Synchronicity log for 2013


Cool word synchro today, or something like a word synchro. In the book 'A Dirty Job,' a chapter was titled "The Gogs of War," which made me think of the dogs of war, which in turn made me think of the movie Mad Max II, in which one of the characters mentioned the dogs of war (the most recent time I'd heard this used, as it were). Then, a couple paragraphs down, there was a reference to Thunderdome, which is a reference to the Mad Max movies (the third in the series, if I remember right). Pretty notable, especially since 1) I can trace my random thought of it to the "Gogs of War" thing, which would rule it out being just subconsciously reading down to "Thunderdome," and 2) the "Gogs of War" thing wasn't even a direct reference to Mad Max, but just an indirect one.


First, a reading/thought synchro, at lunch, when I read "Bob" right as my dad said "Bob," perfectly synchronous. This was notable not just because of its blatant synchronicity, but because it couldn't possibly be explained any other way, considering it was a word spoken by another person entirely, who couldn't see the book I was reading. Nor could it be explained as me picking up on it after the fact, the two were just so synchronous. Also, on a lesser note, a recurrence involving chorizo sausage. I'd seen "chorizo" mentioned, ambiguously, in 'A Dirty Job,' either yesterday or the day before, I can't remember. In any case, I Noticed this "chorizo," very distinctly as usual, almost enough to note in my ledger but not quite (the way it was in the book, it was clear it was food of some kind, so I didn't waste the entry). Then, while in Walmart today with Tim, he got me to help him look for hot sausages, forcing me to look at the display, and next to the hot sausages were chorizo sausages. I may have encountered chorizo in the past -- it seems like I have, actually -- but I find it notable that 1) I would encounter it twice so close together, and in the most indirect of ways, and 2) that I Noticed it so distinctly in the book, which is exactly how these things have happened so many times in the past.

Then a neat one tonight. Days ago, I'd come across, entirely randomly, a mention of Faust, and it stuck distinctly in my mind since then, for no logical reason. I knew of the character, but only vaguely. So, at lunch today, I finally wrote a note to research Faust, and then looked it up tonight, which led me to a 1926 movie about the legend. I felt Compelled to watch this movie, and right away I was struck by two things: first, it started with a part in which it said that man could choose good or evil, and, second, that there were several German words I recognized in the various texts -- both of which were much like those in the book 'Into the Darkness,' which I started this afternoon. The book started with a quote that said man could choose between good and evil, and a couple of the German words quoted in it (such as "Frau") were in the movie. The parallels weren't hugely notable -- both could easily be coincidence -- except that 1) I wrote the note to research Faust just *before* I started the book this afternoon (I've had the book for months now), and 2) though the German words were common ones, it has been a long time since I've seen any German quoted, much less those words. Between that and my being so Compelled to look up Faust, I find it notable.


First, a pretty cool one this afternoon, just after I met [my friend] and we went to the Mellow Mushroom to eat, in Burlington. I went into the bathroom, and as I was washing my hands, I noticed that I looked really spacey and strung-out -- from the two-hour drive there, which always leaves me rather strung-out. Some seconds later, the lyrics from the song on the radio said, "I walked into this restaurant, strung-out from the road." I was in a restaurant, strung-out from the road. Now, this didn't come on immediately after I thought that -- *not* in that distinctly synchronistic way -- yet it came just seconds later, close enough (and accurate enough) that I found it pretty notable.

Then, while going to thrift stores after lunch, I discovered yet another Ace of Base 'The Sign' CD for sale -- this one at a thrift store that we didn't plan to go to, but just saw along the way to the store we'd planned. This is somewhat notable in itself, considering how many times I've seen this particular CD at thrift stores spread out all over the place, now (also, because this thrift store had maybe 10 total CDs for sale, rather than dozens), but it was doubly notable since, when we finally got to the original thrift store we'd been on the way to, the song 'The Sign' from that album came on the radio, just seconds after we went inside. We laughed.

Then, a blatant thought/speech synchro, or whatever these should be called. On the way back from that last thrift store, I was reading "cereal" on a passing billboard, randomly, when [my friend] mentioned "cereal bars," these two coinciding in that perfectly synchronous way, and also under circumstances that I don't think could be explained with any subconscious fixation or the like (the sign I read was advertising Post cereal for sale, and [my friend]'s mentioning the cereal bars was in reference to some she'd brought me as a present, plus I don't think she was even looking at the sign in the first place (I had to point it out to her)). Interestingly, the "cereal bars" in question weren't really cereal bars, but fruit-and-nut bars.


