Synchronicity log for 2015


Today, a recurrence amongst the normal tide of obscure, smaller synchros (which hasn't stopped, though I haven't had an onslaught in some days, conspicuously so). A couple days ago, I read of the "enMotion" automatic paper towel dispenser in the 'Cross Country' book, the first I'd ever heard of this brand of such. Then, today, I encountered one for the first time I can remember, in a random convenience store. The timing and pattern is notable, but made moreso by the fact that it was so random, unplanned, and generally unlikely that I would visit this particular convenience store with the machine. Also of note, when I bought a coffee at the store, I noticed the lid was a "Dart" brand -- another new thing I'd been introduced to by way of mention in the 'Cross Country' book, these Dart coffee lids. I can't rule out 100% that I hadn't seen these things before and then only just now noticed them after reading of them in the book, but in any case, the timing of their appearance in my life (as well as their appearing together) smacks of a classic recurrence.


Pretty cool recurrence today, or maybe something more than recurrence. Last week or thereabouts, I read the Edgar Cayce biography 'There Is A River,' which I'd checked out from the library totally at random (after 3/23 synchronicity/Compelling ...). It was the first I'd ever seen or heard of this book, when I saw it on the shelf. Then today while at the store, my attention was drawn to a note sitting on the ground, with "'There Is A River' book, Edgar Cayce" written on it. Could certainly be coincidence, given the time gap; yet, relatively speaking, seeing it twice within ~2 weeks after never seeing it before isn't too unnotable. Fits the pattern, too.


Cool radio synchro today. I was sitting in the truck and, finding it too hot with the windows closed, I turned the key to power and started the windows down -- precisely when, on the radio (turned on by the key), the lyric "boiling heat, summer sweat" sang out. Not only was I putting down the windows due to the heat, but I was also thinking of how sweaty it was making me and how distinct the feeling of a hot, spring/summer sweat is. Pretty notable, I think.

Plus, a couple notable (and funny) number incidents tonight (after the usual flood of numbers-seeking-me-out incidents that I can't possibly recount). I finally got around to posting the two forum posts announcing the publishing of the healing book, and the first one had me logging in at exactly 9:37:53 (when 37/53 and their variants have been the big trending numbers as of late). Then, when I made the second post, the captcha was "371." Hahaha ...


A standout number one this morning. I went to the store on my scooter, and saw a bunch of 37's/73's etc on the way there, so conspicuously, just a bunch. Then when I went to check out at the store, the guy in front of me's total came to $31.17. I was impressed momentarily, but then curbed by the thought of: "Well, if it's another synchro, then shouldn't your total come to some variant of 37 too?" But mine didn't, being $17.27 instead. However, after I paid, the cashier then handed me my change, coins first, saying, "Seventy-three cents." Haha.


All sorts of synchro today, not quite an onslaught but very close. Lots of numbers on license plates, still 73/53 mostly, and always arriving in conspicous ways that I couldn't have engineered subconsciously. Lots of word/reading synchros too, maybe a dozen or more, mostly involving the 'Death of Vishnu' book. Couple notables: reading "A breeze blew" right when a breeze blew through my open window, perfectly synchronous (and, interestingly, I read this line while looking for my place after stopping, and it wasn't even the right line (and, second, I hadn't been looking at the book in the instant before the breeze blew, so it didn't even have the chance to be subconsciously engineered, etc), and "He puffed out his chest" precisely when I was already drawing in a deep breath and, during this one in particular, took distinct Notice of how it puffed my chest; while out on the beach, I was passed by a man carting around a playing radio, and Noticed him, then just afterward in the book I was reading it mentioned a man with a radio in a cart (not in the "perfectly synchronistic" fashion, this one, but still very close, perhaps ~1-2 minutes apart).

Then, a really cool and unique three-banger while I was randomly walking through Bi-Lo: seeing first a few packages of naan for sale (when I had naan in the back of my head, just having left some out front), and then saw "healthy gut = flat belly" on a magazine a split second later (when I also had that thought in the back of my head, since my guts had been flattened this morning, after the last couple weeks of bloating, which I'd correlated to the castor oil pack making my guts "healthy"), and then, immediately after, overhearing someone say "oatmeal" (when I'd just had oatmeal granola for lunch maybe ~30 minutes earlier and also had this thought in the back of my mind, wondering if the oatmeal would help or hurt my guts). All very surreal, and highly notable, nearly impossible to be coincidence, etc.


