Synchronicity log for 2012

A cool word synchro. Started reading "Other People" this evening, after having it for weeks and reading other books when it came time. In it, a character was named Impy, and just after I finished reading and went down for dinner, my mom called one fo the cats "Impy." Now, she had called it an imp before, but never Impy in particular; also, it was so close together, not a half-hour in between.


Some word synchro today: "seethe," Noticed this on a webpage yesterday, then was in ledger this afternoon, only notable since I Noticed it so distinctly; "redoubtable," I believe this in "Dominion yesterday, but can't be sure, was in ledger this afternoon in any case, barely notable; "livestock" (gen adj), was in "Other" this morning, then in ledger this afternoon, about 1.5 hours later. Also, "symmetry," which I want to say was in "Other" or something I read this morning, then it was in ledger at lunch, but I didn't note it since I couldn't be sure, but then it turned up in "Other People" just after lunch.


A cool word synchro today: "eat crow." It started out with me, entirely at random, being Compelled to look through the "Fatigued to Fantastic" book again. The urge came this morning, out of the blue; my clothes were near the bookcase, and when I went for them, my eyes vectored onto the book and I Knew I needed to look through it (ostensibly for information about magnesium, but the urge was imprecise). Anyway, I went looking through the book, knowing there was some reason for it, and while poking haphazardly through it, I came upon "eat crow," perhaps the second time I've ever seen it used, the first being when I learned of it. Well, at lunch, it was in the ledger, on the very second page I read. (Interestingly, the information I read about magnesium in the book led me to read about potassium and calcium through the morning, culminating in my ordering some supplements. It will be interesting to see if these have any benefit for me.)


Another one of those onslaughts of random, subliminal synchros. Did have some very distinct thought synchros, though: first, "feeling badly"; I'd just read "feeling bad" twice in a row in a book, and immediately after my mom said "feeling badly." "Drink," in a Bjork song while I was working out, when I was just thinking about drinking, and also "smell it," the same.

Yesterday, while editing the end of "Other," I had to change something regarding oysters and pearls, and felt Compelled to research the subject. While doing so, I thought of the phrase "the world was his oyster," then today, at lunch, "world was his oyster" was in my ledger. Very possibly coincidence, only noted because of the way I felt so Compelled to look up the oyster thing.

Another neat throught synchro before bed: I had a Live song playing through my head as I looked at the clock, which read 11:17. I reduced the numbers, as I have habit of doing automatically now, and they reduced to 1. I thought this just as the Live song came to "one" in the lyrics, in that instantaneous, synchronistic way I've come to identify. Neat.


Word synchro: "cavalier." Was sort of cool. This one was in a cartoon that my dad by chance showed to me at lunch, and I Noticed that word in particular in it, perhaps because I haven't seen it in a while, and then, about an hour later, I started the "You Shall Never Know Security" book, and cavalier was in the first story in it. Also, "anglerfish," was in it, picking up on a synchro I noticed yesterday but didn't note. Yesterday, my daily tarot card was The Hermit, in my deck a woman with an anglerfish for a hand. Well, yesterday I by chance read a National Geographic, and in it was a picture of a fish similar to the anglerfish, with the anglerfish mentioned by name; then, today, in the "Security" book, it mentioned anglerfish. Hmm.

Had another one: "unconscionable," was in ledger at morning, then the "Security" book this evening. Notable since it's such an uncommon word.


Word synchro: "lifeline," in ledger this morning and I Noticed it, and then in "Jammed" while editing, about an hour later.

Some interesting ones over this morning and afternoon. First, I was asked to fill out a questionnaire for "Control," in which a male pregnancy fetish was mentioned; it stood out to me, pretty much a Notice, and then at lunch, I read a story about male pregnancy. Then, I edited "Jammed" this morning, in which the narrarator mentioned his confusing sexual signals, and I submitted it to an anthology called "Love Hurts"; as it turned out, when I went to my email to submit it, [my friend] had sent me an email, which culminated in saying that she did not feel the same about me as I do her, which could've been equated to "love hurts." Also, when I replied, I found myself using the exact line about confusing sexual signals.

