Synchronicity log for 2016


Really big uptick today, once again corresponding with travel down south to the beach (as if my extended stay this time "primed" a glut of new incidents/"movement"?). First, another day-long onslaught of 37/variant license plates, not record-breaking but right up there with some of those really crazy days, including 1-2-3 "hits," with several numbers arriving via combinations of plates/signs/radio/thoughts, etc, all at once, as to be damn surreal again in that special way. At times just outright crazy, and funny too, such as when I was at the rest stop and again felt Compelled to park in a certain spot, way down the line, and it ended up being right next to a car with a conspicuous 37 license plate, and then, by the time I'd come out, that car had left and in its place was another with a nearly identical plate (though from another state, etc). Many many like that through the day, too many to list/remember again.

Lots of those striking/"smallish" one-word-type thought/reading/radio synchros too, along with some just plain standout incidents. One was a maybe, when I heard "band-aid" on the radio precisely as a piece of trash blew out of a garbage truck riding alongside me, and I can't say for sure, but I'm about 80-90% that what blew out was one of those peel-back wrappers that band-aids come in (if not, it looked very much like it, and it blew out perfectly synchronistically with the radio word, etc, in that patternistic way). One cool one, this one not a maybe: right as my car did its brake thing again, and I had the thought "will I be able to stop at this intersection?" or something, "can't slow down" came over the radio (and, once again, totally indepedently of my thoughts, etc, as to be impossible to be suggestion, since I'd had the thought because of the objective incident of the brakes giving out, etc -- damn surreal). Also, a really cool one when I was backing into the driveway at the end of the day. I hit my brakes and it threw a red cast over the house's white front, and I had the thought of something like "I just reddened the house," when "paint it red" sounded over the radio. Haha.

Plus, an amusing receipt synchro I just now caught after the fact. Got gas, and the timestamp was exactly 13:07, "reference #1370," and "sequence #1370," including a couple other repeats on the receipt. Wow.


A general uptick today over yesterday, though not quite like during the 1st's travel. Felt to be a generally different "groove"/"flavor" today. It started with another of those hugely significant and surreal rushes/clusters during the church service after I'd taken PEA and hit that "going there" super-oxygenated state, much like in Wilmington that time, where pretty much everything I was thinking/feeling/"receiving" was echoed by the speaker (such as my having a random realization about radiating energy/the mission, etc, a split second before the speaker digressed into the subject of "radiating energy," her words exactly, and even in the same context as I was thinking -- maybe a dozen or so like that in a row, a new record probably), though this time a bit more surreal/intense/profound. Left my head spinning, nearly to that "overload" state (though I did seem to tolerate this a bit better, interestingly). Had quite a few standalone "classical"-type incidents through the day, including a lot of conspicuous number repeats of various kinds (with more 212s rather than 37s today, though still had quite a few of those as well, many coming from license plates still, haha). Had several "classical"-type thought/radio/reading synchros, including several minor ones during lunch when I sat down to read (reading/thoughts echoed by nearby strangers talking and the in-house radio and the like, though not quite to that super-surreal level of the church service that morning), and several while out driving on the radio (such as my having a long random chain of thought end with how I was planning on going to the car wash with the bike on the rack and cleaning both at the time same, precisely as "get clean" sang from the radio).


General downturn in overall incidents today, without even many number repeats and such. Had two recurrences: first, a classic word synchro, "staycation," which I'd just seen for the first time ever, the other day, on the back of a random magazine I felt Compelled to buy, and then, today, it was mentioned randomly on the radio (and this was also kind of a q-and-a-type one too, because I'd wondered what staycation meant when I first saw it, and then when it was mentioned on the radio, it defined it and thus answered my question). Second, I saw a car at Beach Dreams today, and Noticed it distinctly, such that I walked over to it and looked at its make and model: a Mazda RX-7, the first I'd ever seen one, which is interesting because it's a kind of Miata and I've been interested in Miatas for years but had never seen this variant of them. Then, maybe ten minutes later while driving down the road, I saw not only another RX-7, but one of the exact same color and at least the approximate year of the first, if not the exact year (the two looked identical; I would've thought they might be the same except that they were in different parts of town).


