Synchronicity log for 2018


Today was like yesterday more or less, generally less active but still with that same basic quiet tone and feel/format, etc.

Morning had some slight activity today, beginning with two semi-standout smaller/subtler ones:

> First, another cartoon-echo-type one, though of a delayed nature. It started right after I got up and set about chores, after which I felt that ache in my neck and thought about getting some kind of new pillow or sleeping arrangement or something -- and then, maybe a minute or thereabouts later when I went to clip new cartoons, the second one I looked at involved a man watching an informercial for "that pillow that is supposed to help with aches and pains" or something to that effect, thus echoing perfectly the 100% objective/traceable thoughts I'd had just prior (and it bears mentioning that this sort of subtly and loose/delayed timing is typical of these cartoon-type ones, unlike that near-instant and explicitly precise one about the gas yesterday).

> Another cute little newish type of random/everywhere 37-variant: in random strings of numbers on the address labels on the random library- and trash-freebie magazines I get. I've noticed these semi-regularly for several weeks now, where the random string of numbers beside the recipient's address would have some 37-variant in it, subtle and not at all conspicuous but with enough hits and patternistic enough that I took note mentally though not in the log, because I had the thought that whatever the numbers signify, the 37-variants must be somehow static, pertaining to some local area code or zone or whatever (the large majority of these magazines are locally addressed or at least regionally). Today, however, the one on this morning's super-random magazine had a 37-variant, but, first, in a totally different place than where almost all the other had it and where I'd become accustomed to look for it, thus demonstrating both that, first, these numbers are either random or at least that the 37-variants aren't static, but, second, the out-of-place 37-variant was a 777, this alone and not grouped with other numbers as to be more conspicuous -- all in all, just a new and totally-random-seeming source of these, reasonably notable.

The rest of the morning was largely silent, with only some scattered 100% personal/subjective thematics, and lunch was about the same at first, though some super-subtles/thematics started up some minutes into it. Actually ended up having a moderate amount of these, and of the exact same variety of the "external world/conversation/events somehow echoing what I was reading/thinking/doing"-type of incidents, but today with no real standouts, just a semi-regular string of small, mostly one-word "striking" hits and longwinded thematics. Best example: while waiting at the register for a tea refill, I randomly thought of how I needed to fix up the second course of my lunch once I got my tea and returned to my seat -- precisely as one of the employees in the back said to another employee there, "My lunch," with this again corresponding perfectly synchronistically/in intertwined fashion with my thought of "my lunch," per the pattern. Many of these, lasting more or less until I finished, and then abruptly ceasing per the latest pattern, and today never really "reviving" as they do sometimes, even periodically. Otherwise, seems like all I had for the rest of the day was maybe some more scattered, super-subtle/subjective echoes and thematics and the like, before going totally silent by the time I got home.

Numbers were lesser than yesterday overall, though also still in that basic quiet/subdued tone and behavior, definitely a new sort of "chapter"/"period" of the activity these days. I don't remember anything other than the address-label one and a few scattered super-random ones through morning and lunch, but then did have them start up through afternoon, and in that "literally immediately after lunch today," just seconds after I left the parking lot and merged into traffic as is the case with many of these. It started with a semi-conspicuous traffic-type 37-plate as it were, when I came upon a truck trying to pull into traffic and kind of inching out as if trying to gauge how fast I was coming, and so I slowed down in order to let them out, only to be "greeted"/"flashed" by a 2737-plate, ha ha.

Other than that, it was just another loose, subdued background static of random/everywhere 37-variants and low-key 37-plates, without any other even semi-conspicuous ones that I remember. Did have one cool standoutish receipt-type one, however. It started when I was Compelled to go to another convenience store and try the faulty ATM card one more time, despite my doing so several times and it never working, and I was even Compelled to go to one far away, again inconveniently and illogically on all accounts. And of course when I tried the card, it didn't work here either, though this particular machine did give me a receipt, oddly, even though the transaction failed like the others. Then, when I looked at this unexpected receipt to make sure I wasn't charged, I found the timestamp to be exactly "13:07:28," ha ha. Another of those that might otherwise just be another random-type of repeat, but considering the bizarre and patternistic context, pretty notable I think.


Wow, huge uptick today, an outright storm, and this corresponding both with a big shift in health/consciousness/condition and with travel.

Morning I think was almost totally silent but for more super-personal/subjective thematics (though highly profound and of that multidimensional/”deeper”/graduated variety, and again involving the after-chore reading of that ridiculously random freebie-magazine, so damn surreal …). Did however have one big, unique, incredibly notable standout.

This one started out during after-chore reading of the day's magazine, when I was singing random snatches of that Rolling Stones song “Time Is On My Side,” and precisely as I came to “you'll come running back to me,” I turned the page and thus revealed a big blown-up picture of a football player on the next page (on a new leaf, such that the picture was 100% previously invisible to me beforehand). The first thing that bears mention is that the timing of my singing “running back” corresponded 100% perfectly and synchronously with my turning the page/revealing the picture/registering the picture, and it hit me that it might have been a page-turn echo of “running back” in the context of football despite it being in that of a verb/running in the song. So I scanned the page to see if this particular football player, Jay Ayaji, was a running back, but it didn't say. But damned if I didn't look it up and sure enough, he's a running back, ha ha. Hugely notable this one, given the distinct patternistic element and perfect timing and 100% objectivity/traceabliity/no chance of subconscious cueing/suggestiong, etc.

Next up was a classical, singular radio/action-type echo just before lunch, another of those arising suddenly after a period of silence. Precisely as I reached in the pocket of my bag and pulled out my phone, the radio randomly and singularly sang out “pick up the phone,” with this in the context of “picking up a ringing phone” but echoing perfectly in that super-literal fashion my perfectly synchronous action of physically picking the phone out of my bag (which I had to raise decidedly upward, due to the phone being deep in a pocket).

Lunchtime reading is when the activity really kicked off, though, with that exact same mix of super-profound but subjective thematics + many super-subtle reading/though/environmental/random event echoes, plus some vague “day in a blender”-type of parallels/recurrences to boot (I want to say there were even some of those regarding stray things that had happened/been thought of just this morning, but I can't really remember). Today though, many many more than the last several days, and really the most in quite a while, distinctly elevated and more frequent across the board, often to the point of having several back-to-back just about, and lasting all through the meal (though again abruptly ceasing right as I finished eating and reading …). Ended up to that point of being just ridiculously surreal and head-spinning, for all the subtly and vaguness/”smallness” of most incidents. Examples I got down:

> Coming to “stretched out” (at the very top of a new page in a new leaf, previously invisible to me until just that instant) a split second after I had randomly stretched out my legs, and then, finding it uncomfortable, stretched my right leg out ever farther, in a conspicuous, exaggerated way as to make me notice it and register it specifically with a thought of something like “stretched leg,” with this corresponding perfectly with the text (but, again, hinging on a totally objective/unrelated event, which definitely began right before I'd turned the page, when the words were invisible to me …). These kinds characterized most of the lunch echoes, and there were quite a few …

> A damn cool “nearby stranger”-type one, when I randomly/singularly came to “Eastern European” in the book at the precise instant an employee of the coffee shop, who I've seen there several times and know from talking to her is from some sort of Eastern Bloc/maybe Russia-type of region, spoke up, after being totally silent the whole time I'd been there, and thus demonstrating an accent that was instantly recognizeable/stereotypical of such an “Eastern European” tongue, etc, etc – a perfectly precise and perfectly timed echo, and the only nearby-stranger one of lunch oddly, out of line with all the other activity

> Something of a clincher: as I was leaving the coffee shop, precisely as I walked past the TV hung on the wall, someone on it said “thirty-seven hundred,” which came among a daylong uptick of such random/everywhere-type of 37-variant-repeats (and also exemplified the ridiculously surreal/living-dream-type element that many of these seemed to exhibit today, as opposed to the low-key/”quiet” tone of last couple days interestingly).

> And yes indeed I do see now that I had several “just happened that morning”-type of occurences during lunchtime reading, including a damn coherent example. It started this morning when, after a big long random chain of vague thoughts while doing chores, stemming from I don't know what, I ended up thinking about learning a new language just so you could speak with an accent, which in turn led me to wonder if there was anyway to take a shortcut and just learn convincing accents and the like without knowing the language – and that ended up being echoed 100% exactly in lunchtime reading of the fraud book, in which there's a page or so where the woman describes how she began doing exactly what I'd thought about, learning new accidents to convincing, native-like degrees, and this coming without any prelude in the whole rest of the book, not only echoing that exact totally obscure and random thought/concept but Just Happening to do it today …

From lunch, had a period of that sudden and patternistic silence, but not for long, with the super-subtle “mash-up”-type of background static starting up soon after, with the same mix of thematics and subtle “little thing” recurrences/parallels and various levels/types of echoes, all intensifying through the afternoon, and just like in the past with upticks and downticks, with storm/onslaught/near-overwhelming levels at the peaks (and, also, again seeming to correspond with my getting on the highway and going faster/officially “traveling” as in the past). Most of the activity was either too subtle or subjective to describe (especially the many thematics today, just so ridiculously surreal and complicated … just no words). The standouts I got down/remembered:

> A super-notable, if “small-sounding,” classical recurrence. It started at lunchtime reading, when the very first words on the very first page described the characters riding on a horse carousel, and several little comments/descriptions of the carousel and its horses specifically – and then, less than an hour later while driving around for various things, I encountered not just one, but two carousel horses, both of them super-randomly in lawns at roadside, just absolutely random and oblique but 100% echoing what I'd just read about, and about as patternistic as could be. And, even more notable: both resulted from my taking Compelled, illogical, inconvenient “wrong” turns, despite my being familiar with the area, with me just feeling 100% patternistically Compelled to forego my usual, optimal routes and go different ways, both of which led me directly to these two identical yet miles-apart and ridiculously random full-size stray horse-carousel horses (maybe a nearby carousel was dismantled or something and the horses were given away, and maybe two people just happened to have the idea of using them as conspicuous lawn ornaments?).

> A nearby-stranger echo at the convenience store when I hit the ATM. Precisely as the machine spit out my cash, a nearby customer, at my back and unable to see the ATM where she was, said something about “money” into her phone, with the cash's appearance from the slot corresponding absolutley seamlessly/intertwined with her saying “money,” and made all the more surreal by that patternistic “animated” quality of the cash's movement and the like

> Then, a minute later when I went outside and got in the car and started backing out, an almost equally notable radio echo. It started when someone came out of the store and starting walking past where I was I parked, right up front, and so I had take the car out of gear and to wait and let him go by – precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out “wait for me,” ha ha

> An ask-n-receive today, and this one was another that was hugely notable in itself, but made even moreso given its almost eerily precise patternistic behavior/context (plus it coming amid the day's storm of other incidents). It was exactly like that one where I rented the 350z car a while ago, when I'd suddenly had a couple days where I kept randomly thinking of that kind of car and had the thought of how I'd really like to drive one for a  while, not buy one, just drive one for a few days and try it out, and then, upon renting a normal, cheap car, they hadn't been able to get me one and so they'd given me a free upgrade that ended up being to the ridiculously more expensive 350z, all totally and ridiculouslly coherent and exactly what I'd “asked” for just that day before, and all from random stuff completely out of my control that I couldn't have possibly orchestrated or been suggested by, etc. Today it was the same damn thing, except it was a Ford F-150 truck, beginning I think two days ago when I started seeing “F-150” all over the place, in that semi-Noticing/patternistic way that told me something synchronistic was happening, and I did indeed have the same vague “asking” thought of, “I'd really like to drive around such a truck for a change, just to see what it's like” – and then today, when I did yet another totally random, unplanned, spur-of-the-moment rental, they somehow couldn't get me the cheapie I'd booked and so I'd been upgraded to “either an SUV or a full-size pickup.” I opted for the pickup, and it ended up being a Ford F-150. And then the clincher: when I'd gotten in and keyed it up, the mileage was 30.7k miles …. (And, interestingly and notably, the woman checking me out at the rental place asked me to get in and read her the mileage and gas, when every other time I've ever rented a car, the agent themselves have sat in it and taken this information, which is totally logical and makes total sense, yet today this one had for some reason asked me to check the mileage and read it to her …)

> A good example of the many many many little recurrences/parallels today. This one started as I approached that Autohause place on 17 where I'd once looked at one of those old Mercedes convertibles, thus making me think distinctly of this rarish type of classic car – and then, maybe 2-3 seconds later, I looked in my rearview mirror to see just one of those cars coming up on me, not only the first I'd seen in some time but of the same year/make/model/distinctive classic body-style, like a sort of living-dream “instant manifestation” of what I'd been thinking (100% objectively of course, with the thought hinging on the objective event of my going down that certain stretch of road and thus thinking of the car place there, etc). So many of these today, just so head-spinning …

> A whole bunch of those small-but-striking one-word echoes, especially towards mid-afternoon/getting on the highway/deep traveling, such as randomly coming upon a roadside sign reading “UPON THIS ROCK” precisely as “rock” sang from the radio (and of course with my registering the sign's “rock” corresponding perfectly with the radio's word), or hearing a random “frequency” on the radio precisely as I looked at the rental truck's radio screen and noticing its station readout read “Mhz” after it, which is “megahertz,” a measure of frequency, and again corresponding perfectly with my registering iet, etc. Also, another of those “randomly scanned radio stations echoing one another”-type ones, when one station ended with “I” and then the next one, coming on just a split second after as to be seamless, said “eye” (the first was in the context of “I-26”/a highway, and the second was in regards to an actual eye, but both were pronounced identically, as to bleed into an “I-I”-sounding echo, ha ha).

> Cool radio echo, beginning when I was crossing that one bridge and I absently looked left and onto the river and saw several moored boats floating there, precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out “floatin' down the river,” thus echoing the “floating” and “boat” and “river” (the lyric was in the context of a floating boat)

> Also, a damn notable cluster of “just happened that morning” reading recurrences/parallels this evening, made all the more notable because they came from an even more-random magazine, some random one I picked up while having to wait at the clinic, and just within the few pages I read for a few minutes, there were at least 5-6 and all of them ridiculously precise and explicit, all to particular things just from this morning …

Numbers were again almost solely after-lunch, and also in that “immediately afterward” fashion, today probably the most immediate possible, with that “thirty-seven hundred” one coming from the TV in the coffee shop, before I'd even left. And then, as far as being on the road, had another immediate one there too, when the very first car I'd gotten behind had had a 7137 plate, ha ha (and, interestingly, I remember being unsure which way to turn after leaving the coffee shop, with two ways and both them being equally valid in length, etc, yet I'd felt Compelled to go the way I did, which Just Happened to see me behing this particular car, and before any others …).

Very quickly moved up to the level of a steady background static of low-key plates, soon intermixed with both semi-conspicuous and outright conspicuous ones, and staying that way more or less the whole drive, ultimately to that point that I again just lost track, and not stopping until again right before I got to the backroads leading to the place, just so intense and “stormy.” Standouts I got down:

> Another of those conspicuous-passer ones, where a semi-reckless/speeding SUV crept up beside me just so that its 733 plate would invade my area of focus, and then, a couple minutes down the road, I saw it semi-conspicuously again, when it suddenly slowed and forced me to slow down, thus getting directly/effortlessly behind its plate a second time, in that same patternistic fashion

> A cool one just after leaving town, when (after yet another wrong turn and series of little misadventures/briefly getting lost despite being familiar with the area) I turned onto a side road and got behind a van that was stopped right in the road, thus forcing me to notice it and get directly behind its 378-plate, ha ha

> And one from this morning, another of those ridiculously surreal and patternistic “seeing a 37-variant-repeat perfectly synchronistic with experiencing a sudden jolt of that universal joy feeling,” this morning during after-chore reading when I had a sudden jolt of that goodness and then, when I looked back to the magazine, my eyes fell directly on one of those “off-hand mention/random-figure”-type of everywhere 37s, this time a figure of 3.7 miles or something within the paragraph my eyes had settled on, as to bring about that same effect as the plate appearing as in past instances except with it arriving via the text on the page.

And so so many others, simply impossible to recount them all except for bare examples. What a day.


Big downturn from yesterday, and this corresponding with another negative shift in health/thinking, as well as no travel.

Morning was silent of about everything, even thematics and super-subtles. The only incident I noted was another of those stray, classical, patternistic, notable reading recurrences, this time of the musician Gershwin, who I first read about at the very end of the fraud book yesterday, after never having heard of this gentleman previously – and then this morning, not only did I read a reference to the same Gershwin, but it was in another of those conspicuously super-random/patternistically so sources, this time this random little freebie city-guide that was provided by the place's landlord, which I read only because I'd finished my last magazine and had some extra reading time, as to be even more super-random than the library-freebie-type of stuff, ha ha.

On the drive to lunch, did encounter a reasonable number low-key 37-plates, and one interesting thing here is that they all occurred after I once again made a wrong turn and got lost, with my circling through this random neighborhood several times, yet Just Happening to pass probably 6-7 37-plates in the course of my time there, and again in that patternistic “making wrong turns/getting lost and Just Happening to have it instigate some type of synchronistic activity”-style of behavior.

Lunchtimg reading was almost totally silent as well, big departure from yesterday, without even the super-subtle/environmental echoes and the like, the whole time me feeling distinctly “out” of the synchronistic state, etc. Did, however, have several very notable but entirely personal/subjective vague-parallels/recurrences, and these too of the “all sorts of things that just happened this morning, less than a couple hours earlier, being repeated with reasonably explicit detail and precision” style. Also, another extra-notable detail: the book I started reading at lunch was yet another totally unplanned, super-random, without-the-slightest-of-prelude-type of developments, coming only after the fraud book ended sooner than I'd thought it would last night (due to the last twenty pages or so being a teaser sample for another book), such that I finished that one last night and was caught without a replacement, and so I'd gone digging in my book bag and taken out this random autobiography of an author I've never even read, bought entirely on a Compelled whim a long, long time ago (upwards of a year or so), with my never even thinking about it until I got desperate for a read at lunch – yet it Just Happened to echo probably 6-8 specific events/thoughts/encounters from my morning, and within just the first few pages no less. So damn surreal and astronomically unlikely.

And then after lunch: another sudden cessation even of these, with a total silence thought-wise, and this lasting all through the rest of the afternoon too, not even any super-subtles then from what I remember (memory is hazy, however; I think the pollen here is really doing a number on me in addition to who knows what else). The only other incident I recall is a cool standout one, a sort of three-way beginning when I was stopped at an intersection and, trying to get back the other way, I contemplated making a U-turn, a split second before I looked up and saw a sign reading something about “U-TURNS” – and then, precisely as these two thoughts/registerings were crossing my mind, the radio randomly sang out “turn around,” ha ha.

Numbers were there this afternoon, and again in that bizarre “immediately after-lunch” fashion I've been seeing so much of lately, though today not perfectly immediate like yesterday, with the first starting only after I'd driven down the road a couple minutes. And, again, it began with a standout traffic incident, as if this “triggered” the phenomenon. It started when I went to make a U-turn at an intersection and, precisely as I started to do so, a car stopped at the adjoining street to turn to his right, where I was making my turn, thus forcing me to given pause and take particular notice of this car and thus seeing its 3374 front-mounted plate. That one was pretty patternistic and notable in itself, but then, once I'd made my turn and gone down the road a bit, seconds later, that same car passed me, and precisely as we both came to a roadside highway sign reading “703” in big type in the middle, which ultimately resulted in a classical, perfectly precise “alignment” between the car's plate and the sign.

One sort of collective standout was a big big cluster of mildly conspicuous parking-lot plates, beginning at that super-random library I'd stopped at (which had probably 3-4 waiting there when I arrived, and then, in the short time I was inside, two more had parked right next to me, such that I was forced to walk directly past them upon coming out). Next, immediately after leaving there, at the market just next door, there were probably 6-8 more at least, and all semi-conspicuously directly/effortlessly in my line of sight and the like. And, of course, it ended with one of those “period at the end of a sentence”-type of standouts that seem to conclude these little clusters, when, after being Compelled yet again to park in another illogical and inconvenient space far away from the door, I ended up directly across from a car with a 730 front-mounted plate (which, of course, only became visible once I'd cleared the surrounding cars and actually pulled into my parking space, ha ha).

Another of those now-classical “37-plate car doing something conspicuous to demand my attention and thus force me to see its plate,” this time another one where its reverse lights came on and it started backing up directly toward me, thus forcing me to stop and look at it, and also with that “animated” quality when it backed up and stopped just so that its 378 plate “invaded” the precise space I'd been looking at at the time.

In total, ended up having scattered low-key and semi-conspicuous 37-plates plus some scattered-but-noticeable “everywhere” 37-variants and the like, with the usual spattering of minority repeats in there too (22s and 212s today I noticed, and a few more 777s too). And then, by mid-afternoon, silence even of these.


Something of an oddball today, a slight change-up in types of incidents and volume over yesterday, but still that same basic “groove” more or less.

Morning was fully silent again, even of thematics and subtles and the like, and even of numbers on the longish drive to the new church. The first incident of the day came just before lunch, a cool standout conspicuous-traffic-37-plate-type one. It started in the parking lot of that super-random grocery store with the coffee shop I stopped at, when I stopped at a stop sign in the parking lot and while waiting, I both noticed and Noticed this convertible BMW sitting across from me, both logically because the driver was in it and the car was on and idling and so I didn't want to pull out when he did, and also in that distinct and illogical “standing out for me for no real reason”-type of Noticing – and then, after waiting a second and not seeing him go, I began to pull out right when he did, thus forcing me to stop and focus on the car precisely as it whipped around and revealed a 973 plate, “flashing” it in that “invading my direct area of focus” fashion, ha ha. Notable on several levels here, however subjectively.

Lunchtime reading again saw activity only in the form of a moderately large cluster of those “just happened this morning”-type of “little everyday thing”-type of recurrences/parallels, some less vague than others but all more or less explicitly echoing my morning as a whole, and in that expressly patternistic way. Probably no less than a dozen or so in just the few pages of the book I read then, if not more. These would actually continue all through the day, unlike yesterday, ultimately reaching that level of just tons of subtle little parallels and recurrences of various things from this morning and yesterday, probably upwards of two or three dozen, far more than I could keep track up. Another of those “quietly super-surreal”-type of days, in the end.

Did have two stray, standout classical radio/thought/event-type echoes that I remember, both coming close together soon after lunch:

> The first was another of those radio/phone-related echoes, beginning when I powered up the phone and it popped up a little dialog box telling me I had two voicemails, after which I immediately focused on the “Close” button because I'd listen to them later – precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out “close” (in the context of distance/proximity, another purely literal/phoenetic echo). And this was another that was even more notable when experienced, from the absolutely flawless synchronicity of the pop-up appearing and my registering the “close” text with the radio's lyric, plus the added effect of the phone's vibration alert in my hand, thus culminating in that visceral “animated” effect

> Another radio echo, when I'd filled the trash bag to overflowing and, after looking about for a good place to put it but then deciding the floorboard was the only available area and making to put it down there, thus thinking something like “put it on the floor then” – precisely as the radio randomly sang out “on the floor,” this coinciding perfectly with the thought crossing my mind, 100% patternistic of these, etc

Numbers, on the other hand, were very much like yesterday, the same blend of strictly after-lunch low-key and semi-conspicuous 37-variant-plates and the like, plus scattered semi-notable little “everywhere” 37s and some minority repeats (including a cute little receipt-type one, when a fully random/sequential string of numbers in the middle ended with “137 7077”). Not really any standout incidents other than the BMW speed-away this morning, but did have many that were pretty conspicuous subjectively, such as I think 2-3 where I was Compelled while in parking lots to go pick up a specific piece of litter or take a specific route, only to find myself “led” to a 37-plate in some conspicuous manner, per the pattern of these. A reasonable number of low-key “background static” plates as well, making for another of those “quiet-toned” days, yet still no less ridiculously surreal for it. It just doesn't stop ...

Also, another of those bizarre, unclassifiable maybe-synchronicities, this time beginning at at the super-random market I went to today (ridiculously random in fact, in a manner just far too complicated and longwinded to convey, but I never should've been in this place), where I found, in the markdown bargain-bin there, a package of those clean rice cakes I like, and had actually vaguely been wanting lately -- except, they were Kroger-store-branded, and this was a Harris Teeter market. Why on earth they were there, I don't know (shared distribution or something?), and it was overall vague and not too "synchronistic" otherwise, but it still sort of smacks of a sort of "ask and receive"-type one, and was just damn unlikely as well ...


Another slight change-up, this too reflected in slightly different health/condition and the like. Overall a quieter day, though.

Morning a reasonable active period during after-chore reading (after a total silence just about before, or as silent as it gets these days), with a few "reading exactly what I was objectively/traceably and randomly thinking about, perfectly synchronistic in timing or close to it"-type echoes (one: thinking of how the cold-brew coffee I had was cold instead of hot, a second or so before coming to "temperature of the coffee" in the magazine, which, besides echoing perfectly the thrust of what I was thinking, was a totally offhand and random reference, in a listing of some miscellaneous things rather than, say, an article on coffee, etc). Mostly though, there were a ton of those super-subtle/personal parallels/thematic recurrences and the like, spanning anywhere from last night to the last couple days to several things that I'd just done earlier that morning, lunchtime-reading style except during after-chore reading, earlier, which I has happened only rarely if at all.

One standoutish example of these: the magazine having another random little article, hidden in the middle and not mentioned anywhere else, about how drinking green tea first thing in the morning supposedly shows benefits, headlined something like "START THE DAY WITH GREEN TEA" -- when this morning, I Just Happened to have some green matcha tea, not only the first time I've had matcha tea in months (and weeks after buying this particular batch, always feeling Compelled *not* to have it, until this morning, when I was Compelled *to*), but the first I'd had it in the morning in ... a couple years, if ever (I think I've only taken green tea extract in the morning, never the actual tea)? And then, a couple pages later, it randomly mentioned drinking green tea first thing in the morning a second time, now as some offhand mention in an interview with somebody, in a totally different section of the magazine, etc. Ended up having probably 4-5 just as notable as this one actually, albeit only subjectively/too complicated, just within the space of the ~30 minutes of reading.

