Synchronicity log for 2017


Day was somewhat like yesterday, quite in terms of thought/reading-type incidents but still a reasonable number of 37s and in the same "style"/flavor of late, both "background static" "smaller" ones and conspicuous types (still more cars turning out as to flash their 37 plates at me, at least a half-dozen today if not more, and again more of those random-parking-space-type ones, though not quite of the "ridiculously surreal" level as off and on lately).

Did have this cool and sudden, though brief, "cluster" of thought/reading-type ones at lunch, and most of them centering on this group of nearby strangers that were seated next to me on the patio at the LR DD, right in earshot of me. It started with several "small"/vague but notable "parallels"/recurrences in their conversation and various things I was thinking and/or had just thought. For instance: right before I went into DD to get coffee, I'd looked up whether there were any direct Spirit flights to Miami on my phone -- and then, minutes later when I'd sat down, one of the very first things the nearby strangers said was "the Garrison's in Florida," which was literally vague, and not even hugely precise in terms of underlying essence and such, but still the "echo" of "Aaron Garrison in Florida" was there, though only enough to pique my interest and not yet warrant a note (though this did get a little more notability a few minutes later, when one of the people actually mentioned Spirit airlines, just as I'd been looking at, but this was even more random than the "Garrison's in Florida" comment, and not even in relation to it, as to be just another of those "vague parallel"-type recurrences in itself sort of).

But then that changed when I had probably the most explicit and striking "nearby stranger"-type one in a while, when one of the people said "engaged" precisely as I'd resumed reading the 'Train' book and the exactly first word my eyes fell on was "engaged" -- notable in itself, but moreso considering that, first, the timing was just ridiculously perfect, again as to be impossible to orchestrate even if I could've, but then, second, I'd had the book folded face-down until I'd picked it up at the exact moment, and then, third, there's the fact that the "engaged" in the book was not only the very first word my eyes had fallen on, but it was where I'd left off in the book before putting it down moments ago, being a couple words away horizontally from the last I'd read -- all of which combined to make it both ridiculously surreal/synchronistic/explicit yet also ridiculously and 100% objective/impossible to explain in "conventional" terms.

Then, later on when inside, had a couple cool and somewhat unique ones. The first was a reading/"nearby TV speaking"-type one, when I randomly read on the phone "complications" about 1-2 seconds before the nearby TV randomly said "complications," which was another of those that was *not* perfectly synchronistic/striking in timing yet still close and random enough, and befitting the pattern enough, to be notable (especially since the two "complications" were in the same context/usage, in regards to medical complications). And then, a little later and a bit more notable: I suddenly had my attention drawn by a noise up above me, and I looked up to see a piece of hung-up construction plastic billow noisily in a draft, making it sort of "inflate" and poof out -- and then, when I resumed reading the book, the first words were "puffed up," which is exactly what the plastic had done when hit by the draft. This one is another where I might've written it off since the "puffed up" was visible to me (albeit before I'd put the book down), but, once again, the whole thing hinged on that totally random and totally objective, external event of the plastic blowing outward, and making the noise that drew my attention, and Just Happening to do these right before I got to "puffed up" in the book ...

Cool number standout that I just now remembered, a sort of variation on the random-parking-lot type: stepped out of the car and stood up, and found myself facing a barcode sticker on the window of the truck directly beside me, the sticker directly in my line of sight and reading "02377" (sort of like a couple other similar ones, even one that was pretty much exactly like this if I remember right, with a rental-car-type barcode with some blatant 37 variant on it).

Plus, a mildly notable "ask and receive" or something. Just yesterday, I'd decided to start doing the surveys on my receipts, and filled out the last two last night -- and then today at Publix, I got a survey on my receipt, which might not have been notable except that I've shopped there dozens of times (hundreds?) over the last few years and never gotten such a survey, so it must've been something they've just started offering, Just Happening to do so less than a day after I'd started filling out receipt surveys (and quietly had the thought "I'd like to get some receipt surveys to do").

Another "late" reading recurrence (why are almost all these late-type ones recurrences? or are they really just somewhat "delayed" thought/radio-type ones, just perhaps going "slower" due to my day/energy/consciousness winding down some towards evening/morning?). It started when I called parents and both of them told me at length about their new oven and such, and then, literally seconds after I hung up the phone with them, I resumed reading that random Forbes magazine I'd started this morning, picking back up at an article that mentioned how the company in question had needed to buy a new oven to do business -- pretty precise and notable, with somewhat "faster" timing/less of a "delay" that the other late-type recurrences I've been having. Doubly notable considering that the parents had actually had this oven for months now, but had Just Happened to have it put in a couple days ago, such that I would learn of it during this latest call ...


Another "shift" today, now back to that "periodic"/"phasic" nature to the day, starting with a weird little cluster of distinct "smallish" incidents of a slightly new "flavor" this morning, most of them hinging on everything I saw/felt/experienced on the way to Dr. Dong's for colonic and then the random Forbes article I read while there, again picking up where I'd Just Happened to leave off from last night and having a whole bunch of little things recur in it. Best example was how on the way there I'd come across a turkey vulture (I think that's what they're called) picking at a roadkill corpse alongside the road, and I'd distinctly Noticed this vulture in that specific way, as well as distinctly thought of the "circle of life" and how nothing is wasted/even bottom feeders and the like serve a purpose/"one man's trash is another's treasure"/"one's misfortune another's bonanza"/etc -- and then, on the Forbes I'd read (the very first page from which I'd left off from before), it was about a company that did nothing but watch for dying companies and the like and report on them, through which the theme was exactly what I'd thought of, the "one man's trash" theme, and the "buzzard" angle (which is the term the article used at one point, actually, and "vulture" too). This was the most coherent and notable, but still had many other, lesser ones of this same subtle vibe, maybe a dozen or so total, as to be reasonably notable and surreal in total.

Then, the next "phase" came right around lunchtime, again corresponding almost exactly with my eating lunch/change in consciousness/energy, etc. Began with a cool "underlying essence"-type thought/reading synchro, where I had a long chain of thought end with how I was finally at peace with my illness and such, and had honestly and without reservation accepted it and God's will, etc -- and then, a split second later, the sentence I was reading in the 'Killing Pablo' book ended with "acecpt the final authority of God," echoing the gist of my thought almost exactly (and, of course, I can completely trace this back to the objective, separate event of my feeling some recurrent sickness or another when I started eating, and then reacting to it with acceptance, thus triggering the chain of thoughts that led to the "echoed" one, etc).

Ended up having quite a few of these through first leg of the afternoon, to varying levels of notability/coherence but still adhering to this same basic "feel"/"flavor"/pattern. Examples I managed to log: passing a sign reading "happy hour" precisely as "happy" sang from the radio, again with my registering/thinking "happy" coinciding perfectly synchronistically with the radio lyric; a damn surreal and notable one when I was stopped behind a dumptruck at a stoplight and before my eyes, the truck's automated tarp started moving up slowly over the bed, uncovering it with the tarp rolling up in front -- precisely as "roll up" sang from the radio, and again with my registering what was happening and thinking "the tarp's rolling up" coinciding perfectly with the lyric, one of those rare "perfectly echoed" ones it seems; "lock it up" singing from the radio precisely as another Long Chain of Thought concluded with my randomly thinking of the locker lock I planned to use at the gym; "wallet" on the radio with another chain of thought that ended with thoughts of my wallet (though this one was a little sketchy, first because I can't remember it well enough to trace the initial thought, and also that the song on the radio with the lyric was a bit garbled and I'm not sure I heard right; fit the afternoon's pattern/"feel" in any case, however); another damn surreal and notable one when, in the middle of a machine at the gym, I realized that I was close to finishing the set and it hadn't really "burned" with lactic acid, etc, probably from the beet juice's effects -- and then, perfectly synchronistically, "they don't burn" sang from the song on the MP3 player, which was notable from the outset, considering the "burn" echo if nothing else, but doubly so considering it was a chest exercise, working both of my pec muscles, which weren't burning (which, as it were, was how I'd visualized it briefly in my mind upon thinking this, seeing my chest as two distinct muscles), hence a "they" and more precision, etc, haha.

Still seeing a reasonable amount of numbers, and still in the now-typical traffic/license plates/conspicuous activity/signs, etc, fashion, though lesser today than last couple days (as if to "make room" for the increase in thought-type incidents?). More random-parking-lot ones, more or less in every one of the maybe 5-6 lots I hit today, including another of those where, upon pulling in, there were none, but then by the time I came back out (this was at Dr. Dong's), a car with a 37 plate had parked directly beside me, which was a little more notable this time considering how I'd parked in a totally different area, alongside a totally different part of the building than I usually do, haha. Also had another of those "randomly and conspicuously seeing a car multiple times in an unlikely fashion," this time not only the same, somewhat unique car (a sort of tricked out/decorated Charger I think) but one with a 137 plate, which started as yet another Conspicuous Turn-out and then, an hour or so later after I'd done a bunch of random stuff, I Just Happened to get back behind the very same car.


Day was an overall downturn on all fronts, interestingly even though I both departed for travel today and had a general improvement in health/energy/consciousness (why does this trigger an increase at times and a downturn others, or not at all sometimes?). The day was characterized mostly by a whole bunch of very vague, subtle though incidents, almost all of them of a newish variety of those striking but one-dimensional "instant thought manifestation"-types, as to reflect the day's "flavor." Really hard to describe these, being even more subtle/subjective/"heat of the moment" than those previous. Some examples: randomly speaking a sentence while driving down the road, and thinking distinctly of how I'd just suddenly spoken this aloud after thinking about things for the hours I'd been driving and not saying a word -- precisely as "words on my lips" sang from the radio, reflecting the underlying essence of my thought at the time (though in that sort of half-there/"distorted"/super-vague fashion of all these); randomly seeing this tricked-out sports car (another Dodge Charger as it were) along the highway and having it reactively bring a smile to my lips -- precisely as I noticed that, just above the car, was a giant billboard reading "SMILE" (though, once again, I'd smiled not from seeing that even subconsciously, but from the objective/external/independent event of my seeing that appealing car and reacting in that fashion). Had a lot of these really, maybe a couple dozen over the course of morning and afternoon, but these were the only ones coherent enough to translate into text.

Did have a cool radio-type standout, somewhat like the half-theres but somewhat "traditional" too. Just as I pulled into the main drag of Jacksonville, "Goin' to Jackson" came on my CD player -- not "going to Jacksonville," but the general/underlying echo of "Jackson" and "city" was certainly there, along with "travel," and also the timing, though not perfectly synchronistic (there were several seconds between the song starting and my "arriving" into Jacksonville proper from its outer limits), was still pretty close, and of course it was all patternistic of classic synchronicity.