Then, in relation to the Oppenheimer synchro I had recently, I read a story today in which a Professor Oppenheimer was mentioned. I don't know if it was the same one, but I found it notable, in any case.


A cool word synchro today: "baleen." It started yesterday, when I edited "Jammed" and it was in there; then, this morning, it was in the ledger. I almost noted it then, since it's such an uncommon word (I think I've only used it that one time), but didn't. Then, however, this afternoon, just hours later, it was in the "You Shall Never Know Security" book.


Word synchro: "pall," in ledger at breakfast and I Noticed it, and then in "Charlie's Room," not twenty minutes after (when I wasn't even planning on editing it this morning, if at all).

Some more cool word synchro. Started this morning, when I Noticed "Teutonic" in the ledger, and then, this afternoon, I read it in "Suttree," which I've been trying to re-read for months now, but it has never felt Right until today. There were several other words, too: "teetotaler," and I think two others that I can't remember. It might be that I came across the part of the ledger from when I first read the book, but even if that's the case, it's remarkable either way, considering just how long I've put it off, and that I would Notice Teutonic so distinctly.

(Note, 4/23/12: I came across the section of my ledger today with the Suttree entries; this last one was *not* in that part)


Soem cool ones today. First, while cutting grass, I thought about getting tape to fix my mower (electrician's tape, specifically), and seconds later I picked up a wad of electrician's tape from the ground. Also, while cutting grass this morning, I thought absently about how my parents are fond of the Bible verse about being shown "great and mighty things though knowest not," and how they use it to explain various things. I had heard this said several times over the course of my life, but as of today, not for a while, perhaps years; however, during lunch, just about an hour after thinking this, my parents quoted that verse, in regard to exactly what I was thinking of before. Then, I had a big thing about ending up dressed as a redneck this morning, which was topped off with my finding an empty container of Grizzly chewing tobacco and putting it in my back-left pocket, where I always do trash; later, that afternoon, I had the thought the Skoal would've been more befitting. Within an hour of thinking that, I picked up a box for Skoal chewing tobacco, trash -- not huge, but notable, in any case.


Word synchro: "abstract," in ledger this morning and I Noticed it, and then it was in "Storms," about 1.5 hours later. More: "drooled" (general verb); this was a three-banger, first in "Storms" last night and I had to edit it (as these so often are), and then in ledger this morning, but then in "Storms" again just afterward; "bonhomie," in "Storms" last night and then ledger this morning; "fell into step," which I noted in my newest ledger yesterday, thinking I'd put that in somewhere before, and sure enough, there it is in my old ledger this morning; "cloaca," in "Suttree" yesterday (in the form of cloacal) and then in ledger this morning.


Cool one this afternoon. I got a song in my head around lunchtime, very distinctly, a Live song. I couldn't remember exactly what it was called, or what album it was on (I wanted to call it "Prize," one of the lyrics), but it stuck in my head, looping over and over again. Well, when I went to load my workout music for the day, I loaded Live's album "Throwing Copper," and as it so happened, the song ("Iris," it turns out it's called), was on there. Here's the thing: I had decided to listen to this album, feeling Compelled, days ago, but I didn't do it then because I didn't have the energy to workout. I almost didn't workout today either, but I had the energy when the time came so I went for it, hence listening to the song, just after I had it stuck in my head (the cart before the horse).

Some word synchros from this morning: "tar baby" (different context), "ungainly," "millpond," "increment" (different context), "timothy grass," "stair riser." All of these were in "Storms" yesterday, and then in ledger this morning. They are all generally common words, but were all together, over a couple pages, when they all featured in the chunk of "Storms" I edited yesterday.


Edited "Storms," this morning, and the part I did mentioned the movie "Friday the 13th," when today is a Friday the 13th. Interestingly, I would've done this part yesterday, but I felt Compelled to write [my friend], and then to start "I Come To Teach" last night, forcing me to do it this morning. Then I almost went forward with "I Come To Teach" this morning, but felt Compelled to edit "Storms." Funny.


