Synchronicity log for 2016


A cool recurrence today. It started about two days ago when I was at Publix and, while passing the oil cooler there, noticed a "Black Seed" oil -- both noticed and Noticed, such that I actually thought of it randomly a couple times afterward, it stuck out to me so much. Then, shortly after that, I was Compelled to look up cumin extract, despite my having bought a bunch of the raw herb and having it seem to work fine for me. When I did, it led, in that Randomly On Purpose way that my searches do, to "Black Cumin Seed Oil," which was the closest thing to cumin extract I could find. I then vowed to buy some -- except I then saw how "black cumin seed" isn't the same as cumin. So then I decided not to buy it ... but then I felt Compelled to Google the black cumin oil, and lo and behold, it sounded very interesting as far as its benefits, such that I decided to buy some. So, as it were, not only did I have a basic and notable recurrence in my Noticing the "Black Seed" oil at Publix and then, in the most random and indirect and obscure (yet patternistic) of ways, I was led to it, but I also discovered to it to be something that could potentially help me. Cool, and interesting.


Another uptick today over the last few days, and still in that "vague and fuzzy but generally coherent" vein, sometimes profoundly coherent. In fact, had so many overall incidents today that I simply couldn't keep track, many of them being highly complex and subjective as well as coming in rapid succession, more of those one-two-three-four, wham-bam-types that are just so hard to keep track of. For example, precisely when I put my glasses on and had the thought of "I can see now," the radio randomly sang out "I can see," and then, a split-second later, I looked away from the rearview I'd looked in to put my glasses on, and there, directly in my line of sight, was a big sign reading "vision" -- maybe two dozen like that today, all perfectly synchronistic and highly precise and often with those "multidimensional" aspects. Wow, so damn surreal.

One more "traditional" standout was this morning, when I was struck with the sudden, random, but highly precise and coherent thought of my sitting out on the veranda at Starbucks and eating lunch, a split second before the radio sang out "table on a sidewalk" -- which is exactly how I'd mentally visualized my sitting on Starbucks' veranda (which was literally a table on a sidewalk). This one was notable as-is, but became even more so in light of the fact that 1) I was struck with these thoughts so randomly but distinctly, from out of nowhere (not even at the end of a random train of thought, as it were), and 2) that I'd never been heard the song on the radio, thus had no way to possibly anticipate its lyrics. And, of course, the timing was so perfectly synchronistic also.

And then, intermixed with the day's onslaught craziness, there were of course more conspicuously amusing 37s. Too many to list, but some examples: a man shutting a van's back door precisely as I passed in my car, which thus exposed its "307" license plate (and directly in my line of sight), happening with such perfect timing and precision that I couldn't have orchestrated it better; another case where I felt Compelled to let a car pass despite my having the right of way, only to have it reveal a "3077" license plate (which I saw when looking the other way to see if any traffic was coming after the car passed, rather than my consciously looking for the plate); and then, on the way home, a really cool one where I was Compelled to go home a different (a slightly longer) way, against all logic (and when I was in a hurry to get home, and tired, etc, etc), and upon doing so, I passed yet another car with a "731" license plate. Haha.

Plus a great receipt synchro, to round off the day it would seem. This morning when getting a juice and stuff at Bay Naturals, I forgot to immediately swipe my discount car, and in the split second before I did, I noticed that items' original total was $37.75. It smacked of the usual receipt synchro pattern and such, but I didn't note it, consigning it to the slag heap of the rest of the day's many incidents. But then, tonight, when logging the receipt into the cash book, I noticed that it was timestamped exactly 10:37. Amusing and notable in itself, but it also bears mentioning that when I got there, a line formed immediately as I did so (when I don't think I've ever had to wait in line while getting a juice on a quiet Sunday morning), and also that one of the groups of people I was behind let me go in front of them for some reason I don't understand -- and if either of these odd circumstances hadn't been in place, the 10:37 timestamp would have been off. Haha.


Almost identical to yesterday, except more, and more coherent overall, at times basically just a huge, whirlwind-style onslaught of perfectly coherent and notable incidents that were just too numerous/rapid for me to note, albeit of the same "flavor" of those I've been having these lasting few days, still kind of only "half-there." The most coherent and notable of all was yet another instance of having a huge series of reading synchros upon starting my book-reading for the day, yet even more striking today, profoundly so, just so many, and so explicit and intricate and numerous, I was really quite amazed, the whole thing surpassing even those of late. It started with the last few pages of the 'Dark Times' book, echoing what I was presently thinking and what I'd been thinking about the last few days as well as some events and such going on around me, and then, upping the ante even more, was when I started the 'Stir of Echoes' book and had the exact same thing happen, except even *more* explicitly. At that point, not only did the book echo my broader thoughts, but also the finer and subtles ones, such as it mentioning "too much coffee" several times, precisely as I was debating, in the back of my head, getting some dark drip coffee from Starbucks (which I didn't feel comfortable doing, since they double-brew it and it would've been too strong and I would've been having too much caffeine -- exactly like the character in the book, and all of this being objectively traceable, etc). Then, as I read the book more through the evening, I saw it begin to echo the general sentiments/circumstances/problems I'd been having all day, where I'd been questioning my thoughts and perceptions while sick and highly sensitive/impressionable to others and their emotions/actions, etc, and wondering specifically if what I was seeing and feeling in others was objectively real or just in my head -- which is precisely what the character in the book was going through. At times the parallels were just general though pretty precise, at others they were so dreadfully explicit that I laughed out loud (and not just a few like this, maybe a dozen over the course of the day's reading?), sometimes even using the same language and terminology and such ("objective reality," "distorted perceptions," etc). Wow. So utterly surreal. And it also bears mentioning that, once again, I'd randomly picked 'Stir of Echoes' today to read, out of approximately a dozen choices, and also when I'd just as randomly bought it yesterday -- feeling Compelled to do all of this, in that totally patternistic book-synchro fashion. Also, this phenomenon extended even to a little local-market natural health magazine I read in between the two books, such as the article on epigenetics mirroring exactly what I'd been thinking/feeling/experiencing in regards to inner reality reflecting outer- just today and yesterday, and in several other instances I can't even remember. Again: wow. (And something else that just occurred to me: the synchronistic parallel between the title, 'Stir of Echoes,' and how it seemed to "echo" my thoughts/reality so explicitly ...)


Wow, another onslaught day, and even more intense/complicated than yesterday. Just can't describe it all, in number or in nature, just too many and too damn crazy/cool. Had more of that wham-bam, multidimensional-type of book/reading synchro today, and again carrying through several different books, from the random magazine I read this morning, to 'Stir of Echoes' at lunch and in the evening, and then even the mandala coloring book I read to kill some time after finishing the novel (I'd thought, distinctly, of the World/21 tarot card and what it symbolized, especially the dancing woman in the middle, and then, minutes later, a nearly identical depiction of that card and its dancing woman was on the first page of the mandala book, on a Tibetan mandala rather than the tarot card, as it were -- pretty damn notable in itself). The 'Stir of Echoes' "portion" was the most profound though, even graduating in perplexity/multidimensionalness somewhat, such as this big cluster of thought/reading synchros where, after a long chain of thought about the morning's five purple Hershey's kisses and the "party"/Prince's "1999" synchros, I thought of the song lyric "the sky was all purple," precisely before reading "beginning to purple the sky" in the book (as well as reading "dark" about five times within a couple paragraphs when I'd been thinking about the morning's "dark" theme, too). Then, immediately after, as I was going through the usual thought processes/reaction of "that's just a crazy coincidence" and the like and then in turn knowing full and well that that wasn't the case and it was all real, I read a paragraph that echoed this all exactly, both literally and in underlying theme/archetype, starting with "I tried to tell myself it was all imagination," in regard to the character discover he has ESP/psychic powers, etc, and then him being unable to deny the overwhelming reality of it staring back at him/unlikliness of it all being coincidence, etc, etc, etc -- exactly what I was doing just then, at that precise moment, after questioning the outrageously notable and surreal cluster of synchros involving purple, dark, etc. Didn't stop there, either: just after the "all imagination" echo, I read "gelatinous haze of tears" (in the context of the character seeing the world through such a haze) precisely as I bit into a bite of garlic (which I'd put in my mouth while reading the previous page, as it were, and totally randomly, from a bowl with all kinds of stuff in it but only a few chunks of garlic, so even if I'd somehow subconsciously read the "haze of tears" it was all still objectively separate/independent events, etc). And on and on it went, again a living dream, now to an even higher degree/deeper level.

Had three or four "bursts" like that throughout the day, intermixed with a few lesser bursts of more general, spaced-out, standalone incidents, with subtles/themes/number repeats (still amusing ones, almost all 37s and variants). What a day. Again: something is speeding up/changing. Just wow.

Another really cool and notable thought/event synchro: I was suddenly struck with thoughts of 1) a conversion van and 2) a custom, daily-driver hearse, as in someone just driving a hearse normally (as I'd been thinking about doing) -- when, a split second later, there came not only a conversion van down the road, but a hearse with custom paint and the like which would indicate its being used a daily driver, etc, perfectly precise. Both of these cars turned onto the road after being previously out of sight, though I can't say 100% sure that they were entirely invisible to me; I can, however, say for sure that, if I was subconsciously suggested upon as to think the original thoughts (which were totally random and without an objective chain/tracing, etc), it had to have been fully subconscious and from my peripheral vision. Yet, given the onslaught active throughout the day ... I doubt it was suggestion. I had just way too many manifestations like this, almost all of them indeed impossible to be suggestion, etc.


Today was a bit of a downturn, but only in gross number of incidents, not "flavor" or type (and, really, not even too huge of a downturn in number; still tons and tons throughout the day, seeming to come in more or less intense "waves"). One thing that didn't happen was another wash of reading synchros when I sat down to read at lunch, and it bears mentioning that I'd anticipated both the wave happening as well as not happening, thinking that, now that I'd noticed it and anticipated it, it wouldn't happen. Which it didn't. Otherwise, still lots of those general and notable, albeit vague and "half-there," incidents throughout the whole day just about. An example: while at Vitamin Shoppe, I'd had the thought to ask them if they sold cinnamon, but then decided against it, since I knew they didn't sell any spices and the like -- and then, maybe two minutes after I'd thought this, someone else in the store asked the clerk, "Hey, you have any of those cinnamon bars?" Now, he was asking for cinnamon "bars" of some kind, and not standalone cinnamon as I'd been contemplating, but still, there was a clear recurrence of asking the clerk about cinnamon, enough to be notable yet inconclusive -- a whole bunch of these today, over a dozen at least, and all in that same "fuzzy," "half-there" vein I've been having. Also, more of those ridiculously conspicuous 37 repeats I've been having, and still primarily from license plates and the like (though plenty from other sources, too). One notable example: a big, conspicuous jacked-up truck pulling in front of me in traffic, then driving erratically, during which the truck swerved suddenly left, which exposed its 173-ending license plate to me just long enough to see it before the truck abruptly turned off as fast, all perfectly "flashing" me just like that van door yesterday, etc. Wow, just so much these last few days, and all of that same flavor. Utterly surreal.


Today was again much like yesterday, almost exactly, with the same rhythm of subtles and number repeats and "half-there" standouts (though not quite as many in number today). Cool repeat standout was when I got yet another wrong-number text from "30317," alerting me that someone had again uploaded money to their check card or whatever it is it's registered to, except this time with the balance was "$130.17." Haha. Also, just after I got this text, I went to turn off the coffee, and the time on the stove was 10:37. And then, at the gym a few hours later, I weighed myself, feeling Compelled despite just having weighed myself yesterday, and I was at exactly 137 (whereas yesterday's scale, at the other gym, had put me at 150 something).


Overall, in the same vein as the last couple of days, format- and "feel"-wise, but a significant downturn in overall incidents as well as their intensity, as to be just much more "calm" and sedate (coinciding with my staying home all day for the first time in a while, as it were). Still having those vague-but-present parallels/themes running throughout the day, of no one topic and too subtle/subjective/personal to explain.

A minor but amusing recurrence this morning. Yesterday morning I read in the 'Ashes of Waco' book (again started randomly, after having bought it months ago and put it off again and again) of how David Koresh was styled as "Jesus with a gun," more or less, and how he was a "beer-drinking messiah who played a mean guitar." Then, this morning in my email, I was informed of a new twitter follower, a "Bodie Myers," whose avatar picture is Jesus holding a shotgun, cigarette in mouth (it was mentioned in the book that Koresh also started smoking), with the caption "Beer, Books, Guitars" beneath it -- all of it somewhat imprecise and vague, yet precise enough to reflect the weird "Jesus w/gun and beer and cigarettes" archetype, and with reasonably notable timing as well.

Really cool and notable thought/reading synchro this afternoon. While sitting and leafing through a magazine and thinking very distinctly of how, being forced home due to not having insurance on the car, I had to adapt to having "free time" and not working/following routine, etc -- and then, a split second after these thoughts entered my mind and registered, I turned the page of the magazine and my eyes fell upon a little article entitled "Embrace Sloth," in which it discussed how difficult it can be in American culture to just "do nothing" and have "free time" and embrace "unstructured time" and "being lazy" -- precisely what I'd just seconds before thought of, randomly and distinctly as well as totally objectively and independently, being traced to the fact that, in my reading the magazine on my afternoon "off," I was thinking these things. Highly notable in itself, being so precise and objective/traceable, but besides that, it was impossible that I could've been subconsciously suggested to think this even if I couldn't trace the thoughts, simply because the article had been on the next sequential page (without anything remotely related to it leading up to it, and of course I'd never read this magazine before, having randomly pulled it out of the recycling bin yesterday).


Another uptick, again coinciding with my getting back out/on the road, though still in the same basic groove/vein as this last week or so (still having that same sort of "half-there" headsickness, too, coincidentally). Had another rash of those surreal reading/thought/event synchros when I sat down to read at lunch, though not quite to that whirlwind degree today, really just more a series of distinct standouts rather than a blur of "fuzzy" ones. Read "shining light" precisely as the sun broke from the sky (and I'd just been thinking, maybe a second before, of whether the sun might break out); read "a mighty wind" precisely as an extremely strong wind blew across the veranda where I was reading (highly precise, this one; the wind literally swept big heavy milk crates around the parking lot nearby, as to be nothing less than "mighty." A cool radio synchro at the same time: precisely as I thought of taking the B12 patch off my neck because I seemed to be overdosing on it/overstimulated, the radio sang out "take this badge off of me" (not hugely precise, but the B12 patch could very easily qualify as a "badge," and the timing was perfectly synchronistic, etc). Had several of those "bursts" of subtles/"fuzzy"/"half-there" ones throughout the day, too, these with that same "flavor" of the ones I've been having lately. Definitely a distinct pattern here, seeming to reflect the "half-there" condition of my thinking once this latest headsickness gets going.

Then, this evening, a standout thought/radio synchro: precisely as I thought "moving too slow," in regards to a pedestrian in a parking lot who seemed totally oblivious to me, forcing me to brake, the radio sang out "moving slow" -- perfectly synchronistic, and almost exactly like that time a couple weeks ago in Boone.

Had an amusing receipt-type 37 number-repeat this evening at the store. I was using the self-checkout, and for some reason that I still don't understand, it didn't register something I rang up, and instead kept asking me to put it in the bag even though I'd already put it in the bag, thus triggering the attendant to come over and hanging up the checkout process -- which, as a result, forced me to look at the order's present total, which was $17.33 (I'd only looked at the screen when it kept bugging me to put the last item in the bag, trying to figure out what was up). That in itself was amusing yet not wholly notable, but then, once the attendant came over and fiddled with the machine, causing its screen to change, I noticed something at the bottom: a little line of text reading "POS-173," which lept out at me despite its size and my distraction. Haha.


Minor but quite notable thought/reading synchro this morning. As I went to check my email, I was thinking of powdered egg whites, specifically, having just seen it in my bookmarks and, thus, thinking about the egg-white fast. Then, a split second later, after logging into my email, the first email I saw was titled "Whole Egg Powder 36 Hour Sale," directly in my line of vision as to be perfectly synchronistic, and highly precise too (though this was for "whole" egg powder, not just the whites, the underlying archetype of "powdered eggs" is still quite present).

Overall, a general uptick in incidents today, after a couple days' lull (this again coinciding with my health improving as well as going "out" and traveling some, as seems to be a long-term pattern). Today's overall "feel" was different than lately, departing from that "half-there"/"fuzzy"-type of onslaught and instead becoming more "stable" and coherent, with more just a regular scattering of standout incidents (though still with some subtles and the like). Standouts:

*While at Goodwill, overhearing the cashier saying "weather" to a customer, precisely as I read "weatherproof" on the tag of a coat I was looking at (possibly coincidence, but the perfectly synchronistic timing had the "feel" of a synchro, etc)

*Funny one with the school bus: yesterday, I saw that same school bus with the 503-31703 number on it (whichever is the one I saw some conspicuously a couple times lately, and noted at some point), and it was again conspicuously "random." Well, today, while pulling out of the Fresh Market at Pawley's Island, miles and miles away and in another school district, I encountered another school bus -- a different one, and with a different number, but essentially the *same* number, just one or two digits off (503-1730 or something, I want to say -- still with the 503 and some 37/137 variant, in any case). And, again, maybe coincidence but the meeting was so conspicuous and patternistic, had to take note

*And another deja-vu-type repeat: I again needed a jug of bottled water, and at the store the only one I could find had a 37 variant in the "good-by" timestamp, this time 5/31/17, printed prominently on top, just like that one in Rockingham a couple weeks ago, haha.

*Hearing "I see the sun" on the radio, precisely as I rounded a bend and my windshield was flooded with the setting sun from the horizon, perfectly synchronistic

*Hearing "registered trademark" on the radio, precisely as I was thinking about registering the tag for the van, perfectly synchronistic

*Lots of conspicuous 37/137 repeats today, including: a package sitting on the counter at the post office when I went up to ship mine, addressed to a "3171" street address, my eyes Just Happening to fall directly on it while waiting for the clerk to deal with my package; my being forced to let a truck that was creeping up on me pass, only to reveal its 137 license plate; when getting the hotel room in Charleston, when I went to park in front of it, my two neighboring cars both had prominent-37 license plates

*A really cool, albeit vague, one: when I called Mom tonight, the first thing she said, totally offhand and without prompting on my part, was something about my being in Charleston -- when she'd had no idea I was going to Charleston, much less going today, which I'd only decided to do totally spontaneously this morning upon making the B12 appointment. Turns out, she'd seen some guy on TV reporting from Charleston, and he'd been dressed so lightly, when it was so cold up north, that she'd remarked something about how warm it must be in Charleston, and maybe I should go there -- when I already was, and had in fact just arrived not an hour being calling her. Really damn surreal, to hear that, from out of nowhere, upon calling her, without my saying anything, when probably the first thing I would've said otherwise was "I'm in Charleston at the moment, on an impromptu trip here for B12, etc" -- as if she'd read my mind about


Another big uptick today, back to about how it was there for a while, reaching onslaught levels here and there. Not really so many standouts but just onslaught-type subtles. Definitely lots tons of 37-variant repeats today, again, as seems to happen when I travel/go out, etc. The first was at Starbucks, when I felt magnetically drawn to/Compelled to look at a sign on the way to the bathroom, which turned out to be for an Alice in Wonderland play being held at an 1137 street address -- and then, later in the day when I went to the Mt. Pleasant gym, this too was at an 1137 street address, exactly (both). Also, the Starbucks I went to was on highway 703. A cigar wrapper I felt Compelled to pick up in a parking lot had the barcode "7301-11129," a double repeat since 1129/1111 have been pretty prominent lately (oh, and saw several conspicuous 1111s today and yesterday, too). I randomly went to the Mercedes dealer and ordered some spare keys, and the invoice number was 317332, printed conspicuously at the very top of the page when I received it. I had to turn around down a side street, and the house numbers + license plates + those on the recycling bin were all 37 or variants (and then the same thing later that day, when I took a wrong turn and encountered two license plates back to back, with a "1117" recycling bin between them -- in wham-bam, 1-2-3 succession, surreal). Pumped exactly 11.71 gallons of gas, when leaving the pump on to itself. And then, to top it off, when I got back to the motel tonight, after all these dozens during the day, there was again two 37 license plates awaiting me outside my hotel room -- one of them a big Mercedes van with a 3107 license plate + a 730-0000 phone number printed on the side. Haha.


Not really anything in particular to note beyond a repetition of yesterday's outrageous amount of 37 repeats, though not quite enough coherent/standout ones to list. Same with thought/reading/radio-type synchros: lots of "lesser," not-quite-subtle ones but none of them hugely standout-ish.


Much like yesterday with another "storm" of subtle/vague/"half-there" incidents, along with those equally obscure parallels/themes/far-reaching synchros (for example, a "bridge" theme, which spanned the whole trip to Charleston and such, including my settling on "The Bridge" radio station, and crossing several bridges, often as "The Bridge" was announced, and buying 'The Bridge' album from Ace of Base, only noticing that name afterward -- all totally random of course, maybe five or six total "themes" like that, though the bridge one was the most coherent), as to lend just a generally surreal air to the day. Still having tons of 37s, including a few three- or four-bangers in quick succession. One standout thought synchro was ending a long chain of thought on how I was exercising daily now and was about to do it again today, if time allowed, precisely when I passed a random sign reading "exercise daily" -- again with objectively traceable thought, etc. Had a lot like this today, though most were just too obscure/subtle to transcribe.

Cool standout at lunch, not sure whether to classify it as a thought or reading synchro. Started when I read in the Gandhi book "a struggle for daily bread," but didn't quite read it right, forcing me to go back and re-read it and, thus, think "bread" -- precisely as, at the Starbucks drive-thru feet away, the cashier said "bread" over the intercom, and not once but twice, apparently having heard the customer wrong -- just as I'd mis-read the book. A sort of three-way synchro, not only echoing the bread archetype but also its being misunderstood and needing to be repeated. Really damn cool when you think about it.

A minor but notable recurrence. While at the West Ashely place getting the B12 shot two days ago, I'd read in a random magazine I read in the waiting read about a "cryotherapy," where you're exposed to extreme cold for a therapeutic effect, the first I'd ever read of such a thing as it were. And then, today, less than 48 hours later (in patternistic fashion), I read about an essentially identical "cold therapy" in the Gandhi book (which I'd started reading, randomly, nearly a week ago ...).

Also, a funny little number repeat: in the yoga picture I took of the hotel room, the clock reads 7:37. Mildly notable in itself, given the randomness of it, but it's doubly so considering that I only took that picture not just the day after getting there (having forgotten it after actually doing the yoga), but at 7:37 at *night,* and feeling Compelled to do it then.


An overall downturn in incidents today, again corresponding with a decrease in travel/circulating about town, though again still in the same vein as the last few days. Did have a couple of those "surges" of a bunch of vague, subtle one-word thought/reading/experience synchros, but not many, and not very coherently. One standout was a very pronounced, albeit simple, one-word thought synchro at church this morning: my thinking "message" precisely as the reverend said so, and in the same context, etc, so pronounced and sudden as to be notable despite its simplicity. A cool "question and answer"-type one, too: yesterday I'd had the distinct-yet-vague thought of whether there was somewhere in the Charleston area to get a footbath -- and then, in the 'Natural Awakenings' magazine I'd felt Compelled to read at lunch today, there was an ad for just such a place in Charleston. And, it bears mentioning, I'd actually already read this magazine but didn't know it, having picked it up in Charleston thinking it was a new issue, when in reality it was just a Charleston edition of it, which had a different cover for some reason (and, as it were, different ads, including for that of the footbath). Haha.


Nothing to note today beyond an almost total "silence"/downturn of incidents, again corresponding with a marked worsening of health, energy, clarity of thought, staying in, etc. I think there were maybe a couple subtle one-word thought/reading-type synchros scattered throughout the day, and that was about all.


More incidents today than yesterday, though almost all centered in one biggish cluster spanning lunch and mid-afternoon, and almost all were those vague recurrences and "parallels." The most coherent was when, while eating lunch, I was approached by a random woman asking about a nearby Italian restaurant called Benito's, which I thought I knew and told her where it was -- but, in reality, I was thinking of a different one, and had never heard of Benito's before, until, just an hour or so later, I went to Cleansing Power and, feeling Compelled, picked up a coupon book for local businesses and there saw advertised the Benito's restaurant. Maybe a dozen vague-but-present recurrences like that, all combining to bring about that surreal, numinous state, albeit low-key and subtle.


Overall, today was much like yesterday, with a low-to-moderate level of subtle/"background static"-type incidents through the day, peaking in the afternoon. Really cool standout this morning, when I went out to warm up the car and the radiator-resevoir like was on, suggesting a coolant leak, and then, after doing rebounder and coming back out a few minutes later, I saw that the light had gone off -- precisely as I opened the door and heard "lights go down" on the radio, the three coinciding perfectly synchronistically, etc (seeing light right as I had my hand on the door handle, then hearing "lights go down" immediately upon opening the door and thus "loosing" the radio, inaudible before -- a really cool effect, and hugely precise and notable). Also, a similar one this afternoon at Goodwill, when right as I had a surge of good circulation/energy go from my neck into my back, my eyes fell over a book with the subtitle "From the Neck Down" (or I think it was a book -- something with that on there, in any case, and this too pretty precise and perfectly timed, objective, etc).


Big uptick in activity today, and once again corresponding with travel/departure for Charleston. Almost all of it was of a certain kind of one-word thought/reading/radio synchro, all very pronounced and present but not hugely coherent (though there were so many, I just couldn't remember them all to write down). For example, right as I had a long chain of complicated thought ending in "sustainability" while I was reading at lunch, I turned the page and the very next word at the top was "sustain," when there'd been nothing leading up to that beforehand, as to suggest it (and, of course, I couldn't have seen the unturned page while I was thinking the lead-up thoughts, etc). A really cool standout was when I was backing out of the garage after getting my fluids topped off and the radio sang out "Sante Fe" precisely as I realized that the car I was backing directly towards was a Hyundai Sante Fe. Surreal. Similarly, while driving randomly down the road on the way to the B12 place in Charleston, my attention was suddenly drawn to a child's bike I passed alongside the road, when the radio simultaneously had a bicycle's ring-ring! sound out, again corresponding perfectly. Tons and tons of 37s and other number repeats throughout the day too, most just more "random" than conspicuous, but still plenty of the latter in there too.


Today was much like yesterday but with less overall incidents. Again had lots of those subtle-but-significant thought/reading/radio synchros of the same "flavor," many with that sort of subtle, multidimensional complexity that made them especially surreal. Example: as I was going down the highway, I heard on the radio what I wasn't sure was "call" or "car," making me wonder if I'd heard "call" or "car" (because, as it were, I'd just been thinking "car," and it would've been another synchronistic echo), and then, perfectly synchronistically, I passed a billboard reading "call" in enormous letters (and, with the rest of the sign blocked out by a second sign, so that only the "call" was visible) -- all like it was a perfect and instantaneous answer to what I'd been thinking (there was more to this one too, making it more notable, but I can't quite remember what it was). Also, had an almost perfect repeat of yesterday's bike-passing-ring incident, with the exact same "ring-ring!" radio ad, except this time it was a bike shop I passed (with several bikes out front), and my passing of it and the "ring!" wasn't quite perfectly synchronistic, there being maybe a 1-2-second delay in between, but still close enough, and enough like yesterday's incident, to be pretty notable. Laughed my ass off.


Today was like last couple days in its many subtle incidents of that same, vaguely-complex, surreal "flavor," yet almost all of them even subtler and vaguer today, such that there were really no standouts able to be transcribed, and just lesser in general (despite travel). One thing that increased, however, was 37-repeats, most notably on license plates, and tons of them again, and most of them conspicuous (though no standouts here either, really). Did have one good standout in this regard: another classic sign-tick one, except this one had both 1111 and 37 on it ("11:11" time, with "37" degrees just below it), and also, making it even more notable, was that not only did it tick to this precisely as I passed (and then, immediately after, the time ticked to 11:12), but both the time and the temperature were wrong, it being ~11:20 and forty-some degrees (according to another, nearby sign).


An even bigger downturn than last couple days, with only a spattering of those same very-subtle/vague thought/reading/event synchros through the afternoon. Did have one standout recurrence, however, a book synchro between the 'Eating Animals' book and 'Cold New World,' where each featured a detailed and grisly description of what goes on in a chicken-processing plant -- a classical book-synchro in every sense, with these two being bought as randomly and separately and far apart as could be, and read as randomly (based on Compellings, each time when I had ~a dozen to chose from), and each based on totally different subject matter and without any mention of their shared topic on the cover/description, etc.

[1/25 update: had more reasonably specific recurrences in the 'Cold New World' book today, though I can't remember what they were.]


Still having a general downturn of overall incidents, though a little more today than the last couple days, both subtles and standouts. A pretty cool one at lunch today, and unique, not quite sure what to make of it: while eating at the Starbucks patio, precisely after one nearby group of people said "seasons," a man in another nearby group said "seasons," back-to-back and so perfectly timed that it stood out. And, interestingly, this was just after a noisy truck had left and the people at the different tables could hear each other -- that is, they couldn't have heard each other before and been subconsciously suggested, etc. It was cool and notable in that respect, but doubly so considering that this one in no way involved me, neither my thoughts or reading or anything -- as if perhaps I'd just simply witnessed a synchronicity, that "belonging" to the folks at the two tables and I'd just happened to overhear it/observe it? Notable, in any case.

Then, a vague-but-significant "question and answer"-type one this afternoon. I'd felt Compelled to take the car by Pop's, and equally Compelled to believe that there was some reason for it, in particular something I would say or do in my random interactions with the people there (despite having zero logical reason to think this). Then, when I got there, there was a laminated piece of paper on the desk, on which the first sentence read something along the lines of "God, guide me to go where you want me to and talk to the people you want me to" -- more or less exactly what I'd felt Compelled that my taking the car to Pop's would accomplish. Conceivably a coincidence, but with the Compellings thrown in, and the precision of the paper echoing my thoughts about it all, I'd say probably not.

Then tonight, a classical and highly notable reading synchro: "rumbling" in the 'Cold New World' book, precisely as a random rumbling sounded from the neighbor's RV next door -- perfectly synchronistic in timing, such to that surreal degree that you just couldn't possibly orchestrate even with practice, etc. It also bears mentioning that it was the first "rumbling" in the book, and the first rumbling from next door, and there were no more of either afterward -- that is, it wasn't just an ongoing repetition that overlapped, etc. It also bears mentioning that this one happened in the evening, which is almost always, as a rule, my "downtime" in regards to these, just like morning, rather than the "uptime" of after lunch through early evening.

[Funny footnote on this one: as I was simultaneously eating dinner and writing out a tweet to report this one, my stomach rumbled precisely as I typed "rumbling," again perfectly synchronistic and impossible to orchestrate. Haha.)

Also, a vague-but-notable recurrence/"question and answer": this morning, after taking the PEA and getting that extreme oxygenation during yoga, I'd had the vague thought of "I wonder if such extreme oxygenation might have a lasting, therapeautic effect?" And then, this afternoon, a couple hours later, I read in the 'Energy Times' magazine I'd randomly picked up in Charleston last week about how there's a "hyperbaric oxygen" therapy available now, and how it can, specifically, have a beneficial therapeutic effect on the body -- exactly what I'd been wondering, very explicit and closely timed and perfectly patternistic of these.


A general uptick of incidents today, from vague/subtles to number repeats to standouts, most of them beginning at lunchtime when I ate, once again, as has been patternistic of the past. Started with another big wash of reading synchros, all involving the 'Memoirs of my Whores' book, and these too ran the gamut of different kinds, from recurrences to thought/events to vague-parallels, etc, etc. Some standout examples: my taking a deep breath and getting that pain in my back, for the first time today, about two seconds before reading something along the lines of "I told the doctor about a pain in my back that was interferring with my breathing" (neither perfectly synchronistic or precise, but still close and precise enough to be notable); a really cool recurrence/vague-thought one where this morning I'd had the totally random but explicit thought of putting oil in one's anus during a full moon to kill parasites, and then almost exactly that was in the book, it talking about how "my asshole was burning during the full moon" and someone in it recommending a balm to rub into it, haha. Plus several others I can't remember, maybe a dozen or so incidents like this in all, to varying degrees of notability but all coming in such quick succession as to be rather surreal. Then, later today, a standout thought/music synchro: from nowhere my eyes started burning, as when my liver gets upset, and then, about a second later on the song I was listening to, it said "my eyes are burning" (perfectly echoing the thought, which sprung objectively from the objective coincidence of my eyes burning, something I couldn't possibly control even if I'd subconsciously anticipated the song lyric, etc).

Another recurrence/reading synchro at Cleansing Power today. It started at lunch when I noticed, for the first time but totally randomly, how food tasted more intense and flavorful when I paused a while between bites. Then, about two hours later while getting the footbath, I pulled out a random magazine they had sitting beside me and in it it mentioned how one's tastebuds "tire out," and that "resting" them for a while between bites can make food taste better -- the precise phenomenon I'd observed just a couple hours later, for the first time in 32 years of life ...


A slight downturn from yesterday, but not much. Except today, almost all incidents were subtles/number repeats, or just too obscure/personal to convey in text. Still, had enough to the point where the day was just utterly surreal at times, including several of those wham-bam, 1-2-3, back-to-back successions that just left my head spinning. Yet, for all the volume of incidents, there weren't really any standouts (which is in itself a kind of standout, it being the only day I remember with this many sheer incidents but none of them too coherent -- maybe because I was so headsick and out of it today?).


About the same as yesterday, just with lesser overall incidents but with some standouts. A cool reading synchro at lunch: reading "sounds of the tide races" precisely as I heard the lap of the nearby tide (but, the cool and notable thing is this: the sentence ended at "tide," and the sound corresponded with that, such that I read "sounds of the tide" during the coincidence, with the "races" only coming after the coincided had ended ...). Classical radio synchro: having a long chain of thought end with how I'd just been reminded to check my mail for the bile acids, precisely as "remind me" sounded over the radio (again, on a song I've never heard before, and with the thoughts being objectively traceable anyway, etc).


Big uptick in overall incidents today, with them clarifying overall, with several standouts. First was a cool thought/radio synchro while on the way to Wilmington this morning, when I saw this twisted and mangled ladder lying alongside the road and thought "twisted," precisely as the radio sang out "twist!" Then, when I turned on my cellphone and went to check the map to the Wilmington Unity, right as the map came up, "pictures on a cellphone" sang over the radio -- which is just what the map was, though this wasn't too precise (it bears mentioning that this one was eerily similar to the one which happened on this exact same street corner a couple months ago, also involving the cellphone map, except this one was something like "an arrow" -- still with the underlying archetype of "cellphone map radio synchro on this particular street corner," as it were). Another cool thought/radio one when I pulled up at the intersection near the church and, upon seeing a Starbucks that was right there, located conveniently just minutes from the church (and, where I would go to eat afterward), I thought, "That Starbucks was made for me," because I'd had the vague thought earlier of whether there was a Starbucks nearby this particular Unity -- precisely as "made for you" came down the radio. Haha.

Lots and lots of number repeats again, a proper onslaught/"storm" of them, and again almost always 137 and its variants and almost always on license plates at varying levels of conspicuousness (cars turning in front of me/turning around right in my line of sight, the same old stuff though no less funny and amusing and surreal). Had a couple standouts in this regard, including two clock-tick types, first when I turned on my MP3 player and the clock on it ticked from "17:12" to "17:13" precisely as I turned it on (which is almost the exact same thing that happened two days ago, except that it Just Happened to already be at 17:13 when I turned it on), and then, just afterward at Whole Foods, a super-cool one where, while standing in line at the checkout, I Noticed a cooler sitting nearby, and its temperature readout reading "36" -- a split second before it switched to "37" (or maybe it was at 37 and then went down to 36 right after I looked, I can't remember -- either, pretty damn notable). And then, as a little flourish on that one, when I finally checked out, my order's total was $43.37, which is another prominent 37 variant as of late, 437, etc (which I saw quite a bit today, in particular).

Also, a theme of the day was seeing "V" in conspicuous and multiple ways again, as has been happening on and off for the last year or so, but today was even more pronounced. A standout of this happened in the parking lot of Whole Foods just after the 37 cooler/437 receipt, when I saw a V bumper sticker conspicuously, and had time to have the thought of "another V," a split second before a "V" of flying birds (geese?) went directly over me and into my line of sight. Especially surreal. Wow.