Noticeably less number-related activity today, though did have another "random parking space" one, at that totally random health-food store I'd stopped at prior to Jacksonville (were two conspicuously beside the van, as it were). Did see a fair number of random 37s and the like, and still mostly in traffic/on signs, etc, but only at "background static" levels rather than the "ridicuously surreal" onslaught that's been the trend lately.


More of a downturn today, without even those "background static" thought synchros, this seeming to correspond with some really terrible health/energy/confusion, etc. Though did "resume" somewhat mid-afternoon, when the numbers suddenly "switched on," spontaneously returning after being conspicuously "silent" since last night, and this too seeming to correspond with the lifting of morning's terrible health somewhat. Really the only thought synchro I can think of was a pretty cool and notable standout just after lunch, when the headsickness began to lift a little and I distinctly relaxed/felt that morning's traumatic/shocked tension noticeably lifting in that vital and fundamental way -- and then, precisely as this occurred, a car pulled out in front of me, revealing a license plate reading "AT EEEEZ," reflecting perfectly both what had just occurred with me along with my distinct thoughts of what had just occurred (sort of a combination "involuntary bodily function" and "normal" thought synchro).

Really the only number standout, despite there being a lot of overall activity, was when I went into that random health food shop and when I went to check out, the register's previous total read exactly "$33.37," haha. Did have a fair number of "conspicuous traffic" types, and at least one parking lot where there were again two cars with conspicuous 37 plates right in my way in patternistic fashion. Had a cool one where yet another reckless driver came up behind me, a truck this time, and passed me in rash fashion, thus revealing a 37 plate upon swerving back in front of me (this despite us nearing an intersection where the truck would have to stop anyway). Also, noted several "doubles" in traffic today too, where I'd not only see multiple 37 plates at one time, but they were often end up stopping side-by-side, conspicuously so, in that "animated" fashion somewhat, as to "merge" into one "big" repeat or so it felt.


Reasonable uptick in overall activity today, but seen most strikingly in numbers, when, again just after lunch, they "switched on" again, almost exactly like other times. Ended up having onslaught-levels in traffic, and a lot of conspicuous turn-outs and the like. Had another really cool "cash register"-type one, similar to that in the health food store yesterday, was even at another health food store, another random one, this time in downtown Greensboro. When I went to pay, the last customer was just being checked out and the cashier quoted the total: "$73.70," with this corresponding with my arrival at the counter almost exactly, etc. Also, noticed a reasonable increase in prominent 212s and variants today over others, and some 1111s too when I'd not had many since that little spurt up in NYC a while ago.

Number-wise, day was sort of capped off when, after everything, got to parents' and went to set my bags down, and the nearest convenient surface was the box their oven had come in, with a great big (albeit upside down) "371" markered on the side (almost exactly like that time in BN a few weeks ago when I went to set something down and the nearest place was a cardboard box with a big 371 or some variant markered on it).

Had several thought-type incidents today, more than yesterday but overall not many, and all of them of a very subtle, just notable kind. Started also at lunch, when I sat down directly beneath a sign reading "VEGETARIAN KITCHEN," which I'd Noticed -- and then, upon opening the 'Pablo' book seconds later to begin reading (just seconds later), the very first words my eyes fell on were "I'm a vegetarian." Not hugely notable or precise, but the timing was pretty close, as was the underlying "vegetarian" archetype, and my Noticing the sign, as well as the general patternistic "feel" of it all (namely of this new "opening book with random words falling directly beneath my eyes and echoing/recurring something"-type of incident that seems to be an emerging pattern). Also, similarly, an equally subtle-yet-notable "nearby stranger" one, just a few minutes later when a nearby stranger said "a black male" precisely as I read "a black Colombian special forces sergeant," again echoing the underlying archetype in quasi-precise fashion/non-literally, and with very precise timing.

Had two other smallish-but-notable radio/thought-type ones that I was able to get down (along with a smattering of even subtler, too-subjective ones that I didn't): having a long chain of thought end with unloading my stuff into my room up in Boone on the way there, with my visualizing something to this effect, precisely as "in my room" sang randomly from the radio; being at the gym and randomly doing a back twist while doing the arm pull-down machine, precisely as "twist" sang randomly from over my MP3 player (pretty surreal and "striking" this one).

Also, another late-ish one tonight (I think it was at night, some odd time in any case), when I read "CREAKS" randomly in that Indianopolis magazine I got free randomly from the library, precisely as the house creaked from nearby, warming in the sun (perfectly synchronsitic in timing, as well as in context (magazine article was about houses).


Somewhat of an uptick overall today, though of a noticeably different "flavor"/"groove" than yesterday, again seeming to correspond with a shift in location/geography/surroundings/energy/health/consciousness (from my overall condition/state being "reflected" in "external" reality maybe?). Had yet another of those "just after lunch" clusters/"explosions" of 37s, not quite to ridiculously surreal levels but still to "very surreal" levels. Started out with a whole bunch of license plates and conspicuous turn-outs/a few parking-lot ones, but then seemed to mature/intensify a bit as the day went on. A sort of meta-standout was when, at the peak of the afternoon and the number-related activity, I noticed a business card in dad's truck with a phone number ending in 7311 -- and then, immediately after, my eyes fell on an invoice lying randomly on the floorboard, folded just so that its total was visible: $137.15. And then, keeping this going, beside the invoice on the floor were three gas receipts, all of them sporting 371s (one of them had two). Individually they were just only-mildly-notable "background static" ones, but with them all coming together like that, grouped back-to-back and almost instantaneous and all totally randomly there as litter in the truck (which I'd Just Happened to drive around town today, with dad needing his other car), it all just sort of "gelled" into a bigger incident, something half numbers and half "traditional" synchronicity. Damn cool and surreal in any case.

Had quite a bit of thought/reading/radio-type activity today too, but it was almost entirely too subtle/subjective/"in the moment" to note, and also all of that newish sort of "half-there"/extremely non-literal/archetypical type that I've been experiencing over the last month or so. This theme started in the morning with several super-subtle ones, and then it matured slightly at lunch, though remained largely "unconveyable." One example: at the coffee shop, a woman sat directly beside me and took out her phone and laptop and a notebook and such, and I had the thought that she was sort of "setting up shop," as students and workers and such so often do in coffee shops -- and then, a split second later, I read "set up their office" in the 'Pablo' book, echoing my thought pretty well (though still in that vague/subtle/distorted fashion of previous ones today).

Experienced many more of these as the day went on, though most were still too incoherent to note invidivdually. For example: randomly seeing and Noticing a random sign in the window along King Street reading "Tale as Old as Time," which made me think of Beauty and the Beast, for the first time in quite a while, and then, a couple hours later and as randomly, encountering some random magazine with Beauty and the Beast on an endcap at Walmart. Once again: a bunch that could easily be written off individually, but came to establish themselves pretty notably and coherently in total, if only for me. Did have a cool standout towards late afternoon, again with a sort of "peaking" of this "wave," like the five-way random 37s in the truck: it started when I bought that random Masters of Reality CD with a rabbit on the cover and thought distinctly of the song "White Rabbit" (although the cover's rabbit was black), once again for the first time in months or longer -- and then, when I went into Dollar General for Adam's card (again, 100% unplanned and random), "White Rabbit" was on the radio, just finishing but just long enough for me to identify it and remember. And then, as if to "seal the deal," precisely as I registered "White Rabbit," I passed a wall of Easter cards, with my eyes falling directly on one with rabbits on the front (one of which happened to be white). Still, somewhat "loose" and "distorted," but there underlying synchronicity was certainly there.

One standout: a classical and striking one-word "nearby stranger"-type one, also at the coffee shop, when I read "stormed" perfectly synchronistic with someone nearby saying "stormed," also in the same context, and with that same totally surreal, impossible-to-orchestrate or fabricate precision and timing.


A truly incredible day, with "ridiculously surreal" upticks on every front: subtles, numbers, even coherent incidents and the like. Had two in early morning, right off the bat after I got up really early and decided to randomly and spontaneously go down to Earthfare for a juice, and both were noticeably "clearer"/more coherent than recent thought synchros (because I'd eaten different foods that agreed with me more and my head had cleared by that morning somewhat?). The first was when I was in the bathroom and had just washed my face and went to wipe out my right eye, which made me distinctly and randomly think "eye" -- precisely as "aye, aye, aye!" sang from randomly from the in-house radio, in that perfectly precise non-literal/100% phonetic-audible fashion that I've experienced before, and with that ridiculously surreal timing too. And then, once back in dad's truck, as soon as I turned it on the radio said "bankruptcy," precisely as my eyes fell on a paper reading "GREAT DEBT COLLAPSE" in the passenger seat (when I'd already been doing just a split second before the radio word came out, because I was looking for some type of scrap paper to write a note on about the "aye aye aye!" incident), which again echoed the underlying essence, of "financial disaster," etc (though not without room for coincidence on this one, though somewhat lessened by the perfectly synchronistic/patternistic timing of it). Bears mentioning that these were two conspicuously "early" ones, with my almost never experiencing incidents until afternoon/after lunch typically (though, like others of this "off time" nature, they always seem to come when I'm active in some out-of-habit capacity -- again something to do with reflection/echoing of my consciousness at the time?).

Went on to have a great many thought/reading-type incidents over the course of the day and the big drive down south, again far too many to remember or list or even describe, with these and the many numbers and the many subtles all just meshing into that ridiculously surreal/living-dream state. Some that I managed to get down: a sort of "half-there"/distorted one when I passed a road sign reading "Wildflower Rd" precisely as "wilderness" sang from the radio, with my registering the "wild" precisely as the radio's "wild" (pronounced "wihld") sang out; having another Long Chain of Thought end with needing a sip of water, after not thinking of water for an abnormally long time (hence why I decided to sip to water), precisely as "give me water" sang from the radio, as randomly; another chain of thought/random woolgathering/daydreaming-type thinking ending with how I've been making progress in just living in faith/proceding with whatever happens under the assurance of God's "plan," etc, precisely as "trust in God's love" came randomly down the radio, again echoing the gist of my thought at the precise instant almost perfectly; a cool one in Garner's health-food store when my eyes "happened" across a supplement bottle reading VISION OPTIMIZER precisely as something like "having trouble seeing" sang randomly from the radio (whatever the radio lyric was, I do remember that it echoed the "vision/seeing" theme perfectly, and was perfectly synchronistic in timing, yet was antithetical/opposite in some fashion, like "can't see" or "unable to see" rather than the supplement's positive "optimizer/improvement" theme, again as is patternistic of some of these for whatever reason); a classical radio/long chain of thought one when I had a long chain of thought end with how I'd take nut bars and water and stuff to share with passengers on the bus whenever I go, precisely as "something to share" came randomly down the radio, in "echoing perfectly the gist of my thought at that moment" fashion.

