Synchronicity log for 2012


A couple cool thought synchros this afternoon, both while working out. The first was "three," which was three-way: I was thinking it, and reading a plate on the machine I was doing marked "130" (focusing on the three, in fact), and then it came on the Prince song I was listening to -- all at once, in that distinctly, perfectly synchronized way I've come to associate with thought synchro. Now, the first two could easily be explained by my focusing on the plate: it said 130, there's a three on it, and it drew my attention for some reason. However, once you factor in the fact that "three" came on the song, at precisely that moment that I Just Happened To focus on the 3 in 130 ... it was notable, and made me blink.

Then, "love is the master plan." This one was especially cool. Just as the "master" part of the song played, my attention was yanked to my right, just outside my peripheral vision, to the belt on the machine I was doing at the time, which had "masters" printed on it. Again, I was tempted to explain this as a subconscious thing, me perhaps seeing the "masters" out of the corner of my eye and then, thus, noticing it when it came on the song. But this doesn't fit, for two reasons: first, I was Attracted to the "masters" on the belt before the "master" on the song, but only an instant before, maybe a split second, if that. It was another one of those things that was so synchronous, I had to take note.

Also, had a couple other, lesser thought synchros, both related with the feng shui book I'm reading. I thought two very distinct things today, 1) that other people's things seem to bring a certain energy with them, and 2) that certain spaces seem to have certain energies and the like. Well, these things were all addressed in the book, when I wasn't even planning on reading the book today (I'd planned on reading another, but felt Compelled to start the feng shui book -- though the thoughts came *before* I'd decided this). Also, there were several other similar parallels between what I read in the book and other things I've been thinking about randomly over the last couple weeks. This is happening more and more, recently.

Not really a thought synchro, but something like it. Tonight, I was listening to a Smashing Pumpkins song while looking for information on how to change the turn signal on my motorcycle. On the instructions, it mentioned a grommet, and I wanted to make sure I knew what a grommet was, so I put it into Google image search. A grommet it is a ring, and the precise moment the images loaded up, the song said "ring."


Some really cool ones today. First, there were two (minor) ones at the motorcycle class: someone mentioning, randomly, Ed McMahon, when I'd seen several random references to him lately, as well as discussed him with [my friend], and had an incredibly weird dream involving him. Then, "holler," when I'd Noticed this, very distinctly, in my ledger yesterday, and then the teacher of the motorcycle course used this word. The cool one was on the way home, though. After a hair-raising drive through Blowing Rock's pea-soup fog, with my tank's needle on empty (my fault, bad planning, and there were no BP or Exxon stations between Caldwell and Boone), I found myself stopping at a random gas station and buying one gallon of gas. All along the way there, I felt fearful, as well as kicked myself in the ass for neglecting to get gas before a trip, but I had this strange assurance that all would be okay, which it was, after I got my gallon of gas, safely, without falling casualty to the fog (and did I mention I was doing this on little sleep and after 4 hours in the motorcycle class, and with my thyroid going nuts?). When I came out of the gas station, my truck's odometer caught my attention, Randomly, and I noticed that it was 173173 (1 + 7 + 3 = 11, 1111).


Several occassions within the last few days, I've been thinking, for no reason I can pinpint, of the movie Platoon, which I've never seen. While thinking of it once, I thought of how I thought it starred Charlie Sheen, but I couldn't remember, or even think of any reason I would know this (again, never seen the movie). Well, tonight while fixing dinner, my parents had the TV on and a random commercial made mention of Charlie Sheen, who'd starred in the movie Platoon (I'd just come downstairs, too).


My second, tumultuous day of motorcycle class. Wow, what an ordeal, but the good kind, where I learned a bunch and came out alive. First, a couple minor ones. The first one involved flushing toilets. The toilets were a central fixture of the building hosting the class, as well as being right next to the classroom, so they were on my mind a good bit. Then, just before lunch on the last day, I used one of the actual toilets (not the urinal) and Noticed the flushing water, somewhat distinctly (as oppose to very distinctly; I noticed it more than simply seeing it, but not so much that it jumped out at me, the way some of these do). In any case, within 20 minutes of Noticing the flushing waters, I went and ate lunch in my truck, and read the Feng Shui book as I did so, in which I read about how, according to Feng Shui, flushing water creates a powerful energy vortex (and I only read a few pages of the book on the break). Notable that that would feature in the book when I'd just Noticed flush, and so soon. Also, it mentioned in the book, in that same section, how the first room you see upon entering a structure can shape your perception of it, including the bathroom -- when I'd just noticed this yesterday (and today both), since we started entering the building's backdoor then, right at the bathrooms, instead of the front, and I noticed this very thing, though not quite a Notice, just a very vague subtle sensation that came about as I saw the bathrooms first upon entering. Now, I can see how, foreseeably, this feeling I had had resulted from something else entirely, rather than the bathrooms impressing me with some perceptual energy; however, it's notable that I would feel that and then read about it in the book, so close together (and it makes sense, really, though I could see how this could be entirely perceptual, or a combination of perceptual/energetic, rather than some obscure, purely energetic principle). Also, just this morning I was thinking of how I'd read that having an electronic clock right by your bed can affect your sleep, very distinctly I thought this, about 3-4 this morning while trying to get back to sleep -- and then it was in the Feng Shui book with the rest of these things. A one-two-three punch.

