Synchronicity log for 2013


Cool one today. Last night, I decided to purchase a lightbox, hopefully to help with SAD. While researching these boxes, I came across reference to "full-spectrum light," which is artificial light which reproduces that of natural sunlight. This was new to me; I can't remember ever hearing of this before. I came across mention of this again today, while researching the lightbox more. Then, this afternoon, while driving Tim across town, it came up in our conversation, entirely randomly, how he'd just bought a full-spectrum light. Very notable, imo.

Also, earlier today, I had the stray but distinct thought of where I'd had "Not Insane" accepted to. Then, tonight, I got an email that the new 'Used Gravitrons' issue is out, which of course contains "Not Insane." This could be coincidence, of course, except that it fits so well that random-thought recurrence synchro I've noted so so many times (very often involving which story was accepted where, as it were).


A minor one this morning, perhaps nothing. Lately, I've been encountering a disproportionately large amount of my special numbers (1111 and its variants, 47, 37, 33, 22, 44, etc) on cars I get behind, usually their license plates. At a stoplight this morning, on the way to church, I pulled behind a car with a license plate with 57 on it, and I thought, absently, "Well, if I'm encountering all these numbers, why wasn't that 47?" Then, before I looked away, I noticed the car's model number, which included 47. I would ignore this, since it's easily coincidence, except that it was so synchronistic in that distinct way, me seeing the 47 right after I'd thought specifically of 47 and it testing my theory.

A pretty cool one this afternoon. This morning, on the way to church, I had the random but very distinct thought of making my tithe via check, for no real reason I can name. I've never made it in anything but cash, and never had the thought to do otherwise. Then, this afternoon, my dad came to me and, totally out of the blue, suggested I start making my tithe via check, for tax purposes. Very notable. Classic recurrence.

Also, had a minor reading synchro while eating lunch. Right as I read "happy," my mom used "happy" in a sentence, the two coinciding in that distinctly synchronous way. Perhaps nothing, but who knows.


Minor one today, but somewhat notable. Yesterday, the Dictionary Word of the Day was "rialto," and I looked at the definition, since I'd heard the word before but never knew the definition. Well, this afternoon I started reading "The City of Falling Angels," which, as it turns out, is set in Venice, Italy. In the first few pages, it mentioned the Rialto theatre. Cool. Note: I didn't Notice the rialto Word of the Day in any specific capacity, just simply opened the email and saw it, as I have many of these Word of the Day emails, with no synchronicity resulting. Still, notable since they were so close together.


Cool one this evening. Just after writing "very end" on a piece of paper, the pen I was using died, after I've been using the pen for months. Something nearly identical happened not too long ago, another longtime pen running out of ink just after writing something about "the end."


A couple cool ones today. First, when reading the end of "The City of Falling Angels" this morning, there was a part where a guy mentioned how rats were now eating plastic in some parts of the world, which was strange because, according to this man, rats mimick what people eat. "And people don't eat plastic!" Well, at lunch, about a half-hour later, I went to take a bite of my rice and veggies and I found a little white sliver in it -- plastic. The best I can figure out is that it came from one of the bags my frozen vegetables were in, from where I cut it open -- a mundane enough explanation there. But, for it to coincide with reading about people eating plastic, I had to find that notable, especially since, if I've ever found plastic in my food in any form, it has been a very long time ago. I laughed.

Then, in "The Given Day," there was another Tidewater reference, harkening back to that minor synchro back at the beach, when I'd parked at the Tidewater Resort in an effort to get wifi internet, then read of Tidewater something or other in "Absalom, Absalom" soon after. Not notable in itself. Though, it's interesting that this was the Tidewater hotel, when the Tidewater resort I'd been by was a hotel.


A couple minor ones today. Last night, when realizing that I have parasites again, I thought, distantly but distinctly, of how turpentine on sugar cubes is supposed to be an anti-parasitic, thinking this for the first time since I read about it about 5-6 months ago. Then, at lunch today, I read in "The Given Day" how people put turpentine on sugar cubes to cure various things. Also at lunch and while reading "The Given Day," I took a sip of tea and immediately after went back to reading. My eyes fell, randomly, to "teacup" as I did so -- not searching it out, but just falling directly to that, despite it being on the page opposite the one I was reading. It was a little more notable consider that it happened in that distinctly synchronous fashion, me seeing the word before I'd even put my cup of tea back down.


A repeat of the "teacup" synchro today, at lunch again, except this time it was "he lifted his teacup," right as I was lifting mine. I read this just a split second *after* I'd started going for the teacup. I could explain this as subconscious reading ahead, because the words were on the same page I'd been reading just before I went for my teacup; though, it could just as easily be explained as a synchronicity, especially considering it coincided so synchronously with my reaching for my cup of tea. I laughed, in any case.