Classic radio/action synchro this afternoon. Right after getting in the car and keying the ignition (and, thus, turning on the radio), "a big noise" sang out in the song, precisely as a couple of very loud Harleys thundered past in first gear -- a big noise in every sense, it banging out like a bomb blast from their overloud pipes. Notable in itself, but it bears mentioning that I'd intended to put in a CD after starting up the track (had it out of the case, actually), but then felt Compelled not to, hence leaving the radio and the Queen song on, hence enabling the synchronicity.


A cool book synchro today, or a knot of them I guess. Just yesterday, I'd had the idea that that headache in the right side of my head was perhaps being caused by some sort of reflexive reaction from my gut being upset, rather than a toxin or some more direct/logical cause -- and then today, in the 'Oil That Heals' book that I started yesterday, it indicated a case in which a guy was experiencing just that, headaches due to a reflex-like reaction from an irritated colon. An "ask and ye shall receive"/"question and answer" one in every sense. It bears mentioning that I'd felt absolutely Compelled to begin reading this book when I did after receiving it in the mail, even though it meant stopping the book I was currently reading (which I never ever do, as a strict rule -- this was the first time maybe?). Also, there were several other distinct parallels in what I read today in it and what I experienced today, in all sorts of distinct, precise, notable ways that couldn't reasonably be considered just chance (alone, but especially not when taken together).

Then, a classic thought/music synchro while working out: right after I completed the 15th rep of an exercise, the song I was listening to sang "count 'em, fifteen." It wasn't precisely synchronistic, but it was close enough that it didn't really matter (maybe 1.5 seconds between my completing my count-up to the 15th rep and then hearing the lyric). It bears mentioning that I had decided to stop at fourteen reps, leaving off that one final rep, but decided to push myself and hit it, which I did, and which caused me to count to fifteen instead of fourteen, thus enabling the synchro. Cool.


Cool recurrence and Q-n-A today, both involving the same subject: the Mehr Baba center here in Myrtle Beach. First, Beth mentioned the center to me, completely offhand and on her own, with no prompting with me, and when it wasn't really even relevant to what we were talking about. As it were, it was the fourth time I've encountered Mehr Baba in some fashion within the last couple weeks, after never having known of the man previously. But also, in this same conversation, Beth mentioned (also offhand, with no prompting from me) how the 500-acre Baba center interrupts Ocean Blvd and hence keeps it from stretching all the way down the beach -- when, just a day or two ago, I'd distinctly thought, 'I wonder why Ocean Boulevard doesn't go all the way down the beach?' Classic q-n-a right there.

Plus a classic reading synchro. While I was in the waiting room at Modern Wellness, reading an article, I read "fascinated" precisely when someone nearby said "fascinating," coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic way. Not exact, of course, but the correlation was obvious enough to be notable, etc, etc.


Cool recurrence tonight. I forgot to get lemons today, and I felt absolutely Compelled to go get some tonight so that I may have one for tomorrow morning, to drink in my water for liver health. Then, as I was getting ready to go, I felt as Compelled to read this nutrition magazine I got today randomly while at Bay Naturals, despite it holding me up -- and, in it, it mentioned how it's good to drink water with lemon juice first thing in the morning, for liver health, precisely as I was planning to do. This one is only mildly notable on the surface, but becomes much more so considering the details: 1) the magazine was not only random, but it was given to me, without me saying a word, by the cashier at Bay Naturals -- odd, because had she asked, as was polite, I would've refused it, and 2) the page the lemon-water/liver article was on was stuck to another page, and I had trouble separating them, and had actually just turned past that page, but then I felt Compelled to go back and fiddle with the pages to get them open, thus enabling the synchronicity (and adding a total of three distinct and separate Compellings, upping the notability even higher), and 3) the fact that it wasn't really urgent I get the lemons in the first place, since I'd been going for days without them (and, as a rule, tend not to drive at night, nor after I'd already been out for the day, of which going out for the lemons broke both). And, of course, it all follows the classical recurrence/Compelling patterns, etc.