Even less overall incidents today, but still several. Started with a really cool number/book combo, beginning over the last couple days when, while flipping randomly through the 'Kite Runner' book to place the bookmark, I stuck it on pages 137/37, etc, a couple times, and then, when randomly finishing up several reading sessions (or being forced to stop due to objective circumstances like timers going off or getting interrupted, etc), I would Just Happened to finish on a 37-variant page. I noticed the pattern then, but then upon finishing the book, its final page was exactly 371. Then, furthermore, when I finished the little Stammets mushroom book I read sequentially after 'Kite Runner' today (again picked out randomly from my big bag full of books), it too ended on a variant, exactly 73 this time. Haha. Also, had several of those "striking" little one-word/thought-type of incidents throughout the day, such as having a long and objective chain of thought end on the garlic I was about to eat for lunch, precisely before reading "garlic" in the 'Kite Runner' book, and several others in this vein.


Had a big and sudden uptick the first half of the day, starting in mid-morning, when I got tons and tons of subtles/number repeats/one-word "striking"-type thought/reading/radio synchros. It was another of those cases where there were tons of standouts yet none, with most of them just being so personal/subjective/"in the moment"-types that they just don't convey into text. For example: my writing down the $50 I just spent on the gym and chiro, which made me think of money in general, which coincided precisely with a random cash register-type "ding!" from the radio (once again, an objective thought coinciding with a totally random and sudden thematic recurrence, in classical thought-synchro pattern). Maybe 2-3 dozen like that today, a huge, hours-long "cluster" which, interestingly, seemed to level off almost completely by mid-evening, almost as suddenly and inexplicably as it had arrived. Had one 37-repeat standout, when I stopped randomly to get gas and, first, parked next to an 837-ending plate, and then, immediately afterward when I looked up to kill my engine, there was a second 837-ending plate directly in my line of sight, and then, as quickly, two more 37-ending plates, book-ending each side of the second 837, with my seeing these all in that headspinning, wham-bam-1-2-3-4 fashion I've come to know so well.

Also, one classical recurrence standout: just yesterday, when I went to post my review of the 'Kite Runner' book on Amazon, I saw advertised one of the author's other books, 'A Thousand Suns,' for the first time. Then, today, less than 24 hours later, I found that very book randomly at a Goodwill that I went to just as randomly, all the way across town. This one wouldn't be too notable except that 1) I felt distinctly Compelled to go out of my way to this specific Goodwill, which was over in Longs, and 2) I'd Noticed this book when seeing the advertisement while posting the review last night, and 3) just two days ago at Starbucks, a random woman stopped and, seeing me reading the 'Kite Runner' book, mentioned how good it was and that the author had written another one with something like "thousand suns" in the title.


Had another period almost exactly like yesterday, with tons and tons of those extremely subtle/personal ones, at times reaching that incredibly surreal/living-dream level of thoughts/feelings being continuously reflected by external reality, one after another, such that the external and internal felt to merge. So hard to name any standouts, either because they were so subtle or personal, or just minor and easy to write off apart from the greater "cluster." For instance, right as I thought "more of these subtle synchros like yesterday," "more" sounded over the radio. So many like that off and on through the day. Also, had a lot of those kind of "fuzzy," "distorted," "half-there" kind, where the meaning was less literal or precise but definately there, such as when I pulled out into traffic and gunned my engine, driving fast and getting a thrill from the rush of speed, precisely as "how Richard Petty feels" sounded from the radio. Haha.


Not much overall activity today, same for yesterday, though I am still having the odd subtles here and there, along with more of those day-long thematic "too personal"-types that just don't translate to text. One standout was a thought/music one when I was at the gym. Precisely as I reached for the 15 pound dumbbells, the song said "fifteen," perfectly synchronistic and striking, patternistic, etc. The thing about this one was that 1) I'd once again never heard the song before, and there were no repeating "15's" or anything beforehand that could've subconsciously suggested I get that weight, etc, and 2) my reaching for the dumbbells was totally objective (though, interestingly, the fifteens were the wrong ones, for I really needed heavier ones -- yet, again, my going for them was 100% objective).