A recurrence synchro this afternoon. It started this morning, when I had the thought, randomly but distinctly, of how unneutered cats tend to wander off. Then, at lunch, my mom, in the midst of a big story, mentioned how unneutered cats tend to wander off. This could easily be written off for coincidence, except that it fits the rubric of so many other, more notable recurrences I've experience, where I'll have one of these random but distinct thoughts that turn up again sometime in the near future.


Really cool one this afternoon -- though/recurrence/number synchro? I don't know what to call it. It started after my walk at the park, when I got back in my truck, turned it on, and saw that it was 5:11 -- but only for a second, because immediately as I saw it was 5:11, the clock ticked to 5:12, showing 5:11 for only a split second. For some reason, I Noticed this, feeling it significant, though I had no reason to do so (other than the fact that 5:11 -- and all x11's -- seem to crop up in daily life, in addition to the fact that I've many times looked at a clock just before it ticked to :12). Then, as I started home, I decided to get gas, and I felt Compelled to stop at a station right by the park, despite it being different than the one I usually stop at, as well as busier and in a place harder to get in and out of. I got gas there, and then, when I got back in the truck and turned it on, I looked at the clock -- and was shocked to see it reading 5:11, then immediately ticking to :12 again, exactly as before, showing 5:11 just a split second. I was momentarily puzzled, then I realized that this 5:11 had been not the time, but the track time on the CD I had in the in-dash CD player (the CD player reads out the track time momentarily before switching to the time time). However, this only made it that more notable, since there were so many logistics that had to come together for me to see, within the space of minutes, that 5:11 ticking to :12 the exact same way. For instance, the song on the CD: first it had to be one that was at least 5 minutes 12 seconds long, then I would had to have stopped my truck at the park at just the right time, before driving to the gas station and stopping *there* at just the right time. It made me go back over the preceding events, all of which were necessary to pull off this synchronicity: first, I had to chose that particular CD to listen to today, from a rack of dozens (which I felt Compelled to do), and then, when I first got to the park where I walked, there were no parking spaces, and I had to wait a few seconds to turn around, but then, conveniently, someone came over from the park and left, so I was able to get their space; then, of course, there was my being Compelled to stop at the inconvenient gas station, without which I wouldn't have stopped and started my truck until miles down the road. After looking over it, I felt like something was saying, "Look what I can do!"

Then, had a series of minor, otherwise unnotable ones centered around a book I read today, "When Zachary Beaver Came to Town." The first was very minor: the book involved ladybugs, and, after walking at the park today, I found a ladybug in my truck -- easily a coincidence, except that it was somewhat notable that, after not having read of or seen a ladybug since last summer at least, I would do both on the same day. Then, a little more notable but not much, at lunch today, my mom mentioned, out of the blue, that she'd read an entire book in one day recently, when today I read the entire "Zachary Beaver" book in one day (it was short) -- also easily a coincidence, but notable considering I don't read books in one day too often, nor has my mom ever mentioned such an obscure topic. Then, as minor, at the park today I saw an obese man walking with a woman, and it made me think of how sometimes women will be attracted to obese men for whatever reason. Then, in the book tonight, it hinted at a girl being attracted to an obese boy. Then, maybe a little more notable, is that recently (it may have been just this morning, in fact) I thought of the movie 'Paris, Texas,' very randomly, and then the book today mentioned Paris, Texas. I'd noticed all these separately through the day, and initially ignored them, but after seing them all together, I find them notable, the way these little onslaughts of minor, easily explainable synchros to be.


Pretty cool recurrence today. It started this morning, when I went to Food Lion to get some things. While standing in the checkout line there, I noticed these Starbucks cold coffee drinks in a cold case right beside me -- Noticed them, the Frapuccino drinks especially (I've seen these drinks many times over the years, but had never Noticed them in that distinct way -- until then). Then, at lunch, my dad told me about some marked-down chicken livers at Ingles, so I decided to go there after I worked out. While checking out *there*, I overheard the cashier and the bag boy talking about Monster energy drinks and coffee drinks, during which the bagboy said he didn't like "those cold-coffee and Frapuccino drinks." I found this notable in itself, not so much because of the recurrence but because I had Noticed the ones at Food Lion so distinctly and *then* had the recurrence. However, on the way home, I realized I'd forgotten to get rice at Ingles, so I went by Lowe's on the way home. There, I went for the self-checkouts, like usual, but they were all in use, so I went into a traditional checkout -- which had a cold case of those same drinks, forcing me to see them yet again. The last could, of course, easily be coincidence, but, in the context of the first two, I found it notable.