Minor thought synchro this afternoon. I was driving down the road, thinking a long, convoluted chain of thought that ended with my father. Immediately after, I came up upon his sign shop, which his truck was parked at. Right as I approached, the truck started off and I passed it. This could have been nothing at all and I wouldn't have noted it, except that the thought of my father and seeing his truck coincided so well, when the chain of thought which led to him went so far back, long before I even approached the sign shop. Also, the fact that he was in the truck and it started off to the curb right as I passed was somewhat notable timing.


Follow-up to the full-spectrum-light thing. I'd mentioned it to [my friend] when it first happened, and she came back with how she had one for her keyboard music. Upon reading that, I had the thought of why such a light would be useful for reading music, but I didn't ask. Then, this morning at church, I noticed a light on the keyboardist's music -- a full-spectrum light, very very bright, apt for contrasting with the white paper of the music. May be nothing, but I just thought it notable that I seemed to get my question answered.


An unexpected one today. I got an email that I have a new follower on Twitter, Daniel P. Coughlin, a complete stranger to me. In the current book I'm reading, "The Given Day," the main character is named Danny Coughlin. Hmm.


Lots of random, less notable synchronicity today -- another of those days. Most of it was "those numbers," the 33's and 11's and 47's and 37's and 22's, etc. I wrote off the first few, but after the twentieth or so, I just surrendered to it: they were simply everywhere, and every time I would try and write them off, another would pop up (the funniest was when I was thinking this, then immediately looked up to a sign for Highway 11, with one sign pointing left and one pointing right for North and South -- creating yet another 1111). Also, when [my friend] and I went to our one Goodwill of the day, I counted a grand total over 17 of the same books I'd listed for sale on ebay just the day before, and I didn't even look too in-depth at all the books (it was a Goodwill "bookstore," with too many books to look at entirely).


A really damn cool one. While listening to a Smashing Pumpkins album Monday night, I'd thought, randomly, about how, as a child, I'd mistaken Billy Corgan's name as Billy Coogan. Then, today, I read in "The Given Day" where there was a minor character named Billy Coogan, that spelling exactly.


This morning, on the way home from grocery shopping, I thought, randomly but distinctly, about how some people are unable to value abstract art for various reasons, due to perception and the like. "Value," I specifically thought of it in that term. Then, several hours later while walking at the park, I passed a couple people conversing, and the man said something along the lines of, "...there's just some that's so abstract I can't value it." I didn't specifically hear him say whether it was art or not, but it was way too easy to see it referring to just that. This harkens back to other, nearly identical recurrences I've experienced.

Also, a similar one happened at lunch today, while reading a Richard Matheson short story about mental energy and the way it can be exchanged between people, in a psychic sense. Just yesterday and this morning, I'd thought of exactly this phenomenon. Furthermore, I'd been *questioning* it, thinking of how, even though I seem to have experienced it myself, I had the illogical feeling that it didn't exist, simply because others didn't believe in it or acknowledge it if they did -- typical mercury thinking. Anyway, when I read that short story today, just hours after last thinking about the subject, it not only recurred the subject but seemed to say, "Yes, there are others who believe in this." Still, it could have been nothing; I only logged it after the abstract-art thing above, because the two were very similar in their recurrence-like nature.


First, a pronounced thought synchro while working out and listening to music. Just as I took in a deep breath in preparation of lifting heavy weights, the song said "take a breath in," with that distinctly synchronistic timing, the two coinciding so perfectly I couldn't have planned it. But, here's the kicker: I didn't need to do that deep-breathing prep for that exercise, because I wasn't yet tired enough (I reserve it for when I get fatigued and need to lift heavy, since it seems to lose effectiveness with repetition). I even knew this, yet I went ahead and breathed deep, For No Real Reason.

Then, afterward, I felt Compelled to go to Goodwill again, as I have so many times. While there, looking at books, I found two notable ones, both of which had been at the very last Goodwill I'd visited, in Dublin, VA, earlier this week. One was "Hand of Fate," a book I'd seen two copies of at the last Goodwill and Noticed both of them, so very distinctly. The other was "The Box," which I'd bought at the last Goodwill, and had never known to exist previously, much less see it at a Goodwill. Yet, there they both were, two visits in a row in stores about 150 miles apart.

Then, another one, this one simple recurrence of an archetype of "sedated monkey." It startedt his morning, when I went to a random webpage of funny pictures [my friend] linked to me, in which there was a picture of a dozing monkey with a subtitle saying that the monkey was sedated. Then, this evening, about eight hours later, I read in the book "Congo," which I'd been Compelled to start reading yesterday, where a monkey was sedated. This could've been chance, of course, but I find it notable since it's such a distinct and uncommon archetype repeated within the course of less than twelve hours.