Had some more of these during evening reading of the same magazine too, not quite as many, and almost all of them just more parallels/recurrences rather than anything instantly-echoey, but otherwise identical, another mash-up of my recent life as a whole, including very recent, specific events from just this morning or earlier in the day. One example from then, a classical standout reading recurrence but also fitting this pattern: when the magazine mentioned, totally offhand again, in some random little sideline paragraph about sexual lubricants, how those with glycerin should be avoided because they can feed vaginal yeasts -- when, just recently (I can't remember when exactly, or even where other than it being super-random, but I know it was within the last two or three days), I read that exact same thing in regards to something totally unrelated, I think while researching some random thing online (or even just a random thing that I was led to while researchin a different random thing, ha ha), in which it mentioned how glycerin can convert to sugar that can feed vaginal yeasts.

And some more highly notable context regarding the recurrences in this particular magazine, a copy of Men's Health: it too is of an exceptionally super-random nature, being not only a freebie throw-away magazine like the others, but this one resulting from when I was Compelled to ask the lady at the clinic, totally randomly and perhaps awkwardly and inappropriately (she gave me a look when I asked), if she had any magazines to give away, since businesses often have subscriptions and just throw away their old copies -- which she did, and she gladly gave me this massive stack of entirely random ones, of probably 12-15 or so, and I Just Happened to pick the one with all of these ridiculously explicit recurrences, all of it meshing together with so many completely random and specific and independent events it just boggles the mind, if looked at from a perspective of chance/logistics, etc. Much to be said as far as the nature of the phenomenon as a whole through such incidents.

Actually saw some activity on the ride to lunch again, no thought-type from what I remember but definitely had some of that rarer pre-lunch 37-plates and the like, all low-key I think but a reasonable amount, probably 6-8 at least, certainly enough to discount chance and the like (especially given the subjective, synchronistic "feel"/pattern of their appearance, etc). And, it bears mentioning, this occurred during one of the rare to-lunch drives where I had to make a couple stops on the way/drive longer and be more active/involved, which seems to be the case when I see pre-lunch numbers and the like.

Lunchtime reading was comparatively quiet compared to morning, oddly, also with few to no echoes that I remember, just thematics and recurrences, though these were qualitively different than morning, being of that more longterm/longwinded variety, reflecting things that I'd done/felt/experienced within the last couple weeks or month or so instead of just earlier in the day or yesterday, etc, and of course all too complicated to convey.

From there, the recent pattern broke somewhat, when, instead of thought-type activity ceasing abruptly after lunch, it started up, beginning with another weird, singular, maybe-synchronicity type of incident, or rather two of them, almost back to back. It started when I got in the car and started it up and, first, oddly Noticed the "gas mileage until empty" readout of "147," and then, a split second later, my eyes fell on the dashboard clock at "1:47," which was really only subjectively notable, having that distinct but subtle synchronistic "feel" to it. And then, maybe two minutes later after I'd pulled from the lot and into traffic, it happened nearly identically with two random plates of nearby cars, with my Noticing a 126-ending plate, a second or two before having a second 126-ending plate "arrive" patternistically into my line of sight. Objectively speaking, I'd write these off as just coincidence, but with the subjective/feel/Noticing/patternistic elements factored in, bears mention I think.

Then, just after that 126-plate thing, had another of those "imperfectly perfect"-type of echoes, this time when I passed a big sign reading "NOW HIRING," and precisely as I registered the "hir-" of "hiring," thus causing me to subconsciously vocalize "hire" in my mind, the radio randomly/singularly sang out "higher," and with that absolutely flawless intertwining precision, etc. And then, identical in behavior/"feel," maybe 5 minutes down the road, had the same thing with a random passing sign reading "HEALTH FIRST," where the radio sang out "first" precisely as I registered that on the sign.

Ended up having I think maybe three or four of these kind over the rest of the afternoon, more or less notable but all identical in behavior/pattern and the like, and just overall different than most afternoons recently. Simultaneously, had more thematics and recurrences, and I think even a number of those super-subtle "background static" echoes mixed in, notable if only for their marked absence the last few days.

Also, one damn cool standout. It started when I passed and read/registered a roadside sign reading "DEBORDIEU," precisely as the radio randomly sang out "do," again with my registering the "dieu" portion of the sign with intertwined timing of the word/perfect phoenetic precision, etc. However, what really made this one such a standout was that this is the third time now that I've experienced a synchronicity of some fashion involving this exact same sign -- not just *a* sign reading "Debordieu," but this very sign, I think every time I've passed it over the last few months with the exception of one. Again makes me wonder about some sort of geographical element in these seemingly location-based incidents.

Another sign/radio echo from this afternoon, but with a twist, of that "question and answer"-type of format I've seen several times before. It started when I approached an enormous electronic billboard precisely as it ticked to an eye-care-related advertisement reading "CAN YOU SEE IT?" in the middle, just as the radio randomly sang out "You can see," and though this was another one of those curiously slightly delayed ones, with about a second or so between the sign tick and the lyric, it was still tight enough and precise enough to achieve that synchroshock/"striking" effect that I've come to know so well.


Morning saw some activity during after-chore reading (and, I might add, of another "Compelled to read this out of a selection of over a dozen things" trash newspaper, and again Just Happening to have the correlations with it ...). Had a mix of thematics, parallels/recurrences, and thought echoes today rather than one exclusively, but still generally scattered and brief and subtle/subjective/too complicated to convey. Best example I guess was a page-turn, when I had another big long random traceable chain of thoughts end with something like "digging/tunneling/descending," just as I turned the page to a big centered headline beginning with "DREDGING," in the context of digging a canal or something.

Lunchtime reading was similar, some activity but very scattered and subtle and largely not effectively conveyed in text. Did have that "standard" mix of subtle thought/reading/environmental/nearby-stranger echoes, plus a few more thematics and recurrences and the like. The nearby-stranger ones were classical/textbook in involving pairs of people (two separate ones this time) engaged in long, passionate conversations that had several striking-type of one-word echoes, plus a could semi-standouts (such as my coming to "interconnections" in the book precisely as one of them said "building bridges," or another saying "vice versa" precisely as I came to a random French phrase starting with "le vice"). Once again managed to be "synchroshocking"/living-dream-surreal despite the low volume and "quiet" nature of the incidents.

As the afternoon went on, ended up having more of those alternating periods of dead silence, then super-subtle one-word fleeting/"in the moment" echoes and more recurrences/thematics and the like, and all of this too of a "quiet," less-conspicuous nature (and also, much of it had that indirect/distorted/"imprecisely precise" quality like the "interconnections"/"building bridges" one above, echoing underlying sentiment/archetypes and the like more than outright explicit objects or whatever).

Best example I got down: when I approached this truck with a trailer advertising Jagermeister, and I distinctly Noticed it, just before the radio randomly said "I don't drink dark liquor," thus echoing the "dark liquor" theme (Jagermeister is the darkest liquor that I know of anyhow), and even with the delay, I found it reasonably notable, if only subjectively/patternistically/off of "feel," etc.

The rest of the afternoon was almost totally silent, but then did have another brief but very notable recurrence of parallels/thematics/one-word thought/action echoes during evening reading, and some of these again involving things that had just happened very recently, like earlier today, or just this evening, closer than even morning and the like, just really damn profound (this seems to be another "graduation" of this type of phenomenon, the closer timing and the more depth/complexity, etc). Best example: when I read at lunch in the Alan Watts biography a passage in which he mentions offhand how mathematics tends to differ vastly in practice than in theory, and a whole couple paragraphs discussing this general subject -- and then that exact same idea and theme was echoed in the night's new random-and-Compelled freebie magazine, in some of the same terms even, as an equally offhand reference in an article about artificial intelligence (which I only read the first few paragraphs of before having to stop, yet Just Happened to read just enough for this recurrence to happen ...).

And here too the context and nature of these recurrences is greater than the recurrences themselves, since this particular magazine, like yesterday's Men's Health (of which some of tonight's recurrences involved things I'd read in *that* super-random source), was not only a super-random freebie, but also a Compelled one I got at the library today, feeling absolutely urged to get it when I dropped off my magazines to be given away, despite my still having over a dozen of that huge stack the lady at the clinic loaded me up with -- and, when I was equally Compelled to read it tonight, it echoed just that thing from the book this afternoon, and several other very recent specific things such as those from the Men's Health that I finished last night ...

Numbers were strictly after-lunch today, and followed a weird arc, *not* coming in that immediately-after-lunch or even loosely so fashion as of late, instead just randomly appearing, in the form of low-key 37-plates again, at some random time about maybe a half-hour or so after I finished lunch and got on the road. From there, though, they did escalate slowly, eventually peaking with some periods of moderately notable amounts of low-key plates and a few semi-conspicuous ones. Still relatively a "quiet" day, compared to a full-out "storm"-type day I guess, but disproportionately more active than thought-type activity on the whole. Had the usual scattered semi-conspicuous little "everywhere" 37-variants and minority repeats, too, including when I opened the first page of that trash newspaper during morning's reading and was greeted with three of those "random offhand mentions/figures" 37s on the same page, and close together on it even, ha ha.

One traffic standout I got down: another of those "reckless driver"-type ones, and this time especially conspicuous, with this truck suddenly tearing across three lanes of traffic a couple hundred feet in front of me, thus demanding my attention so that I saw its 1375 plate, and in about the most "animated"/"loud" way possible short of my crashing into the thing.


Morning was oddly silent, despite a fine improvement in health (which is a pattern I seem to notice from past such correlations -- as if a sort of transitional period, a period of "transport"/decompression or compression or "recalibration" of consciousness or something, in order to prepare me in some way for more-active days/periods?). Then saw some 37-plate-only-type activity on the drive to lunch, beginning with scattered 37-plates that were just numerous/patternistic enough to cement the activity's commencement/reasonably avoid chance or coincidence.

Then, at one point, had a cool standout combination one, starting out as another "recklessly speeding driver"-type one, when a truck roared up from my left on the highway, probably going 80+MPH consider I was going over 70 and it darted past me, with its 73-plate thus "invading" my vision -- and then, a split second later, it came up alongside a second, pre-existing 37-plate car and aligned with it in passing, again with that super-exact logistical/geometrical precision. And then, finally, as another of those "period at the end of a sentence"-type of incidents that I've seen several times before, I had a classical "Compelled to park in a conspicuously/patternistically abnormal parking space," upon arriving at the coffee shop, when I was suddenly Compelled to forego parking in the usual, closest, logical area that I always have when coming to this particular place, instead parking all the way alongside the building, and out of the sun too, when it was cold and breezy and I wanted to keep the car warm -- which in turn led me directly beside a 3700-plate car, ha ha.

Had another of those odd, unclassifiable maybe-synchronicity-type of incidents soon after lunch, this time of that intuitional-type that I've experienced several times in the past. It started when I slowly crept up alongside a car in the next lane over, and then, right as I began to pass, I felt suddenly and urgently and fully illogically/patternistically Compelled to slow down and pull back some, all just totally out of the blue -- a split second before the car veered over into my lane and cut me off, no signal or hint, nor anything that would have suggested any deviation from its lane, like wobbling or false-starts to turn over or anything else that might've telegraphed a turn -- nothing that could've cued me, even subconsciously, to slow down, as it were. The only logical-ish explanation I can think of is that the driver saw me slow down and thus decided to turn, such that I caused the incident; however, I don't think this was the case, both because everything about the sudden cut-off turn and its totally spontaneous nature suggests to me that the driver simply didn't see me, that I was in their blind spot (and never mind the explicitly patternistic subjective feel of the Compelling ...).

Lunchtime reading saw some activity, and it was back to that "full range"-type of mix that I was having regularly for a while, the subtle thought/reading/environmental echoes plus some scattered book/life thematics and the "little everything thing" parallels/recurrences. Not a whole lot of any of these, still somewhat subdued and quiet as opposed to loud-and-stormy, but noticeably increased across the board compared to recently, though it did again return to the "abruptly stopping immediately after lunch" pattern. The standouts and examples I got down:

> A damn cool "reading of a sound in a book, perfectly synchronistic with a random sounding of that precise noise"-type one, and a 1-2/back-to-back one to boot. It started when I came to "slamming doors and rattling shutters" in the book, just as a car on the nearby street made those exact noises, first hitting a pothole or something, thus making a distinct "slamming" noise, and then, immediately after, the car sped up and went rattling off, as if maybe something had gotten loose and was dragging over the street -- in any case, the car's one-two noises corresponded absolutely flawlessly/patternistically/in intertwined fashion with my reading/registering the "slamming" and "rattling," and again with eerily remarkable precision, the two noises described perfectly by those terms.

> Another of those equally eerie/surreal yet "small"/subjective "having a long chain of objective, traceable thoughts correspond with coming to random/singular text that echoes the thoughts precisely as they crossed my mind," this time with my remembering that I needed to go to the electronics store, which thus caused me to envision its distinctive deep-blue sign -- a split second before I came to "royal blue" in the book, which again would perfectly describe the particular, somewhat uncommon shade of blue that currently occupied my mind's eye, again fully patternistic of these.

> Had one that was evocative of those "distorted"/indirect-type echoes I've been experiencing a lot during afternoon's typically, though this one was a bit more coherent and objective. It started when I came to the sentence in the book, "And those whose lives and techniques did not correspond with what one would expect of a saint," precisely as the coffee shops' overhead TV randomly said "moral character," thus echoing reasonably well the text's underlying sentiment of morality/conduct, etc, plus that of one's "character"/public persona too. And again with that super-surreal albeit subjective "striking" effect.

> And then on the parallel/recurrence side of things, had a continuation of several that I saw recur yesterday, a sort of mini-theme involving gurus/sages/famous spiritual figures/reputed charlatans, etc, this beginning yesterday when the book first referenced such general topics and figures at lunch (including Alice Bailey by name), and then, that afternoon at the gym while listening to the Frank Zappa album I'd loaded completely randomly onto the MP3 player, it came to a song that was all about "the mystery man" and gurus and the like, thus echoing that general theme and in 100% patternistic fashion of these, but also mentioning "Bailey" in particular, in regards to Alice Bailey. And then yesterday, I'd heard the song "Mr. Crowley" on the radio, which, besides being the first I'd heard that song in years, it was I believe the first I'd ever heard it on the radio -- and then the book randomly mentioned Aleister Crowley by name, yet totally randomly/offhand, etc. There were many of these over the day ultimately, first in the book, but then also several of those damn cool "looking at a random cartoon while clipping out those for the day and somehow having it echo/recur/parallel some specific thing," including a pretty coherent and notable one involving spiders, where the cartoon had a caveman mentioning how he was having a problem with a spider that had just taken residence in his cave (or, thematically speaking, his "house"), and then later this afternoon I saw a spider in the house, the very first I'd seen them since they disappeared last fall, ha ha. Not a huge/overwhelming amount of these today, but still a decent number.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty much silent thought-wise, with the exception of a few more of those super-subtle/subjective/complicated echoes (but not anymore thematics from what I remember). Couple examples: reading the ingredient list for some random almond extract at the market (despite having zero interest in buying it), in which the last one I read was "bitter almond," and then lowering the box to reveal, on the shelf directly behind where I'd been holding the almond extract, a random bottle of a "Bitter Lemon" soda, with the "Bitter Lemon" label being "revealed" in patternistic animated fashion from behind where I'd been holding the extract, and such that "bitter almond" was still crossing my mind when I registered the "bitter lemon" -- not hugely notable objectively, but very much so when experienced/subjectively, and doubly so given the express patternistic behavior/nature that was shared nearly identically with probably 5-6 other incidents within the same few hours, etc, etc. Another example of this type: exactly the same except that it involved the check engine light in the car, when had come on earlier and, right after I got back in the car and started it up and started home, I remembered and thus looked down to see if it was still on or not (it was), thus causing me to absently think "check engine light" -- precisely as I rounded a bend and there appeared a big billboard for a mechanic's, with a big check engine light graphic, as to be another of those sort "instant manifestation"-type of echoes.

Numbers were there today, but aside from the two standouts from the morning drive, were only scattered low-key 37-plates and the like, and not a whole lot, something of a downturn from yesterday (yet still surreally present ...).

Had one of those stray, singular, standout/coherent incidents this evening, again coming out of a total silence. It was a classical echo, when I was in the sauna, beginning when it beeped, thus drawing my attention up to the display, which required me to expressly tilt my head up and raise my eyes due to being seated and the display panel being all the way at the top -- precisely as Mom, on the phone with me, said "look up," again perfectly synchronistic as to be intertwined, and completely 100% objective, hinging on the fully objective event of the panel beeping and causing me to look up at that precise instant, etc.


Big uptick today, and another slight/lateral shift in the general types/varieties of incidents, and the day's overall "feel"/groove, and all this also corresponding reflectively with a similar change and shift in health/condition/consciousness.

Morning-reading saw some activity today, and it was somewhat unique in that I spent the whole time reading this one big long article, in which there resulted several personal/super-complex/super-profound thematics, and all centered on the same basic theme, unlike the shifting/multidimensional/multithreaded nature of the thematic in general. Had some of those small, fleeting, in-the-moment-type of super-subtle reading echoes, several times having what I was randomly thinking/feeling/doing (traceably and objectively, of course) being perfectly synchronistically echoed by the next line of text or whatever, probably 4-5 of these total. And then, finally, another of those "period at the end of a sentence"/semi-climactic-type ones, when, in the very last column of the article, it randomly quoted another of those "random offhand-mentioned 37-repeat"-type of figures, a 3.17 regarding something or other, ha ha.

Had some more pre-lunch/afternoon activity too, and this too corresponded with another one of those rare occassions when I had to make a stop on the way to lunch, today to get gas, with all the incidents centering around this. The first was when I stopped at the intersection on the way there (thus altering my route and the flow of things, as it were -- somehow operative/important to the phenomenon?). It was a classical radio/roadside-sign echo, when, a split second after the radio randomly sang out "pair of shoes," I arrived at the intersection and thus came face-to-face with a big banner with a giant pair of shoes dominating half of it, planted at roadside and advertising a marathon or something, and this coming in that distinctly patternistic effortless/"arriving directly into my line of sight"/"invading my vision" fashion, just damn surreal and textbook "echo-y."

Then had two more of those sort of "arbitrary, instant, patternistic echoes of some random non-repeat number," this time 9. The first one was subtler, and I can't remember the specifics of it other than that it fit the pattern of seeing or hearing "9" in some capacity from one source, then patternistically/perfectly synchronistically seeing it again immediately after, from some other source (I want to say it was a radio/license-plate-flash-type one, but it's lost to me presently). This one I didn't think much of, just considering it another super-subtle echo at best, but then it happened again, and just minutes later, with the same number and the same subjectively notable "feel"/behavior when experienced: this time at the gas station when I pulled in, when the radio randomly announced its call sign, "Jammin' ninety-nine-point-nine" (a station I'd Just Happened to scan to, and kept on only because it had music when others didn't, not even seeing the triple-9 station ...), precisely as I looked up and, in directly/effortlessly/passively fashion, my eyes fell on a sign directly across from where I'd stopped, one of those flip-style gas-price signs, except that all the panels were flipped to blanks except for the very last one, which was on 9 -- all completely in that "intelligently arranged/quietly conspicuous/playful" fashion (and again giving me the feeling that, with my ignoring the first "9" repeat as too subtle to note, Something was presenting it a second time, now with more complexity/detail/unlikeliness as to be noted by me ...).

Next, a damn cool "found litter"-type one, this time involving a 1212-variant repeat instead of 37 (actually had a couple other, less-coherent/conspicuous litter-type ones with 1212-variants lately). It happened when I went in to pay for the gas and there, directly in my path, 100% patternistic of that "quietly conspicuous" fashion that so many of these adhere to, was a little torn scrap of orange paper with "121 1" in black letters, visible to me even while standing, and oriented just so it would be right-side-up and horizontal and thus readable me as I approached -- again in that "intelligently arranged" fashion, as if put there *just at the precise orientation* that I would both see it and be able to read it/"get the message" as I approached. Potentially just chance, of course, but the patternistic/subjective element makes it much more notable of course, albeit subjectively.

And then, one final one in this "gas station" cluster: a classical "random objective chain of thought"/radio-type echo, beginning when I pulled away from the pump after filling up and then noticed that the check engine light had mysteriously gone off, thus causing me to think that maybe the near-empty gas tank had been the cause of it for some bizarre reason, since the only thing that had changed had been my simply filling up the tank -- a split second before the radio randomly/singularly sang out "gassed up the Pontiac," and again without prelude/anything that could've cued me (song had just started, and I'd never heard it before, some obscure old country song), and again 100% objective, hinging without quesiton on the objective event of the check engine light going off, etc. Very notable and profound for all its "smallness."

And then the final pre-lunch one, as another sort of "period ending a sentence"-type one: when I finally pulled into the coffee shop parking lot, a 733-plate car was parked directly/effortlessly in my path, and again with its plate placed *just so* that it would "invade" my line of sight when I passed, per the pattern.

Lunchtime reading was pretty active as well, a little more than even yesterday, though still in that same, ongoing style of "many super-subtle environmental/thought/reading echoes plus a mix of thematics and parallels/recurrences," though today beginning in that "immediately after sitting down" fashion, and with more general coherent and intensity/frequency both, as to yield several standouts. The ones I got down:

> Another of those "Just Happening to finish last reading session on a 37-variant page number" ones, discovered as I opened the book directly to the leaf of pages 136-137, ha ha

> Semi-coherent example of the many small, fleeting, environmental/reading-type echoes of the period: randomly/singularly coming to "the woman" in the book, precisely as a female employee emerged from the back and into my field of vision, thus causing me to absently think something like "a woman there" as I registered her presence, and again with this absent thought/registering coinciding flawlessly with the text, as to be intertwined. And, once again, the incident was much more striking/notable when experienced, due to the "feel" of it plus the "animated"/invasive quality of the woman's movement and appearance, etc. Quite a few of these throughout my time there, and all with the same basic underlying behavior/feel/nature.

> Same for "hearing her laugh" precisely as, later on, another employee, also female, randomly and singularly and without prelude burst into a little snatch of laughter, coinciding again absolutely precisely with my registering the text

> And another good standout example in this vein: randomly/singularly coming to "the computers" in the book (which, notably, was perhaps the first the book had used this word or made reference to anything vaguely computer-related, with it being written in 1972 and for the most part involving events/time periods decades before even that), precisely as a man, who'd just come in seconds before, conspicuously slung off his backpack onto a table and unloaded a laptop from it, with my registering the text and his doing so again coinciding in intertwined fashion, and again all the more notable for the subjectively experienced movement/"animation" of the man's unslinging the backback semi-dramatically from his back, etc

> Another of those food/specific bite-related/reading ones as in the past, beginning when I took the first bite of the second course and bit down on the bread crisp soaked in the yogurt and stuff, which had rendered it pleasantly soft and mushy and yielding, which I'd noticed specifically and thus absently thought/registered it with a thought of something like "good soft texture" -- precisely as I came to "tenderest" in the book, in that same context, as to again echo perfectly and with perfect intertwining that absent thought just as it traversed my mind, just so damn surreal and living-dream ...

> Another "two nearby strangers in involved conversation"-type meta-incident, though another of those less-coherent/subtler kind, with only stray one-word echoes and some of those underlying/thematic echoes that characterize these so often. Today it was two people sitting some feet away at another table, discussing what seemed to be matters of alternative health and spiritual/metaphysical matters, with them several times mentioning "yoga" and being "aware of what you're eating and doing and thinking"/being "present in the moment," etc -- all while I was reading a section of the book that involved these very subjects, more or less broadly but at times reasonably precise, and in a couple instances even echoing the same terms or at least the precise same underlying sentiment, etc, and with enough sheer hits to reasonably discount pure chance, etc.

> Had a pretty good/coherent example of the life/book/reading-type of parallels and recurrences (which, unlike some days recently, I did end up experiencing a huge number of by the end of the day, again to that point of "dozens of dozens" as to overwhelm my memory/capacity to log them, etc). It started last night when I'd had the random realization, for the first time consciously, that I can dance much more effectively when my hips are open and I don't have that weird inflamed/kidney-related dysfunction that interferes with my lower back and locks up my hips and thus derails that specific, necessary capability of being able to swing my hips and such when dancing -- and then at lunchtime reading of the book today, it referenced, totally randomly and offhand and again without prelude, that exact damn concept, and in the same terms even, the author describing how he would rotate his hips in a particular fashion while dancing, and that it facilitated a certain flow of energy as to enable a deep connection to music/rhythm that would translate to the dance, 100% exactly what I'd realized so plainly, for the first time, less than 24 hours before. Actually had another of these yesterday that I forgot until then, identical but for specifics: this time it was the concept of "nonverbal thinking," which, in pretty much an identical timeframe to the hip-dancing one, I'd consciously realized the night before, for the first time ever in this plain/concrete/not-vague or purely subconscious manner, and then at lunch the next day, the book referenced that exact same concept, and this even more exact, calling it "nonverbal thinking" exactly as I had, and describing it in my own terms exactly, too. Had several other, not-quite-as-coherent-but-just-as-notable/profound ones like too, just today. Wow ...

> A similar reading-related parallel/recurrence, coming just after lunch while running errands: the name "Curley," which had been in that big magazine article I'd read this morning, and also in the same context as a person's name, and which I'd distinctly/illogically Noticed, with it being both the first time in a while if ever that I'd seen that word as a name and also in that patternistic Compelled/no particular reason-type fashion -- and then, while driving past some random business this afternoon, I'd passed a sign reading "Curley's Pub" (or something like that -- Curley's something-or-other anyhow). And this one had the added notably patternistic detail/context that the only reason I was driving on this particular road was that, after leaving the thrift store, I'd entered a gridlocked traffic jam on the main highway back, literally no one moving, presumably from some bad accident or some similarly urgent emergency -- thus forcing me to detour onto the road with the Curley's place on it ...

