Synchronicity log for 2015


Not so much of an onslaught today (though there were moments). Did however have a succesion of pretty notable individual ones, most of them stark thought/reading/action synchros, such as thinking "reciprocal" precisely when the reverend said "reciprocal exchange" (and in the precise same context to which I was thinking "reciprocal," in regards to relationships and the like), and my thinking, for some reason, that I had something on my shirt while eating at the restaurant and looking down, precisely when the nearby waitress said "look down" (just slightly *after* I'd had the random thought and looked down, not before; nothing on my shirt, btw), and my taking a drink and thinking distinctly of how great it tasted and quite literally savoring it (while noticing, specifically, that I was savoring this sip) precisely as I passed a sign reading "savor the flavor" -- all of these thoughts and such occurring independently, objectively verifiable, etc etc, as usual, blah blah blah blahdy blah. As if I hadn't been convinced fifty times over already. These are just comic relief now, it seems.

Then, to top it all off, while getting a massage from Brittany today, she mentioned, out of the blue, how she sees repeat numbers (with some of them, as it were, being the very same I do). And, furthermore, she went on to describe the particular ways in which she saw them, such as on license plates of cars that cut in front of her or somehow randomly grabbed her attention in unlikely ways, or her feeling intuitively and illogically Compelled to look under a sink and at the garbage disposal specifically, only to find that the serial number on it was one such number, even with the variations of the numbers too (such as 9 being a prominant variant of 333, 3+3+3, or other Fatidic breakdown). Etc etc, all the stuff that is distinctly patternistic of my own repeats and synchros in general. One explanation for it all that I can think of: she saw my bumper sticker, went to the website and bought the book, and is just playing with me or trying to impress me or who knows what. Then again, she doesn't strike me as the type.


Onslaught's back!!! Really cool, multi-layered reading synchro. Blog post:

"I was on vacation at the beach, reading, in a sun room looking out on the surf. It was a good day; I was happy; good things were happening. Except, it was overcast and sullen outside; and weren't Good Day's at the Beach supposed to be sun-shot and picturesque?

Yearning for such weather, which would've been the cherry to my sundae, I went to the sun-room door and opened it up: still cloudy and dreary. Oh well. At least I still had my book.

Once I resumed reading, however, I gave pause, struck by the next line: "Soft, cloud-filtered light streamed through a pair of glass windows in the seaward wall."

The words forced my head up, to the sun room's seaward wall, out the door's pair of glass windows, at the very soft, very cloud-filtered light streaming through.

After momentarily pondering how I seemed to have acted out, to the detail, the very scene depicted in the book -- just seconds before reading that line -- I laughed devilishly.

Good one. Good one ..."


Pretty cool hybrid/multilayered one today. On the way to acupuncture, I saw this guy walking alongside the road, and I Noticed him, distinctly, in that particular way. Then, a couple hours later, I saw him walking over my Walmart, some distance away, on the same road but in another town as it were. This was a bit notable in itself, just being so unlikely chance-wise that I would encounter the same guy within the course of a day, so far away from where I'd first seen him. But then, right as I recognized him and thought "I remember that guy from earlier," the song on the CD player said "I remember you," again in that perfectly synchronistic fashion. A sort of double-synchro. So cool.

Onslaught has leveled off some, btw.


Lots of smaller recurrences and the like today, not quite an onslaught but enough to be distinctive, a theme here. One notable example: over the last couple days, I've found that I've been burping healthily, in an odd way I've not experienced for some type, this seeming to come from the whole-food maca I've been eating. This was a whole new concept to me, healthy burping, and I had the vague thought of whether it was all in my head or something. Then today, while getting a massage from Dusti, she mentioned, wholly offhand and randomly, how she took some herbs some time ago and they made her begin burping normally again.


Back on onslaught, but of the older, traditional kind now, more with an emphasis on general recurrence and the like rather than that in-your-face, screaming surreal stuff. Can't remember any notable examples really, or all were just too notable that they all blurred into one. Head is spinning.