But the cool one was when I saw a seagull. It came during the tail-end of the outdoor training, right about when I started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel that was this three-day trip (suspiciously around this time, actually). This ties in with the seagull synchro that occurred at the beach, since I came to interpret that as possibly symbolizing hope/achievement, as well as freedom, and I could see that applying to today, on multiple levels. I felt to identify this the moment I saw it (in an intuitive way I'm beginning to get a sense of, a kind of button-click which brings recognition and a smile), but as if that wasn't enough, the seagull was right by the big electronic sign that cycled between the temperature and time, and the moment after I saw the seagull and had that button-click intuition about it, the clock flashed 1:33, which of course is a variation of the whole 11:33 theme that I see all the time, but is actually the exact time that I've seen a couple times lately (iirc, I saw this both three times in a row, I want to say Thursday afternoon, Thursday night, and then Friday afternoon, always conspicuous in my seeing it, such as waking up to pee at just that time Thursday night, or Just Happening to have my attention jerked toward it the other times). If I didn't know better, I'd say that I had the minor synchros of seeing it just as a lead up to the seagull thing, as if to put its hallmark on it and wave hi and tell me that how I felt about the seagull was right as rain. It's hard to say, of course, and could go either way, but in any case, it certainly has my attention.

Just remembered a thought synchro from the way home: was just thinking of going home and sleeping off this whole experience, when I saw a big sign reading "refresh, rejuvenate, relax." Very synchronous, too, and I don't think it was subconscious suggestion, either, since I was thinking it just as it rolled up the road (though I can't be sure about this; notable in any case).


Cool word synchro today. Read "dogface" in ledger this morning, and Noticed it, and then, just before lunch, I went to Youtube by chance (after going there three times earlier) and noticed what looked like a porn video, on its front page, and went back and looked at the thumbnail -- I thought Youtube didn't show porn. In any case, the title involved "Dogface." It was a different context than the ledger entry -- the ledger was referring to a WWII infantryman, and the video was just a nickname, it seemed -- but still very cool.

After lunch, in the Feng Shui book, it mentioned "The Lion King," and I Noticed this, for no reason. Then, I was Compelled to go to Goodwill today, looking for a clock, and while doing so, I saw a copy of the movie there. It would have been unnotable if a) I hadn't it Noticed it in the book like I did, and b) it hadn't been so long since I've seen mention of that movie (I can't remember the last I saw it).

Also had some word synchros: "faux pas" (in "The Moany Sea" this morning, which I was Compelled to edit, and then was in Feng Shui book a few hours later, when I hadn't seen this phrase for a long time), "Spanky" as a name (this one is quite notable, part of a three-banger; it was in "Koko" first, and then I overheard it in a conversation on Friday night, at the first motorcycle class night, I think the day after I'd finished the book or something, but I didn't note it because it wasn't particularly rare, and I didn't Notice either, though I do remember a distinct sense of synchronicity upon hearing it the second time; however, today it was in the Feng Shui book, so I decided to log it); "empathetic" (I'm on the fence about this one; in the ledger at lunch, I read "empathic," and Noticed it, and then "empathetic" was in the Feng Shui book this evening; the two have the same meaning, and it's notable that I would see such a rare and similar word so close together, for perhaps the only time since first logging it in my ledger, but there is certainly a discrepancy).

