaper or something but, in any case, the "baby" and "stinky" both echoed the general baby-related sentiment in that foggy logic that many of these sublte echoes seem to follow. In any case, was damn surreal and damn funny and damn cool.

Had a cool little "classical"-type of reading recurrence today. It started at lunch when the book mentioned a "Model T" two or three times in one part, in the context of the old car, and then while driving around about an hour later, I encountered a restored antique Ford car parked conspicuously at roadside but with no obvious purpose, that either was a Model T or was one of its earlier or later siblings (I Googled some images of Model Ts and I can say with about 80% surety that it was indeed a Model T I saw, but my memory is foggy, having been driving at the time). This is another that's only mildly notable on the outset, but is a little moreso considering the patternistically random/conspicuous circumstances of my being on this street and passing this car, with my being there only because I'd taken a wrong turn earlier, which was somewhat curious in itself, considering that I'd made this turn correctly probably a couple dozen times over the years, but also, after I'd made the turn, I'd been Compelled not to turn directly around and double back immediately, but instead take the long, roundabout way by circling the block, and thus bringing me into contact with this maybe-Model T (and a semi-conspicuous 37-plate car, as it were) when I wouldn't have otherwise. Plus, it's all 100% patternistic of other "taking the long, illogical, inconvenient way"-type of Compellings and their Just Happening to instigate such synchronistic activity ...

Numbers, on the other hand, weren't any more active than last couple days, still very scattered and quiet/low-key/generally semi-conspicuous at best, and again almost entirely after lunch (before which I had only some of those scattered little "offhand mentions and figures" of 37-variants in morning reading and the like, plus one where I came to a stop at an intersection semi-conspicuously behind a 737-plate car, thus forcing me to look at the plate for a while, in "Hey, there" fashion). Then by evening, nada. The semi-standouts I got down:

> A good example of the quietly conspicuous/"Look at this ..."-type of these, at the market just after lunch. Parked illegally and alone/conspicuously along the curb was a 1317-plate car, with its plate directly/effortlessly/semi-invasively in my line of sight when I came upon it while walking up the sidewalk. And, furthermore, it only came into view after I'd cleared a support pillar by the store's entrance, such that it was previously invisible to me and so managed to bring about that "animated"/"revealing"-type of quality. So many like this, more or less every day, and just so quietly surreal if there's such a thing ...

> A cool full-fledged standout at an intersection, when I pulled up and had another 37-plate end up directly/effortlessly where I was looking once I came to stop -- and then, precisely as I registered the plate, an electronic sign just behind the car ticked to the temperature, 73F, as to be another sort of those hybrid repeats and thought-echoes (of my absent/registering thought of "37 plate").

> Another cute receipt-type 37-repeat, this one a bit more notable than others of late. It started at the market when I went to get radishes but they were all out (and weirdly so, the only kind of produce they were out of, with all the other shelves fully stocked but then the one for organic radishes totally empty, out of however many dozens of racks, like an empty tooth socket in a big smile). So I bought some artichokes instead, and, it bears mentioning, was Compelled to get just a small container rather than the bigger and more economical one I usually get. First, this one ended up being priced exactly $3.37, but then when I paid, I had a $10 bill plus two quarters, which ended up giving me exactly $7.13 in change. And as for the receipt, because I bought only this one thing, and because there's no tax on food here, it has four $3.37s printed (for the item itself, then the balance due, then the subtotal, then the after-tax total), followed by a "$7.13" for "change due," ha ha.


Back to a very quiet day.

Morning was totally silent but for maybe a stray echo or thematic or random 37, few enough to again fail at establishing a pattern/entirely possible they were truly just chance. Same for the drive to church, though did have one that might've been something right as I pulled into the parking lot, when I hit an unexpected speed bump and sent the big top-heavy van rocking, precisely as the radio randomly/singularly said "lift up," but this too wasn't quite precise enough to be more than mildly notable individually (didn't have any other like this at the time, though it did certainly fit the pattern of past incidents).

Lunch, too, stayed more or less silent. From what I remember, there were a couple of those "nearby strangers in involved conversation" small, subtle, one-words reading synchros, and very much patternistic but so few that I didn't really think much of them.