Onslaught is back, and weirder than ever, again just lots and lots of "small," easily missed recurrences and thought synchros and action synchros, again none of them really unnotable, just so many that they all blur together. A couple standouts: yesterday morning I edited the part of the book that dealt with several certain subjects, and then today at the clinic I was talking to Diane and our conversation ended up covering all those same subjects, and in indirect, unexpected ways that couldn't be chalked to, say, my subconsciously leading her into those subjects (she even used some of the precise same wording as in the book, at no prompting/leading from myself); and then, after being away all day then pulling into the driveway and thinking "I'm home," precisely then the radio in the truck said "I'm home," nothing less than a perfect, instant echo of my thought.


So many today. So, so many, excelling even previous onslaughts, on multiple levels. First, this morning at church, a back-to-back combo of action/thought synchro. Blog post:

"Definition #1: the "action synchronicity" ("action-synchro" for short) - defined as a personal, subjective action or event that is somehow reflected in external, objective reality, and in such an immediate or otherwise unlikely fashion that could be categorized as "synchronicistic" in the Jungian sense of the term, the two often coinciding in circumstances that discount traditional, causal explanation or a reasonable level of chance occurrence.

Today, while attending a speaking function, I experienced a textbook action-synchro. Consider this an object lesson of sorts.

It started with a note.

I kept thinking, was the thing. I was listening to the speaker, to be sure -- paying rather close attention, in fact, just not undivided attention, that which one's schoolteachers might've once demanded. For were I stop thinking, I might forget the very important things I was thinking about. Thus I was forced to keep thinking, and my attention remained divided.

And that's why I needed to write a note, to immerse myself fully in the function which I was so respectfully attending.

Having made the mistake of not bringing along my trusty notepad, I cast about for some paper and a writing utensil, any utensil -- and there, a pen in the behind-the-seat pocket of the new row up, and there, a flier for an upcoming music show, its back attractively blank. Perfecto.

I blottered the paper over my knee --
Uncapped the pen --
Dimpled the paper and eeked out half a letter --
Precisely as the speaker said "make those notes."


I smiled broadly, laughing inside as I consigned my pestersome thoughts to paper. After those, however, I stole another couple seconds to write yet another, new note: "'make those notes' synchro," to remind me to log this latest in a string of action synchronicities.

* * *

Definition #2: the "thought synchronicity"/"thought-synchro" - just like the action synchro, except with external, objective reality reflected in one's thoughts, as to be even more jarring and surreal, sometimes to the point of catapulting the experiencer into something like a living dream.

And now, for your consideration, a case-in-point for the thought synchronicity -- which, as it were, occurred immediately after the "make-your-notes" incident quoted above.

So there I am, quietly buzzing after hearing "make those notes" at the exact moment I put pen to paper for the express purpose of note-making. Then, in that wowed afterglow, I was struck with a thought: of how electrically surreal a synchronistic experience feels in the moment, that same "numinosity" that Jung and countless others have described -- or, perhaps, a transcendence.

Yes, a transcendent moment. That's how such a good, striking synchronicity felt, I thought just after writing my note.

Right as I thought this, within the space of milliseconds, the speaker then launched into a new subject: "The transcendent moment," she said (introducing us to the topic, after not having mentioned anything about "transcendence" or "moments" beforehand). As it were, it was what she'd been about to advise us to make notes about.

Upon hearing this, I only wrote a new note: "'transcendental moment,'" with an arrow snaking up to that for "make those notes." This one, however, I was able to do quickly, too fast for my attention to divide; I hadn't yet put away my notepaper from before.

From there, I was at last able to devote my undivided attention to the rest of the speaker's message, my smile widening as much as politeness allowed."

But, so many more too. Some notables: having "hugging the turns" come over the radio precisely as I hugged a tight zig-zag turn in a parking lot (and was thinking "I hugged that turn"), which came amongst a knot of other, combined synchros (numbers, images, thoughts, etc, etc); hearing "backed up" on the radio precisely as I stopped and started backing up my truck (to the gas pump, where I'd forgotten my gas cap and heard it rattle off my truck, for perhaps the first time ever?); seeing a Delorean car going down the road yesterday, for perhaps the first time in my life (it even had a mock-up of the Back to the Future stuff on it, the fins and exhaust thingies on the back window, etc), then seeing another Delorean today (different one without the mockups); being at the Indian restaurant and reading "Chai!" in the 'Magic Bus' book precisely as a nearby waitress called "Chai!" into the kitchen (both of these in the same context of the tea, and no, the waitress was across the room, unable to so much as see my book even if she wasn't busy tending to customers, nor I with any way of anticipating her call for chai, nor any way of the book's author inserting that word at that precise spot on the page/paragraph -- etc etc etc, it was a damn synchronicity!!!!!); and then, just before bed, clicking on a "word of the Day" email for "chronometer," and in the split second hearing (Noticing, distinctly in that special way) my watch ticking in the night-silent house, just before seeing that the definition for "chronometer" was an accurate timepiece ("2. any timepiece, especially a wristwatch, designed for the highest accuracy."). And still, so many more. All this amongst feeling perhaps the best I have heath-wise in my life, ever. Good God what a day, just wow.