Noticed also that I had another in-dream synchronicity, of the kind I seem to be having lately. I would say that I'm just dreaming *of* synchronicity, except that these seem/feel the same as normal, waking synchronicity. As it were, I can remember exactly what this one was: I was writing a letter to a gradeschool girlfriend in the sand outside one of dad's old rental homes, while music played from a radio somewhere, and as I wrote "lines," the radio sang out that word, in patternistic fashion, etc. Not sure what to make of these (waking and dream life merging/synchronizing somehow?).


Reasonably big uptick today, all across the board, from coherents to subtles to numbers, and with a slightly different flavor to some of them. Started off with another of those extremely surreal clusters of thought synchros after I took PEA and went to church, almost exactly like others, where as soon as the PEA/oxygenation/"going there" hits, my thoughts/feelings, etc, will synch almost perfectly with the speaker and/or other stuff going on in the service -- truly "synchronistic" in every sense of the word, and really becoming a pattern, also seems to say a lot about the phenomenon itself, with my thoughts/feelings "synching" so drastically with "external" reality, such that the two are at least momentarily merged. Wow.

Didn't stop there though, for I had more of those clusters of subtle-yet-striking "smallish"-type reading/sign/thought/radio synchros, including several of those vague and distorted, yet pronounced, ones as I've been having. Some standouts: when I read "Eric" on my coffee cup, just before reading "Erik" randomly in my book (when, interestingly, the Eric on the cup was because the Starbucks cashier had mistaken my "Aaron" for "Eric"); stopping reading in my book right at a part where the narrator was discussing a smiley face, then getting up for more coffee and feeling Compelled to go pick up a random piece of garbage, only to find that it was a bag with a big smiley face on it. Many many like that throughout the day, seeming to come in clusters off and on, to varying degrees of precision and notability but similar enough to establish a new "flavor" again. Lots of numbers today too, a big general uptick, including many many conspicuous license plates, though with a larger variation today, as many 77s and 17s and their variants alongside the usual 37s and the like. Also, had two of a newish-feeling kind of reading synchro, where some type of vague-yet-loosely-precise theme or archetype will recur between the text and my thoughts, and in not quite perfectly synchronistic fashion. Today it was, first, where I had the vague thought of yesterday's Vioxx book and how the pharmaceutical executive-types in it were, for all their recklessness and selfishness, still people with thoughts, feelings, and families (families specifically, I thought), all this coming at the end of yet another long, objective train of thought I can trace back -- just as I realized I was reading a paragraph about just such an executive and his family, who was employed by Pfizer as it were, one of the reckless-yet-human companies noted specifically in the Vioxx book I was thinking of. And, almost identical in format and "feel," when I read, in the same book this evening, about Laguardia airport -- just seconds after a big long objective chain of thought led me to thinking, loosely, of Laguardia (I was thinking, as it were, of the last time I'd stayed up late/been on a later schedule and so had eaten dinner a lot later, which had been the day I came home from NYC recently, which had been when I was flying home from Laguardia -- not hugely precise, yet still very precise in a certain, loose, newish way). Interesting.


A downturn overall from yesterday, but still a few incidents, and all of that same "flavor"/format of the last couple days, including those little clusters of striking "small"-type thought/radio/reading synchros through the day, especially at lunch while reading outside Second Cup with the radio playing, such as when I had a long chain of thought ending with my thinking I might go take a walk on the beach, precisely as "going for a walk" sang from the radio (once again on a song I'd never heard before, in patternistic format). Probably a half-dozen or so of those today, along with a few numbers here and there. Also, a minor-yet-patternistic vague-thought-type recurrence, starting this morning when I thought, totally randomly, of how I once wasn't able to distinguish between the various instruments/rhythms/layers in a piece of music, but now I could, the first I'd thought of this in I don't know how many years -- and then, in the 'Top of the World' book this afternoon, the narrator mentioned exactly that ability, in almost the exact same terms, about how he personally couldn't distinguish between the various instruments in a piece of music (the opposite of me, but still falling in line with the basic archetype of "distinguishing instruments in a piece of music," etc).