As for numbers, today was a new record, both in sheer volume of repeats and in the relative complexity/"texture" of each, such that there were overall more conspicuous/"intelligent"-type ones than the random, itinerant, individually unnotable "background static" types that seem to come every day more or less now. There were a reasonable amount all day, again right from the get-go when I left the parents' for juice in the morning, but they seemed to "explode" only after lunch, as has been the trend so often with these. Again just far too many to recount, especially when paired with the huge amount of activity coinciding through the day. What I managed to get down: a really cool and surreal double/combo-thought-type one when a car with a 333 license plate came up alongside me and I Noticed it distinctly, precisely as "lucky three" sang randomly from the radio, and then, seconds later as my head was still spinning from this one (was a lot more surreal/striking than it sounds on paper), thinking "four threes" (three on the plate + the one on the radio), I passed a big highway sign reading "3/4 miles," as to echo the four threes theme, albeit reversed/mixed up as seems to be the case with some of these (was the radio echoing my thought/registering of the plate's three threes that I'd Noticed, and then the sign was echoing *that* resulting thought?); another one of those subtly conspicuous ones when I had to slow down and let a truck pass into my lane in traffic, doing so magnanimously and unnecessarily but feeling Compelled as is so often the case with these, only to have two big prominent 37s revealed on it once it had turned (but only *after* it had turned, if I remember right); another of those "triples" that I seem to be experiencing more of recently, passing a sign for "Exit 273" precisely as "97.3 FM" sounded from the radio, precisely as a 7366 plate emerged conspicuously/"animatedly" into my line of sight, all three occurring in that perfectly precise, "dovetailed" fashion.

Another sort of number-standout was that "Indianapolis Monthly" magazine or whatever it's called, that I once again got totally randomly from the freebie bin at the library (despite having little to no interest in anything Indiana prior to picking it up). First, it turns out that the Indianapolis area code is 317, and so the magazine was riddled with 317-beginning phone numbers -- not a big deal in itself, but something of a notable accent/cherry-topper since I began reading it amidst these several days of an almost-constant 37 "storm." But then, as I was close to finishing the magazine this morning, I noticed this and had the thought "Yeah, there's all these 317-area-code numbers, but I don't think I've seen a single random/non-phone-number 37 in this magazine" -- and then, on the very next page, my attention was drawn to a photo of some food in the very middle (the page's only photograph, and what I would naturally be attracted to look at since I was only skimming through it), where I read the little paragraph-long description of the corresponding restaurant, which had a phone number with 737 in the suffix, not the area code (though that was of course 317 also) -- another sort of "question and answer"/"challenge"-type one. And then, on the very next page, it happened again, with the phone number in some random ad reading "800-777-7775" (prominent "three sevens" variant), as if to stress the point, haha (textbook "intelligent/conspicuous" one).

And then, once I finally got down to the beach, had the day end on a similarly "ridiculously surreal" note, when opened the package I had waiting for me down here, a book, and stuck in it was a printed receipt with two big "378"s on it, with *only these two numbers* stick out above the book, in that "revealing"/"animated"/conspicuous fashion, such that I felt that they were being "yelled" at me upon unwrapping the book from its sleeve, haha. And then, part two of this one: when I went to the park office this morning and fetched the *other* package that had arrived while I was away (but I couldn't get until this morning, since the office was closed when I got here late last night), I was similarly greeted with a 37 variant, now from the big "7322" on a shipping label on the exterior.

And, also, it just occurred to me: this conspicuously "intensified" 37 storm occurred on ... 3/7.


Today had a reasonable amount of activity, but not as much as yesterday, and again it was "shifted" into a different "feel"/groove throughout the day. Had many numbers still, but these were almost all subtle/background-static-level ones, randomly in traffic on plates again mostly -- still a good bit, but falling far short of yesterday's ridiculously surreal storm, such that I didn't even write any down (though several were worthy of it, still in a sort of "synchroshock overload" from yesterday).

Did have several standout thought-type ones, and all of a similar "feel," something of a "half-there"-type variant, but I admittedly missed many of these, again because of that "overload" state. Ones I got down: a classic MP3 player song/gym one, when I went to my knees to do kowtows precisely as "get on the ground" sang randomly from the song; having a van with "TRIP'S TAXI" on the back come up alongside me in traffic, and my Noticing it distinctly, a split second before "tripping" sang randomly from the radio, again not 100% precise literally but still echoing the essence of "trip," and with highly notable timing (though not quite perfectly synchronistic, if I remember right); similarly, having "runner" sing from the radio precisely as a gigantic hotel sign reading "BLOCKADE RUNNER" came into view from behind a fence as I was driving, again in that ridiculously surreal/striking/perfectly "animated"/revealed fashion I've experienced so many times. Had a whole bunch of lesser ones (or ones that just slipped past me from sheer volume) throughout the day, including more of those super-subtle-yet-noticeable "themes"/persistent and "quiet"-type recurrences, perhaps a couple dozen of these at least, again as if all the little things from my day/life/experiences/thoughts/triggered memories were blended together and swirled around such that I "saw"/encountered them at different points in this weird psychic spin cycle. The best example of this one, which really wasn't so sudden, was when, at the end of the day in sauna, I read that totally random "27 food health facts" book that dad randomly gave me yesterday morning (which he'd as randomly gotten in the mail with a book, and had almost thrown away, he told me), which in itself echoed no less than 5 or 6 things I'd distinctly thought/questioned through the day, just utterly surreal for all its subtlety and obscurity. Examples I can remember: I'd distinctly thought of putting a spare car key in my wallet, as well as keeping the gas in my car topped off and how it can be inconvenient/dangerous/aggravating not to do so (this stemming from my leaving the van with low gas after coming home from the beach Tuesday), and both of these were echoed exactly, albeit totally randomly, in that little book, textbook synchronistic "echoes" and with reasonably notable timing (for these non-instantaneous kind at least). And still just so many of these, as seems to be trending and "mounting"/intensifying over the last couple weeks, just can't put it in words the thrust of this seemingly secondary synchronistic phenomenon.

Did have a really weird and unique one mid-afternoon, though this one could easily have been either a classical-ESP-type/"bizarre happening"-type one, or maybe just a particularly coherent example of the "extremely low-level background static"-type of onslaught I've been experiencing lately. When I went to Kroger, I'd been Compelled to take in some change with me, despite almost never doing so so that I may always have some change in the car for meters or homeless or whatever -- but today, from out of nowhere, I broke this habit and took out change. And, equally notable, I had a time of it, getting it out of the ashtray in the Miata, with the coins getting tangled up in the rings I had in there and stuff -- but I managed to get some out, and then I felt Compelled to get "just the right amount," having to pick through it even more, such that the whole thing just stood out highly conspicuously even before anything had happened. But then when I went in, the total required 84 cents in change, and so I dug in my pocket -- and I had exactly 84 cents, when I'd not had any change at all in there earlier, such that I'd Just Happened to pick out exactly what I would end up needing from the ashtray when fumbling around in it (but leaving a lot of change in there still, due to being Compelled to get *just exactly* the coins I did, despite having no idea how much I'd even gotten, at least consciously so). Notable in itself, but again notable consider that this is yet another of those where I'd gotten this whole bunch of random stuff I hadn't even planned on/written down or anything, including a phone card and various produce (two of which were on sale, for perhaps the first time I've ever seen these on sale even, and then the third was a half-price/soon-to-expire markdown that I'd randomly gotten, broccoli and cauliflower and stuff that I haven't eaten in a long time) -- all of which Just Happened to come to that exactly amount of change I'd gotten out of my pocket. Holy shit that was surreal, even amongst all the "normal," thought-type synchro!


Still having generally high activity, though not quite to that "ridiculously surreal" level of last couple days. Had more of those periodic "shifts" through the day today, again seeming to correspond with changes in my general health/energy/consciousness throughout the day's phases. Morning was characterized by several prominent and "classical" thought/reading/radio-type incidents, maybe a dozen or so in total with varying degrees of notability. Examples: two almost back-to-back radio ones, and both invlving Guns n' Roses songs ironically (though on totally different stations), the first with "welcome to the jungle!" singing out precisely as I stopped at the dumpsters, directly in front of a sign reading "welcome," with the two "welcomes" again coinciding perfectly, and then, more complex and notable, down the road I noticed/Noticed a man alongside the road with a leaf blower blowing up a bunch of that yellow pollen that's around now, and I had the thought "Glad I'm not breathing that in," precisely as "hazardous to breathe" sang from the radio, again 100% objective/independent yet 100% essentially precise and synchronistically timed, just damn profound and surreal that one.

Had a similar one later in the day, when I went to park the Miata at Target and thought distinctly of putting it in neutral and drifting it into the space, a split second before "The Drifters and The Coasters" sounded from the radio. This one was notable in itself, from a sheer "echoing"/instant-recurrence standpoint, but much moreso considering the context of the radio's words, since they were from an announcer anouncing upcoming bands at a venue, bands that Just Happened to both be named exactly what I'd just thought of/visualized, as to be a sort of multi/meta-double "instant thought-manifestation" type, just hugely surreal and notable and profound when you really think about it.

Had several lunchtime ones too, these different somewhat from those of morning and later in afternoon, mostly reading-type ones. Examples I got down: having some gut irritation and thinking about the CBD patch I'd just put on that area, thus visualizing that part of my stomach and particularly the skin/the sensation of the skin in question (and visualizing this in my mind, as seems to be so patternistic of these nowadays), precisely as I read "the skin of his belly" in the 'Pablo' book; seeing an umiboshi plum in the bite I'd just spooned up and thinking of how salty/sweet it would be, then resuming the book and having my eyes fall directly on "salty," again in that objectively surreal patternistic fashion. Several other of these too, of lesser/subtle nature.

Had more of those vague/subtle/"thematic" recurrences through the day, with several of them fitting the "ask and receive"/"question and answer" format too. Examples: coming out of Vitamin Shoppe and totally objectively thinking about how I needed to find a nearby BoA branch, and visualizing searching for one on my phone once I got back in the car -- a split second before I turned the corner and, directly in my line of sight down the street a bit, was a BoA branch, another "faster" "ask and receive," this one nearly instantaneous, and just downright eerie; and of a complex and even more ridiculously random and surreal nature, another ask-and-receive when, after totally randomly ending up at that mid-MB TD branch (when I'd planned on going to one, then another, and then somehow ending up at this one to cash the check), in the parking lot a man in a car asked me if I was still interested in selling my Miata as we'd talked about at "the convenience store that time" (never happened), and I told him he was mistaking me for someone else but I'd consider selling it at the right price -- after which he asked me to enter my name and phone number into his phone, which Just Happened to be the same model of Samsung Galaxy that I'd just bought and have twice recently thought, distinctly and obscurely and randomly, about how I didn't know how to put in new contacts but would need to transfer those from my old phone -- and now I'd gotten my answer, when I was forced to learn when inputting my info into this man's phone, and in the most ridiculously obscure and random ways, just ridiculously surreal to an even newer level (especially so considering how I'd even fretted/been concerned about such a trivial thing in the first place, and then infinitely moreso considering all the random logistics -- I'd even parked directly beside this man, in another sort of "random parking space"-type development).

