Synchronicity log for 2016


An uptick of activity today, after another of those strange little lulls that don't seem to correspond to anything I've noticed yet. Back to having a regular "background static" of subtles/personals/themes and the like, plus number repeats (though not all day with these; went back to the lull-like nonactivity several times). Did have a small cluster of reading synchros at lunch. A really cool thought/license-plate-type synchro on the way home. From nowhere, I got a random snatch of a song in my head, where the chorus said "Billy Bud," and precisely as the chorus reprised in my head, a car came up from my left with a license-plate bezel that read "Bud Small," with the "Bud" passing directly in front of my eyes precisely as the "Bud" played in my head. Notable in itself, but even moreso considering that 1) the song in my head started "playing" while the car with the license plate bezel was still behind me, impossible for me to see its backside, etc, and 2) that the timing of its "Bud" was so perfectly synchronistic with that random song in my head, as is patternistic. Damn surreal.


Day was almost totally "silent," but then, just before bed, ended with a hugely surreal clock-tick-type incident. When I went to set my timer's alarm, I checked its clock, forcing me to change it from the 00:00 timer display to the clock display -- precisely as the clock ticked to 10:37:37, in perfectly synchronistic fashion. Hugely notable for several reasons, first because it was so patternistic and with triple-precision, second because the clock was wrong (it was actually 10:20 or therabouts), and third because, as I realized afterward, I didn't even need to be checking the clock to set the alarm, since I was just going to use the timer -- and I knew this, yet For Some Reason I'd switched it to the clock first ...


Big uptick in incidents again today, seeming to correspond with my going out in the morning for the rental car, as has happened maybe 3-4 times now, almost exactly (though not quite as intense as the others, maybe because my health was so crummy this morning?). Started with just a big wave of highly conspicuous 37/137 license plates, all over the place, then graduated to 37s coming in an outright storm, from license plates and everywhere (just way too many to remember or describe), along with another smallish cluster of reading synchros at lunch, and some "background static" of subtle ones, etc.

Had two standout q-and-a's in there, most notably one at lunch. It started yesterday when, on the way home, I Noticed this Land Rover and was drawn, for no overt reason, to its license plate, feeling I absolutely had to read it -- but I couldn't, it being too far away. And then, today at Starbucks, when I went to use the bathroom after eating (going around the building instead of through, which I've never done before), I encountered none other than that exact Land Rover, as to be able to at last read its vanity plates ("NU HEART"). Then, lesser but still notable, yesterday I'd thought vaguely but distinctly of what Stephen King called fate in the Dark Tower books, remembering it started with a K but nothing more, with it leaving me absently thinking, "I wish I knew what that was." Well, today in the 'Worst Hard Time' book (which, once again, I bought randomly a couple days ago and felt Compelled to begin reading today, from a selection of over a dozen other books), it mentioned "Kismet," the name of a small western town -- and that of Stephen King's Dark Tower version of fate. And, as is patternistic, the first I'd read or heard of this term since ... I read the last Dark Tower book, years ago?

Also, a cool and funny radio synchro. As I sat in the car after lunch, thinking about what I should do with an hour to kill before going to the gym, the song "Too Much Time on my Hands" came on the radio, not quite perfectly synchronistic but maybe seconds after I'd begun thinking of what to do, and without pre-announcement or anything on the radio, etc.


Another high-activity day, starting almost immediately after leaving the house this morning, most noticeably with the 37 variants raining down, still mostly from conspicuous license plates (so many, and always always in ways that almost 100% couldn't be me subconsciously seeking them out, etc), but from other sources as well. One cool standout in this regard was at Goodwill, when I felt Compelled to stop and let a car pass while waiting to walk across the parking lot, despite having plenty of time to get out of its way, only to again be met with a 37 license plate when it passed (as it were, a 7373 this time, and of course on its rear, where I couldn't possibly have seen it beforehand). A nice little footnote to this one was that, on the way out of the parking lot, I saw the 7373 car parked, now beside one with a 173 plate. Haha.