A cool one today. As I was going down the street this afternoon, I Noticed a guy walking along the road, and I thought I recognized him as a man I've seen walking around town throughout my entire life, having several impersonal run-ins with. Well, I went and cut two lawns, and afterward felt Compelled to go to Food Lion, and as I came out, there was the guy, right next to me. I got a better look at him then, and sure enough, it was him. This is interesting, because soooo many things went into my, first, seeing him, then coming out of Food Lion and seeing him again, a huge chain of events spanning the last two days, involving my weedeater head and getting the wrong one and returning it and being out of money, etc, etc (not to mention the fact that I cut two lawns in between seeing him the first time and the second time).

A minor synchro tonight. Today, by total dumb "chance" (again thanks to that huge, days-long series of events involving the money/weedeater head), I went in the living room this afternoon and saw on my dad's couch a newspaper article regarding John Grisham, which I Noticed very distinctly. Then, when I went to sign up for my Goodreads account tonight, which I'd meant to do a couple days ago, it had an ad for a John Grisham book on it, when I haven't seen any mention of John Grisham in a while.


Word synchro: "inexplicably." I used it in "A Good Cause" this morning, then it was in "Suttree" at lunch. Notable since it's such an uncommon adverb.


Neat word synchro: "tabula rasa." I thought of this yesterday, very distinctly, as happens often, and then it turned up in the ledger this morning. Despite noticing this, I didn't note it. But then, later this morning, I went to check something at the "Not One of Us" web page, and I saw it on a table of contents there. Notable, considering it's such a rare word, and I had that Thought.


Cool word synchro: "gramophone." First came up in spellchecker for an unlikely word, and then was in "Suttree" this afternoon, just hours later, somewhat notable considering how uncommon it is. Then, "malice," used in "Dirty Hands" this morning and then was in "Suttree" at lunch, probably just a coincidence, common word. Then, had a cool thought synchro: read "He cleared his throat" right as I cleared my throat. This one definitely wasn't just a subconscious read-ahead; my throat had been scratchy and I'd cleared it several times, and a scratchiness had preceded that, causing me to clear it. Was very synchronous. Made me double-take.


Really cool one. Last week, I pulled the 2 of Stones twice, and I really felt to "resonate" with it, as if the man in the picture was me currently (dancing through infinity). Well, I resonated with it so much that I replaced my online pictures with it, as an avatar. Then, after a whole bunch of other things, I decided to replace *it* with a real picture on facebook, for professional purposes, but then I got an email from [my friend] today where she mentioned how she Just Happened to pull a tarot card, and it was the one I'd posted on Facebook (after I replaced it with a real picture, I posted it as a normal picture). Really cool.

Another one, summed up in my email to [my friend]: "Okay, this is another synchronicity-worthy "coincidence": the equivalent woman in my life, the one who went to jail? She just got out and moved back here at the middle of the month, after serving some few months on a years-long sentence. The good news, though, is that she is moving out of my dad's rental, to live with her son in Texas (permanently). I'll believe it when I see it. In any case, I find that remarkably cool. (Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that this is due to some similar "energy" in our lives, perhaps astrological, perhaps otherwise -- regardless, that this is a manifestation of some energetic "force" active in our lives. Think of all the minutiae that would have to be changed in order for this to occur, not just having the harridans in our lives return, but at almost the precise same time. More food for thought on the nature of reality.)"


Quite a few, today. First, I noticed that, in the book I just started reading, "The Talisman," it involves someone who has to set off to California from the east coast, just when [my friend] left for California yesterday. Not huge, probably nothing, but I felt that I should note it. Then, a really cool one: I was going down the road, and thought about the frequency attacks I'd read about on the Cassiopean forum, and how I wasn't sure if I knew what it was referring to. I thought I did, that these were like the guy who randomly came to me about the dog leash at Glory Drive and, thus, hit me with his "frequencies," based on my reaction to him; but I couldn't be sure. So I said to myself, in a sort of prayer, "I'd like to learn about this." Well, I was driving at the time, and some seconds down the road, a car appeared beside me, looking to me like it wasn't going to stop. I don't know if it was just edging out or what, but it freaked me out, "zapping" me with fear/negativity/anger, etc., but I caught it instantly and shrugged it off. Again, I can't say for sure if this was another of these "demonstrations," in answer to my request, but I find it very notable, nonetheless.