Lots of numbers overall today, though not so many conspicuous ones. Did have several, however, and they were reasonably standout-quality ones. Examples: this morning when a car in front of me stopped suddenly and randomly, due to the car in front of them coming to an equally rash and random stop to turn, and then, after I'd been forced to get close to this car (when I was previously too far away to read its plate), I thus saw the car in front of me's 7301 plate; having a backhoe being towed past me randomly at an intersection precisely as I pulled up, with a prominent "1317" on its arm, passing directly before my line of sight in patternistic and surreal fashion; a damn cool Compelling-type one, when I was entering Kroger and, feet before the turn, I felt utterly and intensely and 100% patternistically/illogically Compelled to turn into the Burgerfi parking lot and enter Kroger's that way instead, and then, after I did so, it took me directly past a car with a 7315 plate, with the plate drifting directly into my line of sight both in that patternistic/"conspicuous" fashion and in that "animated"/"revealing" way (and then, once in the Kroger lot, at least two if not more "random parking lot" type 730 plates, side by side, along with several others in the day's other parking lots to varying levels of notability).

A cute receipt synchro I just found: from Publix this afternoon, the bottom line with register information read "R173 5868 C0773," only mildly notable in itself but gains a bit of notability considering that I'd been moved from one checkout terminal to another because the first mysteriously wouldn't work, even after the attendant came over and messed with it two or three times (though it worked for the woman who was using it as I left ...), thus forcing me to this one, which presumably was assigned these two 73 variants (though, it bears mentioning that I seem to get similar numbers at the self-checkout at the other Publix, up in NMB, so maybe these are just standard and would've been on the receipt regardless of the terminal).

Another minor yet notable ask-and-receive from this day, remembered day after: I'd passed a thrift store with a bunch of stuff out front on the way home, and had the thought that maybe there was something there amongst the stuff to put on the Miata's antenna as an ornament but I wasn't really sure what I wanted on there, with no real idea, making me think something along the lines of "Now, what could I put on the Miata's antenna?" -- and then, maybe five minutes later, I passed a car in traffic that not only had the perfect antenna ornament (a little top hat), but it was also a Miata (and red if I remember right).


Big downturn, really very few at all other than a couple dozen "background static"/non-conspicuous 37s (though did have a few mildly notable ones, like Just Happening to end up stopped behind 737 plates and such, like that very first one on the truck this morning I think). Had some scattered, very slight thought synchros, some of which might've really just been coincidence. Only one of note was a radio one when I had a big long chain of thought end with how I was about to get a massage with peanut oil, expressly envisioning the oil being massaged into my skin, precisely as "soak it in" sang from the radio -- notable timing-wise and patternistically, yet imprecise enough to have maybe just been coincidence, even in underlying/essential fashion.

Note that this downturn again seems to correspond with shift in health/energy/consciousness, etc.


Another "quiet" day, but with more activity than yesterday. Still background-static numbers, mostly 37s still (almost entirely today actually, none of the 212 and 1111 variants of recent note that I can remember), though with some more-conspicuous ones today, such as getting stuck in that traffic jam on 17 and Just Happening to end up behind a van with a 7337 plate directly in front of me the whole time we sat deadlocked (and because the car between us had suddenly and recklessly veered off into the left lane and away, thus revealing the plate in patternistic fashion).

Thought-wise, noticed only background-static/"vague themes and recurrences"-type ones through morning and first part of lunch, and then, suddenly, had a really "strong" and notable and coherent "nearby stranger" one towards the end of lunch. Precisely as I read "c can then be used to find new combinations with d, e, f and so on" in the 'Funky Business' book (the letters were used as variables, math-like), a little girl at a nearby table totally randomly and spontaneously said "c, d, e," and though I'm not sure what type of context it was in, or if it was just three words that sounded like the letters phonetically (sounded exactly like them, if they were), her saying this coincided perfectly with my reactive thought of "c, d, e" in response to the text, again such that there was a slight delay between the recurrence of the actual book, but the synchronistic coinciding between them and my *actual thought* was perfectly synchronistic, as seems to be the pattern with several of these (but why these and not others? and why did this remarkably coherent and notable incident come out of nowhere, after the morning's relative silence?). Really damn profound and surreal in any case.

And then, similarly from out of the blue and ridiculously coherent and notable, another of those thought-echoes at the gym, where my MP3 player's song pauses or ends *just long enough* for me to hear something randomly on the in-house radio that echoes my thought. This time it couldn't have been more precise in content or timing, with me having a great big long chain of thought end with how I'd been working on silencing my mind and how needed to do it then -- precisely as the song on my MP3 player faded to silence and, in its place, "turn your mind off" sang from the in-house radio at the gym, and again 100% objective, both due to my distinctly being able to trace the original thoughts as usual, but then doubly so since I'd had my MP3 player on up until then, and loud enough to drown out everything else. And again just so damn surreal, and again also totally from out of nowhere after a pretty much 100% "silence" up until then, since that nearby-stranger one at lunch.

Theory: these "conspicuous silence followed by single conspicuously coherent/notable activity"-type incidents are another variant of these "intelligent"/seemingly intently orchestrated-type incidents I've experienced several times.


A quiet but not totally silent day, something between yesterday's moderate amount and day before's almost-nothing. Day started with more of those slight, vague, super-subtle recurrences/parallels, mainly in reading and thoughts and the like, but also some of those "thematic" ones too. Really, the only coherent example was when I left for church and the radio in the van had on this random talkshow about the economy and business practices and such, all of which echoed perfectly several business terms/concepts that I'd learned just last night when reading the 'Funky Business' book, once again fitting perfectly the pattern of "discovering something for the first time in my life, totally randomly and obscurely, only to hear about it again soon after." For example, the tenet of the three basic parts of every business: people, land, and capital. And then, echoing perfectly even the terms used in the book, the talkshow guys mentioned "amputating a business's limbs." Pretty notable. Also, had a nearly identical reading/book-type one this evening, though not quite as notable: just yesterday, I'd noticed how the massage I'd gotten seemed to help out my guts/stomach in particular in a special, specific way, and then tonight in that random "Healing with Foods" book dad sent my way from out of nowhere last week, I came to a section on massage and how it can help with digestion and, specifically, "twisted stomachs," which is almost exactly the term I'd used to explain how I felt after getting the massage, my stomach "smoothing out"/"untangling."

As far as "normal" thought-type ones, had some sporadic though notable activity off and on through the day, beginning with my "going there" during the church service, where I hit maybe a five-minute-long cluster of 100% instant, constant, absolutely living-dream thought synchros between what I was thinking/feeling/experiencing and what was said during the sermon, exactly as has happened in the past, almost to the point of being overwhelming/having to just totally ignore what I was experiencing and thinking. Then, on the way to Wilmington, had the sudden emergence of some background-static-level subtles, with a couple standouts/coherents interspersed, all of "classical" nature/format rather than the distorted/half-there/obscure kind I've been having predominantly lately. Best example: precisely as "I can finally stretch out in a king-size bed" sang from the radio, which made me reactively envision seeing myself spreading out in a big bed (as I've literally just in the last couple days realized is to vital to me and my sleep, for the first time in my life, as to be something of another super-subtle recurrence in itself) -- just then I passed a big random road-side sign reading "Better Mattress, Better Sleep," again as to be 100% perfectly synchronistic and 100% objective, since I could trace my thoughts to originating from the totally objective event of the radio lyric, etc. Had a couple other notable ones that I couldn't get down before forgetting them, memory just so bad today from headsickness and the like.

For numbers, had another "trigger" upon departing for Wilmington again, though not nearly as intense/prolific as almost every past such trip there, never really graduating much beyond a reasonably steady stream of background-static/"small" ones on signs and license plates and the like. Did have several conspicuous-type "revealings" and the like (including a really cool one where yet another reckless driver, speeding hugely, tried to pass me but then changed their mind halfway through and then dropped back behind me -- but they were alongside me *just long enough and far enough* so that their 1733 LP crept *just* into the corner of my eye, again just so ridiculously "animated" and surreal/intelligent, etc). The parking lots I stopped at were conspicuously quiet, too, with the exception of Whole Foods, where I hit another big, wham-bam cluster of them, at least 5 or 6 that I can remember, maybe more, and all in that patternistic, totally random fashion.


Marked downturn again today, with almost no thought/reading-type synchros through the day beyond some scattered super-subtles that might've been nothing (nearby-stranger saying "three" precisely as I randomly read "three" on a sign is the closest I came to a coherent one today). Did have a showing of numbers, again starting almost precisely after lunch and almost all traffic-related 37s, including several 73-plate "directly in my line of sight and precisely timed" pull-outs, and two multiple-conspicuously-placed-plates parking lots (had a somewhat notable standout at the PO parking lot, when, just as I was thinking of how I was having another post-lunch 37 uptick, the radio sang out "737" (about a plane) and then, a split second later, I pulled up behind a 370 plate, again as has happened before, as if these were a sort of meta-synchro with the numbers being an instant-thought manifestation simply from my thinking of the numbers? haha). Also, had another semi-standout when I was passed by a school bus, again in illogical/reckless-driver fashion, with the bus speeding to begin with (when I myself was speeding slightly, and it was raining heavily), and then with the bus passing me only to get right back in my lane and then stop at a light, all just basically pointless and a waste of time as well as reckless -- but when the bus pulled back in front of me, it revealed another big prominent 73 directly in my line of sight, again in patternistic format.

And then this evening, the emergence of some more of those super-vague/longwinded/subtle/"thematic"-type recurrences, now hinging mainly on that random copy of AARP magazine I pulled out of the trash (Compelled) at the post office this afternoon, which echoed maybe 5-6 different very subtle, yet collectively noticable, things I'd again felt/thought absently/encountered through today or last couple (though these seemed to be mostly from the morning, such that maybe the consciousness/experience/environment of morning/home is "echoed" when I return fully home in the evening?). Today all of these were so subtle I can't even give a basic example, but they were definitely there, and fully patternistic with those I've been experiencing lately (jibing with the "toned-down" air of the day, it would seem).

And then another mild yet notable-and-patternistic reading recurrence "late" this evening, a classical word-type one this time: "sicario," that Spanish word I'd learned last week when reading the 'Killing Pablo' last week, and then read again, for the second time ever, in that AARP-trash magazine I finished just before bed tonight -- very longwinded timing, and not hugely unlikely, but still follows the pattern, etc.


Today was almost exactly like yesterday, with a reasonable showing of 37s/variants and some conspicuous ones intermixed (including another of those "perfectly timed 37-plate turn-in-fronts," which was a little more notable because it occurred in the parking lot of that MB-proper Kroger as I was crossing the lot to my car, exactly as it did a few days ago when I was there, a sort of number-repeat/recurrence combo in itself).