A big cluster of ones around lunchtime again, including a small one of those clusters of minor/subtle reading synchros when I sat down to read at lunch, and then a good number of thought/subtles soon after. One standout was when I felt Compelled to pick up a copy of the movie 'Crossroads' at Goodwill, wondering absently what year it was made, and right as I read the word "Hollywood" while scanning the small print on the back for the copyright year, "Hollywood" sounded over the radio, perfectly synchronistic (and once again without foremention, etc). Also, a bunch of those random-but-pronounced one-word thought/radio synchros, such as when "credit" came over the radio (on a song I'd never heard before), precisely as I realized that I was already looking at a roadsign sign reading "better credit," with perfectly synchronistic timing, etc. Maybe a dozen or so like that, all coming within the space of a couple hours. The day again reached that intensely surreal quality at times, nothing less than living-dream. Wow.


Still, tons and tons of subtles/number-repeats (lots of 14s and 77s and their variants mixed in with 37s and some 212s, too), just way too many to remember or list despite their profundity/notability/outright craziness. Still lots of those striking one-word thought/sign/radio-types, such as having "spirit" come on the radio precisely as I Just Happened to be looking at a sign reading "RA Spirits," maybe dozens of these within the course of the day, once again to living-dream levels.

One standout that I can't say for sure was when I entered a town called Shiloh and saw its sign, having it Stand Out in that Noticed/Compelling way. Then, minutes later on the random Israeli CD I'd bought days ago and was listening to for the first time, I'm pretty sure the singer said "Shiloh" (though I don't read Hebrew so I can't check the lyrics to be sure). It wasn't perfectly synchronistic anyway, but still, would've fit perfectly the onslaught-type theme of the day.


And still more onslaught of everything, like yesterday but even more intense, and with even more numbers, again to perhaps record-breaking levels, coming at me from everywhere and in every manner (license plates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Having more of those one-two-three-type combos where certain numbers just come almost all at once and from different sources, such as when I pulled up to a train station and, first, Just Happened to get stopped behind a car with a license plate ending in 1117 (a big repeat today, along with its variant, 777), and then, second, saw a big roadsign business sign topped with a huge "777" overlooking the intersection, and then, if I remember right, the train that was passing (traffic was stopped for the train) also had 1117 or some variant on it (honestly can't say for sure, just so many like this leaving my head spinning; it would've be entirely like the rest of the day had the train come bearing 777 too). One funny and cool standout in this regard was when I was listening to some random Spanish station and I was able to recognize one of the phone numbers as ending in "3017," haha.

One standout recurrence: yesterday morning, I'd realized the concept of "conversational bandwidth," as far as the "breadth" of information exchanged in human conversation, and written it into the essay. Then, totally randomly on a radio talkshow of some kind I stumbled upon while in Sumter (and I never listen to talk shows), the town I'd totally randomly driven to and stayed in yesterday, it mentioned the exact same concept, in almost the exact same terms (I think he called it "the bandwidth of human conversation"), and even on a related subject, artificial intelligence (loosely connected to the mind-machine interface and such I'd written it in regards to). Profound and notable and surreal. And fitting.


Still having an onslaught in every respect, from subtles to standouts to crazy number-repeats, again with just too many to list/remember, about all of them at one time classifying as notable, loggable standouts. What's more, many of them just seem to have a newish, multidimensional quality, either in its nature or in terms of several thoughts/numbers/events/whatever coinciding at once, whereas it just to just be one or more rarely two (now three if not sometimes four, along with those incredibly complex and mystical too-personal/subtle/thematic types that just can't be conveyed). For instance, at lunch, a wasp landed conspicuously on my wrist, making me think "bee's going to sting me," precisely as "stinging like a bee" sounded on the radio, one-two-three. Maybe a dozen or so like that today, along with tons of more "traditional" types, such as "don't look back" sounding on the radio precisely as I looked back to back up. Also, had several more of just a newish "flavor," such as my seeing the sign for Zaxby's chicken and Noticing its passionate shade of blue, precisely before a car with rims the exact same shade of that blue stopped at an intersection directly beneath the sign and directly into my line of sight -- just so damn surreal and precise, a bunch like that today too, can't even remember them all.