After lunch: did notice a few small echoes here and there, along with some thematics/recurrences and the like, but, still, just not enough in number, nor individually notable enough, to warrant listing. Did have two semi-coherent radio-type echoes soon after lunch:

> The first was when I encountered this random woman walking past in a parking lot, with dark skin and a generally dark complexion from what I could see, all of which I was forced to notice due to needing to be aware of stray pedestrians and the like -- and then, precisely as I registered this woman and in that surreal "intertwined" fashion, the radio randomly said "Indian," which is more or less what I thought/registered this woman as from what I could see, of the burnished, almond-tinted skin of South Asia/India/Pakistan, etc. If not for the perfect timing and patternistic element, I'd be inclined to write it off but as it were I found it notable.

> And then, just afterward and identical in form/behavior/"feel," but more precise and notable, beginning as I passed a second random woman, this one at roadside doing some kind of landscaping in the hot sun, such that her skin glistened and her long hair was in sweaty strands on her face, the latter of which I noticed foremost and thus thought something like "sweat/sweaty" -- precisely as the radio randomly sang out "sweats," also in that ridiculously surreal intertwined fashion.

From there, just some stray echoes and then not even those upon getting home (and it bears mentioning: this downturn again corresponded reflectively with another big downturn in health/clarity of thought, etc.).

Did have a little cluster of reading echoes at dinnertime reading, still very subtle and scattered but decidedly there, this corresponding with some slight improvement in health/clarity, etc. One cool standout: It started when I swallowed a bite and then took a deep breath and held it as I do between bites when eating, so that, with the noise-cancelling headphones on also and in the totally silent house, all I heard was my heartbeat in my eyes, very loud after hearing my own chewing on that particularly big chewy bite -- precisely as I came to "All the while, she heard the beat in her ears," which was in the context of hearing music but was still highly relevant in a purely literal sense, to my hearing my heart-"beat in my ears," etc.

Numbers were there but also less and less-coherent/standout/conspicuous than yesterday, just a general overall downturn and "flattening"/lack of depth. Saw a modest amount of "everywhere"/random-type 37s through afternoon and evening, along with a dozen or so low-key plates starting soon (but not immediately) after lunch, and that was about darn near it. Had maybe a handful of semi-standout/semi-conspicuous traffic-type incidents in there, including the usual "passing cars drifting past just such that their 37-plates invaded my area of focus."

Most standout one of the day: when I randomly passed (after another wrong turn) a parked car with its tailgate opened, vertically (a half/dutch-door-type tailgate on a little car), such that its 873 plate was extended and facing me as I passed, very much in that "subtly conspicuous"/intelligent/"Look at this ..." fashion.

Then just now, a cute little patternistic "little thing" recurrence. It started just before finishing evening computer work when I looked at some random Groupon ad for a luxury hotel/resort and looked specifically at its amenities and such, and then, next, when I started the new book during dinnertime reading, the very first page described a luxury hotel/resort and listed specifically its amenities, echoing 100% what I'd just looked at, and even in many of the same terms. Still only a lesser type of recurrence then, but then during night's computer work while checking email, I opened some random email (in my junk/spam folder, which I check very infrequently), and it mentioned, right at the top Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, when that's where the book's luxury hotel was ...

Then had a cool and oddly timed standout echo towards bedtime, can't remember the last I had any sort of standout-level incident at this time. It happened while I was singing random snatches from that "Pinball Wizard" song, out of number and randomly, and precisely as I sang "don't hear no buzzes and bells," my watch's alarm went off from the other room, perfectly synchronistic/intertwined with my saying "bell," ha ha.


Another pretty quiet one, much the same as yesterday in almost all ways.

Morning and lunchtime reading were both almost totally silent from any sort of active activity, only a few thematics and the like from what I remember, in both. Did have one small if minor classical-type of reading recurrence, starting last night when I finally got around to looking up that "Reynauld's disease" that I encountered randomly in some book upwards of a week ago and was patternistically Compelled to look up, despite having no idea what it was or what it involved (which I distinctly remember, thus ruling out any type of cueing/suggestion, etc), and, first, not only does it seem that I actually have this condition and that it explains all the longstanding cold sensitivity/abnormal pain from cold, etc, but then, this morning in the after-chore reading of yet another super-random freebie magazine, it mentioned how inflammation of the skin can lead to pain and sensitivity and all kinds of stuff -- which is exactly what I read during the Reynauld's description last night, and also the first I'd realized that skin can actually get inflamed like any other organ or whatever, a new concept which I was introduced to for the first time ever then, and which I'd thought of afterward several times in the night, and then I Just Happen to read about that same concept in the random magazine the next morning ... Had several other, similar but subtler recurrences/parallels between this particular super-random magazine and various other specific-but-little things I'd thought of/encountered over last night and this morning.

