Synchronicity log for 2014


Another blatant book synchro, now involving the books 'Ghost Plane' and 'McMafia,' these read back to back, as usual for these events. The first recurrence I noted was that both of these books quoted a man named Jon Winer, Clinton's drugs-and-thugs czar, which is interesting because, once more following the book-synchro pattern, the two books were on different subject matter (torture and CIA rendition flights vs. organized crime -- not entirely separate subjects, but disparate enough that it would be notable to have them both quoting the same man). I found that notable, but even more so was that both books mentioned 'The Trial' by Kafka and compared various events to the book -- which *was* very notable, considering that these references were completely arbitrary in both books, having no real relation to the subject matter in either. And, of course, I'd never known of this 'Trial' book until I read of it in 'Ghost Plane.'

Additionally, there have been a lot of those vague, individually unnotable word synchros between the 'Divide' book I'm editing and the 'McMafia' book, such as my using "bacchanalia" in my book this morning, a few hours before reading it in the 'McMafia' book -- unnotable in itself, but there have been approximately a dozen like this, also befitting that pattern thatt hese vague-onslaught/minor-word-synchro recurrences seem to follow.

Then, last, a blatant thought/event synchro. While at the gym today listening to music, the song said "trip on a wire," precisely when I was thinking of how I'd just moments before tripped on the electrical cord of a vacuum cleaner. Once again, the two coincided in that perfectly synchronistic way, wham-bam, and I can distinctly trace my train of thought leading up to the thought of tripping on the "wire" cord -- namely, because it had just happened seconds before (notable enough in itself, but it was even more so considering my thought of the event coincided not seconds earlier, but perfectly with the lyric of the song). Very cool, even after experiencing so many dozens of these.


Really cool number repetition today, distinct enough to be considered more of a synchronicity than a repeat. Last night when I did the castor oil pack, I got up a couple minutes before the hour was complete, and did so without resetting the timer (which I almost always do, by habit), and so while I was cleaning up from the pack, the timer went off and I was messing with the castor oil so I couldn't go turn it off, after which I promptly forgot about it because it eventually went off on its own. For whatever reason, the timer runs in reverse when it's not reset, and because I never reset it after it quieted, it was still going like this today when I went to use it, so that there was a positive readout ticking up on it -- 17 hours, 37 minutes, and, right when I picked it up, it ticked to 37 seconds, as to read 17:37:37, a triple set of 37-derivatives, all coinciding so that I would see it right when I went to use it today. I would've found this pretty notable had it just been to the minute, but to the *second* ... that was just huge. It bears mentioning that 1) I've been seeing 37/1137/etc like crazy the last couple weeks, but then 2) it fits that pattern where, when I see a number so much and so often that I seem to become jaded to it and begin writing it off, it will repeat in such a distinct, coherent fashion that I cannot ignore it, and this one fit the bill perfectly. Very cool.

Plus a cool one just before bed. I was talking to my mom on the phone and she asked me with help on a crossword she was doing, a computer term that was "USB port." As she was asking me this, I was looking directly at a USB port with a cable set on it, on the desk in front of me. Cool.


Really notable word synchro today: "hajj." It started about two weeks ago, when I read this word in some book, I can't remember what, for the first time, learning it. Then, four days ago on Saturday my mom was doing a crossword puzzle and was asking my help, and one of the words she asked for help with ended up being "hajj." I noticed this at once, but didn't find it too notable, considering the time gap between my learning it and her asking me about it (mildly notable considering the relatively short gap of my never having heard it before in my life and then hearing it even within a few weeks, but not enough to persuade me to log it). Then I read this word a third time, two days after my mom's crossword, and though I found this a little more notable, I still didn't log it, because I figured it was just a common word (is it?). Today, however, I read it a fourth time, and not only was the timeframe much more notable (three times in four days, from three different sources), but the fact that the book this recurrence came from was 1) a book that I got totally random at the library just today (and felt completely Compelled to get, in that special way I've come to recognize), and 2) the book has absolutely nothing to do with Islam or the Middle East, or anything that might allude to the hajj/Muslim pilgrimmage (the book is called 'Psychic Warrior' and is about supposed black-op government programs). All very notable for many reasons, however the bigggest is that this one fits that "trifecta" pattern I've come to identify distinctly, where I'll ignore minor recurrences of a word until they amass into a compound synchronicity that I can't ignore.


Pretty unique and cool repeat-number synchro, much like that involving 17:37:37 on the timer the other day. It started when I went to the market and got exactly $7.37 worth of groceries. Though this got my attention, it could've easily been chance (even though, it bears noting, what I got was all produce, including a head of cabbage, which I went through three separate ones weighing them in order to find one just the right weight so I could get exactly $5 worth of grocers and, hence, qualify for a coupon, so it's neat that it would've come to exactly that amount to reflect that number I've not only seen many times, but seen many times especially lately). The next part came when I realized that I'd been overcharged for the cabbage; this lent a little notability, since without being overcharged (like trying to find just the right cabbage), I wouldn't have had that $7.37 total. Even then, could've been chance, but I found it notable. But then, lending just enough notability to tip my scales and qualify for a log entry, when I got into the truck after going back in and getting the partial refund for my overcharged cabbage, the clock read exactly 3:37, a variation of 737, etc. I almost didn't go back in and get my ~$1.00 refund on the overcharged cabbage, but I felt Compelled, and had I not, I would've gotten in a trouble a couple minutes before 3:37. Between all these little, "chance" elements, I found this incident notable enough for an entry.

