Synchronicity log for 2014


Cool thought/action/word synchro. Right as I read the word "brackish" in a book, I bit into an especially salt bite of my lunch. It's worth noting that 1) I'd already taken the bite a split second before reading the word, 2) there was no way to distinguish the salty from the normal portions of the meal (it was a mix of coconut, chia seed, and apples, uniform and consistent, but apparently with a pocket of salt interspersed here and there where it didn't mix all the way), so there's no way I could've subconsciously read the "brackish" ahead of time and then chose a salty bite. It's also worth mentioning that there were only about two bites like this in the whole bowl, out of maybe ... several dozens bites? And of course the reading of the word and tasting the salty bite coincided in that distinctive, perfectly synchronistic fashion. Very notable.


A cool, classic recurrence today. In church this morning, the pastor mentioned during the sermon how some animals will, when trapped, bite off a limb to free themselves. It was the first I'd heard of this fact in several years at least. Then, approximately two hours later, while reading the 'SAS Survival Book' at lunch, it mentioned this very same fact, with almost the exact wording even. Very notable, both due to the precision of the recurrence and the timing (also, I'd had that survival book on my to-read stack for about 2-3 months now, and Just Happened to begin reading it yesterday).


Really cool recurrence today, a kind of trifecta, and after a longish drought no less (been having scattered synchronicities these last ten days, but only vague ones that don't translate to text). It started two days ago, with an indirect but coherent thought synchronicity: "door opener." I read this just as, simultaneously in a separate chain of thought that was *not* related to what I was reading, I thought of how my uncle opened the door for me at church recently. This was a notable synchronicity in itself, since 1) it happened in that distinctly synchronistic way, and 2) I could once more trace the chain of thought that ended with thinking of my uncle opening the door for me, and it couldn't be explained as subconscious reading-ahead in this instance.

But there's another dimension to this one. For some reason I still can't pin, I didn't note this original synchronicity like I usually do, even though it was blatant and coherent. Maybe I was just out of the habit after ten days without any notable ones, I don't know, but I didn't get around to noting it until today, two days after. Well, right as I went to write a Post-It note with "door opener synchro," I thought of another door opener: now for my father, who was coming in the door with his hands full. Simultaneously while writing the note, I again had the separate but completely relevant thought of, "Should I open the door for my father?" at the precise instant I went to write down "door opener synchro." I had the thought that maybe my writing "door opener" just subconsciously cued me to think of opening the door for my father, except that *he had to be coming in the door with his hands full to begin with,* thus needing to have the door opened for him, and at that very instant no less -- an outside, objective circumstance I had no control over, as it were. Very notable, and very cool.


A neat recurrence today, though I could see it being just an unlikely coincidence. At the library, four days ago, I was browsing books and came across a book that I thought might interest me, but when I read its blurb, I decided against getting it. Then, three days later, my dad asked me to look up a book for him online, to buy. When I went to do so, I immediately recognized the book's cover as that which I had looked at at the library just days before. It's certainly unlikely, for I looked at that book in particular out of a whole shelf (and however many thousands of books are at the library in total, really), and had never heard of the book beforehand prior to then, just days before it would recur in a very distinct way -- like so many other synchronicities fitting this pattern. But, other than that, there's nothing that puts this one up to the stratospherically unlikely realm of bona-fide synchronicities.


A recurrence/thought-synchro today, one which is potentially very cool. It started a couple days ago, when I had a minor realization: that certain thought/cognitive patterns can act as "channels" into one's mind, as to govern behavior and state of consciousness. Furthermore, I thought of how these mental channels could be exploited by one with the appropriate knowledge, to control and manipulate someone, or penetrate their psychology in one way or another. Then, about a day later, I read in the 'Such a Long Journey' book of exactly this concept: in the book, a woman is trying to rid her son of a magic spell by transferring the spell to another person, and the magically knowledgeable person helping the woman tells her what to do to open the victim's "channels" -- the exact same term, used in the exact same context that I was thinking of just a day before (this concept, nor anything like it, had been mentioned previously in the book; it is otherwise rather mundane in subject matter, involving middle-class Indian city dwellers).

That was the first part, and it was notable enough in itself, but then today, the book mentioned the "channels" again, now in regards to how, just after the full and new moons, one's channels are the most open to influence. This is interesting for two reasons: 1) when I had my conceptualization regarding mental channels, it was the day after the full moon, and 2) I can't be sure, but it seems like the whole reason I had my realization about channels *was because I'd become very emotional and "open" during that full moon,* leading me to visualize that "opening" as a channel of influence. Now, I want to say the second was true, but I can't remember clearly enough to say for sure, and it could very well be wrong. Were that part true, this would be highly notable, but, again, even on its own I find the first, verifiable party pretty notable.


Several notable ones today, all while reading the 'Such A Long Journey' book. First was a reading/action synchro, "churned his guts," just as some gas churned my guts, the two coinciding in that perfectly synchronous way. Then two word synchros: "threnody" and "lustily." "Threnody" was a vague-thought synchro, starting last night when I thought of the word, extremely distinctly, just before bedtime, so strongly and obliquely that I noted it as a possible recurrence -- which it did, in the book today, less than 24 hours later. And not only did I flag it ahead of time, but it's a reasonably rare word, and the first I've read it in many months or longer -- notable. Then, "lustily," which was neat, because it first occurred when I misread "justly" (or some other, similar word, I can't remember which) as "lustily," making me do a double-take and, hence, have "lustily" stand out in my mind. Then, two pages later in the book, "lustily" was used -- also a reasonably uncommon word, though not so much as "threnody." Still, pretty notable considering how I misread it just two pages prior.


A minor recurrence, quite possibly a coincidence. Sometime in the last week, I can't remember just when or where (it was in a book), I read a traveling tip on how you should tag your luggage with something distinctive so you can pick it out from a baggage carousel, etc. Then today, I got an unexpected package in the mail from a friend, in which was a bright, florid luggage tag, with a note saying that it helps to have distinctive tagging on your bags so you can pick them out, etc. Definitely a recurrence, but the time window is large enough that it isn't too notable.

[3/24/14 update: After I told my friend about the minor synchronicity she inspired, she replied with this: "Since I wrote the letter and put the package together a week prior to mailing it, I would guess it was more of a synchronicity [than] you think."]


Cool vague-thought synchro. Last night, I had the distinct thought that in the 'Way of the Essenes' book, it never referred to energies/consciousness/concepts as thought-forms, as in the Ra material. Then, within the first couple pages of what I read at lunch today, it distinctly mentioned thought-forms, and in the exact same context (strangely, it had an asterisk denoting the term as another, similar term used previously in the book -- why not just use that one again, rather than using "thought-form" in this one rare instance?). Very notable, considering the distinctness of my vague thought regarding thought-forms and that book particularly, as well as the timing between the recurrence (less than twelve hours).

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