Afternoon was more or less silent except for some stray super-subtles/thematics/recurrences, lesser than yesterday in this category, never quite achieving that background-static regularity even for a time. On the other hand, did have a few stray, coherent, standout-level one-word-striking-type of echoes:

> Suddenly remembering that I needed to stop at the ATM machine, precisely as I passed a roadside electronic sign and it ticked to reading "NEED CASH? ATM INSIDE," and this was another where there was the slightest, split-second delay between the tick/display change and my thought of "ATM" (which, actually, was probably more along the lines of "I need an ATM, where do I go?," thus making the echo even more precise/deep, etc), but this only served to make it more notable due to it completely ruling out any type of cueing/suggestion/logical causal correlation, etc, in that exact same intelligent/playful fashion of other similar incidents

> A similar one behaviourally, though somewhat "smaller," and also involving the ATM once I actually got to it. Precisely as I punched in the amount and the screen ticked to reading "PROCESSING TRANSACTION" or something like that (with "processing" literally in there, in any case), the radio in the convenience store randomly/singularly said "process," perfectly synchronistic with the screen's tick (though not with my actually registering the "processing" on the screen, a reversal of the usual delay between the occurrence and the perfect precision of my registering the correlating word or whatever)

> Another of those damn cool and super-surreal, if "small," bilingual ones, this time when the Spanish station I was listening to randomly/singularly sang "rey" (king) precisely as I looked at the little ornamental Burger King crown on the car's dash and thought whether to keep it or not, either an echo of my seeing it or the resulting absent thought of "Burger King crown," and perfectly synchronistic/intertwined in any case

Numbers: again strictly after lunch, and scattered and mostly low-key like yesterday, still predominantly 37s and variants, and with less "everywhere"/randomly-sourced 37s today (and none of those thematic-type of offhand-mentions/random figures in reading material today, I noticed). Did have traffic plates, and a couple semi-conspicuous ones, but almost all pretty low-key and scattered, though definitely present and no less surreal for it, even after all this time.

Did have one cool standout traffic-type one, at the gas station with the infamous ATM machine. It started when I began backing out and was forced to stop for a van that drove past semi-recklessly, which thus demanded my attention and set me up to have the van's 7130 plate "flash"/"invade" my line of sight, all perfectly timed and logistically precise and 100% patternistic of these, ha ha.


A change-up today, in several ways, and just a general uptick in overall activity.

Morning was almost totally silent, though I did notice some slight activity, little scattered subtle echoes and some thematics and the like, but very mild, and the same for the ride to lunch. Then, however, activity did indeed start up, and still within that same basic mode of the mix of small subtle/environmental reading/thought/event-type echoes plus some lesser thematics and the like (but none of those little-thing recurrences/parallels and the like today, that I remember anyhow). The gist of the lunchtime activity, which ended up being relatively high and much moreso overall than really the last week or so, all centered around a sort of super-nearby-stranger-conversation-type cluster, involving this little product demonstration/sales-presentation-type gathering that was assembled at the coffee shop, right next to where I was sitting. It started with several of those small and subtle one-word reading-type echoes, then gradually escalated, first to the one-word "striking" echoes, then to several more complex, standout-level ones, ultimately ending up this great big surreal "synchronistic state" little mini-storm, though not so much from a high volume of hits but just from the overall feel/energy/subjective experience of it, very surreal and "synchronistic" in that way I can't quite describe but I've come to identify in past incidents (and, from what I remember, the rise in activity and coherence did seem to correspond with the longer the talk went on and the more involved the attendees seemed to get, perhaps from being administered samples of the stuff and liking it, which goes along with that observation I've made where the seemingly more passionate/involved/"stronger" the conversation, the more likely to see echoes and the like). Standouts I got down:

> A damned cool, if "little," resumed-reading-type one, when I picked up the 'Fraud' book and the first words my eyes fell on, directly and effortlessly and before I even got a chance to look for where I'd stopped, were "I'm sorry" -- precisely as one of the nearby people said "I'm sorry," this coming after a series of lesser/smaller one-words

> Had another of those somewhat unique ones, beginning when I came to a passage in the book about one of the character's suicides, precisely as the speaker at the gathering mentioned how "you can't overdose on this stuff," with my reading "suicide" or something referring to it perfectly intertwined with the "overdose." At the time, I ignored this one even though it felt and behaved 100% like another echo, because the book's suicide involved a woman jumping off a bridge, not overdosing -- but then, maybe 10-15 minutes and several pages later in the book, I came to another part about that suicide, where it quoted the dead woman's suicide note and it mentioned that she'd overdosed on sleeping pills before jumping off the bridge. Wow ...