More word synchro: "overburdened" (in "Moany Sea" this morning, and then "Ketu" tonight, which I'd just had rejected today and felt Compelled to edit tonight); "drink in" (absorb) (in ledger this morning, and I Noticed it, and then in "Ketu" tonight, in the same context)


A cool thing this morning, about the knickknack that somehow jump onto my back and the hood of my sweatshirt (I'm tired of typing, after writing [my friend] that email, so I'll just trust myself to remember the weird thing, which culminated in me receiving the message "God's blessings surround us all"). Anyway, when I went to take pictures of this to tell [my friend] about it, I noticed that the picture counter on the camera was at 37. So, another 37 synchro, and a very, very mild one, but I found it notable because, just before I'd seen the 37, I was thinking about how many this whole thing was a means of giving me the "God's blessings surround us all" message, which was a sort of realization, when I've learned to associate 37 with realizations.

Another cool 37 synchro this morning. Just after I finished writing [my friend], I got this PJ Harvey song in my head, "Is This Love?," and just as I had the thought that it might be related to [my friend] (which I was, at the moment, feeling passionately towards), I noticed that the clock was 11:37. Also, the moment I noticed it, the time ticked to 11:38, as happens so many times.

Had a minor word synchro, too: "bodily," was in my email to [my friend] this morning, then in ledger at lunch. A common word, not too notable. And a couple more: "droll" and "maroon" in ledger at lunch, then in "There's Nothing Under the Stairs" this evening. Maroon was notable because I Noticed it; "droll," I did not. "Bodily" turned up in "The Stairs" as well, heh.


Word synchro: "outsize," in ledger, then in "The Museum," probably ten minutes later. Heh.

Another lot of random, minor, otherwise unnotable synchros this morning, I can't even think of any examples, just another big onslaught, mostly in my absent thoughts and very little things.

One more word synchro: "faced sucked inward" was in ledger at lunch today, and then it was in "The Export" tonight, in the form of "face sucked in," when I had done this very sporadically (had planned on starting the last Jack Cruz edit tonight, but wanted to rearrange my room so I did something shorter).


Had another bunch of minor, inexplicable synchro today, so minor I can't get a real example, yet clear enough to give me pause and demonstrate the synchro. Mostly in my absent thoughts again. Did have one word synchro, "economy," in ledger at lunch and I Noticed it, and then in Jack Cruz tonight, in the same context. "Clownish," too, and I Noticed this (though, in Jack Cruz, it was "clownlishly").

One thing did happen today, and I found it eerily notable. While riding my motorcycle, I braked with the front brake while going too slow, and dumped it, right on my ankle. Though it was twisted and against some rock, it was fine, though it easily could've broken. Where it happened was literally just down the road from where, a couple years ago, I pulled up on a guy who'd broken his ankle after dumping his motorcycle. Also, I'd been thinking of this incident recently, since I'd been passing his place on my bike.

Had a weird three-way thing with Purple Rain. First, in the morning, I had a stray thought about Prince riding a motorcycle in the Purple Rain moving, in relation to thoughts about my own motorcycle. Then, when selecting my music for the day's workout, I went through a whole bunch and couldn't find the Right album, until I happened upon the Purple Rain soundtrack, which felt very Right, in the way I've experienced before (I hadn't thought of it anymore since that morning). Then, in Jack Cruz tonight, I edited the part that mentioned the Purple Rain soundtrack. Hmmm.


Word synchro: "above-the-board". Tim called at breakfast this morning, and he mentioned this randomly, and then it was in Jack Cruz this morning, less than an hour later, in the same context. "Wormhole," also, from these same sources.

More word synchro: "stewing/stew"; this was in Jack Cruz several times this morning, and then was in ledger at lunch, notable purely by repetition alone. "Stalemate," in Jack Cruz and then "The Summoning" book (interestingly, both of the uses pertained to a conflict between a man and a woman, the man in the stalemate), "goose bumps broke over the arms," in Jack Cruz and then "The Summoning" also. This one is cooled: "staggered," as an adjective. I read it in "The Summoning" first, and Noticed it, because it was the first I'd seen this used as an adjective; then it was in the DMV Motorcycle Handbook this evening, in the same context, when I've been meaning to study it for days and Just Happened to get around to it tonight ...

"Turn a corner" (that something had changed); this was in the ledger at lunch, and then in Jack Cruz tonight.


A lot of that minor, random synchro again, a bunch of words from either the ledger or stories or thoughts repeating themselves, with a few minor, obscure thought synchros too.


A cool word synchro: "Navajo." I went up by Howard's Knob today, for the first time in a while, scouting to see if the road would be good practice for my motorcycle, and on the way down, I Noticed "Navajo Tr." Then, about an hour later, while reading "The Summoning," it mentioned Navajo, though as a language.