Also, a neat one tonight, a recurrence from a book I read and [my friend]'s last email. My reply to her: "Remember that National Book Award-winning novel I bought at the Salvation Army in Burlington? Well, I read it a couple days ago (all in one day -- short book), and it mentioned, twice, someone being buried in a piano box (the book had obese characters in it). Reading that, I thought I'd seen it somewhere recently, but I'd thought it was just from earlier in the same book -- but no, it was your email, sent two days before I read the book (when I can't remember ever hearing of burying someone in a piano box before that)."


Had a minor one at lunch today. When I went into Starbucks and used [my friend]'s gift certificate, I ended up spending more than the $10 it was for -- $2.20 more. When I saw the number, I instantly noticed it, but this was because of the 22, which is one of the recurring numbers I see all the time, so I didn't think much of it. However, for some reason, that particular sequence -- 2.20 -- kept bugging me afterward as I sat in the parking lot and ate the food and coffee I'd bought, so much that I checked the receipt twice. Then, after lunch, I went to check what time it was, by turning on my truck's radio, and the time was 2:20. Easily a coincidence, and perhaps even then explainable as subconscious knowledge (though, I will say this: I was expecting it to be later than 2:20), but still, I thought I would note it because of how that particular 2.20 sequence kept popping up in my mind.

Then, another minor one this afternoon. I started reading 'Angels Don't Play This HAARP' today, and within the first few pages the book mentioned Arecibo, Puerto Rico, where the radio telescope is. The thing is, yesterday, Tim had called me down with a computer problem, which ended up being him trying to print out a map of Puerto Rico and having it get cut off. I fixed the problem and printed him out a map, and while doing so I noticed Arecibo on the map -- not a Notice, but a distinct notice of it amongst all the different towns (though, this might just have been because it was the only Puerto Rican town I know). In any case, I find it mildly notable that I would see references to Arecibo two days in a row when I can't remember the last I heard it referenced (maybe years).


Minor recurrence today. At lunch, I started re-reading "Cities of the Plain," in which the main characters have a bird (an owl) fly into their windshield and die. Then, about two hours later, my mom mentioned, randomly, how she once had a couple birds (not owls) fly into her windshield and die. Possibly a coincidence, though I find the timing notable. Also, there's the fact that I felt Compelled to re-read 'Cities of the Plain' a few days ago, and then Compelled again to go and get it from the library yesterday rather than putting it off (I have a lot of other books to read, right now). Considering how this follows that same pattern I see so much, I find this one even more notable.


At lunch today, when I resumed reading 'Cities of the Plain,' the first page detailed a scene involving hound dogs. Simultaneously as I read it, my mom began talking about a hound. I had said nothing to her about my reading about hound dogs; her mentioning the hound was entirely unprovoked.

Also, through the day, had more of that onslaught of minor, otherwise unnotable synchro. Many, many repeat words and themes, a couple of which involved "Last Dance," which I finished writing this morning (just hours after, I caught a snatch of a song that mentioned death-lovers or something around a fountain, both of which "Last Dance" involved, and then, in 'Cities of the Plain,' there was a funeral procession with a trumpet player, which "Last Dance" involved). This included a couple minor thought synchros I can't remember, also. Also, a bit more notable, was "Mason," which I saw on the Mason jar I drank my tea from this evening and Noticed, very distinctly, exactly like that other time I Noticed the "Mason" on a mason jar and had it recur shortly after. Well, this time it was "Mason County" in the Mothman book I started about two hours later -- otherwise unnotable except that I Noticed that "Mason" on the jar so distinctly, to where I knew, consciously, it would soon recur in some way. But, toward the end of the night, there was another one a bit more notable. I read the Mothman book tonight, and in it there was mentioned a woman who saw the Mothman and had it chase her around and make noises above her house and such, leaving her extremely freaked out. I Noticed this, too, thinking of how she must have felt, to feel so violated and "haunted," how it must have completely altered her perceptions. Just minutes after I finished reading this book, I experienced this state myself, because I was sure someone had broken into my apartment and left, while I was upstairs -- which turned out to be a really strange, unlikely, and convincing illusion caused by other things, but I didn't realize this until the next morning. I spent the night very freaked out, feeling that someone had violated my space and "haunted" me (because it seemed that the supposed person had sat outside my window for hours waiting for me to leave the apartment so they could come inside -- which didn't happen, but felt like it did). In any case, I found it actually pretty remarkable that I would end up experiencing a state nearly identical to that of the woman in the book, just minutes after reading it (the thing with my door being left open, as if someone had intruded, has never happened in the 8 months I've been living in this apartment (it was caused by the jamb warming up and warping a certain way, and my cabinets banging a certain note when I closed my other door)).