Otherwise, again had a day-long background-static of very very subtle thought/reading/external-event-type incidents, most of them again too subtle to relate. Best examples: hearing "dog and cat" on the in-house radio at CVS, precisely as I rounded an aisle and my eyes fell on a little gift card with a dog and a cat on it, once again with my registering/thinking "dog and cat" coinciding perfectly synchronistically and objectively with the radio lyric; "hasten" sounding from the radio, precisely as I turned onto the highway and saw that the car behind me was coming on quick and thought, "Need to speed up," again perfectly synchronistic/"dovetailed"/totally objective and patternistic.

And then another "late" reading/word recurrence, almost exactly like the "sicario" one last night, both in terms of sources and minor notability: the movie 'Driving Miss Daisy,' which was mentioned also in that trash-AARP magazine last night when I finished it, and I noticed it (but not Noticed), thinking of how it was the first I'd seen mention of that movie in years and years and how I'd seen it as a kid -- and then today, in the 'CIA' book I started reading totally randomly this afternoon (again picked randomly from a whole bag of books), it referenced that movie.

And then, a rather surreal and also "late" 37 cluster, when I randomly checked the SD card I'd pulled out of my bric-a-brack drawer and intended to use for the phone. I checked it after putting it in the desktop, and it had all these photos on it, none of which I recognized (no idea where in the hell these came from, I'm 99% sure I'd bought this card new really cheap and then never used it), and the first one I looked at had a great big "13:07" timestamp on it, as did several others before it, and then others had a big 12:37 timestamp farther back. Wow ...


Today was almost exactly like yesterday in format and "content," for the third day in a row now. Again only very vague and subtle and scarce/few scattered thought-type incidents, really only three or four as of writing and none of these at all coherent enough to relate. Did have some more of those vague parallels/"thematic"-type recurrences, but these too were just too subtle. Again the numbers still had a decent showing, with a reasonable number in traffic and a couple conspicuous parking-lot types (actually had quite a few of these today, such that about every parking lot I was in had at least one or two -- why are these still present when the other kinds are so conspicuously absent/toned down?).

Tonight did have two "late" ones, the first almost exactly as I've been having lately, another vague-but-notable recurrence between the random reading material of the day and the day's events. This time, it was a recurrence of the theme of "how your clothes/dress/apparel has a psychological effect regarding body image/"role," etc, which began this morning when I'd had to go out to the office to get the packages before dressing, etc, as I always do, literally every day, but today I'd gone out in my sweatpants and stuff and thus had distinctly thought about how being in my house clothes so drastically altered the image I projected to others and how deeply it would affect me if I let it -- and then in the copy of 'Real Simple' I read tonight (again picked up entirely at random from the library's withdrawn bin for 10 cents the other day, on an equally random Compelled stop), it mentioned exactly that, with a whole article detailing how one's look/clothes/style, etc, has just the effects I'd thought of -- a perfect example of these vague/late/reading-type recurrences that have been so evident lately. And then tonight while reading at dinner, a classical reading/event-type one, when I'd turned the page and thus shifted the book from one had to the other, shifting my shoulders and back and whole posture in the process, when the very first line on the new page was "she shifted her position," the words corresponding perfectly synchronistically/patternistically with my shifting the book and my posture -- and, 100% objectively, since it's simply my habit to shift hands when I start a new page, to keep from crimping circulation, etc.


Day was pretty much the same as last few, in that same general "groove"/"feel." Still having a reasonable amount of numbers and only a reduced minority of thought/mental-type incidents. Again had a good showing of "small"/background 37 plates and the like (not seeing many of the other numbers the last couple days, now that I think about it), and again had more of those reckless/speeding/illogical-type turn-in-fronts today, which seems to be a trend and/or part of this "groove" I'm presently in, had at least 3-4 today that I can remember, maybe more, all fitting the pattern perfectly and conspicuously.

Did have one notable standout "nearby stranger"/reading-type one at lunch. While in Starbucks down on Ocean Blvd, I was sitting by the door when a man walked past, talking to his son in what proved to be a markedly foreign language, both in the words and such but also in just the stark un-Englishness/contrast of it to my own -- and precisely as I distinctly noticed this man's words and their foreignness, I read "altogether foreign" in the 'Cover' book, and again it was 100% objective yet 100% perfectly synchronistic and "dovetailed," with my reading these words not only in perfect coincidence with my registering the man's language and thinking "That is so foreign," but also the text was at the very top of a new page, which I'd turned to just a split second before hearing the man, etc. Very notable and incredibly surreal, even after everything.

Thought-wise, otherwise only had a steady "stream" of periodic vague/subtles through the day, and all more or less fitting a certain pattern, usually with some random word or sign or "nearby stranger speaking" would somehow echo what I was doing/thinking/experiencing, again in ways that individually could easily be ignored but collectively presented a reasonably coherent pattern, for all the subtlety and "smallness" involved. A good example was in the locker room at the gym when I went to put my street shoes back on and, upon finding the laces tied in a troublesome knot, the overhead TV just nearby said "tied," coinciding perfectly with my thought, albeit randomly and "small"-y enough to just be chance -- but then, seconds later as I went to put my workout shoes back in my bag, the same TV said "in the bag," this also coinciding perfectly with my placing the shoes in the bag (and, at the back of my head, thinking "putting shoes in the bag"). Many of these through the day, actually, but almost all others too vague/incoherent/"in the moment" to translate to text.


Still "downturned"/quiet, but somewhat different as far as feel today, as well as just less overall activity. Numbers have lessened now, with just periodic/subtles through the day and no conspicuous ones I can remember (beyond some more 100% patternistic "random parking spot" ones), as to be somewhat "equalized" with the downturn in other incidents. Thought-wise, had only some more random/vague/"thematic"-type subtles off and on, though did have a pair of odd, unique, similar incidents at lunchtime. The first was another "nearby stranger"-type one, now of that opposite-like kind of incident that I've noted in the past, where the polar opposite of something is "echoed" but in such patternistic/perfect timing that it's notable. This time, right as I read "just ordinary" in the 'Cover' book (or something like that, along the lines of "that's just entirely ordinary/routine, etc"), a passing woman said "that's so weird," perfectly synchronistic with my registering the text, and perfectly precise in that "polar opposite" way. Then, a little later on, a pair involving a really seedy-looking/conspicuous man who walked up and pulled a cigarette from its pocket and began smoking it and walking around my general area, thus hitting me with strong-smelling secondhand smoke, with both of these things corresponding with my reading, first, of someone digging a cigarette from their pocket, and then, a few paragraphs later (and corresponding almost perfectly with my getting hit with the first whiff of the man's secondhand smoke), I read "I was getting asphyxiated by secondhand smoke," both of these occurring not quite perfectly synchronistically but very close, maybe just a second or two apart. Pretty notable in any case, but also there was just something "weird"/different about all three of these, some deeper quality that I cna't describe, just making it all "feel" different and strange (again perhaps reflecting my headsick state/altered consciousness?).


Reasonable uptick in activity today, and again seeming to correspond with some improvement in health/energy and an attendant shift in consciousness. Started this morning with another sudden cluster of those same vague/thematic subtles I've been having during my "off" times in morning/evening lately. Examples: reading in that random-library-find Real Simple magazine this morning about "back issues of Mother Earth News," when it Just So Happens that I'd pulled out a couple of those years-old issues of Mother Earth News I'd pulled from the trash a while ago out of the drawer and, also as it So Happens, that issue of Real Simple was resting atop one of these MEN issues (very subtle and obscure and easily dismissed normally, but again fitting in with the morning's "groove"/theme); reading in the 'Starvation Heights' book, on the first couple pages, about a "tomato broth" made from cooking tomatoes into a paste, when again it Just So Happens that, for the first time in my life, I'd just last night made an almost identical such broth, cooking tomatoes into a paste instead of eating them raw as I've always done. Several others along these lines, again as to construct that vague/subtle theme, very surreal in its own way.

Had a lot of those one-word thought/reading/radio/sign-types today too, I noticed, after an absence of them lately. Examples: while typing this log, typing "happen" precisely as "happening" sang randomly from the radio; "push" on the radio precisely as I went to hit the "push" button on the exit door (and when I read this word/had it register, too, as is becoming increasingly patternistic with these); another of those extremely "striking" ones at DD, when I randomly read "irritated" in the 'Starvation' book precisely as the overheard TV randomly said "irritation," again extremely surreal/jarring due to its remarkable and sudden timing and randomness, despite being "just" one word.

One standout in this regard was a sort of double/"joint"-type echo that happened on the way to Charleston, when I passed a random road sign reading "Debordieu," and as I was trying to sound it out in my head, I thought of how the last half was pronounced "do" -- precisely as the radio randomly sang out "do," again very "small" but extremely precise and patternistic and surreal. Not hugely notable, but just enough to write down, given the circumstances/patternistic element -- but then, as I went to write this down but decided it was too dangerous to do so while driving, I thought "can't look away from the road" or something to that effect, precisely as "can't take my eyes off it" sang randomly from the radio, also as precise and "striking," and a bit more notable in itself.

Similarly, a few minutes later down the road: the car in front of me had a license plate reading, simply, "WTW," and just as it suddenly (and illogically) slowed down on the open highway, forcing me to slow and come closer to it and, thus, focus directly on its "WTW" plate and then think this -- just then, "week to week" sang randomly from the radio, which was a variation of the 100% "precise in imprecision"-type of echoing, with the phonetic first letters of the words all registered in my mind as a kind of "w-t-w," especially with the singer's pronunciation of it in the song -- again hugely surreal in the moment, left my head spinning for all its "slowness."

Another cool thought-type "classical" standout, this time at Walmart when I went randomly into the bathroom there and somehow got the song "Love Isn't Always On Time" by Toto in my head (I want to say it was on the in-house radio when I entered the store, but I can't be sure -- in any case, it doesn't really matter how it got in there, given the circumstances/objectivity/independence of the forthcoming synchro). Then, as this song was looping in my head and I went to the urinal, my eyes fell directly on the label, which read "TOTO."

And of course an attendant uptick in numbers, though not too many conspicuous ones, just kind of a return to a steady "background static" of "small"/single/random 37s and a minority of variants through the day, predominantly in afternoon/my "on" time. Did have another of those remarkably long and random strings of "random-parking-space" 37s, at least 3-4 lots in a row, and several with multiples, really surreal.

[And again, all through writing this in the gym, so many of those "small"/one-word "striking"-type echos between what I'm writing/thinking/visualizing and random lyrics on the radio, just so damn surreal considering what I'm writing about, another "fractal" "synchro-in-a-synchro" ...]