Today was a departure from recently, with really only a couple standout reading synchros, both at lunch, with a conspicuous lessening of "background" subtles/number repeats (though I did have another of those parking-lot walkthroughs where I encountered at least a dozen 37s/137s, etc). First reading synchro was really cool: right as I hocked up some phlegm and spit it out, interrupting the conspicuous quiet of the back yard, I read "The Sound of Mucus" in the 'Fresh Air Fiend' book (a deliberate typo describing the sound of people on Chinese streets regularly spitting, in the precise context of which my loud spitting broke the backyard silence). Then, a couple minutes later, right as I thought about how the peppers I'd just bitten into were seedy, at the end of a long chain of thought, I read "seedy" in the book, perfectly synchronistic, etc (the word was visible to me peripherally leading up to my thought, enabling possible subconscious suggestion, but once again, the whole thing depended on the objective event of my Just Happening to bite into the seedy peppers, and thinking specifically how they were seedy, leading up to my reading the word).


Back to having an all-day onslaught pretty much (again coinciding with when I left the house this morning and started "moving" through the day's events). Started out with a really cool and precise "ask and ye shall receive"/vague-thought one. For about two weeks now, I've been having vague-but-persistent thoughts that I'd like to drive an SUV for a while -- not own one, just drive one, since it's been years since I have. Then this morning I got a call from the man at Enterprise, telling me that no standard cars were available but that I could have a free upgrade to an SUV if I wanted it. Haha. Then, at Second Cup during lunch, I once again encountered not one group, but 3 separate groups of foreigners there, as seems to be the case nearly every time I've ever been there. Maybe there's some logical explanation as for why and I'm just unaware of it (maybe there's some sort of airport/shuttle/port hub there, bringing in foreign tourists or something?), but if not, it's pretty uncanny. Then tonight, another vague-thought one: this morning, I'd had the random and vague yet distinct thought of how I'd read of people in some African country who go to a beach and aim their cellphones into the sky to get a signal (with an accompanying picture of this in my mind's eye, from National Geographic was it?), and then, just several hours later in the 'Fresh Air Fiend' book this evening, the author described just that scene almost exactly, him being on a remote Hawaiian island and aiming his satellite phone into the air from the beach he was camped on. A cool footnote here is that the book gave absolutely no foreshadowing of this scene, or anything island- or beach- or phone-aiming related; when I had this thought of the beach scene this morning, I was still at the part in the book about China and its economy/culture, etc, and didn't even know that the next section would involve Hawaii (or anything of the sort).

Otherwise, back to tons and tons of "background static" incidents that were pretty much all hugely notable yet just too subtle/personal to explain. Tons and tons of numbers, mainly 37. Head spinning. Wow.


Another huge uptick today, again of all kinds and again corresponding with travel (but with bad health/energy throughout). Really cool recurrence: this morning, in a random magazine I'd read while doing a castor oil pack, I saw an ad for "Ezekiel 4:9" bread, and it Jumped Out at me in that illogical but distinct way, such that I knew I'd soon be seeing it again -- and sure enough, in the 'Fresh Air Fiend' book just a couple hours later, two pages in it mentioned how the author enjoyed the Ezekiel 4:9 bread (baking it himself according to the scriptural recipe, not the branded, premade bread). Notable in itself, but also for timing, as well as the fact that I'd already begun reading the book days ago, and of course it made no mention of anything vaguely related to Ezekiel 4:9 bread (it's a travel book), and even more notable given how I'd Noticed the ad so distinctly, such that I knew I'd soon be seeing it again. Also, there was a greating, combo synchro here, because the story of the book in which the bread was mentioned was all about the author going through a little health/diet revolution, when all that morning I (an author) had been thinking about a new diet for health, etc -- many vague parallels there, and with such timing and precision that it was somewhat notable in itself. Plus, a lot of those very distinct, perfectly synchronistic one-word thought/radio-type synchros today, including reading "stone" in the book precisely when that word was sung over Second Cup's inhouse radio. Also, "keeping to themselves" being read right after I'd been thinking this, not quite perfectly synchronistic but still close enough to be notable.

Cool multiple recurrence: "Bellamy," starting yesterday when the rental car driver picked me up and introduced himself as "Bellamy," after which I saw that word randomly no less than 3-4 times within the next few hours, and always in conspicuous ways, from street names to a couple placenames, and then, more notably, there was even a "Bellamy" in the 'Fresh Air' book today.

A cool thought/radio one just after lunch: hearing "headlights" rights as I was thinking of the oncoming car's headlights, and then, immediately after, as I was thinking of how I was going north and into the rain storm (immediately after thinking of the headlights), the radio then sang "turning into the rain." A sort of double-pronged one. Haha. And then later on that afternoon, similarly, having another long, complicated chain of thought end on "sun," precisely as I stopped behind a truck with a prominent "Sunoco" bumper sticker (or something like that; it was notable, however it was).


A downturn compared to yesterday, without any sort of "background static"/subtles I noticed, though still with lots of number repeats (again: almost always 37 and variants, and many on license plates in conspicuous ways, though also with a lot of passing road signs and the like). Did have one big period of onslaught, just after leaving the hotel this morning, including all manner of incidents, all clustered into a ~30 minute period, including subtles/repeats, etc. For instance, seeing about a dozen 73s within a few minutes, including one of those where I had to stop in traffic and a lampost blocked part of a sign so that only a 73 showed, and my thinking about being seen by a truck riding too close nearby, his blindspot etc, precisely as a passing sign read "be seen" -- and a bunch I can't even remember, all clustered together like that, culminating in that extremely surreal/living-dream state. So cool.

Standout thought/radio synchro: precisely as I took a good, deep breath and had my spine and lower back loosen up, causing me to think "getting loosened and relaxed," the radio sang out "gettin' loose." Haha.

Also, a standout number repeat when I stopped to get gas. The station I settled on had gas at 1.71 instead of 1.73 like all those I'd passed during that onslaught earlier, so I'd thought, "Well, shouldn't that have been 1.73 instead of .71?" Then, I felt Compelled to pull into a certain pump, over the 6 or so other vacant ones, and once again the last customer's total was "$17.34." Haha.


Something of a daylong onslaught, though of a newish kind, comprimsed mainly of these vague recurrences of a newish flavor, maybe a dozen or so, all mildly notable in themselves but more notable as a unified whole. Examples: last night, upon starting up the van to let it idle, I heard the song "NIB" on the radio, just a snippet of it before I cut it off, but enough for it to Stand Out in that particular way, and then, today on the way into town, the same song was on the radio, albeit a new version of it (as it were, the first I've ever heard it on the radio, besides the fact that I Noticed it so much, and then heard it a second time in less than a day); this morning at Earthfare while drinking my beet juice, I felt Compelled to read a paper there, and equally Compelled to read the court/convictions section, for the first time ever, and then, today in the last part of the 'Fresh Air Fiend' book, it mentioned the court/convictions section of the paper; a reading-synchro version of these "vagues/subtles" was at lunch when I read in the 'Fresh Air' book about "the slow and langerous droning of a diesel engine, like a heartbeat," a minute or so after a nearby delivery truck parked and idled, its diesel engine precisely as described. Maybe a dozen like that.

A lot of number-repeats again today, primarily on license plates and such but also a standout when, from out of the blue and for reasons still unknown to me, Charles at the shop gave me an apple before I left, on which the label read "4137" (most prominent variant of the last few days, 437, etc), and then, a kind of minor "ask and ye shall receive" just after, when, holding the bare apple, I thought of how I needed some type of bag to put it in, preferably a produce bag -- when I remembered how I had exactly such a produce bag in the pocket of the coat I was wearing, after having gotten a tomato last night at Earthfare then changed my mind about it but unable to put the semi-used bag back. Mildly notable in itself, but a little moreso considering I've had several just like that recently, like yesterday when I thought I wanted a bag to put my dirty clothes in at the motel, and then realized that I was looking at just such an appropriate bag, hanging from the rack I was standing at (and, as it were, labeled "LAUNDRY").

Classical thought/radio synchro: just as I thought about the Superbowl and how holidays can be dangerous, the radio sang out "holidays," perfectly synchronistic.

And, a classical receipt synchro: once again going into the market and getting a bunch of totally random stuff I never even planned on (had planned on getting just two things in there, then got five or six), and the total with tax came to exactly $33.37. Haha.


Another high-activity day, much like yesterday in terms of both volume of incidents and their "flavor." Had all kinds again, from subtles to number-repeat onslaughts (still 37 predominantly, at times to ridiculously surreal levels again, if perhaps not even a new high of outright onslaught). Had another "block" of those vague ones again today. Examples: reading "midnight call" on a book precisely as the radio said "Christ is calling" (not just literally precise, but also thematically, since the "midnight call" was in the same Christian context, the name of a magazine I'd Just Happened to had my eyes drawn to when the radio sang that out); a couple of back-to-back, nearly identical speech/reading synchros, where at Bare Essentials the cashier said "fifty-nine cents" precisely as I was already looking at a price tag reading ".59c," and then, minutes later in the parking lot, my mom saying "twenty-five" precisely as my eyes had just wandered to a license plate reading 25. Maybe 6-7 like that within the course of an hour or two, all of the same "flavor" and all starting around the same time, as seems to be patternistic of this (like I'd entered a "gateway"/"portal" or something?). Had several really damn cool clock-tick-type numbers today, all involving 37 variants, including: turning on my cellphone (feeling Compelled to, to order something online I'd been putting off, totally randomly after I'd just parked at the library) and having the time be exactly 3:37 -- and then, precisely as the time registered with me, the phone gave me a new-voicemail notification from a phone number 377-1177 (from some random person trying to conduct a survey, haha); then yet another of those "randomly turning on my MP3 player and having its time be some 37 variant," today being 11:37 precisely, and, more notably, it happened not after I'd turned it on to actually use it while working out, like usual, but I'd just unplugged it from its charging brick, thus lighting the screen, thus forcing me to see the time; and then, tonight, looking down at my desk and seeing my timer on it, precisely as its clock ticked to 7:03:11 (and then, a few minutes later when I went to use it to time the rebounder, it was at 7:13, though this wasn't a clock-tick). And then, lastly, a similar one later, when I got up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, and went to do some computer work, and turned my computer on at exactly 3:37, just before it clicked to 3:38 (not exactly before, in typical clock-tick fashion, within instead a few seconds in between, but still close enough to be notable; and, additionally, it bears mentioning that I had no clock in the bedroom in which I was sleeping, such that I got up "blind" and Just Happened to turn on the machine at 3:37 ...).


An overall downturn again, despite travel (though corresponding with bad health/energy again). Still had a good number of incidents, but they were almost all subtles/vague number-repeats, etc, with a bunch more of those subtle-yet-precise one-word thought/radio/speech synchros (can't remember any particular examples). Did have one really cool standout recurrence, starting yesterday when, after seeing some response from the thyroid herbs, I'd had the distinct thought/recollection of just how vastly thyroid issues can alter one's subjective reality and how there's a whole other "world" out there beyond it, and how it the thyroid stuff can skew one's perspective on it all, etc -- and then, today at Higher Grounds, I overheard someone say to someone else, specifically, "there's more to life than thyroid issues," precisely echoing what I'd thought yesterday despite its obscurity, etc. Notable as-is, but moreso considering that that was the only audible part of this person's conversation. Surreal. Also, a cool radio/thought one, when the song on the CD player started its chorus of "Made in England, Made in England," precisely as I noticed a "New England" bumper sticker on the car in front of me (which had conspicuously slowed down such that I couldn't pass them and, hence, saw the "England") -- and, as it were, there was a pause in the chorus's refrain, such that when I anticipated it saying "England," I read it on the bumper sticker instead of heard it, as to "supply" the "missing" word in an extremely synchronistic fashion that just leant to the "numinous" quality of the whole thing. Again, surreal.


Still a general downturn, even moreso than yesterday, though still with a few "surges" of subtles/number-repeats, etc, and still in that same vague "flavor" of the last few days. Did have a few cool standouts in this regard. Most prominent was while I was driving down to the beach this afternoon and watching this big flock of birds "stream" conspicuously across the road, only to be broken up and disrupted when the wind from the traffic "cut through" them, which I noticed with some interest and thought, "That wind just messed you guys all up" -- precisely as "tearing you apart" sang out over the radio. This one wasn't terribly precise, just more of an underlying-archetype precision, but the timing was perfectly synchronistic, with the "breakup" and my thoughts and the radio lyric corresponding in that impossible-to-orchestrate way. Similarly, when I passed a sign reading "North Myrtle Beach" and thought absently, "That's where I'm going," the radio sang out "where you goin'?" again perfectly synchronistic. Had many others in this vein too, mostly of those highly precise though only one-word thought/radio kind. A day that was at times surreal, others totally "normal" (both of which corresponded with good health/energy and headsickness, respectively).


Couple cool ones this morning, again uncharacterstic for the time of day, being my "off" time typically. First, a notable number-repeat, when I got my receipt from the rental car: not only was the receipt number 313371, but my miles driven was listed as 837, and I returned the car at exactly 10:37 (I was a couple minutes late from deciding, illogically, to stop at the post office to send off Adam's card, feeling strongly Compelled despite knowing it would make me late ...). Then, a cool vague-thought recurrence: yesterday night on the way home, upon hitting Cherry Grove, I had the vague-but-distinct thought that it would be cool if there were some shops/restaurants right by the trailer park, after which I thought of how unlikely it was that there should be such things, with the park being so far out of the way/on the marsh, etc -- but then, while being driven home today after handing in the rental car, the driver told me, totally offhand and with zero prompting on my part, of how there used to be a restaurant by the park, literally right on the marsh right next to the trailer. Wow.

Day ended up overall still "mild" and in a downturn, but again with periods of activity. Had a really cool and unique recurrence just after lunch, when I had a big long chain of thought end on our "family" associations and the related psychology, which in turn led me to think as randomly of how the manager at Vitamin Shoppe seemed to take a "family"/power/representation approach to this job, being passionate about it, etc -- and then, when I went in there and bought my stuff, that very man Just Happened to wait on me (out of the three people in the store) and then, when I presented my coupon, he Just Happened to say something along the lines of "A perk of being in the family." Very precise and notable, if only in that imprecisely-precise way. Haha, so cool. Plus, a cute little footnote for this one: the receipt from the purchase in question had three notable and precise 37s, first being purchased at exactly "3:37:00 PM," then with "Trace no. 007320," and then "Auth. No. 043705" (so many 437s lately).

Then, equally notable, a radio/sign synchro on the way home, when I stopped at an intersection and had my attention jerked conspicuously to a "For Sale by Owner" sign in front of a house -- a split second before a radio ad for real estate said "for sale by owner." The radio ad had been playing as I approached the sign, talking of real estate (though nothing about "for sale by owner" or about signs or anything specifically regarding such a sign), so I could forseeably see some deeply subconscious suggestion making me look at the sign -- except for the perfectly synchronistic timing, and the Compelling/illogical nature of my looking at the sign, not to mention the patternistic overtones of it all. And it also bears mentioning that I'd been Compelled, also against all logic and such, to head home this way in the first place, and then, also, as Compelled to take a random turn into a neighborhood, all of which sent me on a long, slow, indirect route home, yet culminated in my seeing that sign precisely when the radio mentioned that. Haha.

Then, finally, a really damn cool, ableit "small," thought/reading synchro tonight before bed, when I checked my email. I've had the song 'Crocodile Rock' in my head all night, and right when this "headsong" refrained on the lyric "Susie wore her dress down tight," or however that goes, I clicked on my spam emails and the first one's subject line read "Follow Suzie Wargo Lockhart," with the thought-song "Susie" and my reading the "Suzie" corresponding perfectly (and, for all I know, the lyric's "Susie" is spelled with a z ...). Pretty sure that the email's "Suzie" wasn't visible before I clicked on the spam folder, either, though I can't say 100% for sure.


Cool reading/thought synchro at lunch today, very much like that one involving the "tidal noises" passage I read the other day. Today, it was my reading "goods and bads" in the 'Posthuman' book, which in turn made me think of the "buy goods, not bads" grocery totebag I have, and then, the first word on the next line was "tote." Possibly coincidence or subconscious suggestion, but I doubt it, being so patternistic (and, as it were, almost exactly like that one from the other day). Had several others like this too, though too subtle/vague/personal to really describe. The usual, moderate "background static" of number-repeats was present today, too (37s on license plates, predominantly). A cool little recurrence/word-synchro/"question and answer" combination, also: "reciprocity." This morning, I'd had the vague-but-distinct thought of this concept but couldn't quite remember the exact word, and then today in the 'Posthuman' book, maybe an hour or so later, it mentioned reciprocity -- not only just after I'd thought of it/wandered absently was the exact word was, but the first I'd read that word in ... months? years? Again, notable in itself but doubly so considering the patternistic element, etc.

Day ended up about the same as yesterday in terms of overall "flavor," still with those random-but-distinct, complex, personal, "thematic"-type of longwinded synchros off and on, many of which involved, notably, that New York Times that I was so Compelled to grab after the guy left it at Starbucks in Wilmington last week. A lot of those subtle recurrences throughout the day, too, enough in number to present a semi-coherent pattern, mostly word/theme/synchros and the like, as I've been having off and on for the last week or so.


An almost total lack of incidents today, conspicuous for the "silence" if nothing else, without so much as even some background "static"/subtles, etc. Maybe a couple 37 repeats here and there, but none of these very conspicuous or notable. The closest thing to an incident today was when I heard the song "Walk Like an Egyptian" on the radio and it Stood Out to me in that distinct way that it seem significant/made me think it might be involved in a synchronicity somehow, in that patternistic way -- and then, tonight when I went to make my daily tweet, a random "who to follow" twitter member on the side panel was a "Stephen Walker," whose avatar picture was an Egyptian heiroglyph of a walking jackal-headed man. Perhaps a coincidence, except that I Noticed the song so distinctly.


A relatively big return of incidents, of all kinds through the day, though not quite as much as it was there for a while -- way more than yesterday, in any case. Had another of those big, back-to-back "clusters" of reading synchros when I started the 'A Stolen Life' book at lunch, after very few if any in the morning, as if a switch had been thrown. It started off with a really notable standout actually, starting this morning when I saw that "new creation" butterfly-imprinted pinkie ring and thought of putting it on but didn't even try, since my pinkie has swollen from the cold and gotten too big for it -- and then, within the first pages of the 'Stolen Life' book (might've been literally on the 2nd or 3rd page) the woman mentioned how she had a butterfly-shaped pinkie ring that had her finger had gotten too big for. Not 100% precise, since her ring was butterfly-shaped rather than -imprinted, but still hugely precise, with that archetype of "butterly pinkie ring too small for a grown pinkie." Damn surreal, and it was only the first of that cluster of maybe a dozen others, though the rest were almost all of that one-word thought/reading/event variety that characterizes these clusters so much, such as reading "wind blowing" precisely as the wind blew up, or "guitar" right when a guitar started up over the coffee shop's inhouse radio, or "tears" precisely as the cayenne pepper in my lunch hit me and my eyes teared up -- maybe a dozen like that, coming either back-to-back or with only minutes-long gaps over the course of a couple hours, as to be collectively notable. Also, there was another of those big, complex, though vague "thematic" synchros, today starting with this morning when, after having a sudden improvement in health, I noticed how my thoughts/perceptions/feelings cleared and the world suddenly lost that nightmarish aura of doom and painfulness and "wrongness" that has been there for pretty much the past 10 years, as to bring that feeling of having "opened my eyes," and what I compared to perhaps being freed from some type of horrible prison or captivity, and how everything felt so great without it, even the smallest stuff -- and that's exactly the sentiment the 'Stolen Life' woman expressed within the first couple pages of the book, about how after being abducted for her 18 years she'd forgotten how to be a basic person with basic happiness, and how great even the "little things in life" were, basically the same thoughts and feelings I'd expressed in other terms. Again, damn surreal.


Much like yesterday in several respects, including another of those lunchtime reading-synchro clusters, and even with another of those hugely personal and subtle/imprecise yet significant "thematic"/meta-synchros, and again involving the same basic sentiments and such I'd had throughout the morning and while reading the book, today even moreso though, to just downright surreal levels (example: again the same sentiments of my health improving and possibilities opening up, echoed in different terms in the book, and even once in the same terms when it said "everything feels to be opening up" or something along those lines, plus about a dozen or so other, pretty much as-coherent incidents, all streamed together as to be surreal/living-dream, etc). And, likewise, had more of those random thought/radio/event synchros throughout this same period, such as reading "I can hear the van" precisely as a van pulled up in front of Second Cup and I heard it, to that impossible-to-orchestrate degree of precision (and, additionally, the book's passage was in reference to a Dodge van, which this one was), plus maybe ~6-7 other ones like that, again propelling the whole thing to surreal levels. Also, a cool and odd standout was seeing this brilliant-red Mazda drive by and subsequently thinking how much I liked the color and the car, and then having the next line in the book read "I don't really like red" -- another of those sort of opposite/"inside-out"-type incidents, where the underlying archetype is there but just somehow reversed, and so strikingly as to be notable in itself.

Also, lots of number-repeats today, most in a while, including a bunch of highly conspicuous ones, such as cars with 37 license plates pulling in front of me, etc (including one of those where I was Compelled, against all reason and my better sense, to stop short and let a car out in front of me, only for it to real a license plate ending in 437). Even had a really cool clock-tick one, where not only did I see my timer precisely as it clicked to 3:37:17, but also the reason that I saw it at all was because my phone rang then, thus making me stand up so that the timer display could pass before my eyes at that precise instant (I'd been sitting down, turned away from it before, with it entirely out of my vision, even peripherally -- and, of course, the phone ringing at that precise instant was totally objective and outside my control anyway). Cute. And, just before bed, maybe nothing, but I did my taxes and my federal refund came to exactly $1,307 ...

Then, a really cool thought/reading synchro while I was waiting for Cheryl outside her house and reading. I had this long chain of thought starting with how I'd been thinking, just last night, that circumstances today would probably turn out that I wouldn't have time to do the sauna, since I was needing a break from it but was hesistant to break the routine I'd gotten into (which did end up happening, thanks to Cheryl's late appointment and her being even later for that -- a bit of synchronicity in itself, as it were), and then, subsequently, I thought of how everything happens for a reason/everything happens in the "flow" as to bring about good end results, and right afterward Cheryl appeared and signalled that she was ready for me inside -- and then, on the last line that I read in the book, it was "Everything happens for a reason." Once again, I could easily chalk this up to subconscious reading-ahead or something, except that it all hinged on 1) the objective, independent chain of thought which ended on that, and 2) it hinged on the additional objective component of Cheryl beckoning me inside, at just the precise instant so that that line would be the last I read. Wow.


Had some activity today, after another almost total absence yesterday, again picking up right at lunchtime, again as if a switch had been thrown. It started with another quasi-synchro-type incident that might've been simple intuition/ESP-type phenomonon. At an intersection, I saw a truck coming toward me and at first started to just keep going through the intersection, since I had the right-of-way and, regardless, I was there first and the truck should've stopped -- except I felt, very distinctly yet totally illogically that it wasn't going to stop. Sure enough, it didn't, not even giving pause before barrelling through the intersection; had I not obeyed my Compelling, I would've run right into the truck. At first I thought I might be able to right this off as just me subconsciously noticing the truck's speed and interpreting it as an indicator that it wasn't going to stop, except that 1) the truck wasn't, to my recollection, going abnormally fast, such that it would've had plenty of time to stop, etc, and 2) it all just happened so fast, the truck's appearance and my entering the intersection and my Compelling to stop all just coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic, impossible-to-orchestrate fashion. Pretty notable, anyway.

Went on to have a number of those subtle-but-significant one-word thought/reading/event-type synchros like I've been having, usually coming in "clusters" and with very few real standouts (but plenty of these overall, as to establish that pattern again). Couple more-coherent examples: my randomly-but-distinctly thinking of the three kids I randomly encountered at the nature's pharmacy place today, a split second before I turned the page of the 'Devil in the White City' book and read, on the very first passage, of "three children" (again, not hugely precise, but precise enough to be notable, and even moreso considering that subconscious reading-ahead was impossible, with my having the thought of the kids and only exposing the "three children" after turning the page); similarly, just a couple minutes later, thinking randomly of laundry just before I read "laundry" (this one was visible beforehand, but then again, I can trace the "laundry" thought back through another big long objective chain, etc).

Also, a classic recurrence/Compelling/book synchro this afternoon. Right before I went into Goodwill, while moving the 'Devil' book on the seat, I Noticed on its cover how the same author had written a book called 'Isaac's Storm,' which I'd never herad of until I started reading the 'Devil' book and saw this on the cover, and even then, I Noticed the 'Isaac's Storm' sentence very distinctly then, outside Goodwill, in that strong-but-illogical way that told me I'd soon be seeing it again. Well, inside Goodwill, not only did they have the book (the only time I've ever seen it for sale anywhere, as it were, and just minutes after my Noticing), but it was singled out from the others on the shelf (when, as it were, I was only looking at those very singled-out books, because I had too many books to read and wasn't really actively looking for any more). Pretty notable in itself, I thought, but then even moreso when circumstances are taken into account.


General uptick in activity, not huge, but enough to signal being back in the "groove," whatever it is. Started this morning with a really damn cool "ask and ye shall receive," beginning when I was walking to the park gate to be picked up by the Enterprise driver and I passed that space where the Nissan 350zs had been parked for all that time, which made me think again of how I would like to drive one and try it out. Well, when I got to the Enterprise place, I was told how they once again couldn't get the economy car I'd rented but I'd instead been upgraded to a luxury sports car -- a 370z, the 350's successor (but still, essentially, a 350z, as I'd vaguely "asked" for on the way there -- *before* knowing they didn't have an economy, or any mention of a Nissan period). Really notable in itself, but exponentially moreso considering that this is not only the third time in a row I've rented a car and received a free upgrade, but every time, I'd had vague-but-distinct thoughts shortly beforehand of how I'd like to drive just the kind of car I ended up randomly receiving (though the first two were just a "truck" and "an SUV," rather than the specific make and model like this one was, but still easily similar enough to establish a marked pattern). Then, also this morning, the drive to the Enterprise place was marked by one of those number-repeat onslaughts, almost all 37s of various kinds, and almost all on license plates, many of them conspicuous, and many of them back-to-back, in that head-spinning 1-2-3 fashion, etc. (And then, of course, there was the Nissan 370z, not the 350 ...) Plus, had a couple good clock-ticks in there too, as well as my receiving a call on my cell phone at exactly 11:17 (one of the common 37 variants as of late). And then, when I checked my spam email tonight, there was a fraudulent "can't deliver" email with this subject: "Fedex Delivery #1773." Haha.

A cool thought/roadside-sign synchro on the way home this afternoon: just after a long chain of thought that ended on how I was going to be early for my chiro appointment, I passed a sign reading "Early Bird Specials," perfectly synchronistic etc. I laughed.


An overall uptick in activity today, after a couple days' lull. Not any real, coherent standouts as far as individual "normal" incidents, though there were plenty of vague/subtle/too-personal-subjective ones throughout the day. Most concpisucous was a day-long onslaught of 37s, starting when I left the BnB this morning, on license plates and such (again: cars with them conspicuously cutting me off, pulling out in front of me, etc, including another of those where I felt Compelled to let someone out, only to reveal their 37 license plate, a 437 if I remember right). Seemed to go up a notch even from past onslaughts, such as seeing two 437-plates parked side by side, and several times Just Happening to come to a stop behind a blatant 137 plate (or, once, feeling Compelled to park in a certain space, only to find myself directly behind a 137 plate) -- a bunch like this, so many I lost count, probably over a dozen or so. Some standouts: once again stopped at a light so that, just so, a 73 crept into view from behind the car in front of me, such that when I stopped the 7 and 3 were just visible and directly in my line of sight, with the rest obscured, as to be patternistic of past such "obscurations"; a cool 1-2-3 one where, first, I noticed that the 370z's gas-mileage readout first read 37.7, then with "23.0" on top of it, such that it read 23.0 on top of 37.7 in a little grid, thus creating, in my mind at least, a double 37/237 -- and then, precisely after I thought "237," a car with a 237-ending license plate blew past me conspicuously, in wham-bam fashion; a really cool one where I passed this electronic billboard that showed a three-day weather forecast, with tomorrow's reading 71 degrees high, and then, just a minute down the road, I passed second of these signs and the forecast had changed to 73 degrees (and both times I'd been conspicuously Compelled to look at tomorrow's forecast ...); another damn cool one when I stopped at this totally random gas station, even though I didn't really need gas, and once inside on the way to the bathroom, I Noticed this receipt sitting with some other trash on a table in there, and felt Compelled to pick it up, which I did on the way back, and as I went to reach for it, the part facing up (the rest was folded under, so that only this line was visible to me (though only in the direction I was coming from after using the bathroom, not beforehand on the way in, such that it couldn't have been subconscious suggestion influencing the Noticing, even if the print had been big enough to read from so far away) read "Inv# 971317"; and then, equally cool and bizarre, was the flight/hotel ticket-printouts I found and felt Compelled to email the guy about despite having no real way to get them to him, which had several 37s/317s on them; then, finally, at the end of the evening, once again went into the grocery store and bought two random items I didn't even plan on (and didn't really even need at the time), only to have the total come to exactly $7.32. Plus a bunch more that I can't remember. Just so, so many of these 37s today, probably a record. Wow.


Another daylong onslaught pretty much, of all kinds, just too much to list, and surreal in a new way, both in terms of intensity and just sheer "flavor" of it all, in that patternistic way I've noted. Just too much for words, all too much. Wow wow wow. Some standouts: a cool thought/reading/event synchro where when I randomly checked Craigslist on my phone, going to the RV listings (since that's where my bookmark was; I was actually looking for cars), right as I saw the page start to load I thought I'd go ahead and check it just in case there was some old, junky one for cheap -- when the first listing loaded up, a want-listing for beat-up/junked/cheap RVS, exactly as I'd been thinking (and, to make it even more notable, 1) there was zero indicator of anything RV/junk-RV related as the page was loading and I had the thought, other than a blank picture and the want-listing's fake "price," and 2) the fake price was even "$123456," way more than the $1,000 or so I was thinking for a junk RV). Really cool, sort of "double"/back-to-back thought/radio synchro: precisely as the radio sang out "brick," I passed these random brick structures directly alongside the random road I was driving on (for the first time ...), I'm not even sure what they were, just random, "ruin"-like scatterings of stacks of bricks, and then, seconds later, the radio sang out "brick house" precisely as I passed a brick house. Next, a few minutes later when I pulled up to the coffee shop I was driving for, I had the thought of whether they were even open on Sunday, precisely both as the radio said "open Sundays" and I saw hours sign in the window of the coffee shop in question was indeed closed on Sundays -- a sort of triple one, really cool and surreal.

And the 37 onslaught continues, even more conspicuously now, certainly breaking even prior records (even those within the last couple days). Just everywhere, 37/137/7137/1117, etc, etc, etc, along with lots of 237s and 437s and their variants, raining down from everywhere, license plates and otherwise. Most of these incidents would've at one time been standouts, but now have just merged with the "flood," just too many to remember/log, coming too fast. Some standouts: another of those "obscured"-type ones, where I Just Happened to stop at the precise angle to reveal a 37, and only the 37, of a sign or something (I can't even remember what it was now), in patternistic fashion; another being Compelled to pick up a random piece of litter with a conspicuous 37 on it, like that receipt at the gas station yesterday (today it was some type of ticket with "307" smack dab in the middle of it when I randomly picked it up); another receipt synchro, where the reference number was "037037," haha; cool one at Goodwill, when I came across this random copy of 'The Neverending Story' and immediately thought of the 37s and such, having connected it/associated the movie's symbolism with it all in the past, and when I turned it over, there was a big sticker in the middle of it reading, simply, 37, I don't even know what for, it wasn't a price tag or anything, just a rectangular sticker with only that on there (this one was kind of a thought synchor, too, considering the 37's revelation coincded almost perfectly synchronistically with my thinking of the 37, etc -- again, too damn surreal for words).


Much like yesterday, still 37s out the ass and tons of individuals and "clusters" (including another of those reading-synchro onslaughts when I sat down for lunch, today even more surreal than even those past), most of which would've at one time been standouts all and but are now just too many to list, etc.


Again like yesterday, with a daylong "background static" of incidents of all kinds, though not as heavy as yesterday; just a lesser version of it. Still having lots of those reasonably notable standalone thought/event/radio synchros, most of them those very precise, perfectly synchronistic one-word-types, such as my remembering that I needed to call Enterprise and schedule my pickup tomorrow (even though it's technically a ride home, just called "pickup" generally), precisely as the song I was listening to on the MP3 player said "pickup." Etc. Dozens of these throughout the day, again achieving that "downright surreal" level.


Another "downturn"-type day today, as were the last two, with only some background-static/subtle/too-personal ones and the usual accompaniment of number-repeats and such, though today did see more numbers, oddly, mostly 37s, and very conspicuously on license plates and such still. About the only standout I can think of for the past couple days was yesterday when I went to put my razors in the cabinet, and had to struggle to fit them into the crowded shelf, which thus required me to stand the back awkwardly upright, and thus made me think "upright" -- precisely as my eyes fell over some random "upright" printed on something in there, I can't remember what. Was especially notable in that certain, specific way, with the thought/event/reading corresponding in that conspicuous and patternistic fashion. But, beyond that one, almost a total dearth, again conspicuous on in the "quiet."


Bit of an uptick today, starting with another of those "clusters" of reading synchros at lunch, though not as intense or long-lasting as those past (yet still pretty significant and notable, with several standouts that I forgot to note and now have forgotten other than the fact that they were profound enough to make me laugh out loud). Had several scattered standout thought/event synchros throughout the day, including a very pronounced one while working out, when the song on the MP3 player said "outstretched arm" precisely as I lowered a dumbell to the floor and thus extended my arm as far as it would go -- very much outstretched, with perfectly synchronistic timing, etc. Also, lots of 37 repeats today, and very many conspicuous ones, though mostly on sources other than license plates today, oddly, such as when at Walmart shopping for a new watch and looking at those on display, many of those I Just Happened to look at were set to 3:37, despite that being the wrong time (with a couple of them doing the clock-tick thing, going to 3:37:11 precisely as I looked, and it seemed like a minute ticked in this fashion too; had another, separate clock-tick at some other point, can't remember the exact circumstances). Overall, the day just reached that "surreal" point.


Pretty cool one to start the day, a 37-repeat of sorts. Woke up from the dream where I made the connection between "star dancing" and the 37/rotation/spinning concept, and when I got up to the kitchen, the clock was exactly 3:37 (I have no clock in the bedroom, and was disoriented upon waking, with no idea what time it was). Surreal, and odd, since I don't usually have "incidents" in early morning. Signaling something?

Today was overall much like yesterday for the most part, about the same for subtle "background static" incidents but with less 37 repeats (though still certainly there). Did have a few reading synchros, as well as a profound and intense little minutes-long cluster of thought synchros during the lecture at church. One standout reading-type synchro, of that kind where a stranger totally unconnected to me says just what I'm thinking: precisely as I read "onion green" on the price label beneath the green onions at the supermarket, a nearby lady said "green onion" (when I'd been paying zero attention to the green onion beforehand, and, also, the woman was way down the aisle and at my back, such that she wasn't even referring to the green onions I was looking at, and probably couldn't even have seen them herself where she was).


Had another of those intuition/ESP-type incidents today, again at an intersection where I felt Compelled, illogically and distinctly, to stop and wait for a van to go through the intersection, even though I had the right of way. I envisioned the van distinctly swerving through the intersection the way people sometimes do (even though three cars had gone through it just before, dead-straight) -- and sure enough, that's exactly what it did, just as I'd "seen" it in my mind. Damn surreal, and with no way it could've been just coincidence/some sort of tip-off, etc.


An uptick of activity today, after another of those strange little lulls that don't seem to correspond to anything I've noticed yet. Back to having a regular "background static" of subtles/personals/themes and the like, plus number repeats (though not all day with these; went back to the lull-like nonactivity several times). Did have a small cluster of reading synchros at lunch. A really cool thought/license-plate-type synchro on the way home. From nowhere, I got a random snatch of a song in my head, where the chorus said "Billy Bud," and precisely as the chorus reprised in my head, a car came up from my left with a license-plate bezel that read "Bud Small," with the "Bud" passing directly in front of my eyes precisely as the "Bud" played in my head. Notable in itself, but even moreso considering that 1) the song in my head started "playing" while the car with the license plate bezel was still behind me, impossible for me to see its backside, etc, and 2) that the timing of its "Bud" was so perfectly synchronistic with that random song in my head, as is patternistic. Damn surreal.


Day was almost totally "silent," but then, just before bed, ended with a hugely surreal clock-tick-type incident. When I went to set my timer's alarm, I checked its clock, forcing me to change it from the 00:00 timer display to the clock display -- precisely as the clock ticked to 10:37:37, in perfectly synchronistic fashion. Hugely notable for several reasons, first because it was so patternistic and with triple-precision, second because the clock was wrong (it was actually 10:20 or therabouts), and third because, as I realized afterward, I didn't even need to be checking the clock to set the alarm, since I was just going to use the timer -- and I knew this, yet For Some Reason I'd switched it to the clock first ...