Much like yesterday overall, still having those scattered "striking"-type "small" ones through the day, though a bit lesser than yesterday. Did have a couple standout numbers, those clock-tick types, including a classical roadside-sign-type one, where precisely as I passed, the sign's time clicked from 3:06 to 3:07. Also, a really cool standout thought/radio-type one, just seconds after the sign. It started when I had yet another long chain of thought end on how I was striking out and "moving"/traveling again, "hitting the road" I think was my exact thought -- when, perfectly synchronistically, "highway moon shining again" sang over the radio, within the same context that I'd been thinking of (hitting the road/traveling/etc). Adding another dimension to this one was that, right as this all happened, I was just leaving NMB and entering the highway -- very much hitting the road. A kind of three-way one, really damn surreal.


Day was much like yesterday in having more of those same smallish/"striking" incidents throughout the day, mixed with some conspicuous numbers and such (cars with 370/1370/37 license plates cutting in front of me again, multiple times, as has become so patternistic now ...). Had a couple cool standouts just at the tail end lunch, first when "call for Jeff" sound from a loudspeaker in the car lot adjacent the coffee shop where I was eating, precisely before I picked up my book and saw "I heard Jeff's voice" directly in my line-of-sight, without my looking or anything, it just THERE -- all in a way I'm coming to identify as a new patternistic variant, these with only loose/archetypical/underlying-type of precision but still very striking and sudden and perfectly synchronistic (this one bearing the underlying archetype of 'Jeff," and I guess "voice" too, considering the "call for Jeff" announcement and "Jeff's voice" were pretty similar). And then, maybe a minute later after I again took a bite of lunch and then resumed reading my book, I'd had another long chain of thought end with how I was getting great sun at lunch and how it was making my torso a golden brown -- precisely as I looked up and saw "radiant skin" on the label of the bowl I was eating from, again patternistic of that last one, with my not looking for or seeking out the words in any way but just having them THERE, directly in my vision, and coinciding perfectly synchronistically with my thought, etc. Really cool. Had several lesser of these kind today, such as one on the way up to the house where I was thinking of mountain climbing (again at the end of a long, objective chain of thought) precisely as "climbing up" or something like that sang from the radio, and also precisely as my eyes fell over the stenciled graphic on a car that had just stopped in front of me, showing a mountain climber going up a big "ROCK" -- all only vaguely/archetypically precise, but perfectly synchronsitic in timing.


Had a really cool and striking one when I pulled up at Local Lion at lunch. Right as I saw a bumper sticker on the car in front of me, which had a beet on it, making me think "beet," the radio sang out "beat," perfectly synchronistic. Also, a cool similar one just before, when I was thinking about how, if I didn't catch the morning's ugliness and illusions then it would burrow down and corrupt my thoughts, etc -- precisely as the radio sang out "before this bitterness becomes a disease," another of those vaguely precise ones from a literal standpoint, yet completely precise from an archetypical/effective standpoint. Then, just after lunch while rolling through King Street, had another of those big flurries of sudden 37s on license plates and such, as I've experienced while driving down this street and similar ones in the past. Except this time there were two very conspicuous ones, those patternistic ones where I'll be Compelled to stop and let a car out, against all convenience and logic, only to be greeted with a number-repeat license plate as it does so. The first was a classic 1337, and then, just down the road, when I felt Compelled again, I let out the car and, expecting a repeat, looked at the license plate, only to be disappointed, it not being a 37 -- except, then I looked at the newly revealed license plate of the car in front of the one I'd just let out, which was parallel parked, and it was a 37. So damn surreal.


A general uptick in incidents today, corresponding with both travel and improvement in health it seemed, all across the board from number-repeats (lots of conspicuous license plates and the like) to those same "striking"-type "little" word/thought/reading synchros I've been having. Had several of those vague, biggish, thematic ones today too, just those subtle themes underlying the whole day in ways too hard to convey in text, as has happened before. For example, just outside Lenoir a truck passed me with "7-13" stenciled on its rear axle, which I both noticed as a conspicuous 37-variant repeat, but also Noticed particularly, in that special way, making me think vaguely "rear axle." Then, when I stopped randomly at the glass place to have the rearview replaced about 10 minutes later, there came on the TV in the waiting room a show where a few guys refurbished a rear axle -- not hugely notable in itself, but so many like this today, and patternistic anyway, they all became somewhat notable. Had a really cool, striking thought/TV-type synchro at the glass place too: precisely as "get your car back" came over the TV in the waiting room, I heard my van start up from the workbay where they were putting the mirror back on, perfectly synchronistic, and precise in that archetypical/underlying fashion. Damn cool.