Pretty cool "ask and ye shall receive" this afternoon. While at the health food store, I remembered that I'd forgotten my vitamin C at lunchtime, and I had the thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if I could just buy one dose of vitamin C while here." Seconds later, I rounded an endcap in an aisle and noticed a table of sampler products set out (first I'd ever seen such a table at this place), on which were sampler packets of a "breathing pill" -- which, as it turned out, had vitamin C in it. So I got my single dose, and for free no less. I found this highly notable, first, for the timing, which wasn't the "perfectly synchronistic" kind but was so close as to be not much different. Also, even if I'd subconsciously seen the sampler table earlier while walking the store, there was no way I could've known what was in those "breathign pill" sampler packets (the only place it mentioned vitamin C was on the small print on the ingredients list on the back, and besides, all the packets on top of the stack were turned to the front, which made no mention of vitamin C at all).

Also, several word/reading synchros this afternoon while reading the 'Monuments of Man' book, such as reading "shady" precisely as I was thinking that I needed to park my truck in the shade later, so that the food in it wouldn't go bad (and, of course, this came about from a completely separate train of thought, thus discounting subconscious factors and the like, etc, etc).


A word/name synchro today (amongst the usual scattered obscure synchros, of course). On the way to eat the restaurant, I heard an ad on the radio for the "Jed Kuhn" auto dealership, which I Noticed for some reason. Then, minutes later, I pulled behind a car that had the "Jed Kuhn" decal on it, which I also Noticed distinctly (also, I then I knew how to spell "Kuhn," which until then I hadn't). Then, when I sat down to eat several minutes later and then started reading the 'Monuments of Men' book, on the first page it mentioned a man named "Kuhn," same spelling and everything. Not highly notable, except that 1) I so distinctly Noticed the first two "Kuhns," and 2) the timing was pretty close together, and 3) the usual patternistic adherence, etc.


Cool recurrence today. I was sitting in a parking lot looking at Craigslist on my phone, and the very last ad I looked at was for a white Ford E-150 work van. Immediately after I turned off the phone and backed the truck out to leave, I looked behind me and the first thing I saw was a white Ford E-150 work van, of the same approximate year of the one I'd been looking at seconds earlier, and with highly similar lettering/advertising/marking, etc. Pretty notable, if only for the timing, not to mention the precision of the details.

Also, a bit of music/thought synchro on the way home. I was driving down the road when a song popped into my head from nowhere, with the lyric "trying so hard to keep up with the joneses" -- about two seconds before I passed a house with a sign readed "The Jones." It wasn't "The Joneses" like in the song, but it was still pretty close (and, also, the sign should technically have read plural, with an "es," unless it didn't refer to a multi-person member of a family named Jones as I'm thinking). Somewhat notable.

Also, a minor word recurrence: "ascend." I first saw it this afternoon when I Noticed it on a car parked in front of me, in such a way that I thought I'd be seeing it again soon. Then, in the chapter of the 'Signal' book I read ~30 minutes later, it used "ascend" maybe 3-4 times, when I don't think I'd seen that word for quite some time. But, really, this one could easily have been subconscious suggestion to just pick it out of the book (though I'm 99% sure I hadn't seen it in there until then, plus there's the fact that I so distinctly and patternistically Noticed the first one on the car).


Classic reading/thought/action synchro this afternoon, while reading 'The Signal' book. Right as I read "a feeling in his chest," my liver evacuated, from high up, thus bringing about precisely "a feeling in my chest," and this coinciding perfectly with my reading the passage. Very notable due to the timing/specificity, plus this type of liver evacuation happens entirely randomly, sometimes days apart, and can't be induced at will.


Really cool one this afternoon, where "get wild!" played on the radio precisely as I passed a sign that read "get wild!" Made more notable by the fact that 1) the sign was an electronic sign that cycled through different ads, and I not only passed it right when the radio was playing, but it clicked to the "get wild!" ad precisely as I passed (really, you couldn't correograph that timing if you tried, even moreso than other incidents like this), and 2) that I'd very nearly turned the radio off upon getting in the trouble (didn't feel like having music on) but felt Compelled to leave it, and 3) I had similarly not wanted to go all the way to Second Cup before eating (was tired after morning treatments, etc) but had felt Compelled to go that way, thus sending me past that sign at precisely that moment, etc. Highly notable, blog-worthy.