Big uptick in incidents again today, seeming to correspond with my going out in the morning for the rental car, as has happened maybe 3-4 times now, almost exactly (though not quite as intense as the others, maybe because my health was so crummy this morning?). Started with just a big wave of highly conspicuous 37/137 license plates, all over the place, then graduated to 37s coming in an outright storm, from license plates and everywhere (just way too many to remember or describe), along with another smallish cluster of reading synchros at lunch, and some "background static" of subtle ones, etc.

Had two standout q-and-a's in there, most notably one at lunch. It started yesterday when, on the way home, I Noticed this Land Rover and was drawn, for no overt reason, to its license plate, feeling I absolutely had to read it -- but I couldn't, it being too far away. And then, today at Starbucks, when I went to use the bathroom after eating (going around the building instead of through, which I've never done before), I encountered none other than that exact Land Rover, as to be able to at last read its vanity plates ("NU HEART"). Then, lesser but still notable, yesterday I'd thought vaguely but distinctly of what Stephen King called fate in the Dark Tower books, remembering it started with a K but nothing more, with it leaving me absently thinking, "I wish I knew what that was." Well, today in the 'Worst Hard Time' book (which, once again, I bought randomly a couple days ago and felt Compelled to begin reading today, from a selection of over a dozen other books), it mentioned "Kismet," the name of a small western town -- and that of Stephen King's Dark Tower version of fate. And, as is patternistic, the first I'd read or heard of this term since ... I read the last Dark Tower book, years ago?

Also, a cool and funny radio synchro. As I sat in the car after lunch, thinking about what I should do with an hour to kill before going to the gym, the song "Too Much Time on my Hands" came on the radio, not quite perfectly synchronistic but maybe seconds after I'd begun thinking of what to do, and without pre-announcement or anything on the radio, etc.


Another high-activity day, starting almost immediately after leaving the house this morning, most noticeably with the 37 variants raining down, still mostly from conspicuous license plates (so many, and always always in ways that almost 100% couldn't be me subconsciously seeking them out, etc), but from other sources as well. One cool standout in this regard was at Goodwill, when I felt Compelled to stop and let a car pass while waiting to walk across the parking lot, despite having plenty of time to get out of its way, only to again be met with a 37 license plate when it passed (as it were, a 7373 this time, and of course on its rear, where I couldn't possibly have seen it beforehand). A nice little footnote to this one was that, on the way out of the parking lot, I saw the 7373 car parked, now beside one with a 173 plate. Haha.

A big cluster of ones around lunchtime again, including a small one of those clusters of minor/subtle reading synchros when I sat down to read at lunch, and then a good number of thought/subtles soon after. One standout was when I felt Compelled to pick up a copy of the movie 'Crossroads' at Goodwill, wondering absently what year it was made, and right as I read the word "Hollywood" while scanning the small print on the back for the copyright year, "Hollywood" sounded over the radio, perfectly synchronistic (and once again without foremention, etc). Also, a bunch of those random-but-pronounced one-word thought/radio synchros, such as when "credit" came over the radio (on a song I'd never heard before), precisely as I realized that I was already looking at a roadsign sign reading "better credit," with perfectly synchronistic timing, etc. Maybe a dozen or so like that, all coming within the space of a couple hours. The day again reached that intensely surreal quality at times, nothing less than living-dream. Wow.


Still, tons and tons of subtles/number-repeats (lots of 14s and 77s and their variants mixed in with 37s and some 212s, too), just way too many to remember or list despite their profundity/notability/outright craziness. Still lots of those striking one-word thought/sign/radio-types, such as having "spirit" come on the radio precisely as I Just Happened to be looking at a sign reading "RA Spirits," maybe dozens of these within the course of the day, once again to living-dream levels.

One standout that I can't say for sure was when I entered a town called Shiloh and saw its sign, having it Stand Out in that Noticed/Compelling way. Then, minutes later on the random Israeli CD I'd bought days ago and was listening to for the first time, I'm pretty sure the singer said "Shiloh" (though I don't read Hebrew so I can't check the lyrics to be sure). It wasn't perfectly synchronistic anyway, but still, would've fit perfectly the onslaught-type theme of the day.


And still more onslaught of everything, like yesterday but even more intense, and with even more numbers, again to perhaps record-breaking levels, coming at me from everywhere and in every manner (license plates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Having more of those one-two-three-type combos where certain numbers just come almost all at once and from different sources, such as when I pulled up to a train station and, first, Just Happened to get stopped behind a car with a license plate ending in 1117 (a big repeat today, along with its variant, 777), and then, second, saw a big roadsign business sign topped with a huge "777" overlooking the intersection, and then, if I remember right, the train that was passing (traffic was stopped for the train) also had 1117 or some variant on it (honestly can't say for sure, just so many like this leaving my head spinning; it would've be entirely like the rest of the day had the train come bearing 777 too). One funny and cool standout in this regard was when I was listening to some random Spanish station and I was able to recognize one of the phone numbers as ending in "3017," haha.

One standout recurrence: yesterday morning, I'd realized the concept of "conversational bandwidth," as far as the "breadth" of information exchanged in human conversation, and written it into the essay. Then, totally randomly on a radio talkshow of some kind I stumbled upon while in Sumter (and I never listen to talk shows), the town I'd totally randomly driven to and stayed in yesterday, it mentioned the exact same concept, in almost the exact same terms (I think he called it "the bandwidth of human conversation"), and even on a related subject, artificial intelligence (loosely connected to the mind-machine interface and such I'd written it in regards to). Profound and notable and surreal. And fitting.


Still having an onslaught in every respect, from subtles to standouts to crazy number-repeats, again with just too many to list/remember, about all of them at one time classifying as notable, loggable standouts. What's more, many of them just seem to have a newish, multidimensional quality, either in its nature or in terms of several thoughts/numbers/events/whatever coinciding at once, whereas it just to just be one or more rarely two (now three if not sometimes four, along with those incredibly complex and mystical too-personal/subtle/thematic types that just can't be conveyed). For instance, at lunch, a wasp landed conspicuously on my wrist, making me think "bee's going to sting me," precisely as "stinging like a bee" sounded on the radio, one-two-three. Maybe a dozen or so like that today, along with tons of more "traditional" types, such as "don't look back" sounding on the radio precisely as I looked back to back up. Also, had several more of just a newish "flavor," such as my seeing the sign for Zaxby's chicken and Noticing its passionate shade of blue, precisely before a car with rims the exact same shade of that blue stopped at an intersection directly beneath the sign and directly into my line of sight -- just so damn surreal and precise, a bunch like that today too, can't even remember them all.


Today was much like last couple, still generally elevated incidents of all kinds, at times excessive/onslaught-like, etc. A lot more of those striking-yet-simple thought/reading/radio-type synchros today, such as having "pedal to the floorboard" sound over the radio precisely as I hit the onramp for I-77 after leaving a rest stop, perfectly synchronistic, etc. Maybe a couple dozen like that today, several of them highly complex/multidimensional, etc. And still: so many conspicuous 37s, and still primarily on license plates and the like. In this vein, had another one of those water-bottle time-stamp 37s, just like the last two almost exactly, where I went to buy a random gallon jug of water in the store, and the one I went right to had a time-stamp of "237" (a predominent variant of the day, as it were). Haha.


Still having so many, way too many to list or remember, etc. Nothing less than a wonderland/living-dream at times, though at times with a total dearth of incidents/"numinosity" completely (these almost 100% coinciding with that nasty headsickness I've been having). Again having those really profound/complex/vivid/multidimensional ones, such as "danger out tonight" playing on the radio precisely as I saw this truck a couple cars up veering around drunkenly and naturally making me think "dangerous." So many like that today, just outright surreal in a new way. Even had a couple more of those color-synchro-type ones like with the Zaxby's sign the other day, this time with my seeing the molten volcano on 17 spewing green lava of a certain, odd neon-green shade (had always been red before) precisely as the bank sign across the street blinked to letters of that exact same color. And the numbers ... just so, so many. Head spinning.


Still having the same "flavor" of incidents today, though not quite as many. Started with lots of license-plate 37s and the like (once again corresponding with my returning the rental car this morning -- some sort of pattern here, perhaps incicating something?), along with more of those explicit and striking one-word/thought incidents, such as my randomly reading "puffed" (on that little handwritten child's letter I'd felt Compelled to keep after finding as trash yesterday, as it were) precisely as I puffed out a lungful of CBD vape. Etc, etc.

Another cool and notable and funny thought/reading synchro this evening in the sauna. Precisely as the first few beads of sweat trickled down after a slow build-up, I read "trickling down" in the book, perfectly synchronistic, etc. Notable as-is, for the usual reasons, but doubly so considering that 1) there's no way I could've controlled something such as the trickling of sweat, and 2) it wasn't just any sweat, but the first few beads, which take a while to build up and then finally trickle, unlike a steady sweat where they're constantly dropping.


A bit of a change-up today, much fewer incidents and not of that same "flavor" either. Really, only had some subtles, numbers, and three very notable standouts. The first was a clock-tick one, of that non-specific kind where an alarm or something just sounds at a highly conspicuous time, identical in pattern to those past (and even a couple in precisely what happened, too). It was another one where while I was doing a castor oil pack this morning, I had two magazines to read (and had had the thought that I'd get through them long before the 50 minutes was over), and precisely as I closed the second one, finished with it, the timer went off -- not precise other than that, but still identical to those of the past, such that it was pretty notable (and damn surreal). Then, another of those big, longwinded, personal/subjective recurrence/thematic-type ones, this one starting with the whole flood/regeneration/"reformatting" theme of the last week, and then, today at church, the sermon echoed all I've been thinking about within just the last 24 hours, the conclusions drawn from this whole "storm" of a week -- most of it even in the exact same terms ("flood," etc). Not only surreally precise, and with pretty notable timing (my hearing all this within just a day of having really figured it all out for myself), but triply notable because it fits the past pattern of those "you were right to be thinking what you are"-type recurrences, where I'll have some sort of revelation or personal insight on something, only to have that echoed very soon after (like with the 'Snow Leopard' book and several others I've read at highly relevant and conspicuous times). And last, this one always loosely connected to the sermon, where I'd had a big long chain of thought about it, which ended with my thinking "I too am a believer in the power of the number 4" -- precisely as my watch beeped on the four o'clock hour, perfectly synchronistic in timing, etc. Notable in itself, being so explicit and precisely timed, but even moreso considering that 1) today is daylight savings time, so any other day it would've been three o'clock instead, and 2) I was walking down the road and focused on watching for oncoming cars, with my arm at my side and my watch facing away, totally invisible and out of my line of sight even subconsciously, so I couldn't possibly have been subconsciously suggested, etc, and then 3) it was all relevant to the very subject of the synchronicity, the "four-energy" numerological/symbolic quality that was the subject of the chain of thought in question, that all is perfect/perfectly timed, etc, so that the perfectly synchronistic chiming of the four o'clock hour was just so totally and surreally relevant. Wow.


An uptick compared to last couple days, though not hugely, just back to having that periodic background static of subtles/numbers, along with a few standout numbers, including a cluster of 37s and its variants popping up after lunch, many of them conspicuous (such as having several "hit" me while browsing stuff at the thrift store, including a printing on the backing of an empty picture frame, etc). This cluster culminated with another of those classical gas-pump-type repeats, where I was distinctly Compelled to stop at one station, and pick out one pump out of several available (despite it being awkward to park at, etc), and then, only after I'd gone in to buy some gas treatment first, did I see that the previous purchase price was exactly $7.13. Haha.


Big general uptick over the last couple days, in all respects again, from subtles/number repeats to conspicuous standouts/numbers, etc, again just too many to list or remember despite their notability. One standout was when I randomly heard "David Gilmore" on the radio, precisely as I passed an electronic sign that was scrolling "Gilmore" as I passed, perfectly synchronistic (felt as if the sign was "throwing" the word at me, almost, damn surreal). Had maybe a dozen or so like that throughout the day, to varying degrees of notability. Lots and lots of numbers too, and almost all of them conspicuous in various ways, including being Compelled to wait for traffic only to get "hit" with a 713 license plate or something as it passed, along with several clock-tick-types. One standout in this regard was hearing "104.1" on the radio precisely as a car pulled in front of me with a license plate ending in "141," several like this throughout the day. Wow. Head spinning again.


A really damn cool book/reading/radio synchro this afternoon at lunch, when, in the 'Isaac's Storm' book, on the first page where it finally began getting to the actual storm, right as I started reading it, the song on Second Cup's patio radio sang out, "storm is coming," the first refrain of its chorus (and then, later, the whole song turned out to be about a storm coming, echoing perfectly what I was reading in the book for the length of the song, not perfectly synchronistic in timing, but still dead-on, just in a long-winded fashion). Damn surreal. Also, a minorish recurrence a few minutes later, when the book mentioned offhand Fort Myers, FL, which is a place I'd Just Happened to read of last night and then, subsequently, look up on Wikipedia to see what/where it was, since I'd never heard of it before (and then, less than 24 hours later, I read about it in the book, in the classic pattern).

Things generally "quiet" for much of the day, except for when I got to NYC and was met by a crazy, huge flurry of 37s/73s/137s, etc, almost all coming back-to-back on the cab ride to the hotel, many in one-two-three fashion (or something 4 or 5 together), coming from everywhere: license plates, signs, streets (much of the ride was on 37th Street ...). Again, utterly surreal, probably a record for the most repeats within the shortest course of time.


Things generally "quiet" today, even moreso than during the trip to NYC. Did have a rather pronounced, single thought/radio synchro this afternoon, when I had yet another long and random chain of thought end on my thinking "by chance," precisely as the radio sang "chance." Also, a book synchro/recurrence in which, on the very day I randomly saw the lockpicking/key replacement thing at Lowes, and thus thought about those lockpicking/wire-pin "feeler" kits you can get, I read in the 'Spycatcher' book (which I'd felt Compelled to started reading just last night) about exactly those things, both the exact "feeler" kit/method I was thinking of, plus just lockpicking in general -- highly precise and notable, as it were.


A little more activity today over the last couple days, primarily made up of those profound and precise little one-word thought/radio/sign/reading-type synchros I've been experiencing a lot of lately. The mostable example was when I went into the acupuncturist's and heard the receptionist's New York accent and thought of how I'd just gotten back from NYC -- preicesely as "New York" sang over the radio, in perfectly synchronitic fashion (and, of course, I could objectively trace back my thought from hearing the receptionist's voice, etc, totally ruling out subconscious suggestion or something as usual). Also, more numbers today, including some pretty amusing conspicuous ones, such as my gas total coming to exactly 30.37 (when I'd had to put a couple gas treatments in, thereby altering the amount of the actual gas sale, interestingly), as well as another of those where I felt illogically and inconveniently Compelled to stop short and let out a truck while driving, only to be flashed with a 37-ending license plate upon him pulling out it front of me. Not the most surreal of days, but fun nonetheless.


Another general uptick in activity, though still not quite to surreal levels. Day was characterized by more of those smallish-yet-striking single-word thought/radio/reading-type synchros, including a cluster of them while reading at lunch, with the radio at Second Cup echoing what I was reading as has happened in the past. Some notable standouts: hearing "can't go home" on the radio, precisely as I thought something almost exactly like this, a long chain of thought ending in how I can't go home to NC and stay because of the weird allergy or altitude sickness or whatever it is up there (totally randomly and without trigger/suggestion, etc); "tailight" on the radio, precisely after the truck in front of me flashed its brake lights and revealed that it had a tailight out, making me distinctly think "tailight" as to be perfectly synchronistic with the song, haha -- probably a dozen or so like this all through the day, always as precise and striking. Cool.


Still having that same trend of precise, profound one-worders like yesterday. Started out with a cool one at the hotel this morning, when, precisely as I went to get some clothes from my duffel bag in the room, a random stranger just outside my room said "duffelbag," perfectly synchronistic and pretty damn precise too, as to be rather surreal. Some other standout examples: "keep your eyes on the road" coming over the radio, a split second after I'd taken my eyes off the road and then thought "keep your eyes on the road," again perfectly synchronistic and surreal; having a wash of non-inflammation wash over me from the turmeric extract I'd taken, and thinking how it seemed make my blood "cold" as it ran all through my body, precisely as "blood runs cold" sounded over the radio, again perfectly synchronistic and precise. Many of these through the day. So cool.


Downturn in overall activity today, though still with those odd-and-presise/striking one-word-type incidents I've been having. Did have a cool standout, kind of unique, when I thought of those green coffee chews from GNC, precisely as "choose" came over the radio -- "chews"/"choose," different contexts and literal words but sounded exactly the same, and occurred precisely synchronistic, etc. Also, a classic thought/radio synchro, when I had a long chain of thought end with me thinking of calling dad, precisely as "call you on the phone" or something to that extent came down the radio (again on some song I'd never heard before, etc).


Cool one first thing this morning. After a little spat of those striking one-word-type incidents when I went down to Earthfare for juice (can't remember any in particular), while I was sitting in the parking lot I had the distinct thought of how early Charles's garage opens and if they might be looking at my car then -- precisely as, from across the street, the panel of a garage opened, perfectly synchronistic. I can see this being precise from two different angles, either from a literal garage panel opening, or the figurative/business-hour opening of a garage business. Both would've fit. Cool and damn surreal.

And, throughout the day, still having those same striking little ones I've been having lately, such as having "lights" sound over the radio precisely as I went to hit the car's headlights. Again, maybe a dozen or so like that throughout the day. But otherwise, relatively "calm."


Really big uptick today, once again corresponding with travel down south to the beach (as if my extended stay this time "primed" a glut of new incidents/"movement"?). First, another day-long onslaught of 37/variant license plates, not record-breaking but right up there with some of those really crazy days, including 1-2-3 "hits," with several numbers arriving via combinations of plates/signs/radio/thoughts, etc, all at once, as to be damn surreal again in that special way. At times just outright crazy, and funny too, such as when I was at the rest stop and again felt Compelled to park in a certain spot, way down the line, and it ended up being right next to a car with a conspicuous 37 license plate, and then, by the time I'd come out, that car had left and in its place was another with a nearly identical plate (though from another state, etc). Many many like that through the day, too many to list/remember again.

Lots of those striking/"smallish" one-word-type thought/reading/radio synchros too, along with some just plain standout incidents. One was a maybe, when I heard "band-aid" on the radio precisely as a piece of trash blew out of a garbage truck riding alongside me, and I can't say for sure, but I'm about 80-90% that what blew out was one of those peel-back wrappers that band-aids come in (if not, it looked very much like it, and it blew out perfectly synchronistically with the radio word, etc, in that patternistic way). One cool one, this one not a maybe: right as my car did its brake thing again, and I had the thought "will I be able to stop at this intersection?" or something, "can't slow down" came over the radio (and, once again, totally indepedently of my thoughts, etc, as to be impossible to be suggestion, since I'd had the thought because of the objective incident of the brakes giving out, etc -- damn surreal). Also, a really cool one when I was backing into the driveway at the end of the day. I hit my brakes and it threw a red cast over the house's white front, and I had the thought of something like "I just reddened the house," when "paint it red" sounded over the radio. Haha.

Plus, an amusing receipt synchro I just now caught after the fact. Got gas, and the timestamp was exactly 13:07, "reference #1370," and "sequence #1370," including a couple other repeats on the receipt. Wow.


A general uptick today over yesterday, though not quite like during the 1st's travel. Felt to be a generally different "groove"/"flavor" today. It started with another of those hugely significant and surreal rushes/clusters during the church service after I'd taken PEA and hit that "going there" super-oxygenated state, much like in Wilmington that time, where pretty much everything I was thinking/feeling/"receiving" was echoed by the speaker (such as my having a random realization about radiating energy/the mission, etc, a split second before the speaker digressed into the subject of "radiating energy," her words exactly, and even in the same context as I was thinking -- maybe a dozen or so like that in a row, a new record probably), though this time a bit more surreal/intense/profound. Left my head spinning, nearly to that "overload" state (though I did seem to tolerate this a bit better, interestingly). Had quite a few standalone "classical"-type incidents through the day, including a lot of conspicuous number repeats of various kinds (with more 212s rather than 37s today, though still had quite a few of those as well, many coming from license plates still, haha). Had several "classical"-type thought/radio/reading synchros, including several minor ones during lunch when I sat down to read (reading/thoughts echoed by nearby strangers talking and the in-house radio and the like, though not quite to that super-surreal level of the church service that morning), and several while out driving on the radio (such as my having a long random chain of thought end with how I was planning on going to the car wash with the bike on the rack and cleaning both at the time same, precisely as "get clean" sang from the radio).


General downturn in overall incidents today, without even many number repeats and such. Had two recurrences: first, a classic word synchro, "staycation," which I'd just seen for the first time ever, the other day, on the back of a random magazine I felt Compelled to buy, and then, today, it was mentioned randomly on the radio (and this was also kind of a q-and-a-type one too, because I'd wondered what staycation meant when I first saw it, and then when it was mentioned on the radio, it defined it and thus answered my question). Second, I saw a car at Beach Dreams today, and Noticed it distinctly, such that I walked over to it and looked at its make and model: a Mazda RX-7, the first I'd ever seen one, which is interesting because it's a kind of Miata and I've been interested in Miatas for years but had never seen this variant of them. Then, maybe ten minutes later while driving down the road, I saw not only another RX-7, but one of the exact same color and at least the approximate year of the first, if not the exact year (the two looked identical; I would've thought they might be the same except that they were in different parts of town).


Even less overall incidents today, but still several. Started with a really cool number/book combo, beginning over the last couple days when, while flipping randomly through the 'Kite Runner' book to place the bookmark, I stuck it on pages 137/37, etc, a couple times, and then, when randomly finishing up several reading sessions (or being forced to stop due to objective circumstances like timers going off or getting interrupted, etc), I would Just Happened to finish on a 37-variant page. I noticed the pattern then, but then upon finishing the book, its final page was exactly 371. Then, furthermore, when I finished the little Stammets mushroom book I read sequentially after 'Kite Runner' today (again picked out randomly from my big bag full of books), it too ended on a variant, exactly 73 this time. Haha. Also, had several of those "striking" little one-word/thought-type of incidents throughout the day, such as having a long and objective chain of thought end on the garlic I was about to eat for lunch, precisely before reading "garlic" in the 'Kite Runner' book, and several others in this vein.


Had a big and sudden uptick the first half of the day, starting in mid-morning, when I got tons and tons of subtles/number repeats/one-word "striking"-type thought/reading/radio synchros. It was another of those cases where there were tons of standouts yet none, with most of them just being so personal/subjective/"in the moment"-types that they just don't convey into text. For example: my writing down the $50 I just spent on the gym and chiro, which made me think of money in general, which coincided precisely with a random cash register-type "ding!" from the radio (once again, an objective thought coinciding with a totally random and sudden thematic recurrence, in classical thought-synchro pattern). Maybe 2-3 dozen like that today, a huge, hours-long "cluster" which, interestingly, seemed to level off almost completely by mid-evening, almost as suddenly and inexplicably as it had arrived. Had one 37-repeat standout, when I stopped randomly to get gas and, first, parked next to an 837-ending plate, and then, immediately afterward when I looked up to kill my engine, there was a second 837-ending plate directly in my line of sight, and then, as quickly, two more 37-ending plates, book-ending each side of the second 837, with my seeing these all in that headspinning, wham-bam-1-2-3-4 fashion I've come to know so well.

Also, one classical recurrence standout: just yesterday, when I went to post my review of the 'Kite Runner' book on Amazon, I saw advertised one of the author's other books, 'A Thousand Suns,' for the first time. Then, today, less than 24 hours later, I found that very book randomly at a Goodwill that I went to just as randomly, all the way across town. This one wouldn't be too notable except that 1) I felt distinctly Compelled to go out of my way to this specific Goodwill, which was over in Longs, and 2) I'd Noticed this book when seeing the advertisement while posting the review last night, and 3) just two days ago at Starbucks, a random woman stopped and, seeing me reading the 'Kite Runner' book, mentioned how good it was and that the author had written another one with something like "thousand suns" in the title.


Had another period almost exactly like yesterday, with tons and tons of those extremely subtle/personal ones, at times reaching that incredibly surreal/living-dream level of thoughts/feelings being continuously reflected by external reality, one after another, such that the external and internal felt to merge. So hard to name any standouts, either because they were so subtle or personal, or just minor and easy to write off apart from the greater "cluster." For instance, right as I thought "more of these subtle synchros like yesterday," "more" sounded over the radio. So many like that off and on through the day. Also, had a lot of those kind of "fuzzy," "distorted," "half-there" kind, where the meaning was less literal or precise but definately there, such as when I pulled out into traffic and gunned my engine, driving fast and getting a thrill from the rush of speed, precisely as "how Richard Petty feels" sounded from the radio. Haha.


Not much overall activity today, same for yesterday, though I am still having the odd subtles here and there, along with more of those day-long thematic "too personal"-types that just don't translate to text. One standout was a thought/music one when I was at the gym. Precisely as I reached for the 15 pound dumbbells, the song said "fifteen," perfectly synchronistic and striking, patternistic, etc. The thing about this one was that 1) I'd once again never heard the song before, and there were no repeating "15's" or anything beforehand that could've subconsciously suggested I get that weight, etc, and 2) my reaching for the dumbbells was totally objective (though, interestingly, the fifteens were the wrong ones, for I really needed heavier ones -- yet, again, my going for them was 100% objective).

Noticed also that I had another in-dream synchronicity, of the kind I seem to be having lately. I would say that I'm just dreaming *of* synchronicity, except that these seem/feel the same as normal, waking synchronicity. As it were, I can remember exactly what this one was: I was writing a letter to a gradeschool girlfriend in the sand outside one of dad's old rental homes, while music played from a radio somewhere, and as I wrote "lines," the radio sang out that word, in patternistic fashion, etc. Not sure what to make of these (waking and dream life merging/synchronizing somehow?).


Reasonably big uptick today, all across the board, from coherents to subtles to numbers, and with a slightly different flavor to some of them. Started off with another of those extremely surreal clusters of thought synchros after I took PEA and went to church, almost exactly like others, where as soon as the PEA/oxygenation/"going there" hits, my thoughts/feelings, etc, will synch almost perfectly with the speaker and/or other stuff going on in the service -- truly "synchronistic" in every sense of the word, and really becoming a pattern, also seems to say a lot about the phenomenon itself, with my thoughts/feelings "synching" so drastically with "external" reality, such that the two are at least momentarily merged. Wow.

Didn't stop there though, for I had more of those clusters of subtle-yet-striking "smallish"-type reading/sign/thought/radio synchros, including several of those vague and distorted, yet pronounced, ones as I've been having. Some standouts: when I read "Eric" on my coffee cup, just before reading "Erik" randomly in my book (when, interestingly, the Eric on the cup was because the Starbucks cashier had mistaken my "Aaron" for "Eric"); stopping reading in my book right at a part where the narrator was discussing a smiley face, then getting up for more coffee and feeling Compelled to go pick up a random piece of garbage, only to find that it was a bag with a big smiley face on it. Many many like that throughout the day, seeming to come in clusters off and on, to varying degrees of precision and notability but similar enough to establish a new "flavor" again. Lots of numbers today too, a big general uptick, including many many conspicuous license plates, though with a larger variation today, as many 77s and 17s and their variants alongside the usual 37s and the like. Also, had two of a newish-feeling kind of reading synchro, where some type of vague-yet-loosely-precise theme or archetype will recur between the text and my thoughts, and in not quite perfectly synchronistic fashion. Today it was, first, where I had the vague thought of yesterday's Vioxx book and how the pharmaceutical executive-types in it were, for all their recklessness and selfishness, still people with thoughts, feelings, and families (families specifically, I thought), all this coming at the end of yet another long, objective train of thought I can trace back -- just as I realized I was reading a paragraph about just such an executive and his family, who was employed by Pfizer as it were, one of the reckless-yet-human companies noted specifically in the Vioxx book I was thinking of. And, almost identical in format and "feel," when I read, in the same book this evening, about Laguardia airport -- just seconds after a big long objective chain of thought led me to thinking, loosely, of Laguardia (I was thinking, as it were, of the last time I'd stayed up late/been on a later schedule and so had eaten dinner a lot later, which had been the day I came home from NYC recently, which had been when I was flying home from Laguardia -- not hugely precise, yet still very precise in a certain, loose, newish way). Interesting.


A downturn overall from yesterday, but still a few incidents, and all of that same "flavor"/format of the last couple days, including those little clusters of striking "small"-type thought/radio/reading synchros through the day, especially at lunch while reading outside Second Cup with the radio playing, such as when I had a long chain of thought ending with my thinking I might go take a walk on the beach, precisely as "going for a walk" sang from the radio (once again on a song I'd never heard before, in patternistic format). Probably a half-dozen or so of those today, along with a few numbers here and there. Also, a minor-yet-patternistic vague-thought-type recurrence, starting this morning when I thought, totally randomly, of how I once wasn't able to distinguish between the various instruments/rhythms/layers in a piece of music, but now I could, the first I'd thought of this in I don't know how many years -- and then, in the 'Top of the World' book this afternoon, the narrator mentioned exactly that ability, in almost the exact same terms, about how he personally couldn't distinguish between the various instruments in a piece of music (the opposite of me, but still falling in line with the basic archetype of "distinguishing instruments in a piece of music," etc).


Much like yesterday overall, still having those scattered "striking"-type "small" ones through the day, though a bit lesser than yesterday. Did have a couple standout numbers, those clock-tick types, including a classical roadside-sign-type one, where precisely as I passed, the sign's time clicked from 3:06 to 3:07. Also, a really cool standout thought/radio-type one, just seconds after the sign. It started when I had yet another long chain of thought end on how I was striking out and "moving"/traveling again, "hitting the road" I think was my exact thought -- when, perfectly synchronistically, "highway moon shining again" sang over the radio, within the same context that I'd been thinking of (hitting the road/traveling/etc). Adding another dimension to this one was that, right as this all happened, I was just leaving NMB and entering the highway -- very much hitting the road. A kind of three-way one, really damn surreal.


Day was much like yesterday in having more of those same smallish/"striking" incidents throughout the day, mixed with some conspicuous numbers and such (cars with 370/1370/37 license plates cutting in front of me again, multiple times, as has become so patternistic now ...). Had a couple cool standouts just at the tail end lunch, first when "call for Jeff" sound from a loudspeaker in the car lot adjacent the coffee shop where I was eating, precisely before I picked up my book and saw "I heard Jeff's voice" directly in my line-of-sight, without my looking or anything, it just THERE -- all in a way I'm coming to identify as a new patternistic variant, these with only loose/archetypical/underlying-type of precision but still very striking and sudden and perfectly synchronistic (this one bearing the underlying archetype of 'Jeff," and I guess "voice" too, considering the "call for Jeff" announcement and "Jeff's voice" were pretty similar). And then, maybe a minute later after I again took a bite of lunch and then resumed reading my book, I'd had another long chain of thought end with how I was getting great sun at lunch and how it was making my torso a golden brown -- precisely as I looked up and saw "radiant skin" on the label of the bowl I was eating from, again patternistic of that last one, with my not looking for or seeking out the words in any way but just having them THERE, directly in my vision, and coinciding perfectly synchronistically with my thought, etc. Really cool. Had several lesser of these kind today, such as one on the way up to the house where I was thinking of mountain climbing (again at the end of a long, objective chain of thought) precisely as "climbing up" or something like that sang from the radio, and also precisely as my eyes fell over the stenciled graphic on a car that had just stopped in front of me, showing a mountain climber going up a big "ROCK" -- all only vaguely/archetypically precise, but perfectly synchronsitic in timing.


Had a really cool and striking one when I pulled up at Local Lion at lunch. Right as I saw a bumper sticker on the car in front of me, which had a beet on it, making me think "beet," the radio sang out "beat," perfectly synchronistic. Also, a cool similar one just before, when I was thinking about how, if I didn't catch the morning's ugliness and illusions then it would burrow down and corrupt my thoughts, etc -- precisely as the radio sang out "before this bitterness becomes a disease," another of those vaguely precise ones from a literal standpoint, yet completely precise from an archetypical/effective standpoint. Then, just after lunch while rolling through King Street, had another of those big flurries of sudden 37s on license plates and such, as I've experienced while driving down this street and similar ones in the past. Except this time there were two very conspicuous ones, those patternistic ones where I'll be Compelled to stop and let a car out, against all convenience and logic, only to be greeted with a number-repeat license plate as it does so. The first was a classic 1337, and then, just down the road, when I felt Compelled again, I let out the car and, expecting a repeat, looked at the license plate, only to be disappointed, it not being a 37 -- except, then I looked at the newly revealed license plate of the car in front of the one I'd just let out, which was parallel parked, and it was a 37. So damn surreal.


A general uptick in incidents today, corresponding with both travel and improvement in health it seemed, all across the board from number-repeats (lots of conspicuous license plates and the like) to those same "striking"-type "little" word/thought/reading synchros I've been having. Had several of those vague, biggish, thematic ones today too, just those subtle themes underlying the whole day in ways too hard to convey in text, as has happened before. For example, just outside Lenoir a truck passed me with "7-13" stenciled on its rear axle, which I both noticed as a conspicuous 37-variant repeat, but also Noticed particularly, in that special way, making me think vaguely "rear axle." Then, when I stopped randomly at the glass place to have the rearview replaced about 10 minutes later, there came on the TV in the waiting room a show where a few guys refurbished a rear axle -- not hugely notable in itself, but so many like this today, and patternistic anyway, they all became somewhat notable. Had a really cool, striking thought/TV-type synchro at the glass place too: precisely as "get your car back" came over the TV in the waiting room, I heard my van start up from the workbay where they were putting the mirror back on, perfectly synchronistic, and precise in that archetypical/underlying fashion. Damn cool.


General downturn compared to the last couple days, with barely even any subtles/number-repeats suddenly, this once again seeming to correlate with my being "grounded"/back home at the beach and without a car (and a radio in it ...), as well as with bad health/energy, etc. Did have a really cool, long-winded book synchro, starting a few days ago in Boone when I felt Compelled to buy three books at the library, chosen totally at random but with the very distinct feeling that I Had To buy them, even though 1) I have too many books to read and had recently vowed not to buy any more until exhausting the stack, and 2) having already read one of the books (twice even, 'The Road'), and the other two books being from authors I'd never heard of before. Yet, after reading one of the books and beginning the second today, there are again distinct parallels between them in various ways, such as, first, one of the books having nearly the exact same end-of-the-world scenario (comet hitting earth, causing worldwide environmental fallout, mirroring almost exactly that in 'The Road,' with even the same terms/effects mentioned in one part), and then, between the other two books, both of them were 1) about detectives despite their titles having nothing to do with detective work, 2) both started out with the detective investigating not only a hanging victim, but one which the detective suspected to be a staged murder, and 3) both depicted recreational use of the drug Oxycontin, this one being a shorter, more individual one in itself, since the Oxycontin part in the one book I read just yesterday evening and at lunch today, and then the Oxycontin part in the second book was right at the start of it. A cool, three-way one.


Today was still a downturn overall, though with a goodly amount of 37s and the like, again on license plates and in the same conspicuous fashion (though still almost totally quiet in terms of subtles/thought synchros, etc). Did have one standout, and very unique and cool, one, a sort of vague-thought incident. It started yesterday (or maybe the day before, I can't remember when exactly, but somewhere in that 24-48-hour window) I had the vague-yet-distinct thought of riding down that road just off Sea Mountain Highway the other day and hearing that Goo Goo Dolls song on the radio, the one from the City of Angels soundtrack. Then, today, while riding my bike up that same road, I heard that exact same song, coming totally randomly from somewhere across the bog, from someone's radio or something, I don't know what -- but it was almost exactly like what I'd just been thinking about within the last day or two, the vague thought of riding along that same road and hearing the same song, albeit in a car and on the radio rather than biking and hearing it from some ghostly source from within the bog. I'm not sure whether to classify this one as a vague-thought incident, a recurrence, or some newish hybrid. Cool and notable in any case.


Day started with an odd, little, yet cool and unique synchronicity of a kind I can only call classical. Awoke from a dream in which I was playing World of Warcraft as the character Illidan, which led me to look up World of Warcraft online after so long of not playing it. Turns out, just two days ago the release date of an expansion pack was announced, in which will be added the "Demon Hunter" class, characterized precisely by the character Illidan. It bears mentioning that I'd not read or heard of anything Warcraft related in years, not even subconsciously in a web ad or something. Sort of a classical/ESP-type one?