Another cool one. While reading "The Summoning," this afternoon, the guy in it checked out a library book, and it brought up, arbitrarily, the time I checked out the books on Roanoke. Then, not two pages later, a character in the book mentioned Roanoke (I couldn't have read it subconsciously; I had turned the pages since thinking about Roanoke ...).

And another cool one. The last book I read was the Feng Shui book, which mentioned the "bagua," the first I'd ever heard of this. Well, today, while reading my next sequential book, "The Summoning," it mentioned first "fung shui," and then the "baht gwa," which is another word for bagua. Heh.

And yet another cool one: last night, on the way to the beach, I was listening to a radio station, 103.7, and I Noticed this, not just because of the 37 and how many 37s I'd seen that day, but simply a Notice. Well, tonight, I watched the movie 12 Monkeys, and in it, a woman turns on the radio to 103.7 (interestingly, I was going to watch Dirty Rotten Scoundrels tonight, but I'd erased it, and so I watched this one, because it felt Right, as has happened before).


Another 11:37 synchro today (though I haven't been noting these in my log, since they're usually so obscure and random). This one was notable because, first, it was a telemarketing call on my cellphone, which is rare, as well as illegal, from what I understand; second, it came right at 11:37, when I've been seeing that one so much recently.

A couple minor word synchros: "ping pong," used in "Enfermedad" this morning and then was in "The Summoning," about an hour or so later; then "pulp fiction," when I'd checked out the disc of the movie to see if it was on there, just before lunch, and then was in "The Summoning," soon after.

And a cool thought synchro: I was reading a part of "The Summoning," and by some random, arbitrary trigger, I thought about the group mind and group dynamics, which led to me thinking of the TV show Survivor, and no soon had I thought that, than I read "survivor," in that very distinct, synchronous way I've come to associate with this phenomenon. It bears mentioning that the word itself was visible to me as I was thinking the preceding thoughts, lending to the subconscious-reading explanation; however, I remember distinctly the chain of thought which led *to* my thinking it, and it started with absolutely nothing to do with the TV show, only indirectly relating to it (right when I read the word ...).


A couple cool word synchros. First, "limosine liberal," which I am 99% sure was in "The Summoning" when I first started reading it, but wherever it was, I read it recently and Noticed it, and then it was in "State of Fear" this afternoon, the next sequential book I read (just like "The Summoning" mentioned the bagua, from the Feng Shui book before it ...). Also, "monochromatic," from the same sources, though I'd read of monochromatic before "The Summoning" (though I did Notice it there, thinking that it was such a rare word, I never read it, etc., and then it pops up in "State of Fear" ...).

Word synchro: "Ginni" (name). Saw it when I went through "The Summoning" looking for "limosine liberal" today, and then it was in the "Pulp Fiction" movie tonight (first I'd heard the name was in that book, and I Noticed it, of course ...).


A cool one today. Last night, while watching "Pulp Fiction," I Noticed a UNC Santa Cruz tee shirt that a guy wore in it a few times, every time Noticing it. And then today, in "State of Fear," it mentioned UNC Santa Cruz, when I don't know if I've ever noticed mention of that before.

Also, I was thinking, absently, earlier today of how I can recognize a cat's cry, and then, tonight, when I read [my friend]'s latest email, she mentioned something eerily, similar: "As I may have mentioned, I know my cat's voices.  It's much like answering the phone and knowing (by voice and not caller ID) who's calling."


Had a lot of minor, disassociated synchro this morning, while going through my old file of documents. A couple things were more notable (one document made me think, randomly, of the song "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails, and then of Trent Reznor's heroin addiction and how it might have been a learning experience, and then the next I opened (Compelled to) was an old essay I'd written on just this, though the name suggested nothing of it), along with a word synchro, "deflate," in "The Energy" this morning (and deleted, as so many of these are), and then it was in a Zip program, its extraction method, randomly.


A lot of random synchro today. Not quite one of those barrages of minor, obscure synchros, but still not quite significant enough to note individually. I edited "The Dead Man's Phone" this morning, and I saw a lot of minor things referencing that (Sav Mart was in the story, and there were a couple Sav Marts on the drive home, along with a few other direct references I can't remember). Also, this morning I'd thought of both Clive Barker and that racket promoting The Law of Attraction and such, and when I got home and checked my email, there was an email mentioning Clive Barker, along with an ad from that racket, both when I hadn't seen them referenced in I don't know how many months.

Also, the other day, Tim made a point to show me his college transcript, that he was taught by an Oppenheimer, for no reason I can say. Well, today I read about an Oppenheimer in "The Holographic Universe," who was a teacher in the 50s, at the same university that Tim had attended.