Thought-wise, afternoon stayed highly active, though now just of the super-subtle/small/super-subjective "background static mash-up" of little echoes and thematics and parallels/recurrences, and today reading that "saturation point" of being pretty much steady for much of the time, as to cast that super-surreal texture on the whole afternoon. And again there were several standouts that I just couldn't get down, them getting lost in the spin cycle of attention and memory and whatnot. These only ceased fully upon getting home.

Numbers too were of higher-than-lately presence/intensity/frequency through afternoon, though not quite as much as the thought-type background static. Again had that traffic mix of a decent number of scattered low-key 37-plates interspersed with semi-conspicuous ones, not a whole lot today but not a small amount either. The best examples I got down:

> Another of those "challenge and answer"-type ones, and with a twist. It started when I pulled up and felt Compelled to park in a certain space, which naturally caused me to absently think, "I'll bet there's a 37-plate waiting for me directly across from the space" -- but there wasn't. However, after I'd gotten out and started into the store (and, as in other incidents of this type, let go of the active/conscious expectation/searching-out of a number-repeat), I passed a 37-plate car -- yet, interestingly, this one *was* almost directly across from the Compelled parking space, and I'd just somehow not seen it, despite my actively looking for it (if I didn't know better, I'd say that Something had somehow "blocked" my seeing it since I was consciously doing so/"breaking the rules," ha ha).

> And then, another "merging into traffic and Just Happening to get behind a 37-plate or something in a conspicous and patternistic way," this time when I merged into the traffic jam and ended up directly behind a car with a big red bumper sticker reading simply "573," and this one with another conspicously/patternistic context: while I was trying to merge into the traffic from the turn lane, the driver of this car had not only not let me in, but then, once the driver behind them stopped and made to let me in, the first car stopped and wouldn't move forward into the available space, only moving forward so I could get in incidentally, after a long lull, in which I was forced to notice this car per the pattern (and, of course, had the driver noticed me and let me in, I wouldn't have gotten behind them and been exposed to the 573 sticker ...)

> And then a more straight-up, classical "Compelled 37-plate parking space"-type one at the gym later on (and, coincidentally, coming after I'd stopped looking for numbers and the like and just "let it flow," unlike with that first one at the thrift store earlier): once again, I was Compelled to stop short and forego my usual, close, logical parking space (of which many were available) further down the lot, instead choosing one at the very edge, the most inconvenient/fartherest away -- and having it be directly beside a 337-plate car, ha ha

> Also had a good amount of those semi-conspicuous random/everywhere-type of 37-variants and minority repeats today, somewhat moreso than last couple days from what I remember, especially during the afternoon's "background-static salad" of different types of incidents. A good, semi-coherent example: it happened while getting change after I'd paid at the self-checkout at the grocery store, when the machine spit out a stack of bills and the one on top had come to a stop *just so* that the first three digits of its serial number were visible, "L37," and furthermore, this came in that "invading the precise space I was absently looking at" fashion, with my watching the slot the money comes out of as the machine gathered up the requisite bills, such that the 37 sort of "popped" into my sight in that subtle but super-surreal/"living"/"animated" fashion so common to these.


Lots of activity today, and in the same basic vein as lately more or less.

Morning was resaonably active today, and this corresponding with a different schedule, having the appointment and thus foregoing my whole usual routine, plus having to do other things and make other stops, again consistent with that “phenomenon being triggered by my being active and out of the house” (and thus interacting with people, as I've thought about before? The fundmental interaction with other living things somehow manifesting the phenomenon, or maybe manifesting some change in myself/consciousness that does so, combination?).

After leaving the house, had some low-key 37-plates here and there right off the bat pretty much, along with some super-subtle thought-type activity. Then, suddenly had another of those “out of the blue and highly coherent” singular ones, an “involuntary bodily function”/radio-type echo, classical in every way. It started when, from out of nowhere as I was driving down the road, I got a sudden and wonderful bolt of energy going up into my hips, thus relieving that chronic low-level pain and discomfort I've had there for … years? Over a decade now, pretty much constantly? No idea why this happened, but it did, without prelude, and it felt startlingly good, like coming up for air after being underwater my whole lif – precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out “feel no pain,” corresponding perfectly/intertwined with the split-second arrival of and reaction to the hip-soothing, and perfectly precise. Just so damn remarkable in every sense, and again even moreso considering the explicit patternistic element of it, so many of these coming in that exact same fashion (and almost always involving these rare, singular, mysterious sudden improvements in health issues).

The appointment was totally silent, by contrast, and so was the rest of the meantime between there and the coffee shop (except for some more 37-plates on the drive there, still just low-key). But then there, had a damn cool parking-lot-37-plate standout, of that exact same “Compelled to go some random and illogical and abnormal way, only to encounter semi-conspicuously plates directly in my path,” this time when I was led to, first, pick up two pieces of litter in the parking lot opposite the shop, then throw them into a dumpster there – and then, upon turning around to finally head for the shop, a was faced with a 730-plate car, again directly/effortlessly/”invading” my area of focus when I turned. And then, just after, I was Compelled to walk around the left side of the building, rather than the right with a sidewalk and such, thus having to go into the shade and the grass and just move generally awkwardly through the lot – and then, upon coming around the building corner, there was a 137-plate car, again smack dab directly in my line of sight, and also with that surreal animated/”revealing” quality, with it being the first thing to emerge from behind the building's corner as I rounded it, in that subtly intelligent “look at this” fashion, ha ha.

Lunch itself saw more of that exact same basic type of super-subtle activity as lately, though today of that much lesser/less-graduated/quieter kind, and just less overall activity in general, and again only the one kind, just subtle reading/thought/environmental echoes, without thematics and parallels/recurrences today (that I remember, at least; might've been a few very minor ones mixed in there). Overally only a few, but again just enough to, and all in identical enough behavior/pattern, to discount chance and establish that same basic “groove”/format of activity of lately. Best examples I got down:

> Randomly coming to “fidget” in the book, precisely as I was adjusting to the seat at the coffee shop and having a time of it, moving this way then that without feeling totally comfortable, thus causing me, at that point, very much to appear to be “fidgeting,” and again with intertwined correlation

> Same for “shrugged his shoulders” in the book, when my shirt had closed partially when I had it open to get sun on my chest and guts, and so I shrugged my shoulders backward to open it back up – again 100% patternistic and perfectly timed, yet 100% objective, hinging entirely on the objective event of my shirt drooping down at just that instant, thus causing me to shrug, etc

> Then a little later, while inside: Coming to “There was a loud thump” precisely as an employee in the kitchen across the dining room closed the fridge, thus sealing it with an unmistakable “thump” that could only be described as such, ha ha

And again nearly all activity ceased abruptly after lunch, though once I'd gotten back on the road, the low-key 37-plates did resume. Today they never really escalated much, though, staying pretty much in that low-key/quiet/scattered mode even once I got on the highway and began to oficially “travel.” There were a couple more-active little spikes, but ultimately they were never sustained, and then I got to the place and it all stopped. Did have a decent presence of the everywhere/random/”world” 37-variants too (and almost zero minority repeats today, I noticed, totally unlike the last few days), but these were also a downtick compared to yesterday.

Did have some more of those stray, singular, highly notable standout echoes and the like on the drive (plus a reasonable number of super-subtles and the like from time to time, but still all in that scattered and less-graduated/complex mode). Ones I got down:

> The first was ridiculously notable, for all its seeming “smallness.” It started when I cleared a roadside tree and thus revealed a previously obscured roadside sandwich sign reading “COFFEE” – precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out “Lets get some coffee.” But once again, notable/patternistic as this was from the outset, the details make it way more: namely, the way the word was printed on the sign, and the way the “coffee” in the song was sung out, both of which were bore the exact same, specific, unique quality. The coffee sign, being a tall-and-narrow sandwich board, had “COFFEE” split up into three two-letter lines, reading CO then FF then EE, such that I initially read/registered it as sort of three little sentences, broken up, like “co-ph-eeee” – and that is exactly precisely how the singer sang it on the song, drawing the word out for a whole-note on each syllable, breaking it up, as to go with the music, and with each syllable corresponding with one of those little sentences in my mind as I mentally “sounded it out”/verbalized it in that way. Again, just so ridiculously precise, especially when given the perfect, intertwined timing, and the patternistic element, and the “revealing”/”animated” quality presented by the sign's emergence from behind the tree …

> Had a handful of those patternistically/behaviourally identical small, “half-there”/partial type of echoes while driving, almost all involving the usual radio/passing sign/random thought combinations in various ways. Example: randomly/singularly hearing “star” sing out from the radio, perfectly synchronistic/intertwined with my registering a sign for “MORNINGSTAR” as it emerged from behind an obstruction

> A classical “traceable and objective random thought”/radio echo. It started when I remembered I needed a new B12 shot, then decided not to get it tonight since I planned to do a sauna and it would be best to do it when I'm not doing a sauna or sweating for a day, or to get it first thing in the morning so that it has a chance to be properly absorbed, thus causing me to absently envision myself getting up in the morning and admistering a shot to myself first thing – precisely as “in the morning when I rise” sang randomly/singularly from the radio, not echoing the B12/shot element but echoing perfectly that image in my mind's eye at that very instant, as is so patternistic of many of these, and of course with intertwined timing, etc


Still in that same basic format/groove/variety more or less, though a relatively quiet day overall.

Had some cool if subtle-and-scattered activity this morning, beginning once again during after-chore reading, beginning with another textbook “involuntary bodily function”/reading echo. It started with another fully random, rare, and singular bodily function, this time a sudden surge of emotion as I've gotten several times over the last couple months (maybe once a week or so), thus making my eyes spontaneously well up with tears (which is precisely how I registered this, with an instant, absent thought of “my eyes're welling with tears suddenly”) – precisely as I came to “eyes well up” in a random little paragraph about indicators that your dog might be stressed, and again the text was visible to me peripherally when my eyes had welled up, but the tears could be traced 100% objectively to the independent, involuntary random surge of emotion, ha ha.

Had several of those now-firmly-established 100% patternistic parallels and thematic recurrences through the reading session, including several that involved things that had just happened this morning, also in that patternistically “little random everyday-yet-specific things” fashion, recurring in less than an hour actually. Couple good examples:

> This one started when I went to open that totally random bottle of that Hawaiin Kona cold-brew coffee concentrate I'd gotten on markdown at the store the other day (and Just Happened to use today, after having it sit around for several days now), when I Noticed on the label how this was “67% less acidic,” thus causing me to consciously think of how coffee is acidic for the first time in months or years per the pattern – and then, in that totally random freebie magazine I started reading this morning (another of those received from the kind lady at that clinic, who'd picked them all out herself, with zero suggestions from me, and also with my Just Happening to choose it out of the entire stack to read today), it had yet another of those unadvertised/indexed little sideline paragraphs about the acidic nature of coffee.

> Same for the blended-veggie lunch I'd made less than an hour before reading the magazine, which was the first I've ever made such a meal, with the peppers blended to a soup-like consistency, which thus caused me to distinctly think that, that the end product was less blended veggies than a soup or chowder, all really for the first time, per the pattern – and then, another random little offhand blurb-type cooking article that mentioned how you can blend veggies into a soup-like meal, and other similar things, all cast in the same terms and such as my earlier thoughts (and, furthermore, this same article later mentioned, in regards to slowly teaching oneself to cook, that even making a salad for yourself is a form of cooking, etc – which is exactly what I'd just thought about the other day, when making up one of my weird elaborate salads, that it was, for all its simplicity and lack of technical “cooking” with heat and the like, still a fully valid, prepared creation of a single unit of food greater than the sum of its parts, just like a baked cake or whatever – exactly the sentiment echoed by this article).

> And then at lunchtime reading, another, patternistically identical recurrence regarding that bottle of Kona coffee, when the Alan Watts book had Just Happened mention, once again totally randomly and offhand and for the first time in the book, “Kona coffee,” in the same context and the like, ha ha

Had one stray, somewhat standoutish “passing roadside sign”/radio echo on the way to lunch, and with something of that cool “bilingual” subtype in it too. It was another of the one-word-striking-type ones, when I came upon a business sign for “CAROLINA” something or other (which I'm 99% sure was previously invisible until just that second, when I'd rounded a bend and thus came into view of it, “animated” style) precisely as the radio randomly said “South Carolina,” with the radio's Carolina again coinciding with intertwined, perfect precision with my reading/registering the text and having it cross my mind. And the cool bilingual element comes into play from the fact that this was a Spanish radio station, but it had a random announcement in English (and heavily accented English at that, which struck me as sort of odd because everything else was in Spanish – why speak this one, particular part in English at all …?).

Lunchtime reading was once again active but generally subdued and quiet and low-volume, with just some scattered subtle reading/thought/environmental echoes and a few more parallels/little recurrences and some super-subjective/personal thematics, and again even these ceaisng abruptly upon finishing the meal. Couple examples:

> A good, semi-coherent version of the great many super-subjective/personal/”external world echoing my internal one/current life experience.” It started this morning when I found myself sort of becoming this “normal” sort of person, beginning when I put together a weird new outfit from the clothes I randomly bought at the thrift store the other day, with the varsity jacket and plain jeans and conservative shoes and yellow polo shirt all coming together to make me look like the plainest, most clean-cut guy. And then, next, once I left the place and started through its neighborhood for the first time by daylight, on the way to lunch, I found myself amid all these big expensive houses with big well-tended lawns and university flags on the porches, expensive mini-vans with stick-figure-family and kids-sports bumper stickers on them – just a very “normal,” conservative setting in every day, with my Just Happening to somehow ending dressing in a way that accorded with this setting perfectly (plus the rental car, being an expensive late-model they'd upgraded me with when they yet again didn't have the cheapie economy car on hand yesterday, completing the illusion that I was some rich, clean-cut conformist or something). And then at lunch, again without prelude and for the first time, etc, the book went into a section about how the author goes into seminary and becomes a priest and ends up adopting the exact same conservative, clean-cut “normal” habits and dress and mentailtiy, even calling it “becoming square” which described my whole thing perfectly – and even the very process and its nature was the same, him saying how it all crept up on him out of nowhere, including even where he lived and the like, all just echoing that whole sort of bizarre, accidental, “normal” personal metamorphosis I'd experienced so randomly and unexpectedly and unintentionally just that morning (and, really, just probably ~30 minutes before reading this part of the book, ha ha).

> Another sort of hybrid “random distinct traceably objective thought”/”bodily fucntion”/random reading echo. It started towards the end of the meal when I had a sudden onset of that chronic ugly heart congestion and palpitation and irregular heartbeat, thus causing me to instantly react to that bad habit of trying to consciously control it and normalize it that only makes it worse – precisely as I came to how the author was “controlling his autonomic nervous system,” which is the exact same specific thing I was just at that exact moment attempting to do, and again totally randomly and for the first time today, and again with it hinging on a purely involuntary bodily function and its objective onset, etc. And again just damn living-dream surreal …

Thought-wise, the only other activity I remember was another of those brief, sudden little clusters arriving out of nowhere after a period of silence, all three at the gym:

> A damn cool and notable and somewhat unique one, beginning when I picked up the Post-It note that had come unsealed and fallen on the floor, and as I was taking it to put it back up and feeling the adhesive part and thinking how it wasn't very sticky and could it still be sticky enough to stay up if I tried to put it back up – precisely as the nearby TV randomly/singularly said “solid contact,” or something like that, something definitely involving “contact” and either “solid” or some synonym – descring exactly what I was absently thinking and envisioning at that precise moment, whether the adhesive would be sticky enough for a “solid”/substantial bind.

> Another textbook patternistic “random lyric on MP3 player echoing exactly what I did while working out with perfect/intertwined timing, etc,” this time when it randomly/singularly sang out “Stand up!” precisely as I finished a set on a machine and quickly stood up in that conspicuous and exaggerated way that one tends to do after finishing a big, long, strenous set of exercises, which was the case here, me doing a full 25 reps at a high-ish weight and so immediately letting the last one fall and then springing back and standing up in one continuous, dramatic motion – again echoing the “loud”/”shouting”/”intense” quality of the lyric, sort of the aural equivalent of those “animated” traffic-type incidents (or maybe like the reading-equivalent in that coffee-sign one from yesterday).

> And another somewhat unique and obscure/bizarre, yet ridiculously notable one, this also serving as a coherent example of those many super-subtle “external world echoing my interal one/present experience/thoughts”-type incidents that come mostly during afternoon background static. It happened when I was hanging from the bar and doing the spine/lower-back-tractioning stretch routine I do there, which is the same every time, and with the same timing and such, so that it's always the same in other words – and then, precisely as I began to do the final stretch where I twist my hips and thus stretch my waist and lovehandles specifically, the overhead TV, directly across from me on the opposite wall and directly where I had to look if I wanted to keep my head up in the proper position, a random TV ad for some type of pain cream showed a woman in exercise clothes with a big red “pain” patch on her lower back, artificially so, as to highlight the area that the cream would supposedly address and help, etc – the exact area that I was about to stretch, and likewise, the exact sort of absent mental image I had at the time, when absently thinking/initiating the action of “do lower-back/hip/lovehandle twist-stretch now,” this the exact same behavior/psychological action involved in those absent mental “registerings” that are so often echoed by these little things. But this one was just especially surreal due to the visible element, feeling like one of those “instant manifestations in external reality of the exact thing I was thinking of/envisoninig,” just so damn striking. I wouldn't have felt any less shocked if I'd envisioned a bag of money falling at my feet and then had it happen …

Numbers were there, but the overall quietest and least-conspicuous/coherent in the last few days, almost entirely just some scattered and low-key-yet-patternistic/notable 37-plates in traffic, with only a few “quietly conspicuous” ones thrown in there. The only standouts were when, first, I had another of those stark “very first plates I saw after lunch being a 37-plate,” and this one coming literally immediately after lunch, in the coffee shop parking lot, the very first car/plate that I came into contact there having a 437 plate. And, similarly simple-and-nondescript but quietly conspicuous: when I came back to the place and made to park in the space I'd been in last night, there was a car waiting for me there, with a 537-plate, and again with this being very There, in “look at this” fashion, with my absently expecting to find the space empty but then seeing it filled, and with the plate in particular directly in front of me when I pulled into the driveway, etc.


Big uptick, a crazy day, though most of it not conducive to text/unconveyable.

Morning saw, first, another little-but-notable cluster of after-chore reading echoes and thematics/parallels, in the same fashion of the last couple days, seeming to be a new trend. The echoes were all scattered and just of the subtle one-word variety, echoing perfectly synchronistically things I was just thinking or doing, but all too complicated or subtle to write down. Same for the many parallels and thematics for the most part, too subtle or super-subjective (yet very, very profound, at times mind-blowingly so, as they would be all day, in that distinctly and ridiculously surreal “graduated”/deeper/multidimensional fashion where my present life and experience is just reflected so vividly and often instantaneously in the world around me). Couple semi-coherent examples of the parallels:

> One started last night when I went to the gym and, for the first time, decided to wear my gym clothes home instead of changing, for several reasons, and I distinctly remember consciously thinking this and noting it, in that patternistic way of these parallel/recurrence-originating little things, with my absently but concretely thinking something like “I'm wearing my workout clothes when running errands and stuff, like all those folks you see around wearing athleisure gear these days” – and then, in the day's super-random freebie magazine, it had yet another of those patternistic random, offhand, without-prelude little blurb artcles about athleisure clothes in which it mentioned that it's common now for people not to change clothes after leaving the gym, with the little sassy comment added in of “Nah, I'm not gonna change” – echoing that exact same sentiment from last night, again very “little” and common and whatever, but all so notable due to its strict adhereance to the pattern/nature/behavior of the dozens and dozens and dozens of these, etc

> And then another little “thought of some common everyday thing for the first time in a while, then had it echo very soon after” ones, this time matcha tea, when I again drank some first thing in the morning, for the first time since I did it before over a week ago, and then that same magazine had a big full-page article about matcha in it, in which it also mentioned its effects and the theanine content of matcha, all specific things that I'd specifically thought of after drinking the matcha this morning.

From there, the thematics and parallels and subtles, etc, continued right on through and into the drive to church, and even graduated some then, deepening and hitting that point of ridiculously surreal, probably the earliest in the day they've ever matured to this point, though again they stayed sort of “below the radar,” too subtle or complex or personal/subjective for all their incredible notability.

Then church saw another of those patternistic clusters of “thoughts being explicitly and instantly echoed by random words and phrases and themes/sentiments/archetypes in the sermon”-type of incidents, and today quite a few, not quite as many as a couple of these spells but still pretty up there and very, very notable in any case, at times having those multiple, back-to-back highly notable and sometimes even coherent echoes that each could be a standalone incident but I just was too overwhelmed to register them all, much less remember them individually (plus, something a bit new I noticed today: those same thematics and parallels and the like were included in the service-cluster, rather than solely the echo-y types I remember seeing in the past). Really there were only two that I was able to concretely remember from the lot:

> A good example of the “instant-echo” variety, when I had a big long random involved chain of thoughts, all objective and traceable, culminate in my thinking of that “gene driver” story I read the other day, thus causing me to think something like “genes/gene driver” – precisely as the pastor mentioned something about a child named “Little Jean,” another of those phoenetically precise echoes

> An involuntary bodily funciton-type one, classical and textbook in nature and behavior except that this one was echoed by a nearby stranger instead of a book or the pastor. It started when I got one of those sudden, super-random bizarre constrictions in the shoulder as I do every day or so for no reason I know of, thus causing me to think something like “my shoulder's doing that thing again” – absolutely perfectly synchronistically with the woman behind me saying, somewhat loudly and rudely in the quiet service, “My shoulder is [something or other],” again with her “my shoulder” corresponding in intertwined fashion with my absent thought of “my shoulder,” absolutely surreal in itself but 10x as much when experienced within the machine-gun rapid-fire stream of the incidents unfolding at the time …

> One parallel/recurrence example stood out to me then too. It started when I was Compelled to take the flower I'd worn in and leave it in the racks behind the pew in front of me, thinking it felt like giving an offering or a gift of sorts, and then, minutes later and totally offhand, the pastor made some announcement in which he made several references to giving “the gift of a rose,” and other little things that echoed more or less exactly the thrust of what I'd just done and what I'd thought about it, etc – just so damn many of these today, within the daylong background static, overwhelming my memory even this early in the day, never mind afternoon

Next, had at least a dozen or so various background-static-type incidents just in the walk of the several blocks between the church and the coffee shop, which then carried over into lunchtime reading pretty much unchanged. Really the only shift I saw once I began reading and the meal (very much unlike other days when I sit down semi-climactically/ritually to a meal – perhaps every other day, oddly) was the onset of the subtle reading/thought/environmental-type of echoes so distinct to lunchtime reading, and not really even that many strangely, just scattered small, striking one-words and the like, just like any other day where this pattern of “scattered subtle echoes” unfolds (why not a huge, super-notable uptick in proportion with the rest of the thought/perceptual activity?). Standouts I got down:

> Had one of those “random, tracebly objective chain of thoughts ending one something immediately echoed by the book”-type echoes. This one started when I thought of asking the two guys at the table beside me if they would watch my things while I went to the bathroom, thus causing me to absently visualize my backpack and book and food and such – a second or so before I turned the page in the book and read, at the very top of the new page, a sentence ending with “chattel,” that archaic word for “one's collective belongs,” which was absolutely exactly what I'd envisioned in the form of the things I needed the guys to watch, and again in that exact same pattenristic way where the image had just unfolded over the screen of my mind's eye as to correspond with my coming to “chattel.”

> Yet another “long, involved, running conversations between two nearby strangers resulting in several echoes and thematics and the like,” today involving the two men sitting beside me that I did eventually ask to watch my things. Interestingly, all of these “hits” were purely thematic, and not even immediately so, rather the longwinded kind, recurring a whole bunch of things that I'd read/thought of/encountered from last evening and through the night and morning, more like a series of parallel/everyday “little thing” recurrences, unlike those that usually echo something that I'm presently reading or thinking or whatever. All the hits involved the men's lunch-long discussion of various brain chemicsls and neurotransmitters and such, namely serotonin and dopamine and choline, the first two of which I'd just thought about and then read about in regards to the matcha and that magazine article, with it affecting these brain chemicals; and then, as for the choline, I'd encountered that particularly just last night when researching the benefits of the betaine supplement, which acts like choline according to the article I'd read (and which went on to devote several paragraphs to describing the basic action and role of choline in the body – more or less exactly what the men where describing in their conversation at lunch today …). And all the while, the background static of other subtles and thematics and echoes and numbers going on unchecked …

> Another “randomly overhead shout from employee in kitchen echoing exactly what I read, perfectly synchronistic/intertwined with my reading it,” two back-to-back actually, and with the precise same subtle feel/behavior/nature, etc. Both occurred when I randomly took out my shopping list and began scanning the items, first coming to “5. Water” (or whatever number it was on the list – a single line reading only that number and “water,” in any case) at the precisely, ridiculously correlating instant that someone in the kitchen called out a name and “Water!,” indicating that person's order for a water was up at the receiving counter. And then, two or three seconds later as I came to the station on the list for “10. Coffee” or whatever number it was for, the same thing happened when a name and “Coffee!” was called out, again with my reading/resgistering the list's “coffee” corresponding absolutely flawlessly with the shouted out coffee, another of those “external reality and internal reality merging together in a living-dream fashion”-type of degrees, and only moreso due to its happening right after the first, shockingly so …

From there, the rest of the aftenroon was dominated almost solely by the subtle, unconveyable background static incidents, albeit a whole damn lot of them, more or less constantly. Seems like there were maybe a few stray sudden, coherent standouts in there, but I honestly just could not keep track, the overall activity just being unrelenting. I do remember one such standout, when I was at the clinic and, precisely as I went to draw the folding screen for the changing area there, the nearby radio randomly sang out “Japanese screen,” again with my absent/registering-thought of “draw the screen” coincided flawlessly/intertwined with the “screen” lyric.