Day was overall still "quiet," though with a few of those vague, distorted, yet "striking" thought/reading synchros and the like, none really standout enough to log. Did have a minor book-synchro-type recurrence, between the 'Frank Sinatra' book and the 'Ahmed Chalabi' book I started sequentially after, where several random things from the last leg of the 'Sinatra' book, read this morning, overlapped those within the first couple chapters of the 'Chalabi' book, things such as mention of "Rosebud" (though in different contexts, though the first I'd seen this in a long time, and then reading it twice within hours of one another in two random books ...), and several other vague repeats which, alone, were unnotable but together were just notable enough to be logged. Symptom of a slow "synchro-day," I suppose.


Relatively big uptick today, again corresponding with travel after a long time being "grounded"/without car, etc. Started with a biggish rush of numbers (mainly 37 and variants) on license plates/conspicuous signs, etc, including, once again, on my arrival and departure to the rental car place on 17, as seems to be a particular pattern from the past. Had many many of those smallish-yet-"striking" thought/reading/sign synchros through the day, always coming at odd times. For example: my being Compelled to look at a license plate of a car right as it pulled alongside me, after which I saw an eagle on the plate (and Noticed it), precisely as "Eagle" sounded from the radio, on a random station I'd just turned to -- all three of these coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic, split-second fashion, so damn striking and cool. Had at least a dozen of these through the day, to varying degrees of notability, to the point of surreal/living dream, etc. Another notable standout was when I heard "Friday night" over the radio, precisely as a car pulled in front of me and stopped conspicuously, revealing to me its front license plate reading "NITE," coinciding perfectly synchronistically with "night."


Had some in the first half of the day, then it leveled off conspicuously, seeming to coincide with some health nastiness/distortion, etc. Did have a series/cluster of a unique, newish "flavor" of incidents when I went down for juice at Earthfare in early morning, all in that vaguely precise flavor yet of a newish variety/"feel." Example: right as I opened a US map on my phone, a song came on the radio talking about "doing that American thing," which corresponded oddly with the map, which was illustrated with all kinds of Americana. Were any of them alone, I would've written them off as nothing, but there were 5-6 all there together, and all of the same patternistic flavor. Had an equal "spurt" of numbers too, mostly 37s and mostly on license plates, including a really cool one where precisely as I came out of church, a car backed out of a parking space, directly into my line of sight, revealing a "7733" license plate -- all of it coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic, impossible-to-orchestrate way, with me coming out of the church and seeing the car and the number all in that wham-bam format (and, it bears mentioning, I'd planned to go out of the church at an entirely different exit but felt Compelled to go out this one, despite it being inconvenient/abnormal, etc, thus triggering the incident).

Also, a minor recurrence this morning, when out of nowhere in bed this morning I thought of that song "Come on Eileine," vaguely but distinctly, in that patternistic/vague-thought way that indicated to me that I'd be hearing it again soon. Then, maybe 1-2 hours later when I went into Earthfare, that song was playing -- maybe nothing, but reasonably notable considering 1) my patternistic Noticing/vague-thought of it, and 2) the fact that it Just Happened to be playing right when I went into the store.


Relatively quiet today, except for a smallish uptick of conspicuous numbers (still mostly on license plates -- what's with the license plates?), especially after starting the drive back south/traveling, etc. Did have one really conspicuous, unique, and cool one, albeit vague and not really meaningful for anyone but me. It started when I passed the van on fire on the roadside construction lot on 321 on the way to Boone Friday, and then, today when going back out of town, I had the thought to look at that lot and see what kind of damage the van did to it, being so violently aflame -- and, lo and behold, there was another minivan on the lot, and not only a minivan but of the exact same color and even similar make/model of the one that was afire there, but it definitely wasn't the same one, the other being totally demolished by the fire, with this one just parked there for no obvious reason. Really weird, and not too precise, but still notable. Also bears mentioning that, just since passing that van Friday, it turns out that I'm not in the market not only for a van, but a minivan, much like the two on that lot.


Had an uptick of general activity today, including a cool theme: a new sort of that "vaguely precise"/long-winded/non-perfectly-synchronistic trend, in the vein of yesterday's van. It started when, right as I was leaving the Best Western, there was a duck, standing conspicuously by my car, which, besides being so noticeable since it was this lone duck in the middle of a plaza alongside the highway (no ponds or anything nearby that I know of) and that it was standing right by my car where it was parked oddly alongside the building so I could load it up, I also Noticed the duck, in that special, distinct way that told me it would have some role in an upcoming synchronicity. Sure enough, when I sat down to read the 'Footloose American' book at lunch (which I'd Just Happened to start reading yesterday, again after selecting it from a bag of over a dozen), within the first few pages it mentioned a hotel with a resident duck -- not hugely precise, but precise enough with the underlying "duck/hotel" element, along with pretty notable, if not perfectly synchronistic, timing, with my reading of a duck in a hotel (for the first time ever) within an hour after encountering a duck at a hotel (again for the first time ever). Had several more like this as the day progressed, though these ended up with tighter and tighter timing until they were pretty much perfectly synchronistic. Standouts: hearing "can't turn here" on the radio, precisely as I'd passed a "no U-turn sign" with a crossed-out U-turn arrow (which, besides passing it at that precise instant, I'd Noticed distinctly just before); hearing "much too loose" on the radio, precisely as I'd just noticed/Noticed a car passing opposite me with some sort of hose or faring in the undercarriage flapping conspicuously, looking very "loose" (which I'd actually thought in my immediate reaction to it, a split second before the song lyric sounded); thinking, at the end of a long chain of thought, about my going home to the beach house, precisely as I passed a billboard reading "We'll get you Back Home"; another long chain of thought ending with my looking at the clock and being astounded to see how late it was (or maybe it was early -- not nearly what time I thought it'd be, anyway), precisely before "time flies" sounded from the radio." And also, more in line with the vaguely precise/long-winded theme, was when just after lunch I'd Noticed animal-rights billboard along the highway showing a rhino with the caption "I'm not medicine," and then minutes later, while at a convenience store for gas I'd stopped at on a total whim (literally just slamming on my brakes and pulling in), there was a cheap energy supplement by the register showing a rhino -- very much the "rhino/medicine" theme recurring. Damn surreal today.


Morning started out with a general uptick in activity, and again at an odd, uncommon time, when I don't normally have such stuff happening mornings (at least noticeably so). They were all more of those small-but-striking one-word/thought/reading-type synchros, without any specific examples I can remember. Did have a pretty cool standout this afternoon, when I had a big long chain of thought ending with how I was glad that I stopped by to see that Ron guy about the van even though I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get it, since he'd given me a bunch of good valuable information about other vans and such -- and then, a split second after, I turned on my car and the first words from the radio were "I'm glad we had this talk," echoing the underlying archetype perfectly and almost literally. Cool, and damn surreal again, with perfectly synchronistic timing, etc.


Less overall activity today, seeming to correspond with bad health/energy, etc. Did have two pretty cool standouts however. First was a classical recurrence with a twist, starting yesterday when I read in the 'Footloose American' book about a Bolivian place-name town called "Texas Arizona" that the author explores. Then, today on the way to Wilimington (which I went to totally randomly and inconveniently), I came across a place-name town called Bolivia -- maybe nothing, but still reasonably precise in a strange way, and reasonably tight timing-wise. Made me laugh anyway. Then, another of those unlikely "getting lost and then finding where I was going when I finally stopped to turn around"-type incidents, like with Rebecca and the Wiseman's Outlook thing a while ago. This time, I was looking for the place in Wilmington with the van, and after going several miles past where I thought it'd be and not finding it, I eventually turned off the road and went a couple miles down a random highway, seeking a place to turn around -- and, wouldn't you know, the first turnaround I came to was a gas station, which turned out to be the landmark I was looking for, with the dealer with the van right behind it. Again, maybe coincidence, not inconceivable, but pretty unlikely, and did indeed have that "accidentally on-purpose" pattern.


More overall activity compared to last couple days, including the rare spatter of incidents through the morning (seeming to correspond with higher-than-normal energies in this time of day), most of them those striking-type of "smallish" reading/thought/sign/radio synchros. A cool standout was at lunch while reading, when I changed position so that my palm was facing up, and I distinctly Noticed this, and then, a couple seconds later when reading a couple lines down the paragraph I was on, it mentioned something about "putting my palms up" or something to that effect -- precisely what I'd just done and Noticed, totally objectively. And then, a little later after buying the van, right as I was thinking that I had to lock my car because I had some leftover money in it from where they guy had unexpectedly taken less, I looked left a split-second later, and there was a random sign saying "lock up your car and don't leave valuables in it," or again something exactly to the effect of what I'd just been objectively thinking, when there was no way the sign could've subconsciously influenced me, it being out of my vision, etc. Again maybe a dozen or so like that through the afternoon, at times in some one-two-three-type clusters. Cool and surreal.

Also, had another of those weird incidents at Second Cup, where I overheard some random person speaking the language I just happened to be reading about. It was just like those two or three other times where it was German or Russian, except today it was some type of Spanish, when I was reading specifically about South America and even a particular, odd off-shoot Spanish vernacular used in Uruguay that the author was describing, with the whole time there being a man just behind me chatting randomly in an odd-sounding Spanish (definitely not the common type of Spanish I tend to hear from native Mexicans or Central Americans, definitely something that soudned "more-southern" to me -- which would've been right in the neighborhood of what the book was specifically describing). Really damn cool and surreal again.


Lots of activity today, but almost none of it really standout/coherent enough to note, with all of it being just one of those big, daylong, "mass-synchro"-type meta-incidents I'm coming to see as a pattern, enormously complex and surreal but just too personal/subjective to describe in any measure. It was all threaded together with random thoughts/reading/radio-type stuff plus the 'Book of the Dead' book I Just Happened to start today, even with another conspicuous duck encounter thrown in there (when I came out of a convenience store of all places, a mother duck and her chicks wadling past just as I was coming out, this in the middle of the main drag along 17, about the last place I'd expect to see a duck). Wow. Just wow wow wow, even after everything.


Again lots of activity, though different than lately. Had a lot of those smallish-yet-striking kind I've been having lately, all through the day off and on, probably over a dozen again, many of them really precise as well as with that sort of complex, "multdimensional" quality, often to the point of being surreal. For example, precisely as I was thinking (again objectively) of how I was going to have to run down the road to get to the gate to let in the guys with the van, my eyes fell on the slip of paper with Road Runner Taxi's phone number on it, which read, simply "Road Runner" -- precisely what I'd been thinking, and again my seeing it in that patternistic way where my independent, objective thought coincided perfectly with my eyes Just Happening to lock in at that same precise moment, when there's no way I could've orchestrated it so perfectly, consciously or subconsciously. And, as a footnote to this one, I'd written out that note even though I was about 100% sure I wasn't going to call the taxi (which I indeed didn't call), yet I'd felt Compelled to do it. So many like that today, in various ways and forms.

Also, another duck encounter, just as conspicuous and patternistic as these last two, this one being on the parking lot of a Starbucks in the middle of a crowded shopping center, again about the last place I'd expect to encounter any wildlife, much less a duck. And besides this being notable in itself, with my encountering these three days so close together and in almost identically patternistic and conspicuous ways, this one was doubly so because of where I encountered it: at the far end of the Starbucks' lot, where I'd been Compelled to pull into, illogically, feeling Compelled to forego the nearer turnoff and use this one, which put me square in the path of this lone duck waddling through the lot between me and the Starbucks, such that I had to stop and wait for it to pass. Made me laugh out loud, it was all just so perfectly bizarre and synchronistic. And on top of it all, I hadn't even planned on being at the Starbucks today, or anywhere for lunch, it just worked out that the van guys got there so early that I had enough time to comfortably go out instead of staying in as planned.

Plus, on top of the rest, a big barrage of 37s today, though these broke the pattern of being primarily on license plates. Still had plenty of license plates thrown in there, but the most conspicuous were in other, random ways, such as a couple clock-ticks, and one where I randomly opened a book, for no real reason, and opened it precisely to page 317, plus maybe a dozen or so other conspicuous ones of this nature (at one point, I looked up to a bottle of cleaner in the gym bathroom and my eyes fell directly on a conspicuous 730). The most standout was a receipt-type one, at Bay Naturals, where the timestamp was exactly 1:37 (when I'd had to wait conspicuously to get rung up, the cashier not noticing me somehow, thus causing maybe a 1-2 minute delay and thus causing the 1:37 timestamp) and I got $37 in change (when, once again, I'd gotten a bunch of random stuff I hadn't even planned on -- in fact, hadn't even planned on going into BN at all today, just having to go to the mattress place next door and felt Compelled to stop in). Another "wow"-type level of activity just in itself, but totally damn surreal on top of the rest.


Still having some of those random reading/thought/radio-type synchros today (a lot involving that 'Cocoon Crash' album and the rain storm that Just Happened to be going on while I was listening to the CD for the first time, lots of parallels and such, surreal). Had a cool standout number-repeat, a combination receipt/found-litter one, where I was Compelled to stop and pick up this piece of paper on the floor at Kroger, and it turned out to be a receipt with three 73s on it ("Check 20037," then "Ref No. 73," then "Trans ID 73").


Had another one of those big, complex, daylong-type too-personal/subjective-types again today, again involving the 'Awakening Osiris' book, with a bunch of reading/throught synchros mixed in at lunch, at times just downright profound surreal but without any real standouts that I can translate to text. Did have a cool classical thought/radio synchro this afternoon, when I had a big long chain of random thoughts end with how time is an illusion, in those precise terms, a split second before "time is an illusion" sounded randomly from the in-house radio at the gym. Again, damn surreal.


Day was characterized by a lot of those "smallish"-type of striking radio/thought/reading synchros again, no real standouts but probably over a dozen total, enough to establish another subtle theme through the day. Did have a standout q-n-a-type recurrence, starting two days ago when I was in Goodwill and saw these weird platform-type shoes and Noticed them, while simultaneously wondering what they were for -- and then, today while getting the ELT from Steve, he mentioned, totally and randomly and offhand as is patternistic of these, just those type of shoes and what they're for. Classic "question and answer"/"ask and ye shall receive." Haha.


Had a good number more of those pretty striking/precise/profound thought/reading/radio-type synchros I've been having, such as "gator" sounding over the radio precisely as I looked left into traffic, about to turn, and was met with a gator license plate on a car (again, totally objective and totally perfectly synchronistic, etc), and having a long chain of thought end on "it's too quiet back at home," precisely as "too quiet at my place" sounded from the radio.

Plus, a damn cool number meta-incident. Blog post:

"I've reported on my fun with numbers, certainly; and I've reported the newish, "combination-types" of these sort of incidents, too. Well, here's a little more of the latter.

This time, it involved bumper stickers.

First, I've been seeing numbers lately (which goes without saying, really, for the phenomenon hasn't stopped since it started, years ago). Second, the predominant repeats as of the last couple days have been 317, 144, and their variants (73, 14, 44, etcetera). Which brings us to the bumper stickers I got in the mail today.

The bumper stickers in question were for my websites, to be put on my newest vehicle, as to promote my little web-enterprise (the extent of my advertising, as it were). Upon opening up the mailer, however, I gave pause: there, staring up at me, were more my latest, most-popular numbers -- a whole cluster of them, at the bottom of the bumper stickers (their print numbers, I guess). I found this notable from the outset, due to the sheer amount of the repeats, and their total randomness, and their arrival precisely admidst a storm of these very numbers, lasting for days.

Though, what really made this incident blog-worthy was the underscore of irony, given that one of the stickers was for (drum-roll) (Another patternistic component of these incidents, as it so happens, such as when I experience book synchronicities while reading books about synchronicities ...)

But wait, there's more!

When I opened the scanned image in my photo editor, to crop it for this very blog post, I was met with yet another number-repeat, now in the scanned file's timestamp, as a Sundae-topping cherry of sorts.

Upon seeing the cluster of numbers on the bumper stickers, I'd smiled. Upon seeing the file's timestamp, I laughed (which, it felt, seemed to be the point of that little footnote, as if some force wasn't satisfied until getting that response ...)."


Not much activity today except for yet more of those "striking"-type of smallish one-word thought/reading/radio-type synchros, with a decent cluster of them around lunchtime, including a cool one where, amidst this little "storm," the radio at Second Cup started a song about leaving family on a train, a split second before reading almost exactly that randomly in the 'Operation Mincemeat' book -- not quite perfectly synchronistic in timing, being maybe 3-4 seconds apart (unlike the one-word ones happening in the "background"), but very precise, and 100% objective, since I had no control over neither the radio at Second Cup nor the occurrence of the train/family mention in the book. Really notable and really surreal.

Also, had a fun little spurt of those conspicuous-license-plate-number-type synchros just after lunch, when I crossed the street and saw on a passing car a 7733 license plate, and then, immediately afterward on the way to my car, a second car backed out in front of me, it too with a 7733 license plate (or some variant, can't remember). It was so notable because (a) it came amidst something of a "pause" of the numbers today, with my having seen only a couple so far at that point in the day, and not very conspicuously at that, and (b) they were, again, in that patternistic, striking "one-two" "wham-bam" manner, as to make a surreal impression.


Departure from yesterday, few incidents at all today, even subtles/numbers. Instead, just had two standout radio-type synchros: first, hearing "neighbor" on the radio precisely as I was reading "NABER" on the car in front of me (and, pronounced this in my mind, "neighbor" -- so perhaps that's what was being echoed here, my thought rather than any sort of "neighbor" archetype? or both maybe?), and then, second, my raising my hand to wave randomly at someone at roadside while I passed, precisely as "hands held high" sang from the radio. Both were perfectly synchronistic and again highly notable and cool.


A noticeable uptick in overall activity today, this again seeming to correspond with an improvement in health/energy/"mobility," etc. Had several reading/thought/radio-type synchros, but of a different flavor than those "smallish" striking-type ones I've been having for a while now, instead being a little more coherent and "complex"/rich, in a way hard to describe but definitely different. For example: while randomly browsing the phone cards at Target, had a spattering of thought/reading synchros correspond with commercials playing on the display TVs nearby, first when I read "features" on a Tracphone brochure, perfectly synchronistic with "features" sounding from the TV -- and, to make it even more notable, the TV's "features" was also in regards to Tracphone, with it playing a Tracphone TV commerical at the time (when this was not the TV's display purpose; instead, it was just playing regular TV from what I could tell, and my seeing the Tracphone brochure and the commercial playing Just Happened to overlap, and then develop a double-feature-type dimension when my reading "features" overlapped with the commercial's "features" -- damn surreal). And then, a split second afterward, as I read "benefits" on another phone brochure, the TV said "benefits," exactly the same as before, perfectly synchronistic (except this "benefits" was just on some random commercial, not for the same phone plan, etc, like the first, which kind of adds to the notability since it demonstrates the randomness of it). These two were surreal in themselves, but came back-to-back, themselves perfectly synchronistic, as to be just hugely surreal, to that rare living-dream level. Wow. Had several other of these throughout the day, though not quite as notable and striking as that little cluster in Target.

Also, more numbers today, lots of 137s and 73s/37s, etc, and many of them on conspicuous license plates (my Just Happening to park behind one, or see one in my rearview when looking to back up, etc). A standout in this regard was on the way home when I tried to turn into a lane and the car in it just wouldn't slow down and let me in, and in a highly conspicous way that made me take notice especially, with the car just drifting slowly and slowly forward as if I weren't there with my blinker on the whole time -- and then, when the car finally did pass me, it revealed a 7331-ending license plate. Haha. So notable and patternistic and funny.


Had several subtler thought/reading synchros today, along with some reasonably conspicuous 73/1137 license plates and the like. The best standout I can think of was on the way home when I had a long chain of thought end about how I was, free from Walmart, thinking more clearly and seeing more possibility in things/people -- precisely as "seeing all possibilities" sang from the radio. Many like that throughout the day, with more and less notability, etc.


Had a really cool and funny one this morning, as well as being pretty unique. Started when I woke up today in an odd, blunted funk, feeling curiously detached from everything and I don't know why, but whatever it was, I had the feeling that I could've watched something bad happen without being affected, etc, since I was just so detached and altered. Then, at lunch, I read in the 'Mincemeat' book about a WWII soldier who lay down in a trench and sipped a cup of tea and just generally relaxed as bombs fell and such, and I had the thought, "That's basically me right now," in regards to how I felt -- this also part of just a bigger/subtler/personal recurrence of the detachment plus all kinds of other parallels with the soldier's description, as to make me think again, "That's basically me right now." This all corresponded with me sipping my coffee while eating outside Starbucks, and I had the thought that it all felt so synchronistic/recurrent, etc, and only if I'd been sipping a cup of tea instead of the coffee, it would've made it notable. Then, maybe two minutes later, I realized something: the iced coffee I was sipping was in a "Teavana" cup, which I've noticed they put iced coffee in at Starbucks, not having a separate cup I guess. And then, when I noticed this, there was "cup of tea" printed directly below it, turned at just such an angle that I saw only those words -- which was the exact wording of the soldier in the book, his sipping a "cup of tea," and also my thought of how, if only I'd been sipping a "cup of tea" then it would've made the incident coherent enough to be logged, etc. And so there it was. Damn cool.


Day was characterized by another of those mostly day-long clusters that were just so repetitive, so profound, but also so personal and subjective and subtle, it all just bled together into another of those surreal, living-dream-type states. The coolest was that a lot of the incidents hinged on what I read, which was both totally random and Compelled, first the three-week-old newspaper that I was Compelled to fetch out of the recycling bin the other day (and sit on for days before reading this morning), and the 'Concertina' book that I started reading today, also Compelled, from a selection of once again over a dozen possible books. So many reading-related synchros between these, mostly numbers (again 73/1137 predominantly, and just so damn many individual repeats and all conspicuous to varying levels, probably over two dozen just through morning and lunch alone) along with a bunch of those subtle-yet-"striking" little thought/reading/radio synchros. One example: my thinking about the extra-spicy cucumber dish I was eating, and then the very next sentence when I resumed reading the 'Concertina' book was, "Why do I like extremely spicy food?" So many like that, and all so precise and perfectly synchronistically timed or close to it, just utterly surreal.


Day was marked by more of those smallish-"striking" thought/reading synchros, though not as many as yesterday, nor as complex and coherent -- though still quite present. Seeing the emergence of a newish kind over the last few days, even smaller and more striking but often easily written off as coincidence if it weren't for there being so many and seeing them so patternistically. A lot of them are instant or near-instant basic recurrences, such as my randomly thinking of Virginia yesterday in a parking lot, a split-second before I walked past a Virginia license plate and then passed a second car with a "Virginia is for Lovers" bumper sticker (when its tag wasn't from Virginia); or, today, my thinking of "K" a split second before I turned into traffic on Grissom and directly behind a car with a Kiwanis symbol on their license plate, a circled K -- a bunch like those scattered through the day, over a dozen or so. Plus had a reasonable amount of conspicuous numbers, including a cool receipt-type one at Starbucks at lunch, when I felt Compelled to get my receipt for the second coffee even though I didn't need it, and equally Compelled to look at it, only to find that my check number was 713171 and the timestamp exactly 1:11 (when the most prominent repeats of the last few days have been 1137 and 17/117 and their variants, along with a conspicuous rash of 11:11s and 1:11s).


General uptick today, corresponding with increased health/energy, and a generally different "flavor." Still having lots of those subtles/"striking"-types, but of a variation today: more of those "fuzzy" highly indirect-yet-direct types, of which I've experienced some in the past, most of them perfectly synchronistic and highly precise-yet-imprecise, etc. Examples: passing a sign reading "cottages," and Noticing this very distinctly, perfectly synchronistic with "rhymes with wattages" on the radio; and, similarly, when I was in the bathroom at the gas station and someone tried to open the door and I thought "wait your turn," my eyes fell over "zurn" on the toilet's flush head, except that the light obscured the "z" and my initial impression was "turn" instead of "zurn" -- both of these and others again potentially coincidental/nothing at all, except for the perfectly synchronistic timing and their distinct pattern, with the sheer number of them establishing the pattern (as well as those in the past). Really cool, and funny. Another one in this vein, yet a little more coherent and precise: precisely as I Noticed a sign alongside the road reading "A A," a truck turned in front of me, with "A A" on its mudflaps.

Also, a little cluster of reading-type incidents at lunch, as has been patternistic before. Examples: having more of those long, indepedently, 100% objective chains of thought end on the iPhone I was on my way to pick up from the PO, and then of the lady in the coffee shop and how she might sit on a computer playing online RPGs in the back when no one's around (totally random and bizarre, that one), a split second before I read "mobile phone" and "computer games," respectively. Maybe five or six like that within the space of an hour, in that patternistic fashion. So cool.

And then, to top it all off, had a lot of conspicuous license plate 37s today, plus another of those wrong-number-call-type ones, this time a random text from a wrong number which arrived at exactly 1:37 PM. Haha.

And then ... just before bed, got another totally random text, after setting up phone -- and it was from #317-68. Haha.

And then ... when I got up later on to do late-night chores, etc, and sat down at the computer, it ended up at exactly 1:37 (when I'd delayed it a couple times with a little nap after I first woke up). More hahas.


Today was like yesterday in "flavor" but overall a downturn in total events. Still with some conspicuous 37 license plates, etc, and some of those "striking" littleish incidents, but other than that, noticeably quieter (again corresponding with nightmarish headsickness/low energy, etc). Did have one coherent standout in the form of a classical book-synchro series of recurrences between the 'Concertina' book and the 'Hillsides of India' book (again Compelled to start reading it immediately after, after having it for months and months and having a dozen other books to choose from), along with more of those vague parallels between these two and just stuff in general, in that subtle/personal way that's just too hard to convey in text. Example: the very end of the Concertina book mentioned rhododendron and stinging nettles, the first I'd seen these mentioned anywhere in a while (and I Noticed them somewhat), and then, within the first few pages of the 'Hillsides' book, it mentioned those two things specifically, plus probably a dozen or so other smallish ones that would've gone entirely unnoticed if not for their volume and their past precedent of pattern, etc.

Also, had another of those litter-receipt synchros, where I was Compelled to return a cart to Walmart (despite rain and traffic and such), and then equally Compelled to take a couple receipts out of it and throw them away and of course look at them -- only to find yet more 37s scribbled over the one I looked at. Haha.


Day started out with a couple cool standout radio/thought synchros on the way to lunch, back to back. First, right after I'd had a long chain of thought that ended with needing to brush off the tree limbs that feel on the roof of the shed last night, the song on the radio sang out "brush," perfectly synchronistic. And then, a couple seconds later when I'd just finished thinking of how I did in fact spin this morning, the same song said "spinning around." It bears mentioning that I'd just turned the radio to this song seconds before, feeling Compelled (and, despite the radio station I was on before announcing an upcoming song I wanted to hear, as it patternistic of these Compellings, acting illogically etc). Also, had a spattering/cluster of those minor, individually unnoteworthy reading synchros at lunch (example: reading "I want to stop" in the book, precisely before the overhead radio sang out "stop," as to echo what I was thinking/reading in that perfectly synchronistic fashion), including a vague kind of recurrence when, all through the part of the 'Road' book that I read today, it mentioned several times "falling dead tree limbs" and/or dead trees, etc -- when, just last night the dead, rotted tree limb had fallen on the shed. Not hugely precise, but timing was reasonably there, and patternistic, etc.


Today was a little different, with just a bunch of those little "striking" one-word/thought/reading/sign synchros throughout the day, along with a bunch of those vague/subtle/personal parallels and recurrences that are impossible to convey. Only real standout example was while at Office Depot my eyes fell on "stronger" on a Velcro package precisely as "strong" came over the radio. Maybe a couple dozen like that throughout the morning and afternoon, again oddly surreal.


An odd day, with almost zero incidents, even subtles/personals, etc. Then, this afternoon, had one really cool and conspicuous 37 repeat: on the way home, a motorcycle passed and I thought it had a 37 ?license plate, but when I got a good look at it, I saw that it didn't -- then, just afterward, a second bike passed into view, directly into my line of sight such that I was staring right at its license plate, which was 37173. So notable, both in the perfectly synchronistic timing of my thinking "that's not a 37" in regards to the first plate, then having it immediately "answered" with the second, and directly in my line of sight, as is patternistic of some of these, and also in that the second bike was totally out of view before this, such that I couldn't possibly have seen its license plate even subconsciously in my peripheral vision. Really neat and notable.


A noticeable uptick in incidents today, mostly numbers (tons of 37 license plates suddenly, many of them conspicuous, such as my getting behind one car with a 7135 plate and Noticing it, and then, minutes later, getting behind a second with a 7135 plate, along with the usual conspicuous cut-ins and the like). Not many thought/reading synchros, oddly. Did have one standout, involving the Mustang car. Started at Walmart this afternoon when a Mustang pulled up next to me after parking and I Noticed it distinctly, in that special way that suggested it would somehow be involved in a synchro soon. Next, a little bit later, I had to turn around in a car lot and the lone car there was an old Mustang and I felt Compelled to go ask about the price. Then, finally, on the way home, I was listening to some random radio station and it mentioned how a man with terminal cancer wanted a brand new Mustang before he died, and apparently a dealer obliged and he got a "brand new Mustang convertible" for free -- this came on precisely as I passed a brand new Mustang convertible on a lot, perfectly synchronistic (also coinciding with my thinking about the day's Mustang theme from earlier, right as the radio announcement came on). Pretty notable in itself, just from the timing and precision and pattern, but doubly so in light of the day's earlier little Mustang Noticings and Compellings.


A general downturn yesterday and today, though did have a regular procession of numbers, almost exclusively 37s (including a bunch while pushing the empathic revolution book, as is patternistic of when I go to publish, almost without exception). Did have a cool and classical book-synchro recurrence: the Cappaducia caves, mentioned first in the 'Off the Map' book that I read a couple days ago, and then today in the 'Burglar's Guide to the City' book, started sequentially after -- and, once again as is the pattern, with me learning of these caves for the first time ever in the first book, then the second time ever in the second, in a highly notable timeframe (less than two days), and both books bought and read totally randomly and based on Compellings, as well as being of totally different subject matter/outward appearance/etc (in this case, a travel book about weird and interesting places around the world, of which the Cappaducia caves were one, and the other book being about how architecture can inspire burglary in certain ways).


Pretty big uptick in activity across the board today. Numbers: many many many conspicuous license plates and the like, again to the point that they were seeking me out, including an exactly $1.73 gas bill when I filled up my scooter, again just setting the pump to auto and having it Just Happen to hit that exact figure, after all those others today .... And then: tons and tons of those smallish-but-"striking" one-word thought/reading/sign/radio-type synchros, probably the most ever, with a near-steady stream of them all day, beyond the point of waking-dream/surreal, etc, so many of my thoughts and feelings being echoed externally to various degrees. Biggest standout was in Walmart when, precisely as I at last found the "BEWARE OF DOG" signs and found them all to be gone, making me think "all gone," the radio sang out "all out," in that ridiculously perfectly synchronistic way. Also along these lines: when I walked out into the Walmart parking lot, there was a group of people standing around a motorcycle and looking at it conspicuously, which made me look at the motorcycle too of course, and then, a split second later when I'd passed the group and rounded a parked car, revealing the back and bumper stickers of a second parked car, my eyes fell directly on a "WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLES" sticker, all of this occuring within the space of a second or two, again in that eerily perfectly synchronistic fashion, just left my head spinning -- and there were just so damn many of these today, not all so vivid and coherent and notable, but again reaching that point where the pattern/"feel"/"flavor" of them all just got so pronounced that it was impossible to ignore them. Wow ...

Also, a classical recurrence/book synchro: this morning, I'd for the first time encountered an address that didn't have Google Street View accessibility, as to learn that some places actually don't have it -- and then, just a couple hours later in the 'Burglar's Guide' book, it mentioned how some places don't have Google Street Views. And, likewise, when I'd seen the address that didn't have the street view, I'd thought, "I wonder why that would be" -- and, as it were, the book explained just why it could've been, as to lend an "ask and ye shall receive"/"question and answer" aspect to it. Cool.


Much like yesterday overall, still with that same general onslaught of newish striking-type thought/reading/radio-type incidents, along with a good number of number-repeats too (still predominantly 37, and included another of those Compelled-litter-pick-up types, where I was distinctly Compelled to pick up a piece of paper that ended up having two phone numbers with the prefix 773 -- which was cool, because I was familiar with this prefix, but only because it's common up in Boone, not here in SC, where I don't know if I've ever seen it at all). Still having a dizzying amount of sheer incidents, and all are pretty notable in themselves really, I just can't remember them all. One example I can remember: seeing a stop sign and Noticing it distinctly, a split second before the radio sang "stop," etc. Again had to be no less than a couple dozen of these spread out within a few hours this afternoon, along with a distinct "cluster" just after leaving the house for lunch, as seems to be a pattern I've noticed regularly.

Also, a classical recurrence, again in the 'Burglar' book. Just yesterday I'd read a part about a lockpicking club and a general introduction to people who break into safes and the like just to figure them out, which was the first I'd learned that there were organized groups of such normal everyday folks rather than outright crooks -- and then, today, at the extremely long and complicated and "chance"-ridden adventure to get the mini fridge, I was browsing the man's shop while the fridge cooled down, and there in the back, I Just Happened to come across a fire safe and when the man saw me open it and close it, he told me how he'd found the safe without a key and busted it open "just to figure out how it works" -- precisely what I'd been reading about yesterday, in almost the exact terminology, etc. Again patternistic: first time I'd heard of it, then encountered it for the second time in a notable timeframe, and then with the added notability from the sheer chanceness/ridiculously complex course of events that saw me to this man's shop (first five thrift stores, when I wasn't even planning on going out looking for a fridge today, and then, at the last, when I asked the lady at the counter if they had any fridges and she said no, this man, who'd just finished checking out, overhears me and says he has some for sale, just next door, in a store that wasn't even open until he took me inside, a store that he hadn't even organized into a proper storefront -- a newspaper publishing place of all places, not even a thrift store or appliance dealer, etc, and the guy even gave it to me for $50. Wow).

And then, just before bedtime when I sat down to read, a really cool little near-instantaneous thought/reading synchro, made more notable not just because of its unlikeliness/patternistic quality but because it's just so true and heartfelt. When I started reading the 'Proof of Heaven' book, the title page had a handwritten commentorative note on it, saying "Dear so and so, thought you might like this book," but it was written messily and I had a hard time reading it, such that it kind of skewed my perception in a weird way and forced me to decipher the text backward, starting with "might like this" or whatever the last few words were (which was the first part I successfully read) and then go backwards, inferring what the rest of it probably said and thus deciphering it from there -- all in all, culminating in this cool and interesting little perceptual lesson where I was given an exercise is seeing what was actually written, rather than what I just inferred was there from what I could read, with my "seeing" what I thought should be there, rather than what actually was, etc. Then, after I successfully deciphered the note and then flipped to the first page of the book, the first thing I read was an epigraph, a quote from Einstein as it were: "A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be" -- exactly what I'd just taken away from the lesson, and was still thinking in so many words, just maybe five seconds earlier. Damn cool.


Again still in that same groove from the last couple days, with a daylong stream of those small-yet-striking thought/reading/radio-types, and still with lots of conspicuous number-repeats (still 37s, still primarily from conspicuous license plates coming from every direction and in ways that almost 100% of the time couldn't have possibly been selective perception/subconscious bias, etc). One thing I'm noticing is a lot of just "general activity"-type incidents, where I'll think of something and it was just happen, perfectly synchronistic in timing, where my inner thoughts/reality seem to "intersect" or merge with outer/external reality. Example: that "stop" sign/radio one from yesterday, and today my thinking "Shouldn't my refrigerator be popping on right about now?" a split second before it did -- again things that aren't too precise or otherwise notable but are just precise enough, and perfectly timed, and so numerous and consistent in behavior that a pattern emerges. A lot of these over the last few days, though I can't remember any other specific examples.

Some standouts of the day:

*A cool one at the gym, where I found a watch on the seat of the machine I was to use, and its readout was 3:36. Naturally, I had the thought "I wonder how many seconds until it strikes 3:37?" -- when, precisely as this crossed my mind, the song I was listening to said "seconds." Once again, that old thought/radio synchro pattern: two totally independent and objective events/thoughts coinciding in perfectly synchronistic fashion, impossible to orchestrate, etc

*Having a long chain of thought end on iced coffee, precisely as "my coffee is cold" sang from the radio, haha

*Thinking "I've been waiting a long time" while waiting for traffic to pass while trying to turn, precisely as "waiting such a long time" sang from the radio

*Just as I was pulling from the car wash and thinking of how I had run out of time like two seconds too soon to get one last squirt of the rinser water, "out of time" sang from the radio

*Another of those cute little funny, "intelligent" ones, with a "q-n-a"-type overtone. This time I was stopped behind a car with a license plate that started with "3F7" prominently, and I thought, "Well, shouldn't that have been a 37?" and then, a split second after, I noticed that the expiration sticker in the corner was 3-17, again in patternistic "eyes falling on it immediately after thinking it" fashion.