Something of a change today, a different overall "feel" to everything, and different "proportions" of thought-to-number-type incidents. Again had another post-lunch 37-traffic "storm," though not too intensely today, and without many conspicuous ones (again beyond more totally random yet perfectly patternistic, and multiple-in-a-row, random-parking space ones -- why do I always seem to have these even when other types fall off? something to do with what I do when I go shopping/park/pick up trash and such in parking lots?). Had several lower-key standouts, such as checking the expiration date on a random supplement and seeing 11/17 (1117 and 777 have been prominent variants today and as of late, I've noticed), and then, a minute later when I'd finished checking out, the total was $17.11 -- a bunch of "little" ones like that today, but again enough to establish a concrete theme.

Had lots of "little" thought-type ones today too, a lot of those especially "striking" one-word ones. Best example: having my eyes fall directly and patternistically on a random sign reading "tattoo," precisely as the radio sang out as randomly "my back tat" (same context), and then, a minute later as I was thinking of this and thinking how I needed to write it down before I forgot, I saw another, nearly identical road-side "tattoo" sign, again with this corresponding perfectly with my thought of "need to write down that tattoo incident." Probably a couple dozen of these today, reasonably volumous and surreal if subtle.

Also had a pretty unique and damn surreal and notable one this morning, if a very overall obscure incident. It started last night when I thought about how I might want to set an alarm on my cellphone so I'd get up for church this morning, which made me think of my own phone's alarm noise randomly but distinctly -- and then, this morning, I was awoken by none other than a random noise coming from somewhere nearby the van in the gym parking lot I was at (I never found out what the noise was), and I'll be damned if it didn't sound almost exactly (if not 100% exactly) like my old phone's alarm, the same tone and same pattern of beeping and such -- and regardless, it did indeed wake me up, and at what turned out to be the perfect time, since I had just enough time to do everything I needed doing and then get to church about 2 minutes before it started. If not for that quasi-alarm, I'd have overslept ...

Really cool classical "nearby stranger" one at lunch, though with a twist, something along the lines of that "perfectly precise and imprecise" though not quite, a variation. As I was reading and eating, a nearby stranger in SB randomly said "Who signed that?," and then, maybe 2-3 seconds later at the beginning of the next paragraph I read, the 'Starvation' book said "I never signed that," kind of a q-n-a-type thing. It bears mentioning that this one was *not* perfectly synchronistic in timing, with a noticeable 2-3 second "gap" as seems to be the case with some of these, though still close enough (and oddly precise/imprecise enough) to be notable and illogically coherent.

Had a little cluster of "late"-type reading/thought synchros at dinnertime reading tonight too, most of them too vague/subtle/subjective but all still pretty notable and patternistic. One coherent example: randomly and suddenly having my liver churn and thus thinking about bile flowing through it and my gall bladder, and how maybe the liver supplements I've been taking are working -- a split second before I read "the gall" in the book, haha. Another "involuntary bodily function" one.

Over last few days, I seem to be more in a synchronistic "state" rather than experiencing individual incidents, with my slipping into and out of the "state" rather than having the individual incidents "crop up" as has always been the case in the past. I note that I'm beginning to sense the state coming on, with a sense of "here it goes again," and one nearly as distinct when it lets off.


Overall downturn today, with only scattered incidents through the day, such as to avoid a steady "background static." Not nearly so many numbers, even on the drive back up north. Do remember some parking-lot ones, along with some more of those conspicuous traffic "car driving illogically/recklessly and turning in front of me to reveal 37 license plate," including one that was a sort of "double," where one such car turned in front of me almost precisely as we both passed a mailbox numbered 10337 or something like that.

A couple cool reading-type ones at Starbucks at lunch, beginning with a hybrid "nearby stranger"/long random chain of thought. It started when I had the chain of thought end with how I'd just gotten the free Americano in place of the cold-brew refill since they were out, and how I'd responded to it by saying to the cashier that I didn't know I could do that -- precisely as someone in the crowd called out, "I didn't know that!" Perfectly synchronistic and totally objective/independent, etc. Also, a cute little footnote to this (though it could've been a coincidence, ignoring the patternistic element): later in the day, as I was remembering this one at the end of yet another long random chain of thought, precisely then the radio sang out "You know, you know, you know!" almost as a kind of "answer" to my thinking "I didn't know that," haha.

Then a little later, also in Starbucks, another of those sort of "challenge"/intelligent-answer-type ones. I again had that feeling of entering the "synchronistic state" later on in lunch, coinciding with another little cluster of very subtle/vague reading and thought-type incidents, and soon afterward, a couple of soldiers in camouflage passed by me as I was sitting at the door, and I Noticed them distinctly, as to think, "Now, why didn't I just read about some army men in the book, if I'm in the state?" -- and then, maybe 2-3 seconds later, I read "army officers" in the 'Starvation' book. Though this was another of those non-perfectly-synchronistic ones, with a noticeable delay, yet it was precise and random and patternistic enough (and still relatively tightly timed) to be pretty notable, especially considering the blatant objectivity of it, since I couldn't possibly have cued the men to walk past me just then even if I'd subconsciously read of the "army officers" in my peripheral vision, etc.


A general uptick today, and still in the general "groove" I've been in lately. Generally regular numbers, and more conspicuous traffic-types today I noticed too, after they'd fallen off a little lately (did have a big string of random-parking-lot types too, along with a couple of those cool ones where a car with one Just Happened to pull in directly next to me, and immediately after I'd arrived, etc, as is so patternistic now). Had many just random 37s and such in general today, and all totally random yet totally patternistic, such as being Compelled to read a copy of an antique car magazine at the random barbershop I stopped at, out of a selection of about a dozen magazines, only to find it was Volume #73 (and six years old).

Thought-wise, had another of those days where activity slowly escalated through the day, beginning with some very subtle and vague ones through morning, then maturing a bit through lunch, until seeming to "peak"/"gel"/"cohere" mid-afternoon, as seen most notably at the gym (again seeming to correspond with improvement to my thought/energy/health/clarity of mind). Had several cool standout "classical" ones around then, such as hearing "boogey down" randomly on my MP3 player precisely as a man working out on a machine broken into a conspicuously animated dance after finishing a set on the machine (though I noticed that this lyric came perfectly synchronistic with my seeing this/registering it rather than the actual event, just a split second difference but rather distinct, as I've come to identify). Also, similarly: having a long chain of thought end with how I wanted to call Cheryl and set up some reflexology, which triggered me seeing in my minds eye lying on her table with my shoes off and her working my bare feet, precisely as a road-side sign reading "BAREFOOT PIT" came into view (with it again being invisible/obscured by foliage when I'd originally had the thoughts of Cheryl, thus rendering it 100% objective/indepedent as almost all of these seem to be these days).

Also, had a cool standout of the random/subtle/vague "background static"-types that were present more or less all day, both at the time and close together. First, a sort of triple when I had a long chain of thought end with the Miata and its LUVMOBEL theme, which coincided with a random "love" on my MP3 player, and then, perfectly synchronistic with these two, a heart flashed on the TV on the wall directly in my line of sight, all perfectly orchestrated and "1-2-3"/wham-bam in concert. And then, minutes later, almost exactly but not as complicated or notable: hearing "exercise" randomly on the MP3 player precisely as that same TV cut to some commercial showing a line of people in cardio machines at a gym (and though this happened at the gym, it was just a TV on a random channel that Just Happened to flash a gym commerical just then, not a channel only for that gym or something). Damn surreal, and a reasonable number of these through the day, though about all the rest were just too subjective to describe.

Also, this morning, a perfectly classical word synchro: "overwinter," which was the word of the day a couple days ago, and which I'd Noticed distinctly, not just because it was the first I'd learned the word but just in that special way, making me re-read the definition a couple days -- and then, in another of those random copies of Mother Earth News this morning, it randomly mentioned it. Again not a huge one in itself, and the timing was certainly only relatively notable, but still fits the old pattern perfectly, haha.


A general downturn today, across the board even in numbers/subtles, again seeming to correspond with some headsickness/dulling of thought, etc. Did have some scattered 37s and the like, though none of those especially "intelligent" standouts. Thought-wise, only had some scattered subtles starting mid-afternoon, but never really going anywhere as of writing. Some examples: having a long chain of thought end with whether or not the place with the Suburban would entertain a trade on the van, precisely as "entertaining" sang randomly from the radio, perfectly synchronistic and patternistic; same for other random, subtler one-words, such as thinking randomly of whether it would rain or not today, precisely as "reigns" sang from the radio (different context but another phonetically accurate one), and randomly thinking about the money for a house precisely as I saw that movie ticket I'd picked up as trash and my eyes fell directly on "house," and same for randomly thinking about the foamy port-window of the washing machine at the laundromat today, precisely as my eyes fell across the nearby shaving can reading "foamy" -- mostly just individually unnotable/easily coincidental ones, but they again all came together to establish a distinct feel/pattern for the day.

Did have another of those "cute" receipt-type 37s, seeing it only now after logging it: first, the total came to exactly $13.77, even though I again went into the market with no idea what I wanted (really didn't even need any food, just went in to kill some time while laundry was going), and then there were about 5 other random 37s/703s, etc, on it to boot. Actually, there would've been another one had I been able to use the original self-checkout terminal I'd gone to, #73 (written on it in big black marker), but it was out of order ...


Generally lowish amount of activity today, again with only a moderate showing of numbers, and not many standouts (only a couple minor parking-lot-type ones today, noticeably less than recently, but did have slightly more conspicuous-traffic types, such as, first thing this morning, the first other car I came upon when leaving the house was a truck going conspicuously slow, about ten miles lower than the speed limit, forcing me to slowly catch up to it and thus see its 1373 plate, along with a few of those curious "double" types, where two cars with 37 plates would get side by side and sort of "equalize," thus doubling the numbers in my line of sight as I've noticed before, and a "challenge"-type one too, where I had some car with a 136 plate or something pass and I absently thought, "Now why wasn't that 137?" a split second before a 370 plate "slid" into view from the left lane, as is also so patternistic).

Thought-wise was also much like yesterday, yet with even less activity, only a few scattered one-word/very subtle ones through the afternoon as of writing. For example, having another long chain of thought end with calling about the asking price on that Yukon at the Little River dealer, precisely as "value" sang from the radio. Maybe 5-6 like that.

Did have a pretty cool "involuntary bodily function"-type standout, coming suddenly out of nowhere almost immediately after I sat down to eat. Once I'd swallowed the second bite of lunch and the ginger in it hit me, giving me a little head-rush and noticeably clearing my lungs and making it easier/"cleaner" to breathe as it often does -- a split second later, I read "could breathe a little easier" in the 'Starvation Heights' book, not quite perfectly synchronistic but very close, and 100% accurate/precise too, not to mention totally objective, with it hinging completely on the external/independent event of my eating two particularly gingery bites and having its effects hit me precisely then.