Today was much like last couple, still generally elevated incidents of all kinds, at times excessive/onslaught-like, etc. A lot more of those striking-yet-simple thought/reading/radio-type synchros today, such as having "pedal to the floorboard" sound over the radio precisely as I hit the onramp for I-77 after leaving a rest stop, perfectly synchronistic, etc. Maybe a couple dozen like that today, several of them highly complex/multidimensional, etc. And still: so many conspicuous 37s, and still primarily on license plates and the like. In this vein, had another one of those water-bottle time-stamp 37s, just like the last two almost exactly, where I went to buy a random gallon jug of water in the store, and the one I went right to had a time-stamp of "237" (a predominent variant of the day, as it were). Haha.


Still having so many, way too many to list or remember, etc. Nothing less than a wonderland/living-dream at times, though at times with a total dearth of incidents/"numinosity" completely (these almost 100% coinciding with that nasty headsickness I've been having). Again having those really profound/complex/vivid/multidimensional ones, such as "danger out tonight" playing on the radio precisely as I saw this truck a couple cars up veering around drunkenly and naturally making me think "dangerous." So many like that today, just outright surreal in a new way. Even had a couple more of those color-synchro-type ones like with the Zaxby's sign the other day, this time with my seeing the molten volcano on 17 spewing green lava of a certain, odd neon-green shade (had always been red before) precisely as the bank sign across the street blinked to letters of that exact same color. And the numbers ... just so, so many. Head spinning.


Still having the same "flavor" of incidents today, though not quite as many. Started with lots of license-plate 37s and the like (once again corresponding with my returning the rental car this morning -- some sort of pattern here, perhaps incicating something?), along with more of those explicit and striking one-word/thought incidents, such as my randomly reading "puffed" (on that little handwritten child's letter I'd felt Compelled to keep after finding as trash yesterday, as it were) precisely as I puffed out a lungful of CBD vape. Etc, etc.

Another cool and notable and funny thought/reading synchro this evening in the sauna. Precisely as the first few beads of sweat trickled down after a slow build-up, I read "trickling down" in the book, perfectly synchronistic, etc. Notable as-is, for the usual reasons, but doubly so considering that 1) there's no way I could've controlled something such as the trickling of sweat, and 2) it wasn't just any sweat, but the first few beads, which take a while to build up and then finally trickle, unlike a steady sweat where they're constantly dropping.


A bit of a change-up today, much fewer incidents and not of that same "flavor" either. Really, only had some subtles, numbers, and three very notable standouts. The first was a clock-tick one, of that non-specific kind where an alarm or something just sounds at a highly conspicuous time, identical in pattern to those past (and even a couple in precisely what happened, too). It was another one where while I was doing a castor oil pack this morning, I had two magazines to read (and had had the thought that I'd get through them long before the 50 minutes was over), and precisely as I closed the second one, finished with it, the timer went off -- not precise other than that, but still identical to those of the past, such that it was pretty notable (and damn surreal). Then, another of those big, longwinded, personal/subjective recurrence/thematic-type ones, this one starting with the whole flood/regeneration/"reformatting" theme of the last week, and then, today at church, the sermon echoed all I've been thinking about within just the last 24 hours, the conclusions drawn from this whole "storm" of a week -- most of it even in the exact same terms ("flood," etc). Not only surreally precise, and with pretty notable timing (my hearing all this within just a day of having really figured it all out for myself), but triply notable because it fits the past pattern of those "you were right to be thinking what you are"-type recurrences, where I'll have some sort of revelation or personal insight on something, only to have that echoed very soon after (like with the 'Snow Leopard' book and several others I've read at highly relevant and conspicuous times). And last, this one always loosely connected to the sermon, where I'd had a big long chain of thought about it, which ended with my thinking "I too am a believer in the power of the number 4" -- precisely as my watch beeped on the four o'clock hour, perfectly synchronistic in timing, etc. Notable in itself, being so explicit and precisely timed, but even moreso considering that 1) today is daylight savings time, so any other day it would've been three o'clock instead, and 2) I was walking down the road and focused on watching for oncoming cars, with my arm at my side and my watch facing away, totally invisible and out of my line of sight even subconsciously, so I couldn't possibly have been subconsciously suggested, etc, and then 3) it was all relevant to the very subject of the synchronicity, the "four-energy" numerological/symbolic quality that was the subject of the chain of thought in question, that all is perfect/perfectly timed, etc, so that the perfectly synchronistic chiming of the four o'clock hour was just so totally and surreally relevant. Wow.