A bit of a downturn in overall incidents today, but still a few, and still in that exact same "flavor" of the last couple days. The best standout was when I was the leather shop for the bag, and right as I came to the case with all the leather lingerie and fetish gear and such, and realized what it was after a second, bringing up vague thoughts of "sex" and the like -- right then, perfectly synchronistic, "time to have sex" came over the in-house radio. Haha. And, similarly, a split second after I noticed a sheriff's SUV alongside my car and thought "police," "the cops" sounded from the radio (at first I thought this might've just been subconscious suggestion/awareness, except that I distinctly remember thinking this *before* "the cops" came down the radio -- just a split second before, literally less than a second, as to strike it perfectly synchronistic, but I definitely noticed it before, thereby ruling out anything beyond just dumb, highly unlikely change, despite it fitting the pattern, "flavor" of the dozen or so others of the day, etc ...). Also, a more minor one: hearing "closed" on the radio precisely as I came upon a "right lane closed ahead" sign.

Also, another cool little reading/book synchro, with some q-n-a overtones. Two days ago in the last part of the 'Burglar's Guide' book, it used the word "Heisenburgian," and I wondered what it referred to, it being the first I'd seen the adjective (I could tell it referred to a person but beyond that I had no idea who Heisenburg was). Then, today in the 'Proof of Heaven' book I'd started immediately afterward -- again totally randomly, from a choice of a dozen books, etc, etc -- it mentioned a physicist named Heisenburg, who apparently worked on quantum physics, which not only was a classical recurrence/book synchro, but would explain the context/usage of the "Heisenburgian" I'd read and wondered absently about, in classical q-n-a fashion.


Still in that same general groove of the last few days, but even lesser overall incidents today, not corresponding with anything that I've noticed. Day started with a cute little thought/reading synchro: when I saw the sun shining in the window and went to move some foods out of the way on the counter, the bag of camu powder at the forefront read "" in big letters, directly facing me and in my line-of-sight -- possibly coincidence, but it had that perfectly synchronistic/"thoughts echoed in external reality"-type of a feel/pattern to it. Another cool thought/reading standout at lunch: hearing a deep thudding bass line from a passing car on the nearby road, about two seconds before I read "thumping bass" in the 'Long Way Down' book (this one was, oddly, *not* perfectly synchronous, with a slight delay between my first hearing the bass and then reading the passage, though it still had that same basic feel to it). Probably only six or seven others throughout the rest fo the day, some very minor and again easily dismissed if not for their patternistic element. Less numbers today too, though I did have a super-cute one while in the Bi-Lo parking lot, when I thought of how few numbers I'd seen today -- precisely as a car came into view with a 3773 license plate (or some four-digit 37 variant). Haha.

And now, another super-cute little addendum to the "thumping bass" incident: when I went to tweet about it, there was a picture of a bass player on the homepage -- maybe nothing, but it certainly had that "feel" of it echoing the "bass" archetype, with the picture loading precisely as I thought "I'm going to tweet about the bass synchro."


Even fewer incidents today, at times none, lowest activity in a while overall. Did have some more of those "cute" conspicuous-LP-type 37s, such as when I got to the Anytime in Matthews and, first, passed a 37 license plate upon going in, and then, when I had to go right out and back in because I'd forgotten something in the van, in the few minutes meantime another car had pulled up at this entrance, this one with a 3711 LP, and then, this morning when leaving, I waited on a car to pass before I pulled out, even though it was over-conservative and the guy was going visibly slowly -- and, of course, he ended up having a 37 LP when I pulled up behind him.


Had an uptick in overall incidents over yesterday's dearth, including more of those "striking"-type highly "recurrent"-type of thought/reading/sign/radio incidents I've been having. Example: a split second before my mom randomly said "lion," my eyes had fallen on a little statue of a lion. Many like that, probably a dozen or so so far today. And then, a cool, albeit not hugely precise, one throughout lunch, a reading/book-type in which the 'Long Way Down' book suddenly mentioned Starbucks several times in the part I was reading, when I'd Just Happened to have been at Starbucks eating at the time, for the first time in a week, since I tried going off all the fluoridated water and stuff from coffee shops experimentally. It wasn't really notable then, though the first mention was within the first couple pages of the book I'd been reading then (when it hadn't mentioned Starbucks in it previously), but then as I read more and more, there were more of those "vague parallels" and such, including a precise-ish hit where a guy randomly nearby said "I'm standing at Starbucks" about two seconds before I read "at Starbucks," and a couple similar, minor little ones -- but all culminating eventually in something reasonably notable, when taken together.

Coolest happened this evening, a hugely significant one that I don't think I've ever quite experienced before, combining several times into one big meta-incident. It started in Earthfare, when my eyes randomly fell on a bottle of baby oil -- a split second before some random stranger nearby sang out "baby," just this person singing a random snatch of song with the word in it, and Just Happening to coincide perfectly with my seeing the bottle of oil. And then, a split second later, "baby" sounded equally randomly over the radio. And then, a minute or so later as I was on my way to check out and then began analyzing what had just happened, the way I do -- just as I thought "baby synchronicity," "baby" sounded again randomly on the radio, this time from a totally different song. And then, a few minutes later still, now out in the car, when I thought of it all again and I decided to tweet about it -- "babies" sounded from the CD player, equally randomly and perfectly synchronistically. Wow.

Also, pretty cool classical thought/music one at the gym, when right after I Noticed how I was swinging my hips while doing the abs raise, the song on the in-house radio sang out "swinging her hips."


General uptick again, along with just some standout cool/interesting/unique ones. First was early this morning, another of those alarm-type ones, this one extremely explicit and precise though, in that I woke up randomly early this morning, for no real reason, after lying there and dozing for I don't know how long -- and precisely as I got up, my watch's alarm went off, after my having apparently mistakenly set it somehow, my waking up and the alarm coinciding perfectly (though, I can distinctly and 100% say that I woke up just *before* the alarm went off, once again as to completely rule out subconscious suggestion/some split-second distortion where I just thought it was before but was subconsciously triggered by it happening then, etc, etc -- and, I can equally say 100% that I did not just mistakenly set the alarm, etc). Was nothing less than a living dream/utterly surreal moment, coming in the twilight of early morning no less.

Then the day was equally active and surreal, still with that same "flavor" of perfectly synchronous/precise and/or close to it incidents, at times coming in those living-dream-type clusters. Some standouts: had another of those color-type instant recurrences, like with Zaxby sign and the car rims that time, this time again with the color blue (a very similar and striking shade of it even), now when I saw a dog's collar with this distinctive, unique shade of blue and Noticed it, a split second before a car of the exact same shade pulled up randomly into the parking lot, completely unconnected to the dog and its collar/owner, etc, yet perfectly synchronistic with my Noticing the dog's collar's color. Plus a bunch of those little smallish random-yet-profound "instantaneous"-type thought ones, such as ... I can't even describe them, just too complicated, but had tons of them, including a big, surreal cluster of them after lunch as seems to happen, my thoughts and feelings and reactions all just echoing perfectly and explicitly within external reality, one after another at times. So many numbers today too, and almost all of them conspicuous and "cute," such as at Goodwill, when I said to round my $6.13 total up to $7.00, and as I watched the register's screen it briefly flashed "$7.13" before going back down to the rounded-up $7.00. Or, equally crazy, I felt Compelled to mess around with the van's in-dash display while waiting for the bill of sale for the car, and the trip's odometer was exactly 173.1 miles when I checked it, along with the phone's time being 3:07 and then 3:17 when I randomly checked them for the bill of sale, etc -- no less than a dozen like that today, including many many license plates. It's all just spinning my head. Definitely moving up a notch even over the most living-dream of days previously. Just can't keep track anymore.


Lots and lots of those same incidents over these last few days, still in that same basic groove of "clusters" of the striking-yet-smallish thought/radio/reading-type synchros and lots of numbers, still predominantly 37 and still predominantly on license plates. Had some standouts written down but I've actually forgotten them, between all the traveling and sickness and just sheer number of incidents, etc.


Still in that same basic "groove" of lately, though not many overall incidents. Did have another of those cute little 37-variant repeats at the gas pump, when I again was Compelled to pull into a certain pump, illogically and inconveniently (had to sneak around another car to do it, delicately), only to find that the last gas pumped was 7.113 gallons. Also, an example of the scattered "striking"-type thought/radio/reading synchros of the day: precisely as "moving on" sang from the radio, I passed a sign reading "MOVING?" at the very top, perfectly synchronistic -- however, the coolest part came from the fact that the sign was invisible until precisely as "moving" sang from the radio, emerging from behind a parked car as I passed, as to lend an "animated" dimension to it, as has become patternistic of these. I laughed.


A little different today than lately (again seeming to correspond with changes in health/energy/thinking/perceptions, etc). Fewer overall incidents, with less thought/reading/radio-types and more numbers (lots of conspicuous license plates mostly, still). A cool reading-type standout was this evening when reading the 'Report from Ground Zero' book. Precisely as I noticed that that terrible pressure in my chest subsided somewhat, I read "the pressure slowed down a little" in the book -- not hugely precise, but precise enough to be notable, and with very notable timing. I had the thought that it might be subconscious perception/reading-ahead, since this passage was visible to me before I noticed the change in my chest pressure; however, this is highly unlikely, if only because of the fact that that pressure so rarely lessens at all (this is the first it's done so in ... weeks? months?), and it Just Happened to do it then, precisely as I read a reasonably-precise passage in that book (the first it mentioned anything about pressure, as it were). Also, cool classical thought-type one this afternoon, when precisely as I thought about going to Gold's Gym, a car rounded a bend and revealed its Gold's Gym bumper sticker -- though only a split second *after* the thought, distinctly. And also, the bumper sticker (and the car itself, actually) had been totally invisible to me before it rounded that bend. And then, later on, another of those weird and cute little "seeing that same car again and again within a short space of time"-type ones, this time with a van that had a distinctive "Minster 34" bumper sticker on it, when I first saw it on the way to the post office, and then when I was *leaving* the post office (I hadn't followed it into the post office earlier, so the van had apparently gone elsewhere, then Just Happened to be stopped at the same intersection as me when I was exiting the post office) -- mildly notable at this point, but then, about two hours later, after I'd gone all the way to Shallotte and back, miles and miles away and when I hadn't even planned on it due to all kinds of totally random and unexpected developments in my day, I encountered the same van again.


Day was mostly silent but for a sudden cluster of reading synchros at lunch, in patternistic fashion, though even this didn't last long. Had several standout examples of this, all involving the 'Ground Zero' book and all pretty notable despite their sudden ceasing later on (again corresponding with a general downturn in health, etc). First two were pretty cool, and back-to-back for the most part: a few minutes after a conspicuously overweight man had appeared behind me and we exchanged hellos, I'd suddenly thought of him again, coming at the end of a long chain of thought as usual -- and then, the next line I read was "his big frame." Then, a few second later, as that same man answered his phone behind me (or it might've just been him switching to someone he'd had on hold), I read "he took a call." And then, a few minutes later, precisely as I both noticed and Noticed a golf cart turning around conspicuously nearby (on the busy-ish sidewalk at Publix, pretty arrogant and dangerous of the driver), I read "turned the vehicle around."


Another of those huge upticks in overall incidents, again corresponding with departure on travel. Had quite a few throughout the 8th, including another of those "cute" 137 license plate ones, where I was Compelled to wait for a car to pass at Walmart and to turn behind it, despite it taking me illogically the wrong way, etc, only to find it to have a 137 plate -- a bunch of those. Today, however, had an absolute explosion of numbers and thought/reading/radio-types, much like that when I went to NYC but even stronger and more intense. Had no less than a couple dozen thought-type ones, and each were incredibly explicit and notable, as to be worth of an entry if not a blog post in themselves -- a new high/order/level, as if something happened, some sort of explicit/distinct change ("border crossing"? "crossroads?"). Significant, anyway. I'd give examples, but again was just too damn many. Did have a cool standout receipt-type one that I remember, at Starbucks, when the cashier didn't give me my receipt and so I pulled it off myself, only to find that the last customer's was on there, and that it had several 73s on it conspicuously (this after that huge cluster throughout the morning, with at least a couple dozen conspicuous numbers and all more or less as notable and intelligently funny as this one, amazingly). Wow. Just wow wowo wowowowow.

Footnote update on that Starbucks receipt: just checked my first receipt (the one with the other customer's was the second of my lunch stop), and my check number on it was exactly 73001 ...

Also, another animal-symbolism-type one, much like the duck series from a while ago. The morning of the 8th, suddenly saw a cat and kittens at the rental house property, emerging from under the shed there it seemed (had been hearing some caterwauling the last couple nights, and I guess that was the source). Then, that evening when parked at the random Anytime Fitness to camp out a hundred or some miles away, my attention was suddenly drawn out the window (no idea what drew it) and I saw a cat running under my car just then -- and it looked exactly like that at the house, a smallish calico female of almost the exact same coloring and markings and also with heavy teets. Could've been the same cat, so notable in that regard, but also notable in timing and patternistic quality as well as just the "feel"/significance of it. So cool.


Still having the same basic types of synchros lately, the striking thought/reading/radio-types of that "flavor" I've been having since leaving for the crosscountry trip and having that newish kind of headsickness, along with the same old run of conspicuous 37s and variants, including another of those gas-pump ones where I was Compelled to a random pump, only to find it with 37.17 run up on the previous bill (except this time with a twist: precisely after I saw it, a car started backing up in front of me, its 337 license plate coming directly into my LoS). Still having just lots and lots of incidents in general, though variably at different times, and with variable intensity and such but still in the same general groove. Again: just so damn many that my head is left spinning and I just can't record them all, for all their notability. This has been one hell of a trip, in every sense.

Some standouts I wrote down:

>Classical recurrence when, after being Compelled, I listened to this Ugly Kid Joe CD for the second time or so, and Noticed a certain song on it, and then, maybe a half hour later, I tuned to a random radio station and there was that song, the first I'd ever heard it on the radio, and just after my Noticing it in that special way, etc -- classical pattern

>While at a rest stop just at the Texas panhandle when the geography changed, "grab a backpack" sang from the radio, precisely as a woman came up alongside my car, forcing me to stop backing up -- and, as she turned to enter her car, she flashed the backpack on her back, as to coincide perfectly with the song lyric. Wow, so surreal.

>Really cool one where I stopped at an intersection, saw a shirt lying in the road, and then thought to pick it up, but then decided against it, not wanting to go to the trouble -- precisely as "no shirt" sang from the radio, as to echo the thought archetype of "not picking up that shirt." Again, just so surreal, and this one coming in the midst of a "storm" of like incidents if I remember right.

>Another of those "Compelled to pick up a piece litter only to find it to have several number-repeats on it"-type incidents, now when I was in a parking lot after camping in Oklahoma City. I was Compelled to pick up a folded up piece of paper sitting by the van, which turned out to be a transcript of a high-school grad from the area, with "7713 S Youngs Blvd" and zip code 73159 prominently at the top, with the student's date of birth as "11/11/1998" (when I'd actually been seeing a lot of classical 11-11's at the time ...), 


Had a couple of those same types I've been having again today, and some more numbers, but not many overall. Did have a couple damn cool standouts, however. First, a classical radio-type one, when the radio announcer made this odd comment about "twins" (regarding the weather of two days, which was identical, but overall just an odd thing to say) precisely as I came upon and Noticed a pair of motorcyclists on the exact same bikes and in exact same gear, as to look every bit twins, such that I also thought something like "twins" precisely as the radio word came on -- just hugely surreal. And then, equally notable and surreal, and just downright odd this one: I saw two license plates reading "TARZAN," a split second apart, where one car was pulling out of a parking lot precisely as the other car was passing by us both. However, this was even more notable considering the circumstances, that both of the license plates read the same odd and uncommon word but were totally different in context, because one was on a truck reading "TARZAN something or other," some sort of business called Tarzan, while the other truck just had a license plate reading TARZAN, exactly the same way but an actual license plate (from Hawaii, oddly) instead of the other truck's business-advertising vanity plate -- just both hugely unlikely and hugely surreal, perhaps in some ways the most unlikely one I've ever had.


A bit of an uptick today over last couple, and a general change, shifting from those sublte-yet-precise/striking ones into just rather a classical spatter on standout thought/reading/number/radio-types on and off through the day. Had a cool cluster of them suddenly mid-afternoon, starting when the radio sang out "coffee spoons" precisely as I passed a sign not only advertising coffee, but showing a cup with a coffee spoon in it, and then, just minutes later, a nearly identical one, now just "church" precisely as I passed a sign reading "church." And then, a little while later, a similar pair where I heard "Pratt" (name of KS town I was in) on the radio precisely as I read it on my phone (after I'd searched for "pratt anytime fitness"), and then, a split second later, "life" as I read "life." Also, a totally bizarre recurrence today: twice I saw a small car towing a second small car, the first I'd ever seen such a thing (hadn't thought it was possible beforehand); though, this one might've just simply been two connected people doing something similar, because it occurred on the same road and in the same area (then again, who knows). And then a reading one tonight, when my tongue "popped" a bite of food I was eating, precisely as I read "tonuges clucking" in the 'Thousand Suns' book.


Still having many of the same type of incidents, primarily the latest flavor of those striking reading/thought/radio-type synchros, though not that many. A pretty good number of conspicuous 37s and the like, however, including some clock-ticks and receipts. Some standouts:

>Two of those "heard a noise of the precise kind I just read of, perfectly synchrnonistically," first reading "clanking" precisely as a couple nearby strangers loaded something into a truck, producing a noise perfectly described as a clank, and the same with "whistle" from a passing car, just minutes later.

>A cool standout license-plate/thought-type combo, when I was thinking, at the end of a long and random chain of thought "4 times 4," precisely as I stopped behind a truck with "4x4" on its back, and then, when my next thought led to how you need a four-wheel-drive car in New Mexico, I pulled up a little closer and thus saw a New Mexico license plate on the car just ahead of the truck. Highly notable because, first, the NM plate was 100% definitely invisible when I'd had the thought of NM, though only a split second as such; and, second, this all occurred in IL (or KY or MO, somewhere far east of NM anyway), and as it were, that NM plate was the first I'd seen it days.

>At lunch on the 21st, another of those "nearby random stranger saying precisely what I read, perfectly synchronistically," now with "face" in the 'Thousand Splended Suns' book. This was one notable in itself, but also considering the circumstances, because I'd had a bunch of stuff that delayed me from picking up my book and starting to read -- but, when I did, it still coincided 100% perfectly with the nearby stranger saying "face." Damn surreal.

>A really cool and striking radio-type one where precisely as I looked at my phone's GPS to see where I was at on the map, the radio sang out "where you at?" Haha.


Some damn cool standouts at lunch today, again amidst a steady though subtle "background static" of lesser incidents. First, another litter-pickup-number-repeat-type one, except this one was extra surreal. As I was sitting and eating outside the Kroger in Knoxville, the breeze blew a piece of litter toward me, and I at first ignored it, but then later on it, after it had blown away, it blew back toward me again, stopping directly in front of me in a conspicuous way, and I then felt Compelled to pick it up, only to find that it was a piece of paper totally blank except for a big "3176" written in marker. Haha. Then, an equally surreal reading-type one, when right as I'd sat down at the window inside Starbucks (again Compelled to, moving inside from outside despite wanting to get some more sun and such), I saw that I'd be sitting right "beside" a couple guys who'd sat at the window on the outside, on the patio, which in turn made me think "they're going to think I'm looking at them through the window" -- and then, a split second later, the very next line in the 'Thousand Suns' book was "observing her through the window." Wow.


General increase in incidents today, including a whole bunch of conspicuous 37s, back to the point where it's just an outright whirlwind at times, coming left and right, wham-bam, one-two-three, etc. A cool one at lunch, another of those "nearby stranger echoing my book" ones, today a lady at the Hot Springs coffee shop saying "old age" precisely as I read "eight-year-olds" in the 'Sunburned Country' book -- another of those precisely imprecise ones, with the same underlying archetype of "old," etc, and again fitting that same pattern of the person being engaged in conversation with another stranger and being unable to even see my book, etc, etc. Had a cool "theme"-type run of incidents today, now involving random people I saw again and again, as patternistic of past such incidents. The most notable of which was this woman I saw at the Hot Springs coffee shop, who I chatted with off and on through lunch, and then, a couple hours later, I saw her again, fifty miles away at Asheville in a random supermarket I stopped in -- highly unlikely to begin with, but doubly so considering that I'd not planned on being either at that coffee shop in the first place, nor Asheville, nor even that supermarket. And then, similarly, a passed a man riding a bike through the mountains a grand total of four times, ending up also in Asheville, miles and miles away from where I'd first seen him, about equally as unlikely as seeing the woman. Plus a couple other people too. Also, a cool thought/music/event-type one, when "I heard you" played on the MP3 player while I was working out, precisely as a man behind me banged a super-heavy weight to the floor and made a big crash that made me look up, perfectly synchronistic of course.


Still generally increased overall incidents and many conspicuous numbers (including another of those "cute" ones, now when I was on the interstate and saw a motorcycle and decided I wanted to follow the guy a while and watch how he drove, and so I slowed down and let him pass, only to be met with a 7103 license plate). Cool thought-type one at the Asheville supplement place after lunch, when precisely as I found a bottle of the right magnesium glycinate and thought of how I take it before bed at night, the cashier across the store said to someone "you take it at night," echoing my thought perfectly and with perfectly synchronistic timing. A damn surreal and notable one of those "heard noise"-type reading synchros at lunch, when I read "slap and clatter" precisely as I heard a sound that could only be described as "slap and clatter," which turned out to be a woman pushing a shopping cart with a big water jug in it, the clatter being the carts wheels on the jagged sidewalk pavement, and the slap being the water "slapping" around in the jug as it was jostled about -- damn cool and precise, etc, and it also bears mentioning that the woman was totally out of my view when I first read/heard the "slap and clatter," only emerging into view moments later.

Then this evening, a pair of cool ones back to back, minutes apart. First, right as I went to look at this restored-looking V12 old Jaguar parked oddly in a Walgreens parking lot I was turning around in, the radio said something like "driving in an expensive luxury car is a great experience" -- in any case, echoing perfectly the archetype of "expensive luxury car," though the timing was another of those where it was only close, a second or two apart, not perfectly synchronistic (why?). And then, a little bit down the road, right as a bit of noninflammatory goodness went up my neck and distinctly into one of my front teeth the way it sometimes does, I passed a sign for a dentist's reading "Happy Tooth Dentistry." Haha.

And then, finally, one that might be coincidence but probably not, a sort of "ask and ye shall receive" one. In the Walmart parking lot while picking up trash, I remembered how I'd once found a dollar bill, and had the thought of "I'd like to find another dollar." Then, maybe thirty minutes later when I pulled into Anytime Fitness, I went to pick up another piece of trash and there found a dollar bill in the grass next to it -- another of those that's highly unlikely, and smacks of the classical recurrence-type pattern, but still could conceivably have just been coincidence. Still made me laugh.


Lesser overall incidents today, corresponding with another health/energy shift it seems. One neat little receipt-type one: bought Aiden's birthday stuff at exactly 1:11 according to the timestamp, and the total came to $111.60, when I'd again been Compelled to get several random things I hadn't even planned on (when, of course, I've been seeing more 1111's and the like the last couple days ...).


Had an unexpected little cluster this morning, coinciding with my alarm not going off and so having to break all routine and rush to JJ for Cyma (perhaps a sort of "trigger" for these incidents, with my consciousness leaving "routine mode" and so entering "the groove" or something as a result?). First, had another of those super-conspicuous 37 variants show up, and again involving a car pulling in front of me, this time a truck pulling in front of me unwisely at an intersection, only to reveal a big "7133" printed on its door as the last part of its business phone number. This one was conspicuous and notable enough, but was doubly so when it was considered just how blatant and dangerous the turn was, since I wasn't nearly far enough away for it to be safe, forcing me to slam on my brakes -- and, also, the truck was even pulling a big long trailer with machinery on it. Just notable and conspicuous and funny and cool all around. Had several subtles and such at the same time, and then a thought/event/radio-type standout when the radio sang out "open door" precisely as a guy alongside the road opened his car door and stepped from his car as I passed.


Another cool little cluster this morning, this time coinciding with my leaving for lunch. Started with another conspicuous "car pulled in front of me precisely as I passed and revealed a 7134 LP"-type one, though not as conspicuous as yesterday, just a truck that Just Happened to pulled out in front of me precisely as I was coming down the road. Far more notable was a thought/radio one soon after, when, at the end of a long chain of thought that ended with my thinking of the outfit I'd just randomly put on, which I think of as my "coastal clothes" due to the palms on the shirt and the general laid-back air of it, the radio said "coastal Carolina gear," echoing perfectly the underlying archetype of "coastal clothes," as well as being perfectly synchronistic. Also, a radio/reading-type one this afternoon, when precisely as I read "offer expires" on my cellphone, the radio said the exact same words, again perfectly synchronistic as to be just downright surreal.


A few cool ones at lunch today, reading/thought/"nearby stranger"-types. First, right as my eyes fell on the word "traffic" in the 'Sunburned Country' book, a horn beeped from the nearby street, echoing the "traffic" archetype. This I brushed off as coincidence, however -- but then, when I read that same instance of "traffic" again (this time just reading it sequentially rather than my eyes Just Happening to fall on it), a horn beeped again, exactly the same as before, haha. Then, a little more precise: right as I read "cries of delight," a random car passed with a child calling out the window, making a high, loud, cheerful noise that can only be described as a "cry of delight." Wow.


Had a general uptick in overall incidents over the last couple days, starting this morning when I had another of those "bunch of vague parallels between the book I randomly started reading and what I Just Happen to be experiencing"-type ones, this time involving the 'Seventh Angel' book I started yesterday and a bunch of random stuff that happened this morning. For instance, I had this terrible, new restlessness hit me this morning, starting when I got up and before I even started reading the book, and then in the part of the book I Just Happened to read this morning, the guy started experiencing all this intense restlessness, with descriptions that were almost exactly what I was experiencing (such as nerves feeling "on overdrive" and feeling the express need to constantly move about). That plus maybe 6-8 other, vaguer things, as to fit the classic pattern perfectly. And then at lunch, started having reading/thought-type ones involving the same book. For example: perfectly synchronistic with another long chain of thought that ended randomly on the mesquite powder I was eating for lunch, I read "a dreary light brown puddy color" in the book, which is exactly how the mesquite looks, and as it were, exactly what I'd been envisioning when I had that thought a split second before, noting expressly the mesquite's unique, "puddy-like" brown color -- maybe another 6-8 like this and of this magnitude, all perfectly synchronistic and more or less as precise and such. Again, surreal.

A whole lot of 37s today too, much more than last couple days. Many conspicuous license plates again, including on conspicuously passing cars and such, and another of those "car pulling out precisely as I entered the parking lot" ones, and I think two or three where I parked randomly in a certain Compelled-to space, only to find myself directly beside or behind a 37 plate of some conspicuous kind. Had another gas-pump one too, where I pumped precisely 9.317 gallons of gas, when I'd prepaid $25 worth, with it ticking to 9.317 right as the last penny turned over. Haha. Even had another of those double-whammy-type ones, where first I was strikingly led to look at a power pole I was stopped directly beside, finding it to have a "317" plate on it, and then, a split second afterward, a car passed with "3.7l" on its tailgate, passing directly in front of my vision, and in perfectly synchronistic fashion. Again, so surreal.


Had some of those reading-type incidents similar to yesterday but not quite, and just a general downturn in overall incidents (except for numbers; still seeing a lot of those, including the conspicuous-license plate types, including more people with 730 LPs and such randomly turning in front of me/cutting in front of me/ending up Just Happening to be where I was Compelled to park, etc, etc). Had a thought/radio one this morning, when "getting distance" sounded just as I stopped a good distance from the car in front of me, thinking precisely "need to give them lots of space," though this one wasn't precise enough not to be coincidence (timing was there, however). A really cool reading/radio one at lunch, and of a somewhat unique bent: precisely as "I'll never see you again" sang from the overhead radio at Second Cup, I read a passage in the 'Sevength Angel' book that said almost exactly that but in entirely different wording, something along the lines of "He said he would keep in touch after he got out of the mental institution, but we all know how it goes to be Out There" -- literally 100% different, but still with the underlying archetype of "won't see you again."


A general uptick in overall incidents today, and of a somewhat different "flavor," which started yesterday as it were, a lot of those little one-word "instant"/"striking"-type ones but almost always so vague as to be unnotable except for there just being so many and so perfectly timed that a pattern presents itself. For instance: "you want it" sounding from the radio precisely as I passed a big billboard reading "want it all?" (and then, a minute later, during the chorus's refrain, the exact same thing happened, with a second, identical sign). Again, probably over a dozen like that today. Lots of 37s still, and still primarily on license plates and conspicuous cars, etc, though did also have a cool receipt-type one, where it was time-stamped at exactly 3:17:00 and the "associate number" was 037080 something and then the date, 7/3/16, was printed right alongside those, plus my "New Points Balance" was 73.


Lots of those same striking/number incidents like yesterday, except with a little more "clarity" today, corresponding with improvements in health/energy, etc once again. Had some cool "normal" standouts to boot. First, one of those classical "see a car randomly and Notice it, then see it again randomly later on in a very unlikely way," except this one was way, way unlikely, it being an Infiniti that, first, was involved in a cool "double" 37 repeat when, stopped at an intersection, I saw it and its 37 insignia on the back precisely as I saw a truck right next to it with a 37 LP -- and then, hours later and after driving on the freeway and going all over the place and finally stopping off at a rest stop, I started back to the interstate and found myself behind that same car. Highly notable not only because of its Noticing/the initial 37 repeat, but also because I first saw it many, many miles away, still in the general area but just so randomly and drastically far away and after so many turns/randomness on my part. Also, a really cool unique one where precisely as the song I was listening to sang out "EEEEE-AAAA-YYY!" a car cut in front of me with a license plate that started with "EAY," this corresponding perfectly synchronistically with the song. So cool and surreal. Also, another highly unique one, that might not have been a synchronicity or really anything at all beyond just a cool coincidence. I stopped totally randomly off the highway to check for a health food store on my phone, and upon pulling off into the first available parking lot after turning off, I thought it looked familiar, deja-vu-like -- and then I realized that I had been there before, years ago when visiting Rebecca randomly in Burlington. I thought I recognized the Red Roof Inn I was stopped in front of, and as it turns out that was where I'd stayed in when meeting her here. Haha.

Also, had another of those "Compelled to pick up a random piece of litter only to fit it covered in 37s and such," this time a weird type of inspection tag with 4 37s on it. This one was even cooler and more unlikely though, because it was outside of an Anytime Fitness that I didn't even know was there, just discovered totally randomly (wasn't even on the map) and then even more randomly went into, since I just needed the bathroom and wasn't stopping there for the night, finding the Compelled-to-pick-up paper just outside the door. So funny and cool.


Still having generally lots of incidents of various times, now back to a pretty much steady "background static" of those smallish thought/reading/event/radio synchros and the like, mixed in with others -- and numbers. Tons and tons of numbers today, another of those record days, including many standouts. Most notable was at the post office this morning, when I had a four-part one, starting with a nearby stranger saying "37" precisely as I noticed the PO Box # of the address I was simultaneously writing out was "73001," and then, a few minutes later while I was thinking about this and sending off my finished piece of mail, the clerk told me the total was $3.77, perfectly synchronous with these thoughts -- and then, minutes later, the exact same thing happened, except now me thinking about these last three just as I exited the post office and encountered a 37 license plate staring right at me. Haha, wow. Then went on to have several of those "Compelled to park in some random spot where I was directly behind/in view of a blatant 37 LP," this time with two where I took wrong turns around Winston and had to stop off in random parking lots and look at the map on my phone, only to find myself directly behind first a "1073" LP and then a "373" one, neither of which I could even see when pulling up on them, with them being revealed only as I rounded other nearby cars and actually parked. So surreal.

Also, a cool and somewhat unique "nearby strangers talking"-type one at lunch. While I was reading about general music stuff and specifically how Jerry Garcia had to be taught to play music again, two people at a nearby table were undergoing a job interview where a guy was getting a job as a musical instructor as some kind, with their conversation echoing what I was reading in the book but only in vague and subtle ways, as to only really be notable when taken into account collectively, rather than those more explicit ones like before. The most explicit/synchronous it got in this regard was when the man at the table said "Nashville" precisely as I read "country and western" in the book (and, it bears mentioning, the man was referring to Nashville in the same musical context as the book). Cool and strikingly surreal, all the same.


Still having a general "background static" of smallish incidents through the day, plus lots of 37s and the like, including some really conspicuous ones. Example: while trying to get to Mt. Airy on the phone's GPS, I tapped on it randomly while picking it up, and it pinpointed an address: "373 Buck Ford Rd." Plus just so many more of those license plates/signs/receipt totals/etc indicating 37 and its variants, just so surreal. A couple cool thought/reading-type standouts, such as "on my lips" singing from the radio precisely as I put on Chapstick and thought of how cool it was on my lips (peppermint chapstick). Plus had another of those "license plate appears to say what's singing from the radio," like that "EAY"/"EEE-AAA-YYY!" one from the other day, today with the radio singing "Oooo-h!" precisely as a car with a license plate reading only "OH!" passed me. Haha. A cool and kind of unique reading-type one at lunch, when I read "garret" in a book, precisely as a nearby stranger said "Gary" -- totally different contexts/literal meanings, but perfectly precise prononunciations/phonetics. Also, a minorish book-type recurrence, starting with the last part of the 'Captain Trips' book last night when it mentioned someone named "Joachim," which I both noticed and Noticed, with it being the first I'd ever seen that name but also it Standing Out in that special way -- and then, sure enough, there it was again within the first few pages of the 'File' book that I started immediately after, just maybe 30 minutes after finishing the other book. And just like the pattern: I'd bought both of these books totally randomly (the 'File' one literally just that afternoon, in a totally random thrift store that I went to after going to a totally random store I hadn't planned on going to, then taking a wrong turn on the way out, haha).

Then just before bed, two more cool thought/reading/radio ones. First, precisely as I picked up a piece of trash and thought of how I'm the "garbage man"/have my weird garbage pick-up job, "dirty job" sang from the in-house radio in Anytime Fitness, perfectly synchronistic and precise, etc. And then, similarly when reading during dinner later, I was thinking randomly about how I didn't have illusions about something or other, a split second before reading "no illusions," and in that same context.

Also, one from this afternoon, an example of the random "background" of thought synchros, etc: precisely as "Spanish" sang from the radio, a came upon a sign along the road covered in Spanish. Etc etc. So many like this ...


Wow, again just so, so many. Some standouts: this morning, precisely as "reckless behavior" sang from the radio, a car drove up behind me erratically and began tailgating me, perfectly synchronistic, etc. A cool one at the gym, and somewhat unique, where at the gym I found an Aerosmith album on my MP3 player and thought of how I'd like to hear the "Living on the Edge" song on it, but I never did hear the song, ending my workout before it could come up -- but then, after I finished and went out to my car and put the radio on, the "Living on the Edge" song was playing. Ask and ye shall receive, haha. A really damn cool one at Dr. Kaplan's, where I was Compelled to leave a Post-It in the men's room reading "Miracles Are Real," and then, upon going into the waiting room, I was equally Compelled to pick out a random book from the little library there, and it ended up being titled "Love, Medicine, and Miracles" (when I couldn't see the title when picking it out). This "felt" synchronistic, but obviously wasn't too notable -- but then I was Compelled to read the book at a totally random page I just opened to, and it ended up being a write-up about synchronicity, the author's words exactly, something like "I for one am a believer in the Jungian idea of synchronicity" or something to that effect. Haha. And then tonight, two from Mom, one indirectly according to her, where she described to me perfectly another of those "roadside sign/thought/radio"-type incidents that had happened to her, where she passed a sign reading exactly what was singing from the radio at that precise moment -- when I'd never described to her all the nearly identical incidents I've experienced to this effect, another of those "external corroborations" with a reasonable degree of objectivity. And, second involving her, a classical thought incident, where precisely as I was randomly thinking of how it was a "perk" of my coming to Boone to be able to drive her new CR-V, she said "perk," albeit in a different context but perfectly synchronistic and perfectly literal, when I'd not said this aloud or even remotely aluded to what I was thinking, etc. Damn surreal, all.


Still lots of "background static" and a continuing onslaught of numbers, primarily 37s and variants w/a presence of 1212s and the like, plus a minority of others. A really cool and striking standout was when I turned off randomly along the highway while on the way back to the beach and saw a strip mall and thought, "That would be a good place for an Anytime Fitness" -- a split second before I got closer and saw that there was indeed an Anytime Fitness right there in that strip mall. To be fair, the sign might've been visible in my periphal vision and so subconscious suggestion is possible; in any case, the timing had that "wham-bam," patternistic precision, and the "feel" of these type of incidents anyway. Then a really cool 3-way-type of 37 repeat, where right as I passed exit 73 on the highway, an Infiniti G37 car cut in front of me, with its "G37" insignia gliding directly into my line of sight -- and then, when the car moved, it revealed a truck in another lane, with a license plate of 7337 or something of that nature, all of this coming in that distinctively surreal "1-2-3" split-second/perfectly synchronistic timing. And if I remember right, didn't this happen before, at the exact same exit maybe, three 37 variants coming all at once?