Really cool one today. Yesterday in traffic, I Noticed this bumper sticker on a car, seeing only that it had UNIQUE amidst some smaller text. It stood out to me with a definite, capitalized Notice. Then, on the way to the gym this afternoon, I pulled up on a stoplight with one car at it. The light changed seconds before I approached, but the car there didn't move right away, unlike what I was expecting, so I had to brake hard, coming close to their bumper. Because I got so close, I was able to see the exact same UNIQUE bumper sticker from yesterday. I want to say it was the same car, but I can't be 100% on the memory from yesterday, since I only Noticed the bumper sticker rather than the car (it was in the exact same place on the bumper, though, the very left corner). Regardless, it was certainly notable, since I don't think I've seen that bumper sticker elsewhere. The logistics of this one are the coolest, since 1) the car was noticeably late moving through the stoplight after it had turned green, longer than one would expect, and 2) I wouldn't normally have come so close to them, since I normally, as a rule, avoid expecting behavior of other drivers and just adapt to whatever they do, except that my dad was with me and I was distract -- which is to say, any other time I would've stopped a safe distance back, too far to see read the UNIQUE bumper sticker. Without either the car's late start or my late braking, I may not have seen the bumper sticker.

Then, a minor one tonight. When I'd gone to submit "Comfort" tonight, I eventually settled on a magazine titled 'Strange Horizons,' my first time submitting there. Then, about two hours later, I felt Compelled to look up books about the Mothman Prophecies, and on the first one I looked at, it quoted a review from 'Strange Horizons.'


Another one of those days with lots of random, otherwise unnotable synchro. Lots of things repeating themselves, such as stray words and themes from [my friend]'s last email, which I answered this morning. One was that I responded to how she didn't know there was a North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach, and then, immediately after I closed the email, I printed out the day's book orders to fill, and two of the addresses were from such cities (South San Franscisco and some North Florida city). Then, at lunch, I mentioned to my mom how I wanted Neosporin for my cut mouth, and she gave me some off-brand stuff that we weren't sure was the equivalent, which forced me to look up the ingredients and see that the off-brand had zinc in it. Then, a couple hours later while reading "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest," it mentioned zinc ointment. Lots of little things like this today.


A minor one today. While waiting for a stoplight to change, a line of three schoolbuses passed in front of me. As the second one came into view, I had a strong yet illogical feeling that the numbers on it and the next one were meaningful. The numbers on the first were 29, and the second were 50. 5029, it had no meaning to me, so I just ignored the feeling and chalked it up to subconscious projection and the like. Then, however, a few seconds later the light changed, and as I turned left, a car pulled in front of me. It's license plate read "5029." I would easily rule this out as coincidence except that a) the two coincided so closely together, within less than a minute, and 2) I had felt so strongly that the schoolbus numbers were "meaningful."

Then, a really cool on tonight. Recently, I'd thought about getting a paper shredder to shred all my credit card statements and the like before recycling them. I knew there was one around here somewhere but I couldn't find it, and eventually I forgot. But then, tonight, when I had some credit card receipts to throw away, I remembered, and wrote a note. Just before bed, as I was carrying the credit card receipts up my basement stairs to put them in the recycling bin, the receipts again reminded me of the shredder. Instantaneously, I found the shredder, sitting on the basement steps, hidden under a pile of things. The discover and thoughts of the shredder coincided in that perfectly simultaneous, "synchronous" way. My first thought was that maybe I'd seen the shredder out of the corner of my eye and had that trigger the simultaneous thoughts of it, but, looking back, I saw that wasn't the case, because I could trace the thoughts of the shredder to the receipts I was carrying, and how I wanted to shred them up. Very notable.


A very bizzare, yet very notable one tonight. It started earlier this week, when I read the book 'Invisible Monsters,' in which it involved a scene in which a man having a seizure has a wallet put in his mouth -- the first I've ever heard of the practice (I've heard of putting a pencil or other hard object in the mouth of someone seizing, but never a wallet). Then, in the book I read immediately after, 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest,' it too involved a scene in which someone seizing had a wallet put in their mouth. That was notable enough, since I'd never heard of the practice prior and then read of it in two sequentially read books, but also, both the scenes in the book involved sex with the seizing person in some capacity. There were differences in the sex (one was heterosexual, one was homosexual, as well as one person faking a seizure and the other actually having one), but the archetype was still definitely there: sex with someone having a seizure who gets a wallet put in their mouth.


Word synchro: "Navaho." This was in 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' a couple times, and I'd never seen it spelled this way, always having seen it spelled with a 'j' before. Then, today, it was in 'A Dirty Job,' same spelling. Notable, though not hugely so. Also, on a lesser note, 'brown mustard.' This was in the 'UV' book I read in a couple sittings today, mentioned offhand in an example if I remember right, and I Noticed it slightly. Then, less than an hour later, it was the subject of a small scene in 'A Dirty Job.' Maybe nothing, but I did Notice it originally, and I can't remember the last I'd read specifically about brown mustard.


Another day of those random, minor synchros which would be unnotable if there weren't so damn many of them. The two most coherent ones were thought synchros, where a completely independent chain of thought coincided with reading or hearing the exact word I was thinking of (for instance, my thinking of things being "orchestrated," just as someone said "orchestrated," and me thinking of getting my eBay final-value credit back on something, immediately before I read "credit" in 'A Dirty Job').

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