Numbers were present all day, more or less, beginning with the random/everywhere 37-variants (and some minority-repeats to day mixed in, when these have been conspicuously absent some days recently, oddly), and then shifting to that usual morning-drive mix of low-key 37-plates and a couple semi-conspicuous, to a higher frequency of low-key ones through afternoon and a few standout-level incidents (though overall the number-type activity today was disproportionate to the others). Ones I got down:

> Another of those “rounding a corner and thus being “greeted”/vision invaded by a 37-plate”-type ones, and also with something of the “period at the end of a sentence” quality to it, with this happening after my thematic/echo-heavy drive to the church parking lot, when I got out and rounded a brick wall at the edge of the lot and came face-to-face, in conspicuous and patternistic “look at THIS!” fashion, with a 373-plate on a car directly in front of me, again with that animated/revealing fashion, etc.

> A classical “looking back to turn around and Just Happening to find myself looking directly at a 37-plate,” this time a 473-plated truck, and a bit more notable due to the context here, since this resulted from yet another wrong turn/getting lost and thus having to pull off into some random parking lot, and then, furthermore, this lot had no outlet directly onto the street, as I thought it would when I pulled in, thus forcing me to back up and go back through the side-road outlet the way I'd come in, and thus causing me to look behind me and see the plate, etc, etc

> Another “conspicuously reckless speeder cutting in front of me and thus 'flashing' its 37-plate directly into my line of sight,” this time a big Suburban weaving through traffic and cutting in front of me and thus “shouting” its 375-plate right where I was looking at the time, ha ha

> And another of those “coming out of a store into a parking lot and immediately coming face to face with a 37-plate car, as to be the very first thing I saw upon emerging, in 'greeting' fashion,” this time at the market with a 373-plate car right smack dab outside the door as if waiting for me, and even more notable considering that, if I'm not mistaken, this exact same thing happened just yesterday, at the exact same market when I exited (might've been the same car, which might add a logical/rational causal element to it all, if it was, say, an employee's car and that was their habitual space, but then again, I can't remember either way)

And so many others today, the casualties of my limit capacity for recall amid living in a totally surreal wonderland ...


Today was almost exactly like yesterday in format and types of incidents, yet a huge downturn in terms of the "volume" and coherency/depth of them, pretty much just lots and lots of low-key numbers and super-subtle/subjective/fleeting/small echoes and thematics and parallels.

From what I remember, morning was dead silent except for maybe the slightest and subtlest of thematics and the like, if even these. However, in "as if on a switch" fashion, had numbers immediately after leaving the place for lunch, and a reasonably notable standout cluster at that. It started when the very first plate I encountered was that 537 on the car parked in the driveway there, which I had to see again when backing out. And then, seconds later down the road as I stopped at an intersection, I came in contact with a second plate, and this one too was a 37-plate, 1307 this time, and parked directly/effortlessly in my line of sight, in that "subtly conspicuous" patternistic way, such that I had to see it when stopped at the intersection and looking around. And then, right as I was still thinking "that second plate was somewhat notable," I turned through the intersection and came face to face with a mailbox labeled 973, and this to in the quietly conspicuous, albeit subjective, fashion of these.

And another cute one involving the oil-change sticker in the rental car, almost exactly like that one from the last sequential time I'd rented a car, just a week ago, where, first, the mileage for the change was 30.7k and something miles, and then the phone number ended with 1735 or something like that. Unlike the last, this one didn't have any conspicuous context or details as with my attention being drawn to the sticker by something patternistically odd; I just happened to look up there and see it. Still notable I think.

Lunchtime reading: did *not* have the reading/thought/environmental echoes typical of lunch this time, only a very subtle, scattered background static of thematics and parallels/recurrences, and even these of that lesser, shallower, less-profound ungraduated version that seems to correspond with a "quieter" day.

The only semi-standout lunchtime incident was another of those unclassifiable maybe-synchronicities/maybe-just-ironic-coincidences. This time it was another of those "classical ESP-like intuitive premonitions," beginning when I took out my pen to write a note for the first time, and was struck with a subtle but noticeable and explicit feeling that the pen was about to die, such that it caused me to think of how I'd had it for upwards of a year now and how I'd gotten it from that chance hotel that time in the city, and so it probably ought to indeed be dying soon -- and damned if when I went to write the note, a split second later (but again, explicitly *after* I'd had this sudden thought), I got one good letter out of it and then it went fully out of ink, even after I scribbled it hard and such, just totally dead. Again somewhat notable in itself (though not entirely outside the bounds of chance, of course, and very "classical intuition"-like more than a synchronistic flavor), but also a little moreso/less likely given just how long I'd been using this particular pen, how many times I'd taken it out, even lately when it was still old and I consciously knew it, yet this one particular time when it did immediately die, I Just Happened to have this explict and fully objectively baseless/uncued thought, unexplainable even as my having subconsciously kept track of how long I'd had the pen (because, after all, even subconsciously I wouldn't have known such a thing, given how all pens last more or less different lengths).

As for the rest of the day: zero coherent/standout incidents, just a reasonable amount of afternoon subtles and thematics and low-key 37-plates in traffic (with the only deviation being a noticeable presence of 44s and variants today, along with a couple 777s, and a very basic, yet patternistic, alignment of two 37-plates, otherwise undistinguished beyond their numbers and patternistic alignment). I did notice that these had the same basic underlying feel and behavior of yesterday's background static, just a full order of magnitude less intense and complex as noted earlier, and somewhat scattered (though still reasonably regular and present more or less after lunch and through the drive). Still managed to be surreal and living-dream, just quietly so if there can be such a thing, ha ha.

One thing in particular I noticed today: a theme of classical word-type recurrences in particular, when I don't believe I've seen more than a couple in this same "old" manner, in the style of reading-type recurrences, where I'd read some new or rarely used word for the first time in a long time and then see it recur in a patternistic and unlikely way in a short span of time. Over the course of the day, I think I had at least a dozen of these, all very subtle and involving generally ordinary words but enough volume and adherence to the pattern to be noticeable, and somewhat more notable given its sudden appearance. A possible correlation: just the night before last, I spontaneously found myself doing a crossword puzzle before bed, the first time I'd done so since I was perhaps a young child, and I did the same thing last night -- thus causing me to ponder words and such in general, very much like when I used to study the new-word journals, which, coincidentally, was when I used to see regular little-word recurrences and, likewise, these seemed to have ceased when I stopped the journal habit. Interesting.

One semi-standout example, if only because it relates to that "Japanese screen"/"drawing the screen" radio echo from yesterday. As it were, that was the first I'd read/encountered/thought of Japanese screens in I don't know how long, months if not years, as is typical of these, and then in the Alan Watts book tonight, it randomly/offhand mentioned "Japanese screens," for the first time in the book, and of course in a relatively short time after my initial encounter with it yesterday.

And then also during dinnertime reading tonight, another classical "throwback"-type of incident, this time one of those "super-randomly checking the Cyma machine's timer to see how long I had left, only to be struck with a clock-tick 37-variant." This time it was exactly "3:07," ticking down from the 8 at the precise instant I bent down to look over the lip of the couch (because, like others, the thing was 100% out of view to me when I'd thought to check, and this was also the first and only time in the 20 minute session that I'd checked, also like the others ...). This one actually had a parallel to the word-type phenomenon, since this is the first I'd done the Cyma for a couple months now, after doing it nightly for over a year.

And then tonight another stray, standout, abnormally timed one. It was another of those involving my randomly singing a snatch of a song, totally absently and out of nowhere, only to have it echo perfectly synchronistically, this time with the song "Purple Stain," which I think I'd heard on the radio within the last couple times, for the first time in the typical "months or more" fashion, but regardless I ended up singing it randomly last night, and the odd thing is that, patternistically, I remember having the distinct thought of "I'm singing 'Purple Stain,'" and "The song's name is 'Purple Stain,'" also totally randomly and illogically yet distinctly -- and then, seconds after having these thoughts and while still singing the song, I went to brush my teeth and thus looked in the mirror for the first time since dinner, and therefore seeing that my lips were royal purple, conspicuously so, from that maqui stuff I ate a bunch of. And not only that, but when I tried to clean them off, it stayed on -- it had stained my lips, a purple stain in every way, 100% precise and accurate (and, just like the song and such, it was the first time I've eaten maqui in quite some time ...). This one was also another of those that, despite being a standout/notable on its own, it also fit the pattern/somewhat unique behavior of most other of the day's echoes, in that "instant external-reality manifestation of some thought or visualization or internal state" fashion, just of a more coherent and objectively notable degree (yet really no more "striking"/"synchroshocking" as the rest of the subtler/more subjective incidents, for they achieved the "external reality collectively echoing my precise internal state/thoughts"/living-dream-type effect all the same).


Today was similar to yesterday in some respects, a bit of a deviation in others, though still with much of the same underlying "feel"/"texture"/groove.

Morning was mostly silent, but did have several of those same subtle/subjective "very striking," "instant manifestation"-type of echoes, instantly recognizable as the same newish breed/subtype of yesterday's semi-storm during afternoon. Other than these, however, none of those after-chore-reading thematics and the like as I've been having semi-frequently lately.

Did have one really damn cool and notable standout in this regard. It was actually identical in pattern/behavior/nature as that "Purple Stain" one from last night, just with different manifest variables again, and also those same notable details/context/100% objective circumstances. This time I came to some random snatch of the song that paused, then started back with the single word "she" (or something like that -- some sort of arrangement where the "she" was singular and pronounced and conspicuous, in any case), which I sang aloud as pronounced and accentuated/"loud" -- precisely as I flipped over a business card and saw, handwritten on it, "SHE 1," perfectly synchronistic and with that same sort of "instant manifestation"/external-reality reflection that characterized so many yesterday and is just so ridiculously surreal I can't even put it into words. And what's more, I have no idea what the card's writing refers to; it's a free day pass for a nearby gym that I picked up randomly while at some random health food store last week, and there's no obvious correlation between how "she" and the number 1 might pertain to a gym/exercise/whatever -- just another of those wildly random and conspicuous little details that are so common to these incidents.

Then on the drive to lunch, had another patternistically identical standouts of these (this time coming amid a scattered little "start-up"-type cluster of the subtler echoes that usually indicate an "entering into the synchronistic state"/"the switch being thrown" shift). It began when I randomly looked down at the floorboard, my attention drawn there for some reason, and just then, a sudden shaft of sun struck those new black leather hightop shoes I was wearing, which were still shiny and reflective, conspicuously so, as to make me absently register them as something like "shiny shoes/very black shoes/deep black shoes" specifically -- precisely as "black shoes" sang randomly and singularly from the radio, and with that absolutely flawless and ridiculously surreal "intertwined" precision, coinciding 100% synchronistically with my registering the shoes and seeing the sun hit them and thus having that instantaneous, involuntary thought/reaction.

Lunchtime, on the other hand, was fully silent of echoes, even subtles and I think even super-personal thematics, without even yesterday's one-dimensional/lesser variants. The only other thought/perceptual activity of the day came in the form of some brief, scattered clusters of yesterday's newish super-subtle/subjective variant of the background static, again identical behaviorally but with far fewer than yesterday, and less intense/more spread out, etc. Did have two standouts in this regard:

> A highly notable radio/random-thought. It started when I suddenly and fully randomly realized how much better I felt over yesterday, from the sudden, mysterious shift in condition that occurred overnight and through the morning, thus causing me to think something like "such an improvement over yesterday/feeling so much better" -- a split second before the radio announcer randomly said "You know, I'm feelin' 1,000% better today," and not only did this echo perfectly the thought/sentiment still crossing my mind, in patternistic fashion, but, as best as I can tell, the announcer's saying this made absolutely no sense, since there was one of those "call in and win a prize" contests going on at the time, and the announcer was speaking to the winning caller, following up the "feeling better" statement with something like "you're caller #9 or whatever, you win" -- and never clarifying how his feeling better pertained in any way to the contest. Yet that patternistically illogical statement Just Happened to echo exactly what I was thinking at that precise instant ...

> Then an hour or so later, another behaviorally identical thought/radio one, when I looked at my wrist and realized I wasn't wearing my other bracelet, thus causing me to look at my rings and watch and normal bracelet, and thus absently think in response something like "Well, at least I have all my other jewelry on to compensate" -- precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out "with all this jewelry on," and again without prelude/shifting from lyrics that had nothing to do with jewelry, etc (I had heard this song literally once before, but even if I'd subconsciously remembered these lyrics, it again wouldn't matter because of the stark and objective/traceable origins of the initial thought, all stemming from the equally objective event of my making a big turn with the steering wheel and thus bringing my right wrist directly into my line of sight and thus causing me to notice its lack of that other bracelet ...).

Numbers were there today, but pretty sparse compared to yesterday and even the more quiet of days lately, with barely any of those low-key 37-plates that so commonly dominate most afternoons. There were still some, but all exclusively low-key and scattered, just numerous/patternistic enough to discount chance but not to establish that running "background static," etc. Did, oddly, have a couple good standouts despite the downturn:

> The first was this morning when I arrived at the coffee shop, and was damn notable/surreal in every way. It happened precisely as I turned in, when not only did I come directly/effortlessly/conspicuously face to face with a car's front-mounted 7731 plate, but it was another of those subjectively highly notable ones, where the car was turning *out* with the same angle/velocity/eccentricity as I was turning *in,* such that its front bumper with the plate swung dramatically toward me, feeling to be swinging *at* me in that "animated"/dramatic/"living" quality so characteristic of these -- just super-duper surreal and living-dream, another of those "shouting" incidents, as opposed to the quiet/whispered/low-key kind (and again having that patternistically climactic feel of a "period at the end of a sentence" that seems to characterize the ends-of-drives or the end of a cluster of incidents or some sort of shift or "scene change" or whatever).

> And then another of those patternistic "immediately after lunch, the very first traffic plate I encountered"-type of 37-plates as I've been seeing so many of lately, and this time with some notable context, beginning when I was leaving the coffee shop lot and noticed a car for sale across the highway and thus altered my course to go and take a look at it, thus requiring three turns plus waiting for a light despite it being just across the street -- adding a lot of time and randomness and those little "critical forks in the road that the synchronicity hinged on," in other words. Then, finally, after going across the street and circling through the driveway where the car was and then crossing the street the *other* way and going through the rigmarole all over again -- only then did I come to that same light again and this time found myself stopped directly behind a 371-plate car, ha ha.

Also another late-night, standout classical reading recurrence, and with very tight timing for one of these. It started tonight while doing computer work when I looked up the psoriasis cream and, in one of the random user reviews I read, the person mentioned how the stuff helped with their "plaque psoriasis," which was the first in my life that I'd ever heard of such a thing, plus it just stood out to me in that special/Noticing way, as to make me stop and look it up specifically -- and then, not an hour later, at the tail end of the day's super-random freebie magazine, I came to an ad for a drug for plaque psoriasis, about as explicit and precise and patternistic of these as you could get, ha ha.


Another quiet day today, and a bit of a change-up over last couple in some respects, namely with the express, albeit subtle and low-volume, return of both the background static of parallels/recurrences/personal thematics as well as that of the 37-plates in traffic, again made all the more noticeable by yesterday's marked absence of both (as to again refine my sense of these and get some good perspective on them/feel for them -- again, if I didn't know better, as if some intelligent force had meant for it to achieve just that end ...).

Morning was fully silent, and this corresponding with another big, neutral/lateral shift in health/condition/consciousness, and seemingly in that fashion where it's not so much reflective of the nature of the change, but just a corresponding outright change, in that "transitional"/"transport-stage" sense that I've noticed before. Did, however, see some 37-plates in traffic on the way to lunch once leaving the house, and a relatively high amount for this time of day, probably 5-6, and all just a little more than low-key, more "there" than the typical "low-key/background static"-type of passive/inconspicuous 37-plate (example: upon coming to the first intersection on the road, I was greeted by the sight of a big tractor/trailer truck trying to make a turn and thus taking up both lanes so as to have space to make the wide turn, thus causing a little backed-up line of cars and just sticking out in a way that forced me to take notice -- and thus see the "53137" printed in small type on the trailer's rear panel -- a sort of "hey look at this" effect, but plainly spoken rather than shouted).

Lunchtime reading saw activity, and somewhat differently today. It was when the background static of super-subtle "everyday little thing"-type of parallels/recurrences returned, but with a twist over lately. First, several of them were of that more-notable "uncommon, specific things that happened just this morning, and for the first time in a while or ever" kind (albeit all of the super-personal/complicated nature that just doesn't translate). But, also, there was a theme running through several of them, that "yes, you are correct"/affirmative sort of theme I've seen before, where I'll have several recent, distinct, precise thoughts or questions or concerns or realizations all echoed within the usual hours-to-couple-days timeline, and also, super-surreally and notably, those in the book today were even *worded* in such a way as to answer these questions or confirm my suspicions or realizations, in that distinct and seemingly intelligent/orchestrated "affirmative" fashion I've seen in the past, such as with the 'Snow Leopard' book and others. Ridiculously notable and surreal and profound, and on so many levels, yet still fully unrelatable in writing.

Another note on lunch: a total absence of "normal," perceptual/environmental/noise-type echoes, same as the absence of the parallels and such yesterday. Another of those "conspicuous in absence"/"negative"-type incidents.

Did, on the other hand, have a few stray, very scattered precise echoes through afternoon, and these were also sort of "negatively notable" in the sense that they were so drastically different in behavior/nature over that newish variant of subtle echo I'd experienced for the last two days, again suggesting some sort of underlying shift or evolution in the underlying phenomena or one of its corollaries. The two examples I got down (and just about the only ones save for a couple super-subtle ones, from what I remember):

> The first came immediately after lunch, when I got in the car and turned it on, then made to get the leftover almond milk into the cold bag to keep it cold after it had been sitting around in the cafe, thus causing me to think something like "get it cold/keep it cold/don't get warm and spoil" -- precisely as "Chill out!" sang from the radio, again corresponding in that absolutely flawless/intertwined fashion with the thought's crossing my mind. And, it bears mentioning, this song had come on the radio right when I keyed the ignition, and these were the very first lyrics on it, plus it was a song I'd never heard before, and plus it all hinged on another patternistically objective/independent event anyhow -- once again explicitly ruling out any sort of subconscious cueing/subtle psychological explanation.

> The other came an hour or so later, and with the exact same behavior and feel and thought/radio format, this time beginning when I was sitting at an intersection, looking absently at the van beside me, when it suddenly eased forward just ever so slightly but didn't actually move, its wheels staying stationary, held back by the brakes, as if the driver's foot had slipped from the pedal but only a little, not enough to totally release the brakes -- and then, precisely as I registered this with the absent thought/feeling of "didn't move/brakes just managed to hold it back," the radio sang out "hold you back," and in that same context, ha ha.


Another very quiet day, much like yesterday but without the standout echoes (but, as if it compensate, with more numbers).

Had several parallels/thematics during after-chore reading today (but no echoes here, either), and these were in that same "everyday little thing" mode, again involving various things from last evening's reading/experiences and some from this morning/just an hour prior again, probably 5-6 or thereabouts total, scattered but enough to be apparent. Couple of the standoutish/coherent ones:

> Last night in the trash newspaper I read before bed, I came to some movie listings and one in particular caught my eye, "Death Wish," which I thought I recognized as an old movie from my childhood but couldn't say for sure, since this was just the listing and had no other info/pictures than just the showtimes, thus causing me to absently but distinctly think something like "I wonder one that one's about/if it's a remake," etc -- and then this morning, in today's super-random freebie magazine that I started again out of a stack of nearly a dozen (and was months old, from last November), it had yet another of those super-random little unadvertised blurb paragraphs mentioning how the "classic movie 'Death Wish' was being remade with Bruce Willis," with a picture that established it as an action movie, thus giving me just enough info to answer exactly my little "asking" last night, in both classical ask-and-receive pattern and that of the reading recurrence (plus with the subjective "feel" of these other "everyday" parallel/recurrence-types)

> And more of those "same town, different state"-type recurrences as I've noted more than once recently, and in the exact same damn fashion, where I've had these random thoughts about several specific towns/cities over the last couple days or so, and I've again seen super-random mentions of places with the exact same names and spellings, just in a different state, with at least two if not more arriving between last night and this morning's super-random magazine

Went on to have more of these over the course of the day, mostly between lunchtime and early afternoon, and then they seemed to fall off totally by mid-afternoon and still as of writing, with all the others too subtle/personal/complicated to be of note. In any case, they were there.

Lunchtime reading was again conspicuously and totally silent of the echo-type of incidents, and other of the more-"active" variants, instead just with some of the aforementioned scattered little recurrences and parallels and some of those lesser/simpler thematics. Then did have a few very scattered and very subtle echoes here and there through afternoon, and they were all consistently of a newish sort of vague, "half-there," delayed nature/behavior, and probably no more than a handful before fading entirely. Best example I got down:

> A delayed radio echo, beginning when I had a long chain of objective/traceable thoughts end with how I wasn't going anywhere this weekend, and instead was just going to chill out and stay put here and sort of put the brakes on things for a bit -- about 1 full second before the radio randomly/singularly sang out, "I heard you found a girl and settled down." This loose/lazy sort of quality characterized all of these type of echoes today, reminding me of those "longwinded thematic"-type of radio/thought/reading echoes I was having there for a while.

Numbers followed a somewhat different pattern today overall, and were very simple: strictly a bunch of low-key 37-plates in traffic (plus some 777s and variants again I noticed, along with a noticeable minority of 44s/14s, etc), beginning almost as soon as I left for the drive to the coffee shop, with at least 5-6 just on that short drive, albeit all just of that "quietly conspicuous" variant at best, none of the actively conspicuous/"loud" types. The most standoutish was a little cluster of "immediately after lunch" ones, beginning with a literally immediately-after one, again the very first plate I encountered after leaving the coffee shop per the pattern, while still in the parking lot, when I opened the car and, directly across from me through the window, there was a parked 739-plate or something, right beside me (which I hadn't seen upon arriving in this totally random spot, since the plate was on the back and the car was facing away, such that it was both there to "greet" me in this fashion, plus rule out any subconscious bias/cueing, etc). Next, when I closed the passenger's side door and rounded the car to get in the driver's side, I found a second 37-plate car directly beside me on that side, as to be seconds apart from the first, in 1-2 fashion. Thereafter came a cluster-y succession of maybe 10-12 low-key plates (many of them "arriving" into/"invading" where I was absently looking, in that way where I'm like a magnet attracting them, again) in traffic, a little mini-storm though it did tone down somewhat afterward. From there, did go on to encounter quite a few such plates, and all strictly "quietly conspicuous" rather than actively/loudly or super-low-key and the like, a definite pattern and somewhat notable in itself (and also subsiding markedly by mid-afternoon, as it were).

Other than this stuff: had maybe two or three more slight echoes and recurrences at dinnertime reading, and that was it.


Today was a lot like yesterday in most ways, though with a dcent number of standouts today.

Morning: totally silent from what I remember, not so much as thematics and subtle little parallels, nor any numbers on the drive to lunch (which was again “negatively notable,” given that I drove longer than usual today, yet don't recall seeing even a single low-key 37-plate or whatever, nor even any subtle little random “everywhere” 37s either). But then lunchtime reading ended up seeing a sudden onset of activity, which, interestingly, seemed to corerspond expressly/patternistically/”reflectively” with a lessening of that really nasty headfog and bluntedness I've had the last couple days, again as if the phenomenon somehow arose in response to my own internal “activation” (which was incredibly profound to experience in itself, especially after it's happened so many times now). It started gradually, with just some scatteered small, one-word reading/random-thought/environmental-type echoes (those so conspicuously absent here and there lately), and then graduated to some standouts, and all these in the same exact vein of the typical trend of luchtime-occurring incidents:

> A classical “nearby coffee shop employee saying some random thing to a customer as to echo my exact thought as it crossed my mind,” this time when the cashier said “Sugar and cream?” to a customer, randomly and singularly, etc, precisely as I took my second bite of lunch and, digging down into the bottom layer of the bowl where the sweet mannose powder and raisins were, I had the instantaneous, reactive absent thought/regsitering of “sugar/sweet,” in contrast to the first bite of salty olives and water chestnuts.

> An equally classical/patternistic “randomly coming to a phrase in the book that echoed my totally objective and random thought precisely as I thought it,” this time when I bit into the first bite with some of those non-organic canned bamboo shoots in it, thus causing me to think specifically of how they weren't organic and that it was the one junky/questionable/non-fresh ingredient I'd allowed myself to put into the meal – right as I came to “not organic” in the book (in a different sort of context, referring to something or other that hadn't been allowed to unfold naturally, but again perfectly echoing my thought in that super-literal sense)

> A similar, nearby-stranger version of a reading echo: precisely as a random customer across the roomb behind me ordered a doughnut and specified “powdered” (this one word only, in answer to the cashier's question), I came to “crumbled fragments” in the book, ha ha

> Another of those ridiculously surreal “nearby strangers' involved discussion being echoed by my thoughts/reading/experience,” this time when I remembered how I needed to look up the info about that new gym and thus took a break from eating/reading to turn on my phone and look up the webpage – and then, simultaneously as I brought up the page and went through it, thus bringing a general theme of “gym” and “exercise”-type thoughts into my mind/perception/registering, the two coffee shop employees, across the room and totally out of view of my phone/absorbed in the long conversation they'd been holding for the last few minutes in the absence of new customers, began randomly discussing the gym that one of them went to, and how the trainer there was good and how there were certain exercises that one of the employees liked, etc, etc – all perfectly echoing the general theme of the gym's page and of all the general thoughts/perceptions/sentiment moving through my mind at the time, perfectly patternistic of these

> Had a few more little parallels/thematic recurrences at lunch, and these were exclusively of that “affirmative”/sort of ridiculously precise and intelligently “directed” sort of “yes, you're right in what you were thinking/feeling/questioning recently”-type ones, most notably one that seemed to explicitly address my daylong struggle yesterday resulting from the nightmarish headsickness, during which I'd eventually just let go and embraced the possibility of staying in that hellish state forever and, thus, had ended up regressing into a diminuitive childlike state which proved to allow me to tolerate that space and move through it and even end up benefiting and growing as a result ironically, as to be a sort of “moving backward to move forward”-type maneuver – and that's exactly what was discussed in a section of the book I read today at lunch, and again in many of the same terms even, and without the slightest prelude to this subject beforehand in the book. UTTERLY PROFOUND …

Again had mental/perceptual/thought-type silence descent abruptly and patternistically after lunch, though today it did in time resume, albeit slowly, beginning about an hour later with some small-but-striking echoes (coincidentally when my digestion seemed to stabilize/my meal “settling,” as seems to be a pattern I've noticed several times though far from consistently). Ultimately ended up having a decent, if scattered, number, and these again seeming to ramp up the farther/faster I traveled, also in that sometimes-pattern. The standouts I got down:

> Damn cool radio/objective-thought-type ones, beginning when I went to close my car door and, faced with the box with the $1,000 dollars in the side panel that I'd just put there for the day, I had the absent/instant/'reactive”-type thought of “a thousand dollars” – precisely as the radio announcer randomly/singularly said “one thousand dollars,” and without prelude or anything (though it again wouldn't matter, with my thought being 100% objectively traceable to my seeing the door and the box and having it trigger that semi-automatic thought). Had several more of those “quick, perfectly synchronistic, smaller” kind of radio-centered echoes throughout the course of the drive, again in the same underlying behavior/pattern/nature though not quite so coherent

> Once on the highway, had a handful of those especially “striking” passing-sign-type ones, probably 5-6 total and all pretty notable if only subjectively so. One example of the subtler ones: hearing “Days!” on the song on the radio, again just that single word, precisely as I passed a sign for a daycare and registered a line of it reading “DAY,” as to echo the underlying “day” sentiment (and something I noticed about this one: I knew the song and I actually sang out “Days!” when it did, passionately/expressively, and this was echoed by the sign's appearance/registering after a period of general silence beforehand – as if maybe the emotion and energy I experienced as a result of the outburst of song somehow triggered the echo, with external reality “answering”/reflecting/reacting to the sudden shift in my internal state?)