Went from having next to none this morning and early afternoon (coinciding with my getting back to the beach trailer after being on the road, as to be "garaged"?), then had a sudden and brief little onslaught of very very striking "small" thought/reading/sign/radio-type incidents, along with a little "storm" of numbers thrown in too. One awesome standout was when I was walking through the Publix parking lot and thinking randomly of getting a trailer hitch for the van, and then, a split second after, I rounded a parked car and came face-to-face with a big jacked up truck and an insignia on its undercarriage reading "Trailer Hitches and Balls" with a web link. Actually, this one is kind of a two-way/double-type because not only did it echo my thoughts of "trailer hitch," but I'd specifically been thinking of where to get one and have it put on locally instead of in Fayetteville as Uhaul's website led me to, and as it were, I went to this one's website and it was local, literally just miles from where I was, as to be a "question and answer"/"ask and ye shall receive"-type one. Wow. And then, a little bit later after getting out of the grocery store, I went to that trailer hitch website and precisely as a little box with "search" poppped up on the otherwise empty screen, "search" sang from the radio -- so damn surreally timed, this one, such that the search box on the screen "popped up" with the "search" on the radio, as to lend that visible/perceptual/sensory/"tactile" feel to it. Left my head spinning. And really, this one had an extra "dimension" to it too, since the "search" on the radio was part of the sentence, "Your search is over," and as it were, it looks like I'll be getting my trailer hitch from the place of the website I was looking at, and so my "search would be over." Wow woowo wow.

Then, just before bed, had two vague-yet-notable book/reading-type synchros, involving a random magazine I read just before bed. The magazine mentioned two things: first, that you can bulk-cook quinoa and keep it in the fridge, which is something I'd distinctly but randomly been thinking of maybe a couple hours earlier, particularly cooking up a whole box of quinoa and then refridgerating it rather than cooking it as I ate it -- not hugely notable in itself, but gained notability in light of second one. The next thing mentioned in the magazine was "peppers in adobo sauce" -- when just a few hours earlier, while at the store on the way home, I'd encountered a can of just such adobo-sauce peppers, for the first time in my life, and besides that, they'd Jumped Out at me in that special way that told me I'd be seeing them again soon, as is patternistic. Notable in itself, but even moreso considering that I'd had this magazine for days now, having randomly picked it up while traveling through some other state last week, don't even remember where, and having tried to read it several times only to keep getting interrupted, until last night when I decided, damn it, I'm going to read that magazine, even though it was late and I was tired -- when, had I read it before, it wouldn't have been so notably timed with my encountering the adobo peppers/thinking of bulk-cooking quinoa, etc, as is so patternistic of these.


Had another sudden "cluster" after lunch today, some of them very striking and profound, plus lots and lots of conspicuous 37s still. The biggest standout was when I left the UPS store with the book I'd just gotten, and had the sudden thought to unwrap the book's plastic wrapping then and there since I was right in front of a trashcan rather than clutter up the one in the van -- when, precisely as I thought this, the clerk inside the UPS store said "you didn't throw away the plastic." It was so perfectly synchronistic and perfectly precise and perfectly objective (I can distinctly trace my having the thought of "throw away plastic wrapper" to my having the book and being at the trashcan and not wanting to clutter my van's bag, rather than being subconsciously cued by the clerk's question, and they hadn't said anything about plastic up until then, etc). Utterly surreal. Also, had a little recurrence theme: cars with conspicuous 37 license plates coming at me, all sold from the "Crossroads" dealer, maybe 3-4 conspicuously coming my way in the course of my morning and lunchtime in Shallotte. Also, a pretty cool and unique "unlikely car-sighting"-type one, this time with an extra, thought-synchro-type dimension to it. It started this morning when, on the way to Shallotte, precisely as I thought about driving my motorcycle this afternoon, a woman on a conspicuous yellow Harley appeared coming the other way in traffic (itself something of a thought synchro, though only vaguely notable, due to instant timing, since it was just a theme of "motorcycle" at that point). And then, on the way home from Shallotte hours later, I not only encountered that same lady on the yellow Harley -- reasonably unlikely, in the way of these repeat-sightings, since it had been hours and all kinds of randomness since I'd first seen her -- but this one also recurred precisely as I was thinking about riding my motorcycle, and neither time could I even see the woman beforehand, again establishing objectivity, etc. Haha.


Had what might've been a hugely unlikely "repeat car-sighting"-type one this morning, when on the way to Second Cup, I passed a black sedan with a Maryland 73 LP, which I am about 95% sure was one that I passed twice on the way back down here from NC, days ago and hundreds of miles away, in a repeat-sighting that was unlikely and notable in itself but, if this was the same car (it looked the same from what I remember, same make, model, and color, and the license plate was at least very similar, and from the same state), the odds would have to be just extraordinarily low, since it was so long later and I was absolutely nowhere near NC, where I originally encountered the car (twice ...). Then again, I can't say for sure it was the same one. Had another cluster of those extremely striking and explicit reading synchros at lunch, all of them objective and precise and perfectly synchronistic in timing, though they all came in one of those great big crushes where I just can't remember them all. A good standout example was a cool 3-way thought/reading/nearby-stranger one, where, first, I saw a couple people coming toward me on the sidewalk while I had my shirt off to get sun, and I had the absent thought of whether I might offend them, being shirtless in a "shirt and shoes"-type public space -- precisely as I read "stripped" in the 'Wild West' book. And then, also perfectly synchronistic with the thought and the read word, the man that was passing me pulled off his shirt, "stripping." Haha.

Then, on the way home this afternoon, a cool radio-type one where, precisely as traffic forced me to take a right turn when I needed to go left, therefore turning me around, "won't be turned around" sang from the radio. Also, a cool 37-license-plate one, when at Kroger I was Compelled to pick up a piece of broken glass and throw it away, and when I took it to the nearest trashcan, the can was right beside a car with a "73370" license plate (which, once again, only came into view when I neared the trashcan, which was far away from the piece of glass I was Compelled to pick up).


A cute little classic-type word synchro tonight: "balneotherapy." I learned this word just this morning while looking for southern hot springs to visit, totally randomly as it were, another one of those deals where I went into a Google rabbit hole and ended up searching for springs and thus learning the word -- and then, tonight, equally randomly in a spam email I got today and was Compelled to open, it mentioned balneotherapy. Haha.


Still having little "bursts" of those really profound, albeit "small," striking-type thought/reading/event/sign-type synchros. Good example was when I watched a motorcyclist on Hill St twist conspicuously into a turn, precisely as the radio sang out "do the twist!" Also, lots and lots of 37s again, many conspicuous and on license plates still, cars turning in front of me and the like. Good example here was when I took a wrong turn when trying to get to that awkward parking lot at To Your Health, and I ended up parking in a totally random place in the next door lot, only to end up right next to a truck with a 37 LP -- plus maybe 3-4 other of those "Compelled-to-park-here" types.

And just now, so damn cool: as I was typing out the last paragraph in Anytime Fitness, I heard a car park behind me conspicuously, with it blocking the sun coming in the window and darkening me and my immediate area, drawing my attention and making me turn around -- only to find myself staring directly at a great big "7373" on the truck's trailer, a phone number, directly in my line of vision when I turned around (and the only digits of it I could see, haha). Wow, so damn surreal.

Haha, and it just doesn't stop. A minute later after the truck thing, when I'd just finished writing a note to make a blog post about it, I opened my finance spreadsheet and after accidentally hitting page down or something, I ended up on some random line in the sheet -- line #37 exactly. Wow.


Still having those little "outbursts" of those extremely profound/striking-type incidents, which seem to be developing in a certain way, as to gain extra dimensions/more complexity and such, as demonstrated by their more often involving 3 or more elements instead of just two. Good example: precisely as I looked at the darkening sky and thought "it's going to rain," I passed a sign reading "rain," and then the song on the CD player (which I'd never heard before, and had just started) sang out "rain," another of those 1-2-3 types, so damn cool. Had several like this today, albeit most of them being subtler and hard to convey. One standout: precisely as I looked at my GPS and saw that my destination was in "Tranquil Acres," the radio sang out "tranquil," both of these totally objective and random, etc, so surreal. Also, still having lots and lots of those "vague parallels" between everything in my life again, from the 'Man Who Quit Money' book to other things I've read and thought and all the random places I've been traveling, with all those little, subtle recurrences and parallels just meshing into not only a pronounced theme/string of incidents, but just another living-dream-type state. A couple examples: seeing "wild horses" everywhere, seeing melons everywhere (literally seeing them along the road and in fields and for sale, exactly as I'd read about them in the 'Man Who Quit Money' book), reading of a "bad trip" in the 'Money Book,' maybe twelve hours after overhearing a couple in the Charleston coffee shop randomly talking about "bad trips," etc etc. Wow. Head spinning again.

And throughout, still 37s everywhere, on cars and receipts and all manner of conspicuous stuff, etc, etc. Just don't stop.


A cool and very notable thought/radio one just after church: I got in the car and thought of how I wanted a drink of water, precisely before I keyed the ignition and the first words that came over the radio were "I need a drink," perfectly synchronistic and precise, etc. And then, just after lunch, a really cool, notable, unique, and newish little string of a specific type of thought synchro, all of them of a kind of "broken," "half-there" flavor. First, precisely as I both noticed and Noticed a license plate reading, simply, "1" (just the number, nothing else), "want" sang from the radio, except that the singer pronounced it with a drawn-out "wan," so that it not only sounded like "one-t," but the "one" part of it coincided perfectly synchronistically with my seeing the "1" license plate and thinking "1." And then, a few minutes later, an almost identical one: precisely as I noticed the conspicuously attractive butt of a woman crossing the road, and thought "butt," "butterfly" sang from the radio, again with the "butt" part coinciding with my thinking "butt." I found these notable personally, but didn't write it down, until just another few minutes later, when it happened a third time, establishing a pattern: precisely as I saw a license plate reading "ERGH!" next to a picture of a pirate, which made me think "Shouldn't that be 'ARGH!' instead of 'ERGH!'?" I passed a big billboard reading "fastER," with the ER in a much bigger font from the rest of the word, as to stand out, and to once again coincide perfectly with my thinking of the "ER" in the "ERGH." Wow, so damn cool.


Fewer overall incidents today, but a couple really cool and precise standouts at lunch. First, another of those reading synchros involving an involuntary bodily function corresponding perfectly synchronistically with what I read, this time "felt a strange twinge" corresponding with a "strange twinge" from my guts, I can't describe as anything else, so surreal. Also, equally notable: precisely as it started to rain while I was eating outside Starbucks, and I stayed in my place, entirely calm and unmoved while others around me picked up and went inside, I thought "I'm like the eye of a storm" -- and then, a split second later, I re-opened my book and the first words I saw, directly in my line of vision, were "the quiet eye of the family storm." Haha. With both of these, was really no question of objectivity and such, since they both hinged on entirely objective/external events beyond my control.


General downturn in overall incidents today, really only a few subtles and numbers here and there except for one standout just after lunch, a radio/thought-type one where just after I was thinking, again at the end of a long and random chain of thought about staying in the moment and being entirely present, not dwelling in past/future, etc, the radio sang out "never thinking of the future." It bears mentioning that this was another of those that was very precise, and closely timed, but not perfectly synchronistically timed, for whatever reason.

Then tonight, had a couple cool ones, and at an odd time, during dinner while reading, when I've usually "stopped" for the day. First, a cool multidimensional one, both a classical book-synchro/recurrence and a classical "q-n-a"-type, starting this afternoon when at the last part of the 'Serpent's Tooth' book, it mentioned the lawyer Alan Derschowitz, and I had the thought of "I recognize that name, but don't know exactly who he is." Then, in the 'Hope' book that I started tonight (once again: both these books purchased and read entirely randomly, and both totally different books on different subjects, one being a nonfiction account of a murder and the other a kind of dark comedy novel), within the first few pages it both mentioned Alan Derschowitz (once again following the pattern of "haven't seen that word/name/thing for months or years, then see it twice within a conspicuously short timeframe"), as well as told briefly who he is and what he's known for, thus answering my absently thought question about such, haha. Also, lots more vague parallels between everything going on, including the books I'm reading and such. Plus, a cool thought/reading synchro, also tonight at dinner: at the end of yet another long and random chain of thought, I thought about eating dinner out on the back deck, then decided not to, because it's too open and I always feel I'm being watched by the neighbors -- just before reading "he felt like he was being watched" in the book, this one again visible to me as I was having the thought earlier, but couldn't have been subconscious perception because I can so clearly and distinctly trace back the roots of my thought to something entirely different (which had started distinctly *before* that passage was visible in the book).


More of those eerily cool reading synchros at lunch at Second Cup today, most notably when I laughed out loud to something in the 'Hope' book I was reading, which made me think that I might appear sinister or crazy to the people sitting nearby -- and then, the very next line after I had that thought, was "Why was Smiling Man smiling?" Not only precise, but written in the same basic context of the narrator worrying that a random smiling/laughing person must be crazy. And, just like last night's "he felt like he was being watched," I could again trace my thoughts/feelings back to an objective event, now my reading the funny thing and laughing aloud by the other people ...

Lots and lots and lots of numbers today, from out of nowhere starting this morning or thereabouts when I went out, and still primarily 37s and on license plates, many of them conspicuous (once again: cars pulling out it front of me/passing me/recklessly doing illogical stuff that ends up revealing the plate, etc, etc). Had a couple multidimensional/2- or 3-way ones too, such as when I stopped my car and saw that the CD readout said "CD 3 Track 7," a split second before I checked my phone and saw that it was exactly 3:17, a split second before I checked my texts and saw that I'd gotten one from a number with a 773 prefix (yet again another wrong-number text, haha). Also, similarly, when I sat down at the computer at exactly 4:44, I accidentally dropped a piece of paper and picked it up, only to have my eyes fall directly on "24.44."

Also, a minor-yet-notable recurrence/q-n-a one, starting last week or so when, from out of the clear blue, I had the vague-yet-distinct thought of, "I wonder how Robin Williams got his career started," or something along those lines -- and then, a couple days later, read of the 'Mork and Mindy' show in some random book, for the first time ever, which mentioned how it launched the career of Robin Williams. And then, today, I heard on the radio of the 'Mork and Mindy' show again, for the second time ever (once again fitting the pattern of "seeing something twice in a relatively short timeframe, after never seeing it before"), which also mentioned how it launched the career of Robin Williams, etc.


Having another number storm, primarily 37s but also lots of 17/77 and the like too, along with a good number of 1212s and its variants. Really just profound, the sheer number of the repeats and their profusion, every bit an onslaught, maybe biggest yet. All seemed to correspond with my leaving for NC yesterday, again as if a "juncture" or "gate" had been reached, triggering such "symptological" incidents as in the past. Not as many thought/event/radio/reading-types, but still definitely there. One example: hearing a string of several words that ended with "-ight" on a song on the radio (something like "right," "might," etc) and they corresponded perfectly synchronistically with a car with a "TXFIGHT" license plate cutting conspicuously in front of me, and so I thought, "Well, shouldn't the song had said 'fight,' since the timing was so spot-on?" and then of course a split second later the song said "fight." Some really damn cool reading-type ones at lunch today, such as when a woman in the parking lot nearly stepped in front of a parking car upon leaving the Starbucks I was eating outside of, making her friend put a hand on her chest and stop her and say something like "watch out" -- precisely as I read "Stay back!" in the 'Dubai' book, which was precisely what the one woman did, staying back on the curb instead of stepping forward and into the parking car, just so perfectly synchronistic and surreal. And then, equally so, just a minute or two later, I heard a bang that corresponded perfectly synchronistically with my reading "a hatch banged shut" or something to that end, and I had the thought, "Well, it was the front door of a car, not a hatch" -- but then I read the rest of the sentence, which went something like "A hatch banged shut and he climbed through the front door," thus echoing my thought precisely, as well as echoing the fact that the banging had come from a person (don't know if it was a "he" or not) climbing into a truck's front door. Haha.

Another cool number standout: in the 'Layover in Dubai' book that I randomly bought and started reading today, it first mentioned a man looking at his alarm clock at exactly "3:37 AM," which was funny as another rep-eat amidst the storm but not really standoutish in itself, However, then when I sat down to read this evening at dinner, at the top of the first page I opened it mentioned that the men were going to floor number "137." Haha.


Not many incidents overall today, a downturn again. Did have a cool standout thought/reading-type one towards bedtime, however: a split second after I heard some plastic bags rustling from the kitchen, from the waterbugs climbing through them looking for food, I turned a page in the 'Layover in Dubai' book and the first words on the new page were "a rustling sound." Highly notable here, not just due to perfectly synchronistic timing and precision and patternistic format, but also due to the fact that it was 100% impossible that I subconsciously read ahead or something, due to the words being on the next page when I first heard the sound (once again, albeit a fraction of a second before, but distinctly before, and the page was good thick stock from a hardback book and so totally opaque, so I couldn't have seen through it or something).


An uptick in overall incidents today, first signalled by a fresh influx of 37-numbered license plates and the like (several of them coming in that 1-2-3-type succession, one after the though in that magically conspicuous way). Then had another of those "clusters" at lunch, primarily reading/thought-type ones. Started with a "nearby stranger saying what I'm thinking"-type one, when I snapped the buttons on my wallet shut precisely as some random person said "snap" within earshot, and then a few minutes later me having my wallet chain snag on the chair outside, making me think of how it would hold me down if I tried to stand like that, a split second before reading "hold you down" randomly in the 'Layover' book. And then, similar but more complex and striking: right as I noticed the group of women sitting across from me outside Second Cup and thought I recognized them as some sort of book club or something that I'd seen there previously (if it wasn't the same one, it was one of similar size and composition and with a foreign-sounding woman that I believe was the same), the next line in the book was "Then he remembered from an earlier meeting" -- precisely what I'd been thinking, as far as the archetype, that "earlier meeting" when I'd first seen the women gathered and "meeting" there some months ago. It bears mentioning that I'd just picked up and moved to that seat not a minute before reading that part in the book, when I otherwise wouldn't have recognized the meeting women from where I'd been sitting before, away from them. Haha.

Also, another of those weird hybrid number-repeat/thought/event-type ones, like with the 45-MPH speed limit signs that time. This time it started at Bay Naturals when I pulled out a quarter to pay with and said "25 cents," precisely as the clerk random flipped over a little sign that had blown back on a basket of candies for sale, revealing "25 cents" written on it. Didn't really take note of that one too much at the time, despite its precision and super-perfect timing, but then the same thing happened down the road, when I saw a "25 MPH" speed limit sign precisely as I saw some nearby license plate with 25 on it (though it seems like there was more to this, like maybe I was thinking of the first "25 cent" thing right when I saw this -- I can't remember what, but whatever it was made me take notice of this second repeat of it and thereby consider it noteworthy). And then, in the Harley Davidson store, a couple really precise and striking albeit small thought/reading-type incidents, when I read "deflector" on a random box precisely as a nearby salesman said "deflector" to a customer (when they were around the corner, totally away from me and the rack of deflectors, in an entirely different section, so it's not like they could've just seen what I too was looking at), and then the same with when I read "horn," except this coincided with a random announcement on the overhead PA system, which was preceded by a very weird and horn-like "booop." Haha.


General downturn in overall incidents today, corresponding with worsened health, etc. Did have some cool 37 license plates and such, including a 1-2-3-type one where not only did I see two (might've been three) conspicuous plates back to back, but they were once again on cars that Just Happened to be pulling out right as I walked up, grabbing my attention, etc. Also, a weird little one that might be nothing but does "smell" of a synchro: after months of not getting acupuncture from Dr. Lynn, I finally got it today, feeling distinctly Compelled to do so -- and then, when I checked my mail, I had just received a card from them, a "We miss you"-type reminder that I hadn't been in a while. Not astronomically unlikely, but still pretty unlikely, and does indeed have that cosmically funny "feel" to it as is so patternistic.

A couple other standouts: precisely as the radio sang out "walk," a couple pedestrians on Ocean Boulevard walked out onto the crosswalk (when they'd been hesitating before, such that the "walk" coincided perfectly synchronistically with their first steps into the road); precisely as I read "asking $10,000" in a real estate ad on my phone, the radio said "10,000," again perfectly synchronistic in timing.


Cool one of those "precise/imprecise" ones on the way to lunch today, when right as I finished another long and random chain of thought about how I didn't want anything bigger than my 250cc bike, feeling it to be totally adequate, the radio sang out "don't want no more." And then at lunch, another of those "random stranger saying exactly what I'm reading" ones, this time a nearby woman stepping into the shade after being in the sun and saying "That is nice," a split second before I read "Nice" in the '17 Carnations' book (though it bears mentioning that, first, the "Nice" in the book was in regards to the French city rather than the adjective, which I think is pronounced differently, though it also bears mentioning that in my mind, I also read the city name as "nice" in terms of pronunciation, thus suggesting it was an echo of my thought rather than the actual words and/or city; and, two, this was another of those where the timing was very very close but not quite perfectly synchronistic).

Also, a cute little minor recurrence that might be nothing. Been seeing "royal" a lot recently, in that vague-parallel/recurrence-type fashion, a lot of it centered on the '17 Carnations' book and its stuff about the English royalty, etc, though not really notable until this afternoon. First, when picking up some random litter I was Compelled to do, amongst it I found a Canadian penny, on which was a bust of Queen Elizabeth, which I'd read several mentions of in the book at lunch today. And then tonight, when going through my receipts, I saw that the tea I got at Starbucks today was wrung up as "Royal English Tea" -- ironic in the first place, but then notably so considering that I've been thinking about switching from coffee to tea for ... weeks? months now? and Just Happened to decide to do it now, while all this "royal" stuff is coming my way, and when I had no idea the tea would ring up as such (I thought it was called just "English Breakfast Tea," which is what I asked for when ordering).


General downturn in overall incidents today, once again coinciding with downturn in health/energy/clear-thinking, etc. Did have two standout thought/reading-type ones at lunch, reasonably notable. First, while I was in Beach Dreams and browsing their books in the little lending library there, I picked one up and read "Divinely funny" on the cover, precisely as a nearby stranger said "That's funny," with both "funnies" coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic fashion. Made me blink, haha. Then, a little more complex and notable: a couple minutes later as I walked out of the coffee shop and was thinking of how both people I'd interacted with there had been visibly gloomy but had been smiling seemingly sincerely when I left them, I sat down at the table outside, which read "Let's make the world smile," this occuring pretty much perfectly synchronistically with the thought, maybe a fraction of a second between. Damn surreal.


Had a funny one in the vein of that "royal"/"king" vague-parallel theme I've been having over the last few days. While I was outside Starbucks reading the '17 Carnations' book about the prince, etc, a man literally in a renaissance-era king's regalia, complete with cape and crown and steel epaulets, walked by and into the building (coming out of a car plastered with Medieval Times ads, so apparently an actor on lunch break or something). Not really too notable, easily coincidence, but does fit the whole "royal" thing far too well. An amusing 37-license-plate repeat at lunch, when I felt Compelled, totally illogically and out of nowhere, to park in a side parking lot, further away from the building despite it meaning crossing a street and a farther walk -- and then ended up finding myself parked between not one but two cars with 37 LPs. Haha. Another minor, "maybe nothing" one today too: earlier today I'd had the vague-but-distinct thought that I'd like to pay just a little less for my tea at Starbucks, given that I could get a bag and fix the tea myself for a fraction of the cost if I didn't want to sit out and eat/read there -- and then when I went to get my second tea today, it turned out that I got it, first, as a refill, which would've made it only .50 cents for the second, but then, because I'm a "gold" member, I ended up getting even that for free, such that my lunch teas were only half price. I'd actually had the thought of, "It seems like about two bucks is a good price for my getting two teabags and cups and some water and then being able to dine out on the patio," and that's almost exactly what I ended up paying $2.46.


Only a handful of incidents today ("only" ...). Really only standout wasn't too notable, even: precisely as I read "shutting the door" at lunch, a door shut from the corner of my eye, at the coffee shop in Calabash. Timing was pretty good, though not quite perfectly synchronistic, and not really that precise. Did have a little "cluster" of 37s pop up on license plates suddenly towards late afternoon, really only notable in the marked absence of such in the morning (again corresponding with a health slump ...).


A reasonably notable book synchro today, following the old pattern of "seeing some rare/obscure/specific thing in one random book of one subject, then seeing the exact same thing in the next sequential random book of another subject, etc," today with the '17 Carnations' book and then the 'Ubik' book. Both couldn't have been more different, the first being a nonfiction expose of WWII-era royal/Nazi associations, and the second a 1969 sci-fi novel, but both mentioned 'Liberty' magazine amidst some WWII stuff. Wouldn't be so notable if it was just the WWII mentions, but that magazine specifically, when the books' subject matters were so drastically different ... I find it notable. And then, also from the 'Ubik' book, a really weird and notable albeit vague recurrence. It started yesterday when in the Shallotte GNC, which couldn't have been more random since I'd had no plans to go to either GNC nor Shallotte, and while browsing the store I Noticed this mock-old bottle of "Cavalier" testosterone/sexual booster, in an old-timey metal bottle with an old-fashioned cap, labeled a "Gentlemen's Product," "For Gentlemen of High Distinction." And then in the book today, just a few pages in, it randomly mentioned something that very much fit that same description, both in terms of the old-timey bottle and the snake-oil-like contents and the ambiguous label, which was for "manliness" -- all still kind of vague, but taken together, especially with the pattern, it just really stood out to me as notable. Also, an equally vague-yet-notable "ask and ye shall receive"-type one, starting this morning when I had the absent-yet-distinct thought of wanting another sampler packet of those "Nature's Source" multivitamins that seem to have such a strong effect on me for some reason, to experiment again without buying them -- and then today, at Bay Naturals, which also I'd had zero plans to visit today, they had free samplers of those very vitamins, the exact little packets I'd wanted. This was mildly notable and unlikely in itself, especially with the timing and patternistic elements factored in, but then it gains notability given the fact that I'd never before seen these samplers at Bay Naturals in all the times I've been and in all the free samples I've gotten there.

Also, another cute, maybe-nothing continuance of the "prince"/"royal" theme: when I was at the market, I was confronted with another "princely" tea, now "Prince of Wales" tea (are these kind of teas just that common?). It bears mentioning that, once again, my being at this particular grocery store (and being at its clearance section where the tea was) was just so totally random and unplanned and unforeseeable, like so many of these.

Then this evening while reading at dinner, had another one of those odd, abnormally timed cluster of thought/reading incidents, maybe 5-6 over the course of 1.5 hours, all pretty notable and perfectly synchronistic classical thought synchros and all pretty much 100% objective and "traceable." For example: when I read in the 'Ubik' book where a guy was told he should've given a hand signal when turning, that made me think of how just the other day I'd had to give a hand signal for the first time ever, when turning my Honda motorcycle when it didn't have the blinkers -- and then, on the next line, it read "motorcycle cop," this coinciding perfectly with my separate, objectively traceable thought of "motorcycle" in regards to the hand signals. Etc. Enough of those to be surreal. Then, also, mixed amongst these (and sometimes one in the same even) were more and more of those vague parallels/"themes"/overarching recurrences I've been having over the last couple days, such as when the book had someone say "further" and be corrected as "farther," when I'd just had to do the same for myself, distinctly in my memory, within the last day. A lot of those, too many to remember, maybe another 5-6 just within that space of time. Never quite had such a pronounced theme like this before, that I remember.


Not too many today, though did have a really cool thought/radio one randomly this afternoon while getting gas. While paying the cashier, I opened my wallet and thumbed through my money looking for a dollar bill, precisely as the nearby radio sang out "dollar bills," perfectly synchronistic and precise in every respect. It also bears mentioning that, first, I'd had zero plans to go into the station at all, since I'd paid via credit card, except that it didn't print me a receipt and so I had to go inside then, but then, second, I'd all at once been overwhelmingly Compelled to buy a lottery ticket, despite never playing the lotto basically, and thus I'd had to dig in my wallet for money.

Had a cool number-repeat standout too, another of those where I expected a number-repeat, it didn't happen, and then, right after I'd thought skeptically "Well, why wasn't *that* a number-repeat?" I saw a number and in a conspicuous way. Today it was when some printed numbers on my motorcycle's paint-can-lid kickstand platform Jumped Out at me conspicuously, and I thought it was another 37, but when I cleared them off it was a 32 (the 2 had been partially obscured) -- but then, immediately afterward when I reached up to take my key out of the ignition, my eyes fell on the odometer, which was at exactly 3171 (with the last 1 having just rolled over into position). Laughed my ass off.


Almost no incidents today, to a rare degree of "silence," again corresponding with a marked decline in health/energy/clarity of thought, etc. Did have a cool thought synchro this evening, however (when I was feeling a little better, coincidentally): precisely as I had a chain of thought end randomly on how I'd like to borrow some money and travel around the world, the Go Daddy homepage loaded and my eyes fell directly on "around the world" in big letters -- and, once again, I can both trace the chain of thought objectively to something else entirely, and then, even if I couldn't, the webpage had loaded only *after* I had the thought (though, once again, just a split second after, as to coincide almost perfectly with the thought of "world travel," ending up bringing that "wham-bam"-type effect, haha).


No real standouts so far today, but did notice lots of subtles and minorish number-repeats today, that "background static" starting back up after a bit of a lull. Subtle example: thinking of energy, precisely before I picked up a random bottle of multivitamin liquid in Vitamin Shoppe and read "energy" on the front, my eyes falling on it in that specific way. Had several of those fleeting little "half-there"-type ones too, though I can't remember any in particular. Overall, more activity but not really coherent enough to translate to text beyond acknowledgement.


Wow, day ended up being a pretty big uptick, though in an odd way, mostly subtles and number-repeats and more of those vague themes/parallels, etc, as to begin bleeding together in a subtly surreal way, with a newish sort of "flavor" to it all now, once again corresponding with a generally different inner reality/frame of mind, etc. Had a really cool and surreal standout thought/reading/radio-type one at lunch. Precisely as I took out the 'Modern China' book, saw the cover with people with their arms around each other, and then opened the book and then impulsively closed it to look at the cover again, unsure of whether I'd seen it right, whether the people actually had their arms around each other in such an awkward way -- when the radio sang out "each other's arms," coinciding perfectly with my turning the cover back and rediscovering that the pictured people were indeed wrapping their arms around one another. Haha. Had a whole bunch of those subtle/smallish/"striking"-type ones today too, for example: precisely as I passed a van plastered with a side-spanning ad for "BOB 94.5 FM," and Noticed it very distinctly, the radio announced "BOB 94.5 FM," once again coinciding with perfect synchronicity, with my seeing the van and Noticing it and hearing the announcement all coming in that split-second little eternity that's impossible to really describe ("numinous"?). Some cool number standouts too, such as when I pulled into Anytime Fitness and passed a license plate ending in 38 and thought, "Well, why wasn't that 37?" in that super-skeptic way -- just before I parked and found myself once again beside a car with a 773-ending plate (and then, after I'd worked out and come back out later on, I encountered another 37 plate, when looking into the rearview before backing out). Also had another of those ridiculously striking "1-2-3" types, this time right after I turned on to Grissom on the way home and had a car pass me recklessly, hence revealing its 3017 license plate -- seconds before a second car passed me, this one with a 37 plate, and then, less than a minute later, a third passed, this one with a 3307 or something plate, I can't remember. Another head-spinner.

And, upon checking my receipts this evening: Starbucks check # was "733307." Haha.

And then, just before bed, a cool little recurrence while reading. This evening, I'd unearthed this weird old little "how to paint" book while poking around entirely randomly in a kitchen drawer, and I Noticed it, very distinctly, as to have it grab my attention and take it out and look at it closely -- and then, maybe an hour later, the 'Modern China' book mentioned "painting manuals," with it once again being the first I'd seen a painting manual for ... months? a year or so (since I'd last discovered that manual lurking in the kitchen, I think)? and then seeing it again, entirely randomly and in a book where you'd never expect it, so soon after.


Still having tons and tons of those minor, subtle incidents/vague themes/number repeats, most of them not much in themselves but all of them collectively adding up to some downright surreal times. Really only standout today was a mildly notable "question-and-answer"/"ask-and-receive"-type one, where, a day or two ago, I'd had the distinct-yet-absent thought of "How do you properly fold a burrito wrap? I know there's got to be a way," and then today, at Anytime Fitness, I rooted through a bunch of magazines they had there and settled on a copy of 'Men's Health,' feeling oddly drawn to it -- and there in it was a full-page tutorial on burrito-wrapping. Maybe nothing, but it just exemplified the dozens of vague/subtles that characterized the day.


Day was characterized by a lot of those subtle/vague/imprecise-yet-striking-type thought/reading-type incidents, mostly in the morning (corresponding with higher energy, as it were). One standout, which was typical of these: precisely as I was randomly looking at the MB acupuncture listings and saw the ad for Dr. Jin's and so thought, "It would be my first time there, so there'll be paperwork, etc," "first time" came over the radio, perfectly synchronistic, etc (though not hugely precise, as, say, "first time acupuncture" would've been, which is characteristic of these vague-but-striking types). Lots and lots of numbers too, mostly in those "clusters" on license plates when riding around, etc, including a great many conspicuous ones/series too. A cool standout in this regard was this afternoon when I was on my scooter and the gate to the park wouldn't open for me, as it's done in the past when not in a car (though not lately), and right after this happened, a car came up and I pulled in behind it to let it open the gate -- only to find myself facing an "0773" license plate. Haha. And then, on a cute little sidenote, when I came home a few hours later, another car was coming out of the gate, thus opening it for me again, and it too had a 703 license plate (on its front, so that I could see it ...).


A general downturn in incidents today, again corresponding with another shift in health/energy. Did have a lot of numbers still, however, and with some pretty conspicuous ones. A cute example was when I went to the To Your Health store down in Pawley's Island and again missed the turn, forcing me to park in the adjacent Food Lion parking lot -- and just like the last time I was there, there was one other car in that part of the lot, and it had a 737 license plate (but it was a different one than last time, so it wasn't like it was just some regular employee's or something and would've logically been there a second time).


Lesser overall incidents today, rather "quiet," only a couple little clusters of subtle thought/reading/radio-type incidents, and even these more low-key and of that "distorted"/"half-there" flavor I've noted before. The only real standout was at lunch when, precisely at the end of a long random chain of thought that ended with the sugar content of bee pollen, the cashier at Dunkin Donuts (all the way across the room) said "sugar," and it bears mentioning that besides being not highly precise/complex, the timing wasn't quite perfectly synchronistic -- very very close, only a split second apart, but definitely not to that perfect degree of others, oddly. Still not sure what to make of these variations.


Had a sudden uptick in incidents today, corresponding with improvement in health/energy/clarity almost immediately, with a surreal little "cluster"/"burst" of incidents literally within minutes of improvement (three or four subtles and numbers back to back, such as "sky" coming over the radio precisely as I passed beneath a billboard reading "skywheel," etc). Then at lunch had several more, though these were still very subtle and not hugely precise or "perfectly" timed, such as my looking at my cup of iced coffee and seeing/thinking of how all the ice had melted, randomly, a few seconds before reading "The ice was all melted" in the 'On the Road' book (once again, reasonably precise but not perfectly synchronistic). Same for "close my eyes" coming over the in-house public radio at Broadway at the Beach precisely as I read "close my eyes" in the book (though this one was perfectly synchronistic, and it bears mentioning that I was actually re-reading this passage at the time, having lost my place, as seems to be patternistic of these from time to time). A pretty profound and surreal, albeit "small" one, this afternoon while filling out Adam's card. Precisely as I went to write in "help," the CD in the CD player said help, in that perfectly synchronistic way that's just so surreal and impossible to orchestrate (and, it bears mentioning, I'd just bought this random CD and it was the first I was listening to it, haha). Also, a cool little double-"ask and receive"-type one at Kilgore Trout's today, first that, on the way over there, I'd had the random Compelling to get some type of card and send it to Adam, and then, upon getting to the record store, I was surprised to find that they actually had a little bin of just such cards set out, despite them being a book-and-record-and-stuff store, totally random and odd that they would have such a thing. And, second, they also had a 'Ghost Stories of South Carolina' book for sale, which was the very same I'd seen at Brookgreen Gardens just a few days ago and been Compelled to buy, but didn't because it was $16 or some bloated retail amount there, and I'd thought, "I'd buy it for just a couple bucks" -- and the one at Kilgore's was $4. Haha.