Cool recurrence at lunch today. About three days ago, I read the 'Angels Don't Play This HAARP' book, in which, amongst other things, I learned two radio terms: OTH (over-the-horizon) radio, and the "woodpecker" signal. Then, today, I started reading the 'SAS Fighting Techniques Handbook,' and, to my surprise, it contained descriptions of both OTH radio and the woodpecker signal. I don't believe I've ever heard of these two terms before, and then, in a matter of days, I read two separate books containing them. Yet, the coolest part is how I came to read the SAS handbook. I started cutting grass today and I couldn't find my work gloves. I looked all over, and, despearte, I ended up thinking maybe I'd put them in the upstairs closet for some reason. So I went up there, and that's where I found the SAS book, from where I'd put it years ago without ever reading it. When I first saw it, I Noticed it, and felt attracted to it in that special way, and eventually I found myself going for it, even though I'd planned on starting a different book today. This one-ups previous such book-recurrence synchros: not only did I read these things close together in two totally separate, randomly purchased books read in as random an order, but the SAS book was one I didn't even know I had until, by complete dumb chance, I ended up led to my closet today (the gloves weren't in the closet, as it were).

Also, had a reading synchro tonight. While listening to a random Beck song, it said "missing" right as I read "missing" (when researching that Naipe Mate 11/11 Knight of Coins tarot card I found while cutting grass today).


Notable word synchro: "trinitrotoluene (TNT)." I read it in three separate, randomly read books within this last week. I can't remember what the first was (I want to say the HAARP book), but the last two were the Mothman book and the SAS Fighting Handbook, back to back. Not only did I read it three times in a week, but I don't believe I've ever come across the actual, non-acronym of TNT until I read it in that first book (if I have, it's been a while).


A straight-up word/thought synchro: "turn." I was thinking about something and muttering half-aloud, and right as I said "in turn," the word "turn" scrolled up on an electronic sign I was looking at. It happened in that distinctly synchronistic fashion, the two coinciding perfectly. Some notes: First, there's no way this could've been any sort of subconscious repetition, since 1) the "in turn" I spoke aloud was on its own chain of thought, and 2) the electronic sign was a small square in which the words scrolled up one at a time, and "turn" appeared only as I was actually speakikng the "turn" of "in turn" -- the sign's "turn" was not displayed beforehand, in other words. Second, this one seemed to involve just the basic word itself, considering the context and meaning of the two "turns" were entirely different, my spoken one being part of someone doing something "in turn," and the one on the sign used in a different context (I only caught the sign saying "turn," followed by "Sat" (Saturday), so I don't know exactly what context it was being used in, only that it wasn't the one I was using it in).

Also, tonight, I finally broke down and watched some of 'Apocalypse Now,' after feeling Compelled to for the last couple days, and there were several notable synchros in it, along with a bunch of little random ones. It started when, about three-four days ago, I felt Compelled to watch it, out of nowhere, but declined, feeling unable to suffer such a long movie. Then, yesterday, that SAS Handbook mentioned the movie, a bit of a synchronicity in itself, considering that when I first felt Compelled to watch it, I hadn't even remembered the book and it was still in my closet upstairs. But then, amongst the random synchro between the movie and the book (most of which could be explained as coincidence, considering they're both about war), there were two pretty obvious ones: 1) that the movie has Laurence Fishburn in it, which I didn't know, when, literally just before I watched the movie, I encountered a picture of the Matrix Laurence Fishburn, completely randomly, during a Google image search for "multidimensional matrix"; then, 2) the movie mentioned the Silver Star, something I don't think I've ever heard of, when just at lunch today the SAS Handbook mentioned the Silver Star.