Still having onslaught, but not as heavily today, though still quite present. One standout: while I was in the Upscale Retail, the song on the radio said "shaker" right as I looked at a drink shaker and read its "shaker" label, the two coinciding perfectly and in a way that couldn't have been suggestion, etc, etc, etc. A standout recurrence/"ask and ye shall receive" too: yesterday in church, I saw someone with "namaste" written on their sweat shirt and it was the first time I'd read the word, after hearing it many times, and upon doing so I had the distinct yet vague thought of, "I wonder what that means." Then today, in usual patternistic fashion, I not only read it in the 'Magic Bus' book (for the second time ever), but received its definition to boot. Comedy gold, comedy gold.


Still having that lesser onslaught, now of new, hard to describe variation. A standout example: reading "organic" on a label precisely as someone nearby said "organic" (they were, of course, out of sight of both myself and the label I was reading, and had no way of knowing that I was reading it).


Onslaught stopped today (and there is definitely a correlation between it and my health energy; every time I "go there," the onslaught starts right back up, sometimes for only minutes at a time -- really damn profound). Did have a pretty notable, classical book synchro: toward the end of the 'Magic Bus' book a couple days ago, read of the Salk vaccine fiasco, learning of it for the first time ever in my life -- and then of course, today, in the 'God Helps Those Who Help Themselves' book, I read of it again, for the second time ever, in the usual pattern of it being in a totally unrelated book, both topic-wise and as far as order-of-reading (one was a library book picked out on a whim, the other a book I bought on a whim, both of them read back-to-back from a selection of 6-7 books, fully randomly, etc, etc, etc). I still get a kick from these.


Onslaught came off and on again today, and I'll be damned if it didn't again correspond perfectly to my energy levels/health status/"going there." Really incredible. A standout recurrence: last night when getting a massage from Dusti, she mentioned how in Thailand it's considered ugly/bad to go without shoes -- another new fact for me, learned for the first time, that people in other countries consider this faux pas. Then, today in the 'Heart of France' book that I started (again selected randomly from several choices, due to feeling Compelled, etc) one of the first lines in the book described how, in France, it's faux pas not to wear shoes.


Still having tons of synchronicity, and more of those somewhat incredible coincidences of good energy/"going there" and the onslaught. Though, today it was more just individual synchronicities and recurrences, etc, rather than onslaught, or so it felt. Can't think of any standalone examples.


Still having those periodic onslaughts, plus a lot of numbers today, another one where I'm just being sought out (mainly 37/73/1137, etc, but also a lot of 53/35/355/1155's). Had one really cool one in particular: first, when I stopped for gas, the total ended up being $37.31 (when I'd literally just set the nozzle going and then ducked back in my truck to do something else, such that it just topped up my tank and it Just Happened to be That Number). This was pretty notable in itself, considering all the logistics of getting precisely that number to come up in regards to filling my tank (and of the fact I was getting gas at all; I'd not planned on it until later), but then, when checking my email that night, I got an email from Amex informing me of that gas purchase, and there it listed the name of the station as "SMOKERS EXPRESS 3071" -- another variant of the 37s, as to create a double-whammy. Way cool!


First, still having those periodic little onslaughts, these consistently corresponding with good health/energy/"going there" -- really damn profound, really moreso than having the all-day onslaughts, etc. Plus had some cool standouts: having "breathing on a Sunday afternoon" come on the radio precisely as I took a deep breath (on a Sunday afternoon ...); something similar involving my truck, where I noticed it was shifting badly, signaling a problem, what I thought to be a slipping of the gears -- maybe two minutes before an advertisement came on the radio for a transmission shop, saying specifically "Is your car slipping gears?," exactly pertinent to my situation (when I'd never heard this radio ad, nor any other advertising such for years if ever; timing wasn't "perfect," in that synchrous sense, but was so close and so precise that I found it highly notable).