An uptick compared to last couple days, though not hugely, just back to having that periodic background static of subtles/numbers, along with a few standout numbers, including a cluster of 37s and its variants popping up after lunch, many of them conspicuous (such as having several "hit" me while browsing stuff at the thrift store, including a printing on the backing of an empty picture frame, etc). This cluster culminated with another of those classical gas-pump-type repeats, where I was distinctly Compelled to stop at one station, and pick out one pump out of several available (despite it being awkward to park at, etc), and then, only after I'd gone in to buy some gas treatment first, did I see that the previous purchase price was exactly $7.13. Haha.


Big general uptick over the last couple days, in all respects again, from subtles/number repeats to conspicuous standouts/numbers, etc, again just too many to list or remember despite their notability. One standout was when I randomly heard "David Gilmore" on the radio, precisely as I passed an electronic sign that was scrolling "Gilmore" as I passed, perfectly synchronistic (felt as if the sign was "throwing" the word at me, almost, damn surreal). Had maybe a dozen or so like that throughout the day, to varying degrees of notability. Lots and lots of numbers too, and almost all of them conspicuous in various ways, including being Compelled to wait for traffic only to get "hit" with a 713 license plate or something as it passed, along with several clock-tick-types. One standout in this regard was hearing "104.1" on the radio precisely as a car pulled in front of me with a license plate ending in "141," several like this throughout the day. Wow. Head spinning again.


A really damn cool book/reading/radio synchro this afternoon at lunch, when, in the 'Isaac's Storm' book, on the first page where it finally began getting to the actual storm, right as I started reading it, the song on Second Cup's patio radio sang out, "storm is coming," the first refrain of its chorus (and then, later, the whole song turned out to be about a storm coming, echoing perfectly what I was reading in the book for the length of the song, not perfectly synchronistic in timing, but still dead-on, just in a long-winded fashion). Damn surreal. Also, a minorish recurrence a few minutes later, when the book mentioned offhand Fort Myers, FL, which is a place I'd Just Happened to read of last night and then, subsequently, look up on Wikipedia to see what/where it was, since I'd never heard of it before (and then, less than 24 hours later, I read about it in the book, in the classic pattern).

Things generally "quiet" for much of the day, except for when I got to NYC and was met by a crazy, huge flurry of 37s/73s/137s, etc, almost all coming back-to-back on the cab ride to the hotel, many in one-two-three fashion (or something 4 or 5 together), coming from everywhere: license plates, signs, streets (much of the ride was on 37th Street ...). Again, utterly surreal, probably a record for the most repeats within the shortest course of time.


Things generally "quiet" today, even moreso than during the trip to NYC. Did have a rather pronounced, single thought/radio synchro this afternoon, when I had yet another long and random chain of thought end on my thinking "by chance," precisely as the radio sang "chance." Also, a book synchro/recurrence in which, on the very day I randomly saw the lockpicking/key replacement thing at Lowes, and thus thought about those lockpicking/wire-pin "feeler" kits you can get, I read in the 'Spycatcher' book (which I'd felt Compelled to started reading just last night) about exactly those things, both the exact "feeler" kit/method I was thinking of, plus just lockpicking in general -- highly precise and notable, as it were.