Slight uptick in overall activity today. Morning started with several of those very subtle/subjective-type reading/thought/"thematic" incidents, almost all of them too subtle to convey. Best one was the mysteriously dripped water in the fridge, which I'd discovered this morning, probably the first in my life or a very long time that I've ever found some mysterious, sourceless water (maybe it came from the freezer bay or something?) in a fridge, and then, maybe a half-hour later while reading that random 'Better Homes' magazine I again got totally randomly from the library the other day, it mentioned how you can protect again stuff dripping around in a fridge by doing something or other -- again individually extremely minor, but there were enough of them, and all in the same manner and "feel," that I found it notable. Probably 5-6 like that this morning.

Then at lunch had another of those sudden "maturations" in the thought-type incidents, beginning with another of those "sudden and striking and only the more surreal and notable for it" kind of reading/radio synchros, when I read "snapping" in the 'Starvation Heights' book precise as the song on the overhead radio at DD entered a stanza of rhythmic finger-snaps (again where the text and the song's snaps were the first in either, Just Happening to coincide absolutely perfectly and notably, rather than just being, say, a regular ongoing occurrence that eventually just overlapped). Had several more during lunch too, though all lesser and more subtle, though not quite as subtle as the morning variants, mostly those "small"-yet-notable/striking one-word thought/reading/radio "echo"-types. Examples: "open" singing from the radio at DD at the *perfectly precise* instant I opened the door to go inside; "going down" singing from the radio as soon as I keyed the car after the massage, the very first lyrics to come on, precisely as I put down the window to let the hot air out, again so perfectly synchronistic/surreal that words just fall short.

Also, had an extremely notable and surreal radio/thought one this afternoon, again very sudden, after a period of almost zero activity (as seems to be the case with some of these, another of the "sudden highly notable one after a long silence, as if to accentuate the whole thing," which it did indeed accentuate it). It started with another of my long and totally random chains of thought, this one ending on how I was perfectly content to be right where I was rather than somewhere "better" -- precisely as "nowhere else I'd rather be" sang from the radio. Was already shaking my head and totally synchroshocked, but then it took on a third "echo," when I realized that I was looking directly at "I'd rather be" precisely as the thought/radio lyric occurred, this printed on the border of the license plate of the car directly in front of me, directly in my line of sight. At first I thought this might all be subconscious suggestion stemming from my unconsciously looking at the car's "I'd rather be," but this was impossible, since, first, I could distinctly trace the chain of thought that ended with my sentiment that was, more or less, "nowhere I'd rather be," beginning before I'd even pulled up to this intersection and stopped behind the car, beginning in the Kroger parking lot, off the road entirely and nowhere near the car. And then, of course, there's the 100% objective/independent/impossible-to-orchestrate lyric on the radio, which, regardless of the license plate echo, echoed my thought precisely as it occurred. Really, just a completely living-dream-level incident.

Had another "moderate showing"-level of numbers too, much like last couple days, with just the "background static" of ever-present random 37s on plates and signs and on my receipts and in reading, etc, along with several conspicuous-ish parking-lot ones, and a couple turn-in-fronts if I remember right, but not to the crazy/"living-dream" amount of times past.


About as much activity of last few days, moderate level, but with a mildly different feel today (again seeming to correspond with a shift in condition/energy/health/consciousness). Numbers were almost identical to last couple days, there but not hugely so, with a steady background static of the ever-present mildly notable "everywhere 37s," though I did notice several 1212s and like variants today, enough to stand out slightly. Did have a pretty cool standout 37 repeat, a sort of two-part hybrid: it started when a van with a 731 tag pulled out recklessly in front of me just after I left the laundromat (and, if I'm not mistaken, I saw this very same van or one almost exactly like it earlier today, coming across it and its 731 tag semi-conspicuously though I can't remember where), and when I saw it and recognized the pattern/got its little "synchroshock," I smiled widely -- a split second before the radio sang out "You're gonna smile," haha.

Lunch was somewhat interesting, with this string of odd, newish, distinct reading synchros, all of the same "small"/"minor" variety but all with the same feel to them, maybe 5-6 in all. Best examples: reading "ambulance driver" about one second before an ambulance siren sounded suddenly from the road nearby; noticing that I'd dripped some tea on the bench, right as I was going for my book to pick it up and resume it, and once I opened it up, the very first word to fall directly in my line of sight was "dripping," completely patternistic of other such incidents, where the two coincided so fast as to "echo," and too fast for me to have even had a chance to subconscious "scan" the book for any sort of corresponding word; randomly thinking of the oil in the olives I was eating, and then, maybe 30 seconds later on the next page, the book mentioned olive oil randomly (this one might've been nothing altogether, it just sort of had the "feel" of the others). And then, again at the seeming "apex"/"climax" of this little chain of incidents, a pretty notable and individually standout one: precisely as I read "[Her] attention drifted to the noise behind her," a weird, totally random noise sounded from behind me, distracting me -- very much causing my attention to "drift" from the book to the noise behind me, with my reading/registering this coinciding absolutely perfectly with the noise (never did find out what that noise was, maybe an air conditioner or some sort of ventilation duct from a nearby building opening up, was weird and "attention grabbing" in any case).


Downturn today in all regards, less numbers and thought-type incidents in general, and again corresponding with another moderate shift in condition/consciousness/health, etc.

Morning had several "small yet notable" one-word/thought-type ones, mostly in the lecture at church, probably 4-5 in all. Best example: having a long chain of thought end randomly with how one of the men in the congregation was still God-like and divine in his own way despite being overweight and the like -- a split second before "see the best in you" sang randomly (and for the first time, of course) from the song playing, thus echoing perfectly the underlying essence of my thought. Then at lunch had a couple more, a little more coherent but still pretty subtle, and again with a somewhat more-coherent/pronounced one "topping off"/"climaxing" the string, this time a reading/"nearby TV" one, where I read "recipes" in the 'Possum Living' book a split second before "recipe book" sounded from the overhead TV at DD, once again both for the first (and, in the book, the only) times, yet Just Happening to coincide perfectly ...


A noticeable uptick today overall, and in a new sort of groove/feel, with almost all incidents being subtle and individually unnotable but in a newish way. Had several of these super-subtles this morning, all of this flavor, maybe 5-6 in all, and again seeming to gain a little cohesion towards lunchtime. Examples I got down: being on the highway and having a van with a plate reading FLOORINIT pass going really fast, precisely as "way too fast" sang from the radio, and then, later on down the road when I finally got a chance to write a note about this, "Fast as I can" sang randomly from the radio precisely then, as I was writing "way too fast" (though, if not for the second part of this one, I'd be inclined to say that the van part was just a funny and ironic coincidence, since the "Way too fast" on the radio then was a chorus that had been going on several times, rather than just a random one; also, this one didn't "feel" synchronistic, as is so distinctive yet hard to define); precisely as "no tear is wasted" sang randomly from the radio, a truck passed from my left such that it's bumper sticker of a crying Christ's head crept directly into my vision right as this lyric sang out, and though it wasn't hugely precise, it gained some notability considering that the song on the radio was a Christian song/about Christ, such that the Christ sticker was oddly in context with the lyric; another of those phonetic-type radio echos, this time when I read/registered "Ohio" on the license plate in front of me precisely as "Oh-oh-oh!" sang from the radio, and because of the stylized cursive of the plate's text, that's exactly how the word registered to me perceptually, as a sort of "oh-oh," really damn cool and also 100% patternistic with past ones of this sort.

Also, had a cool little cluster of reasonably notable reading recurrences at lunch, almost all echoing either things I'd totally randomly read or thought through the morning, again maybe 5-6 in all and all reasonably precise, as to be somewhat notable in their own right but even moreso given their similarity. Examples: randomly thinking this morning of when I used to cook liver, and particularly how I'd sautee it to a hard consistency, probably the first I'd thought of these things for years now, and then at lunch randomly reading in the 'Possum Living' book a paragraph about how most people cook liver to a charred, tough consistency and how it's best not to do that -- a sort of hybrid echo/recurrence and an ask-and-receive (or, I guess, an advisorty sort of how-to about cooking liver, since I'd not really "asked" that I remember); reading in the book also about eating fried grasshopper, when I'd just read about eating fried grasshopper in that totally random Afar magazine I'd gotten from the library, maybe two days before?; reading of the herb "yellow rocket" in another of the random magazines I got recently, just yesterday I think this one was, and again the first I'd ever heard of this herb, and then randomly reading of this also in the 'Possum' book (though, I can't be 100% on this one; I'm positive I read of some type of "yellow" herb and Noticed it distinctly upon doing so, but I'm only about 95% sure it was yellow rocket and not something similar, so this one might've been nothing); this morning I'd thought distinctly and oddly about how it's best to keep your toilet clean because you never know who might be coming around/how it might reflect on you to the wrong person -- and then later on, maybe an hour or so, I came across this totally random ad in yet another random library magazine for a self-cleaning toilet, and its advertisement text said something almost exactly like what I'd thought, about how you never know when unexpected company might need to use your toilet, haha. Just damn surreal, ultimately.

And then, actually had a couple more of these while reading later in the day, most pretty subtle but some reasonably stand-out. One I can remember: a big long and random description in the 'Possum' book of the ginger plant and its growth habits and its "rhizome," which echoed 100% this random ad in the magazine I looked through this morning, which had a big full-page graphical breakdown of how to set up a windowsill ginger plant.

Numbers were noticeably lesser today, but still there, almost exclusively 37s and the like and on license plates/traffic. Did have a couple cool "173 plate vehicle turning in front of me at precisely the right time, albeit 100% randomly," first when a car followed me all along 90 and then onto the highway before eventually passing me, only to reveal its 9377 plate (more conspicuous than it sounds, fitting the pattern of so many of these), and then, just after I left Starbucks (after a bunch of delays and randomness and other little things that kept from pulling out until *just then*), a car with a 37 plate pulled directly into my line of sight, again with that notable yet hard-to-describe "choreographed"/super-precise feel to it.

Had a late and notable clock-tick repeat tonight too, when doing the Cyma and eating dinner. Towards the end (or I thought it was the end), I looked down totally randomly at the time, expecting it to be at 1:00 minute or less -- and it was at 7:31 exactly, with the second ticking to 1 at the perfectly precise instant I looked down, in that super-surreal fashion.


Reasonably big uptick today, across the board and again corresponding with another of these daily shifts in energy/consciousness/condition, etc, and also seeming to go through a "periodic" fashion to the day as has happened several times lately.