Again seeing that same pattern of periodic onslaughts coinciding with rises in health and energy, with an emphasis on numbers today, again primarily 37/73, etc. So cool. Even had another gas stop where I randomly filled up my tank and it stopped at $37 (in a different state with different gas prices than South Carolina where the last one was). Also randomly bought some food at the market and the total came to exactly $17.31.


Onslaughts have leveled off (coincidentally when I've had a rocky day healthwise), though still cropping up every now and then. Did have a couple minor ones: while driving back to the beach, had the distinct thought of where the nearest Best Western hotel was, and instantly I rounded a bend and there was a Best Western alongside the road (out of sight until then). And then a weird one when I did finally find a hotel and settle in and begin reading the 'Lullaby' book while eating dinner. Immediately as I began reading the book, it seemed to mirror everything I'd just experienced while settling into the hotel room minutes ago: murmuring voices through the walls, stomping of feet through the floors, and something being double-bagged in paper and then plastic bags. Might've been coincidence, but it was so many, and so soon after I'd just experienced them (and also fit the pattern I seem to have seen in the past), I had to take note.


Day started off with none, then skyrocketed after lunch, when my health spontaneously improved, triggering another onslaught. Standouts:

* Hearing "lady in red" on the radio, precisely as a nurse in a hot red uniform walked past
* A really cool one where I heard "a series of shocks" right when I had a multi-number-synchro-type thing, where I saw a 137 on a license plate and then my logical mind said, "Well maybe it's just a coincidence; if not, what about the car next to it?" and of course that car had one too (or a variation, I can't remember), and then the same happened for another car, and a fourth (this one pulling up just so its license plate was visible to me, coinciding perfectly with my logical mind's questioning), which all left me in a state of "synchroshock," where my logical mind just jammed, and I had time to think "I'm synchroshocked by these multiple numbers," which was aptly described by the "series of shocks" that played in perfectly synchronistic fashion right when all this occurred (all happened within the space of 2-3 seconds)
* Then, almost immediately after, started a weird triple-pronged one where I first had "waiting on the lights" play on the radio precisely as I stopped for a light and had to wait semi-patiently, and then, later, when I remembered to write a note for this one (I'd forgotten in the onslaught-daze), "waiting on the lights" recurred precisely with this though (and again without subconscious suggestion, etc, where I could retrace the original chain of thought, etc), and then it recurred a third time, when I finally did get a chance to write a note for it when stopping at a light
* Ate lunch at a sushi bar and my fortune cookie's fortune ("The mightiest oak in the forest is just a little seed that held its ground"), in addition to being highly relevant in its message to my situation at the time, turned out to trigger a recurrence, because afterward I discovered that the restaurant was on Oak Forest road (and the fortune was totally random); this went with the series of "oak" recurrences I've been having as of late
* Plus a little ask-and-ye-shall-receive involving the restaurant: throughout, I'd had the nagging thought of whether they served hot tea at a restaurant, as not many restaurants do (or so it seemed to me at the time; I honestly couldn't recall whether this was standard fare), but then just before I finished and left, a family sat down at the table next to me and started discussing whether the place served hot tea or not, and they asked their waitress (who confirmed that they didn't, thus answering my nagging question) -- maybe nothing, but it reeks of the standard ask-and-ye-shall-recieve pattern
* And then at evening, a classic book recurrence, where I was introduced to the concept of "moksha" in the India culture-shock guidebook I read, learning of it for the first time ever, and then seeing it again in the next sequential book afterward, 'Lullaby,' a novel that had nothing to do with India and couldn't have been more different than the book (and, of course, both were randomly bought and read, etc, etc)


A really cool one today, not sure how to classify it. Today is a new-moon solar eclipse, the first since last year, and the book I started today randomly mentioned it. Notable in itself, but then even moreso considering that the book is a technical guide to cruise ships and cruising, having no outward sign of concerning astronomy or eclipses (it mentioned it in regards to an astronomy-themed cruise, offhand), and also that I'd bought this book weeks ago and had it sitting around all this time, only to Just Happen to read it (and the pertinent section) on the very day of the eclipse it mentioned.