Then, about as cool: reading "a car horn" precisely as a car horn beeped, and then, seconds later, as I read the next line, "a blast of the horn," a second horn sounded, this one different from the first and indeed very "blasty," like that on a truck or industrial vehicle. Then, as if this wasn't cool enough, an hour or so later while I was thinking of this incident (which was "car horn synchro" in my mind's eye), another car horn beeped, also perfectly synchronistic, etc. It bears mentioning, also, that after those first two car horns beeped while I was reading, I didn't hear another horn for over an hour afterward, despite sitting in that same spot (it wasn't like it was a busy/noisy/"beepy" place).

Also, less notable, was a vague-thought-recurrence type. First thing this morning, when I'd gone to do oil pulling with the coconut oil, I found the oil to have various little bits of particles in it, from being at the bottom of the jar -- except, when I realized this, I thought distinctly of them as "particulate matter" rather than "bits" or "particles," and I Noticed this distinctly, in such a way that I thought I'd probably be seeing it recur, after past experience. Sure enough, when I went to read the 'Lost in China' book this afternoon, on the very first page I read was a whole paragraph about "particulate matter." I can't rule out subconscious suggestion here, because though I didn't read any of that fresh page before closing the book last night, I could foreseeably have subconsciously seen "particulate matter" and then just coincidentally got that particle-y mouthful of coconut oil this morning. But, that said, it all fits the classic vague-thought pattern so well, it easily could be.


Had another one of those conversation-recurrence synchros, now with Joy, where she brought up a whole bunch of stuff, offhand and with no prompting/mention on my part, that I'd been distinctly thinking of within the last day or two. For instance, she brought up, out of nowhere, how there's a daily time window in which caffeine can be ingested beneficially, based on one's personal biorhythms -- when I'd been thinking this exactly just the day previous, right down to the biorhythms and caffeine specfically (interestingly, I'd been wondering if this might be an explanation for things I'd observed in myself, with this theory being based entirely on personal observations and such -- and it was like, when Joy this up, my theory was being confirmed, though I could see this just being an illusion created by a purely synchronistic recurrence; still, it seems to fit the "question and answer" pattern as well as the conversation pattern). In all, there were maybe three or four subjects that she brought up like that, wham bam, right after another. One possible, nonsynchronistic (but still "supernatural") explanation is that she just picked up on these from me, as a thought transferrence rather than textbook synchronicity (which might very well have been the case, given that Joy is demonstratively psychic, but then, the way that she brought these up offhand in conversation would suggest just straight-up synchronicity -- or is there a difference, really?).


Wow, so many today, so so many, and most of them within this little onslaught window that came this afternoon, just after the colonic/ELT (again seeming to correspond with an increase in energy/health). First, saw tons and tons of 73's/37's etc throughout the morning and on the way to Modern Cleansing, but then had two really notable repeats of it, first when I was in my truck and keyed the ignition to put the window down, having the power on just for a split second -- and in that tiny little window of time, the CD time readout on the radio clicked to 3:37 exactly, flashing just as I saw it out of the corner of my eye before I turned the ignition off, with that perfect, impossible-to-orchestrate timing. Then, even more notable, was a sort of double-whammy one soon after, when I went to return the cocoa supplement at Bay Naturals. First, when the cashier asked for my receipt to process the return, he reached out to get it with the arm he had his watch on, thus shoving the watch right into my field of view, and of course it read "3:17" in a digital readout. But then, a few seconds later after he'd processed the return, he read to me the total my return came to: 31.73. This would've been impossible to orchestrate, consciously or subconsciously, for many reasons, but foremost because the original receipt for the purchase was for multiple items and I was returning only one of them -- that is, I had no way of knowing that the total return w/tax would be that precise amount (unless I sat down and calculated it, which I hadn't).

Also, another really cool 37/1137/73 synchro. It started when I got gas this morning. First, I got exactly 11.773 gallons (despite going in completely at random and then setting the pump on auto while I did other stuff; I only noticed the gallon readout after the fact). It was a mildly notable repeat at that point, given the circumstances, logistics, etc, but then it turned into another double-whammy-type. That evening while logging the gas transaction on my finance books, I added up the 26.95 of the gas to the preexisting amount on the credit card I'd used, 46.18 -- which came to exactly 73.13. Whoa!