A couple cool ones today. First, I had some diarrhea just before lunch, a lot, and I didn't feel otherwise sick. It came and went and didn't come back, and the only cause I can see is my probiotic, which I took about an hour previously. This has never given me diarrhea before, even when I first started taking at a much higher dose; the only reason I can think of is that I skipped yesterday (or, alternatively, maybe the bacterial colony is finally being established and taking root, hence the diarrhea). In any case, just after I got done having the diarrhea and then sat down to eat, I opened my ledger, and the first word I looked at was "kaopectate," defined as an anti-diarrheal.

Also, the other day, I mentioned to [my friend] the fish analogy in regards to describing reality and our place in it, and she mentioned to me how she was unfamiliar with it, and I replied that I thought that, with it being such a good analogy, everyone knew it, though I had only read it once before. When writing this reply, I thought, offhand, of how I hadn't seen it but that one time. Well, today I read the same analogy in the "Holographic Universe" book. Heh.

And another. Yesterday, when driving home, I kept seeing all those minor synchros in relation to "The Dead Man's Phone," and I remember thinking, I wonder when I'll see something about Robert Smith from The Cure, since him and the band were referenced in the story. Well, today, while reading [my friend]'s email, she gave me an idea to get a magazine for Ethan's birthmonth and year, and I went looking on ebay, and sure enough, there's an issue of some magazine with Robert Smith on the cover, when I haven't seen mention of him for I don't know how many years. And it didn't stop there: while I was cycling through all the magazines, there were covers showing five or six different people I've thought of very, very randomly over the course of the last week or so (Sharon Stone, Macy Grey (whose name I didn't even know), Bill Clinton).


Had one this morning while driving home. I'd looked at the time for some reason, can't remember why, and it was 11:07, and I Noticed this as I do, it standing out in its way. Well, maybe a half mile up the road, my attention was directed, similarly, to a house number, 1107. It was so close together, and my originally seeing the 11:07 so randomly, that I had to note it (it struck me, too, the way many of these things I Noticed do). Something similar happened this afternoon. I called Tim just after lunch, and I Noticed that the call had been two minutes and thirteen seconds (reading as 02:13 in the phone's display), and then, about fifteen minutes later, when I checked the time while reading, it was 2:13 (02:13 according to my alarm clock).

Had a really cool one today. This morning, when I went to Ingles (Compelled), I heard a Fleetwood Mac song on the radio there, a really good one, and it stuck with me, enough that I didn't want to leave the store so I could hear the song. Well, Tim called today, and wanted me to get him some Prilosec; at first I told him no, because I didn't have the money, but as the day went on and I thought about it, I decided I could make a bank withdraw and hook him up. To make a long story short, it was a big, random thing that ended up seeing me to CVS this afternoon, and when I went in, that Fleetwood Mac song was playing on the radio (and if I didn't know better, it was playing about in the song where I left it that morning, about halfway through). Now, I thought about this (the same thing happened at the beach, pretty much), and I'm thinking that maybe both places are tuned to the same radio station, something they subscribe to just for this purpose maybe; but the fact that the same song would be playing at just that time that I went into CVS, and, seemingly, right where it left off ... It was striking.

Word synchro: "the work of the devil," in my ledger at lunch and I Noticed it, and then in "The Holographic Universe" this evening.

Word synchro: "grommet," was in ledger at lunch and I Noticed it, very distinctly, and then in the subject line of [my friend]'s email.


First of the day, a word synchro: "rebozo," was in ledger at breakfast and then in "Enfermedad" just after (when I'd just decided to do this story on a whim, instead of the others I had lined up ...). I think I've used "rebozo" ... twice, if that? Also, less significantly, "tableau," in ledger and then the same story, though this is a more common word. Another: "grume," in "Enfermedad" and then in a website that I went to just before lunch, very randomly, about enzymes.

Some more word synchros this afternoon: "phantasmagoria," in journal yesterday and I Noticed it, then in "The Holographic Universe" today, first I'd seen it used somewhere in a long time; "jaundiced" and "sheepishly," both in "Enfermedad" this morning and then "The Holographic Universe" this afternoon.


Word synchro: "black" (verb), was in ledger this morning, and I Noticed it, thinking how I never use that, and then it was in "Coursing" a couple hours later (though as "blacking," but same context). And another: "subaural," this one in the ledger at lunch and "Coursing" this morning (very rare word, maybe the only time I've used it, and did I mention I had absolutely no plan of doing "Coursing" this morning, yet felt Compelled to?). Also, "croupier," in "The General" this morning and then ledger at lunch, though this could be a coincidence, since the "croupier" in the story was in a different context, as a verb, as "croupiered," while the other was a noun. Still notable.