> Another good passing-sign example of today's particular lot: precisely as I passed a sign reading “LAND FOR SALE,” with the FOR SALE on its own line and in a different color than the rest of the text, a particularly deep/passionate shade of blue, the radio randomly sang out “deep blue,” again corresponding perfectly in both time and precision with my registering the color of the text (before I'd even registered the text/meaning itself, instead just being struck by that particularly attractive shade of blue – and this one fits that semi-distinct “color-synchro”-type of echo I've seen here and there in the past)

> A damn cool, albeit literally “small” and subjectively notable, radio echo, beginning when I passed in front of a truck that was trying to make a left turn through three lanes of traffic, with it being invisible to me from behind the other, stopped cars from where I was in the third lane over, thus cutting off the truck and causing me to think something like “I'd have let him through if I'd seen him,” this coming along with accompanying thoughts of “I wish I'd been able to let him through/I didn't let him through,” etc – precisely as “don't let him in” sang randomly/singularly/”strikingly” from the radio

Numbers: another day like a couple others I've had recently, of the “very high amount of exclusively low-key 37-plates in traffic,” again probably uptwards of two dozen at least, maybe more like four dozen or more, I honestly again forgot, memory overwhelmed, etc. They were all strictly after-lunch, but today not in that “immediately afterward” fashion, or even close, instead just randomly/”lazily” showing up quietly after I'd been on the road maybe 30 minutes, which seems to be becoming another classification in itself. From there, they escalated pretty steadily through the drive, until I ended up with another of those steady background static of “qiuetly conspicuous” ones, again damn profound and notable and surreal in itself, and even carrying over into parking lots and such again (and in that “every single parking lot I stopped in, however randomly or unplanned or illogical, several in a row”).

The only standout I had in this regard was another of those quietly surreal “alignments,” and this time a little different than those past, a triple, and of three otherwise low-key 37-plates in traffic, when I was on the highway and, across the three lanes of traffic, the three plates again aligned for one split second, and with that logistical and physical/geometric precision that's so patternistic of these.


Big big uptick today, much the same as last few in terms of form/pattern/”feel”/types of incidents, but just a sheer explosion of activity.

Had some after-chore reading activity this morning, and though sparse and not extraordinarily notable on the surface, the context upgraded it significantly, for the reading material in question was yet another super-random freebie magazine, but again of that exceptionally, “impossible to be more random and objective” kind, in the vein of those few times recently when I got the Kafka ebook after forgetting mine at home and this one ended up presenting all kinds of explicit echoes and recurrences, for this magazine was, first, a complimentary magazine in the completely random, spur-of-the-moment rental I arrived in yesterday, and, second, I felt absolutely Compelled to read it, despite still going through that huge backlog of other magazines I got from the clinic lady recently – yet this one also Just Happen to instigate several explicit, highly notable incidents:

> Right off the bat just about, had one single, standout page-turn-type echo, classical and objective in every way. It started when I noticed how the coffee this morning didn't have that interesting anti-inflammatory effect I've gotten a couple times lately, thus causing me to wonder what it might be, namely the antioxidants and other supposed goodies in coffee – and then, less than a second later when I turned the page (again to a new leaf, its contents 100% invisible beforehand, just like all these), I was greeted by a big picture of coffee beans with a little random offhand blurb paragraph beside it describing the health benefits of coffee, specifically its antioxidant content and its effect on the skin.

> A good number of parallels and “little every day thing” thematic recurrences in the magazine, with several being vague and super-subtle, and some others echoing things from last night or the last couple days/less-tight timing, but then there were a couple that were of that tighter, “just happened super-randomly not an hour ago”-type ones, each ridiculously notable and surreal and living-dream on their own. The best example: over the last couple days, I'd had some vague thoughts about how well I've gotten at optimizing my routine and getting housework and little chores done in the midst of other stuff, specifically how I arrange things in the house for optimal placement for when I'll need them later – and then in the magazine, it had this little three-page article with “ten tips for organization,” in which it detailed more or less exactly the same theme of those patternistically “recent-realization” thoughts I'd had regarding my organization, plus several of the individual tips touching on exactly the sort of things I'd just noticed, about placement and optimal arrangement and all that sort of thing. The biggie, however, was when it mentioned a subtle/passivew way to get bigger, more-involved tasks done, by dedicating just a few spare minutes at a time to them and chipping away when it's convenient and efficient – another thing that I'd specifically realized, and even in highly similar terms, with my thinking of it as “guerilla chore-ing,” and the article's author described as a “ninja-like” approach, echoing that precise same sentiment.

The next “bloc” of activity came after leaving the house for lunch, primarily with the first of what would be a huge number of traffic 37-plates today, plus some small-but-striking radio/thought-type echoes (such as my seeing the sign for the turn I was looking for, a second or so before the radio randomly sang out “turn,” with a slight delay in this case, as would characterize several of these today for whatever reason). In just the short ~15 minute ride (which, again in line with that emerging pattern I've touched on before, involved my abnormal making a stop on the way to lunch instead of heading straight there), I saw at least a dozen plates, and most were semi-conspicuous, often directly in my line of sight/invading my area of focus, etc.

One standout then: another of those “cluster of incidents with a final, semi-climactic 'period at the end of a sentence'”-type meta-incidents. It started with a tight string of semi-conspicuous 37s, beginning when I passed this random truck at roadside with its 773-plate put up in the rear window, conspicuously so, and directly in my line of sight as I passed, as if it was lit in neon → next, a minute or so later, another of those “conspicuously obscured”-type signs, when I stopped at an intersection Just So that the “4” on a big “$4.37” cigarrette sign was obscured, leaving the 37 “out there” conspicuously → next, when I made a wrong turn into the wrong parking lot, opposite the place I was going to but still within walking distance, and there, when I parked in the closest spot to where I was going, at the edge of the lot, I found myself directly beside a 777-plate truck, ha ha.

And still more before-lunch activity, with more of the same steady low-key and semi-conspicuous traffic numbers plus small-but-striking echoes, maybe about the most intense/surreal/”loud” that I've had at this time of day. And these too culminated in another “sentence period”-type incident, another Compelled/random parking conspicuous-type one, this time when I got to the coffee shop (which, first off, was Compelled and spur-of-the-moment, with my foregoing the place I'd planned on), and then, once there, rather than parking in the logical/convenient spaces close to the entrance, I was Compelled to park at the edge of a separate lot and then walk – only to find myself directly behind not one, two but 37-plate cars, and they were even very similar plates, one being a 573 and the other a 537 (and, also, both facing away from me in the direction I'd entered, and without front plates …).

Lunchtime reading was, ironically, the quietest portion of the day other than very early morning, with only the very very slightest of echoes plus some recurrences and parallels, barely enough in number to discount chance (though, subjectively at least, the “feel” and behavior and patternistic element was fully present in them). However, the whirlwind-level of activity resumed afterward, and today it did indeed come in that “literally immediately after lunch” timeframe, literally as soon as I left the coffee shop, when I opened the door and, directly across from me and directly in my line of sight (as to “greet” me in that ridiculously surreal “Hey, look at THIS!” fashion), was the 307-plate on a parked truck, and words just can't describe how “there” and “in your face” it was, not even a millisecond gap between my opening the door and then being met with the plate's “reveal.” It felt really as if I was were seeing a living thing, is the best I can describe the “striking” impact of it.

On that note, I would actually have this exact same basic incident repeat itself later in the day, this time at the health food store when I opened the door and was smacked, identically and instantly by the 3173 plate of the parked truck directly across from me (and another big/little detail about both of these: the parking spaces were diagonal, and at just such an angle that the plate would be so perfectly aligned with my vision as to penetrate it so strikingly).

The rest of the afternoon saw both a very steady, almost entirely semi-conspicuous background static of traffic-plate repeats (almost all 37s from what I can remember, though it seems like some 44/14s and 77s were a visible minority too), punctuated with an almost as steady amount of standouts (with a big bent towards parking-lot type ones today over the usual standout-conspicuous traffic-related ones, like the “reckless drivers demanding attention,” etc). And these too continued literally the entire time I was out today, despite being out abnormally long (and my whole day again going completely different to plan/super-randomly on nearly every stop and the general areas I was in). They went on right up until I parked at the place, with a one-two “period”-type incident even, when, first, a 371-plate Z3 ended up directly in my line of sight when I had to pull forward just so to back into the parking space I chose, and then, once I'd backed into it, the car directly across from me and patternistically “invading” my vision had a 371-plate.

Standouts I got down (again minus a large number that I simply couldn't remember or keep track of):

> Another in the small theme/chain of “wrong turn into a parking lot or something, only to find myself directly by some quietly conspicuos parking-lot-type 37-plate,” this time when I (rather mysteriously) overshot the thrift store that was pretty hard to miss, and thus had to turn around – but then, after turning around, I decided to stop and turn on my phone and check the map again, thus requiring me to pull off and park in the lot of this random restaurant (which I felt Compelled to do, even passing a couple of perfectly good other pull-off spots/lots on the way), again only to find myself pulling up directly beside a 371-plate truck that was, first, facing away from me when I pulled in, and, again, at such an angle that I couldn't see its plate until I'd already decided on the target space and turned in

> Same thing at that random coffee shop I'd felt Compelled to stop and check out upon passing it, rather than checking its menu online later, where, after parking in front of it and seeing its menu and then backing out, I found myself in a dead end at the back of a lot with no outlet, and so I had to back into another space to turn around – and thus found myself facing a truck's 736-plate, and again with it parked at an angle that made it invisible to me even peripherally/subconsciously until I'd back into the space and turned around, ha ha

> A conspicuous cluster of low-key parking-lot plates at that random health food store I stopped at, when I pulled out and, back to back, had three 37-plates in a row “enter”/”invade” where I had to look to safely navigate my way out of the lot, again in seamless, 1-2-3 fashion, bringing about that collective, “greater than the sum of its parts”-type effect that still just leaves my head spinning

> A spin on the “Compelled parking space”-type one, this time a “Compelled trash can,” which was sitting at the edge of the lot at the juice place I'd randomly stopped at (Compelled to, despite their charging $10 for a juice that EF sells for $4 …). On the way out, I'd picked up some litter from the parking lot, intending to put it in the car's trash bag, but instead I was distinctly and urgently and patternistically Compelled to put it in this inconvenient and out-of-the-way trashcan – and, upon getting to it, I found it to have “735” spray-painted on its lid, which was, once again, fully invisible to me due to its level angle, so that I could only see it after I'd been Compelled and then walked all the way over to it …

Thought/perceptual-incident-wise, afternoon was pretty active but not as much as numbers, and oddly there were very few of the background-static-level echoes and thematics and the like then, with what few there were again being scattered and super-subtle/too complicated or subjective to convey, etc. On the other hand, a good number of very notable standouts, spread out over probably 4 hours before subsiding to silence:

> Another of those unique, singular, un-patternistic, and very very notable ones, with a generally different behavior and feel and format, though definitely “synchronistic” rather than one of those maybe/quasi-synchronicity-type black sheep. This one started with another of those random-but-distinct-and-traceable chains of thoughts, this one ending with that weird sort of liver dysfunction I'd been having increasingly over the last few days and especially today, which caused me to think “Well, what could be causing my liver to get upset?” – and then, a split second afterward, my eyes fell on a random roadside sign directly across the intersection where I was stopped at (I want to say that a stopped car had moved, thus getting out of the way of the sign and “revealing” it to me, but I can't say for sure – it entered conspicuously/patternistically into my attention at this exact moment, however), which read “TMG CONCERT,” and as soon as I read it, it hit me: I've been taking the TMG powder every day, which, as was involved one of the reading synchros recently, I'd just learned how it acts upon the liver just like choline, of which caused a similar liver upset the last time I tried taking it regularly, and so it makes perfect sense that that's exactly what's screwing with my liver – and was thus a sort of “instantaneous ask-and-receive”-type one, about as damn surreal and conspicuous and immediate as you could get. Though, I suppose that this could foreseeably be a coincidence, with the deciding factor whether it is indeed the TMG that's been causing this.

> On the vaguer, subtler side, a semi-coherent example of the few subtler incidents of this afternoon: at one parking lot, after starting up the car and hearing “I need” as the first words over the radio, upon backing out a second or two later and, while looking around necessarily to see if it was safe, I came face to face with a bumper sticker beginning with “I really need” on the car directly beside me, with it “arriving” into my sight after being invisible to me until I'd backed out, as to echo the little “need” sentiment in a semi-coherent and closely timed way, as is the basic nature of these kinds

> Had several more of those subtler/”partial”/vague-but-striking radio/random roadside sign-type ones, exactly the same as the many I've been seeing so many of recently. One: hearing “shoes” randomly on the radio, precisely as, while absently looking around at an intersection, my eyes fell on a sign for “PHILLIPS SHOES” (and again one of those where the sign was visible to me peripherally when the lyric came out, such that it would've been possible to explain as the lyric cueing me subconsciously to notice the “SHOES” on the sign – except that, first, there had to be a sign with “shoes” on it in the first place, and which there always is with these, and then, second, the underlying pattenristic behavior/feel/format of these, in which even the ones already in view are always just entering my line of sight or awareness simultaneously, or a split second before, the lyric's sounding, and just happening so many times that it comes collectively/patternistically notable, albeit subjectively in this regard). Another: seeing a sign for “SLEEPING ORGANIC” right as “sleep” sang from the radio (a slight delay on this one, that one-two second one that's characteristic of some of these – now to the point of being patternistic of them, as to be perversely notable in some small way, ha ha).

And then finally two late, standout incidents during evening reading in the sweat bath, of the rest of that super-ridiculously-extra-duper-random magazine:

> A classical “involuntary bodily function”-type reading echo, when, at the preceise instant that I hit that point of critical mass in the sweat bath when I officially begin “sweating,” with the first beads of sweat falling down my face, after building up for the initial, sweatless 15 minutes or so, I came to 'sweat-inducing” in the magazine article, again randomly/singularly and totally offhand, and also in that same manner of “visible to me peripherally, but hinging so much on the involuntary and objective event of my sweating that its visibility was irrelevant.” And once again: DAMN SURREAL.

> An equally notable “little everday thing”-type parallel/recurrence, except of the upgraded, coherent variety, and this too just ridiculously surreal. It started this afternoon when, upon randomly seeing one of those claw machines where you put in a couple quarters and try to snag a prize, I was struck with the sudden, distinct, yet bizarre and illogical thought that maybe I should leave a couple quarters there so that maybe a kid would find them and play the game, and I even made to do it but all I had were a few dimes and pennies – and then, at the very back of that stupid-random magazine, it had this article called “31 things you can do to make someone happy this month,” with a calendar of the month and a little random good deed written in, and one of them was “Drop a couple quarters for some lucky kid to find,” or something to that effect – in any case, another nearly-exact echo of the same sentiment I'd so randomly and obliquely experienced just a couple hours earlier, and even echoing the “two quarters” and “lucky kid” specifically. Wow …


Today maintained the same basic feel and pattern and types of incidents as yesterday, but not quite so crazy and “loud,” a sort of medium-level version of it all.

Morning was almost totally silent from what I remember, even during reading, and this coresponding with a downturn in health/energy, etc, following that distinct/logical “reflective” correlation in this case. (I did not a few scattered, subtle though patternistic parallels/recurrences, such as when, while doing the crossword puzzle randomly this morning, I Noticed, on the “last week's completed puzzle” puzzle beside the blank one, that one of the words was “NWA,” thus making me think of the music group of that name, for the first time in a while, as well as Notice it distinctly – and then NWA was mentioned as randomly and patternistically/offhand in the magazine an hour or so later, and, once again, this was another of the super-random complimentary magazines in the place, which I was again Compelled to read over the ones I'd brought with me …). Then did see a little activity after finally leaving the house for church, again not as dense or conspicuous/precise as yesterday's but a good chunk of activity nonetheless. Standouts:

> Another of those new “instant question-and-answer”-type of incidents like that one involving the TMG/liver upset yesterday, exactly the same in fact, with the same mechanics and behavior and subjective feel. This time, my initial question started when I randomly but traceably thought of the crossword I'd started this morning, namely the prompt for the “classy cars,” which I had initially thought to be “Maserati” but I couldn't remember how to spell it – and then, less than a second later, I came upon a sign for Maserati at a dealership, with it emerging from behind other stuff and so previously entirely invisible/obscured until just that exact instant when I'd completed the thought of “wonder what that classic-car clue was for/was it for Maserati as I'd thought and I was just spelling it wrong?,” etc, even more objective than yesterday's given that that sign might've been in view of me peripherally when I'd had the initial thoughts.

> There were numbers on this drive, but they didn't start right away, instead coming on randomly after I'd made a stop and then got back into traffic and, while at an intersection, had a 137-plate car pull up right beside me and stop so that its plate was directly/effortlessly in my line of sight, as to “arrive” there/”invade” my vision patternistically

> Next, a few minuts down the road, had a cool and very notable cluster, beginning with another of those classically patternistic “conspicuously/abnormally slow driver forcing me to slow down and get close as to dramatically/conspicuously see its 37-plate,” this time a truck with a 373-ending plate – and then, a split second after I got close enough for the plate to resolve and for me to register it, a second 37-plate plate car appeared from my left and passed me, also in that patternistic “passing 37-plate arriving directly into my area of focus” fashion, as to bring about that 1-2/wham-bam effect – and then, finally, to top it all off, the second, passing car overtook the first, slow-driving car too, and again at just the right speed and angle and height as to “align” in that patternistic way.

> Had a few very subtle, “loose,” semi-literal/precise echoes during this period too, scattered here and there but all of the same behavior/feel, and reasonably notable eventually. Good standout example: precisely as, on my phone, I applied the filter to a facial photograph and thus changed it considerably, “see the faces change” sang randomly/singularly from the radio (or it was something like this, I can't remember what exactly, but in any case, echoing the sentiment/action perfectly and with very close terms/language/literal precision, etc, and perfectly synchronistic/striking in timing to boot)

From there, went on to have a little activity in church, and it too fit that exact same “speaker's sermon echoing various random, fleeting, objective thoughts and feelings and the like,” though these were a bit on the “loose” and mildly delayed side, similar to that delayed variant of the echoes I've been having lately.

One damn cool example, a double that was highly notable in several ways. It started when, precisely as the pastor said “they don't like the silence out there” (in the context of peacefulness/stillness, etc), a siren emerged in the distance, after a total silence outside both before and after, as to coincide with perfect timing and as to echo that general sentimental theme of “it's loud out there” as implied by the pastor's words. But then, probably 10-15 minutes later at the tail-end of the service, this first incident was involved indirectly with a second, when, precisely as I reminded myself to write a note about the “siren incident earlier,” the other, new speaker at the time, who was making some announcement or commentary or something, randomly said “sirens,” and in that same context of a loud noise, etc.

Lunchtime reading was again generally sedate and quiet, with only a few scattered thematics and “little everyday thing” parallels/recurrences, and barely these, and I don't think they even lasted the whole meal through. Did have one damn cool standout reading/thought echo though. It started when I came to a section about the Japanese concept of mumen/”no-thought” thinking, and how it was essentially the act of “thinking without thinking”/operating and acting coherently and logically but without conscious/logical thought, which caused me to take notice because that had been the day's theme to the extreme, with the recent headsickness and such forcing me to silence the conscious mind and rely almost solely on this “no-thought” mode of conduct – all of which, ultimately, caused me to think something like, “Isn't it ironic and cool that I'm successfully reading a book about no-thought, in a distinct mode of no-thought,” which was something of a parallel/”book echoing present life”-type incident in itself. I didn't note it as anything more than this, though, until, a few lines down, I came to this line: “But can we be in the state of mumen while reading?” – not only echoing exactly what I'd been thinking and doing, but as a sort of inverse answer to it, with the author asking a question that I myself had demonstratably answered in my observation that I was indeed, at that very moment, “reading without thinking” …

One other semi-coherent parallel/recurrence example from this reading session. It started this morning, again in that other, super-duper-ridiculously random complimentary magazine at the place, when it had featured these random pictures of an Asian-looking wooden gate with a tiled roof and such, which I had thought was a torii gate, but couldn't remember the exact term – but then, in the book at lunch, just hours later, it randomly/offhandedly mentioned “Chinese gates,” which were wooden and had tiled roofs and were similar to the Japanese “torii” gate but not the same thing – another sort of combination recurrence and weird little “ask and receive”-type clarification, ha ha. (And nevermind that this was the first I'd ever heard of a Chinese gate ...)

As for the rest of the afternoon, there were no standouts, instead just another background static of after-lunch 37-plates, again heavy on parking-lot-types of various degrees of notability and conspicuousness (including a couple more of those “Compelled to take a sudden, illogical, inconvenient path through the lot only to encounter multiple 37-plates,” plus a couple of those where I was Compelled to pick up a certain piece of litter and was thus “intelligently led” to such plates). It fell short of yesterday's storm-level of volume and intensity, though, again of a more medial level, and lessening considerably by the “usual” time of early evening (no plates waiting for me in the driveway at the place this time, ha ha).

Thought-wise, back to just some scattered small-but-striking/”loosely precise”-type of echoes as I've been having during most afternoons lately, probably 5-6 spread out again. Best example: when I was holding the little pile of random litter I'd picked up on the way through a parking lot, putting it one piece at a time into that tiny little paper trashbag I had to use, and then came to a crushed burger box and absently thought/registered it as “crushed” in that patternistic way – and then, upon putting the box into the bag and then coming to the next piece of litter, it was a plastic soda bottle labeled “GRAPE CRUSH,” as to instantaneously echo the “crush” still crossing my mind, plus do it in that “revealed”/”animated” fashion, again very “living” and “there” (and again highly patternistic of these type of afternoon echoes in particular, as it were).


A change-up today in several regards, and just generally quieter.

Morning saw a few very very subtle thematics during after-chore reading, all too complex/personal to note, plus one very notable and somewhat unique/atypical page-turn echo. It started earlier on, with my singing random snatches of another random song that just popped into my head, this time "The Changeling," and specifically the chorus, that repeats "I'm the changeling, watch me change," with my continuing this off and on all morning, right up until I lay down to read that same second complimentary super-random magazine at the place that I'd started last night. The first I noticed was that, while reading some random little article about a book, it subtly echoed a general theme of "change," in which the plot involved a boy going into a carnival and then coming out changed, which caused me to notice it but not really think anything of it beyond yet another "little everyday thing"/"heat of the moment" reflective parallel/recurrence/thematic or whatever -- but then, seconds later when I turned the page (to a new leaf, previously invisible, etc), it listed another book, titled 'The Changeling,' and still while I was singing the song off and on, ha ha.

Did see some more morning activity today like I have several times lately, on the drive to lunch, and more significantly/coherently/profoundly than most past incidents from this time of day (and, once again, these corresponded with my making the rare stop before lunch, two of them today in fact, definitely suggesting a pattern at this point). It was all numbers, beginning with some low-key 37-plates in traffic, then graduating to a steadier stream and a few standouts, including another of those classical and notable "driver recklessly tail-gating me and thus demanding my attention, then passing me on the left and thus dramatically revealing its 37-plate directly into my line of sight." Plus an equally classical instance of those patternistic "creeper"/"drifter"-type incidents, with a car creeping up past me at an intersection and stopping *just so* that its 733-plate 'invaded' the exact space I was absently looking at, and stopping *just there,* thus 'parking' the plate directly into my line of sight. Had the noticeable appearance of a steady-ish cluster of "everywhere"/"world" 37s during this time period too, including a damn cool litter-type one when I picked up what I thought was one spent lottery ticket to throw away, but then after walking a few seconds, a second ticket fell from the first, and when I went to pick it up, it had a vertical 3 and 7 in the scratched off numbers visible, with the rest obscured due to the way it fell/was folded up, in that subtle-but-conspciuous "living"/"intelligent"/"orchestrated" way that I've observed so many times in the "bent up/torn paper litter on the ground"-type ones -- so "small" and "quiet" yet just ridiculously surreal (and, likewise, there followed a distinct sequence of several such "everywhere" 37s afterward, after a previous silence for the most part, again as to collectively render it that less likely to be chance, however obliquely, etc).