Had another of those morning-long periods of scattered smallish/vague/subtle recurrences and the like, much like yesterday actually, with lots of really subtle parallels and echos and recurrences between my various reading material/thoughts/experiences, some pretty notable but I just couldn't remember them all. Best example was another of those "climactic"/more-coherent ones that arrived at lunch: this morning I'd been thinking absently about how the broccoli extract seems to be aiding my immune system so my body can fight off whatever infection I have on its own, rather than some dysfunctional antibiotic/drug that fights it for me in a less elegant fashion (this coming directly from my experiencing more of that really terrible fever/headache/headsickness through the morning from taking the extract and observing its effects) -- and then at lunch, the woman sitting randomly next to me at Starbucks (when I'd not even planned on eating inside originally, or being at this Starbucks originally, plus other patternistic circumstances/random variables) was talking on the phone and echoed my thoughts of the immune-system-boosting substance exactly, almost in the exact same terms actually, really only stopping short of echoing me near-100% because she didn't reference the broccoli extract specifically. Had several of this more-coherent magnitude, along with a relatively large amount of subtler/"smaller" ones, probably 20-30 all told.

Had a rather big increase in thought/radio/sign-type "echos" and the like, beginning with a whole bunch of those scattered "little but notable" one-word-type incidents throughout the day. One example: hearing "Ford truck" on the radio precisely as a big Ford truck turned directly in front of me -- individually easily coincidence, but were so many of these through the day, at least a couple dozen and all fitting the pattern/"feel," it all again gelled into a big, surreal meta-incident. Also, another of those extremely sudden and "striking" ones mid-afternoon, when the radio randomly said "mid-70s" precisely as the great big electronic billboard I was looking at flashed to a new slide reading "Mid-70s," again in that viscerally "animated" fashion that just lent such a dramatic, near-physical quality to it, impossible to describe fully (also, both were in the same context, of weather/temperature, and also were both totally random and singular, as opposed to repetitions that just happened to overlap, etc).

Another pretty notable radio/thought synchro on the way home: having another big long random chain of thought end with that mysterious period of goodness this morning when my liver and right shoulder had opened up/"unlocked," making me think of how the chronic tension in the shoulder eased up then and why, etc -- precisely as "loosen your tension" sang from the radio, again singularly and totally randomly and perfectly synchronistic.

Also, had two more of those "involuntary bodily function" types, both coming in morning and highly notable. First one was when I was reading the bottle of the broccoli extract and came across "small intestine" precisely as my guts churned/gurgled, and precisely in the small intestine area (from my having just taken the morning's supplements a while earlier and having them begin to be digested, I think, with this Just Happening to correspond 100% perfectly synchronistically with my randomly reading the text, so damn surreal). Then, a couple hours later and even more notable, while driving out of the park I had this sudden and wonderful and totally random jolt of energy go up through my guts and into my head, making my forehead relax and my eyes open exaggeratingly wide as has happened in the past -- precisely as "my eyes are wide open" sang from the radio, also 100% perfectly synchronistically and singularly and randomly, and even more surreal/living-dream than last.

Lots and lots and lots of numbers today too, not quite as many as some of those travel/highway days but still pretty up there, with constant random-but-patternistic/notable 37s and variants on license plates while cruising the beach, along with an equal uptick in conspicuous-type traffic incidents. Had another of those "illogical and notable" turn-out ones, when leaving VS I had to wait to turn out due to traffic, and there was a BMW trying to turn the same way from across the street but without the right-of-way, and suddenly the car sped out in front of me regardless, recklessly and illogically -- only to reveal its 273 plate, again directly in my line of sight, and 100% patternistically, haha (and then, just afterward when I did finally turn out, I ended up directly behind a 773 plate, just 1-2 seconds later, as to create another of those "wham-bam" effects). Had quite a few more in this vein but I just couldn't write them down before they blurred into the background static of the day's surreal amount of activity.

And another late reading recurrence this evening, a bit more notable than those recently, and somewhat unique. The very end of the 'Possum Living' book discussed how the author's child wanted her to pay his way through college, and then, in the first couple pages of the 'Patently Female' book I started immediately after during dinner (less than an hour later), there was a paragraph where the author was discussing how her child wanted her to pay his way through college -- not hugely precise, but still enough to echo that underlying theme pretty well, and the timing and patternistic element was dead on (as it were, I took a break from the sauna tonight and so actually had a few minutes to lie down and finish reading the last couple pages of the possum book before dinner, the first I'd done this in ... months? over a year or more? and so the recurrence's timing was thus so tight, when otherwise I wouldn't have started the other book until tomorrow -- and doubly notable since the 'Patently' book was another totally unplanned purchase randomly at the library this afternoon, when I'd actually even had another book lined up but just felt Compelled to get this one and start it, so cool).


Downturn overall compared to yesterday, but still a little activity here and there, mostly standouts oddly (sort of a return to how it was "before," back when I didn't have the constant vagues/subtles/background statics/themes, a sort of throwback day I guess). Had more of those vague reading recurrences spanning the morning again, but only a few, and very subtle, so much that I'd easily ignore them as coincidences if they didn't fit the pattern I've been having almost every day recently. The three I noticed spanned the random-library issue of Wired I started reading this morning, and then in the 'Patently Female' book I read a couple hours later at lunch: both mentioned the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey (when I'd not seen it mentioned in months or whatever), both mentioned the electric car and some of the unique things that make it work, both mentioned the love of gadgets and the like and general "machine-lust."

First really coherent one of the day was another of those "opened a book and my eyes fell on exactly what I'd just been doing/thinking/experiencing, etc," this time with me resituating myself in the chair at Starbucks after getting out of the sun, and thinking distinctly of how comfortable it was -- and then, when I resumed reading the book, my eyes fell directly on "As she sat in the comfortable seat" upon my opening it back up, again without my being able to have a chance to have subconsciously "scanned" for such, not to mention the fact that it echoed perfectly the objective event/thought I'd just experienced.

Had a single, reasonably notable thought/reading/radio-type incident this afternoon: precisely as an Eagles song came on the radio and I distinctly thought "Eagles," I passed a roadside billboard reading "Eagles Reality," perfectly synchronistic (though, not one of those "emerging suddenly into view"-type ones, with the sign visible to me beforehand, but it doesn't really matter since it all hinged on the objective event of the song coming on the radio and triggering the thought at that precise instant).

Big downtick in numbers today too, really on scattered 37s and 77s and some other recent repeats in traffic, and really not too many of these even. Did have a cool standout on the way home, when I came across this billboard with a phone number written as "1-888-3737-xxx," with the two 37s in the middle cluster written together, for no obvious reason, unlike almost every single other phone number I've ever seen written anywhere except for when maybe it's converted into text for a business or something -- yet this one was written like that, Just Happening to be two 37s ... And then, to make it a bit more notable, a split second after I saw/registered this, I came up right behind a car with a 317 plate, as to be simultaneous enough to be one of those cool wham-bam double-types.


Big downtick in activity today, corresponding with another big change in energy/consciousness, etc. Really only several very vague, scattered incidents of various kinds through the day, and a very conspicuous downturn in numbers and the like (though did see some, just no real standouts or even basic examples). Did have some of those patternistic "vague morning reading/thought/experience parallels/synchros," though even very few of these. Only two remotely coherent standouts were, first, a classical reading synchro when I first read "venting your spleen" (and distinctly Noticed it) in the 'Possum' book a couple days ago, the first I'd ever seen that term used or at least in a very long time -- and then this morning, in yet another totally random library magazine I'd picked up, it used that term. And, also in that magazine, it mentioned the celebrity Channing Tatum, who it turns out was on the cover of one of the other magazines I'd gotten at the same time, sort of an interesting coincidence in itself considering that it was the first I'd seen/heard/thought of this person ever (or again at least for a long while), but also there was more to this that made it a bit more notable (this part just too vague/subjective to get down).


A goodly amount of activity overall today, of all sorts, and of a newish feel from lately, again corresponding with reasonable shift in energy and the like.

Really damn cool standout one this morning, a sort of combination involuntary bodily function/really extreme striking/surreal-type. Right as I had another of those rare, totally random (might've been from ashwagandha this time, not sure) rushes of noninflammation/energy flow/goodness, those which finally allow me to taste/smell/see vividly again, in that distinctly dramatic and sudden fashion -- right then as that hit and I was looking in that Wired magazine at an esecially colorful ad and then turned the page, the very next page was a big double spread article entitled "A Whole New World: What It's Like To Have Your Senses Restored," and it was in regards to stuff directly in the context of my thoughts of half a second previously, and all as to echo it perfectly, detailing various people having their senses of taste/sight/feeling restored, exactly as had just happened to me in a very real (if different) way -- incredibly notable and surreal.

In this regard still had a reasonable amount of activity through the day and over the flight up to NYC, but not nearly so much as in the past, which I suspect to be from that intense calm/too-calm state induced by the ashwagandha, where I sometimes went from just calm to "deadened," which sort of correlated with the whole mentally-deadened vibe of the afternoon, where I really only had some scattered "smallish"/one-word/super-vague-and-subtle ones from what I remember.

Only other standout thought-type incident I remember was another of those very sudden ones this evening, a reading one as it were, where precisely as a Spanish-speaking man somewhere nearby the window of my NYC pad started speaking in Spanish I couldn't understand but tried to, I read "understanding human speech" in the 'Lost in Shangri-La' book (though, if I remember right, the man's speech and the text weren't perfectly synchornistic in coincidence, but, like other such incidents, my thoughts of "I can't understand what he's saying" *did* correspond perfectly with the text, again my thoughts/registering of the event were echoed, rather than the text echoing the actual event itself for whatever reason).

And then a super-notable/"striking"-type one I forgot: on the plane up, had several of those one-word types, which again seemed to "ramp up"/"mature" over the course of an hour or so, and then, suddenly, I read "bright light" perfectly synchronistic with the man in my window seat (I was in the aisle) opened the window after having the panel down for a long time so he could use his laptop, thus allowing in a big, sudden flood of sunshine in dramatic fashion -- every bit a bunch of "bright light," and again in that "revealing"/"animated" manner, and totally objective/indepedent/impossible to be anything subjective or psychological on my end, with the whole thing hinging on this nearby-stranger-type man opening the window at that precise instant after having it down for almost the whole flight.

Did have a whole lot of numbers, though, and it seemed not to have any real correlation with the deadened thought-side of things today (maybe the numbers are on some other "track" of the phenomenon, following some other force or pattern or source, maybe even a case of "similar but different phenomenon"?). Had a reasonable number of those background-static-types in traffic and the like at the beach before leaving, including a really cool standout "conspicuous traffic"-type one when a big Fedex tractor-and-trailer came down a highway ramp along side me, such that the enormous "X3777" entered my view precisely such that I saw it without having to move my eyes/impossible to orchestrate/time, etc, as to be in that distinctive and still utterly surreal "animated"/"revealing" fashion (and this one was sort of a "double" to boot, too, with the 3777 being both a 37 and a 777/"three sevens" variant in one, really cool). And then, once in NYC, had another of those "taxi ride from the airport" explosions of 37s from every which way and in every which form and to just ridiculously surreal/head-spinning degrees (and this was a really short ride this time, too).

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