Had a cool one toward bedtime. After writing, I had a sudden speculative, ruminative brainstorm, out of nowhere, about how a universal force seems to permeate all levels of reality, a force that seems to govern experience as well as energy and matter. Well, after thinking these things, I went upstairs and did a Google search I'd been Compelled to write down earlier that afternoon, "4d sphere/spiral," totally unrelated to what I'd been ruminating on. This led me, indirectly, through several jumps related to the search, to a video entitled "Love and Gravity," in which the guy said that gravity was a force that influenced "all dimensions," very nearly what I'd been thinking, and that gravity is Love. This reminded me of various things I've read about gravity being just this. I think "compassion" is more accurate, but it brought about a realization, including that of how maybe gravity is what pulls us through the spiraling process. Neat.


Had another bunch of minor but noticeable synchro throughout the day, so many, mostly in the four stories I edited, words popping up again and again. Had one very notable one: in "The Holographic Universe," I read several times today how there were accounts of higher-level beings ingesting knowledge like it was food, and then, in "School," I'd written the line: "The point of consciousness considered this most interesting development, ingesting its wisdom as a lower being might food." Heh.


A cool word synchro: "gloaming." I Noticed this yesterday while submitting stories, "the gloaming" magazine, and I wondered, distinctly yet in passing, if gloaming was a real word. Then, today, in "Into Thin Air," I saw it used, for maybe the first time outside that magazine. Funny: I'd felt Compelled to choose that book when choosing a new book today.


A cool word synchro today: "markedly," in ledger, and I Noticed it, very distinctly as usual, and then it was in "Into Thin Air" just after lunch, maybe 30 minutes later, for the first I've seen that used in a while.


Had some turtle synchronicity today. Thought of it this morning while sick in bed, and then the word of the day was "Chelonian," which Caugh My Eye and compelled me to look, and it meant turtle. Then, on the way to Ingles, I noticed a car stopped in front of me had a turtle bumper sticker. I felt compelled to look up the symbolism, and in the page I found it mentioned how, for some reason, it symbolizes "one day at a time," which seemed to be the theme of my day and its trials (I'd thought this twice today, before looking up the symbolism).


A cool, if gritty, one tonight. Last I'd written [my friend], I included a banner ad for magnesium that I found funny, about how this magnesium, being formulated not to induce diarrhea, "won't shit you." Well, I replied tonight, and when I got to the part about the magnesium ad, right as I started replying to it, I felt diarrhea coming on (I'd just upped my magnesium dosage about an hour before, and it was obviously too much). I don't think this was psychosomatic, as it came on very quickly and urgently, when I wasn't really even thinking of the magnesium (consciously, at least).


Word synchro: "pathology," in ledger this morning and I Noticed it, and then in an email that I opened randomly this afternoon (wouldn't be notable except that I'd felt Compelled to open the email, after Noticing the ledger entry so distinctly ...).

Couple more: "alimony," which was in the ledger this morning and Noticed, very distinctly, and then in "Dominion" this afternoon; and "Laurel," this one on a street that I Noticed this morning while taking the trailer to the welding place, and then, a couple hours later, when looking up the phone number for the welding place, I came upon listings for people on a "Laurel" street (perhaps the same; this street was the same involved in a synchronicity a month or two ago).


Word synchro: "touched," in ledger this morning and very distinctly Noticed, and then in "Other" a couple hours later, in a distinctive way that made me Notice it all over again. Some other, random word synchro was in it earlier, involving things from yesterday that I can't remember.

More: "carpels," in "Other" this morning, and Noticed because I deleted it (like so many of these), and then it was in "Dominion" this evening, when I can't remember too many times I've ever seen it used like that. Then, "carnage," on a bumper sticker I Noticed this afternoon, and then in "Dominion," just an hour or so later (notable since I Noticed it and saw it again so soon). "Greek to him," in "Other" this morning (though at "to her"), and then in "Dominion" this evening.

A cool one: "sandalwood." This has turned up a few times over the last week, enough to make me take Notice but not quite coherent enough for an entry, but then I got an email from [my friend] today, in which she linked to a video in which the word could be seen in the background (I missed it when watching it the first time, but she pointed it out, because, apparently, she's been seeing the word too ...).

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