Thought-wise, today was very quiet overall, with lunchtime reading being the most-active period but even then just the slightest, scattered small-but-striking one-word environmental/thought/reading-type incidents, and still with that same "feel" and behavior that characterizes those from this time of day/activity in particular (perhaps from the state of conscious I enter into upon reading/eating/the collective dining experience? another element of that "reflective" aspect of the phenomenon?). Of the dozen or so that arrived, the best/most coherent example was when I came to "footwear" in the book, randomly and singularly again, at the precise instant that, in my peripheral vision, the woman sitting nearby wagged her foot, which I absently registered as something like "foot/shoe/sandal," perfectly coinciding with the word in "intertwined" fashion, and of course perfectly precise in reference, and also in that distinct pattern of the echo involving a fleeting, instantaneous, near-involuntary reactive thought/perceptual registering on my part, with some totally objective and causally independent event in external reality (or is there such a thing? ha ha). Was again just enough to signal that distinct "entering the synchronistic state"/commencing of the "living-dream"-type sensation that's become to clear and distinct to me.

From there, the rest of the day saw very little activity on this front, even on the super-subtle level, instead just involving a few very random and brief little single- or double-incident periods of acitivity, and all of it still within the realm of "subtle and complex/personal/'heat-of-the-moment' echoes and thematics and recurrences/parallels." Few examples:

> On the super-subtle/subjective side: it started when I got down to the dregs of that cucumber juice, where all that was left was that sort of odd, fibrous foam that's unique to fresh cucumber juice, such that when I shook it around to see if it was worth trying to get out, it just sort of fell about the cup in little clumps rather than moving/flowing like a liquid, and distinctly so, where I was caused to sort of envision the "falling about/clumpy" sensory/tactile/visual of this in my mind's eye, in the same psychological mechanism involved in "registering" something on an internal level -- precisely as "drip-drop" sang from the radio, also in the context of liquid, and echoing perfectly that bizarre and subjective yet distinct combination tactile/visual sensation I'd simultaneously but objectively formed in my mind's eye -- perfectly patternistic of so many of these super-subtle/subjective "little" environmental/thought-type echoes that seem to come around mostly during afternoons.

> A similarly "subtle and small and individually dismissible but collective/patternistically notable" one: when the radio randomly sang out "a river" precisely as I as randomly drove over a bridge, when this too was perfectly in line with the subjective/"feel" of these kind of super-small incidents

> Had a single, and fully classical/patternistic "radio/roadside sign-registering"-type of echo, at the gas station when I looked around before pulling out, thus having a big sign reading "APPLY INSIDE" enter my diret line of sight/focus at the precise instant that "Inside!" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, and again with the lyric correlating with perfect, intertwined precision with my reading/registering the "inside" on the sign.

Then had a damn cool, if simple, classical reading-type recurrence (though this is another one that I suppose could as easily classify as just a standout/coherent parallel/recurrence example). It started sometime within the last two days, when I saw the 'Queen Mary' transcontinental ship referenced in at least two totally and conspicuously/patternistically different pieces of reading material (I'm about 99% percent sure it was in that first super-random complimentary magazine at the place, plus the Alan Watts book -- whatever the case, they were totally separate and unrelated/different-subject-matter sources, and with relatively/patternistically close timing). Once again I at first just noted this internally only, as yet another parallel/"little everyday thing" recurrence -- but then today it happened again, and exactly the same in every way just about, beginning at lunchtime reading with that cooking-memoir book I just started reading yesterday, in which the author devoted several pages to describing a childhood trip across the ocean on the Queen Mary, and then it was referenced, totally randomly and offhand, in tonight's super-random freebie magazine (which I'd been meaning to read for days now, but had put off to read those two at the place, of which at least one ironically referenced the ship too, but really it might've been both -- but, in any case, at least four references total from four super-random/totally different sources, all coming within that relatively tight and patternistic recurrence-time-period).


Early morning and after-chore reading were largely silent, seems like maybe a few very personal/subjective thematics, and even these of that flatter/less-profound/less-deep kind. Did see some sudden thought echoes shortly into the morning drive, however, a cool little cluster as I merged onto the highway, beginning when, precisely as I started gaining on a car as we entered the highway-merging lane and so absently registered it with a thought of something like "I'm getting near you if you don't speed up/we're merging in traffic and I'm coming fast behind you," the radio randomly/singularly sang out "can't you see me comin'," not overly precise but again enough that, with the perfect and patternistic/intertwined timing, it was again notable and "striking." Then, a split second after this one, the first 37-plate of the day appeared, not only "invading" my area of focus when I passed, but also on a car parked in an odd, self-made space and at a crooked angle, yet which Just Happened, conspicuously and patternistically, to be exactly that which was necessary for it to "invade" my vision. Then, finally, about a minute or so down the road, another perfectly timed radio/thought echo, beginning when I had some long and random yet totally objective chain of thought that ended with something like "that's poisonous/that's unclean/that's sickening" (I can't remember exactly what it was now, other than that it was yet another patternistically traceable and objective thought), precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out "don't you know that you're toxic." Had a handful of just-conspicuous/numerous-enough 37-plates by the time I got to the coffee shop, too.

Lunchtime reading: another of those days with almost no echoes (just a few very very subtle one-word ones, completely dismissible if not for their patternistic feel and behavior, etc), yet with a decent cluster of personal thematics, and these were, unlike those of morning, of that graduated level of notability. In fact, these were of that ridiculously profound and notable and precise kind, involving very recent, specific events/feelings/situations in my life, a couple of them even coherent and objective.

Best example: another one of those almost shockingly precise and tightly timed "reading about exactly what I'd experienced just that morning, for the time ever," and not only did this one fit the same pattern and behavior of these, but it even seemed to be a continuation of the last such one, from a couple days ago when I'd suddenly had that patternistic conscious realization of my organization routines around the house/how and why I place things and my sensitivity to their placement, etc, except this time the book (a cook's memoir about his work life and kitchen practices) came to a long, detailed section detailing the job of a line cook, the different stations, the reasons and importance of placement of tools and implements and ingredients, the physical aspects of it like precision of movement and such -- which is *exactly* what I'd consciously realized this morning, both in general and even specifically in multiple ways. It was just like last time, starting when, after leaving the rental place and then getting back home yesterday and having to unpack and kind of "reboot" my morning routine, especially that of making lunch and the like, I'd become suddenly and keenly aware of every single damn thing just about that the book described in the terminology/through the prism of a line cook, though once again sometimes even in the same, shared, general terminology, probably at least 4-5 different exact ways that I'd consciously realized for the first time this morning, as to dominate my thoughts and absent ruminations for much of the morning -- again hugely notable just in itself, but with the patternistic element factored in (and the randomness, given that this book was just started yesterday, out of a selection of several, and bought equally super-randomly and on a Compelling no less), it's just so ridiculously surreal, nothing less than a booming voice from the sky just about. (And just now, another echo: precisely as I typed "booming voice from the sky," a booming thunderclap sounded in the distance, holy shit.)

One particular, even standout example of the explicit parallels here, as to qualify as a standalone recurrence in itself: one particular thing I'd realized this morning is how I'm affected psychologically/perceptually by my workspace if I let it, from its cleanliness and orderliness and whether my tools or whatever are in reaching distance, all of which can have profound and either painful or mood-boosting effects if I allow them to -- and this was echoed exactly in the text, and in the same terms and context and everything, even going so far as to quote a chef, at the end of a paragraph detailing everything I just described more or less, saying, "If your workspace is dirty, so is your head. Work clean!" (not verbatim but close to it)

Experienced several more of those super-small, vague, "heat-of-the-moment" little instant echoes today too, of the same kind I've been having here and there lately, such as that "crushed box"/"grape-crush soda bottle reveal" from a couple days ago. Another good example today: at lunch when I had my shoes off, I suddenly Noticed the green stripes on my socks, as to instantly and absently register this mentally in that way that is so often echoed in some fashion -- precisely as I saw a little stuffed elf toy lying on the ground nearby, strewn there with a dog's bowl, presumably a chewtow, and the elf's shirt had green stripes on it exactly like those on my sock, as to be a sort of visual equivalent of the radio/thought, etc, echoes, with the same basic behavior and pattern, just visually instead of by some other medium -- another super-subtle, only loosely precise, purely thematic echo, again as to be wholly dismissible as coincidence or psychological cueing or whatever if not for the express patternistic feel and behavior, and the sheer number of these, so regularly and consistently in their underlying mechanics.

Afternoon was much like yesterday, with just a slight few, scattered, super-subtle echoes like that of the elf stripes, plus a couple sudden, singular standout echoes:

> The first began when I came up at an intersection and stopped next to a car with a plate reading "NMBNO1," which I Noticed distinctly, thus causing me to consciously think "Number One," this part only, and sounding it out vocally in my mind -- a split second before the radio announcer randomly said "Number one," pertaining to I don't remember what (and this one was another with that slight delay, but still close enough and precise enough to not matter -- but once again, why a delay at all?).

> Then shortly after that first one, a very cool double, involving the same play of the same song on the radio. The first part happened when I got into the car and then started it up and turned on the headlights -- precisely as "turn your lights" sang from the radio. And again, this was notable in itself, but much moreso given the details and the context, since, first, it was 100% perfectly precise in regards to my turning on the lights, because the car's lights are operated by a little knob that is turned and clicks into place (rather than a button or a twisted dial, etc). And, second, the way this lyric was sung, which was, like in some other such incidents, its own line/stanza/sentence, being sung as "Turn your lights / Turn your lights down low-oh," with that first, short sentence singing perfectly synchronsitically with my turning the dial. And then, the second part came a minute or so later, during a reprise of that same "turn your lights" chorus (which, as it were, was the first time it was sung in the song when it had coincided with my turning the lights on earlier ...), this time coinciding perfectly synchronistically with my stopping at the edge of the lot to turn into traffic and thus looking left and seeing an oncoming truck with its right blinker turn on, which, being a blinking light, was the first thing I registered of the truck upon seeing it (when it was totally invisible to me beforehand, of course) -- in other words, once again being an explicit echo of my instantaneous, reactive registering of something or other (plus, in this case anyhow, also perfectly echoing the light's behavior in the lyric's literal phrasing, with the blinking light both "turning" off and on, plus even signaling a "turn," ha ha). Another one that, with everything factored in, is just so hugely surreal and notable ...

And a very interesting footnote to both these singular echoes, a sort of bizarre little mini-theme: both were accompanied by a semi-conspicuous 37-plate maybe two-three seconds before, the first one with my coming upon a very "there" 7301-plate car as I rolled up to the intersection, just before Noticing the NMBNO1 plate directly beside it, and then, just before the "blinking-light oncoming truck" one, I'd passed a parked car with a 137-plate that again sort of "invaded" my area of focus as I went past, in that patternistic fashion.

Numbers were there today, but very few and scattered compared to last couple days, again failing to reach that "steady background static" level, lowest overall in some time, and ending pretty "early" I noticed, probably an hour before I'd even started home. Did have some pretty interesting and notable standouts today though:

> The first after-lunch one, coming maybe 10 minutes or so after leaving the coffee shop (ie, not in that patternistically immediate fashion), was actually a very cool standout. It started when I rolled up to the market parking lot and had the sudden and absent-but-distinct thought of, "Okay, it's afternoon, and I feel to be in the synchronistic state, so where's the 37-plates?," this coming precisely as I was Compelled to turn right and park in a space and thus have the plate on the car parked beside it be "revealed" into my view -- but it wasn't a 37-plate, which thus caused me to have a second reactive thought, this one of that patternistically skeptical/challenging, "Well, if you're really experiencing this phenomenon, then why wasn't that a 37-plate?" -- this coming a split second before I turned the rest of the way into the space and thus had the plate of the next car over revealed to me from its previously obscured angle, and this one was indeed a 378-plate, and with its revealing/being regsitered by me coinciding with absolutely flawless/intertwined timing as to "answer" that "challenge" thought, again 100% patternistic and logistically just so flawless/seamless that it felt like nothing less than intelligent orchestration of some kind ...

> Next: an interesting little footnote to the last, when, upon getting out of the car and heading into the market, I was suddenly Compelled to ebb left and pick up a piece of little sitting a couple lanes over, thus "leading" me patternistically to another 378-plate, as to be a sort of echo of that other one, ha ha

> Had another of those complicated and somewhat unique-yet-vague/subjective ones later on, when I almost got hit by the car merging into traffic. It started when this car merged onto the highway as I was coming along parallel, thus causing me to turn into the leftmost lane as to let the car merge easily and safely onto the road, during which I'd seen its 172-plate and had the absent "challenge"-type thought of, "Now, why wasn't that a 73 instead of a 72?" Then after so narrowly dodging the car when it went straight from the right lane and into the left and a hair's length from broadsiding me, I was thinking of it all the way down the road of course, musing on how I was probably in the driver's blind spot or other possible causes beyond simple neglegence/recklessness as to not react badly/forgive/let it go, so that as I came to my intersection and stopped at the light and waited to turn, I absently watched the car as it passed, again seeing its 172-plate -- and then, directly behind that car, came a second car, with a 773-plate, which "invaded" the space that I was looking at as a result, in that same "silently conspicuous"/"intelligent-answer" fashion of that 378-plate one earlier and so many others.

And finally, at dinnertime reading, another "finishing randomly on a 37-variant page number due to objective circumstances," this time page 73 exactly, with this hinging entirely on my dinner and how much I'd eaten/when I needed to stop and take a break and walk around/get computer ready, etc.

Then just before bed during computer work, a cool standout thought/webpage-type echo, sort of a web version of that magazine-page-turn-type, the same underlying mechanics and behavior/nature. It started when I had a long chain of thought about all the things I needed to do tomorrow, and how to prioritize them/triage the most important ones -- and then, perfectly synchronistically, maybe a millisecond later, the webpage I'd just clicked on loaded, with "FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS" in big letters across the screen, perfectly reflecting the thoughts as they still crossed my mind/intertwined, and also again with that perfectly synchronistic-yet-decidededly-*after* I'd had the thoughts-type of timing that's so common to these and completely rules out psychological cueing, etc.


A quiet day overall, still in the same basic form of yesterday but a subtler and less-voluminous version of it.

Had another of those damn notable and profound and surreal thematics during after-chore reading today (and this only, with no others, nor any echoes or anything during this time). It was again another of those "answering"/"affirmative"-type ones, just ridiculously precise and surreal in nature, and again echoing a very recent and specific and unique event. It started about two days ago when I made some progress in getting that new stretch down that I've been doing, for the lower back and hips, after which I seemed to feel my pelvis unlock, which led me to theorize that the same overly constricted muscle was responsible for my abs/pelvis/groin area/back altogether, and also that constricting it chronically has been causing various problems for me, and with these thoughts/realizations really cementing last night when I successfully did the stretch again and felt the same effect in the same areas -- and that's *exactly* what a super-random article in the morning's super-random (and again randomly selected, Just Happening to correspond with this having these realizations/vague questions/theories. It was again another unadvertised article in the middle of the magazine, detailing how the "rectus dominis" muscles connect the abs and groin and back and hips, and how you shouldn't constrict them specifically, and several other things which, absolutely 100% patternistically and precisely, addressed the realizations I'd had and the attendant theories/questions about what the muscles were formally called, etc. Wow ...

Had a sudden pair of very similar event/radio echoes on the way to lunch, both of the same perfectly timed yet only vaguely/indirectly precise nature:

> The first started when I passed this man alongside the road just after pulling out, who reached down picked up something from in the road right before I passed -- precisely as "long arm" sang randomly/singularly from the radio. This one was actually pretty precise in an indirect way, again reflecting the oblique reactive way I'd registered the man's reaching out perceptually speaking, with him stretching forward and fully extending his arm in a conspicuous and distinct and exaggerated way, as to grab the thing in the road without getting in the road/near my car, etc. Also, it bears mentioning that I'd just scanned to the radio station this song was on a second or so earlier, such that the station locked in and sang out this lyric and the man reached out all pretty much perfectly timed/"intelligently orchestrated" sort of

> Then, a couple minutes down the road when I came to the first intersection, the same happened when the radio sang out "turn it" precisely as the van directly in front of me turned quickly and exaggeratedly and conspicuously around the bend, which, it bears mentioning, was my immediate/absent area of focus since I was contemplating rounding that same bend, and again with the radio perfectly echoing the reactive, heat-of-the-moment registering of that van's explicit turn. Also it bears mentioning that this van even had a 137-plate, ha ha.

Lunchtime reading was exactly like yesterday almost, with the exception of the slightest couple of those typical small one-word environmental/thought/reading-type echoes (one: coming to "rolling through" precisely as a nearby kitchen employee passed by rolling a cart loudly on its casters; a second: another where I came to "sit-down" precisely as a nearby man sat at a table directly across from me, the only time in the whole time I was there, when he'd been sitting when I arrived and then never got up after that one time). And did have another series of those same profound, recent, explicitly precise and super-notable albeit subjective-type recurrences/parallels/thematics.

Best example: another that reflect near-exactly the specific things I'd done/experience/encountered/thought just this morning, today being my distinct, conscious, patternistic realization this morning that I've come to pay very strict attention to detail in organization the house and life in general, as to micromanage effectively, again as best evidenced when I was tidying up/taking care of backed-up chores after the trip last weekend, such as to again Just Happen to correspond with my reading the section of the book at lunch that I did, which featured a pages-long description of the chef's first professional-quality restaurant manager, who paid sky-high attention to detail and was a great micromanager and just once again all these other things that reflected perfectly the underlying sentiment (and, again, in several cases in the overt, identical terms and the like) of my morning's specific, singular experience ...

Then, from there, thought-type activity again went dead silent, and this time resumed only for one single standout echo that I remember, and it was a pretty damn good one actually, even with that exact same "corresponding number-repeat" effect that I noted on those two yesterday. It started when I passed an electronic sign giving the temperature of 49 degrees, thus causing me to think consciously of how cold it had gotten over yesterday -- a split second before the radio randomly/singularly sang out "it's gettin' kinda cold," ha ha. And then, a split second after *that,* a 773-plate van pulled up alongside my left, its place thus flashing/"invading" my exact area of focus in that highly conspicuous and patternistic way, and again patternistic with those two yesterday in every respect ...

Numbers were very low-key overall today, strictly after-lunch with exception of that "turn it" van this morning, and again in that mode of "very scattered and few low-key 37-plates in traffic, plus a few significant standouts irregularly." The three standouts:

> Another of those where I'm approaching an adjoining road right as a car pulls up and stops, thus drawing my attention, this time a truck stopping at an intersection with that conspicuously perfect timing and angle and everything such that its front-mounted 1375-plate directly "invaded" where I was looking at the time, patternistic in every way, and again with that logistical precision that just screams intelligent orchestration, etc

> Same for an SUV with a 370-plate soon after, when it came down a highway on-ramp and merged into traffic in *just such a way* that its plate crushed into where I was looking, and with that dramatic "animated" quality as it sort of "whipped" down the curving ramp, again just very surreal and "striking" when experienced

> And another like this basically, when a 374-front-mounted-plate car turned in front of me as I was about the cross the roadway in the parking lot at the market, again drawing/demanding my attention in that patternistic way, and again with that perfect logistical precision so that its plate "invaded" my area of focus.

Had another evening-reading-time incident, another of those super-random papers with a conspicuous/patternistic number of random 37s and offhand mentions/figures, etc. This time, it was another that was as ridiculously random as you could get, just the sports section of a ~month-old local paper that I fished from the recycling bin yesterday for the cartoons, and today read in between two magazines -- yet, in just those few pages, there were probably 10 or so 37s of various types, and again with one even on the very first page (which it was turned to, a page in the middle, rather than the actual cover), which had a filled-out soduku puzzle where the first, conspicuous squares were filled in "137," ha ha. And, doubly notable: this coming after another conspicuous absence of these for a week or so at least now, again as to have that "negatively notable" quality.


Another reasonably quiet day, about like yesterday for the most part (and isn't this an emerging pattern lately, several high-activity days, followed by a gradual wind-down before it slowly pendulums the other way?).

Morning: totally silent from what I remember, and all the way through the drive to lunch and everything (again maybe stray super-subtle/subjective stuff in there and I just don't remember; so hard to say these ways, with there almost always being a little synchronistic activity peppering things).

Lunch: a weird one, where I had another of those clusters that come immediately upon sitting down and reading, as I've had a handful of times (though none latley), and then the rest of the meal was almost totally silent, I think only a couple super-subtle one-word echoes and shallow/less-profound thematics.

That opening cluster was something of a collective standout though, beginning with a subtle but very patternistic and notable little 37-variant repeat, where, directly beneath my bookmark, there was "7:30 AM," such that when I moved it away to begin reading, it "revealed" it in patternistic fashion. Next, a few seconds/couple sentences later, a nearby-stranger-type echo, when I came to "call for order" precisely as one of the coffee shop employees randomly called out "coffee for so-and-so!," I can't remember the exact words but in any case it very much echoed the "calling out an order" underlying sentiment (of which the "call for order" was in that same usage and context, a vocal verb, loud speaking, restaurant order, etc), and was perfectly synchronistic/patternistic. Then there was another, similar echo that came just a second or two afterward, I can't remember what, but in any case I remember that it was patternistic and perfectly timed and notable, and it ended up culminating in that 1-2-3/wham-bam effect so distinct to these clusters/meta-incidents. And so strange that the phenomenon never really went anywhere after that, when such an incident would typically signal the "commence of the synchronistic state"/"throwing of the switch," etc.

From lunch onward, the thought-type incidents went into that same pattern of "abruptly ceasing immediately after lunch, then slowly and quietly returning some time later," as a few of those same very scattered, subtle, non-literally precise little echoes I've been seeing during this time period lately, maybe 5-6 at most.

Best example I got down: having another long, objective, traceable chain of thoughts that culminated in my thinking of the headsickness and what it might be/a virus or parasite or whatever, with my again absently envisioning my head and something "in" it specifically, whatever causes the nightmarish brainfog and the like -- precisely as "can't get you out of my head" sang from the radio, patternistic and notable in every way.

Numbers: they were there today, and vaguely followed another pattern I seem to be seeing some days recently, the "immediately after lunch, and coming suddenly and very strong and notable and conspicuous and numberous, then abruptly ceasing mid-afternoon." Had several standouts among these:

> A damn cool one, the first "immediately after lunch" incident as it were. It actually started before lunch, indirectly, when I pulled into the parking lot and was suddenly Compelled to forego my usual, close, logical space, instead parking across the way, and of course in that distinctly patternistic albeit subjective pattern that's involved with so many of these. Then, afterward when I made to back out and leave, I was then Compelled to take the equally illogical and inconvenient exit on the other side of the lot, and to take the longest way there no less, going around the back of the long strip mall neighboring the coffee shop -- thus, first, sending me directly past one of those "quietly conspicuous" 37-plates, a truck parked *just so* that, immediately as I backed out, it was at the perfect angle/distance/height so that its 371-plate was directly in my area of focus. And then, next, a couple seconds later as I rounded the building, I encountered a similarly "Just Happened to arrive directly in my line of sight" dumpster with a big 37 of some fashion on it, I can't remember what but it was just like many of these "37-dumpsters" I've been encountering a bit too often lately, and resulted in that 1-2 effect in concert with the truck.

> Next, a minute or two down the road at the market, another of those meta-incident clusters of quietly conspicuous low-key parking-lot 37-plates, when, just upon entering the parking lot (and making two more sudden, Compelled, illogical turns, I might add), I encountered 3-4 such "invading my line of sight"-type plates, and then just as many as I walked into the place, plus a few more on the way out (though these might've been some of the same from earlier, I honestly just can't remember, all of them just bleeding together at this point).

> Next, also within this same ~30-45-minute little bloc of number repeats, another of those "intersection cluster"-type ones. It started when I pulled up at the intersection and found myself directly in view of yet another quietly conspicuous/very "there"-type of 4307-plate, on an already stopped car -- and then, a second or two after I registered that one (not perfectly synchronistic, but close), a second 37-plate car pulled up, directly behind that first, such that it's plate obscured the first and thus "invaded" the exact space I was observing then -- and then, another not-quite-perfect second later, a third 37-plate car pulled up, directly behind that *last* one, and thus obscuring the second plate such that *its* 37-plate invaded where I was looking. And then, finally, after another couple seconds, right as the light changed and we started moving, a fourth 37-car pulled up, this one not with a plate but one of those "HOW AM I DRIVING?" bumper stickers I've seen all around SC, printed with the big, conspicuous 1-800 phone number that ends with "3711," ha ha.

From there, had many many low-key/semi-conspicuous 37-plates in traffic (but none from other sources, that I remember, nor were there any minority repeat-numbers either), lasting for maybe the next hour of errands before abruptly subsiding to nothing.


Another reasonable change-up in underlying feel and pattern/behavior/types of incidents today, this one also coming reflectively with a similarly moderate shift in health/condition/consciousness, definitely fitting the pattern logically today (but why today and not always? why some of those oddly inverse or non-reflective days?).

Morning was almost totally silent today, except for I think maybe a scattered few of those very subtle/small/non-literal or delayed afternoon-type echoes and thematics/parallels (I seem to notice these very early morning right after getting up, then it all shuts down during morning chores and when the night's toxicity/headsickness usually creeps in, then may or may not resume with after-chore reading incidents later, the general pattern of most days these last few months more or less).

Did have one single, standout radio echo on the drive to the appointment, beginning when I suddenly realized that I'd forgotten to put new Band-Aids on the cuts on my hands (with this being caused by the cold air chilling the open wounds and thus drawing my attention to them, or at least I think it was the air, something different about my hands causing me to remember the Band-Aids -- another objective, physical event in any case) -- precisely as "cut you" sang randomly and singularly from the radio, from a song I'd never heard before, not hugely precise or notable otherwise but definitely echoing the "cut" theme (and as a vague sentiment of "cuts/wounds on hands" was crossing my mind, patternistically), and perfectly timed.