Plus, lots and lots of numbers today, a great many of them conspicuous and stand-out. For instance, lots and lots of those "just happened to park by them"/set out it the parking lot-type ones, including another of those where I had to randomly turn through the parked cars to avoid a car pulling out, only to find myself coming face to face with a "71337" plate, haha. Also, a really cool clock-tick-type one while I was checking out the RVs. I'd glanced at a power readout in one, and seen that it read "137" but it didn't really register with me until a minute later -- and then, when I looked back, it stayed at 137 just a split second, long enough for me to see it, and then it ticked down to 136.


Still having a steady background static of subtles/number-repeats to varying degrees of notability. A cool standout after lunch was right when I went into Dick's Pawn and I saw a DVD cover with a cycle on it that looked just like my Honda Rebel, which made me think "Honda Rebel?" -- precisely as "rebel yell" sang from the in-house radio, again no way it could've subconsciously triggered this since I can objectively trace the thought to seeing the DVD cover, which came just the slightest infinitesimal split-second beforehand but definitely before (as is patternistic of these "perfectly synchronistic" types). Also, more of those perfectly patternistic "Compelled parking lot park"-type 37 repeats, such as at Dick's when I got out and was forced to face a Jeep with a "7137" or something plate on its front, and then, immediately afterward as I turned to go into the store, was forced to face a similar plate on another car. Same for nearly every parking lot I parked at today, and always after the most random and "blind" parks, etc. And also at this same visit to Dick's, a funny little one that might've been nothing: on the way in, I'd parked beside a big white ~2000 Tahoe, and Noticed it in that special way. Then, precisely as I came out a while later, another white Tahoe of the same color and approximate year (looked exactly the same in any case) parked into that same parking space; I had to do a double take and make sure it wasn't the same one, and I'm sure that it wasn't despite looking almost exactly the same, because the first one had a bunch of junk on the dash and this one didn't have it. Perhaps just a coincidence, but surreal in any case, and funny. All from going to a pawn shop.

Also had another of those intuitive ones that smack of classical ESP-type phenomenon rather than a proper synchronicity. As I slowed to stop at an intersection, I had the sudden, Compelling-like certainty that a car was going to zoom up and sneak into the gap between me and the car in front of me -- and damned if that isn't just what happened, a split second afterward. I can say 100% that there's nothing that could've tipped me off to this, either, because the truck that zoomed in front of me was in my blind spot at the time, so I couldn't even have seen it subconsciously.


Had a relatively large amount of incidents today despite bigtime health problems. Lots and lots of numbers and almost all of them so conspicuous, such as ending up behind cars with 37 LPs in the most random yet patternistic ways, and more of those like with a truck recklessly pulling in front of me only to reveal a 703 LP, and also, while pulling out of the beach parking lot, precisely as I made to leave, the folks who were waiting to pull into my parking space lowered the hatch on their car, revealing a "6370" plate, directly in my line of sight -- all just so surreal, especially when in combination with all the subtles today. Lots of these, too, though many of them followed a vague, super-subtle theme today, that which could be written off as coincidence or subconscious-suggestion-types if there weren't so many of them, close together and in such a similar pattern. Examples: right after I'd thought of getting up and doing some chores in order to stretch and get circulation going, I read "He got up to exercise" in the 'Heart of Darkness' book, written in this same context though it was visible to me when I'd had the thought (albeit that thought being yet another at the end of a long, random, objective train); my thinking of how the money and stuff I've given were good but still just temporary, short-term solutions rather than lasting ones, precisely as I realized I was looking at a box of Band-Aids on the shelf at Kroger ("Band-Aid solutions"); right after I'd read in the book of a leaking and sinking ship, I looked up randomly and realized that directly across the street from me was the mini golf place with the sinking ship out front, with bit jets of "leaking" water spraying up from it. Plus maybe a dozen or so others like this, sometimes coming in those surreal little clusters.

Did have others of a different breed today too, more coherent and precise and stand-out, including one really cool reading/event/thought combination incident at lunch. It started when I read "A bell jingled" and I had another of those cynical, skeptic thoughts of, "Well, if there're all these living-dream synchronicities happening, why didn't you hear a bell jingle when you read that?" Then, after I'd put down the book to take a sip of coffee and then picked it back up, I resumed at "A bell jingled," and this time a bell did jingle, from the door to Dunkin Donuts behind me, coinciding perfectly synchronistically or close to it, once again another of these in that pattern of "you can't force it" and as an "answer" to my skeptical thoughts, again suggesting that intelligent, cosmic-humor aspect to these. And then, as if to drive the point home, there was a repetition of "A bell jingled" a paragraph or so down (oddly ...), and this time, a bell jingled again, this time from a different door a couple suites down but still coinciding perfectly. Laughed my ass off.


Still a lot of activity overall, including the same type of conspicuous numbers and reading/thought/radio-type standouts and background static of subtles throughout the day. A theme today seemed to be a lot of subtle and "small" yet striking ones, such as hearing "night" over the in-house radio in Goodwill precisely as I read the title of a book, 'In a Night Room,' with the two nights coinciding perfectly, at the precise instant I read the word in the sentence and registered it in my mind. A lot of them weren't hugely precise but were very perfectly timed, such as when several times at the gym I would count a rep ("six," "seven") in my head precisely as that word came over the radio, or when "still rising" came over the radio precisely as a helicopter lifted off conspicuously in the distance, so so surreal. A couple cool thought/reading-type standouts at Starbucks at lunch, first when, precisely as I thought about the 'Iron' book and how it was about New Jersey, a nearby stranger said "Jersey" (this one could fit in with that "not hugely imprecise but perfectly timed" theme too), and when I randomly thought of how the guy beside me was using his cellphone and hitting me with "secondhand" EMF radiation, a split second before I turned the page and read "high EMF readings" in the ghost story book (and again this one could fit that vague theme, now that I think of it).


Still having lots of incidents today, but almost all of them now of that indistinct/"distorted"/"half-there"-type theme of yesterday, exemplified by when I was thinking randomly of the whey powder I was eating, precisely as the next line in the book had "Wey" in it, with the "wey" at the end of the line and the rest hyphenated to form "Weymouth" -- a lot of these, all of which were in themselves subtle/distorted enough to be dismissed on their own but collectively form another of those notable themes. Had probably a dozen or so over the course of morning and early afternoon. Still having numbers, though not quite as many today. A cute one was when a truck pulled along side me and I Noticed it, and it not only had a 37 license plate, but also had "7.3L Turbo V8" stenciled on the side.


Generally far fewer overall incidents today, that "background static" of numbers and subtles lifting for the most part. Did have some standouts, though, starting with a cute little variation on those parking-lot-37-license-plate incidents I've been having so often. Today it was when I went to Starbucks for lunch and ended up being Randomly Compelled towards a certain seat outside, and once I sat down and started eating, I realized that directly across from me was a car with a 137 license plate, directly in my line of sight in that conspicuous, patternistic way. Then, a while later, I was alerted to a car backing up towards me, and was forced to take notice of it because it coming fast and appeared that it wasn't going to stop, and nearly didn't, almost backing into a post, with me right behind it, only to come to a stop just in time -- and then, after I'd looked up in alarm, I realized that the license plate ended in 73. This was another of those that had that visceral, almost theatrical aspect to it, where the whole thing with the car backing up so fast and then stopping so suddenly and scarcely just made it feel that the 73 was being "yelled" at me, like some others I've experienced in this manner. Was cool anyway. This one also started a weird, vague little "theme," focused on "New York," starting with that backing-up car's license plate, which was a New York plate, as to "scream" out both "73" and "New York" at me. Then, next, in a minor little radio/thought synchro, as I got in my car afterward and looked around to back up, I saw a New York tag on the car beside me precisely as the radio sang out "New York City," and then, a mile or so down the road when I changed radio stations, I ended up on a random station with a song about New York. Next there was a fourth part to this but I can't quite remember it, something about some random stranger talking about New York once I went into Publix, just after hearing the last radio mention, perhaps coinciding with my thoughts about the whole thing, I'm not sure; I only remember that it was notable enough to establish the fourth station in this little theme, and make me take note of it.

Then, soon after, had a really cool and somewhat unique one while getting in the car after throwing out some trash. As I made to get back in the car, I first had the thought of how oppresively hot it was out, which I noticed distinctly after being in the air-conditioned car for a while and then getting out briefly to dump the trash, and then, equally so, upon getting back in the car, I was smacked with its overly cold interior. In the end, it made me think, "too hot, now too cold" -- precisely as "hot then you're cold" sang from the radio. The timing on this was so perfectly synchronistic, as to be neither before nor after but just THERE, the thoughts and the lyrics coinciding so perfectly as to culminate in that "impossible to orchestrate or describe" sensation so characteristic of these incidents. So damn cool.


Slight uptick in overall incidents today, a lot of those vague/subtles/distorted-types, almost to background-static levels, same for numbers. Some standouts: a cute and classic gas-pump-37, when I not only stopped totally randomly for gas, literally slamming on my brakes and turning off on a spur-of-the-moment Compelling, but the random pump I chose had the previous sale at exactly $37.00; a really cool example of the vague/distorted ones today, when a corny joke came over the radio precisely as I passed a big billboard reading "It's okay to be a little corny," not super-precise yet it was perfectly precise, in that vague way that is coming to establish itself as a pattern; a classical radio-type/sign one when the radio sang out "rain" precisely as I passed a little roadside town sign reading simply "Rains," perfectly synchronistic as to be "striking." Plus several others in this general vein.


Still having scattered subtles and the like like yesterday, though more numbers today (still 37 predominantly), including more of those conspicuous parking-lot/cars cutting me off, etc (such as a guy who was tailgating me conspicuously, then finally ended up speeding up and passing me recklessly, only to reveal a 37 plate, as is patternistic in this fashion). Standouts: a cool reading/thought one at lunch, when I'd shifted my legs and posture in order to ease circulation, making me think "circulation," just before I read "circulation" on the next line of the 'Under the Black Flag' book; hearing "you" on the radio at Earthfare, precisely as I read "you" on a random food package, in that perfectly synchronistic yet totally random fashion as is so distinctly patternistic and surreal with these, had several like this through the day.


Big uptick in overall incidents today compared to last couple, though mostly those striking (albeit very precise and present) but-striking kinds, where they impress me full-force in the moment but are too personal/subjective/"small" to really convey (and just too damn many to remember/write down today). Some examples of this particular flavor/theme which characterized the day: hearing "hit!" on the radio perfectly synchronistic with a passing car hitting a rain-filled pothole and exploding water all over the place, so surreal and striking; passing a man conspicuously carrying a pair of workboots as I left the gym, making me think "workboots" in a Notice-like way, a split second before I rounded a car and saw a sign reading "workboots," not quite perfectly synchronistic but about as close as you could get (and made even more surreal by my foreshadowing-like Knowing/Noticing beforehand); a really cool little "string"/"cluster" just after church, when, first, I saw a sign reading "Left lane must turn left," which in turn made me think left, precisely as "left" sounded from the radio, and then just a second or two later, as I went to draw in a deep breath but had trouble due to oddly congested lungs/breathing, the next lyric on the song was "hard to breathe," and then, a minute or two down the road when I finally got to a stoplight and got a chance to write down these two, "hard" sang from the radio precisely as I wrote the "hard" in "hard to breathe," again perfectly synchronistic. Maybe a dozen or more of these throughout the day, of varying intensity and notability, many of them moderately dismissible as chance when analyzed on their own, but gaining much notability in the context of the other, distinctly similar ones throughout the day (and of the larger pattern underlying, and of just that "numistic feel" produced by them).


Not as much overall today, another downturn, though still a good few "clusters" of numbers and those smallish, "distorted"-type of incidents. Had a cool one after lunch at CVS, though I can't be 100% sure of it. Precisely as what sounded like "N-B-K" sang from the overhead radio, I rounded an aisle and my eyes lay directly on a Burger King gift card, with my seeing the card occuring perfectly synchronistically with the "B-K" in the song -- a sort of perfectly synchronistic recurrence of the "BK"/Burger King archetype, though I'm not 100% that the song was actually singing "BK" or just something that sounded like it, so might've just been nothing, an "ears playing tricks on me" deal. And then, similarly distorted but more precise and notable: while sitting at an intersection by Harris Teeter, "keep" sounded from the radio, precisely as a car with a front license plate reading "Keefer" passed, precisely as I looked up and saw a giant sign with a big key on it presiding over the whole seen, again directly in my line of sight. The three coincided with that surreal, split-second, "all at once"-type timing, such that I heard the "kee" in "keep," read the "kee" in "Keefer," and saw the key on the sign all together, perfectly synchronistic -- again keeping with that distorted, partial, "loose-fitting" theme that's been so prominent lately. Really cool and damn surreal, if not too coherent for anyone but me.

Then this evening, a cute little recurrence, and an oddly timed one, since things are usually "quiet" by this time of night. At the end of the 'Under the Black Flag' book, right after I'd been thinking of the whole Lyme disease/boron thing, the very next line mentioned the "HMS 'Lyme,' and again: though it was visible to me peripherally when I'd had the thought, I can distinctly trace the chain of thought that led to it back to the preceding page/objective elements, etc, as is so patternistic of these.


Much fewer incidents overall today, just some spatterings of numbers and more of those distorted/"partial" little thought/reading/radio-type incidents. Really the only standout was a classical "saw that car again" one, starting when right as I went to leave the parking space downtown outside Bald Guy Brew, a car pulled into the space in front of me, forcing to wait while it backed in and then while the people got out, and then wait longer due to a line of traffic pulling up in the meantime, which forced me to take a good, long look at the car's license plate, which was from Florida and had a rocket ship on it, which I both noticed and Noticed because it fit the day's minor recurrence theme of Florida and ships (which included the 'Redneck Riviera' book that I'd randomly started at lunch). Then, hours later and in an entirely different part of town, at the end of the day when I'd gone all over the place and such and then was leaving Walmart to head home, there pulled up that car while I was waiting at the intersection, showing me that license plate again. This was mildly notable in itself, from a simple chance standpoint, but made moreso given its fitting the classical "seeing that same conspicuous car in an unlikely again" pattern.


Still generally "quiet," though a little less so than yesterday. Had a minor yet somewhat unique, two-fold reading recurrence at lunch, when I read in the 'Redneck Riviera' book "He could ride a twelve-foot-high swamp buggy, like an Indiah rajah," which recurred, first, the swamp buggy, when just a couple days ago while in the mall I'd Noticed some they had parked in there and looked at them, illogically, since I have about zero use for one -- highly patternistic despite the low precision and broad timing. Then, a little more notably, while at the Bald Guy Brew restroom yesterday I'd Noticed a big old-fashioned sign on the wall reading "rajah," the first I'd seen that word in a while -- again upgraded in notability from precision, rarity, relatively closer timing, and classical patternistic behavior. Had several of those "nearby stranger speaking what I'm thinking/reading"-types today, though they weren't hugely precise and were just single random words ("class" and one other I can't remember); the timing, on the other hand, was perfectly synchronistic, and it was of course perfectly patternistic too. Had a few radio-types like this too, primarily with numbers (hearing "45" in a song lyric precise as I counted out $45, etc); another example: seeing 4:47 on the car's in-dash clock, then looking up directly over that to see a license plate ending in "447," such that the two were superimposed (not hugely notable in itself, but considering once again how I experienced several in almost exactly this same "format" within the course of a few hours, gains notability, etc).

Plus, had a couple more of those vague, subtle recurrences this evening just before bed, again in the 'Redneck Riviera' book, such as it mentioning purple Gatorade when, just a couple hours earlier, I'd passed a smashed bottle of purple Gatorade at the Lowes parking lot and conspicuously Noticed it. And also, another mention of "Vulcan," which has been a repeating theme spanning back ... three books now, to days ago? I've seen it several places, not only in the books I randomly read and bought, etc, but in other random sources too, such as seeing several Vulcan motorcycles, and of course when I hadn't seen "Vulcan" for months or so before, as is so patternistic of these.


Not much activity overall today, which was a bit strange because I had a big increase in health/energy, usually accompanied by an increase in activity but not today for whatever reason. Did, however, have a couple standouts, and these were of a newish "flavor," so there would be some type of that "shift" correlating. First was a really cool thought-type one while at the gym, when, just after I finished an exercise, I felt my shoulders hunching and then consciously halted them from doing so, thinking not only of how unhealthy it was for me but also for those around me, since it broadcast stress/tension, etc, to other people subconsciouslly -- and then, a split second afterward, a man with conspicuously hunched shoulders stepped in front of me. Hugely notable, this one, because, first, I can distinctly trace my thoughts of hunched shoulders, etc, back to my doing the exercise and then feeling my own shoulders hunch and stopping them, all of which happened not only objectively/indepedently, but definitely *before* I saw the guy with hunched shoulders (in that not-quite-perfectly-synchronistic way that is so characteristic of these, which really only makes it only more notable, given that it establishes even more objectivity). But, second, there was an additional dimension to this one, since not only did the "hunched shoulders" archetype reccur almost instaneously, but also of how it would broadcast stress and such to other people as I was thinking simultaneously, since this guy was a perfect example of hunched shoulders broadcasting stress and the like, such was the "crunch" of his neck and shoulders. Then, similarly in this vein but not quite as notably/multidimensional: while at Earthfare, I stepped close behind a man so that I could browse the spices over his shoulder, and I had the thought, "I'm standing kind of close behind this man," precisely as "stand behind me" sang from the overhead radio, perfectly synchronistic, etc.


Had a general uptick in activity today, again corresponding with travel down south. Had a pretty good surge in 37/731 number-repeats and the like, most of them coming from the usual conspicuous cars/license plates/roadsigns, etc, with some especially fun and "cute" ones thrown in there (can't remember any in particular, were just so many really). As far as more traditional-type incidents, only had a little cluster of standouts, starting with "fork stuck in the road" sounding from the radio precisely as the highway sign for a fork in the road came into view from down the road, directly in my line of vision -- which was, as it were, very much "stuck in the road," one of those highway forks that force you to go left or right (and, as it were, one I took the wrong turn on it, and ended up missing the health-food store on Hanes Mall Blvd I wanted to stop at; felt oddly significant, this). Pretty highly notable. Also, had two or three fitting a newish theme, where a single word would correspond super-perfectly-synchronistically with that on a sign (one was "life" and the other "game," can't remember what the others were if there were any).


Not many incidents overall today, apart from some scattered numbers and a couple subtles. Did have a really cool stand-out at the gym today. While I was loading that tricky overhead-pull bar, which has a tendency to fall dangerously sometimes when you take the pin out, precisely as I went to pull the pin and, thus, thought "careful that doesn't fall" and so reached up to hold the bar, "fall" sang randomly from the song on the MP3 player, so perfectly synchronistic it hit that "striking" level of surreality. And then, adding notability, when I went back for the second set and, thus, lowered the pin for more weight, and, thus, thought "don't let it fall" again, "fall" sang from the song again (and not in a refrain of the chorus or something, but just the word being randomly sung in a different, individual lyric), again perfectly synchronistic. And then, a couple minutes later while I was starting another exercise and was thinking of these last two incidents and trying to remember them since I didn't have any paper with me, "fall" sang out again, now from a different song entirely, but just as perfectly synchronistic, etc. Wow.

Also, had a standout "cute" number-repeat on the way home this afternoon, when, sitting directly in the street for no obvious reason and, thus, blocking my path forcing me to take notice, was a great big Surburban with a plate ending in 731, haha.

Then, just before bed, a cute little reading recurrence: dehydrated onion. Just after fixing lunch today, when I'd started on those new juice powders and thrown in some fresh onion with them, I'd had the vague-yet-distinct thought, patternistically, of how the powdered onion just doesn't have that magical, therapeautic property that's present in fresh onion/garlic, etc, unlike the juice powders -- and then, this evening in the 'Fast Food Nation' book, it had gone randomly into the origins of dehydrated onion powder back in the 40's. Haha.


Reasonably significant uptick in overall incidents today. Not so much for numbers, but more of those general incidents/subtles, etc, with a general theme of those now-classical "explicit" reading/thought/radio-type synchros. A couple standout examples: reading "gusts of hot air" at Starbucks precisely as the barista steamed some milk or something just nearby, thus making a "gusts of hot air" sound, perfectly synchronistic, etc; hearing "age" on the overhead radio, coinciding perfectly with my reading "New Age"; hearing something about "making change" or "giving change" on the radio, can't remember which, but it coincided perfectly with my having a long chain of thought end on how I was out of change and needed to take some into Bay Naturals, where I'd just pulled up.


Lots of numbers today, again almost exclusively on conspicuous cars/license plates pulling out in front of me/passing illogically, etc, some of them really "cute" and "playful" as is patternistic of these (such as another car tailgating me then passing, only to reveal a 73 license plate, cars pulling out precisely as I walked past, etc). An equally cute receipt-type one too, where I went to Publix and again ended up getting three random things that I'd had no intention of getting beforehand (including two cylinders of fennel seeds that were on clearance, which I almost bought only one of, as not to be greedy, but felt Compelled to get both that were there), and the total ended up being exactly $7.03. Haha. Also, several standout "traditional" ones at lunch. First, a weird sort of recurrence/vague-thought-type incident, starting this morning when I'd thought several times, distinctly yet absently, of the yoga instructor I'd so conspicuously met recently, and how I'd met her at a certain outside table at a certain coffee shop. As it so happened, I ended up going to that same coffee shop today, and as I got there, there was a woman in yoga-looking clothes sitting at that same table I'd been thinking of that morning, and she even looked much like the yoga instructor I'd met, such that I at first thought it was her (though it wasn't). This was mildly notable in itself, with the underlying archetype of "yoga woman at that coffee shop's particular table" recurring, but then, as I ate my lunch nearby, the women at that table discussed yoga several times on and off, again reprising the theme. Not impossible this one was just chance, but given the timing of my vague thoughts just beforehand, as well as the patternistic factor ... unlikely. Also, had several "nearby stranger saying what I'm thinking/reading" incidents, involving these same women at the table. For instance, "yoga" and "work" as I read these words, perfectly synchronistic, and then, a little more notable, when this happened with "changed" precisely as I turned the page and the word was right at the top of it, the page-turn and my reading the word and the nearby woman saying "changed" all coinciding in that impossible-to-orchestrate timing.


Had another little lunchtime "cluster"/"spurt" of those same striking one-word-type reading/thought/radio-type incidents as yesterday, maybe three or four reasonably coherent ones with random words corresponding with the overhead radio at Dunkin Donuts and the 'Fast Food Nation' book I was reading (seems like there was a "nearby stranger"-type one mixed in there too). A standout in this vein was when I thought of the bag I'd just seen being blown high about in the wind, and then, perfectly synchronisticly, I opened the book back up from where I'd stopped it, and my eyes fell directly on "fluttered in the wind," in that patternistic fashion I've come to know with these, impossible to orchestrate, etc. Then had a classical reading/sign one a little later on, when the radio said "live my life" precisely as I passed a roadside RV plastered with "LIVING LIFE" on the side, directly in my line of sight. And then, in Kroger soon after, another nearby-stranger-type one, where precisely as my eyes fell on a sign reading "88 cents," a nearby stranger said "88 cents" to someone else, the two coinciding perfectly synchronistically (and even though the woman was nearby, she was on the opposite side of the sign I was looking at, hence making it invisible to her).

A really cool reading-type/classical reading synchro tonight. It started when I randomly read a paper today and on the front page noticed an article describing the merging of a Chinese firm with a company called Sygnenta, the first I'd ever heard of this company ever. Then, a couple hours later, at the very end of the 'Fast Food Nation' book, it listed the world's biggest GM-food companies, which included Sygnenta. Pretty highly notable in itself, given the precision and timing and pattern, but even moreso considering the context of my reading that paper, because I'd gotten it from Publix, where it was sitting randomly on a cooler by the checkout, not for sale but from where someone had just left it apparently (and it was a week old). I Noticed it, then felt Compelled to grab it, and then equally Compelled to read it upon getting home -- all of which culminated in the recurrence. So cool and surreal.


Had several more of those subtle-yet-striking one-word-type ones today, with a few more-coherent/notable standouts. First was at lunch when I read "danger" precisely as the in-house radio at Second Cup started playing a song in which the chorus says "I'll bet you didn't know that I was dangerous," a song which I've always thought of as the "dangerous song," such that it's coinciding (perfectly synchronistically as it were) with the "danger" would've fit the pattern of these, instantly recurring the "danger" archetype even though the song's "danger" component was entirely subjective on my part (I have no idea what the song is actually called, though I suppose it very well could be "Dangerous" or something to that effect). Soon after, a pretty cool reading recurrence, starting last night when I went to that random website for the driving-vacation retreat, which was located in Vancouver Island, a place I'd never heard of until just then -- and then today, in the 'Planet Heal Thyself' book, I read of, for the second time ever, a perfect classical example of these reading-type ones (and it also bears mentioning that, like so many of these, I'd written the note to visit the retreat's website over a week ago but only gotten around to looking it up last night, just hours before I Just Happened to read of it in that book, which I'd also Just Happened to start reading last night after having it in my stack for nearly a month, after I'd entirely randomly gotten that book for free when buying some random supplement from Bay Naturals, haha). [9/2 update: and now this one goes on, as I had another hit on it today, when, in classical reading-synchro/recurrence pattern, I read in the very next sequential book after 'Planet Heal Thyself' another reference to Vancouver Island, within the first few pages, and again: totally different subject matter in this book, and bought/read entirely randomly and on Compelled whim -- the classical pattern, and just so much more notable now, given it's being three books in a row. Wow.] And then, at Dr. Scaffidi's office, a really cool and striking one where precisely as I turned a page in a random magazine and revealed "TRACK" written in big letters on the fresh page, Dr. Scaffidi said "track" to his patient, when both were in the other room and entirely out of view of me, etc, as is so patternistic of these -- another sort-of "nearby stranger"-type one. So damn cool and surreal.


Reasonable uptick in activity today, starting from the get-go this morning pretty much with a really damn cool radio-type one. I had to pass a golf cart, and right as he edged off to the curb and waved me to pass, "move over, baby" sang from the radio, which could've been applied either to the man's moving the golf cart over or him waving me to move over and pass; either way, was perfectly synchronistic and highly precise, and just so surreal. A cool little footnote to this one was when, a few minutes later, I pulled off the road to stop and pick up the bag of garbage sitting dangerously in the road, and when I did so I still had the notebook and the partially written note of "move over, baby" in my lap, which I saw precisely as I myself moved over off the road. Haha. Then, a few minutes later, another radio one, this time "look back" singing out precisely as I came up the highway ramp at 31 and had to look into my side mirror, craning my neck and turning so that I could see into my blind spot -- very much "looking back." Then at lunch, a pretty notable, classic recurrence: apple pectin. I first saw it when looking on the ingredients of the Phyte packet at Modern Cleansing (which I'd felt Compelled to buy even though it was $2 for just a tiny packet, way overpriced). Afterward, on the way to lunch, I kept thinking of one ingredient in particular: apple pectin, several times I thought of this specifically, and I'd also Noticed it distinctly when looking over the ingredients before buying it. And then, maybe 30 minutes later while eating and reading the 'Planet Heal Thyself' book, it mentioned apple pectin in particular, devoting a whole paragraph to it and its health benefits.

Then at Lowes later on, had probably the most striking and notable number-repeat-receipt-type one ever, with something like a 6-banger of 37 and variants recurring within the space of a minute. It started with a squash that I had to weigh, which was .73 lb and pushed my running total up to $10.73, so there's two back-to-back. Then, the next two items I scanned both produced running totals ending in 37 or 73 or something, can't remember (might've been three items, actually). And then when I got my receipt, there were two more: my change was exactly $73.31 (from a hundred, which I had only because two other places couldn't break it earlier in the day) and then the timestamp was "17:07:30," printed in big letters at the bottom. Highly notable just in itself, and in the near-instantaneous procession of so many repeats, but also, the squash part of it is highly notable because of the fact that I shouldn't have had to weigh it, since it was one of those "freshwrap"-type squash that are usually sold individually rather than by the pound -- and that's actually what the sign had said, because I'd checked it specifically to see how much the squash were since the freshwraps are often overpriced, and I distinctly remember seeing the sign read "$3.49 ea," not by the pound. Yet the self-checkout had asked me to weigh it after I scanned it, thus producing the .73 lb, and thus producing the $10.73 total, since I was charged by the lb rather than individually (over a dollar less than the $3.49, as it were). Wow wow.

Also, several other conspicuous numbers through the day, including a really cool one at the GNC parking lot. When I was turning at the intersection to leave, a car was coming slowly down the way, and twice I almost pulled out but just felt Compelled to play it overly cautious, totally illogically, as it so patternistic in these incidents -- and sure enough, its passing revealed a 7103 license plate.


And the random-newspaper-from-Publix recurrences continue, with two more coming to light tonight, when I finally finished reading through the paper (Compelled to btw, despite having no real interest in the contents of the Wall Street Journal, having an aversion to a lot of it actually). It started with the 'Planet Heal Thyself' book and its mention of the DNA website 23andme, which I'd felt Compelled to write down and visit, and which I finally got a chance to do so this evening -- and then, maybe 30 minutes later while in the sauna and reading the last section of the paper, it mentioned the 23andme site in an article about DNA. This was notable in itself, but it also bears mentioning that, first, the article as in the very back of the paper, in its innermost section, and wasn't mentioned on the front page or anything that I saw when Compelled to pick it up at the store (so it's impossible I could've subconsciously seen the mention of the site or even of anything DNA-related), and then, second, I actually missed the paper's mention of the site the first time reading the article, and only saw it when I randomly checked it for something else later in the night (which wasn't there), even though I had to dig it out of the recycling bag, etc. Really highly notable, given both the precision and the timing and the pattern (first I'd heard of the 23andme website, and then saw it again shortly after, and in the most random-yet-patternistic of ways, etc), but also given just the sheer logistics and randomness and unlikliness of it all, not to mention the fact that there were other similarly notable recurrences from the same paper. A blog-worthy one, altogether.

[Update 9/5: and it *still* continues, for this afternoon I had another 23andMe recurrence, now in the 'DNA USA' book. Wow.]

Also, another classical book-synchro-type recurrence between the 'Planet Heal Thyself' book, in which the Ashkenazi Jews were mentioned and it was the first time I'd ever heard of the term -- and then, randomly in the 'DNA USA' book that I again bought randomly and read randomly, sequentially after the 'Heal Thyself' book, it went into a long section about Ashkenazi Jews and their DNA (though, once again, the other book was on an entirely different subject matter, etc).


Noticeably fewer incidents last couple days, corresponding with health nastiness again. Did have a couple standout thought/radio synchros today; forgot the first one, but the second was a reasonably notable one when, at the store, precisely as I read "power greens" on a sign, "green" sang from the in-house radio, perfectly synchronistic, etc. Had a couple little 37-number-repeat spurts, along with a cute standout when, at the recycling bin when I threw in my paper and some torn-up receipt scraps came out, several of the scraps had prominent 37s/137s on them, conspicuously so, where the torn-off areas contained just those numbers, and just in such a way that I'd be forced to see them upon picking them up (which is just what happened one other time I can think of, too). Haha.


Reasonable uptick in general incidents today, again corresponding with big improvement in health interestingly. Started with a resumption of that steady "background" static of smallish, usually one-word-type radio/thought incidents, such as my thinking "one" when I did the first rep of an exercise at the gym precisely as the song on my MP3 player counted off "one-two-three," perfectly synchronistic -- maybe a dozen or so of these throughout the course of the day, to varying degrees of notability. Had a couple really cool standouts of more-traditional-type ones while at the gym, also. The first was when I was hanging off the bar, doing a long stretch, when I decided to stop, thus slowly and gracefully lowering my feet to the floor in a controlled dismount as not to overstretch and injure -- precisely before "get your feet on the ground" sang from the song I was listening to, not quite perfectly synchronistic but extremely close, another of those where it was just a split second differential. Same for another one a few minutes later, when, in the middle of an exercise, my whole body spontaneously relaxed, which has been happening off and on all day because I had a really good deep-tissue massage last night -- and then, again just a split second afterward, the song I was listening to sang "unwind and relax." Both of these were pretty notable, because even though they were "synced" to an album I've listened to several times, which would open them to subconscious suggestion, they hinged too much on the objective events to err in that direction (especially the "unwind and relax" one, since it hinged entirely on the element of my involuntarily relaxing, something I couldn't have consciously controlled if I wanted to). Also, lots more numbers today, still predominantly 37 (though having a good number of 17s/77s and their variants, plus 212s), and still predominantly on conspicuous license plates and such. Had a few of those "intelligently cute" ones too, including a pretty notable one on the way home. When I was on the hwy 17 offramp and merging onto 17 business where the two lanes merge right, I saw that a car was edging up and would get stuck in their lane if I didn't slow down and make a gap -- and when I did, letting the car pass in front of me once the lanes merged, I was met with a 373 license plate. Haha.

Also, a funny little recurrence (being having more of these the last couple weeks, it seems, a resurgence of more classical recurrences it seems) this evening. In the 'DNA USA' book at lunch today, it had mentioned Malia Obama, the President's daughter, and it was the first I'd ever heard her name or at least the first I'd heard it and it had registered with me, however faintly. And then, when I went to the twitter website this evening to do the daily tweet, one of the three "front page" random tweets was about what Malia Obama had done for Labor Day. Haha, so cute.


Still a reasonable amount of activity, though slacked off a little from yesterday. Some scattered subtles through the morning, and then a couple pretty notable standouts at lunch. First, precisely as I read "blasts" in the 'DNA USA' book while at Dunkin Donuts, cannon blasts sounded from across the street at the pirate mini-golf place. And then, a split second later when I went back and re-read the "blasts" sentence, I saw that it read "blasts of the horn" or something to that effect -- and precisely as I did, a car horn beeped from nearby. Haha. Then a classic thought/radio synchro when I went back in to get a refill and a split second after I handed my cup to the cashier and absently thought, "she's going to give me a refill," "fill my cup" sang from the in-house radio. And, similarly, a few minutes later while back outside, I read "drummed" precisely as a woman at a nearby table banged a straw from its wrapper, which was not only perfectly timed but she did it rhythmically, three-four times in a few measures, trying to get it out -- very much drumming, in every sense. Haha.

Also, still having regular 37s and the like, as if these things can be at all "regular." Another "cute" standout was when I went to Dr. Dong's clinic for the oxygen thing and so I had to pick out a couple magazines to read while in the tube, and one of the two I grabbed at random from the bin was an issue of 'Classic Car' that ended up having all kinds of 37s running through it. At first I didn't think much of it, but then I saw, first, that the issue was #137, and included a couple conspicuous 37s on the cover, and then, in the middle of it, it had a big "featured" spread on a 1937 model F-37 car. Haha.

And then tonight, another of those vague-thought recurrences, now involving the Navajo code-language used during WWII. I thought of this entirely randomly but distinctly this afternoon, in regards to how sometimes the obscurity and uniqueness of a thing can work for the good of a specific purpose even if it's "useless" or "wrong" for others, and that led me to think of the Navajo code language and such, for the first time in months -- and then, a couple hours later in the 'DNA USA' book it mentioned it. Maybe nothing, but the timing was reasonably tight, and it certainly fit the pattern.


Today was pretty much like yesterday but with less standout/coherent incidents, about the same amount of "background static"-types, but then way more numbers, this time corresponding with some travel up to Wilmington again (seems that Wilmington always triggers these number-storms). Once again, just so so many of them, still mostly 37s but with 212s and 17s mixed in there too. Lots of "fun" and conspicuous 37s too, including several car-pull-outs and the like. One cool one in this regard was when a car came past right as I was about to cross the road to CVS and I saw its 7309 license plate; I didn't think too much of it at first, since it could've just been coincidence, but then, ten minutes or so later when I came out of CVS, the exact same thing happened: same car, me starting to cross the road and then pulling back when I saw the car coming by right as I stepped out, and again its plate flashing at me. So cool. And then, even more notable, was a sort of three-way one just minutes later, when, first, I saw yet another 37-variant plate in a conspicuous way (directly across from my random parking space), and then, seconds later after I'd pulled out and started from the lot, a car rounded the bend precisely as "around" sang from the radio -- then, when the car pulled in front of me, it revealed its 1371 plate, haha. And another: one of the conspicuous-pull out car's was one with a 3373 license plate that sped past me on the way home, and then miles down the road, I saw the same car pulled off and, hence, its license plate (presumably for speeding). Then, another few miles down the road, who should appear but that same car, still speeding way over the speed limit, such that I saw its plate a third time. These plus just tons and tons of other random (yet not too less notable) 37s and variants, at least two or three dozen. Had some fun receipt-type ones too, multiple, such as the CVS receipt having "You saved 3.70" and the store's phone number having a 371 suffix, etc.