Also, while I was cutting grass today, I hit a slug and it splattered me just below my lip. A half an inch higher, and I would've eaten it. This came when, just yesterday, [my friend] had told me to watch out for any "attacking slugs." Again, not huge, but notable. Then, a word synchro: "transmogrification," first in ledger this morning (though unNoticed), and then in "The Talisman" this afternoon (in the form of "transmogrified," same root word). Interesting, since it's such an uncommon word.


Some cool ones today. First was "pitcher plant," in my ledger today, when just yesterday it was the theme/title of a chapter in "The Talisman," maybe the only other time I've seen pitcher plant mentioned except for when I put it in the ledger (in the part that I read today, it too mentioned "pitcher plant," in reference to the part I read yesterday). Also, "organdy," which was in the book either yesterday or the day before, and I noted it in my newest ledger, then just today found an earlier entry in an older one. Then, "profligate," which is very notable, because it was in my ledger at lunch (twice, a double entry close together), and I Noticed it very distinctly, and then in "The Talisman" today, one of the few times I've seen this relatively uncommon word.


Word synchro: "delphinium," in ledger at lunch, then in editing "The Garden" tonight, when I felt Compelled to do so. Same for "negroid."


Had an interesting one today. All day, I'd been thinking of how my latest shitstorm week seemed to coincide with the new moon, as all my big changes in energy/"traveling" seem to do. If I remember right, at some point in the morning I compared myself to a werewolf, changing with the moon. Well, in "The Talisman" today, I read a couple chapters that were all about just that, the main characters anticipating the changing of a werewolf's cycle. Also, it occurred to me today that for the last few days, I've had the Tool song "Reflection" in my head, so much that I had to look up the lyrics. As it turns out, they also seem to describe someone falling into an illusionary mindset "in the light of the moon," and hoping that it ends before they "pine away," which is just how I've felt, hoping that this cycle doesn't erase me and all my progress completely. Hmm.


A cool one, not quite a word or a thought synchro -- action synchro? I was editing "The Birth of Edenborough," and burped, it coming out as a whiney sound from high in my throat. Just as I did this (in that very synchronous way), I realized the next like was, "She made a whiney noise from high in her throat, but didn't awake."

Very cool one. Yesterday, I wrote to [my friend] about my experience with the bees in the windows years ago, and what I thought it meant. Then, this morning, I heard a buzzing behind my head, and there was a bee caught in that very same window, for the first time in at least a year (if not since the whole thing happened before). I looked it all over and still could find now way it couldn't've possibly gotten in or been born in there (there's no nest, and it's been sealed solid for weeks).

Couple more cool ones. First, this morning, I came close to hitting a guy on a bicycle who cut out across all 5 lines of traffic. I slowed down and missed him okay, but as I was waiting at an intersection down the road, I saw him again, going around a bend. I noted he had a distinctive tattoo on his leg, as well as a somewhat distinctive bike. Well, this afternoon, hours later, when going through the same intersection, damned if I didn't see the same guy, on the same bike, same tattoo, going around the same corner he'd been rounding before. The changes boggle the mind.

Then, after I worked out and was leaving the locker room at the gym, I almost ran into a teenage boy who I've seen in there. The thing is, the last two times I've left the gym, I've almost run into him -- at the precise same juncture. Like, literally right at the same intersecting point in the locker room, always when I'm leaving. At first I thought maybe we just kept similar schedules (though it would still be notable even if we did), but here's the thing: the prior two times I worked out, I remember leaving at slightly different times (maybe 10-15 minutes, give or take). I couldn't do that if I tried.


Cool word synchro: "witchy," in ledger this morning, then "Dr. Henry's" just after. The only time I've used that adjective, I think (I felt Compelled to change ledgers a couple days ago, despite not being finished with the one I was on ...).

A quasi-word one: "book," in my ledger, just when my mom said book, synchronously soon.

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