General downturn compared to the last couple days, with barely even any subtles/number-repeats suddenly, this once again seeming to correlate with my being "grounded"/back home at the beach and without a car (and a radio in it ...), as well as with bad health/energy, etc. Did have a really cool, long-winded book synchro, starting a few days ago in Boone when I felt Compelled to buy three books at the library, chosen totally at random but with the very distinct feeling that I Had To buy them, even though 1) I have too many books to read and had recently vowed not to buy any more until exhausting the stack, and 2) having already read one of the books (twice even, 'The Road'), and the other two books being from authors I'd never heard of before. Yet, after reading one of the books and beginning the second today, there are again distinct parallels between them in various ways, such as, first, one of the books having nearly the exact same end-of-the-world scenario (comet hitting earth, causing worldwide environmental fallout, mirroring almost exactly that in 'The Road,' with even the same terms/effects mentioned in one part), and then, between the other two books, both of them were 1) about detectives despite their titles having nothing to do with detective work, 2) both started out with the detective investigating not only a hanging victim, but one which the detective suspected to be a staged murder, and 3) both depicted recreational use of the drug Oxycontin, this one being a shorter, more individual one in itself, since the Oxycontin part in the one book I read just yesterday evening and at lunch today, and then the Oxycontin part in the second book was right at the start of it. A cool, three-way one.


Today was still a downturn overall, though with a goodly amount of 37s and the like, again on license plates and in the same conspicuous fashion (though still almost totally quiet in terms of subtles/thought synchros, etc). Did have one standout, and very unique and cool, one, a sort of vague-thought incident. It started yesterday (or maybe the day before, I can't remember when exactly, but somewhere in that 24-48-hour window) I had the vague-yet-distinct thought of riding down that road just off Sea Mountain Highway the other day and hearing that Goo Goo Dolls song on the radio, the one from the City of Angels soundtrack. Then, today, while riding my bike up that same road, I heard that exact same song, coming totally randomly from somewhere across the bog, from someone's radio or something, I don't know what -- but it was almost exactly like what I'd just been thinking about within the last day or two, the vague thought of riding along that same road and hearing the same song, albeit in a car and on the radio rather than biking and hearing it from some ghostly source from within the bog. I'm not sure whether to classify this one as a vague-thought incident, a recurrence, or some newish hybrid. Cool and notable in any case.


Day started with an odd, little, yet cool and unique synchronicity of a kind I can only call classical. Awoke from a dream in which I was playing World of Warcraft as the character Illidan, which led me to look up World of Warcraft online after so long of not playing it. Turns out, just two days ago the release date of an expansion pack was announced, in which will be added the "Demon Hunter" class, characterized precisely by the character Illidan. It bears mentioning that I'd not read or heard of anything Warcraft related in years, not even subconsciously in a web ad or something. Sort of a classical/ESP-type one?

Day was overall still "quiet," though with a few of those vague, distorted, yet "striking" thought/reading synchros and the like, none really standout enough to log. Did have a minor book-synchro-type recurrence, between the 'Frank Sinatra' book and the 'Ahmed Chalabi' book I started sequentially after, where several random things from the last leg of the 'Sinatra' book, read this morning, overlapped those within the first couple chapters of the 'Chalabi' book, things such as mention of "Rosebud" (though in different contexts, though the first I'd seen this in a long time, and then reading it twice within hours of one another in two random books ...), and several other vague repeats which, alone, were unnotable but together were just notable enough to be logged. Symptom of a slow "synchro-day," I suppose.


Relatively big uptick today, again corresponding with travel after a long time being "grounded"/without car, etc. Started with a biggish rush of numbers (mainly 37 and variants) on license plates/conspicuous signs, etc, including, once again, on my arrival and departure to the rental car place on 17, as seems to be a particular pattern from the past. Had many many of those smallish-yet-"striking" thought/reading/sign synchros through the day, always coming at odd times. For example: my being Compelled to look at a license plate of a car right as it pulled alongside me, after which I saw an eagle on the plate (and Noticed it), precisely as "Eagle" sounded from the radio, on a random station I'd just turned to -- all three of these coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic, split-second fashion, so damn striking and cool. Had at least a dozen of these through the day, to varying degrees of notability, to the point of surreal/living dream, etc. Another notable standout was when I heard "Friday night" over the radio, precisely as a car pulled in front of me and stopped conspicuously, revealing to me its front license plate reading "NITE," coinciding perfectly synchronistically with "night."