More onslaught!!! Standouts:

* While reading at lunch, came across a passage in the cruising book about fresh-squeezed juices, precisely when I was thinking of how I'd drank a fresh-squeezed juice a couple hours prior (and again I was able to trace this train of thought back to long before I ever read the passage, because I was thinking of my meal schedule for the day/when I should eat, etc, etc, etc)

* A cool word synchro, in regards to Edgar Cayce "prescribing" treatments, which I came across twice while editing the Comeback book this morning and Noticed both times, and then, at the library some hours later while looking for just the right book, I felt Compelled to go down a certain aisle and to a certain row, and there was an Edgar Cayce book, on the back of which read that he "prescribed certain treatments" to people in so many words -- but definitely "prescribed." Maybe nothing, but I found it notable because of my distinct Noticing of the word both times this morning

* A cool double-sighting of a specific car while out today; I first saw it toward noontime and Noticed it and its vanity plate ("GRAMSIE"), and then, hours and hours later, toward evening on the way home, I saw the exact same car again, except now at the complete other end of the beach, going another direction -- hugely unlikely, really, when you think about it, given all the logistics and all the millions of places I've been today

* And then with Beth today while getting the colonic and conversing with her about cruises, she mentioned precisely so many of the things I'd just read about at lunch in the cruise book. Granted, I had asked her about cruises *because* I was reading about them, so there was a causal connection, except that she just volunteered all the subjects and facts on her own, without any leading from me, and a lot of them were so obscure and random that it all just seemed hugely unlikely (and, ironically, it all was almost exactly like my conversation with Dianne that one day while she was administering the colonic, in the same room and time and everything)


Not as much onslaught today (when, coincidentally, my health and energy were much less than yesterday). Did have a really cool one this morning starting at church. Right as a young lady came in and sat next to me, bringing a strong wind of perfume, clouding me in the stuff as if sprayed (and, thus, making me think "PERFUME!!!"), the speaker clicked her slideshow forward on the projector, to a scan of a perfume ad, the three events (woman sitting next to me + me thinking "perfume" + slide being advanced) coinciding perfectly. And then, as a sort of recurrence I guess, I saw an ad for that very same brand of perfume later that day, when randomly shopping at Dollar General (when I'd never before known of that specific brand of perfume before, in the usual patternistic way, etc). Pretty cool.


No onslaught today at all, again coinciding with a downturn in energy/mental state. Did have a neat one, however. Today I started the nattokinase/systemic enzyme thing in an attempt to break down the fibrous nodules and improve circulation/oxygenation, since the stuff arrived in the mail today. Then, when I randomly went to Bay Naturals, I saw a free magazine during checkout and felt Compelled to grab one and read it, and it Just Happened to have an article that outlined how nattokinase can help breakdown fiber in the body and re-establish circulation. There's also a bit of "ask and ye shall receive" in this too, since I hadn't researched this attribute and use of nattokinase much, so there was a bit of question of whether it might do what I was thinking it would -- and sure enough, the magazine article made it clear that it would do just that, me randomly picking it up and reading it on the very day I received the stuff in the mail and started using it.


Had some more today compared to yesterday, though still not to onslaught levels, mostly just random, scattered thought synchros and recurring themes, etc -- all distinct and notable, just not coherent enough, etc. Two standouts: first, this afternoon, while sitting out and sunning/reading, I was struck by the random-but-distinct thought about putting in an online bank-loan application with TD, and whether it might be better to apply in person as to have a better chance of being approved. Then, maybe five minutes later, my neighbor came out into her backyard and I overheard her talking on the phone briefly, during which she mentioned how she'd put in an online bank loan and was denied, and went on to theorize how it might've been because she did it online -- precisely what I'd thought about, about as exact as you could get (unless she had stated specifically the TD bank I was thinking). Timing-wise it could've been closer, but still, minutes between the two was highly notable. Then, while driving later, a classic train-of-thought synchro, where I had a big long chain of random thoughts that ended with the leftover pork chops I'd had for lunch, precisely as I rounded a bend and my eyes fell on a restaurant sign advertising "pork chops," this happening within a split second of my having the thought, and with all my thoughts traceable back long before the sign was visible, etc, etc, -- all the patternistic indicators.