Notable thought synchro this afternoon, in the classic format. While reading the SAS Handbook, I read something about soldiers being promoted for different accomplishments, and that triggered the random thought of the part of the 'Apocalypse Now' movie where the main character mentions how completing his mission will see him promoted to major. Immediately as I thought that, I read a sentence that ended with "sergeant-major." At first I thought it might have been a read-ahead deal, since the "sergeant-major" was on the same page as when I'd thought of the movie reference, but that doesn't fit, because I can directly trace the thought about the movie to the reference to promotion that I'd read above.


First, a weird one that might be nothing. First, this morning, I had a dream of going shopping for antique furniture and finding it to be very expensive, during which I had the distinct thought of, "Antique furniture is worth a lot more than I'd thought," or something to that end. Then, at lunch, my dad mentioned to me how some of the furniture around the house was antique and worth a lot more than you'd think. He said this to me out of the clear blue, when he'd never mentioned anything like this in my entire life. I find it notable because of that, and the timing of it, as well as the correlation in archetypes (expensive antique furniture).

Then, while reading "Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas" at lunch today, a word synchro: "anthropoid." I read this in the SAS Fighting Handbook a couple days ago, in regards to an "Operation Anthropoid." If I'd seen that word before, it's been a while. But then it was in the "Frog Pajamas" book, which I started today and read sequentially after the Handbook, after having it for over a month now. Notable in itself, but doubly so considering that it fits that rubric of back-to-back book synchros that I've had so many of.


Some pretty cool recurrence today. First, this morning, when I went to pack up 'Cosmic Trigger' to ship off, I Noticed the destination city, Deluth, MN (in fact, if I remember right, I Noticed it last night, when the book sold and I logged the shipping address). Then, at lunch, about an hour later, my dad, out of the clear blue, mentioned how Deluth, MN, is getting a bunch of nasty weather -- not huge, but mildly notable, considering that 1) I Noticed it in that special way, 2) I haven't encountered Deluth in any way in perhaps years, and 3) the two were so close together. Then, while reading 'Half Asleep In Frog Pajamas,' also at lunch, one of the characters said, "Do you accept Visa?" I had just asked this exact phrase about 1.5 hours earlier, while buying the blower at Farmer's (interestingly, I knew they accepted Visa but it just sort of jumped out from me while I was there). Then, also when I went to pack up 'Cosmic Trigger' this morning, I Noticed the cover and its depiction of the Sirius formation, enough to make me think, distinctly, of Sirius (it figures prominently in that book). Then, also in 'Half Asleep' at lunch today, about 1.5 hours later, it mentioned Sirius (it featured in the whole part of the book I read today). (Also, interestingly, in 'Cosmic Trigger' Sirius was involved in a bunch of real-life recurrence synchronicities noted by the author.) The three recurrences were moderately notable in themselves, but taken together, I find it upgrades the notability a bit.


Ye gads, a bunch of cool ones today! The first was just before lunch, a unique thought synchro. It started when I thought of the "mountain and the valley" analogy for life's cycles and how they teach you, this thought arriving to me from out of the clear blue (it started with thinking of a song by Live, as equally random, and then turned to the analogy). I had thought of the mountain half of it, and just as I was about to think "valley," I realized that the empty potato bag I was holding read "valley" -- but I only picked up the bag *after* I had started the thought. Additionally, it was on the *back* of the bag that read "valley," not the front, which had been visible. Then, even cooler (though perhaps not related), was the fact that the bag's "valley" was the end of a sentence: "Fresh ideas from the valley." This is notable because it factors into the very mountain-and-valley analogy, where you learn from going both onto the mountain and into the valley as well as the whole process -- another way of saying you "get ideas" from them.

Then, at lunch, I laughed my ass off as I read 'Half Asleep In Frog Pajamas.' Yesterday, upon seeing that the book concerns the tarot, I was subconsciously expecting it to mention the Five of Pentacles, which was the tarot card I'd drawn for that day. The book mentioned maybe four or five of the cards within the fifty-odd pages I read, but the Five of Pentacles was not one of them. I felt mildly disappointed. Today, however, on the second page I read, it mentioned the Five of Pentacles -- in addition to the Lovers, which was the card I'd drawn today (in a roundabout way, it even referred to the card being upside-down, when I had drawn the Lovers card upside-down today, though this reference may not have been anything). Then, a notable word synchro: "riverine," which I was first introduced to in the very last book I'd read, the SAS Handbook. Not only was this a classic word synchro, where I learn a word for the first time and then come across it in the next sequential (though randomly read) book, I had also Noticed "riverine" upon reading it in the SAS Handbook, very distinctly.