Had some in the first half of the day, then it leveled off conspicuously, seeming to coincide with some health nastiness/distortion, etc. Did have a series/cluster of a unique, newish "flavor" of incidents when I went down for juice at Earthfare in early morning, all in that vaguely precise flavor yet of a newish variety/"feel." Example: right as I opened a US map on my phone, a song came on the radio talking about "doing that American thing," which corresponded oddly with the map, which was illustrated with all kinds of Americana. Were any of them alone, I would've written them off as nothing, but there were 5-6 all there together, and all of the same patternistic flavor. Had an equal "spurt" of numbers too, mostly 37s and mostly on license plates, including a really cool one where precisely as I came out of church, a car backed out of a parking space, directly into my line of sight, revealing a "7733" license plate -- all of it coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic, impossible-to-orchestrate way, with me coming out of the church and seeing the car and the number all in that wham-bam format (and, it bears mentioning, I'd planned to go out of the church at an entirely different exit but felt Compelled to go out this one, despite it being inconvenient/abnormal, etc, thus triggering the incident).

Also, a minor recurrence this morning, when out of nowhere in bed this morning I thought of that song "Come on Eileine," vaguely but distinctly, in that patternistic/vague-thought way that indicated to me that I'd be hearing it again soon. Then, maybe 1-2 hours later when I went into Earthfare, that song was playing -- maybe nothing, but reasonably notable considering 1) my patternistic Noticing/vague-thought of it, and 2) the fact that it Just Happened to be playing right when I went into the store.


Relatively quiet today, except for a smallish uptick of conspicuous numbers (still mostly on license plates -- what's with the license plates?), especially after starting the drive back south/traveling, etc. Did have one really conspicuous, unique, and cool one, albeit vague and not really meaningful for anyone but me. It started when I passed the van on fire on the roadside construction lot on 321 on the way to Boone Friday, and then, today when going back out of town, I had the thought to look at that lot and see what kind of damage the van did to it, being so violently aflame -- and, lo and behold, there was another minivan on the lot, and not only a minivan but of the exact same color and even similar make/model of the one that was afire there, but it definitely wasn't the same one, the other being totally demolished by the fire, with this one just parked there for no obvious reason. Really weird, and not too precise, but still notable. Also bears mentioning that, just since passing that van Friday, it turns out that I'm not in the market not only for a van, but a minivan, much like the two on that lot.


Had an uptick of general activity today, including a cool theme: a new sort of that "vaguely precise"/long-winded/non-perfectly-synchronistic trend, in the vein of yesterday's van. It started when, right as I was leaving the Best Western, there was a duck, standing conspicuously by my car, which, besides being so noticeable since it was this lone duck in the middle of a plaza alongside the highway (no ponds or anything nearby that I know of) and that it was standing right by my car where it was parked oddly alongside the building so I could load it up, I also Noticed the duck, in that special, distinct way that told me it would have some role in an upcoming synchronicity. Sure enough, when I sat down to read the 'Footloose American' book at lunch (which I'd Just Happened to start reading yesterday, again after selecting it from a bag of over a dozen), within the first few pages it mentioned a hotel with a resident duck -- not hugely precise, but precise enough with the underlying "duck/hotel" element, along with pretty notable, if not perfectly synchronistic, timing, with my reading of a duck in a hotel (for the first time ever) within an hour after encountering a duck at a hotel (again for the first time ever). Had several more like this as the day progressed, though these ended up with tighter and tighter timing until they were pretty much perfectly synchronistic. Standouts: hearing "can't turn here" on the radio, precisely as I'd passed a "no U-turn sign" with a crossed-out U-turn arrow (which, besides passing it at that precise instant, I'd Noticed distinctly just before); hearing "much too loose" on the radio, precisely as I'd just noticed/Noticed a car passing opposite me with some sort of hose or faring in the undercarriage flapping conspicuously, looking very "loose" (which I'd actually thought in my immediate reaction to it, a split second before the song lyric sounded); thinking, at the end of a long chain of thought, about my going home to the beach house, precisely as I passed a billboard reading "We'll get you Back Home"; another long chain of thought ending with my looking at the clock and being astounded to see how late it was (or maybe it was early -- not nearly what time I thought it'd be, anyway), precisely before "time flies" sounded from the radio." And also, more in line with the vaguely precise/long-winded theme, was when just after lunch I'd Noticed animal-rights billboard along the highway showing a rhino with the caption "I'm not medicine," and then minutes later, while at a convenience store for gas I'd stopped at on a total whim (literally just slamming on my brakes and pulling in), there was a cheap energy supplement by the register showing a rhino -- very much the "rhino/medicine" theme recurring. Damn surreal today.