And an interesting footnote to that one, sort of a double or at least related one that came later in the day. It too began with my attention being drawn randomly and objectively to the cuts on my hands and thus causing me to think/register it as something like "hands/the cuts there/cuts on hand hurts" (when one of them zinged suddenly, I think from having some brushed up against it -- again fully objective/definitely not psychologically cued) -- precisely as "mano"/"hand" sang from the Spanish radio station that was on, perfectly synchronistic and perfectly patternistic of the "random/absent thought/feeling/sentiment in the forefront of my mind being echoed in external reality" behavior.

And likewise, that one was also part of a separate multi-incident sort of mini-theme, this one more distinct and notable and just damn weird-ass funny too: a "Spanish word echo" theme, involving at least three and maybe four separate but patternistically/behaviorally identical incidents. The "mano" one was first, and then, a few minutes down the road (in afternoon this was), I had a patternistically identical one when I suddenly/randomly/objectively had my attention drawn to my right arm as to think "my arm/don't use that arm" and visualize that arm (this time due to my going to steer with that arm and remembering that I'd been overusing it and stressing it and so reminding myself not to) -- precisely as "brazo" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, again Spanish for "arm," ha ha. Next, the same thing happened in the market when I was walking through and, being faced with the long walk to the back of the store for the bathroom and being in a hurry, I absently thus had the thought of something like "walking/long walk" with a reactive visualization of me walking through the store -- precisely as I came to a display of books for a title called 'Camino Island,' with "camino" being Spanish for "walk" (or "a walk" or "a journey," as a noun, which would equally echo my thoughts of "the walk/journey" to the bathroom).

As for the fourth in the series, I'm only about 80% sure of. It happened later on, back on the road and involving the radio, when it seems like precisely as I heard "me gusta" on the Spanish station, I randomly passed a sign for "Gusta Rd." In any case, the three were identical enough and just numerous enough to be collectively very notable and cool.

Lunchtime reading saw activity, but it was another of those days where it was exclusively thematics/recurrences/parallels, most of them longwinded, with a complete absence of any active/instant echo-y-type of incidents, and still with no obvious correlation. Weren't even too many thematics and such, mostly just a couple super-personal and subtle ones, plus a moderate number of those "recent life in a blender"-type of recurrences and parallels that wouldn't make sense to anyone but me (if even). Did have two standouts though:

> First, another of those classical, ridiculously explicit and patternistic reading recurrences. It started last night when reading that super-random year-old travel magazine (received in that big batch from the clinic lady a couple weeks ago and just now finally reading it), when it had an article about Egypt that had a paragraph or so about the "Temple of Luxor" in it, which I both noticed, due to its being the first I'd ever heard of it in my life, and also Noticed distinctly, in that special, subtle way that so often indicates something synchronistic to come. Sure enough, today at lunch in the chef book, it randomly, singularly, totally offhand mentioned the Temple of Luxor (as a joke/lighthearted metaphor, not even really indicating the temple but just using it as a metaphorical comparison for something or other -- in other words, about as random and offhand as you could get), and once again following the classical pattern of super-randomness/100% polar subject matters of reading material, yet they Just Happened to reflect one another in that one key respect, and Just Happened to within less than 24 hours of my reading those two specific parts of each ...

> Then a standout thematic, of that more-active/simultaneous "nearby strangers in deep, involved conversation echoing exactly what I was reading" kind. It started when, about ten minutes or so into lunch at the random coffee shop I'd washed up at, a man sitting at a nearby table was joined by a female employee of the coffee shop, and the two soon got to talking in a way that, absently and in the back of my mind as I read, impressed me as being some sort of formal sit-down appointment, such as a job interview perhaps, given that it was in a Starbucks and the particular body language and attitude of the people and their tones of voice/mannerisms, etc. And then, close to perfectly synchronistic/seconds apart, at most just a page or so into the book later, I came to a section in the book in which the author goes into a long description of a disastrous job interview he had once. At first I didn't think anything of it, because there were no concrete clues that it was an interview and not just two acquaintances talking -- but then, soon after, I overheard the woman (who would've definitely been the interviewee) start saying things about what kind of job she'd like, how she liked to be part of "a team" and what she looked for in one, and several other job-related buzzwords and phrases and terminology -- and, not only did this about 99% establish that it was a job interview, but it echoed precisely the sort of things the author was listing at the time, how he'd talked about his strengths and weaknesses and experience and the same sort of details the woman was describing. Still can't say 100% that it was definitely a job interview, but it certainly had every appearance of it from what I could tell, and regardless the pattern was 100% in line with these sort of "longwinded nearby-stranger involved-conversation"-type of incidents that I've seen so definitely established as of late.

Numbers were there today, and they felt sort of like yesterday's but not quite. Started with a few scattered, low-key 37-plates during the morning drive to the clinic and then to lunch, another of those periods where there were just enough plates, and just conspicuous/patternistic enough in behavior and "feel," that they could be judged as unlikely/discount chance, etc.

Then had more after lunch, and today with that "lazy," loose, non-patternistic timing, just sort of appearing about a half-hour or so after leaving the coffee shop, though today the first one was a reasonable conspicuous standout, in that "phenomenon resumes with a bang"-type of pattern I've observed several times lately. It happened while I was sitting at an intersection and waiting to turn right but unsure of whether it was safe or even legal, with the turn being a ways up from the stopping point, thus causing me to play it safe and wait for the light, but while I was doing so, a car pulled up from my left and made the long awkward turn through the light, which caused me to take special notice of it since I wasn't sure if this was legal or even safe -- and thus causing me to see its 713-plate when it turned, with it again "flashing"/"revealing" that surreal "animated" way that just feels so alive and intelligent.

Another standout a little later: when I got into the car and keyed the ignition and saw that the in-dash clock read exactly 1:37 when it lit up -- precisely as a 637-plate car passed by on the nearby road, visible through my windshield while I was still looking at the clock, such that its plate not only appeared as to perfectly synchronistically "echo" my thought/registering of the 1:37 dash, but also to "align" in that patternistic way, and with a new spin on it too, the same feel and behavior and effect but by different means/different "media," ha ha.

Also noticed a moderate number of "everywhere"/random 37s today, most notable when I stopped at that totally random car lot and, literally on every single damn car that drew my attention/interest/was in my price range, it had some fashion of conspicuous, blatant 37-variant on its windshield, whether in the price or the residual auction-lot numbers or in the mileage or "vehicle condition disclaimer" postings, each of which would've been mildly notable in themselves but much moreso given the sheer number of "hits" and their identical/patternistic nature, not to mention the sheer randomness of the numbers (as in, it's not like the dealer had a 37-containing phone number and thus all of them were imprinted with it, or of some other logical, corrollary nature, but all just the most purely random and unrelated natures).

Then tonight, some more, sudden activity during nightime reading, and of the same nature of that at lunch, thematics and parallels and other non-instant echoes, as if a switch that had been turned "off" at lunch had suddenly been thrown back to "on," seamlessly, as is sometimes the case when I resume some previous activity (because of the return to that same general station of consciousness/condition maybe?).

Most were super-personal/subjective/small (though very, very profound, at least to me), with one standout: another of those "explicit, near-perfect echoes of some specific, somewhat unique event from the very-recent past." Tonight's originating incident happened on the way home and while doing chores upon coming home, when I'd found myself obsessing about what to have for dinner, which ingredients and how best to fix them, and how that I was getting home later and so I'd have to put together something with minimal preparation/cooking/prep time, etc -- and then during reading, just a couple hours later and I think on the second page, the chef author went into a "a day in my life"-type breakdown of what a typical day at work looks like for him, in which he described more or less *exactly* what I'd been thinking/planning when I'd caught myself overthinking dinner, including not only the general echo of the "dinner ingredients/logistics"-type of sentiment, but also more-specific things, stuff like the prep time/"I have less time to work with today so I'll need to make something with simpler/faster ingredients" thoughts. Plus, making it all even more notable and surreal, there were a couple super-personal/complicated/profound-type of thematics woven in with this, stuff that, however subjective and indescribable, ultimately upgraded it to that rare level of surreality that would be no different had a booming voice from the sky read my mind aloud and described what I was wearing, ha ha.


Another relatively quiet, but not silent, day, and much like the last couple in overall feel/atmosphere, perhaps a newish/lateral shift emerging.

Morning: again pretty much dead quiet the whole time I was at the house and even still on the drive to lunch. Though, right as I arrived and made to park, again in that sort of semi-climactic "period at the end of a sentence/scene change"-type fashion, I had another of those "37-plate cars backing up and thus demanding my attention," 100% patternistic of these in every way, both in terms of it being the lone occupied car in a big line of parked ones, plus my arrival coinciding logisticlaly perfect/synchronistically timed with its brake lights and reverse lights blinking on and the car beginning to back out of the space, once again with that super-surreal/conspicuous "animated" quality, its 737-plate being "shoved" into my direct area of focus.

From there, lunchtime reading saw some activity, but only after a while, and even then not much. Really about the first half of the meal was 100% silent, not so much as a subtle echo or thematic. Then finally, toward the tail-end, did end up seeing activity, a few small echoes and the like (no thematics today -- the inverse of yesterday, as it were). Two examples I got down:

> A classical and very objective/notable nearby-stranger-type echo. It started when I turned the page in the book to a new leaf and then immediately had my eyes drawn to "pay for it" in the very first line on the next page, and in italics too, making it another of those equally noticed/Noticed ones -- perfectly synchronistic with a woman saying "Do I pay?," and in the same context as that in the book, as in paying money to buy something (and, as it were, both were in regards to food, the woman asking someone else if she paid for her self-serve meal at the nearby counter or up front). Pretty precise, and couldn't have been more notable due to the page-turn factor, nor better timed.

> Another of those ostensibly small one-word reading echoes which, when experienced, was way more surreal and notable. Precisely as I randomly/singularly/patternistically came to "swing" in the book, a nearby stranger threw something into a trash recepticle especially hard/dynamically/dramatically, causing the flap to quickly swing back and forth several times in recoil, and it was another case where not only was it so conspicuously and patternistically "animated," but also so viscerally precise, with the flap's motion being in every sense a "swing," such that no other word would have adequately described it, and this would all make sense only when personally seen/experienced, like so many of these.

And once again, another "immediately after lunch" silencing of thought-type activity, before eventually resuming in the form of several scattered super-subtle/low-key/subjective-only echoes, before again silencing for good towards mid-afternoon. Did have a couple damn cool standouts in the mix:

> Perhaps the cutest one in a while, a radio/sign echo, beginning when the radio sang out its repeating chorus of "x's and o's," of which I Noticed particularly on this specific reprise, when the song had just been less "there"/sort of background static in my mind earlier -- and then, perfectly synchronistic with my registering the lyric/Noticing it, I came upon a big roadside sign for a church reading "I love you, XOXO God" (or something like that -- something about loving you, in the form a little letter, ending with "XOXO God" in any case).

> Then, immediately after that one (sort of in that "accompanying number-repeat" theme/subtype that I saw a few of over the last few days), another of those "random numbers echoed at the precise instant I registered it," this time with my reading/registering a road sign reading "HWY 57" at the precise instant a car blew past my right and thus "invaded" my immediate area of focus/vision with a plate that began with 574, such that I read the first two digits again in "intertwined" fashion with the registering of the sign's "57" as it crossed my mind.

> Had several more of those 100% patternistic "subtle one-word fleeting afternoon-time" echoes today, exactly the same behavior/feel/depth as lately, and again around the same time even, probably an hour or so after lunch. An example of the subtler ones: coming upon a stoplight as it changed, precisely as "I can change" sang from the radio. Also, had a single standout, when the radio randomly sang out "Rover" precisely as a Range Rover passed me from my left, with RANGE ROVER printed hugely across its hatch, and passing me in that "drifter" fashion such that the ROVER portion of it was visible to me first, as to coinciding *absolutely perfectly* with the radio's lyric, just so absolutely surreal it defies words (another "voice booming from the sky" quality one). Also, the "Rover" on the radio was in the same context, in regards to the car, etc, ha ha.

Numbers were again generally low in overall volume, especially in regards to the low-key background-static traffic-plate-type ones, just like yesterday and the day before oddly, and almost all of the few that were there were about as low-key as you could get, with little of that "living"/"quietly conspicuous" texture that so often accompanies these. Did have a couple cool standouts:

> Another of those cool "Compelled to go somewhere/do something, only to find myself conspicuously encountering a 37-plate," this time when I was looking for a place to put my lunch flower after I was done with it, then being Compelled to put it on the nearby lamppost in the market parking lot -- which ended up having a van with a 731-plate parked directly beside it, and this one *did* have that "quietly conspicuous" quality to it, with the plate "aimed" at me in just that precise, logistically perfect way ...

> Then, just after that one as I made to cross the parking lot to the department store, had another textbook "single occupied car in a big line suddenly starting up and its lights coming on and backing up towards me, thus demanding my attention and 'shoving' its 37-plate directly into my line of sight, etc," just like the one that had occurred on my way into the lot just before lunch, ha ha.


Morning was quiet but not silent, with a sort of mild version of the afternoon background static of super-subtle echoes and thematics/parallels/recurrences, etc, mostly with a scattered-but-present series of those little fleeting one-word thought/event/reading echoes, and the smallest everyday things popping up over and over in that patternistic way, all of these exclusively too subtle/subjective to describe but eventually fully distinct/identifiable. This ran all the way through morning chores and after-chore reading and right up through church and into lunch even, with the first half of the meal containing only these.

The second half of lunch saw a slight graduation in the incidents, but still the same basic type and quantity, here with just enough coherence to quote some typical examples of the couple dozen or so incidents spanning this time:

> Classical one-word "nearby employees in the restaurant's kitchen calling out what I just read"-type ones, such as when I came to "Order!" in the book precisely as an employee in the nearby kitchen yelled out "Order for so-and-so!" or something to that effect, in the same context, echoing the "calling out an order for food/from a kitchen" sentiment in any case, and perfectly synchronistic/patternistic, etc

> Same for when I randomly/singularly came to "cough" in the book precisely as a nearby stranger coughed, as singular and random and unrepeated/first time in either the book or the stranger coughing since I'd been sitting by him, etc

> A cool little reading recurrence/"ask-n-receive"-type one, beginning a couple days ago I think when I heard the name of the Spanish radio station "La Raza" and had the distinct thought, for the first time after hearing that station name many times, what it meant -- and then in the book today at lunch, during yet another of that super-random little offhand mentions (just a random listing of Spanish words/phrases and their meanings, as it were), it quoted "La Raza" and then defined it. Also, the longer, somewhat delayed timing (for a reading recurrence, at least) was typical of the super-subtle/super-small/"loose" nature of the incidents within this little morning bloc

> Another good nearby-stranger echo towards the tail-end of lunchtime reading, this one more classical and coherent and less-vague/"loose" than those of earlier: precisely as I came to "You will arrive in my kitchen promptly by one A.M." in the book, one of the two restaurant employees sitting at the table directly beside me (with their backs to me, and my book turned away from them, and engaged in their own, involved conversation -- totally oblivious to me even if they could've possibly seen what I was reading), randomly/singularly said "She asked me to come in to work," or something along these lines -- with about "coming in to work," in any case, and in the exact same context as the book's sentence, both in terms of "arriving at general work" as well as coming into work in a restaurant/kitchen specifically, ha ha, and of course perfectly synchronistic in timing/patternistic/objective on all counts, etc

> Randomly/singularly coming to "calling me" in the book, precisely as the restaurant's phone loudly began ringing (which I believe was the first it had done so since I'd been there, but I can't say for sure -- still notable regardless, giving the precision and timing and such)

> Also a really good example of the super-super-subtle/obscure/bizarre/vague little parallels and the like that have been so frequently haunting my days but too incoherent to adequately describe. This one is just coherent enough to attempt: it started right at the second course of lunch or soon after, when I began eating this bowl filled with a huge hodgepodge of different things, from leftovers of a couple different meals, plus some cucumber skins from when I blended a skinned cucumber, and even the leftovers from the first course of this lunch, such that it was an absolute mishmash of probably 15-20 different odds and ends all thrown together in a sort of soup of about as many different colors and textures and such, distinctively and conspicuously so -- and then, right as I began eating this, the book went into this big description of something eerily similar, the fermentation "goo" of the chef's breadmaker, with all the different things that go with yeast into the dough, except this breadmaker used huge numbers of strange ingredients to ferment the dough for his well-known, unique, in-demand bread -- a mix that the book went into in great detail, listing this huge number of bizarre mishmashed ingredients, thus echoing/reflecting the theme of "bizarre, meta-ingredient, mashup of food" between it and that weird dish that I'd Just Happened to begin reading just then, when I'd Just Happened to be eating it on that particular day and time (the first time *ever* I've done this in fact, instead having always measured out exactly what I need/want to eat and then eating it completely, as a rule, since I know exactly how much food I can tolerate/need for energy at a given time/can adequately digest without stressing my liver, etc). Just damn surreal, and however subtle and subjective and "loose," characterizes perfectly the subtly "synchronistic little parallels" that are here more or less constantly to some degree every day now.

Also had another of those bizarre, singular, unique sort of "maybe-synchronicity"-type of incidents, which I guess would best classify as one of those oblique, non-repeating number-type of echoes/repeats. It happened when I went back up to the counter to get a second coffee, and in the couple seconds after paying, while I stood waiting for change and my receipt, I noticed this receipt sitting conspicuously in front of the register, for order #131, this printed in big prominent type that covered the whole top half of the receipt. Thinking it to be trash and lacking occupation, I snatched it up and put it in my pocket to be thrown away, thus registering the "Order #131" particularly, such that it was at the forefront of my mind/crossing my mind in that "just registered it" sort of way that is so often echoed -- precisely as the cashier handed me my receipt, which was also for "Order #131," printed identically across the top and in the exact same manner as the first, such that it culminated in a sort of classical instant-thought echo, but just in another of those "alternative mediums" like that radio-clock/passing-car 37-repeat from the day before last. In any case, very "striking" and synchronistic-feeling and surreal, as so much of everday life for me seems to be increasingly becoming.

As for perceptual/thought-type incidents the rest of the day, they went back to that mode of scattered little echoes and the like just after lunch, and in that immediate "as if on a switch" fashion that has been the trend for the last couple weeks or so.

Did, however, have one of those sudden coherent standouts mid-afternoon, and it was a damn good one. It happened on the drive home, when I came upon a couple pedestrians making like they were going to cross the street and so I played it safe and came to a total stop, despite the couple's jaywalking/not being at a crosswalk, etc, and sure enough they crossed the road, with the man of the two making eye contact with me and waving and thus drawing my attention to him specifically, as well as the odd way he was walking, in a sort of bow-legged fashion that was immediately apparent as he began crossing the street and thus demonstrated his gait (I noticed that his pants looked to be falling down, the waist nearly at his knees, and so he might've been shuffling in this way to keep them up, is my best guess) -- precisely as "bow-legged" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, with this again echoing *exactly* the instant, reactive thought, in that exact term, as I registered the man's walk, in that exact same patternistic fashion as so many of these ...

Numbers were very much like the last couple days, of that same "almost entirely after-lunch, with a lowish number of scattered low-key traffic/parking-lot 37-plates of the usual variations, plus a few equally patternistic standouts thrown in." Standouts:

> Another "literally immediately after-lunch"-type ones, and in the exact same fashion of several that I've seen before, when I opened the door of the restaurant and immediately upon stepping out, before I had a chance to do anything else, I was "greeted" by a conspicuous, right "there," "Hey, look at THIS!" 473-plate on a car parked right by the door and directly in my line of sight/height of sight/area of focus, instantaneously as I left the place, before I'd had to a chance to even see any other plates, or even take more than a step onto the sidewalk, ha ha. So damn surreal and striking/"living-dream," etc

> And then, furthering the "immediate"-type incidents into a little cluster, the very first car I got behind once I was on the road also had a 37-plate, and next, seconds later, one of those "37-plates drifting directly and patternistically into my line of sight as a car passed from the left," followed by a second of these, and then a moderately tight series of several low-key 37-plates, again as to be distinguished from the zero-numbers before-lunch driving, as is so often the case with these

> Yet another of these now-classical "being Compelled/Intelligently Led through a parking lot to a certain space, illogically and inconviently and far from where I was going, etc, only to find myself directly beside a 37-plate car," this time at the market, when I drove halfway across the nearly empty parking lot, bypassing any number of open, close-by spaces, only to land in one neighboring a 37-plate car (the only I saw in this lot this visit, as it were).


Another slight, reflectively corresponding "different health/condition/consciousness bringing about a corresponding shift in the phenomonen"-type change-up.

Morning: different today somewhat, back to the "zero echoes, but a few very profound, personal/subjective thematics and recurrences/parallels." Mainly there were two of those big, highly subjectivley notable "specific thing that just happened an hour earlier being echoed by super-random reading material that I Just Happened to read today," and the second one was actually coherent enough to describe:

It started this morning just minutes before after-chore reading, when the recurrence would take place, probably about the tightest timing for these type of normally-longwinded/spaced-out-type parallels and thematics. Just before I sat down to read the magazine, which was a regional for Indian migrants in America, I had the distinct thought of how, with enough imagination and clarity of thought and openness of mind, it's possible to be almost fully transported by way of such reading material as much as if one was physically in another place/culture/environment, and even has advantages such as being able to "return" much faster and thus being able to compare/contrast/learn from the "trip" in a way that is difficult or impossible with long physical travel, with my internally likening this specifically to living a condensed, instanced little life in the mind-trip, as if to expand/contract time in a magical way -- and that's damn near *exactly* what was described in the magazine, and again in the most random, unadvertised, unexpected, offhand way, in some write-up about the writer's thoughts on living in the moment and various related subjects, in which she used, as a random comparison to demonstrate a concept, an episde of 'Star Trek' in which the character is able to mentally transport himself into a 40-year head-trip over a span of 25 minutes of actual time, and how much he learned from it and how it aided his growth in profound ways -- the exact same "condensed life/reality/mind-travel" thing I'd so distinctly and randomly thought of less than an hour before (maybe only about 30 minutes actually), and of course fully objectively, with this article/reference being fully unadvertised as usual, and my not having read the magazine before, etc, etc, etc ...

Next, the drive to lunch saw a sudden cluster of coherent classical radio-type echoes:

> Soon after leaving, I watched as one car pulled out dangerously in front of the car I was directly behind, such that there would be a collision if the second car didn't slow down, with it gaining on the first and getting dangerously close -- precisely as "close behind" sang from the radio, which could've echoed either the event itself or my registering/reactive perceptual thought of it, or both, hard to say with this all happening pretty much simultaneously/within a split second/intertwined together

> Then, down the road a bit: It started when I noticed a Miata for sale in a roadside lot, and thus had the thought of maybe I should buy it, which was immediately answered by the thought of "too small," due to the leg/knee issues I got from scrunching up in mine -- precisely as "so small" sang from the radio, again perfectly synchronistic/objective/intertwined

> Next, had one of those rare "suddenly feeling that distinct 'universal joy' feeling precisely as I encountered some 37 in a conspicuous way," this time when the feeling hit me precisely as a big roadside banner with a 3737-ending phone number on it arrived directly into view -- and not only did it come with perfect timing/objectivity/patternistic behavior and the like, but it was also another of those ridiculously notable "obscured"-type ones, where I'd stopped at intersection *just so* that only the 3737 portion of the phone number had emerged from behind a bush or light pole or something that was obscuring the rest of the number, thus presenting that "intelligently orchestrated" quality and again upgrading the resulting incident to something that just has to be experienced to see the full scope of the effect

> Next, another roadside sign/radio one, beginning when I passed this electronic sign with a conspicuous rainbow-colored background, and thus registered it specifically, with another of those attendant, instanteous thoughts of something like "rainbow sign/rainbow colors/looks like a rainbow" -- precisely as "rainbows" sang randomly/singularly from the radio

> And then another of those "period at the end of a sentence"/cluster-finisher-type ones, when, a minute or two after this string of echoes, I arrived at the coffee shop and once again, in patternistic format, I was met with a semi-conspicuous, perfectly angled 37-plate on a parked again, again in that quietly conspicuous "greeting" fashion that's so common to these (had a few other, scattered 37-plates in traffic over the drive too)

Lunchtime reading continued the most recent trend of scattered, generally low-key/"small" activity, today with just a few of those typical one-word "striking" environmental/thought/reading echoes, no thematics that I remember, and a handful of little everyday-type parallels and recurrences (which would again continue more or less through the rest of the afternoon, subsiding only towards evening or thereabouts, actually quite a few in total, again eventually reaching that point of "the day put in a blender and coming back around/recurring throughout," ultimately very surreal if very "small," etc).

Best lunchtime example, a standout classical "nearby stranger"-type one (and the only for today, as it were): It happened when outside sunning on the restaurant's patio, a minute or so after I'd flipped over and the sun began conspicuously warming my legs, thus drawing my attention to my legs/causing my legs to be automatically and absently visualized in my mind's eye with an attendant thought of something like "my legs/legs are warm/sun on my legs" -- precisely as a nearby stranger said to another something about "your legs," once again with those two specific words corresponding absolutely perfectly with my own thought/visualization as to be intertwined.

Would have a very similar one later tonight, too, a reading/"involutnary bodily function" version of it as it were. It started when I was in the sauna, after I'd been inside for ten minutes or so and had started to heat up, which thus seemed to trigger one of those little spells of head pressure going up into the very top of my head, thus again causing me to reactively shift my awareness to it and visualize it absently with another attendant thought of something like "top of my head/pressure into the top of my head" -- precisely as I started reading a new article and came to, within the first sentence, "off the top of their heads," and it was another where the text was theoretically visible to me subconsciously when I'd had the thoughts about my head, but it again doesn't matter because those thoughts were 100% traceable to the fully random and independent and objective event of the physiological reaction to the sauna beginning and the head pressure emerging at that precise instant, etc.