Then, a whole bunch of smaller-but-notable ones:

*A classic recurrence while conversing with Diane, when she mentioned offhand how much she loves thai chili sauce -- when just yesterday I'd seen some thai chili sauce at Walmart, for the first time in my life. Notable in itself, but doubly do consider that 1) I Noticed it on the shelf, enough to make me pick it up and study it, and 2) the bottle at Walmart wasn't supposed to be there, as in, I was browsing the spice rack, and the chili sauce was set there, out of place, presumably by some customer who'd changed their mind (patternistic, of course)

*Having a long chain of thought end on "invisible," precisely as the CD player sang that lyric, so perfectly synchronized that it was like it finished my sentence for me

*A really cool and weird thought synchro, while at Fresh Market. I was browsing the drinks, when I Noticed a woman to my right, holding up a drink and studying it. From nowhere, I felt Compelled to tell this woman how good that drink was -- even though I'd never drank it before. This urge was almost overpowering, stricking me out of nowhere, almost enough to make me avoid my better sense and lie to this woman about how good the drink was. Well, a split second after I had Noticed this woman and had this urge, a second woman, passing by, stopped to tell the woman "how good that drink is," her words exactly, and precisely what I'd almost told her. I could see this one being either a synchronicity, or one of the more classical-ESP/thought-transferrence types (I somehow picked up on the second woman's thought of how good the drink was, and how she was going to mention it to the first one?)

*A classic book synchro: in the 'Lost on Planet China' book today, it mentioned the castle built by Mad King Ludwig in Germany -- when, in the last sequential book I'd read ('The Monuments Men,' totally different subject matter, author, etc, about art theft during WWII), it mentioned that same castle and the same man, the first I'd ever heard of them, perfectly patternistic, etc

*A sort of vague-thought synchro/recurrence combo: dark hands. On the way to Modern Cleansing this morning, I'd had one of those vague-but-distinct thoughts, about how my hands were nice and dark, being recently tanned after this last week of great sun, and then, on the very first page in the 'Lost in China' book I read today at lunch a few hours later, the author mentioned how his hands were dark (and how he liked them, like I liked mine, adding another layer of precision). This one seems to be an emerging pattern, a subset of the book synchro, where something will recur on the very first page of my reading for the day (as if intelligently meant to get my attention and enhance notability ...)

*Another recurrence, this one quite minor: book exchange. A few days ago, I learned of smalltime book exchanges when I went to the Dream Beach Market and, seeing a book I wanted on a shelf there, asked how much their books were, after which I was informed that it was a little lending-library exchange rather than a sale, where I could borrow it and bring it back when I wanted, and perhaps add a book to my own. As it were, it was the first I'd learned of the practice, and then, today in the 'China' book, it mentioned these "book exchanges." This one is conceivably a coincidence, considering the only moderate precision and the days-long gap in timing, but then again, it does fit the classic recurrence pattern, etc.


First, lots of thought/reading synchro today specifically, mostly seeing random, individual words or achetypes in one way or another just as I was thinking them -- classic patterns. A couple of the standouts were my thinking about how I might go look at the RV in Longs today, except I didn't have the cash with me to buy it if I decided to -- precisely as "NEED CASH" flashed onto a digital sign, reflecting the underlying archetype of my "need" for cash to buy the RV. Second, a really cool one while getting acupuncture. Right as the radio said "High Point" (referring to the NC city, I think, though I'm not sure), the acupuncturist placed a needle right at the very tip top of the crown of my head -- a high acupuncture point, the highest as it were. Pretty cool instance of the underlying archetype and the literal meaning being the same, though with what was meant at one end of it being different.

Also, lots of number synchro today, 137/307/1137 + 53/503/5533, etc mostly. Most notable instance was when I looked at the radio clock in the truck and saw it was 5:03, precisely before a car pulled in front of me with a license plate ending in 503, and then, a few seconds later, before I could digest these two, I passed a mailbox numbered 593 -- except, the 9 was almost completely faded out, readable only as I passed by, so that at the time I first saw the mailbox (right after the two 503's from the clock and license plate), I read it as "5 3," which conformed nicely to the "503" archetype (because a gap might as well be a zero). Really neat. Made me laugh.

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