Plus, another late-evening reading recurrence, as I've been having lately, this one pretty cool and notable. It started when I randomly read in the 'DNA USA' book of someone eating a canape and I had the thought of something like, "So many empty calories in pastries and the like." And then, maybe ten minutes later in a totally random online article about motorcycles I looked up halfway through dinner, in its introductory paragraph it mentioned "calorific pastries," which echoed perfectly the underlying archetype of the thought about the canape I'd had earlier.


Still having a reasonable number of incidents, with a slight bias towards numbers (the usual 37s, and a good number of 17s, along with some good old-fashioned 1111s/111s here and there, which seems to be a bit of a resurgence lately, just these last few days). A cool standout was a classical "electronic roadside sign ticking to a number repeat precisely as I passed" on, this time the car wash sign on 17, announcing the 1:11 time precisely both as I went by and as the sign entered my line of sight, so surreal. Also, some cool reading synchros at lunch, again seeming to be triggered by eating/dining out/being out, etc. The first was when I had a chain of thought end with how I wanted to go sit inside Dunkin Donuts after I got a refill on my coffee, instead of the hard, backless bench seat outside, and how I wanted the comfort of the big comfy leather chair and its back inside -- and then, precisely as this thought finished, I came to a passage that started with "Increased levels of comfort" in the 'Beneath the Skins' book, perfectly synchronistic. And then, once inside and in my comfy chair, I read "animal rights" precisely as the dining-room TV said "our pets are important," another underlying-archetype on that was both dead-on precise in that indirect way and perfectly synchronistic in timing. Also, a cool one that was a result of subconscious reading-ahead, demonstrating it, but it was still a synchronicity. Precisely as the TV said "event," I had to pause in my reading, because I thought I'd just read it, but when I went and looked back at the passage I'd just read, there was no event -- but then, on the next line down, I realized that it had "event" in it, so unless it was just chance, it would seem that I subconsciously read "event" ahead, from my peripheral vision, but this corresponded synchronistically with the TV's event. Haha.


Oh what a day for numbers. Had a lot of those subtle, smallish "background static"-type of incidents, but the numbers predominated still, as seems to be the trend lately, and still mostly 37s but with 17s, 212s, 44s, 22s, and 1111s in there too. Lots of standouts in this regard today, starting at the bank. When I pulled in, there was a parking space right by the door, and the neighboring car had a 37 LP; then, minutes later after I'd paid my bill and gotten my receipt, I immediately saw that the transaction number was "00137." A really cool clock-tick one at MM, when right after I'd been left in the room to undress for the massage, I had to pass the clock and I saw that it was 3:06. I had time to think, in that skeptical way, "Now why isn't that 3:07, with all the 37s I'm seeing lately" -- when it ticked to 3:07, a split second after I'd seen it, with just enough time to register it and think that thought, as is patternistic of these (and doubly notable considering that this time was dead wrong; it was really about 2:50). Similarly, and equally cool and "cute," was a little later at the Lowes self-checkout, when I went through the process without seeing a 37, right down to the timestamp on the purchase, and I again had just enough time to think, absently and skeptically yet distinctly, "Where's the 37?" -- when just then my receipt printed out, and out with it came the receipt from the previous customer (which was invisible to me beforehand, it being under a little eave on the checkout), and its timestamp ended with 37 (though this spit out in such a way that it was hanging upside-down and so the 37 was therefore first, and right in my line of sight as a result, haha). Just damn surreal, even after everything. And another semi-standout 37 repeat: at the gym, I weighed in at exactly 137 lbs today, on the dot. Did have a couple cool standout "normal" ones, including a really notable, precise, and perfectly synchronistic one when I passed this biker on 17. Right as I saw the man, he was turning around for some reason, conspicuously so, since he was speeding down the road on a motorcycle and appeared to be doing full, 180-degree turns with his torso as if stretching -- precisely as "world turnin'" sang from the radio, with the "turnin'" corresponding perfectly both to the man's turns and their registering with me, with that impossible-to-orchestrate perfect synchronicity (reminds me of that one from a while ago if I remember right, where another biker turned, leaning conspicuously, right as "turn" or something sang from the radio, maybe a couple months back). Also, another of those striking-type single-word ones, this time "home," sounding from the radio precisely as I read it randomly on my phone. And last, one that might just be serendipity/chance rather than a proper synchronicity, but worth noting in any case, a sort of quasi-"ask and ye shall receive" one: while at Lowes I wanted an organic onion but they didn't seem to have any, but I felt Compelled to look amongst the spread of nonorganic onions -- and there, amid maybe a hundred others, was a single organic onion, right on top, identified by its tag. I went all around but saw no other organic onions for sale, nor even any signs for them, and this one was definitely different than all the rest, not only from its tag but just visibly different, such that I don't think it was just mislabeled or something. It would be really damn interesting to know just how a single organic onion got in with the others, and ended up right on top of the pile where I'd see it as it were; it gains a little notability considering I was Compelled illogically to look amongst the nonorganics for an organic, when that just doesn't typically happen, and I'd have no reason to think it would, haha. And another in this maybe-nothing vein: the last few weeks I've been seeing "pura vida" randomly but regularly in various places, maybe 7-8 times to varying degrees of notability, one of those "loose"/extremely drawn-out ones I've had now and then, and then today at Vitamin Shoppe, I saw these two coffee cups sitting conspicuously on the sidewalk as trash and felt Compelled to pick them up and throw them away, and both had "pura vida" printed on the sides, invisible to me from the distance I'd seen them. Helluva day this one.


Good number of standouts in all regards today. Had a little spurt/cluster of those one-word, striking-type of perfectly synchronistic recurrences that might be nothing but gain notability when considered together, with their patternistic element. Examples: hearing "love" on the radio precisely as a car pulled up alongside me and its "Love" license plate rolled directly into my line of sight; and then, a couple minutes later when I went to write down the note for the "love" incident, my eyes fell on the "two" in the note written just above it (which as for another synchronicity I'd written down earlier, as it were) precisely as "two" sang from the radio, a sort of double; and then, just seconds after the "two," I had a quick one-two/wham-bam pair, where, first, the truck in front of me conspicuously passed a car ahead of them, swaying and swerving sort of suddenly and recklessly, precisely as "pass" sang from the radio, and then, a split second later, when I had one of those odd toxic pulses run up into my chest and heart as I've been having, making me think "something going on with my heart," "my heart" sang from the radio, coinciding perfectly with my thought of "heart." Several others like this today, as to establish another of those "themes." A cool radio/event-type standout was when I tried to parallel park downtown, between two cars, but found I didn't have enough room to maneuver fully into the space -- this happening precisely as "room to move" sang from the CD player. And then, seconds later while I was grappling with the wheel and turning it back and forth trying to ease into the space, I accidentally hit the seek button on the steering wheel, which restarted the track that had been playing and, thus, made "room to move" sing out again -- precisely as I realized that I didn't have enough room to get into the space, this time. Just damn funny right there, a surreal little bit of theater. And then, equally surreal but not quite perfectly synchronistic in timing: as I was walking down the street, I felt another of those sudden headaches come on as I've been having lately, and then, maybe three or four seconds after the first pang came and I had the thought of "another of those headaches," I noticed a little foil wrapper on the ground, and was Compelled to pick it up and throw it away -- only to find that it was a little packet of "headache powder," so it ended up being a sort of "ask and ye shall receive" one, though I didn't use it ("Got a headache? Here, have some headache powder then," it felt like). It bears mentioning that the packet was facedown when I approached it and was Compelled to pick it up, and so I couldn't have seen that it was a headache powder even subconsciously.


Still regular activity on and off for the most part. Started off with yet another reading/book-type recurrence as I've been having lately, this time with the quote from Helen Keller about how it's better to be in darkness with a friend than alone in the light, which I read just within the last few days, for the first time ever, and then again today at lunch, in the 'Grief Diaries' book; I can't remember where I first read it, I want to say the 'Beneath the Skins' book, the last one, just finished yesterday, but that might be wrong -- in any case, it recurred with relatively notable timing. Had something of another "theme" today, now in these somewhat vague/distorted random/subtle-type incidents, and with that not-quite-perfectly-synchronistic timing that I've noted before. Examples: reading "looking into my father's eyes" as the last line in a book before putting it down, about two seconds before "looking into my eyes" sang from the in-house radio at Starbucks; getting behind a fat man on a motorcycle and thinking absently about him and his fatness, again a few seconds before a song came on the CD player called "Fatman" (on the CD I'd just bought and was letting play through for the first time, never having heard it before or knowing its track listings or such, or that there was even a song on there about a fat man, not that I could've orchestrated my getting behind/seeing a fat man just before the song started, etc); and, even vaguer but still with the "feel" of these, seeing the turn signal "tick" on precisely as "tick" sang from the radio, kind of like yesterday's "pass" as the truck in front of me passed a car. Maybe 5-6 of these through the course of the morning. Also, a cool and pretty notable "small"/vague-thought-type recurrence this afternoon. When leaving Cheryl's she'd randomly asked to look at my van, and what make and model it was, and it got me thinking about how I didn't think I'd ever once seen a Mercury Monterey van like mine, before or after buying it -- and then, maybe 10 minutes later down the road when I stopped at Bay Naturals without even having planned on it until then, I passed a Mercury Monterey van in the parking lot, of the same model/style/apprxoimate year as mine, identical except for the color (a sort of weird "ask and ye shall receive"/manifestation-type one?).


A downturn in overall incidents today, corresponding with nothing in particular that I've noticed this time. Did still have a reasonable amount of number repeats, still primarily 37s and on license plates, etc. A standout was a hybrid of the "seeing the same car in an unlikely way"-type one along with a 137 repeat, this time a Kia Soul that I saw first at Rite Aid, then at Walmart about an hour later. This was reasonably notable in itself, given its unlikeliness and its fitting the past pattern perfectly, but is doubly so considering that, first, it was totally random that I stopped both at Rite Aid and Walmart, with my once again having zero plans of going to either place today, and, second, that both times I saw the Kia it was right beside a second car with a 37 LP (different cars at each place, however), and then, third, at Walmart I only saw it because, just before I got in my car after going into Walmart, I remembered I needed something from BN and so turned right and walked back through the parking lot, going the long way instead of just walking along the sidewalk -- which put me directly into the path of the Kia, when I wouldn't have otherwise seen it, even if I'd gone to BN up along the sidewalk.

Then tonight another late little book/reading-synchro recurrence, as I am still having oddly. This time it was the town of New Britain, Connecticut, which I was introduced to for the first time ever in the 'Grief Diaries' book just yesterday (which I Noticed, I might add), and then, in the 'In a Dark Place' book that I started today sequentially after, it mentioned the town within the first few pages, once again despite the two books being about as polarly different as possible (now a nonfiction collection of accounts of homicide/kidnapping survivors vs a quasi-fictional account of a haunted house). Also, while reading before bed, had a string of extremely vague/distorted reading/thought-type ones, kind of like those I was having yesterday except even vague and with looser timing, seconds apart but still just coherent and repetitive enough to establish a pattern.


Had a few scattered numbers through morning, then at lunch had another of those sudden clusters, this time starting with a really unique and striking one that doesn't really fit one category. It started at Dunkin Donuts, when the cashier and cooks were joking and goofing off with the customer in front of me, a short woman whom the DD folks kept telling "You're pregnant, you're pregnant," making a big show of it. I then sat outside to eat, and right as I opened the 'Dark Place' book, the customer in front of me came out, and she recognized me from inside and we exchanged a couple words -- and then when I finally got to my book, seconds later, the first sentence I read was "Fran was a short woman with curly red hair and she was very pregnant," this corresponding with the customer woman who was short and had curly hair (I don't remember what color it was, but definitely that it was curly, in a perm of sorts), and of course, she was the one who was being told over and over again she was pregnant by the DD employees inside. Notable to begin with, but made moreso by the fact that that same woman appeared and talked to me a split second before I read that sentence, throwing a whole other dimension into it. Damn surreal. Also, just before this one, I had another of those striking one-word-type ones, this time starting with when I'd just come out of DD, I suddenly and for no real reason got the song "Jesus Loves the Little Children" in my head, and right as I got to the line "red, yellow, black, and white," I looked at my coffee cup and my eyes locked on "yellow," corresponding perfectly synchronicistically with that in the song in my head, as is patternistic of these. And then, similarly a couple minutes later, I read "sunlight faded" in the book precisely as a cloud came over the sun, again just so surreal. Had one more soon after, and this one followed that sort of vague/loosely-timed/distorted theme that I had last night, combined with "nearby strangers echoing my reading in their conversation." Right as I read in the book a paragraph-long part where two people were discussing "hearing things" and "hearing people talking," the folks at the table next to me started asking one another about the shouting voices they were hearing nearby, which were from the "pirate golf" place across the street -- maybe nothing, this one, because it wasn't too precise or perfectly timed, but still coherent and patternistic enough to have that "feel" to it.

Had a couple of late and highly notable reading synchros this evening, both of that "involuntary bodily function corresponding to something read" type. The first was when I was in the sauna and got a sudden surge of that bad upset deep in my left guts, a couple seconds before I read "a vicious congestion of the chest" -- a perfect description of this phenomenon in the guts of mine, couldn't have put it better myself. This one was another of those "not perfectly synchronistic" ones, and likewise could've been attributed to subconscious suggestion had this gut upset not been an involuntary/objective thing that I couldn't have controlled even were I subconsciously cued, it seeming to be caused by the virus or parasite or whatever the hell is causing so much trouble in there. And then, a little less notable but almost identical in nature: "not so tense" almost precisely as my shoulders visibly/palpably relaxed, causing me to slump, again not quite perfectly synchronistic but certainly close enough to be of note.


Had another little cluster almost immediately after sitting down at lunch to read, though they were all those vague/subtle/delayed-types I've been having the last few days. It was really just a chain of three, starting with my thinking of a barking dog randomly a minute or so before reading "barking dog," along with "head drooped forward" almost precisely as I was thinking of not letting my head droop forward so as to not stress my neck as I've been training myself to do (especially upon sitting down, which I'd just down and had triggered the thought), and, similarly, reading "clenched teeth" a second or two after I'd clenched my back teeth in order to chew the cardamom seeds in my lunch. All of these happened within the space of the first page of the book I was reading, not quite "wham-bam" but close enough to have that surreal "feel." And then a similar little cluster just after I left Starbucks after lunch, even vaguer but still just coherent enough to be notable. It started when I saw a license plate ending in 57 and thought entirely randomly but distinctly, "five times seven is thirty-five," precisely as I turned and came across a RAM 3500 van, its model number directly in my line of sight. I didn't think much about this one, since it could easily have been chance, but then, a minute later after I'd pulled out onto the road, had a similar repeat, though a bit more notable and coherent, now with hearing "bye" on the radio precisely as a car with a plate reading "CU BYBY" passed from my left, directly into my line of sight as is so patternistic of these; unlike others, this one was perfectly synchronistic, and quite precise. Then, had another pair later in the afternoon just before Anytime Fitness, first when the radio sang out "rise up" precisely as a jet appeared above me from the tree line, flying low just after take-off, and then, just maybe a second or two later, the radio singing "live" precisely as "LIVE" appeared on the Market Commons electronic sign display. These two were reasonably notable in their timing and precision, but much moreso due to that dynamic, animated quality two both of them, that which I've experienced before such as with that time I'd randomly thought of "Gilmore" precisely as I scrolled past on the Grand Ole Opry sign on 17, like the world was shouting at me -- that's how it was with the ascending jet appearing so synchronicistically with the "rise up," and the sign's animated "LIVE," seeming to "scream" from the sign. So cool.


Day started with a perfectly 11:11:11 clock-tick, notable in itself but doubly so considering it only happened when I was getting ready to go and put my watch on and so saw it then -- as in, I wasn't even checking the time, Just Happened to put my watch on my wrist and turn it facing up at precisely 11:11 and when the second hand ticked to 11 seconds, haha. A good few other repeats today too, though nothing quite so notable as that one. Had only one notable reading incident at lunch today, and even it was a bit vague. It started when a nearby woman was having trouble getting her child to leave the mall and so she played the "Okay, I'm going, bye" approach, which triggered the memory of when my mom had done the same to me so long ago -- and then, when I picked my book back up to resume reading, my eyes fell directly on "same humiliating experience," which did certainly echoing the memory of my reasonably humiliating experience as a child, which was the "same" as that woman's child was probably experiencing, but not hugely notable and not impossible it wasn't just chance (though it did fit that pattern of "my eyes Just Happening to fall on the precise passage that echoed my thoughts," especially considering that sentence wasn't even where I was to resume reading, just where my eyes were looking when I opened the book back up). Then, a couple hours later when checking cars on Craigslist on my phone, had a hugely notable one. Precisely as I went to the cars page on Craigslist, the radio sang out "I have a limo, ride in the back" -- and then, when the page loaded up a split second later, the very first listing was for a limo. Of course, zero chance this could possibly have been subconscious suggestion in any fashion, since it hinged on not just one but two objective events entirely outside my control, the radio lyric and the limo listing both (I'd just gone to the cars page and narrowed the search for cars under $10k).


Had another late-evening minor-reading recurrence again, following this odd trend. This time it was a bit more notable, starting when, totally randomly, I finally looked up pink symbolism on the tablet, halfway through dinner on a total whim, and then, while reading what came up, I came away from it with "pink flowers symbolize hope," illogically, in that special, Compelling-like way, it just feeling Right for no particular reason -- and then, a couple minutes later when I resumed the 'Giants' book, within a page or so it mentioned "flowers of hope." Not impossible that it was just coincidence, but the timing and precision were both pretty stark, and it certainly had that "feel."


General downturn today for the most part. Did have a reasonable amount of 37s and the like though, including one of those cute "random parking lot"-type ones, this time the most random ever, where the Publix lot was oddly congested when I went, so first I went around the back to get away from the cars, but then found that I still couldn't get away and got deadlocked again, and so I ended up just parking at the other end of the parking lot, despite it meaning I'd have to walk way farther and in the rain -- and I found myself parked directly behind a car with several numbers and a 317 and other, subtler synchronistic symbolism (blood of Christ, etc, as I've been seeing several times a day lately). It bears mention that this car was totally out of view from me when I decided to turn off and randomly park, such that I just saw an empty space and so that the numbers and such were only revealed once I pulled all the way in. So cool. Also, another of those "illogically Compelled to let someone out"-type ones, this time on the motorcycle of all things, where I have less latitude to do these things anyway, but sure enough, I obeyed, and the car pulled out with a plate ending in "732," haha.


Not a whole lot of activity today overall, but a pretty cool standout at lunch, a three-way reading/radio/nearby stranger-type incident that I thought pretty damn notable. Started when I read "glitter in the sun" in the 'Giants' book precisely as a nearby stranger stepped into the harsh sunlight on the Second Cup patio and went something like, "Whoa" -- not hugely precise, but still captured that archetype of "in the sun," and the timing was perfectly synchronistic. Still, I didn't note it until a few seconds later, when, while I was debating whether to write this one down or not, thinking about "the guy in the sun" and the quote from the book, "in the sun" sang from the radio, perfectly synchronistic. Haha. Also, a pretty cool combo-type one today, unique, not sure how to classify it. Started this morning when I saw yet another hot-red Kia Soul, as I've seen several within the last couple days, always Noticing them. When I saw this last, however, I thought, "Well, why doesn't it have a 37 or something on it, if these are another of those themes?" Then, a few hours later on the way home from this gym this afternoon, I pulled up at an intersection and stopped behind yet another red Kia Soul of the exact color and model/year as the others -- except this one had a "3071" license plate. Conceivably a coincidence, but had all the "fingerprints" of an incident -- a combo "ask and ye shall receive," number repeat, and one of those "challenge" types that's established itself as a pattern, where my inner skeptic poses some challenge that is ultimately answered in short order.


Trip to NYC Brooklyn was a crazy damn headspinning surreal headtrip, perhaps to a new level of surrealness/living-dream, starting from the moment after I left on the plane after lunch on the 23rd. Can't begin to remember all the individua little subtles/number-repeats, other than that they were damn near constant. Lots and lots and lots of 37s and other repeats (mainly 17s/212s/44s) all through the trip, and it was just like in DC and the last time in NYC when I was walking around, just about every other LP on every car (sometimes EVERY plate on EVERY car) having some repeat or other, and so many of them ridiculously conspicuous. Some of the ones I managed to write down, in no specific order:

*Another of the "random parking space" 37s, this time in the long-term parking lot at the airport, with my parking between two 37 LPs; seems like this one was highly conspicuous in some way but it's all gotten lost in the shuffle (had it written down as "blocked"; seems like it had to do with another of those deals where the plates were blocked when I parked, only coming into view when I got out, thus again ruling out subconscious suggestion and the like)

*When I got to the Brooklyn "Hostel"/slum, the address was listed at 71 Cooper St, but when I got there, 71 was an empty lot and the hostel was mysteriously at 73 Cooper St, haha

*Damn cool/notable one while waiting for the plane in at the gate, when I read "resonant baritone singing voice" in the 'Giants' book precisely as just such a voice sang from a nearby child's tablet, perfectly synchronistic and perfectly precise (actually, not 100% on whether the voice was baritone or alto, I can't remember which is which, but in any case, was definitely a male's "resonant singing voice" coming from the tablet, and precisely as I read the phrase, wow)

*Had a huge string of hugely notable incidents involving the 'Zen Flesh, Zen Bones' book and random stuff in Brooklyn, everything from recurrences to vagues/subtles to number-repeats to the subtle "themes" to individual thought/reading/event-type incidents, way way too much to list and many way too personal/subtle/subjective to even begin to subscribe but these were all again like a higher order of those I've had with certain books in the past, to the point that the book was basically just echoing my whole reality/experience off and on (or vice versa); most profound/coherent example was when I was having lunch the 20th outside the Bushwick Starbucks, starting when I was thinking about how I was sitting in the uncomfortably hot sun just before I resumed reading the book right at the line "hot day in the sun" (when I'd had the book facedown in my lap while having the thought), and then, a minute later, I had the distinct thought that, sitting outside the Starbucks on the street and beside the parked bikes (the inside was full), I looked and felt like a panhandler -- and then, maybe ten seconds later, I read a poem in the book about "imitating a beggar," which was pretty notable and precise and closely timed in itself, enough to make me take note, but then, right after that, the next line was about the imitating beggar being under a bridge -- which was just where I was along the street, under the bridge for the M train, so damn surreal

*One of the more coherent of the many vague-theme-types of incidents peppering the trip, was the "bull" theme, which started with the "Bumper Bully" bumper guards that seem to be endemic to the NYC/DC metro areas, and which I Noticed/noticed immediately upon arriving; it started there, then moved into just lots and lots of random "bull" stuff, on cars and in windows and just about everywhere else, most conspicuously and surreally when I encountered two women with bull rings in their noses, after not having seen such a piercing for ... years and years, since the 90s grunge days? and the way that I encountered these women were just so random and conspicuous yet perfectly timed with all the other "bull" things (first a cashier in that basement thrift store that I stopped in totally randomly, where I got the hugely synchronistic 'Spiral' book, and then in that group of dope dealers that I walked past down towards the banya, from which one of them randomly said "excuse me" and tried to shake my hand, to do God knows what, which caused me to look into the group and hence see the second bull-ring woman, seated beside the one trying to shake my hand -- so patternistic of these); it all climaxed when, at the very end of the 'Zen Flesh' book, it went into a full-out account of the ancient Asian symbolism of the bull and its story, which Just Happened to dovetail perfectly with my state/everything else going on/the underlying "feel" of my NYC trip -- wowowowow

*A totally surreal one on the 22nd, coming at the tail end of many others, I just happened to get this one down before getting swept away in new ones: right as I entered the Manhattan Trader Joe's, someone came out the exit door and a nearby employee said, "Ma'm, the exit is the door on the other side," or something to that end -- and then, a split second afterward in perfectly synchronistic fashion, "welcome to the other side" sang from the in-store radio, which also corresponded with my passing through the door and entering the "other side" referred to by the employee, haha

*A really cool trio of recurrences on the 23rd, first the "perched elephant" that I read about in the 'Spiral' book, in which two characters discussed the concept about a "Perched Elephant" rockface at some place (which was itself a recurrence, because I'd just that morning Totally Randomly encountered the rockface that was placed at the odd school block party that I randomly walked upon on my way from the hostel, after not having seen/thought of a rockface in how long?), and then, just hours later that evening at the airport, I picked up a random paper (either one someone had left or one of the ones I picked up randomly while walking down to the banya through Brooklyn the day before, can't remember which -- a totally random and patternistically conspicuous paper I'd "received," in any case), it had an ad for a mattress, showing an elephant perched on mattress (to show how strong the mattress was), and then, not quite so notable but still reasonably so, I read in the 'Spiral' book about microscopic nano-machines that work without a normal power source, and then, just like with the elephant ad, read a random article in one of the random papers about microscopic nano-machines that work without a normal power source, an almost perfect echo and so perfectly timed

*One of the cooler and more coherent of the conspicuous-37 repeats interspersing the trip: when I went into the Limperiele coffee shop that I was intuitively led to, in its little antique bathroom (that I was intuitively Compelled to use), in its little antique vanity (which I was Compelled to open), I found an ancient-looking, maybe 50's-era package of "germicidal handwipes," which I was Compelled to turn over -- only to find that it used 3.17% alcohol; also, this one was a recurrence, because just minutes before while lunching out on the shop's bench, I'd read several times in the 'Spiral' book of various germicides and antifungal miscellany, echoing the germicidal stuff perfectly, just again so damn surreal

*A wonderful receipt that I just discovered: Starbucks at Wyckoff, timestamped 11:37AM exactly, check #734545 (these two one above the other)

And about ten thousand others that all just got lost in the "flood," as to be a synchronistic white noise, so incredible even after everything.


Couple of cool "little" recurrences this morning, having the same kind of "feel" of the NYC whirlwind. First, when I was just driving onto the road this morning on the way to lunch: I looked in my rearview and saw a white Kia SUV pulled into view, Noticing its distinctive grill/headlight configuration -- and then, when I looked right a split second later to see who was coming, I saw the grill/headlights of an identical white Kia SUV, same model/year/everything, as to perfectly "echo" the image I'd just seen in my rearview, just so surreal and unlikely and patternistic of these "little"/instant-type of recurrences. Also, yet another from those "random" papers I'd gotten from NYC, this one involving the issue of the NY Times I'd been "led" to conspicuously in the empty airport-gate seat, which had an article about the showing of some old Marx Brothers films, with a picture that had Harpo at the forefront, which I'd Noticed distinctly, as to think "first I've seen of Harpo in a while" -- and then, today at lunch in the 'Spiral' book, it introduced a character named Harpo, named as such in the same context of the Marx brother, haha. Classical reading/book-type recurrence, there. Also, to a lesser extent at lunch: reading "door exploded open" precisely as a nearby woman opened the door of the barbershop by Beach Dreams -- not quite an "explosion," but notable in that the "door opening" archetype was definitely there, and the timing was so perfectly precise/synchronistic, etc. Good God, just so many these last few days. Had a lot of those little/subtle/"instant" ones throughout the day too, such as when I got change at the Publix self-checkout and I thought, "There are going to be seven ten-dollar bills in the change," and then, a split second after, the ten on the top of the stack had a big "7" penned on top of it, as to correspond perfectly synchronistic to my thought of "seven" (though there were only six bills in the change, as it were).


Really just a bunch of those smallish/vague incidents through the day, and number-repeats, though not as much of either really. Most coherent one was one of those "reading about a noise precisely as it happened"-type ones, at lunch at DD, when precisely as I read "a scratching noise," a turning car's tires scratched over the loose, gritty asphalt lot (when there'd been no cars driving through it previously for a while, such that there was relative silence and then, suddenly, that sound, corresponding perfectly with my reading).


Day was characterized by a reasonably steady "background static" of subtles and numbers. Only real coherent standouts were, first, a "noise"-type reading synchro at lunch, when I read "thud" in the 'Preclear' book precisely as some sort of thud sounded from the adjacent parking lot (might've been something being loaded in a truck or something, not sure; in any case, was very much a "thud," so quite precise, and perfectly timed too, as to be pretty damn notable). Also, as an example of the random/subtles today, and as the "feel"/"texture" of those today: while at Goodwill and browsing for a new book, I was thinking of the book I'd just started and how it didn't really appeal to me and that I might just stop reading it and move on to something else -- and then, just after I'd thought that, I came upon that 'Scorpion' book, set out from the stack conspicuously at the front of the shelf, which Just Happened to be a book that I'd started and then stopped reading after a few pages because it didn't appeal to me, some time ago. This was notable in itself, but then, a split second after seeing that book and having it register with me as one that I'd abandoned and that it was something of a recurrence with what I'd just been thinking of regarding the other book, my eyes touched on another such book, set out from the rest, just down from the 'Scorpion' book -- and it turned out to be that 'The Novel' book, which is another I'd started, not really liked, and then abandoned shortly in. Another of those "wham-bam"/one-two-punch-types of incidents that just had several layers/dimensions of notability.

And then, another of those subtle, not hugely notable recurrences, just notable/patternistic enough to deserve mention: at the gym today, I Noticed a catalog set out on the table by the entrance, titled "Europa," and it Compelled me to look through it. As it were, the first I'd seen/read of anything regarding Europa for ... months, years? And then, a couple hours later when I went to tweet about the "thud" synchro, one of the "front page" tweets caught my eye, as to be Noticed similarly, and when I went to it, it was about how water was detected on the moon Europa (and, it bears mentioning, Europa was only mentioned in the full tweet, which I saw only after Noticing the first, brief tweet and clicking through, such that it was impossible that I was just subconsciously led to it, etc).


Had an odd "cluster" of conspicuous 37s and variants this morning, with little to nothing else activity-wise. Did have a cool kind of combo one this afternoon, when I passed underneath an electronic highway sign reading "703 highway deaths this year in SC," which prompted me to think of how I felt to be in the living-dream mode (this was at the tail-end of the dozen or so conspicuous 37s this morning), and precisely as I had this thought, "living in a fuzzy dream" sang from the CD player (on a CD that I'd randomly checked out from the library just minutes before, the first CD I've ever gotten from a library, feeling Compelled to).


Not much activity today overall, but what was was pretty notable. First, at lunch, a really damn cool and somewhat unique one, a sort of three-way reading/thought/event-type one. It started when I read in the 'Ice Man' book "the boxcars were filled with all kinds of food," precisely as a Fedex truck (which was big and rather "boxy") stopped directly in front of me, outside Dunkin Donuts, perfectly synchronistic. I didn't think much of it at first, other than noting the conspicuous timing and the "boxy car" recurrence -- but then, seconds later, the Fedex driver emerged carrying a package labeled "PERISHABLE," with the door left open and a second PERISHABLE box visible inside -- a boxy car filled with food. But then, making it even more notable, as the driver was inside delivering the first package to Dunkin Donuts, I was left staring at his open, running, package-filled truck, and so was struck with the thought that it would be so easy for me to jump in it and steal it just then -- and then, a couple lines down in the book, it mentioned how the "boxcars filled with food" were stolen. Haha. And but then it continued, a few seconds later when the Fedex driver came back out of DD and walked past me precisely as I read "blue-collar people" -- when the driver was wearing the distinctive Fedex blue-collared shirt.

Then, while reading a random Wired magazine at the library after lunch, had a bunch of vague/subtle recurrences between it and the last magazine I'd read last night, the equally randomly-chosen Family Genealogy magazine. Many of them were too vague/subtle to list, a bunch that, on their own, would've been unnotable but together became conspicous/patternistic enough to establish another of those "bunch of vague parallels"-type of reading recurrences. A standout amongst them was a classical reading synchro: the BRCA gene, involved in breast cancer. I first learned of this just last night, randomly in the genealogy magazine, when it mentioned how Angelina Jolie had had the test done -- and then, today, in the Wired magazine, it mentioned it again. Once again: learning of something for the first time ever in my life, and then seeing it a second time soon after, in a totally random place (a technology magazine of all places, and it had zero mention of BRCA or anything genetics-related on its cover).

Then, a cool number standout. When I went to the B12 injection website this afternoon, I got up and turned my phone on and saw that the time was 4:44 exactly, and I Noticed this distinctly, mainly because it's a prominent repeat I've been having but also in that other Noticing way, where it felt like I'd soon be seeing it again. Then, after I'd turned on the phone, I went to look up the B12 place's phone number so I could call them, and it was 910-256-4440. Haha. Potentially just coincidence, but the timing was pretty close, just seconds apart, and also there was the Noticing element of it, totally patternistic of past such intuitive-type incidents. So cool.


Had a few very similar thought/radio-type incidents this morning and through the first part of the afternoon. It started when I was waiting for Val at the gym, when I sat down in the chair and thought "I'm in waiting-mode" -- and then, a split second later, almost perfectly synchronously, "I'm waiting" sang from the in-house radio. And then, a few minutes later while getting the massage and thinking about where to have coffee for lunch and then subsequently thinking that I should stop thinking about it and just go with the flow and decide when the time came -- a split second before "go with the flow" or something to that effect sang from her MP3 player, echoing my thoughts exactly (though only *after* I'd though them. Had several more, vaguer and subtler ones through the afternoon, mainly from radio and such, as to establish a certain "flavor"/theme for the day. Lots and lots of 37s too, again coinciding with a daytrip up to Wilmington (why does Wilmington always seem to trigger these specifically?). Also, a really cool and somewhat unique one later on, when I turned to a page in the 'Energy Times' magazine I'd gotten randomly and saw a picture of the Mars astronaut smiling in a somewhat odd way, making me Notice it and think "what a smile" -- precisely as "just now seen that smile" sang from the radio.

Also, yet another late-night reading recurrence, though I can't say 100% that it happened: "rentititis pigmentosa," a weird eye disease that I'm 99% sure I was asked if I'd ever had in that 23andMe survey I randomly took this evening (I'm pretty sure it was there because it Jumped Out at me in that special way), the first I'd ever heard of this illness -- and then, about an hour or so later in the random National Geographic I'd checked out from the library this afternoon, it mentioned that disease, for the second time ever I'd seen it and, patternistically, in a very short time and from a totally random source, haha.


Had another of those one-word "seeing something pop up on phone precisely as I heard it on the radio"-type synchros, this time scrolling up to "someone to fix moped" on my phone precisely as "fix" sang from the radio, in that perfectly synchronistic, striking fashion. It bears mentioning that this happened at the exact same spot just about where another of these type of recent incidents happened, in the back of the Salvation Army parking lot, even the same radio station if I remember right; a sort of deja vu. Had another of these types sort of later on, when just after I'd finished looking at a Craigslist ad for a wooded lot on a back road that I thought might be good for a mobile home, a split second later "if your dream house is a doublewide trailer on a country road" sang from the radio (I was thinking of a singlewide, but the underlying archetype was still pretty damn precise, especially considering that the lot was indeed on a "country road" backroad). Had another one just after coming out of Salvation Army that might be nothing, when, just after I'd randomly purchased my new airplane roller luggage and come out, I passed a car with a bumper sticker saying "pack strong," which did seem to echo the luggage theme, since it would be "packed," and "strongly," which I'd been thinking of, since this luggage is reinforced with plastic all around, unlike the floppy duffel bag it would replace; still, not quite precise enough to not be just coincidence (was really more of the "feel" and timing of it that made it notable).


Morning and early afternoon were characterized by a whole bunch of those one-word/"instaneous"-type, highly "striking" thought/reading/event synchros, and all of a certain "flavor" that I can't really enunciate. Examples: hearing "one" on the radio, precisely a car license plate reading "BAT ONE" came into view, with my reading the one and having it register with me coinciding perfectly synchronistically with the radio's "one"; being bothered by a fly on my lunch bowl just before I read "fly-on-the-wall" in the 'Ice Man' book; seeing "barista" appear on the closed captioning on the TV in the coffee shop, precisely as the shop's barista walked over next to it; reading "Go in with you" and then "got out of the car and went inside," coinciding almost perfectly with a group of people getting out of their car and going into the coffee shop as I watched. Along with maybe 5-6 other, vaguer ones, most of which would've been unnotable on their own but, once again, became notable collectively, with their "feel" and established pattern. Ended up bringing on that surreal quality to the day, so cool. Also, had a standout thought/event synchro, when precisely as I hastily pulled out in traffic and cut off a car, forcing him to slow, "moving way too slow" sang from the radio; it seemed to echo both the actual event, of my moving too slow and forcing the driver to slow, but also I could see it echoing the driver's thoughts/reactions, if they'd thought "this guy is going too slow." In any case, highly notable and precise.

Had some fun numbers too, such as randomly flipping through a book I got in the mail and ending up precisely on page 137, and having the last customer's receipt hanging from mine when I went to Kroger, only to find its total to be $37.32, plus a couple others I can't remember.

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