As an anecdote, when I started home after leaving the supermarket, the first vehicle I got behind had the license plate "xxx-1731" -- another variation of the 37/1137 repeat that's been chasing me down so much over the last few weeks.


Have had another onslaught of minor word synchros and other recurrences spanning the last two days, spread mostly between the Divide book I'm editing, reading my word ledger, and the 'Book of Lies' I was reading. I've noticed probably a dozen or so in all, and they started out in that same inconsequential/potential coincidental way, with a few exceptions, such as "Pendleton shirt" (in my ledger, which I Just Happened to begin reviewing again yesterday after months of being out of the habit, feeling Compelled, and then reading it today in '8 Ball Chicks,' which I Just Happened to start today, both of those times being the first time in a long time I've seen any reference to a Pendleton shirt), and "high water mark" (in my ledger yesterday, first I've seen it in a long time, and then it was in a random banner ad on the internet last night, about an hour later). Once such recurrence was the ficus tree, which I first came across while on a whim researching air-cleansing plants, then saw soon after in my word ledger, and then encountered a third time when it was mentioned in the sermon at church. All sorts of things like this, to various degrees of notability in themselves, but once more fitting the pattern of the small/minor-synchro onslaught.


A minor vague-thought synchro which couldn't been coincidence today. It started this morning, when I had the distinct thought of "recce," in regards to the military term for a rendezvous (if I remember correctly). The thought came again and again, in that distinct way I've come to associate with vague-thought synchros, and so I flagged it, seeing if it would recur. Then, this afternoon, I went to the market and went looking for canned olives. I looked all over the place, but couldn't find the olives anywhere. I did, however, find the artichoke hearts, which I've felt Compelled to try for weeks now, never having eaten them before for whatever reason. When I went to grab some, the only brand the market carried was "Reese" -- which could very well be pronounced the same as "recce" (ree-see). Perhaps I just mistook the earlier vague-thought I'd had? Hard to say, and either way not too notable.


Classic thought/music synchro. I was at the gym and thinking of how the sweat baths I'm doing are making me sweat this particularly thick, slimy sweat, and then a split second later the song was I listening to said "sweating bullets," in that distinctly synchronistic way. And, once again, I could distinctly trace the chain of thought as being separate and distinct, extending back to the sweat baths, then, before that, to thoughts of getting an infrared sauna, and then to the mercury detox, etc, etc, -- anything but an anticipation of the song saying "sweating bullets," which was perfectly descriptive of both the sweat and the type of sweat.


Not sure what to classify this one as, a synchronicity or just plain precognition (or a damn big coincidence). I was going down Blowing Rock Road to my brother's to help him move, and I had the distinct, extremely clear thought to take a different route than that I was planning, one which would have taken longer and had more turns, etc. As clearly, I thought no, I won't go that way, despite feeling very compelled to go that way -- almost Compelled, but not quite, not enough to make me actually ignore reason and logic and take the longer way, as I've done in times past after similar Compellings. Well, as I went past the intersection that I would've had to turn at were I to have gone the long way as I felt compelled to, a car blew through the intersection going the other way, in the middle turn lane, thus passing into the *other* turn lane -- the very lane I would've turned left into were I to have obeyed that illogical urge. That is, the oncoming car would've been on a direct collision course for me, head-on. Perhaps I could've evaded it, but then, the last thing I would've been looking for is a car to cross the intersection in the middle lane, an extremely dangerous and reckless maneuver. This bears all the fingerprints of a vague-thought synchro, except to a (devilishly) coherent new level.


Yet another onslaught of minor synchronicities, mostly of words. The most notable and coherent was mention of the Potomac river, which was at the very end of the 'Kingdom' book I read at lunch (and I Noticed it, though not clearly enough to foresee a recurrence), and then at the very start of a Civil War book I chose at random today from the library and started reading. Reasonably notable given that it follows the classic book-synchro pattern, but not hugely so. Still, I find the greater onslaught synchro notable, as it too fits that same pattern of those I've seen in the past.


Classic reading synchro today at lunch. Just after the washing machine kicked into the spin cycle and went rocking violently back and forth, creating a ruckus nearby, I read "it was rocking back and forth" in the Civil War book, the two coinciding in that perfect way.


Another book synchro, with slight variation from the classic pattern. They were both in the book 'There Are No Accidents' (about synchronicity, ironically), with two subjects: the hyper-inflation of Weimar, Germany, and then the phrase "all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds." I read both of these things in other books lately, for the first time. The Germany thing was in the book before last, 'Kingdom,' about 3-4 days ago, which was mildly notable but not huge; I encountered this one in the 'Accidents' book first, but didn't note it, thinking it not quite distinct enough to qualify for an entry. Then, toward the end of the 'Accidents' book, I encountered the "all is for the best" quote, and that was notable for two reasons: first because I had just read it in another book lately, I can't remember which, sometime within the last week or ten days; and second, more notably, that it's just like the reference to hyper-inflation in Weimar, both these recurrences being vague, not hugely unlikely, and not in back-to-back books, but still reasonably unlikely considering my random choosing of the containing books and the fact that both references were first-time introductions. Reasonably notable, I think.

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