Morning started out with a general uptick in activity, and again at an odd, uncommon time, when I don't normally have such stuff happening mornings (at least noticeably so). They were all more of those small-but-striking one-word/thought/reading-type synchros, without any specific examples I can remember. Did have a pretty cool standout this afternoon, when I had a big long chain of thought ending with how I was glad that I stopped by to see that Ron guy about the van even though I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get it, since he'd given me a bunch of good valuable information about other vans and such -- and then, a split second after, I turned on my car and the first words from the radio were "I'm glad we had this talk," echoing the underlying archetype perfectly and almost literally. Cool, and damn surreal again, with perfectly synchronistic timing, etc.


Less overall activity today, seeming to correspond with bad health/energy, etc. Did have two pretty cool standouts however. First was a classical recurrence with a twist, starting yesterday when I read in the 'Footloose American' book about a Bolivian place-name town called "Texas Arizona" that the author explores. Then, today on the way to Wilimington (which I went to totally randomly and inconveniently), I came across a place-name town called Bolivia -- maybe nothing, but still reasonably precise in a strange way, and reasonably tight timing-wise. Made me laugh anyway. Then, another of those unlikely "getting lost and then finding where I was going when I finally stopped to turn around"-type incidents, like with Rebecca and the Wiseman's Outlook thing a while ago. This time, I was looking for the place in Wilmington with the van, and after going several miles past where I thought it'd be and not finding it, I eventually turned off the road and went a couple miles down a random highway, seeking a place to turn around -- and, wouldn't you know, the first turnaround I came to was a gas station, which turned out to be the landmark I was looking for, with the dealer with the van right behind it. Again, maybe coincidence, not inconceivable, but pretty unlikely, and did indeed have that "accidentally on-purpose" pattern.


More overall activity compared to last couple days, including the rare spatter of incidents through the morning (seeming to correspond with higher-than-normal energies in this time of day), most of them those striking-type of "smallish" reading/thought/sign/radio synchros. A cool standout was at lunch while reading, when I changed position so that my palm was facing up, and I distinctly Noticed this, and then, a couple seconds later when reading a couple lines down the paragraph I was on, it mentioned something about "putting my palms up" or something to that effect -- precisely what I'd just done and Noticed, totally objectively. And then, a little later after buying the van, right as I was thinking that I had to lock my car because I had some leftover money in it from where they guy had unexpectedly taken less, I looked left a split-second later, and there was a random sign saying "lock up your car and don't leave valuables in it," or again something exactly to the effect of what I'd just been objectively thinking, when there was no way the sign could've subconsciously influenced me, it being out of my vision, etc. Again maybe a dozen or so like that through the afternoon, at times in some one-two-three-type clusters. Cool and surreal.

Also, had another of those weird incidents at Second Cup, where I overheard some random person speaking the language I just happened to be reading about. It was just like those two or three other times where it was German or Russian, except today it was some type of Spanish, when I was reading specifically about South America and even a particular, odd off-shoot Spanish vernacular used in Uruguay that the author was describing, with the whole time there being a man just behind me chatting randomly in an odd-sounding Spanish (definitely not the common type of Spanish I tend to hear from native Mexicans or Central Americans, definitely something that soudned "more-southern" to me -- which would've been right in the neighborhood of what the book was specifically describing). Really damn cool and surreal again.

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