> And another somewhat unique and complex and highly notable sort of multiple-echo. It started when, probably 3-4 times through the first leg of lunch and reading, I would come to "phone" or some phone-related reference precisely as I thought about my phone and the phone call from the driver I was expecting, or how I had the phone sitting nearby and turned on which I never do as to avoid radiation/EMFs, etc, with just the sheer number and identical behavior of these, within such a short period of time (10-15 minutes probably), being pretty notable in itself. But then, towards the end of lunch, I came to the sentence "He set himself to texting and telephoning people afterward," precisely as my phone at last rang with the call from the driver, ha ha.

> And then, just after that one, another of those "synchronicity about writing a note about a synchronicity"-type ones. When I resumed reading the book after stopping to write the note about the phone-related ones and the phone call, the very next sentence was "Like, by someone who made her write the note," ha ha.

> Then, finally, a somewhat smaller but still pretty notable one, when I came to "wooden chair" in the book precisely as the employee at the coffee shop, while cleaning up after the presentation group had left, picked up a chair and scraped its leg and thus drew my attention, such that my absent/registering thought of "chair" corresponded perfectly with my coming to the words (and, again, completely traceable to the 100% objective event of the chair making the noise, such that, even with the words being visible to me peripherally beforehand, it definitely wasn't cued/suggested, etc, like so many of these ...).

Thought-type activity abruptly dropped immediately after lunch, as has been the pattern lately, and today I didn't even see any thematics/subtles/parallels and the like afterward that I remember, with none of those little "brief revivals/resurgences" of activity that seem to be the "normal" trend of late.

Did, however, have one of those sudden, singular standout ones on the way home. It started when I passed a random roadside sign for the market and thus remembered how I needed some whey from there, thus causing me to distinctly think/register "whey" -- precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out "the way," with the "whey"/"way" corresponding in absolutely flawless, intertwined fashion, albeit in that non-literal/phoenetic way of some of these

Numbers were similarly increased today, though unchanged in basic types and varieties from lately. Numbers again started up very soon after lunch (again in that patternistic, though not-quite-immediate fashion), beginning with the usual assortment of low-key 37-plates and the like, then soon graduated to a mix of those plus the usual variety of semi-conspicuous "drifting directly into my line of sight"-type ones and the other usual types (a couple reckless-driver/turn-in-front-type ones too). Eventually had some really damn cool standouts too, again of those cluster-types I was seeing there for a while:

> The first started with another of those where I Just Happened to stop behind a 37-plate car at an intersection and thus had to sit looking at it for a while. Then, soon after turning through the intersection, came upon another 37-plate car, with a 637 plate, and then, as I was driving behind it and had the absent thought of "another 37-plate," a second, 730-plate car zoomed past in the left lane, beside me, not only "flashing" its plate directly into my line of sight (and perfectly synchronistic with my absent thought of "37-plate"), but it also aligned with the 637-plate in that patternistic way, and again being even more notable/striking due to the 1-2-3 effect of it all. And then, a couple miles down the road, the same damn thing happened, almost exactly, and also with that same 637-plate car that I was behind: just after it had turned off on an exit ramp, a 734-plate car zoomed past from my left again, and again at just such an angle/height/timing, etc, that it aligned for one split second with the 637-plate, ha ha

> A sort of quasi-alignment-type one later one, starting when a 3744-plate "drifted"/"invaded" my line of sight, and then, a split second after, as "3744-plate" was still crossing my mind, I noticed a roadside electronic sign with the time, reading 4:37, with the plate and the sign's text aligning but not quite "perfectly," without that subtly perfect "alignment-type incident" sort of quality that defines these but I still can't yet describe. Notable in any case though.

One cool random/"everywhere" conspicuous-37 standout. It started when I went to throw away some trash in the dumpster and, upon looking inside, I was met, patternistically so, by a big "V0037" on a cardboard box, sticking straight up as to be "loud," and directly/effortlessly in my line of sight as is indicative of these. And then, as a cute little footnote: I felt Compelled to take the box out of the dumpster and take it over to the nearby cardboard-recycling dumpster, and upon doing so, I was met similarly by a "537" sticking up from another cardboard box, smaller and less "loud" but still conspicuously right in my line of sight, patternistic, etc.