A little more activity today over the last couple days, primarily made up of those profound and precise little one-word thought/radio/sign/reading-type synchros I've been experiencing a lot of lately. The mostable example was when I went into the acupuncturist's and heard the receptionist's New York accent and thought of how I'd just gotten back from NYC -- preicesely as "New York" sang over the radio, in perfectly synchronitic fashion (and, of course, I could objectively trace back my thought from hearing the receptionist's voice, etc, totally ruling out subconscious suggestion or something as usual). Also, more numbers today, including some pretty amusing conspicuous ones, such as my gas total coming to exactly 30.37 (when I'd had to put a couple gas treatments in, thereby altering the amount of the actual gas sale, interestingly), as well as another of those where I felt illogically and inconveniently Compelled to stop short and let out a truck while driving, only to be flashed with a 37-ending license plate upon him pulling out it front of me. Not the most surreal of days, but fun nonetheless.


Another general uptick in activity, though still not quite to surreal levels. Day was characterized by more of those smallish-yet-striking single-word thought/radio/reading-type synchros, including a cluster of them while reading at lunch, with the radio at Second Cup echoing what I was reading as has happened in the past. Some notable standouts: hearing "can't go home" on the radio, precisely as I thought something almost exactly like this, a long chain of thought ending in how I can't go home to NC and stay because of the weird allergy or altitude sickness or whatever it is up there (totally randomly and without trigger/suggestion, etc); "tailight" on the radio, precisely after the truck in front of me flashed its brake lights and revealed that it had a tailight out, making me distinctly think "tailight" as to be perfectly synchronistic with the song, haha -- probably a dozen or so like this all through the day, always as precise and striking. Cool.


Still having that same trend of precise, profound one-worders like yesterday. Started out with a cool one at the hotel this morning, when, precisely as I went to get some clothes from my duffel bag in the room, a random stranger just outside my room said "duffelbag," perfectly synchronistic and pretty damn precise too, as to be rather surreal. Some other standout examples: "keep your eyes on the road" coming over the radio, a split second after I'd taken my eyes off the road and then thought "keep your eyes on the road," again perfectly synchronistic and surreal; having a wash of non-inflammation wash over me from the turmeric extract I'd taken, and thinking how it seemed make my blood "cold" as it ran all through my body, precisely as "blood runs cold" sounded over the radio, again perfectly synchronistic and precise. Many of these through the day. So cool.


Downturn in overall activity today, though still with those odd-and-presise/striking one-word-type incidents I've been having. Did have a cool standout, kind of unique, when I thought of those green coffee chews from GNC, precisely as "choose" came over the radio -- "chews"/"choose," different contexts and literal words but sounded exactly the same, and occurred precisely synchronistic, etc. Also, a classic thought/radio synchro, when I had a long chain of thought end with me thinking of calling dad, precisely as "call you on the phone" or something to that extent came down the radio (again on some song I'd never heard before, etc).


Cool one first thing this morning. After a little spat of those striking one-word-type incidents when I went down to Earthfare for juice (can't remember any in particular), while I was sitting in the parking lot I had the distinct thought of how early Charles's garage opens and if they might be looking at my car then -- precisely as, from across the street, the panel of a garage opened, perfectly synchronistic. I can see this being precise from two different angles, either from a literal garage panel opening, or the figurative/business-hour opening of a garage business. Both would've fit. Cool and damn surreal.

And, throughout the day, still having those same striking little ones I've been having lately, such as having "lights" sound over the radio precisely as I went to hit the car's headlights. Again, maybe a dozen or so like that throughout the day. But otherwise, relatively "calm."

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