Good standout example of the afternoon's reasonable number of scattered one-word small-but-striking echos, another of those classically patternistic "scrolling to a random word on my phone, previously invisible, precisely as the word was echoed by the radio," this time when I was scrolling through car listings and stopped on one and read the text below the thumbnail, in which I read "gas saver" at the precise instant the radio said "gassed" (one or two others during this same time too, all of the exact same nature, my stopping on random car thumbnails and listings while scrolling through and then reading the heading descriptions, with random words being echoed perfectly by the radio).

Also, a damn cool standout during this same time, when I'd pulled off into a random parking lot to turn on my phone and check the listings. It happened when I was backing into the spot and, upon looking back and realizing that I had backed directly up to the door of the building, way too close, I had the reactive/registering thought of "too close to the door/need to park further down where I'm not at the door" -- precisely as "by the door" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, ha ha

Afternoon numbers followed that same scattered, low-volume, low-key theme as of late, but with even less overall than yesterday, and no real standouts beyond that "cluster-ender/period-sentence"-type plate at the coffee shop. Some were a little more than inconspicuous, being very "there" and "present" and "alive" in that subtle but distinct/patternistic way, but most were simple, low-key 37-plates, just "there" rather than "THERE," and numerous enough to avoid coincidence/chance, etc.


Very quiet day today, most so of memory, and this again corresponding reflectively with another big negative shift in health, sudden return of that nightmarish headsickness and the like, forcing me to silence my mind (and thus silence the phenomenon with it, due to some vital subjective component/my state of consciousness influencing it somehow?).

Morning had a single incident, another notable and classical reading recurrence. It started yesterday in the chef book when I read of the "Hungry Ghost" concept, which was the first I'd ever heard of this ever, plus I just Noticed it distinctly, to the point of looking it up specifically and reading about it for a while. And then of course this morning, I read of it again, for the second time ever, and also in another of the most conspicuously super-random sources, not only another random freebie magazine (a copy of 'Yankee,' the first of these I'd ever read, having no real idea of what it contained or if it appealed to me, patternistically), but one that I got just yesterday afternoon -- yet, once again, it Just Happened to contain that very reference (and again in a totally random and subtle and offhand manner, the name of some bread place pictured in an article about a small town and its shops and such, "Hungry Ghost Bread," and in the same Asian-folklore context, ha ha), and again within less than 24 hours ...

Ride to lunch and lunchtime reading: dead silent just about, I think with maybe the slightest few scattered super-subtle echoes and the like, if even that.

Did see some numbers after lunch, but even these were greatly diminished over lately, just some scattered low-key 37-plates in traffic, with a few standouts earlier on and then both subsiding by the ride home. Few standouts, really all from another just-after-lunch cluster:

> Another of those "almost immediately after lunch" 37-plates, this time coming maybe 3-4 minutes afterward rather than literally immediately, once I'd gotten back in the car and started to leave the parking lot, when, both patternistic/conspicuous in itself but also the very first plate I was exposed to, a car pulled up *just then,* and at *just the right timing/angle/trajectory* that its front-mounted 7332-plate would "invade" my immediate area of focus, 100% patternistic of these

> Next, maybe 20 minutes later after I'd gone into the market next door and come out, had another of those where a car had parked directly across from me while I was inside, such that, upon my getting back in the car, I came "face to face" with the other car's front-mounted 737-plate, also patternistic and in that subtly "alive"/"intelligently orchestrated" fashion

> Finally, a little later on, another alignment. It started with a classically patternistic and mildly notable "drifter"-type incident, with a car passing me at just the right speed and angle and height, etc, that its 7073-plate again "invaded" my line of sight. But then, a mile or so down the road, while I was stopped at a stop light, that same car reappeared from behind me, thus passing me again and drawing my attention to it, and also thus causing me to see, *just in time,* the car's passing a second, 7311-plate car in the next immediate lane, as to briefly "align" the two plates, and again in that logistically perfect/patternistic way. Overall, pretty cool.

And then another brief, albeit hugely notable, "late," evening return of activity, again at dinnertime reading. It was a big, super-profound, super-notable, but 100% subjective/ultra-complicated thematic, involving the nightmarish health/headsickness/seriously wondering if I was dying, etc, that occurred through that evening before dinner, and my resulting thoughts on it -- which were all not only echoed exactly in the night's reading (and in the same damn exact terms no less), but even on the very first page, very first sentence -- and in a *brand new book,* just started tonight, and opening with an introductory description of something that had little to nothing to do with the subject matter but Just Happened to echo exactly what I was experiencing along with how I'd perceived it/thought about it, and 100% patternistic of others in this vein. Wow ...


Morning saw some activity today, mostly in that vein of "super-profound/upgraded personal thematics all throughout after-chore reading," as has occurred infrequently in the past but in the same pattern for the most part. Had some more of those very scattered, very subtle, afternoon-style background-static-like stray echoes here and there too, plus a spattering of parallels/recurrences. Examples coherent enough to quote:

> Another of those newly established "random cartoon" echoes, where I'll have some recent or instantaneous thought/event/feeling, etc, echoed in some fashion upon going to clip the day's cartoons to distribtue. Today was one of the more oblique/"loose"/"fuzzy-logic"-types, though definitely with the same feel/pattern/behavior of these. It started when I had another of those sudden and traceable/objective but random thoughts, this time of how I had my legs crossed, beginning when I found my knee to be irritated in that way it hasn't been in some time, and thus remembering how crossing it at a bad angle seems to aggravate it -- a split second before I raised up the next cartoon and was met by a picture of man with legs crossed exactly the way mine were, and at the same bad, lazy, improper-postured angle/fashion, as to echo precisely the vague "crossed legs" thought/visualization/sentiment I'd had upon thinking of my knee and how I had my legs crossed at that very moment, etc. Furthermore, the man in the cartoon was even *holding a paper exactly like me,* in the exact same lazy out-folded manner I was holding the newspaper comic page it was printed on -- it was both echo-y and also just outright plain surreal, like looking into a mirror, or seeing one of those portraits where the person in it is holding that same portrait, which also has a portrait, going into infinity, etc

> A cool, classical, and very tightly timed "ask-n-receive," beginning just before after-chore reading, when I was struck with a sudden yearning to read some more about Japan and the like, consciously and expressly albeit totally randomly -- and then, minutes later when I began after-chore reading of the day's super-random freebie magazine (a copy of ESPN magazine, the cover of which made no mention of Japan or anything remotely Asian nor would it be likely to contain anything Japan-related), the very first article was about a Japanese baseball player, and consequently went on to discuss a bunch of random Japanese geological and cultural tidbits as context, etc -- not only some Japan-related reading and a very short time later, but of the *exact* kind of stuff I'd wanted to read, the sort of rare, specific little details that can transport me to a given place if I let it.

> And then that same article went on to present a big, super-profound series of subjective/personal/ultra-complciated thematics, including several of those "highly specific things/thoughts/experiences that just happened last evening or even just earlier that morning/an hour or less prior"-type ones, all through the pages-long article, which I spent the whole session reading from front to back, ultimately creating one of those rare, ridiculously notable and surreal meta-incidents, however subjective. And again like others of this ilk: not only broad, thematic echoes, but that of specific details and even some of the same terms and such.

Even had a good, standout, coherent example of one of the individual thematic recurrences, 100% consistent with that now-established subtype/pattern of the "realization"/"affirmation"-type echo, where I'll have some distinct, first-ever conscious realization of something, then soon after have it not only echoed, but in that distinctly "affirmative" manner, as if to say "yes, you're correct," etc. This one again occurred just last night, during the peak of yesterday's nightmarish headsickness, when I realized fully, for the first time on this subject in particular, just how rigid my thinking and behavior and urges get when I'm in that headsick state, and how neurotically obsessive I can get if I let myself, but also how there are odd benefits to this type of restrictive/blindered/tunnel-visioned thinking, particularly the ability to focus on one thing intensely and thus get intimately familiar with it in a way that can yield useful experience and insight if you do it right -- and that sentiment is *exactly* what the article echoed today, not only in a broad sense but in a narrow, specific, exact-term one, all when describing the Japanese baseball players obsessive and rigid habits/schedule/training techniques. Best summed up in this sentence: "There's enlightenment in obsession, he says, because focus opens perception to many things. It boils life down." (And why are these realizations and the like echoed/affirmed in particular, over other thoughts and the like? Something to do with the emotional energy attached, or that associated with personal growth/development of a significant level, somehow empowering the resulting effect on consciousness as to create these "echoes" as a sort of byproduct?)

Had maybe 3-4 others of this exacting, ridiculously accurate and close-timed nature within the course of just that one article, though the rest were pretty much all totally subjective/impossible to convey. Really. Damn. Notable.

Next activity came during lunchtime reading, and it was all in the same exact vein of the morning reading, exclusively thematics/parallels/recurrences and not a single "normal" echo, though there was less here, and it was all of that subtler, flatter, less-profound level -- a "junior" version of the morning's reading-time activity, oddly.

Had one single incident that was coherent enough to be quoted, another classical reading recurrence, beginning yesterday morning when I read in that super-random freebie copy of the 'Yankee' magazine of "Northampton, Mass.," a town that I took particular notice of (though didn't Notice in that illogical sense), both because it was the first I'd ever heard of it and also because it expanded upon my vague/ignorant concept of "the Hamptons," such that it stood out particularly to me as any newly discovered/expanded-upon bit of knowledge will do -- and then today of course I encountered this for the second time ever, and again in the super-random and highly notable pattern of these, reading of it in that 'Life After Death' book that I started reading last night, the author of which proved to Just Happen to be from Northampton, Mass., which he referenced several times beginning in the part I read at lunch today (and, it also bears mentioning: this was another super-random Compelled-to-buy book, from that random thrift shop I stopped at last month, and again when I already had other books lined up to read, etc, etc).

Had that usual abrupt after-lunch "pause" in thought-type activity again today, which suddenly resumed maybe 45 minutes or so later, at the store when, precisely as I remembered to get the notebook for the car, the overhead radio randomly/singularly/perfectly synchronistically sang out "book" -- and then, a minute or so later, after I'd gone searching the aisles for the stationery section and finally found it and thus saw the display of paper products and notebooks, it happened again, the same song again singing "book" precisely as I encountered the notebooks and registered them and thus absently again thought something like "book/notebook," ha ha.

Another pause then, followed by another random, quiet onset of those super-subtle background-static-type of mixed echoes and thematics and parallels/recurrences that have been visiting me most afternoons lately, albeit a very brief period of it, vanishing as soon. Were quite a few incidents when it was there, however, with a couple standouts even:

> Damn cool super-surreal classical radio/event standout, and with a double-twist later on. It happened when I was waiting at the chiropractor's, when I heard this sudden rustling from the woods just outside and my attention was drawn to movement out there, which was a dog, suddenly appearing for one split second through the window, with a bark, and then rustling off through the leaves and into the woods and out of view -- precisely as "like a dog" sang randomly/singularly from the overheard radio, and again in a way that was just so ridiculously surreal that it had to have been experienced to appreciated, with the dog's super-fast/sudden/random split-second appearance and disappearance corresponding *absolutely perfectly* with the radio lyric, as to be both visually and aurally "animated." And then, a second part of it came a few minutes later, another of those where I go to write a note about a synchronicity, only to have it spawn a second synchronicity, this time when I went to write "dog outside rustling" -- precisely as, nearby in the chiropractor's office but out of view to me/around the corner, he rustled a plastic bag, both perfectly timed and also explicitly a "rustling" as opposed to any other type of noise, ha ha

> A small but notable and fully patternistic "vague-desire ask-and-receive"-type one, beginning at the very end of the chef book either yesterday or the night before, I can't quite remember but within the last day or so in any case, when it randomly referenced a dish called "avgolemono," another "first I'd heard of this ever" deal, thus causing me to absently think "I wonder what that is" -- and then today, again during my wait in the chiropractor's office, while browsing absently through a random book while I waited (about bone broth protein no less), I came to a recipe for the stuff, complete with a picture and description of the taste, etc, ha ha. This was, actually, another of those that also exemplified the many "everyday little thing"-type parallels and recurrences I experienced through the afternoon, of which there were probably a dozen or so at least during this little period of intesified/increased activity while at the chiropractor's waiting room.

Numbers were very much like yesterday, extremely sparse and low-key compared to recently, and today even less numerous and without a single standout/conspicuous one that I can recall. I remember the barest series of very quiet, low-key, two-digit 37-plates beginning just before lunch, then spanning the afternoon in both traffic and parking-lot-type ones and the like, before going totally "dead" by the ride home. Also, seems like I had a few of those semi-conspicuous random/"everywhere"/"offhand mention"-type ones, including another of those where someone I randomly walked past said, precisely/patternistically as I got in earshot, "Yeah, he shot 73%" or something like that.

Then a cute little late/sudden "everywhere" one: when I got a random "payment received" email for Mom's Amex card, which I felt Compelled to open despite having to reason to see it -- only to be met with "Payment Amount: $273.00," just above "Available Credit: $317.03."


Morning was different than yesterday, with a scattered background static of those same super-subtle, very small and fleeting but distinctive/patternistic little echoes plus some "little everyday thing" recurrences and parallels, and no thematics that I remember, sort of like yesterday morning and afternoon just without those super-profound personal thematics during reading sessions. I'm still finding it hard to describe these even broadly, being not only small/one-dimensional but also very "loose" in precision and the exact sentiment/object/whatever being echoed, again as to be so roundly subtle as to be remotely notable only subjectively, when experienced with the "feel" of it along with other indescribable qualities.

Best example I can think of, other than some in the past: going down the street and hearing "earthquakes" on the radio, a split second before I hit a random series of particularly deep potholes and sent the car to rocking, etc -- easily dismissible on its own, and even with several, but with the dozens and dozens coming regularly over the course of days, the pattern just becomes undeniable.

Had these both early morning and afternoon, escalating slightly after lunch and then subsiding entirely by late afternoon, as seems to be the patternistic arc of these most days. And, from what I remember, this was the entirety of the thought-type activity today, with maybe the slightest hint of some thematics and the like during evening reading in the sauna but I can't remember any in particular.

Numbers, conversely, were comparably more active, again not nearly so much as some other days but with some scattered 37-plates in traffic here and there through the morning drive and then afternoon. Had a fair number of standouts too, with the biggest occuring during the morning drive to lunch, oddly:

Morning drive saw another of those sudden, out-of-nowhere clusters (coincidentally occuring precisely as I hit the highway/high-speed driving after transitioning immediately from a quiet backroad, as seems to be a loose but notable correlation more often than not). The first came right after I came down the on-ramp and just barely merged into traffic, having to put on my brakes and slow down until someone thankfully slowed and let me in just before I ran out of ramp and had to stop completely -- and then, once I did finally get on the road, I was immediately met with a "drifter"-type 773-plate creeping directly into my line of sight on a passing car to my left (which I wouldn't have seen had I merged normally, without getting slowed down) -- and then, a split second later, that truck that had slowed to let me in passed me and then turned back in front of me, thus inserting *its* 573-plate directly into my immediate area of focus -- a split second befor a second, 273-plate drifter came up also from my left, and immediately behing that 773-plate van. Then, as a little footnote, had another semi-conspicuous 37-plate appear soon after, just seconds later, with these again occurring in that tight, head-spinning 1-2-3-4 fashion, made all the more striking by its occurring within the crunch of tight high-speed traffic and my near accident, etc.

This cluster actually continued on for the rest of the drive to the restaurant, with several low-key traffic 37-plates, and of course culminating with another of those semi-climactic "period at the end of a sentence"-type parking-lot ones, and this time with a twist: not only did I end up parking directly across from a 537-plate truck, but it was parked across the street, in a hotel next door to the restaurant, and at a 90-degree angle from the street, such that it was once again only visible to me after I'd parked/turned 90 degrees to face it (and of course it was absolutely directly, dead center in my line of sight once I'd parked in the space, in that "quietly conspicuous"/"living" fashion, as if staring me down and saying "Hi").

Had another, similarly notable and multi-plated cluster just after lunch, and this indeed in that classical "immediately after" fashion, coming immediately after I left the restaurant parking lot and got on the road, when, first, I found myself stopped directly behind a 3771-plate van at the intersection there (after I'd waited for some time for cars to pass, since I needed to be in the innermost lane due to needing to make a U-turn and go back the other way ...) -- and then, another of those "stopping *precisely so* that 37-plate was just exactly visible between two other cars, a 731-plate on a truck several spaces up "peeking" through the rows of traffic in that "quietly conspicuous"/"living fashion" -- and then, a split second later when I rolled down my window and turned my head to spit, I found myself looking directly at the front-mounted 173-plate on a van across the street -- and then, after just another split second, when I'd rolled up my window and turned back, another 37-plate car pulled up directly beside me, its plate *just visible* (and it seems like it arrived at the exact moment I turned my head back straight, though I honestly can't remember, with my head again left spinning from the rapid-fire nature of the cluster).

Had several other, semi-conspicuous ones later on too, though the only one I can remember specifically is another of those wham-bam-type doubles, beginning with yet another classical "drifting up along my left and directly into my line of sight"-type 37-plate passers, followed up immediately with my passing an electronic sign with the "2:37" time on it (with it appearing from behind something obscure it just after, as to bring about that cool "reveal"/"animated" effect).


Morning: dead silent, and this again corresponding with another relapse of that latest nightmarish/”deadening” headsickness in reflective fashion, again furthering that distinct pattern.

Lunchtime reading was pretty much the same, without even any super-subtle echoes or thematics or parallels and recurrences even, the quietest lunch in a while.

Did, however, have the super-subtle echoes start up soon afterward, then moreso as I began the drive up north, again in that “travel seeming to spark the phenomenon/throw the switch,” and even in that reflective fashion of increasing in volume and depth with faster/farther travel/more speed, interestingly, eventually bringing about more periods of those super-subtle small-but-striking echoes here and there, with some reasonably coherent standouts:

> Damn cool “animated” car-backing-up-plate-type ones, very similar in behavior to the number-plate kind but instead with a word/radio echo. Precisely as a car backed directly in front of me in a parking lot, with a temp tag reading “MOORE'S” in big letters at the top, thus “shoving it” directly/”invasively” into my line of sight and causing me to absently think “Moore's”/”more” something like that – the radio randomly said “more,” again perfectly timed and intertwined/patternistic. Had probably 5-6 other, more or less coherent ones in this vein overall, maybe more, having a hard time remembering.

> A classical “encountering some random, specific thing at roadside as the radio echoed it as randomly”-type one, this time when I came upon this lone dog alongside the highway, the one and only dog I encountered in the hundreds of miles I drove today, a split second before the radio randomly sang out “doggone,” ha ha (another of those oddly and slightly delayed-type ones here, rather than perfectly synchronistic, and the only like this today or for the last several days in fact)

> Had a moderate number of those “long, random, traceablely objective chains of thought ending with something instantly and very precisely echoed externally”-type super-subtles today. Best example: having some random thoughts about this latest health decline and how if nothing else it is definitely helping me grown/strengthen, thus causing me to think of the collective changes this all brings about and how it causes me to develop – precisely as a car pulled up directly alongside me on the highway, about to cross the street from the divider, and facing me again just so that it stopped with its front plate perfectly, directly into my immediate area of focus, on which read “EVOLUTION” in big, readable letters, as to perfectly echo the fully objective thought I had at that exact moment, and even with that “animated” quality, with it pulling up and stopping exactly as I passed by, and with just the right logistical precision/angle, etc …

Numbers were again a little more present and numerous than thought-type activity, and today beginning in that distinct “immediately” after lunch fashion:

Right as I began to leave the parking lot at the coffee shop, a car came through the drive-thru, rounding a corner and stopping in that perfectly timed, perfectly patternistic and “directly into my immediate area of focus” fashion, with its 37-plate ending up exactly in my line of sight, again absolutely flawless and “animated,” etc.

Next, just down the road, an equally cool and “animated” standout, when I passed a man vacuuming his car at a carwash, and precisely as I passed, he stepped right, while at the bumper of his car, thus “revealing” his 3751 plate again in that perfectly logistic, exactly timed, directly in line of sight fashion.

Next, maye 20 minutes later right before I left town, I had another of those “big bunch of gathered 37-plates at a random intersection”-type of clusters, though today without any “animation” or other depth-adding qualities, just simply a conspicuously large “gathering” of maybe 4-5 37-plates (and all were 4-digit ones too, if I remember right, like 3711 and 3071 and the other “bigger” 37-variants, as opposed to the lesser-seeming two-digit plates, etc).

From there, eventually went on to have another of those slow but steady graduations into a steady-ish stream of low-key and semi-conspicuous 37-plates during the drive north, again eventually peppered with a reasonable number of semi-standouts of the same “classical” subtypes: pull-in-fronts, reckless passers, things demanding my attention and thus causing me to see a plate, again too many to list. Overall, a more-active day, though memory is too shot and too tired to get down all the coherent ones. An uptick anyhow.


Another travel/condition/health-reflected shift.

Morning: saw some more of those same scattered small-but-striking, super-subtle echoes here and there, and with one really good standout, either one of those newish “cartoon”-type echoes or just a classical one that happened to come via cartoon: It started when I went into the gym first thing this morning and, upon hearing the group of people nearby burst into conspicuous laughter, I commented as I went past about how they were having too much fun in the gym, and we exchanged a few words and I then went into the locker room, after which the little encounter was fresh in my mind and sort of replaying, with their loud laughter in particular at the forefront of it all – and then, precisely as the laughter was sort of echoing/replaying vocally/aurally through my mind in patternistic fashion, I looked up and saw that cartoon I'd left in the locker room upon arriving last night, specifically the middle panel (which of course arrived effortlessly/directly/patternistically in my line of sight as I looked up randomly), which showed two people and was dominated by a dozen or so “HA!”s in the rest of the space, as to echo perfectly and somewhat “animated”/”livingly” the exact precise character/content of the vocal laughter playing across my mind at that exact instant, ha ha …

On the ride to lunch, another classical “universal joy”/spontaneous and conspicuous 37-plate appearance-type one, starting with yet another sudden, singular, out-of-nowhere emergence of that distinct feeling, perfectly synchronistic with a 731-plate “drifter”-type van passing me from the left and thus “inserting” its plate directly into my line of sight/area of focus, so damn cool and notable.

Next, just after that one when I arrived at the coffee shop, another of those “stepping out of the car and having a 37-plate be smac dab in the middle of my area of focus upon turning around”-type parking-lot ones, and again one where the plate was behind me/at such at angle that it was 100% invisible when I'd parked where I did, only visible once I got out and turned around, ha ha. Also, immediately after as I walked through the lot, I encountered at least three, maybe more, “normal”/passive 37-plates in that rapid, semi-conspicuous patternistic succession, and the same when I left except with new plates, and with another “period at the end of a sentence”-type “finisher” soon after, when I got back in the car and drove to the health food store in the same comlpex, just at the other end of the premises, and upon parking found myself beside another of those Infinit G37-type cars, with its big silver “G37” logo directly in my line of sight upon my getting out (just like that 2073-parking-lot one just before lunch).

Next, once in the health food store, another of those classical “cashier randomly quoting a 37-containing price in patternistic/semi-conspicuous fashion,” this time with some random customer approaching the clerk while I was browsing, asking him what the price on something was, to which he replied some dollar amount with 37-cents change – and then the customer asked something like “how much change was that?” or whatever, thus causing the clerk to reply specifically, “Thirty-seven,” ha ha.

Next, upon getting back in the car and keying it, another of those “very first words on the radio echoing something instantly/perfectly synchronistic,” this time when I absently looked away as I keyed the ignition and thus had my eyes settle patternistically on a nearby restaurant sign fo “Qdoba Mexican Grill,” thus causing me to register it absently as “Mexico/Spanish” or something like that – precisely as the radio came on to the Spanish radio station I'd had on, with a rapid-fire sequence of Spanish words, which I also absently registered as Spanish, again with this sentimental echo of “Spanish/Mexico/Mexcian” recurring in that super-surreal and notable intertwined fashion. This one also serves as another reasonably coherent example of the many “loose,” super-subtle background-static-type of echoes I've been experiencing at odd times throughout most days recently (of which I had a decent number today overall, though not an exceedingly large amount, with them ending a bit earlier, towards mid-afternoon or so).

Couple other semi-coherent examples of these I got down today: another of those random-chain-of-thought/passing-roadside-sign-type ones, when I had another 100% traceable/objective chain of thought ending with something along the lines of “service/selfless service/humanitarian work,” precisely as a mechanic sign for “auto service” came into view, with my registering the “service” portion precisely/patternistically as the chain of thoughts culminated with this general sentiment. And another, a sort of clock-tick variation: precisely as I looked at the car's in-dash clock to check the time, it ticked to 4:31 precisely as the radio announcer randomly said “one,” with this also corresponding perfectly with my registering the “1” in the display specifically, since it was the only thing that changed, a sort of three-way “intertwined” one, and again damn surreal and notable for all its “smallness.”

Couple other cool semi-conspicuous traffic 37-repeats I got down (out of yet another moderate showing of scattered, semi-conspicuous classical incidents plus another moderate showing of scattered low-key plates):

> Another “reckless speeding passer demanding my attention and then 'revealing' its 37-plate upon finally passing me”-type one, classical in every way, a Mustang first tail-gating me, then weaving around me and through traffic and back and thus “inserting” its 137-plate directly into my area of focus

> A cool sort of “Compelled litter”-type one at the gas station today, when, just after pumping gas, I was Compelled to pick up some random litter around before going back inside to use the bathroom, and just after I'd done so and began to resume going back inside, a 9730-plate car pulled up and parked directly in front of me/in my path/patternistically conspicuous, when otherwise I would already have been inside, and perfectly timed/logistical/turning at the perfect angle for the plate to “invade” my vision, ha ha

> Even had one of those “nearby car recklessly/conspicuously turning off and changing lanes, thus demanding my attention, precisely as a second, 'revealed' car in front of the first revealed its 37-plate in dramatic/animated fashion,” this time with not only one car pulling off in this fashion, but a second one, in front of that one, doing so the exact same way, thus following the first and so revealing the third, previously invisible car up, with its 6371-plate – just made all the more notable and dynamic and “striking” when experienced due to the seemingly choreographed peeling away of the two cars a split second apart

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