But these pale in comparison to the last. It builds on yesterday's synchros between 'Cosmic Trigger' and 'Half Asleep In Frog Pajamas.' Struck by those, I'd had the thought that 'Half Asleep' would, if things kept going this way, directly reference Robert Anton Wilson, 'Cosmic Trigger's' author -- and damned if it wasn't in there today. Note: there is nothing in 'Half Asleep' to suggest either the Sirius references or Robert Anton Wilson. I'd never heard of the book until I saw it in Goodwill nearly two months ago and bought it, nor did I read any of the blurbs on the first few pages or the back cover. Really damn cool.


Some word synchro: "ships in the night." It started while I was editing "Dying City," in which one of the vignettes was entitled "Ships in the Night." When I saw this, I thought of the 'Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas' book, because it had kept mentioning the song "Strangers in the Night," which had made me think of the saying "ships in the night" and, in turn, the vignette in "Dying City." Well, soon after editing and resubmitting "Dying City," I read the rest of 'Half Asleep,' and in it it happened to mention "ships in the night." Notable, considering the circumstances and how soon after it was that I'd edited "Dying City" (also of note: I've had that story ready to be edited and resubmitted for over a week now).


Not sure what to classify this one as -- recurrence? About a week ago, I bought something off eBay and it came with a business card from the seller. The card stood out to me because it was so sappy, showing an American flag as if trying to associate the business with patriotism. Then, today, entirely randomly and without plan, I clicked on an ad offering free business cards, and while going through the various designs, I saw the very one that I'd gotten with that package, with the American flag and everything. Perhaps nothing, but I find it notable that I would end up encountering that very card again, when, until just now, I never expected to get free business cards.

Then, a really cool one at lunch. I started reading 'The Inner World' today, and within the first few pages it mentioned how myths can be interpreted any number of ways and by any number of modalities -- which directly addressed something I read in 'Half Asleep In Frog Pajamas' yesterday. In that book, a character had discounted multiple ways of interpreting myths, and I distinctly replied to it, aloud, with something along the lines of, "You can interpret myths in any number of ways." I found this highly notable, not just because it directly addressed what I'd come across in 'Half Asleep' yesterday (and was somewhat troubled by, considering how narrow a judgment it was), but because 1) I'd bought the 'Inner World' book months ago and kept putting it off, again and again, until today, and 2) I'd originally planned on reading a different book today but was unable to for a freak reason (it's on my new tablet PC, an ebook, the first I was to read, but when I went to power up my tablet, the battery wasn't charged, because it turns out you have to charge it in a weird way -- so it wasn't ready when I wanted to read, so I ended up having to read a traditional book, which ended up being 'The Inner World'). Very cool.


This could quite possibly be nothing, but today, I got feedback on eBay for the book 'Neuromancer,' even though it's been weeks since I sold and shipped it. This happened just after last night when I wrote the blog post about the synchronicities between 'Cosmic Trigger' and 'Half Asleep,' which included several references to 'Neuromancer.' It just seems like a minor, albeit notable, recurrence. Also of note: I'd been meaning to write that blog post for a few days, but just finally got around to it last night.

Also, when I went to Goodwill this afternoon, I found a book from Robert Anton Wilson, author of 'Cosmic Trigger.' It was in a foreign language (I think German) so I didn't buy it, but it's just like the 'Neuromancer' feedback: something from that whole knot of 'Cosmic Trigger' recurring after that blog post last night.


No really notable synchronicities for myself today (other than the usual, pervading "small" ones that are too many to note). However, at lunch, my parents shared with me two pretty notable ones, assuming that they are as they told them. One invovled hearing something on the radio (or hearing it said elsewhere, I can't remember) and then looking up to find exactly that phrase ("Anything is possible") on the back of a truck. The other was reading an ad for the Wild Wing Cafe immediately as an ad for this restaurant came on TV. Not noting these so much for the synchros themselves, since I didn't personally experience them, but because it suggests that this phenomenon is 1) happening to other people, and 2) happening in ways distinctly like those I am noting. This is far from the first I've had other people share synchroncities with me (unbidden as it were), but I found it notable that my parents told me these things randomly, when I hadn't brought up the subject. ([my friend] has shared with me many notable synchronicities, but I talk to her about them all the time, so for all I know I'm putting ideas in her head, though I have no reason to believe she is so suggestible.)

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