Cute little receipt-timestamp-type one too. I started when I passed a jeweler's randomly, in a random and unplanned stop at that mall, and felt instantly Compelled to finally go and get a new rod in my watch, which I've been meaning to do for months and months now (6 months or more?). And then when it was repaired and I paid up, the timestamp was exactly 17:33, which was a bit more notable considering that I had to stand and wait for 5-6 minutes while the jeweler repaired my watch (and cleaned it up without my asking), as to be another of those super-random little logistics that the receipt-stamp hinged on (and, similarly: the cashier was out of change, and so she asked me if I had a dollar to add, which therefore delayed the receipt's printing just that much more ...)


Big downtick today, another corresponding with a similar return to health nastiness/headsickness/brainfog, etc.

Morning: totally silent of everything, save for a single, standout "random cartoon echo"-type one (been having several of these lately, with some random cartoon echoing something when I go to clip the day's cartoons, but most have been too subtle/subjective to note, though the pattern has definitely established itself). It started just after I got up and had another attack of that ugly gut upset and subsequent gas I've been having for a while now, and then, maybe 3-4 seconds later when I picked up the page of cartoons, the first one I read involved two babies joking about "chronically bad gas," not only echoing the gas/farting theme but also the "chronic" part, which describes my weeks-long battle with the gut thing perfectly.

Lunch: also totally silent, another of those days without even the super-subtle echoes and the like, probably the quitest morning/lunch period to date. Evening afternoon was almost totally silent, with only a couple very brief and very subtle periods of small one-word thought echoes and the like. The only decent, coherent example was a reading/nearby-stranger-type of one-word echo, at the random computer shop I stopped in: precisely as the nearby attendant said "cost" to another employee, I picked up a random magazine in the waiting area, uncovering it from another magazine that had been on top of it (so that the intended one's cover had been 100% obscured from me until that very instant) and picking it up, thus putting "IT'S COSTLY," printed in the middle of the cover, directly/effortlessly in my line of sight, such that the picking up and uncovering and the "costly" invading my immediate area of focus corresponded with that absolutely flawless, patternistic, intertwined precision with the man's speaking of "cost."

Numbers: back to being "there but generally quiet," as well as strictly after-lunch (closer to immediately afterward today, I think maybe a matter of minutes after leaving the coffee shop). There were actually quite a few, but almost all of the low-key 37-plate traffic variety, with only a handful of semi-conspicuous ones today. The three best ones I got down:

> A cool if "small" one when, on yet another random and spur-of-the-moment Compelling, I went to that car dealer on out 90, and upon pulling into the lot, there awaited me a pair of 37-plates directly in front of me, side by side

> Another of those "one single car in a big line with its brake lights on, thus drawing my attention to its 730-plate," ha ha

> The most notable of the day: when I pulled into the department store parking lot and, after passing I think 3-4 parking-lot 37-plates on the way in, I had the thought of, "Well, then surely my random parking space will put me directly behind one," but it didn't. However, upon getting out, there was one, again directly/effortlessly in my line of sight upon getting out of the car, before I could even take a step or turn around toward the store, an 837-plate car, and facing away from me, such that its plate was 100% invisible to me when I parked (this one patternistic of both the "challenge-thought/answer" pattern and the classical semi-conspicuous "immediately being greeted by one upon getting out of the car when it was previously invisible")

> And then at lunch, another "random, sequential order # on the receipt being an explicit 37-variant," this time 777 exactly, when the last few days have once again seen a conspicuous and patternistic spike of this particular variant (the receipt actually had 3 or 4 of these 777s on it in various places, but I'm assuming that these were just repeats of the order number rather than individual, equally random numbers, though I guess I don't really know for sure ...) (Cute little after-the-fact footnote on this one: when I just now went to fill out the online survey from the receipt from this incident, in which I filled out a little "Please describe your experience" box, when I finished the two paragraphs of writing, the little "characters remaining" counter below the box had stopped at exactly "777" ...

Ended up having a brief but noticeable little return of the "little everyday thing" recurrences/parallels tonight during an after-chore reading session, and though all were too subtle/subjective to describe, they were notable for the simple fact of their corresponding distinctly with a slight improvement in guts/health/headsickness/clarity of thought, etc, in that ridiculously surreal and explicit "external reality reflecting internal/health/conscious state."

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