A cool word-type recurrence today. When I went to reschedule my massage, I was forced to sign up with a different masseuse than usual because Dusti would be out of town, and the new one's name was Galina. When I was told the name, however, I spelled it out loud, I guess to make sure I was pronouncing it right, and I spelled it "Galena," right except for the "i." I'd never before thought/heard/spoke this word before, "Galena." Well, less than an hour later, I at last went to the gem place on the way home, after putting it off for weeks, and while wandering the store, I came across a bin of a type of gem called "Galena." So many other little patternistic logistics here too, such as my wandering the store rather than just going for what I'd gone for (all the salesfolk were occupied), etc. Pretty cool.

(3/29 update on this: just saw "Galena" again, now the name of a town in a Groupon spam that I felt Compelled to open -- timing reasonably notable)


First, a minor recurrence that might be coincidence (though it "feels" not to be, sporting all the telltale patternistic signs). Sunday at Bombay at the Beach I needed note paper, and the only thing in sight was a pamphlet for what turned out to be a Meher Baba, an avatar-type I'd never heard of until then. Then, today at Reiki, Joy Just Happened to mention Baba and how he'd started a center here, the second time I've heard of him ever. The timing was pretty lose, almost a week, but it definitely reeks of recurrence.

Then a more pronounced one, an "ask and ye shall receive." When getting Reiki from Joy I noticed her usual odor, and today had the distinct thought of, "I wonder what that is?" Then, less than a half-hour after the session, I went and got a coffee at the place right nearby CPATB, in which I put cocoa, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla bean (which, it should be mentioned, I for some reason Noticed this precise combination for no obvious reason, enough to consciously commit it to memory in a quite pronounced way). And then, all through drinking the coffee, I thought I kept smelling Joy's characteristic odor, except I eventually realized I was tasting it, in the coffee. Apparently it's the vanilla bean (or maybe the unique combination of those four spices), perhaps because she frequents the same coffee shop and drinks something with those four condiments added (they are the only four on offer for drinks in the shop). I'll have to ask her. In any case, highly notable, though not outside the realm of coincidence.


First, tons of numbers today, especially on license plates, 37 and its variants again seeking me out, such as on cars that cut in front of me or things attracting my attention in random ways that couldn't have even been the most bizarre of subconscious suggestion/peripheral vision, etc. Then a lot of other random synchro. Standaouts:

* A word synchro, "Champagne," with capitalized C. First saw it in the cruising book a few days ago, for the first time ever (why capitalized? never seen it that way before), and then saw it today by chance, I can't remember where but it was in some random way that fit the pattern of these things.

* Then two car-sighting synchros, like those past where I've seen some random car, Noticed it for whatever reason, and then saw it again soon after, in highly unlikely ways and places. Today it was, first, a car with the license plate "1713," which I noticed this morning while on the way to lunch (but not Noticed; I took note of it because of the license plate number, not in that illogical, intuitive Noticing fashion), and then saw hours later in a whole other area (in a Walmart parking lot, where I was Compelled to go despite not having time to do so and still make my doctor's appointment, or so I thought). And then, later in the afternoon, I saw another car twice in this same fashion, hours apart and in totally different areas, recognizing it by its license plate.

* A classic music/radio synchro: "slimy green car" singing out precisely as a slime-green Camaro pulled into my view (must've been a custom color, never seen one like it).


Cool reading/thought/external-event synchro while at the restaurant today. It started when the waitress mentioned to me, offhand, how it was only 1:30 but it felt later, which I noted because I thought she was mistaken about it. Then, later on, she was again discussing something about the time, now with the owner, across the room, and that triggered the thought in me of her telling me the wrong time, etc, which made me think that maybe she'd looked at a clock that was set an hour earlier from not being corrected for daylight savings -- precisely as I read in my book the line "losing an hour from being in another time zone." Not an exact match, of course, but the "losing an hour" was pretty precise, and the "other time zone" loosely fit the underlying archetype of "time change." And of course the timing was perfectly synchronistic in that patternistic way, etc. Pretty notable, and pretty damn surreal when experienced, given that it involved third parties/objective people and events that couldn't have possibly read my book and timed it all (the waitress and owner were completely across the room, not even looking in my direction). And a sort of three-way one, to boot, being conjoined between my thoughts, the other people's conversation, and the book.

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